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    Olimar by Regis_Neo

    Version: 1.09 | Updated: 04/05/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SSSSS U   U PPPPP EEEEEE RRRRR     SSSSS M       M     A     SSSSS H   H
    S     U   U P   P E      R    R    S     MM     MM    A A    S     H   H
        S U   U P     E      R    R        S M  M M  M  A AAA A      S H   H
    SSSSS UUUUU P     EEEEEE R    R    SSSSS M   M   M A       A SSSSS H   H
    BBBBB  RRRRR  OOOOO SSSSS    BBBBB  RRRRR      A     W    W    W L
    B    B R    R O   O S        B    B R    R    A A    W    W    W L
    BBBBB  RRRRR  O   O SSSSS    BBBBB  RRRRR    A   A    W  W W  W  L
    B    B R    R O   O     S    B    B R    R  A AAA A   W W  W W   L
    BBBBB  R    R OOOOO SSSSS    BBBBB  R    R A       A   W    W    LLLLL
    OOOOOOO	  LL	 IIIIII	  MM         MM	       AA        RRRRRRR
    OO   OO	  LL	   II	  MMMM      MMM	      AAAA       RR    RR
    OO   OO	  LL	   II	  MM MM   MM MM	     AA  AA      RR    RR
    OO   OO	  LL	   II	  MM  MM MM  MM	    AAAAAAAA     RRRRRRR
    OO   OO	  LL	   II	  MM   MMM   MM    AA      AA    RR    RR
    OOOOOOO	  LLLLL  IIIIII   MM    M    MM   AA        AA   RR     RR
    Super Smash Bros Brawl
    Olimar Character Guide
    Written by Travis Evans AKA Regis_Neo
    Legal Info:
    This entire document is copyright 2008 by me. All trademarks are property of 
    their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my 
    permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website, 
    making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making 
    reference to any material contained within.
    Authorized sites allowed to use this guide:
    Super Cheats
    Table of Contents:
    1. About the Guide [ABT1]
    2. About the Character [ABT2]
    3. Special Moves [SPECM]
    4. Standard Moves and Smashes [SAS]
    5. Final Smash [FS]
    6. General Strategies [GENS]
    7. VS Specific Characters [VSC]
    8. Stadium Mode Strategies [SMS]
    9. FAQs [FAQU]
    10. Version and Credits [VERC]
    1. About the Guide [ABT1]
    Well, this is my first guide here on Gamefaqs. Basically, I wrote this nifty 
    guide as a source for people interested in picking up one of Brawl's newest 
    characters, Olimar. I don't profess myself to be the absolute authority on 
    Olimar, but I have had some great success with him in online tournaments 
    and stuff. Hopefully this'll be a useful resource in getting you started out.
    2. About the Character [ABT2]
    Hailing from the planet Hocotate, Captain Olimar (known as Orima in Japan, an 
    anagram of Mario) is one of the new characters to Nintendo's acclaimed Super 
    Smash Bros series. He hails from the games Pikmin and Pikmin 2, both created 
    by Shigeru Miyamoto. In the original Pikmin, Olimar, an employee of the 
    Hocotate Freight Company, had crash-landed on the "Distant Planet" (in which 
    there is strong evidence that it is Earth) and your goal was to utilize the 
    Pikmin to find and collect at least 25 (30 total) missing parts of your ship 
    to fly back home. The game featured some pretty innovative puzzles as well as 
    a timeline of 30 days (about 15 minutes a day), which added a sense of urgency
    to your quest. Pikmin 2 had Olimar and his buddy Louie (a reference to Luigi 
    obviously) heading back to the "Distant Planet" to collect the random 
    "treasures" (things like batteries) scattered about to help save the company 
    from bankruptcy. This game had no timeline, 201 different treasures to 
    collect, and introduced the Purple and White Pikmin.
    In Brawl, Olimar is a lightweight character (which makes sense, considering 
    that in Pikmin he is only a couple of inches tall). Olimar fighting style is 
    very unique, as it revolves around the use of his beloved Pikmin. Pikmin 
    (named so because they resemble Olimar's favorite food, Pikpik carrots) 
    inhabit the "Distant Planet" that is the setting for both Pikmin games and a 
    stage in Brawl. About an inch tall, the Pikmin are absolutely loyal to Olimar,
    following any command he gives them, even to death. Without his Pikmin, Olimar
    is doomed to fail otherwise.
    - Overall a fairly speedy character
    - Great range from due to your Pikmin
    - Great anti-air capabilities and Meteor Smash
    - Wonderful Final Smash, practically guaranteed damage to everyone
    - Lightweight and easy to kill
    - Takes a bit of time to master properly
    - Somewhat limiting recovery
    - Dependent on Pikmin to perform smashes and aerial attacks
    3. Special Moves [SPECM]
    I figured it'd be best if we start with the Special Moves first. Like I said, 
    Olimar has a very unique fighting style that revolves around his beloved  
    Pikmin, which are crucial to performing your aerial attacks as well as your 
    smashes and other moves. Pikmin come in 5 different flavors: Red, Yellow, 
    Blue, Purple, and White. 
    Red Pikmin represent Fire, and add a fire element in their attacks in addition
    to being immune to fire themselves; they are the 2nd most damaging Pikmin 
    overall in terms of attack.
    Yellow Pikmin represents Electricity, and infuse their attacks with electrical
    shocks; they're about the 4th most damaging Pikmin, behind Blue but ahead of 
    White. Their range is also every so slightly more than Red or Blue and they 
    travel in a slight arc when thrown.
    Blue Pikmin represent Water, and though their attacks aren't represented by a 
    special scene, they are the 3rd most damaging Pikmin behind Red. They are also
    slightly more durable than the other Pikmin. When used for a throw (not thrown
    themselves), Blue Pikmin result in the most damage done.
    Purple Pikmin are the heaviest and most damaging Pikmin in terms of raw force.
