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    Jigglypuff by Kattokana

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/04/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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        | .  .-.. .-..| .  ..,-. .  .-|--|-   | --..  .   .  .-.| .-. 
        ; | (   |(   || |  ||   )|  | |  |    :   ||  |   | (   |(.-' 
    `--'-' `-`-`| `-`|`-`--||`-' `--`-'  '     `--'`--`--' `-`-'`-`--'
             ._.' ._.'     ;|                                         
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    Creator: Sam Corrigan (Kattokana)
    AIM: tehkattomeat / tehkattomeat@aim.com
    Version 1.1
    Started: March 29th, 2008.
    Emails will be sent to my AIM, though I don't get on it too often.
    - Version 1.0 -
    - Rejected on 1st of April / 2nd of April (GMT) 2008 for being incomplete.
    - Infinite attack tested against Ganondorf on Shadow Moses. Ganondorf
      could escape at one point, however I will keep trying other characters.
    - Added Break the Target strategies.
    - Added Terminology and Bosh Rush mode strategies.
    - Added Boss Rush Mode strategies.
    - A tidy up.
    - Version 1.1 -
    - Added more terms in Terminology.
    - Added uses for moves in Moveset.
    - Altered some Character Matchups.
    - Version 1.2 -
    - Added in more data for Character Matchups.
    - Cleared up some typos and added to the Pros and Cons.
    - Added to Terminology.
    - Footstool Jump combo added.
    - Much more depth added to descriptions on stage advantages.
    1. Introduction                           [INT]
    2. Unlocking Jigglypuff                   [LOK]
    3. Pros and Cons                          [PAC]
    4. Terminology                            [TRM]
    5. Moveset                                 [MS]
    6. Matchups                               [MAT]
    a. Mario                                  [MRO]
    b. Luigi                                  [LGI]
    c. Peach                                  [PCH]
    d. Bowser                                 [BSR]
    e. Donkey Kong                            [DON]
    f. Diddy Kong                             [DID]
    g. Yoshi                                  [YSI]
    h. Wario                                  [WRO]
    i. Link                                   [LNK]
    j. Zelda                                  [ZDA]
    k. Sheik                                  [SHK]
    l. Ganondorf                              [GOR]
    m. Toon Link                               [TL]
    n. Samus                                  [SMS]
    o. Zero Suit Samus                        [ZSS]
    p. Pit                                    [PIT]
    q. Ice climbers                            [IC]
    r. ROB                                    [ROB]
    s. Kirby                                  [KBY]
    t. Metaknight                              [MK]
    u. Dedede                                 [DDD]
    v. Olimar                                 [PAO]
    w. Fox                                    [FOX]
    x. Falco                                  [FLC]
    y. Wolf                                   [WLF]
    z. Captain Falcon                          [CF]
    aa. Pikachu                               [CHU]
    bb. Ivysaur                               [IVY]
    cc. Charizard                             [ZAR]
    dd. Squirtle                              [SQL]
    ee. Lucario                               [RIO]
    ff. Jigglypuff                            [JIG]
    gg. Marth                                 [MAR]
    hh. Ike                                   [IKE]
    ii. Ness                                  [NES]
    jj. Lucas                                 [LCS]
    kk. Mr Game & Watch                       [GAW]
    ll. Snake                                 [SNK]
    mm. Sonic                                 [SNC]
    nn. Conclusion                            [CON]
    oo. Hard                                  [HRD]
    pp. Neutral                               [NTR]
    qq. Easy                                  [ESY]
    7. Stage advantages                        [SV]
    a. Battlefield                             [BF]
    b. Final Destination                       [FD]
    c. Delfino Plaza                         [DELP]
    d. Luigi's Mansion                       [LGMN]
    e. Mushroomy Kingdom                      [MSK]
    f. Mushroomy Kingdom Underground         [MSKU]
    g. Mario Circuit                         [MCIR]
    h. Rumble Falls                           [RFL]
    i. Bridge of Eldin                        [BOE]
    j. Pirate Ship                            [PRS]
    k. Norfair                                [NFA]
    l. Frigate Orpheon                       [FORP]
    m. Yoshi's Island                         [YID]
    n. The Halberd                           [BERD]
    o. Lylat Cruise                          [LCRU]
    p. Pokemon Stadium 2                      [PS2]
    q. Spear Pillar                           [PDP]
    r. Port Town Aero Drive                  [PTAD]
    s. Castle Siege                           [CSG]
    t. WarioWare Inc.                         [WWI]
    u. Distant Planet                        [DPLA]
    v. Smashville                            [SMAV]
    w. New Pork City                          [NPC]
    x. The Summit                            [TSUM]
    y. Sky World                              [SKW]
    z. 75m                                    [75M]
    aa. Mario Bros.                           [MBS]
    bb. Flat Zone 2                           [FZ2]
    cc. Pictochat                             [PCO]
    dd. Hanenbow                              [HNB]
    ee. Shadow Moses Island                  [SMIS]
    ff. Green Hill Zone                       [GHZ]
    gg. Past Stages                          [PSTG]
    hh. Hyrule Temple                        [HRTP]
    ii. Yoshi's Island                       [PYID]
    jj. Jungle Japes                          [JJA]
    kk. Onett                                [ONTP]
    ll. Corneria                             [CRNI]
    mm. Rainbow Cruise                       [RCRU]
    nn. Dream Land                           [DRMP]
    oo. Big Blue                             [BBLU]
    pp. Brinstar                             [BRNS]
    qq. Pokemon Stadium 1                     [PS1]
    8. Stadium                                [STM]
    a. Break the Targets                       [BT]
    a1. Easy Targets                           [ET]
    a2. Normal Targets                         [NT]
    a3. Hard Targets                          [HRT]
    a4. Very Hard Targets                     [VHT]
    a5. Intense Targets                       [ITT]
    b. Home Run Contest                       [HRC]
    c. Multi-Man Brawl                        [MMB]
    c1. 100-Man Brawl                       [100MB]
    c2. 3 Minute Brawl                        [3MB]
    c3. 15 Minute Brawl                      [15MB]
    c4. Cruel Brawl                           [CRL]
    d. Boss Rush Mode                         [BRM]
    d1. Petey                                 [PTY]
    d2. Master Hand & Crazy Hand              [MAC]
    d3. Ridley                                [RDY]
    d4. Rayquaza                              [RQZ]
    d5. Meta Ridley                           [MRY]
    d6. Porky                                 [PRK]
    d7. Galleom 1&2                           [G12]
    d8. Duon                                  [DUN]
    d9. Tabuu                                 [TBU]
    9. Combos                                 [CBO]
    a. Rest Combo                              [RC]
    b. WoP                                    [CWP]
    c. Infinite Attack?                       [INF]
    d. Chasing them Down                      [CTD]
    e. Footstool Jump Combo                   [FJC]
    f. Rising Pounds                           [RP]
    g. Singing among the edge                  [ES]
    h. Nerfs                                  [NRF]
    10. Misc./Other Stuff                     [MSC]
    11. Jigglypuff Final Smash Glitch         [JFS]
    12. FAQ.                                 [JFAQ]
    13. Credits/Special Thanks               [STHX]
    14. Legal Stuff                           [LGL]
    Hello and welcome, as you may be aware, this is a guide for Jigglypuff, 
    the Pokemon. First we are going to see where Jigglypuff originated, 
    Jigglypuff has starred in many a Pokémon game, first starting with 
    Pokémon Red/Green(Blue), and becoming largely popular through the Pokémon
    anime series, which is the likely cause of her entering the 
    Smash Bros. Series.
    In this guide we will be answering and talking over the important things
    like, why could Jigglypuff learn Fly in the games.
    How does rest cause combustion.
    Who farted?
    And why you should consider trying out Jigglypuff.
    Jigglypuff is the normal type Balloon Pokémon, #39 in the National Dex.
    Jigglypuff is the evoloution of Igglybuff through affection.
    Jigglypuff then evolves into Wigglytuff if exposed to a Moon Stone.
    naturally she is very light and floaty in Smash Bros.
    In the Japanese games, she goes by the name of Purin (pudding) who knows why,
    she doesn't look very appetizing. This guide will be
    focusing on Jigglypuff in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    Interested in trying out Jigglypuff? Read on.
    You can skip along to any chapter instantly using Ctrl+F
    and typing in the key word in the brackets for each chapter.
    ........Unlocking Jigglypuff........[LOK]
    Hold up there! You need to unlock Jigglypuff before you can play.
    To unlock Jigglypuff you need to either;
    Play 350 normal Brawls (Special Brawl won't work)
    Beat the SSE, then proceed to clear atleast 20 event matches.
    (I think Co-Op events are excluded)
    Enter the floating door in the Swamp area which appears after clearing
    the SSE.
    ...........Pros and Cons............[PAC]
    Jigglypuff has a number of Pros and Cons keeping her in balance, 
    let's take a look.
    - Very bouyant, she can float everywhere.
    - Almost unlimited recovery, featuring her 5 jumps and the rising pound.
    - Good at edge guarding.
    - High speed whilst aerial.
    - Rest combo (more on this later)
    - Being underestimated!
    - Avenger resting.
    - Slow running speed.
    - Very lightweight, easily KO'd.
    - Broken shield means death.
    - Received nerf.
    - Does not pack as much punch as some powerhouses such as Ike.
    - Cannot chain grab.
    - Small range / no disjointed hitbox.
    I will be using some technical terms up ahead.
    Aren't familiar with things like fair, dsmash, or utilt?
    Read on.
    Term: Fair
    Action: Forward aerial attack.
    Term: Bair
    Action: Backwards aerial attack.
    Term: Dair
    Action: Downwards aerial attack.
    Term: Uair
    Action: Upwards aerial attack.
    Term: Nair
    Action: Neutral aerial attack.
    Term: Utilt
    Action: Upwards tilt attack.
    Term: Ftilt
    Action: Forwards tilt attack.
    Term: Dtilt
    Action: Downwards tilt attack.
    Term: Fsmash
    Action: Forward Smash attack.
    Term: Usmash
    Action: Upwards Smash attack.
    Term: Dsmash
    Action: Downwards Smash attack.
    Term: Rollout
    Action: Jigglypuff's neutral B attack.
    Term: Pound
    Action: Jigglypuff's forward B attack.
    Term: Rest
    Action: Jigglypuff's downwards b attack.
    Term: Sing
    Action: Jigglypuff's upwards b attack.
    Term: Lag
    Action: The cooldown time a character takes after performing an action.
    Term: DI (Directional Influence)
    Action: You hold your analog in the direction you wish to travel.
    (Example, you would want to DI backtowards the stage if you were knocked
    far away)
    Term: KO
    Action: Knock Out, to take one stock away.
    Term: Stock
    Action: The amount of lives you have in a Stock Match.
    Term: Tech(ing)
    Action: When falling, by pressing L or R just before you hit the ground,
    you can recover by getting up instantly, you can Tech left or right.
    But you cannot Tech in chosen directions if you Tech off of a cielling
    or wall.
    Term: Short Hop
    Action: By releasing the Jump Button/Analog just before the character
    crouches down to jump, they will perform a Short Hop, which is a small
    Term: Fast Fall
    Action: Self explanatory, holding down on the analog while in the air
    will make you fall down faster.
    Term: Sweet spot
    Action: Finding just the right distance from a ledge that performing
    an action will see you grab the ledge in quickest time possible.
    Or the strongest area of the attack.
    Term: Z-drop
    Action: You may simply drop items downwards while in the air by pressing
    Z without a direction. It has less lag than lobbing the item downwards.
    Term: Tipper
    Action: Some attacks for characters do more or less damage at the tip
    of the attack.
    Term: Gimp
    Action: To KO a character at extremely low percentages, or for the stage
    lips blocking recovery.
    Term: Spike / Meteor Smash
    Action: Usually a powerful attack, which, if it connects properly, will
    knock the victim directly downwards, moves like these can be fatal, since
    they can KO at lower percentages. Jigglypuff has none of these.
    Term: Super Armour
    Action: Some characters have frames on a certain attack which prevents them
    from taking any knockback whatsoever, they will however still take the
    damage. Additionally, all characters have a Super Armour frame for their
    grabs. An example would be Ike's Eruption, Wario's forward smash, and
    Olimar's whistle.
    Term: Foxtrot
    Action: Basically performing the start up dash animation followed up by
    another and repeat.
    Term: Edge Hog
    Action: Only one character can hang from the edge at a time, so this can
    prevent some characters from recovering properly since they won't grab the
    edge when recovering or falling, meaning they fall to their doom.
