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    Boss FAQ by nazguldragon15

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 04/07/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                             M E T R O I D   P R I M E   3
     ---------------------------- c o r r u p t i o n ----------------------------
    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii)
    Boss FAQ
    by nazguldragon15
    version 2.20
    contact: brandonleish@gmail.com
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     | Characters: 72905                  ||                         Lines: 1246 |
     =                          Pages: 26 || Paragraphs: 1048                    = 
     | Words: 8052                        ||                     Sentences: ???? |
    Began: September 02, 2007
    Complete: September 03, 2007
    Final: --------- --, ---- 
    ASCII art by nazguldragon15
    Copyright 2005 Brandon Leishman© (AKA nazguldragon15) of GameFAQs, Gamespot,
    Neoseeker, IGN, and Super Cheats.  Any use of this FAQ without permission by
    myself will be hunted down and destroyed.
              For this FAQ, I will not include spoiler warnings.  It is advised
              that you've already played through the game at least once.  If you    
              are unexpectedly spoiled, don't blame me, because I warned you!
    0\======Table of Contents======================================================
    `````````````````\CHAPTER ZERO/````````````````````````````````````````````````
    To find what you are looking for easier, press Ctrl+F then type in the code I
    have provided (in the right hand column) to find you section with ease.
     __________________________________________   _______________   ______________
    / - - - - - - - - CONTENTS - - - - - - - - \ / - SHORTCUTS - \ / - - STAT - - \
    1. FAQ Information                          | F.I.            |    UPDATING
       a) Version History ..................... | ........... VHI |      N/A%
       b) Contact ............................. | ........... CTC |    COMPLETE
    2. Introduction To FAQ                      | I.T.F.          |    COMPLETE 
       a) Self Intro .......................... | ........... SNT |    COMPLETE
       b) Bosses Of Corruption ................ | ........... BCO |    COMPLETE
       c) Using This FAQ ...................... | ........... UFQ |    COMPLETE
    3. Boss FAQ                                 | B.F.Q.          |    COMPLETE
       a) Berserker Lord ...................... | ........... BKL |    COMPLETE
       b) Meta Ridley ......................... | ........... MTR |    COMPLETE
       c) Rundas .............................. | ........... RND |    COMPLETE
       d) Korakk .............................. | ........... KRK |    COMPLETE
       e) Mogenar ............................. | ........... MGN |    COMPLETE
       f) Steamlord ........................... | ........... STM |    COMPLETE
       g) Defence Drone ....................... | ........... DFD |    COMPLETE
       h) Ghor ................................ | ........... GHR |    COMPLETE
       i) Berserker Lord II ................... | ........... BK2 |    COMPLETE
       j) Helios .............................. | ........... HLI |    COMPLETE
       k) Gandrayda ........................... | ........... GDY |    COMPLETE
       l) Metroid Hatcher ..................... | ........... MHT |    COMPLETE
       m) Mining Cannon ....................... | ........... MCN |    COMPLETE
       n) Pirate Commander .................... | ........... PCM |    COMPLETE
       o) Omega Ridley ........................ | ........... OMR |    COMPLETE
       p) Dark Samus .......................... | ........... DSM |    COMPLETE
       q) Aurora Unit 313 ..................... | ........... A13 |    COMPLETE
    4. Outroduction                             | O.              |    COMPLETE
    5. Frequently Asked Questions               | F.A.Q.          |    COMPLETE
    6. Legal Stuff                              | L.S.            |    COMPLETE
    7. Special Thanks                           | S.T.            |    COMPLETE
    \ - - - - - - - - CONTENTS - - - - - - - - / \ - SHORTCUTS - / \ - - STAT - - /
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    1\======FAQ Infromation========================================================
    ```````````````\CHAPTER ONE/```````````````````````````````````````````````````
    -/|----/Version History\----|\---------------------------------------------VHI-
    Version 0.00 9/02/07 - Began the FAQ!
    Version 1.00 9/03/07 - After hours and hours of writing, the FAQ is done.
    Version 1.30 9/04/07 - I've recieved loads of emails with tips and questions,
                           so I've updated the following:
                           Berserker Lord - Changed the difficulty level from 1 of
                           10 to 2 of 10.  His platform is possibly the smallest of
                           the bosses, this makes it harder to stay put.
                           Rundas - Changed the difficulty level from 5 of 10 to 7
                           of 10.  After playing through the game again on a new
                           difficulty, I found this one to be harder than I thought
                           Ghor - I knocked off his difficulty level from 7 of 10
                           to 6 of 10.  The boss is a bit easier than I previously
                           thought.  I've recieved a few tips on the boss making
                           him quite a bit easier than before.
                           Metroid Hatcher - When you fight this boss later on in
                           the game, it is possible to use the X-Ray visor to kill
                           it off right away.
                           Using This FAQ - I added this section to stop some 
                           confusion on how I wrote the FAQ
                           Lots of updates today.
    Version 1.60 9/05/07 - Once again, I've had a blast of more email.  Most of it
                           consisting of that same tip on the Metroid Hatcher.  
                           I have updated the following:
                           Rundas - A strategy was sent in by Nero Angelo.
                           Pirate Commander - Several different tricks sent in by
                           several people.
                           Berserker Lord - A little tip for the third fight versus
                           the Berserker Lord.
                           I'm adding a new boss as well.  This is the Mining 
                           Cannon.  It's really set up well enough to be one, so I
                           am adding it.
    Version 1.85 9/13/07 - It's been a while since my last update and once again I
                           am receiving email after email of the same tip on 
                           Mogenar.  I have also decided to add some Hyper Mode
                           strategies on the bosses:
                           I added Hyper Strategies to the Berserker Lord and I
                           also added a bit about Berserker Knights there.  I 
                           added in a Hyper Mode Strategy to all bosses from the
                           Berserker Lord to Ghor. 
                           I updated some information on Mogenar, adding that you
                           can freeze his mouth in an attack.
                           I added a trick to Ghor and I also updated Omega Ridley 
                           with a new tip as well as Dark Samus.
                           I added a new strategy to Gandrayda.
    Version 2.10 9/19/07 - I finally finished the Hyper Strategies for all of the
                           bosses.  I added strategies sent in to many bosses, 
                           including Aurora Unit 313, Dark Samus, Gandrayda, and
                           so on.  I've also added some more to the FAQ section.
    Version 2.20 4/07/08 - I figure that it has been long enough since my last
                           update.  I've sorted through my emails and added new
                           tips and strategies.
                           Rundas - Desulated has a great strategy to use on him.
                           It works great on Hyper Difficulty so look into this.
                           Omega Ridley - Dying_2_Liv3 had some helpful Screw 
                           Attack techniques to use.
    		       Dark Samus - Blacksun256 sent a couple of nice tips that
                           can truly make all the difference in the DS battle.	
    You can currently contact me by e-mail at:
    I may also appear on the Corruption Boards from time to time, but not often.
    2\======Introduction To FAQ====================================================
    `````````````````\CHAPTER TWO/`````````````````````````````````````````````````
     __          __                                                         _____
    /-/----------\-\___                                                    /|---|\
    |- SELF INTRO - ------------------------------------------------------|-|SNT|-|
    \-\----------/-/¯¯¯                                                    \|---|/
     ¯¯          ¯¯                                                         ¯¯¯¯¯ 
    Hey all you gamers!  Thanks checking my FAQ.  My name is Brandon Leishman, but
    here I go by the alias nazguldragon15.  This isn't my first FAQ on written, and
    it isn't my first on the site, so I've had a little experience with how this 
    all works out.  I obviously enjoy games a lot to put the time into this FAQ,
    and definitely the Metroid series for this particular FAQ.  I really enjoyed
    MP3, and my time with it, so I've decided to write an entire Boss FAQ.  It's
    dedicated to the time and hard work Retro put in to make this incredible game.
    Sit back, relax and enjoy the FAQ.
     __                    __                                               _____
    /-/--------------------\-\___                                          /|---|\
    |- BOSSES OF CORRUPTION - --------------------------------------------|-|BCO|-|
    \-\--------------------/-/¯¯¯                                          \|---|/
     ¯¯                    ¯¯                                               ¯¯¯¯¯ 
    The bosses in this game are really quite amazing.  I've played and beaten many,
    many games throughout my life, and I've always been particularly thrilled when
    it comes to fighting bosses.  The Metroid series has been known well for boss
    fights.  Large, puzzle based, and very unique battles.  This game is the best
    yet for this.  Every boss in this game was enjoyable to figure out and fight.
    However, this means they aren't so easy to crack.  I wrote this faq here to 
    help you really master each battle.  Enjoy your fighting!
     __              __                                                     _____
    /-/--------------\-\___                                                /|---|\
    |- USING THIS FAQ - --------------------------------------------------|-|UFQ|-|
    \-\--------------/-/¯¯¯                                                \|---|/
     ¯¯              ¯¯                                                     ¯¯¯¯¯ 
    For those who are a little confused on how I've formatted the FAQ, I created
    this section.
    Here is the layout I'm using for the bosses:
                           This Line introduces the next boss
                   This is the shortcut code to reach the boss with control + F 
     __          __                        |                                _____
    /-/----------\-\___                    |--------------------------->   /|---|\
    |- BOSS TITLE - ------------------------------------------------------|-|???|-|
    \-\----------/-/¯¯¯                                                    \|---|/
     \-\         ¯¯                                                         ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\-------------------------\-\      /-/-------------------------------/-/
       \- Location : Boss Location -|      |- Scan: The Scans In The Battle* -/
        \-\-----------------------/-/      \-\-----------------------------/-/
         \-\----------------------------------\-\        /-/--------------/-/
          \- Reward : The Reward for Victory** -|        |- Difficulty*** -/
           \-\--------------------------------/-/        \-\------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
            This line introduces the beginning of the actually strategy
             This line shows that the current boss strategy has ended
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    * - I will only include scans that actually give you red credits.  There are
        usually several scans in the battle, but one one usually actually gives you
        a credit.
    ** - Not all bosses give you an item as a reward, some give you access to new
         areas, or finishing a room you started.
    *** - The difficulty of the boss is in flux, and subject to change.  I'm trying
          to give difficulty based on the average of how hard a boss is in each of
          the 3 in game level settings.  Some bosses could be harder than another
          on one difficulty, and less difficult than the same ones on another.
