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    FAQ/Walkthrough by bowser194

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                   *           bowser194's Eleventh FAQ           *
                   *    Super Smash Bros: Brawl FAQ/Walkthrough   *
                   *                 Version 0.275                *
                   *         FAQ Created: March 23rd, 2008        *
                   *        Latest Update: April 4th, 2008        *
                   *      E-Mail: bowser194(at)gmail(dot)com      *
                           * Section 1 - The Introduction *
                            Section 1A - Table Of Contents
    Section 1 - The Introduction
    Section 1A - Table Of Contents
    Section 1B - Version History
    Section 1C - Introduction
    Section 2 - Various Information
    Section 2A - Controls
    Section 2B - Characters*
    Section 2C - Items*
    Section 2D - Stages*
    Section 2E - Enemies*
    Section 3 - The Subspace Emissary
    Section 3A - Information
    Section 3B - Walkthrough*
    Section 4 - Solo Mode (Single-Player)
    Section 4A - Classic Mode
    Section 4B - Solo Events*
    Section 4C - Co-Op Events*
    Section 4D - Break The Targets*
    Section 4E - Home-Run Contest*
    Section 4F - Multi-Man Melee*
    Section 5 - Brawl Mode (Multiplayer)
    Section 5A - Brawl
    Section 5B - Special Brawl*
    Section 5C - Tournament Mode*
    Section 6 - The Vault
    Section 6A - Trophies
    Section 6B - Stickers*
    Section 6C - Stage Builder*
    Section 6D - Challenges
    Section 6E - Coin Launcher*
    Section 6F - Song Listing*
    Section 7 - Online Play
    Section 7A - Information*
    Section 7B - Setting Up*
    Section 7C - Playing Online*
    Section 7D - Troubleshooting*
    Section 8 - Conclusion
    Section 8A - Credits
    Section 8B - Contacting Me
    Section 8C - Copyright
    *Indicates this section has not yet been completed.
                              Section 1B - Version History
    Version 0.20  ::  FAQ Size: 52KB  ::  Date: March 23rd, 2008
    First version of the FAQ. Much of the basic information on numerous sections 
    and other small things have been added. Updates will continue with more 
    information on items/character/etc being added each time.
    Version 0.25  ::  FAQ Size: 84KB  ::  Date: March 27th, 2008
    Completed a ton of event descriptions, which have all been added to the FAQ. 
    The tedious task of compiling an entire list of trophies has come and gone with 
    the completion of the Trophies section. The Challenges section is also complete 
    as well. Reformatted the Stages section as it previously looked like a block of 
    text - the same will probably happen to the items section next update.
    Section 0.275  ::  FAQ Size: 103KB  ::  Date: April 4th, 2008
    Focused entirely on the items/stages section with this update. The items 
    section was reformatted as promised, making the entire guide look like it 
    follows a specific format all around. Characters section will probably be 
    started next update.
                               Section 1C - Introduction
    Super Smash Bros: Brawl is the much-anticipated third installment in the Super 
    Smash Brothers series. It is a simple, side-scrolling fighting game that is 
    fairly easy to pick up and play. The concept is simple: you fight against your 
    opponents and proceed to rack up damage (counted as an incrementing percentage) 
    on them. The higher the damage, the further they're knocked away when hit. If 
    they are unable to recover and get back onto the stage, or they are knocked too 
    high/far away, they are KOed. 
    This simple formula, paired with the crazy antics of fast-paced multiplayer 
    Mario games, has made Brawl the fastest-selling game in Nintendo's incredible 
    history, selling 1.4 million copies in the first week in America alone. 
    Brawl features 35 different characters, from various games (mostly Nintendo 
    related) which have become popular within the last 20 years. Each of them have 
    unique tactics and abilities that give them both advantages and disadvantages 
    when played in different matchups and scenarios. With this guide, I hope to 
    provide a detailed analysis on much of this complex and long-lasting game. 
    There are a near infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to the Super 
    Smash Bros series, and hopefully this guide will be the key to uncovering some 
    of that potential.
    Keep in mind that this guide does not withhold any spoilers, so if you came 
    here hoping not to find out something, you'll probably want to close this 
    document now.
                          * Section 2 - Various Information *
                                 Section 2A - Controls
    One of the greatest features of Super Smash Bros: Brawl is that it features 
    four different controller configurations for every type of player. You'll be 
    pleased to find GameCube controls have not changed whatsoever if you're a Smash 
    veteran, and you'll be equally pleased to find the Wii Remote allows for a 
    short learning curve if you're a newcomer.
    **NOTE: Advanced controls for each character will be listed in that section.**
    GameCube Controller
    Control Stick - Move character.
      Control Pad - Taunt opponents.
        'C' Stick - Smash Attack.
       'A' Button - Attack/Smash Attack.
       'B' Button - Special Attack.
       'X' Button - Jump.
       'Y' Button - Jump.
       'L' Button - Shield/Dodge.
       'R' Button - Shield/Dodge.
       'Z' Button - Grab opponent.
     Start Button - Pause game.
    Wii Remote (Sideways)
    Control Pad (Up) - Jump.
     Wiimote Pointer - Used to select options in menus.
         Control Pad - Move character.
          'A' Button - Taunt opponents.
          'B' Button - Shield/Dodge.
          '-' Button - Grab opponent.
          '1' Button - Special Attack.
          '2' Button - Attack/Smash Attack.
       'Home' Button - Pause game.
           'A' + 'B' - Grab opponent.
           '1' + '2' - Smash Attack.
    Wii Remote + Nunchuk
    Control Stick - Move character.
       'A' Button - Attack/Smash Attack.
       'B' Button - Special Attack.
       'C' Button - Jump.
       'Z' Button - Shield/Dodge.
       '1' Button - Taunt opponents.
       '2' Button - Taunt opponents.
       '-' Button - Grab opponent.
       '+' Button - Pause game.
        'A' + 'B' - Grab opponent.
    Classic Controller
     Left Control Stick - Move character.
    Right Control Stick - Smash Attack.
            Control Pad - Taunt opponents.
             'A' Button - Special Attack.
             'B' Button - Attack/Smash Attack.
             'X' Button - Jump.
             'Y' Button - Jump.
             'L' Button - Shield/Dodge.
             'R' Button - Shield/Dodge.
            'ZL' Button - Grab opponent.
            'ZR' Button - Grab opponent.
                                Section 2B - Characters
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                                  Section 2C - Items
                                   (15/61 Completed) 
    With the newest edition into the Super Smash Bros series comes an incredible 
    load of items to make Brawl even crazier and more hectic than it already is. 
    Each of these items are listed below in alphabetical order for your 
    Banana Peel
    The banana peel is one of the new items that has been introduced into Brawl. As 
    you would expect solely based upon Mario tradition, when you walk over the 
    banana peel, you slip and fall. Unfortunately, your opponents will not suffer 
    any damage from this, meaning they really aren't too effective in stopping 
    players as they can be easily avoided.
    Place this somewhere that you're unlikely to accidently walk into it yourself, 
    or where you can knock your opponents towards it to create a combo or second-
    hit opportunity. Either that, or throw it directly at your opponents to 
    guarantee some kind of damage, otherwise you may never inflict any.
    Beam Sword
    Similar to a light saber, this sword is fairly powerful and can be used to swat 
    opponents from afar. It is strong enough to KO with, and actually extends in 
    length when swung or based on the character that is using it. 
    From experience, I've found that the sword tends to be quite useful when 
    running towards your opponent, because you'll be far enough away to avoid 
    retaliation. This is particularly effective with Luigi, who will actually dive 
    at your opponents rather than staying on his feet. Unfortunately, this strategy 
    isn't of any use for KOing the opponent, but throwing the sword at recovering 
    players is very useful because it is powerful enough to knock them back a good 
    Blast Box
    Another new item to Brawl is the Blast Box, which is both dangerous and 
    powerful, but ineffective for personal use. It appears simply as a large crate 
    labelled with a fire warning on the sides of it. It can take a certain level of 
    damage, and once that level is surpassed, the box will explode and destroy 
    everything within its radius. 
    It has the same effect as a Bob-Omb would, but it is not very mobile, meaning 
    this won't be something you can (or should, due to its explosive nature) pick 
    up and throw at other players. It is best avoided, unless you've recently 
    respawned and you're willing to take a bit of damage to kill another player who 
    is at a much higher percentage than you. You could also detonate it using 
    projectiles, if you want to be safe.
    One of the most destructive and powerful items in the game, a single Bob-Omb 
    has the force to KO any player at very low percentages. They are even more 
    dangerous when they all emerge at once from a Party Ball, and the explosion of 
    just one sets all the rest of them off. If the Bob-Omb isn't picked up by a 
    player within approximately five seconds of its appearance, it will begin to 
    pace back and forth across the stage until it comes into contact with a player. 
    If it doesn't, then after another 10-15 seconds, it will stop moving and 
    suddenly explode on the spot. You'll have about two seconds to clear the area 
    if you see that it's stopped moving.
    Pick this thing up if you're near it when it will appear. This protects you 
    from being blown up by it later on, and also gives you full control over where 
    it will detonate. Throw it into a large crowd or at an unsuspecting opponents 
    and watch them go sailing. It's an easy KO at most percentages.
    The Bumper is a great little annoyance that any player can pick up and throw 
    anywhere on the stage. It will fly for a bit and then hang in midair, and any 
    player that touches it while it is active bounces away a fair distance, even at 
    lower percentages. The downside is that even the player who throws the bumper 
    can also be damaged by it.
    When placed effectively, the bumper can become extremely annoying. Some good 
    locations to throw it include right in front of a ledge (preventing players 
    from grabbing hold of it), in the middle of an enclosed area, or even right at 
    an opponent as they charge towards you. In general, your goal should be to 
    place it somewhere that everyone (aside from you) will be, and where it could 
    result in KOs.
    Bunny Hood
    The second appearance of the Bunny Hood is made in Brawl, where any player who 
    grabs hold of it will have it attached to their heads for approximately 10-12 
    seconds, speeding them up and allowing them to jump much higher (not including 
    their B + Up) attack. This also means they fall much quicker too. It can be 
    knocked off if the player is hit with a smash attack.
    For some of the faster characters, the Bunny Hood can actually be more of a 
    hindrance than a help, as you'll find yourself running through opponents rather 
    than attacking them. Also, because it makes you fall at a greater speed, 
    characters that already have a good jumping ability may find it actually 
    creates more trouble when it comes to recovering from a long knockback. Of 
    course, this doesn't mean you shouldn't necessarily grab it, but it does mean 
    you should be fully aware of your health, game situation and surroundings when 
    choosing whether or not to pick it up.
    Cracker Launcher
    This rapid-fire cannon allows you to shoot powerful and damaging firecrackers 
    at your opponents, which also inflicts splash damage upon its surroundings. 
    There are some downsides to what sounds like an excellent weapon; it can be 
    very difficult to aim the weapon in the direction you want, your running speed 
    will slightly decrease, and you are only able to jump once while holding this.
    Cracker Launchers should only be picked up when there are little to no 
    surrounding opponents, otherwise you could become and easy target. Due to your 
    poor manoeuvrability when holding this item, you are very open to attacks from 
    the side not covered by the Launcher, so you should consider having your back 
    to a ledge to make it more difficult to attack from behind. This firecrackers 
    can prove to be extremely useful in causing massive amounts of damage and KOing 
    opponents, so make sure to pick it up and make use of it if you're standing 
    outside of a brawl between the other players. If you end up being knocked away 
    while holding the Cracker Launcher, drop it immediately so that you can try to 
    make an effective recovery.