    Term: Edge Guard
    Action: To try and prevent someone from recovering back to the stage 
    properly. So basically once they're off the stage, you want to try and
    keep them off.
    Term: Dash Dance
    Action: If you can wiggle the analog stick left and right extremely fast,
    your character will repeat the dash start up animation from left to right
    on the spot, during this, there is one frame where your character appears to
    be standing up, you can do any action from this frame. Main use is for 
    Term: Trip
    Action: In Brawl, a silly mechanic known as tripping occurs. Each time you
    start a dash, you have an extremely small chance to trip, but in some 
    situations, tripping can be fatal.
    Term: Ledge Hop
    Action: By lightly pushing down or the opposite side of the edge with the
    analog, you will release your grip on the edge, from this, you can
    immediately jump back up with an attack.
    Term: Wall of Pain (WoP)
    Action: One of Jigglypuff's trump cards. Jigglypuff will unleash several bairs
    or fairs in succession and aimed precisely, which is very effective for edge
    guarding, or even killing, this is not as effective as it was in Melee.
    Term: Chain Grab
    Action: Some characters have grabs that allow them to grab their opponent
    immediately after the throw, without them able to escape 'til certain 
    percentages, this is used to wrack up damage.
    Term: Wall Jumping
    Action: The ability to jump off of a wall in addition to the character's
    original jumps.
    Term: Wall Sticking
    Action: The ability to hang onto a wall for a brief moment.
    Term: Footstool Jumping
    Action: To bounce off of another character's head to gain extra height.
    It also pushes the opponent down if you Footstool Jump them in mid-air.
    Term: Lips
    Action: The lip of the stage is  the small ceilling or solid edges at the
    sides of a stage, using a recover straight upwards from underneath it will
    cause you to collide with the stage, thus messing up some recoveries.
    Term: Star KO
    Action: To KO an opponent by sending them upwards, which plays an animation of
    them, drifting in the background, before finally turning into a star.
    Term: Shield Grab
    Action: To grab an opponent straight out of your shield, a good use would be
    to block a dash attack, or a slow attack, then grab them out of it for a 
    Term: FFA (Free For All)
    Action: Basically described as a match with 3 or more people playing, and no
    I will be recording damage percentages for each move while giving
    basic descriptions and data. 
    Note I will be using Dull spot only on attacks that can hit a dull spot.
    Attack: A
    Damage: 3%
    Lag: None.
    Knockback: Next to none.
    Description: A slap.
    Use: This attack comes out extremely fast and has just about no lag, this move
    is perfect for interrupting slow incoming attacks from the opponent. So it
    will be useful to combo out of it while your opponent is still in the shock.
    Attack: AA
    Damage: 6%
    Lag: Next to none.
    Knockback: Next to none.
    Description: A slap followed up by the first, effectively becoming 
    double-slap. A good move for interrupting smashes.
    Use: See A, except you can spam this a combo when your opponent gets too close
    which will either force them to roll back or try to attack back.
    Attack: Nair
    Damage: 10%
    Dull spot: 6% 
    Lag: None.
    Knockback: Small.
    Description: Jigglypuff sticks her leg out forwards, touching it will 
    result in a hit. Note, does 10% on the first initial frames of the foot 
    coming out, DI'ing into someone with it out will do 6%
    Use: This move is great for ending combos, or just using it as a retreating
    attack, say if you go too deep on the offensive, and can see yourself
    getting hit any moment, just short hop nair and DI away.
    Attack: Fair
    Damage: 12%
    Dull spot: 6%
    Lag: Jigglypuff does a very quick twist if she lands while using this attack.
    Knockback: Medium.
    Description: Jigglypuff performs some sort of drop kick. Good move to
    "scoop" people into the stage, or start chasing.
    Use: Like above, you can use it to scoop people into the stage, which will
    cause them to bounce off of the stage itself, which can ruin characters with
    low vertical recovery. It's also a good move to start the offensive.
    Attack: Bair
    Damage: 12%
    Lag: Next to none.
    Knockback: Good.
    Description: Jigglypuff twists around while performing a kick.
    Use: One of Jigglypuff's best moves, this can be used to kill, or just
    get your opponent away, you can link it up with another Bair then into
    a ftilt, you should always be ready to use this attack.
    Attack: Uair
    Damage: 9%
    Lag: Small.
    Knockback: Little.
    Description: Jigglypuff waves upwards.
    Use: This doesn't have much practical use other than juggling, it has
    low knockback and little priority. Should only really be used on big
    heavyweight characters.
    Attack: Dair
    Damage: 2% each hit 16% max
    Lag: Slight lag if fast falled.
    Knockback: Next to none.
    Description: Jigglypuff spins and while drilling her feet into the
    opponent below. This attack is good for starting combos, or following
    it up with a utilt.
    Use: You can block certain recoveries with this attack, like short hop
    dair'ing Fox's up b. It is also good for wracking up damage, just be
    sure not to fast fall this move, or you shall experience some lag, otherwise
    you can follow this up with a utilt.
    Attack: Fsmash
    Damage: 13% - 16%
    Dull spot: 18% - 22%
    Lag: Some windup lag.
    Knockback: Good.
    Description: Jigglypuff lunges forward with a kick.
    Use: Basic KO'ing move, you will likely have to encounter your opponent
    in a state of helplessness to hit with it though, unless you use it for
    Attack: Dsmash
    Damage: 12% - 16%
    Lag: Slight windup lag.
    Knockback: Good.
    Description: Jigglypuff dances and smashes downwards, 
    she faces the screen as her two feet extend each side.
    Use: This has shorter range now, but you use this when some roll-happy
    player attempts to roll behind you.
    Attack: Usmash
    Damage: 13% - 18%
    Lag: Moderate cooldown lag.
    Knockback: Good.
    Description: Jigglypuff rears down and performs a headbutt, 
    moderate knockback.
    Use: This has bad range, it can do some knockback, but it likely won't KO.
    Again, you'd likely have to out-speed or encounter your opponent in a state
    of helplessness to connect.
    Attack: Ftilt
    Damage: 10%
    Lag: None.
    Knockback: Medium.
    Description: Jigglypuff kicks forward with a twist.
    Use: A nice quick attack you can use for combos, or ending combos. Use this
    to out-speed some of your opponents attacks, or just use it when landing.
    Attack: Utilt
    Damage: 8% - 9%
    Lag: None.
    Knockback: Medium.
    Description: Jigglypuff launchs her leg right up behind her.
    Use: This used to be great for juggling but, physics are all floaty now
    so it has lost some combo potential, just use it to end dair combos.
    Attack: Dtilt
    Damage: 10%
    Lag: Small.
    Knockback: Medium.
    Description: Jigglypuff crouches and extends her leg forwards.
    Use: This has some short range, you may aswell use the ftilt instead of
    this, but I guess you can use this for surprise.
    Attack: Dash attack
    Damage: 12%
    Dull spot: 8%
    Lag: Medium.
    Knockback: Medium.
    Description: Jigglypuff tackles the opponent with a full 
    on headbutt. Then skids along the ground.
    Use: Just for a change of strategy to surprise your opponent at some point.
    When it looks clear, rush in for a dash attack.
    Attack: Rollout
    1 second charge - 13%, moderate knockback. 
    2 second charge - 17%, good knockback.
    3 second charge - 18%, heavy knockback.
    Lag: Medium, large if it connects.
    Knockback: Very good.
    Description: Jigglypuff rolls forward at high velocity, 
    direction can be changed. Continues rolling if Jigglypuff
    has not made contact with anything solid/attackable.
    I.E. Capsule or character.
    Use: Very good KO move, when incorporated with mindgames, this move can be
    extremely useful, if someone is helplessly falling onto the stage. Take 
    advantage of their landing lag, and knock them out with your rollout.
    This move will continue even if it hits a shield, so you can weave
    in and out of your opponent as their shield degrades, so you'll likely hit
    Attack: Pound
    Damage: 11%
    Lag: Medium.
    Knockback: Good.
    Description: Jigglypuff uses pound, this move has more range than it appears.
    Can be used for recovery, also harms shields.
    Use: This can be used to approach or out prioritise other characters, this
    move is very deceiving and should not be taken lightly, it is also a life
    saver for recovering in some situations.
    Attack: Rest
    Damage: 15% - 43% (Max damage over time with the flower)
    Lag: Very large.
    Knockback: Very good.
    Description: Jigglypuff shows a shocked face, then falls asleep.
    To hit with this, Jigglypuff must connect on the first frame. 
    The range is the area within Jigglypuff.
    Use: This move will have alot of trouble hitting without the right set up.
    Now unfortunately, it has been nerfed, along with some other things which
    made this move so effective. This is primely a KO move, if you fail to
    deliver with this move, it will likely end up being a pain for you.
    Attack: Sing
    Damage: 0%
    Lag: Very large.
    Knockback: None.
    Description: this move puts your opponents to sleep, the higher their
    percentage, the longer they sleep.
    This attack does no damage, and is not advised to use on opponents
    with low percentages. The attack plays 3 times per animation, but does not
    "re-hit" opponents who were already inflicted with sleep in the
    same animation.
    Use: Edgesinging, otherwise, this move will more than likely get you hit.
    Attack: Grab attack.
    Damage: 3%
    Lag: Very little.
    Knockback: None.
    Description: Jigglypuff smacks the opponent with the perm on her head.
    Use: To wrack up some damage on opponents inbetween grabs, the lower
    their percentage, the faster they break out.
    Attack: Uthrow
    Damage: 10%
    Lag: Small.
    Knockback: Good.
    Description: Jigglypuff spins and launches the opponent up.
    Use: At low percentages, this move will be used for starting up combos.
    Otherwise, just use it as a standard grab and fit in with whatever you want.
    Attack: Fthrow
    Damage: 10%
    Lag: Small.
    Knockback: Medium.
    Description: Jigglypuff expands forcefully into the opponent,
    knocking them forwards.
    Use: Basic throw, use it to send your opponent away.
    Attack: Bthrow
    Damage: 10%
    Lag: Small.
    Knockback: Good.
    Description: Jigglypuff performs a suplex on the opponent.
    Use: Basic throw, with a little more knockback, good for keeping the opponent
    in a desired place.
    Attack: Dthrow
    Damage: 4% + 6%
    Lag: Large.
    Knockback: Medium.
    Description: Jigglypuff rolls back and forth on the opponents back,
    attempting to squish them.
    Use: Basically the same as the Uthrow, only a little laggier.
    Attack: Ledge attack
    Damage: 6%
    Lag: Small.
    Knockback: Small.
    Description: Jigglypuff hoists herself up then delivers an overhead kick.
    Use: You will be punished or out ranged if you are slow, better to ledge hop.
    Attack: Getting up
    Damage: 5%
    Lag: Medium.
    Knockback: Small.
    Description: Jigglypuff spins on her head and flails about.
    Use: Bash A right away if hit by Ganondorf's side b to counter attack
    him before he hits you, otherwise, no amazing use for this move.
    Attack: Puff up/Expand (Final Smash)
    Damage: 0% while expanding, 17% while shrinking.
    Lag: Medium.
    Knockback: Very Large.
    Description: Jigglypuff expands to an enormous size, and pushes all
    items that make contact with her off the stage. This deals instant-kill
    knockback at the peak of the Final Smash (the scream). Then deals
    17% and high knockback to anyone who makes contact with Jigglypuff 
    while she shrinks.
    Use: This attack will clear off just about all opponents on some stages,
    even if they hang onto the edge, they will get hit and likely killed as
    Jigglypuff begins to shrink, for most stages, simply get in the middle
    on the ground, and activate. On larger stages, try to corner them and use
    The matchup section, we will be giving an overview on your fights
    while playing Jigglypuff. Note that I just refer to the way
    the few people I fight play, meaning it is not 100% complete.
    If you have any important things to say about some of the characters
    send an email.
    The thing with Mario that you have to take advantage of is his range,
    you should be able to Pound your way into his defenses, 
    watch out for the uair and dair though, and not to mention the fsmash.
    Also note rest-happy players, that Mario's FLUDD can knock you off 
    the stage while you are in your defenseless frames, so you'll see
    yourself sink to your demise. The nair will also get in your way.
    Rest is not advised against Mario.
    He has some aerials to counter yours, and is better on the ground, 
    it's up to you to take advantage of his horrible recovery.
    So simply get him off the stage and hang on the edge,
    then keep bairing him 'til his recovery gets out of range.
    If you are on the ground through, be careful of the
    dsmash or the Weegee chop because they come out quickly,
    and the chop is able to KO at low percentages.
