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Reviewed: 05/17/10

Out of this World never looked so good.

Introduction: Super Mario Galaxy is the third 3D Mario game which brings Mario into the outer reaches of Space. This is a game that tops almost all Mario games with it's sense of imagination and variety. It takes everything you know about platforming and throws it out the window with mind-bending gravity effects and tons of awkward gimmicks. You're guaranteed to smile at least once in this "out of this world" adventure.

Gameplay: If you've played a Mario game before, you know the drill. Jumping, spinning, diving, flipping etc. Mario has lost his punching/kicking and his Water pack. It's been replaced with a spin, which can be used to fly through Launch Stars, break glass, defeat enemies, ice skate, throw fireballs, super ground pound, etc. etc. and etc. Galaxy has tons of variety with over 40 Galaxies to explore, each different in it's own way. There are tons of fun gimmicks such as Manta Ray surfing, Rolling a Ball, Sling Pods, Floating Bubbles, etc. There are roughly 7 powerups - the Bee suit, Boo mushroom, Spring mushroom, Ice flower, Fire flower, Rainbow Mario, and the Red star. All used in creative and fun ways. There's a 2 Player mode where the second player can use his/her pointer to stop enemies/objects, grab star bits, and give Mario an extra jump.....Not the best multiplayer, but it's certainly a step up from Super Mario 64 and Sunshine. The camera works amazingly with the "orbital planet" structure, but can get screwy in open areas sometimes. But hey, you can never go perfect when it comes to camera in 3D Mario games. The only major problem I have with the gameplay is the comets, which are pretty much just doing the same thing you already did before but in a different way. Whilist some are pointless and annoying, there are only 30 comet missions total, and more than half of 'em aren't even bad.....So it's not a big deal, really. All in all, Galaxy has the fun Mario platforming that we've all grown to love and mixes them with wacky gravity. There are inside-jokes and references that will give you a smile, as well as 2D segments which hark back to the early days of Mario.

Story: Again, Peach sends Mario a letter which invites him to the Star Festival (a celebration held once every hundred years)......And everyone knows that Peach + Invite + Letter = Bad. Not remembering the drill Mario goes to the Star Festival just to get attacked by Bowsers Fleet. He grabs Peach's entire Castle and carries it to Space (kinda like how he did in Paper Mario, a game I highly recommend you play). Before Mario can save Peach one of Bowser's minions knocks Mario into deep space - left for dead. Luckily Peach's crystal Luma comes to life and helps Mario. Mario then comes across a mystical Princess named Rosalina. According to her, Bowser once again has stolen all the Power Stars.....Which means you'll have to explore various Galaxies ans get all of 'em back. Yeah, it's pretty much the same story that Super Mario 64 had, but we don't play Mario games for Story.....Do we? Oh, and there's back story to Rosalina that can be found in the main hub, it's kinda pointless and sad for no reason....But whatever, just don't go to it if ya don't want to, you're never required to see it.

Graphics/Sound: Best Mario graphics, sound and music, period. No more needs to be said.

Play Time/Replayability: Galaxy is a very long game that's replayable. It's very fun to mess around with the wacky gravity that this game offers (sometimes it's even used in the real level design). Nothing more to it, it's just a long, fun and replayable game. Though it can be short if you're not going for all the Stars.

Final Recommendation: I don't give this game a 10 for being flawless, it's practically impossible for a game to be flawless. I give it a 10 for it's extreme fun and variety. Never before have I played a game so imaginative and unique. The Planet/Orbital structure brought a whole new genre to how we look at Platformers. Though not as revolutionary as Super Mario 64 was, it's definitely more fun and creative, and brought new gameplay mechanics with motion controls. Super Mario Galaxy is one of the best games of all time deserves to be played be every game. Thank you Nintendo

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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