    They are also the slowest when used and travel the least range when thrown, 
    used for a throw, or in a smash.
    White Pikmin are the lightest and least damaging of the Pikmin. They can be 
    thrown the farthest and do additional poison damage when latched onto the 
    opponent, making them the overall most damaging when thrown.
    Each Pikmin also has a different distance you can either throw it or their 
    range when you use a Smash attack; Red, Yellow, and Blue go about the same 
    distance, Purple the shortest, and White the farthest.
    Now for the special attacks:
    Neutral B - Pikmin Pluck: Plucks a random Pikmin out of the ground. Pikmin are
    plucked relatively quickly as well, it's possible to get all 6 in about a 
    secondmaking if you are hammering the B button. Red, Yellow, and Blue appear 
    the most common, with Purple and White being more uncommon. Note that this 
    move cannot be used in the air, as obviously plucking something out of the 
    ground in the air just screams failure.
    Forward B - Pikmin Throw: Throws a Pikmin onto the enemy. Red, Yellow, and 
    Blue Pikmin do about 2% damage per second roughly, and total to a maximum of 1
    6% before they hop back to you naturally. White Pikmin do about 6% per second,
    and a maximum of 48% before hopping back. Purple Pikmin do not latch onto the 
    enemy, but instead knocks them back for about 6% damage. Obviously, it is 
    better to throw multiple Pikmin onto the enemy (it is possible to get all 6 to
    latch on), but bear your opponent can shake off/kill the Pikmin you throw on 
    them, which will them require you to pluck some new ones. In addition, it's 
    best to keep at least 1-2 Pikmin with you, so you will be able to use your 
    smashes on them when your Pikmin get through attacking them.
    Down B - Pikmin Order: Calls any wandering Pikmin back to you, as well as 
    reordering your Pikmin lineup. Generally, this move is useless in most cases, 
    as it's better to just sacrifice Pikmin most of the time and just pluck new 
    ones out of the ground. More advanced players will probably use it to order 
    their Pikmin up to their preference though.
    Up B - Pikmin Chain: Olimar orders his Pikmin to form a chain, which can be 
    used to latch onto ledges. The more Pikmin you have near you, the longer the 
    reach. The chain is used in a horizontal manner (make sure you line up the 
    platform correctly unless you wish to fall to death), and deals about 6% 
    damage if you hit the opponent with the chain, 8% if hit up close. Beware that
    if you use this attack to pull yourself up and you try to drop down and latch 
    on again, it will not work and you'll fall to death.
    4. Standard Moves and Smashes [SAS]
    Basic Attacks:
    Neutral A: Shoulder Ram (5%) - Simple basic attack.
    A+A+A: Three consecutive Headbutts (15%) - Good, quick damage.
    Up A: Spinning Whirl (6% - 11%) - Good for multiple hits and damage. 
    Front A: Kick (6%) - Simple and spammable.
    Down A: Low Punch (6% + 2% if second hit connects) - 2 hit combo.
    Dash + A: Rolling Cartwheel (11%) - Great attack for getting in close.
    Note that these moves can be performed without any Pikmin. Regarding these 
    moves, Dash + A is the best way to rake up some damage, though A+A+A is also 
    good. Dash + A also has the benefit of knocking your opponent upward. Up + A 
    is also your best friend if you need multiple hits and you lack Pikmin. These 
    moves are all your best friend should you find yourself in the bad position 
    of not having any Pikmin.
    Smashes (Require at least 1 Pikmin to perform)
    Olimar is unique in that his smash attacks and damage vary depending on what 
    Pikmin he uses. First of all, his Forward Smash actually has a decent amount 
    of range to it, allowing you to potentially hit opponents further away than 
    with a normal character; for this guide's purposes though, the below 
    percentages will reflect damage done if you're right next to them, like you 
    would be if you normally used a Smash with someone (the damage gets 
    correspondingly lower the further away you are when you use the smash). For 
    the damage, there are several different outcomes depending on the Pikmin you 
    have out at the time (and yes, I did make up the quirky names). Also, just in 
    general for the smashes:
    -Forward Smash: Olimar orders a Pikmin to leap and hit the opponent. This move 
    has slight range to it, making it a good attack to hit with if you need to 
    stand back a bit. Has good knockback.
    -Down Smash: Olimar orders up to 2 Pikmin (one on each side) to attack both 
    sides. This is one of your best moves against other players, as it has the 
    advantage of hitting both sides at once as well as having a slight range and
    being fast to get off. Also has good knockback.
    -Up Smash: Olimar orders a Pikmin to leap up and hit the opponent. Again, as 
    with Olimar's other smashes, the move has a slight range to it. Not that much
    knockback potential, but still send the opponent flying if they have enough 
    Now, for the Pikmin specifics:
    Red Pikmin
    Front Smash - Red Fireball (15% uncharged to 21% fully charged)
    Down Smash - Red Headbutt (13% uncharged to 18% fully charged)
    Up Smash - Red Jump (15% uncharged to 21% fully charged)
    Yellow Pikmin
    Front Smash - Yellow Bolt (13% uncharged to 18% fully charged)
    Down Smash - Yellow Headbutt (11% uncharged to 15% fully charged)
    Up Smash - Yellow Jump (14% uncharged to 19% fully charged)
    Blue Pikmin
    Front Smash - Blue Wave (15% uncharged to 21% fully charged)
    Down Smash - Blue Headbutt (12% uncharged to 16% fully charged)
    Up Smash - Blue Jump (15% uncharged to 21% fully charged)
    Purple Pikmin
    Front Smash - Purple Bellyflop (18% uncharged to 25% fully charged)
    Down Smash - Purple Headbutt (15% uncharged to 21% fully charged)
    Up Smash - Purple Jump (16% uncharged to 22% fully charged)
    White Pikmin
    Front Smash - White Twirl (9% uncharged to 12% fully charged)
    Down Smash - White Headbutt (6% uncharged to 8% fully charged)
    Up Smash - White Jump (9% uncharged to 12% fully charged)
    Aerial Attacks
    With the exception of Neutral A, all of Olimar's aerial attacks require you to
    have at least 1 Pikmin. And yes, you must jump in order to do these attacks.