    If I recall correctly Peach was considered a Jigglypuff counter back in
    Melee, well anyway, it seems Jigglypuff is harmed by Turnips, being Z dropped
    and thrown upwards, distorting Jigglypuff's aerial game. Then there's the
    float cancelled dair, this one will eat your shield and has pretty
    high priority, avoid being under Peach. Then there's the counter double slap,
    you will want to Pound through it, but annoying attack nonetheless.
    Then finally the ftilt, this will KO Jigglypuff at somewhat high percentages,
    so your best bet is probably block any bairs and nair while Peach lags.
    Big target, this will be fun, he is easier to get with avenger rests if you
    anticipate their next move, or get them while they're taunting,
    you must however watch out for Bowser's up b and tilts, and even dsmash,
    otherwise, you should be able to rest combo him, but don't attempt
    to if you have a high percentage, any counter attacks (smashes) could
    probably kill you. Big targets are favourable.
    Have fun knocking him around. And finally, BEWARE of Bowser's down b,
    it will really  hurt your shield, so if you don't have a full shield,
    you really ought to side step this, it could be an instant kill. 
    If you do side step it, you may counter with a move of your choice.
    ............Donkey Kong.............[DON]
    This matchup can go either way, DK has some good Jigglypuff counters
    in his moveset, whereas you have some good Donkey Kong mashing moves in yours,
    first, BEWARE the headbutt, this will likely be followed up by a super punch
    or fsmash Which hurts alot, and if you block it, you risk taking a shield 
    breaker, and that's an instant kill for you. Then there's the utilt, DK can
    do this multiple times before you can DI out of it,
    it also mangles you when you try to dive down on him, 
    and the shield grabs hurt too. You want to focus on chasing him down
    with fairs, bairs and grabs.
    .............Diddy Kong.............[DID]
    This may be an annoying fight, Diddy will be firing peanuts 
    at you to keep you away from coming in horizontal diagonally from which 
    you would pound, then he will be lobbing bananas everywhere,
    distorting your chasing, however, his recovery is easily messed up,
    you may however take some damage from interrupting it, make sure you
    use the bananas against him, shield grabbing also works wonders in this
    matchup, while Diddy is recovering, scoop him up into the stage with a 
    fair and watch him fall to his doom.
    If you are at high percentages though, you should probably try to 
    edgehog Diddy instead. There's always a chance the barrels explode you
    into the stage, bouncing you into the bottom of the screen for a KO.
    Also note his side b can grab you through your shield but you are a 
    small character, so that's nothing too much to worry about.
    The kick has some good priority though, but not as much as Pound.
    Finally, there's the bananas, these sure will get annoying on the ground,
    which is why you will want to stay in the air, but they can get in the
    way regardless. Especially if you get caught on the ground, 
    and your opponent ends up glide tossing bananas at you followed up by 
    smashes. Also watch out for bananas placed near edges, they can sometimes
    get in your way, but you'll likely just float over them. 
    Try to return the bananas back if you get a chance,
    but not enough of a chance to run in and attack.
    Yoshi, a little irritating, yet fairly simple fight. For KO'ing Yoshi,
    you're going to have to rely on ground attacks for once, attacks
    with enough boot to send someone flying horizontally off the screen I.E.
    Rollout or the fsmash. Yoshi generally has Super Armour on his double jump 
    so he's gonna counter you if you hit him during his recovery,
    but you're going to put damage on him so it's a 50/50.
    Watch out for Yoshi's egg toss, he will try to snipe you when you approach.
    Be careful of Yoshi B move.It draws you in without touching you.
    Above this he has some quick attacks on the ground, so don't just stay right
    in front of him, wait to anticipate a roll, then fsmash in that direction.
    You must avoid Yoshi's down b, do not block it,
    as it really hurts your shield.
    Yoshi is easily picked off when he starts to shield, as he cannot jump right
    out of it, and any shield grabs are fairly slow and weak, so try to jump in
    and dair his shield without landing in front of him, it will force him to
    roll away, which leaves him open again, and his shield will gradually 
    weaken. Rollout can be good for shield breaking, actually.
    Wario will be annoying with his bite attack, constantly stopping your
    fairs and bairs in their tracks. You're probably safest from Wario high up.
    You'll also want to grab him on the few dire moments in which he is open. 
    Otherwise just avoid him up close, and stay at a moderate distance.
    Another one of Wario's annoying traits is his strange movements,
    it can be hard to predict exactly what he's going to do next.
    You absoloutely must avoid Wario's uair, as this can easily KO
    Jigglpuff, it also comes out pretty fast.
    Wario's fsmash has Super Armour (despite low range), the grabs
    can also keep you at a distance.
    So here you want to wait for Wario to do something before you go and
    attack him.
    As a certain email has informed me, Wario can have a fairly decent
    recovery by using his motorbike, not only does his motorbike lift
    him up slightly, but he can also jump off of it, which is higher than his
    normal jump, and even his up b after that if necessary. So if Wario has
    access to his motorbike, quickly attack him as he starts up the bike, as
    he is rather laggy there. If he is unable to use his motorbike, simply
    He has some long range, watch out for the Boomerang, he will try and snipe
    you when you approach. Range aside, Link is left open on quite a few of
    his attacks.
    You must not approach him directly from the above, or you may get
    caught in his upsmash. Link's recovery isn't exactly great so try
    to take advantage of his recovery, like many others Jigglypuff relies
    on using aerials to push other characters off the stage, 
    then blocking their recovery.
    This can be a fairly irritating matchup. Zelda has many moves to 
    keep Jigglypuff far away, she will constantly snipe with Din's fire, 
    which has more range than it appears, She will upsmash should you 
    approach anywhere above her. She will shield then dsmash if you go in
    too close, or fsmash if you are just nearby. Zelda can keep 
    you jumping around by trying to melt your rubbery hide with the uair.
    This will be tricky so, try to catch Zelda out, for example,
    you could charge your rollout, while she prepares to snipe with Dins fire,
    but under estimated the speed, so you end up hurdling towards the defenseless 
    Zelda. Once you've got Zelda down, keep her down!
    Fortunately, her recovery is easily anticipated, so prepare 
    to charge a rollout at her destination.
    If you are playing on a ledged stage, watch out, unless you shield, 
    you will be upsmashed from under a ledge, it's kind of annoying how Sheik's 
    upsmash can hit while it begins charging. This will no doubt hurt your shield,
    so you might want to rely on side stepping more this match, if Sheik fails
    to shield grab you expect a dsmash right after. Luckily for you,
    the needles won't be too much trouble for you, though you'll probably want
    to use the air and the ground in this match. Sheik has some fairly long ranged 
    aerials to keep you at a distance, be sure to shield grab any dash 
    and fsmashes.
    Ganondorf... Seems very old man-esque now... Put the hurt on him
    by anticipating his rolls then grabbing, you can chase him around,
    once again, you should be on the offensive. Ganondorf has some painful 
    attacks, but if you have a quick enough eye and quick enough hands
    he'll be no problem, and possibly even WoP (more on this later), 
    or edge guard with the dair.
    Ganondorf will be easy to take out but you must be careful 
    he doesn't suicide dive you while you're bairing him off the stage. 
    However, mess up a rest and consider yourself Warlock Punched, which will
    no doubt instant kill you.
    Also beware the ftilt because that has enough of power to 
    literally boot you off the stage at around 60%.
    ..............Toon Link..............[TL]
    Toon Link has low range like you do, however you're going to be spammed 
    by projectiles. Watch out for bombs and boomerangs, which are more than 
    likely to make an appearence near the start, you'll also be sniped by arrows.
    You'll probably want to rely on Shield Grabbing this time round, 
    and avoid the obvious dairs that are likely to happen.
    If you do see Toon Link about to dair you while you're off the stage, 
    simply move out the way and laugh at his silly mistake. 
    There will be wind pressure on the ground after Toon Link lands 
    with his dair, so jump up then punish him in his lag.
    You can also Shield Grab between his smashes, so get used to the timing.
    You don't have to worry about his up b attack on the ground, it may suck
    you in, but it's weak, it won't KO you even at around 140%.
    His aerials must be avoided though, they will be able to KO you at fairly
    low percentages.
    Samus will only really be able to KO you with the fsmash or the dtilt, 
    which come out fairly fast mind, but you can probably crouch under the 
    fsmash, unless it's aimed downwards. Samus' fair can be annoying in the
    ways of stopping whatever you were doing, same for the usmash.
    However neither are very powerful, so shouldn't be feared,
    shield grab any dash attacks also, as you always should.
    Super missiles can be distracting to Jigglypuff though.
    Jigglypuff can crouch under them, but the homing missiles can get in the way.
    The blaster shots shouldn't be any trouble, as long as you aren't
    caught in your lag.
    ...........Zero Suit Samus..........[ZSS]
    Zero Suit Samus may spam you with the items at first, which can
    do a bunch of damage if you aren't careful, be sure to perfect shield
    them then the return the favour. Despite tether's being ZSS' main recovery,
    the little birdy hop (down b) can make some distance also, 
    not to mention it spikes, so be careful when approaching.
    Do not approach ZSS from above, or consider yourself upsmashed. 
    ZSS can also hook you from under ledges, She may get away with several
    before you DI out of it. She can also suicide using up B, 
    so be wary when edgehogging, you may get latched down. Aside from this
    she has some really nasty aerials which will KO you easily, notable the bair
    and uair. (good uairs are some of Jigglypuff's worst enemies)
    Pit... Usually known for the arrow spams. You can crouch under the arrows,
    unless your opponent is good at tilting them. Another annoying thing about Pit
    is his fairly decent ranged smashes, but the move you need to be most
    careful of is Pit's bair, it can KO you despite its short range.
    Pit has good recovery, but his up b leaves him fairly open and/or
    obvious at the start, so keep trying to rush him before he initiates his
    up b properly. If you are successful in attacking Pit during his up B, he
    shall fall into the abyss (unless of course you're playing on a stage with no
    death zones below).
    ............Ice Climbers.............[IC]
    Ice Climbers can't do anything major to you if they can't grab you, which is
    useful since you'll be in the air most of this fight. Stay above them
    and avoid their aerials. Your aerials generally out prioritise theirs though.
    simply take some shots at both of them, however you are going to want to try
    and get rid of one of them, the Ice Climbers are not to be under estimated.
    And it will hurt if you get grabbed, so stay out of their range.
    A lone Ice Climber is free for the picking, you will want to come out of 
    the defensive. But don't under estimate the Ice Climber just because there's 
    one of them, they can still pack some punch with their smash if you aren't
    being careful. But you shouldn't find it hard to kill them once they're
    off the stage. Also avoid the up b attack, you probably won't see it often, 
    but it has some strong knockback.
    ROB is an annoying character to fight, the basic rule here is 
    that you want to attack ROB before ROB attacks you. 
    You may want to take any fired spinning tops, and either return them or
    place them in an awkward area, so that ROB can't go charge another right away.
    As for the beam, well that's kind of predictable, so just crouch.
    However, ROB has alot in his arsenal, a bunch of quick and annoying
    attacks with good range, you will want to use pound at a 75 degree angle
    aimed downwards towards ROB at openings, watch out for
    fsmashes aimed upwards, do not attack from directly above while ROB
    is on the ground, or expect an upsmash which is quick and fairly powerful.
    You can block his recovery if you anticipate it and jump high before
    ROB uses up b, you can keep him in lock with the dair off the stage.
    Or perhaps even attempt a WoP.
    Rollout is probably the best move you can use to get ROB off the stage for
    good, but ROB has alot of attacks to easily interrupt it.
    But again, this can be a tough match up, approaching ROB from the ground
    will likely result in a very quick dsmash. ROB may also fire lasers at
    different angles to keep you out of the air, and also ROB's nair really
    does hurt, so shield it and try to get a counter attack in.
    Get up close and personal but keep to the air against ROB,
    most of his aerials are pretty laggy, so you could probably interrupt him, 
    should he chase you.
    It seems now Kirby is the anti-Jigglypuff. Kirby surpasses you in 
    ground combat for he has similar moves, only his seem to have more
    range and speed. (you could probably blame the shoes)
    You will need to pound Kirby here, or shield grab any dash attacks, 
    if he tries to snipe you with down b and touches the ground, 
    rush in to attack just above the rock formation while he's defenseless,
    if you are too late expect to be baired.
    Also the hammer, this is not much to worry about, but it can hurt you 
    pretty bad if it's unexpected. You could probably nair Kirby while he's
    lagging from the hammer. I also believe it is worth mentioning the 
    dreaded Kirbycides. Everyone has experienced this before, if you see Kirby
    at a stock or percentage disadvantage and he lurks around the edge,
    you can be pretty sure of what's coming up next. 
