Who is considered the best character in competitive play?

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    Vermineater - 9 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Do uou mean most popular charecter or best.
    P.S. there is no best charecter.

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  3. Clarification Request:
    Wow... someone would actually ask this on the Answer system. on a side note, thatnks for all the info about who you're good with and what techniques you like.

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  1. It all depends on several factors. All characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. Snake has very powerful attacks, though some may take a while to carry out. Meta Knight is quick and powerful, but he's also light, making it easy for others to send him flying. You can win with any character if you practice with them enough.

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  1. I don't think there really is a best person- it is really who you are good with.

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  2. It's all preference.

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  3. Snake is usually considered the best.
    Of course, I/ think he sucks, but the general opinion is that he's the best.

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  4. Who are you good with? That's the main factor. But try to choose someone with good moves, etc. I like Lucas, even though his smashes are laggy.

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  5. I believe there is none, but some claim that kirby is the best.

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  6. If I'm not mistaken, Meta knight, Marth, G&W, and Snake are the top 4.

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  7. If I'm not mistaken, Meta knight, Marth, G&W, and Snake are the top 4.

    User Info: chocomog93

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  8. If you go by tier lists it would either be Meta Knight or Snake.

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  9. According to some people, Snake is the best character, however, Ike has proven to be pretty good if you are playing online. Though your best bet is to pick a character you like playing as, rather than trying to pick the best character.

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  10. Snake.

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  11. Snake/Meta Knight.

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  12. I would say Snake, Metaknight, Marth, Mr. Game & Watch are the best characters competition-wise, seeing as they lack any major disadvantages. For example, Snake has really (really!) good tilts, and with a little bit of strategy for his smashes, combined with his weight and good recovery, he is one of the toughest characters to fight. Metaknight provides a super fast attacking speed (with actually good power) and is probably the best character for a really offensive play style, I would say his most noticeable flaw is his below average weight. This is not to say other characters wont have a chance against them... All in all, experiment with all characters and see what fits you best.

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  13. It depends on what character your good with

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  14. I'm pretty sure Zelda and Ike are really good characters. G&W is usable, but I think he's a little tough to figure out. I would say Snake is a great character for his strength, but his attacks are far too slow, and other people almost never get caught in C4 explosions.

    I started with Meta Knight when Brawl came out. He's definitely a good character, very recovery-oriented. MK's major disadvantage is that he doesn't really have any good KO moves (especially below 100%).

    I've tried Marth in Brawl, and I really think Ike is better. Marth may be fast, but his relatively lower strength (relative to Ike) is too low, I think. Plus, I don't think he's quite as playable since they changed how his neutral special works.

    Zelda is somethin' special. Din's Fire is an incredible move, especially when juggling people off the top of Final Destination. Farore's Wind is more than enough to save her from some of the most hopeless falls. Nayru's love has proven useful both as a defense and an attack. Zelda's Smash attacks are powerful, and her up-smash is great for comboing people from zero to low or middle damage. And her up-aerial is a great KO move (you just have to make sure it hits, which isn't impossibly hard). Zelda's definitely the better half this time around. Shiek might come in handy occasionally, but Zelda is the powerhouse.

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  15. Use DSmash for Koing with MK.

    Zeda is amazing. Dins Fire, Teleport, and Nyruj's Love, they're amazing, nothing better than killing a Samus with their own Charge Shot. The Aerials are great too. UAir kos when it hits a lot, you just have to make sure it hits or you're open. Then there's Lightning Kick, which when you learn to sweetspot it, is amazing and it annoys your friends SO MUCH. And people online get really annoyed too. DAir, if you sweetspot, it is a very powerful spike. The smashes are amazing (USmash ->> USmash -> UAir, works at low %s). Side Smash helps a lot, DSmash I don't use much but its good.

    Zelda is awesome.

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  16. Snake

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  17. Snake or you can decide from a top tier list

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  18. He's not asking who he can play well with, he's asking who the technical best character is from a competitive standpoint. Nearly all competitive players agree that Snake is the best character in the game, due to his very high KO power and relative speed compared to other heavy characters. Metaknight is the second best character, due to his unmatched attack speed and amazing recovery.

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  19. Is this is a joke? Snake is the undisputed best character in the game. Then answer to your question is Snake.

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  20. I would say Snake or Metaknight, in terms of who I see the most online and tier systems.

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  21. Snake, Meat Knight, or Game And Watch

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  22. Snake.

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  23. Snake or meta knight. Anyone who says sonic is joking ;)

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  24. Snake.

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  25. For high-level competitive play, Snake is considered best.

    For anything below that, there is no best character, it's all about who you're good with.

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  26. Most would say Snake.

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  27. Snake.

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  28. I saySnake

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  29. Snake.

