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    Sonic by aehetag

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       _____   ___  ___  _______   ______   _______
      /  __ \  | |  | |  |  __  \  |  __ \  |  __  \
      | |  \/  | |  | |  | |__| |  | |  \|  | |__| |
       \ \_    | |  | |  | _____/  |  \     |  _  _/
         \  \  | |  | |  | |       |  /     | | \ \
       /\_| |  \ \__/ /  | |       | |__/|  | |  \ \
       \____/   \____/   |_|       |_____/  |_|   \/
       _____               ___      _____    _    _
      /  __ \  |\    /|   /    \   /  __ \  | |  | |
      | |  \/  | \  / |  |  /\  |  | |  \/  | |  | |
       \ \_    |  \/  |  | |__| |   \ \_    | |__| |
         \  \  | \  / |  |  __  |     \  \  | |  | |
       /\_| |  | |\/| |  | |  | |   /\_| |  | |  | |
       \____/  | |  | |  |_|  |_|   \____/  |_|  |_|
      _______   _______      _____      _____ 
      |  __  \  |  __  \    /| |  \    /  __ \ 
      | |__| |  | |__| |   / | |   \   | |  \/
      | _____/  |  _  _/  /  | |    \   \ \_
      |  __  \  | | \ \   \__| |____/     \  \   __
      | |__| |  | |  \ \   \ | |   /    /\_| |  |  |
      |______/  |_|   \/    \|_|__/     \____/  |__|
      _______   _______     ___                _
      |  __  \  |  __  \   /    \   | |  | |  | |
      | |__| |  | |__| |  |  /\  |  | |/\| |  | |
      | _____/  |  _  _/  | |__| |  | /  \ |  | |
      |  __  \  | | \ \   |  __  |  |  /\  |  | |
      | |__| |  | |  \ \  | |  | |  | /  \ |  | |____
      |______/  |_|   \/  |_|  |_|  |/    \|  |______|
    Sonic Statistics and Strategems
    Copyright 2008 Cezar Postolache.
    Legal Stuff (Let's get it out of the way first)
    This guide is to be used by GameFAQs.com, Neoseeker.com, GamesRadar.com, 
    CheatPlanet.com, and SuperCheats.com only, at the moment.
    Do not take information from here without giving credit to me, aehetag. 
    All numbers, strategies, etc. were found by my own time and research. And 
    ofcourse Nintendo owns all rights to this game and its characters (though not 
    technically for Sonic).
    Super Smash Brothers Brawl is Copyright 2008 Nintendo.
    I will give credit in the future, as it is due, if corrections/omitions are
    pointed out. UPDATE: Thanks for the comments! Keep them coming!
    If you want to contact me about anything, my email is aehetag@hotmail.com
    Corrections, omissions, questions, praise, hate, what-have-you...
    Don't hesistate.
    If you're an advanced player who wants to know advanced techniques with Sonic,
    The new Advanced Tactics section has some very useful and cool things there.
    Also check out the combos in the Standard Tactics section.
    ~*~ Boss Spoilers are contained in this guide including TOC, BEWARE ~*~
    Table of Contents
    1. Character Intro ........................................ [charintro]
    2. Sonic at a Glance ...................................... [charglanc]
       -Strengths/Pros ........................................ [strnthpro]
       -Weaknesses/Cons ....................................... [weakncons]
    3. Standard Moves ......................................... [standmove]
       -Ground Attacks ........................................ [grndattck]
       -Aerial Attacks ........................................ [aerlattck]
       -Smash Attacks ......................................... [smshattck]
    4. Special Moves .......................................... [specimove]
    5. Throw Moves ............................................ [throwmove]
    6. Standard Tactics ....................................... [standtact]
       -Combos ................................................ [bascombos]
       -Basic Principles ...................................... [basicprin]
    7. Advanced Tactics ....................................... [advantact]
       -Advanced Techniques ................................... [advantech]
        -General .............................................. [genertech]
        -Recovery ............................................. [recovtech]
        -Edge Techs ........................................... [edge_tech]
       -Using Set-ups ......................................... [usesetups]
       -Interesting Facts and Properties ...................... [fact&prop]
        -B .................................................... [battkfact]
        -Up B ................................................. [upb__fact]
        -Up Smash ............................................. [usmshfact]
        -Dash ................................................. [dash_fact]
        -Dair ................................................. [dair_fact]
        -Side B ............................................... [sidebfact]
        -Down B ............................................... [downbfact]
    8. Specific Strategies .................................... [specstrat]
       -Mario ................................................. [mariostra]
       -Luigi ................................................. [luigustra]
       -Peach ................................................. [peachstra]
       -Bowser ................................................ [bowsestra]
       -Yoshi ................................................. [yoshistra]
       -Wario ................................................. [wariostra]
       -Donkey Kong ........................................... [donkestra]
       -Diddy Kong ............................................ [diddystra]
       -Link .................................................. [link_stra]
       -Toon Link ............................................. [tnlnkstra]
       -Zelda ................................................. [zeldastra]
       -Sheik ................................................. [sheikstra]
       -Ganondorf ............................................. [ganonstra]
       -Samus ................................................. [samusstra]
       -Zero Suit Samus ....................................... [zssamstra]
       -Kirby ................................................. [kirbystra]
       -Meta Knight ........................................... [metakstra]
       -King Dedede ........................................... [dededstra]
       -Fox ................................................... [fox__stra]
       -Falco ................................................. [falcostra]
       -Wolf .................................................. [wolf_stra]
       -Pikachu ............................................... [pikacstra]
       -Jigglypuff ............................................ [jigglstra]
       -Pokemon Trainer ....................................... [poketstra]
        -Squirtle ............................................. [squrtstra]
        -Ivysaur .............................................. [ivysrstra]
        -Charizard ............................................ [chrzdstra]
       -Lucario ............................................... [lucarstra]
       -Captain Falcon ........................................ [cfalcstra]
       -Ness .................................................. [ness_stra]
       -Lucas ................................................. [lucasstra]
       -Ice Climbers .......................................... [iceclstra]
       -Marth ................................................. [marthstra]
       -Ike ................................................... [ike__stra]
       -Mr. Game & Watch ...................................... [gamewstra]
       -Pit ................................................... [pit__stra]
       -Olimar ................................................ [olimrstra]
       -R.O.B. ................................................ [rob__stra]
       -Sonic ................................................. [sonicstra]
       -Snake ................................................. [snakestra]
    9. Boss Battles ........................................... [bossfight]
       -Petey Piranha ......................................... [peteystra]
       -Rayquaza .............................................. [rayqustra]
       -Galleom ............................................... [gallestra]
       -Master Hand ........................................... [mastrstra]
       -Crazy Hand ............................................ [crazystra]
       -Porky ................................................. [porkystra]
       -Ridley ................................................ [ridlystra]
       -Meta Ridley ........................................... [mrdlystra]
       -Duon .................................................. [duon_stra]
       -Tabuu ................................................. [tabuustra]
    10.Stadium ................................................ [stad_tech]
       -Break the Targets ..................................... [breaktrgt]
       -Homerun Contest ....................................... [home__run]
       -Multi-Man Brawl ....................................... [multi_man]
    11.FAQ .................................................... [freqaskqs]
    12.Thanks/Credits ......................................... [creditsth]
    And so begins my first guide. I've always had many ideas and strategies for
    games (especially SSBM) but I never got around to doing anything with that
    knowledge. Well, now I've some ideas and facts about Sonic in Brawl that I
    hope people can use and learn to develop. Enough of me and my hopes and dreams, 
    on to Sonic and HIS hopes and dreams!
    QUICK NOTE: I suggest getting to know the game and some standard and not-so-
    standard techniques, like shorthops, pivot grabs, and the such. I will explain
    them shortly in the Advanced Techniques section. Though they are not necessary 
    for these strategies to work, they improve them and make them easier.
    ALSO, I use Nair, Bair, Dair, Fair, and Uair for the midair attacks
    (Neutral air, Back air, Down air, Front air, Up air)
    Character Intro                               [charintro]
    Sonic has been the most desired character to appear in Brawl since rumors of
    his existence in SSBM were quelled for good. It's been a long time since SSBM
    and Sonic fans can finally enjoy his speed and tenacity. In all his games,
    Sonic is insantly tied to the concept of speed, to which he delivers. Sega
    and Nintendo have partnered on several occasions in recent years and it's
    paid off well with some great games (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle anyone?) and now
    they are once again in cahoots, this time in the game that has already been 
    proclaimed by some the greatest game ever...
    Sonic may only be 17 yrs. old but he has done many things in his past, 
    including saving the world, and now is his time to test his meddle against 
    some of gaming's greatest characters!
    However, he is not getting very much praise in this game, indeed, a very
    many players despise him. He may be hard to handle but to despise him,
    I think, is a little harsh. While I don't main him, I like using him,
    mainly for his offputting speed and combos.
    His costumes (or lack thereof) aren't worth mentioning, since they are 
    very similar. (I would have liked a Shadow costume, personally)
    His taunts are:
    -a frontflip and crossed arms
    -sweet breakdancing move and says: "Come on! Step it up!"
    -runs in place, says: "You're too slow!" then sorta gives a 'what now?!' look
    to the screen.
    Enough introduction! Onward to the goods! For real this time.
    Sonic at a Glance                             [charglanc]
    ------------Strengths and Advantages----------[strnthpro]
    Captain Falcon must have thrown a hissy fit when Sonic came along and took his
    title. Sonic is the fastest running character in the game. Speed really is
    "his game" as he says and this speed is personified in his attacks as well as
    his movement.
