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    Subspace Emissary Guide by Jiruru

    Version: 1.0c | Updated: 06/30/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Subspace Emissary: 100% Completion Guide
    By Jiruru
    Version 1.0c, created June 30, 2008
    Version 1.0c: Just a small update this time too. I feel quite silly about this
    one, but I'm adding a small section at the start that answers what is by far
    the most commonly asked question I get. Also, some slight formatting changes.
    Version 1.0b: I have some bad news. I promised many people a big update was
    coming, but this isn't it, so I apologise. That should be ready soon. This
    just contains a very minor change that some may even view as a downgrade to
    the guide. The change is in the Contact section at the bottom. Again, I 
    apologise to my readers, but I hope my big update will make it up to you
    Hi there, and welcome to this guide! If you're reading it, I'm guessing you'd
    like to get help getting 100% in Subspace Emissary! Well, that's what this
    guide is for. I'll take you through all the levels, show you all the secrets, 
    and maybe a little more. Plus, I'll tell you how to unlock all the hidden
    characters. So, I won't prattle on much more, go and enjoy the guide!
    Oh yeah, there's a Hidden Character location list at the bottom of the guide.
    Well, I don't really think the guide needs a Table of Contents since there's
    really only one main section. So, to find a stage you want, just use your
    browser's handy search feature and search for the name. I kept using the names
    of stages to a minimum to make it easier to search for. 
    The Subspace Emissary map screen between stages shows you a nice layout of the
    world. How pretty. But more importantly in a quest for 100% completion, it 
    shows which stages you have completely cleaned out, and which ones have 
    missing items or other things still. The map displays this by putting a green
    flag or a glowing crown on each dot. But how do you know which is which?
    GREEN FLAG: You have missed an item in the stage somewhere! Oh no! Be sure to
    go in and look for it!
    GLOWING CROWN: You have found everything the stage has to offer! 
    Congratulations! (Note: Three stages can have glowing crowns before you've 
    found everything there, but will have flags again after a certain point in the
    game. The walkthrough will cover those when the time comes.)
    So, there you go. Now that you know how to read the map, better work on getting
    rid of those dang flags!
    If you've never played Brawl before, I recommend going through Classic Mode
    first just to get a feel for the game. It will be very useful. However, if
    you're a Melee veteran, you should be able to handle yourself just fine.
    I won't be making character recommendations except when it's really useful 
    or necessary, as I'm sure everyone has different play styles and I'm also
    sure you're better with some characters than I am.
    Stage 1: Midair Stadium
    Watch the opening scene, then select your character. You'll have to fight 
    whoever you didn't pick. It's a standard one on one Brawl, so just fight
    normally. Now there's another sequence of scenes, and you'll have to select
    the order of the four characters you find most appealing. (From now on, I'll
    just say "Pick four characters" when a choice like this comes up.)
    Here, you have to fight 30 enemies. The first eight or so are just various 
    kinds of Primids, and then Spaaks will start to show up. After about five or
    so Spaaks, there's just Primids the rest of the fight. Nothing too tough 
    really. A couple more scenes, and it's time for the first boss!
    BOSS: Petey Piranha
    You've got Kirby alone for this one. You win the fight by lowering the health
    of just one of the cages to zero. The occupant of the broken cage will join
    you after the battle. However, it doesn't make a huge difference which one you
    decide to rescue.
    Anyway, Petey's attacks mostly involve swinging the cages at you, and jumping 
    around to land on you. Try to dodge as best you can, but land blows whenever
    you get the opportunity. Hitting Petey himself will damage both cages, as well.
    He'll blow up before too long, which starts another scene, and once that's 
    done, the stage is over. Congratulations!
    NOTE: I will refer to whoever you decided to save as "Princess" from now on, 
    until it no longer matters.
    New Recruits: Kirby, Princess
    Clear Percent: 2%
    Stage 2: Skyworld
    Starts with a scene, and then you're off to the first actual adventure stage.
    Step 1: Drop down through the clouds, opening a couple green boxes on the way. 
    Continue right, getting another green box, and enter the door.
    Step 2: Fight a few Primids to open a path to the right, then run right. Fight
    a Spaak, and climb the clouds to find ORANGE CUBE #1. Continue right, past a
    couple Primids, a Cymul, and you'll meet a Greap. Its weak spot is its red
    head, so smack it there a few times to kill it, and enter the door.
    Step 3: Drop through some clouds, and watch out for the Glunder beneath you.
    Just keep dropping, avoiding Glunders, until you land on a purple cloud. Now
    keep going right, avoid the Jyks, and take any path through the clouds you 
    want. You'll come to some pillars that rise and fall, behind the third one is
    a hidden door. Make sure you enter it!
    Step 4: This area autoscrolls upwards, so just keep climbing the clouds, and 
    open both green boxes in the room. Now go back the way you came to return to
    the last area.
    Step 3: Keep going right, fighting stuff, and you'll meet a new friendly
    fellow called a Roturret. If you're standing still, it usually can't hit you,
    so stand right under it and pound away at it. After beating it, right the
    little platform thing to the right and you'll see the golden exit door.
    New Recruits: Mario, Pit
    Clear Percent: 4%
    Stage 3: Sea of Clouds
    Step 1: The character you pick doesn't matter, there's nothing here at all, 
    just go right.
    Step 2: You have to reselect a character (why?) but anyway... Just go right,
    fighting the same Primids and Glunders, and when you get to a temple-like
    part, make sure you grab the extra life in a green box at the bottom part. Exit
    the temple to the left (that's right, not going right for once), and meet some
    new enemies finally: the Poppant, Feyesh, and Towtow. None of them should be
    much trouble (yet) but the Towtow does take a few hits to bring down. When you
    come to some blocks in the air, make sure you don't destroy them, but climb
    them instead to get to a door high in the sky. 
    Step 3: Just break the green boxes (one should have Heart Containers), and go
    back to Step 2.
    Step 2: Go left, drop down at the end, and when the path splits, go right if
    you want a Home Run Bat. Otherwise, just keep dropping down. At the bottom, go
    right, beat up some Feyesh, and enter the door.
    Step 4: The clouds in this area will phase in and out of existence. Anyway, go
    right, and cross a gap to come to an arrow pointing left. Ignore it, and drop 
    into the pit to the right of it to find a green box. Now go back over the wall
    and head left. These little guys are the Mites. You will come to hate them.
    The portal here keeps spitting more out, but a few smacks will get rid of the
    portal. Go left, and watch out for the falling rocks. At the left side, climb 
    the platform to find a green box. Now drop down past the Glunders. You must
    destroy all the Mites and Glunders at the bottom to proceed. The path to the 
    right is much the same as above, and at the end you'll meet another Greap. Take
    him out the same way as before, and enter the golden door to finish the stage.
    Clear Percent: 6%
    Stage 4: The Jungle
    Step 1: Oh finally new enemies. Go right, fight the standard Mario enemies, hit
    green boxes, you know, standard fare. Enter a barrel cannon at the end to get 
    to a higher ledge. You'll soon come to a barrel cannon pointing at the floor, 
    with a bunch of suspicious blocks under it. Fire out of the cannon, through the
    blocks, and open ORANGE CUBE #2. Now hit the switch to get out of the pit. Go
    right a little more, and you'll come to a sequence of barrel cannons that
    Donkey Kong Country vets will find familiar. Just fire from one cannon to the 
    next, smack some Goombas, and enter the door.
    Step 2: These pink balls you see here will destroy whatever they touch after
    you hit them, so use them to wipe out enemies, and to open the way to green 
    boxes which may have items you want. (One of them had a Jirachi trophy here, my
    favourite Pokemon! Of course you might find other things, I just wanted to 
    share.) When you come to a structure, smack the ball at the bottom left to find 
    a trophy, and then climb the ladder to the top to get to a ball and some blocks 
    in the sky. Smack the ball to find a door.
    Step 3: A ferris wheel! Nab the two green boxes and leave.
    Step 2: Drop down (carefully), and hit the ball attached to the wire shaped 
    like a 3, and wait for a platform to show up. Cross it, and on the other side
    you'll have a meeting with the Hammer Bros. Beat them and the Goombas to earn
    an extra life. Now go right some more, into a barrel cannon, then through a 
    Step 4: Fight the Goombas and Hammer Bros, and once Bullet Bills start 
    appearing, keep an eye peeled to the right to notice a trophy on a ledge. Dodge
    some more Bullets, and enter a moving door when you come to it.
    Step 5: Jump off the edge, and aim left. You might hit some Jyks, but no big
    deal, just make sure you're falling far to the left, and land on a ledge with 
    a door. Go inside.
    Step 6: Open ORANGE CUBE #3 and a green box, then leave.
    Step 5: Drop down, defeat some Goombas of various size and enter a golden door.
    New Recruits: Diddy Kong
    Clear Percent: 9%
    Stage 5: The Plain
    NOTE: Before you begin, I suggest you select Pit, as his flight will make it
    easy to get an item later. Mario can reach it via wall jumping, but Pit simply
    has a much easier time of it. Even if replaying the stage to get it if you
    missed it, Pit still has the easiest time getting it. 
    Step 1: Go right, meet the Borboras, who's more of an annoyance than a threat,
    and kill it. Beat your way through the Primids and more Borboras, as well as
    some Feyesh. Just keep going until you come to a breakable wall. Just off the 
    screen over this wall is ORANGE CUBE #4. So take out the top row of the wall, 
    stand on the right side, and attack upwards to break it open. There's nothing
    else hidden in the wall, so enter the building to the right. A wall will chase 
    you, just keep running, and hit the green box. Don't worry if you can't get the 
    contents, the wall will push them to you. How thoughtful. Drop down the pit,
    break through some blocks, and go right until you see a shaft above you. As Pit
    use your many regular jumps, and then use Up+B to fly up. Other characters, 
    such as Mario, can wall jump to the top. (If replaying the stage, remember that
    many characters cannot reach the top of the shaft, so make sure you play 
    someone that can fly or wall jump.)  At the top you'll find a door. 