    I've also added a "Hyper Strategy" to every boss.  This is specifically for 
    those trying to defeat a boss on Hyper Mode.  I also recommend that you read
    this strategy no matter what difficulty you are on, because it is a bit more in
    depth.  I will also give a second difficulty rating on the Hyper due to the 
    fact that some bosses are harder than others on Hyper.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    3\======Boss FAQ===============================================================
    `````````````````\CHAPTER THREE/```````````````````````````````````````````````
     __              __                                                     _____
    /-/--------------\-\___                                                /|---|\
    |- BERSERKER LORD - --------------------------------------------------|-|BKL|-|
    \-\--------------/-/¯¯¯                                                \|---|/
     \-\             ¯¯                                                     ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\-------------------------\-\                /-/---------------------/-/
       \- Location : Docking Bay 5 -|                |- Scan: Berserker Lord -/
        \-\-----------------------/-/                \-\------------------/-/
         \-\---------------------------\-\            /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Access To Gunship -|            |- Difficulty: 2/10 -/
           \-\-------------------------/-/            \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The first boss of the game is an easy one, but it gives you a taste of what the
    bosses to come will be like.  None of them will be just a straightforward, 
    shoot-em-till-they-die, type of boss.  Each has a special method to defeating.
    The boss has a couple of attacks at first.  A blue "breath" attack that it'll
    spray out of it's mouth and an energy beam.  Jump over these attacks to avoid
    them, locking on and strafing is a good method to help avoid.  You can't deal
    any damage to it's health meter until you get rid of the shield protecting it's
    weak point.  There are two noticable red orbs on it's shoulders, fire at these
    both until they are destroyed, then you enter the next part of the battle.
    He will occasionally fire purple orbs at you, shoot the purple orbs before they
    hit you, and they will rebound right back at him.  Once you've hit four orbs, 
    the shield protecting him will be destroyed, exposing his weak point.  Fire as
    many shots as you can, throwing the occasional missile or charge beam.  If you 
    don't kill it now, just repeat the process until it's dead.
    Later on in the game you will face two Berserker Knights (thanks Shade Tail for
    identifying that) these Knights do not have shoulder orbs to worry about.  You
    can use your X-Ray Visor and Nova Beam to locate a weak point inside the second 
    Berserker Knight and you will be able to kill him in one hit.  (Thank you 
    wordlife33100 for this information).
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 4/10 }
    In Hyper Mode this boss will be quite a bit more difficult (all bosses will be)
    The orbs on his shoulder will take a while to take out, after they are gone he
    will fire two purple orbs.  Make sure you hit them back at his shield and do 
    not miss because if you do miss it will make the battle much longer.  After 
    these two, he will not lose his shield, but regenerate his shoulder orbs.  You
    must destroy them again and launch two more of his orbs back at him.  Once four
    orbs have hit him then he will lose his shield, so try not to miss.  Other than
    it taking longer it is generally the same.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __           __                                                        _____
    /-/-----------\-\___                                                   /|---|\
    |- META RIDLEY - -----------------------------------------------------|-|MTR|-|
    \-\-----------/-/¯¯¯                                                   \|---|/
     \-\          ¯¯                                                        ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\---------------------------\-\                 /-/------------------/-/
       \- Location : Generator Shaft -|                 |- Scan: Meta Ridley -/
        \-\-------------------------/-/                 \-\----------------/-/
         \-\------------------------------\-\         /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Activate Generator C -|         |- Difficulty: 2/10 -/
           \-\----------------------------/-/         \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Your nemisis returns, and pretty early in the game.  This is a pretty neat 
    battle.  Isn't it unique to be fighting a boss while falling down an extremely 
    long shaft?  I sure think it is.
    The most noticable thing is the fact that you are speeding to you death down a 
    long shaft.  You don't have very much control, and there is a meter showing how
    many feet you have left until you crash into the bottom.  However, you have
    plenty of time to defeat this boss before that happens.  If you are running low
    on health, fire at the debris floating around.  
    If you remember back in the first Prime, during the grounded battle against
    Ridley, when it would open it's mouth, exposing a flaming jaw, it was about to
    attack you.  It's the same here.  Look out for when Ridley's mouth starts 
    flaming then fire at it.  Just move around to avoid his attacks, and try not to
    hit the wall, because it will cause some damage to you.  
    After a while, Ridley will fly up and grab you.  Now you are falling side by 
    side with Ridley.  He will attack you with flames from his mouth, or a claw 
    swipe.  You will see when he will attack when one of these starts to glow.  
    While they glow, it's your chance to fire charge shots and missiles into 
    whatever body part is glowing.  This prevents Ridley from attacking you.
    One he lets you go, you will be falling underneath him, but the situation is 
    still the same as it was a the beginning of the battle.  He will go through 
    these phases, just fire at him until he's toast.
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 3/10 }
    This is the easiest boss on Hyper and isn't different from the first other than
    you taking more damage and causing less.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __      __                                                             _____
    /-/------\-\___                                                        /|---|\
    |- RUNDAS - ----------------------------------------------------------|-|RND|-|
    \-\------/-/¯¯¯                                                        \|---|/
     \-\     ¯¯                                                             ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\---------------------------\-\                      /-/-------------/-/
       \- Location : Temple of Bryyo -|                      |- Scan: Rundas -/
        \-\-------------------------/-/                      \-\-----------/-/
         \-\---------------------\-\                  /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Ice Missile -|                  |- Difficulty: 7/10 -/
           \-\-------------------/-/                  \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This guy is actually pretty tough, and much longer than the previous two boss 
    fights.  My wrist was hurting at the end of the battle (but it was partially
    due to the uncomfortable position I was in during the fight).  So prepare you
    Rundas is protected by armor, and unless you can rip this away, you can't deal
    damage.  This boss will use some physical attacks on you, so dodge those with
    strifing, as well as several ice attacks.  If you are frozen by him, rapidly
    press B to break out.  He will glide on an ice path in the air and land on a 
    pillar.  Shoot the ice spheres he fires at you to refill your health.  While 
    he's gliding around it's fairly difficult to hit him, so don't waste any 
    missiles.  Hit him while he's on a pillar or on the ground.
    Once you've hit Rundas enough to have stunned him, he will stand still for a 
    moment, so quickly use your grapple beam to rip off his armor.  Now you need to
    give it your all, throwing as much damage as possible at him.  This is your 
    only chance to hurt him.  Going into hypermode now is smart, just make sure you
    have enough health to do so.  After a short time he will regenerate his armor.
    Later on in the fight he will gain a couple of new attacks.  He will hurl ice
    at you while gliding around, and he will generate a large ice pillar and swing
    it at you.  If you see Rundas climb atop a pillar and start swinging a large
    block of ice, fire at his grip to make him drop it.  If you don't, right as he
    throws it, sidestep out of the way, very quickly.  This ice attack will break
    through the ice pillars, so don't bother hiding behind one.  If you are hit by
    this attack you will take tremendous damage.  In Veteran it'll knock off an
    entire energy tank.  For that early in the game, that's a lot of health.
    This battle can be pretty long, and difficult.  If you run low on energy, stay
    out of Rundas' way, and just fire at the ice spheres he creats for some health
    and ammo.  Hypermode is great, but remember that you lose an entire energy tank
    in the process.  Use it wisely.  Just repeat the process of stunning, ripping 
    and shooting until you win.
    This method was sent in by Nero Angelo to make the battle as short as between
    1 to 2 minutes.  It was done on Normal mode, and would take longer on Veteran
    or Hyper.
      ||-- ------------------------ --||_______________________________________||
     / All I used was my cannon and hyper mode. While he's moving, shoot him with\ 
     | your cannon. When he stops, use powered up shots. Soon he jumps onto a    |
     | pillar and you shoot him with 1 or 2 powered up shots before he gets      |
     | stunned. Rip off his armor and go into hyper mode ASAP. Unload on him,    |
     | using strafe and jump to dodge the ice. As soon as hyper mode is over,    |
     | start hitting him with powered up shots again. He will get stunned again  |
     | very quickly, he can be stunned on the ground it's not just pillars.      |
     | Repeat hyper mode attack. He will be dead in about 2.5 hyper mode attacks,| 
     \ assuming all your attacks land and you don't get frozen.                  /
      ||-- ------------------------ --||-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-||  
    This definitely takes a bit of skill on the players half.  You must be accurate
    enough to nail Rundas enough in Hyper mode to finish the battle sooner.
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 8/10 }
    This boss is very difficult on Hyper.  His ice block attack that he swings at 
    you is able to take out a full energy tank.  You may only have up to three
    energy tanks at this point, so that is a third of your entire health.  In 
    addition, all of his attacks are hard to dodge and cause tremendous damage.  
    The trick is to stay in Hypermode as long as possible to take him out.  At the
    beginning of the battle, enter Hypermode.  DO NOT deplete your meter of phazon
    because you will exit Hypermode.  Instead, fire at Rundas until your blue bar
    is almost depleted.  When you start to corrupt (your meter turns red and slowly
    fills up), use this to your advantage and hit him a lot, but DO NOT deplete 
    this red meter either.  Shoot at him but keep the meter active.  When you take
    damage it will fill as well.  Don't let it fill all the way for too long or
    you will die.  Eventually you will automatically exit Corruption.
    While in Hypermode, shoot off his armor and rip it off and then just hit him.
    Try to hit him as much as you can, if you don't manage to beat him in one 
    Hypermode, then do it again.  You may die a few times, but eventually you will
    get it down.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __      __                                                             _____
    /-/------\-\___                                                        /|---|\
    |- KORAKK - ----------------------------------------------------------|-|KRK|-|
    \-\------/-/¯¯¯                                                        \|---|/
     \-\     ¯¯                                                             ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\--------------------------\-\        /-/----------------------------/-/
       \- Location : Jousting Field -|        |- Scan: Pirate Hussar, Korakk -/
        \-\------------------------/-/        \-\--------------------------/-/
         \-\--------------\-\                         /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : None -|                         |- Difficulty: 3/10 -/
           \-\------------/-/                         \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Kind of a sudden battle.  Don't forget to scan BOTH the Korakk and the Pirate 
    Hussar on it's back.  This battle won't be too difficult.
    Get rid of the pirate on it's back first.  The pirate will fire a red beam you
    can avoid by space jumping.  The Korakk will attack occasionally as well.  Just
    avoid his attacks and focus on the pirate.
    Once the pirate is dead, the Korakk will get a little more agressive.  Wait for
    it to open its mouth, and while it's glowing, fire at it.  It's belly will 
    begin to glow.  Go into your morphball and let off 3 bombs under the belly of 
    the Korakk.  If you were successful, it will topple over, revealing a grapple
    point on the horn.  Use your Grapple Lasso to pull it upright.  The creature 
    will stand on it's hind legs revealing a blue belly.  Here's your chance to 
    fire at it and deal damage.  Hypermode helps a lot here too.
    Repeat this process until the Korakk is a gonner.  Now wasn't that easy?