    He is a middleweight (perhaps a little lighter than Mario) so he suffers no 
    easy kills.
    His attacks, in addition to being faster than most, are also decently strong.
    If that weren't enough, most can be chained together to create some quick
    damage before the opponent can even react.
    His dodge. This isn't a large point but may as well be put here: Sonic has a
    relatively fast dodge, which can come in handy (memories of Samus in SSB64
    arise). What is a large point however is his recovery which is well above
    average, including his high reaching Up B.
    His throws are stronger than most in this game even if not amazing. His fast 
    run also makes for a good pivot grab.
    Sonic has some neat tricks that can mess with opponents' minds and can actually
    be applied to fighting tactics. Most of these are rather difficult to master
    but pay off in the long run.
    Finally, he has a great balance of ground and aerial attacks. Both sets are 
    equally powerful and dangerous plus they coincide quite nicely i.e. the 
    transition is smooth and natural.
    ---------Weaknesses and Disadvantages----------[weakncons]
    A lot of his attacks have a small margin of error to create the ideal
    connection and as such makes him rather hard to master, which can be
    circumvented with practice. However, a skilled opponent can make it even harder
    by intentionally skewing toward that margin.
    Sonic may be the fastest runner, and his attacks may be faster than most, but 
    they are not the fastest attacks by any means. And since he doesn't boast
    great power either, Sonic may have trouble dealing with characters that are
    extremes in the attack department, either fast attackers (like Fox, Falco, etc)
    or powerhouses (like Ganondorf, Ike, etc). Either he can be overwhelmed by too 
    many attacks or he can be edged out by deadly attacks which only need to hit
    a few times to cause trouble.
    His roll attack can also go off screen (more on that later) which isnt a 
    problem for advanced players, usually, but anything can happen: I've seen
    veteran SSBM players fly off to their death with Fox and Falco plenty.
    Addition by Nick Caligo
    "Under Sonic's weaknesses I'd note that he projects his attacks way more than 
    you'd think the fastest guy in the game would. Most of them deal exclusively in
    single-hit potential--which is what makes him middleweight, consequently--but 
    have a substantial wind-up time to them. His spin dashes in particular project 
    an awful lot and can be seen coming from a mile away. Most computer opponents 
    won't catch them, but human opponents can take advantage of priority attacks 
    and long reach to nail Sonic while he's on his way in. I would also add that 
    his downward air attack has a nasty cooldown rate after it hits the ground and 
    it should be used very sparingly. Most players would try to use this for a 
    speedy downward recovery, but the cooldown leaves him extremely vulnerable and 
    he'll be smacked back upwards just as easily as he comes down."
    Standard Moves                                [standmove]
    Now it's on to the really juicy stuff, the basis of the game, the moves.
    The standard moves are used quite often but Sonic differs in that his standard
    and special moves intertwine nicely. But I digress, we'll delve into that more
    later on.
    The set-up is simple: attack commands are shown first, then the damage range/
    order, then the knockback ability (KB), then knockback increase(KBI). Knockback 
    increase is how much knockback increases relative to percentage(none-low-medium
    KB will be measured by how much the attack sent Mario (since he's average)
    at 0% and will range from 0-6 for Sonic (Read FAQ for how I came up with this).
    KB can be side, up, or down depending on which way the opponent is sent.
    KBI is more straightforward, it would be too difficult to make exact 
    And FYI, some moves are multi-hit. If hit one does X, hit two does Y and hit
    three does Z, total T, then the set-up is like this: X-Y-Z (T)
    ----------------Ground Attacks----------------[grndattck]
    Standard AAA combo (or hold A) : 2-2-3 (7)
    KB : 0.5-1-2 (3) Side
    KBI : low
    Verdict : Very basic, nothing special. Small KB that doesn't increase much 
    makes this a move solely for increasing percentage. Use when you don't have
    time to launch a bigger attack.
    Side A : 4-7 (11)
    KB : 0-5 (5) Side
    KBI : low
    Verdict : Decent attack with good power and KB. Low KBI makes it hard to KO
    with, but it is good to keep an opponent off until you get a good opportunity
    to finish them with something else. Note that it's possible to hit with only
    one of the hits, usually the second hit (but the first can also send the enemy
    backwards sometimes).
    Down A : 6
    KB : 0.5 Up
    KBI : medium
    Verdict : Good set-up move at small percentages. Good aerial set-up at higher
    percentages. Low KB rules it out for a finisher though. Only hits in front of
    Sonic. Also of note is the fact that Sonic slides forward with this attack.
    This can be useful against big, heavy characters. ALSO, if you hit at a bit of
    a distance, the opponents trips! 
    Up A : 3-4-7 (14)
    KB : 0-0-3 Up
    KBI : good
    Verdict: Good damage dealer plus aerial set-up. Good KBI makes it a finisher
    set-up for lighter characters at higher percentages. Many combos and KOs
    will depend on this move.
    Dash A : 6
    KB : 1 Side, 2 Up
    KBI: low to none
    Verdict: A filler move. Use to annoy and set-up other moves. Also use if unable
    to reach opponent in time to attack with something else. NOTE: it does 4 damage
    for the majority of the attack (6 only at the first moment) and has very little
    KB, allows you to do it over and over and to chain to combos.
    *Check the Interesting Facts section for advanced techniques involving dash A*
    Ledge Attack : 8
    KB : 5 Side
    KBI : none
    Verdict : Good for getting enemies out of the way, no real offensive purposes.
    Just putting it in to have it. With the deadly tricks Sonic can do on the edge,
    the ledge attack should become nearly obsolete from your game as you progress.
    Rising Attack : 6
    KB : 5 Side
    KBI : low
    Verdict : Decent attack especially since it is a surprise. Can turn the tide if
    used properly. Ex: you're down, they're coming, you rise attack and hit them 
    off. That's already a momentum change.
    ----------------Aerial Attacks----------------[aerlattck]
    Hopefully you know what shorthops are and how to do them...
    Nair : 5, 8, or 11
    KB : 2 Side
    KBI : low, low, medium
    Verdict : Depending on how early in the spinning move you hit them (more the
    earlier) damage is different. Right at the beginning you do 11 and medium KBI.
    Good as an aerial edge guard (when coming back from above) but should only be 
    used when there is not enough time to do a more powerful attack, since it 
    lingers a while, allowing more chance to hit.
    Bair : 13
    KB : 3 Side
    KBI : good
    Verdict : A rather decent aerial finisher at higher percentages. Slight pause
    before attack hinders timing and the element of surprise. Use whenever the
    chance and timing allows. This will score you a good number of KOs so it is
    well worth learning the timing.
    Dair : 8
    KB : 6 Side
    KBI : medium
    Verdict : You slam downwards from the air. Because it can't be used over edges,
    it's hard to use as a finisher. Downward slam ends if high enough (more on that
    later) and I've also found that there is a way to nullify the actual movement.
    *More on the intricacies of this move in the Interesting Facts and Properties
    Uair : 3-6 (9)
    KB : 0-2 Up
    KBI : good
    Verdict : Very nice juggling move (similar to fox). Good KBI makes it a
    finisher at higher percentages and higher altitudes. Use mostly for combos.
    Very good after you spring yourself up toward a flying opponent...
    Fair : 2-2-2-2-2-4 (14)
    KB : 3 Side
    KBI : good
    Verdict : Good damage and KB make this great for combos and edge guarding.
    Consider using it with a shorthop, as you should with any midair attack, it is
    rather netting of the opponent and offers combo solutions when set-ups don't
    quite send them far enough for a regular jump (which against advanced players,
    turns out to be a good thing).
    ----------------Smash Attacks-----------------[smshattck]
    Side Smash : 14->19
    KB : 3->5 Side
    KBI : great
    Verdict : Your main means of KOing. Does 14 minimum and 19 after full charge.
    KB is good regardless and with great KBI, it gets the job done. If only it
    released just a little faster, it would be perfect in Sonic's repertoire.
    Down Smash : 12->16 (enemy in front) 9->12 (enemy behind)
    KB : 3->5 Side
    KBI : great
    Verdict : Another means of KOs. A little faster than side smash and wider range
    of effect, however, less damage means a little less overall KB but still good
    Up Smash : 5-1-1-1-1-1-1-3 (14)
               7-1-1-2-1-1-2-4 (19)
    KB : 3-4 Up, 2-3 Side
    KBI : tricky; usually low to medium
    Verdict : At low percentages this is merely a damage dealer, with some KB. It
    gets tricky as percentage increases (even damage range changes). I explore this
    move more in-depth and with surprising applications in the Interesting Facts
    section of Advanced Tactics.
    Special Moves                                 [specimove]
    Here I will explain the special B button moves. Again, the real use of Sonic is
    in combining standard and special moves, but for right now we'll only tackle 
    how each isolated move works.
    B : 8
    KB : 3 Side (4->5 charged)
    KBI : good
    Verdict : A nice homing attack. Easy to edge guard with this. You rise up from
    your location (ground or air) and home in on someone if they are in range.
    The range is about half the length of final destination to each side and about
    a third of final destination up and down (range forms an ellipse).
    *More on the mechanics of this move in Interesting Facts*
    Side B : 5 (if you hit them from the first bounce)
             7->10 (if you hit while rolling around)
             7 (if you jump into them)
    KB : 1 Up, 1 Side (first bounce)
         1 Side (rolling around)
         2->3 Side, 1 Up (jumping)
    KBI : low (for all)
    Verdict : The move that puts it all together! Charging makes you do more
    rolling damage and move faster. If you hit the jump button (or use the control
    stick, which I use) while in the enemy, you hit them with the roll and again
    with the jump for 14-17 damage. The way they get knocked (forward or
    backward) depends on what side of the opponent you jump:
                    //        S is Sonic E is enemy; both go forward and up
                   //          when jump just before passing them.
