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"God do I want to give this game a 10!"

If I gave this game a 10, however, I would be denying facts. Metroid Prime 3 is probably the most enjoyable, if not the easiest, of the Metroid Prime series. Metroid Prime 3 brings back the stackable beam and missle system, and this very much limits the gameplay. No more having to switch beams and be tactable about which beams do more damage, Metroid Prime 3 halts that. However, the mutiple planets are a very much welcome addition to the series. With this basic overview, let us begin.

Graphics: 10/10
They're beautiful... it's true! I love the graphics in this game to the point where I was crying tears of joy. This game brings the beautiful worlds we know into Wii form, and Wii approve! (Sorry). Anyway, from fighting enemies to exploring the darkness of Pirate Homeworld, be prepared to shimmy in delight! The graphics are lush, beautiful, and praiseworthy!

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay is quite awesome. It may take a few minutes for the seasoned Metroid veteren to get used to not pressing the control pad for the scan visor, but this game takes you behind the helmet like never before. From scrolling over the little satilite for voice messeges to quickly tapping into hypermode, you better believe it is awesome!

Difficulty: 7/10

Ok. If you have not beaten Metroid Prime 1 or 2 this game may be hard. Maybe. But for those proud few that may call themselves gamers that beat Metroid Prime 2, this game is not close to hard. If you beat the previous 2, please start the game on Veteren mode! I made that mistake, and after I beat it I instantly started hypermode. It is too easy for the seasoned fan. THere is a reason they call it Veteren mode, but the seasoned fan might be cautious to start out on the harder mode first. But don't worry...Hypermode comes from beating the game. I have just started hypermode, and just beat Meta Ridley, but it seems a decent up in difficullty, so definitely do it.

Music: 10/10
The music is awesome, just like all Metroid Prime games. And with the bonus gallery, you can listen to it! Which brings me to...

Extras: 10/10

The game is lush with secrets. From tokens for doing "Bowling for bots" (As suggested in the Preview channel) to the "Stylish kill" this game is awesome. It lets you buy everything from concepts to Mii Bobbleheads. Unfortunately you have to find a way to trade friend vouchers over Wifi, so do that. And look out for the secret messages ;)

Overall 9/10

This game is totally awesome, but missing a few things. First, it should have been WAY longer. The spider guardian of Metroid Prime 2 beats the Final Boss of 3 any day. (Of course, I hated the SPider Guardian). Also, you can tell that parts were scrapped at the last minute. They have a lot of unique ship controls... but no ship battling. It would have been a lot more fun with ship battles. Plus, the difficulty level is low, and not only that I believe that the beam system could have been improved a little more. Oh well, this game is awesome anyway. Buy it. BUY IT!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/22/07

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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