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"After playing Metroid with motion controls, I never want to go back to playing with a traditional controller."

Metroid is like the brainchild of...well...nothing. I see Metroid as a genre defining kind of game. I see it as the series that brought life into the sidescrolling adventure style of gameplay. People shouldn't see Metroid as a sidescrolling shooter, or as a first person shooter. They should see it as an adventure game with that touch of action involved. The Metroid series has always been one of my favorite video game series ever, so if there is a bad Metroid game, I am really going to be harsh on it because I expect so much out of each game in the series that has came out. Today I will be reviewing the latest game in the series, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Did you like Metroid Prime? Did you like Metroid Prime 2: Echoes? (Okay, let's face it, Prime 2 was a disappointment; however, Metroid Prime goes down as one of the best games ever created). If you liked Prime 1 or 2, you will absolutely love Metroid Prime 3. Sure, it's not better than Metroid Prime, but it comes so close, and surpasses it in other aspects. Metroid Prime 3 is still in the first person viewpoint and is still an adventure game, but it seems like this time you will be doing a lot more shooting. In fact, Prime 3 is almost as much of a first-person shooter than it is an adventure game. So let's talk about every aspect of this game.

First, the controls. I am going to say it straight out, Metroid Prime 3 is the best controlling game on the Wii. If you thought Call of Duty 3 had the best FPS controls, play MP3, it will blow you away. So many Wii games fall flat because they lack good controls. Either that or they don't even really use the Wii's novelty motion controls. MP3 controls so well, it's unbelievable. You use the control stick on the Nunchuck to move and strafe and you aim with the Wiimote. You shoot with A and jump with B, but you can switch those around if you think it feels better to shoot with B and jump with A. The Z trigger well be used as your lock on, but what it does is it locks onto the area of the enemy and then you just aim with the Wiimote and blast away. If you hit minus and then move your Wiimote in a certain direction you will select your visor. The plus button is used for Hypermode, which you get early on in the game. The C button on the Nunchuck is used to go into Morph Ball mode. The 1 and 2 buttons are used for your maps and the game options screen and to use missiles you press down on the D-Pad.

The controls feel extremely fluent and after playing Metroid Prime 3 with motion controls, I never, ever want to go back to playing it with a Gamecube controller. It's just that good. Maybe the only flaw with it is that I wish there was maybe a different way to shoot missiles. It's not much of a problem shooting with Down on the D-Pad, but it is not perfect either. Other than that, I literally have no gripes with the control scheme. It is probably the best and funnest controlling game I have ever played.

The controls really add to the gameplay and this game is a blast to play! Right from the start all the way to the finish (and this game is not short), there is hardly a dull moment. The new aiming system makes shooting enemies non stop fun and the new enemies can get pretty tough because of the addition of Hypermode. Keep in mind, Samus is not the only one who can use Phazon. The Space Pirates find some nice uses for it as well. I've hardly even started yet! The boss fights are downright amazing, everything you'd expect from a Metroid game and more! The bosses are now tougher and just like before, all come with some kind of catch to beating them, just like it should be in every video game that features such legendary boss fights. I do not want to spoil things for you, but be ready for an early on epic fight with Ridley and possibly one later. This game has some of the greatest boss fights there is thanks to the fun motion controls and fun Metroid style.

Try not to forget that Metroid games are always loaded with puzzles. Puzzles in Metroid are what kept the 2D and 3D Metroid games very similar to each other. Prime 3 does not fall short in this category either. Expect to see some traditional Morph Ball puzzles frequentely, and they are as fun as ever before and this time I found some to be pretty challenging. In addition to that expect to see puzzles for the new use of Phazon in Hypermode. None of these are very tough however. Actually Metroid Prime 3 seems somewhat easier because of the motion controls. They are extremely good, that even though the enemies are stronger, you can kill them quicker and funner. I wouldn't have minded a bit more challenge.