    Deku Nut
    The Deku Nut is an extremely powerful item with similar physics to a Bob-Omb. 
    You'll know it may have appeared because if it has, all CPUs will cease 
    fighting and divert their attention towards it. When thrown at and making 
    contact with an opponent, it will explode, doing large amounts of damage and 
    knocking the opponent back extremely far. Even if it doesn't come into contact 
    with another player, it will still explode, stunning anyone within the blast 
    radius for several seconds. If it is not picked up by any players, the Deku Nut 
    will eventually explode on its own, with the same stunning effect inflicted 
    upon players within the blast radius of it.
    Because of its power, the Deku Nut is something that should be picked up 
    immediately if you're in the vicinity when it appears. Treat it as you would 
    treat a Bob-Omb and make use of it in the same situations, although you may 
    want to make your target an entire group rather than individual players.
    Simply put, the Dragoon is the most powerful item in the game. However, it 
    should not be described simply as one item, but three pieces that, when 
    collected, put together this final weapon. During matches, you will come across 
    various shiny pieces that can be picked up and then seemingly disappear. 
    However, a small icon will then appear near to your characters damage meter, 
    signifying that you have collected one of the three pieces. The only downside 
    is that collection of the pieces is not permanent - they can be knocked out of 
    you with a hard smash attack or when you are KOed. If you collect all three 
    pieces, your character will suddenly shoot up into the air automatically, and a 
    crosshair will appear on-screen. You'll then be able to aim and fire (only 
    once) at any of your opponents. The odds are that unless they're within an 
    enclosed space, if you connect with them, they're going to instantly be KOed.
    Because collecting all three pieces is a fairly tough task, you're best off 
    trying to knock them off your opponents once they've collected one or two. This 
    way, they will all gather in one location that could allow you to collect them 
    all in seconds, before your opponents can even do anything about it. Once 
    you've actually gathered the three pieces, there is no particular strategy as 
    to how or what you should fire at - just aim for the closest or most 
    predictable opponent, as they will most likely be scrambling away furiously.
    The Fan is a rapid-fire type item that can be used to trap an opponent within a 
    flurry of fan swats. This will definitely not get you a KO, but it will very 
    quickly rack up damage until they manage to escape or you're somehow 
    interrupted in the middle of the barrage of hits.
    When you pick up the Fan, the first thing you should be considering is throwing 
    it at an opponent. I've personally found that it is most effective when tossed 
    at a recovering opponent (similar to a Beam Sword) or at someone with a high 
    percentage, because swatting them repeatedly only tends to work occasionally. 
    Of course, this doesn't mean you should avoid swatting completely, especially 
    if your opponents are at low percentages. 
    Fire Flower
    The appearance of Fire Flowers in the Super Smash Bros series dates back to the 
    original game. They are very simple to use - pick them up, then press 'A' to 
    release flames at your opponents. These do a slight amount of damage, and last 
    for approximately seven seconds. At that point, it will only spew smoke and 
    becomes useless.
    In the original Super Smash Bros and Melee, using the Fire Flower made you 
    unable to jump or move. However, in Brawl, this has been changed, giving you 
    many new opportunities. By moving towards your opponents as you release the 
    flames, you can accumulate damage and push them backwards towards a ledge 
    (unless they manage to escape from the fire). You should also make sure to 
    throw the Fire Flowers at opponents once they expire, rather than just dropping 
    them, in order to accumulate damage.
    When it appears, Food should be quickly gobbled down to restore health (in 
    small amounts). There are many different forms of Food that will appear, some 
    which heal you more than others. Below is a list of all the known types of 
    food, and how much health they restore when consumed.
         Food      | Restored
     Apple         |  5%
     Bananas       |  5%
     Beef Bowl     |  7%
     Cheese        |  3%
     Cup of Tea    |  2%
     Curry Rice    |  7%
     Donut         |  4%
     Fried Rice    |  7%
     Grapes        |  4%
     Hamburger     |  6%
     Ice Cream     |  3%
     Juice         |  3%
     Melon         |  6%
     Milk          |  5%
     Mushroom      |  5%
     Omelette      |  7%
     Orange        |  4%
     Pizza         |  8%
     Ramen         |  7%
     Rice Ball     |  6%
     Rice Tray     |  5%
     Spaghetti     |  6%
     Strawberry    |  3%
     Sushi Platter |  8%
     Turkey        |  7%
     Unagi Rice    |  9%
     Watermelon    |  6%
    Franklin Badge
    The Franklin Badge is extremely useful for long-range attack matches, as when 
    it is picked up, it makes you capable of reflecting all projectiles for a set 
    amount of time. It disappears after a while though, so make sure you know when 
    you have it and when you don't, or the joke will be on you. This is nearly an 
    automatic device, so there's no real advice aside from pick it up immediately 
    when you see it.
    These had the potential to be very powerful, but generally are not; pick a 
    Freezie up and throw it at an opponent, and they will take heavy damage and be 
    flung into the air in an icicle. If they aren't KOed from the hit, they will be 
    stuck in the icicle for approximately five seconds. Sounds great, right? Here's 
    the catch - if they mash the controls, they can greatly shorten that time to 
    the point where they escape without even hitting the ground. If you attack 
    someone who is frozen, they will hardly move, but still accumulate damage.
    When you're in control of the Freezie, try to throw it at an opponent with high 
    damage or whom is using a very light character. Balloon-types like Kirby and 
    Jigglypuff will go soaring when hit by one of these, and anybody with high 
    enough damage can be KOed. Otherwise, throw it at them when they're in a very 
    enclosed area (like Spear Pillar's underground section), as they'll hit the 
    ceiling, immediately bounce down, and not have enough time to escape before you 
    land a few hits on them. If you're the one who's just been frozen, mash just 
    about every single control until you finally manage to escape.
    Golden Hammer
    The Golden Hammer is identical to its counterpart, the Hammer, but is much 
    stronger. It does a bit more damage, swings much more often, and occasionally 
    allows the user to float in midair. It lasts for the same amount of time as a 
    Hammer does, and can also become worthless if the hammer head falls off.
    The key to effective usage of the Golden Hammer is your placement and your 
    opponent's placement when it appears. If the hammer appears in an area that is 
    impossible to escape from with one leap (such as the underground area in Hyrule 
    Temple), then there is essentially no point to picking it up unless you're 
    right there and your opponents are right next to you. Because you only have one 
    jump, you'll be stuck down there, while your opponents simply double-jump out 
    of the area. However, if the stage is flat or easy to get around (like Bridge 
    of Eldin), pick it immediately - they'll have nowhere to run.
                                 Section 2D - Stages
                                  (17/41 Completed)
    There is an incredibly wide-ranging selection of 41 different stages that you 
    can play on in Brawl, including ten stages from Melee. Each stage offers a 
    unique battle area with many external or environmental effects that attribute 
    to making your matches even more chaotic. This section is split into two parts, 
    with one covering the newly designed stages and another covering the returning 
    Melee stages. They are arranged in alphabetical order for your convenience.
    Size: Medium
    Unlockable: Yes
    This is one of the classic stage remakes featured in Brawl, imitating the 
    elevator stage from the original 'Donkey Kong' arcade game. There are some 
    moving platforms underneath the regenerated image of DK, and some stationary 
    ones to his right and left. When DK is lit up, he will begin throwing various 
    high-damage objects at you, which could easily KO you as a result of the stage 
    boundaries being so near. Aside from this, there will be various fireballs that 
    climb up and down some of the ladders on the stage, and they cause enough 
    damage to warrant being avoided. 
    The safest place to be on this stage is right in the middle. The boundaries of 
    the stage are very close, making it very easy to slip up and be KOed at low 
    percentages. It also gives you a fair amount of warning/protection from the 
    items DK begins throwing at you. Do anything to avoid these, as they can rack 
    up as much as 40% damage in one hit. If you do make contact, you're likely to 
    be KOed if you're near a boundary.
    Size: Small
    Unlockable: Default
    This is one of the two most simple stages in the game (with the other being 
    Final Destination). While the layout of the stage itself is essentially the 
    same as in Melee, it appears differently and is slightly bigger as well. It is 
    composed of the stage floor and three floating platforms that form a pyramid-
    like shape. The platforms are all drop-through. There are no external forces on 
    this map, as it is designed for brawling and only brawling.
    Because the stage is so basic, there are very few strategies to be offered, but 
    one thing to note for Melee veterans is the different construction of the 
    stage. Unlike the previous version, this stage is actually rounded out at the 
    bottom, meaning there is much less of a chance for unnecessary KOs due to 
    mistimed jumps or accidentally leaping into the abyss.
    Big Blue (Melee)
    Size: Scrolling
    Unlockable: Yes
    Big Blue is one of the many returning stages from Melee. For those that didn't 
    play Melee or don't recall, Big Blue is a very intense and fast-paced stage as 
    all of Captain Falcon's stages have been thus far. You will start the match on 
    a large Blue Falcon, which speeds above some smaller F-Zero vehicles, all 
    moving along an endless road. The pace of the cars is so fast that if you 
    happen to land on the road, you will likely be carried away within seconds and 
    KOed. The entire match is fought on top of these vehicles and the Blue Falcon, 
    which will eventually speed up and exit the stage for a while, and return later 
    on. There are also some small platforms, powered by some form of jet engine, 
    that enter the race above the cars and manage to keep pace. They leave after 
    some time as well.
    The best thing to do on Big Blue is to stay as high off the ground as possible. 
    If you land on the track, you have less than a second to get up immediately and 
    attempt to jump off and recover, so get up onto those platforms and fight your 
    opponents from there. It gives you more of an opportunity to avoid landing on 
    the track when you are knocked away. Aside from that, when the massive Blue 
    Falcon appears, you can knock your opponents upwards, have them bounce off of 
    it, and then immediately land on the road for an easy and likely KO. However, 
    this is a dangerous strategy, as your opponents can do the same to you.
    Bridge of Eldin
    Size: Medium
    Unlockable: Default
    This is a fairly straightforward stage layout, but there is a very major stage 
    effect that occurs frequently. The brawl takes place on a flat and fairly long 
    bridge, with no platforms of any kind. At the beginning, you'll only have the 
    option of KOing your opponents upward or to the sides. However, King Bulbin 
    (who appears to be some form of horseman) will come charging through, knocking 
    away anything in his path and throwing bombs at the bridge, splitting it in two 
    and creating a dangerous hole in the middle. You can grab the ledges of the 
    bridge that surround this hole, but it won't last for long, as eventually the 
    bridge will be restored and the process will repeat.
    One of the easiest methods of KOing somebody on these types of maps is by 
    constantly attacking them further and further to the side until eventually, 
    you've just 'walked' them off. That is why it is crucial that you stay as much 
    into the middle of the arena as you can. Once the bridge is broken in two, 
    don't be afraid to jump from side to side, as the gap is not very large. The 
    only thing you should fear are any potential spikers in the game, as they will 
    flourish here if you're jumping back and forth over an open hole. It also means 
    you might want to try a character with an effective spiking ability yourself 
    for this match.