    Neutral A: Big spinning whirl (2% to 12% depending on number of hits)
    Again, the amount of damage done depends on the Pikmin being used at the time.
    Note the following percentages reflect damage dealt if you hit them dead 
    center (if you're off center, you'll do about half the damage). In general:
    -Forward A: Olimar uses one of his Pikmin to smack the opponent away. Simple 
    enough to do, has good knockback potential as well.
    -Down A: Olimar grabs a Pikmin and smacks the opponent downward. Timing it 
    right (exactly under Olimar) will make it a Meteor Smash and send the opponent
    spiraling downwards; otherwise, it will do about half the damage and slight 
    knockback to the side.
    -Up A: Olimar grabs a Pikmin, twirls it about and smacks the opponent upward. 
    Does great damage if timed properly (it hits multiple times) and has good 
    knockback afterwards.
    Now, for the Pikmin specifics:
    Red Pikmin
    Forward A - Red Smack (15%)
    Down A - Red Downdrop (16%)
    Up A - Red Twirl (Up to 24%)
    Yellow Pikmin
    Forward A - Yellow Smack (12%)
    Down A - Yellow Downdrop (12%)
    Up A - Yellow Twirl (Up to 16%)
    Blue Pikmin
    Forward A - Blue Smack (13%)
    Down A - Blue Downdrop (14%)
    Up A - Blue Twirl (Up to 22%)
    Purple Pikmin
    Forward A - Purple Smack (14%)
    Down A - Purple Downdrop (14%)
    Up A - Purple Twirl (Up to 22%)
    White Pikmin
    Forward A - White Smack (5%)
    Down A - White Downdrop (8%)
    Up A - White Twirl (Up to 9%)
    Once again, what Pikmin you are using will affect the throw damage you do. 
    Olimar's throws also have a slight range to them, though not as much as Link's
    clawshot or something. Still, every bit helps in grabbing the opponent. Blue 
    Pikmin by far deal the most damage with throws, White has the furthest reach 
    (but lowest damage), and Purple has the lowest reach. Red, Yellow, and Blue 
    all have comparable range while attempting to throw:
    Red Pikmin
    Up Throw - 9%
    Down Throw - 9%
    Forward Throw - 6%
    Backward Throw - 7%
    Yellow Pikmin
    Up Throw - 11%
    Down Throw - 8%
    Forward Throw - 7%
    Backward Throw- 9%
    Blue Pikmin
    Up Throw - 12%
    Down Throw - 12%
    Forward Throw - 13%
    Backward Throw - 14%
    Purple Pikmin
    Up Throw - 11%
    Down Throw - 8%
    Forward Throw - 7%
    Backward Throw - 9%
    Up Throw - 6%
    Down Throw - 6%
    Forward Throw - 6%
    Backward Throw - 7%
    Yes, humiliating your opponent is key to victory, lol.
    Up - Olimar jumps up and down in glee.
    Down - Olimar acts like he is hula-hooping or something.
    Forward - Olimar does a sort of rolling thing on the ground.
    5. Final Smash - End of Day [FS]
    For Olimar's Final Smash, he and his Pikmin climb into his spaceship, which 
    then blasts off the stage. From there, the scene turns to night and any 
    remaining characters on the stage are damaged by the various unseen Pikmin 
    night creatures. The damage done has several steps:
    First is where you activate the Final Smash; if you're close enough, you will 
    plant them into the ground and do 10%, plus another 15% when the rockets turn 
    on and hit them, for a grand total of 25%.
    The next step is when the actual creatures attack. If you don't hit them 
    initially with the first step, you will deal 43% damage. If you did hit them 
    with step 1, you will deal slightly less damage, 42% more, but note your 
    opponent is now sitting at least at 67% damage total this way.
    The final step is the spaceship crash landing. The ship will crash generally 
    in the middle of the stage (note you cannot influence its direction). If your 
    opponent is close to the epicenter, they will take another 30% damage and be 
    sent flying, more often than not to their doom. If they're away from the 
    epicenter, the attack will deal about 15% damage and still send them flying.
    So overall, you can easily do anywhere from 43% minimum to 97% maximum damage 
    to an entire group of opponents, either leaving them open for a KO or outright
    KOing them.
    6. General Strategies [GENS]
    First of all, like it's been mentioned, Olimar is all about his Pikmin. 
    Generally, you'll want to play a fairly defensive game with Olimar initially 
    by putting the pressure on your opponent with your thrown Pikmin (Forward B) 
    while you dodge around their attacks and get in a few free hits. Remember to 
    continually be ready to pluck new Pikmin, as they do die fairly easy when your
    opponent is trying to shake them off. You can also compliment this damage with
    your basic A attacks as well as the occasional smash. Once they hit around the
    40-50% and above range, now is the time to go on the offensive. Use your 
    Dash + A to get in close, then Forward or Down Smash them off the screen. 
    You will want to learn also what I call the basic strategies as well, which 
    can be applied to any character. This includes: 
    - Rolling/dodging properly: This is so you don't end up with your back to your
    opponent and don't start attacking in the wrong direction.
    - Short-hopping: Quickly tapping your jump button or the control stick to do a
    short jump, lets you get your aerial attacks in quickly and effectively.
    - Foxtroting: Dash, let go of the control stick, dash. Good for keeping your 
    opponent guessing, and you can still smash. 
    - Reverse aerial rush: Dash, hit back and jump while hitting the direction 
    your momentum takes you so you can use the momentum to approach with a back 
    - Pivot grabs: Run at your opponent as though you are going to Forward Smash, 
    but instead run through, turn around (quickly), and grab. It gives you an 
    extended reach.
