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    100-Man Brawl Guide by Valkskorn

    Version: 1.50 | Updated: 07/01/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |100-Man Brawl Guide    	|
    |By: Valkskorn AKA TFU		|
    |thefallenuser@gmail(dot)com	|
    |Copyright 2008 Valkskorn	|
    |Version 1.25 July 1st 2008     |
    Table of Contents
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    1. Introduction.......................#01
    2. Copyright..........................#02
    3. Contact Info.......................#03
    4. 100-Man Brawl......................#04
    5. Basic Strategies...................#05
    6. Item Strategies....................#06
    7. Individual Character Strategies....#07
    7.01 Mario............................
    7.02 Luigi............................
    7.03 Peach............................
    7.04 Bowser...........................
    7.05 Yoshi............................
    7.06 Wario............................
    7.07 Link.............................
    7.08 Zelda............................
    7.09 Sheik............................
    7.10 Ganondorf........................
    7.11 Toon Link........................
    7.12 Pikachu..........................
    7.13 Jigglypuff.......................
    7.14 Squirtle.........................
    7.15 Ivysaur..........................
    7.16 Charizard........................
    7.17 Lucario..........................
    7.18 Kirby............................
    7.19 Meta Knight......................
    7.20 King Dedede......................
    7.21 Fox..............................
    7.22 Falco............................
    7.23 Wolf.............................
    7.24 Donkey Kong......................
    7.25 Diddy Kong.......................
    7.26 Marth............................
    7.27 Ike..............................
    7.28 Lucas............................
    7.29 Ness.............................
    7.30 Samus............................
    7.31 Zero Suit Samus..................
    7.32 Captain Falcon...................
    7.33 Olimar...........................
    7.34 Pit..............................
    7.35 Ice Climbers.....................
    7.36 R.O.B............................
    7.37 Mr. Game & Watch.................
    7.38 Sonic............................
    7.39 Snake............................
    8. Credits............................#08
    1. Introduction #01
    Hello, I'm Valk (Valkskorn) also known to some as TFU. The reason for this
    guide (which you probably already know) is to help people who are experiencing
    problems with 100-Man Brawl.
    I hope that the guide can help you with any and all of your questions.
    2. Copyright #02
    This guide may not be placed on any other site besides GameFaqs, Neoseeker, or
    Supercheats. Any other public or private online usage is against copyright.
    Sure, you can print it or save it to your computer. I don't mind, but don't try
    to sell it for money or pass it off as your own.
    Also, if you're from a site other than the three listed above and would like
    to place this guide on your site, send me a message and I'll see what I think.
    No matter what, CheatCC.com may never use my guide!
    3. Contact Info #03
    If you've got a tip, question, idea, strategy, or anything else that concerns
    this guide and would like to contact me about it then just e-mail me at the
    above listed address and I'll answer you. I can't assure you that it will be in
    a fast period of time, but it will happen.
    DO NOT hand out my e-mail to anybody else!
    PLEASE NOTE: As of late I have had a lot of things to do, especially concerning
    school. So you can still send me tips and things that I don't have in here.
    However, I might go for a week without checking my e-mail sometimes. Also, I
    haven't found time to update the guide with all this going on. I have the ideas
    saved though and will add them eventually.
    Thanks for reading.
    4. 100-Man Brawl #04
    The 100-Man Brawl, not too difficult of a challenge to be sure. Just kill 100
    metal alloys right? Yeah, the trick is knowing how to do it, and that is why
    this guide is here.
    Besides just for fun, and time records with your favorite characters. You have
    to play the 100-Man Brawl for a number of different challenges, these include:
    Clear 100-Man Brawl|For a Pitfall Trophy.
    Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 4 minutes|For the Multi-Man Melee 1 song (Melee).
    Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 3 minutes, 30 seconds|For a Ryuta Ippongi sticker.
    Clear 100-Man Brawl with all characters|For a Blue Alloy Trophy
    Now the last one is a bit of a challenge, not really that hard if you know what
    you're doing. But it's still very time consuming and some players use one of
    their golden hammers on it. Don't, you don't need to use one on that, you don't
    need to use it on anything. Just follow the guide and work your way through...
    It's also worth noting that one of the challenges is to kill 100 alloys during
    Endless Brawl. Any of these strategies will easily help to complete that task.