    Brinstar (Melee)
    Size: Mid-Small
    Unlockable: Default
    This stage is the Melee recreation of the original Metroid stage from Super 
    Smash Bros. The layout is basic - three platforms (two lower ones off to the 
    side, and one high one in the middle), and a large ground base below. The 
    ground area can actually be split into two sections if the substance in the 
    middle is repeatedly attacked. The two side platforms can also be damaged by 
    constantly attacking the thin substance holding them up. Once it breaks, the 
    platforms will fling and tilt upwards. As you would expect from a Metroid 
    stage, lava will rise up and down randomly at various intervals - eventually 
    you will become accustomed to the order.
    The middle and highes platform in this stage is key - whenever the lava rises 
    up to the point where only the middle platform is uncovered, you MUST take 
    control of it in order to avoid damage. (The only exception to this is when the 
    side platforms have been destroyed and are tilted upwards, giving you a very 
    small area to stand on. Aside from this, if you're confident in your own 
    abilities to not self-destruct, try splitting the stage in half every once in a 
    while - it may actually help you out a bit.
    Castle Siege
    Size: Small
    Unlockable: Default
    This is one of my personal favourites in the game. This stage is essentially a 
    3-in-1 deal, because it will transfer you from room to room and then back to 
    the start again. The transitions happen very quickly and unnoticeably.
    The first of the three stages takes place on top of a small castle, similar in 
    physical appearance to Princess Peach's Castle from Melee. There are two 
    platforms and the stage floor itself is slightly slanted. The castle is under a 
    huge barrage of cannonfire, meaning that from time to time, a fireball will 
    shoot through the stage, doing minor damage to anyone that happens to be hit.
    The second of the three stages takes place in what appears to be a coliseum of 
    some sort. There is a flat, solid ground, and four slanted platforms positioned 
    above it. Two of these platforms are being held by statues that can be attacked 
    and will crumble if hit enough. The other two are positioned even further 
    upwards, on the sides of the stage, near the edge boundaries.
    The third of the three stages takes place in a lava-filled underground 
    environment, which looks somewhat similar to many of the past Metroid stages. 
    There are no floating platforms, simply a small, uneven stage and no external 
    effects, making it similar to Final Destination.
    There are many varied strategies for a stage like this one, but the best would 
    probably be to avoid the edges as much as possible. While some players have the 
    habit of firing projectiles from the side of the arena or drawing their 
    opponents to the side, all variations of the stages are very small and/or it is 
    possible to KO somebody by 'walking' them off the side with a flurry of attacks 
    they can't respond to.
    Corneria (Melee)
    Size: Large
    Unlockable: Default
    Corneria is another returning stage from Melee. It is fairly large and the 
    battles are fought upon the top of the Great Fox. There are two different 
    "sections" to the ship - the front area of the Great Fox is the largest and 
    leads to the back area of the Great Fox, which is the smaller one. Brawls tend 
    to split up into 1 v 1 matches on this stage because of this. There are also 
    some other external effects to this stage, including the arwings that will 
    occasionally come into playand begin shooting randomly - if you happen to get 
    caught in their line of fire, you'll take minor damage. You can also stand on 
    top of these Arwings, but they fly away quickly and if you can't jump off in 
    time, you'll be KOed. There is also a large cannon underneath the front of the 
    Great Fox - you can actually stand on this and attack it with downwards smashes 
    to destroy it (rendering it useless the rest of the match). However, it also 
    randomly charges up and fires the weapon from time to time, and if you're 
    standing on the cannon or in its line of fire when this occurs, it's 
    essentially an instant KO.
    One of the safest areas to be on this stage when you're at a high percentage is 
    at the back of ship, because attacks to the left will give you the opportunity 
    to survive by bouncing off the wall. Otherwise, feel free to roam the ship, or 
    if you're feeling particularly risky, annoy your opponents by standing on the 
    cannon beneath the ship - you'll always have the advantage of first strike if 
    they come down in frustration trying to get you off. It's also not a bad place 
    to be if you want to let your opponents duke it out while you avoid them.
    Distant Planet
    Size: Medium
    Unlockable: Default
    There are many external factors in this very unique stage. At first glance, 
    you'll find a slanted hill on the left, a "main" platform in the center with 
    many leaf pedals above it, and in the middle, and a huge, empty area to the 
    right. The first special bit about this stage is that the empty area is 
    occasionally filled by a massive Bulborb (from the Pikmin series) that will sit 
    around and observe the battle, providing another area to stand on. However, it 
    will also open its mouth from time to time and eat any unfortunate players that 
    happen to land inside, KOing them. You can grab the ledge of its mouth, but if 
    you land on that outstretched tongue, you WILL be eaten and immediately KOed.
    The second factor on this stage are the torrential downpours that will 
    frequently occur. When they do, the hill on the left side becomes an instant 
    death trap, with characters who fall into the pouring water being quickly 
    dragged down and possibly KOed if they don't jump out immediately to safety.
    Finally, you will see that from time to time, there are numbered pellets that 
    will randomly and sporadically grow off of flowers on the stage. There will 
    also be onions will come down onto the stage, and if you throw one of the 
    numbered pellets at it, you will be rewarded with an item. You can also throw 
    these numbered pellets at your opponents for a fair amount of damage. 
    The Bulborb on the right should always be your target to knock other opponents 
    toward. If they even graze its tongue, they will be pulled back and eaten 
    immediately. Even if it's raining and the hill on the left looks like a better 
    spot, they have the ability to recover from their quick slide downwards, 
    whereas with the Bulborb, they do not. Use the many external effects to your 
    advantage and try to stay on the small middle platform or the pedals above it, 
    where you are safest 
    from all of this.
    Final Destination
    Size: Small
    Unlockable: Default
    Final Destination requires essentially no explanation. It is simply a small 
    platform with usable ledges, situated in some time-space warp, with no external 
    effects of any kind. The only strategy there really is on this stage is to stay 
    in the center of it, as much as possible. Hanging around or near the edges 
    gives your opponents more of an opportunity to KO you to the side or even spike 
    you, whereas remaining in the middle gives them no chance of doing so.
    Flat Zone #2
    Size: Very Small
    Unlockable: Yes
    The second edition of the Game & Watch stages is set on a stage that looks very 
    similar to its Melee counterpart. However, it actually switches between 
    different Game & Watch games as you play, making it a lot more interactive (and 
    fun). There are four different games that can be experienced here, including 
    the following:
    Chef - Food will begin to fall from the sky, but this isn't the kind of food 
           that restores health - it damages you.
    Fire - Characters jump out of the building on the left side of the map, away 
           from the fire to safety. A trampoline that firement use to catch the 
           jumping people becomes part of the arena, used similarly to a Spring.
    Lion - The stage literally becomes a cage, with three platforms appearing one 
           above another, and characters holding chairs to keep you "in" the cage 
           moving up and down around it. If you touch the chairs, you take heavy 
           damage, but this doesn't mean it isn't possible to escape from the cage.
    Oil Panic - The stage will turn into a colorful gas station, with two platforms 
                floating above the street, and customers on the sides.
    The randomness of the stage makes it very hard to form a solid strategy or 
    gameplan on your opponents. However, this is an excellent stage for quick KO 
    fests. There are very close boundaries in every direction except downwards, and 
    plenty of opportunity to beat down on your opponents constantly towards the 
    side until they're eventually KOed. There isn't much you can do to avoid being 
    KOed here, even at low percentages, so you may just want to go all-out and KO 
    your opponents before they get to you.
    Frigate Orpheon
    Size: Small
    Unlockable: Default
    If you've played Metroid Prime for GameCube, you should immediately be able to 
    identify the setting of this battle. It takes place in the chamber of the 
    Parasite Queen, the first boss in the game. There are multiple external effects 
    to look out for here. The major one is the stage completely flipping around - 
    every now and then, a warning siren will sound, giving you about three seconds 
    to jump into the air before the stage flips and KOs you. If you are not in the 
    air when the stage flips, you will most likely be KOed. Aside from this, the 
    stage itself changes shape frequently, with different parts of the stage 
    lowering and rising, and platforms moving in and out from both sides. 
    Occasionally, the stage lighting will severely dim, lowering visibility and 
    making it difficult to see where the platform edges start and end.
    When fighting here, you must be weary of the platforms that move in and out 
    from the left/right. They are good save havens if you're being pummeled on, 
    and let you get out of the brawl, but if they begin to move away, you must get 
    off immediately, or you'll be pulled away with it. This becomes an issue mainly 
    when you're knocked onto the platform, rather than by jumping on it yourself. 
    You also may want to try and take advantage of your opponents when the warning 
    siren goes off, as survival is the first thought on their minds, rather than 
    defending themselves. A quick spike to the ground just before the stage is 
    about to flip might even result in a sudden KO against them.
    Green Greens (Melee)
    Size: Mid-Large
    Unlockable: Yes
    This Kirby stage is unique in design and in the external elements you'll find. 
    The stage is split up into three different sections, or 'islands'. The center 
    one is the biggest, and there are also two platforms on the left and right 
    sides of this center island that you can stand on. Separating the island from 
    the smaller ones on the left and the right are a stack of star blocks that 
    constantly drop down from the sky. These can easily be destroyed with any kind 
    of attack. There are also bomb blocks that will occasionally drop - you don't 
    want to touch these, as they have the same effect that a Bob-Omb has and can 
    easily KO you. Occasionally, the tree (Whispy Woods) will shake and let out a 
    slew of apples onto the stage, which you can pick up and use as projectiles.
    On this stage, you must try to use the bomb blocks to your advantage as much as 
    possible. If you see your opponents near one, try throwing a projectile or 
    using one of your character's own long-range projectiles to detonate the block 
    and possibly KO them. Also, be sure to grab the apples when they appear - you 
    may be surprised at exactly how far they can knock back your opponents.
    Green Hill Zone
    Size: Mid-Small
    Unlockable: Yes
    Green Hill Zone is designed after the classic Sonic games, background and all. 
    It is made up of a simple Sonic pathway that you'd have seen in his classic 
    games. There is a large half-pipe in the middle, where most of the fighting 
    will take place. Occasionally, small pieces from the arc will crumble from 
    underneath you, creating a dangerous opportunity for an accidental KO. 
    Checkpoint markers will also randomly pop up across the stage, and if you 
    attack them, they will turn from blue to red and begin spinning, knocking away 
    any opponents that come near (you are immune to it).
    Make sure to take advantage of any checkpoint markers that pop out of the 
    ground. There is no harm in taking a second to attack the marker and claim it 
    as yours. Also be sure to make use of the edges of the stage, to KO your 
    opponents by repeatedly attacking them until they are finally past the edge 
    Size: Small
    Unlockable: Default
    This is a a very intense stage in terms of the incredible amount of movement. 
    You'll begin on flat ground, and then suddenly be given short warning, before a 
    platform and several small ones above it will emerge from the ground and then 
    suddenly launch into the air. You will then fight in the middle of the sky, and 
    eventually dock on the Halberd. There will be a crosshair that will 
    occasionally appear onscreen and fire at random players - you must be quick to 
    dodge and avoid it if this is the case.
    Be sure not to accidently forget to step on the platform as it prepares to 
    launch off. As incredibly stupid as it may sound, it is possible to do, 
    especially if your opponents are quick enough to knock you onto the ground just 
    before you launch. Don't let this happen to you - but try and pull it off on 
    others. Once you are in the air, fight almost as if you were on Battlefield. 
