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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Misfit119

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/16/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
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    Written by: Daniel Acaba
    GameFAQS ID: Misfit119
    Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com
    System: Wii
    This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba
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    1 - Update History
    2 - Controls
    3 - Walkthrough
    4 - Credits
    5 - About the Author
    1. Update History
    v.1.0 - 2/17/2008 - FAQ Completed
    2. Controls
    Analog Stick - Move Samus
    Z Button - Lock on Target.
    C Button - Enter / Exit Morph Ball.
    - Flick remote forward to fling the lasso out towards a target. Jerk it back to
    yank on the target.
    D - Pad
    Up - Take Snapshot
    Down - Fire Missles
    B Button - Jump
    A Button - Fire Weapon, Plant Bombs
    + Button - Activate Hyper Mode
    - Button - Activate Visor Menu
    1 Button - Pause Menu
    2 Button - Hint System
     - Moving the Wii remote controls aiming. Also used to interact with certain
    objects and enemies.
    3. Walkthrough
    - If you have played the other Metroid Prime games set the game to the Veteran
    difficulty. Normal is incredibly easy and it should only be played by those who
    are new to FPS games or the Metroid Prime series.
    - This walkthrough will not cover each and every scannable object. I may say
    something about it if the scan gives you useful information or if you must scan
    something to proceed.
    - In addition I did not find every power up along the way and many I did find
    I forget how to get so they are not covered here. Please consult a seperate FAQ
    for these details.
    Watch the opening cutscene until it lets you control Samus. This is a little
    primer on how to control Samus and manipulate her ship. However do take note
    that most of these ship controls will never be used again. Go to the flashing
    panel, this is the ships control screen. Don't touch it yet, simply turn to the
    right and you will see two buttons. Press the right one to start the Biohazard
    check. To do this successfully you will have to twist the Wii Remote so as to
    line up the two icons until they are as close together as you can get them.
    When you have completed that press the B button to exit it.
    Ignore the left button and turn to your left again. You will see two other
    buttons here but there isn't anything important there. Just turn to the big
    flashing screen and activate it to start a little cutscene. Look up and hit
    the green switch there to open up your radio transmitter. Follow the onscreen
    code to enter the code that will identify you as Samus Aran and allow you to
    land on Olympus.
    Now look down and a bit to the left, you should see a panel there. Touch it to
    cause a handle to come out. With this out push the controller foward to move
    the handle and a cutscene will show your ship docking on the Olympus.
    Move forward and you will be asked to shoot some targets to ensure that your
    Arm Cannon is calibrated. Turn to the targets and start shooting at them as you
    were instructed. You will then be told to head to the briefing room so you can
    get on that or you can take a little detour here, your choice.
    Just a bit ahead and to the right is a place where you can practice your
    Accuracy Training. You do this by stepping up onto the pad and waiting for the
    training drones to appear. Now what you can do here is to shoot the Training
    Drone and try to juggle it in the air. Not only is this good practice but you
    get a Gold Token for keeping it in the air for 10 shots and a Friend Voucher by
    hitting it up 20 times. This is hard, and time consuming, but they unlock some
    fun stuff so it's up to you.
    Go through the door and look for the red glowing prongs. They'll be on the
    east. Shoot them with charge shots to activate ramps leading upwards.  Once
    you go through the door here you'll see a locked door. You need to scan the
    door and the console next to it. There is a touchpad nearby with a screen
    behind it (when you're facing the touchpad). Scan the screen to turn it on then
    press A on it so you can get the touchpad access numbers. Use your Federation
    Number to go into the next section.
    You'll see a man named Ghor getting scanned in the next room. Wait until he's
    done, and the game will tell you that you need to be scanned as well. Go
    inside the room and turn to face the trooper behind the window. They'll scan,
    then you go to the console to do another check. Once they're done scanning you,
    leave through Security Access and go to Command Lift A, use the hand scanner to
    get it turned on, the hologram will get it moving.
    Proceed to the Flag Bridge.  There's a Marine blocking the left hallway. When
    you speak to him, he tells you to go to the nearby Save Station and do yet
    another system check before you can proceed.  Go down the right hallway into
    Lift Access. Shoot the stack of crates to get some energy, then leave through
    the door you've just exposed. Scan the Save Station, save, and go back to the
    Marine who will let you proceed.
    Move through Meeting Access and go to the other hunters.  You will be
    introduced to the others working with you and will be given storyline
    information. You have three other hunters; Ghor, the guy you just met who's a
    cybernetic bounty hunter, Rundas who is an ice hunter, and a shapeshifter
    named Gandrayda. There will be a sudden attack, and you are given the order to
    Space Pirate Attack
    Head back to the Flag Bridge, and wait through the cutscene. After it's
    finished, go to Flag Bridge Access and kill the pirates who attack you. There's
    a door here that will open up for you to leave through. Once you're through,
    you are going to meet up with several different Troopers in succession. Stick
    to the one you meet immediately, you'll be saving him soon.
    A pirate ship will come crashing through, protect the Trooper to keep him from
    dying. A Blue Token will be your payoff. Head to the next room, Xenoresearch
    Lab and the next Trooper, who's hiding behind a bunch of crates. Save him from
    the turrets, recieve another token.
    As you're leaving, a ship will come straight down the hallway, smashing open
    the ship's hull. Shoot the red button above the whole to shut down the breach
    and save another Trooper. This one gets you a Friend Voucher.
    Go back to where you saved the Marine hiding behind the crates. You'll see
    some pirates trying to make off with ship goodies. Kill them to retrieve the
    Energy Cell the ship needs. One of the pirates will have spiked shoulders;
    this is armor and it makes him harder to kill, so charge shots are good here.
    Once you've gotten the cell, replace it where it belongs.
    This triggers a bunch of Crawlmines and Crawltanks. One of them will show you
    a hole you can escape through using your Morph Ball. You'll see Rundas killing
    pirate enemy scum as you move through the tunnell, giving you a glimpse of the
    rest of the ship's battle. Use your bombs on the obstruction blocking your
    path, pick up the Energy Tank and continue in the tunnell. Once you're dumped
    out -- into a dump -- turn around and scan the control panel. It activates the
    controls for a Bomb Slot on the other end of the room that you need to scan.
    Morph into your ball again bomb the opening to allow yourself to jump in.
    You'll have another cutscene here.
    You'll be in Repair Bay A. Go out the door and you'll get to see more battle.
    There is a Trooper here that can be saved, but you have to be fast. Go to the
    blast doors and kill the Pirates that attack you. After they're down, start
    from the South Catwalk and start climbing the room. Kill any enemies in your
    path (Pirates and Crawltanks), until you get to the door at the top.  When you
    go inside you'll fine the Missle Launcher. If you go back to the Repair Bay,
    you can blast the obstruction blocking you from the Trooper. Scan the door and
    lock onto the four targets that appear to shot them. Once you do, the door
    will open and if you were quick, you'll distract the Troopers enemies and
    they'll come after you instead. When their shields are down, kill them, and
    kill the Space Pirate above you as well. Go across the bridge and go to the
    door on the left to save.
    After you save, go to the blast door and scan it so that it'll open for you.
    Start running towards your ship. A Trooper will get thrown out of a window,
    followed by the Beserker Lord Space Pirate, the boss.
    Boss: Berserker Pirate
    The Beserker has a ground pound attack that creates shockwaves, projectile
    lasers that he shoots out, and a solid beam that he sweeps the area with. He'll
    have glowing orbs on his shoulders that you have to destroy. Shoot them until
    they're gone. He will then start shooting projectiles at you. Shoot them back
    at him, which will do even more damage to him. It'll help destroy his
    protective plating. If you do it right and get two to hit him, more orbs will
    start glowing on his shoulders. Repeat the process until his plating is gone.
    After you've destroyed that, he switches to an attack where he pounds the
    ground, making shockwaves. Space jump to avoid them while you keep shooting at
    his weak point, that part of him that was covered by plating. You are rewarded
    with a Gold Token for killing him. If you play in Hyper Difficulty you will get
    another Gold Token for defeating him again. You'll know he's dead by the
    barriers that he gets himself electrocuted on.
    After Samus calls her ship back, go in to save and press the interface to pull
    up a map. You need to press when you see the green icon pointing you to a spot
    on Norion. Your ship will land and you'll be rewarded to a cutscene.
    After landing, a Marine will tell you that you need to get the generators back
    online for the main cannon so that you can proceed. You're given coordinates
    and sent on your way. The door in front of you will have locks that you need
    to destroy in order to open it. Once you've gone through, there is a lock
    straight across from you that you can shoot. It will open up a secluded room,
    which will give you the Grapple Lasso. Go back down that hallway and scan the
    control panel you see, which gives you a handle to open the door with. There's
    a lift here that you go on, before going to another room. Kill the Crawltanks
    and continue on. You'll find a locked door. Scan it and the lock before you use
    the Grapple Beam on the door. You can yank off the Shield there and continue.
    You'll be inside the Cargo Hub. There are Aeromines in here to kill. Once you
    do, check out the dead Marine. Look to the right from where he is to see a
    panel you can use to make a Morph Ball access point. You drop into vent
    shafts.  Move to the left and blast away at the obstruction so you can get
    pulled up. Once you're in the alcove, you need to wait for the fans to stop
    before you can climb up and bomb obstructions on the way. There is a robot
    trying to kill you as well. You should avoid their targeting at you.
    You'll reach a fan blowing up and it'll bring you to the next area. There is
    another obstruction to bomb here and another fan will start to below beneath
    you. Jump down when it does. Once you're down, you'll see a Missle Expansion
    right above you that you can jump to collect. Walk down the hallway, pulling
    several obstructions out of your way before you get to a Morph Ball tunnel.
    Once through you'll see a right hand turn and a door at the end of that, go in.
    You'll need to use your Morph Ball again to collect an energy tank above you,
    which is also the way forward.  Walk past where the tank was, avoiding any
    panels which pop out. In the next room will be a Pirate killing Marines on
    you. Kill them. On the right wall you need to keep an eye out for a red door.
    It needs to be blasted with a missle to open it up into Munitions Storage.
    Inside here, you'll see a map for the area. Grab that and then go out to
    Conduit A, all the way to the bottom blasting away any obstructions in your
    path. There is another Missle Shield on a door here to blast to continue
    Once outside, you will encounter several groups of pirates that need to be
    killed. Any of them with shields need to have that snatched away with your
    Lasso first before you can kill them.  After several waves, you will battle an
    ATC. If you shoot at the front port, that will kill them. Once they're down,
    you'll be surrounded by ATC's, which you can't take on by yourself. Apparently
    Rundas can though, who kills them all for you so you can continue.
    You need to command your ship to land here so that you can save. After you've
    done that, you're free to go through the next door and continue on trying to
    find the generators. Once you're through the door, they'll be a bunch of
    Crawltanks to kill. At the end of the room is a colored door with targets you
    need to shoot, enabling you to yank off the shield blocking your way. Go on
    through to Generator A. Walk to the center of the room to activate the air
    turret enemies. Kill them and go to the obstructions in the room.  Destroy them
    and turn the handle you find to activate a hand scanner on the other side of
    the room. That scanner activates the first generator.
    You'll get some in game story here; the Admiral will contact you and you get to
    see a big scary creature heading towards your planet. Make your way back to
    your ship that you landed. You'll see some Marines and Pirates battling it
    out; once they're done, move forward to be treated to a vision of Ridley. Save
    the game and go back to the Cargo Hub. Move through the Morph Ball tunnel and
    you'll see another of your fellow Hunters, Ghor, fighting a non-boss version of
    the boss you just killed.
    Once the scene with him is over, go to the shield you see and shoot the locks
    so that you can yank it away. You'll recieve a message telling you that there
    is a possibly very large bomb headed your way. So get your butt on the move.