    (Note: You unlock Falco as a challenger by beating this mode)
    Each time that 25 alloys are killed, an actual fighter will arrive. However
    the fighter's defense is that of an alloy so it shouldn't be too much trouble.
    Also, the last enemy will always be the character that you're playing as.
    Also important to note is that everytime you kill 25 alloys, they become 
    increasingly difficult.
    Alloys can't pick up items or grab ledges, but they can indirectly use the 
    invincibilty power if they touch it. 
    5. Basic Strategies #05
    While each character may have certain moves that will make his or her fight
    easier, there are some strategies that will work for all characters.
    For example, never use throws because they only target one alloy and leave you
    hanging with a lot of lag to be hit. Try to use attacks that will hit more than
    one alloy at a time and allow you to attack in succession.
    Always try to use your fastest and strongest attacks, mainly moves that will
    kill the alloys in a single hit and don't leave you open to more attacks while
    you recover.
    Learn how to land into moves. This technique is mainly used for recovery, you
    know how that group of alloys is always at the edge when they knock you off?
    The trick to getting through them is to either use a character with a teleport
    like Zelda or Lucario, land into the group with a strong attack, or land into
    them with an air dodge. The meaning of this is to use the attack or air dodge
    as you're passing into the group. Early enough so that you don't get hit, but
    late enough to be effective.
    Also, alloys usually spawn more on the left or right"column" of the level.
    This is why I usually stay underneath the left column and a lot of my ideas
    refer to attacks going "through" the platform. This means hitting up through
    it to the spawning alloys above.
    Those are mainly the simple strategies that can be applied to each and every
    6. Item Strategies #06
    Items can work wonders during 100-Man Brawl. That is, if you know how to use
    them to their full potential. Boy do I have lots of these, so pay attention.
    (NOTE: Never go for an item if the result may cause you death, or more harm
    than good)
    Assist Trophies - Rarely will these not help you in some ways, one of the best
    is Kat & Ana.
    Pokeballs - Again, very useful. However they aren't always helpful, Goldeen
    will do nothing to help you and Electrode could kill you. However if you get
    Latios/Latias, (pretty much any legendary) or even Meowth. You're going to get
    a nice bit of help.
    Beamsword - Beamswords are the single most useful item you will ever find
    during 100-Man Brawl. They are especially good for characters with bad frontal
    ranged smash attacks, or for slow characters. The range is great and will
    usually kill all alloys in its range with one hit.
    Even better, a lot of characters can use other moves that kill alloys while
    holding it.
    Fan - Not a good item for melee attacking, but if you can get a hold of one
    and throw it at an alloy it's a one hit kill. Thanks to Wertle I realized that
    if you throw a fan above you while underneath either the left or right platform
    it will bounce between the spawning alloys and kill them. Very nice!
    Ray Gun - Fairly good, 16 shots and each shot is a one hit kill for an alloy.
    Cracker Launcher - Oh hell yeah! Long-ranged attacks and a blast radius? If you
    can aim it well (or even fire off shots like a lunatic) you're sure to take out
    a few alloys before it's shots run out.
    Bumpers - The bumpers are gods during this mode. If you can get a hold of one
    then you'll want to stand underneath the left platform and throw it upwards.
    If it lands correctly it will be just in one of the two spawn points and any
    alloys that spawn there will instantly be thrown to their deaths off the stage.
    Smart Bomb - This is kind of a win-lose item. If you can grab it and throw it
    away or at a group of enemies then it's a nice killer. But it has a habit of
    completely messing you up when one spawns right beside you.
    Unari (Spiked Ball) - Quite nice, position it to the right of you and watch
    the alloys die.
    Hothead - Another awesome killer item. Attack it to hike up the damage if you
    have the time, and throw it down onto the stage. It will circle the battlefield
    and kill any alloy it comes into contact with. Definitely one of the best items
    for this mode.
    Bunny Hood - Yeah, faster attacks! This speaks for itself.
    Timer - The other win-lose item. If the alloys are slowed down then you can
    quickly kill them all. If both you and they are slowed down, you're no worse
    for it. But if you're slowed down, then you might as well dodge or pray because
    you'll take a lot of damage. (Note: It does not slow the timer, don't get it if
    you're attempting the timed challenges. It also does not affect any alloys that
    spawn after it is used)
    Superspicy Curry - A nice stall item, let you reposition yourself and do some
    damage to the alloys while you're doing it.