    Step 2: Grab the trophy, heart container, and ORANGE CUBE #5. Then leave.
    Step 1: Fight your way through some weak enemies to the right, and enter the
    Step 3: Ride the platform, fight the same old enemies, but watch out for Fire
    Primids, who are mostly immune to fire attacks. Otherwise, just kill everything 
    until the ride ends. When it does, there's no golden door, but the stage ends
    anyway. Congratulations!
    Clear Percent: 11%
    Stage 6: The Lake
    Well, before we begin, I'm sure by this point you have the basics of the game
    down. So, I'll just guide you through the stages, rather than listing off all
    the encounters and everything. Of course I'll make mention of new and special
    things, but I figure you know how to beat Primids and stuff with your eyes 
    Step 1: 
    BOSS: Rayquaza
    Sadly, you have no Ice-type attacks, so you'll have to beat it the
    old-fashioned way: violence. A lot of his moves hit low, so being in the air 
    will avoid a lot of them. When he flies up in the air, watch out for when the
    ground swells (how DOES he do that?) since he'll pop out of the ground up to
    three times. Fox's aerials will do a nice amount of damage, so the battle 
    shouldn't last too long.
    Step 2: Ok, while this is two areas, I'll count it as one for the sake of ease.
    When I say "Go Up" or "Go Down" it means to go through a door with an arrow
    pointing that way. Anyway, head right and go Up. Head right, and when you come
    to a door. go Down. Go around the ledge above you and head left to find ORANGE
    CUBE #6. Now head right and down the pit, at the bottom enter the door and go
    Step 3: The infamous dark room. Just hit the block in the top left to blow up
    the whole works and light up the room. Easy enough. Grab the green box above
    you, then head right, up the ledges and ladder, and out into fresh air again.
    At the top, head left and go Down, then head right, break down a wall, and past
    some Towtows into a door.
    Step 4: This part can be confusing, so be careful. After it begins, head to the
    right, and go Up. Enter the door with the arrow and not the red door on the
    ledge, or you'll be in some pain. Head to the right and you'll meet a Goomba
    family in a dead end. Kill them, then attack the block that appears. Go back
    to the left and go Down. Now head right and watch out for those pink lips on
    the ground, these jerks are really, really annoying. Head into the little part
    on the ceiling and hit a pink switch, then head right to get an extra life. Now
    go back to the left, and enter the forbidden door from before up on that ledge.
    Step 5: When you land, just go Up. Kill the Towtow and enter the new door.
    Step 6: You're now on a raft. Just ride it along, killing anyone who dares try
    to grab a ride on your raft. Soon after some Hammer Bros, you'll see a floating
    door. Enter it.
    Step 7: Knock the pink balls around to make a path, and grab the extra life and
    ORANGE CUBE #7. Now leave.
    Step 6: Back on the raft. Do as you did before. Soon after a Giant Goomba shows
    up, the raft will sail under ORANGE CUBE #8, be sure to hit it. The ride ends
    soon after.
    Step 8: Just make your way right, and enter a barrel cannon, watch the weird 
    path, and this part is done.
    Step 9: A duel with Bowser, but something seems odd... just fight him as you
    would any other Bowser. When he's done, that's the end. Congratulations!
    New Recruits: Fox
    Clear Percent: 15%
    Stage 7: The Ruined Zoo
    Step 1: Holy crap! Heehee, sorry. Just keep ahead of the statue, and don't 
    worry, there's nothing hidden here. Fight enemies if you want, but the statue 
    will take care of any enemies you don't fight anyway. Oh yeah, you'll run into
    the very annoying Buckots here too, ugh. Hit pink switches to open the gates 
    when you come to them. Oh yes, and make sure you keep to the right after you
    clear a lake, or else you're in for a nasty surprise. Right after that, this
    section ends.
    Step 2:
    BOSS: Porky
    His most painful attacks include a flurry of blades to one side, and a bolt
    of lightning used when he hovers in the air. However, a lot of the time he just
    sits there doing nothing, so take advantage of this to get in some cheap hits
    before he launches another attack.
    Step 3: Finally, the side scrolling part. This is just a really standard run to
    the right, but once you enter a building you will encounter Floows. Allow me to
    diverge for a moment.
    I HATE FLOOWS. A Floow on it's own isn't so bad, but when they gang up on you
    they can raise your damage at an obscenely fast rate. They're usually out of 
    range of any ground attacks, so hit them with your strongest aerials. They also
    will only attack when they have full health, but they heal themselves pretty
    quickly. Anyway, back to the adventure. (Although, Lucas can up-smash them from
    the ground, which also does a ton of damage to them, so keep that in mind.)
    Keep going right until you reach a wooden floor with spikes, you'll have to 
    stop and fight, and this battle has a lot of Floows. Whee. Keep going right and
    enter a door. (It's not a traditional red door, but it'll do.)
    Step 4: Hit the switch to open the gate and fight many, many Bytans. After that
    climb the ledges to get ORANGE CUBE #9. Head right and you'll find a portal 
    that spits out Glunders. Get rid of it and climb the ledges to the top. Enter
    the door.
    Step 5: Use the springs to get over the building and drop down the other side.
    When you land, go left into a door.
    Step 6: In here, you'll find ORANGE CUBE #10 and a green box with some healing.
    Now leave.
    Step 5: Keep going right, and after a forced battle with Primids and Tickens,
    you can find a green box below you. Use some springs to cross some tall spikes,
    and keep going right. Go into the light, and the stage is over.
    New Recruits: Lucas, Pokemon Trainer
    Clear Percent: 17%
    Note: If you're wondering why there was only two recruits and not three after
    the stage, that's normal, don't think you did anything wrong.
    Stage 8: The Battlefield Fortress
    Step 1: Hey, who's this guy? Heehee. Run to the right, follow the really basic
    path through the really basic enemies. You'll soon meet the Armights. They 
    have longer range than you, but your Up+B should take care of them. When you 
    come to a pit with a ladder, grab the key and enter the locked door to the 
    right, and the not-so-locked door behind it.
    Step 2: Nab ORANGE CUBE #11 and the green box, then leave.
    Step 1: Drop down the pit to your left and go left, when the path spits, take
    the lower road, dodging the Jyks, and grab the extra life. Now continue left 
    and through the door.
    Step 3: Use a down tilt jab to hit the switch and keep going left. I find it
    very fun using Counter (Down+B) on the Roaders out here, but take care of them
    however you want. After more Roaders and some Spaaks, you'll come to a door.
    Step 4: Similar to back in stage 1, you have to beat 30 enemies. Any lives or
    health lost earlier in the stage will be returned to you. The enemies here are
    mostly Primids, with a few Buckots, and Greap near the end.
    Step 5: I'm digging all these leftbound stages, I got tired of directing you
    to the right all the time. Anyway, to beat the Autolance here, knock its helmet
    off and then pound the lightbulb, and you get an extra life. Now just keep 
    going left. After an autoscroll begins, watch out when an Autolance shows up,
    because there will be a trophy or CD hidden to the left under a ledge. You'll 
    soon have to fight another Greap, and a couple Autolances, then a bunch of 
    Feyesh, even more Autolances, and some Armights, then finally you come to a 
    Step 6: Drop down the shaft and jump into the mine cart. Whee! Make sure you 
    jump out before it crashes into the spikes, and enter the door here.
    Step 7: Jump in the mine cart and get out after it breaks the second wall of
    crates. Past the spikes you'll find a green box and ORANGE CUBE #12. Now go
    back out.
    Step 6: Go to the right, enter a forced battle against really dull enemies, and
    receive a heart container for winning. Ride the cart, and be ready to leap out
    into another cart when you see the ! pop up. After a few cart changes, you'll
    arrive at a door.
    Step 7: Run right. Done.
    Step 8: Run right some more. (Sigh, come back left stages.) You'll meet a new
    enemy, the Nagagog, who can't be hurt while it's doing it's "uh-uh" noise. 
    Otherwise, just slash your way right until the stage ends. Congratulations!
    New Recruits: Marth, Meta Knight, Ike
    Clear Percent: 20%
    Special Bonus! As a reward for clearing this stage, Marth is now unlocked for
    play in all game modes.
    Stage 9: The Forest
    Step 1: Fight some Primids and soon you'll meet a Puppit. Let's call the ledge
    it dropped down beside "POINT A". I'll refer back to this point later in the 
    guide. Climb over two trees, then drop down the right side and head left into 
    a door.
    Step 2: Open the green box and ORANGE CUBE #13, then leave.
    Step 1: Go back to the treetops and head right. There's a green box on the 
    right side of the last tree. Fight your way right and into a door.
    Step 3: Trowlons try to lift you off the top of the screen which kills you. So
    don't stand on them. Anyway, just go right, using springs to get higher. Fight
    through some pretty mossy trees, and eventually you come to a block you can
    blow up. Do so to get a green box. The next exploding box will probably make
    you take a swim, but will also get you ORANGE CUBE #14. Finally, the third
    exploding box will reveal a door.
    Step 4: Head right, using pink balls to smash blocks and get an extra life. 
    The Shellpod might look big, but just smash it till the shell falls off, then
    kill it. In the building, hit the pink switch to make ledges, then climb up
    and out. Go right some more, fight a bunch of enemies, and the stage is soon
    finished. Congratulations!
    New Recruits: Link, Yoshi
    Clear Percent: 22%
    Stage 10: The Research Facility (Part I)
    Step 1: Oh baby. Break some boxes if you really hate them, and go in the door.