                \    /        S is Sonic E is enemy; Sonic goes forward and up
                 \  /          while enemy goes backward and up (though not as much
       ---------->ES           back as in this drawing), when past enemy.
    The first situation is ideal, and is easier to pull off at moderate to high
    percentages. This move is great for, you guessed it, combos. I'll get into
    specific combos in the combos section of Standard Tactics. You can also jump
    while it's charging, in whatever direction you desire, and yes it still hits,
    making this quite the versatile move.
    WATCH OUT going over the edge with this can kill you. HOWEVER, you can jump 
    out of it IF you didn't initiate the roll in air. If you initiate in air, 
    offstage but close to the edge, you'll usually climb over automatically!
    *Good stuff in advanced tactics section*
    Down B : Just like Side B minus the additional hop at the beginning.
             Instead of holding to charge, repeatedly press B to charge.
             Hold down 'down' and press B repeatedly then stop pressing B while
             still holding 'down' to cancel the move (there's a cooldown though).
             To jump straight up, you must press A instead of just jump.
    Verdict : This starts quicker than the side B so is better in that sense. The 
    real use for this is in the air. However that is an advanced technique and 
    requires more explanation.
    *Advanced tactics entry has some nice tricks*
    Up B : 4 (Bumper)
    KB : 1
    KBI : medium
    Verdict : Your final jump is a massive bounce off a bumper, which, if used on
    the stage, can be used by others and even more than once. If used in the air
    the bumper tumbles downward and hurts anyone in the way. Also of special note,
    Sonic can still perform midair attacks and dodges after using the bumper! 
    Special moves however cannot be performed (how cool would that be though?).
    *More on this in the Interesting Facts section*
    Final Smash : 13->18
    KB : 6
    KBI : great
    Verdict : Super Sonic is here! You can fly around freely but it can be tough to
    control. Tilting instead of tapping makes things easier. However, go to slow
    and not only can you be dodged, but damage is lower (though reduction only 
    happens when REALLY slow which is hard to do anyway). Can KO at decent
    percentage. Good move and can potentially screen clear. Most importantly, he
    looks so cool...
    Throw Moves                                   [throwmove]
    Sonics throws are above par but not by much. Their saving grace is either 
    their KB or their combobility. Also of note is a dashing grab is hard to
    pull off with Sonic because he's so fast. Fortunately, he's hard to grab too.
    Also consider doing pivot grabs with Sonic since he's a prime candidate for
    dash past enemies fast enough to pull it off. You DO know what pivot grabs are,
    Grapple Pummel : 3-3-3-3...
    KB : 0
    KBI : none
    Verdict : Pretty strong pummel. Good for dealing damage. If you can get a throw
    in (or out, technically) too then kudos for you.
    Fthrow : 9
    KB : 4 Side, 1 Up
    KBI : medium
    Verdict : Good set-up attack. A Fair attack perhaps? It gives you options and
    has decent damage to boot. However, this may start to fail you against harder
    opponents, since they recover pretty quickly from the throw.
    Bthrow : 8
    KB : 5 Side, 1 Up
    KBI : good
    Verdict : Much better for getting people off the stage than Fthrow, which you 
    can then procede to edgeguard either with ground, homing, or aerial attacks.
    Simple as that. Also possible to chaingrab at low percentages.
    Dthrow : 1-1-1-5 (8)
    KB : 5 Side
    KBI : low
    Verdict : Unusually useful. It sends the victim forward directly so if used by
    the edge, they start falling immediately. Low KBI limits its use and since 
    Sonic has no meteors or spikes to speak of this move is best used in brawls
    where other players can take the kill. Not the best of strategies but still
    works. HOWEVER, I have found that this move has some edgeguarding application.
    *More in the Combos section*
    Uthrow : 3-6 (9)
    KB : 3 Up
    KBI : medium
    Verdict : Good KB makes it easily comboable with aerials but can rarely 
    be a finisher (as with throws in this game in general). Use it to keep things 
    in air when necessary. Becomes a finishing set-up at higher percentages.
    Standard Tactics                              [standtact]
    Some great combos and their total damage. KB is difficult to measure but is
    probably similar to the last move of the combo, given a little tweaking for
    percentage difference.
    Roll attack (Side B) + Jump into enemy + Midair attack (+Roll attack again...)
    -Does around 23% if using Uair, around 28% if using Fair and somewhere
     inbetween using Nair. Bair and Dair will not hit (Bair may if the opponent is
     launched backwards instead of forwards).
     This is the crux of the Sonic offensive. The fact that you can roll attack 
     after midair attacks (provided you haven't used Up B) makes this a handy
     and potentially continuous combo. Some may argue it's not a real combo, but I
     don't want to get into arguments over definitions, okay?
    Up A + Fair
    -Basic juggle to midair combo. Does up to 28% if all of Fair connects. This
     can be tagged on to the end or middle of other combos you may happen upon.
     Very handy. Also, consider shorthop at low percentages.
    Up A + Side A (+Dash attack/Rolling attack ... )
    -Basic two move combo. Does 21% (only second hit of Side A hits). What makes it
     worth mention is the fact that the opponent is in position for a ranged attack
     which can then turn into more combos! Very good starter combo that has the 
     advantage of being completely on the ground and in place (good in one v one).
    Side A + Dash attack (+ use your imagination!)
    -Does 15% on its own. Offers an alternative to the above so you don't become
     predictable. Another technique to your arsenal.
     -At low percentages especially, you can add a back side smash at the end
      (smashing away from where you're facing, toward opponent in this case) and
      beef up the this combo to 30-ish% with a good chance of landing.
    Down A (dive) + Midair intercept
    -Good for getting grounded characters into the sky where they're out of their
     comfort. Does 15-20% on its own depending on which midair attack you use.
    Dthrow + Dash Attack + Back Side Smash
    -Dthrow can be replaced by Bthrow. In either case, this combo does 26-ish% and
     has the potential of setting off another combo.
    Down A + Up A (+Midair/Side A/etc.)
    -Does 20% when fully connected. Best used at low percentages so they don't fly
     too far up and have time to recover. Another combo that has the advantage of
     staying put (but can lead to moving combos) usable one-on-one. After the Up A
     you can go off into another combo.
     -Ex: Down A + Up A + Fair = 30-ish%
    Uthrow + Bair/Nair/Up Smash
    -The opponent naturally goes behind you a bit, but you can improvise. Does 
     between 20-26% depending on your choice.
    Dash Attack + Back Side A + Dash ...
    -What I like to call a ground juggle. Does 11-17% every cycle. Can annoy many
     players. Dash forward, opponent is behind, do side A in that direction and
     dash at them again.
     -Some opponents may go aerial after one of these moves. If
      they do so when behind you, jump (shorthop if necessary) and do powerful Bair
      If in front of you, jump/shorthop and do a Fair.
    Down A + Down A + Side A
    -Don't stand too close or the first Down A will hit them backwards (and you 
     still go forward a bit) in which case you can skip the second Down A. After 
     the second Down A the opponent will usually be behind you but either way you
     can hit them. Does around 23%.
    Uthrow + Up B + Aerial
    -At high percentages, the Uthrow will toss them up pretty high. Rocket yourself
     up to them and surprise them with an aerial finisher. I prefer Uair but they 
     can DI out of your range so be ready to adapt.
    Dthrow + jump/shorthop + Dair (+ Up B)
    -Can gimp an opponent that doesn't have a good recovery. Spring yourself back 
     if you go off the edge.
     -A better version of this is using Bthrow to get them off the edge and then,
      while still facing away, hop and use Dair. Not only does it eliminate the 
      risk of diving but it actually connects better, enemies are more likely to
      fly horizontally regardless of how you hit them.
    --------------Basic Principles----------------[basicprin]
    Here are some basic things to remember while using Sonic. These can be used on
    nearly any character and/or player. If they don't work on your opponent, either
    they are too good and you haven't mastered your timing and reaction, or their 
    style prompts a different strategy for victory (not necessarily because they're
    KEEP MOVING!...!!
    You have the fastest character. Use what he has. Staying on the move keeps your
    opponent off balance and increases the likelihood that their defenses open up,
    leaving space for attack. And I don't mean just run, utilize his fast dodge
    roll as well.
    And speaking of attacks... STAY OFFENSIVE. The perfect offense is the perfect
    defense. If you bombard your opponent with attacks, they will have no time to
    throw their own at you. Couple this with constant movement, and you have a hit
    and run type going (with much more emphasis on the hit part than the usual
    definition). The roll attack doubles as a means of moving AND attacking.
    If all else fails, use the dash attack. If nothing else, it breaks up their
    defense, and since you go through them it's hard to be countered.
    However, being defensive at the right moments can have advantages too. Examples
    include when the enemy has a powerful item/charged attack/FS. Being defensive
    can also work in brawls, though do not expect to be praised for it.
    Mix it up. Don't do the same moves too many times consecutively. Also, don't
    remain on the ground for too long unless things are completely going your way.
    Using Sonic's standard and special moves in a combination of ground and aerial
    attacks is the key to winning.
    Practice your timing! ESPECIALLY finishing attacks. Those are most crucial,
    without them all you can do is damage the opponent, but not win.
    Roll attack abusively if it seems to be working, just mix in some
    jumps and midair attacks to keep them honest.
    ALSO important: Edge-guarding.
