Boss battles INTENSE!!??

  1. HOW DO YOU DO IT ALONE!? cuz to get the award in the channenge room, you have to beat boss battle alone on intense. Who would be the best character to do it?

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    Codinator - 8 years ago

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  1. Don't listen to what this guy said. You can't use a Golden Hammer on ANYTHING Boss Battles related, everyone should know that. Also, I don't think you can absorb many projectiles, so scratch that. He is right about Fox, though. Keep a good distance from your enemy and spam lasers. Memorize enemy motions so you'll know when to stop shooting and dodge. And, you can reflect MOST projectiles, not all of them, so do a few tests before doing it for real.

    Remember, this is going to be a long and tedious battle, especially if it takes three to five minutes to destroy one enemy, but in the long run, it'll be worth it.

    Never give up. Trust you instincts.

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  1. Charizard using Side-B works well.

    User Info: kirsybuu

    kirsybuu - 8 years ago 13 6
  2. The key to Boss Battles is prediction. If you know what move the boss is going to do, and you know how to dodge it, then you shouldn't have any problems. My character suggestion is Meta Knight. His neutral air does a lot of damage and he has multiple jumps to recover with. Many people underestimate Meta Knights boss battle capabilities, but if you're good enough, you could go through the whole thing without getting hit.

    User Info: gfruyka

    gfruyka - 8 years ago 6 1
  3. In terms of easiest to hardest, some examples would be Donkey Kong and Charizard. Charizard's Rock Smash AKA Side B destroys bosses, and DK's Down B destroys bosses too. And as for TUSMEnterprises, don't be so fast to think you're right. It depends on the origin of his game; US games cannot use golden hammers on boss battles, HOWEVER, Europeans can. Good luck.

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  4. Unless you have the PAL version, read the answers above.

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  5. I would say to use a projectile type of character. Preferbly Fox. His speed and quickness will help you dodge the attacks that most bosses do and his reflector reflects the enemy attacks back to them which does a lot of damage.

    You could also use someone like Kirby but the problem is that he'll get knocked off to easy.

    You'll be better off using someone that you know how to use, dodge with them really well, and attack is not weak, and someone who is fast.

    I beat it with fox. It took a while but I beat it.

    User Info: Earuto

    Earuto - 8 years ago 1 1
  6. the best character to use is fox,link and meta knight...

    fox is just using the deflector on certain moves that the boss does,dogging attacks and useing gun to do damage... it can take a long time but its worth it...

    for link... use arrow,bomb,boomerang and hook shot to do damage,doge the bosses moves and if you want to learn his moves go to ( and for meta knight,do alot of air moves for damage,doge boss attacks...

    hope this helps...

    User Info: links500

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  7. Charizard side+B is effective
    (I did it like this and I finis it in 2 min 13 sec)

    User Info: Richy02

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  8. I use ike and ganondorf because they are can take a lot of damage and they do a lot of damage. But mostly its dodging as many moves as you can. you can even dodge taboo's super wave 1hit ko move.

    User Info: shinydarkrai98

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  9. another good character is marth... that deflect Attack is really good...

    you can use ike but hes slow...

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  10. Keep in mind that the Actual ORDER of the bosses may make or break a boss run as well.

    User Info: Blitz718

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  11. I suggest using Kirby his double hammer in midair it's extremely powerful... I beat intense boss battles in under 4 minutes like this.

    User Info: fallen_angel_94

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  12. Actually you CAN use a golden hammer - I used one for Boss Battles on Intense with no problems at all.

    User Info: Tom_Wake

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  13. I tried to use a golden hammer on Boss Battles Intense and it didnt work. Also Marth gets knocked off to easy thats why i use Ike. The Kirby Double Hammer Attack looks good too.

    User Info: shinydarkrai98

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  14. First of all don't use *ANY* character that floats (excluding ROB) because floating characters get knocked away easier. You need to have a character with ongoing combos (DK, Ike, Marth, Fox) My bro beat intense in around 3-4min using DK by using (Dwn + B) Ike's and Marth's Counter is pretty useful Boss Battles expecially Ike's strength. Fox's Fire Fox and reflect move is pretty useful in any boss battle. Using slow characters is not recommended, because they can't dodge easy.

    Here's exactly what my little brother did: (DK only)