    You must avoid the sucking attack, and perhaps bair Kirby into the
    stage to finish him off. Play defensively.
    Okay, now Metaknight has some rather fast attacks in the air and on the ground
    and more likely than not, the Metaknight player will be playing aggresively.
    It's his job to overwhelm you, if he tries to come in for some air attacks
    stay out of range and counter with Pound, Pound eats through many attacks
    including the Mach Tornado. Speaking of which, the Mach Tornado is more
    than likely to get you some time during the match, and unfortunately for you,
    being light means you can get KO'd by Metaknights Uthrow and all his b moves
    at higher percentages. Pound is your friend in this match.
    Now, you should be able to dominate this match, Dedede seems to be a punching
    bag to Jigglypuff, you will want to play aggresively here, but stay in the air
    when at a distance, to be free of the Waddle Dee toss 
    (Gordo's really hurt Jigglypuff so don't be caught unawares) 
    Now you can keep jumping in and tackling Dedede
    with a mixture of of all your aerials (minus the uair) be sure to follow up
    any dairs with a utilt, but don't fast fall it, or you'll lag. Dedede can
    keep you away with his sucking attack, this can also act like a Kirbycide
    so don't underestimate it, if Dedede misses with a Dededecide, you can jump
    down and footstool jump him while he's trying to use his last jumps for
    the extra height. If he's very low down and trying to recover just upwards,
    you can edgehog him when he tries to cancel his up b.
    You do not need to worry about chain grabbing from Dedede,
    as you can avoid it by side stepping/rolling, and Jigglypuff is light anyway.
    See a fsmash coming? Interrupt it with a doubleslap.
    Any good Olimar player will be on top of what Pikmin they are going to use.
    The Pikmin toss will really wear you down, do not block it, as Pikmin
    will attack your shield, decaying it at a very high rate, which is dangerous.
    Try to catch Olimar in the act of throwing Pikmin, but be sure there are no
    Purple Pikmin around, or you'll probably get knocked back,
    and make sure you kill any missed Pikmin who are laying around in the open.
    Olimar will eventually have to restock on Pikmin, try to catch him in the
    act with rollout.
    Olimar won't be able to grab you much, which is his nice way of starting
    combos, but do not think you are safe yet. Olimar can easily snipe you
    with his Pikmin chain.
    Finally, don't get caught by nairs, uairs, or utilts,
    all of which are multiple-hit moves. His only recovery is a tether, so
    you can keep him occupied off the stage with bairs, then simply edgehog.
    Fox isn't as much to fear as he was in Melee, but you shouldn't underestimate 
    him. He can interrupt your ground fighting with his simple a move. 
    The uair has been weakened, but is still enough to knock you out at some 
    percentages. Fox may try to dair you into his reflector,
    so you can shield grab, although your shield may take some damage.
    If you have an opponent who spams the laser, you have two options.
    You can either rush through the lasers and charge Fox head on 
    while he's lagging from putting the gun away.
    Or you can float up and wait for him to stop. 
    If anyone remembers from Melee, you can interrupt his up b with short hop
    dair fast fall, then repeat 'til he gets out of range.
    It's much easier to recover mind, so you might want to consider
    finishing him off with a bair or fair.
    First thing to note is that Falco has changed from Melee, 
    but he still fights similar to Fox and has a very similar fair to Sonic.
    You don't want to get caught up by some well placed laser shots,
    nor do you want to hang around ledges. Falco's fsmash has quite a decent 
    amount of range and power, so best shield this.
    Falco's usmash and dsmash also have some strength, 
    so shield grab dash attacks, just incase your opponent Falco Dashes. 
    As always, Falco has great height in his jumps, and he will likely try
    to out-jump you. So you'll probably want to Pound him before 
    he uses an aerial. Like Fox, the a combo can also interrupt you at times,
    just take advantage of Falco's not-so-good vertical recovery. 
    Watch your shield. Falco can wear it down fast.
    Wolf is a vicious opponent. You can hear his rabid growling when
    he comes to feast upon Jigglypuff's rubbery flesh. Wolf's fsmash is
    something many players use too much. But it usually knocks you too 
    far back to shield grab, it also hits twice, so avoid.
    The ftilt "latches on", if it connects to you, whether you shield or not,
    the second hit will occur about half a second later, 
    so if you release your shield after the first hit, 
    you can get hit by the second. Try to shield grab.
    Wolf's usmash can hit you from under the ledge
    so don't stay on one. Finally, his vertical recovery is pretty bad,
    so don't hesitate to edgehog.
    ...........Captain Falcon............[CF]
    Captain Falcon will usually play offensive, and back in Melee,
    he was a tough problem for Jigglypuff. This doens't seem so anymore.
    You'll probably find it more effective to stay around on the ground 
    and prepare some shield grabs into some combos. Captain Falcon has some
    quick aerials, but they lack range, so just stay out of range if you want
    to counter them.
    Block the Raptor Boosts and Falcon Kicks, then counter while he lags. 
    Since you are a small character, Captain Falcon will have a very tough 
    time landing the knee on you. So it's not much to worry about unless
    your movement is very obvious. His bair can keep you at a distance, 
    using Pound will probably get both players hit, 
    the uair isn't too hard to get around, but should not be taken lightly.
    I don't know if it's me, but I find Pikachu the most annoying character 
    in the game. Alright, so typical Pikachu player will be spamming 
    thunderbolt, thunder, and the dreaded dsmash, now if you have a player
    who spams the dsmash alot, Jigglypuff may not be successful in pounding
    through the shocking wave of cheapiness.
    Best thing to do is play defensive, let Pikachu bring the battle to you,
    anything to lure him out of those three moves, so that you can shield grab.
    So I hope you practiced your perfect shielding, 
    because when you approach Pikachu, prepare to be smash spammed.
    WATCH your shield.
    Ivysaur has horrible recovery, so this will be a somewhat funny fight for you.
    Ivysaur can be easily rid of in one or two combos, just keep bair/fairing him
    off the stage, and follow him 'til he is far enough away,
    then just hang to the edge. He may try to snipe you with bullet seed though,
    so DI out of this.
    But be warned, Ivysaur can really be an irritating character to fight if he
    takes full advantage of his moves, his uair, neutral b, and up b can all prove
    troublesome to Jigglypuff.
    other than that this matchup will be one of your easiest.
    Kind of like Dedede, only with worse recovery,
    he is a heavy weight with some strong attacks
    but most are easily seen coming. You may be attacked by nairs and fairs,
    just shield these. There's not much else to add except watch out for
    Charizards up b, it has potential to KO Jigglypuff at higher percentages.
    But this matchup will be another easy one, Charizard will be too awkward
    and slow to keep you down, just go in with a barrage of attacks, he won't
    be able to do much to escape.
    Squirtle is a fast and agile Pokemon, any player who has seen
    the use of withdraw will know about the tricky slidy movements
    of Squirtle, avoid the usmash,  it has quite a good deal of range.
    Also try to stay off the ground, Squirtle is a small character like yourself,
    so you may have a bit of trouble landing some good hits on him.
    His up b has quite a bit of priority, but isn't too strong, if you can avoid
    it, you'll have a good shot on him when he lands.
    The most annoying thing about Squirtle is the incredibly fast and annoying
    tilts and the a combo, although weak, this can really get you down if you
    allow Squirtle to get in your face.
    Lucario is also blessed with good aerial combat,
    so this battle will be a mixture of aerial and ground,
    I would like to say beforehand, anticipation and mind games work 
    particularly well, do not approach half heartedly 
    towards Lucario, or expect a face full of aura. You're gonna have to wait
    for him to make the first move if you're on the ground. If there are ledges,
    don't stay under them too long otherwise Lucario will likely dair 
    right through them, which can be a nasty move.
    When Lucario as at a higher percentages you're going to have to play 
    offensively, you must shut Lucario down before he takes advantage of 
    the upper hand, so pull out the bairs.
    Lucario has more range than you, so you'll need to rely on pound quite alot
    in this fight.
    Hmm. I've not fought other Jigglypuff players, so i'll just go over what
    I think. I believe the defensive Jigglypuff will be the victor in this
    match up. But playing defensive doesn't necessarily mean shield more. 
    Should the opposing Jigglypuff Pound your shield, you could be in trouble,
    Jigglypuff dies if her shield breaks.
    Both Jigglypuff's will have the good recovery so...
    I guess it's just whoever holds out longer.
    Perfect shielding or side stepping, it is a MUST against Marth,
    they'll either dancing blade spam your shield to pieces, 
    or they'll be trying to score a tipper, which will KO 
    you at a low percentage. You must keep out of range of fairs,
    bairs, and uairs when trying to return to the stage.
    The trick here is anticipation, if they're doing a fair or two,
    you know what's coming up next. Block the fsmash and shield grab
    or bair him for being obvious.
    Okay, power house time, let it be clear that if you get hit,
    you're gonna take some damage. The trick here is side stepping, 
    you'll want to side step those awkward slashes then jump in for the kill.
    The key here is offense, if you go on the defense, Ike will be jumping 
    around trying to savage you with Ragnell. Beware of the upsmash, 
    you don't want to approach in for a pound too obviously.
    One thing you must be careful of is being sniped by Aether, 
    this can wrack up damage fast and is just annoying for interrupting you
    overall, but if you're too keen on edge guarding him, 
    there is a chance you might get Aethercided, always try to airdodge out of
    Finally, Eruption, the counter to floaties. Any Ike player who has 
    mastered his Super Armour will be able to use Eruption on you when you
    play aggressively, being a floaty character this can actually kill you
    at quite low percentages. So if you know Ike will be using it, try to 
    lure him into it, then punish him in his lag. One more thing to note 
    is the Quick Draw, it has virtually no lag if it does not connect. 
    Some Ike's may judge a distance and use the AAA combo right out of it.
    Which CAN kill you at higher percentages, 
    it's also damn good at interrupting.
    Ness has good aerials, his uair won't be able to juggle you, but it
    does have a decent amount of knockback. All of Ness' aerials
    can be irritating for Jigglypuff, but you can usually
    pound through them. It's not rare to find  a Ness player,
    rear up while recovering into a dair, which is a spike.
    Now at first I figured PK Cross/Flash would be a useless move,
    but after playing Ness quite alot, I found it can be a
    great edgeguarding move, if he sees you charging towards him as he's 
    focusing on the PK Cross/Flash, he may redirect the blast towards him, 
    thus shielding him. You want to charge for him as he's just starting 
    the attack though. You shouldn't worry about him edgeguarding with this move
    Then there's PK fire.
    This can hit you while you are dangling from the ledge, as it slants 
    down slightly. If this attack makes contact with you, DI out of it 
    immediately! Otherwise you're likely to be grabbed, and Ness has some 
    mean grabs to be careful of. Ness' recovery is easier to interrupt
    compared to Lucas, but will easily KO you should you take no notice.
    Lucas is more attuned to the ground compared to Ness,
    he has some mighty smashes which can KO you at low percentages,
    he has some aerials that trap you or come out quick, but they
    lack in priority, therefore you can counter them easily.
    You will want to come from above when fighting Lucas,
    try to lure him into using an upsmash, then get him while he's lagging.
    But be careful at close range, because Lucas can KO you or send 
    you away with most of his attacks like the smashes, the ftilt, and the utilt.
    Also, the cannonball caused by Lucas (or Ness)
    PK thunder making contact with himself will cause him to launch in
    the trajectoy the PK thunder sent him, Lucas' cannonball has alot of range,
    do not try to counter this. Just avoid it, Lucas will have a bit of lag after.
    But if you have a Lucas who keeps trying to snipe you with PK Thunder,
    try to walk into him but don't attack.
    He will frantically try to rush his PK Thunder without looking correctly
    and end up launching off the stage.
    ..........Mr Game & Watch...........[GAW]
    Mr Game & Watch has several moves to keep you at your distance.
    However you shouldn't find it hard to juggle him with several pounds,
    whilst avoiding his dair, you must be careful of the bair however,
    the turtle will really hurt your shield, and offer quite a bit of knockback 
    and damage. Then we have Game&Watches fair, this can act as a KO'ing move
    if it hits its mark. This match you should play defensive,
    let him make the first move. Watch your shield, you may regret it otherwise.
    Snake has some very hard hitting moves with high priority
    such as the ftilt and the utilt. And these alone are KO worthy,
    but it gets better, you will probably not find the mines
    along the ground a problem, but they will interrupt your
    rollout, which will be your best KO move against Snake.