    Screw Ball - For as long as it lasts, anybody caught in your jump is killed.
    Very nice for characters with bad aerials.
    Warp Star - It's a one hit kill, I mainly use it if the alloys are grouped
    together or there is an actual fighter on the screen.
    7. Individual Character Strategies #07
    In the following sections of the guide are the strategies for each character.
    Note that you only need beat it as either Zelda or Sheik, Samus or Zero Suit
    Samus, and only one of Squirtle, Ivysaur, or Charizard to have it count for
    that character.
    With most characters, I tend to stay underneath the left-most platform when I
    can. I suggest you do it too...
    Oh, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will be mentioning the
    beamsword during many of my strategies. Frequently, yes...
    7.01 Mario
    One of the best moves to use for this mode with Mario is his Down-A aerial.
    The spin won't kill the alloys but stops their attacks and traps them, then the
    final hit will knock them away to their doom. Also good attacks are his smash
    Up-A, though it seldom goes through the platform above. And his smash forward-A
    which when charged up even a small amount will kill the alloys. His Down-A
    aerial is also good for recovering to the stage from above, and his Up-B is the
    recovery move of choice from the side. While to make up recovery width I
    suggest you use his Left/Right-B cape since it suspends him in the air.
    7.02 Luigi
    While similar to Mario in many ways. What Luigi lacks is Mario's power in his
    smash attacks. Most of Luigi's smashes and aerials have great knockback, but
    not enough to kill alloys in single hits. However, what Luigi does have is his
    flying green tornado of doom. If you try to use Luigi's Down-B while on the
    ground it will do minimal damage, and knockback the enemies around him a bit.
    However when used in the air, it will instantly kill any alloy that it comes
    into contact with.
    The great thing about this is that his Down-B has very little lag, can be used
    multiple times in succession, and Luigi can easily maneuver left and right
    while using it. Even better is the ability to control how high he will go
    when using it by repeatedly pressing the B button while he's using the move.
    (Note: Even if you rise off of the ground while using it by pressing B, if the
    move started on the ground it will not kill alloys like it does in the air)
    Also a good alternative is his neutral aerial-A attack, stay underneath the 
    platforms and jump up to kick the alloys to their doom.
    7.03 Peach
    Peach's smash Up-A is utter win for this, it has a wide range of attack and can
    hit most of the alloys on the platform above you. Her smash Forward-A is okay
    but lacks range and she works better with a beamsword. But her Left/Right B will
    send groups of alloys flying and is good for returning to the stage. Her Up-B
    is also an amazing recovery move.
    (Note: To make full use of her Left/Right B for recovery you'll want to land
    "into" the enemies with it, make sure you don't use it too soon or you'll crash
    and burn badly.)
    7.04 Bowser
    Ugh, Bowser. He's slow and hard to maneuver, good thing his Up-B is devastating
    to the alloys. My suggestion for him is to spam it back and forth across the
    level until you kill them all. It's also a good recovery move, be sure to pick
    up a beamsword if one appears for additional support.
    While all of his smash attacks will kill alloys, some are slow and in the long
    run don't allow the speed or maneuverability as his Up-B. Just make sure that
    you don't fall off of the level.
    7.05 Yoshi
    Yoshi is another one of those characters who can benefit from using a beamsword
    but can do just as well without one. His Forward/Upward smash-As are effective
    for killing alloys. But sometimes will only knock them far away, it depends on
    the angle they get hit at. While the enemies are away you can use his Up-B to
    lob eggs at them, the eggs have great knockback and can kill the alloys.
    Of course, you could be cheap and spam his Left/Right-B back and forth across
    the stage. But make sure you don't fall off of it, hopefully if you do it's
    near the end of the attack and it will be possible to recover. Yoshi has godly
    Another strategy I occasionally use for alloys above me and for ones that are
    spawning, Yoshi's Up-A aerial will knock them into the sky to their deaths.
    This can be followed by his Down-B to safely get back to the stage and to kill
    even more alloys.
    If you want to be cheap (I'm all for it...) you can exploit Yoshi's great jump
    to get above the alloys, get them grouped together, and slam them with his 
    7.06 Wario
    Wario has a great aerial Up-A. It's a clap that will kill any alloys above him.