    1) For Porky use (Up+b) and get onto Porky's body and keep using the whirlwind attack. If you fall off do it again
    2) For Raquaza get behind the boss and keep performing (Dwn+B) move
    3)For Master & Crazy Hand Keep attacking using (Up+ Smash) When they use an attack use the whirlwind to dodge *and* attack them. When they use their drill attack jump off the stage and grab on to the ledge to dodge. The whirlwind is especially useful when they use their laser attack.
    4)When your up against Pete(The Man Flower?) You smash attack only one cage. When Pete jumps go to where he;s gonna land and jump whirlwind him, you won't get damaged.
    5)Against Duo(Sword Half) You need to stay in the middle for 3 sec at the start then dodge back immediately because the game programs him to use his 3 head slash at the start ( no matter what lvl of boss battle) Easiest way to beat him after is to use (Dwn+b) Against his Gun Half, there's no actualy way of dodging his guns besides grabbing on to the edge of the stage. Take note that when they use their missiles it's heat-seeking so if you get behind Duo the missiles will hit them. It does a great amount of Damage.
    6)Against Ridley All you have to do is jump and use whirlwind in all his attacks besides when he's using his (jump into the air and smash the ground atk) When he does that immediately get off the stage and jump back to grab onto the ledge.
    7) Against Meta Ridley you must (Up+ Smash him) When he uses his Fireball attack you have to go to the end of the Blue Falcon and jump twice and then use your whirlwind. When he shoots the repeated laser attacks from his mouth all you can do is dodge roll it there's no other way to do it. When he slams onto the ship jump up and whirlwind him.
    8) Taboo: To dodge his Black Dragon Laser, you have to jump and whirlwind him, When he makes only his head appear on the screen go directly to his chin and you need to stay at the edge of the stage or else the lasers will hit u.
    The fish attack he uses (Transforms into fish and dashes) all you need to do is jump and immediately dodges when taboo launches. When he points and about 4-5 sparks are scattered around the arena stay away from him and go up to him and hit him with whirlwind. When he uses his winged attack you need to sidestep his atk (Dodge+dwn) Remember he occasionaly stays still after using a move so it gives you a chance to land 3 good smash atks.

    Hope this helps you, if it doesn't then keep on trying, it takes a while to master dodging their moves like that using DK especially if your new to using him. I did it with Dk also I cleared in about 5-6 minutes. My brother just did it faster

    User Info: Evil_Viet

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  15. Btw hammers are bad against bosses if you see one dont pick it up cuz you cant dodge if they're using an atk on u, and most likely, the hammer wont even have time to finish the boss before it knocks you out. Trust me, it's not worth it picking up the golden hammer.

    User Info: Evil_Viet

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  16. I passed every boss battle level with fox. i used the gamecube controller for the c stick smash. I found Duon and Porky hard. To beat duon you must dodge his lasers and missiles and abuse your laser when safe. Found the missiles hard to dodge on intense. Used an air dodge to pass through them. whatever works. Also used an occasional side smash or two after his sword slash attack. Porky i found as hard as he is the only boss that prefers to stay in the center. He also attacks quickly. His chasing laser is difficult to dodge. Again i abused the laser and threw in a side smash. All the other bosses i can make it through without damage. Dodge and side smashes. Firefox to the other side of stage. Practice dodging taboo's circle of death on easy to get the hang of it.

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  17. I suggest using Bowser or Marth or Gannondorph or Ike because there're heavy armored...

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  18. When it comes to Boss Battles on Intense you have 3 choices: Charizard, Metaknight, and Fox. Metaknights Nair, Fox's Fair, and Charizard's Side B are the attacks that rack up huge damage. Another tip it to make sure you get certain bosses as the first 5 battles (because 6-10 are stronger and faster) The bosses are Rayquaza, Galleom, Douon, and Porky. nIf you don't get any of them as the first battle then keep quitting and going back in until you do.

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  19. I've just beat it yesterday!! I used Yoshi and it took many hours of practice to succeed but I guess you can make it with Metaknight or Fox. I found Yoshi very good for this because he can float in the air for a very long time and his air dodge is great. The hardest boss was Taboo for sure but Porky was a close second because i always tried to kill him too fast and, however, the key is to take your rime to dodge their attacks.

    So yeah, try Yoshi out and follow these guys' instructions for each boss.

    User Info: Final_Trigger91

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  20. Toon Link's standard air attack does pretty decent damage, and he's fast enough to dodge; or you can go down the list of characters until you beat it with somebody.

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  21. Ok, my suggestion is that you use Marth. Yes, fox can reflect a few attacks (i think only 3 - Rayquaza's blast thing, Master Hand's gun shots, and Meta Ridley's small projectile which can make short work of him in like, 3 seconds) and pepper bosses with his blaster, but honestly, Marth's counter is absolutely lethal.

    Marth can counter almost every single boss's attack and come away damage free (some exceptions are attacks that hit multiple times, like Porky's crazy jab thing, or Duon's triple slash - just avoid those), and, unlike simply dodging attacks, he can dish out nice bit of damage in the process.

    So what you basically want to do is this:
    1. Go out of your way to get in the way of attacks so that you can counter them. Remember, his counter does damage based on the power of the attack he counters, so attacks like Duon's jump, Porky's jump and the attack where he very quickly runs off the stage, and basically all of Galleom's attacks are very dangerous when countered.

    2. Avoid attacks that hit multiple times. Porky's jab, Duon's triple slash, Master and Crazy Hand's spinning attack (where they fly up and then come down right on top of you twirling away - hits you many many times), Ridley's attack where he drags his tail on the ground (surprisingly hard to counter - I almost always counter it and then get caught in the attack anyway), etc. Don't even try to counter these. Just dodge or avoid in some way.

    3. Between counters and such, just slash away at the bosses with quick attacks. Smash attacks are good if you know you can pull them off, but that extra half second needed to recover from your attack is all it can take to get punched in the face and sent flying to your doom.