    Olimar's Down A aerial if timed right is a Meteor Smash, so use this to knock 
    them down into oblivion when they try to get back on the stage. Down Smash is 
    really your friend here overall; it offers great knockback and hits both sides
    simultaneously if you have 2 Pikmin, in case your opponent is trying to dodge 
    around you. Remember to also continue to keep up the thrown Pikmin assault as 
    well, since any further passive damage will just greater your chances of KOing
    them. If you can, throw the opponent off the stage or knock them off and 
    Meteor Smash them down the screen; it's a simple form of KO that Olimar can 
    pull off nicely and quickly at almost any percentage.
    For Edgeguarding, a properly timed and distanced Forward Smash can actually 
    hit the opponent when they're clinging onto the ledge, making it pretty nifty 
    to practice this. Again, it's hard to do though.
    Olimar has a decent aerial game (remember you have to have Pikmin for Up, 
    Down, and Forward attacks); Neutral A is great for multiple hits, and Forward
    A will deal some good knockback. Down A is a Meteor Smash if timed right (hit 
    in the exact middle) and Up A will also do some good damage. Even the Pikmin
    Chain (Up B) is good for hitting them across a distance.
    While trying to get the Smash Ball, the easiest way I've found is your Neutral
    A aerial, which will hit the Smash Ball multiple times. Forward A aerial is 
    also good for damaging it and playing keep-away from your opponent.
    Regarding the C-Stick (the tabuu topic, lol), I used to be a great advocate of
    not using it back in Melee, but I find myself increasing using it in Brawl. 
    Since Nintendo WFC has the ever-wonderful lag issues, the C-Stick offers a 
    great alternative instead of having to deal with the lag that comes trying to 
    use your Smash attacks naturally with the control stick and A. Better yet, the
    C-Stick allows you to continually "spam" your smashes, particulalrly the 
    Foward Smash; Olimar's Forward Smash has decent range and lets you have an 
    overall better chance of hitting your opponent. In the end, what it really 
    comes down to I guess is how you feel about it, but from my experience, a 
    healthy combination of C-Stick and regular A useage is good for winning on 
    wifi battles.
    7. VS Specific Characters [VSC]
    Difficulty: **
    The usual all-rounder he is, Mario doesn't pose much of a challenge, you 
    out-range him with your Pikmin. Just thrown on a few and move in for the KO. 
    Seriously, Mario definately isn't much of a threat; he lacks his Down Aerial
    from Melee (now instead it's his tornado) and his new FLUDD definately sucks.
    So just kindly put him out of his misery.
    Difficulty: ***
    His air game is his trump card: his Forward and Down Aerials are insane. In
    addition, his Fireballs are more spammable than Mario's, and his Final Smash 
    is basically a "oh boy, I'm screwed" scenario if you get caught. His 
    Green Missile also gives horizontal recovery Mario can't even blink at. 
    Furthermore, beware of Luigi's uppercut, it will KO you at some insanely low 
    damage if it hits correctly since Olimar is so light. For beating Luigi, 
    despite his advantages, the strategies against Mario work here also; throw on
    some Pikmin and smash away. When Luigi tries coming back with Green Missile, 
    use your Down A aerial to clear him to the bottom. Overall, if anything be 
    more aware if they choose Luigi instead of Mario.
    Difficulty: **
    Not that hard imo, Peach was never that great. Stray away from her hip...
    smash...thing (Forward B) and her vegetables and you should be fine. Peach has
    great horizontal recovery via floating and her Up B, so make sure you make 
    good use of your Meteor Smash to prevent her from coming back all the time.
    Difficulty: *
    Bowser isn't that hard at all imo. He's slow and big, making him an easy 
    target to hit with your Pikmin. His Fire Breath might be able to deflect it, 
    but just keep the pressure on him. The tricky part with Bowser is getting in 
    close to finish him off; Bowser is great in close combat, and he will knock 
    you away with relative ease. Just make sure to find a safe opening before you
    move in, and make sure he has some good damage on him before attempting to KO.
    And if it's not obvious, be sure not to get hit by his Final Smash, 
    Giga Bowser hurts quite a lot.
    Difficulty: **
    Annoying, but managable. Yoshi was never that great of a character, and this
    is no exception in Brawl. Watch out for his Up B, as those eggs can get some 
    distance. Also beware not to get caught in his Neutral B if you're near an 
    edge, as it can lead to some cheap KOs if you're bad at breaking out of his 
    eggs. Yoshi also has some great recovery, but remember he only has one jump;
    this allows you to play a decent game of keeping him away from the ledge.
    Yoshi also isn't exactly a middleweight, letting you also get in some good
    KOs when he's at a lower percentage.
    Difficulty: ***
    Annoying in the hands of a good player. Wario is decievingly quick, and can 
    catch you off guard if unprepared. Wario also has some good smashes, making 
    him hard to get near. In return, he doesn't have much in the way of 
    projectiles (no, the bike doesn't count really) and is relatively easy to 
    throw Pikmin onto. Wario also has horrible recovery if his Down B isn't 
    working (but otherwise, beware if you get hit with it), so you can get in KOs 
    there. Avoid running into Wario when his mouth is open (Neutral B) as well, 
    since he'll just chew on you and spit you out.
    Donkey Kong
    Difficulty: **
    Donkey Kong is harder than his counterpart Bowser, but not much. A good DK 
    player will make use of his somewhat quicker attacks to catch you off guard 
    and to beat you down that way, as his attacks (particularly smashes and 
    Neutral B) will send you flying at low percentages. However, Donkey Kong is 
    still a big, slower character, which means it's still easy to get Pikmin 
    latched on. Playing an aerial game with DK can be fun, as DK's air game isn't 
    top notch.
    Diddy Kong
    Difficulty: ***
    Watch out for his bananna peels, they're freaking annoying! Anyways, a good 
    Diddy player will take advantage of this and his other attacks to juggle you 
    around and eventually KO you with a smash or his Forward B. Diddy's smaller 
    profile also makes it harder to get Pikmin onto him to top it off. What you 
    have going for you though is that Diddy is a lightweight, making him easy to 
    KO. And since he has to charge his Up B to recover any good distance, this 
    gives you a window of opportunity to get in there and hit him further away.