    As for other moves, he doesn't have very many good ones for this. His smash
    Forward-A isn't very good and Wario is one of the characters who REALLY needs
    a beamsword for frontal support. Use Wario's left/right-B for easy kills, but
    don't fall off of the stage or you'll end up dead.
    7.07 Link
    When alloys drop on you from above it's a good idea to use Link's smash Up-A.
    This is because the 3rd strike kills them, but if it's used when the alloys
    are still standing on the platform it will miss. His smash Forward-A is okay,
    but it could be faster. So you might want to get a beamsword for Link unless
    you don't mind having a bit of lag. 
    Meanwhile, if there are no alloys around or some are spawning you can pull out
    a bomb and throw it at them or shoot your arrows. Up-B is good for when you're
    surrounded, and is great for recovery as well.
    B Davis informed me of Link's powerful normal Up-A. It's fast for killing and
    doesn't leave nearly as much lag as Link's smash Up-A which also takes longer.
    7.08 Zelda
    Zelda is the best and most powerful character for 100-Man Brawl. The reason for
    this is because almost all of her attacks will kill alloys, she's fairly fast,
    and has little or no lag after most of her moves. But I'm serious, as her smash
    attacks go, her Forward-A, and Up-A will easily kill any alloys in the way.
    Same with her (Non-Smash) side-A, and her aerials both Up-A and Side-A.
    But it gets even better, Zelda's Neutral-B will reflect projectiles, knocks
    alloys back, and kills them if they come into contact with the actual shell.
    While her Left/Right-B is controllable and has a large blast radius in which
    any alloy near it will die. And more! Her Up-B will kill an alloy if it's
    directly next to her (pretty much touching) and if she appears near one
    (again, touching) she'll send it flying. Oh, and if all that isn't enough, her
    attack from recovering after being knocked to the ground can kill alloys.
    As for recovery, Zelda's Up-B is great because it can pass directly through a
    large group of alloys and leave you time to recover and regroup.
    Yay Zelda! She's a lot easier to use for this than Sheik, and you only need to
    beat it with one of the two so I suggest you try Zelda first.
    7.09 Sheik
    The problem with Sheik is that she has very few moves that will actually kill
    the alloys. One viable option would be her smash Up-A, it's very useful for
    hitting enemies from both the side and above. Another killing move is her Up-B
    and it's even easier to hit alloys with than Zelda's, however it doesn't hit
    when she reappears. Her smash Forward-A is a good attack, but the 2nd of the
    two kicks is the more powerful killing one. For this reason most of the time
    the first kick will knock the alloy far enough away that the 2nd kick won't
    connect for the kill.
    A good idea is to exploit Sheik's agility and use her running attack to quickly
    dash in and kill a few.
    Also fun is to charge up Sheik's Neutral-B and use it on a group of alloys in
    front of you, it won't kill them but knocks them back across the stage. Sheik's
    recovery isn't as good as Zelda's though since her Up-B is much shorter, but
    the same rules apply. Use it to pass through the alloys grouped at the edge.
    If you do a smash attack with Sheik while using a beam sword she will strike
    twice, the latter attack will go through the platform above her making it a
    good repelling attack. (Not very useful during the last 25 as they're smart
    enough to wait for a gap in the strikes)
    7.10 Ganondorf
    Ganondorf while not being a clone is very similar to Captain Falcon. So many
    of the same ideas apply. His forward and upward smashes are good, but unlike
    Captain Falcon he lacks speed so a beamsword is a very nice item for him. His
    Left/Right-B will grab the alloy and only hit one at a time, is slow, and will
    leave him open to lots of damage. So avoid using that move, the same can be
    said for his Neutral-B Warlock Punch.
    However, Ganondorf is not hard to beat it with. Because what he lacks in speed
    he makes up in power.
    7.11 Toon Link
    Most of Toon Link's smash attacks are wonderful for killing alloys, for groups
    you might like jumping and using his Down-A to bounce off of them. For recovery
    and if a group swarms you then his Up-B is a must. It has massive knockback and
    kills everything it touches, the only problem is that it has quite a bit of lag
    after you finish using it.
    Other than that, smashing forward/upward-A is all you need to be able to beat
    it with Toon Link. In my opinion, he's far easier than Link for this...
    Note: Also effective is his tilt Up-A. Thanks khanny64!
    7.12 Pikachu
    You COULD try using his smash attacks and hope to beat it, or you could just
    spam the hell out of his Down-B while standing on the left/right platform.