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 6/10 }
    He takes a bit longer on Hyper to beat.  He isn't too hard to dodge so make 
    sure you do not get hit, this is to keep your life high enough to go into 
    Hypermode when you need to.  Shoot his tongue and then bomb his belly and pull
    him up.  When he rears on his hind legs go into Hypermode and blast your whole
    bar at it.  If you are damaged, hit the containers or spheres fired to heal.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __       __                                                            _____
    /-/-------\-\___                                                       /|---|\
    |- MOGENAR - ---------------------------------------------------------|-|MGN|-|
    \-\-------/-/¯¯¯                                                       \|---|/
     \-\      ¯¯                                                            ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\--------------------------------\-\                /-/--------------/-/
       \- Location : Bryyo Leviathan Core -|                |- Scan: Mogenar -/
        \-\------------------------------/-/                \-\------------/-/
         \-\--------------------\-\                   /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Hyper Ball -|                   |- Difficulty: 7/10 -/
           \-\------------------/-/                   \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Here's the first of what I like to call, the core battles.  Sort of like how 
    the big bosses were the dark temples guardians in Metroid Prime 2, these are 
    the Leviathan guardians.  These generally take a bit more to beat than other
    bosses, but these are also usually the fun ones.  They also relate somewhat to
    the planet you fight them on.  Mogenar is a golem, and Bryyo's full of these.
    Mogenar will start off by pulling red spheres from the wall and inserting them
    into his body.  These will obviously be your targets.  He has four sockets with
    red spheres in them.  When the socket is open, focus on one and fire at it.  As
    you fire at it, it will start glowing.  You will be able to tell when it's 
    destroyed once Mogenar recoils and the socket emitts a bright white light.  
    Often, Mogenar will close the sockets and switch orbs around.  If you've been
    focusing on one orb, and it is switched, it will be in a new socket, but it's
    the same orb.  Keep track of the orb you are hitting.  Ever once in a while, 
    the boss will extend it's arms and using it's magical blue hands, it will grab
    two red spheres on each side of the room.  DO NOT let the spheres make it to
    Mogenar, or all of the spheres on his body will be restored.  Eliminate the two
    red spheres he grabs to stop this.  There are three sockets on his front side,
    and one on the back.  
    When he uses his large plasma beam attack, you can freeze his mouth for a few
    extra hits.  (Thanks Keith Menisa for the tip)
    After you destroy all four spheres, the second phase begins.  Enter hypermode
    and target one of his open sockets.  Once you've hit it with enough phazon, 
    it'll explode.  Mogenar will roll at you once one has been destroyed.  Side 
    step out of his way then go into morphball mode and drop three bombs at his 
    feet to destroy those phazon crystals.  Once Mogenar is upright, target another
    socket and obliterate it in Hypermode.
    Repeat this process until Mogenar explodes, leaving you the Hyper Ball.  If you
    are at any time running low on energy, destroying phazon crystals at his feet,
    or destroying red spheres will leave some spoils behind.
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 8/10 }
    This fight is LONG and ANNOYING!  It requires you to have incredible patience
    and a fast thumb.  If you die, then take a break for a while and try again
    later because your wrist will hurt badly.  Each sphere takes a VERY long time
    to destroy, and you will be extremely frustrated when he recharges the spheres.
    For this reason, we will have to use a new strategy.  Once you take out a 
    sphere, immediately go into Hypermode and shoot the socket.  Do not take out
    all of the spheres, then the sockets, because if he recharges them (most likely
    will happen) then you will have lost a lot of time.  If the socket is closed,
    do not waste shots on the socket, ever shot counts, and you must be quick and
    accurate.  If he reaches out for new orbs QUICKLY fire away at one orb and 
    destroy it.  The second it is destroyed, charge your beam then fire it at the
    second.  You cannot afford to miss.  Hit the second very very quickly.  It is
    very very hard to stop him from recharging and almost impossible (but it still
    When you must bomb the feet (phazon crystal) heres what you do.  Wait for him
    to charge at you, (make sure you are near the opposite wall of him).  When he
    is just about to hit you, dodge out of the way and enter morph ball.  Go over
    to one foot and lay three bombs near it very very quickly.  Try not to hit the
    foot.  Exit morph ball immediately, back away, then jump over the shockwave he
    creates.  This is where the most damage is caused against you, so be very very
    If you are running low on energy do not destroy any spheres on him.  Wait for
    him to launch his hands at you and destroy them for a lot of health.  Repeat
    until you have about two energy tanks to be safe.  Each time you destroy a 
    sphere, the next will take a bit longer to destroy.  Just hope he doesn't 
    recharge, and after a long and frustrating battle he will be gone.
    Desulated sent this technique to me:
      ||-- ---------------------- --||_________________________________________||
     / When you try to dodge his attacks (like his ground pounding slam or the   \
     | rain of rocks he drops from the ceiling) it may be hard to dodge, but     |
     | "spamming" hypermode can help. Since you're invincible when your in       |
     | hypermode, keep using it when he performs his hard-to-avoid attacks. Just |
     | be careful not go into corruption mode and die. This is especially useful |
     | when your're trying to bomb his phazon "shoes" when he forms them on his  |
     | feet. I'd suggest this tactic should be used when someone's playing hyper |
     | difficulty, due to the large amount of damage you take and the max. number|
     | of energy tanks you can get at this stage is 5. This little tactic helped |
     \ me a lot when it came to fighting Mogenar on hyper difficulty.            /
      ||-- ---------------------- --||-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-||  
    Many consider this to be the hardest boss, but I consider it to just be a true
    test of patience.  I gave it a high difficulty factor for that reason, but it
    is more of a live it out fight than a really hard fight.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __         __                                                          _____
    /-/---------\-\___                                                     /|---|\
    |- STEAMLORD - -------------------------------------------------------|-|STM|-|
    \-\---------/-/¯¯¯                                                     \|---|/
     \-\        ¯¯                                                          ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\-----------------------------\-\       /-/--------------------------/-/
       \- Location : Steambot Barracks -|       |- Scan: Steamlord, Steambot -/
        \-\---------------------------/-/       \-\------------------------/-/
         \-\---------------------\-\                  /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Energy Tank -|                  |- Difficulty: 4/10 -/
           \-\-------------------/-/                  \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
    This boss is annoying, but not too difficult.  Start out by scanning the boss,
    the Steamlord, and the Steambots.
    The Steamlord will phase in and out of existence, so don't try to attack it 
    just yet.  Every time you kill a Steambot, the Steamlord will come out to 
    resurrect the dead Steambot.  That is when you attack it.  However, it'll 
    disappear once the Steambot is alive again.  Your goal is to keep killing off
    the steambots, so the Steamlord has more to revive.  If you can effectivly kill
    off a few steambots before the boss appears, the boss will have to stay longer
    to revive more.  That is when you fire all of your missiles and charge beams 
    you can at him.  
    After a short time, the boss will be destroyed.  It's a pretty short battle.
    You will also fight this boss again in the Ballista Storage after getting the
    grapple voltage.  The second time you fight it you can use the X-Ray visor and
    ignore the other Steambots, just following Steamlord.
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 4/10 }
    You may or may not take a lot of damage in this battle.  It certainly takes
    longer to destroy a Steambot.  When the Steamlord appears just blast away at
    it with missiles.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __             __                                                      _____
    /-/-------------\-\___                                                 /|---|\
    |- DEFENSE DRONE - ---------------------------------------------------|-|DFD|-|
    \-\-------------/-/¯¯¯                                                 \|---|/
     \-\            ¯¯                                                      ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\----------------------------\-\              /-/--------------------/-/
       \- Location : Ballista Storage -|              |- Scan: Defense Drone -/
        \-\--------------------------/-/              \-\------------------/-/
         \-\--------------------\-\                   /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Boost Ball -|                   |- Difficulty: 5/10 -/
           \-\------------------/-/                   \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This boss battle isn't too hard to fight, and it's pretty simple.  There are
    three antennas on it's head, these are your targets.  While shooting these, be
    careful to avoid its shockwave attacks by jumping over them.  Quickly finish
    off the three antennas or it will regenerate the last destroyed.  After they
    are gone, the Defence Drone will be stunned.  Here's your chance to rip off 
    it's armor with your Grapple Lasso.  Now it's weak point is open and ready for
    you to kill it.  Watch out for the orbs it fires at you.  Kill them quickly or
    they will fly around and track you until they hit you.
    After it re-grows it's antennas, destroy them, and repeat the process.  As the
    battle nears the end, the Defense Drone will get progressively faster.  It will
    also regrow it's antennas faster, so be quick about it.
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 7/10 }
    This guy is pretty tough on Hyper Mode.  The first thing you want to do is 
    shoot off his antennae, go into hypermode and then rip off his armor and blast
    away at the weak point.  In this battle, stay in Hypermode as long as possible
    (meaning until it vents you out while in corruption).  When it jumps onto a 
    platform, fire away at its weak point.  Remember that in Hypermode, you cannot
    be truly damaged so let him hit you with everything while you are in hypermode,
    just making sure that you don't cap off the red meter.  When it regenerates its
    antennae then just use a charged phazon beam to blast all three away.
    If you run out in hypermode, you will need some health.  While it's hopping 
    from ledge to ledge it will shoot out some sludge bombs.  These are extremely
    hard to avoid, but if you can break them open, you get a lot of health.  You
    have to shoot them to break them open.  After he shoots them, make sure you 
    aren't locked on.  Look to the right of you and walk backward.  The sludge 
    bombs will follow you until they hit, so if you walk back, and shoot fast 
    enough, then you can destroy each of the bombs before they hit you.  Remember
    to walk backward around the arena though.  
    Repeat the strategy, and you will win.  This boss does take a long time, and it
    is kinda tough.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __    __                                                               _____
    /-/----\-\___                                                          /|---|\
    |- GHOR - ------------------------------------------------------------|-|GHR|-|
    \-\----/-/¯¯¯                                                          \|---|/
     \-\   ¯¯                                                               ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\----------------------------\-\                       /-/-----------/-/
       \- Location : Main Docking Bay -|                       |- Scan: Ghor -/
        \-\--------------------------/-/                       \-\---------/-/
         \-\---------------------\-\                  /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Plasma Beam -|                  |- Difficulty: 6/10 -/
           \-\-------------------/-/                  \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    So now we've lost another hunter, it's so sad... but you have to admit that him
    beating your ship up like that must piss you off.  Let's hope you are prepared.
    These bounty hunters are generally a bit tougher than most bosses.
    He will start the battle off by creating a large shield that he'll ram you 
    with.  Do your best to avoid this attack by side stepping or morphing and 
    rolling.  Don't step into the plasma in the center of the arena, try to stay
    at the edges.  When you dodge his ramming attacks, aim at his back and fire at
    an energy pack.  Once it explodes, his shield will disappear and reveal a big
    old weak point on his head.  Hit it with all you have.  You can try hypermode,
    but be quick, because you won't have much time.  After he gets up, he will fire
    a huge plasma beam, so jump over it.