    When you land on the Halberd, try to move around as much as possible in order 
    to avoid being targeted by the crosshair. If you become the unlucky one who is 
    targeted, dodge as much as possible to try and lose it and avoid being 
    Size: Mid-Large
    Unlockable: Yes
    Hanenbow is a somewhat unique unlockable stage in Brawl, designed in some sort 
    of 2-D environment with very relaxing music, and inspired by the Nintendo DS 
    game, Electroplankton. The stage itself is composed of a large body of water at 
    the bottom, and two main "trees" with leaves that branch out of it. The larger 
    one, in the center of the stage, is composed of six large leaves and paired 
    into three levels, that are biggest near the bottom. The smaller one hangs down 
    from the top of the screen on the left side, and is composed of four leaves, 
    each at different levels. There is also a small leaf that is dangling out of 
    the water below the small "tree" on the left side. All of these leaves will 
    tilt in a different angle if they are attacked or accidently hit during the 
    battle. You can use the white line in the middle of the leaf as a guideline for 
    where you will be walking. Note that the leaves also change color when hit, and 
    gradually transition back into green if left alone for a while.
    Because the water on this stage doesn't allow you to float at all, treat it 
    almost as a bottomless pit. Make use of the many opportunities you have to 
    spike your opponents into the water, KOing them. Avoid the leaf near the 
    bottom, unless you're trying to get away from the battle for a short period of 
    time - it's the most dangerous location to stay, as you are only inches away 
    from the boundary on the left side and you also easily be knocked into the 
    water as well.
    Jungle Japes (Melee)
    Size: Medium
    Unlockable: Yes
    This stage, as some may recall, originates from Melee. Similar to Green Greens 
    in design, this stage is also split into three parts. The center is the largest 
    portion, and has one platform above it. The two parts on the sides are a bit 
    higher than the center piece, and smaller as well. Below these three thin parts 
    is a fast-flowing river, which will immediately wash you away if you get caught 
    in it. However, it is possible to recover, even if you're being swept away.
    Because the right flows from right to left at all times, your best bet is to 
    stay on the right side of the stage, giving you more potential for recovery. 
    Because the river is flowing so quickly, it's actually possible to fall in the 
    water from the right part of the stage, and then end up recovering on the left 
    side of the center piece; whereas being on the left side of the stage means 
    you'll probably be swept away before you can do anything about it. The ledges 
    are also very thin, so be careful not to overpower or underpower your recovery 
    attempts when you're knocked away.
    Luigi's Mansion
    Size: Medium
    Unlockable: Yes
    Luigi's Mansion is a very small recreation of the actual size of the building. 
    There are three different levels to the stage: the ground floor, the second 
    floor, and the roof. It can be easily destroyed or broken apart if the four 
    support poles within the mansion are attacked frequently enough. If everybody 
    in the battle stands outside the mansion or on the roof of it, the front of the 
    mansion will fade over the inside of it and actually cover it completely up, 
    until somebody steps back inside. If the building is destroyed, it will 
    eventually rebuild itself back up.
    There is no really effective strategy here, unless your intention is to shoot-
    and-run for the entire course of the brawl. There are so many different levels 
    and ways to evade your opponents that fast players are likely to prosper in a 
    1 v 1 match. The best place to KO your opponents is probably from the roof, as 
    there isn't very much room upwards for knockback.
                                 Section 2E - Enemies
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                         * Section 3 - The Subspace Emissary *
                               Section 3A - Information
    The Subspace Emissary is one of the many new gameplay modes available in Brawl. 
    It is an adventure-based mode where you trek through various 2D-levels, 
    knocking out enemies and uncovering an interesting plot along the way. The game 
    features a map of the 'world' where each of stages are, one by one, unlocked 
    and played upon. Even after completing a level, you are able to go back and 
    complete it again on a harder difficulty if you feel that you must do so.
    Character selection is varied; as the plot unravels, you will unlock the 
    ability to play as just about everyone in the game. In some stages, you'll be 
    limited to certain characters, of which your choices will be displayed at the 
    end of the frequent cutscenes that bring both laughter and entertainment to the 
    viewer. As you unlock new characters, you also unlock them in the rest of the 
    game as well, making the Subspace Emissary an easy way to quickly unlock many 
    of the hidden characters.
                               Section 3B - Walkthrough
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                       * Section 4 - Solo Mode (Single-Player) *
                               Section 4A - Classic Mode
    Classic Mode is a one-player game that originated from the first edition of 
    Super Smash Bros, as its name would imply. The concept is simple; you start by 
    choosing a character, a difficulty level, and how many lives you want to have, 
    then you'll begin. There are a total of 12 different levels you'll have to 
    complete, and at each one, you will be confronted by a randomly selected 
    opponent. To make things more interesting, there are various types of matches 
    that you will be put into, including some of the following:
    - You vs Character
    - You vs Metal Character
    - You vs Giant Character
    - You vs Multi-Man Character
    - Team Matches (2 vs 2)
    - Team vs Giant (3 vs 1)
    - You vs Master Hand/Crazy Hand
    There are also several bonus stages where the sole purpose is to gain more 
    points by breaking the targets. 
    If your character runs out of lives, a trophy of it will be dropped into 
    nothingness and you'll be confronted with a "Continue?" screen. It costs you 
    half your points and (based on difficulty level) a certain amount of Smash 
    Coins to continue. If you go on to complete Classic Mode with the character, 
    you'll also be deducted a small amount of points at the end for having used a 
    continue. This means that if you're low on 'cash' or going for maximum points, 
    you'll want to think twice before choosing.
                                Section 4B - Solo Events
                                    (20/41 Completed)
    One of the most addictive gameplay modes available in Brawl is Event Mode, 
    where you are given an objective and a scenario, and you must complete the 
    objective in order to win. There are a total of 41 Solo Events, on three 
    varying difficulty levels.
    Event #1 - Two Trouble Kings
    Character: Mario
    Stage: Delfino Plaza
    Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Now there are TWO greedy kings? Having a buddy doesn't change their natures.
    The first event in the game is designed to introduce you to the concept of how 
    event matches work. Naturally, the event is extremely easy to complete. You 
    take control of Mario and you must defeat King Dedede and Bowser, which is 
    simpler than it may sound. Every player has one life, so the only way you 
    should lose this event is if you make a mistake, as it is extremely easy on all 
    difficulty levels. The computers even self-destruct from time to time.
    Event #2 - Landmaster Ignition
    Character: Fox
    Stage: Corneria
    Difficulty Rating: 1.5/10
    Slippy! Send me a Landmaster! Show them Star Fox's Final Smash!
    Another introductory-type event, this one brings you into the concept of 
    Final Smashes. You must KO both Meta Knight and Sheik with the Landmaster 
    within a minute. This is made easier because your Final Smash is automatically 
    given to you even after you've just used it, so you don't have to go chasing 
    after the Smash Ball to get it. You then have an infinite amount of ways to KO 
    them - run them over, fire at them, or fly off into the air with them until 
    they're outside the stage boundaries.
    Event #3 - Pink Ball Repulsion
    Character: Meta Knight
    Stage: Halberd
    Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    Kirby must not board the Halberd! Repel him so the plans can succeed!
    All you need to do here is KO the Kirby within about a minute, before the 
    platform docks on the Halberd. You have plenty of time on all difficulty 
    levels, and you even have two lives to Kirby's one. Take things slowly, don't 
    make any mistakes, and you'll easily succeed. Use quick damage-inflicting 
    attacks to rack up damage, and then a powerful smash to finish him off.
    Event #4 - Cleaning House In Skyworld
    Character: Pit
    Stage: Skyworld
    Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    Destroy all the breakable terrain to remodel Skyworld!
    If you weren't already aware, all of the platforms on Skyworld shatter, and 
    thus your goal is exactly that; shatter all of the platform tiles. You have the 
    slight annoyance of Wario, who will occasionally come forth and attack you, but 
    he isn't difficult to get rid of - you'll be attacking the platforms anyhow, so 
    he's likely to jump into one of your attacks. Once everything has been 
    shattered and you're left with only clouds, you'll have completed the event.
    Event #5 - Become The Champion!
    Character: Pokemon Trainer
    Stage: Pokemon Stadium #2
    Difficulty Rating: 2.5/10
    The final Pokemon-tournament challenge. Do your Pokemon match up?!
    "Become The Champion" by defeating an opponent Pokemon trainer in yet another 
    easy event. You need to KO each of the three Pokemon (Squirtle, Ivysaur, 
    Charizard) that the other trainer has in order to win, making it an even three-
    stock match. I've found that calling out Ivysaur is perfect for this event, as 
    it is able to deal with the speed of Squirtle as well as the power of Charizard 
    fairly well. Make use of its powerful upwards smash to KO the opponents, 
    because going to the side with Ivysaur tends to give the opponent too much of a 
    recovery opportunity.
    Event #6 - Super Bowser Bros.
    Character: Bowser
    Stage: Mushroomy Kingdom
    Difficulty Rating: 3.5/10
    Want to see what it's like to be Mario? Survive as you race to the flag!
    At first, you may be confused as to what the task is, but all you need to do is
    survive the run to the finish on Mushroomy Kingdom, and cross the flagpole to 
    succeed. There are three differently colored Marios that will make the journey 
    with you, but they don't attack often, unless you happen to be in their way. On 
    the highest difficulty level, it is very easy to fall behind quickly as a 
    result of the speed-scrolling stage. To avoid this, try and stay away from 
    standing in small areas that are difficult to quickly jump of (due to Bowser's 
    size). Make frequent use of Bowser's upwards special, which can cover a lot 
    of ground.
    Event #7 - Diddy Kong Panic
    Character: Donkey Kong
    Stage: Mario Circuit
    Difficulty Rating: 5/10
    So many angry little Diddy Kongs. Did they lose a race or something?
    In this event, you will take control of Donkey Kong and be flooded by 15 
    mini-Diddy Kongs which you'll have to KO. On lower difficulties, the task is 
    simplified by repeatedly using DK's 'B + Down' attack, as you can KO them all 
    within a minute. The karts that will fly across the track every now and then 
    will help you out, too. However, on the highest difficulty, things become a 
    bit more complicated, as not every single hit is a guaranteed KO. You'll need 
    to use the items and the stage itself to your advantage. One effective method 
    is to draw them onto the road above on the far left or right side, then perform 
    an upwards smash from underneath them. Regardless of what you do, take care not 
    to gather too much damage, as you only have one life.
    Event #8 - Go! Triple Finish!
    Character: Pikachu
    Stage: Pokemon Stadium #2
    Difficulty Rating: 3.5/10
    Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard appear all at once in a Pokemon battle royale!
    In this event match, you'll take on Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard all at the 
    same time, and you'll have to beat them with nothing more than an extra life on 
    them. However, as is the case with these events, the task is much easier than 
    it may seem. The opponent Pokemon are slow to respond to attacks, even on the 
    highest difficulty levels, and their damage ratios are higher than usual, 
    making them easier to KO.
    Event #9 - The Monster Beneath The Earth
    Character: Ike
    Stage: Castle Seige
    Difficulty Rating: 4.5/10
    A fearsome beast waits in the dungeon. Pray you settle this before you see it.