Now I am going to move onto the graphics of this game. Metroid Prime 3 is THE best looking game on the Wii. It does look like the past two Metroid Prime games, but the thing is, those games look great even today. In addition to that, Metroid Prime 3 just has a much cleaner, glossier look to it and most aspects of the graphics have been bumped up somewhat. Plus the art style is amazing and never fails to impress. There is a ton of detail everywhere, almost no places in the game have bland design and overall the textures are great. Expect to see some nice character design thrown in there and some ingenious boss designs. All of this and it runs at a smooth framerate. You'll see a bit of slowdown but overall it does run very smoothly. Heck, I think this game could pass as a decent looking Xbox 360 game.

But, with all that said, this is still a Wii game so expect the limitations every other Wii game has. For Wii games to truly shine in the graphics aspect, they require a strong art style above everything else. We all know by now that half the games, if not more, on the system look worse than your average Gamecube title. I'm essentially saying that Wii game aren't too pretty. Metroid stands out above the rest because Metroid Prime is still a great looking game, Prime 3 does have noticeable better textures and detail than its predecessors, and the art style is extremely strong and well delivered.

It seems the complaint every professional reviewer had with the last huge Nintendo Wii title, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was that the music was not orchestrated. Well I'm not a professional reviewer so I am going to try to make a point. Orchestrated music is not essential for the game to have great music. I'm not going to take the time to find out if Prime 3's music was orchestrated because I really do not care too much. Sure, it may sound better than your average midi but it really matters how well the game's music sounds bottom line. As long as the game's music is powerful it shouldn't matter. Metroid Prime 3 makes a massive improvement from the past two games which if you have played them, you'll realize that the music was the worst aspect of the games. The music could get very repetitive and just could have been better in most ways. Metroid Prime 3 has very nice music that definitely has a ton of variety to it. Overall, it's just a big improvement from the past two games.

I like the honesty in Metroid Prime 3. You probably don't have any idea what I am talking about so let me explain. A lot of video games would have that Nintendo W-Fi logo stamped on even if they just had bare bones online options included. Those games, you'll see the Wi-Fi stamp and think that you are in for a treat because you will get to play some fun online multiplayer with your friends. Well, Metroid doesn't have that stamp; however, it does have Wi-Fi built in so you don't expect it to be there and then it's just a small surprise instead of a big disappointment. The Wi-Fi in Metroid is just used for giving people 'Friend Vouchers.' When you receive a Friend Voucher, it will be turned into a token. There are different colors of tokens and you can buy stuff with these tokens. Normally you get other colored tokens from doing various things in the game. Kind of like achievements in a way. You can only get friend tokens from Friend Vouchers and most of the things you can buy require these friend tokens and other colored tokens. You can buy some neat stuff, and a lot of it too.

The last thing to talk about is the replay value of this game. So you're wondering, how long is Metroid Prime 3? Is it longer than the past two games? Is it worth playing all the way through? Prime 3 averages about 20 hours long on your first play through. However, if you know Metroid games than you'll know that you'll be spending a lot more time with this. First off, you'll want to shoot for 100% meaning you'll have to scan everything and get every single missile and energy tank. That will add some time to the clock definitely. To answer the second question, yes it is longer than both games. Prime 1 took about 10-15 hours while Prime 2 took around 15-20 hours, so yes it is longer. Finally, it is definitely worth playing all the way through. You'll want to play a couple times through before you set this game down for good.

The final question is, how does Metroid Prime 3: Corruption stack up in the end? Well, it is definitely the Wii game to own. It is the best game built for the Wii. (Zelda for Wii was a port). In addition to that, it is quite a bit better than Prime 2 and tied with Metroid Prime. That is very tough to do because this is the third game in the series meaning by now it could be getting a tad stale. However, Prime 3 isn't because of the new motion controls. They add so much to the game, it's unbelievable. I never want to go back to a traditional controller after playing this game. For the best example of how to make a Wii game, see Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/10/07

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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