    I've recieved a great tip from Brock Mark and Arthur Leung with stunning Ghor
      ||-- ----------------------- --||________________________________________||
     / During Ghor's first stage theres hot spots on the ground and if you freeze\ 
     | them with your ice missiles before he does is rush/charge move he will    |
     | slip on them and spin out causing him to be stunned for you to shoot the  | 
     | thing on his back and take out his shield, I found it very helpful during |
     | veteran mode because not only did it make me more conscious of the hot    |
     | spots (If you stand on them you get hurt) but I didn't have to do the     |
     \ jump-dash-shoot style that tires you out.                                 /
      ||-- ----------------------- --||-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/||  
    Once his health bar has drained about a quarters, he will suck of a bunch of 
    plasma (the fuel gel in the center of the floor) and begin a new attack phase. 
    His new weak point is an orb antenna between his legs.  Ghor will fire a 
    spinning, massive plasma beam.  Jump over this and enter morphball.  Roll 
    between his legs and bomb the orb.  After he's stunned by three bombs.  Fire at
    his exposed head again, landing in some phazon attacks if you can muster.
    Here is another trick from Arthur Leung:
      ||-- ------------------------- --||______________________________________||
     / When you get to the part where you have to hit his underside, you can use \ 
     | to boost ball instead to hit it.  and i think one boost is enough to stun |
     | him.  to make it easier, you can turn on "boost ball aiming" in the       |
     \ options.                                                                  /
      ||-- ------------------------- --||-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/||  
    If you can manage to hit it with the boost ball, then that'll quicken things up
    a bit.
    After his health has dropped half way, he will start to spin around like a top.
    Jump over this to avoid it, and continue bombing between his legs during the
    spinning beam to stun it.  Once Ghor is under 25 percent health his head is
    constantly exposed and he will become much faster and acurate with his ramming
    attacks.  He will now fire a gigantic beam out of his torso, and fire several
    missiles.  Do your best to avoid this, and quickly kill him off.  Entering
    Hypermode and speeding up the process is a good idea.  Once he's gone, rest 
    your fingers and rejoice.
    This boss will drop quite a bit of health, but to be sure here's a tip sent in
    from NAME about getting health.
       / - SUBMITTED BY NAME - \
      ||-- ----------------- --||______________________________________________||
     / If you're running low on life during the Ghor fight, you can always shoot \
     | down the Sky Town bots that make container runs overhead. Four of them fly| 
     | in a loop -- two in the front, two in back. While dodging Ghor, you can   |
     | refill your health pretty fast with the energy they drop. Just shoot them |
     \ to drop the containers, or shoot the containers over the "arena".         /
      ||-- ----------------- --||-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/||  
       \ - SUBMITTED BY NAME - /
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 6/10 }
    I thought he would be hard on Hyper, but using my strategy, he really isn't
    tough at all... or a bit.  At the beginning of the battle, shoot an ice missile
    at one of the plasma spots between Ghor and you.  When he readies his spinning
    charge attack, make sure the frozen spot is between you and him then hurry and
    dash to the left or right.  He will charge, but slip on the ice and slam into
    the wall.  Use this chance to blast away at the weak point on his back with
    missiles and so on.  After you've temporarily taken down his shield, go into
    Hypermode and keep hitting his revealed area.  
    Once the next part begins you no longer have those plasma puddles for him to
    slip on.  Go into morphball mode after the cutscene and then as Ghor stands 
    still (to ready his spinning beam attack) use a boostball right through his 
    legs to destroy the weak point.  Go into Hypermode and hit his weak area again.
    In the final phaze (where he's completely corrupted by phazon) just try to stay
    in Hypermode at all times and finish him off.
    He may look intimidating, and he should be harder.  The one thing that makes it
    easier is all of the tons of health that is dropped throughout the battle.  
    This shouldn't be nearly as tedious as Mogenar was.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __                 __                                                  _____
    /-/-----------------\-\___                                             /|---|\
    |- BERSERKER LORD II - -----------------------------------------------|-|BK2|-|
    \-\-----------------/-/¯¯¯                                             \|---|/
     \-\                ¯¯                                                  ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\---------------------------\-\ /-/----------------------------------/-/
       \- Location : Turbine Chamber -| |- Scan: Berserker Lord (2nd Chance) -/
        \-\-------------------------/-/ \-\--------------------------------/-/
         \-\--------------------------\-\             /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Access to Module -|             |- Difficulty: 1/10 -/
           \-\------------------------/-/             \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Remember this guy?  Well he's back, and he's much easier.  I was reluctant to
    even include him as a boss, but he does have a boss meter and everything, so I 
    did... for fun.
    Use the same technique as you did the first time.  Destroy the two orbs on it's
    shoulders.  When it fires the purple orbs at you, fire at them so they rebound
    against him.  This time he also launches Red orbs as well as purple onces.  Do
    not try to hit this one, because it cannot be hit back, just avoid it and aim
    for the purple ones.  Once his weak spot is revealed, attack it with your new
    plasma beam.  You will find that this beam deals much more damage than before.
    The boss will be dead in no time.
    Later on in the game you will face two Berserker Knights (thanks Shade Tail for
    identifying that) these Knights do not have shoulder orbs to worry about.  You
    can use your X-Ray Visor and Nova Beam to locate a weak point inside the second 
    Berserker Knight and you will be able to kill him in one hit.  (Thank you 
    wordlife33100 for this information).
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 2/10 }
    It's similar to the first boss, but it's also a bit quicker and the arena makes
    it a little more difficult.  You can knock off it's shoulder orbs with hyper
    mode extremely quickly.  Dodge the red orbs it fires at you and hit the purple
    orbs back at him.  This time though, he may not fire enough purple orbs (one
    sometimes) and due to the object in the center of the room, the purple orb may
    miss the Berserker Lord.  Try to wait until two purple orbs are in the air at
    a time, then blast both of them back.  If there aren't two, just hit the one.
    Other than that, it's just like the first boss.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __      __                                                             _____
    /-/------\-\___                                                        /|---|\
    |- HELIOS - ----------------------------------------------------------|-|HLI|-|
    \-\------/-/¯¯¯                                                        \|---|/
     \-\     ¯¯                                                             ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\---------------------------------\-\                /-/-------------/-/
       \- Location : Elysia Leviathan Core -|                |- Scan: Helios -/
        \-\-------------------------------/-/                \-\-----------/-/
         \-\-----------------------\-\                /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Hyper Missile -|                |- Difficulty: 6/10 -/
           \-\---------------------/-/                \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
    Our second "core" battle is pretty hard at first.  It takes a lot of focus.  He 
    represents the technologically advanced world of Elysia.  
    As you should notice, Helios is protected by this energy shield.  You must find
    a way to destroy this so you can directly inflict damage onto our boss.  He
    will roll around the room, and the best way to avoid this attack is to use the
    screw attack against the boss.  If you hit the boss with the screw attack while
    it is rolling toward you, you won't be hurt (but neither will the boss.  After 
    a while, Helios will use his energy shield to form a spinning ring around him.
    He will slam it into the ground, trying to hurt you.  Target the five glowing
    orbs in the middle with your seeker missiles, destroy them all and his energy
    shield will temporarily go away.  Now go into hypermode and blast away his 
    After he regenerates his energy shield, he will use an attack where pieces of
    his shield will begin to rapidly spin, forming a glowing core.  It's target
    practice now, you have to destroy each of these glowing cores very quickly,
    before they fire the phazon beam at you.  The ones glowing the lightest are
    more charged up, so hit those first.  
    Continue you strategy of removing his energy shield and attacking his armor.
    Helios will use his energy to create arms and legs.  He will throw purple orbs
    at you, and stomp on the ground sending a shockwave.  His weak points are the
    glowing spheres at his limb joints.  Destroy his arms first, then his legs.  If
    you destroy a leg first, he could regenerate it.  After you've knocked all his
    limbs off, enter Hypermode and blast your phazon at him.
    Keep repeating this process will eventually destroy Helios.  If you are ever
    low on energy, destroying the red spheres, purple orbs, or energy charges will
    heal you.
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 6/10 }
    Helios isn't nearly as difficult as Mogenar was so you can relax.  If you need
    health at all in the battle, fire away at the swarmbots when you can.  Only 
    enter hypermode once you have a clear shot at Helios or his core.  The one 
    attack that poses as a real threat this time is when several groups of swarmbot
    enemies form into a circle.  In Hyper it takes a bit more to destroy them.  If
    you fall behind their attack, several of them will launch powerful phazon 
    bursts at you.  If this happens, don't be afraid to enter Hypermode.  Once in
    hypermode, try and stay in as long as possible while having Helios as you main
    focus.  This is an easier Hyper battle.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __         __                                                          _____
    /-/---------\-\___                                                     /|---|\
    |- GANDRAYDA - -------------------------------------------------------|-|GDY|-|
    \-\---------/-/¯¯¯                                                     \|---|/
     \-\        ¯¯                                                          ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\---------------------------\-\                   /-/----------------/-/
       \- Location : Proving Grounds -|                   |- Scan: Gandrayda -/
        \-\-------------------------/-/                   \-\--------------/-/
         \-\-------------------------\-\              /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Grapple Voltage -|              |- Difficulty: 8/10 -/
           \-\-----------------------/-/              \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This is probably my favorite boss fight in the game and it has some great music
    I should add.  She can also be one of the hardest if you aren't prepared with 
    enough energy tanks.  She is definitely one of the hardest boss in the game to 
    hit (and you throught Rundas was hard to hit).  Gandrayda will change her forms 
    into several bosses and enemies you have fought earlier in the game.  You can 
    scan these other forms, but only Gandrayda's scan gives you credits.
    She is extremely acrobatic, and will jump around the stadium.  She is extremely
    hard to hit, so just try to keep centered on her and fire away at her.  You 
    will probably be hit a lot during the battle because she is faster than you.
    She will also throw purple discs at you occasionally, and more later on in the
    Her first form she goes into is the Berserker Lord.  You don't need to worry
    about destroying her shoulder spheres, just hit her attacks back at her, then
    fire away at her head until she transforms back into her original form.  In her
    normal form, she gains the attack to jump on you.  Shake her off by shaking 
    your Wiimote and Nunchuck simultaneously.  She transforms into the aerotrooper
    every once in a while, so blast that away with your missiles.  She may also 
    transform into some swarmbots.  Shoot these to release health and ammo.  
    Remember that hypermode is very helpful if you can get some hits on her.
