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"The best Wii game"

I'll start off by saying that this is the best game on the Wii. Yes, even better then Brawl and Mario Galaxy. If this alone doesn't make you want it then please feel free to continue reading the review.

There is a much stronger Emphasis on story then in previous games (bar Fusion) In the previous Primes you got the story mostly by scanning things in reading logs. In Corruption, most of this is only so for the back story (which is very creepy I might add, but I don't want to spoil it) The main story is told through cutscenes and dialogue. As the final game in the Prime trilogy, the story finally answers many questions such as where Phazon (the dangerous substance from the first two Prime games) comes from. The main story is unfortunately pretty bad. All it really is, is about that Samus and several other Bounty Hunters have gotten corrupted by Phazon Samus going to different planets trying to get rid of the Phazon there. The other 3 hunters also have vanished and she needs to find out what happened to them. The backstory is amazing however and many of the twists are cool. In other words, it's hard to call the story bad but it's not great either.

Back before the game was released Nintendo began showing us the first gameplay videos of Metroid Prime 3. They looked positively atrocious. There was an uproar with many fans saying that it was so grainy that they were not even able to tell what was going on (though this was definitely an exaggeration.) However Nintendo surprised us by saying that the version we had seen had actually been running on Gamecube hardware. Later on we were finally treated to some real screens. Needless to say it was shaping up to have some of the best graphics on the Wii. It didn't disappoint . It turned out to be one of the best both technologically and artistically. Everything was rendered perfectly and it was no longer fuzzy or grainy.

A lot of the beauty has to do with the smaller things such as a robot turning to liquid metal after you have set him aflame or Samus's gradually growing a large Phazon vain across her face due to the corruption. You can even see the heat waves after you've fired a fully charged shot with your arm cannon. The only real issue with the graphics is that human faces are have horrible rendering but that is really the only issue I can think of.

One of the first things I thought about when I heard the opening theme was weather in was Orchestrated or a Midi. It ends up, it's Midi but it sounds very convincing at times. Most of the music is very well done and fits the place you are currently in. Most of the tracks don't quite compare to the previous games in the Prime trilogy but there are two that stand out as better. (the 3rd bosses music and the ending credits.) Also chances are you will feel awed at the menu theme.

The sound is quite good. From a Space Pirate growling to a turret firing, everything sounds very clear. You can often tell the exact direction where these sounds are coming from. Explosions sounds quite nice and ships sound awesome (despite the fact that there isn't supposed to be any sound in space.) Pretty much, everything sounds just as you would expect them.

Also worth noting is the addition of voice acting. Nearly everyone is voiced very well. Admiral Dane sounds gruff just like you would expect him to and the other bounty hunters also have great voice work (and Dragonball fans might want to take note that the person who played the bounty hunter Rundas also plays Vegeta. There are a few offenders however. The fleet troopers sound terrible. Everything is very inconsistent. Some of them have a completely different voice if you talk to them more then once. Also a few of the Marine troopers sound a bit phony but other then that the voice acting is great!

I'll give you a word of advice, once you create you file but before you start your game, change the control sensitivity to advance setting. You'll thank me for this later. The advance setting gives controls comparable to a mouse and keyboard. It's almost impossible to go back to dual analog if you've played the game in the last hour or so. While it isn't quite as precise a mouse and keyboard (1:1 motion sensing this is not) but is amazing for a console FPS game. I will add that may seem awkward at first when you aren't used to it but after about 30 minutes you should be used to it.

The game also occasionally has you do gesture specific commands such as pulling a lever or reeling in a grapple lasso. This aren't quite as responsive as they should be but you won't really notice that unless you're surrounded by enemies. Once you get the hang of this it isn't so bad just like the aiming controls.

As any hardcore Metroid veteran should know, Metroid is unlike most other FPS because it is also combined with the adventure genre. There are quite a few puzzles in the game that can be truly difficult without a walkthrough (though they are easier then previous games) and exploration is a key element. There is so much of these elements that I would feel Comfortable recommending the game to someone who normally dislikes FPS games.
There is no doubt however, that Corruption has more action then its Predecessors. Need an example? The first hour of the game is one huge battle. After his is begins to ease more into the traditional Metroid formula but there is still a lot more action as you encounter Space Pirates much more rather then mostly dangerous wildlife like in the previous games. This goes on for a little while but near the end of the game there is another large battle before you go to the final planet.