    Just try to return Snake's attacks like grenades,
    and try to lure him into his own explosives.
    Snake will fail at recovering if he is caught under
    the lip of the stage, he may try using the mines as a source of recovery,
    however it's hard not to fast fall this and detonate in time, on some stages.
    Snake is resistant to low-flinch attacks like your dair when he is recovering,
    however he is a wide easy target, go in for your aerials to keep 
    him off the stage. Snake has another way of annoying you too.. His upsmash
    (mortar?) will generally protect him, and snipe you at the same time, he may
    also try to throw you into any future explosions/mines, but you are floaty, so
    this isn't much to worry about. Most if not all Snake's attacks can kill you,
    so you have to keep your wits about you in this matchup.
    Sonic... We all believed he had top tier potential since his announcement.
    However this appears to be wrong, Sonic's attacks have very low priority.
    Sonic will only really be able to KO you with his windup punch (fsmash)
    or his bair. But this can easily be seen, and is a little laggy.
    If you are caught unaware Sonic may run in and dash attack,
    but this is nothing to worry about, since it has a very small amount of
    damage and knockback, but Sonic players will attempt to combo you
    out of it. One thing you might want to be careful of is the 
    spinning attacks, Sonic may be able to launch out of them and follow
    it up with an aerial. 
    Otherwise, the only things Jigglypuff needs to be careful of
    is the fsmash, uthrow, bair and fair.
    Some Sonic players will also try to keep their space on the field.
    They will likely use their up b to escape some of your attacks and
    sometimes even interrupt you. If they're recovering with this
    try to anticipate when they'll use it, chances are they'll
    air dodge from reflex and end up missing the ledge, if they're
    that far away.
    In conclusion I will list up the matchups in difficulty.
    Diddy Kong
    Zero Suit Samus
    Donkey Kong
    Toon Link
    Mr Game&Watch
    Ice Climbers
    Captain Falcon
    Anything to add? Suggestions? Comments? Send an email or something.
    ............Stage Advantages........[SV]
    Here I will be giving a rating on how Jigglypuff performs on each stage.
    Along with a rating I will add some descriptions as to my reasons.
    Here it is, Brawl's first stage, on this stage you will notice there is
    a typical layout, the stage, and 3 platforms, your favourable position
    would be in the middle or on one of those circle lights quarter way through
    the stage. You do not really want to lurk above the platforms, as that may
    give your opponent the upper hand, but feel free to chase them above the
    platforms if you can safely make it back to the centre.
    You can fly right under Battlefield and return on the other side, this can
    be quite funny to pull off on someone not expecting it, and you can make it
    to the other side in around 3 jumps. I haven't really decided on what 
    strategic use this could have, but I suppose it could be good to throw off
    edgeguarders or to escape in FFA's.
    Verdict: Good.
    .........Final Destination...........[FD]
    Final Destination, forever known as the popular tournament standard, Final
    Destination has a rather simple design of just a stage, but the background
    shifts are amazing. That aside, compared to Melee, this stage has lips which
    can mess up some characters recovery, this won't apply to you though, so this
    is a plus in your case.
    The other thing about the stage is that it has room, and no platforms or 
    hazards to distort your game. So you'll probably be able to survive on it a
    good deal longer compared to some other stages. Like Battlefield, you can
    float under it and return on the other side in 3 jumps with the aid of
    rising pounds.
    Verdict: Good.
    ..............Delfino Plaza........[DELP]
    This is an interesting stage, you fly around on a large platform with smaller
    platforms above that, which change during the trip of Delfino, now, this place
    has strategies for different shifts. When you come across the small island 
    surrounded by water, the first thing to do, is get your opponent in the water,
    and fast!
    Falling in water cancels any previous animation you were executing, can you
    guess what that means you can do? If you haven't already, it means you can
    spam rest on your helpless drowning opponent, while sleeping cancels since you
    hit the water, this can be a good way for some easy kills.
    As for the main platform, it would be a good idea to footstool jump others,
    since it is very easy to get under the stage and take the range out of some
    characters recoveries, so try get some footstool jump combos in whenever you
    Verdict: Good.
    ............Luigi's Mansion........[LGMN] 
    Another interesting stage, it is deceptively large. The deal here is that
    the bottom floor of the mansion provides an area to tech, which can save
    you in dire moments. Use this to cripple any characters who do not have
    a good powerful horizontal attack. A good example of being saved by teching
    would be to take a hit from Ike's fsmash at around 100%.
    You can also use this to cripple others who cannot tech successfully. You 
    will be able to combo them well, say utilt into dsmash. Unfortunately the
    support beams to the mansion are attackable, meaning they can stop your
    rollouts in their tracks, but if you could just take off the top side of the
    mansion, it provides some landing ground, should you decide to rollout
    back to the stage.
    This stage also has lips, but a steeper fall compared to Final Destination.
    Take advantage of this, and note there is basically a pillar holding the
    mansion up in the centre, bair someone into it, and it's almost a certain KO.
    Verdict: Good.
    .............Mushroomy Kingdom......[MSK] 
    This is side-scrolling stage based on a level 1-1. You will notice things 
    seem to be dead, deserted, rusty, or just dry, bleh. Anyway you will be easily
    KO'd on this stage if you are knocked to the left, seeing as you're a
    lightweight character, some weaker attacks will kill you quickly.
    The blocks you will encounter to indeed provide places to tech, but they 
    aren't so useful, and the brick blocks are breakable, note that. A funny
    thing about this stage is recovery though, I bet you've played on Mushroomy
    Kingdom, and fell into that gap between the two triangular block formations,
    and ended up trying to use your up b recovery the opposite direction of the
    side scroll, thus falling to your humiliating doom. We've all done it.
    As far as I am aware, none of the edges in the few gaps in this stage are
    grabbable, so maybe you could try and dair some people into them.
    Verdict: Bad.
    ...Mushroomy Kingdom underground...[MSKU]
    Alternate stage for Mushroomy Kingdom, which you can access by holding R when
    you select Mushroomy Kingdom. First thing you will notice here is that there
    are a LOT of blocks, infact, the bulk of the stage is blocks, which provide
    almost unlimited places to tech, you will be extremely hard to kill on this
    Another funny thing to note is that, when you are on top of ceilling blocks,
    using an upthrow on someone will instant kill them with a star KO. This can
    be good for catching people unawares, but this also makes you incredibly
    vulnerable, seeing as a light attack can easily send you off. Other than this
    just weave in and out of the blocks as your opponent spends their time 
    fruitlessly chasing you through smashing the blocks.
    Verdict: Good.
    .............Mario Circuit.........[MCIR]
    Mario Circit, this stage is based on a track from the Mario Kart series, but
    you probably knew that already... Well the Shyguys are racing, and will serve
    to annoy you, but also put some pressure on the opponents. The Shyguys drive
    across the top of the stage, and towards the screen from the background. An
    arrow will briefly appear before the Shyguys approach.
    This stage has no places to tech, and the deathzones are very close, so you
    will be getting killed easily here, the platforms are also a somewhat
    awkward shape.
    Verdict: Bad.
    ...............Rumble Falls.........[RFL]
    A type of stage which many people despise, this stage scrolls up, meaning
    you're going to have to stop fighting to get up before the deathzone eats you.
    Atleast, that is how it would go for other characters... As Jigglypuff, you
    don't need to worry about stopping the fight to get higher, as you practically
    get higher automatically.
    As the screen scrolls, any characters in the air will also stay airborne for
    a small amount of time longer than usual, and as you are very bouyant, you 
    float the most. When other characters are trying to run away to get higher,
    chase after them and don't give them time to space out. Then when the
    "SPEED UP" appears, simply try to dair people down, and laugh at those
    heavyweights with their small jumps.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    ............Bridge of Eldin.........[BOE]
    This stage is also quite simple, the Bridge of Eldin from the Legend of Zelda
    series, is exactly what it appears to be, a giant concrete bridge. There is
    more to it than that though, you see at some point, King Bulbin and his giant
    armoured boar Bulbo ride in and occasionally drop a barrel bomb, get away
    from this immediately, the explosion radius is large and can quite easily
    kill you.
    Rollouts distance covers the entire stage, from being magnified at one side,
    to being magnified on the other side, but you don't want to be spaced out, you
    need to be close to your opponent, or killing would take forever, but rollout
    will be a good move to KO with if you can catch your opponents off guard.
    Anyway the strategy will change when the bridge collapses, you will
    probably just want to rush your opponent and hope to come out on top, but if
    you do, you must not get caught in shield grabs, so just be careful.
    On top of this, there is alot of area to DI, so you will be hard to kill from
    the centre.
    Verdict: Good.
    ...............Pirate Ship..........[PRS]
    This is a fun stage, which tries to match up with the cel-shaded goodness
    of Legend of Zelda; The Wind Waker. Quite a few events take place here, but
    first thing I will mention is the water, treat this like you would with the
    water on Delfino Plaza.
    Occasionally, the sky will turn dark, and a giant cyclone will appear, try
    to keep your opponent in the water immediately, as the ship will be flung 
    upwards into the air, and the death zone will be open. As the ship sinks
    gravity becomes light, and you will find it almost impossible to hit the
    ground during this time, so just wait it out 'til the ship hits the water.
    You can also perform the Final Smash glitch here, if you happen to have Smash
    Balls on, you must perform it just a few moments after the exclamation point
    appears, and before the ship hits the land from the middle of the ship.
    Also, if you drift into the front of the ship from the water, it spikes you
    down for an instant kill, pressure your opponents into it.
    Verdict: Good.
    This stage screams bad for Jigglypuff the first 10 minutes of playing on it.
    First, there is no room to rollout, since the stage is just 5 platforms.
    Aside from this, there's a low chance you'll get hit by rising lava, but it
    really hurts floaty characters if it does, the same goes for the scrolling
    horizontal lava, and of course, the lava sprays.
    Another thing is the safety capsule, when it appears, either get in and charge
    a rollout, which will hit anyone as soon as they enter, or jump very high and
    spam airdodge. The wave has a pretty high chance of killing you if it hits.
    Verdict: Bad.
    ...........Frigate Orpheon.........[FORP]
    Characters with linear recovery can get screwed up on this stage. This is
    good for you. On top of this, sometimes the ledges or sides become ungrabbable
    or you get trapped under the stage after it tilts over. Again this is no
    problem for you, but it can be for quite alot of other characters.
    Just try to keep people below the stage instead of away, they may have a
    harder time recovering this way.
    Verdict: Good.
    ............Yoshi's Island..........[YID]
    This is an annoying stage for Jigglypuff, characters will find it easy to
    recover, plus there's that big annoying ledge in the centre, which just gets
    in the way, and also offers characters a chance to hide under it and attack
    you with long range or disjointed attacks. Just try to dominate the room
    with rollout, it will force your opponent to jump up onto the platform, unless
    they don't mind taking alot of shield damage.
    Verdict: Bad.
    ..............The Halberd..........[BERD]
    This stage features a very fancy background, but aside from that, it's very
    similar to Yoshi's Island, only this time, you can travel under the stage, 
    and even pass through it, then it changes as the platform lands, you will
    be aboard The Halberd, and this features some distractions which include
    occasional bombs, the laser, and the claw-arm, the most annoying probably
    being the claw arm.
    Just stay near your opponent when any of these distractions appear, make sure
    if you get hit, they get hit, but if you get your opponent down to last stock,
    and you still have some spare, do not hesitate to pull off some suicide moves.
    By that I mean, when the laser target focuses, grab the opponent and watch as
    you both get laser beamed. Though you might want to try DI out of this.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    .............Lylat Cruise..........[LCRU]
    This stage tilts, and features large lips to each side, and 3 platforms.
    This stage will just annoy you and distort your game, it can also ruin short
    hopped aerials in some situations, that aside, this stage has big lips to
    the side, so try to keep your opponents under the stage or atleast not in the
    If you must fight in the air however, try to stay far above everything else
    and stick towards the sides of the stage, force your opponent to come after
    Verdict: Bad.
    ...........Pokemon Stadium 2........[PS2]
    When neutral, this starts off as just a somewhat simple stage with two small
    platforms near each side, it changes to flying, ground, and electric types.
    Which are all annoying for you actually. When you come to the electric stage,
    try to keep your opponents on the walking machines, if you are fighting them
    on them, chances are they'll attack while falling and end up dying, Ike is a
    good example of that.
    For flying type, stay away if your opponent has good aerials, since you can't
    manuevere properly when every jump sends you to the top of the screen, if
    they stink with aerials, maybe you could go in for some pound juggling.