    The next room is the Maintenance Station and there will be another fight going
    on here. Continue through the white door into Conduit C. You'll fight one drone
    and crawlmines, followed by another drone. Once they're dead, jump to the
    platfrom that you'll see. There are Morph Ball tunnels for you to go through.
    More obstructions for you to bomb so you can continue on in your ball.
    Ridley will trap you inside these tunnels and start to attack while you're in
    here. He bites and fires lasers and if you're lucky enough to get him to miss
    a bit, you can bomb him to try to get him off you. Keep avoiding him as much
    as possible so you can bomb and get him to back off. Be warned, he will trap
    you again. To get the Friend Voucher here, you can't take any damage during
    the attack. Once you're past him, there's a Save Station in Generator C Access.
    Once actually in, Gandrayda will surprise you by posing as a Space Pirate and
    killing the others inside the room for you. After she leaves, go to the other
    side of the room and use the handle to activate Bomb Slots in the ventilation
    shafts. You know what to do...Morph Ball in and move through the vents. Drop a
    bomb inside here and you'll be pushed upwards so that you can activate a Bomb
    Slot, avoiding a drone. There is air blowing here as well that you will use as
    a bridge to get across the pit. Drop another bomb, turn left to activate
    another Bomb Slot. Take a right after this to get the next slot.  Move forward
    and a walkway will have appeared. After you activate this last bomb slot you'll
    get a cinema.
    Boss: Meta Ridley
    Don't try to fight it, just deal with the fact that the two of you are hurtling
    towards the planet's core. Of course this means that you have a limited amount
    of time to kill him, but no sweat.
    You will be above him, watching him as he falls. His scraping along the shaft
    walls will make explosive cells fall towards you, destroy them. He might also
    shoot some fire beams at you. Once he takes enough damage, he will fly towards
    you and swipe at you with his right claw, both forward and backwards swipes.
    He also bites. Have you had your rabies shot?  It takes him a while to get the
    attacks off because he charges them, his hand glowing red as he does. If you
    shoot his hand it will stop the attack. Shoot him in the mouth to hurt him. If
    you shoot his claw he will occasionally roar at you, giving you more time to
    shoot him in the mouth.
    When he's damaged enough he will fly above you, dropping fireballs your way.
    You can hit them to make them go away, but they each take several hits.  He
    will shoot lasers and rush at you as well. Some of his fireballs are very red
    and spiral around before they come at you. Once you've hurt him enough, he
    will switch battle plans again, coming in close to swip at you. Hurt him
    enough and you will be above him now, all you have to do is finish the job.
    You will be picked up by Rundas here, also gaining a Gold Token for your
    troubles. Playing in Hyper mode will get you another Gold Token for defeating
    Meta Ridley. After Rundas helps you, you'll get control of Samus again. There's
    a hand scanner here that you activate which will start the generator.
    You are timed here, but the only clue to how much time you have left is through
    the computer voice talking to you. Go back to the Cargo Hub, Morph through the
    tunnell and use the hand scanner on your left to start the elevator back up.
    You need to get back to the Hunters and the cannon. Once you're inside, there
    will be some conversation. You can't move, but you can look around. There'll
    be a cutscene, ending this section.
    Time Passes
    It's time for some exposition on what the heck just happened. It seems that you
    and the other hunters were all infected with Phazon to a fairly dangerous point
    and you have been given PED suits to utilize the Phazon within your bodies. Now
    that you have this suit you can harness the Phazon within your body and use it
    to enter Hyper Mode.
    The nurse that has been talking to you will now ask you to test out the suit.
    Use the suit and fire at all the panels there and this will complete this task.
    From now on you have access to Hyper Mode. When in this state you can use some
    seriously damaging attacks but you endanger yourself by doing so. Use it with
    caution, mostly for boss encounters.
    Step down and exit through the door. Make your way along, ignoring the panels
    since shooting them does nothing but give you some energy, and make your way to
    the hand scanner. Use it and go through Lift Access, making your way towards
    the Flag Bridge. When you are there talk to the Marine to gain access to the
    blast doors behind him. Take that lift and go on through the next set of blast
    doors. There is a big ol' tank in this room. Walk on over to the communications
    station and activate the center panel to intiate conversation with AU-242.
    Now... I dunno about anyone else but doesn't this thing just make you think of
    the Mother Brain? I mean, seriously, this weirded the heck out of me. Well in
    either case she will explain what is going on and inform of you of the fact
    that you have to go around and destroy the Leviathans to free the planets of
    the Phazon influence. Easier said than done I'm sure.
    When you are done here it's time to get this game going. On to Bryyo!
    Once you enter your ship you will be contacted by AU-242 with a status update.
    Seems the fleet has moved to the rendezvous point and you will not be able to
    dock with the Olympus again. No biggie. Now open up your galactic map and head
    for the planet Bryyo, going to the only landing site that you can get to.
    Now landing on Bryyo, a knock off of Tallon IV from Metroid Prime 1. You start,
    as usual, in the cliffside area. Head through this room and pay attention to
    the transmission from AU-242. You have to head for the fallen Federation ship
    to get map data. You have to head to the ship and activate the satellite uplink
    to find the location of the two power generators that are keeping the Leviathan
    Head towards the right and go on through the door there, you have to shoot it
    to open it. Start making your way forward, shooting any enemies that pop up.
    You will find yourself in an area called the Gateway. Turn to your left and
    jump up there. Take this path up and around to the other side and keep going.
    You will soon find yourself at a locked door, turn to your right and go onto
    the next ledge.
    If you look towards the spire in the center here you will see what looks to be
    a small hole. Jump in that direction and switch to the Morph Ball to head on
    through it. You will reach a Bomb Slot eventually, set off a bomb inside of the
    slot to open one of the locks on the door. Now make your way back to said door.
    Face the locked door and then turn around and look up a bit, you should see a
    piece of stone that you can pull down. Do so and then hop down onto it, jump
    onto the next ledge and then turn around.
    You will be looking at some platforms now, so start crossing them. Soon you are
    going to reach another spire. There is a tunnel here, go through it in in Morph
    Ball and bomb the last lock to open the door. Some enemies will be in your way
    but simply take them out and double back to the door, going through it.
    Take a look towards the right and you'll notice something that you can yank
    with your grapple. Do so three times to reveal a Morph Ball hole. Jump inside
    and take a right. You'll see a bunch of Hoppers that need you to get rid of
    them so you can go through the door here. There will be an Energy Tank to
    grab. Go back through the Morph Ball Hole and go to the other side of it. Go
    through the red door that you see. Once inside, there are Shelbug's on the
    ceiling for you to shoot, otherwise they'll attack you as you move through.
    Once you're done with them go into Hypermode to fire at the bulbous areas
    on the Phazon Vines blocking your path to the next room.
    You'll be insde the Grand Court area now. There's a huge statue on the ground.
    Move onto it, where you will be attacked by Reptilicus. They throw chakram's
    at you as a long range attack and use energy whips as melee attacks. Once you
    have beaten them, you can move forward. You'll see a stone head that's been
    retracted. To the right is the door that you need to go through.
    Now you are in the Hillside Vista. Look around for a scannable rock. Once you
    find it you need to bomb it to open up a hole. Change into your ever trusty
    Morph Ball and roll through. You'll drop into an area with a lot of Snatchers.
    Let them grab you so that you start to lift up, bringing you up until they
    detonate: it won't hurt you so don't worry. You can drop down from here to get
    a Missle Expansion. Go back up then jump to the right to get to the other side.
    Yank off the ornament on the statue here to reveal a Fuel Gel. Fire a missle at
    it, but make sure you're far away that the blast doesn't hurt you. That will
    reveal a door to go through. As soon as you're in, you should see a Grapple
    Swing. Using that and the magnetic points above your head, make your way back
    to the Grand Court area.
    Move towards the statue. There is a path on the left hand side that you can use
    to get down. Once there, you'll notice that you are right above where you
    entered. Grapple swing across and once you land, there will be several panels
    to yank out. Once they're out, another Morph Ball hole will open up for you to
    go into. There will be a Reptilicus here. There is a statue with a Fuel Gel
    here right above you. The yellow lines should help you find it. Blow this up
    then go to where it was to find a tunnel to go down. Take a right to get to an
    alcove with a Missle Expansion. After you've grabbed that, go back to Gateway.
    There is a door at the southeast that you need to go through. Swing across with
    your grapple and bomb the vents here. You can't go through the door, it's
    closed to you. Go through the tunnel where you'll be dropped into a room with
    an Atomic. It's attracted to charging energy, so be careful when you kill it.
    Look around for the locks with arrows pointing below them. Shoot them to reveal
    power rods. Four of them aren't connected, you have to yank them back into
    place to raise a structure in the center of the room. When yanking the rods,
    do all the rods on one level before moving to the next or it won't work.
    Now go over to the handle by the structure and activate it, which starts up the
    satellite uplink. This gets you a map for the planet. You'll get some info on
    the locations for the shield generators. Now make your way back to the Crash
    Site just in time to see a figure on a distant cliff. It watches you before
    flying away.
    There's a Morph Ball tunnel here, go back through and take the upper path at
    the junction. You'll have to do a combo of jumps and double bomb jumps to get
    yourself up, but there's a Missle Expansion for your trouble. if you do. Make
    your way back to your ship. You'll get stopped at the ice bridge to fight some
    Alpha Hoppers. Make short work of them and finish the trek back to your ship.
    Now we are on our way to destroy those damnable Shield Generators.
    Back at your ship now, you have a choice of where to land. Go to Fiery Airdock.
    Go through the door and fire fully charged shots at the Fuel Spouts you see.
    You need to do this to make them roll back so you can continue forward. Take a
    right turn at the statue and go to the Gel Refinery Site. There are Reptilicus
    to kill before you go to the southeast part of the room. Charge up your shots
    so you can blow up more fuel spouts.  A platform will be revealed that you need
    to go onto. You'll see a ledge with a door. Go inside this door and look to
    the right. Get rid of the metal in your way to head down another Morph Ball
    There's a large space here with Snatchers and a Korba up top. Let the Snatchers
    carry you up and go through the tunnel that you see here. There is a Missle
    Expansion at the end for you to pick up. Go back and bomb the plant that's in
    your way so you can go through another tunnel. This one reveals a lift. Pull
    on the lever to make it work. You'll see a Red Blast Shield that's begging
    for your shots to destroy it.
    Once in, you'll be greeted by Hoppers who thought the Red Blast Shield was
    their friend and they're upset with you for killing it. Kill them too and go
    into Hyper Mode to blow up the bulbs on the Phazon Vines nearby. Be careful
    here; your suit will start to go into overload, requiring you to quicly vent
    your Phazon so that you don't get corrupted. You will be contacted with a
    message saying that the problem was detected and AU 242 will do some tests to
    find out what the problem was. If you're hurt, moving into the Phazon will
    heal you right up.
    Swing across the pit here and go into the Gel Processing Site. You'll be
    blocked from proceeding. While you're trying to figure out what to do next,
    a bunch of Reptilicus will come to pester you. Kill them however you see fit
    and blow up the fuel spouts where you were blocked before. It will open up
    a bomb slot for you to blow up. Once you do, the middle of the room will start
    to lift up. Your next visitors will be Gragnols. Kill them and jump onto the
    Yank off the metal pieces on the east and west sides here. A smal alcove on
    the east will open up. Go into it and pump the gel processor. Afterwards,
    charge your shots to blow up more fuel spouts to open a Morph Ball tunnell. Go
    inside and you'll be in the west alcove. There are more fuel spouts to blow,
    then drop a bomb in the Bomb Slot here to make the tower lift up more. Back
    to the east alcove so you can get to the top of the tower.
    There are Gragnol adults here for you to kill. In order to do that, you have to
    yank off their tails. Once you've done that, go to the south end of the room
    and yank off the valve cap that you see. Ignite the fuel flow by, what else,
    blowing it up, then do the same with the other valve cap. This starts a chain
    reaction that opens Morph Tunnells, yay! Go to the south ledge and go in the
    tunnel there. There will be a chance to go high into the tunnel. When you do so
    you need to bomb the cracked block you see so that a solid block can now block
    a flame thrower which is preventing you from going to the other side.
