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"Forget about dual analogue, forget about shooters. This is the Wii, and this is Metroid."

In May of 2005, Iwata finally revealed Nintendo's Revolution. Along with scarce details and a few allusions to the final system, he revealed a single clip of a single game: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. At that moment, Metroid became the Wii's flagship title, just as Metroid Prime had been the great surprise that came to represent all that was good on Game cube. With expectations nothing short of justifying a system, gamers waited for Metroid to prove itself as a game worthy to end the trilogy, as well as a game worthy to take the throne as the Wii's Best. Finally, on August 27th, gamers were able to answer for themselves the question: Is this game all that we hoped for?. And around the world, the answer can be heard: Yes.

Synopsis of Metroid: Samus is a woman that needs no introduction, but a fool will die the day he doesn't give her one anyway. The first lady of gaming has been kicking ass since the days of the NES, starting with Metroid. Taking the exploration of Zelda and putting it into 2d in an isolated alien world, Samus did for sci if games what Link did for fantasy. Sequels spawned expansion and improvement, until eventually hardware became too advanced for more 2D. An evolution was needed. That evolution was Metroid Prime, the series we find ourselves playing now. It was metroid moved perfectly into 3D with beautiful art glossed on for good measure. Critics raved, fanboys cried, and an epic began. The story of Samus and her encounters with deadly metroids and a mutagenic substance known as Phazon has phazon was begun. The story evolved, but eventually it has to end. Fortunately, Metroid Prime 3 goes out with a bang.

Story: Dark Samus is out there. It's plotting, wrecking havoc, making allies and readying its last great attack... but Samus is asleep in her ship. The game begins with Samus waking up, and putting on her varia suit before going through a leisurely stroll through a Federation ship to be briefed. She, along with 3 other bounty hunters, are going to have to deliver the antidotes to the various Auroras in the Galactic Federation. These Auroras are supercomputers linked over one network that perform all major tasks in the Fed. A reaction with phazon has caused them shut dow. But the Auroras aren't the only things caught up with Phazon. Samus, too, is corrupted. At first it's intentionally applied. The ability to load phazon into your guns, who doesn't love it? But it's not reacting properly with her body. Overloads, blackouts vomiting... something is up. And you have to figure it out, and stop it. All while fending off space pirates, getting rid of computer viruses (must be windows machines) and kicking all kinds of 3 legged, 6 eyed, fire breathing ass. It's a basic story, but it's also very engaging and told in cinematic way, with voice over, cut scenes, and scanned information. All said and done, you won't be disappointed. 8/10

Sound: You boot up the main menu and are greeted with... something totally unexpected. A bizarre alien chorus chants in foreign tongues, singing in high pitched voices. It's not the Metroid theme you know and love, but despite being so strange, it's also beautiful. And it stays that way. Music in the game is just great. From classic tunes, to remixed oldies, to brand new sounds, everything heard is crystal clear and does wonders for the atmosphere. Sound effects are also without flaw, as crates blow up, space pirates whelp in pain, and large creatures lash in fury. You'll hear a lava fall freeze up and ice shatter. Missiles explode, beams charge, and bombs burst. Everything sounds the way you want it to. Plus, the voice acting is great. Not a single line of laughable dialogue, computers sound robotic, hardened Marines greet you with respect, and newbloods approach you with admiration. It all does wonders for the presentation. There's just nothing more to say about it. 10/10.

Graphics: A hot Wii topic if there ever was one. If there's a studio that should be disappointed about the Wii's horsepower, it's Retro. But they put together a beautiful game none the less. Art is of course second to none, as you explore planets ranging from spiky covered jungles to sky cities, from ice wonderlands to abandoned space crafts. Everything is beautiful and creative. On the technical side, the graphics show a big step up from the game cube. Worlds are bigger and more detailed. Layered mapping works fantastically, as you walk over creatures embedded in ice over a pit of molten liquid. You can see the shimmer and transparency of the ice as well as the distortion of the objects within and beneath. The lighting is fantastic. Objects shimmer, computers radiate light, and the sun's rays pour in from overhead. Visor effects have also seen an improvement. Steam covers and distorts, strange goops block your vision, lava drips off, and rain is just plain rain. Other than these instantly noticeable differences, everything is a little sharper. You'll notice less jaggies and smoother textures. Less blurry, too. Honestly, I can't help but wonder how great this game would look in HD, but you aren't going to be thinking about the resolution unless you are looking for reasons why it should be in HD. In other words, you aren't going to find blurry textures unless you walk right up to a wall and stare straight at it. 9/10