    For ground type, stay on the left of the dirt mound if you want to be safe
    and be able to escape, go on the right if you want to take advantage of the
    dirt mound and combo people against it.
    Verdict: Bad.
    .............Spear Pillar...........[PDP]
    Spear Pillar looks a little different in Diamond and Pearl. Anyway this stage
    features the appearence of 6 Pokemon; Cresselia, Dialga, and Palkia being the
    main gimmick to this stage, while Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit also make special
    appearences randomly and briefly. I will list the effects.
    Very slightly tilts the stage.
    Alters the speed of the fight (slow motion).
    Adds blur to movements (in addition to slow motion).
    Summons hyper beams at various areas.
    Breaks the stage.
    Jumps out with a powerful close-range attack.
    Tilts the stage alot, and can even flip it upside-down.
    Can flip screen around, reversing directional controls.
    Summons hyper beams at various areas.
    Messes with gravity, causing platforms to move, and characters to float high.
    Launches a crescent moon shaped projectile which acts like a boomerang with
    high power, there are several different directions for this attack.
    Uses psycho cutter, which causes a rift or swirl of energy, which fires out
    crescent shaped cuts against the stage, you are safe from this underneath.
    Pay attention to what Pokemon you get, as it can make a difference in some
    matchups. Aside from the Pokemon, there is an underside to the stage, which is
    a great place for Jigglypuff to lurk at high percentages, as she can tech
    and survive many attacks.
    Verdict: Good.
    ...........Port Town Aero Drive....[PTAD]
    This is like a rehash of Mute City from Melee, which just so happened to be
    one of Jigglypuff's good stages. Treat this like you would with Delfino Plaza.
    As it is extremely similar, except without the platforms, which is even better
    for you. So act as you would there, and rollout is good to use on those who
    recover through the stage.
    When the platform lands and you are sent to some part of the track, try not to
    stay in the middle to much, if an F-zero racer hits you, you're going to die,
    or atleast come close to it.
    Verdict: Good.
    .............Castle Siege...........[CSG]
    This stage featres 3 transformations, the first being the castle roof,
    then inside the castle, then beneath the castle, which is apparently 
    the depths of hell. For the castle roof, you will want to try and trap
    people under the lips of the stage, like Snake, Marth, Captain Falcon.
    When you fall into the castle, there will be close death zones, and two
    big statues which interrupt projectiles, and your rollout. Watch out here
    as you can be sniped with good aerials from around platforms. Just try to
    keep up the defense.
    When you fall again into the depths of hell, this is probably your most
    convenient transformation. It doesn't have lips, yet it can kind of act like
    it sometimes, just try to bair your opponent into the stage, or catch them
    with a rollout if you happen to be on the lower side of the tilted stage.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    ............WarioWare Inc...........[WWI]
    This is a rather unique stage, for the events, you may need to compete in a
    series of mini-games, which give buffs to those who are successful in the
    challenges. Besides the minigames, this stage is rather small - about the
    scale of Battlefield, if not a tad smaller.
    It also features 4 platforms, one above the other, two per side, so due
    to the small room, this stage is chaos in FFA's. Recoveries of some characters
    can get messed up in the stage-to-minigame transition, but not yours. Kill
    with a strong horizontal attack on this stage, and try to stay in the middle.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    ............Distant Planet.........[DPLA]
    This stage has three hazards, one of them being somewhat useful.
    First is the rain, when the stage goes dark, it is about to start raining,
    the rain pushes you down if you get caught in the torrent, it's good to throw
    your opponent into it then go down to edgehog.
    There is also the Bulborb, you know, that big red thing with the big eyes.
    If you stand on it for long enough, it will extremely swiftly chomp you
    and instantly kill you. There is a sort of timer for how long you need to be
    standing on the Bulborb to be chomped, every time you jump off of the Bulborb,
    the timer resets. After the Bulborb has done two inactive animations it walks
    back out of the stage.
    Then there's the flowers and those pellets with the numbers on them. You can
    pick these up and throw them, acting as a weak projectile, use this tactical
    advantage to throw at ranged attackers.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    A simple stage, featuring one platform that scrolls from the left of the
    stage to the right of the stage, and vice versa. The strategy is fairly
    simple, treat it like Final Destination. Only there is one advantage you may
    eventually notice, and that is the corners of the stage.
    Not only does this mess up recoveries of the likes of Diddy, Ness, and Lucas.
    But it also provides an easy kill. If you bair or fair your opponent whilst
    they hang, they will bounce off of the corner, downwards towards their doom.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    ............New Pork City...........[NPC]
    This is the biggest stage in the Smash Bros. series, so naturally you can
    imagine Jigglypuff would survive a lot longer than normal. But this means
    your opponents are hard to kill too, and you'd probably find Jigglypuff's
    upsmash only useful on this stage.
    The main ways you can kill on this stage are to upsmash them into the
    building, thus bouncing them down to the abyss, where you can continue
    the onslaught of dairs. Or you can WoP them off the far right side of the
    stage. Either way, these things can be done back to you, so be careful.
    Along with this, there is a hazard of the Ultimate Chimera, which will
    snap you, doing 100-200% per hit, you can survive this if you tech, but
    you don't want to get caught by it in the first place, try to throw
    your opponent into it. Another hazard is the wooden bridge-like platform
    at the bottom of the stage, it can break, and you can except suicides to
    happen with heavy characters.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    .............The Summit............[TSUM]
    The Summit is quite an awkward stage for Jigglypuff, the shape of it is just
    irritating to Jigglypuff, and the giant fish is pure evil. When water rises
    on this stage (to the point where it fills everything below the ice wedge)
    you may use rest, but you must absoloutely not go in the water outside of the
    stage, lest the fish shall get you, even if you evade the jaws of this beast,
    just touching it is enough knockback to kill Jigglypuff at moderate
    The upside to the stage is that it has no grabbable edges, which may net you
    a couple of gimped KO's at the start on some heavyweight or bad recovery
    characters. Just try to stay low on this stage, so you have the possibility
    to tech.
    Verdict: Bad.
    ...............Sky World............[SKW]
    This stage is also an annoying stage for most characters, but not so much
    for you, it provides shelter to tech, spots to bounce other players into the
    abyss, and it messes up some recoveries. The bad side is you won't really be
    able to rollout here, which means you will probably have to rely on bairs
    or the stage itself to do the killing.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    What a weird and nostalgic stage. This stage is very large in scale, yet it
    has close death zones and a lot of ledges and distractions. For this stage,
    focus less on killing, and more on tricking your opponent into being killed
    or damaged by the stage itself. It would be a good idea to try and throw your
    opponent into Donkey Kong as he rampages.
    Or you could wait for those firebugs to do their job, just beware of the close
    death zones, you can easily kill with them, but then you can also easily be
    killed with them.
    Verdict: Bad.
    ............Mario Bros..............[MBS]
    This stage is bad for everyone who doesn't have a reflector, this match will
    not be a fight, instead of will be duel of turtle tossing. Yes, these turtles
    pack enough punch to instant kill just about anyone, stay at the top of the
    stage to be safest.
    Verdict: Bad.
    ............Flatzone 2..............[FZ2]
    This stage is played on a Game&Watch, everything on it is 2D.
    It has close death zones, so you will die very easily, not to mention
    the savage Game&Watch people that turn up, which will just serve to get
    in your way and perhaps even kill you. Try to stay in the air in this match,
    and avoid being grabbed.
    Verdict: Bad.
    Probably a good definition of a neutral stage that does change.
    Like Yoshi's Story, Pictochat features easy to grab edges and no lips.
    Rollout is good to kill here, but everyone can effectively recover here, so
    you generally won't need to edgehog, but rather go in for the finishing blow.
    Just use the drawings to your advantage, or wait it out in some annoying ones.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    Like Flatzone 2, Hanenbow is 2D, this is perhaps the most simple stage in
    the way of graphics, there is also no music, sounds are created by the
    characters walking about the leaves which, move when attacked, you can also
    WoP people off the sides fairly easily.
    The "water" on this stage is just a graphic design, you can not swim in it,
    but it will move and make a sound if you make contact with it.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    .........Shadow Moses Island.......[SMIS] 
    Jigglypuff will have a lot of trouble killing on this stage, but will also
    find it easy to survive against characters without a strong vertical attack.
    Make sure one of the walls are down, you need it down to kill, 
    your only other option to kill would be rest, and that's not always the
    easiest thing to hit with.
    Verdict: Bad.
    ............Green Hill Zone.........[GHZ]
    This stage is an awkward shape for Jigglypuff, it messes up some of her
    aerials, and can mess up her grabs too. You should always hit one of those
    bumpers when they appear, if you get hit by one yourself, it can infact kill
    you, which is humiliating. It also has close death zones, so this stage can be
    annoying for Jigglypuff overall, it'd be best to stay in the air.
    Verdict: Bad.
    ..............Past Stages..........[PSTG]
    This sub-section will be aimed at past stages. I can assume most of you
    play these for nostalgia, but some can have some good layouts.
    ............Hyrule Temple.........[HRTP]
    Another large stage, this was the largest stage in Melee.
    Your focus here will be taking advantage of the grabbable ledge in the
    centre of the stage, you should be able to DI off and bair approaching
    opponents, like many stages, you will want to find a place to tech at
    higher percentages.
    Luckily for you, this is one of the best stages for teching, lurking on the
    underside of the stage will make you very difficult to kill, try not to 
    lurk at either side though, as you can be bounced off the stage down to the
    abyss on the left, and a possible good horizontal attack can send you off
    the right side.
    Player models become bigger each Smash Bros game, that, or past stages get
    smaller, either way, this place has closer death zones it seems, and you will
    be able to kill with WoP.
    Verdict: Good.
    ...........Yoshi's Island.........[PYID]
    Funny thing is, there's already a stage named Yoshi's Island, well
    this is the past one for those who didn't play Melee. This can be a funny
    stage for Jigglypuff, but everyone can die very easily on it. On the right
    you will see a steep slope, this goes all the way to the deathzones, and
    there's a little something you should remember, if you bair someone up the
    slope, they will instinctively move away from the death zone, calculate the
    roll distance and hit them again 'til they get knocked off the screen.
    For the left side, it's another slope, which ends with two pipes, the surface
    can be awkward on here, so you should keep your distance if someone is on the
    edge, not to mention the incredibly close death zones, though I suppose you
    could go and bair them into the pipe if you really wanted to. 
    But the safest place would be the centre of the stage, some heavy characters
    will perform some moves down the centre, and fall down, which can be quite
    amusing, you can also tech off the blocks at the top, or use them as shelter.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    ............Jungle Japes...........[JJA]
    This stage has water, except this time, it's dangerous water, and you
    should not make contact with it at all. It sucks you in and pulls you down
    stream, to the left of the screen quite fast, on top of this, there's the
    blue crocodile that occasionally pops up (Klaptrap). Consider this a kill
    if it makes contact with you.
    However, you need to use this stage to your advantage, many recoveries 
    become gimped here somehow, and you should always try and dair people
    into the water. Characters with small or heavy jumps are screwed here
    (Ganondorf, Bowser). Take advantage of the edges and the water, this will
    be the key to victory on this stage, of course, you could always try and
    Verdict: Good.
    One of the first nuisance past stages for Jigglypuff, there are cars which
    scroll past the stage occasionally, they don't exactly have KO power anymore
    but they do deal about 30%, which isn't something to laugh when you're 
    playing as Jigglypuff.
    The real thing is the shape of the stage, it's awkward, various platforms
    placed randomly about, which just serve too much shelter from you, characters
    like Wario would probably excel on this stage, which is just plain
    troublesome for you. Just try to keep the battle above the two centre 
    platforms, and away from the ground.
    Verdict: Bad.
    This stage has deceptively close death zones, you will probably want to save
    the battle for the far right side of the stage, and try to combo people into
    the wall, and maybe WoP or just edgeguard well, the lip can gimp some
    wrongly timed recoveries.
    When at higher percentages, try not to hang aroundin one spot, 
    and do not get hit by any smashes, a smash from just about any
    direction can probably kill you at around 100%.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    ............Rainbow Cruise........[RCRU]
    A unique scrolling stage that scrolls both horizontally, and vertically, and
    once again, it's another stage that can ruin characters with bad jumps
    or recoveries. When on the ship, you can relentlessly attack your opponent
    off of the far right side, when the ship starts to sink however, focus
    less on fighting, and more on staying out of range.