    This is a very intense event as you are under a strict time limit. You'll be 
    matched up against two Diddy Kongs, who will irritate you by firing projectiles 
    and running away. If you are able to KO them both before you reach the 
    underground lava dome, you'll complete the event. However, if you don't, you'll 
    be confronted by a massive Donkey Kong which is essentially impossible to beat. 
    If you do manage to KO it, you'll still complete the event, but your goal 
    should be to avoid even reaching that stage.
    Because the Diddy Kongs will be trying to make life as hard as possible for you 
    when you're chasing them down, you'll want to fight back with any items that 
    appear or can be used as projectiles. If a Diddy Kong happens to be on one of 
    the platforms above, use an upward smash to knock it away. Ike has numerous 
    powerful smash attacks at his disposal, so once you manage to rack up enough 
    damage on them, use his quick 'B + Right/Left' special to charge at them and 
    send them flying. You can also KO them while they're near the edge of the stage 
    boundaries in the colosseum as well.
    Event #10 - All-Star Battle Regulars
    Character: [Any Choice]
    Stage: Final Destination
    Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    The Smash Bros perfect-attendance crew! Fight the eight regulars in order!
    This is your standard match that comes up every tenth event - fight a certain 
    line of characters and defeat them. You'll have two stock in this match, and 
    you'll have to defeat Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, and 
    Pikachu (the original eight characters from Super Smash Bros). This event is 
    something that takes more time than effort - the characters are again given a 
    higher damage ratio in order to make for easier KOs.
    Event #11 - Yoshi's Rainbow
    Character: Ice Climbers
    Stage: Rainbow Cruise [Melee]
    Difficulty Rating: 4.5/10
    Yoshis everywhere! Beat em in order: red, pink, yellow, green, turquoise, blue.
    This event can (and will) become extremely frustrating on the higher difficulty 
    levels. Your task is to KO the six Yoshis in a precise order (Red, Pink, 
    Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue). If at any point, you go out of order, you 
    fail. With this in mind, the opponent Yoshis (who appear onscreen two at a 
    time) will constantly bunch up, or to make things worse, the one that isn't 
    next in line to be KOed will start attacking you. 
    On the lower difficulties, this is fairly simple - stand at the peak of the 
    boat and attack as soon as the Yoshis appear. However, on the hardest 
    difficulty, they won't be KOed immediately, so you'll have to actually fight 
    them. When the opponent Yoshis bunch up, you may want to avoid using smash 
    attacks in order to prevent an accidental KOing of the wrong one. Instead, use 
    use small jabs or light hits to seperate the two of them, then a frontal smash 
    with the Ice Climbers's hammers in the direction of the one next in line to be 
    KOed. When you're being attacked by the wrong Yoshi, implement the same 
    strategy, using light jabs to get them out of your way while you KO the other 
    one. It may take a couple of attempts to perfect this strategy, but it works.
    Event #12 - Sleeping In The Eggs
    Character: Yoshi
    Stage: Yoshi's Island
    Difficulty Rating: 0.5/10
    Those two can't seem to settle down. Maybe they will if you put them in eggs.
    Pathetically easy. All you're required to do is use's Yoshi's B special attack 
    to put Kirby and Pikachu in eggs. They essentially don't fight back and only 
    run away for a few seconds. Once they're both in eggs you'll have completed the 
    event. The only catch is that if one of the two re-emerges from their egg, 
    you'll have to put them back in again, but that will never happen. You should 
    be able to complete this in under five seconds on easy.
    Event #13 - Dragoon Strike
    Character: Kirby
    Stage: Halberd
    Difficulty Rating: 2.5/10
    Reunite the three parts of the Dragoon! Aim well to launch your enemies!
    Your task in this event is to collect all of the three pieces of the Dragoon, 
    and then use the powerful weapon to KO three opponent Warios. These Warios 
    hardly attack, and make make little effort to move away from the crosshair, so 
    it should be fairly simple to target and hit them. Don't waste your time trying 
    to rack up damage on them, as it a waste of time - just gather the three parts 
    and fire away. If you don't KO them all in one shot, you haven't lost; the 
    match will continue until you have.
    Event #14 - Sproutage Of The Flower
    Character: Olimar
    Stage: Distant Planet
    Difficulty Rating: 3.5/10
    In time, Pikmin blossom. Guard six Pikmin until they all bloom into flowers!
    If you don't understand how to use Olimar, this event will make little sense to 
    you. You must grow six Pikmin, giving them time to bloom into flowers. You will 
    be attacked frequently by an opponent Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer, but you 
    should be focused more on avoiding them rather than fighting back. The first 
    thing you should be doing is rapidly pressing 'B' at the beginning of the match 
    until you've picked all six Pikmin out of the ground, then avoid using any 
    attacks that involve throwing the Pikmin at the opponents. You also must not be 
    KOed or you immediately lose. If you last about 35-40 seconds with all six 
    Pikmin, they should all have grown into flowers and you'll automatically have 
    completed the event.
    Event #15 - The Hammer Of The King
    Character: King Dedede
    Stage: [Unknown]
    Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    We are the three Dededes! It's King Dedede times three!
    You'll be paired up with two other King Dededes to take on a massive, metal 
    King Dedede on a small stage that only exists in the event matches. This is not 
    difficult at all, because being both giant and metal means King Dedede will 
    fall faster than he can rise. If you manage to get him off the stage, he will 
    likely be KOed. Occasionally, the computer will even KO themselves by accident 
    as a result of their weight. On the higher difficulty levels, it may be a bit 
    tougher as the giant/metal King Dedede's damage ratio is lowered, while your 
    allies become less effective.
    Event #16 - Power Suit ON!
    Character: Zero Suit Samus
    Stage: Frigate Orpheon
    Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    Quickly! Regain the Power Suit you lost. You'll need a Smash Ball to do it.
    All you need to do to complete this event match is become Samus again by using 
    Zero Suit Samus's Final Smash, which brings back the Power Suit with added 
    power. You'll have two other Zero Suit Samus's who will somewhat irritate you, 
    and you can fight back against them if you want, but all you really need to do 
    is avoid them long enough to get the Smash Ball. Once you activate it, you 
    immediately win. You have two lives in total, making it easier for you, just in 
    case you happen to be KOed once.
    Event #17 - Super Waterfall Climb
    Character: Zelda
    Stage: Rumble Falls
    Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    I want to climb a waterfall at high speed. Why? Because it's there.
    On the higher difficulty levels, this will be your toughest event yet. You need 
    to "climb" a waterfall by simply surviving the quickly-moving Rumble Falls 
    stage. There will be two other Ice Climbers who get in your way and irritate 
    you with occasional attacks as you try to climb, but they aren't the problem - 
    it's the speed of the vertically-scrolling stage. On the highest difficulty, it 
    is extremely difficult to keep up with the pace of the stage, particularly 
    because Zelda's dress makes you float rather than fall quickly, preventing you 
    from landing quickly to make another jump. There are also other obstacles that 
    will impede you as you climb, including colored spikes, narrow passageways, and 
    bricks that you can't jump through.
    If you want to be successful here, you'll need to avoid using Zelda's 'B + Up' 
    ability as much as you can. It usually lifts you up far higher than the next 
    platform, which obviously wastes precious time. Use only the first and second 
    jumps to get from platform to platform. Proceed carefully, making sure to take 
    note of the obstacles in your path. Lastly, avoid coming into contact with the 
    Ice Climbers, as they are still there, even if you're focused on the other task 
    at hand. With enough repetition, you'll find the pattern of movement that works 
    for you.
    Event #18 - Dark Link Duel
    Character: Link
    Stage: Bridge Of Eldin
    Difficulty Rating: 4.5/10
    A predestined battle with the Dark Link. Nowhere to run, but nobody in the way.
    You and an opponent Dark Link will face off in a battle of health rather than 
    time or stock. You both have 200HP, and your goal is simply to drop Dark Link's 
    down to 0. With each difficulty level, the match becomes a bit harder as the 
    Dark Link implements effective dodging and evasion tactics to prevent you from 
    causing damage, but using Link's array of projectiles can help you solve the 
    problem. Also be sure to make use of short and quick jabs at the opponent - 
    your goal isn't to KO the Dark Link, just to quick bring down his health.
    Event #19 - Wario Bros.
    Character: Wario
    Stage: Mario Bros.
    Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    I came to find the Mario Bros roots. What's this giant stage?
    No matter what difficulty level you're on, completing this event will be easy 
    due to the design of the stage. All you need to do is draw Mario/Luigi near the 
    edge of the stage, then repeatedly smash attack them to the left/right edge 
    (whichever is closer) until they are finally KOed. You can also make use of the 
    Koopas that exit the pipes at the top of the stage, by first stepping on them, 
    then picking them up and tossing them at the opponents. Both tactics work 
    fairly well, although I've found the first one to be best.
    Event #20 - All-Star Battle x 1
    Character: [Any Choice]
    Stage: Battlefield
    Difficulty Rating: 4/10
    Challengers approaching! Fight eight Brawl newcomers in all!
    This is your standard match that comes up every tenth event - fight a certain 
    line of characters and defeat them. You'll have two stock in this match, and 
    you'll have to defeat Wario, Meta Knight, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Olimar, Lucas, 
    Diddy Kong, and Pokemon Trainer (eight of the newcomers into the Brawl series). 
    This event is something that takes more time than effort - the characters are 
    again given a higher damage ratio in order to make for easier KOs.
                               Section 4C - Co-Op Events
                                    (5/21 Completed)
    One of the most addictive gameplay modes available in Brawl is Event Mode, 
    where you are given an objective and a scenario, and you must complete the 
    objective in order to win. Co-Op Events offer you the opportunity to enjoy 
    completing events with another person. There are a total of 21 Co-Op Events, on 
    three varying difficulty levels.
    Event #1 - Two Trouble Kings
    Character: Mario (P1), Kirby (P2)
    Stage: Delfino Plaza
    Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Now there are TWO greedy kings? Having a buddy doesn't change their natures.
    The first co-op event in the game is identical to the solo version of it, 
    making it even easier. designed to introduce you to the concept of how events 
    work. Naturally, the event is extremely easy to complete. You take 
    control of Mario and Kirby, and you must defeat King Dedede and Bowser, which 
    is much easier than it may sound. Every player has one life, so the only way 
    you should lose this event is if you make a mistake, as it is extremely easy on 
    all difficulty levels. The computers even self-destruct from time to time.
    Event #2 - Master The Pokemon - Tag Battle
    Character: Pokemon Trainer (P1), Pikachu (P2)
    Stage: Pokemon Stadium #2
    Difficulty Rating: 2/10
    The Pokemon tournament's final challenge. Your rivals have the same Pokemon!
    This event match gives the first player three lives and the second player only 
    one life, which makes little sense. Fortunately, your opponents are identical, 
    and all you need to do in this event match is win. Your first target should 
    obviously be the opponent Pikachu - eliminate him early so that you can double 
    team the opposing Pokemon Trainer for the rest of the match. Once you've rid 
    yourself of Pikachu, the rest should be simple.
    Event #3 - The Quickest, Shortest Sudden Death
    Character: Yoshi (P1), King Dedede (P2)
    Stage: WarioWare
    Difficulty Rating: 0.5/10
    Ten seconds left? Beat as many foes as you can in Super Sudden Death and live!