    Step 2: Take the elevator up one level, and go right, across a gap, and find
    ORANGE CUBE #15. Head back to the elevator, go up again, and go right into a 
    Step 3: Fight the ROBs in the hallway, and enter the door. Such short steps 
    Step 4: Go right to a ferris wheel, and all kinds of exits. The arrows are no 
    help here, so go down and right into a door.
    For now, I'm not going to bother with Steps cause of all the backtracking. Head
    right across the platforms, keep going right at the fork, and kill the ROBs and
    Roturrets, and get a key. Now go back to the fork and up. Climb the green 
    ledges and go right, get another key, and back to the left. Unlock the door, 
    hit the pink switch, and go back to the right. Step on the launcher thing on the
    floor to be sent to ORANGE CUBE #16. Now drop down and make your way back left 
    to the door.
    Use the ferris wheel or wall jumps to get to the level above you, then go right
    to another door.
    Ride the platform all the way to the right and kill a couple Glunders to make
    a pink switch appear. Hit it and the whole place comes down! Make your way back 
    left to the door.
    Go back to the ferris wheel and this time go left and up a ladder to another 
    You're now in a tall shaft full of Bytans. As a warning, the missiles the green
    ROBs shoot are quite powerful, so watch out for them. At the top of the shaft
    is a green box and another door.
    Step 5: Interesting stuff here. Giant Bytans, and black and green bombs. They
    explode if you get too close, or if you hit them with something. Anyway, make 
    your way right past all these hazards. The Metal Primids are worth noting, 
    as they don't flinch when hit and reflect some projectiles. Try not to let them
    surround you. Once they're dealt with, head right and you'll see the golden
    door. Congratulations!
    New Recruits: Zero Suit Samus, Pikachu
    Clear Percent: 25%
    Stage 11: The Lake Shore
    The battles here depend on which princess you saved back at the start of the
    game. In the first battle, you have to fight her. It's just a standard battle, 
    so fight her as normal. In the second battle, you have to face Mario and Pit if
    you fought Peach, or Link and Yoshi if you fought Zelda. Your partner will help
    you for this fight, but they only have one life. Like before, this time it's a
    standard doubles battle. There's no friendly fire (aside from explosions and 
    such) so don't worry about hitting your partner. Once that's done with...
    Step 1: Keep going right as you're accustomed to now. Don't use dash attacks on
    the Bombed enemies or the bombs will fall off and hit you. Use projectiles if 
    you can. You'll have to fight many Bombed once you get to a floating ledge, as 
    well as a Greap at the end. The platform will shrink as it's bombarded by 
    Bullet Bills, so head right once it evaporates and enter a door.
    Step 2: PAUSE FIRST. Now read ahead. This section is autoscrolling but it does
    have an orange cube. As you make your way right, you'll have to dodge moving 
    walls, Jyks, what have you. But at one point, you cross a bridge that falls as
    you step on it. Soon after, moving walls will come from the ceiling. Right 
    after you cross a gap with a moving wall over it, ORANGE CUBE #17 is in front 
    of you. Hit it, grab the item quickly, before it vanishes offscreen. The screen
    actually speeds up a lot right before you reach it, which is why you need to
    be fast. After that, there's not much else to watch out for, so enter the cave
    at the end.
    Step 3: You can reselect your character here, I suggest Pit or Kirby. Soon 
    you'll encounter Shaydas. Their weak spot is quite obvious, but they are very 
    strong and can kill you easily so be careful. Beat them and drop down the pit 
    for a mine cart ride, and grab a green box if you need healing. Climb the 
    ledges until you see a path to the right, but instead go up and left (this is
    why Pit or Kirby are helpful) and break some blocks to find a door.
    Step 4: Go left across the ponds to find a green box and ORANGE CUBE #18, then
    leave the way you came.
    Step 3: Drop back down to that ledge on the right and go right, avoid the hot
    rock pillars, and soon you'll come to a key and three locked doors. If you feel
    adventurous, open the top one last, but to move on in the stage, you'll have to
    open the top one eventually. Once you do so, kill the Shaydas you come across
    to find a door.
    Step 5: In the top left corner of this room is ORANGE CUBE #19, and the bottom
    left has a green box. Another place Pit or Kirby are useful. Head back out.
    Step 3: Head to the right, blow up some bombs to clear a path, fight the Feyesh
    and Tickens and other nonsense, and enter a door.
    Step 6: In here, you find a green box and ORANGE CUBE #20. (Yes, four in one 
    stage.) Also, the golden door. Congratulations! That was a long one!
    Lost characters: Princess
    Clear Percent: 29%
    Stage 12: The Path to the Ruins
    Step 1: The first part should be second nature by now. Just fight your way to
    the right and break through the block wall you come to. Once you do, you'll 
    come across an elevator. Take it up and you'll see two Gamygas. They are very
    strong so beat them quickly by taking out the bases and then the heads. Go 
    right and to a series of pits. Keep count, and fall into the third pit.
    Step 2: This room is full of blocks and trophies! Make sure you get them all!
    And then leave the room.
    Step 1: Climb out of the pit and make your way right. After the first falling
    ledge, you'll see ORANGE CUBE #21. Break it and claim the item, then continue.
    Step 3: Hot! Cross the sea of fire and you'll come to a hall with many fire 
    plumes. The pink switches will turn them off. Use PK Thunder or Waterfall if
    you can't reach one. Once you get to the end, you'll meet some Armights. Above
    them on a ledge is ORANGE CUBE #22. Grab it and drop all the way down, avoid
    the spikes at the bottom, and go left for an extra life. Go right, beat up 
    some Nagogogs, and get on a platform to the right. Kill everyone on it and
    proceed right. Enjoy another deadly platform ride, and go right to an elevator.
    Ride it up, head left for a green box, then go right into a door.
    Step 4: Run to the right to do battle! You'll have your lives restored (unless
    you grabbed the extra life earlier and haven't died, meaning the game takes 
    away a life. What a cheat! Anyway, this is just a standard battle with Wario 
    here. The pillars make him kinda hard to knock out, but eventually you'll have
    him down. With that, the stage ends. Congratulations!
    Clear Percent: 31%
    Stage 13: The Cave
    Step 1: Run to the right. Ok, that was mean of me. Watch out for rocks, and 
    just go on. Soon, a falling ceiling will come at you, so quickly cross the floor
    to the right. Climb a ladder to fight some  Hammer Bros and other Mario
    enemies, then go right. The next ceiling will fall at you, so drop quickly. The
    floor after that will rise, so climb quickly, or just ride it up and get off to 
    the left. Now, when you come to a ledge with two Koopas, STOP. Get the ceiling 
    to the right to fall without actually going under it, and wait. Soon, a hidden 
    passage will appear. Go right and into the door.
    Step 2: The walls here are coming together! Grab ORANGE CUBE #23 below you, and
    if you have time, the green box above you, then hightail it out of there!
    Step 1: Wait for the passage again and then cross to the left, and wait for the 
    ceiling to rise, then drop quickly. Keep left  as you drop to find ORANGE CUBE
    #24 on the bottom ledge. Grab it before the ceiling kills you, then go right.
    This next part is very dangerous. If a stone bracket pushes you into the floor
    or ceiling, you instantly lose a life. Make your way through the gaps in the 
    brackets, and try to only cross pits when a bracket you can stand inside is 
    coming. Once that's done, you'll come to a door.
    Step 3: Grab a key, avoid the spikes and fire, and unlock the door.
    Step 4: In here, you must hit the pink switches to make the purple mist
    temporarily leave, as it damages you very rapidly. Aside from that, it's a very 
    straightforward path through this part of the cave. When it splits, take the
    low path for the pink switch, then go back to the high path. The next pink
    switch will make a ceiling fall, so run right. The next switch will make two
    Giant Goombas fall. Aren't there any nice switches? Go right till you come to
    a ferris wheel. As a warning, when you're on the lower right part of the wheel,
    you can see what looks like solid ground to the right of you. Hint: It isn't.
    If you try to land there, you die. Keep riding the wheel to a moving platform
    at the top right. Go right and into a door on a ledge.
    Step 5: Open the green box on a ledge and ORANGE CUBE #25 in the lower corner, 
    then leave.
    Step 4: Go right and into the golden door. Congratulations!
    Clear Percent: 33%
    Stage 14: The Ruins
    Step 1: The first part basically plays for you. Go down the elevator, hop into
    the mine cart, and fall down the shaft. Hurry right at the bottom and try to 
    get through the gate before it closes. If you don't make it, hit a pink switch
    to the left to try again. Head right and when you come to a Jyk, there's a 
    trophy on a ledge just to the right of it, you may have to wait for it to 
    appear. Head right, past lots and lots of spikes, to another closing gate, go
    through and nab a green box for an extra life. Jump into the big rotating box,
    ride around to the other side, kill some Floows, and drop down a shaft. Hit the
    right pink switch and quickly enter the door that opens below you.
    Step 2: Great, an autoscroll. Pause and read ahead. Kill as many Mites as you
    can, and watch out for the breakable walls. The second wall has ORANGE CUBE #26
    on top, and the Mites will do all the can to stop you from getting it. Having
    Squirtle here with Waterfall will be a huge help in reaching it, you have to be
    very quick to get it with Lucas in time. Soon after, do NOT enter the mine 
    cart. Trust me, just break through the wall yourself. The reason why is the 
    cart goes faster than the screen, and you will die if it carries you off the 
    right side. How nice. Ok, now unpause, and beware of the flames. Kill a Fire
    Primid on the other side of the autoscroll to make the platform drop. Avoid the
    large spikes on the wall as it goes down, using ledges on the side to get
    around them. You will come to a door on a ledge, enter it.