    All it is is using midair attacks/smash attacks to hit someone trying to get
    back. Don't be afraid of falling down to hit someone since Sonic has great up
    recovery. Use it often.
    Finally, and again, the key to mastering Sonic is timing his fast movement, 
    attacks, and combos. The more precise, the better.
    Advanced Tactics                              [advantact]
    Despite its name, I'm keeping this section rather general and relative. The 
    reason being: there are too many set-ups, combos, set-ups to combos, combos
    to combos, etc. that are possible and it would take too long to explain.
    Instead I'll give examples of situations in which certain types of set-ups
    and combos should be used.
    ------------Advanced Techniques---------------[advantech]
    I will briefly describe four techniques here: shorthops, powershielding,
    powergrabbing, and pivot grabs. I will also include some Sonic-specific 
    recoveries and some edge techniques.
    General --------------------------------------[genertech]
    Shorthop : You do a small jump.
    -If you use the control stick, just lightly, but quickly, press it up to do a
     shorthop. The easier method is to quickly press the jump button. 
     -This is used to be able to perform aerials quicker and near the ground.
    Powershielding : You here a CHINK and block the attack without the slight KB
                     you usually have.
    -Press the shield button right as the attack is about to hit you. This protects
     you from lingering attacks even if you let go of the shield, which does not 
     happen when you shield regularly.
    Powergrabbing : Do a powershield, then while holding the shield, press attack
                    to instantly grab.
    -I don't know if this is the official name for it, but that's what I call it.
     That small window of protection you have from powershielding allows you to 
     pull off a quick grab (attacks too, but not if it's too slow). Since sheild is
     already pressed, you just need to quickly press attack, and you perform a 
    Pivot Grab : While dashing, turn around and do a grab.
    -If you get the timing right, the grab connects instantly, making it useful to
     counter almost any attack. It's hard to master and apply correctly though.
    Recovery -------------------------------------[recovtech]
    NEW : Here's an advanced tactic for recovery specific to Sonic.
    (from Ionizer)
    "Also, his Fair gives him a little more horizontal recovery if you use it while
    coming back to the stage.  My favorite way to recover from off stage is to keep
    mashing Side-B until I regain control (and immediately execute a Spin Dash) 
    then jump out it and spam Fair.  If you need it, you can use the Spring Jump.  
    This makes it very difficult to KO Sonic unless you blast him right out of 
    screen, try to kill him off the top, or use really aggressive edgeguarding."
    -This is pretty cool actually. Try it and see how it works for you!
    There is another, sorta-related/extended recovery technique and it's covered
    in the *Interesting Facts section for Side B*
    Edge Techs -----------------------------------[edge_tech]
    The first one is a little tricky but once you get it, it isn't so hard.
    Run toward the edge and hold toward that side and down until you JUST go off
    the edge. Immediately hit the opposite direction (a little bit up too) and you
    will grab the edge. It will look like you just ran and grabbed the edge.
    This is great for quickly edge-hogging someone who COULD barely make it, but
    won't, hehheh.
    **An easier way is to be dangling off the edge and press diagonally down toward
    the outward and then diagonally up toward the center of the stage.**
    The second one I found harder, but I'll leave that to you.
    While hanging off the edge, softly drop down, do side B, jump out of it and do
    a Bair. If you do it fast enough, it'll look like you climbed up from the ledge
    into a Bair, instead of a ledge attack.
    Good for a surprise, and safer/faster than a ledge attack.
    ---------------Using Set-ups------------------[usesetups]
    Obviously, you want to play off your opponents weaknesses. Generically, use
    dash and aerial combos on slower characters as they won't be able to hinder you
    as easily. Roll attacks are also a good idea to keep your opponent guessing.
    The thing is, Sonic will likely need to deal a lot of damage before he can KO a
    heavyweight character due to his lack of amazing KB attacks (not even his 
    smashes). Small move set-ups like Up A and Down A + Up A are good starters.
    Get close enough to the opponent by moving and dodging around until they miss
    and are open for attack. 
    Against long-range fighters it is best to take to the skies immediately and
    try to get close that way. Be wary of anti aerial counters and try roll attacks
    too. Give yourself options, so your opponent thinks they have less. Once you
    get inside, choose from any close range combo or set-up that seems fit and from
    there you can broaden the range and use rolling combos and dash combos while
    you have them on the run.
    Close range opponents are obviously going to be targets of rolling and dash
    set-ups. Aerial initiation is good too, but is really limited to 
    divebombing with Dair. Once you break their stance and balance, you can break
    loose and go into any kind of combos you want.
    Fast fighters, that is, fast attackers, may be problematic at first, but all it
    takes is one break and you can chain things together with little response from
    them. Caution, they are still dangerous unless you have polished timing and
    reaction with Sonics set-ups and combos. Missing with a roll jump gives a fast
    character time to recover and perhaps turn the miss against you (since you are
    offstage or close to it). It's not as straightforward for Sonic to face fast
    fighters as it is for heavyweights: he lacks the pure power that is needed to
    stay in the match with little actual hits (some heavyweights only need one
    smash to finish off a character).
    Specific strategies for characters will be put in the Specific Strategies
    section (go figure).
    -------Interesting Facts and Principles-------[fact&prop]
    During my research I stumbled upon some things that made me wonder and think a
    bit. Some are seemingly dead ends... others turned out to be some pretty cool
    B --------------------------------------------[battkfact]
    Well there is a rule that this homing attack works by. I personally like the 
    move less because of it.
    Instead of homing in on any part of the opponent, it instead homes in on the
    back half of the character and attempts to go around them. This mean that a
    character coming and facing towards you from below will cause the homing attack
    to miss; however if they are above you it will hit. If the character is below
    you and running away the homing attack will hit; however above you will mean a
    miss. Here are some diagrams
    S is Sonic when he starts the attack
    E is enemy
    The arrow is the facing and direction of movement of the enemy
        E ->                             MISS
       <- E                              HIT
       E ->
                S                        HIT
      <- E
                S                        MISS
    Note that hits only hit if the opponent does not move far enough to be out of
    the moves range. Also, these are not concrete rules and will not explain all
    situations but do provide guidelines for when and how to home in.
    Moving on...
    Here's a nice tidbit, if you use the homing attack under a platform you can't
    go through, you will hit it and be able to instantly do another homing attack.
    You can continue doing this (notably at Final Destination) infinitely if no one
    or no thing bothers you. You can use your directional influence to glide along
    the surface inbetween attacks. Not bad.
    (To those who emailed me telling me about this, I'm sorry I had already figured
    this out myself when I received your emails)
    Up B -----------------------------------------[upb__fact]
    It's a recovery, yes. You can midair attack, yes, that's quite nice. But recall
    that the bumper actually falls and HITS people on the way, and, as I recall, it
    has on ok KB. Well let's say we're coming back from offstage and so is someone
    else, below us...
    We jump to survival (without helplessness) and the poor soul gets knocked out
    a bit. Wouldn't we be fortunate if it hit them out of range of coming back? It
    would, yes. And I've found that it does for most characters (all if they have
    no jumps left and are far enough, with a few exceptions).
    Just a cool little tidbit and potential cheap steal. I don't endorse trying to
    make a strategy out of it, but be wary of it, cause how good would it feel if
    you got your buddies with it? Thought so.
    Up Smash -------------------------------------[usmshfact]
    Yes, we covered the fact that its KB is odd and hard to predict. What's the 
    consequence? Here we go.
    Here's the set-up on the stage:
                                 ES     S=Sonic E=enemy
    Simple, no? Not quite. Sonic has to face toward the stage, away from offscreen.
    Now, I have only tested this on Mario as guinea pig. When he was at 35-60%, a
    fully charged Up Smash would hit for something like 11 total but then send him
    offstage and straight down! (steepest at 35 and broadening toward 60). A fully-
    charged smash is hard to apply especially with such conditions. So when tried 
    with a quick smash, I found that between the range of 49-70% the same thing
    happened (49=steep, 70=broad). Best thing was, the greater percentage made the 
    computer (in training mode) unable to come back at all, every time.
    Here's a picture:
                                M/S \  
    ================================ \
    The trajectory was even a little steeper than that.
    Again, what am I saying with this?
    I haven't had the time to test against active computers or players, so I ask
    for further research. This could be a dead end, but maybe not. I also 
    think different percentages and different characters may respond differently
    (better?), but I have no data for that. Make sure to email me with any results
    you may get and I'll make sure to credit you.
    If only Sonic had a meteor...
    (comments and results from Zynical)
    "Looks like that theory of your's was right! Different characters and 
    percentages definitely affect the trajectory at which the opponent is 
    This would make it appear as if you can predict which direction the 
    character will fly in, depending on the amount of damage your enemy has.
    As you stated before, percentages work best somewhere around 35-50 
    something %. I've also noticed that on many light set characters, fully
    charging Up smash isn't required to send an opponent at a steep angle.  As 
    damage increases, the angle will broaden to the point where characters will 
    fly almost straight up (Around 115+).  The trajectory also doesn't seem to be 
    affected if the enemy happens to be walking, running or jumping as you hit him 
    with this attack.
    However, this move only appears to work on light set to medium set 
    If preformed on Heavy set chars, (Bowser, Dedede, DK, etc.) the 
    trajectory is much broader, and the enemy will fly almost directly up 
    regardless of damage percentage or the amount of time spent charging 
    the Up Smash. I guess that all in all, the technique isn't completely 
    useless, as if the situation happens to be set just right, you just 
    might be able to score a kill off of someone."
    While you're running, if you do an Up Smash (easiest with the C-stick), the
    attack will go while moving forward, so you can catch opponents offguard.
