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"Corruption is the Disease. Samus is the Cure. And what a cure she is."


Samus Aran. Once thought to be a boy, Miss Aran is actually a female bounty hunter. After being raised by Chozo, she used the technologically advanced Power Suit to become a bounty hunter for the Galactic Federation. Over the years, Samus has fought life-sucking Metriods, Galactic Invading Space Pirates, Dark Ings from another dimension, even a Phazon-pulsing version of herself, created by fusing Metroid Prime and the Phazon Suit with Phazon. She's silent, relentless, powerful, and now, she's corrupted.

After saving the Luminoth race on the strange planet Aether, Samus is called to the Galactic Federation Starship Olympus for a new mission. Another Ship, the GFS Valhalla, has gone missing, supposedly because of Space Priates. As the Aurora Unit, an organic supercomputer, briefs Samus and three other hunters on the task of finding the Valhalla, the Space Pirates attack the ship and the Planet it's orbiting: Norion. Not only that, a huge meteor is headed towards the planet.

After reseting power to the orbital cannon and fighting Meta Ridley, Samus and the other hunters get up into the control center to activate the cannon. Unfortunatly, Dark Samus enters and fires a strange Phazon blast at the hunters, infusing their bodies with Phazon. One month later, Samus awakens and learns of her corrupt state. She is sent on rescue missions for the other hunters, to aid them on the task of destroying other meteors that had impacted the planets and now corrupt the planet with Phazon.

Samus must destroy these Leviathan Seeds, rescue the corrupt hunters, and stop the spread of Phazon once and for all. And all the while, the Phazon starts slowing taking over her own body . . .

The game controls much like the last two, and yet, not like them at all. You use the Wiimote to point and fire the Arm Cannon, firing with A. B has Samus jump, and the Nunchuck's analog moves Samus. The Z button targets, the down button on the Wiimote's D-pad fire missiles, Minus switches Visors, and Plus enters Hypermode. 1 pauses the game, and flicking the Nunchuck while targeting sends out the Grapple Lasso. C activates the Morphball. As a balls, A sets bombs, B sharges the Boost, and Z latches to Spider Ball tracks. Everything flows rather well together, also I find myself pressing Plus to pause, and accidentally entering Hypermode.

This game is considered a First Person Adventure game. You roam around doing Missions the Olymus's Aurora Unit tells you to do, fighting enemies along the way. Many old gameplay elements stay: Open doors by shooting them, using the Morphball to enter tunnels, collecting Powerups like Missile Expansions. However, this game adds to that.

The game's major new addition is Hypermode. Hypermode injects an Energy Tank with Phazon, allowing Samus to fire blasts of Phazon. You can de-activate it manually, or wait 25 seconds for the auto-vent sequence to cancel Hypermode. Eventually, Samus will become corrupt, and after 10 seconds in Hypermode will be unable to exit manually. Plus, the Phazon Levels rise, and if the fill, Samus dies. You can also exit by using up all the Phazon in your attacks, but I see that as a waste.

Another cool feature is your gunship. Not only can you move your gunship to different planets and docks, but while you're inside you can check your stats, activate the blast shield or emergency thrusters, or do a biohazard scan. Also, your ship can execute bombing runs and pick huge things up. Getting in your ship can also allow you to blast off in her. From there, you can go to a different airdock or a different planet altogether. The gameplay is simply perfect.

This graphics in this game are simply beautiful. The enemies look fierce and scary, the Metriods almost hand me change my pants the first time, and the cutscenes look gorgeous. The detail put into this game just blows me away. You can see individual EYELASHES on Samus's face when you use the Scan Visor. Everything looks great.

I love the music in this game. The theme of Rundas especially is grade A material. The voice-overs are also a very nice addition to the game, and the sound effects are sweet to. Everything the the theme of Norion, the Aurora Unit's voice, and the sweet sound of Hypermode is perfect.

Exploring the massive areas is enough for me, finding new places and learning coll new things. With 100 powerups to get, you may want to hang off beating the game without them all.

Final Score: 10/10

This game is perfect. If you have a Wii, it is a great game to buy. I definitely suggest getting it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/10/08

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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