    After she's lost a quarter of her health, she will retract the roof.  She will
    also transform into Rundas.  Use the strategy you used on the original Rundas,
    stun her, rip off her armor, and fire away at her.  Eventually she will also
    transform into Ghor.  Wait for her to use the spinning phazon like with the
    real Ghor, and bomb the sphere under her legs then target the head.  She will
    alternate between Rundas and Ghor.
    Once she's lost half her health she will transform into.... you!  Now you are
    head to head against yourself.  She will go into the morphball and attempt to
    boost against you.  Try and keep track of her movements, and jump over the
    boost ball.  She also has the ability to fire a giant power beam attack (why 
    don't you ever get to use this?).  Jump over it, and fire at her with your
    plasma beam.
    Once she's under twenty five percent health, she won't transform, and stay in
    her Gandrayda form.  She's faster and more aggressive, with her projectiles and
    spinning acrobatics.  Just hit her until she's gone.  Hypermode will finish the
    job quickly.
    I also had this strategy sent in by Rin2075:
       / - SUBMITTED BY RIN2075 - \
      ||-- -------------------- --||___________________________________________||
     / "Gandrayda giving you problems? Battle taking too long? Just use the      \ 
     | Screw Attack...................ok so you're probably thinking "how the    |
     | HELL do I hit her with the screw attack? She's too fast!". Well here's    |
     | what you do. When she does that kinda floaty jump towards you, she's      |
     | trying to grab you, and if she succeeds then she'll start                 |
     | electrocuting you and you gotta shake her off. The strategy is to TRY     |
     | and get grabbed. Now you're thinkin "huh!?". At the moment you shake      |
     | her off she'll be pushed off RIGHT AHEAD OF YOU and will not move for     |
     | a second or two. In this moment of recovery use the Screw Attack. Its     |
     | the easiest way to cause damage quickly whilst incurring minimal          |
     | damage. Other good places to "screw" her (excuse the expression) are,     |
     | 1) Right after you rip off her ice shield in Rundas form, 2) When she     |
     | is copying you and shoots that big beam, allowing you to get close and    |
     | deal damage before she does morph ball, and 3) If you can manage to       |
     | time it, while she's in Flying Pirate form. Hope this is of some          |
     \ help!"                                                                    /
      ||-- -------------------- --||-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-||  
       \ - SUBMITTED BY RIN2075 - /
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 8/10 }
    Gandrayda is a long battle on Hyper.  The key to beating her on hyper is to be
    aware and patient because you do want to stay alive.  Not only is she still
    very hard to hit, but when you do actually hit her, it seems like you did
    absolutely no damage.  The Screw Attack strategy by Rin2075 (read above) is 
    very effective on Hyper mode.  
    At the beginning of the battle, you can enter Hypermode and begin to etch away
    her health bar with rapid blasts of phazon.  Don't use Hyper Missiles because 
    they will not hit her (she is just too fast) and a charge shot won't be too
    effective either because of her acrobatic ability to flip ALL OVER the arena.
    You never know where she will be.  If she grabs you, then shake her off and use
    the Screw Attack on her.  Use the past methods on the bosses she transforms 
    into.  If you are low on health, screw attack into her when she turns into a
    swarm of swarmbots.  Tons and tons of health will drop.  This helps a lot 
    because you will probably lose a lot of health in this battle.  
    At the end of the battle when she stops transforming, focus on dodging her 
    attacks.  She is tricky here and has an attack where she turns invisible.  Be
    aware of your surroundings.  Eventually you will win.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __               __                                                    _____
    /-/---------------\-\___                                               /|---|\
    |- METROID HATCHER - -------------------------------------------------|-|MHT|-|
    \-\---------------/-/¯¯¯                                               \|---|/
     \-\              ¯¯                                                    ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\--------------------------\-\              /-/----------------------/-/
       \- Location : Metroid Creche -|              |- Scan: Metroid Hatcher -/
        \-\------------------------/-/              \-\--------------------/-/
         \-\--------------------------------\-\       /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : (Optional) Energy Tank -|       |- Difficulty: 4/10 -/
           \-\------------------------------/-/       \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This is an easy, but particularly annoying boss fight.  You wil battling a few
    of these throughout the game.
    The Metroid hatcher is hard to hit, and hard to dodge.  You must hit the tips
    of it's tentacles until they retract.  It will use a spinning attack, and fly
    across the room at you.  This is hard to dodge, and that's partially due to she
    shape of the place you are fighting it in (later when you fight it again the
    stages are even worse).  Just try to side step right before it charges at you.
    After you've hit all of the tentacles, and they've retracted.  It will spin to
    the opposite side of the room.  When you see it's mouth open, and it's purple.
    Quickly shoot it.  If you don't, it will release Metroids, and no one wants to
    fight Metroids.  Once it is stunned, several grapple points appear underneath
    it.  Use your lasso to rip one of it's tentacles off and it will regenerate 
    it's other tentacles, forcing you to retract them again.  If you don't manage
    to stun the Hatcher before it releases the Metroid, it will probably try to 
    release another one, giving you a chance to stun it again.  After a while 
    though it will regenerate it's tentacles.
    Each time you rip off a tentacle, it loses a quarter of it's health.  When it
    regenerates the remaining tentacles after that, there will be one less tentacle
    to worry about.  After you've ripped all of the tentacles off, the Hatcher will
    be dead.
    Theres also a great tip I was told by Bryan Cohen and Brock Mark, concerning a
    "Hot Spot" on the Metroid Hatcher.  When you fight this enemy later on in the
    game, after you get the X-Ray Visor and the Nova Beam.  You can use these
    combined to destroy the Metroid Hatcher in one hit.  This makes them much 
    easier than the first time you fought one.
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 7/10 }
    This boss just got quite a bit more difficult.  Because this boss has specific
    target points, it will be hard and annoying (similar to Mogenar).  The only 
    real effective way to defeat it is in Hypermode.
    When the battle starts off, immediately enter Hypermode.  Charge your beam to
    full and then after the Hatcher uses it's spinning attack, fire the beam across
    it's tentacles to destroy them all at once (or retract them).  Do not exit 
    Hypermode and when it's mouth is ready, hit it with Phazon blasts, then rip off
    it's tentacles.
    If you aren't in Hypermode, it is VERY hard to finish off.  Each tentacle takes
    several hits from your Plasma Beam to destroy, and to add on to that, they move
    too much, making it very hard to hit them.  If you manage to hit a tentacle 
    with a charged blast it will retract automatically, but that is very hard to
    achieve.  Once all of the tentacles have retracted, it's difficult to stun the
    hatcher's mouth because of how much damage needs to be caused to it.  The 
    result is it spitting out Metroids.  You don't want this because each Metroid
    will latch on to you, giving the Hatcher a chance to spit out another Metroid.
    This becomes Chaotic and will eventually kill you.  
    If you cannot go into Hypermode while it's tentacles are out, then save it for
    when they are retracted.  You absolutley need it while they are retracted or
    else more Metroids will spawn.  If you do manage to stay in Hypermode in a 
    constant way then you shouldn't have too much of a problem.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __             __                                                      _____
    /-/-------------\-\___                                                 /|---|\
    |- MINING CANNON - ---------------------------------------------------|-|MCN|-|
    \-\-------------/-/¯¯¯                                                 \|---|/
     \-\            ¯¯                                                      ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\-----------------------\-\                     /-/------------------/-/
       \- Location : Main Cavern -|                     |- Scan: Read Below* -/
        \-\---------------------/-/                     \-\----------------/-/
         \-\-------------------\-\                    /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Nova Beam -|                    |- Difficulty: 7/10 -/
           \-\-----------------/-/                    \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This is one of the toughest battles in the game, especially if you do not know
    what you are doing.  Of course, that's what you are reading this for.  It's a
    really unique and creative battle as well.  It's even pretty fun.
    Your goal of this battle is to destroy that cannon in the center of the room,
    on the ceiling.  During the battle you will encounter an infinite reinforcement
    of pirates (until the cannon is destroyed).  Avoid the cannon.  Avoid being 
    anywhere near it!  You will see why soon.  Pirates will be in the room, so scan
    the ones you haven't yet.  Kill off all of the pirates but one, (damage him 
    enough so his armor comes off though, to make the next part easier)and then run
    to the wall and stay there.  When the cannon's beam changes from green to 
    purple, it will begin to suck everything in the room toward it.  While hugging 
    the wall, fire at the pirate clinging to the floor until he loses grip, and he 
    will fly into the cannon, causing an explosion.  Four orange holographic
    projectors will emit at the mouth of the cannon.  Quickly aim up and destroy 
    one of them.  After it is destroyed, or after a short while if not, the cannon
    will emerge and begin firing it's green beam again.  
    I was told by Dasjake that you can defeat the pirates (not commandos) quickly
    by usin the X-Ray visor, and firing at a red-orange area on their head.  There
    is a similar strategy for Commandos, but it involves the Nova Beam, which you
    do not yet have.
    This was also sent in by TwilightPhoenix:
      ||-- ---------------------------- --||___________________________________||
     / In the Mining Cannon fight and Pirate Commander fight, if you can coax    \
     | someone to nail you with one of those phazon grenades while outside of    |
     | Hypermode, it'll send you straight into a fully corrupted Hypermode       |
     | without using any energy.  You'll have to start shooting right away to    |
     | vent some of the red bar so you won't die right off, but after that       |
     | you'll have plenty of free phazon to fire.  You can best get them to      |
     | throw grenades by hiding behind some cover just enough so they can't      |
     | hit you with their beams or missiles, but a grenades could still land     |
     | right at your feet.  This also works at any other part of the game as     |
     \ well.                                                                     /
      ||-- ---------------------------- --||-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-||  
    You can only destroy one holographic projector at a time.  So repeat the 
    process until all four are gone.  Throughout the battle, different pirates will
    appear, and the commandos are the real threat.  Going into Hypermode to blast
    away all but one quickly is a good idea, but remember that if a pirate throws
    a phazon grenade, you will overload and become corrupted.  You also must keep
    track of several things at once in the battle, so be extremely cautious.  If
    you are having trouble on the fight, backtrack to get some energy tanks that
    you missed.
    * The scans in the battle include the Pirate Commandos and the Assault Troopers
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 6/10 }
    If you've gotten this far in Hyper Mode, then you should have no problem taking
    this down, because you should be a master at using Hypermode and managing the
    corruption.  That is all you need to finish this battle.  I do recommend though
    that you have a lot of Energy Tanks for this battle.  You will be entering
    Hypermode a lot.  
    Start the battle off by entering Hypermode.  Kill off two pirates and then blow
    the armor off the third.  Back up to the wall and wait for the cannon to start
    sucking everything inward.  Hit the pirate then hit the holograms on the cannon
    immediately.  By the time that has happened you have probably been auto-vented
    out of Hypermode.  When the three more pirates enter, go back into Hypermode 
    and repeat.
