Completing 100% in subspace?

  1. I finished subspace emissary on 84%, what things should i look for when i go back to complete on 100%?

    User Info: uncle_craigy

    uncle_craigy - 8 years ago

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  1. Once you play through a level (Lets say, for example: Skyworld), notice the Green Boxes and the Orange Boxes comeing on the way?
    The green ones doesnt affect the % completion, however, the Orange ones will and theyre one time only.

    To check if you missed a Orange box in a stage, go to the Adventure map.
    If the level has a crown-shaped symbol on it, it is 100% completed.
    If the level has a flag on it, you might have missed a Orange box or a character..

    Yep, the three hidden characters you can find also affects 100% completion..

    Try to look everywhere for the Orange box you missed, they may be hard to find.

    If you see a door that wasnt there then you last played that level, then enter it. You have to fight that hidden character inside and win to add to 100% completion (And for regular brawls, ofc..)

    User Info: This_name_wins

    This_name_wins - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. The faqs are more detailed,
    pretty much look though each stage for secret areas(all of them)
    look for the orange boxes in each stage

    User Info: bob2299

    bob2299 - 8 years ago 3 2
  2. the only way you can get 100% on subspace emissary is to get one of those color changing things on each level. the only way to get one of those is to explore ALL of the level. if you have a flag on some of your levels, it means you have not fully explored the area.

    User Info: ty_crum

    ty_crum - 8 years ago 3 1
  3. Once you have a crown on a level it means you are COMPLETELY done with it. if it has a flag then you have to go back. Some of the places are well hidden but I got 100% without a guide so if you use one you will definately be set.

    User Info: yoshipatrol

    yoshipatrol - 8 years ago 2 1
  4. You will notice, when looking at your map, that several of the levels will have flags while others will probably have crowns. A crown means that you have fully finished a given level, while a flag only means that you have cleared it. To receive a crown rather than a flag, I believe that you have to receive a specific point total for the level. Try killing each enemy. In some levels where there are several hidden sections, more enemies appear behind you, and you must remember to kill them as well to finish the level. Do this, and you SHOULD be at 100%.

    User Info: draconicsword

    draconicsword - 8 years ago 0 3
  5. The thing that is always missed is the orange boxes in each level. The areas on the map that have glowing crown things are completed, and you don't need to go back there to complete the subspace emisary. However, if the the area has a flag sticking out of it, you missed an orange box. The FAQs for the SSE are fantastic, and if you can't find them on your own, I would seriously recomend checking them out.

    User Info: Elniguel

    Elniguel - 8 years ago 2 0
  6. What you need to do is start from the beginning with your first flag. The flag means that you have completed the stage but did not find the hidden character that is only hidden in three courses. Every course has three orange boxes you have to get them all so look everywhere even places you dont expect. Be on ur toes just in case there isnt an area with one because sometimes the screen wont go down and you'll die. Make sure you have a crown on the map when you complete it. You do this to each stage until you get the 100 %.

    I have completed the adventure mode already on hard 100%

    (Dont forget to get the hidden characters)

    User Info: wiiplayer101

    wiiplayer101 - 8 years ago 0 0
  7. Go back to SSE look at all the flags. Go to them and replay the level search every nook and cranny Flag means you missed a area and did not explore 100% of that area. Simply replay every level and check everything sounds like alot of hard work and it is but if you determined for 100% completion then its worth of for your own personal Success

    User Info: XavierPendagra

    XavierPendagra - 8 years ago 0 0

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