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"The Best FPS Ever Made By Nintendo"

This game should have been perfect. This should have been the next "GoldenEye" or the next "Ocarina of Time". It easily could have been, but some minor things keep it from becoming the masterpiece of our time. What are those things? I'll get to them later.

The game starts you off in the base of the good guys. You go through a bunch of rooms to the commander, where he'll tell you your mission. Then the aliens attack, and you need to get out of the space base. This has been done before in games like Halo, but never has it been this good. The end of the level is awesome beyond awesome, and you'll know that your in for a treat. The controls work well. The default sensitivity is the one I use, and it works fine for the most part. It isn't perfect because the buttons aren't as handy as one on a regular controller, but pointing and shooting is still really cool apposed to just moving sticks with your thumbs. Some buttons are a little out of reach, and after opening doors, or issuing other motion commands, it throws your view off a little. With a bit of practice, these problems will not hinder the experience. I will give Control an 8.9.

The game has you in a large world which you can explore, and you might have you solve puzzles to get on. These puzzles can be fun, even if they are a little tricky. The 3-D map can be a little hard to navigate, and you might get lost, but not often. The game isn't obviously just about solving puzzles and figuring out where to go, though. The fact that your right arm is basically a giant gun goes to show that there is combat in Corruption, and there is. You cant do any evasive maneuvers, and there isn't a cover system, so the combat is very open, and depends on you moving around to dodge fire and killing your enemies as fast as possible. It is rewarding because you feel like you ARE Samus and you really shot the bad guy. The lock-on is a little different since the curser can move freely when you are locked on (the locked enemy just stays in your view). I will give the gameplay a 9.3.

This wouldn't be a Metroid game if it didn't have items, and it does. You have a lot of items at the beginning of the game which is cool, and the new ones you get are sweet. There are also enhancements to combat, which makes it even more fun. The graphics are great. They aren't perfect, but they make the game look very cool, and the artisticness is perfect and really sets the mood. I will give the technical graphics an 8.8, and the artistic graphics a 9.5.

There is a lot of voice acting, and it is really good. The voice actors do a good job, and make the game immersive. The sound effects are not as good, but do now have any negativeness. The music is classic Metroid, and is alright. The main theme isn't the best music you‘ll ever here, though. I give sound an 8.7.

Now for the negatives. I already mentioned the non-perfect control and the fact you can get lost. There is also a fetch quest toward the end of the game that really sets off the pace and makes it overall less of a great game. It may ruin the experience for some, too. Why they included it I don't know, but it is a little annoying. There is also no multiplayer.

Overall, this is the best FPS Nintendo has ever made. The single player rivals Halo, but the little negatives and no multiplayer hinder an otherwise perfect masterpiece. Overall, the average comes to 9.04. So I give Metroid Prime 3: Corruption a 9. Do yourself a favor and buy this action packed adventure!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/29/08

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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