    If you have enough Energy Tanks to enter Hypermode 4-6 times then you should
    have no problem in this battle.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __                __                                                   _____
    /-/----------------\-\___                                              /|---|\
    |- PIRATE COMMANDER - ------------------------------------------------|-|PCM|-|
    \-\----------------/-/¯¯¯                                              \|---|/
     \-\               ¯¯                                                   ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\-------------------------------------\-\  /-/-----------------------/-/
       \- Location : Transit Station Leviathan -|  |- Scan: Pirate Commander -/
        \-\-----------------------------------/-/  \-\---------------------/-/
         \-\-----------------------------\-\          /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Access to Leviathan -|          |- Difficulty: 7/10 -/
           \-\---------------------------/-/          \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This is a very annoying battle.  And I do count this as a boss battle, because
    the Pirate Commander is a boss-like character.  This boss fight may be harder
    to hit than Gandrayda was because of the cowardly pirates warping all over the
    field constantly.  The field you fight them in makes it even harder.  Lets 
    hope you have plenty of energy tanks, because you could recieve a lot of damage
    from the Pirate Commander and four Commando Pirates he summons.
    Make sure you scan the Pirate Commander now, because he's hard to scan (he's 
    the one with red armor).  The pirates will be phasing into invisibility and 
    warping around the stadium, making them very hard to hit.  They are much harder
    to track than the Chozo Ghosts were back in the first Metroid Prime.  It is 
    possible to use your x-ray visor for limited tracking (confirmed by Jake Knoell
    in an email). Check your radar for the orange dots, and enter hypermode to 
    blast the Commandos away now.  If you don't manage to hit very many in one 
    Hypermode session, then be careful not to use it too much, becuase you need 
    your tanks.  
    Try to stay in the center of the room, and right when a pirate appears, hit it
    and strafe around to avoid it's powerful attacks.  It's hard to concentrate on
    all five pirates, so prepare to get hit alot.
    I've also recieved email after email with tips on defeating the Commandos 
    quickly.  John M. has sent this in:
       / - SUBMITTED BY JOHN M. - \
      ||-- -------------------- --||___________________________________________||
     / You can get 1-hit kills on Pirate Commandos. To do this you need the X-Ray\
     |  visor and Nova Beam. You switch to your X-ray visor when fighting the    |
     | [Pirate Commandos] and you'll notice that parts of these creatures are    |
     | colored red and yellow. When you lock onto them, the visor will give you a| 
     | close-up of the weak point. Just fire at the yellow weak point and voila! |
     | No more commando. Sometimes you'll miss slightly due to the zoom in       |
     | function, but eventually you'll hit. In the Commander battle, it makes    |
     | things easier since you can wipe out any commandos he summons very        |
     | quickly, though watch out since the EMP grenades will disable your X-Ray  |
     | visor temporarily and you can't see them in x-ray mode making them tough  |
     | to dodge. For the pirates in the Commander battle that can't be disposed  |
     \ of in 1 hit, a screw attack does a good job finishing them off.           /
      ||-- -------------------- --||-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-||  
       \ - SUBMITTED BY JOHN M. - /
    It is hard to kill the Commandos in this battle using either method because of
    how quickly they warp around.  If you can manage to use the X-Ray/Nova Beam
    method, and hit them quickly enough, it really makes this battle easier.  
    Jandro also helped confirm that this method does indeed work on the Commandos
    in this battle as well as all other battles with them. 
    After you've taken down all four Commandos, focus on the Commander.  Go behind
    one of the side wall for cover.  When the Commander is on the other side, come
    out and fire your Nova Beam at him.  It won't cause very much damage, but it's
    the best way to hit him.  Occasionally it will warp right next to you and hit
    you with a melee attack.  You can tell when it will warp as it'll disappear in
    a white ball of light.  Enter hypermode and blast it away when it appears next
    to you.  Keep away from him at all times, and use hyper missiles when you have
    clear shots to blast away his armor.  It won't be very long until it's dead
    with a few shots at it without it's armor.
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 6/10 }
    If you can manage Hypermode fine, this boss is a real piece of cake.  There are
    several battles with pirates throughout the game that are much much more 
    Start the battle off by going into Hypermode.  The X-Ray Visor Nova Beam trick
    will not work on Hyper because your X-Ray Visor will be knocked out if you try
    to use it.  [I do no know for sure, I do need confirmation that it is only in
    Hyper]  The Goal is to ultimately defeat the Pirate Commander, it's easier to
    just go for any pirate in view.  If the Commander is in view, make him your
    priority.  If there are other Commandos in view, just kill them off.
    If you are fighting directly against the Commander, immediately go into Hyper 
    and hit it with all you have until your meter is almost down.  Wait until you
    are corrupted, then let the Pirate hit you to refil your red meter faster.  
    Use this to your advantage to kill off the Commander.  Be VERY careful of it's
    phazon grenade it throws at you.  It DOES work like a grenade.  If it hits you
    it will explode and eject you from Hypermode.  If it misses you it will explode
    behind you and eject you.  If you see him throw it, strafe way to the right or
    left to avoid the radius of the explosion.  The boss will die soon, and you 
    should have plenty of health left over.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __            __                                                       _____
    /-/------------\-\___                                                  /|---|\
    |- OMEGA RIDLEY - ----------------------------------------------------|-|OMR|-|
    \-\------------/-/¯¯¯                                                  \|---|/
     \-\           ¯¯                                                       ¯¯¯¯/
       \- Location : Pirate Homeworld Leviathan Core -||- Scan: Omega Ridley -/
         \-\-----------------------\-\                /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : Hyper Grapple -|                |- Difficulty: 7/10 -/
           \-\---------------------/-/                \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This is another of my favorite boss fights.  There are lots of elements and 
    some great music.  It's also similar to when you fought Ridley back in the
    first Prime, but with it's own twist.
    Like in the first Metroid Prime, his weak point is his heart.  Unfortunately,
    it is protected by some armor.  Fire at his mouth when he opens it to attack.
    It's hard to hit it though, so try and stay close enough to get some shots in, 
    but far enough that he can't hit you.  He will fire these flaming spheres at
    you.  They home in on you, so destroy them before they hit you.  These also
    leave behind some missiles and health.  Ridley also may jump into the air and
    slam onto the ground, creating a huge shockwave.  Jump to avoid it.  He also
    fires a flamethrower attack that pans across your side of the room.  It's very
    hard to avoid, or even jump over, so try to time your jump perfectly.  When he
    is about to use the flamethrower, it's your chance to hit him in the mouth with
    your Nova beam.  You'll be able to tell when you hit him, when he glows Yellow.
    After he's been stunned, hurry over to him and rip off the armor over his torso
    with your lasso.  He'll reveal his weak point at his chest which is only 
    vulnerable to phazon.  Enter Hypermode and blast away at his chest.  After a
    short time he will close the armor again.
    He now gains an attack where he will charge at you, very swiftly.  When he 
    opens his wings wide and it appears as if he's about to charge (it's pretty
    obvious), strafe out of the way very quickly.  It's a very fast attack with
    a large attack radius, so get as far away as possible.  Continue your strategy
    of ripping his armor off and hitting his heart.  If you are confident that you
    can land a Hyper Missile in there, do so, but it's very hard to hit.  
    After you have taken off a quarter of her health, he grows a new phazon armor 
    around his torso.  You can target his heart through this by launching your
    x-ray visor and firing through the phazon armor with your Nova Beam.  This 
    technique doesn't do an awful lot, it isn't very effective.  Ridley will use
    an attack where he creates two purple spheres, destroy them both and Ridley 
    will be stunned.  Pull out your x-ray visor and target these two joints on the
    sides of his armor.  Blow them both off with your nova beam, and his armor will
    fall off.  
    Omega Ridley will use his flamethrower, but now he will spin around the room,
    trying to hit you with the flamethrower and tail.  It's VERY hard to dodge, 
    because you are jumping over two targets, and you must have perfect timing.  If
    you are hit once, you will probably be trapped, and be hit by the tail and
    flamethrower several times more.  It is possible to cancel this attack though
    (thanks Alex Jancarik for this information).  If you Screw Attack into Ridley
    he will stop and go to the area you land.  The bad thing about this is that 
    you have high recovery time, leaving you very vulnerable to Ridley's next 
    Once you finally get rid of the armor on his chest, Ridley will begin to fly
    around, in and out of the core.  He will fly out of the core through the holes,
    so check your radar to see where he will fly back in.  When he flies back in,
    he will start a bombing run, so jump out of the way of that.  Keep avoiding the
    bombing runs until Ridley lands.  Now his chest it totally exposed so go into
    hypermode and annihilate Ridley with missiles and phazon blasts until he's 
    dead for good....or at least for this game.
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 8/10 }
    If you remember the long and terrible fight that was Mogenar... this one is 
    much like that.  It's a big test of patience, but it also depends on you to
    do more than you did during the Mogenar fight, making this one harder than that
    fight.  This means that Omega Ridley on Hyper is quite a formidable opponent.
    In the first Metroid Prime, to stun Ridley you just shot at it's mouth with a
    charged blast and it was stunned.  In this game (on Hyper) it takes several
    hits to his mouth to simply stun it.  Right when the battle starts, get a feel
    for Ridley's attack pattern.  He has several attacks, but they are actually
    quite predictable.  Whenever Ridley's mouth is open, pump all of your Nova Beam
    shots you can into him.  If you see Ridley run his foot across the ground as if
    readying to charge, he will open his mouth so that is another good oportunity.
    Always be aware of when Ridley spreads his wings to charge at you, to jump out
    of the way.  Far enough that his tail doesn't hit you when he turns.  Once you
    stun Ridley (it takes a while) then rip off his armor and go into Hypermode to
    deal some damage to the weak point.  On Hyper it will take a couple of stuns
    for Ridley to begin the next phase.
    DO NOT use Hypermode unless Ridley's weakpoint is revealed.  You will need to
    enter Hypermode a lot to accomplish this so save your energy tanks.  It takes
    a very long time to get rid of the extra armor Ridley adds on in the second
    phase.  Just use rapid blasts to get rid of this.  In the final phase, while
    Ridley is flying around, you need to find ways to dodge his different bombing
    patterns.  The most dangerous of these is when he sends bombs directly at you.
    You should also be shooting his open mouth here.  Dying_2_Liv3 also let me know
    that the Screw Attack can be used to dodge these bombs, as well as several 
    other attacks.  When he lands, watch out for repeated charging attacks.  When 
    Ridley begins to use his spinning (tail and beam) attack, jump toward him, 
    causing him to jump out of the way (you do not need to use the Screw Attack to
    accomplish this).  Be very conservative of your energy tanks, and if you enter
    Hypermode, stay in it as long as possible, to make good use of it.  This is a 
    long battle, but it will be over eventually.