    Step 3: Use the platforms to cross the gaps. Note that you can only pass 
    through green ones and not orange ones, so be careful when jumping from below.
    In here you'll find two green boxes. Make your way back out.
    Step 2: Freefall! Let's call the spot where you land "POINT B." I'll refer back
    to it later on in the guide. (If you're wondering "well what about the one way
    back in the forest?" I'll get to that later, I haven't forgotten!) You'll be 
    attacked by large Bytans and some Glires, but make your way right for a 
    Step 4: Ride the platform to engage in a series of battles with WAY TOO MANY
    Armights among other things, and nab some Maxim tomatoes from a box. Now things
    get dicey. Kirby Super Star veterans will find this puzzle familiar. Hit the 
    switches you come across to open gates marked the same way for a short time. 
    The first part is really linear, just make sure to hit every switch, and hurry.
    Get through that and I'll meet you when the path splits after a series of 
    gates. If you'd like some bunny ears, go left at the split to get some from
    a green box, otherwise go right to get out of here. When you see the Roturret,
    don't hit any switches till it's gone. Once it is, hit only the right switch,
    and go into the door that appears.
    Step 5: Hit the switch and hurry around the room into the opened gate for
    ORANGE CUBE #27. No need to do anything special, there's enough time to just 
    run and jump to it. Hit the pink button to get out.
    Step 4: Head right and mash a Towtow to reveal a door.
    Step 6: A standard Brawl, this time against Charizard. Beat it up as usual.
    New "Recruits": Ivysaur, Charizard
    Clear Percent: 35%
    Stage 15: The Wilds (Part I)
    Step 1: Fight your way right, down through an autoscroll, and right again. I'm
    sorry if it seems I'm slacking this stage, but honestly it's just really easy
    and boring. Once you pass through a cave, climb the ledges above the right exit
    to a door.
    Step 2: Climb the moving ledges to find a green box and ORANGE CUBE #28. Now 
    drop down and exit.
    Step 1: Head down and to the right, and break open a breakable wall for the
    not very well hidden ORANGE CUBE #29. Keep going right past some exploding
    black and green balls. Hereafter, as they have no name, I'm gonna call them
    Blastballs. When you come to a section telling you to go up, you can hitch a 
    ride on a Trowlon to rest your character's legs. You'll soon meet an Armank.
    Jab it a couple times till it releases its giant, dragon-like arm. Destroy that
    and the tank will open. Hit the green blobby guy inside a couple times to kill
    it. Jump off the cliff (how brave) and run to the right as you land so you don't
    fall on spikes. Enter a door.
    Step 3: Just keep going right. You'll see some dynamic landscape, but it's not
    hiding anything important. Another downward autoscroll, this time with falling
    rocks. Whee. Kill two Big Primids (despite their size, they're really weak) and
    go right. Now, for barrel cannons! If you want to get the green box, blast your
    way to the downward rotating barrel and blast yourself to it. Otherwise, blast
    your way upwards until you have a choice between three barrels. Take the right
    one to land beside a door, and enter it.
    Step 4: ORANGE CUBE #30 resides here. Ike can reach it from the ground by 
    double jumping and using Aether, otherwise make your way to it using the 
    blocks. Once you have it, break the blocks for a couple green boxes, and leave.
    Step 3: Back to the start of this part, hooray. Make your way back to the door,
    but jump off to the right, avoid the cannons, and fall against the wall, and
    double jump into the tunnel. Enter a door.
    Step 5: I'm not even writing info for this one, it's pretty self-explanatory.
    Step 6:
    BOSS: Galleom
    He's strong, but more annoying. He jumps around a lot, and his jumps will bury 
    you in the ground, so try to avoid them. When he curls up, he'll shoot missiles.
    He does have a habit of punishing sloppy mistakes, so try to stay on your toes.
    Clear Percent: 37%
    Stage 16: The Ruined Hall
    BOSS: Galleom
    Select Pokemon Trainer, and have Charizard use Rock Smash. Easiest boss ever.
    And a nice short stage too!
    Clear Percent: 38%
    Stage 17: The Wilds (Part II)
    Step 1: Sigh, more Wilds. Make your way right past all the enemies. You'll soon
    come to another autoscroll. When you come to a ball moving left and right with
    blocks below it, quickly hit it through the left column of blocks to get some
    well hidden stickers in the little niche there. Now keep going right. You'll be 
    attacked when you come to a moving platform, and then the autoscroll ends. Now,
    three elevators. Treasure below the middle one, but how to get it? Get into it, 
    and go up. Wait for the left elevator to pass you when it stops, then QUICKLY
    drop down and enter the hole below the middle elevator. If you get caught, 
    you'll get squished. Enther the door down here.
    Step 2: Hit the big ball to clear a path to a green box and ORANGE CUBE #31. 
    Then go back out.
    Step 1: Take the left elevator up now, and fight your way right to a door.
    Step 3: Ride the platform through the sandy winds, and enter a cave. The spikes
    here are of the falling variety. Outside the cave, fight a Greap, then keep 
    going right. Ride another couple platforms, making sure you jump off at the
    end before the walls crush you. Climb the ladder out of the cave and go left
    for ORANGE CUBE #32. Head right past some Roaders to end the stage. 
    Clear Percent: 40%
    Stage 18: The Swamp
    Step 1: Go right as you're so accustomed to by now. When you come to a large
    leaf in an updraft, ride it down and jump into a tunnel to the right and below
    you for ORANGE CUBE #33, then blow up the blocks to exit. Head right, across
    a few more leaves, and enter the door.
    Step 2: When you come to a downdraft (is that even a word?) wait for a platform
    and then cross on it. (Don't jump into oblivion as I always do here.) Cross the
    ladders by climbing to the top of one and jumping to the next. When you see a 
    green cube below you, it's up to you if you want to get it. Fox should have no
    trouble getting it, but if you're not good at using Diddy Kong's Rocket Barrel,
    you may want to pass it up if you're unable to aim it well enought to get to 
    the ledge with the box. Cross a couple more ladders, and win a battle with 
    various enemies to get an extra life, then go up. Grab the red ladder and ride
    it around, waiting for an opening to get past the spikes. After you jump to a
    second ladder, you'll see a door to the left, enter it.
    Step 3: A green box on the lower left, and using the updraft, jump to a ledge
    in the top left for ORANGE CUBE #34. It is possible to kill yourself off the 
    top using updrafts, so be a little careful. Anyway, exit the way you came.
    Step 2: Jump back to the ladder, and once it enter the building, jump to the 
    ledge on the left and hit the exploding block above you to make a path to the 
    right. Enter a door.
    Step 3: It's huge! Despite its size, treat the giant enemy like a normal brawl,
    only one you have to do a lot more damage to to knock out. And try to stay near
    the ground, its aerials are deadly. Doing around 300% should be enough to KO 
    Step 4: Ride a mine cart and a bunch of those skid platforms to the right, 
    fight Hammer Bros, and keep going. You'll come to a series of barrel cannons. 
    If this is your first time through the swamp, take the barrel cannons. Note the 
    platform after the second cannon, call this "POINT C." If this is your second 
    trip to the swamp, avoid the cannons and swim to that platform. You'll land 
    on a platform partway through. Grab the green box if you want, and then use 
    the barrel cannons to break through the walls ahead. Enter the door.
    Step 5: Use the springs to cross the gaps, when you come to inclined springs,
    bounce off them to reach a high ledge with ORANGE CUBE #35 on top of it. Just
    when you have to go up, use the spring to reach a green box with an extra life.
    Go across some spikes, and when you come to the dropping blocks, go down and 
    left to find a door.
    Step 6: Get the green box and heart container, then hit the exploding box in 
    the water to reveal a trophy, and now leave. 
    Step 5: Head to the right, and use a rather obnoxious series of springs and
    platforms to cross some spikes, and enter the door.
    Step 7: As you ride the platform, keep an eye on the water below you. Spots
    where you can see something moving will soon have a rather dangerous plant 
    shoot out at you. Fight a LOT of Paratroopas, and continue right. Plants from 
    below will shatter this bridge, so watch for them. Jump onto the platform at 
    the end, and finally, the golden door! Congratulations!
    New Recruits: Falco
    Clear Percent: 43%
    Special Bonus! As a reward for clearing this stage, Falco is now unlocked for
    play in all game modes.
    Stage 19: The Research Facility (Part II)
    Step 1: It's dark in here. Don't let that bother you, hitting pink buttons will
    turn on the lights. Go right some more until you come to a big pink wall. When
    the lights are out, it'll go away, so just wait it out. Keep going right, 
    hitting buttons or waiting when necessary, and be sure to hit a pink button 
    just beyond a ladder, then quickly drop down and enter a door to the left.
    Step 2: Find ORANGE CUBE #36 in here, and a heart container, then leave.
    Step 1: Go right into the next room.
    Step 3: Fight your way down the hall, and into the next room.
    Step 4: A one-on-two brawl? Not fair! Fight both of them off to reclaim what's
    rightfully yours.
    Step 5: Fight your way down another hallway, breaking through walls as 
    necessary. When you come to the large blocks, the buttons on the side will make
    them stop for a couple seconds. Cross them across the spikes and large gap to 
    get to a door.
    Step 6: Hit the pink button to make an orange ledge drop and ride it, then jump
    off at the first ledge. Go right and up a ladder, drop another platform, and
    ride it, but jump off when the screen stops. Fight, and hit the next button.
    Ride the platform down, and jump to a ledge on the left. Blow up the wall and
    enter the door.
    Step 7: As before, hit the buttons to stop these bad boys from moving. Grab a
    green box and ORANGE CUBE #37, then leave.