    This is very useful, play around with it. Look at the Dash section below for 
    a VERY nice upgrade to this.
    Dash ---------------------------------[dash_fact]
    This is difficult. The timing is hard to master and it has to be done quickly.
    I have only done this using a gamecube controller, but I guess it can be done
    with other controllers.
    First off try this: run, then while running press down or side on the C-stick.
    You will do a regular dash attack. You need this to prime yourself for the next
    Now do it again and immediately (IMMEDIATELY) after press Up Z (yes, Z, grab).
    What SHOULD happen is you sort of fling forward with an Up Smash, further and
    faster than just running and doing an Up Smash. But wait there's more...
    You can do a delayed dash attack by tapping run and then hitting C or A
    before Sonic resumes his stationary stature, and, yes, even after you stop
    moving, it still works just make sure he doesn't erect from "braking". You'll
    know you ran correctly because he won't make a noise when stopping.
    Now do the dashing up smash after the delay and you'll bolt forward once and 
    then again with the smash attack.
    S is Sonic's attack start position
    E is end position
                                             Normal Up Smash
                                             Running Up Smash
                                             Dash Up Smash
                                             Delayed Dash Up Smash
    This is very useful for surprise attacks, not to mention sucking in other
    opponents. It's fast and wide, and not to mention intimidating.
    Use Bthrow (the others aren't as good) to set-up a dash up smash. Depending on
    how far the throw goes, use running, dash, or delayed dash. Sweeeet...
    Dair ---------------------------------[dair_fact]
    When you get sent up from an attack, if you immediately use Dair, it will stall
    in the air, still hitting anyone there. It will not work using it again or if
    you jump/attack after getting hit; it has to be the first thing you do.
    (Thanks to Jraz04, smartdot, UltimateZ, and duh1177; who all contributed this)
    I say this is good in a situation where you and others are sent up, since it
    lasts so long, you have a good chance of hitting. Also if the hit only gets you
    up a little, this is a good counterattack.
    Also, it usually has huge lag after impact on the ground, when used normally.
    This can be circumvented, as the dive only lasts for so long, and if it's 
    duration ends before you hit ground, you can recover. This is great for edge-
    guarding, then bouncing back up. (Thanks to pokemaster252 for this)
    I, upon further inspection, found that if you drop from high enough unto the
    ground, you still hit with the dive AND you are free to use any ground move
    with NO lag (that means immediately). The height required is around the top
    boundary of Final Destination (a little lower perhaps) to the stage.
    Good combo here:  
    Dair from high + Down Smash - clear people on the way down,
    and immediately clear anyone left after; useful, I think.
    Also, if you hold down and repeatedly hit A over a spring such as yours, you
    will continuously do a Dair right over the spring. Anyone near you will get
    hit, and you can easily bail by just letting yourself bounce.
    Side B ---------------------------------[sidebfact]
    (Thanks to Ice_Angel_Kopak for this; I'm quoting again because his explanation
    is good and thorough as it is)
    "I just read your SSBB guide on Sonic. First of all, great work. I've 
    been attempting to main Sonic and most of what I've discovered agrees 
    with what you've mentioned in the guide. However, I did notice one 
    thing in my practice that differs from what you've mentioned. It 
    pertains to his side B and it's use in mid-air. I've found that it is 
    indeed possible to cancel this move when it was started in mid-air, but 
    only if you have not already used your second (mid-air) jump. If you 
    have already used the second jump, then yes, starting the side B 
    usually equals death (unless within range of the stage). This detail 
    comes in handy, as it can make for even more recovery ability for Sonic.
    If hit hard to either side, using his side B as the first step (careful 
    which way you are facing), followed by mid-air jumping, and finally the
    up B can usually get you back to solid ground.
    On a side note, also pertaining to the side B move. It is possible to 
    adjust the length of the hop using the control stick. Start charging 
    the side B in the desired direction. While still charging (holding down 
    the B button), tilt and hold the control stick in the opposite 
    direction. Release the B button and Sonic will hop as usual, but 
    dramatically shorter. If still holding the control stick in the 
    opposite direction, he will turn around upon hitting the ground. If you
    quickly return the control to the original direction as he hits the 
    ground, he will continue that way (much faster, since the move was 
    charged a bit). Overall, it's a very subtle element, probably only 
    useful for "mind-games", but I thought it was worth mention."
    princecaspianx1000 also pointed out that the two spin attacks (down and side)
    are even considered the same by the game; i.e. using one makes damage reduce
    for the other as well.
    And for my own discovery...
    Try this: While in air do a Side B. Before you roll way, press A... What 
    happens? If you did it right you should have been flung in the direction you
    were facing. If you pressed it too early you would have jumped straight up,
    if too late you would have jumped in the direction you faced but not too far.
    Keep trying, once you get the timing it can fling you 2/3 the length of Final
    This is best used when immediately after you've been hit off. Note: do not do
    aerials, it will hamper this jump, unlike the spring. However, if you do this,
    then spring jump, then aerial, that's fine.
    It also has amazing use for edgeguarding.
    An example:
    The opponent has pretty high percentage.
    Use Bthrow or equivalent to get them off edge.
    Do the aerial Side B jump recovery to them and then aerial them dead.
    IT APPEARS that Side B and Down B are not so similar after all.
    If you hit with the first little hop from Side B and jump from there, the 
    opponent will almost always come up with you right in front of you (Fair,
    cough cough). The only time they don't is if you land directly on their head.
    If you do this, then jump, you hit them then footstool off their head; what a
    great way to gimp.
    Down B ---------------------------------------[downbfact]
    Chew on this morsel.
    Try using a Down B spin attack in the air, preferably close to the opponent.
    The key is holding the direction forward, the attack will hit twice.
    From there you can jump and do an aerial like you would off the ground.
    At higher percentages, you can spring up to aerial attack them to death or you
    can use a homing attack. THIS two hit spin attack does 18 (11-7) to start 
    compared to the 14 when done on the ground. I've done quick and easy 39% from 
    aerial spin attack into Fair just like that. The first hit(11) CAN KO at higher 
    percentages and altitude. The second does 7 damage, and you can still hit with
    a jump out of the spin attack (7), thereby setting you up for an aerial (Fair
    14; total 39%).
    Here's something more, which is great fun to do. Do the above while the 
    opponent is off the edge but instead of holding forward, hit them and 
    immediately press up. If you did it right, you would have hit them once
    for 11% and then footstooled off their head. Then watch as they
    more than likely tumble to their doom. If they seem to be coming back, just
    drop a spring on them, heheheh.
    And to mess with the opponent's head a little bit, you can cancel the spin 
    attack by pressing shield before landing. Indeed, you can go directly into a
    dodge or land with a grab for a surprise. This is a VERY versatile technique.
    Have fun with it.
    NEW ADDITION ---------------------------------[bigblurun]
    Sonic can keep up, even pass up, the ships on the melee Big Blue stage with a
    bunny hood! Not really applicable for anything, but it's really cool!
    Thanks to Lumancer for pointing this out!
    Specific Strategies                           [specstrat]
    All strategies are basically a list of what not to do and be aware of. Use the
    strategies talked about in previous sections for the most part, except when
    directed otherwise in this section.
    First and foremost, try to avoid direct aerial battle, however, do go aerial
    once you get him offstage as a means of edge-guarding. You'll likely be using
    a lot of dash attacks and powergrabs. Be wary of his cape as it can 
    send your roll attack away. Also try not to get thrown by him too much as they
    can be deadly.
    If you should avoid Mario's aerial attacks, you need to downright boycott 
    Luigi's. Try to stay on the ground and dodge around and get a grab in when you
    can, and then set-up some combos. Once you get him off stage, Luigi is a big
    target for edge-guarding since his Up B his so vertical. Drop down and Nair him
    (since Nair has greater chance of hitting) and he shouldn't be able to make the
    horizontal distance even with his flying missile attack.
    Peach's aerial is the plague (Don't worry not all characters are aerial demons).
    Use your Up Smash to try and counter her aerials. She's a little difficult to 
    edge-guard but it's possible. Try to keep a little distance and roll in often.
    And make sure to utilize your dodges to set-up a grab or even a smash if she 
    gives you the opening with a missed attacked.
    Use your speed. Dodge around and make him miss, then give some pain. Edge-
    guarding isn't easiest on Bowser but can work (if nothing else, deals damage).
    Only experts can really give you trouble with Bowser.
    Try to avoid blatant aerial attacks as Yoshi can egg you most of the time.
    Because of his unflinching second jump it's hard to edge guard with aerials so
    try to do it from the ground once his jump finishes. Otherwise, roll around and
    do a little hit and run, then dodge and smash to try and finish it. He has a
    roll too which lasts longer than yours but that's the only advantage of his
    You have to get familiar with his style before you can easily beat him.
    Learning to dodge his attacks well will pay off greatly. Using regular tactics
    will work on the offensive so it's the defense that needs tweaking. Also beware
    Wario's edge-guarding which is rather good due to his lingering attacks.
    -------------------Donkey Kong----------------[donkestra]
    Either stay at far range, or get in real close. His reach is the big threat,
    well, coupled with his strength. Try to not let him charge up his punch. Make
    him miss a lot and then capitalize on his lag with grabs and smashes. Edge-
    guarding is not very effective against DK since he has great horizontal 
    -------------------Diddy Kong-----------------[diddystra]
    Diddy is very easy to edge-guard. And, lo and behold, your bumper can break his
    barrel rockets. Isn't that handy.... Anywho, the key is getting used to Diddy's
    awkward style and timing, plus his quickness. Expect to use lots of dashes to 
    throw off his weird rhythym. Just don't get frustrated when he pulls off some
    weird and untimely combo.