You begin the game on a starship with a meeting with the admiral of the fleet but the meeting is Interrupted by a surprise Space Pirate attack. You then retread the corriders of the ship as troopers are getting blasted and walls are being blown in all around you. Probably one of the coolest parts of the opening is when a ship crashes right through a hall creating a hull breach sucking several Marine Troopers out into the vacuum of space. You then have to fly down to a Galactic Federation military base and bring 2 generators back online. The game really picks up while you are here and your fellow hunters help you out several times here. Once of the coolest of these parts is when a wall near Samus explodes and a Beserker Lord (a huge Phazon corrupted Space Pirates) tackles the bounty Hunter Ghor (who is wearing a large armorsuit) through it and the two exchange several blows before Ghor finally pins the Beserkor Lord to the grounds and drives the sword/drill on the side of his armorsuit through the pirates head

Another thing new to this game is the achievment system. Similar to Xbox games, you will get a medal for certain difficult taks such as saving a GF Marine from a Space Pirate or going through an area without getting hit. These can be used to unlock a soundtrack, Art, bobbleheads or bumper stickers for you ship. The achievement system was a very good idea as many of the unlockables are very cool. The formula is changed in several other ways is that instead of taking place on one planet, you fly your ship to several planets and go back and forth between them. You don't get to fly your ship in real-time but there are a lot of cool extras inside your ship such as the biocheck scanner. You can also enter a code to hear a message from several of the publishers and developers.

The biggest change is hypermode. Hypermode triggers the phazon that is corrupting your body into power, drastically boosting your Performance . This may make the game sound easy but Hypermode can also be your downfall if you use it to often. Several enemies and bosses can also enter hypermode drastically boosting there attack and defence and gives certain ones new attacks. Even with the downsides, Hypermode can be spammed very easy if you have enough energy tanks making you nearly invincible if you have a lot of energy tanks.

Anyway to anyone new to the Metroid series, most of the game takes place in a large rea where you unlock new areas through exploration and get powerups like the boostball or Plasma beam to help uncover new areas or defeat certain areas. You will collect several new weapons in the game including one never before seen one but I won't spoil it. Unfortunately there are no online deathmatches like many people hopes there would be but this isn't a big deal as you might think because the single player more then makes up for it.

The A.I. is a mixed bag. The Space Pirates do well normally as they will take cover and destroy your cover but they aren't nearly as aggressive as in the first two (though some may view this as a blessing). They also lose you rather easy allowing you to sneak up behind them and kill them when they aren't looking. The smaller creatures are your usual fare. They attack more out of fear then anger or hatred.

Boss Battles
Metroid has always been known for its amazing boss battles and this game is no exception . Do you need some examples? You fight a boss while freefalling for crying out loud. Another cool fights forces you to make Space Pirates get sucked into a phazon harvester which will reveal its core allowing you to attack it.Unfortunately (or fortunately for some like me) the bosses,along with the entire game are easier. On veteran mode, there is only one boss that is actually difficult. They are still very epic though and the freefalling one I mentioned is probably the coolest in the entire Metroid series.


This game is much easier then previous Prime games, or even Metroid games in general. It's more linear so you won't get lost very often and most of the enemies don't do much damage to you unless you are playing on Hypermode difficulty. Most newcomers to the series will view this as a blessing but most hardcore Metroid fans may be a bit annoyed by this. Even when you unlock hypermode difficulty, it uses a very cheap way of raising the difficutly bar. Instead of raising A.I. or giving enemies a new attack, all it does it make enemies do more to you and take more hits to kill. All this really is, is making the game tedious rather then hard.

Your probably wondering why I am putting a section for this even though there is no online multiplayer. Wll, Prime 3 uses Nintendo WFC for trading things called friend Vouchers. When you send it to someone (either a friend or someone that gave you his friend code over the internet) it turns into a friend credit. You can get a maximum of 26 on one save file. These can be used to purchase bonus content similar to the achievements. This is pretty useful if there is something you want to unlock.

Replay Value
You most likely will want to play this again after you have beaten it as it is a very fun game. There are a lot of things to go back and do such as trying to get missed achievements or replaying the game on a different difficulty level. I'm on my second playthrough and I found many things I missed the first time around such a lynched corpse in one of the rooms that I didn't notice on my first playthrough. There are moments that you will probably want to replay over and over again and I could understand going through the entire 10-20 hours just for one part of the game.

Overall despite some very minor shortcomings (which some people may view some of these "shortcomings" as a blessing) this is probably the best game on the Wii and the best Metroid Prime game (depending on if you prefer slower paced games like the first two, or a faster paced one like this)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/15/08

Game Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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