    That's pretty much all that you need to know, if you do feel like doing it the
    hard way I'd suggest using his smash forward/upward-A most.
    Pikachu's Up-B is great for recovery and for getting past the alloys. Also
    one of his best moves is to smash Down-A as it will trap any alloys that come
    within it's range. Thanks to Harmonie Perry for mentioning this.
    The best place to stand while using Pika's Down-B is on the ground between the 
    small gap between the platforms. This way the lightning cuts right through the
    entire area there.
    7.13 Jigglypuff
    With Jigglypuff, it's actually pretty easy to beat. Use her smash Up-A, and her
    Up-A aerial as both of them are easy fast kills. Also a great option is her
    Left/Right-B both on the ground and in the air, her Neutral-B IS an option.
    However I highly suggest that you leave it alone, it takes a lot of time to
    learn how to effectively use rollout. And even if you know how to use it, I'd
    suggest that only Jigglypuff players attempt this.
    (And after, all while there are some exceptions. I think if you play as Jiggly
    then you wouldn't be looking at this strategy.)
    7.14 Squirtle
    The first thing to know about Squirtle is how his left/right works and how far
    it will travel. You will be using it to escape and to grab items. If used at
    the edge it will travel to the other side, otherwise you'll fall off.
    As for his primary alloy-killing attacks, smash Up-A works wonders. It travels
    directly through the above platforms, and has a wide attack range due to the
    dual jets. It's also nice to provide support on either side if alloys are
    approaching. His smash Forward-A isn't a bad idea either, try it out.
    7.15 Ivysaur
    Ivysaur is interesting because his Up-B is like Olimar's only compared to a
    full 6-Pikmin chain it falls short. His forward and upward Smash-As are good
    but his smash Upward-A has a bit of a lag. So instead of that it's a better
    idea to use his normal Up-A move since it has the same range, kills alloys
    just as easily, and has no lag after it.
    He's the hardest of the three Pokemon Trainer Pokes to do this with.
    7.16 Charizard
    With Charizard you'll want to be using his Left/Right B attacks. It will wipe
    out any alloys near the impact of the boulder. Coupled with his great recovery
    it shouldn't be a problem to get back to the stage during the last dozen or so
    alloys, learn how to land "into" enemies with a certain move. Just like with
    Marth you'll want to land into the alloys with Charizard's Left/Right B.
    Amazingly enough, his smash Forward-A doesn't fail on all accounts. Surprising
    for his size he's actually quite fast and can make quick work of the alloys.
    While Charizard's Up-B isn't effective for instant kills, it can clear out the
    flood of enemies when you need to jump up to the higher platforms for items.
    7.17 Lucario
    Lucario's smash attacks are very overpowered. His Forward, Upward, and Downward
    smash-As can all kill alloys but they have a lot of lag. His down-A aerial will 
    kill them if the tip of the foot connects, his other aerials are completely 
    useless even though they have lots of knockback. They just don't have enough to 
    kill, however keep in mind Lucario's special ability. The more damage he has 
    the stronger he is, so during the end of the match some of these non-killing 
    attacks will work.
    Also good is his Left/Right-B, it's just as useful on the ground as in the air
    even better is his Up-B for returning to the stage. Even though it does no
    damage to the alloys it can be used to pass through them after getting knocked
    off of the platform.
    Lucario also has a counter, it's his Down-B. Kind of like Marth's and Ike's...
    Mainly it should be used for recovering, using the technique of landing "into"
    the group of alloys at the edge. However it's still a better idea to use his
    Up-B to pass through them. Less trouble that way...
    Update: Lucario's Up-A tilt is VERY good for killing alloys all around him. 
    It is a one hit kill at any time during the battle, hits through platforms, and
    has barely any lag. Thanks bestofthebest54.
    7.18 Kirby
    Kirby has quick and effective aerial attacks which work well considering his
    jumping abilities. His forward and upward smash-As are good for alloy killing
    and his recovery is superb, if the impact of his Up-B connects with any alloys
    in it's path they will be blown off the screen.
    During the last dregs of the match you'll be getting knocked off of the stage
    a lot of the time, when you get knocked upwards don't miss the chance to
    position yourself over a group of alloys and use Kirby's Down-B to crunch them
    into oblivion.