    Once you're on the north side, ignite the fuel spouts and bomb the Bomb Slot
    so that the tower will get as high as it's going to. Jump up and scan the
    glowing green ledge you see in the west. Hop towards it, pull up and go through
    the door here. You'll now be in Gel Hall. Kill off any Gel Puffers in your path
    and start watching the really big gel spout. When it's close to the hardened
    Fuel Gel vine that you see, blow up the head spout to start another chain
    reaction. A platform with a Missle Expansion will drop down. Grab that and head
    through the door.
    Save! Now kill the Hoppers that you see in the Cavern Entry before making your
    way through to Gel Cavern. Wait until the gel falling stops and go through the
    room to the Temple Access. Shoot the bugs in the tunnel and head to the Temple
    of Bryyo. When you get there, a Space Pirate ship will deploy loads of enemies
    for you to fight. Kill the ATC and then the rest of the enemies. You can also
    shot down the ATC's while in Hypermode before they get to the ground. You'll
    get more of the enemeies coming at you before they're suddenly attacked by ice.
    Rundas appears. Samus approaches him, but she gets attacked. There's no
    question now: Rundas is the next boss fight.
    Boss: Rundas
    Rundas has a few different attacks. When he's on the ground he fires two or
    three ice blasts at you. If hit, keep jumping to escape. He also has a nasty
    ice scythe that he uses for melee attacks. Whenever you fire missles at him
    he will protect himself by freezing the air around him to freeze the missle
    in the air. Cool in theory, annoying when you're trying to kill him. The other
    attack he likes to use is to fly into the air, gliding on ice before landing on
    a pillar. He then uses homing ice projectiles. You can try to shoot them out of
    the air for health.
    You have to just shoot him. It won't do any damage, but if you shoot him
    enough then you'll stun him enough to give yourself time to yank his armor
    away. Once the armor starts going away, you'll actually find yourself doing
    some damage.
    When he's done to half health, he shows a new attack. He will fly to an ice
    spire, form an ice cylinder and swing it like a lasso. It has a large blast
    radius and hurts you, a lot. Shoot missles at him to try to stun him while he's
    doing the attack, hopefully you can make him drop the cylinder. When he's
    almost dead, he gets really mad and starts going into Hypermode to make your
    life more difficult. You'll have to do so as well to stand up to him. Once
    you've killed him, you get another Gold Token.
    Watch the cutscene that ensues and then pick up the item that he dropped. Now
    you have the Ice Missile power up. Not only can you freeze enemies with these
    but you can even make platforms in certain areas with them. Nifty stuff these.
    Now pick up all the pickups you can and ue the lift to the Temple Reservoir.
    Use your new ability to freeze the Fuel Gel and cross over using the resulting
    platforms. Now you're in the Temple Hall where you'll see a handle to pump.
    Once again, use your nifty new ability to make platforms that you can cross on
    and use your Hand Scanner on the Pirate console. There's a window with a
    generator right outside it. You need to scan it so that you can get an update
    as to what you need to destroy it.
    Start heading back to your ship now by going through the Temple of Bryyo. Kill
    the Hoppers and continue to Gel Cavern. Yes, you can use your ice ability to
    freeze the spouts here so that you can move through faster. Look towards the
    left and you'll see a huge amount of Fuel Gel that needs to be -- you guessed
    it -- freezed. This will allow you acess to a statue head that you need to go
    through to end up back in the Imperial Hall. This is a cool little detour
    that gets you a Friend Voucher. Get back in your ship, save if you don't want
    to have to do all that over again and head to Cliffside Airdock.
    Once there, you need to go to the Grand Court and use the grapple points to
    get back to the swing points. At the eastern one you'll be able to jump into an
    alcove just to the south. Use ice missles to destroy the barrier and head
    through for a Missle Expansion. Head back to the GFS Theseus and freeze the gel
    to get through the Falls of Fire. There is a robot here that you need to plant
    a bomb on which will make him jump into a hole. Shoot the Ice Shield that you
    see before going to the Hidden Court where you'll be attacked by a bunch of
    Warp Hounds. I'm sure you don't have to be told what to do with them. After,
    you can find a Bomb Slot on the floor that needs to be activated. Now to
    destroy the vines holding back the statue here. After the Golem moves you
    shoot what he reveals to get rid of a vine.
    Go back to where you came in and missle the wall near the Brinstone patch. Go
    inside that hole to shoot the gel crystals here with charged shots, which will
    destory more vine. Look for the vine snaking its way up the Golem's arm and
    follow to get to the second to last spout to ignite. After that, freeze the
    gel flow at the pool of Fuel Gel. Move to the nearby ledge and morph ball
    through the tunnels. There will be more crystals here to ignite so that you
    can get rid of the last of the vines.
    Back to that Bomb Slot and activate it to get the Golem moving again. He
    reveals a hole that you need to go through. As you're moving, you will be
    contacted again with more information warning you about your Hypermode. Go to
    the bottom of the Ruined Shrine. The Golem Arm here has a cracked part, which
    when broken will give you an Energy Tank. Go back to where you came in and
    ignite the crystalized gel to the right of the Golem. An object with a grapple
    point will fall, which you use to swing across. Climb up until you can't go
    up any more. Across from you you'll see more crystals to ignite, which will
    burn a vine for you. Now jump up towards the left and ignite the crystals that
    you see to reveal another grapple. Swing over to a small hall with a bridge.
    Once you're across the bridge you'll be at the Landing Site.
    There's a computer console in the south of the room that you need to move
    towards to activate the next portion of the game. As soon as you do, you
    will put the place on high alert and activate enemies. Kill them and go back
    to the console to raise the missle racks which opens up an elevator on the
    northeast part of the room. Ride the elevator to the alcove, where you need to
    bomb the right vent to continue forward, forcibly.
    Scan the Energy Cell you find then yank it out. A Federation door will reveal
    itself, but you can't go through yet. Use the other vent to leave the control
    room and end up in another one just like it. Pull the lever at the station up
    and then down to allow your ship in. Get the missile racks down by using the
    console and install ballistic capabilities on your ship. Save before going
    back to the Fiery Airdock.
    Time for another fight! Head back towards the Gel Refinery to kill some pirates
    and continue on to Gel Hall and to the unlabled South hallway. Use ice missles
    to make platforms and grab a Missle Expansion along the way. You're looking to
    make your way back to the Temple where, once again, you have a large enemy
    fight to contend with. They will keep at you until you complete the next part,
    so you might need to ignore them for the time being. Using your scan visor,
    you'll see two red transmitters that you'll need to yank the power switch on.
    Turn off both transmitters so you can call to your ship for some bombs. Once
    they're all dead go to the Temple Generator, avoiding more Aeromines in the
    Resevoir. Your command visor will come in handy again, as you use it to call
    a bombing which gets rid of this generator and gives you a Gold Token.
    One more run of enemies is waiting for you once you return to the Temple. Make
    sure you live through this one, using your missles to kill them off, before
    continuing back to Gel Hall. Move through the ice door in the north part of
    the hall, looking for red targets as you do. Shoot them to activate points you
    can swing with, then get started. Two of them need to be activated in the
    middle of swinging, so it might take a bit to get used to. The ledge you swing
    to is in the Gel Refinery site. To your right is a support gate that you need
    to yank off so a pipe will fall. There is a Missle Expansion waiting where the
    gate was, then you need to get back to your ship.
    Go to Thorn Jungle Airdock and throw the door you see, which puts you into the
    Overgrown Ruins. Uh oh...Space Pirates. With Hypermode capability. You have to
    use your own Hypermode to kill them or wait till theirs runs out. Once they're
    dead scan the walls to find a grey rock with gel crystals. These need to be
    destroyed to reveal a hall. Destroy the blast shield to open a room with an
    Energy Tank. Back to the ruins and look for another grey rock, higher up. Blast
    it then jump to where it was. There is a Morph Ball Tunnel to use. In the room
    you see a handle near the door that returns you to the Overgrown Ruins when
    used. The barrier that was there is gone, which means you can continue forward
    into the Ancient Courtyard.
    Kill the enemies and go to the radio jammer you'll see in this room. Turn it
    off by using the lever and call your ship once again for a missle attack.
    When your ship destroys the wall, more enemeies will come at you, but you do
    not have to kill them yourself. Your ship is still available. Move forward to a
    Jousting Field and get rid of the last batch of emnemies. Don't know if you
    have been paying attention, but it looks like time for another boss fight.
    Boss: Korakk
    This boss looks kind of impressive at first but I found this fight to be quite
    easy actually. While the Pirate is riding on the Korakk he will only do one
    attack that uses the Pirates energy lance. While you might be inclined to take
    out the mount first you cannot do that, the Korakk isn't able to be damaged. So
    just go after the source of attack, the Pirate, and start blasting at him while
    you evade the duo. He will die fairly quickly.
    Killing the rider just gets the Korakk angry but this is what you need. The
    beast only has two forms of attack of its own, both fairly easy to manage.
    First is a charge attack where it will attempt to ram you, simple strafe jump
    out of the way. Second, it will try to grap you with its tongue and pull you in
    for a hug... or bite, whatever.
    To even hurt the beast you need to wait for it to open its mouth. When you see
    it does so fire off some shots at its tongue. If you hit it the creature will
    be stunned by this. Enter Morph Ball and roll under him, dropping bombs under
    the beasts body as you go. The goal here is to place the bombs closer to the
    middle of its body, preferably centered near his breast region. If successful
    he will topple to the floor, almost there. Quickly get behind the beast and
    grapple its tail, giving it a good yank. Now quickly enter Hyper Mode and while
    it is standing on its hind legs the glowing spot on its chest is revealed. Hit
    it with everything you have to take this beast out.
    Not that bad was it? Even got you another gold token.
    When you kill the Korakk some pirates are going to come running out. Take them
    out and continue heading on towards Field Access. You have a choice of two ways
    to go here but the right one has a Save Station so go make use of that. Double
    back to the fork in the road and go take the other path. Make your way over to
    the bay window to call in your bombing run only to find yourself unable to do
    so. See those huge anti-aircraft turrets? Yeah, bad news.
    Unfortunately you are going to be locked in with a group of Hyper mode Pirates
    so take them out and then head to the south. Open the door and go into the
    Generator Hall South. Look around for some gel packs up above your position to
    take out a bridge here. Now make your way up and take out the pirates before
    you start heading forward. You will encounter some turrets and another door
    before you reach South Jungle Court.
    This is where one of the AA turrets are located so it's time to get rid of this
    sucker. Before you can do that though you will hae to deal with the pirates
    that are guarding it. The pirates seem to never stop flooding into the area so
    I suggest that you move towards the turret and thin out the enemies before you
    move in to destroy it. Go into the area beneath the turret and yank away the
    plates here. This exposes some gel packs that are powering the turret.
    Take out a missle and blow up the gel pack and then retreat. The bottom area
    will overheat for a short time while the turret trys to vent its excess heat.
    Fight the pirates until that stops and then run down and take out another gel
    pack. Repeat this process until the turret has been destroyed. Now continue
    along your merry way until you reach the Auxiliary Dynamo.
    If you look around the room you will see a piston that is stuck in place. Get
    close enough to grapple it and yank it down. Double back to the entrance of the
    room and look for a morph ball tunnel that will now lead you to a ship missle
    expansion. With that in hand keep moving along, your target is North Jungle
    Court and the other AA gun.
    When you finally arrive in NJC you will once again have to fight infinite space
    pirates but this time it will only be the flying ones. To actually expose the
    gel packs this time you need to flip the four levers. Making your life harder
    is the fact that the space pirates will be flipping the levers if you leave
    them alone for too long. To make your life simpler kill all of the space
    pirates in the area, flip a lever and then repeat the process. This will let
    you do this with minimal frustration. Once the gel packs are exposed missile
    them until kingdom come to destroy this AA gun.