    Actually, you could jump to a far off place, and start taunting. Sometimes
    your opponent might end up attacking without thinking, and end up barely
    missing a platform, and sinking into the abyss, while you ride the floating
    carpet of victory. When the stage is near the end of it's scrolling trip,
    just fight as you would normally, but take advantage of the block shelter.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    In Melee, this is where you would fight the onslaught of marauding Kirby's.
    For this stage, it can be hard to approach anyone in the centre, due to the
    two platforms, so try to keep the fight above those. You should also lure
    opponents around the blocks, bomb blocks more specifically, but these blocks
    can help gimp recoveries, especially when the wind is in play.
    Also, there may be a moment where Jigglypuff can pound a bomb block without
    taking damage, I should test this eventually.
    Verdict: Neutral.
    ...............Big Blue...........[BBLU]
    Landing on the road of death will mean you die, so it would probably be wise
    to stay well away from it, of course, if you have the upper hand, you may
    want to try and speed things up a bit by pushing your opponent onto the road.
    Don't try to rollout on this stage, the odd car shapes will just mess it up,
    and you may accidentally slide onto the road.
    To take advantage of the cars, when enough get close to the death zones, try
    to scoop someone into the death zone with a fair.
    Verdict: Bad.
    Another stage that the majority of people despised, compared to Brawl, it
    looks like it has rising chicken soup. This stage messes up rollout, by the
    two fleshy pillar things, and those weird spawns near the centre, this 
    stage has quite some space though, and you should probably focus on keeping
    the fight on either of the 3 platforms, with priority on edgeguarding. Do not
    touch the rising chicken soup either, it hurts.
    Verdict: Bad.
    ..........Pokemon Stadium 1........[PS1]
    This is the old Pokemon Stadium, the colours look bland compared to Pokemon
    Stadium 2, don't they? I will always prefer Pokemon Stadium 1's type changes
    though. For the standard stage, you may want to rollout occasionally, and
    use the footstool combo, as there are lips to the stage which can gimp
    vertical oriented recoveries, like Marth's, Mario's, Ganondorf's...
    For grass type, you should be able to weave through the platforms, while
    delivering hits, keep your opponent inbetween the platforms for this, and
    do not wait around on the tree bush platform, upsmashes can get you.
    For water type, Try to hang around on the far right platform and fight around
    it, or just jump and float around the windmill and wait it out 'til the stage
    changes back to neutral.
    For fire type, you could try to combo people up against the burning tree,
    you could also wait it out from behind the tree, if your opponent chases
    you though, try to pin them up against the left side of the tree, and spam
    doubleslap, if they manage to roll, deliver a quick bair.
    Verdict: Good.
    In this section, we'll be looking at the various modes you
    can play with in the Stadium.
    .........Break the Targets..........[BT]
    In this section I say the targets each in number of order you attack them,
    for each difficulty, then place an approximate in time.
    Note the harder the difficulty, the smaller the targets.
    ..............Easy Targets.........[EZT]
    First thing you want to do is short hop then fair the first target,
    then proceed to jump and Pound the next, fast fall down into
    a nair. Jump up to the L shaped platform and Pound the target above it.
    While falling from that, nair the next target, then bair the target
    underneath the L. Then go down and fair the target to the right.
    Rush over now by floating, then use your choice of attack on the target.
    Jump 3 times after breaking it, and use the nair, finally go up and break
    the last target.
    Approximate Time: 17 seconds.
    .............Normal Targets.........[NT]
    First hit the target just above you, then grab the Deku Nut.
    Lob that Deku Nut at the target in front of you, whilst jumping over the
    Poison Mushroom. Fair the next target, then jump up and use the dsmash on
    the crate, which will push it forward, hitting the target.
    Fly up and grab the Home run Bat, throw it upwards, then jump onto the other 
    platform and grab the Cracker Launcher, fire this at a 45 degree
    angle so that you hit 3 targets, discard the Cracker Launcher then
    rush down to hit the last target.
    Approximate Time: 20 seconds.
    ...............Hard Targets........[HRT]
    Run onto the launch pad, and air dodge before colliding.
    Grab the Smart Bomb and throw it and try to make it collide
    with the first target, this should blow up the second target
    and the fire box, the explosion from that blows the target up
    underneath. Stay on screen while the box blows up.
    Fair the next target, then fast fall into a nair. Drop down
    and nair the next target, now you will be sliding down
    some running machines, jump then attack the target underneath.
    Then float up to Rising Pound the target by the moving platform.
    Finally come down and attack the target with any attack, then float up
    to the spring to hit the last target.
    Approximate Time: 20 seconds.
    ..........Very Hard Targets........[VHT]
    This is an annoying stage. First jump behind you and attack
    that target, then use the last of your jumps to reach the target
    on the far west side, proceed down.
    Attack the target on the far west, then return to the point in which
    you fell, a new target will appear, attack that, then in the same jumps,
    go east and fair the target which will be in the ice. Now there will be
    two targets on the east, break those and make your way down the maze.
    Break the target while crossing to the other side, then wait at the
    ice structure that looks like a giant "7". Attack the target that
    slides down. Then float inbetween to break the last target.
    Approximate Time: 31 seconds.
    .............Intense Targets.......[ITT]
    Jump 3 times, then use uair. DI left while falling and break
    the target, keep fast falling then nair the next target. Use
    the rest of your jumps to make it to the platform with the spikes.
    Head east and pick up the Beam Sword, jump down to the platform and 
    throw the Beam Sword at the two targets, it will hit one, then it will
    bounce and hit the other. Float up and Pound the target through the wall.
    Land on the moving triangular platform, then jump up while keeping 
    at the east, then break that target. Head towards the falling platforms
    and try to cross over to them and break the target on the far west.
    Finally fly up Rising Pound the target inbetween the two midair pillars,
    then rise to smash the final target.
    Approximate Time: 29 seconds.
    ............Home Run Contest.......[HRC]
    Now first let me make it clear I am no expert with HRC, but
    it seems to me the fastest way to wrack up damage with Jigglypuff
    is lobbing the Home Run bat at the Sandbag, which will probably get
    Sandbag to around 100% before you go for the home run. This
    Should get you to around 450 metres. (Or 1350 feet for you Americans)
    For two players, Jigglypuff can do her dair to keep Sandbag stunned
    while your partner proceeds to whack Sandbag with some powerful attacks.
    At the moment I don't have much to put here.
    ...........Multi-man Brawl.........[MMB]
    First I would note there is a special thing about Jigglypuff and
    Multi-man Brawl. By floating under the stage, the AI of some of the
    Alloy Fighters will mess up, and they will fall off the stage. I
    will be skipping 10-man Brawl, as no one honestly needs any help for that.
    I will also skip unlimited-man Brawl, as it's basically explained 
    in other sections. And as for all Multi-man Brawl matches 
    (aside from Cruel Brawl) You will want to discard bumpers immediately, 
    so you should take the bumper and jump on one of the side ledges, 
    throw the bumper upwards, so that it knocks the Alloy Fighter away 
    when it spawns.
    ............100-man Brawl........[100MB]
    Easier if you have a partner with you, naturally. Your main test here 
    is endurance. You will want to learn the spawn points and be prepared
    to bair them as soon as they come out. Moves such as rollout won't be
    effective as they stop you for a moment after hitting one.
    You will want to hit as many Alloy Fighters as possible,
    dash attacking may be effective.
    Your test is endurance, after about 70 Alloy Fighters killed, 
    you can start floating under the stage to get rid of some of the tougher
    Alloy Fighters, make sure you return on the stage to fight the
    Playable Characters though.
    .............3 Minute Brawl........[3MB]
    Basically the same as 100-man Brawl, only you don't need to be so aggressive.
    If you feel things are getting too heated, 
    you can go back to floating under the stage.
    ...........15 Minute Brawl........[15MB]
    The ultimate test of endurance (besides Cruel Brawl)
    It seems the key is here is being slow, don't go aggressive and murder
    mass amounts of Alloy Fighters, just take on one at a time if they approach,
    you will want to survive. It may be hard to try to pull yourself away from
    getting messy, you will want to save the slaughter fest for when you
    reach the 10 minute mark. But again, play defensively, rushing in
    without second thoughts will get your damage percentage up.
    .............Cruel Brawl...........[CRL]
    You're up against some of the cruelest Alloy Fighters around.
    Even the heaviest characters can get taken down in one hit by these things.
    So you being the lightest character in the game doesn't help your
    cause too much. You will be ganged up on, and each Alloy Fighter 
    individually is a very tough match. They may not take long to push away,
    but all it takes is one little hit to knock you flying. You will probably
    have to resort to floating under the stage if you want to clear some
    of the challenges. In short, you have very little hope of getting
    far in Cruel Brawl just by using your standard fighting.
    .............Boss Rush Mode........[BRM]
    To advance in Bosh Rush Mode, simply defeat the bosses
    to advance onto the next, until finally your showdown
    with Tabuu, the 3 heart containers (5 on Co-op) heal
    all damage percentage on you.
    This section written by sonicness, with editting done by
    1. Swings cage when you are close.
    2. Jumps in air and lands on you from far away.
    Counter:Just jump when he swings cages and air the dumb plant.
    You will be in the air most of the time so this should be cake.
    Description: The giant piranaha plant that captures Peach and Zelda.
    First boss of SSE. Extremely easy.
    ........Master Hand & Crazy Hand...[MAC]
    1. He points his finger, then pokes 3 times.
    2. He fires lasers from his fingers.
    3. He flies up to the screen then attacks from the background.
    4. He rises up to the top of the screen and comes down with a splat.
    5. He rises up to the top of the screen and comes down with a punch.
    6. He rises up to the top of the screen, then spins around on you.
    7. He stalks you for 3 seconds before lunging to grab and crush you.
    8. He drops bombs on the centre of the stage. (Crazy Hand)
    9. He flails about in the centre of the stage. (Crazy Hand)
    10. He walks about like a spider. (Crazy Hand)
    11. He sweeps across the screen.
    Counters: Master Hand and Crazy Hand fight exactly the same.
    They are left open, this one doesn't require much thinking.
    Just constantly hitting them 'til they die. Simply air dodge
    or jump high to avoid all their attacks, and the only attack
    to be careful of, is the spinning hand, which harms your shield alot.
    Description: Dismembered gloves with a sinister laugh, original 
    Smash Bros. Boss.
    1. He has an attack where he grinds the floor with his tail. DO NOT BLOCK.
    2. He a swift attack where he swoops down at high speeds..
    3. He has a attack where he flies and attacks from the background.
    4. He has a fast attack where he screams and attacks horizontally.
    5. He has a move where he flaps his wings an pushes Jigglypuff back.
    6. He also can also attack by jumping onto you.
    Stay high and mobile and Ridley should be cake.
    When he screams be ready to dodge an attack.
    When he attacks from the background time your air dodge so he misses.
    Attack every time he stops.
    He kind of fights like Master Hand, fight him in a similar fashion.
    Description: Purple dragon, leader of the Space Pirates, from
    the Metroid series.
    1. Moves to the other side of the field.
    2. Charges up a sphere then releases it along the ground.
    3. Can dive in several times, taking up alot of horizontal range.
    4. Spins tail around along the ground, won't hit you in the air.
    5. Digs underground, then resurfaces, time it right to hit back.
    6. Hovers over you and attack from above.
    7. A sharp spark glints in Rayquaza's eyes, an explosion occurs.
    8. Curls up in air and strikes with a very fast thunderbolt.
    Counter: Like Ridley, all you have to do is stay high and mobile.
    Watch out for that horizontal attack.
    Attack lag spots and you are good.
    Description: Legendary dragon Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.
    ...............Meta Ridley.........[MRY]
    1. Scratches Falcon Flyer with wings or claws.
    2. Bashes Falcon Flyer down, standing on it means an instant KO.
    3. Shoots Multiple Fire balls at you.
    4. Shoots Giant Fireball at you.
    5. Jumps on Falcon Flyer.
    6. Sinks Falcon while shooting multiple giant fire balls.
    Counter: Basically jump when he is about to attack.
    Then get through to him before he starts launching the fireballs for some
    free hits. When he tries to sinks the Falcon Flyer wait for the
    ship to become low, then start jumping and dodging.
    He also moves away from the ship when he takes more damage, attack him
    while he hangs around there.
    Description: Ridley is back with vengeance, and armour.
    1. The rapid claw attack will suck you in, be careful.
    2. He scatters moving Porky bombs.
    3. Jumps high in the air then either drops or fires a very powerful bolt.
    4. May dash around at high speed, hurts to touch the legs.
    5. Fires a red laser at you.
    6. Quickly moves forward.
    Counters: This kid is tricky. You can't attack on ground due to the claws
    so you have to stay aerial. The red laser attack can easily be airdodged.
