Review by Masterofidiots

Reviewed: 08/30/07

In a game where Samus is corrupted, the ability for this to shine isn't.

The Metroid series has always been a stable series, most of the games good, if not great. A staple in the 2D Adventures, the series was already one of the most successful Nintendo has ever made. Even though the series may have moved from a more family version, to a darker, yet more elegant version, the game can still appeal to you new beginners, and some of the more advanced gamers, looking for a challenge.

Graphics 9/10

In a virtual world where graphics are now overpowering Game Play, this game strikes back. "Not good enough" or "Is this the best the Wii can do?" have all been said about this game, with it striking back. Every pixel an elegant master piece. It is true though, that this game can't muster up some of what it's brothers, or, at least, what it is being compared to can do, but these graphics show truly what the Wii could do.

Gameplay 10/10

What truly makes this game shine is the fact that it's gameplay is so much smoother than other games like Call Of Duty, or Red Steel. Whether you are Grappling from point to point, or shooting mass amounts of Phazon, it really is amazing.

Sound 9/10

The music is as elegant as always with the Metroid Prime series, but in my opinion, what really gives this game a boost is the human voicing. The plain fact that you are given orders on what to do, or listening to a simple conversation, it just really adds a big boost

Story 8/10

The one thing that this game does better than the 2D Games is the fact that there is story here. Although it has never been an "Amazing" Story, or Plot, it has helped add a level of complexity to which the Metroid series never had before Prime.

Rent or Buy?

Buy, definitely. The fact that you could play this game for so many hours, and how much you will enjoy Aiming with the Wii Remote, Swinging the Nunchuk, or just roaming around the endless worlds, time on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, is time well spent.

Score: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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