    7.19 Meta Knight
    Meta Knight's aerials are astoundingly good. In any direction or even neutral
    there is a good chance of killing alloys depending on what direction you knock
    them in and where you are on the stage. His smash Forward-A is a good fast move
    and so is his smash Up-A. However the smash Up-A will only knock the alloys
    away if it hits one on the platform above you. So in lieu of this I suggest
    using Meta's normal Up-A attack, it has the same range but instantly kills if
    it hits an alloy.
    His jumps are good for recovery, and so is his Up-B if you know how to use it.
    The Up-B also kills an enemy if it hits one, Left/Right-B will kill if the tip
    hits the enemy. For those of you that can't control Meta Knight's Up-B, just
    use his Left/Right-B to recover. It's much easier to use and will knock the
    alloys away from him so he can get some time to recover and start fighting.
    7.20 King Dedede
    King Dedede is strong, the only problem with him is that most of his smashes
    are slow and have lots of lag. He makes up for it though with the fact that his
    normal A moves are just as good. Use Up-A a lot, and use Up-B to recover while
    crushing enemies if you're close to the edge.
    (Note: Dedede's Up-B works by his momentum and the direction he's traveling
    when he uses it. If he's quickly traveling to the left he'll continue that way
    and soar farther than if he was slowly moving. If he is standing still when he
    uses it then he'll come down in the same place)
    Something fun worth noting is that his Left/Right-B can kill alloys easily if
    they hit the enemy directly. If a spike even grazes one then it will get thrown
    off the screen that second.
    The problem is, he doesn't have a suitable substitution for his smash Forward-B
    so to do well you'll have to get a beamsword.
    7.21 Fox
    Fox is fast, he's very fast. Make good use of this, his smash Up-A does great
    damage and a charged smash Forward-A can kill alloys. His Up-B isn't very good
    but his Left/Right-B will kill any alloy it comes into contact with. A good
    strategy is to spam it back and forth, but be sure to avoid killing yourself.
    His best move however is his smash Up-A. It covers a wide range and goes right
    through the platforms above. Don't forget about Fox's Down-B though, it kills
    any alloy that it touches. Also it's a good idea to throw in some normal Up-A
    and Down-A attacks to quickly kill some alloys if you need to.
    For recovery, I suggest using your Left/Right-B. This can be used in the air
    and will rip right through the alloys leaving them dead and you free to
    regroup while they spawn.
    7.22 Falco
    Falco has most of the same strategies as Fox, but he has some glaring
    differences. For one thing his Down-B only has a bit of knockback and doesn't
    shield you at all. Another thing is that most of his aerials are actually good
    for killing alloys. Left/Right-B is still just as uber as ever, so spamming can
    help with him just like with Fox.
    Other than that, there isn't much you can do with Falco. Recover by using his
    Left/Right-B and hope for some good items.
    7.23 Wolf
    For Wolf you'll want to use his smash Up-A to kick alloys that spawn on the
    platform above you, and until you get a beamsword you can use his smash
    Forward-A to knock alloys away from you. As for recover, Up-B is great and hits
    the alloys while left/right-B is just as useful but without the knockback and
    as much lag.
    7.24 Donkey Kong
    Just like in Melee, the best method for Donkey Kong is to spam his Down-B.
    It isn't quite as effective in Brawl as it was in Melee, but it still works.
    His Up-B is great for recovery and for crossing the level quickly.
    7.25 Diddy Kong
    Diddy Kong is actually good for alloy killing. And fun to play as, his smash
    Up-A and Forward-A will take out the approaching alloys.
    7.26 Marth
    With both Marth and Ike, you'll want to remember their Down-B counters. This is
    because you'll be exploiting it as much as possible during the last 30 or so
    alloys. His Upward and Forward smashes are great for keeping alloys away, and
    for recovery you can use his neutral-B. Once you reach the group of alloys at
    the edge you need to land into them while using his Down-B, this will knock all
    or most of them across the stage and give you time to regroup.
    (Note: Marth's neutral-B has to charge up fully to be effective for recovery
    his dancing blade (Forward-B) is no long a recovery move.)
    BlackIce27 brought to my attention the power of Marth's forward-aerial attacks.
    While Marth is great in the air, most of his attacks aren't good for killing
    alloys. However his forward-aerial is, for those of you that want to have more
    than just a few attacks I'd suggest trying that out. He also mentioned Marth's
    smash Down-A. >_> I have a tendency to avoid using downward smash attacks.
