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"The best game on the Wii and a worthy ending to the Prime series"

This game had very high expectations, being the sequel to two of the best games on the Gamecube. This game has been delayed many times, but it is obvious that those delays were for a good reason. The game manages to retain the Prime flavor of open-ended adventure while adding many other elements that make this a great game.

Story: 8/10

This is a pleasant surprise, seeing as the previous Metroid games had pretty much nothing in the way of plot, just putting Samus on a planet and letting you roam free. This game, however, has many NPCs and other bounty hunters that help you, as well as objectives from the Federation. The story is pretty good, but it gets a couple points off because sometimes the many objectives take away from the exploration part of a game, so that you usually just go where the map tells you to. Still, it is an interesting addition.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics aren't noticably better than Prime 1 and 2, but that is mainly due to the limitations of the Wii. The animations and framerate are always very good, and the artistic quality of the environments is as good as ever. The graphics don't really match up to the 360, but they are still nice to look at.

Controls: 10/10

The controls are one of the common criticisms of the Prime series (the only one really). However, the controls have been completely revamped so that they give you an experience you could only have on the Wii. Now, the remote is used to aim to give more of an FPS feel. However, the Z button is still used to lock on to enemies, so it's sort of a combination of the previous MP games and an FPS. The controls feel perfect and are very easy to get used to.

Sound: 10/10

The music and sound effects are similar to the ones in previous games, but with improved sound quality. The big change in this game is the introduction of voice acting. This is very well done, in several cut scenes as well as objectives while you are playing.

Replay Value: 9/10

Like all Metroid games, there are many hidden things and it is possible to play through several times in order to get 100% completion. The only problem is that the game makes it a little easier to collect things and the overall difficulty is a little less than MP 1 and 2.

This game is a must buy for anyone with a Wii. It is a great addition to the Metroid series, almost as good as Super Metroid. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/30/07

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