    Start heading along and you will reach Generator Hall North. Take out any
    opposition before heading along to the bridge area. The bridge needs to be
    dropped into place but your weapons cannot destroy the clamp that is holding it
    up. Not directly. Wait for some of the fuel to be carried near the clamp and
    then blow it up with a missile. This will destroy the clamp and release the
    bridge. Cross the bridge now and then use the pumping handle. There is a morph
    ball tunnel nearby that leads to a missile expansion.
    Now double back to the Western Generator Room and call in a bombing run to take
    out the shield generator. Make your way back to the ship and once inside choose
    to fly into the Bryyo Seed. It's all cozy in here... Start climbing up the
    platforms and then head through the door. Flip into Hyper mode to destroy the
    obstructions in your path and head on into the core. Take note, dropping down
    from here starts a VERY tough boss fight.
    Boss: Mogenar
    This is the first boss in the game to really provide all that much difficulty
    when it comes to taking him out. The problem with this guy is that he is pretty
    damn strong and able to dish out the hurt. But it's not just that, this pain in
    the butt has so many different types of attacks that its hard to know what the
    heck he is going to do to you at any given moment. Patience is key here.
    As far as attacks go he has a number of them. I will list the attack with a *
    before it and then the proper evasive manuver with a - right below it.
    * One of his most commonly used attacks is an earthquake where he jumps up into
    the air and comes down with a crash, sending out a huge shockwave.
    - Time your jump carefully over these.
    * Stomping his right foot on the ground he will cause a wave of energy to move
    through the ground and home in on you.
    - Jump to avoid the attack.
    * Reaching up he will slam his hand into the ground right in front of him. This
    causes rocks to fall from the ceiling after a few moments and it is really hard
    to dodge while dealing with him.
    - Either figure out the way the rocks drop and then jump strafe or use Hyper
    Mode to become invincible.
    * An energy blast where he raises his arm towards you and then a ball of energy
    starts homing in on you.
    - These don't go away so open fire on them and hope they drop a pick up, they
    normally do.
    * Raising his hands up to the air he creates three of the previously mentioned
    homing energy balls.
    - Simply start shooting at the energy balls and take out all three of them. You
    should get some nice power ups from this.
    * His rarest attack is a breath attack where he charges up green energy in his
    mouth, causes his face to glow, and then fires it at you. If it hits it hurts
    very badly.
    - If you see him doing the move hit him in the face with an Ice Missile. This
    will freeze him and give you time to do some more damage. Don't even let him
    get the attack off.
    * He will roar out loud and then ram into you with a bull rush attack.
    - Jump strafing works just fine for dodging this.
    To take out Mogenar you need to destroy the orbs that are circling around his
    body. Only by destroying these will his weak spot be revealed. There are four
    of them and you really only need to focus on one and keep hitting it. The orb
    on his back is a bad idea since that one is kind of hard to get to sometimes so
    just pick one of the others and keep your eyes on it.
    Pick an orb and start hitting it with everything you have while you try to keep
    him from pounding you into scrap metal. There are a few things to be aware of
    here though. If you fail to destroy the orb soon enough he will cover his orbs
    with armor and walk to the center of the room where he grabs new orbs and
    starts pulling them in. Should this move succeed his damaged orbs will be fully
    healed and that is bad. While it is possible to destroy the orbs don't rely on
    it, instead focus on destroying the ones on his body without giving him the
    chance to use this ability.
    In addition he can sometimes switch up the locations of the orbs on the front
    of his body. If you see him doing this watch the orbs carefully to make sure
    that you know where the one you were attacking has gone and ran off to. Once he
    is finished go back to attacking your orb.
    When you have destroyed one of his orbs a weak spot will be revealed, enter
    Hyper Mode and let him have it. You will know if you have destroyed the weak
    spot by it starting to glow yellow. If you have done this then get prepared for
    a bit of a toughie change in the fight. Forming armor on his feet he begins to
    use his charge attack over and over. The only way to make him stop doing this
    is by bombing the Phazon armor on his feet with your Morph Ball. This is hard
    to do and even harder to dodge while doing so it might behoove you to use Hyper
    Mode here and try to do it while invincible.
    Once you have destroyed the armor on his feet he will return to his previous
    level of activity. This allows you to start going after his orbs again. Simply
    keep this up until you have destroyed all of his orbs and the weak spots below
    and the fight will be over, netting you another Gold Token.
    After the cutscene plays itself out move over to the item that Mogenar left
    behind to get the Hyper Ball. This is a fairly powerful attack that is used in
    morph ball while in Hyper mode. Nice. Speaking of you are currently in a state
    of perpetual Hyper Mode right now and some plants are starting to pop up. Use
    the Hyper Ball to destroy them all, this will reveal the Leviathan Core. Watch
    the little cutscene but don't set down the controller, you need to press the
    button at the right moment to destroy the Core.
    With that done Samus will leave the area automatically and head on back to her
    ship to await a briefing by AU-242. It seems that the AU on Elysia has been
    infectd by Phazon and you are given a program to destroy it. This will help you
    gather the info on how to take out the Leviathan on Elysia. Sounds good to me.
    On to Elysia!
    You'll get a communication from AU 242, so sit tight and wait for it to finish.
    Once that's done, go inside the building and into the door you see. You'll see
    a statue that needs tampering with. It's behind glass for the moment though,
    so you'll need to get to it. There is a Morph Ball hole for you to go in, and
    once you're on the statue's hand you need to destroy all the vines by going
    into Hypermode. There will be hooks that you can use to swing over towards the
    glass. Destroy it and head through the next door.
    You'll see a Zipline Cable here. Grapple and hold on so that you can zip along
    on it. As you go, you need to shoot the gates. If any Aeriel Drones look like
    they're getting in the way, shoot them too so they don't make you fall. The
    next room is Arrival Station, where you'll have a little enemy fighting to do.
    Go in through the door to the next area and continue towards Transit Hub. Once
    here, you need to look for the hologram and scan the floor next to it. Go into
    Morph Ball mode and roll into the hologram to activate a cannon. Didn't you
    always dream about being the guy that got shot out of the cannon in the circus?
    Go into the Morph Tunnel. While you're there, you need to do some tricky work
    to get to a Missle Expansion. Hop up, do a double bomb jump and grab it. Out
    through the East side to get to another Zippy line. While you're on it, take
    out the Energy Orbs to avoid getting knocked off.
    You may have noticed a floating robot as you've been traveling. It shows up
    here, once you've gone through the door. He poofs on you, leaving you to find
    the laser trap. Go into it, then immediately into Morph Ball mode so that you
    can go into the alcove down there to pick up the Missle Expansion. Keep on
    moving to get to Steambot Barracks. Use your scanner to activate the lift.
    There will be a Morph Tunnel on the right where you'll have to try your best to
    keep from being smashed by pistons, while firing to get rid of other obstacles.
    It drops you into a room with tanks. As soon as you approach the door out, you
    will activate the Steamlord Mini Boss.
    He has some minions that inadvertently provide him shelter. He likes to cloak
    himself, but if he's attacking or fixing a minion he can't cloak. So keep
    shooting down his minions to make him work on them. Shoot him while he's
    occupied, gaining a Gold Token in the process of killing him. But isn't he so
    nice, he leaves an Energy Tank as well. Once you've gotten your greedy little
    hands on it, you see handles to pull up. Through the door that opens, you'll
    get to another lift. Scan it to activate, then use it and go through the door.
    Another Zipline, more things to shoot so they don't hit you, and another door.
    You'll be in Aurora lift and there is a white door for you to go through. You
    can save here before going back to the lift. Activate and use, going through
    the door you end up at. Ignore Aurora Unit, you can't get to them just yet. Go
    to Maintenance Shaft AU, which is just up ahead. You'll go through another door
    and you'll see a Kinetic Orb Cannon that you need to use to get to the Spire.
    From where you are you need to go to the northwest and use the Zippy. You
    need to head inside and when you get to the juncture take the white door. You
    are in the Sky Bridge Hera area. There's a gate to yank off to open the next
    way. In the little cylinders you'll find a Morph Tunnel with a Missle Expansion
    Yank off the next gate and head over the bridge, quickly, so that it does not
    collapse on you. There's another gate to yank off so open the way to the next
    building. Use Maintenance Shaft GP to get in the construction bay. As soon as
    you're in, you should see platforms to climb. Check out the swing points that
    you'll be using in a bit, then get to unlocking them. Look around for a damaged
    clamp, shooting it to get rid of it. You'll see a ledge appear, which has an
    access to a Morph Ball Tunnel. You'll come across multiple clamps while in here
    so destroy them. Back the way you came and now you can swing across. You'll
    come across some enemies that need killing so they don't make your life too
    difficult, then get onto the platform there. There's a Morph bridge that ends
    with you next to a crane. Use your hand scanner on it and then use your Morph
    Ball to get through the crane. Kill the enemies here before moving on through
    the door.
    Activate the lift that you see here and go through the door at the end. You'll
    find a suit upgrade here. Du-du-dah! But you don't get it. Not yet. You just
    get to look at it to see how pretty it is. You have to kill a boss first.
    Boss: Defense Drone
    This isn't a terrifically complicated boss fight, which is a relief after that
    Mogenar fight. It only has four attacks to be worried about and none of them
    are really a threat if you know how to handle them.
    First off expect to have missiles fired at you, a lot. He can fire off single
    homing missiles, take them out of the air at your leisure, or he can fire off a
    whole damn salvo of them. This is a bit trickier and it will require fancy foot
    work to avoid taking too much damage. Secondly it will fire off an shockwave
    that emanates from where it lands whenever it jumps up. Simply jump to dodge
    the attack. Lastly it will fire off a plasma orb that does a serious amount of
    damage to you. Use Ice Missiles to take this out, nothing else works.
    To take him out you are going to need to bust all of those little antenna on
    top of the unit. You can use pretty much whatever you like to do so but you are
    on a timer. If you don't bust all of the antenna quickly then you will find the
    things regenerating on you. So move quickly and break all of them to stun the
    machine. Grapple its head and yank off the covering to expose its control unit.
    This is its weak spot but it isn't going to just lay there and let you hammer
    on it like some bosses.
    It will leap up to the upper ledges and hop all over the room like a crazed
    monkey on speed, flinging plasma orbs and bombs down on you. Dodge these as
    much as you possibly can and unload on the weak spot. Hyper Mode is of dubious
    use here since it moves so damnably much. If you see an opportunity to use it
    then do so but I found myself using it more to avoid taking damage than doing
    damage in this fight.
    After it leaps around for a bit it will close up its weak spot and resume its
    previous methods of attack. Simply try to destroy the antennae again and keep
    this cycle up until it is destroyed. It will eventually fill the room up with
    steam to damage your visibility so do your best to ignore this and just keep on
    hammering the boss for another gold token and that suit upgrade.
    Now move on over and grab that suit upgrade to recieve the Boost Ball. By using
    this upgrade you can power up deactivated devices, lifts and their like. Move
    over to the hologram and use the boost to power it up. Now move around until
    you have a good kinetic charge and this will get the lift up and moving. From
    here backtrack to the Aurora Unit as quickly as possible although a little bit
    of sidetracking to save never hurts (I'm quite paranoid of this).
    Once inside the Aurora Chamber move on over to the Kinetic Lock and boost it
    until it opens. Go over to the Comm panel and activate it to get a status
    update that you are already aware of. The maintenance panel nearby will open up
    so morph ball into it and go on through. Once inside the maintenance room be
    ready for a bit of opposition and then head for the console in the south side
    of the room. Activate it to upload the program to the Unit and cleanse it of
    the Phazon infection. Head back to the previous area to start a cutscene. Blah,
    like that wasn't expected.