    Link/Toon Link
    Difficulty: ***
    First of all, Toon Link = Young Link = faster, less powerful Link. So yes, I'm
    writing about both at the same time. Anyways, a good Link player will get you 
    busy with his projectiles while he gets in and starts hitting you with that 
    sword. Link's Down A Aerial is quite deadly, even more so with his Toon 
    version. Link is a relatively large target though, making it easy to latch 
    Pikmin onto him. Overall, Link is a solid, all round character that can 
    operate at a range or up close with his sword, so beware of his range and 
    such. Just make sure to wear him down with Pikmin and then carefully 
    proceeding to smash him away, as neither version has a great recovery move.
    Difficulty: **
    Not too hard of a match. Zelda operates at a range largely thanks to her Din's
    Fire, but if they keep spamming it, just rush in and take advantage of the 
    opening it creates for you. Zelda also has a decent aerial game to boot. 
    Nowdays, it also takes her a while to transform into Sheik, letting you get in
    hits there as well. Regarding Sheik, she's been nerfed since Melee, making her
    easier to deal with. Sheik is still quick, but she also lacks any notable 
    range (except for Neutral B, where she throws darts), so take advantage of 
    that. Both are also easy to knock away, although Zelda has some decent 
    recovery, more so than Sheik.
    Difficulty: *
    Still the Captain Falcon clone he was in Melee, and still extremely slow. His 
    attacks will still put you in a world of hurt though, stay away while throwing
    Pikmin to do damage until you're ready to come in close. His Down B and Up B 
    in particular are somewhat quick, so be aware of that. Ganondorf also has bad 
    recovery for the most part, so long as you don't get caught in his Up B.
    Difficulty: ***
    Watch out for Kirby's smashes, they will do a number on you and are quick to 
    execute. As he is lightweight, he is easy to smash away, even though he has 
    some good recovery with his jumps. If the opponent spams Down B, jus throw him
    and smack away. Remember though, Kirby is no longer the wimp he was nerfed to 
    in Melee and is now quite deadly in the hands of a good player.
    Difficulty: ***
    MetaKnight notably lacks in any real killing moves, but makes up for hit with 
    multi-hit attacks and good speed, which will kill you anyways in the end. 
    His Neutral A can also deflect Pikmin due to their rapid strikes. MetaKnight 
    also has no projectiles, making it possible to play keep away while throwing 
    on the Pikmin. And though MetaKnight is easy to knock away, he has great 
    recovery potential since he can glide about, so time your Meteor Smash to end 
    King Dedede
    Difficulty: **
    Though insanely powerful if his attacks hit you (no kidding, he can blow you 
    away with a good charged smash around 30%), all of his attacks are very slow 
    to get off, letting you get in some good Pikmin damage before having to move 
    in. Dedede can also chain throw you if you get stuck in a corner, leading to a
    very unpleasant situation, so avoid that. Dedede also has limited ranged 
    recovery with his Up B, and people often forget to cancel so he can grab the 
    ledge, so take advantage of that. Basically, play defensively and avoid that 
    hammer at all costs.
    Pokemon Trainer
    Difficulty: Varies
    Oh boy, 3 different opponents to learn: 
    Ivysaur: Not too bad. Ivysaur's Forward B is annoying as it'll go through your
    Pikmin if they're in the way to hit you. Futhermore, it has some nasty range 
    to it as well, meaning you'll have to be careful in avoiding it. Otherwise, 
    most aspects of Ivysaur suck; he's slow, and really lacks anything except to 
    spam Forward B. His Neutral B is good anti-air though (spammable as well), so 
    don't get caught in it. His Up B also gives him fair recovery by latching onto
    the edge, so don't let him come back by edgehogging it from him.
    Charizard: A bit more difficult, but not that bad again. Watch out for Rock 
    Smash, it will do some nasty damage if he catches you, and will lead to early 
    KOs. His Neutral B is also annoying (think Bowser's Fire Breath), and 
    Charizard has some great recovery thanks to his flying capabilities. But, 
    Charizard is also slow, and a big target to throw Pikmin onto and rack up the
    passive damage. Just Meteor Smash him down into oblivion if you can.
    Squirtle: A speedy turtle? Yeah, Squirtle is annoying in the hands of a right 
    player. He outspeeds you and will take advantage of that, making him hard to 
    hit. His smashes also have good range, making it hard to get near him as well.
    Overall, play conservatively, Squirtle is light and easy to knock away with a 
    good smash.
    Difficulty: ***
    Another small, speedy opponent, which doesn't help your Pikmin game. Pikachu 
    has some range via Neutral B and (to an extent) Forward B, so watch out for 
    those. Thunder (Down B) will also be annoying, so avoid getting juggled in it.
    But as with all light characters, just get some damage onto him and smash 
    away. A good Pikachu player will have some great recovery with Up B though, 
    but it leaves him vulnerable afterwards.
    Difficulty: **
    Kirby clone with no copy move and less deadly overall. Down B, though weakened
    since Melee, will still do some nasty damage if she catches you with it; 
    otherwise it leaves a big opening for you do smash her away. Jigglypuff has 
    good recovery offered by her jumps, but still overall is easy enough to KO.
    Difficulty: ***
    Make note that as you damage Lucario, his own attacks will increase in damage
    as well, making a "weakened" Lucario deadly. As such, don't throw on too many 
    Pikmin, as you will only be helping him as well. Instead, focus on smashes and
    keeping him away from the stage, as his Up B isn't that great. However, watch 
    out for his counter (Down B), which will hurt you if you get up close too 
    Difficulty: ****
    Marth is never fun to face, whoever you use. He has speed, fast attacks, good
    recovery, and more. However, Marth very notably lacks in any sort of ranged 
    attack, making him an easy target to hit with Pikmin without retaliation. So 
    if you can play a good distance game with Marth and wait until your Pikmin do 
    their thing, you should be able to get in a good smash to finish him. However,
    this is a risk in that a good Marth player likes a slow game where he can 
    analyze the situation and prepare a response, so it also helps to be a bit 
    aggresive as well (or at least feign it).
