Review by LuigiGolf

Reviewed: 11/25/09

Does not live up to the hype.

Review: Super Mario Galaxy 1

As an early game for the Wii console, Super Mario Galaxy 1 was meant to be one of the major games that are made every eleven years where Mario completely revolutionizes platforming. Going into outer space seems like an excellent way to do it. These platformers do not have to be the best, they just have to be decent, and contain a lot of exploration and glitches.

Super Mario Galaxy 1 has had the over-inflated position of being one of the top Nintendo games ever in the opinions of some. In my opinion, Super Mario Galaxy 1 did not accomplish its purpose. Except for a few gimmicks that utilize the few early functions of the Wiimote, and the concept of planets and gravity rather than flat lands, the game is not very revolutionary. Also, galaxies seem like perfect places to implement lots of exploring and nonlinearity. Unfortunately, getting stars that you did not select in the Star Menu is rare, and the game even plans for you to do it! The routes to the stars are predetermined, and they are littered with checkpoints. The game also showers you with extra lives. And it is not even that hard! On subsequent playthroughs (if you even bother to play this game again, it does not have the enormous replay value that the other two in the line, Super Mario Brothers 1 and Super Mario 64, had), you will not have trouble with even the most challenging missions, which this game has too little of. The gimmicky Prankster Comets recycle missions with a new goal (My favorite one is the Daredevil Comet, where you die in one hit), but the game does not have a good sense of which ones are fun, which is why there are fifteen Purple Comet missions, most of which involve searching for one hundred purple coins for a long period of time, and nearly all the enemies are removed. Most of the missions are fairly easy and mundane. Little more than the goal of getting all the stars keeps the game interesting because it has artificial lengthening (Star Bits exist only to prolong the game) and kicking and punching in the two editions of Super Mario 64 is replaced by a not-so-good move: spinning. Instead of punching and kicking (which were more balanced than the spin move) the B button is near useless, only shooting star bits, which hardly does anything.). At least the controls were responsive. They were almost too responsive. The physics were kind of awkward sometimes.

The biggest problem in the game is that it is condescending. At the beginning, a bunny tells you how to jump. The tutorials go into the second dome and teach you things you already know if you read the instruction manual. Entire missions are wasted on teaching you the functions of the different motion-controls gimmicks. Also, the enemies are pretty non-threatening. I think Super Mario Galaxy 1 is one of the games significantly responsible for setting the Wii on the path of being a non-gamer, un-hardcore console. We all really wanted to like the game, but it just is not good enough.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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