    Move on over to the Aurora Unit and talk to it once that ends. Seems you need
    to get his link to the SkyTown network repaired and stop Ghor before going too
    much more forward. Head towards the Spire to get a distress call. That sounds
    like it would be Ghor. You will get another status update as you head back
    through Arrival Station from the ship, not much you can do now.
    When you reach the Steambot Barracks activate teh mechanism here again to form
    a half-pipe that you will need to boost through. Boost your way to the upper
    level and then head over to the console. Activate it to start a little mini-
    game as she attempts to open the door. Follow the instructions to get this door
    open ASAP and head on through to your ship, stopping Ghor before he levels the
    poor thing, although he does give it a good thrashing.
    Boss: Ghor
    To start with the fight with Ghor is actually fairly simple since he only has
    two attacks to be worried about. The first is a charge attack that you can
    strafe around fairly easy although if he does hit you make sure he doesn't take
    you off the ledge you're on. Second he has a seismic attack where he jumps up
    into the air and then drops down to cause a shockwave of energy to fly at you.
    Just jump over this one and keep on fighting.
    * NOTE: Save your Hyper Mode, trust me. Don't just throw it off here.
    You cannot just attack him due to the energy barrier that he has up but you are
    going to need to do something to get at him. Look at the floor and you will see
    some oil slicks on the floor here. Try to keep one between you and him and if
    he tries to use his charge attack he will slip on them, skid across the room
    and smash into a wall. Dodge when this happens and get behind him before you
    beat the crud out of the weak point on his back. This will cause his energy
    shield to drop so open fire on his head to actually do some damage to him.
    Repeat this process until he has dropped down in health some. When his health
    gets to around the 3/4 mark he will drop his shield and burn up the oil slicks.
    Ghor will now begin to use a spinning plasma attack that you will need to jump
    to avoid. To hurt him you need to wait for him to be attacking, dodge the
    attack, get into morph ball and boost ball into the conduit beneath him. This
    will stun him letting you come on out and shoot him in the head to hurt him.
    Finally, when you drop him to about 1/5 of his health he will enter Hyper Mode
    of his own. He will execute some spinning attacks as well as flinging off lots
    of missiles at you. Switch into Hyper Mode and take him out to get another Gold
    Token and acquire a new weapon.
    When the fight is over you will get a little cutscene followed by the ability
    to pick up Ghor's Plasm Beam. Snatch that and you will have yourself a rather
    nice weapon. The ship is called back but it will be awhile before it is flying
    anywhere so save your game and move on out. Use the plasma beam to melt the
    debris that is blocking your way back into the building and head for the door.
    You should see a container that has been throw into a window over here, melt
    the wall to find a Missile Expansion. Head on over to Main Docking Access and
    start heading for the Arrival Station.
    Now you're outside so look above your position and you will see a grab ledge.
    Head on up that way and use the Boost Ball to activate the Orb Cannon. This
    will fire you over to the large satellite, pick up the Energy Tank here. Now
    head back to the Aurora Chamber and go back into the maintenance room. Head to
    the panels he damaged and click A to repair the panels. Hold A and move the
    beam along the broken parts to fuse them.
    Once you have done this to all 3 panels you will restore the Aurora Units'
    connection to the SkyTown network. Now go back to the Unit and have a chat with
    him to learn how to destroy the shield that is protecting the Leviathan. You
    need to assemble a bomb to take the thing out, so it is up to you to locate the
    bomb pieces and put this together. You are also given the map data that you
    need now. Head on over to the ship and take it on over to the Landing Site.
    Go back to the Security Station and the wall jump surfaces. Climb up and
    through the door so that you can use the pressure plate in here. Go into Morph
    Ball mode and clear the vines using your Hyper Ball. Move through the tunnel
    and out the door. There's a spinner device to activate here so that you can use
    the Sky Tram. Go through the door that you'll see. Ignore the Aeromine and
    continue through to the next room. When you see it again, follow it to a bunch
    of enemies that are waiting to be blown up. Don't go around the structure in
    the middle too quickly because you'll draw out a few more. Go down the hall
    here and destroy the shields that get brought up in front of your face. Kill
    the offending pirates and move across the catwalk. Be careful of the turrets
    and shields that will block you in. Missles sound good right about now.
    Once you're in the next section, Concourse Ventilation, you have more Bomb
    Slots to activate and use, which will bring you to an outside area. Defeat
    the enemy ATC and go through the door you see. Pull out the grapple and head
    across to kill another enemy. There's a lot of them in this section, huh? Once
    you're through the door you meet two advanced Aerotroopers. Kill them and
    activate the lift here. When you stop, you have another hall and door to head
    through. This puts you into the Observatory Lift. Look for the panel that needs
    repair and meld it so that you can use the lift. Once you go through the next
    door you need to watch out for any mines on your way to Gearworks. When you see
    the Swarm Bots, you can shoot the energy they secrete to take them out as well
    as the Sky Puffer on a distant platform. You need to use the Screw Attack to
    head over there once it's killed, ignoring the nearmiss on the way by an enemy
    ATC. Keep moving until you get to the broken lift. Kill any enemy in the way
    and proceed through to the next area.
    Kill the turret and break the glass to gain access to the next area you need.
    You'll find clamps on both sides here that need to be destroyed to unlock the
    next way through. As you head through, kill the enemies if you like and screw
    attack to go through the next door. You'll be in the Skybridge Atene, with
    enemies blocking your path. When you're done with them, you have another door
    followed by another screw attack to get past the next part.
    Go to Landing Site B and use the lift. You'll be down at the Landing Site now;
    activate it and land your ship. You want to install Grapple Capabilities to
    your ship, despite how horrifying the idea itself might sound. You get a
    message with your next locations; take the chance to save before continuing.
    You'll meet up with another ATC while you're on your way back the way you came.
    Back to Gearworks and yet another ATC. Kill it when you can and look for the
    Missle Expansion now revealed. Grab it and screw attack to get out of here.
    Continue on to the Observatory area and activate your ship's grapple point by
    scanning it. Tell your ship to grapple the mechanism to reveal a panel and
    power source. Meld them and tell your ship to release it's hold. There's a
    bomb slot near you to activate so that you make a tower appear in the room.
    At the top there is an orange door that takes you to Botanica. Go to the left
    and through the door to the save station. Go back in and climb up. If you want
    the Missle Expansion here, ignore the door and turn around. You'll see a ledge
    that you can screw attack to and there will be another ledge from here that you
    can do the same to. Head into the alcove for your prize and go back the way you
    Through the door the broken lift, so continue on and kill the Berserker Lord.
    Use the spinners to get rid of the clamps here and use the mechanism to fill
    the gaps. You can take the bomb piece now by using your ship. Go down into the
    morph ball hole and continue until you get to the Piston Hall. Time your usage
    of the screw attack to get you through the piston when it is open and make
    your way for the door. In this new hallway look for the two damaged panels and
    repair them with your arm cannon weld mode to fix the lift here.
    Don't pay the lift any mind yet, go through the orange door and keep on moving
    until you are in Zipline Station Delta. You will need to carefully Screw Attack
    across the platforms here to reach the door on the other end of the room. Go
    through the door, being mindful of the dead bodies, and go into the other door
    here for a save station. Once saved keep moving through this area until you go
    on through the blue door. Use the hand scanner here and take the lift up. Turn
    around and go on through the door here to enter a little maze.
    The solution to get through it is as follows:
    * Continue moving until you reach a small room. Use the Spinner here to open up
    the path forward and go on through.
    * Keep going until you reach the fork in the road, keep going straight until
    you reach the second fork. Take a left.
    * Use the hand scanner here to activate the lift and go through the next door.
    * Continue forward and use the morph ball tunnel between the metroid tanks, do
    not go to the right at any point.
    * Move to the other side of the tunnel and bomb the floor to falll into a room.
    * Head on through the hall and take a right. You will find a cracked vent that
    is blocked off. Bomb it to open it up and go on through.
    * Stay on this path until you reach a small room. Head on over to the Energy
    Cell terminal, grapple off the panel and remove the cell.
    Not exactly a good result but a necessary one. Blow up the container to get a
    missile upgrade to Seeker Missiles. These are some really awesome, Panzer
    Dragoon inspired, homing missiles. Use them to blow down the blast door here
    and roll on through the morph ball tunnel. Follow the path straight until you
    reach a branch in the path, go left. As soon as you near the blast door there's
    a surprise for you. Damn those Metroids! Back up and don't let the sucker latch
    onto you. Get rid of the enemies and blow down the blast door.
    Go through the room and head to the left to find another Phazon Metroid. Kill
    it and use the lift here to reach Xenoresearch A. Get rid of the Metroids here
    and start moving. You will be assailed by Metroids at all turns here so keep on
    your toes. Take a left and then a right before knocking down the blast door
    here as well. Be ready before going through there are four Phazon Metroids in
    here so you will need to keep on moving. Now head on over to the container that
    had the Energy Tank in it earlier, grab it and get the heck out of here.
    Phew, I hate that place. Blow down the blast door and use the lift. Use the
    door and kill the pirate here before going on ahead. You will fight some more
    Phazon Metroids here so get rid of them and use the zipline to find yet two
    more Phazon Metroids. Kill them and go on through the door here. Move for the
    ice door and go on through to reach the Concourse, home of the next piece of
    the bomb. Look to your left and use the Morph Ball tunnel. Once on the other
    side use your missiles to blow up the locks here, grab the missile expansion
    here and go back through the morph ball tunnel.
    You will see some locks here as well, missile them to activate the lift. Ride
    it and you will be brought to the second bomb component. Blow up the locks here
    on both sides of the bomb and the ship will come and take the component away.
    We are done here so head on over to the other side of SkyTown, going to the
    Junction. Use the Tram to do this.
    Once at Junction use the north door to get to the Hoverplat Docking Site and
    use your screw attack to reach the other side of the area. Ignore the lift and
    head on through the Steambot Barracks to reach an outside area. Use the two Orb
    Cannons to advance forward, enter the morph ball tunnel and you will reach the
    final bomb component. Missile all of the locks and the ship will come to pick
    up the last bomb component. AU-217 tells you to get to the Spire Pod to place
    the bomb there. Well it just so happens that there is a shortcut nearby.
    Head to your left, ignoring the zipline, and you should see some debris there.
    Melt it with the Plasma to reveal an Orb Cannon. Enter it in Morph Ball to be
    fired over to Zipline Station Bravo. Go through the door and head straight for
    the Spire Pod. Use the Orb Cannon and then command your ship to place the bomb
    in the cargo hold. You are now summoned back to AU-217 so head back there and
    have a chat with him. He wants you to do what?! *sigh* Fine.
    Head on back to the Spire Pod and it will be cut loose. As you are floating on
    your merry way you will be informed that Space Pirates are en route to reach
    your location. Now you don't need to panic too much, the enemies are hard here
    but not impossible. If you dealt with the ATCs before then this will be much
    simpler. If you feel the need to use Hyper Mode you can do so. It is of only
    moderate assistance in the upcoming fight.
    On to the fighting! A Space Pirate Assault Skiff will come along firing missile
    salvos at you. Take it and the flying drones that come after you out carefully,
    trying to minimize damage recieved and once it is dead you will have some
    flying pirates come for you. Kill them and an ATC will drop off yet more pirate
    fodder for you to kill. Do make a point to get the armored shield guys first
    though. Now comes the final onslaught: Two assault skiffs will attack you and
    they are accompanied by pirates and aerial drones. Take the skiffs out to end
    this neverending battle.
    Well now, that was fun. Once you've beaten the horde activate the terminal that
    Samus walked over to. Go enter the escape pod and try to activate it for a rude
    awakening. Bloody hell, nothing is ever simple. Look around for a morph ball
    tunnel and head into it, this will take you to the maintenance areas. Use
    plasma on the debris in your way and takea right. Grapple off the shutter here
    and fix the panel. Now head around the structure in the middle of the room and
    repeat the melt/fix on the panel on this side of the room. There is one last
    one to your right so fix that one.