    Avoid dive-bombing on Link as his Up Smash is three part. However, if he uses 
    it without hitting you, it's a prime target for counterattacks. Avoid his
    projectiles. Get behind him when he uses them since he lags a bit 
    and give him a smash. Throwing him off and edge-guarding also works well. 
    You're better off attacking in the air than anywhere else, so try to take him
    --------------------Toon Link-----------------[tnlnkstra]
    Toon Link is faster than regular Link but his sword has less range. You should
    rush in with rolls and dodges and smash when given the opening. Not too much
    different than Link.
    She is rather annoying... Sorry! just speaking out loud... She appears to be
    susceptible to dodge then smash tactics as her attacks are somewhat slow, just
    watch out for her spinning Nayru's love. When she uses her Side B, run in
    quickly for a grab or dash. When she transforms, it's a good time to get a nice
    hit in since it takes so long.
    Sheik's long-lasting smashes are a good opportunity for counters. Her speed can
    be circumvented with dodges and throw in some grabs too (haha, pun). Not too
    much to say about this fight, just dont mess up and avoid getting comboed.
    You seem to be favored in the air so make use of that. However, you can 
    overwhelm her on the ground as well. 
    Watch out for his strong aerial attacks, they are devastating, yet dodgeable.
    Dodge his big attacks and counter; you should have plenty of time for it. Not
    a hard fight if you dodge well and keep the pressure on with quick offensives.
    Be fast, but don't be hasty. Getting carried away and trying to attack when
    unsure is the easiest way to get hit with one of his giant smashes or aerials.
    Dodge her grab and counter quickly. Otherwise, try to get in close and attack
    quickly. Rolling from a distance is not favored here due to her missiles. Don't
    go aerial unless she is aerial too, because her Up Smash is too broad. Just
    stick-and-move and you should be fine.
    -----------------Zero Suit Samus--------------[zssamstra]
    She has very good anti-aerial so avoid that if you can. She boasts quick
    aerials and ground attacks so you'll be in for a struggle if you can't keep up.
    Avoid her Side B as it is her strongest attack and likely the only way she will
    ever KO you. Can be an easy fight if you just stay one step ahead. Inch your
    way in (not like THAT, sickos) and cause some mayhem, finishing with 
    Aahh, Kirby... my original fave character in SSB64.. oh, sorry, ahem... Kirby's
    quick and packs a punch too so hitting him at a range is best (just watch out
    for that hammer). Another thing to do is challenge him in air, your aerials
    seem to override his. Dodge-grabbing also works here. Once he's offstage edge-
    guard using your homing attack, as he tends to come back high (heehee... in the
    air that is. Don't do drugs).
    -------------------Meta Knight----------------[metakstra]
    A tough opponent. Dodge, then hit and run. Keep your distance and look for an
    opening. Luckily he lacks big finishers so you have time to get things done.
    All of his special attacks leave him vulnerable so make sure to take 
    advantage of this. Powershielding his quick attacks comes in handy since he
    will be busy continuing to attack while you have an invulnerable frame of time
    to attack.
    From Shadowknight93:
    "Meta Knight - keep using B move while keeping out of the range of his 
    sword and don't let him juggle you because that can cause a very easy 
    KO if he keeps on flying up and using A-up in the air."
    -------------------King Dedede----------------[dededstra]
    Very slow. Dodge to create openings. Use range attacks and aerials to keep
    things on your terms. Make SURE to avoid his smash attacks and his rocketed
    hammer attack as both are deadly. Don't get reckless and this won't be too
    difficult a fight. In the air you absolutely dominate. Get him up there any
    way you can. You should be able to zoom through him before he can react.
    First of all, capitalize on his unflinching gun. A trigger happy Fox will have
    Sonic zooming into his face. Otherwise, dodge around, grab when opportune, and
    edge-guard as possible. Take advantage of when he misses with his multi-hit
    aerials and counter accordingly. Use a Dash Up Smash to surprise him if needed.
    Try to avoid everything you can because Fox can combo the crap out of you, 
    given the opportunity.
    Aaahh, Falco... my fave from SSBM... oh, man, need to stop that, hmm... Avoid
    his quick attacks as they can become bothersome and accumulating. Mix in range
    and aerial attacks. Falco is fast so it won't be easy. Quick rolls from close
    up also seem to work so give them a try. Oh, and do avoid his spammable attacks
    will you? Apart from being annoying, they can rack up the damage. Out-comboing
    him will be the key.
    Break his defense with aerials. Edge-guard if possible. Make sure to dodge big
    attacks, especially be wary of his Side Smash, then punish him. You have the
    advantage in the air, so use that and push him into the air with dashes, rolls,
    and whatever else you can. This is a fight you'll want to take to the air 
    constantly. Thankfully his ground defense is not too hard to break since you
    are faster than he.
    PIKA! ... One of the most annoying attacks in the game, in my opinion, but I
    digress (again). Keep clear of the thunderbolt move as it wrecks everything. 
    He'll try to edge-guard with it so be wary and air dodge or grab the ledge. His
    aerial is a threat too, but not quite so much as his electric ground attacks.
    Stick-and-move works best here. Lots of dodge n grabs, followed up by smashes,
    aerials, or edge-guard as prompted.
    Her aerial attacks can be annoying if you don't see them coming. Get a little 
    used to them and you'll be able to predict them. Her roll is much more powerful
    than yours but not nearly as versatile (hers is more self-destruction prone,
    too). You're faster on ground so capitalize on that. Once you get used to her 
    moves, you shouldn't have much trouble. Just be aware that she can DI a lot and
    as such you cannot assume she is out of range in the air, ever.
    -----------------Pokemon Trainer--------------[poketstra]
    Not much to know about him, per se, but he controls the three pokemon:
    Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. That's the order they get switched in too,
    by the way.
    Dodge n smash works well on him. Otherwise, ranged attacks and rolling attacks
    should be used to break defenses and then come in close for finishes. Edge-
    guarding works fairly well too. Squirtle is pretty fast in his own right but
    does not compare to Sonic. His small size may make accurate timing and aiming
    a problem but that is remedied with practice and skill. You do not have much
    to worry about from him so don't fret if you miss.
    Get in close for the easiest time landing attacks. Watch out for his antiaerial
    seed and powder attacks. Once you get HIM in the air, however, feel free to 
    follow and dominate. His close range ground attacks can be worrisome if you
    just rush in absentmindedly. Dash Up Smash is a prime candidate to break
    ground defenses. Shorthop aerials usually get the job done too.
    You know... I never got why he was so revered in Pokemon; his types were very 
    targetable and he wasn't all that powerful... but, meh... right. Charizard DOES
    pack a punch in Brawl though, so keep clear of his heavy hits. Be aware of his
    rather decent aerial attacks, too. A more ranged approach is best, but try to
    get in close and into the air when you got him on the run. Be aggressive on
    the edge and do not let him come back. 
    Lucario has some good aerial attacks and some far-reaching ground attacks. Get
    in his face and take away his advantage. Make sure to KO him as quick as 
    possible, before his percentage makes him too strong. Spontaneity seems to work
    well against him too, but then again, it might work against anyone, who knows?
    Most Lucario players play risky and you should capitalize on that. Make them
    pay for accepting some damage by planning your attacks toward gimping and 
    -----------------Captain Falcon---------------[cfalcstra]
    Not much to say... He has slower attacks, a point to aggress on. He has better
    aerial attacks, a point to defend against. Counter, edge-guard/bash, the works.
    Comes down to more accurate fighter. And on that note, do not get carried away
    just because you stole the title of fastest character away from him. Be onguard
    as Falcon's attacks can still hurt, including the knee of justice. 
    It's important to stay out of the air around Ness. Try to catch him offguard on
    the ground. Otherwise, rush right in and try to set-up ground attacks/smashes
    and edge-guard, carefully, to edge him out. Generally a tough fight since half
    your game is unused. Even shorthop aerials are risky. Throw in a Dash Up Smash
    to unsettle things and create openings. 
    Don't attack from the air. Once you get him up, feel free, but be cautious
    still. Also make sure to avoid his PK attacks as they can pack a wallop 
    (especially his Up Smash). Roll in, get some combos going, then do some dodge/
    smash to finish it. Shorthop aerials may be used if he has a rock-solid
    ground defense. The key is to get him off-balance, from there you can outpace
    his recovery. But a stable Lucas is dangerous; all you need is one good hit to
    break it.
    ------------------Ice Climbers----------------[iceclstra]
    They are quite annoying. Grabbing them is useless as the other guy will knock
    you away before you can do anything. Their double-teaming is unfair to be sure.
    That's why separating them is the key. Dash attacks and Down Smashes generally
    do the job; an aerial Dair dive will do just fine too (just don't get hit). 
    Once they're separated, it's relatively easy to take the one down. Use your
    speed to knock one away and then the other as she tries to go back, thereby
    keeping them separated. Once you got the main guy of the edge, it's over.
    Edgeguard or even edgehog if they're too far.
    A good Marth is a cheap little... *breathe*... You have to get in REAL close to
    stop his swordpoint from wreaking havoc, but unfortunately you risk that point
    getting there. Aerial is risky too. Get as many dodge n throws and block n 
    throws as you can and edge-guard as best and safely as you can. Watch-out for 
    his counter too. Not a fun fight, but this is where defense is important.
    The fight may stall out against a defensive Marth, since counterattacking
    works best against him. If this happens, try the Dash Up Smash if you can to 
    surprise and unsettle him (her? haha, just kidding). 
