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Reviewed: 03/30/09 | Updated: 12/18/09

An absolutely horrid ending to an otherwise great series... And promise of no sequel to come.

In this review, I am stating my opinion about this game. I hope that this helps you decide weather you will get this game or not. If I were you, I would just pass this game by. Even if you are basically a fan boy of the Metroid Prime series (like me) this game is terrible and should not be played.

Before I start I would like to tell you: If you are new to the series, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT play this one before the other two. I only said this because I am aware that a good amount of people played this one first, judged the other two based off of what they thought about this, and never played a metroid game again.

I would also like everyone to know that I am a huge fan of Metroid games, especially Metroiod Prime games previous to this. And please note that I have beaten this game 3 times (once on each difficulty) and gotten 100% completion previous to writing this review.

Plot: 3/10.
In the main body of the game, you are trying to destroy these seeds that get launched at some planets. You go to several different planets and destroy the seeds. While the main plot isn't that bad, the ending is so terrible that is cancels out every good detail of the plotline before it. Once you find out what the final ending is, you will probably be very mad at the game for a very long time. Just keep that in mind as you play this game.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics are decent in this game, at least that's one good thing about it. But there are still many much better games with much better graphics. The graphics is increased from the earlier Metroid Prime games, but it is still just average. Some things in the game could have been much more detailed. Although I do admit that Nintendo probably put more work into the graphics than any other detail of this game.

Gameplay overall score: 2/10

I have divided the gameplay section of this review into a few different factions because this is by far the largest section of this game to talk about.

Comparability to the other two: 0/10
The gameplay took a giant step down from the first Metroid Prime game, which came to my huge disappointment. Because Metroid Prime 2 took a step up from Metroid Prime 1, I kind of expected MP3 to be a step up from MP2. But nope, there are far fewer puzzles in this game, and they are far easier then those in MP2.

Aiming and Shooting: 4/10
Though the only reason I didn't give this a 0/10 is because of the shooting. There is no other game where you can put your aimer away from the center of the screen. This is still not a reason to get this game because they have remade MP1 and MP2 with the same control scheme as this game. And two, the new controls get very annoying after awhile because you have to aim to the sides of the screen to turn.

Free Roaming: 0/10
Another terrible thing about this game is how they tell you where to go as if you are a baby. One of the awesome things about the earlier Metroid Prime games is that is was kind of like an RPG at times. Metroid Prime 3 is very strait-forward and boring. It definitely took away one of Metroid Prime's best feels. In Metroid Prime 1 and 2, they gave you no more than what room you had to be in, and even that was optional! In this game, they (in speech) tell you exactly where to go. There are never any surprises in this game.

The maps are also way smaller than the previous games, and most rooms only have two doors: one door in, one door out.

Weapons: 1/10
You have the worst selection of weapons I have ever seen a metroid game have. When you get a new beam (which doesn't happen nearly as much as it should) it overlaps the previous beam! So once you get the second beam, the power beam no longer exists and you just have your new beam. This takes away 99% of the battle strategy that this game even had.

And they took away the Super Missile and all of the Super weapons. You simply have your one beam, Hyper Mode, Morph Ball Bombs and normal missiles. This is roughly half what the other two Metroid Prime games had.

Powerups: 0/10
Ahh, the powerups! The one thing you can always count on a metroid game doing right! Well, that is now strictly a past belief. This game has very few powerups; it even has less that the first Metroid Prime games. We already went through the weapons, but this game hardly has anything. It would probably be considered spoilers to list what powerups this game is missing so I will not. Just note that this game has less powerups than any Metroid game so far.

Dialogue: 0/10
Come on, can this game get any worse from this point on? If you have ever played the first two Metroid Prime games, you would realize that one of the great things about it is how you are alone for the whole game. Its just you, and the world, and the enemies in it that try to kill you. It was very interesting and it had its own feel that no game, even to this day has captured. Though Metroid Prime 3 completely abandoned that and tried to make the game like “other” games, but dramatically failed.

In this game, there are other characters that you interact with. That is normally a good thing, right? Well, usually it is, though in this game, it destroyed one of its signature feels. It made this game seem like a completely different game. I don't know what Nintendo could have possibly been thinking.

Characters: 1/10
And on top of them completely eradicating one of the best feels in the game, they made all of their “new and special” characters bland and boring. And on top of that, you only see those new characters two or three times. And on top of that, they were hoping that you would feel deeply for these new characters that have never been mentioned before when you only ever saw them for two minutes. You can't. You will just wish that they were never in the series at all.

Difficulty satisfaction: 2/10.
This is by far the easiest Metroid Prime game. Like I said before, they tell you where to go throughout the whole game. The battle is absurdly simple due to the fact of that new “Hyper mode” that they give you. You can simply turn it on and off at the right times to completely avoid damage. And there are no surprise fights in this game. In Metroid Prime 1 and 2, they surprised you of where a mini boss might be, but not in this game. It is very easy to tell where a boss will be and when it will happen. It is also quite obvious of how to kill the bosses. This game was overall too easy.

Length: 0/10.
And finally, this is the last bad thing in the game. This game is so short, that it only took me 7 hours to beat it on my first try! Metroid Prime 1 should take you around 15 hours to complete on your first try, and Metroid Prime 2 should take you around 20-30 hours to beat on your first play through, though this game was only about 6 or 7 hours long. Couldn't this game be near the length of the others? Apparently not.

Overall: 2/10.
As there are SOME decent features to this game, the game itself is terrible and boring. Almost every scene in this game could have been at least ten times better than it was. Although some of the music wasn't that bad. If you just want to finish the series just so you can, then be my guest. Just don't expect this game to be anything like the previous Metroid Prime games.

Another way I can put this game that Nintendo also put it: a Casual Game. This is the excuse that they used to make it a terrible game. Though here is my one question:
"Nintendo, why the HECK would you make the third game in the series casual when the first two were by no means casual? There were actually parts in the first two games that scared the heck out of me! So if you purposely made Metroid Prime 1 and 2 games that were NOT meant for casual gamers, why in the world would you make the ending to this series a "Casual Game?"

Yeah. I hate this game that much. This could have been the worst spent $50 I have ever spent. Not only because this game was a terrible game by most standards, but because I have never anticipated a game more than this in my entire life.

Decent graphics.
Some decent music.

TERRIBLE ending.
Puzzles too easy and too few.
Waaaaay no liner.
No beam switching.
Way too few powerups.
Very bland characters.
The signature “alone” feel is gone.
Way too easy.
Way too short.

Rent or buy: If anything at all, Rent.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (US, 08/27/07)

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