    Step 6: Go right and climb the ladder, then drop the platform again. Ride it 
    down, ignore the platform to the right, and jump on the one to the left. After
    it turns up, jump to one on the left that goes down, and quickly to one further
    left that will take you right. Ride this one to a door.
    Step 8: Enter the lower portal (press Up as usual). Fight off the monsters, and
    enter the right portal. Use the springs to climb the room and enter the portal
    on the top. Here, wait for a platform and ride it, ignore the first portal, and
    enter the one on the far left. Hit the button and go back, now enter the portal
    you ignored before. Drop down the shaft to find ORANGE CUBE #38 and enter the
    portal to the left, then the door on your right.
    Step 9: Hit the green box for some perhaps needed healing, and enter the door.
    Step 10:
    BOSS: Ridley
    Pikachu's Thunder can help fry this bad boy. Otherwise, most of his attacks are
    fairly easy to manage, just be ready to dodge-roll when you see him flying in 
    from the background.
    New Recruit: Samus
    Clear Percent: 47%
    Stage 20: Outside the Ancient Ruins
    Step 1: Awesome! Head to the right, and drop through a ledge that looks thin, 
    enter the door.
    Step 2: Try to grab the falling trophy. If you miss, exit and re-enter to try
    again. Now exit.
    Step 1: Climb back up, make your way right and up a ladder. Keep going right, 
    and when you see breakable ledges above you, climb them to a door.
    Step 3: Jackpot! Open ORANGE CUBE #39 and ORANGE CUBE #40, as well as grabbing
    the trophy on the ground between them. Be careful of the dropping blocks 
    though, and exit the room.
    Step 1: Go right, beat up a Gamyga, and enter the door.
    Step 4: A long battle! 40 enemies, that is. Nothing too hard, except a Shaydas
    trio about halfway through. When you win the battle, the stage is complete.
    New Recruits: Donkey Kong, Captain Falcon, Olimar
    Lost Characters: Fox, Falco
    Clear Percent: 49%
    Special Bonus! As a reward for clearing this stage, Captain Falcon is now
    unlocked for play in all game modes.
    Stage 21: The Glacial Peak
    Step 1: Go... up? That's right, this level is all vertical! Make your way up, 
    and when you climb a ladder, grab the green box to the right, but get the 
    contents quick before the wall skewers you. Keep making your way up, past some
    Floows (the Climbers are very good Floow killers), and a series of barrel 
    cannons. Beyond the cannons, fight even more Floows, and enter the door.
    Step 2: Ride the platform as it takes you all over the place, and jump off at 
    the end of the ride. You'll now have to climb some moving ice. It's fairly 
    simple, there's no tricky parts or anything... yet. When you come to a stable 
    ledge, watch out for ORANGE CUBE #41 on the right side of the screen. Wait till
    the ice moves far enough left so you can reach it, then open it, grab the 
    item, and get out before the ice comes back. As you climb, you'll see a huge 
    block of ice coming from the right. Get on top of it as soon as you can, and
    enter the door up there just as fast as death is coming from above.
    Step 3: Jump into the barrel cannon and blast up, then go right as you drop. 
    Break the blocks you land on and enter a door.
    Step 4: In this little... cabin cave, you'll find a green box and ORANGE CUBE
    #42. The switch in here just turns on the lights. Head back to the last room.
    Step 3: This time, go to the left when the cannon blasts you, and climb up a 
    series of ladders past the Glices and Jyks. The next part of the climb is 
    fairly simple, enter the first door you see, on the right side.
    Step 5: This, on the other hand, is anything but simple. Grab a Metal Box, dive
    into the water and quickly swim to the ladder on the far right side. If you're
    using Ice Climbers, Nana will almost certainly die here, but there's not much
    you can do about that. Climb the ladder to find ORANGE CUBE #43. Now blow up
    the blocks to make your way out.
    Step 3: From here, just keep climbing, past Towtows and Spaaks, and enter 
    another door.
    Step 6: Select your character, and then it's a standard brawl. Regardless of 
    who you pick, the outcome is practically the same after you win. And the stage
    is done. Congratulations!
    New Recruits: Ice Climbers, Lucario
    Clear Percent: 51%
    Special Bonus! As a reward for clearing this stage, Lucario is now unlocked for
    play in all game modes.
    Before we go on, let's have a little intermission. You might be thinking "hey
    this is pretty fun" or "what gives, I'm past halfway and only unlocked three
    characters so far?" or "wow I sure have to walk to the right past boring
    enemies a lot." These are all valid thoughts. But don't worry, things will 
    start picking up soon, in more ways than one. After all, we're just past 
    halfway, there's plenty more where that came from!
    Stage 22: The Canyon
    This stage is merely another battle against 50 enemies. You'll meet quite a
    variety of enemies here, but nothing new. Just beat them all up, and take your
    leave. Congratulations!
    Clear Percent: 52%
    Stage 23: Battleship Halberd Interior
    Step 1: Enter the door.
    Step 2: Make your way to the right. When you come to dropping blocks with even
    more dropping blocks below them, drop down the far left to reveal a pink 
    button. Hit the button to reveal a door.
    Step 3: Open the green box, and break through the breakable blocks to reach
    ORANGE CUBE #44. Now exit.
    Step 2: Make your way right, across a falling bridge, and enter the door.
    Step 4: This is quite a large room, so pay close attention. As you enter, go
    right, and when the path splits, continue right. Destroy the portal here to
    find a pink button, and hit it. You have to hit three of these. Kill the 
    Armights while you're at it. Now go left and drop down. At the bottom, go left.
    Drop down the ladder and destroy another portal to find a second button. Keep
    going left and open a green box at the bottom of the ladder. Now go back up and
    right. Drop down a shaft and in here you'll meet a portal that spits out 
    Floows. (The game has got to be kidding me.) Kill it, and hit the final button.
    But before going to the new passage, go right and find some breakable blocks.
    Break them to find... nothing? Well, jump up and walk right through the wall to
    that door behind it. (This is the only wall in the game they decided to use a
    trick like that with, go figure.)
    Step 5: Beat up the portal to stop the production of Glires, then nab the green
    box and ORANGE CUBE #45. Back to the last room.
    Step 4: Make your way left, bounce off springs to get up, and there's a new 
    passage in the middle of the room heading down a ladder. Go down the ladder, 
    open ORANGE CUBE #46 at the bottom, and enter the door.
    Step 6: Kill all the Primids and Shaydas and stuff to find a new door.
    Step 7: As in the dark room earlier in the game, the buttons will light it up.
    Just keep going right and you'll come to the door.
    Step 8: To get through here, you must kill every enemy. To your right as soon
    as you enter is a Bombed. Kill it and climb up. Kill a Primid to your right,
    drop down to the right and kill a Nagagog, then continue right and up to a 
    Metal Primid. Head back to where the Primid was, go up and kill a Cymul, and
    use the springs to reach ORANGE CUBE #47. Go left and up, kill a Towtow, and 
    now the way should be open. Drop back down to where the Bombed was and go right
    to a door.
    Step 9: Another one-on-two brawl. Fight them as normal despite the handicap and
    you should come out on top in the end. Once they're down, the stage is 
    finished. Congratulations!
    New Recruit: Snake
    Clear Percent: 55%
    Special Bonus! As a reward for clearing this stage, Snake is now unlocked for
    play in all game modes.
    Stage 24: Battleship Halberd Exterior
    Step 1: No enemies or anything here, just make your way right across the 
    platforms. Peach's floating ability makes this a breeze, but it's not too hard
    regardless of who you play.
    Step 2: This area has quite possibly the most commonly missed orange cube in 
    it, but that's why I'm here. As you start, go right, when you see an orange 
    ledge above you, remember this point. No need to give it a fancy name, just
    remember it. Go up and hit the button to destroy a Blastball. Hit another 
    button to destroy many more Blastballs and climb up. At the top grab three 
    green boxes, then drop to where I told you to remember, and stop. 
    Pay very close attention now. Above you, there may be a Blastball moving 
    horizontally. Ignore or detonate it, and go right. You will be faced with two
    moving vertically. Destroy the second one when it is very close to the ceiling.
    If you look, you can see a crack above it, so destroy it there. The explosion
    will break open the ceiling and ORANGE CUBE #48 with it. Hooray! Now proceed
    to the right. Nothing of interest in the large Blastball filled room, so cross
    at the top to save some trouble. The pink button here opens a gate across the
    gap so hit it and quickly cross. Enter the door.
    Step 3: This room is spooky. And secondly, what the heck is the fourth thing
    in the bottom row? I've never seen one of those outside of here. And it looks
    like it's struggling to live. I almost feel bad for it. Anyway, exit to the
    Step 4: A bunch of Primids, Puppits, and Greap. When they're all dead, go 
    right. (If a Puppit gets stuck under the platform, go to the far right or left
    to try to lure it out.) Grab the green box above you, and another just to the
    right in the first little pit. Cross the pits and you'll spot a Greap, just 
    avoid it if you don't want to fight it. (I don't blame you.) From here on, it's
    just a bunch of intermittent fire plumes to navigate. Head through the myriad 
    of plumes and enter the door inside the crusher. If you can't reach it in time, 
    just wait and the crusher will reopen.
    Step 5: Go right, and when you have a choice to go up or down, go up and then 
    to the high ledge on the left with ORANGE CUBE #49 on it. Keep going right, and
    when you reach the right side, the stage ends. Congratulations!
    New Recruit: Zelda or Peach, whichever you didn't save back in Stage 1.
    Returning: The princess you saved, Fox
    Clear Percent: 57%
    Stage 25: Battleship Halberd Bridge
    BOSS: Duon
    This guy is (are?) quite annoying. A lot of its attacks are close range and 
    it can even trap you inside it and drill you. It'll also shoot lasers at you
    if you're far away. However, since this boss is the entire stage, just go all
    out since you'll be done after the battle.