    7.27 Ike
    Ike is a freaking powerhouse. Almost all of his attacks will put loads of hurt
    on the alloys, however his most glaring weakness is how slow it takes him to
    attack. You'll want to use his left/right-B when alloys are approaching from
    afar on the side. And his smash Up-A is okay for aerial alloys, but to clear
    out a large amount you can use his Up-B and more importantly his Neutral-B.
    The Neutral-B is your friend here, just don't charge it for too long or you'll
    overload (just like Roy). Aether (Up-B) is also nice for escaping from alloys
    while killing them, but he doesn't have good recovery and needs to be close for
    his Up-B to work well for getting back on the stage.
    (Note: While Ike can easily survive with his specials and Neutral-B, his power
    is only amplified even better while carrying a beamsword for fast ranged hits)
    Like the beam sword, Ike has another fast attack that has very little lag when
    compared to his smash attacks. His tilt Up-A hits above and around him for easy
    kills. Thanks Pyrotek!
    7.28 Lucas
    Lucas is amazing for this. At first you might try his smash Up-A and be
    annoyed at the lag from it. However, he makes up for it with his incredible
    Up-B. It's a one hit kill for any alloy and it passes through them until it
    finishes. His smash Forward-A is also nice frontal support and can be accented
    by a beamsword.
    7.29 Ness
    Though not as effective as Lucas because his Up-B only hits one enemy, Ness is
    still easy. His smash Up-A hits alloys to the sides and above him (right
    through the platform) and his smash Forward-A is good for hitting alloys that
    approach on the ground. And again, his Up-B works wonders when there are no
    alloys near him at the time.
    7.30 Samus
    So you know how the screw ball is great for killing alloys? So is Samus's Up-B.
    Spam the hell out of it when alloys group around you or are spawning from above
    you. I advise against her smash Up-A since it doesn't kill the alloys, instead
    just try and work with her left/down smash attacks. If you wish to you can
    charge her Neutral-B or shoot missiles while the alloys are spawning or away
    from you.
    7.31 Zero Suit Samus
    Zero Suit Samus is a much easier choice to work with as opposed to Samus. Her
    smash attacks are very strong. Mainly her Up-A and Forward-A, the same goes for
    her B attacks. Up-B and Forward-B are fast and effective, the only problem is
    that if the alloys aren't right near you when you use it then you'll pull the
    alloys closer to you first which isn't always a good thing.
    There's not much more that can be said for Zero Suit Samus, use those and make
    the best of your items and you'll do fine. She has enough as it is...
    7.32 Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon has quite a few attack options for killing alloys. Some of his
    best would be his smash Up-A (Great range and goes right through the platforms)
    , and his smash Forward-A. He's fast and has decent range so it shouldn't be
    hard to beat. However other attacks that you can use would be his Forward-A in
    the air (Knee of doom), and unlike Ganondorf whose Left/Right-B grabs his
    enemies. Captain Falcon's just mows into them and sends the group flying.
    (Note: Do not, under any circumstances attempt to use his Neutral-B Falcon
    Punch to fight the alloys with. There is too much lag and it's too slow to do
    anything other than get you killed.)
    Also, if you are going to use his Left/Right-B attack, then be sure that you do
    not accidentally use it off of the edge. That will result in death, as will his
    Down-B. Thanks to numerous e-mails I must mention that you can still recover
    after going off the edge with this move. You still have a jump and Up-B. I 
    blame it on my hating to use Captain Falcon.
    If you use his beam sword smash, you can quickly follow up with an upwards hit.
    Also you can smash forward with the beam sword twice for an extra attack, 
    thanks vlackdrack.
    7.33 Olimar
    As soon as you can, pick a full team of pikmin and get to the corner of the
    stage. Spam his Up-B as much as you can while facing inward to the stage. Yeah
    it's a one hit kill, his smash Forward-A is nice too. He doesn't even need a
    beamsword to do well.
    7.34 Pit
    Pit while good for 100-Man Brawl is hard to use. His smash Up-A has multiple
    strikes but only the final one will kill alloys, the only time that it will
    connect (often) is when the alloy is standing right next to Pit. However his
    normal Up-A is a single hit killing move. Also great are his smash Down-A and
    his normal Down-A. To accent his great aerial skills are his Down-A aerial and
    his Forward-A aerial. Instant death to the alloys that are hit by them, his
    Left/Right-B is also good but only if it completely connects, or to recover.
