What does it mean to punish a move and how do you do it?

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  1. If, for example, you used Ike's Fsmash and the long cooldown time allows someone to come over to you and pull off a combo of some sort, you have been "punished" for that move. Basically, the cooldown time of a move allows another player to do severe damage to you, that is punishing.

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  1. I'm sorry but what else could it possibly mean?

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  2. Basically, IONCP has it. But to say it another way:

    Picture that your opponent has just used a slow attack. You saw it coming, so you dodge behind them while they're still performing the attack and attack them.

    You just punished them for using the first attack. Sometimes it's also used to describe simply when you take damage because you attacked someone. Some characters like Ganondorf have so much lag after their moves that it's totally possible that you'll hit another player but won't send them far enough away from you and since Brawl has no hitstun, they can attack you back right away while your move is finishing.

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  3. I'll try to put it as simply as I can for anyone still confused:

    Punishing is when your opponent does something wrong (you predicted what they would do and dodged, or they missed, etc) and are left out in the open.

    Notice Ike's side smash, and how long it takes him to pick his sword back up. If you dodged it, then he's wide open and you can punish him for it.

    It means what it sounds like~

    capgamer brought up another point, though, in that some attacks are just open to punishment, since they're just too slow and not strong enough. In that case, you'll be punished for not using those attacks carefully enough~

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  4. In simple terms: you attack with a long (laggy) attack and leave yourself open long enough to be hit back, or punished.

    Look for open spots and punish.

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  5. Dont dis ganondorf man

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  6. Or wolf, captain falcon, and kirby

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  7. "Punishing" means taking advantage of a move that leaves the user vulnerable for a longer period of time. These moves are often useful if they connect, but if they miss, the opponent has a chance to get in a good hit.

    I'll give you something to visualize in order to make the explanation make more sense. Picture a character with a counter-attack move - Ike, Marth, or Lucario, for example (they aren't the only ones). When they use this move, notice that they take up a pose for a second or so, but they're flashing for the first half of the time and not for the second half. The time they aren't flashing is the cooldown time for the move; they can't take action, and they're vulnerable to any move you might hit them with. This is punishing them. Note that a counter-attack move can be very helpful if it works, but if the opponent is attentive, they can predict when the move is going to be used and get you for using it.

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