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"How can the next Mario game be better than this?"

Super Mario Galaxy has to be one of the greatest games of all time. This game is meant to be played by everyone! Whether you're a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer playing this is doing yourself a favor, it was 2 years ago when I first played this and I was simply amazed. I am even still amazed till today while playing this. This is my first review of possible many, so I ask you where better to start than Super Mario Galaxy?

Story: If you played a Mario game before you should expect the same story, not to say it's bad! This game does add a bit of a twist to it with Rosalina, but the main objective is still to rescue Peach from the villain of the Mushroom Kingdom. Who you ask? Silly you should know as usual it's Bowser! The game has a very simplistic story up until the end, but I'm not going to spoil it for any of you. It's probably one of the best stories from a Mario game.

Controls: It just like any other Mario game, it's really well done and very simplistic enough for anyone. They do add new abilities too, for example you use the wiimotes IR sensor to aim your starbits and use B to shoot them to stun enemies, and you also have an ability to extend your jump by a little pinch by shaking the remote; which is very useful at times you are in danger. It does have a few levels in which you have to use the full motion controls which can be hard to use at first, but after a few retries you can master them in no time!

Audio: This game has some of the best orchestrated music I have ever heard! It has a diverse soundtrack which fits perfectly with the levels. It has memorable music just like all the Mario games, it's simply phenomenal, I could never get sick of this soundtrack!

Gameplay: The gameplay in this is near perfect in my opinion. It uses the very basic Mario platforming we came to love and adds so many new additions. You have the new physics for gravity (duh it needs new physics for Super Mario GALAXY), and adds new power ups that are welcomed. Super Mario Galaxy has diverse level designs from basic grassy planetoids to lava filled stages to icy mountains to a galaxy full of junk and much more. It even combines themes such as a land with fire and ice; it even has a diverse amount of bosses! From new bosses to original bosses I won't say since it would ruin the fun of the game. The enemies are what you expect from a Mario game with Goomba to Thwomp to Piranhas and plenty of new additions to a Mario game.

Graphics: This truly has some of the best graphics the wii has to offer! The amount of detail in this game is amazing too. We have great textures, an awesome art style, plenty of effects like bloom and it just is terrific. I have no complaints here, It has one of the best art styles I have ever seen and everything just mashes great together!

Multiplayer: Yes, this game does in fact have multiplayer. However it is just tacked on and was not needed at all. It's not really bad but it doesn't do justice to the game at all. The second player can only point at the screen to collect starbits, shoot starbits, stun enemies and make Mario jump higher. To do the super jump is quite hard as both you and your friend have to press the A button at the same time to pull it off granted the second player is aiming at Mario too. At best this mode was just tacked on late in development.

Conclusion: Honestly what are you waiting for? This game is perfect; it's the greatest game I have ever played! The controls are simplistic for anyone, graphics are stunning, the music is awesome, the level design is genius, and the game is just all around epic. Other than is obvious tacked on multiplayer this game deserves the perfect score 10/10 as it is simply flawless and If you don't have this game already I suggest you to just go out to your local game store and BUY IT NOW!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/22/10, Updated 08/16/10

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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