How do I get to open other doors (Great Maze)?

  1. I found a map for the Great Maze and I also look in every room and defeated everyone in each room. I been doing that all day today but I can't seem to see why there is no other door opening. Do I have to beat them on other difficutly as well? Could someone help please? I would really like that

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    tlaznboi - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Do you mean you've beaten all of the clone enemies and bosses? If you have, just go to the big door in the middle and enter it. Otherwise, can you clarify exactly what you've done?

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  1. If you check back in the Pause Menu, there is a map. Follow the map to green dots. One or more of them is bound to have a dark shroud over the door. If so that means there is a certain enemy you have to beat in that room. You have to beat all of the characters and bosses in those dark doors to get the Final Door open.

    ADVICE! There are four doors that are orange and have yellow orbs in the middle of them. These doors are for saving where you are and what part of that level you are at, full health, full team and for teleporting from one door to another using the four platforms provided. Not only that. You can change your characters and upgrade (as I would say) them using the stickers collected.

    ADVICE! Once you have cleared the whole map and you haven't cleared all the charaters and bosses, don't panic because, when you go back to the Pause Menu, there will be Bowser looking, red, blinking markers, indicating that there is a character or boss you haven't defeated. Once you have defeated them go to the Purple dot on the map and there you will have an open door.

    Just press 'Up' near the middle of the pathway, because people just tend to sit there thinking "Why aren't I going in?"

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  1. Perhaps this map will help.

    It corresponds to your "Pause" map. If you need to know who you've killed and who you haven't, check the room marked "Final Door." There should be a bunch of trophies of who you haven't killed. (if there are none, go through the door.) Or, you can just do a circle around the whole map, back to Petey Pirahna. If you do, the enemies you haven't killed should appear on the map.

    Hope this helps.

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  2. Did you miss some character trophies? Some trophies are required to advance in the Great Maze. Check the Subspace levels and see if you missed anyone.

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  3. Go to the main door in the Great Maze- the place where you saw all the clone trophies in the dark area (Subspace). Press Up on the control stick to enter the door when you are in the center of the room..

    spoiler free..

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  4. Look at your map closely, and you should see a purple diamond shaped mark. Find your way to that mark, and it will lead to a 'Trophy Room', and then go to the big door. As it opens up, go in, watch the cutscene, and prepare to fight Tabuu.

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  5. "Did you miss some character trophies? Some trophies are required to advance in the Great Maze. Check the Subspace levels and see if you missed anyone."

    You don't need any of the trophies to fight Taboo. You can do it with the 6 the game gives you (Bowser, King Dedede, Luigi, Ness, Kirby, ???).

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  6. The more Brawlers you save in previous Subspace levels, the more you'll have at your disposal. Many characters will come in handy where you have difficulty progressing. If you're better with someone you haven't saved, go back, save them, and continue. If there weren't multiple dead ends and looping paths, The Great Maze would probably be called The Great Overly-Lengthy-Straightforward-Path-to-the-End-of-the-Adventure-Mode.

    Be sure to enter every door with black fog swirling around it. These lead to Subspace Clones or Boss rematches. Dark Doors become either permanent passages (some only appear once you enter from a certain side, such as Porky's rematch) or disappear when cleared (only leading back to where you entered them, like with Subspace Snake). Once you make a complete loop to the start (Rayquaza's rematch), you will unlock a map feature that allows you to see where the remaining Dark Doors are (Evil Face map markings).

    Clear all 38 Dark Doors (7 Boss rematches and 31 Subspace Clones, many are off the beaten path), go to the center room of the map (marked by a purple icon, you had to face Subspace Donkey Kong on the right or Subspace Ganondorf on the left to get in), and press up in the middle area of the room to face Tabuu (the gate won't allow passage unless all 38 trophies are gone). A Newcomer appears, immediately joins, and you must choose 6 characters for the final showdown with Tabuu.

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  7. It takes my little brother 1 day to just finish story mode anyway to finish the amazeing maze you have to make all the other levels look like crowns and the only way to do that is to finish all of them 100%

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  8. There are some faqs at the bottom of the Faqs page.=# (equals puckered lips) sorry irrelavent

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