    Patheticially easy. All you need to do, essentially, is survive for ten seconds 
    with 300%. You don't even need to KO anybody, despite what the game's in-game 
    description might imply - it's solely an option. So do as you please, you 
    should be winning the event either way on your first attempt.
    Event #4 - The DK Tag Calamity
    Character: Donkey Kong (P1), Diddy Kong (P2)
    Stage: Mario Circuit
    Difficulty Rating: 3/10
    DK and Diddy got tiny! Use lightning to help deal the final blow!
    Both you and your partner will be shrunken down, and you'll have take on and KO 
    a combination of six Diddy Kongs/Donkey Kongs. It isn't very hard, especially 
    because lightning will frequently fall from the sky for you to pick up and 
    shrink your opponents. However, you must grab the lightning quick, otherwise 
    your opponents may pick it up, shrinking you to a useless quarter of your 
    regular size. Make sure to allow them to come to you, just so you can launch 
    the first attack on them.
    Event #5 - The Yoshi Team Of 50
    Character: Meta Knight (P1), Pit (P2)
    Stage: Rainbow Cruise
    Difficulty Rating: 8/10
    It's a mountain of Yoshis! Take care of them all before completing one lap.
    In this event, you'll have to KO an entire team of 50 Yoshis before completing 
    one lap around Rainbow Cruise. This rounds out to approximately three allocated 
    minutes on easy to only two minutes on hard. Because of this, the event will be 
    fairly simplistic on the first couple of difficulty levels, as the stage 
    intentionally moves slower than usual to make things easier for you. However, 
    on the highest difficulty you will experience trouble.
    At the beginning of the game, you should try to have one of the two players 
    stand at the top of the boat, slashing away the Yoshis as they appear. The 
    other player can guard the bottom for any Yoshis that the first player happens 
    to miss. Once you leave the boat however, you're going to need a bit of luck, 
    because things will become less systematic. The Yoshis like to jump around 
    sporadically, not giving you much opportunity to KO any of them, and because 
    the stage is constantly scrolling, you really don't have a solid place to stop 
    at. Therefore, you should try to make use of as many projectiles as possible, 
    throwing and tossing anything that happens to land on the stage. Split up from 
    your partner and target different Yoshis, and then after you've KOed one, try 
    to get back to the upper area of the stage where another one will respawn.
    This event will leave you frustrated, especially when you miss being victorious 
    by only one or two Yoshis. What you really need is a good stroke of luck when 
    it comes to the items that appear.
                             Section 4D - Break The Targets
                                    - Coming Soon! -
                             Section 4E - Home-Run Contest
                                    - Coming Soon! -
                             Section 4F - Multi-Man Melee
                                    - Coming Soon! -
                       * Section 5 - Brawl Mode (Multiplayer) *
                                  Section 5A - Brawl
    The Brawl Mode is the centerpiece of all multiplayer matches - this is where 
    you'll be coming to play against the friends sitting next to you. Choose from 
    any of the characters or stages you've unlocked, set your gameplay options, and 
    you're ready to brawl. You have a variety of different choices at your disposal 
    when you click the bar at the top of the screen outlining the current rules. 
    Some of those choices include the following:
    Gameplay Rules
    You can choose from a timed match, a stock match, or a coin match.
    Timed Matches: These are simply matches with a set time that keep track of 
                   every time you KO someone and are KOed yourself. Logically, this 
                   means your goal should be to stay alive while still knocking off 
                   your opponents. Your target should generally be the player at 
                   the highest percentage as they are most likely to provide you 
                   with the all-important KO you require. Because this form of 
                   targeting players frequently takes place in timed matches, some 
                   players choose to suicide at high percentages, rather than give 
                   their opponents a point and lose ones themselves. The only case 
                   in which such a strategy is not implemented is when self-
                   destructs subtract TWO points from your score.
    Stock Matches: Some of the most intense battles take place in stock matches, 
                   which allots you a set number of lives. As you would expect, 
                   this means that stock matches tend to be much more defensively-
                   based, as players with high-percentages focus more on guarding 
                   themselves from attack rather than KOing somebody else. The
                   slightest mistake can (and will) cost you dearly if you're down 
                   to only a few lives in a close game, so you must take care not 
                   to do anything potentially risky.
    Coin Matches: An incredibly hectic battle is always the end result of coin 
                  matches - as you attack each player, coins/bills will fly around 
                  or be knocked out of them and land somewhere on the stage for you 
                  (or your opponents) to collect/steal. Players that are KOed/self-
                  destruct lose a mere 100 coins. This means that the amount of 
                  times you KO somebody or are KOed yourself is not very relevant. 
                  It is dependent on who has the most coins at the end of the
                  match. Because of this, nobody is afraid to go all-out, and it
                  should be encouraged in order to knock around other players and 
                  collect as many coins as possible from them.
    The handicap feature is useful when it comes to very unbalanced matches due to 
    lack of player skill. When enabled, this feature will lower the weight (damage 
    ratio) of the previous match winner, and increase the weight of the loser. 
    Simply put, this makes it easier to KO the winners because they will fly 
    further than the losers.
    Damage Ratio
    The damage ratio is equivalent to the effect of the handicap feature, except it 
    applies to all players rather than just one of them. When lowered from 0.5-0.9, 
    it becomes much harder than usual to knock your opponents off the stage. The 
    next level of ratios is 1.0, the standard, followed by 1.1-2.0, which will make 
    it incredibly easy to KO somebody, even at the lowest possible percentages.
    Item Switch
    This feature gives you the ability to turn each individual item on or off, 
    preventing them from ever appearing on the stage if you don't want it to. You 
    can also set the frequency of the appearance of items, but unfortunately, this 
    applies to the entire group, and not just each individual item.
    More Rules
    Under the "More Rules" section, you have the capability to change or modify 
    small things, including:
    - Adding a time limit to stock matches.
    - Enabling/Disabling friendly fire for teams.
    - Enabling/Disabling the damage being displayed.
    - Displaying the current score for each player in timed matches.
                              Section 5B - Special Brawl
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                             Section 5C - Tournament Mode
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                               * Section 6 - The Vault *
                                 Section 6A - Trophies
    There is an incredibly large selection of 544 trophies to collect in Brawl, 
    most of them being entirely random. This section lists every single trophy in 
    the game. It is split up into 21 different sections, for each of the categories 
    they fall under. The trophies are listed in alphabetical order for each 
    category that they fall under. The categories are not listed alphabetically, 
    but rather in the order they appear in the game, to prevent potential 
    confusion. Many of the trophies in this list must be unlocked; for more 
    information on how to unlock these, refer to the Challenges Section. All other 
    trophies are randomly found or can be obtained by throwing an item at the 
    Super Smash Bros
    - Assist Trophy
    - Barrels
    - Beam Sword
    - Blast Box
    - Blue Alloy
    - Bumper
    - Capsule
    - CDs
    - Cracker Launcher
    - Crates
    - Fan
    - Food
    - Gooey Bomb
    - Green Alloy
    - Home-Run Bat
    - Motion-Sensor Bomb
    - Party Ball
    - Ray Gun
    - Red Alloy
    - Rolling Crates
    - Sandbag
    - Smash Ball
    - Smash Coins
    - Smoke Ball
    - Stickers
    - Team Healer
    - Timer
    - Yellow Alloy
    Subspace Emissary
    - Ancient Minister
    - Armank
    - Armight
    - Auroros
    - Autolance
    - Big Primid
    - Bombed
    - Boom Primid
    - Borboras
    - Bucculus
    - Buckot
    - Bytan
    - Cargo
    - Crazy Hand
    - Cymul
    - Dark Cannon
    - Duon
    - Feyesh
    - Fire Primid
    - Floow
    - Galleom
    - Galleom Tank
    - Gamyga
    - Glice
    - Glire
    - Glunder
    - Greap
    - Jyk
    - Key
    - Master Hand
    - Metal Primid
    - Mites
    - Mizzo
    - Nagagog
    - Poppant
    - Primid
    - Puppit
    - R.O.B. Blaster
    - R.O.B. Launcher
    - R.O.B. Sentry
    - Roader
    - Roturret
    - Scope Primid
    - Shadow Bugs
    - Shaydas
    - Shellpod
    - Shellpod (No Armor)
    - Spaak
    - Stock Ball
    - Subspace Battleship
    - Subspace Bomb
    - Sword Primid
    - Tabuu
    - Ticken
    - Towtow
    - Trophy Stand
    - Winged Tabuu
    - Ballyhoo & Big Top
    - Banana Peel
    - Birdo
    - Blooper
    - Bob-omb
    - Boo
    - Bowser
    - Bowser Jr.