    Difficulty: ***
    Ike (and in general other heavyweight characters) presents potential problems 
    for Olimar because they will often be able to send Olimar flying and 
    potentially KOing around 40% minimum. Ike in particular is annoying, being 
    one of the faster heavyweights. However, he lacks any serious range attacks, 
    allowing you the perfect chance to pelt him with Pikmin, and then simply 
    moving in for the kill.
    Difficulty: ***
    Annoying because players will often spam PK Fire to deflect your Pikmin and 
    potentially hit you. Still, it is possible to get some Pikmin latched on. 
    Beware that he can also use his Forward Smash to reflect your Pikmin onto you 
    as well. Lucas also possesses powerful multi-hit attacks (such as his Up 
    Smash), so avoid coming down near him if possible. His close-up fighting 
    abilities aren't as good as Ness, but his projectiles win over him. Your 
    friend here will actually be a more aggressive play-style; as both Ness and 
    Lucas are somewhat light, you can move in closer sooner and get some smashes 
    in to KO them.
    Difficulty: ***
    Ness is really similar to Lucas, but there are distinct differences. For one, 
    Ness' aerial game completely destroys Lucas' aerial game, making him more 
    threatening in that aspect. His PK Fire isn't as spammable, but his smashes 
    and PK Fire can confuse you if not careful. His Final Smash is faster then 
    Lucas', but it spreads out more, and thus standing near Ness during it can 
    give more protection. For beating Ness, like with Lucas use a more aggressive
    play-style to knock them away quickly and limit their chances of return.
    Difficulty: ****
    Ever so annoying, Fox outspeeds you badly and can move in with some 
    devastating hits; the fact he also has the Reflector doesn't help. He also has
    his blaster as well, which he can spam to rake up the damage (though you won't
    flinch, so maybe rush them if they're prone to spamming it). You want to play
    conservatively, slowly raking up damage with your Pikmin before attempting a 
    KO. Dodge around him often (while making sure you don't get thrown obviously)
    and use your Down Smash to catch them.
    Difficulty: ****
    Much like Fox, Falco is also annoying to play against. His speed and attacks 
    can leave you in bad shape after a few hits. Falco differs in several small 
    ways from Fox; he kicks his Reflector, his blaster shots will do more damage 
    and stop you, and just in general his moveset is quite different from Melee; 
    Falco is much less a clone, and has some pretty different moves, so be aware 
    if you're used to the same old Falco from Melee. He also can chain grab like 
    no other, so take extra care not to get caught in one. Otherwise, fighting 
    Falco is much like fighting Fox; you'll want to play conservatively, using 
    your Pikmin to weaken them before attempting a smash to KO.
    Difficulty: ***
    Wolf is more powerful in raw strength than Fox or Falco, but also suffers some
    speed loss. This makes him slightly easier to deal with, as you won't have to 
    continally worry about being chased down by him. His blaster, if used up 
    close, can deal extra damage in addition to the blaster stun. His Forward 
    Special goes up at an angle, as opposed to Fox and Falco, and beware, it also 
    doubles as a Meteor Smash if he hits you just right. His Reflector also has a 
    counter-esq element to it as well. Fighting Wolf is slightly different than 
    Fox or Falco; you have to take more care in not being hit by his harmful 
    attacks, and you can afford to outrun him if necessary. Again though, let the
    Pikmin do the work if possible, then move in for a smash. Be careful again not
    to get caught in his Forward Special, lest you want to risk a quick exit.
    Difficulty: ***
    Another character that's annoying since players tend to spam his attacks. 
    Neutral B gives Pit a ranged attack, while Forward B will lead to nasty multi-
    hit damage, as well as deflecting Pikmin you try throwing on him (his Down B 
    will also deflect Pikmin). And of course, his Up B will let him fly about and 
    make some insane recoveries (unless of course you meteor him down). Play 
    conservatively, letting your Pikmin rack up the passive damage and then 
    smash him away. When he tries recovring with Up B, be ready to greet him with 
    some aerial attacks of your own.
    Ice Climbers
    Difficulty: ***
    This duo can put the smackdown on you, as they attack in a pair (and thus, 
    have double the damage and chance to KO you with smashes). They key to beating
    the Ice Climbers is first to identify which one is the main one (easy enough),
    and then to either focus on keeping him away from the partner or otherwise 
    KOing the partner, leaving him severly weakened (without the partner, a sole
    Ice Climber will not last long). So long as you can somehow seperate them, you
    should be able to use your usual strategies to beat them.
    Mr. Game and Watch
    Difficulty: ***
    A good G&W player can give you some trouble, but it's very easy to get in KOs 
    since he is so light. Beware of his throws, as a good G&W will grab you throw 
    you downward, and then Down Smash for some nasty damage. His Neutral B (Chef) 
    will also deflect Pikmin, making it harder to throw them on. In particular, 
    try to make good use of your Down A aerial to get in cheap KOs while G&W is 
    trying to recover. Down Smash as always is your friend.
    Captain Falcon
    Difficulty: **
    He might outspeed you, but your attacks hit almost as quick, and Falcon lacks 
    any sort of ranged move really. The usual "latch him and smash him" motto 
    works just fine here as well. Just beware when you try to Meteor Smash them,
    as Falcon's Up B is annoying if you get caught in it accidentally.
    Difficulty: **
    *ignores the cries of "they're both 2 different characters*. Same strategies 
    apply really. Samus is still slow and lacks good recovery moves, so knock her 
    away from the stage and Meteor Smash her into oblivion. ZSS lacks the ranged 
    attacks of her armored version, but makes up for it with the most annoying 
    multi-hit attacks possible, so don't get too close just yet. Just keep the 
    Pikmin on here and smash away when she's taken enough passive damage, she's 
    fairly lightweight.
