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"Corrupted with brilliance - another excellent chapter in the Metroid Prime saga."

Samus Aran returns in the third chapter of the hugely successful Metroid Prime trilogy. This time around, she works with the Galactic Federation in an effort to put an end to the war against the Space Pirates, and to take down her arch-nemesis, Dark Samus. But the corruption inside of her is not benign, and slowly starts to affect her…

Graphics: 94%
If you're a fan of the first two Metroid Prime games that were oh so successful on GameCube a long time ago, you'll no doubt be familiar with the lavish environments and great attention to detail that they paid to graphics. Well, Metroid Prime 3 is no different. While you may not recognise the differences at first, there is a definite increase in the quality of the graphics in Samus' third bout. The hunter's suit has never looked better, planets look awesome all-around, and boss battles are pretty detailed and fantastic (Samus versus Meta Ridley is definitely a visual treat in this game.) The other hunters in the game all look great as well, and even though Dark Samus looks different in this one as opposed to Echoes, the arch-enemy of Samus still looks absolutely brilliant, not just when she appears in cut-scenes, but also when you duel her to prove who really is the better hunter. Visually brilliant overall.

Sound: 93%
Both previous instalments of Metroid Prime had marvellous soundtracks, and we continue that tradition with Corruption. Environments are accompanied with tracks that could not possibly suit them any better, you'll be running from Metroids while their battle theme plays, and most importantly, the boss music in this game is an outstanding experience. Highlights of the game have to include the mine shaft battle against Samus' enemy, the menacing Meta Ridley, the icy-cold battle with bounty hunter Rundas, and of course against the reborn Omega Ridley, all with shining music, some of which is even unlockable at the main menu to reward your galactic exploration.

Gameplay: 95%
While taking a slightly different approach from MP1 and MP2, this game still stays true to the first-person through-the-visor experience that Metroid Prime has been so deservingly praised for. Players begin on the Galactic Federation Fleet which serves as a way to explain things to the player, then they are immediately dispatched to the nearby planet Norion along with the other hunters to activate the defence system to prevent a meteor impact. Before they can, Dark Samus crashes in and ruins everything. From here, you'll be dispatched to five different locations across the galaxy, looking for the other hunters (which you'll awesomely fight due to their over-corruption) and searching for armour suit upgrades to prepare for your ultimate fight against Dark Samus on the core of all corruption. As you play the game you'll collect data, scan lore and beat bosses, while collecting Samus Tokens to buy special treats for yourself in the main menu. It's a breathtakingly amazing gameplay experience and this token system also adds to the fun of collecting things. You'll collect powerful beam upgrades, rip shields off enemies, explore torn lands, and confront your former fellow hunters - all adding up to a brilliant game.

Controls: 94%
Admittedly, the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption control scheme using the Nunchuk and Wii Remote combo allows you to control the bounty hunter with such ease that it brings up the arguable statement that this control scheme is the best of any first-person shooter to date. Players use the Nunchuk's Control Stick to move Samus, and C initiates her Morph Ball with Z locking on to opponents. The Wii Remote allows Samus to look around at will - which is brilliantly designed, and the A button shoots anywhere the player points, allowing easier aiming than ever before, with B allowing Samus to jump (they can be swapped according to preference). As players progress they pick up new controls, such as holding + to enter “Hypermode”, a strong mode which devastates opponents. The control scheme is just so fluid and easy to control, and deserves every bit of praise it gets for being unique and fresh. First-person controls like these are so well-crafted, and Nintendo has done extremely well.

Replay Factor: 91%
After you beat the game once (it's shorter than the other Metroid Prime games but you'll still get about 13 hours out of it) you'll have the option to play on the other two difficulty levels - Normal if you're on Veteran, Veteran if you're on Normal, and the ever-so-challenging Hypermode. Hypermode is much more challenging than the other two difficulty levels - so you should really only play if you know what you're getting yourself into - but it provides a replay factor that raises the bar for those who found the Normal and Veteran settings of the game easier than they should have been. But, there's no special reward for beating all difficulties, save for bragging rights and a few beautiful screenshots. That aside, you'll want to play through at least twice.

Final Score?

Metroid Prime 3 isn't just one of the best Metroid titles of the series, it's also a great action-adventure game for the Wii in general. Fans of the series should definitely pick up their copy and fulfil the last chapter of the Prime legacy, and Wii owners should definitely pick up their copy due to the vast gameplay and immense variety that the Metroid series is well-known for. Overall this is a beautiful game and should not be passed by Wii owners and Metroid veterans alike.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/17/07

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (AU, 11/08/07)

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