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  30. Snake

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  31. At the metagame: Snake, Meta Knight, and G&W, in that order.

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  32. Snake or Meta Knight.

    User Info: funpika

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  33. Snake is the best fighter in they game, but that doesn't mean you will be the best player by using him.

    All characters are can be really good if you learn how to use them and because of that you may be completely awesome with Captain Falcon (who is supposevely the worst fighter) but suck with Snake.

    It all depends on who you are comfortable using and who you practice using.

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  34. Solid Snake

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  35. Metaknight

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  36. Snake

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  37. Solid Snake

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  38. Snake?Snake??SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!

    ...and Link, I'm partial to Link.

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  39. Go into the message boards, and search "Silverflash" and click on his tier list. It will explain all about it. Snake is 1st, followed by Meta Knight (They are practically equal). Those are the best two by far, then right behind them is Mr. Game and Watch.

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  40. Well from experience, I'd say Meta Knight, if you play him right, your opponent will have less chances to attack because of Meta Knight's quick swordplay. Also most people say Snake is the best as well, but I'm not too experienced with him, so I cannot say much about him, but I'd try both of them, to see who you like best.

    User Info: FlameDragon2

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  41. The top 4 are Snake, Meta Knight, G+W, and Marth, in that order.

    However, if you're already good with someone, you'll do much better playing as them than if you switched to a high tier character whom you can't use at all. Pick who you can use.

    One guy above said that G+W takes time to master, he does. I'm glad I bothered to master him in Melee, being able to use his now-godly moves well more than makes up for Roy getting cut. (yes, back then I purposely used low and bottom tier characters just to humiliate friends who thought tiers overpowered skill in every way possible)

    Hope I helped.

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  42. Actually, MK is the best character in the game, and my recent tier list reflects that. Competitive players use to agree on Snake, but recently we've decided that MK is the best. Snake and MK are quite close, though.

    User Info: Silverflash-x

    Silverflash-x - 9 years ago 1 0
  43. There is no best person, it depends on who you are good with. Ofcourse, some have advantages (i.e.: flying, projectiles, reflector, etc.) but, like i said, there is no absoulute best.

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  44. Meta Knight or Snake.

    User Info: NeoSupersmash

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  45. Snake.metaknight are dominating the tiers.

    User Info: Ursper1

    Ursper1 - 9 years ago 1 0
  46. *Snake/metakinght

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  47. Snake and MK are grappling for the top spot.

    G&W is third.

    Marth is fourth.

    Then there's a dropoff.

    User Info: xxpack09

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  48. Snake!

    User Info: x8m8x3k3t

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  49. If you like offense, Snake is the best.
    If you like defense, Kirby is the best.
    If you want to be balanced, Luigi.

    User Info: wiichr97

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  50. Honestly, it's all personal preference. I'm one of the best with Ganondorf (so I hear), and he's supposedly "bottom-tier". Bleh. Tiers are for those who can't decide for themselves who they want to use, so they look at a list for who's "the best" when it's all a matter of who YOU are good with.

    User Info: Cheeze_Pantz

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  51. Matter of opinion if you dont mind getting hit a lot but Knocking people right off the stage at 40% damage Ike would be the best for you.

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  52. Forgot I own most people with Ike ive played my freind who play as snake and MK all the time and i own them

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  53. It is all a matter of opinion. Personally I think Link is the best. My friend, on the other hand, thinks Luigi is the best. Like I said, it is all a matter of opinion.

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  54. and if you read the guide for SSBB you will find that the writers think that Power-Suited Samus is the best.

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  55. I think Metakight or Pikachu. Snake can be great in 2v2 or Free for all, but I think he's bad for 1v1.

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  56. Snake and Meta Knight are at the top of the tier list. They have many techniques and stratagies, but skill is also a factor. A skilled Link for example could beat a skilled Snake, although unlikely.

    User Info: piplupmaster

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  57. Snake is the most used (and most victorious) character in tournaments.
    Meta Knight is also at the top of all good tier lists.
    Both are generally considered the best in competitive play.
    Both are difficult to play as, though.

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  58. While some characters are considered 'better' than others skill is the deciding factor, not what tier your character is in. I'm a very aggressive player and I like having a lot of power so I often play as Ike because of his strength and reach but it's really a matter of how you like to play. Try out all the different characters until you find one you are comfortable with. If someone says a character 'sucks' or 'is useless' then it's not true, they are just terrible with said character.

    User Info: Xifihas

    Xifihas - 9 years ago 1 1
  59. The general consensus is that Snake and MetaKnight are the best characters. These two are usually the tourney winners and they are at the top of the most recent tier lists.

