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"'How super is it really'"

Super Mario Galaxy
‘But how super is it really?'

Mario, a true legend has risen once again to a new challenge, except this time the scenery has changed. No longer do you walk around mushroom kingdom, now the universe is Mario's playground. Super Mario Galaxy is THE best 3D platformer on the Wii by a long way, with its superior graphics and amazing level design. As you may have guessed the storyline is the same as any of other Mario games except this story has a major twist.

So how did Mario get in to space?
As you may have guessed the game is set in Space, but how did Mario get there? Well it starts just like any other Mario. Mario has been sent an invitation to attend princess peach's castle when a very familiar large turtle shaped monster turns up and steals her castle right out of the ground and up in to space. When Mario awakes and discovers his love has been kidnapped, he launches into space racing to the centre of the universe where Bowser awaits for another chance to destroy Mario. It's another great tale in the Mario saga, but has pretty much the same storyline as any other game in the series. Story 9/10

What's it like flying through Space?
Perfect, that is the one word which describes the amazing gameplay in Mario galaxy. It fits perfectly in 3D Bracket of platform gaming, and could be the future that all other platform games will take. However, the thing that impresses me most has to be the outstanding and totally random level design. One level, called sweet sweet galaxy, is made entirely out of sweets. There are lots of smaller planets you will find you self flying too. Most are totally random, like massive robots, rotating asteroid belts and even a river that floats in space!! Every level you explore is totally different. Although this is a new take on Mario, it still has the classic Mario feel. With every new Mario game there are new power ups and of course Mario galaxy is no acceptation. This time you can enjoy throwing fire and ice balls as fire and ice Mario, or floating around as boo Mario and even buzzing around as a bee or bouncing up and down as spring Mario. All of this power ups are great to use and it would be great to see them in other Mario games. It is hard trying to fit what is great gameplay into such a short paragraph and I am sure there is more that could be said.
Gameplay 10/10

How do you control Mario?
Absolutely brilliant!! There is nothing wrong with these controls and in a way there are pretty much the same as any other Mario game accept this time there are a few tweaks, like the ability to spin when you flick the Wii remote. A is to jump and when pressed three times, Mario does a triple jump, to move you use the Nunchuk. The best thing about the controls is that they are so easy to learn even for a newcomer to the Mario series or even the Wii. The game's controls are a perfect balance of the Wii remotes motion ability that many other games have fell flat at.
Controls 10/10

What does Mario look like in 3D?
Mario galaxy is the revolution in graphic for the Wii and 3D platformers. Since the Wii was lunched people have always said it had the worst graphic out of all the next gen consoles, but something Mario galaxy does more than anything is prove that this is not true with its stunning graphic which will blow anyone away. When you play the game for the first time you notice all the little details that have made every aspect of this game beautiful. All there is to say now is that I wish more games on the Wii could have graphic like this.
Graphics 10/10

Beautiful sounds, or not?
Yes, it is the same old retro Mario music accept this time there's a twist. Every galaxy has its own retro tune which fit with the fast pace of the level, or slow. One of my favourites is the honeycomb galaxy's tune. There is really at lot to say about this as I can't really play all the song for you, however I can tell you they are something to look forward too. Chances are you'll find yourself humming along with in seconds.
Sound 10/10

And finally....
To finish of I would just like to say this is a great game which anyone, young or old can play. Go out and buy it, enjoy its great gameplay and graphic, make the most of your Wii.. Thank you Nintendo for making another great Mario game.
Overall 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/23/09

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (EU, 11/16/07)

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