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"why this game beats bioshock(not in graphics) but Story"

This game is a lot like a game that was released the week after this game(coincidence not). The game I am stating is bioshock a first person shooter. I haven't played BS yet(lol), but this game has a great story. So I hear bioshock is about a underwater civilization. Metroid is about space and distant but beautiful planets. Now we got one on the bottom of the sea and one in the sky. Now the ocean is pitch black(at least as deep as rapture is). Space on the other hand is pitch black(what a surprise). So the story in bioshock is provided with audio tapes , and in metroid is provided with the ability to scan every single thing you see. Now I think audio tapes are slow, but scanning things require you to read(oh my god I have to read). Now scans can be mandatory sometimes, but audio tapes are optional(raise your hand if you want to listen, no hands). So I am in favor of reading because you can analyze what their saying, but in audiotapes you can't replay it(unless you want to, nobody wants to replay it). Now you get the basics of storytelling in these games now heres the story.

In a galaxy very, very, very, far away there was a girl named Samus Aran who was raised by alien birds named Chozo. The Chozo trained her in all of the skills of warriors to fight the evil Space Pirates. She was given the power suit by the Chozo to fight the evil Space Pirates. A few years later she was hired to assassinate aliens by the Galactic Federation. On her way she learned of evil Mother Brain and Ridly and their plans to take over the universe using Phazon. Phazon is a material that can increase the power of beings , but it is also deadly if used to much.

Now that was her story and this is the bioshock story.

Spoilers Major

The player takes the role of Jack (taken from the name on the package he holds), a passenger on a plane that crashes over the Atlantic Ocean near Rapture in 1960. Descending into Rapture via a bathysphere terminus, he discovers the city has fallen into chaos. Upon arrival, Atlas assists Jack via radio in making his way to safety through the Splicers, while Ryan, believing Jack to be a government agent, uses Rapture's automated systems and his pheromone-controlled Splicer armies to try to kill Jack. Atlas tells Jack that the only way he can survive is to inject himself with plasmids and to use the abilities they give him, as well as killing the Little Sisters to extract their ADAM. However, Dr. Tenenbaum insists that Jack only kill the sea slug embedded in each Little Sister, so as to rescue the human girl; she promises that she will reward him greatly for saving the girls.[14] As Jack works his way through the city, he learns through audio journals and diaries of the deceased left about Rapture's fate. Atlas' past actions have led Ryan to kidnap his wife and child and lock them in a submarine. While Atlas and Jack are able to make their way to submarine bay, they are not able to stop Ryan from blowing up the submarine; an enraged Atlas tells Jack he must find and kill Ryan.

Jack makes his way to Ryan, who has stopped putting up any resistance to Jack's efforts. Instead, he reveals to Jack why he is here: Jack was actually born in Rapture just two years ago, having been genetically modified to mature rapidly; he is Ryan's illegitimate son as a result of an affair with Jasmine Jolene, an exotic dancer.[12] Ryan further informs Jack that he was trained by Fontaine to be an assassin through mental conditioning triggered by specific phrases, then sent topside with specific instructions to hijack and crash an airplane to allow Jack to return to Rapture. Ryan calmly demonstrates Jack's lack of free will by ordering Jack to kill him, using the trigger phrase "Would you kindly...". Jack realizes that Atlas has been using the same phrase since he arrived in Rapture. After Ryan is dead, Atlas reveals himself to be Fontaine. With Ryan dead, Fontaine no longer needs Jack, and leaves him at the mercy of the reactivated security systems. However, Dr. Tenenbaum and her Little Sisters save Jack before security kills him.

After Jack recovers from unconsciousness, Dr. Tenenbaum assists him in breaking the remaining conditioned responses, some of which she had deactivated previously. During the subsequent pursuit of Fontaine, the doctor predicts that the only way to get through the last few obstacles would be to assemble a Big Daddy suit and follow the rescued Little Sisters through passageways only they can open. By the time Jack reaches him, Fontaine has injected himself with vast amounts of ADAM, becoming an inhuman monster. Jack and the Little Sisters are eventually able to subdue Fontaine, the Little Sisters swarm Atlas/Fontaine and stab him to death with their ADAM needles. Three endings are possible depending on how the player interacted with the Little Sisters. If the player did not harvest many, the ending shows the rescued Sisters returning to the surface and living full lives under Jack's care. Otherwise the ending shows Jack turning on the Sisters after defeating Fontaine; at some later point, a naval submarine carrying submarine-launched ballistic missiles comes across the wreckage of the plane when it is surrounded by bathyspheres and attacked by Splicers. There are two variations on the "harvest" ending; if the player only harvested Sisters, Dr. Tenenbaum's voice during narration is harsher, while if the player both harvested and rescued the Sisters, Dr. Tenebaum's voice is softer and resigned in tone.

Now tell me which ones better.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/10/07

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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