    - Bullet Bill
    - Buzzy Beetle
    - Chain Chomp
    - Cheep Cheep
    - Daisy
    - Dry Bones
    - F.L.U.D.D
    - Fire Flower
    - Fracktail
    - Freezie
    - Ghosts
    - Giant Goomba
    - Giga Bowser
    - Golden Hammer
    - Goomba
    - Goombella
    - Green Shell
    - Hammer Bro
    - Hothead
    - Koopa Paratroopa (Green)
    - Koopa Paratroopa (Red)
    - Koopa Troopa (Green)
    - Koopa Troopa (Red)
    - Kritter (Goalie)
    - Lakitu & Spinies
    - Lightning
    - Luigi
    - Luigi's Mansion
    - Mario
    - Mario Finale
    - Metal Box
    - Negative Zone
    - Paper Bowser
    - Paper Luigi
    - Paper Mario
    - Paper Peach
    - Peach
    - Peach Blossom
    - Perry
    - Petey Piranha
    - Piranha Plant
    - Poison Mushroom
    - Poltergust 3000
    - Shellcreepers
    - Shy Guy
    - Sidesteppers
    - Soccer Ball
    - Starman
    - Striker Daisy
    - Striker Mario
    - Super Mushroom
    - Toad
    - Toadette
    - Toadsworth
    - Waluigi
    - Wedding Bowser
    - Wedding Peach
    - Wiggler
    Donkey Kong
    - Candy Kong
    - Cranky Kong
    - Diddy Kong
    - Dixie Kong
    - Donkey Kong
    - Enguarde
    - Expresso
    - Funky Kong
    - Hammer
    - Helibird
    - Kalypso
    - Kass
    - King K. Rool
    - Kip
    - Kludge
    - Konga Beat
    - Kritter
    - Lanky Kong
    - Peanut Popgun
    - Rambi
    - Rocketbarrel Barrage
    - Rocketbarrel Pack
    - Spring
    - Squitter
    - Tiny Kong
    - Turret Tusk
    - Wrinkly Kong
    - Xananab
    The Legend of Zelda
    - Agitha
    - Aryll
    - Ashei
    - Beast Ganon
    - Bulblin
    - Bunny Hood
    - Darbus
    - Darknut
    - Deku Nut
    - Ganondorf
    - Ganondorf (Wind Waker)
    - Goron
    - Great Fairy
    - Halmaroc King
    - Heart Container
    - Ilia
    - King Bulblin
    - King of Red Lions
    - Light Arrow (Sheik)
    - Light Arrow (Zelda)
    - Link
    - Link's Grandma
    - Malo
    - Medli
    - Midna
    - Ooccoo & Son
    - Outset Link
    - Pigs
    - Pirate Ship
    - Ralis
    - Robed Zelda (With Hood)
    - Sages
    - Salvatore
    - Shadow Beast
    - Sheik
    - Tetra
    - Tingle
    - Toon Link
    - Triforce Slash (Link)
    - Triforce Slash (Toon Link)
    - Valoo
    - Wolf Link
    - Yeta
    - Zant
    - Zelda
    - Zelda (Wind Waker)
    - Zora
    - Dark Samus
    - Gunship
    - Kanden
    - Luminoth
    - Meta Ridley
    - Metroid
    - Metroid Prime (Core)
    - Metroid Prime (Exo)
    - Noxus
    - Parasite Queen
    - Power Suit Samus
    - Ridley
    - Samus
    - Samus (Dark Suit)
    - Samus (Fusion Suit)
    - Samus (Gravity Suit)
    - Samus (Power Suit)
    - Samus (Varia Suit)
    - Screw Attack
    - Sheegoth
    - Space Pirate
    - Spire
    - Sylux
    - Trace
    - Weavel
    - Zero Laser
    - Zero Suit Samus
    - Baby Mario
    - Baby Peach
    - Super Dragon
    - Yoshi
    - Apples
    - Beam Kirby
    - Blade Knight
    - Bomber
    - Bonkers
    - Bronto Burt
    - Bugzzy
    - Cappy
    - Combo Cannon
    - Cook Kirby
    - Dragoon
    - Dyna Blade
    - Fighter Kirby
    - Fire Kirby
    - Galaxia Darkness
    - Golem
    - Gordo
    - Halberd
    - Hydra
    - Ice Kirby
    - King Dedede
    - Kirby
    - Knuckle Joe
    - Kracko
    - Maximum Tomato
    - Meta Knight
    - Needle Kirby
    - Plasma Kirby
    - Scarfies
    - Sir Kibble
    - Sleep Kirby
    - Star Rod
    - Superspicy Curry
    - Sword Kirby
    - Tornado Kirby
    - Waddle Dee
    - Waddle Dee Army
    - Walddle Doo
    - Walky
    - Warpstar
    - Wheelie
    - Wing Kirby
    Star Fox
    - Andross
    - Arwing
    - Falco
    - Falco (Assault)
    - Falco (Command)
    - Fox
    - Fox (Assault)
    - General Pepper
    - Great Fox
    - Great Fox (Assault)
    - Krystal
    - Landmaster (Falco)
    - Landmaster (Fox)
    - Landmaster (Wolf)
    - Leon Powalski
    - Panther Caroso
    - Peppy Hare
    - ROB 64
    - Slippy Toad
    - Smart Bomb
    - Tricky
    - Wolf
    - Aura Storm
    - Azelf
    - Bellossom
    - Blaziken
    - Bonsly
    - Bulbasaur
    - Buneary
    - Celebi
    - Charizard
    - Charmander
    - Chikorita
    - Chimchar
    - Cresselia
    - Cubone
    - Cyndaquil
    - Darkrai
    - Deoxys
    - Dialga
    - Drifloon
    - Dugtrio
    - Electivire
    - Electrode
    - Entei
    - Gardevoir
    - Glaceon & Leafeon
    - Goldeen
    - Groudon
    - Gulpin
    - Gyarados
    - Ho-Oh
    - Hoppip
    - Ivysaur
    - Jigglypuff
    - Jirachi
    - Kyogre
    - Latias & Latios
    - Lucario
    - Lugia
    - Magnezone
    - Manaphy
    - Meowth
    - Mesprit
    - Metagross
    - Mew
    - Mewtwo
    - Moltres
    - Mudkip
    - Munchlax
    - Palkia
    - Pichu
    - Pikachu
    - Piplup
    - Plusle & Minun
    - Pokeball
    - Pokemon Trainer
    - Puff Up
    - Rayquaza
    - Riolu
    - Skarmory
    - Snorlax
    - Snorunt
    - Snover
    - Squirtle
    - Starly
    - Staryu
    - Suicune
    - Togepi
    - Torchic
    - Totodile
    - Treecko
    - Triple Finish
    - Turtwig
    - Uxie
    - Volt Tackle
    - Weavile
    - Wobbuffet
    - Black Shadow
    - Blood Falcon
    - Blue Falcon
    - Captain Falcon
    - Dr. Stewart
    - Falcon Flyer
    - Jody Summer
    - Mr. EAD
    - Pico
    - Samurai Goroh
    - The Skull
    - Zoda
    - Franklin Badge
    - Jeff
    - Lucas
    - Mr. Saturn
    - Ness
    - PK Starstorm (Lucas)
    - PK Starstorm (Ness)
    - Porky
    - Porky Statue
    Ice Climber
    - Iceberg
    - Ice Climbers
    - Vegetable 
    Fire Emblem
    - Ashnard
    - Black Knight
    - Critical Hit
    - Elincia
    - Great Aether
    - Ike
    - Lyn
    - Marth
    - Sothe
    Kid Icarus
    - Palutena
    - Palutena's Army
    - Palutena's Bow
    - Pit
    - Kat & Ana
    - Wario
    - Wario Bike
    - Wario-Man
    - Blue Pikmin
    - Burrowing Snagret
    - Careening Dirigibug
    - Creeping Chrysanthemum
    - Empress Bulblax
    - End of Day
    - Fiery Blowhog
    - Hocotate Ship
    - Iridescent Flint Beetle
    - Louie
    - Onions
    - Pellets
    - Pikmin & Olimar
    - Purple Pikmin
    - Red Bulborb
    - Red Pikmin
    - Swooping Snitchbug
    - The President
    - White Pikmin
    - Wollywog
    - Yellow Pikmin
    Animal Crossing
    - Animal Crossing Boy
    - Blanca
    - Blathers & Celeste
    - Brewster
    - Copper & Booker
    - Crazy Redd
    - Dr. Shrunk
    - Gulliver
    - Joan
    - K.K. Slider
    - Kapp'n
    - Katie & Kaitlin
    - Katrina
    - Mr. Resetti
    - Mr. Resetti (Feet)
    - Pascal
    - Pelly & Phyllis
    - Pitifall
    - Sable & Mabel
    - Saharah
    - Tom Nook
    - Tommy & Timmy Nook
    - Tortimer
    - Wendell
    Game & Watch
    - Mr. Game & Watch
    - Octopus
    - Action Helirins
    - Ashley Robbins
    - Barbara
    - Boulder
    - Chibi-Robo
    - Custom Robos
    - Devil
    - Diffusion Beam
    - Dr. Wright
    - Elite Beat Agents
    - Excitebike
    - Helirin
    - HM Mecha Rosa
    - Infantry & Tanks
    - Isaac
    - Jameson & A.I.R.S
    - Jill
    - Lip's Stick
    - Little Mac
    - Mokka
    - Musketeer Daltania
    - Nintendog
    - Ouendan
    - Putty
    - Pyrite
    - Ray MK III
    - R.O.B.
    - Saki
    - Stafy
    - Stapy
    - Super Scope
    - Telly Vision
    - Unira
    - Warrior Mech Gauss
    Metal Gear
    - Cardboard Box
    - Cypher
    - Gekko
    - Gray Fox
    - Grenade Launcher
    - Iroquois Pliskin
    - Metal Gear RAY
    - Metal Gear REX
    - Naked Snake
    - Shagohod
    - Solid Snake
    - Amy
    - Blaze
    - Chao
    - Cream
    - Dr. Eggman
    - Jet
    - Knuckles
    - Shadow
    - Silver
    - Sonic the Hedgehog
    - Super Sonic
    - Tails
                                 Section 6B - Stickers
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                               Section 6C - Stage Builder
                                    - Coming Soon! -
                                Section 6D - Challenges
    When you first start up Brawl and check the Challenges section, you'll find a 
    extensive board of boxes to scroll through. There are 32 boxes in each row, 
    adding up to a total of 128 different challenges for you to complete. If you 
    complete those all, it does not mean you've unlocked everything in the game, as 
    the list doesn't include things such as characters or randomly obtained 
    trophies. It is just a huge list offering numerous secondary objectives for you 
    to try and achieve, especially if you like having 100% completion.
    Below is the extensive list of what is behind each and every box, and what you 
    need to do to obtain it. The list is divided into four sections, one for each 
    row on the board.
    First Row
    Box #1 - Galleom (Tank Form) Trophy
    Clear the Boss Battles on Intense difficulty.
    Box #2 - Palutena's Bow Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #1 in under 15 seconds.
    Box #3 - Cardboard Box Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #4 in under 32 seconds.  
    Box #4 - Clu Clu Land Music
    Hit 1,200+ ft. in the Home-Run Contest.
    Box #5 - Big Blue (Melee) Stage
    Use Captain Falcon ten times in brawls.
    Box #6 - Ryuta Ippongi (Ouendan 2) Sticker
    Clear 100-Man Brawl in less than three minutes and 30 seconds. 
    Box #7 - Gekko Trophy
    Clear All-Star mode with ten characters.  
    Box #8 - His World (Instrumental) Music
    Brawl on the Green Hill Zone stage ten times.  
    Box #9 - Pirate Ship Stage
    Unlock Toon Link. 
    Box #10 - Subspace Bomb Trophy
    Clear the Boss Battles on Easy difficulty.
    Box #11 - Mario Bros. Stage
    Clear the "Wario Bros." Event.
    Box #12 - Pichu Trophy
    Clear All-Star mode with no continues.
    Box #13 - Pokemon Center Music
    Get at least 200 different stickers.
    Box #14 - Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Masterpiece
    Use Toon Link ten times in brawls.
    Box #15 - Musketeer Daltania Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #4 with ten characters.  
    Box #16 - Dyna Blade Trophy
    Clear All-Star Mode on Very Hard difficulty. 
    Box #17 - Menu 2 Music
    Unlock all playable characters.
    Box #18 - Red Alloy Trophy
    Defeat five enemies in Cruel Brawl.
    Box #19 - Smash Coins Trophy
    Play ten or more Coin matches.
    Box #20 - Hanenbow Stage
    Clear the "Flower Blooms in the Echoes" Event.
    Box #21 - King Dedede's Theme Music
    Clear "The Hammer of the King" Event.
    Box #22 - Green Alloy Trophy
    Endure a 15-Minute Brawl.
    Box #23 - Ray MK III Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #3 in under 20 seconds.
    Box #24 - Excitebikes Trophy
    Collect all Masterpieces.  
    Box #25 - Multi-Man Melee 1 (Melee) Music
    Clear 100-Man Brawl in less than four minutes. 
    Box #26 - Creeping Chrysanthemum Trophy
    Collect trophies for all characters.
    Box #27 - Title (3D Hot Rally) Music
    Clear Target Smash - Level #5.  
    Box #28 - Banana Peel Trophy
    Get ten max combos in Training.
    Box #29 - Dream Chaser Music
    Brawl on the Port Town: Aero Dive stage ten times.
    Box #30 - Yellow Alloy Trophy
    Defeat 100 enemies in Endless Brawl.
    Box #31 - Master Hand Trophy
    Clear Classic Mode with 20 characters.  
    Box #32 - Golden Hammer Trophy 
    Hit 45,000 ft. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. 
    Second Row
    Box #1 - Ballyhoo and Big Top Trophy
    Unlock 75 hidden songs. 
    Box #2 - Paper Mario Trophy
    Clear Classic Mode with all characters. 
    Box #3 - Luigi's Mansion Stage
    Use Luigi three times in brawls. 