    Get ready to attack Porky when the Porky robots disperse.
    Description: An ageless boy trapped in the Spider Mech.
    From the MOTHER series.
    ...............Galleom 1&2.........[G12]
    1. Galleom tank, he will fold up into a tank, then zoom off screen
    or fire projectiles.
    2. Galleom will take various slow steps, getting caught under them will
    crush you into the ground, defenseless.
    3. Galleom spins around at high speeds, sucking you in. DO NOT BLOCK.
    4. Galleom uses all his weight and falls flat on the ground.
    5. Galleom spins his fists and launches a shockwave.
    6. Galleom jumps towards you.
    Counters: This guy is no trouble at all for you, you won't be on the ground
    so most of his attacks will be pretty void by you. If he does perform
    a very large range attack, like falling or jumping up, you will want to air
    dodge, he lags alot and is very slow, so he'll be fun.
    Description: A large purple cyborg monster that folds into a tank.
    1. Duon spins around at high speeds, sucking you in. DO NOT BLOCK.
    2. Duon fires little bomblets that explode.
    3. Duon jumps up, intending to land on you.
    4. Duon moves in for some quick slashes.
    5. Duon launches big pink lasers either all around or aimed for you.
    6. Duon lunges forward as part of a sword attack.
    7. Duon punches you with his gun arm.
    8. Duon fires blue lasers aimed for you.
    9. Duon fires lock-on missiles, that can be directed back to hurt himself.
    10. Duon performs a very powerful close range cross slash.
    11. Duon performs a headbutt with it's knife-like head.
    Counters: Ugh, this is a nightmare of a boss, you want to attack him after he
    has just finished moving, and only attack the gun side, the sword side
    has too many powerful moves that risk breaking Jigglypuff's shield, or
    knocking her out-right. Make sure you guide Duon's lock on missiles
    back towards it for a large amount of damage.
    Description: A robot that has sides for range and melee respectively.
    1. A golden glittery portait, it swoops down and imprisons you, then
    smashes you into the stage, very powerful, cannot be blocked.
    2. A large cannon, similar to the Trophy Guns appears, Tabuu mans
    it and fires a large beam, the speed depends on the difficulty.
    3. Tabuu lunges downwards with a sword rush, dangerous on shield.
    4. Tabuu launches a grapple hook, which snares you as he begins
    a cool attack, very dangerous, speed depends on difficulty.
    5. Tabuu swipes the air on the spot, little knockback, easy to DI out of.
    6. Tabuu super charges himself with orbs of thunder, will keep you trapped
    inside 'til the stronger orbs knock you out, dangerous.
    7. Teleport aftermath causes an explosion, don't chase Tabuu when this is
    8. Giant fish.. Blade... Thing, one-hit KO, similar animation to the cannon.
    9. Tabuu waves his arm and sparks appear across the stage, get away
    from wherever the sparks were, explosions will be made on those marks shortly.
    10. Giant boomerang, this is like the sword lunge, only it comes back.
    11. Tabuu expands, so that his face takes up quarter of the screen, he then
    fires laser beams from his eyes.
    12. Red rings of death, ultimate attack, getting hit by either of the 3
    rings is an instant KO on every character, and deals some serious damage.
    Counters: You must airdodge and sidestep just about everything Tabuu
    does, or you'll probably end up getting seriously hurt. You absoloutely
    must learn the tempo for side stepping the Red rings of death. You are 
    able to gain height easily compared to some other characters, so you can
    chase Tabuu and deliver some Fairs and Bairs easier.
    Description: A large blue man with his arms crossed, final boss of the
    In this section we'll be looking at various combos you can pull off.
    ..............Rest Combo............[RC]
    First, let me say, with L-cancelling gone, and moves stunning less
    Rest combos are very hard to pull off, you'll only be able to use
    the old Dair into Utilt into rest on somewhat heavy characters at 0%.
    Which isn't going to kill...
    Right now i'd say Rest is better for avenger KO's against
    taunt-happy players. I personally find it harder to even hit
    with rest nowadays, and it should definitely not be
    used on small characters like Pikachu.
    However, you can still rest combo, but it will only work at low percentages.
    But the character weight is another important factor, but you can use
    bair, fast falled into utilt, then short hop into rest, this will do 36% right
    off the bat, I won't include the flower damage since, it can fall off at some
    Again here, I'd like to note similar things to rest.
    Moves stun less and everything is floatier, so the old bair-bair
    repeat method is harder to execute, but it is still possible mind.
    Recently I had been trying to practice the WoP, and it turns out you
    can still do it effectively, but you have to go slower with it.
    On top of this, it is easier to interrupt, though if some characters try
    to interrupt you in mid-air, they'd be spelling doom for themself.
    .............Infinite Attack?......[INF]
    So I was playing on Delfino Plaza, and ended up on the
    Shine platform, I was fighting Ganondorf, and I knocked around
    'til they fell in the bounce off the ground animation.
    I began doubleslapping Ganondorf against a wall, and surprisingly
    enough, he was caught up in the attack, unable to DI or tech out of
    it 'til the Delfino Plaza platform rised.
    Recently tested on Ganondorf against a wall, this attack may not be 
    infinite, but it will take them a while to escape.
    ...........Chasing them down.......[CTD]
    Well, this works better on bigger characters but, for the offensive
    I like to use this.
    Dair -> Ftilt > Grab, fthrow -> Fair -> Grab them where they land.
    Throw them towards the nearest edge, face behind you, and grab when
    they roll towards you.
    Anticipation plays a large part in here, but if you're playing the typical
    player, this can work nicely. Although this can be more of a situational
    .........Footstool Jump Combo......[FJC]
    This is fairly straight forward, after some chasing to the point where your
    opponent is JUST near the edge, almost within grab range, rush in for a fast
    falled dair, and bash X/Y (or whatever you have set to jump) so that you 
    footstool them right after. This can pressure some characters into using
    up b at the wrong place, thus hitting the stage and falling to their doom.
    .............Rising Pounds..........[RP]
    This isn't exactly a combo, but it is still useful to learn nonetheless.
    To perform the Rising Pound, you must first look at your analog stick.
    You see the octagon shape around the analog stick? You need to have
    the analog stick held in between the points.
    Now i've attemped drawing ASCII of what to do but it turns out badly so...
    Check your analog, and the octagon, if you touch the tip top point, 
    go down left to the next one, now go half way down from that.
    That is where you hold the analog when you press b in mid air 
    (same for right side too.)
    Alternatively you can just use pound normally, then just before it comes out,
    quickly roll the analog stick upwards.
    .........Singing among the edge.....[ES]
    If you grab an edge while singing, you will cancel the sing animation
    while the first wave of it comes out, if you have some opponents on the
    edge or approaching who won't attack instantly, you can press slightly to
    the opposite side of the edge, or down, then use Sing.
    (NOTE: Make sure you press up before pressing b, otherwise you will fall
    to your doom.)
    If they are caught in it, they will lay asleep at the edge, 
    the higher their percentage, the more open they are. Get back on
    and prepare to deliver a bair or fsmash, depending on percentage.
    With the loss of L-cancelling, many characters took a hit.
    Now this made Jigglypuff's Rest Combos hard to do, but still
    doable, but moves stun less and everything floats higher
    so you won't be able to "trap" them with the Rest Combos anymore.
    Rest in general was weakened, it now only does 15% and can't kill
    'til around 60%+. It got a flower? Yes, but it will eventually
    fall off, doing about the same amount of damage as Melee, with half
    the knockback.
    Again, the hit stun, Jigglypuff relied on this to pull of WoP's.
    Pound now sends the victim upwards instead of behind you.
    And I think the fsmash is a little laggier, but i'm not certain about that.
    In here I will put stuff that doesn't deserve a chapter of its own.
    Team colours:
    - Neutral:
    Standard Pink Jigglypuff with Aqua Marine eyes.
    - Green:
    Jigglypuff gets a green noddy hat, my personal favourite.
    Skin is a fleshier colour
    and the eyes are simply blue.
    - Blue:
    Jigglypuff gets a large sun-hat, which is quite amusing, a dark, 
    almost purple colour,
    strong green eyes.
    - Red:
    Jigglypuff is a more solid pink colour, aqua marine eyes and
    is wearing a Dobiscus Flower (it's a red flower, i'm not sure of the name)
    - White:
    Jigglypuff gets a Pokemon Trainer hat, similar to the one the female trainer
    wears from Fire Red/Leaf Green.
    - You can float under somewhat small stages such as Battle field and return
    on the other side, can this be used to your advantage? You decide.
    - You can also float under Final Destination and return on the other side
    with the aid of Rising Pounds.
    - Jigglypuff plays the same inactive animation as Kirby (The look around one).
    - Jigglypuff does not stand still, she gently levitates. 
    - Jigglypuff has a funny walking animation, timid-like.
    - Jigglypuff does not feature a story role in the Sub-Space Emissary.
    - Jigglypuff can hit Sandbag from using rollout without charging,
    but not players.
    - Jigglypuff doesn't smack the opponent with her fist when grabbing, 
    she smacks them with the perm on her head, kind of weird.
    - Jigglypuff's Final Smash is sometimes smaller if she is in the air when
    it activates.
    - Jigglypuff's Final Smash is larger on Giant Brawl.
    - Katto's challenges:
    So I have a couple of challenges for you.
    - 1. Stay in the air for atleast 30 seconds.
    - 2. Win a 3-stock match without attacking your opponent on Distant Planet.
    - 3. Use Pound to cancel a bat being thrown at you. 
    (or just about any projectile)
    - 4. KO Metal Bowser with an upthrow.
    ...Jigglypuff Final Smash Glitch...[JFS]
    As you may be aware, the Jigglypuff glitch causes Jigglypuff to stay 
    that large when she performs her Final Smash, the effect goes when she dies.
    To do this, you must execute your Final Smash on a stage that can 
    break and reforms into an otherwise solid object, 
    thus forcing any character inside of it to be bounced up.
    This skips animations of several other Final Smashes like when Luigi dances.
    Anyway, for the easiest result, go to Bridge of Eldin, and grab a Smash Ball.
    When you see the portal appear above the broken bridge, jump down. 
    When all those twilighty pixels start flowing, use the Final Smash in the
    centre of the bridge. When the bridge forms, Jigglypuff will be bounced up, 
    staying at her size.
    The stages you can do this on are:
    Bridge of Eldin
    Green Hill Zone
    Spear Pillar
    Pirate Ship
    If Yoshi uses his b attack on Jigglypuff while she has this glitch active
    she will double in time each time.
    Okay, FAQ section, where you place questions....
    Q: Why do you main Jigglypuff?
    A: Because I feel I can maneuvere well, and being underestimated gives 
       you the edge.
    Q: Do you main any other characters?
    A: I use just about the whole cast, my favourites usually go in a cycle,
       but my current favourites would be Jigglypuff, Falco, Metaknight, Ness, 
       Olimar, and Mr. Game&Watch.
    Q: What inspired you to create this guide?
    A: I'm not sure. I see a huge lack of Jigglypuff players around, so
       I thought it'd be interesting to see more Jigglypuff players.
    Q: I want to get good with Jigglypuff, but she's too light for me,
       what do I do?
    A: I guess you should try playing as some other lightweight characters 
       with good recovery first.
    Q: I bet I can own your pathetic Jigglypuff with my Ike.
    A: I fight for my friends.
    Q: You appear to be missing something, how can I inform you?
    A: By sending an email with a title relating to Jigglypuff FAQ.
    Q: Why are there no info on items in this guide?
    A: I don't feel there is anything Jigglypuff specific 
       I should note about items.
    If you have any questions, maybe I can add them in here.
    .........Credits/Special Thanks...[STHX]
    Credits to:
    sonicness for some adjustments to the Sonic and Diddy matchup and helping 
    me test matchups. Also for adding Boss Rush Mode.
    Kratos1992 for helping me test various strategies against Ike, Zelda, ZSS,
    and Marth.
    ShadowTemari for slight adjustments to Ice Climbers and helping me 
    tidy this up a little.
    And special thanks to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Social Board for 
    entertaining me and letting me see various styles of fighting.
    Also Special Thanks to Masahiro Sakurai for the amusing quotes 
    on The Smash Bros. Dojo!!
    ............Legal Stuff............[LGL]
    Jigglypuff and the other cast of Super Smash Bros. Brawl are copyrighted
    by their respective owners, this FAQ is copyrighted by Kattokana 
    (Sam Corrigan) and is only to be hosted on GameFAQs.
    You may not copy or host this guide anywhere without accepted permission.

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