    User Info: IONCP

    IONCP - 9 years ago 1 0
  60. snake. play on the battlefield, and if you grab the edge then drop down and C4 the angled ground, you can detonate people who are trying to recover

    User Info: fantastik

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  61. Snake, but go with whoever you are best at. I am personally best with Marth. The top 2 are Snake and Metaknight, with Marth G+W below

    User Info: Ultimate_Somnia

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  62. Well, from i seen from tournaments and stuff. They usually use Falco and Marth. But I see link, Dk, and Wolf sometimes.

    Tier Wise, the top 5 are
    1. Meta Knight
    2. Snake
    3. Mr. Game & Watch
    4. Marth
    5. Falco

    User Info: blackheart98

    blackheart98 - 9 years ago 1 1
  63. Well, from what i seen from tournaments and stuff. They usually use Falco and Marth. But I see link, Dk, and Wolf sometimes.

    Tier Wise, the top 5 are
    1. Meta Knight
    2. Snake
    3. Mr. Game & Watch
    4. Marth
    5. Falco

    Sry if I doubled posted.

    User Info: blackheart98

    blackheart98 - 9 years ago 0 2
  64. Snake currently is, because of broken hitboxes, snake dashing, amazing mindgames, and heavy weight.

    User Info: __WhiteZer0__

    __WhiteZer0__ - 9 years ago 0 1
  65. Game and Watch is the best >_>

    PERIOD. There. Now you can pick an answer.

    User Info: Chaeix

    Chaeix - 9 years ago 1 1
  66. Game and Watch is the best >_>

    PERIOD. There. Now you can pick an answer.

    User Info: Chaeix

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  67. The current best is Meta Knight, but it is possible that could change in the future.

    User Info: iwonderwuts4din

    iwonderwuts4din - 9 years ago 1 0
  68. Just check out Silverflash-x's tier list in the forums

    User Info: sumostickfigure

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  69. Try the characters out for yourself, find who has the best balance for you.

    For me, it's Link, Wolf and Snake ftw

    User Info: Bamcrash

    Bamcrash - 9 years ago 0 1
  70. It used to be Snake but with recent discoverys the best would be Meta Knight, but don't choose your main on who is the best character, choose your main from what characters you like playing as.

    User Info: Meta_Star

    Meta_Star - 9 years ago 1 0
  71. Metaknight and Snake are easily th best two, followed by Mr. G&W and ROB.

    Metaknight has his crazy everything, his only true weakness being that he's light. Lack of true KO power is offset by edgeguarding, lack of projectile is offset by his uber approach...

    Snake's tilts are the best in the game, both coming out incredibly fast and both having high KO potential when fresh. He's heavy, moves quickly with mortarslide, controls the stage with mines, has a near perfect defense with grenades... Really, the one thing bad about him is his recovery that's easy to predict and gimp.

    G&W's air game is insane, and his turtle makes shielding practically useless. His fsmash and dsmash come out quickly and KO ludicrously low, his recovery is awesome, he's near impossible to camp and tough to approach. Again, lightness is his only real weakness, along maybe with his incredibly slow rolls.

    Marth has range, speed, pressure, edgeguarding, KO power, pseudo-combos... Easily one of the best. Dancing Blade is a safe damage racking option, and the 4th hit upper can KO fairly early when tipped. Smashes all KO sub 120 when tipped, and I've personally seen fsmash tippers KO at around 70% from the center of stages. Recovery is a weakness, along with his true KO moves being fairly unsafe.

    Hope that helped.

    User Info: LavaEdge324

    LavaEdge324 - 9 years ago 2 0
  72. Snake or MK may be considered the best characters, but it all comes down to personal preference. Someone's preference may be Luigi, someone else DK, or maybe Lucario. Pick who you want. I like Pika, TL and Zelda, and someone else may hate all three because they aren't good with them. Just pick who YOU want.

    User Info: Celebi7242

    Celebi7242 - 9 years ago 1 0
  73. It's just whoever u can controll the best. I prefer a character with well balanced abilitys and combo attacks.

    User Info: BlackMage1924

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  74. If you can use slow characters, and who is very strong then Ganondorf is for you.

    User Info: spinal15

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  75. Snake and Metaknight, I like MK since I use a very offensive style and I prefer speed over power.

    User Info: Serevii

    Serevii - 9 years ago 1 0
  76. The character you're good with is the best one for any battle.

    User Info: Megaman31

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  77. I like Ganondorf, Toon Link, and R.O.B.
    Depends on what character you like

    User Info: Richy02

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  78. I am good with Olimar. and many people say he sucks. until i kill them 5-1. It is all who you like to play as and whose moves come off the way you want them to. every character has the potential to win ANY fight, it is all just in who is using them.

    User Info: assassin1115

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  79. really, all you need to do is find a character you're good at and stick to it. There is really no real best character. Hopes this helps!