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __          __                                                         _____
    /-/----------\-\___                                                    /|---|\
    |- DARK SAMUS - ------------------------------------------------------|-|DSM|-|
    \-\----------/-/¯¯¯                                                    \|---|/
     \-\         ¯¯                                                         ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\-------------------\-\                          /-/-----------------/-/
       \- Location : Sanctum -|                          |- Scan: Dark Samus -/
        \-\-----------------/-/                          \-\---------------/-/
         \-\-------------------------\-\              /-/-----------------/-/
          \- Reward : It's a Surprise -|              |- Difficulty: 6/10 -/
           \-\-----------------------/-/              \-\---------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Ahh, here it is, the inevitable confrontation against the arch foe, Metroid 
    Prime, Dark Samus.  Luckily, this battles a bit easier than some of your past
    battles.  It's time to give it your all.
    Dark Samus can only be hit with your phazon based attacks, and fortunately, 
    that's all you really can do (being in constant Hypermode).  Throughout the
    entire battle you are going to want to be firing your phazon blasts at her, as
    well as your hyper missiles.  She is similar to Gandrayda in that she moves 
    around a lot, and quickly.  Do not get to close to her, or she generates a huge
    energy shield that will hurt you and reflect any projectiles you fire at her.
    If you fire a missile at her, she will likely reflect it using her shield (a
    little technique from Echoes), but if you hit her right before or after she 
    uses an attack or even after she shields you can land some pretty decent 
    damage on her.  Blacksun256 let me know that a way to stop her scatter beam is
    to fire a hyper missile right before she attacks.  She will recoil and the
    attack will be canceled allowing you to beat on her some more.
    If she raises into the air, she will begin to absorb massive amounts of phazon,
    slowly restoring her health.  Fire hyper missile after hyper missile to prevent
    he from restoring all of her health.
    After recieving lots of damage, Samus will split herself apart, creating a Dark
    Echo.  This Dark Echo is a decoy.  To be able to tell the difference between
    the real and the echo, use your x-ray visor.  The real Dark Samus will be red
    and orange, and the fake will be dark and black.  Destroy the echo, and then
    return your focus onto Dark Samus.  The echo will go down quickly.
    She has an attack that she uses when she has one clone where they go back to
    back and each fire a laser that will encircle the room.  You can jump over it
    and fire at DS, but I recieved a better technique from Blacksun256.  He told
    me that if you morph into a ball, roll between them, then use your Hyper Ball,
    not only does it cause some damage, but you don't need to worry about dodging
    the laser.
    Eventually she will split and form two echoes, giving you three targets to
    fight.  Defeat these and try to avoid her charging attack.  She will also raise
    into the air and slam into you, much like the attack she used in the first two
    battles against her in the second Prime.  She will also fire off these white
    phazon missiles and they will slam into the ground causing some high damage.
    I've had this strategy sent in to me by Awasai:
       / - SUBMITTED BY AWASAI - \
      ||-- ------------------- --||____________________________________________||
     / The Phazon pillars in the room can easily be destroyed and will often     \
     | release health.  Try to concentrate on destroying them during one of DS's |
     | attacks that takes a long time to charge up and makes her invincible.     |
     | Additionally, destroying them will cause DS to do an attack to resummon   |
     | them (they don't damage you if you're standing where they fall- you'll    |
     | only be pushed aside).  This makes her waste time on a relatively useless |
     | attack, and gives you more health at the same time.  It's hardly necessary|
     \ on normal or veteran mode, but quite useful on hyper mode.                /
      ||-- ------------------- --||-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/||  
       \ - SUBMITTED BY AWASAI - /
    After several hits, Dark Samus will finally be defeated.... or is she?  Your
    reward to this is....
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 9/10 }
    This is the hardest boss in the game.  It's a huge jump from what it was in
    Normal, and you can thank the health system on Phaaze for countless deaths 
    against this extremely difficult enemy.  
    Before you enter the Sanctum, MAKE SURE YOUR PHAZON METER IS LOW.  If you 
    destroyed the leviathan youth and absorbed all of the health left behind (right
    before you enter the room to fight Dark Samus) you should have low health.  If 
    you do not, you may want to restart from the beginning of Phaaze.
    In this battle you want to focus on Dark Samus only.  Don't be destracted by
    her echoes, or the Phazon Pillars.  You will also need to become very used to
    Dark Samus' attacks and learn how to dodge them.  Her attacks are THE HARDEST
    attacks to dodge in the entire game.  This battle is similar to Rundas in the 
    arena style, so try to keep a lock on Dark Samus always.
    Keep hitting Samus with very rapid hits from your phazon beam.  When she uses
    her shield, hit her with a missile right as the shield is going down.  If you
    manage a hit then she will recoil, allowing you to hit her with a few more 
    blasts.  I mentioned that her attacks are hard to dodge, the first of these is
    the phazon spray.  If she uses this (where she lets out a spray of phazon out 
    of her gun) it's almost impossible to avoid.  You cannot jump over it, so hide
    behind a pillar if you can get to one in time, or strafe around her (although
    this is hard to achieve).  If she fires 4 orbs above her in an arc, destroy 
    them immediately, because they will seek you like missiles and will usually
    hit.  If she jumps into the air to suck up Phazon and begins restoring her HP,
    you can either a) Charge your beam up when the signs of this attack begin, or
    b) just use rapid fire on her.
    At first this battle won't seem too difficult, and you seem to be dealing some
    decent damage to Dark Samus.  It will get extremely difficult once she creates
    the Dark Echoes.  There are a few ways to tell Dark Samus and her Echoes apart.
    First you can use your X-Ray visor, the glowing orange is Dark Samus, and the
    bluish ones are the Echoes.  I do not recommend this method in Hyper mode.  
    Dark Samus will be using many attacks at random and some of these almost 
    require that you do not have your X-Ray visor out, because it impairs your 
    vision.  Another way to tell them apart, the way I recommend in Hyper mode, is
    that Dark Samus' helmet visor is different than the echoes.  Dark Samus will 
    have the distinct blue T-cross on her, while the echoes' helmets are just dark.
    Dark Samus will also use different attacks than the echoes, more advanced ones.
    She will jump into the air, and slam down creating a shockwave.  She will jump
    into the air and shoot a giant red beam at you.  She restores Phazon pillars.
    Dark Samus also usually will be the first to lead an attack when it is an 
    attack her and the echoes perform.  You can also tell her apart when she goes
    into a temporary invincibility (where her armor glows a light blue).
    All of her attacks are dangerous, but there are two that are the most dangerous
    and difficult to dodge if you do not know how.  If you notice, she will often
    gather her echoes and they will spin together to form temporary invincibility.
    After this she may do many things, form new echoes, raise into the air, or let
    out two echoes and begin to spin in a complicated pattern.  The latter two are
    the dangerous ones.  If she raises into the air, immediately exit the X-Ray 
    visor if you have that out, and charge your beam.  Her and her clone will 
    create a blue missile (one for each clone) and shoot them at you.  When you see
    the blue glowing of the missile, fire your charged beam and run it across the
    missiles until they are all gone.  Charge your beam again, and do it again. 
    They will repeat the attack, so keep it up.  If you do not destroy the missile,
    you will not be able to dodge it, and it does a lot of damage, so be very aware
    and focused during this attack.  The second of the dangerous two is when she
    spits into three and begins to spin around in a scrambler-like way.  This is
    the hardest attack to dodge.  On Hyper I do not recommend using your Screw 
    Attack to dodge it, because it will leave you vulnerable to be hit many times
    by this Scrambler Attack.  Instead, watch for the attack, and when it seems to
    be nearing you, keep your lock, and dash to the left.  Then jump back, and then
    the group will spin back again.  Dash to the right.  Repeat this until they 
    exit this.  If you are hit once, you may be caught in their trap and lose a lot
    of health.
    I recommend you hitting Dark Samus most while she is just moving around along
    with her seperate echoes.  If you are ever low on health (or almost full on 
    phazon in this case) then destroying the pillars will reveal health.  It will 
    not help very much, but a little is better than nothing.  I'd also keep your 
    beam charged while you cannot attack Dark Samus to suck in any health sitting
    Do not be ashamed if you die several times.  If you continue after dying you 
    will start right before Dark Samus.  It may take many times for you to get the
    attack pattern down, and that's ok.  I believe this to be the hardest boss in 
    the game.  I've taken poll on what most think the hardest is, and for those
    who've actually beaten Hyper, most say Dark Samus.  One reason this battles
    makes people so nervous is because there are still two more battles afterward.
    It's possible though, I know, because I've done it.  Keep trying and you will
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     __               __                                                    _____
    /-/---------------\-\___                                               /|---|\
    |- AURORA UNIT 313 - -------------------------------------------------|-|A13|-|
    \-\---------------/-/¯¯¯                                               \|---|/
     \-\              ¯¯                                                    ¯¯¯¯/
      \-\-------------------\-\  /-/-----------------------------------------/-/
       \- Location : Sanctum -| |- Scan: Aurora Unit 313, Aurora Unit - Head -/
        \-\-----------------/-/  \-\---------------------------------------/-/
         \-\----------------------------\-\ /-/---------------------------/-/
          \- Reward : Several Explosions -| |- Difficulty: 7/10 then 5/10 -/
           \-\--------------------------/-/ \-\-------------------------/-/
            \-\                                                        /-/
              ¯¯                                                      ¯¯
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Aurora Unit 313, now this was pretty expected, you must admit.  This battle is
    going to be split into two parts, here's the first.
    So here's the Aurora that was stolen from the Valhalla.  This boss is quite 
    tricky to even hit.  It has four sockets, two on each side of it's head.  When
    it sprouts a tentacle, fire at the end of the tentacle and it will explode 
    leaving the socket glowing.  Fire at the socket to stun the AU, and it's head
    will crash into the ground.  Use your Grapple Lasso to rip of the armor on its
    head, and fire away at the exposed insides to damage it.
    Aurora Unit 313 will fire a red laser and pan it across the room back and
    forth.  Simply jump to avoid this attack.  
    When targeting the tentacles, a strange creature-like organ will sometimes pop
    out of one of the holes.  It doesn't stay out very long at all, but if you 
    manage to destroy that, the AU will be automatically stunned.
    Throughout the battle, Aurora Unit 313 will summon three Dark Samus Echoes.  
    These will be attacking you during the battle, and they will go into morphball
    mode and boost around the arena.  Hitting it while it's in Morphball mode is 
    difficult, but possible (thanks to Awasai for confirming).  If it is in the
    morphball form, just use rapid shots.  If you can't hit it the just wait until 
    it's out of that mode, then charge up your phazon beam and just let a stream of
    phazon out at the echo.  If you don't kill it, it will eventually disappear on 
    it's own.