    Get back into that tunnel and get back to the escape pod, hopping on inside.
    Use the hand scanner to bring up the controls and follow the instructions to
    get out of there just in the nick of time. When all is said and done you will
    find yourself in the Escape Pod Bay. Go on through the door and take the lift
    down to get some well deserved kudos for your work. Seems the shield is down so
    now is the time to go after that Leviathan. Head on back to your ship and head
    for the Leviathan.
    When you reach the Leviathan just head forward using the floating platforms and
    go on through the door. Blow up the obstructions with missiles and Hyper Mode
    attacks, continuing your path to the Core. It's time to take out another core
    guardian although he isn't anywhere near as hard as Mogenar.
    Boss: Helios
    While not as hard as some of the previous bosses Helios is a complicated fight
    due to a number of factors, but mainly his formations. Read on to get an idea
    of what you are to expect.
    * The little bots will group up and Helios will fly behind each group, charging
    them up and then they will fire beam attacks at you.
    - I suggest thinning out the swarmbots a bit while dodging their attacks and
    then hitting Helios a bit to do some damage.
    * The swarmbots will surround Helios' body and he will roll all around the
    field in an attempt to run you over.
    - This is easy, just keep on moving and hitting the swarmbots. Destroy enough
    of them and you will have an opening through which you can harm Helios.
    * Swarmbots will surround Helios while five others will orbit him and make him
    entirely invincible. The ones surrounding him enable him to fire off some very
    powerful laser beams.
    - Stay on your toes and strafe to avoid the beams of energy. Watch the bots
    that are circling him and when they glow orange hit them with missiles. If you
    destroy them Helios will become vulnerable.
    * Staying on the ground Helios will send the swarmbots to fly around above his
    body and form a vortex. It flies around trying to suck you in and damage you
    while Helios is sitting pretty behind a barrier that makes him hard to kill.
    - Use jump strafing to avoid being caught up in the vortex and use bombs to
    keep up the assault on Helios, they're the only thing that hurt him.
    * Voltron! I'll form the head!... Ahem anyways, they pull a bit of a Voltron
    here. After you take off half of his health Helios will start to stay in place
    while the swarmbots take on the appearance of his arms and legs. He will throw
    orbs from his "hands" that are hard to avoid and do a fair bit of damage. In
    addition to that his "feet" will stomp the ground causing a shockwave (do all
    the bosses use this attack?).
    - The boss is invulnerable to almost all attacks right now. Do your best to
    dodge his energy ball attacks and jump to dodge his foot shockwaves. When you
    see him going to do the orb attack aim at the hand and try to hit it, you can
    destroy an arm if you do enough damage while he forms the orbs. Should you see
    him start to do the stomp attack shoot his legs. If you do enough damage he can
    fall over and you can attack Helios to cause some damage.
    Once you do enough damage to Helios the core will rush at you, swinging its
    arms at you in a suicidal attack. Switch to Hyper Mode and unload on the core
    to take it out once and for all. This nets you another Gold Token and leaves
    the Leviathan open to destruction.
    Now that Helios is gone she gets another dose of Phazon radiation sending her
    Phazon levels skyrocketing again. Now pick up the Hyper Missile power up. This
    weapon rocks your enemies hardcore, me love long time. Look around for patches
    of Phazon and blast them with the Hyper Missiles and then when the core gets
    exposed. Samus wipes it out and ends the corruption on Elysia. Watch the
    cutscenes and then fly your way towards the Pirate Homeworld.
    Pirate Homeworld
    Head through the Lift Hub, getting rid of the turret in your way. Go to the top
    level and take a left at the top. At the end you'll have a door to scan and
    when you've gotten through, you get a nasty look at some acid rain. Stay away,
    stay away, stay away. You'll be notified now that the rain is dangerous and you
    won't be able to access most of the level. No worries, we'll fix that. Go to
    the catwalks and walk under them to the eastern alcove. Go up the Grab Ledge
    and use the Morph tunnels, taking a left at the fork. There will be a Missle
    Expansion for you. Go back and take the other path, staying in the alcove you
    end up in. Acid rain, remember? Pick up the Energy Cell and through the vent
    you see. Go through the tunnel in Morph mode, yanking out the panel you come to
    that ill block a tunnel. When you're in Command Station take a right and keep
    going until you get to another Missle Expansion. Back the way you came and go
    to the left now. The lift will bring you to Command Vault.
    Look up and you'll see a bunch of locks. Using the Seekers you can get rid of
    them to grab the X-Ray Visor. This will let you see your enemies vulnerable
    spots as well as things you can't normally see. Use it now and activate the
    terminal. Press the symbols in order to allow phazon containers to move along
    a new wire path. Look at the hole covered in hardened phazon. When one of the
    containers is right above the hole, shoot it so that you will open the hole.
    Go through the tunnel here that leads to Defense Access. Head towards the green
    door and use the X-Ray Visor to activate the terminal here. Go up the lift to
    see one of your objectives, a beam that's being used on a Phazite panel. Go
    back to Defense Access. Kill the enemies that attack you here and go through
    the door. You get a distress signal asking for you to get to the Research
    Center. He can also help with the rain situation. Pick up the Missle Expansion
    and use your visor to find a few targets to shoot. All the glowing ones will
    open up a mechanism for you to use. Go into a Morph Ball and touch the hologram
    here. Go to the bottom of the Lift Hub and access the terminal to pick up a
    map. Go back to your ship and go to the coordinates the distressed Marine gave
    Go through the door here and activate the lift. Once up at the top, you can
    destroy the metal piece you see which will open up a Morph Ball tunnell. Bomb
    this as well and move through. When you're out, you need to shoot the glowing
    dot that you see on the panel. Go back and head towards Scrapvault. Climb the
    platforms on the other end. Don't go up the Grab platform yet; look right and
    take a peek at the platform in the distance. Screw attack to get over there
    then face south for a different grab ledge. Go up and you'll find a Missle
    Expansion. Go back and actually go up the Grab ledge now. Go through the tunnel
    and you'll be in Scrapworks.
    Move completly forward and activate the bomb slot and jump to the red area at
    the left. Climb the platforms here but be careful of the turret shooting at
    you. Take the upper path at the juncture, doing a double bomb jump to get to
    the energy tank. Go to the next red area and drop down to the bomb slot. After
    you activate it you can drop into an open area where there's a tunnel to go
    through. In the next room, you need to meld the circuit board together that you
    see here, then put on your X-ray visor. Use the device to open up something
    all the way back in the main Scrapvault, then head back to Scrapworks, moving
    past the bomb slot. Go to the U shapped channel you saw before and head to the
    bottom. The exit tunnel will be there.
    Back in Scrapvault, you can try to destroy the beacons before the space pirates
    show up, but if not, you'll have to kill them. They're very powerful so you'll
    have to be careful. When they're dead, you'll see an open way to Processing
    Access. Use your X-ray here to look for the laser traps. Morph Ball under them
    and continue to Metroid Processing. Once you've killed the enemies, a device
    will activate. Use your X-ray to help you fill in the gaps to reveal a lift. Go
    down to the lower level and go to the right. Meld the circuit board together
    to  turn the piston in the middle into a Morph Ball transport. Go left to take
    off the Energy Cell then go back to the first floor. A bunch of Metroids will
    come to attack you and you need to kill them to proceed, duh!
    There's a Missle Expansion in one of the crates here that the Metroids came
    from. After you've picked that up, use that piston to go to the top and go
    through the orange door. You'll be in Airshaft now. Shoot the targets with the
    Seekers and climb up the wall jump surfaces and through the door. You'll be in
    Craneyard and you'll get a glimpse at an object for later. When you look at the
    track on the wall, you'll see a way left through a door. Save the marine!
    Follow his lead to the device that needs you both to activate it at the same
    time and afterwards take the elevator up. Walk into the next area for your
    boss fight.
    Boss: Gandrayda
    Gandrayda is a shapeshifter and as such she relies on the forms she transforms
    into for her offense and has a few, limited, means of defense in her normal
    form. As such this fight is as much a matter of remembering how to handle the
    enemies you fought previously.
    To start with she will alternate between her own form and the Berserker Lord as
    well as changing into an Aerotrooper occasionally. When she is in her own form
    she will jump around the arena firing off electric disks at you, strafe jump to
    dodge these easily. At times she will jump into the air and slam the ground
    sending out a wave attack that you have to jump over. If she actually manages
    to jump onto YOU then shake the controllers to get her off before she heals her
    life by stealing yours.
    * Beserker Lord - This is the same as it was before, dodge her attacks and try
    to knock her phazon blasts back into her face. This shouldn't be too hard at
    this juncture.
    After you have damaged her to about 1/4 her max health she will change into
    Ghor and Rundas instead of the previous forms. The outside area of the arena
    you are in will become dangerous as well, so stay away from that.
    * Ghor - Dodge his missiles, laser attacks and his charges and wait for the
    glowing weak spot to appear on his forehead and beat on it. If you see him just
    standing there attacking you it's likely his weak spot on the bottom of his
    body is vulnerable, roll into morph ball and bomb it to hurt him.
    * Rundas - While he is up in the air on his ice field focus on shooting the
    projectiles he fires at you so that you can get some health and power ups. When
    he lands beat on him with plasma and missiles until he looks stunned. Grapple
    him to yank off some of his armor and repeat as needed.
    When she is down to about half of her health she will start to morph into you,
    Samus, and start using variations on your moves.
    * Samus - She will fire off a powerful hyper plasma cannon attack that you can
    jump over but it does a lot of damage. In addition she will attempt to boost
    ball around the arena and ram you, this too can be jumped easily. Don't waste
    any missiles or anything here, she moves far too fast to hit. Just keep on
    plugging away at her and she will run out of health eventually.
    Now she enters her final form. She will shift between a cloaked form and her
    Hyper Mode. When she is cloaked activate your X-Ray visor and start hammering
    on her as much as you can. The minute she changes from cloaked to Hyper Mode
    drop your X-Ray Visor and start dodging. She can do some serious damage here
    with her energy blasts or her ground punch that sends phazon at you through the
    ground. Keep on your toes and enter Hyper Mode when you get the chance so that
    you can open up on her and whittle her down.
    Keep on switching vision modes as needed and persist until you have taken her
    out and acquired a gold token.
    Once you hae killed her watch the little cutscene and then head on over to grab
    the item that she dropped. This provides you with the Grapple Voltage, a add-on
    to your grapple beam that lets you steal energy from enemies or provide energy
    to environmental objects. Go over to the device and use the Grapple Voltage on
    it to siphon energy, this opens the door. Go on through and you will be in one
    of the Transit Stations.
    Scan the panel and use the hand scanner to call one of the transit cars. Go
    inside and use the controls here to head to Transit Station 1A. Now head on to
    Landing Site Alpha. Siphon Energy from the device here and then go to your
    ship. We cannot progress here any further without a specific item.
    Head back to the Transit station and go towards the Acid Shield Unit. Head on
    over to the Spider Ball track and head on up it. You will be contacted by the
    Admiral and told that they need the Pirate Homeworld energy shield taken down
    so that they can attack the base. After giving you the coordinates promptly pay
    no mind to that and continue through the tunnels into a tower. From here use
    the controls to line up the right tunnels and use that path to get a Missile
    Expansion. Double back to the control tower and line up the left shaft. Head on
    down the shaft.
    In the new room you will find yourself with the Acid Shield nearby, use the
    hand scanner to get to it and pick it up. This will protect you from the Acid
    Rain, thankfully, but of course some pirates object to you taking it. Take out
    the Aerotroopers however you like and then head on through the door here. A
    pirate will call some friends in so start taking them out and you will get a
    Friend Voucher from it. Once you have gotten rid of them all head back to the
    Metroid Processing and go through the ice door.
