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Reviewed: 09/04/07

Third time's a charm

Well here we are. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I've been waiting for this game to come for-damn-ever. I've taken an interest on the Metroid series in 2004, starting with Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion. Fusion was fine, while Prime was pretty good! Then I got Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and that game was pretty awesome as well. Then I was damn-near impatient waiting for the Wii to become available, let alone Metroid Prime 3. And finally it's here. Was it worth the wait?

The answer: HELL YES.

- Story: 10/10 -
Let's do some comparing, shall we? Metroid Prime 1's story was vaguely described, using lore entries in Samus's logbook to explain things, like backstory and such. Otherwise, many would wonder what the point of running around in the game was. Metroid Prime 2 had an explained story that started to seem a little bit boring after a while. For one thing, it became a little linear compared to the first game. Prime 1 had virtually no dialog scenes, while Prime 2 had a few with no real voice acting.

Prime 3: The storyline was an awesome one with a good load of stuff thrown in. The focus appeared to be on Phazon and pretty much its full effects. We saw the damage it did in the first two games. Now in Corruption there's actually opportunity to do something about all this Phazon that's creating big messes. Moreover, Samus will meet up with Dark Samus (featured in the previous game), who corrupts her with Phazon. On the bright side of things, this will allow Samus to use Phazon for dealing some serious damage, but there appears to be a cost to that. Also there are three other bounty hunters in the game that help Samus early on with the first major mission. They get corrupted with Phazon as well, and beyond that they start to go overboard in behavior (you'll see what I mean when you experience the story for yourself).

Dialog scenes: For one, there's actually a few more of them, and there's some terrific voice acting for characters. Whoever was hired to do the voice for Admiral Dane did excellent. As a matter of fact, I really enjoyed when he made use of the word "Damn." More Nintendo games need to involve a little vulgar language like that. There will be some G.F. Troopers and some other people you can walk up and talk to. Most won't have much to say, but the way that's done is better than a crappy dialog at all.

On a side note, Metroid Prime 2 had G.F. Troopers being helplessly pwned by the Ing, but they really kick some ass in this game. That's another thing I find very fasicnating!

- Gameplay: 10/10 -
Well, you know how to play the other two games, right? Because that's gonna become rather essential.

As far as controls go, you will no doubt have some "getting used to" ahead of you. I know I did. Turning left and right and looking up and down requires you to point the Wii Remote in that direction and at that edge of the screen to do so. The Control Stick on the Nunchuck will do forward and backward movement, and also sidestepping movement (where previously it was turning movement). Holding down the Z Button suspends turning and looking around with the Wii Remote, so you can have some easier time blasting targets.

That's another thing: the aiming is much better than Prime 1 and 2. Mainly because you have a freaking Wii Remote to aim with! Almost like a light gun. The lock-on feature is retained in this game, but unlike the past two games you are not restricted to shooting only the single foe you're locked on to. Locking onto someone or something allows you to strafe around it, but you are free to shoot the other enemies surrounding the one you've locked onto as well. Perhaps I should mention that the Seeker Missile featured in Prime 2 returns, and it's easier to use because you can aim a whole helluva lot better.

Samus will be getting upgrades as per usual. You've all heard that the Beam Weapon system is no longer interchangable, but stackable instead! The new Beam Weapon you get combines with your current one: the rate of fire does not decrease, nothing gets worse. It's merely more firepower to you! But it doesn't stop there: you can get stacked upgrades for you Missiles and your Grapple Beam as well! For visors, your Combat and Scan Visors return. The new visor featured in this game is the Command Visor, allowing you to command your gunship to come to landing locations... and your gunship will get a few upgrades itself so it can get in on the action! The X-Ray Visor returns from Prime 1, and it'll be utilized along with a Beam Weapon that can shoot through walls!

For Suits, there aren't a whole lot. The Phazon Enhancement Device is given to you once Dark Samus corrupts you with Phazon. This PED Suit lets you enter Hyper Mode anytime you need (at the cost of one Energy Tank), and you can shoot Phazon blasts that are pretty powerful. You'll also get Hyper Mode upgrades for your Morph Ball and your Missiles as well. Using Phazon attacks drains a meter that gauges how much Phazon you have left to expel. Exiting Hyper Mode can let you salvage the remaining Phazon as energy for your Energy Tanks. Caution is advised: If the Phazon meter turns red and starts filling, you need to shoot out your remaining Phazon or it could be pretty fatal.

You'll be given a bunch of mission objectives in the game. While you can explore freely what you can (after the first mission), the mission objective thing seems a lot like Metroid Fusion. But it does seem like a good way to spice things up for being directed on where to go. Also do note that some fights with Space Pirates will have you do things other than killing the Pirates: you may have a more important objective in the room to carry out, while the Pirates are here to distract and slow you down. A little something out of the ordinary, to break the martyr approach to Space Pirate fights. I approve!

- Graphics: 10/10 -
If you thought the graphics in the first two games were cool, this game has some... awesome... graphics. Many would say it all looks the same, and I'd have to agree with them. Generally, I'm not all that concerned with graphics and such. They're still good though, of course.

- Sounds and Music: 10/10 -
Could they be any more perfect? New music, good sounds. Goddammit, I wanna get ahold of the entire soundtract so badly.

- Replay Value: 10/10 -
No doubt you'll be playing this again and again to 1) look for all Missile Expansions and Energy Tanks and everything else towards 100% of the pickups and 2) Freakin' speedrun. But my advice is to copy your game into a second file, because after you beat it and save, you'll start a new game when you play again. This time you get Hyper Mode difficulty! That... is something I'll leave up to you to discover.

- - - Overall Score: 10/10 - - -
So what the hell are you sitting here reading this for? Go buy the game, pay your EB Games or GameStop the 40 bucks (:O), and play the kickassness that is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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