    That's kinda the gist of it, if you want, here's a little bit for each boss specifically:

    1. Petey Piranha - very easy boss. just stand right underneath him can counter every time he swings a cage at you then do an uncharged up smash into his face. if you're lucky, the smash will hit his head and one or both cages. this will USUALLY leave you with enough time to counter his next swing. don't bother running underneath him to counter his jump attack unless you're feeling daring - you just don't need to.

    2. Master/Crazy Hand - these bosses have very low health, so you should be able to beat them quickly. Avoid their spinning attacks at all costs - they are LETHAL. when they make a fist above you and just float for a bit, don't try to counter cause it's really hard to get the timing (they'll either slam down on you with a fist or open palm slap, but you can't tell which one they're gonna do until they do it) - just give them a second, then jump up and use an up special, as that'll get you above the attack and you won't get hurt. Just jump over them when they walk or crawl across the ground (Master and Crazy Hand, respectively), and avoid Master's gun (just shield or dodge). Be careful when countering their attacks when they go offscreen - they're REALLY fast. If they do their finger laser, here's your chance to pummel them for a bit.

    3. Rayquaza - just go counter happy. you can pretty much counter every single one of his attacks without fear. Just watch his movements and learn what signals what attack. when he does his weird attacks where his eyes glow for a second and then there's an explosion right on you, counter or shield, as the timing can throw you off, but dodging doesn't quite give you enough invincible time to come away unscathed. When he punches up through the ground, just don't move cause he'll come right to you. all the while hit him with quick attacks, like Marth's strong down attack.

    Dang, this is gonna be a multi part answer cause it's too long. lol

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  22. Continued from last post

    4. Ridley - A little bit tricky. when he flies offscreen to either side, run to the opposite side. you can either jump and dodge down out of the way, or try to counter - be careful though, as the speed at which he zooms across the screen is random. sometimes insanely fast, sometimes quite slow. can very easly throw off your counter timing. when he flys off to the background, countering that attack can do decent damage to him, but the timing is a bit tricky casue he moves really fast. watch his movements, cause it's not alway clear what attack he's about to do, avoid his tail drag attack, and mostly just hack away at him with up smashes and aerial attacks.

    5. Meta-Ridley - this fight is purely a hack and slash one. Don't even try to counter ANYTHING (unless you're feeling daring, once again). Hit him with everything else you've got, preferrably up smashes and aerials that don't have long recovery times.

    6. Galleom - ok, this guy is like, the heaviest hitter in the business. his attacks do insane damage, which means your attacks will do even insaner damage. Do all you can to counter every single one of his attacks (except the missiles and his spinning attack). if you want to counter his muti-stomp (where he jumps 4 times across the stage), only counter the last one, otherwise his next hop will get you. just be careful, as his attacks are very fast and VERY dangerous. study his movements so you can know each attack he's about to do, as each one has, for the most part, very different movements. Counter his attack where he falls on you at all costs, cause that does crazy damage to him. you almost don't even need to hit him with normal attacks.

    7. Porky - ugh, miserable boss. i would only counter his running attack (or whatever it is he does when he zooms off the stage - shield right after you counter, cause you might get hit again) and his jump attack. his crazy laser doom (where he sits there and shoots lightning at you).... well, you can try to counter it. counter once, and then you'll probably need to counter again, as the attack will come right back to hit you a second time. there really is very little to do against that attack. hit him as much as you can between the odd counters, and avoid his quick jab attack. oh, and when he kinda walks around hurting you if he runs into you while you're on the ground, try to jump on top of him and pummel him with down smashes and the like.

    8. Duon - worst boss right here (next to Tabuu). he has insane health and when it's the projectile guy, he's nearly impossible to counter. when it's the blade half stay closeish, and counter his cross slash and head smash - careful, timing is key and tricky with the cross slash. if you counter his triple slash, be prepared to get hit by one of his slashes - you should be able to counter his first and last hits, just not the middle one. for laser guy... just get far away from him or something. you CAN stay close and attack, but his attacks are impossible to counter almost. counter the dash attack (sometimes hurts you after anyway though) and their jump attack, and avoid the spinning attack. hack away as much as you can.

    9. Tabuu - ok, here's the big cheese. i personally wouldn't counter any of his attacks, as it's safer to just avoid and jump over them. plus, he has his couple of unblockable attacks (like his off waves, or wing shockwave of terror and instant death). be careful, as he as 2 grab attacks - the golden bracket things, and that weird chain thing. both are almost instant kills. just hit him as much as you can, avoiding all his attacks if possible. when he grows really big and goes to one side to shoot his eye lasers, run right underneath him and pummel him with up smashes and such. LEARN THE TIMING OF HIS OFF WAVES, OR ELSE YOU'RE DOOMED.

    Just one more part!

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  23. *whew* there, i hope that's helpful lol. i suppose you could do this with Ike as well (i think i have), but it's a bit harder, as Ike is much slower, and his counter, although more powerful than Marth's, doesn't actually counter the instant you hit down b, whereas Marth's does. So you need to give a split second more time after between hitting down be and being hit by an attack. very frustrating, but when you pull it off, it does pretty awesome damage.

    User Info: TheDoomTurtle

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