    Difficulty: ***
    ROB is...annoying. ROB is deceivingly light, he's actually quite hard to knock
    away for starters. His special attacks have good range to them, and a good ROB
    player will juggle between them to keep you guessing. And to top it off, he 
    has great recovery with Up B with good aerials. So make sure you throw your 
    Pikmin on and dodge around his own ranged attacks, and move in when there is 
    an opening.
    Difficulty: **
    Snake can be deadly, as all of his explosives will send you flying. In 
    particular, his Down B and Down Smash will plant explosives into the ground, 
    with the Down B being remotely activated (the Smash one will just explode on 
    whoever is on it at the time). So make sure you note where he plants his 
    little explosives. His Up B also gives him decent recovery, so make note of 
    that. Otherwise, Snake isn't the most agile guy around, letting you get in 
    Pikmin relatively easy. Just make sure you don't stumble onto his explosives
    and you'll be fine.
    Difficulty: **
    The fastest character in the game, Sonic has some great combo potential along 
    with a great vertical recovery. However, none of his attacks really have that 
    "POW" that others do, making it hard for Sonic to get in KOs. If you can, get 
    some Pikmin onto him and move in to smash, as Sonic's B moves generally seem 
    to be more for a distance game rather than up close.
    Difficulty: * to *****
    Ah, the inevitable mirror match. Here, it all comes down to who can get in the
    most passive damage with Pikmin before getting in the smash to blow them away.
    Make good use of your A attacks here, such as Up A to rake up more additional 
    damage. Then Down Smash to clear them away.
    8. Stadium Mode Strategies [SMS]
    Target Test
    Stage 1: A no brainer really. Wander around and hit the targets.
    Stage 2: Same as above really, nothing particularly hard to hit. Maybe use 
    the availible bazooka to make life easier, and avoid the mushroom on the one
    lower level, it'll just shrink you.
    Stage 3: Contributed by dramonic:
    "You will need a blue or red pikmin in 1st place for this to work. I've 
    included a little plan (yes, my drawing sucks)
    First, fall to the right of the platform where you start and use a pikmin 
    chain to hit 1. Fall on platform A. Jump onto the large area to your upper 
    left and use a pikmin chain to destroy 2 and 3 (note that 3 moves up and down,
    so time yourself well). Next, jump and use F-aerial to hit 4 (red pikmin is 
    now 3rd) , fall a bit, hit 5 with N-aerial, fall a bit, hit 6 with F-aerial 
    (red pikmin is now 2nd). Next, jump back to where 5 was. Jump onto the moving 
    platform and throw a pikmin so it drops down the wall and onto 7 (red is now 
    1st). jump from the moving platform to point C and throw a pikmin in midair 
    so it hits 8. If done correctly, itll also hit 9 and 10. If you need to, you 
    can also stand on the left edge of the platform where 8 is and throw from 
    there, it also works. It takes around 17 seconds if you do it well."
    And my somewhat cruddy rendition of his drawing:
    Numbers: Targets
    ==== : Moving platform
                                                       1  |
    ----------                ------------                |
              |_              |          |                |
                |             |          |
    -------------             ------------
       4      B
    ------           ---------------------       A
         |           |                   |
    ------           |                   |      ------
            5        ---------------------      |    |
           ---            C        8            ------
           | |                   ---
     6     | |         ==== -> ->| | ->
    ---    | |                   | |
           | |                   | |
           | |                   | |             9
           ---                   | |
    _____                        | |                            10
         |                       | |
         ------                  ---            ------       ---------
               |                               |      |
               -------------              -----       |
                            |            |            |
                            ----  7  ----             |
                                |   |                 |
    ----------------------------     ------------------
    Stage 4: Coming soon once unlocked!
    Stage 5: Coming soon once unlocked!
    Home Run Contest
    My strategy here is somewhat simple (though there are bound to be more 
    effective ones out there). But anyways, get the Sandbag up into the air with 
    your Up Smash, then pound on it with your Up A Aerial attacks (though beware 
    of smacking the bag too high). Once time is almost out, charge up the bat and 
    Multi-Man Brawl
    10-Man Brawl: Come on, 10 alloys. Just use your Up Smash and Down Smash to 
    clear them out. No need to pluck additional Pikmin.
    100-Man Brawl: This is a bit more difficult. Olimar is a lightweight, making 
    him an easy target to KO later in the battle. Make sure you keep a full 
    compliment of 6 Pikmin with you at all times. Smashes once again are your best
    friends, particularly the Down Smash. Make good use of your aerials. All of 
    this boils down to how well your defensive capabilities are; if you can weave 
    about your opponents and endure, you should be able to beat this.
    edge578 writes:
    "For the 100 man melee, I suggest standing under the left platform and keep 
    spamming the up smash. If any alloys get to the side, use the over smash. You 
    can kill a lot of alloys if you do this correctly."
    3 Minute Brawl: Come on, if you can do 100-Man, you can easily last for 3 
    measly minutes. Smash them into oblivion and evade their attacks. Down Smash 
    once again is your best best for crowd coverage.
    15 Minute Brawl: Here's more of a test of how long you can last before you get
    bored in my opinion. Once again, evade and Down Smash to victory.
    Endless Brawl: Just follow the above suggestions and have fun taking out as 
    many alloys as you can!
    Cruel Brawl: Ouch...if you want a better way to test your defensive 
    capabilities, look no further. 1-2 hits will easily send you flying here.
    Don't even bother plucking more Pikmin at the start; just run in there and try
    to get in as many KOs as possible.