    User Info: Linkblazer13

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  80. Ok, by the current Tier List (until another AT or glitch comes out to change it), the Top 5 are:
    Meta Knight
    Game and Watch
    King Dedede
    Falco or ROB (IIRC)

    That is what the tier list dictates.

    However, some of these characters won't do so well in your hands if they don't fit your play-style. Dedede fit my style perfectly and I've mained him before anyone considered him Top/Very High Tier. But I also main Sheik who struggles in the tier lists. Player's style deeply impacts who to main.

    User Info: Sylus2015

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  81. Currently, the best is Meta Knight with Snake behind Meta. Tier lists always change but I doubt Meta Knight and Snake will go down.

    User Info: DynamicJumpIuff

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  82. Vermineater, close this question. You've gotten 2 answers in 85 forms. We get the point. So should you.

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  83. The official SBR (I think) tier list has Meta Knight, Snake, and King Dedede as the top three, based off of recent tournament results. As for the best character, just pick a character you like and practice with them. I've been able to take down a top tier character with a mid tier character through lots of practice, so just get to the point where you are comfortable with your favorite character and try taking on a top tier character.

    User Info: mrjabba

    mrjabba - 9 years ago 1 0
  84. Ike

    User Info: FlakyPorcupine

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  85. I think kirby and gandorf rule

    User Info: starwolf11

    starwolf11 - 9 years ago 1 1
  86. http://super-smash-bros.wikia.com/wiki/Tier_list

    This has the current tier list at the bottom of the page.

    User Info: eYesEEDeaDppL

    eYesEEDeaDppL - 9 years ago 1 0
  87. I don't think a tier list would help you. Honestly, it's not about being strongest when playing competitively. Some characters just have better advantages. Like Falco can start a chain grab right when a brawl starts and get an opponent into the 40% range or even higher. Snake is very tactical. His grenades and mines help a lot. Edge grabbers will have a hard time with his mines the most and his UP + B his very helpful. Also, his standard A's are very helpful in terms of knock back. Metaknight is good because of his Mach Tornado (B) because it can be used sort of like a chain grab. Almost no lag when its done and can sometimes be very annoying. Metaknight may be the most used character competitively because of just one move. He also very good at keeping players away from the edge with his Flying + A's. Sonic can be used only if you can handle the speed and some of his B's feel awkward. He very good with dealing damage and staying away from it as well. Mr Game & Watch and King DeDeDe both are about equal to me. There A's deal good damage while still have very good B moves. Both have moves that can KO at 50%+ or even lower but chances of getting either Dedede's Spike or G&W's 1 Hammer are low. Hope that helped in picking someone. You can try others but these characters will further your skills in brawl. All have very distinct fighting styles and speed made for any player out there.

    Overall, Snake has to be the best character. His setup's are all based on players. His UP + B is a little too helpful. His A's are strong. He's easy to learn and perform some neat combos. He definitely has the most potential.

    User Info: Goro99

    Goro99 - 9 years ago 0 1
  88. Snoic.

    User Info: IceIsCold347

    IceIsCold347 - 9 years ago 0 1
  89. Meta Knight.
    Simply MK

    User Info: Elemental_Guard

    Elemental_Guard - 9 years ago 2 0
  90. -------------------------METAKNIGHT---------------------------

    That's it. It just is. he may even be banned because of his tourney win %.

    User Info: Laharl_PWNS

    Laharl_PWNS - 9 years ago 2 0
  91. mk is apparently so good they've banned him in Italy

    User Info: tanker30

    tanker30 - 9 years ago 1 0
  92. This is not even a question, MK. He has no flaws, he dominates tourneys, he has no even or disadvantageous matchups, amazing recovery, and he is being considered for a ban.

    User Info: bengalsrz4

    bengalsrz4 - 9 years ago 1 0
  93. The best way to choose your best character would be choosing a top or very high tier character and see which one suits you the best. But if you like a low tier character, then go for it, but generally there is a reason why a character is placed in the tier they are in.

    User Info: Snuckie7

    Snuckie7 - 9 years ago 1 1
  94. Meatnite

    User Info: SquirrelMoose

    SquirrelMoose - 9 years ago 1 1
  95. snake is a powerhouse in a attacks but jigglypuff is too. sonics good and meta knights's final smash is really good but so is ness's and luca's so NO IDEA

    User Info: jetfoxman

    jetfoxman - 9 years ago 0 2
  96. there is a HUGE project at smashboards to anylyze this.

    they came up with a formula to detirmine how a charecter ranks in tournament play

    snake has 256
    g&W has 245
    meta knight has 1285
    yes you read that correctly he is higher than all the other charecters, but hey, once a captaion falcon won, so be who you want to be

    User Info: hyperqhopper

    hyperqhopper - 9 years ago 0 0

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