    New Recruit: Mr. Game & Watch
    Returning: Falco
    Clear Percent: 58%
    Special Bonus! As a reward for clearing this stage, Mr. Game & Watch is now 
    unlocked for play in all game modes.
    Stage 26: The Subspace Bomb Factory (Part I)
    Step 1: Go right to an elevator. Rather than guide you though, I'll make a 
    crappy little map.
                  Start        L ---+--- M
                    |               |
               A ---+--- B          +--- K
                    |               |
               C ---+          I ---+--- J
                    |               |
               D ---+--- E          +--- H
                    |               |
               F ---+---------------+--- G
    A: Trap, hit pink button to get out.
    B: Three ROBs and a green box.
    C: Trap, kill Shaydas and Glunders to get out.
    D: Green box and a door. See Room D below.
    E: Trap, hit pink button to get out.
    F: Trap, kill Roturret and Borboras to get out.
    G: Trap, kill Big Primids to get out.
    H: Door to Step 2. Do not enter until you've been to Room D, Room I, and 
    Room L.
    I: Door, see Room I below.
    J: Trap, kill Roturret to get out.
    K: Green box, hit pink button to get out.
    L: 5 ROBs, when beaten a door appears. See Room L below.
    M: Trap, kill Nagagogs to get out.
    Room D: Full of Primids and ROBs. Kill them all to get a green box and ORANGE
    CUBE #50.
    Room I: Contains an Armank that drops a trophy when beaten.
    Room L: Contains a green box and ORANGE CUBE #51. To reach the orange cube, you
    must wall jump up the shaft on the right. Both Pikachu and Samus are capable of
    wall jumping.
    Once done exploring, go to H and enter the door.
    Step 2: Head to the right, fight through a legion of ROBs, and the stage will
    end. Congratulations!
    Clear Percent: 60%
    Stage 27: The Subspace Bomb Factory (Part II)
    This is a long one, so be warned.
    Before you begin, there is a secret in the stage that only Diddy Kong and
    Captain Falcon can reach. So you might want them near the front of your lineup.
    Step 1: Quite a lot of security around here. Make your way right through the
    enemies and breakable walls to a ferris wheel, where you have to fight ROBs. 
    Once done, jump to the next wheel, and enter a door you may see on one of its
    platforms. (Just keep checking each platform.) Enter it.
    Step 2: This is probably the other most missed secret. In here, you can nab a
    couple green boxes. Done, right? Nope. Launch off the spring at the top and 
    double jump to land on something. Attack downwards to break open a hidden
    ORANGE CUBE #52. Now leave the room.
    Step 1: Go right across the platforms and into a door on the other side.
    Step 3: These spikes are painful. Dodge them as well as you can and make your 
    way to the right. You'll see a door with three dots on it: red, green, and 
    blue. First, go up, destroy a lot of the breakable blocks, and make sure you 
    kill all the Mites. Once that's done, hit the red switch at the top and drop
    quickly down to the door below, or the roof will crush you. Climb down the 
    ladder and go left. Cross the gap and you'll see the blue switch, so hit it.
    Note the shaft behind it. Only Diddy and Falcon can reach the door at the top,
    so hopefully you have one of them right now. If you can reach the door, enter 
    it. (If you need to sacrifice someone, remember that you will have all your
    lives returned later in the stage.)
    Step 4: Hit the exploding block at the top of the room to make the whole thing
    disappear, and open the green box and ORANGE CUBE #53. Now leave.
    Step 3: Drop back down and head all the way right, across some conveyors, to 
    the green switch. Hit it as well, return to the door, and enter it.
    Step 5: Go right, ignore the path upwards for now, and hit a pink button to 
    kill some ROBs. If you're capable, jump to the high ledge on the right, 
    otherwise bust the wall and climb the ladder. Now go left across the platform,
    hit the button above you, and continue left for ORANGE CUBE #54. Further left
    is a green box, now drop back down and go right again. Navigate carefully
    through the fire and traps, and ride a platform up. When the walls start to 
    close in, make sure you're standing on the area where they don't come all the
    way shut. Take a platform up, climb the ladder, and go left. Fight off some
    Bytans and destroy boxes for a key, then go right and a cutscene begins.
    Step 6: A battle with 50 enemies! All your lives will be returned for this
    battle. When selecting a party, know Pikachu can wipe out swarms of enemies
    with Thunder, but has a very hard time with Floows. Anyway, the last two 
    enemies are both Armanks (oh boy, two at once). Don't get stuck between them,
    and try to kill one as fast as you can to make it so much easier.
    Step 7: It's not over yet, not by a longshot. Reselect a team and get ready for
    a long autoscroll downwards. As you drop, you'll have to break blocks, and 
    Primids will try to stop you. Eventually you get to a platform with spikes on
    the edges of the shaft. Avoid the spikes as they move, and when the platforms 
    open, you'll have to drop again, but the autoscroll is suspended. Keep dropping
    and avoiding the Cymuls. The platforms rise if you touch them, so try to avoid
    them, and enter the door at the bottom.
    Step 8: A shaft of Blastballs. Hold down to drop through the first few 
    platforms, but if you land on a solid one, use your shield so the blast won't 
    harm you. At the bottom of this part, the autoscroll restarts. Now, pay close
    attention: when you see a portal, drop to the lower right corner of the area 
    it's in to find a well-hidden trophy. You probably won't have time to destroy
    that portal, so just keep running. Fall out the bottom of the shaft to land
    near another door.
    Step 9: Hit the green box to get healed, and fall some more...
    Step 10:
    BOSS: Meta-Ridley
    Only two minutes! To make that two minutes worse, Meta-Ridley is a HUGE wimp
    and spends a lot of the battle hiding offscreen. He also has very powerful 
    attacks. One thingto watch out for are when he suddenly drops down onto the 
    Flyer and either smashes on top of you, which will likely kill you off the
    top, or push it off the bottom of the screen and kill you down there. But you
    don't have time to ponder such things, so try to kill him as fast as possible
    before the clock runs out.
    Finally! Congratulations!
    New Recruit: R.O.B.
    Clear Percent: 64%
    Special Bonus! As a reward for clearing this stage, R.O.B. is now unlocked for 
    play in all game modes.
    Stage 28: Entrance to Subspace
    Well, your party here is your own preference really.
    Step 1: Despite how eerie it is, the first section is your basic "go right" 
    area that's really familiar by now. Soon after you meet the first Borboras,
    there will be a trophy to the right of a little piece of land sticking up, be
    sure to grab it. Aside from that, keep going right, there's many portals, a
    few Armanks, and a Greap you need to kill, but nothing too serious. Also, when
    the ground seems to be fading away as you run, it's still solid, don't worry.
    Enter the door at the very end. Congratulations! (Yeah, it was short.)
    Clear Percent: 65%
    Lost Characters: Save your game and see... oh my.
    Stage 29: Subspace (Part I)
    I'd like to point one thing out here. If you're reading ahead in the guide, 
    *ahem* THIS SECTION HAS SPOILERS. On the other hand, if you've finished Stage
    28 already, don't worry, you're safe. Again, SPOILERS in this section. Anyway.
    Step 1: This section is ridiculous. The Glices can chain freeze you and 
    quickly rack up 100% damage or more, and even instant kill you if they freeze
    you over a pit. So be really, really careful. Other than that, head right, and 
    before you enter the door, grab the Samus trophy.
    Step 2: Ride the big pink swings up to the first door you see, and enter it.
    Step 3: Jump up and grab Pit, go left and grab Falco, then fall to the bottom
    and get ORANGE CUBE #55 under the falling blocks. Now leave the room.
    Step 2: Ride more swings up, and just before you enter the door, grab Lucas.
    Step 4: As you enter, run far to the left, kill stuff in the way, and grab Ike.
    Jump on the yellow platform to make more appear, and climb up, grabbing Donkey
    Kong at the top. From DK, run left, bounce off a spring and punch the red block
    to bring down the wall, and enter the door.
    Step 5: Go left and grab Pokemon Trainer, then hit the red block, quickly grab
    Pikachu, and run back to the door.
    Step 4: Return to where you saw Donkey Kong and hit that yellow platform to
    make more show up and climb to the top of them. Run right and grab Marth off a
    ledge, then drop down, destroy that portal, and enter the door.
    Step 6: Drop down and grab Olimar, then stand right in front of the door and 
    use a Fireball or PK Thunder or Waddle Dee Toss to blow up all the Blastballs
    safely, then grab Fox, and leave.
    Step 4: Keep going right, and enter the door.
    Step 7: Run to the right, break through the glass wall, and keep going until a
    door. Don't enter it. (If you do, leave immediately.) Drop down to the falling 
    block right against the blue wall, hit the red block, and quickly jump up. If 
    you're wondering, you can't use PK Thunder to detonate it, sadly. Grab Mr. Game
    & Watch, then enter that door. Actually, read the first part of Step 8 before 
    you do.
    Step 8: As soon as you enter, jump up and grab Diddy Kong. Go right, grab 
    Captain Falcon, and enter the door.
    Step 9: Grab the rather obvious Mario, and cross the platforms to the door.
    Step 10: Another brawl with Bowser. He's actually pretty tough this time, but
    you can handle him, right? You have more lives than he does, anyway. When he's
    beaten, the stage is over. Congratulations!
    New Recruits: Luigi, Ness, Bowser, King Dedede (I told you Ness would be back.)
    Returning: Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus, Fox, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Marth,
    Mr. Game & Watch, Falco, Pit, Olimar, Lucas, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer, Ike.
    Make sure you have all of them before you go on. If you're missing any, redo
    the stage and find them.
    Clear Percent: 71%
    Stage 30: Subspace (Part II)
    As above, THIS SECTION HAS SPOILERS for those who haven't completed Stage 28.
