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"The (almost) seamless leap into the next generation"

Metroid Prime 3 is the final installment in the highly acclaimed Metroid Prime series where bounty hunter Samus Aran makes the jump into the third dimension. With the delayed release of this game and the anxiety of a whole new way of experiencing the first person perspective, Metroid Prime 3 had to live up to alot of expectations or fall flat. Thankfully, it wasn't the latter.

The first two Metroid Prime games had Samus' arm cannon fixated on the centre of the screen. You had to go through the cumbersome task of holding R to have a free look around. The Wii not only fixes this but revolutionizes it by virtually making the remote your cannon. Therefore, you can now move the reticle and cannon anywhere on screen. This allows for the game to rely more on precision with the Lock On from previous Prime games also stripped down. You're still able to lock on but if enemies move too fast, you'll lose it. The nunchuk acts as your Grapple Beam giving you the ability to rip off doors, plates and enemy shields. This, along with turning your Wii remote to engage switches, might seem like a gimmick however, as it doesn't feel that great.
Additionally, upgrades in this game might disappoint some. Although, the game uses a Hyper Mode ability where samus' powers are greatly enhanced, this again, may seem like a gimmick as the other upgrades are less exciting and less in numbers. Moreover, newly acquired beams now "stack" onto each other rather than switching from one beam to another. From a larger perspective as well, Corruption seems slightly easier than the previous two games but thankfully there are harder difficulty levels to have veterans satisfied.

The game pretty much starts off continuing Samus' encounters with the mutagenic substance, Phazon and her doppelganger, Dark Samus. This time, a computer virus infects the Federation's main computers and as Samus and a few new bounty hunters investigate, a meteor, otherwise known as the Leviathan, starts approaching the planet. Samus soon finds these Leviathans have crashed onto several other planets and she is thus sent to destroy them. This entails that the game's story is now set on a group of planets, thus allowing you to use your ship to jump from several landing points on the planet and also to fly to another world. This makes the game's story more epic and different from all other Metroid games where events happened on one world instilling solitude and loneliness (ala Super Metroid) .However, what it succeeds in is also its down point as openness to explore from the last two Primes is lost due to cohesiveness often broken by flying to another planet. Areas feel smaller and more restrictive and repetitive cutscenes mask the loading times to reach the desired destination. Additionally, some gamers may be frustrated by the strong hint system, telling you where to go next, making the game feel more linear. But this wasn't a big issue to me since I could still backtrack and explore for new items.

The game uses the Wii's graphic engines to its maximum potential. Lighting effects are excellent; surpassing most other Nintendo games on the market. Cutscenes are also beautiful and have smooth frame progression. Voiceovers for other characters are abundant in Corruption as well, making the game more cinematic. This goes back to Corruption's take on making the story more interesting. Sounds are also crisp and satisfying. Veterans of Metroid however, may find the game's music to be less satisfying as melodies, choir voices and bass are less prominent. On a more positive note, some of the boss themes were more heart pounding and engaging.

Play Time/ Replayibility
The game's length is about 15-18 hours in length, a little shorter than Prime 1 and 2. This includes if you're going for all the expansions and upgrades giving you 100% completion. Replayibility is mostly in collecting Friend Vouchers which provide the only source of multiplayer in this game. Gather vouchers and trade them with friends over WiiConnect24 to unlock special bonuses including a screenshot tool where screens can be snapped from the game at any given moment and sent to the WIi Message Board for exchanging. Replaying it over again isn't that worthwhile if you've acquired everything already.

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption is worthy giving a good finish to a strong storyline and trilogy. Making the jump to an entirely differently platform is difficult but Retro Studios again did not disappoint, as most elements we've come to expect remain perfectly intact and enjoyable. Leaving comparisons to the other Prime games aside, Corruption itself promotes the Wii in all its glory and makes for one of the best games since its release almost a year ago.

+Intuitive and (somewhat) fresh control scheme
+strong story
+good graphics and lighting

-Areas are less expansive
-Musical score is not as inspired and prominent as previous installments
-Toned down difficulty

Verdict-Great but could be better

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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