    Box #4 - Boo (Mario Tennis) Sticker
    Hit 900+ ft. in the Home-Run Contest.
    Box #5 - Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2) Music
    Brawl on the Frigate Orpheon stage ten times. 
    Box #6 - Edit Parts A
    Brawl on custom stages ten times.
    Box #7 - Princess Peach's Castle (Melee) Music
    Unlock all Melee stages. 
    Box #8 - Outset Island Link Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #5 with ten characters.
    Box #9 - Ouendan Trophy
    Get 400 combined max combos with all characters in Training Mode.
    Box #10 - Credits (Super Smash Bros.) Music
    Clear Classic Mode on Hard difficulty.
    Box #11 - Running ChibiRobo (ChibiRobo) Sticker
    Clear Classic Mode on Easy difficulty.
    Box #12 - Icicle Mountain (Melee) Music
    Clear Classic on Normal difficulty. 
    Box #13 - Pokemon Stadium (Melee) stage
    Brawl on the Pokemon Stadium 2 stage ten times.
    Box #14 - Franklin Badge Trophy
    Have Ness join you in The Subspace Emissary.  
    Box #15 - Ike's Theme Music
    Have Ike join you in The Subspace Emissary. 
    Box #16 - Jyk Trophy
    Clear Boss Battles Mode with 20 characters. 
    Box #17 - Phyllis (Animal Crossing WW) Sticker
    Clear All-Star Mode on Normal difficulty.
    Box #18 - Song of Storms Music
    Clear the "The Pirate Airship" Event.  
    Box #19 - Jungle Japes (Melee) Music
    Play Melee stages ten times. 
    Box #20 - Apples Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #1.
    Box #21 - Super Mario Bros. 2 Masterpiece
    Get five standard brawl victories with Peach.
    Box #22 - Red Pikmin Trophy
    Clear the "Sproutage of the Flower Pikmin" Event. 
    Box #23 - Walky Trophy
    Unlock 50 hidden songs. 
    Box #24 - Xananab Trophy
    Hit 24,000+ ft. combined with all fighters's Home-Run Contest records.
    Box #25 - Silver Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #3 with all characters. 
    Box #26 - Subspace Gunship Trophy
    Clear Boss Battles with ten characters.
    Box #27 - HomeRun Bat Trophy
    Hit 1,500+ ft. in Home-Run Contest. 
    Box #28 - The Legendary Air Ride Machine Music
    Clear the "Dragoon Strike" Event. 
    Box #29 - Snake Eater (Instrumental) Music
    Brawl on the Shadow Moses Island stage 15 times.
    Box #30 - FZero Masterpiece
    Have Captain Falcon join you in The Subspace Emissary.
    Box #31 - Mach Rider (Melee) Music
    Defeat 50 enemies in Endless Brawl.
    Box #32 - Baby Peach Trophy 
    Get 500 different trophies.
    Third Row
    Box #1 - Johnny Trophy
    Get 2,000 or more KOs in brawls.  
    Box #2 - Blue Alloy Trophy
    Clear 100-Man Brawl with all characters.
    Box #3 - Edit Parts C
    Make 15 stages in Stage Builder.  
    Box #4 - Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town/Pewter City) Music
    Clear the "Go! Triple Finish!" Event.  
    Box #5 - Peanut Popgun Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #2.  
    Box #6 - Pellets Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #2 with ten characters. 
    Box #7 - Cracker Launcher Trophy
    Get 1,000 or more KOs in brawls. 
    Box #8 - Kapp'n Trophy
    Exceed 300+ ft. combined swim distance for all characters. 
    Box #9 - Tal Tal Heights Music
    Clear All-Star Mode on Easy difficulty. 
    Box #10 - Sandbag Trophy
    Use every character in the Home-Run Contest. 
    Box #11 - Blast Box Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #2 with all characters. 
    Box #12 - Green Greens (Melee) Stage
    Use Kirby 20 times in brawls.  
    Box #13 - Ending (Metroid) Music
    Brawl on the Norfair stage ten times.
    Box #14 - Dr. Eggman Trophy
    Get 500 different stickers.  
    Box #15 - Ashnard Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #3 with ten characters. 
    Box #16 - Striker Mario Trophy
    Clear Classic on Very Hard difficulty. 
    Box #17 - Ancient Minister Trophy
    Clear The Subspace Emissary. 
    Box #18 - Stafy Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #1 with ten characters.  
    Box #19 - Super Scope Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #1 with all characters.  
    Box #20 - Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.) Music
    Brawl on the Mushroomy Kingdom stage ten times.  
    Box #21 - Pitfall Trophy
    Clear the 100-Man Brawl.
    Box #22 - Fire Field Music
    Clear the "Come On, Blue Falcon" Event.  
    Box #23 - Shadow Bugs Trophy
    Clear Boss Battles Mode on Normal difficulty.  
    Box #24 - Star Wolf (Star Fox Assault) Music
    Clear the "The Wolf Hunts the Fox" Event on Hard difficulty.
    Box #25 - Mewtwo Trophy
    Clear All-Star Mode on Intense difficulty.
    Box #26 - Green Hill Zone Stage
    Unlock Sonic.  
    Box #27 - Rocketbarrel Pack Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #4.
    Box #28 - Frozen Hillside Music
    Brawl on the Halberd stage ten times.  
    Box #29 - Halberd Trophy
    Clear the "Pink Ball Repulsion" Event. 
    Box #30 - Spear Pillar Stage
    Clear the "The Aura Is With Me" Event. 
    Box #31 - Party Ball Trophy
    Score 500 total combined KOs in brawls. 
    Box #32 - K.K. Slider Trophy 
    Collect all songs. 
    Fourth Row
    Box #1 - Stickers Trophy
    Collect all stickers.  
    Box #2 - Crazy Hand Trophy
    Clear Classic Mode on Intense difficulty.  
    Box #3 - Excite Truck Music
    Clear Target Smash - Level #2 in under 19 seconds.
    Box #4 - 75m Stage
    Use Donkey Kong 20 times in brawls.  
    Box #5 - Super Mario World Masterpiece
    Brawl on the Yoshi's Island Melee stage three times.
    Box #6 - Dark Cannon Trophy
    Clear Boss Battles Mode on Hard difficulty. 
    Box #7 - Kyle Hyde Trophy
    Clear All-Star Mode with all characters.  
    Box #8 - Combo Cannon Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #5 in under 30 seconds.  
    Box #9 - Wario Bike Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #3. 
    Box #10 - Ashley Robbins Trophy
    Play over 100 hours of brawls.  
    Box #11 - Great Temple/Temple Music
    Clear the "Advent of the Evil King" Event on Hard difficulty.  
    Box #12 - Palutena Trophy
    Clear the "Cleaning House in Skyworld" Event.  
    Box #13 - Flat Zone 2 Stage
    Unlock Mr. Game & Watch. 
    Box #14 - PowerHungry Fool Music
    Brawl on the Castle Siege stage ten times.
    Box #15 - Plusle and Minun Trophy
    Collect Final Smash trophies for all characters.
    Box #16 - Liquid Snake (MGS The Twin Snakes) Sticker
    Defeat ten enemies in Cruel Brawl.
    Box #17 - King K. Rool Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #4 with all characters.
    Box #18 - Hidden Mountain & Forest Music
    Clear the "Dark Link Duel" Event on Hard difficulty.
    Box #19 - Bumper Trophy
    Hit 15,000+ ft. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. 
    Box #20 - Timer Trophy
    Play 30 hours of brawls.  
    Box #21 - Donkey Kong Masterpiece
    Exceed ten hours of poweredon time.  
    Box #22 - Shy Guy Trophy
    Hit 30,000+ ft. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. 
    Box #23 - O2 Battle Music
    Collect more than 5,000 coins in Coin matches.  
    Box #24 - Birdo Trophy
    Clear All-Star Mode on Hard difficulty.  
    Box #25 - Grey Fox Trophy
    Clear Target Smash - Level #5 with all characters.  
    Box #26 - Porky Statue Trophy
    Clear Boss Battles Mode on Very Hard difficulty.  
    Box #27 - Tails Trophy
    Exceed 30,000+ ft. combined walking distance with all characters.  
    Box #28 - Edit Parts B
    Create five stages in the Stage Builder.
    Box #29 - Main Theme (Super Mario 64) Music
    Play 50 hours of brawls.  
    Box #30 - Tom Nook Trophy
    Collect 1,000 coins in Coin matches.  
    Box #31 - Ai no Uta (French Version) Music
    Hit 37,500+ ft. combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records. 
    Box #32 - Tabuu (Winged) Trophy
    Clear Boss Battles with all characters.  
                               Section 6E - Coin Launcher
                                    - Coming Soon! -
                               Section 6F - Song Listing
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                             * Section 7 - Online Play *
                               Section 7A - Information
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                               Section 7B - Setting Up
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                              Section 7C - Playing Online
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                              Section 7D - Troubleshooting
                                   - Coming Soon! -
                              * Section 8 - Conclusion *
                                 Section 8A - Credits
    ** http://www.network-science.de/ascii/input.html **
    ASCII Art was obtained from here.
    ** GameFAQs Codes & Cheats **
    A good reference for many of the unlockables I was unsure about.
    ** Jeff 'CJayC' Veasey **
    Without him, this FAQ wouldn't exist in the first place.
    ** You **
    Why you? Because as the reader, you provide me with a reason to write.
                                Section 8B - Contacting Me
    Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Corrections? This is a massive guide, so I've 
    likely made some mistakes. If you notice one, or you have anything to say, you
    can email me at bowser194(at)gmail(dot)com. You can also find me on the boards,
    but that isn't the best form of communication.
    I'm generous enough to give you the privilege of contacting me, so don't abuse 
    it. When emailing me, please put Super Smash Bros: Brawl somewhere in the 
    title, just so I have an idea of what the email has to do with, and so I don't 
    think it's spam. I'll also be quite blunt in terms of friend requests - I have 
    no interest in playing you online. The odds are that you will receive a 
    response if you followed the above guidelines.
    Do not email me asking for permission to host this guide. If you're not on the 
    list found in the copyright section, your request will be turned down.
    Simple, I hope.
                                  Section 8C - Copyright
    This FAQ is not to be reproduced, altered, or changed in any way. You cannot do 
    anything with this FAQ that will be profitable in any way. It is not to be used 
    for promotion or commercial purposes of any kind. It is not to be used in 
    published text of any kind. It is not to be used in electronic text of any 
    kind. It is not to be distributed in any way. Please comply with all of these 
    The only sites allowed to host this FAQ are the following:
       GameFAQs      - http://www.gamefaqs.com 
       Super Cheats  - http://www.supercheats.com
       IGN FAQs      - http://faqs.ign.com
       Gamer Help    - http://www.gamerhelp.com/
    If you're not on this list, you are not allowed to host this guide. Don't email 
    me asking for permission, as your request will be turned down.
    This FAQ can be saved to hard drive. It also can be printed, but for personal
    use ONLY. Once it is printed or any part of it is printed, you may not do 
    anything previously stated in the first paragraph of this section. Plagiarism 
    is not only illegal, but also stupid; I'll be able to tell if you've stolen my 
    work from me, so please don't try it.
    If this FAQ is found anywhere other than the sites listed above, please notify 
    me. This FAQ is written by and owned by me, bowser194.
    Copyright (C) 2008 bowser194

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