Review by Moeal

Reviewed: 01/31/12

A Nice Idea

This is my fifth review
Mario games have always been something great and especially with power stars are anything like that and that was what this game had to offer. Super Mario Galaxy as you can tell involves saving Peach from Bowser but in space and a main character that will help you is Rosalina. Mario enters domes with a bunch of galaxies each to save power stars that power up the space observatory.

Story: Pretty vague and not at the same time and I already explained the gist of it up there but still there is more to it. The real major flaw to the story is the fact that it is to predictable and it has already happened over and over and over to the point where we got it. Also something to do with story is that later in the game when the library starts to work you can hear Rosalina's story. Final rating 6/10

Sound: What else can I say other then it is perfect, so many things can be said and also another thing to mention about the sound that is the music is really catchy and it fits the theme of the course real well. Even the music of the power ups is catchy. Everything from boss battles to the final battle they all have great music and all throughout the game the sound quality is marvelous and better than any other Mario game before it. To give this a final rating would truly be easy because you will never detect a flaw in the sound and music the creators have done a really great job to one of most important aspects of gaming. Final rating 10/10

Gameplay: I warn you because of the Wii remote you might have a hard time playing the game at the start and I really hated it first but then I changed the hand I hold the nunchuk with and it made a difference. Controls are really easy and Mario does a lot of jumping like usual and you also get long jumps the backward jump and of course your double/triple jump. Although you do get something new you can spin which will help you defeat enemies. To start this game I had a hard time with the most simplest enemies in all of Mario, yes, the Goomba but after a while it was nothing. The most annoying part of the game which sort of goes into gameplay is the camera it was terrible no joke, trying to change the angle of view didn't always work and in some courses the camera was to zoomed out which didn't help you at all and changed the camera angle (if allowed) wouldn't help at all and really that was the biggest flaw in the game. Final rating 8/10

Bounes section (comets): Yes later in the game you will go on comet missions, there are different types of comets and not all but most are really annoying and I would rather do without but even though I hated them I have to say they did make a challenge in the game. Final rating 5/10

This game is a keeper and it is one you would regret if you sold it, but I recommend trying the game and getting a good feel to it and the controls and then make your decision.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Selects) (US, 08/28/11)

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