    Step 1: Grab Peach right above you as you start. Head to the right, over all 
    that nonsense that explodes, past a wall of Blastballs, and grab Zelda. MAKE 
    SURE YOU GRAB ZELDA. There is a green box in the middle of all the circling
    Blastballs coming up. Beyond that, grab Meta Knight, then drop straight down 
    into the pit below him to find ORANGE CUBE #56. Keep going right until you 
    come to a door, and go inside.
    Step 2: Drop down, blow up either red box to get down further, and grab Link.
    MAKE SURE YOU GRAB LINK. Drop down further, and destroy the left red box to
    find Yoshi. Further down, destroy the right red box and grab Lucario. Drop down
    even more and fight some enemies you're familiar with by now to get an extra
    life. The game auto scrolls through some Spaaks, makes you fight some Primids, 
    and then you can grab R.O.B. Enter the door behind him.
    Step 3: At the start, drop down, and run all the way right along the bottom.
    You'll find ORANGE CUBE #57. Now head up and left, and break some blocks using
    a pink ball to grab Ice Climbers. Go to the right, and break more blocks with
    a ball to grab Snake. Beyond that, climb some platforms, fight the Gamyga and
    a lot of Tickens, and then go right and grab Wario. Just past him is the 
    golden door. Congratulations!
    If you grabbed Link and Zelda, you get an extra scene at the end, and a new 
    character. If you didn't grab them, I'm going to smack you.
    New Recruits: Ganondorf, Wario
    Returning: Link, Yoshi, Kirby, Peach, Zelda, Ice Climbers, Meta Knight, 
    Lucario, R.O.B., Snake
    Clear Percent: 76%
    Special Bonus! As a reward for clearing this stage, Ganondorf is now unlocked 
    for play in all game modes.
    Before you go on, save your game. There should only be five empty spaces on the
    save screen showing your party, below Zelda, Ice Climbers, Marth, Mr. G&W, and
    Falco. If there's any more blank space, you must have missed a character 
    somewhere in Subspace. Go find them before going on.
    Stage 31: The Great Maze
    Ok, before we begin, let's talk about the Great Maze a bit. First of all, it's
    huge! You can expect to spend a couple hours in there. Secondly, all over the
    maze are save rooms, where you can save the game, heal up (which also restores
    all your lives), and change your characters if you want. Also, some of them 
    will allow you to teleport across the maze to other save rooms. And... well,
    other features of this place would best be left for when we come to them. So,
    once you've fully prepared yourself, let's dive in!
    Oh, and I strongly recommend you pick a party you're confident in fighting as,
    because you'll be doing a lot of fighting. And I mean, a lot.
    I'll be using steps here as usual, but only for actual rooms. There are many
    doors that go to dead ends and disappear when you're finished with them, so 
    those won't be considered as steps. (And yes, you must enter these doors to 
    All right, ready? Well, as Mario would say, here we go!
    Save/Warp Room NW: Here you can see a SSB symbol, touch it to fully heal your
    party and save the game whenever you need to. Hopefully you don't have to yet,
    so enter this ominous black smoking door below you.
    BOSS: Petey Piranha
    When he's dead, the orange door will take you back to Save/Warp Room NW, and 
    the red door will let you go on.
    Step 1: Choices... go left first, past weak enemies, to a black smoking door. 
    (I'm just gonna call these "Battle Doors" from now on.) Enter the door and 
    fight Pit. 
    Step 2: Climb up the clouds to find a green box, and at the top, ORANGE CUBE
    #58. Now go back down.
    Step 1: Run all the way to the right and enter the door here.
    Step 3: First, go right, past a Greap, into a battle door, and fight Kirby. Now
    go back to the entrance, and climb up, sticking to the left, to find ORANGE CUBE
    #59.Continue upwards and ride a purple cloud (stay left) to a battle door.
    Enter it and fight Link.
    Step 4: There's a save point soon after you enter here. Go right and go Up into
    the door. (Note: These rooms are backwards on the map in terms of "up and down" 
    but it's not a big deal.) Hit the exploding block, and go Down to find ORANGE
    CUBE #60. Go back Up and head right. Enter the first door going Down and exit
    right away, then enter the next one. Break the blocks and go Up, then go right
    and into the door to go Down. Break through the blocks on the right side, then
    go Up, hit the exploding block, and go Down. Go right and enter a battle door.
    Beat Yoshi, then go back to the left, go Up, and go right and through the door
    to be done with this annoying part.
    Step 5: Just keep heading right, past all the nonsense, and eventually you'll
    see ORANGE CUBE #61, just give the ball a light tap to reach it without 
    destroying the bridge. Go right and enter a battle door, and fight Diddy Kong.
    Save/Warp Room NE:: A crossroads! In the middle is Save/Warp Room NE. For now, 
    let's take the top right exit out of this area. It's a battle door, so get ready
    BOSS: Duon
    Step 7: Directly under you as you enter is a nother door. Let's head there for
    Step 8: Head right, dropping down the platforms, and go down the ladder on the
    left. Continue down and left to reach a battle door. Inside, fight Snake. Head
    back up and right, and climb down the ladder on the right this time. At the 
    bottom, you'll find ORANGE CUBE #62 and a door you should check out.
    Step 9: Head right and skip the elevator for a save point. Take the elevator
    down and go right, and drop down the shaft for a key. Go up or down the shaft
    now, whichever is more convenient, and return to the locked door. Open it and
    blow up some blocks to get to a battle door. Fight Mr. Game & Watch. Now, using
    the map, head back to Step 7. (The map resembling the outside of the Halberd.)
    Step 7: Go right across all the ledges to a battle door. Enter and fight Meta
    Step 10: Head left, across some spikes, then fall down in (or near) the water.
    On the left side is ORANGE CUBE #63. Make your way over buildings until you come
    to one made of stones. Go across the building and enter a battle door to fight 
    Ness. Now return to that building and enter a door on the lower right side.
    Step 11: Break through some boxes and make your way left. There's a handy save
    point partway through the room that must be accessed from the left side with
    a button. Once that's done, make your way left and enter the door.
    Step 12: Nothing out of the ordinary here, just a standard stroll to the left.
    Enter the battle door to fight...
    BOSS: Porky
    Step 5: How'd we end up back here? Just go right again to get back to the save
    Save/Warp Room NE: Save and heal if necessary, this time take the lower right 
    exit. If you choose to save, you should have 83% completion now.
    Step 13: Kind of dangerous in here. Drop down, try to avoid the Blastballs, and
    enter a battle door. Defeat Captain Falcon.
    Step 14: Make your way right, don't bother falling through the thin floor, and
    enter the battle door at the end. Now fight Olimar. This route is done now, so
    make your way back to the Save/Warp room NE. 
    Save/Warp Room NE: One more exit, take the lower left.
    Step 15: Make your way left across the leaves and swings. On the left side, 
    there are two doors. For now, let's take the top one, a battle door against
    Donkey Kong.
    ???: Whoa, this place is creepy. Check it out if you want, but there's nothing
    you can do here yet, so just leave.
    Step 15: Drop down, break some blocks to the left, and enter a battle door 
    against Samus.
    Step 16: Sadly, from here on, there's going to be some double-backing now and
    then, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum. Anyway, beat your way right until
    you come to some red platforms that rise when you stand on them. Hurry across,
    ignore the key, and enter the battle door to fight Pikachu. Now grab that key 
    above you and go left to unlock a door. Take the elevator down and go left at
    the bottom to find a save point, then go right into the door.
    Step 17: One of these again. Sigh. Hit the red switch and take the right door 
    for now.
    Step 18: This room has a lot of conveyors and Mites. Winning combination. Go 
    all the way to the lower right corner to find ORANGE CUBE #64. Go back left and
    climb up. When you come to a ladder, don't climb yet, go left on the left 
    conveyor to find ORANGE CUBE #65 obscured. Climb the ladder, hit the green 
    switch, and enter the battle door to face R.O.B. Now head back to the previous 
    Step 17: This time, take the lower left door.
    Step 19: Head alllll the way to the left side of this long room to find the key
    hidden in some boxes. Bring it back to the locked door to find the blue switch
    and a green box. Now, back to the previous room again.
    Step 17: Go in the newly unlocked battle door to face... 
    BOSS: Ridley
    Save/Warp Room SE: You can save here if you'd like. You should have 87% 
    completion now. Let's take the top left exit for now, the bottom left can wait
    for another time. Enter the battle door and face Mario.
    Step 20: Make your way left and upwards, past annoying enemies, to the door on
    the opposite corner. Having a good jumper helps here.
    Step 21: It's windy! Make your way against the wind, avoiding all the spikes, 
    some of which will fall on you. Fun. Enter the door.
    Step 22: Make your way left, past Armights and such, until you get to pink 
    balls. Use the first vertical one to smash open the hidden one behind it, then
    hit the moving one into that stationary one to blast open a wall. Keep going
    left to a battle door to face...
    BOSS: Galleom
    Save/Warp Room SW: Save here if you want. If you check your map, you can see 
    there's no fewer than four new routes stemming from this room. Where shall 
    we go? Let's go down first. Head left and take an elevator down to a door.
    Step 23: Head left first. The hidden trophy from the ruins (just right of the
    Jyk) is still here, so grab it. Continue left, hurry through closing gates, and
    enter the battle door to meet Pokemon Trainer, and likely Charizard.
    Step 24: Head right, all the way past the fire plumes, to get to the exit.
    Save/Warp Room SW: Take the elevator all the way down again, and enter the 
    Step 23: Head right this time, past all sorts of falling spikes and a closing
    gate. Ride the rotating box, and jump out the other side to find a battle 
    door. Fight Zelda.