    You'll want to land into the alloys with his Left/Right-B and it will knock
    them away from Pit. For recovery from above I suggest using his Down-A aerial.
    7.35 Ice Climbers
    The Ice Climbers are great for this, their smash Up-As and smash Forward As
    are fast and destroy all alloys in the way. You can use the left and right B
    attack to quickly cross the stage for items if you need to.
    I mean seriously, the Ice Climbers are overpowered. I've always said so... For
    some reason they're just great. Pretty much any hammer attack is good for this,
    another good move is their forward aerial attack. Very effective, and Neutral-B
    is fun for spamming when nobody is near you.
    7.36 R.O.B.
    His smash Up-A is a must for attacking the spawning alloys from above you while
    his smash Forward-A is effective and a good attack. Also nice is his Neutral-B
    laser when it's left to charge up, and his Down-B top which can also be picked
    up and thrown for one hit kills.
    I advise throwing the top for added kills in addition to the normal strategy
    until you can grab a beamsword, then you won't be able to pick up the top.
    However, it depends on what you as the player feel like doing.
    ravers_united brought it to my attention that R.O.B.'s neutral A aerial can
    easily kill alloys. Not only that, but it has a wide attack range and is easy
    to control, kind of like Luigi's Down-B.
    7.37 Mr. Game & Watch
    Mr. Game & Watch owns badly. All of his smash attacks are capable of killing
    one or more alloys in a single hit, so can his normal A moves. Even better is
    his Up-B which and be comboed into a Down-A aerial. His Down-A aerial kills as
    does his Forward-A and his Neutral-A if it connects completely.
    Do not both with Game & Watch's Left/Right-B. It is very unreliable and will
    only cause you trouble.
    7.38 Sonic
    Sonic is fast and a complete powerhouse. Fight safely with the knowledge that
    all of his directional (not Neutral) aerial and smash attacks can easily kill
    alloys. That's Up-A, Down-A, and Forward-A. His Left/Right be is also good but
    is hard to control, it's good to make use of it for recovery by landing into
    the alloys. Sonic's Down-A aerial like all forcing down moves are very strong
    and can be used to recover to the ground after being launched upwards.
    Also, a somewhat useful but messy method is to spam Sonic's Neutral-B. It will
    kill alloys in a single hit, but make sure you pay attention and don't follow
    one off of the stage to your death.
    7.39 Snake
    Snake NEEDS to have a beamsword. Otherwise this will be utter hell, but besides
    that he's very good. Use his smash Up-A like there is no tomorrow, not only can
    it launch above and take out spawning alloys but any that approach will be
    killed as well. If you can't get a beamsword his smash Forward-A is a decent
    attack, it will kill alloys instantly but is slow and has lag.
    Apparently I forgot about Snake's tilt Up-A. Has no lag, kills alloys easily.
    If you use it, you don't need to have a beamsword.
    One of the best things he can do is his normal Down-A kick, surprisingly it
    will kill the alloys in a single hit. While you have some spare time it might
    be a good idea to spam his Neutral-B so that the grenades might have a chance
    in taking out some alloys.
    While he sounds difficult to use, it's actually a lot easier to do well with
    him than it seems.
    8. Credits #08
    Myself for making this guide.
    The creators of the wondrous majesty that is SSBB.
    CJayC for creating this site, and SBAllen for running it.
    My friend gguupp for sending me a replay of him owning it in under 3-minutes
    with Pikachu, giving me an effective strategy.
    BlackIce27 for info on Marth's forward-aerial.
    Wertle for countless information about different characters and attacks.
    ravers_united, Harmonie Perry, and B Davis for ideas to add.
    bestofthebest54 for information about Lucario.
    KazumaTSB for reminding me that Marth's dancing blade is useless for recovery.
    gamerjr92 and vlackdrack for mentioning beamsword hits with C. Falcon.
    Giovanni Marquez for information about Snake's tilt Up-A.
    khanny64 for Toon Link strategies.
    rigs8797 for Yoshi's Down-B.
    Pyrotek for telling me about Ike's tilt Up-A.
    szuboy for a slightly less cheap way to win with LUigi.
    Special thanks goes to Black_Knight for numerous strategies.

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