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"Beautiful Corruption"

First off, I would just like to mention the Game Spot review... ya know the infamous one with the lines: "Streamlined controls make things a little too easy and a little less adventurous". Now the one who posted this review won't be mentioned, but I will just say that it deserved far more than the 8.5 they gave it, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is worthy of the praise it got from the other sites that we Nintendo-fan boys love so much [Wii-60... but I am still mainly Nintendo]. And Corruption [I am going to call the 3 games by their "sub titles" to make it easier] is probably the best game currently available on the Nintendo Wii.

For those of you who don't know, Corruption is only the 3rd game made by the Texas based Retro Studios, and the final game in the Prime series which flawlessly inserted Samus into the world of 3D gaming beginning in 2002. And the third is undoubtedly the best one, so lets light this candle.

Story: 8

Metroid Prime never had much of a real story, in Prime you were investigating the Phazon on Tallon IV, and killing Space Pirates, in Echoes you were killing Ing to rid a planet of an evil dimension [well, it was better than Prime 1 was]. But in Corruption even though it was still kind of generic, still an improvement over the last two.

Like always you are Samus, and you along with 3 other Bounty Hunters [Rundas; the ice generating badass (and my personal favorite), Ghor; the as Nintendo Power called him "badass mech", and Gandraya; the shape shifter] are on a mission to check out an infection in these Aurora Units, a giant organic computer [kind of like Mother Brain *wink wink*]. Along the way you and the other hunters are infected with Phazon by Dark Samus, and you are then equipped with a new suit called the P.E.D., which allows you to use the Phazon inside of you as a weapon, but soon you are corrupted, and the other hunters are taken over by Dark Samus [you have to fight them].

You are also investigating Phazon Seeds, which infected a few planets; there is also a lot of dialog to move the story along. I thought that this was much better than the last two, so I will give it a good score for that, and for like always providing interesting scans and some cool tie ins to the old games.

Gameplay: 10

To those of you who have played Prime and Echoes, just intensify that and you have this. Even though Corruption is more Linear and some would say "Halo-like" [I personally enjoyed Halo, so fine with me]. Like always you are given some nice locales to explore, items to collect, and aliens to kill. But the Wii-Mote makes it so much better, you can interact with so many different things in here, you can press switches that actually work quite well, you can collect a lot of items, and the new use for the grapple beam was quite good.

But the real gem of the game were the epic Boss Battles, one of the first ones is falling down a Generator Shaft with Ridley trying to blast him in the mouth and take him down before you splatter all over the ground. The AI has also been improved, now you have so many different enemies out there [even though most of the Space Pirates are the exact same thing], and most of them have a lot of different attacks and different ways to kill them. And like always, there are things that you can scan so that you can learn about the characters, the environments, and the story of the game.

You can also unlock bonuses with tokens, although one little gripe. Drop the frickin' Friend Vouchers because some of us don't have our Wii hooked up to the Internet, and that is because we can't make it work. I wanted to get everything but... that will be hard as hell with that to work around. All in all, Corruption has been an exceptional game, and even the linearity should not bother the diehard Metroid fanatics too much.

Challenge: 7

Corruption is not very hard, especially if you played it on Normal mode [or "Easy" as we call it here], the only really difficult thing is finding all of the items and that is ameliorated by the ability to download the locations of almost every item in the "Chozo Observatory" room. If you want a real challenge, just play on Hyper mode, because that will make you work hard for a while. But the hardest thing is finding ALL of the tokens, especially if you have Dial-Up Internet *sob*.

Controls: 9

Now that Corruption is done with the Wii-Mote, Prime and Echoes feel downright archaic playing now [and those are two of my favorite games]. You are now able to aim while running, and with the Advanced Setting on the remote... screw the other two setting this is how aiming on the Wii should be done. It may take a while to get used too, but after you have it down this is how Wii gaming should be done, no less would be adequate now that Retro has shown how you do it.

Even the gesture controls work better than I expected, except for the jump ball, which did not respond very well sometimes. But what it all comes down too is how well you are able to aim with the remote and scan stuff... or shoot stuff. And Corruption does not disappoint you in that field, it shows exactly what we were waiting for back when the Wii was announced and we were wondering just how well FPS games could be done. My only gripe is the responsiveness for some of the motions is a little iffy.

Graphics: 10

Back in 2002, when Prime came out it was one of the most gorgeous games of its time [and the Cube was thought to be underpowered at that time if I remember correctly], but Corruption blows it out of the water. Now technically, Corruption isn't winning any beauty contests against the 360 and PS3 games out there [yes like BioShock...], but artistically it can compete and hold its own with any of the newer games. It is hard to believe that Retro which is a small company could create such beautiful environments, especially with the limitations on the Wii that won't let you get in everything you want like the other two consoles have.

Still Corruption is a good step above Prime and Echoes, the architecture is done very well, and there are some incredible effects, including some very nice liquid animation and the beautiful lighting. There are also incredible designs for all of the characters, like Ghor and Rundas who are very well designed, and have something interesting to them. Even the humans look nice, albeit unrealistic. But everything has its own design that works for it, and Corruption is a visual masterpiece for the Wii, which has sadly been smothered with bile that could probably be done on the 64 [lets be realistic only Corruption and Super Mario Galaxy show just what the Wii can really do].

Kudos to the people at Retro, for actually putting a ******* effort into a Wii game.

Sound: 9

Corruption finally has some good sound added to the Prime series. This must be because of the additional space on the Wii Optical Discs but it was a nice little treat. Like always Retro shows their impressive composing work with some great songs [the Pirate Music is one of the best songs I have heard in a game], and great sound effects, like a beam charging, a missile flying into a Space Pirate blowing its armor off, the roars of the aliens, and so on... But now we got some real voice over for the first time in Metroid [not counting Super Metroid because that was only 10 seconds]. The Hunters have voices that fit them well, the Marines have the cool gruff voices, the Admiral has that ever so popular Captain Keyes voice, and sadly Sammy doesn't get much except for some new pain yelps. But what is in there is very good, and makes this just so much more of an excellent experience.

Atmosphere: 9

Corruption sucks you in a lot, you really enjoy what you are given to do, and so many things are more fun to do now. I remember Echoes and how I sometimes hated going into the Dark Aether, I hated searching for the Keys, but I have found everything in Corruption to be enjoyable, Hypermode is even fun because it makes you more powerful, but it could also kill you. But it also was not as bad as going into Dark Aether, because Hypermode actually had benefits. And you were even able to change your strategy around for Hypermode to fight different enemies. But it really makes you feel like Samus, and Retro's attention to detail was the most impressive part of the game.

Replayability: 8

You have a crap load of tokens to get, 100 Items, 3 difficulties and some of the most bad-ass boss battles Samus has ever had on one awesome game. You will probably keep playing just to unlock all of the extras.

Great graphics and sound, well done voice over work, Wii-Controls done very well, INCREDIBLE boss battles.

Wii-controls sometimes don't work right, too linear for some people, not much different than Prime and Echoes.

Should you get it:

Corruption is currently the best game for the Wii in my mind, and will be one of the best games that finally showed just what the Wii could do. And Sammys final outing in the Prime series is one worth checking out. If you are a fan of Metroid buy it, and if you liked Halo but not the GCN Prime's, then you should dig this one as well.


Corruption is an excellent end to the Prime sub series of Metriod, and showed that the Wii wasn't just cooking sims and mini-games; it could deliver a hardcore game with the best of them. It also left an opening for a Sequel [just read the Forums...], but hopefully we can get back to the 2D Metroids we know and love while we have this incredible game to bring Samus to the Wii.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/30/07, Updated 02/13/08

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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