    Ike hurts. Wait for your opportunity. It's hard to get in with his longreaching
    sword so no rolls, generally. Try to get in from the air or by dodging around.
    Make him miss and you have an open window for a smash, etc. Be on your toes.
    You do not want to be KOed at 30% by one of the slowest characters in the game
    when you are the fastest character in the game. In the air, Ike doesn't stand
    a chance as long as you don't give him time to get ready and anticipate your
    ----------------Mr. Game & Watch--------------[gamewstra]
    Go in with roll, especially when he does that frying pan move of his (it's no
    time to be eating). Avoid going directly into aerial attack, set it up first.
    Also don't get too close without blocking and dodging because he can trap you
    with some cheap, quick moves. Your moves, including aerials, are a bit faster
    than his and so you should not be scared to go on the offensive. He has a good
    recovery so you must edgeguard aggresively.
    Pit is a cheap mothe... ahem, almost lost it again... The best I can say at
    the moment is to wait for an opening and do a fair share of dodge n grabs. 
    Get in close and get in fast. Your best bet is in the air so get close and
    bring him up.
    From Shadowknight93:
    "Pit - [his] up-b dosn't attack or move 
    quickly at first so while he's using it use your B move and keep 
    pounding him."
    Avoid Pikmin. Kill Pikmin. Zoom & boom him. Nuff said.
    Or, at least that's what I originally said. It appears the unassuming captain
    is really packing quite some heat. It will be a tad difficult to get in close
    to him but can be done with a shorthop Fair most of the time. Also well timed
    counters will do the job. Do not let your guard down once you get him in the
    air since he has some rather nice aerials. Once you get him off stage however,
    it's practically over, just edgehog. 
    Watch out for its explosive aerial and antiaerial attacks, they can hurt pretty
    bad. Try to get close and overwhelm it with close attacks. Aerials are out 
    unless you're coming from below. He's pretty easy to edge-guard too; you just
    might have to do it several times before it pays off due to his long recovery, 
    which fortunately runs out. You'll want to shorthop and Fair him a bit, since
    that is generally the safest way to come in for attack. Don't get too carried
    away though. If the R.O.B. you're fighting is aggressive, use your speed to 
    get around his attacks and counter.
    Uhhh... It's a toss up, really. I've noticed that the more defensive one
    usually has the edge and wins. Just goes to show how much shielding and
    powershielding is overpowered in this game... Anyway, you should know Sonic's
    weaknesses well enough by now, and how to exploit them. It comes down to how
    your personal style matches up against the opponent's.
    Keep track of his bombs if you can. They'll bite you later if you don't. You
    could also use them against him if planned properly. His missiles hurt, but
    aren't too fast so aren't too threatening. Get close, don't challenge in air 
    too often. Do some rolling to change it up and edgeguard. His final recovery is
    extremely easy to edge-guard so take advantage of this. Do not get too 
    aggressive against Snake; you will get knocked back or you will lose track of
    his explosives. Dive-bombing as well as well-timed dash attacks work to break
    his defense. From there, take to the skies or hit him off the stage with tilts
    and smashes.
    Boss Battles                                  [bossfight]
    First off, I would like to thank JuudaiYuuki, who contributed a lot of what 
    will follow. I don't know if I would have done this section if I hadn't gotten
    their contribution.
    Know that I have my own input and discoveries in here, but for all intents and
    purposes, the strategies in here are credited to JuudaiYuuki and I will quote
    when I feel it necessary (or amusing). My additions will usually start with:
    "I found that..." or something to that effect.
    Note: Get used to the boss' attacks first, I will not explain ALL attacks and 
    how to predict and dodge them. That only comes from pratice. However, I will
    explain the most efficient offensive tactics that allow you to still defend 
    -----------------Petey Piranha----------------[peteystra]
    If you can't beat this guy, you need a lot of help. Just give up video games;
    you're not cut out for them. He has two moves:  a cage sweep and a jump slam.
    Sonic is "THE FASTEST CHARACTER IN THE GAME" so dodging should NEVER be a
    problem. The best offense is using Fair, making sure to hit one cage and his
    body/head. I've also found that Fair causes a little bit of a lag in Petey's
    attacks while it is hitting, which will allow you to react accordingly.
    Your Up B is a last resort if you're in the way of the sweep.
    This is already more of an explanation than anyone will need for such an easy
    Rayquaza is not much of a problem either. None of his attacks are all too 
    difficult to dodge. You should be able to quickly learn his attacks and to
    predict them. You're so fast and have a fast dodge, there is no reason you 
    should get hit.
    What I like to do while he is just sitting at the edge of the screen is to jump
    do a Fair and then jump again before you hit the ground, do another Fair and 
    then get a Uair in before hitting the ground. Your Up B is your abort button.
    Don't stay put and dodge at any movement of Rayquaza and you should have no 
    problems in this fight.
    Galleom can hurt and even kill with just one attack, especially on higher 
    difficulties. So it is recommended to do only one or two attacks at a time and
    then back off, ready to dodge. Do not stand to close either as you may not be
    able to react quick enough. 
    A strategy made by JuudaiYuuki: Attack him then Up B over him, just enough to 
    have him turn around, then DI back the other way in air. If you time it right,
    he will attack the wrong way and give you a free shot. His jump attack and 
    double punch attack is not affected by this, but it does come in handy for the
    rest. In any case you can air dodge the other two.
    ------------------Master Hand-----------------[mastrstra]
    I find him the easiest, probably because I'm used to his moves from three games
    worth of experience. Dodging his attacks will be no problem for Sonic. Even 
    some of the harder-to-dodge attacks are easy for Sonic because of his blazing
    speed and high, fast spring jump. Jump, Fair, jump, Fair and Uair works very
    well against him. You can also do Up A while he's hovering closely above the
    Just avoid his fast hard-hitting attacks and capitalize on his laser attack.
    ------------------Crazy Hand------------------[crazystra]
    Crazy Hand is very similar to his partner with only a few different moves, 
    which I find to be just as easy, maybe even easier, to dodge as any Master
    Hand move. His fast, hard hits are slightly deadlier than Master's but I find
    them easier to dodge.
    Hit him with Fair Fair Uair combo just like the others and you'll make short
    work of this boss. The Up A won't work since he bounces more as he hovers over
    the ground.
    And the winner for queerest boss goes to... well, if I said anything other than
    Porky, considering this IS his section, it wouldn't make sense. But he is very 
    odd; "the most outright twisted boss." Whenever he starts moving towards you,
    it's advisable to get out of his way as, more likely than not, it will hurt.
    His eyes will turn orange and will signal your ascent.
    It's possible to attack him as you're going over him from his charge. Avoid his
    projectiles and thunderbolt attacks, but I shouldn't have to say that. Your 
    spring is your friend in this department. Fair is again probably the best way
    to damage him and Dair is good too after you spring up from one of his attacks.
    Ridley is probably easier than Master Hand. The only thing is, most players are
    not as accustomed to Ridley's attacks as they are to Master Hand's. Whenever he
    goes offscreen, I like to jump/spring up and aerial dodge on the way down as he
    comes through. This will avoid ALL of his offscreen attacks if you spend just a
    little time getting used to reacting to them.
    Again, as with all bosses, spam Fair and try to get that Fair Fair Uair combo,
    that I have come to love, in. When he blows air at you, it is basically a 
    resignation on his part. You can easily run through it and Fair Fair Uair him
    1.5 or even 2 times. Don't get reckless, he doesn't deserve to get a hit on 
    ------------------Meta Ridley-----------------[mrdlystra]
    Now this is more like a boss fight than his counterpart above. One thing to 
    remember, while he goes up and off the screen, "JUMP, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD."
    Make sure to air dodge as he's coming back as well. I've found you can also 
    land a hit in after an air dodge if you have time, but it's risky and I'm
    assuming you do not want to take hits. When you does his multiple small 
    fireball attack, try to stay under him and dodge when he is directed at you,
    but then attack from the ground or just below him while he aims away from you.
    Fair Fair Uair comes in handy again, especially since he will not usually be
    close enough to the ground to do anything else.
    desperation from JuudaiYuuki; well-founded, too, I might add. Duon could 
    actually be harder than Tabuu if you rely on aggressive attack. The way to beat
    Duon safely is to stay back and come in for one or two Fairs and then back off
    again. Thankfully, Sonic will have an easy time running away. It is also
    recommended to "AIRDODGE AT THE SLIGHTEST PROVOCATION." Watch out for his huge
    headbutt attack and counterattack it as seen fit.
    When the pink half shoots missiles at you, try to lead them back to Duon. It 
    will hurt him (them?) a lot. I've found it easiest to do this by staying on 
    the ground just long enough and then jumping over and toward Duon, maybe 
    getting a Fair in, or Nair if the missiles are too close. 
    Practice dodging his attacks before you try to beat him on a hard difficulty.
    His attacks are easier to predict than Duon's which is why he can be easier to
    beat. The ONLY attack that really needs to be mentioned is his three rings or
    death attack. They are very dodgeable (easier to the outside of the stage) 
    especially with Sonic's quick dodges. The biggest thing is to not freeze and
    mentally give up when he does this. Of note, you MAY survive the attack at 0%
    if you stay in the middle of the stage. I do not recommend this but if you're
    not confident in you're dodging ability yet, this could come in handy.
    After every attack or series of attacks, he is still for a little while. Then 
    is the time to strike you Fairs, Bairs, and Uairs. When he does his laser 
    attack, rejoice. You cannot get hurt unless you're on the ground and you can
    Fair Fair Uair him to your heart's content. Congratulations, you just 
    demolished the final boss. 