Controls: Classic Metroid made perfect. You all know what I'm talking about. The aiming. And let me tell you, they are every bit as good as they're said to be. Aiming is, quite simply, the best. It really is just the speed and precision you've always known the wii is capable. Silky smooth cursor, quick turning, and the ability to instantly blast any foe, at any range, regardless of how quickly you or he is moving. In fact, I may even go as far as to say the the Wii controls are superior to the mouse for hitting moving targets and hitting targets while moving. You just stick your cursor on the darting foe and make slight adjustments to stick with him. It's so good that you don't even realize you're controlling. You just play. The lock on is also a great feature, but I really only use it when I need to hit an enemy with missiles. Still, the free aim lock on combines the ease of the old with the precision of the new. Easily keep the boss in your sights while specifically targeting his weak point. Focus on a single enemy while keeping the others off your back. These controls make everything else obsolete. Switching visors is as quick as ever. Hold minus and flick toward the one you want. Instant. The new context sensitive moments are immersive and extremely cool. They get more advanced as you go, eventually becoming miniature puzzles. The grapple beam is also useful and satisfying. My only gripe is morph ball jumping. Flicking up just doesn't work sometimes, and it's frustrating. Luckily, this is very minor and the rest is just over the top. Therefor: 10/10

Gameplay: Pure Metroid. You explore vast worlds looking for ways to proceed, which show themselves as brilliant environmental puzzles or brand new items and abilities. Along the way, you collect the classic energy and missile upgrades, and you'll need them to fight some of the best bosses ever. These bosses have changed a bit to take advantage of the precision of the wii mote. Perfect shots will be needed to hit their weak points and shoot their own projectiles out of the sky. You'll even have to use your morph ball, beam, missiles, and other abilities all in one fight for most bosses. And did we mention the PED suit? Samus takes a hit of phazon to supercharge her abilities. She becomes invulnerable and her blaster shreds apart all opposition. She can even receive upgrades to this state. But she must be careful. Too much time in this suit can turn deadly, and each hit is costing her a full energy tank. In addition to these changes, new items are added, a map is found in the upper right corner, making exploring much easier, and new worlds are there to explore. The game definitely has a chunk of more action; the wii controls make it possible to blast through enemies where you would have just walked before. But this is still an adventure game, and you never feel betrayed into an fps. This game ups the anti for a 10/10.

Value: This game has a hefty single player at about 20 hours. This is extended by three difficulties, including an unlockable hyper difficulty. You'll also be motivated to go back and find all those scans, items, and enemies you missed before. I can tell already that speed runs will be popular. And you're also going to want to unlock all the medals. Medals are similar to achievement points on the 360. You get them for completing various tasks in the game, from killing 500 enemies to performing some obscure task. Rewards are very cool as well as strange, from hunter ship bumper stickers and bobble heads to concept art and extras. All in all, this is a classic you'll go back to again and again. 9/10

So the Wii's flagship title has finally arrived. A game that tells the Xbox 360 and PS3 "Hey! we've got hardcore games too! And we can do them better than you!" But more importantly, Metroid Prime 3 Corruption is an experience. There are so many moments in the game that you'll remember, so many feelings, and most importantly, and end. Metroid Prime has left us, but it has gone not with a sour taste left in our mouths, but a beautiful, sweet nectar that we will cherish for years to come. Overall, 9.7/10 (rounded to 10 for Gamefaqs).

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/29/07

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