    Look around and you will see a cracked panel, use a bomb to open it up and go
    on through the tunnel to reach a spinner. Use it until you can reach the other
    side and head on through. Grab the Missile Expansion out here and then go on
    back outside. Grab the ledge and head up turning the corner and using Hyper
    Missiles to take out the phazon crystals. Go through the door here and use the
    spinner and the boost utnil you reach the bomb slot.
    Pop off a bomb to activate it and then go to the next spinner, doing the same.
    A Metroid Hatcher will pop up once you have done this, take it out and then use
    the last spinner to call up a morph ball tunnel. Go on through it until you
    reach a spider ball track and then go on through the tunnel. Keep on moving
    through the tunnels here until you reach the Energy Tank. Now you can use the
    spinner again and keep going until you get to a bomb slot. Use it to get rid of
    the panels that are blocking your forward progress.
    Screw jump up the wall jump surfaces and then go through the door to end up in
    Transit Station 3-A. Use the save station here, activate the hand scanner to
    call up a transport and take it to Station 3-B. Once you arrive at the Command
    Center, head for the Lift Hub and use the bomb slot to get transported to the
    other side. Go to level 1 from the lift and look to your left for another one
    of the siphon devices. Use the grapple to siphon from it and then head to the
    lift to find out that it is broken.
    Head back out and then face the lift. Use your missiles to bust its supports
    and then head over that way to find a Missile Expansion. Go back to the main
    lift and take it to level 3. In the Command Courtyard get rid of the pirates
    and then head to the second floor. Move across the platforms to get to the
    other side and then drop down. Drain the device here of its energy to get the
    big energy shield that is blocking the door to finally open.
    Head on through the door and keep going until you get attacked by a bunch of
    enemy troops. Wipe them out and then head through the vent that one of the
    Crawltanks opened up. When you end up in Defense Access siphon the power from
    the device here and then use the Spider Ball track. Use it to reach Transit
    Station 4-A. Call the train and then take it to Station 4-B which is just by
    the Mining Site. Use the save station and then head on inside to reach the
    Phazon Quarry.
    As soon as you enter you will assailed by some pirates, they are no real threat
    to you at this point. Wipe them out and then head to the east side of the room.
    Use the console here to activate the mining equipment and then touch both of
    the glowing areas to clear them of phazon. Now you can reach a half-pipe and a
    missile expansion. Grab the missiles and then head up the half pipe. Pass on
    through the door and reach the mine lift. Yank the gate off and then head on in
    to notice that the lift is clamped in place.
    Wonderful stuff this is. Destroy the tanks and then go up the spider ball track
    to reach either side. Use the boost ball on the spinners to make the clamps let
    go, there is one on each side for the clamps. Once they are removed the lift
    crashes to the bottom of the shaft so go and jump down there and head on into
    the next room. Avoid the Phazon Harvester here and continue along your merry
    way. When you reach Drill Shaft 1 slow down a bit and be cautious, you have to
    kill off the drones and then avoid the beams.
    Once you have reached the top turn to the south and jump to the ledge here. Now
    continue onward until you reach Main Cavern. Move around the glass to the north
    and activate the lift with the hand scanner. Head down to end up in yet another
    never ending fight with the space pirates, although this time you are trying to
    take out the device here. Essentially you need to wait until the machine starts
    to suck in and then fire at the pirate until he loses his grip and goes flying
    into the machine. Four panels get exposed so blow them up. Pirate Commandos are
    going to come out at this point but just try to ignore them and focus on taking
    out the machine.
    Taking out the machine nets you the coveted Nova Beam, an incredibly powerful
    cannon that can bust through Phazite Walls. Move forward and use the X-Ray
    Visor to see your target and then blast it. Use the device here to reach the
    lift and continue until you reach the main level again. Head forward and use
    the X-Ray visor to find the node you need to shoot and hit it. Use the device
    to lower the phazite panel so you can pass through the door.
    You are now in Drill Shaft 2. Use the X-Ray visor to show you where the drills
    core is, shoot it to destroy the drill. Head down and go through the green door
    to reach the upper level of the Phazon Quarry. Grab the energy cell here for
    later use and then head back to the main cavern. Take the green door here to
    reach Phazon Mine Entry. Once again use the X-Ray visor to find your target,
    this time on the other side of the Phazite Panel. Take out all of the locks to
    reach a Missile Expansion.
    Go on through the door here to reach Landing Site Charlie. Clear the debris
    and then call in your ship so you can save your game and then fly to the
    Command Center. Now go to Defense Access and blast the lockson the Phazite Wall
    so you can go on through the green door. Take out the turret and pirates in
    here before you siphon energy from the device here. Start making your way to
    the top of the area, taking out the multitude of turrets, and then use the
    device at the top to reveal Phazite Panels on the tower. Use the X-Ray Visor to
    destroy the cores in the tower, killing pirates as you do so.
    Once all of the cores are destroyed head back to the very top of the tower and
    use the bomb slot to disable the defense system. Now the Federation can start
    moving in on the pirates and you have another Gold Token. You will be contacted
    by the Admiral now and told to meet him at a specific location. Save your game
    and then go head to meet Admiral Dane. This section is annoyingly tough.
    The Admiral will send some of his troops to assist you in taking out the Seed.
    You need to protect the troopers who are being sent to help you (Huh?!). Note
    that if you can keep them all from dying you will get a Gold Token. Head on
    forward on your silly little escort mission and siphon energy from the device
    here to open the blast doors, head on through. Take out the pirate in this very
    first room and then head through the door ahead. It's time for you to start
    hand holding these little troopers. Take out the pirates on the ledge up ahead
    and above you a bit.
    Now wait for the train to leave and head for the other side. There are pirates
    up on a ledge here so take them out and then deal with the Aerotroopers. Once
    you have killed them a wall will collapse and some more pirates are going to
    make a rush for you... with poor results. Once the train leaves head that way
    and take out the new pirates that come. Now with all the enemies gone the
    soldiers will lead the way to the next area. In this hall there are no pirates
    so take your time and possibly a breather if you're trying to save all of the
    troops. Once you leave the fun begins again.
    In this room there are two pirates to your right almost as soon as you enter.
    The next pirate comes out from the train here so take him out and then pass on
    through the train. There are two more pirates to your left, knock them off and
    finish off any stragglers who remain before you head for the door. This hall is
    another space to catch your breath, you're almost done with this. Once you're
    ready head on through the door here and take out the pirates. A Berserker
    Knight will come running out, take it out quickly with a Nova Beam & X-Ray
    Visor combo to hit its weak point. Sweep up the remaining pirates and some of
    the Pirate Commandos will come charging in. Kill them off to finally end this
    somewhat frustrating section.
    Use the hand scanner near the troops to continue on. Recharge at the Phazon
    pool and then use the nearby hand scanner to keep heading forward. Climb up the
    grab ledge and then take out the Pirate Commander who cheap shots you. He isn't
    even really hard enough to quality as a mid-boss, his only real claim to fame
    is that he has a near endless supply of Commandos coming until he dies so focus
    on him and then get them once he is dead. Now climb back up the grab ledge and
    activate the device here to doors. Drop down and call in a bombing run to clear
    the area. Now head inside your ship, save and fly to the Leviathan.
    Once you reach the Leviathan Core head on through Core Access by keeping the
    X-Ray Visor activate and just blast away at the weak points of the tentacles.
    The path to the core will open and reveal...
    Boss: Omega Ridley
    Guess who'se back and not a happy little camper? Ridley is back and he is going
    to be fighting you head up on the ground rather than in the air the whole time.
    He has a number of bad attacks at his disposal that can give you a really bad
    day if you aren't careful.
    * A beam blast that goes from one side of the screen to the other and must be
    double jumped in time to avoid safely.
    * He rears up and slams into the ground, releasing a shockwave needing to be
    jumped over to ensure safety.
    * A series of missile type attacks that you are going to have to dodge as
    quickly as you can, preferably strafing.
    * He fires off homing plasma attacks that you have to shoot to destroy them or
    they will chase you down.
    * In addition he has a series of melee type attacks that you have to contend
    with coming from all parts of his body: bites, tail lashes, claw strikes and a
    body ram attack. Most of these are somewhat telegraphed but only the ram is
    easily noticed, namely by how he spreads his wings and screeches.
    Damaging Ridley is the same as ever, his mouth is his weak point. He will often
    roar before attacking or open it to do an attack itself. At this point fire off
    beams or missiles into his mouth to hurt him. If you hurt him enough with this
    method he will fall to the ground, quickly move in and grapple his chest armor
    open to expose his weak spot. Flip to Hyper Mode and blast away at his now
    vulnerable soft spots. Keep this up until you take around a third of his health
    and he will shift tactics.
    Ridley will form up some Phazon plates around his armor and add a new attack to
    his repertoire. He will form two energy balls in his hands and slam them into
    the ground which sends electric barriers flying at you rapidly. These are hard
    to dodge but if you shoot the orbs while they are forming you can destroy them
    and if you get both of them you get a free stun in on him. Another new thing he
    will do is he will perform the tail sweep and beam blast moves in tandem which
    forces you to double jump the beam while avoiding the tail strike itself. Just
    do your best.
    Now keep on hitting him in the mouth when you get the chance, or destroying the
    two energy orbs he summons, and stun him. Switch to the X-Ray Visor and blast
    away at the highlighted joints of his armor to peel it off of him. It might
    take a few tries but once it is all gone the fight moves to its next, and last
    stage. He will start flying around the battlefield dropping bombs on you with
    his chest exposed at all times. It's impossible to hit the chest with any real
    reliability so try to take him out of the air with more mouth shots and then
    let him have it.
    You can also wait for him to land but when he is on the ground his chest is
    mostly exposed for fire anyways. So if you cannot take him out of the air with
    mouth shots wait for him to land and then Hyper Mode attack his chest weak spot
    to keep up the damage.
    With a bit of persistance the worst the space pirates have to offer will be
    dead and you get another Gold Token.
    Once Ridley is dead Samus gets exposed to yet more Phazon radiation before you
    can grab the item he left behind. You now have the Hyper Grapple a tool that
    lets you grapple enemies and charge them with Phazon, doing damage to them. It
    is obviously only used in Hyper Mode. Two tentacles will come from the ceiling
    and dangle there, use the Hyper Grapple to destroy them and expose the core.
    This one gets destroyed the same way as all the others. Watch the ensuing cut-
    scene to get an idea as to what will be happening in this final stretch of the
    game. Now it's time to head for the Valhalla to start figuring this one out.
    During the course of the game you should have picked up the four power cells
    that you needed. If not they are found:
    1: Nearby the ship that is crashed inside the Valhalla docking bay.
    2: Obtained when you first load up Samus' ship with missiles.
    3: Found in the Hidden Court in Bryyo. You need to reach the Hidden court by
    activating a bridge that connects the Thorn Jungle to the Federation Hangar Bay
    area. You need to use your ship to put the head of the statue back onto it and
    then use your boost ball to work the spinner to extend it. Then head to the
    Thorn Jungle, ship grapple a large structure and enter the alcove that ends up
    opened. Enter the Hall of Golems and you will find the energy cell in here
    after a bit of work.
    4: Ballista Storage. You need to head to where you got the boost ball with the
    energy grapple. Kill the steamlord there, charge the turbines and you can grab
    the energy cell.
    5: Head into Generator B on Norion with the Seeker missiles. You need to use
    Ice Missiles and Seeker missiles to get through Cargo Dock B and reach the
    Metroid Hatcher mini-boss. Once you have killed him you can grab it from the
    morph ball tunnel.
    6: Command Courtyard, cannot be missed.
    7: Metroid Processing, when you power up the core generator look under the
    floor and you will see it. Snatch it up.
    8: Obtained as you work to get the Seeker Missiles.
    9: Located after grabbing the Nova Beam. Unlock the door to the Main Cavern and
    go to drill site 2. Use X-Ray vision and blast the drills interior core and go
    through the quarry to find the cell.