    After taking off half of it's health it's head will be pulled to the floor and
    cannons will sprout out of the ground.  These fire phazon bombs that will be
    heading straight for you.  Dodge these with space jumping.  Continue your
    pattern of exposing the brain and hitting it unil....
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty 6/10 }
    Many people die at this point, but remember that it's because of the battle
    before, not the actual Aurora Unit.  This battle will require LOTS of patience
    though, like Mogenar and Omega Ridley, and possibly a bit more.  It isn't a 
    hard battle if you have low Phazon, and luckily, even after that terrifying
    battle with Dark Samus, there is a way to lower your Phazon Meter.
    Right when you start off the battle, know that you musn't actually damage the
    boss (by damage I mean hitting it's real weak point) until your Phazon meter is
    at the bottom.  To do this, destroy the bosses tentacles and suck up the health
    leaves behind.  She sprouts out two at a time, so if you charge your beam and
    hit them both, then it's most efficient.  Do not hit the yellow sockets though
    at the time being.  When the AU summons the Dark Echoes, it will shake around
    a bit.  Charge your beam, and fire the second the Dark Echoes appear at the
    center of the AU.  It may kill one of them before they scatter.  Kill off the
    three Dark Echoes and gather any health they drop.  DO NOT get hit by the laser
    beam the AU fires, because it will cause a lot of damage.  It's easy to dodge,
    but that doesn't mean you can go easy on dodging it.  Once your phazon meter
    is at the lowest point you can begin your battle.
    Destroy a tentacle and then hit the yellow socket, then go to the next tentacle
    and do the same thing.  If you can manage this on every tentacle it spawns, the
    battle will be much shorter.  Also try to hit the creatures that pop out every
    once in a while.  If these pop out, the AU will flail around letting you hit
    the yellow sockets much easier.  Eventually the AU will be stunned.  Quickly
    run over to the fallen AU and rip off the helmet armor.  DO NOT HESITATE, and
    fire as many rapid shots as you can into the revealed brain.  Every second of
    time counts here, so hit it with as many shots as possible.  This is your only
    chance actually damage the brain, and it takes a while to stun it, so make the
    best use of it.
    Simply repeat this, and try to keep your Phazon meter at minimum.  If AU uses
    the cannons to fire red orbs, lock on to the AU and just strafe in a circle
    around it.  If you kept your Phazon Meter low, at the end of the battle you
    should be safe for the next battle.  Watch out, because AU's attacks get more
    aggressive the more health it loses.
    .... it's head detaches from the spinal cord and you are against a floating
    head.  This reminds me of Quadraxis' floating head from MP2.  It is now very
    manuverable, but this form is still pretty easy.
    It will fire a beam downward, and cause a shockwave that you jump over.  It 
    will grow a cannon out of the bottom to fire the beam, so shoot the cannon to
    stun AU.  While stunned, strafe around it and use everything you have to hit
    the weak spot on the back of it's head.  It will retalliate with four red laser
    beams.  Try to stay directly under the head, firing straight up at the back of
    the head, this way the lasers won't hit you.  It will also spin around and 
    charge at you, much like the Metroid Hatcher.  You can hit the back while it's
    spinning, but it won't hit so often.  Quickly side step to avoid this attack.
    Or you can use the Screw Attack to stun it automatically (but this doesn't work
    on Hyper Mode), thanks Jeffrey and Syphon7162 for that info.
    After hitting the weak spot enough, the head will crash into the ground, 
    leaving you the victor.  CONGRATULATIONS!  You've just beaten the game, now
    enjoy the ending cutscenes.
    - HYPER DIFFICULTY STRATEGY - { Difficulty: 7/10 }
    If you kept your meter low during the initial battle with the AU, then you 
    should be able to beat this one.  During the battle, try to hit the weak spot
    every moment you can, and just use rapid fire on it.  The more damage you cause
    the quicker it ends, and you will survive.  This boss doesn't drop health so
    you must end it quickly.
    When the boss uses it's four lasers to attack, get directly under it and fire
    up at the weak spot.  Stay under here and you should be able to dodge the 
    lasers just fine.  Right after it stops the lasers, it should have some 
    recharge time, so fire away at the weak point.  It will then lower to the 
    ground and begin it's "pinball" spinning attack.  On Normal and Veteran you 
    can use the Screw Attack here to stun it automatically, but that doesn't work
    on Hyper, unfortunately.  If you are confident enough that you can hit it with
    your beam and dodge the attack (it isn't too hard to dodge) then use the 
    charge beam to make sure the constant beam hits the weak spot as it spins.  
    Just strafe out of the way when it comes toward you.
    When the AU lets a cannon out of the bottom of the head, use a charge beam on
    it or rapid fire.  The chances of you destroying it are unlikely, but if you do
    then the AU will be stunned, allowing you to hit the weak point more.  If you
    do not destroy it, prepare to jump over the shockwave it creates.  Aurora Unit
    313 will also fire missiles at you, these are easy to see coming, as it's mouth
    will glow blue.  The more health you've taken off, the more missiles it fires.
    Dash to the side to avoid these. 
    If you can keep up the damage on AU and dodge it's attack well enough, then you
    have ticketed yourself into beating the game on Hyper Mode.  Give yourself a 
    good pat on the back, because this is one incredible feat to accomplish.  
    `````````````\CHAPTER FOUR/````````````````````````````````````````````````````
    If you have any strategies to add, or errors to correct.  Please, please email
    me.  I love recieving email from all of you, and I will read it.
    Now you have to agree with me, that these bosses were all really clever.  Each
    boss with it's unique style and weakness makes this game really colorful and
    all around fun!  I hope you enjoyed my FAQ and information, because I enjoyed
    writing it.  See you next mission!
    5\======Frequently Asked Questions=============================================
    `````````````````\CHAPTER FIVE/````````````````````````````````````````````````
    Here is my frequently asked questions section.  If I recieve emails, or hear
    some commonly asked questions.  I will put them here, and give my best answer
    to them here.  Email me if you have questions please.
    Q. How Hard Are These Bosses?
    A. I've heard this quite a bit, and to be truthful, they aren't very hard.  If 
       you compare this game to the previous two primes, these are easier than many
       if the bosses from the other two.  However, this doesn't mean that some of
       them are hard, because there is certainly some of that.
    Q. How Do I View The Best Ending?
    A. You must collect 100% of items to get this ending.  To get the other great
       ending you must collect 75% or over, and the standard is anything below that
    Q. So I Have To Get ALL Of The Items And Scans To Get The 100% Ending?!
    A. You must get all Items, but not scans (thank goodness).  This is a common
       question.  To see how many items you still have, go to your map screen.  In
       the top right corner there is a fraction and next to it says "Pickups".  
       These are the Items in the game.  There are 100 pickups, if you get them all
       you get the 100% ending.  You can also reveal all of the item locations, but
       you will have to check around GameFAQs for that.
    Q. Why Do You Have Hyper Strategies, but not Normal or Veteran strategies?
    A. The main strategy is the Normal strategy (I wrote these based mostly off of
       fighting the boss in Normal).  I also based these strategies a bit off of
       Veteran as well.  On Hyper Mode, the bosses are MUCH harder than originaly.
       This really made me realize that we needed Hyper Mode boss strategies.  You
       could also think of these Hyper Strategies as more in-depth strategies of
       the original, so I'd read them no matter what difficulty you are on.
    Q. Why Don't You Have A Miniboss Section?
    A. The first two Metroid Primes had real minibosses.  The third, however, does
       not have what I'd classify as a Miniboss.  I'd call one or two minibosses,
       but that isn't enough to make an entire section on.  There are battles in
       the game against several pirates or enemies, but these aren't real miniboss
       battles.  Someday I may include a section on these battles.
    Q. Who Is The Hardest Boss In This Game?
    A. This is very debated amongst us Metroid fans, and it does depend on what the
       difficulty is.  If it's Normal or Veteran, I've heard Rundas and Gandrayda
       the most.  If it's in Hyper, it is definitely Dark Samus.  This makes Dark
       Samus on Hyper the hardest.  I took a poll on this, and these are the 
       resulting bosses.  For those who are doing Hyper mode but haven't yet 
       reached Dark Samus, I'm getting a lot of Mogenar, Rundas, and Gandrayda.  
       Mogenar isn't really hard, but more a big test of patience, and very very
       long battle.  You beat Hyper for yourself and let me know who you think it 
       is.  I personally agree with many that Dark Samus is though.
    6\======Legal Stuff============================================================
    ```````````````\CHAPTER SIX/```````````````````````````````````````````````````
    This FAQ cannot be copied under any circumstances.  It is under copyright of
    Brandon Leishman 2006.  Here are the sites that may use my FAQ:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Gamespot (www.gamespot.com)
    Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
    IGN FAQs (faqs.ign.com)
    Super Cheats (www.supercheats.com)
    If this FAQ is on your site, and it is not any of the above, there will be 
    legal action.  If you want it on your site, contact me first.
    7\======Special Thanks=========================================================
    ```````````````\CHAPTER SEVEN/`````````````````````````````````````````````````
    Here are the people I'd like to thank for making this FAQ the way it is.
    GameFAQs for hosting the FAQ and giving me every detail I need to beat a game
    CJayC for creating GameFAQs and accepting the FAQ
    Gamespot for all the gaming info I need.
    Retro Studios for making such an incredible franchise, thank you!
    Gunpei Yokoi for starting this wonderful series
    Nintendo for literally everything with video games
    Kenji Yamamoto for such great music throughout the series
    Brock Mark for giving some awesome tips, and very indepth too
    Bryan Cohen for some Metroid Hatcher tidbits
    Arthur Leung for a great amount of strategy, especially involving Ghor
    Nero Angelo for a quick strategy on beating Rundas
    John M. for a great tip regarding the Pirate Commander battle
    Jandro for confirmation of a Commando trick
    Dasjake for awesome X-Ray visor strategies on the Commander and Mining Battle
    wordlife33100 for telling me about an X-Ray/Nova Beam trick on Berserker Lord 3
    NAME for a Ghor battle trick with healing
    Rin2075 for a great Gandrayda strategy
    Awasai for some useful tricks on Dark Samus and Aurora Unit 313
    Alex Jancarik for a great tip on Omega Ridley
    syphon7162 for some useful info on the Screw Attack with Aurora Unit 313
    Jeffrey for some more info on the Screw Attack with Aurora Unit 313
    TwilightPhoenix for tons of great strategies for many bosses
    Blacksun256 for some neat tips on beating Dark Samus
    Dying_2_Liv3 for some useful techniques with the screw attack.
    Desulated for a useful technique to use with Mogenar on hyper mode.
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