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"A worthy ending to the Prime trilogy"

This game is truly amazing, even though I've only been playing it for a week.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics of the game are truly incredible. They are so smooth and seamless they appear almost life-like. Shoot at a blade of grass and you can actually see it wave from the shot. Fire a missile and you can really see the trail of smoke it leaves behind. If you play other Prime games the arm cannon is somewhat polygon-like but in this game the arm cannon is perfectly cylinderical. The graphics will just blow you away! 10/10

Sound 10/10
The sounds have seen some improvement since the other two Primes. They sound more life-like than ever before. You can even hear some characters speak. No more just text. You can hear the person speak. Plus the in-game sounds are very well done. Walk around in a pool of phazon and you can hear it swish around as you walk. 10/10

Controls 10/10
This is a big part of the game's success. You can actually aim and shoot as if you were actually there. You can also flick the nunchuk to grapple and pull objects in the environment. And when you interact with objects in the environment the controls are so seamless that it's like you're actually interacting with it yourself! 10/10

Gameplay 10/10
This is the real meat 'n' tators of the game. You'll constantly be aiming and shooting at enemies and objects, solving puzzles both simple and complicated, and nabbing upgrades and expansions along the way. Plus, at any time during the game you have access to a very powerful ability called hyper mode. Just hold down the "plus" (+) button during the game to activate it. During that time, you have incredible offensive powers at the price of one energy tank. And if you stay in hyper mode long enough you can enter corrupt hyper mode, a sort of mixed blessing. You can stay powered up for a longer period of time but if you let the corruption bar reach full it means game over for you! The gameplay rocks and never seems to get boring, even with the absence of multiplayer. 10/10

Replay value 10/10
Of course you'll want to come back to this game again and again to see how fast you can beat it and to collect expansions and what have you. 10/10

Overall 10/10
This is a must have for any Wii owner or Metroid Prime fan. Even if you've never played a metroid game or any type of FPS you will be glued to your TV screen for hours on end when you play this!10/10

Rent: If you've never played an FPS
Buy: YES!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/04/07

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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