    Stadium                                       [stad_tech]
    Here I will add my strategies and records for Break the Targets, Home-run
    Contest, and Multi-Man Brawl. The Boss Battle Mode is not included because you
    just have to look above here to find them. 
    ---------------Break the Targets--------------[breaktrgt]
    1-10 = targets; in the the order I break them.
    t    = a "t"hrowable item, hits one thing (target)
    b    = bomb blows up and hits area
    B    = box, can slide
    g    = gun of sorts, shoot to hit at range
    s    = spring
    S    = start position.
    Level 1
    Easy enough. Here's a layout of the course.
    |  |
    |10|                2  |
    |  |_S________1___     |
    |         6      _____3|
    |_      7 |__        __|
      |9       5       4|
    Dash into 1, jump and Fair/Nair into 2, Nair as you fall on 3. Fall and DI 
    toward 4 and use Bair. Jump and fair 5. Jump and Uair 6, Nair 7 while falling,
    Nair 8 while falling. Jump and Uair 9, jump and spring up to 10.
    Targets 6 and 7 can be broken with the same Uair if timed right.
    My time: 12.91 seconds
    Level 2
    Kinda complicated. Here's the layout:
    |6        _____9____
    |      7     8      10
    |t     g___t  __t    
    |-    |_|    |2 
    |    B__ 5        b
    |          ||    |_|
    |    ____  ||    |1
     \     |   ||       __
      \4         _t__S_|
    Hopefully, you can decipher that. The hill was hard to draw, I hope you
    forgive. Jump and Uair 1, grab the deku nut and throw it up to 2. Avoid the 
    mushroom and dash 3, dash 4. Jump onto the platform above, then double jump
    and Nair the box so it slides into 5. Jump to the firework shooter thing and 
    shoot 6 (you should start with the right angle) and then throw it into 7.
    Jump, Fair 8, jump quickly before falling and Fair 9. Run across platform jump
    before the end and Dair onto 10.
    My time: 15.80 seconds
    Level 3
    Tricky. Some things get in the way, like walls you may accidentally wall jump
    off of when you REALLY don't wan to. Anyway, here's the layout:
     ___b    ____     _____S
    | g   __             10|
    | - t       1          |
    |3  -     2
      |  ___B_______
     _| 4    5
    |  __    |      ___
    |6       |    8  |
      |      |           s  
      |__    |   __--
         --__7__|        9_
    Zoom over to the smart bomb. On the way over, use Nair as soon as possible to 
    stabilize and not crash. Drop down and lightly throw the bomb at 1 and 2. Grab
    the gun and hit 3 with Bair/Fair (watchout you don't walljump). Dair onto 4,
    shorthop and shoot 5. Fall and bair 6. Go to 7, jump before, and Fair it, then
    jump up onto the ground. Fair 8, land, throw the gun at 9 and jump onto the 
    spring and hit 10.
    I haven't been able to do this without messing up just a little bit aka
    walljumping, missing target on first attack, etc.
    My time: 19.21 seconds
    Level 4
    WOW. NOT fun. Took me a while to find something that worked.
    I will not include the layout as it is too difficult.
    I will put up the relative position of the targets however.
      4                       3
                         S               2
     6                     7
    These are the positions at the  start of the stage, right after "Go!".
    Right at "Go!" run to the right and fastfall, Fair 1 (the one that goes around
    the whole stage), jump, Fair 2 as it comes down, walljump and onto the steps. 
    (That part is pretty hard to time) Jump and spring, Uair 3. Run and Uair 4,
    DI and drop through the hole (try not to wall jump). Run and Fair 5. Run back,
    fast fall, hit 6 as it comes around, hit 7 through the wall with Side A. Hit 8
    with Fair, DI and fall around the ledge. Run, go over the edge, Fair 9, jump,
    run, fall off edge, spring and Nair 10.
    Tripping is a problem, as well as making sure everything is where it should be
    when you get there. I haven't perfected this one either.
    My time: 25.68 seconds
    Level 5
    The beginning part is somewhat frustrating, but other than that, I enjoyed
    figuring this one out. Layout:
          3 |________________________
                  g      1________
       ___S   -   /     /       10|
    4 |6  |   -    2/  /          |
      |       -       /           |
     | --     -                   |9
     |        -          ___t     |
      ---     -         |7        |
     5    ________      |  |     _|
    OK. Run and jump to the gun right at "Go!". Jump to the right and throw the gun
    hard at 1, DI and Bair 2 while coming down, jump to the left, spring and Uair
    3. (That is the hard part) Land, shorthop, Nair 4, DI to the right of 5, Fair
    it, jump and grab the edge. Jump from the edge, jump, spring up and Bair 6,
    walljump and land on falling platforms. Jump and get the beamsword, drop down
    and throw it toward 7 and 8. Jump, jump, Bair 9 through the wall, walljump, 
    spring up and Uair 10.
    This the best I can do, and I think it's a good time
    My time: 21.18 seconds
    ----------------Home-Run Contest--------------[home__run]
    There is the well-known character-generic strategy:
    Grab the bat.
    Run in right next to Sandbag.
    Throw the bat hard at Sandbag.
    Catch bat, throw again. Repeat until wall breaks, then hit with a smash at the
    tip of the bat (tipper).
    Using that strategy I got 1809.6 ft using Sonic.
    I've been working on other strategies specific for Sonic but come up just short
    every time (the damn wall breaks too soon).
    Any contributions here are welcome.
    ----------------Multi-Man Brawl---------------[multi_man]
    I do not particularly like Multi-Man Brawl but I may as well share what I've
    found to work. This section is very open to suggestions and contributions.
    10-Man Brawl
    It is too easy to explain. If you ask me about this... FAIL
    My time: 18.23 seconds
    100-Man Brawl
    Not hard at all. Any attack will kill them. However, Nair, Up A, and sometimes
    Uair will not kill them in one hit. Be wary of that. Take advantage of any
    beneficial items you can and avoid/get rid of any dangerous ones. Aerials work
    best, I find, since you can kill both enemies coming at you and ones who are
    just entering the stage at the same time.
    My time: 3:26.95
    3-Minute Brawl
    If you beat 100-Man Brawl, this should be easier, as it lasts less than the 
    average 100-Man Brawl. However, you can cheap out of it by using Sonic's 
    infinite B under a platform technique. Stay under the stage for 3 minutes
    and you finish this, or go in there guns blazing, your choice.
    15-Minute Brawl
    Tougher, not to mention annoying. You can kill the enemies if you like or are
    bored. You can also hover under the stage with the infinite homing B attack
    technique. Another option is to kill the alloys until only one remains and no
    others will spawn until you kill that one... and... just dodge. It's up to you.
    Endless Brawl
    I don't much like this because it wastes too much of my time, but anyway...
    The thing I like to do is dash attack back and forth on the stage. It will
    kill everything in the way. If the alloys decide to not come down, do a 
    Dash Up Smash under a platform. Just hope you don't get unlucky with the items.
    My record: 325  (stupid bumper... I fail)
    Cruel Brawl
    Ugh. I hate multiman brawl enough to begin with, this just makes it sickening.
    I haven't the patience to find a pattern that will ensure safety and kill those
    damn alloys. However, what I did (which can be done with any character, I 
    presume) was to grab the edge, fall just enough, jump and just barely be in
    range to grab the edge again. This way, yellow and red alloys will jump off
    and die, sometimes blue too. You have to be lucky though, they can meteor you
    to hell if they feel like it. This is probably the only thing I hate in this 
    My record: 1  (Yeah, THAT much)
    FAQ                                           [freqaskqs]
    First and foremost, I explain my system for the KB rating system. KBI is easy
    enough. KB stands for a number of, believe-it-or-not, Marios. When measuring
    how far an attack sent Mario (at 0%), I gauged it by how many Marios could
    fit inbetween move contact and the last effect of the move shown on him.
                                    S is Sonic, M is Mario, and - is one width of
                                    Mario. I performed the attack and measured how
              M<----M<>S            far he moved by his own width. As long as ALL 
    =============================   attacks are measured this way, it is a good way
                                    of comparing attacks. Vertically, it's Mario 
    And besides, even if I were to give exact metric measurements, I doubt anyone
    could apply it. Like I stated early in the guide, you should have some good
    knowledge of the game, Sonic and their mechanics. You'll learn more from 
    testing out moves yourself than reading about them; the reading just gives them
    a purpose, albeit quicker.
    No actual questions yet... make sure to email them.. and please don't ask about
    my mains...
    Q: Why don't you main Sonic? Who do you main?
    A: Read the above statement...  >_<
    Thanks/Credits                                [creditsth]
    Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful.
    Thanks to GameFAQs, to which I've turned to many a time.
    Thanks to Neoseeker.com, GamesRadar.com, CheatPlanet.com, and SuperCheats.com
    who have all respectfully decided to host my guides.
    Thanks to myself for making this, I guess.
    Thanks to Nick Caligo for added weakness info.
    Thanks to Jraz04, smartdot, UltimateZ, duh1177, and pokemaster252 for info on
    Dair move.
    Thanks to emolad666 for info on B move.
    Thanks to princecaspianx1000 and Ice_Angel_Kopak for info on Side B/Down B move
    Thanks to Zynical for research on Up Smash phenomenon.
    Thanks to Ionizer for the tip on recovering.
    Thanks to Lumancer for the bit about running on Big Blue.
    Thanks to JuudaiYuuki for a major contribution on Boss Battles.
    Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone...

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