    Step 25: This place is about as basic as you can get, just go all the way right
    and enter the battle door to fight Peach. Although I'm not sure if killing the
    Armank is necessary, you should do it just in case. Now, this is a dead end, so 
    make your way alllll the way back to the Save/Warp Room SW. 
    Save/Warp Room SW: This time, take the elevator up as high as it goes and go
    right. Enter the battle door to fight Lucas.
    Step 26: Hop into the barrel cannon (no secret on the right side this time) and
    go left and up the ladder, through the hell of Glices, and keep on climbing and 
    climbing. Soon after Spaaks make their appearance, you'll pass a battle door.
    Ignore it for now and keep climbing until you reach the battle door at the top.
    Enter and fight Lucario. 
    Save/Warp Room NW: Back here again? Yep. Now, use the lower left teleporter in
    the save point room to get to the southwest one. Oh, and check your map. Those
    red evil faces show where all the remaining battle doors are. Neat.
    Save/Warp Room SW: Take the elevator back to the top, and this time go left at 
    the top. Blow up some blocks to get past and enter the battle door. Fight 
    Step 27: For now, go right and up an elevator, fighting off Roturrets. Count 
    off the pits again, and drop down the third one. The battle door contains 
    Luigi. Now, make your way left, past tons of annoying enemies, to a door.
    Step 28: Climb up the platforms towards the sky. The second time you go left, 
    look up to find ORANGE CUBE #66. It's been a while, huh? Keep climbing and 
    blow up blocks above you to make skyward progress and enter the battle door.
    BOSS: Rayquaza
    Save/Warp Room NW: Here again... enter the door on the far right.
    Step 26: Drop down the mountain to the door I asked you to ignore before. It 
    contains the Ice Climbers.
    Step 29: Keep going right, and after you drop down, there's a save point. Now 
    head left. When you get to the wall on the left, use the barrel cannon to fire
    straight up and break it down. Enter the battle door and fight Ike. Now head
    back to the right, past the save room, and see if the path is sealed. If it is,
    enter and leave the save room to reset it, then enter the door to the right.
    Step 30: When you enter, hop to the ledge above you, ignore the key for now, 
    and just keep climbing. Eventually, you'll come to a battle door. Fight Marth.
    Now head back down and get that key mentioned earlier. Run right and unlock a 
    door. The battle door here has Ganondorf.
    ???: Oh, this room again... with much less statues. Only five left, and only
    five evil faces left on the map, hmm... take the right door.
    Step 15: Just cross this stage to the right door, it should be familiar.
    Save/Warp Room NE: Take the lower right warp in the save room. 
    Save/Warp Room SE: Hit the pink button to the left to get rid of the gas, then
    drop down.
    Step 31: First, jump to the ledge above you for ORANGE CUBE #67. Now make your
    way all the way to the left and enter the battle door to face Bowser. Make your
    way all the way back to the right (geez that's annoying) and enter the door in 
    the pit below the one you came in from.
    (Note: If you're worried about your condition from here, on, feel free to go
    back to the save point and heal up, there's tough stuff coming.)
    Step 32: Mine cart ride! Make sure you jump out when necessary. Enter the 
    battle door at the end to fight King Dedede.
    Step 33: Climb up the ledges to the top, and head left. Soon, a ledge up in the
    air will have ORANGE CUBE #68 on top of it. Right below it is a battle door.
    Enter and fight Falco. 
    Step 34: ORANGE CUBE #69 is in here. Also, some handy heart containers, and if
    you hit the exploding block in the water, you can get a trophy. Not bad. Exit.
    Step 33: Head up and left into the door.
    Step 35: Make a judgement call here. If you're confident you can win both a 
    regular battle and a boss battle without healing, go right. If you can handle
    a boss but not both, go left. And if you can't do either, go back and heal. 
    I'll cover what's each way.
    Right: Just a sequence of barrel cannons. Aim carefully so you don't hit a Jyk
    and can keep your health up. At the end is a battle door with Fox. After you
    win, use a barrel cannon to the right of his door to get back.
    Left: Hop across all the platforms, nothing too tough is out here, so not much
    to worry about. At the end, jump over the mine cart and enter the battle door
    to fight
    BOSS: Meta-Ridley
    Once Meta-Ridley is defeated, a door opens that takes you right back to the 
    Save/Warp SE room. Head there now once you've beaten both opponents.
    Save/Warp SE Room: Take the top right warp.
    Save/Warp NE Room: Save if you want to (you probably do) and take the bottom
    left exit.
    Step 15: Once again, just cross the stage to the door on the upper left corner.
    ???: The gate in the background has opened. Steel yourself, and enter...
    BOSS: Tabuu
    Now, this is a real battle! You get six members for a good reason here. He has
    a LOT of attacks. I've fought him five times now, and every time he pops new 
    things on me. Here's some things to note especially.
    - His strongest attack is when he goes to the center and spreads his wings.
    After this, three red rings will fire out at you. You have to roll dodge to
    avoid them. Either time it out, or roll like a maniac and pray. If a ring 
    hits you, your character will likely die instantly. Good thing you have six,
    - He grows really big sometimes. When he does, run to him and pound the snot
    out of him. This is the best opportunity to do some massive damage. 
    - He will sometimes try to shoot a yellow "cage" thing at you. If it hits you, 
    it has a good chance to kill you as well. Try to avoid it as well as you can.
    - The rest of his attacks aren't too painful, and the ones that are are 
    well telegraphed and easy to avoid.
    - As with Galleom earlier, Charizard's Rock Smash will do massive damage here
    as well.
    Congratulations! That's the end of the game!
    New Recruits: Sonic
    Clear Percent: 97%
    Special Bonus! As a reward for clearing this stage, Sonic is now unlocked for 
    play in all game modes.
    And well, that's that! The game's done and... oh right. You want 100%. Well, I
    guess I can help with that too. Three stages, once complete, now have flags.
    Whatever shall we do? Well, for starters, let's get rid of them! Let's start 
    with the Forest.
    Odds and Ends 1: Return to The Forest
    Go through the Forest as detailed (far) above until POINT A. See, I told you
    we'd get back to it one day. Enter the door you find there. Do battle with the
    character inside. This battle takes place as a standard one-stock Brawl, so
    the regular SSE rules don't apply. If you lose the match, you have to start the
    stage over to get another chance. Here it doesn't matter, but in the next two
    areas that's a huge pain. Try your best to win, and if you do, you complete the
    stage instantly.
    Odds and Ends 2: Return to the Ruins
    As I said above with the Forest, go back to the Ruins until POINT B. Enter the
    door here for another match against a certain character. The same rules apply
    as above. The difference here is that the door is very late in the stage, so if
    you lose you have to redo the entire stage to get back. But I have faith in 
    Odds and Ends 3: Return to the Swamp
    I'm sure you know the drill by now. Go through the Swamp until POINT C. Enter
    the door here for the last battle against one of these characters. The 
    annoying part here is that if you don't win, you have to play through the
    entire Swamp again, which is a very long stage. So, please win.
    And that's that!
    New Recruits: Toon Link, Wolf, Jigglypuff
    Clear Percent: 100%!
    Special Bonus! As a reward for going back and fighting them, you can now use
    Toon Link, Wolf, and Jigglypuff in all game modes!
    Well, I hope this guide helped you, if you were stuck on a stage, or just 
    needed one more orange cube, I hope it served its purpose. Thanks for reading!
    Marth: after Stage 8: The Battlefield Fortress
    Falco: after Stage 18: The Swamp
    Captain Falcon: after Stage 20: Outside the Ancient Ruins
    Lucario: after Stage 21: The Glacial Peak
    Snake: after Stage 23: Battleship Halberd Interior
    Mr. Game & Watch: after Stage 25: Batteship Halberd Bridge
    R.O.B.: after Stage 27: The Subspace Bomb Factory (II)
    Luigi: after Stage 29: Subspace (I)
    Ness: after Stage 29: Subspace (I)
    Ganondorf: after Stage 30: Subspace (II) only if Link and Zelda collected
    Sonic: after Stage 31: The Great Maze
    Toon Link: hidden door at POINT A in Stage 9: The Forest after finishing game
    Wolf: hidden door at POINT B in Stage 14: The Ruins after finishing game
    Jigglypuff: hidden door at POINT C in Stage 18: The Swamp after finishing game
    UPDATE: Wow. I never anticipated the size of the reaction to the guide. Sadly,
    I don't have enough time to answer all the questions that I'm getting. I
    would love to be able to, but the volume of emails I'm getting is taking 
    hours each day to get through and reply to. In turn, this results in people
    having to wait 24 hours or more to get a reply, and that just isn't fair to
    them. So, allow me to make a suggestion. Please, if you can't find the answer
    to a problem in my guide, or another guide, please try the GameFAQs forums
    before you email me, not just for my sake, but for your own too, or else you
    may have to wait a long time for an answer. However, if you have something to
    say about my guide itself, or to me, or you just wanna chat, then continue to
    the next paragraph. I'm really sorry for this, but life just gets in the way
    sometimes. Once Brawl is no longer brand new, I may remove this whole 
    paragraph since the mail volume will probably have dropped by then. Also, if 
    you emailed me and didn't get a reply, and are still having troubles, please
    email me again. (Of course, on the bright side, I'm really happy my guide is
    so popular!)
    Like the guide? Hate the guide? Or even better, have a suggestion or question?
    Well then, email me at phoenixbomb@hotmail.com, and I'll see what I can do for
    you. Please put something like "SSE" or "SSBB" or "Brawl" or the like in the
    subject or else I might think it's just spam and delete it.
    This guide is copyrighted by me, Sally Phoebe Dianne Thomas (Jiruru to you).
    As of now, only GameFAQs.com has permission to host this FAQ.

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