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"Bowser chose the best place to hang out....SPACE!!!!"

This game was awesome, I have never played a game as good as this before. The game is really long, to expand the awesomeness.

The game starts of with Mario going to visit Peach for the Star Festival, but Bowser comes in on AIRSHIPS. THAT HAS GOT TO BE AWESOME. So then when Mario gets to the castle, a UFO comes in and rips it out of the ground! A majikoopa comes in and pawns Mario off the castle. Mario wakes up and finds that he's on a small planetoid. There, he meets Rosalina, who says you have to collect the 6 Grand Stars from Bowser.

After Mario collects the first Grand Star, Mario enters the Comet Observatory, a place inhabited by small star people, the Lumas.
He has to collect power stars from the universe's many galaxies, only then can the Comet Observatory fly like a starship to the center of the universe and Mario can save his special one. Then, Mario has to collect the 15 remaining power stars from the shadow of the purple comet. After you gain 120 stars, you fight Bowser again in the center of the universe. There's also a secret after...

There are also different comets. This is a list of them:
Speedy Comet: Makes you complete a level in a certain time frame.
Cosmic Comet: Makes you race a mirror of yourself in a certain course.
Daredevil Comet: Makes you defeat a boss ar complete a course without taking damage.
Fast Foe Comet: Speeds up the movement of your foes.

One of the funnest things about this game, is manta ray surfing. You have to complete the course without falling off the water. The Loopdeswoop Galaxy is just a training for the big thing, the Loopdeloop Galaxy. It has huge drops, sharp turns, and even a loop!
You also get to roll on a ball, like the Rolling Green Galaxy... but again, it's just a stepping-stone for the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy. It has jumps, rollers, and giant dice!
Sometimes, you get to move around in a bubble. The Bubble Breeze Galaxy can get quite hard. It's a little easier than the Bubble Blast Galaxy, but do-able. I basiclly just described the three trial galaxies.

This game is definitely be worth your money. Although, don't get number's terrible, it's just money down the drain. It's as good a game as Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/11/11

Game Release: Super Mario Galaxy (US, 11/12/07)

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