    *Strategy submitted by pikmin1254*
    Pluck 3 more Pikmin and go off the left side, jump down and use Pikmin Chain, 
    then tap A to send some back and repeat. A video could easily explaing this: 
    Boss Battles
    For this section, I am presuming that you'll have hopefully faced these guys
    at some point or at least have familiarized yourself with dodging their 
    attacks and stuff. A great Boss guide written by MogAzure10 can be found here: 
    Now for the strategies (not completely sure if they're in order though). This 
    is just a general guide, meant to supplement your experience while battling 
    Petey Piranha
    Yeah...just go for the cages obviously. Up A and Neutral A aerials work fine 
    against this guy, as well as your Pikmin Chain. Avoiding his attacks are easy
    as well since they're slow.
    The usual strategy applies here as well; spam Forward A aerial and the Pikmin 
    chain to bring down Rayquaza. You can also use your Down A aerial when he's 
    under you as well for good damage.
    Duon has 2 different sides he can use to attack you with: purple and blue. If 
    you're facing the purple side, carefully draw near it and hit it with your 
    Forward A aerials, or maybe Up B. Against the blue side, your Pikmin Throw is 
    your best bet; they won't latch on, but they will still damage him. Not too 
    hard overall.
    Pokey Minch
    Throwing Pikmin can deal some light damage, but Forward A aerial and the 
    Pikmin Chain are your usual bread-and-butter. Watch out for his stampede 
    attack, it'll kill your Pikmin in no time.
    Come on, why use Olimar here when you should be using Samus? :P
    But yeah, not that hard. Use your aerials here as usual. Neutral A aerial is 
    great for scoring multiple hits, and Up A and Forward A aerials deal their 
    usual decent damage.
    Your aerial attacks are your firend here. Forward A aerial in particular is 
    pretty effective against him. Down A aerial works when he stands up to try 
    attacking you as well. Not that hard to beat.
    Meta Ridley
    Your only real strategy here is your Up A aerial attacks. Meta Ridley is 
    constantly in motion and flying about, so your only real hope is to hit him in
    the air. Up B can also do some damage as well.
    Master Hand 
    Fairly easy imo. Your Up A aerials will work wonders with their 
    multiple hits, and your Up Smash can also hit him from below, so have fun 
    killing him. Watch out for his attacks though, a good hit when you're around 
    40% will send you flying.
    Crazy Hand
    Not much different than his brother. A bit more...crazy I guess, 
    but the same tactics for Master Hand should work fine.
    Obviously, your best bet is to dodge and weave about his rather nasty attacks 
    while using your aerial attacks to wear him down. He's hard, but managable 
    with enough practice in dodging his attacks.
    9. FAQs [FAQU]
    Please submit all questions, comments, and suggestions to: 
    Q: What's your FC?
    A: Maybe I'll post this at a later date. Gonna keep it secret for now :P
    Q. OMG, you forgot X and/or X!
    A: While I try to get everything covered the first time around, this guide is 
    still a work in progress. I'd be happy to accept any good material or inputs 
    you have though.
    Q: You suck! Olimar is *insert any number of insults*
    A: Sounds like someone is getting tired of getting owned by the little 
    Q: X character is better, why bother with Olimar?
    A: It all comes down to how much you practice, really. Olimar isn't exactly 
    the easiest character to pick up at first, but he grows on you over time.
    Q: Where is Olimar on the Tier List?
    A: There has yet to be an official tier list since the game is so new.
    However, from my experience, I'd say he'll be up there, as he can handle some
    of the "old" high tiers (Fox, Falco, etc) pretty easily if you're good enough.
    Q: What stages are best for Olimar?
    A: Overall, I'd have to say something like Final Destination or Smashville; 
    bascially, any stage with little to no obstructions or obstacles in the way is
    great, as you have a clear line of sight to throw your Pikmin. Obstructions 
    and stuff tend to get in the way and make it harder to get your Pikmin to do
    their work.
    Q: How do you unlock Olimar?
    A: ...ever try looking at the selection screen? He's unlocked from the 
    beginning, which is nice in my opinion.
    Q: You have incorrect info/percentages on X attack or X combo/strategy.
    A: I believe most of what I have is correct, but if you see anything wrong, 
    please say so and I'll give you credit for fixing it.
    Q: Can I contribute?
    A: Sure thing. Just send me an email with your screen name and advice, and if 
    it's good enough, I'll add it in the next version update along with credit 
    given to you.
    10. Version and Credits [VERC]
    Version 1: March 25, 2008. Thought of idea to write an Olimar guide, wrote the
    basic guide (version 1.00), submitted to Gamefaqs.
    Version 1.05: March 25, 2008. Rejected first time for "lack of content" (come 
    on, there's at least 1-2 guides even shorter). Added Stadium Mode Strategies, 
    updated the FAQ a bit, added more general info and fancy new heading, and did 
    a bit of general cleanup.
    Version 1.06: March 28, 2008. Annoying rejected again for "lack of content" 
    (once again, there are several more guides out there with more lack of content
    than mine...). Added character match-ups for EVERY character and some more 
    general advice and strategies.
    Version 1.07: March 31, 2008. Rejected freaking again for the same reason, and
    they put up another guide to add insult to injury that's shorter and not even 
    fully finished like mine were. Added all Boss Battles, added more descriptions
    to the attacks, added more useage advice, expanded the VS specific character 
    section more, and added a Home Run Contest strategy.
    Version 1.08: April 2, 2008. Btw, finally accepted! Added Zach (pikmin1254)
    strategy for Cruel Brawl and corrected treasure info in the bio. Thanks again!
    Also added Neoseeker and Super Cheats to the list of sites authorized to use 
    the guide.
    Version 1.09: April 5, 2008. Added contributions from dramonic and edge578.
    Sent this version to be updated on the sites.
    Nintendo: For making the game obviously.
    Gamefaqs: For hosting this guide.
    Battle-frontier.com: For all the testing against friends there and being a 
    general fun site for Pokemon and Brawl.
    And a special thanks to all you readers out there!
    (C) 2008 by Regis_Neo aka Travis Evans

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