    Power up the door with an energy cell and grab the other cell from the hangar
    bay area. Head on towards Hangar A Access until you reach the stairwell. Look
    to your east and melt the debris there so you can place an energy cell into
    both slots and raise platforms to the upper levels. Climb them up and jump your
    way across to reach a Missile Expansion. Head your way towards the Auxiliary
    Lift, top level and head through the door. You will need to use the morph ball
    here to get through the obstructions and then head through the next door.
    Yay for vacuums! Kill the metroids here and then missile your way past the
    barricade and go through the now exposed door. Pass through this area, missile
    the blast door and fight off the Hopper army. Head on in and remov the panels
    from the terminal and place the energy cells in them. Now follow the Ship
    Missile Expansion around a bit to retrieve it.
    Bomb the obstruction here and go that way. You are heading back to the Port
    Observation Deck now. Pop an energy cell into the slot here and then go right
    on through. Keep on moving until you see the blue door in Junction A, go in
    there to retrieve an energy tank. Now double back to Junction A and go through
    the green door. You will need to move through this area a bit but you're
    looking for the gears. When you fidn them hit them with missiles to get the
    obstructions out of them and reveal the energy cell slots. Pop the cells into
    the now revealed slots and get the bridges usable.
    Handle the hatcher that pops out however you like and then make your way to the
    top and through the door. Pass through Control Room Access and into the next
    room, the Control Room. Head to the west side of the room and you will see a
    pirate console, this gives you the code needed to control the Leviathan. All
    that you need to do now is return to the Leviathan and activate it and the way
    to the final planet will be revealed.
    To Phaaze!
    When you rendezvous with the Federation fleet above the planet a cutscene will
    play. When it is done you will be in space above Phaaze and the pirate fleet
    will attack the Federation ships. While they are doing that it's up to Samus to
    stop this once and for all. Off she goes to Phaaze to get rid of her evil
    doppleganger and end the Phazon threat.
    The moment that Samus touches down on the planet she is overcome with her
    Phazon infection and she becomes corrupted. From this point forward she is more
    or less in permanent Hypermode (?!) and must stave off death from this. To do
    so you will have to use your more powerful Hypermode attacks or pick up certain
    drops from enemies that will lower your Phazon bar. The bar raises on its own
    over time but it will go up evne faster if you are hit with any Phazon based
    attacks. Speed, caution and judicious use of your Hypermode are required.
    Proceed forward and head on through the door to find yourself in Entry Canyon.
    Keep on moving, being mindful of the Hoppers, and you will find yourself face
    to face with a one of the weird dangly... thingies. Grapple it and overload it
    to get it out of the way. Now drop down into the deep, dark, neverending hole.
    It amazes me how often game devs have your characters plunging into these deep
    old abyss type holes and they do so rather readily. Weirdo main characters...
    Anyways! Move forward through the door and immediately shift into the Morph
    Ball. These tentacles here cannot grapple the Morph Ball but they stop Samus in
    her tracks really fast. Keep moving along until you see some black Phazon
    crystals. Make your way to the upper level, blow up the obstacles in your path
    with some missles and make your way across the ledge to the other door.
    Look to your left and you should see a Morph Ball tunnel. Change into the ball
    and roll on through it. This is going to switch to a side view where you must
    destroy every hunk of Phazon in your path and speed through to the end. You
    will see a new creature in front of you, a Phazon Puffer. These guys will drain
    your Phazon build up and then spit it back at double strength. This is very,
    very bad news but it does serve a purpose. Let the Puffer drain off some of
    your Phazon build up, this buys you some extra time, and then blow it up
    before it can blast you.
    Now go on through the door and you will find yourself in Cavern Beta. Drop to
    the level below and turn to your left, you should see some crystals. Blow them
    up with a missle and then make your way in that direction. Move to the left and
    blow up some more crystals before you go on through that door. Inside this room
    is another tunnel so Morph Ball through it and you will end up in another room
    with a bunch of red structures. Start Hyper Balling them to destroy them, this
    will get rid of the obstructions in the middle of the room and clear a path for
    you downward.
    Do the same thing in the next area you drop into and then do it a third time
    here. At the third time do be ready though, when you fall down the pit you'll
    be falling into the mouth of a creature. You must use Hyper Ball to slowly but
    steadily force the creature to let you out of its mouth.
    Head through the door and you will find yourself heading into Metroid Cavern.
    From this point on you will be facing a veritably endless wave of Phazon
    Metroids so you will have to move quickly and carefully if you want to get out
    of this area with minimal hair pulling. Hop down and start making your way
    through the area and you will find your way to the next door blocked by a
    creature. There are some weird things that come out of it, not sure what the
    heck these are supposed to be, shoot them. This will stun it and you can then
    blow the beat up.
    Go through the door, pass through a room with enemies and then enter the next
    door. You will see a shaft in this room, hop down into it. Now you are face to
    face with another weird monstrosity. Start moving and avoid being eaten by the
    thing and simply open fire on it with your weapon of choice. Destroying it lets
    you proceed on and you will fall the rest of the way to the bottom. Head for
    the door.
    Follow the path until you reach an obstruction, blow it up with missiles and
    then drop down through another hole. Take the door here and you will find
    yourself in the Genesis Chamber, the birthing place of the Leviathans. There is
    a Leviathan being spawned at this very moment so you have to do something right
    now about that. You should see two panels here, go on over to them and yank
    them right off with your grapple. This leaves the Leviathan Infant vulnerable
    to attack. Just let loose and start hammering this sucker until it blows up.
    Snatch up the things it drops when it blows and take the path that has opened
    to reach the final boss.
    Boss: Dark Samus
    Time to get rid of this pain in the rear end. She is a serious bad arse but not
    as bad as she initially seems. After some practice you should have very little
    difficulty taking her out. Once you know her patterns she gets incredibly easy
    to handle.
    She does have a rather large number of dangerous attacks to worry about. She
    can fire what amounts to a Shotgun blast of Phazon, scattering shards of it all
    over the screen. This isn't terrifically dangerous but if you keep moving you
    will minimize damage taken from it. She can also fire homing missiles but if
    you keep moving you can evade this one as well. Lastly she can perform some odd
    Shinespark type move where she flies up into the air, rams into the ground and
    sends out a shockwave of Phazon that you will need to jump over and run from.
    This last attack only really surfaces after you've taken about 20% of her max
    health or so.
    Dark Samus can also protect herself with two specific maneuvers, the first has
    her summoning up a bunch of pillars made of Phazon. You can use these as cover
    or simply destroy them to gain some health back. In addition she can erect a
    barrier of Phazon that will make her immune to your attacks.
    For the most part she will stick to using the missles and phazon blasts so you
    mostly need to keep on your toes and hitting her with attacks when possible. Do
    not miss the chnce to heal up when she creates the Phazon columns. There is
    more after this fight so don't waste all your missiles here.
    When you finally whittle away a quarter of her health she will start summoning
    in some phantoms of herself. To find the real Dark Samus you will need to use
    your X-Ray Visor but each phantom you destroy will give you health so I heavily
    suggest that you balance getting them out of the way and then using them to
    heal yourself. While the phantoms are there they will keep on attacking you and
    DS herself will fire off a huge Phazon beam. Use the Morph Ball to go under it
    and evade damage. You can even use the Hyper Ball to assault her while she is
    using this.
    If you keep on attacking her and dodging her phantoms you will find that she
    will join with her phantoms and become invincible. Just evade during this. Last
    but not least if her and two of her phantoms start to move erratically you will
    be treated to a ram maneuver by the three of them so keep on strafing to ddoge
    this one.
    Should you destroy all her phantoms she will begin glowing blue and crouch down
    low, this is a sign that she is going to use the Shinespark slam. Evade this
    and keep plucking at her health. No surprises will surface until she is down to
    one quarter of her health left. She will fly up into the air with her phantoms
    and start firing off Phazon blasts like crazy in addition to becoming totally
    invincible. Switch your attention to her echoes and destroy them for the health
    and wait until you can turn your attention to her. Keep on hammering her to end
    this phase of the fight and get a Gold Token.
    Boss: Aurora Unit 313
    Now that you have done some serious damage to it, Dark Samus merges with the
    Aurora and attempts to destroy you. This boss has several attacks, many of them
    being very damaging. First it can extrude tentacles that wave around and, after
    some time, fling Phazon dust at you before going back into the body. It can
    create some phantom versions of Dark Samus to jump around, fire Phazon at you
    and Boost Ball. Lastly it has a purple Phazon beam that will absolutely wreck
    you if it hits you.
    The fight isn't that complicated once you know what you need to do. Each of its
    attack forms can be avoided and some even worked to your advantage. When it
    shoots out its purple beam you simply need to strafe dodge it, nothing too big
    but if you're too slow you will get hammered. The Dark Samus echoes are fairly
    hard hitting but if you destroy them they will provide you with health so it
    can even itself out once you get used to destroying them.
    Most importantly is the tentacle attack, the key to taking this sucker out.
    When Auroras tentacles emerge you will see a yellow glow on the tip of them. If
    you aim at that yellow and hit them you will do some damage, stun the unit and
    can even cause them to retract with enough damage. If you can stagger the unit
    enough it will fall over, this is your chance to hurt the unit bad.
    Move over to it quickly and grapple the unit and yank off its armor. This will
    expose its weak spot so charge up a shot and release it when the point is ready
    to be hit. Either that or fill it with missiles. For the first half of the
    fight or so this is all you need to do. When you take down its health to about
    40% or so then things get a little bit dicey. It will start attaching itself to
    the unit down below where you're standing and start flinging bombs at you but
    these aren't too bad. Simply dodge and keep shooting to take out this form.
    Boss: Aurora Brain
    Now it's just you and it, mano y mano, woman versus spine? Ehn, not the oddest
    thing ever in a Metroid game but close. This form isn't all that hard but it is
    very fast so you have to be on your toes.
    As for attacks you will have to deal with a flurry of beams from its cannons.
    These are a bit unpredictable and can be hard to dodge but hold out you don't
    have much more to fight. If you find yourself having problems with this try to
    roll under it, that worked for me. She can bring out a big cannon to shoot the
    ground and cause a shockwave that you need to move away from or jump over. At
    random intervals she will fling off Phazon dust at you but this is actually a
    good thing, more on that below, simply dodge it. And lastly it will spin around
    and try to ram you. Just be quick on your feet and you will minimize damage you
    tak from this.
    To handle this boss it is actually simpler than it might initially seem. Shoot
    at the spine where it connected to the Aurora unit. This will stun her letting
    you get some solid hits in. When it brings out the giant cannon shoot at that
    to stun it and get some more free shots in on it.
    That's actually all there is to this, simply keep on hitting it and it will die
    in no time. Congrats on beating Metroid Prime 3 and obtaining a final Gold
    Token in the process!
    4. Credits
    Thanks go to:
    Nintendo for making a third great reason to own a Wii.
    My girlfriend, Naomi, for helping me write this FAQ from the notes that I had
    taken while I was having typing problems.
    GameSpot for a strategy guide that helped me figure out how to handle some of
    the harder sections of the game... and locate those energy cells.
    5. About the Author
    My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in New London, Connecticut and I am 24 years
    old. Im a huge video game fan, although I dont have the time to play as much
    anymore. I love writing reviews, but Im going to start trying to do more FAQs
    as well.
    So far Ive written the following FAQs:
    Genji: Days of the Blade - PS3
    Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom - PS3
    Bloodrayne 2 Boss FAQ - Xbox
    Sims 2 Career FAQ - PC
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    Resistance: Fall of Man - PS3
    Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Boss FAQ - PS2
    Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony - PSP
    Brave Story New Traveler - PSP
    Super Star Soldier - Wii
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma - PS3
    Lair - PS3
    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army - PS2
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    Conan - PS3 / XBox 360
    Clive Barker's Jericho - PS3 / XBox 360 / PC
    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Wii
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    Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - XBox 360, PS3, PC
    Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - XBox 360
    I am currently working on:
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