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Reviewed: 09/06/11

Well, at least it's a step up from the crapfest that was Sunshine.

Super Mario Galaxy, thank you for causing so much frustration, but it was worth it (although I still have a few more stars to get with Mario as I write this.)

Super Mario Galaxy takes us to another world.........well, several other worlds. In fact, several other galaxies! This game offers a lot of different platforming challenges (although most of it isn't exactly innovative since it's been done before). This game is quite easy if you are not going for 100%. If you are going for it, well it's still not terribly difficult, just frustrating sometimes.

GRAPHICS- The graphics are top-notch. You will love seeing Mario fly through different galaxies and love roaming through the beautiful scenery. It obviously isn't the best graphics in the world (it is the Wii, after all), but considering the Wii's limited graphics hardware, it's really great. I could only imagine what HD graphics would do for this game, but the gameplay is more important, either way.

MUSIC- The music is good, but nothing really sticks out to me. None of it is really THAT memorable (but then again, they usually use some of the same tunes over and over and over and over and over etc.) Basically, I wish Nintendo would actually start to try something else with Mario's music because the same songs really get old. Sound effects? Yes this game has them.

GAMEPLAY- The highlight of any game is pretty obvious >.> Super Mario Galaxy has some great gameplay. You'll be jumping, shooting fire, bouncing around, and whatever other powerups this game has. The weakest point of this game is the camera. I can't count the number of times that the camera was in a really strange position, and the stupid game wouldn't let me move it for whatever idiotic reason. For some reason, cameras don't like 3D, but it isn't always a big deal. In fact, it really doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it will get kind of frustrating.

This game isn't worth getting a Wii, but if you have a Wii already, then go ahead and buy this. This game was way overhyped and pretty disappointing because of the expectations made from said hype, but it's still a good game. If anyone is actually reading this, feel free to buy me a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 :D

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Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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