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Reviewed: 08/30/07

Feel the Corruption.

Ah, Metroid... how far you've come! Most of your games are stellar hits (pun intended), except for those, ah, three that I won't mention.

And then the 3-D series! Whoo! Metroid in 3-D! Who could want anything more?

A 3-D Metroid on Wii? Absolutely! This is just asking for big bucks. I salute you, Texas, for bringing forth Retro Studios.

Gameplay: 10/10

It's time again for the first ten minutes of the game. You begin as soon as Samus dons her Varia Suit; a very nice addition. Also, you're on board her ship; you get to pilot it around much like in Metroid Prime Hunters. However, there are a few more neat-o bells a whisles. A bioscan, shields, missile preps, thruster, radio... it's very very nead how detailed Retro made the ship. Very interactive.

Anyway, you reach the Galactic Federation ship and voila, you have to meet the Admiral and the other three Hunters. At first, it seems a little dull; right now all you can do is shoot boxes and scan stuff. And talk to people for a little bit. But, you meet the Admiral, Aurora, the other Hunters, and BAM! Instant action. Pirate Attack! Now you have to get back on the ship and head to the planet. But first, you have to survive the attack!

It's amazing how detailed Retro made the ship. If something breaks the glass, there will be instant vacuum, and blast doors close. You'll get stuck in the trash. Shortcircuits, malfunctions, it's all beautifully done. And the Pirates act realistic too. They shout, and they play keep away at one point.

Anyway, reach the ship, head down to the planet. Adreneline is already rushing, and from here on out, it will only keep piling into one of the biggest and best boss battles of all time. Just you wait and see. You'll be begging, MORE! I WANT MORE!

The Wii Remote handles the game smoothly, and the controls are really great... except for the map and hint system. 1 to hit the map, 2 for a hint if applicable. Not good placement for me, but you shouldn't have to access the map in the middle of a firefight. So, the control scheme is great, tailored to the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

You won't believe how FLAWLESS the controls are. Shooting and jumping are easier than pie, and entering Morph Ball mode is so easy a caveman could do it. (Sorry, Jim.) Lock-on is simple, and even changing visors and entering Hypermode is extremely easy and simple to do, even in a fire-fight. You couldn't ask for better controls.

If you want, you can even FLIP a few of the controls, such as jumping and shooting, to better suit your needs.

The game can be linear at times, seeing as you'll often be getting on and off the ship to fly somewhere else and then do something, then onto the ship to fly here... it can get tedious. But, they always try to add a little action for your rewards. The game is chock-full of mini-bosses, and the main bosses are well made, if a little easy.

Hypermode is the main attraction. By entering it, you utilize Phazon to energize your attacks. This is for those who wanted more Phazon Beam time in the first Metroid Prime. But, if you stay in it long enough, you'll get Corrupted and start producing more Phazon. This is a mixed blessing; you have more Phazon to fuel your attacks. But, if it fills up and you don't get rid of it, you'll become completely corrupted and lose the game. Talk about risk! But, it will eventually time-out if you decide to let things run the course, so you might just get lucky.

Graphics: 10/10

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. You can see Samus' reflection in her visor. You can see Phazon pulse with a bluish light. The Auroras are incredibly detailed. Even the grass is detailed to that when you shoot it, it waves. Retro really pulled out all the stops on this one. Amazing.

Sound: 10/10

Wonderful! The music fits the mood incredibly well, and some tracks are great. Some sounds are recycled, but others are brand new and fit well. Grunts of enemies and such. The main attraction, however, is the full voice acting. FULL VOICE ACTING! No text when talking to someone, FULL VOICE ACTING. Simply, and truly, incredible.

Difficulty: 10/10

The difficulty ramps up at a very even pace before leveling out. I'd say you'd have a great time, but then again, you might not be me.

Overall: 10/10

Samus is in her greatest adventure yet. This game sparkles with detail and fantasy. You'll come back again and again for the wonderfully crafted awards system, but make sure you have some friends, first.

Buy/Borrow/Barf: Buy
Final Score: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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