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"While It Is a Great Game, It's Just Too...Predictable"

Metroid Prime 3. What to say....

I am not going to break the game up into graphics, sound, etc. because, like all things of Metroid, the appearance was superb. Metroid graphics have always set the bar (and have set the bar rather high) for me when I play all games. The sound is always top-notch will some perfectly eerie and well-paced music. Plus, interactions with the environment, as well as its cinematic presentation have proved the Metroid Prime series is one of the best video game series ever made. Plus, this game's control scheme with the Wii is well done and easy to use (so easy, in fact, I wish that Retro Studios would re-release MP1 and MP2 with Wii-specific controls!) This game's adventure had me at the edge of my seat (and once I jumped from being scared. Seriously, when you are on Elysia, and are about to fight Dark Samus, and that Space Pirate corpse comes flying at you, screaming, then disintegrating...never good to play that part at night). There just seems to be a few problems.

The Story:
The concept and storyline were great. What problems could I possibly have? The adventure itself was too...organized. Look at MP1. An adventure that takes you back and forth through the environments fighting baddies and moving to different places as the story progresses. Now look at both MP2 and MP3. The adventure is far too organized. Go to a place, fight a place, fight the bad guy, save the area, move on. It is far too predictable. Some may criticize me for that, but I like a seeming "random" and non-linear storyline.

The Places:
There was not a whole heck of a lot of variation in the placed Samus visits. Skytown, Pirate Homeworld, Valhalla, Norion, and parts of Bryyo all had technology-based areas that were not overly different. Look at MP1. While there was technology in most areas, one area was underground full of Phazon radiation, the other was practically frozen, another submerged underwater amongst wreckage, another in a freaking volcanic cavern. All the areas in MP3 seemed to be floating on the clouds/in space or were in a canyon-esque environment (brownish-grey rock with technology on top of that). There was too little variation. Being a big fan of Phendrana, Bryyo's Ice Section was a let-down as well.

However, MP3 was a great game and very enjoyable, I just emphasized the negative a little more than the positive. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/01/08

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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