How do I beat snake?

  1. How do I beat snake with kirby olimar pikachu mr. Game and watch peach ness Lucas pokemon trainer zelda yoshi lucario jigglypuff

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    SuperCEman - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Strategy for all the charaters I mentioned because there my favorites

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  1. With any character, you should try to watch when he neals(?) down, this is when he sets his bomb, always try to stay away from this spot. Also, using that shield slide roll to get behind him is always handy.

    With Kirby you should try to stay on the top platform and spam him with your up special attack, if he recovers try a left/right special or down special fromm mid-air.

    Battling with Peach might be a little tricky, try pulling out Toad when he throws a grenade/missile. try spamming him with your right/left special her hip attack with the hearts everywhere. turnips might help too. If you can't seem to pull of dodging his attacks with Toad, try double jumping thne floating there.

    with Ness try spamming him with PK fire. If you'd rathr fight from afar spam him with PKThunder too. Using your bat or Yo-Yo close-up helps. I don't know if you can absorb his grenades or missles, but if it's possible it would be theoritically helpful.

    Lucas basically has the same strategy as Ness, but his Smash-Up s very, very helpful.

    When playing with pokemon trainer try to use your best pokemon, with squirtle using smash up and waterfall or withdraw. if you think he's to close try to push him back with water gun. With Ivysaur I think running and grappling is ver helpful also if you can land a hit woth that smash-up attack with that colorful powder, it'd be nice. or with Charizard(my worst pokemon) try to keep him away with flamethrower, or left smash. Maybe using rock smash will send him flying.

    Zelda might be tricky, too. Reflect his grenades and missiles with your diamond mve thing. Use your flame attack when he's afar, too. I like to teleport behind him and use left smash.

    Yoshi to me seems a little nerfed in Brawl, but I might be able to help. I think spamming him with left/ right special could be helpful. Turning him into and egg and grappling is alsi nice. If you can lnd them try up special or down special.

    Lucario isn't a great choice against Snake but, ok. Of course spam him with Shadowball, if you see him trying to land a physical move use down special. left/ right smash is helpful. So is his left/right special.

    Odd taste in fighters do we? Jigglypuff might be useful with her rollout. singing and slapping might be helpful. I forgot what her napping does...sorry.

    Lesssee, Pikachu one of the most annoying funny useful character. If he's on the top platform try calling thunder. Spam it. Using quick attack could be nice. Spam down smash and left/right smash. Should be easy. Try grappign when he's weak, maybe?

    Argh, Captain Olimar... Always make sure your a good ways away from him and always have nice party of Pikmin at all times. And Sp them like he's never eaten proccesed meat before!

    Mr.Game and Watch... try spamming your bacon thing and the Judgement hammer.

    Sorry about the last two characters. I wasn't as experienced woth those... us so yea. Good Luck with that Snake.

    I'm sure you'll get it.

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  1. Try pikachu and hit him with thunder bolt if hes on the top floor or if hes on the bottom floor use right, left or down smash attack.

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  2. As with any standard issue " How do I beat ( insert character name here ) " question, you have to be the better player. You seem to have a large list of mains... try to narrow it down. Focus on one or two characters, not a dozen. Once you improve your game with one character, you will probably find it MUCH easier.

    Try reading the strategy guides on your respective characters. This should help too.

    If you still have troubles, read the FAQ's on Snake. Know yourself, know your enemy. That is the key to victory.

    Also, disregard the wall of text. Spam is never the answer. A good player will easily defeat any attempt to spam a move. And spamming against a noob... that has several flaws. If it works, go for it, if you want, but just remember...

    1) You can win just as easily by simply out-classing the noobs.
    2) If you happen to be facing a noob, you will only make them annoyed with spam.
    3) Since there is no point in spam, as it only works on the noobs, who you don't have to worry about, you shouldn't bother.

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  3. snake is vurnerable to the

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  4. Honestly the best thing to do is to learn his weaknesses
    i see people play with snake differently so he's a highly versatile character
    try playing with him to learn his weaknesses too!
    and use his artillery against him
    explosions hurt him too

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  5. Wait for the stupid com to use a smash, then ace the little devil!

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