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    Kirby by Regis_Neo

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    KK      KK          II        RR       RR     BB         BB     YY      YY
    KK    KK            II        RR        RR    BB          BB     YY    YY
    KK  KK              II        RR        RR    BB          BB      YY  YY
    KKKK                II        RR       RR     BB         BB        YYYY
    KK                  II        RRRRRRRRRR      BBBBBBBBBBBB          YY
    KKKK                II        RR     RR       BB         BB         YY
    KK  KK              II        RR      RR      BB          BB        YY
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    Super Smash Bros Brawl
    Kirby Character Guide
    Written by Travis Evans AKA Regis_Neo
    Legal Info:
    This entire document is copyright 2008 by me. All trademarks are property of 
    their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my 
    permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website, 
    making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or making 
    reference to any material contained within.
    Table of Contents:
    1. About the Guide [ABT1]
    2. About the Character [ABT2]
    3. Standard Moves and Smashes [SAS]
    4. Special Moves [SPECM]
    5. Final Smash [FS]
    6. General Strategies [GENS]
    7. VS Specific Characters [VSC]
    8. Stadium Mode Strategies [SMS]
    9. FAQs [FAQU]
    10. Version and Credits [VERC]
    1. About the Guide [ABT1]
    Well, this'll be my second guide here on Gamefaqs. Basically, I wrote this
    guide as a source for people interested in picking up one of the series' best 
    characters, Kirby. I don't profess myself to be the absolute authority on 
    Kirby, but I have been using Kirby since the original Super Smash Bros. and 
    have had some great successes with him. Hopefully this'll be a useful resource
    in getting you started out.
    2. About the Character [ABT2]
    Hailing from Dream Land, Kirby has been in nearly 20 or so games and anime 
    series since his debut in Kirby's Dream Land back in 1992. The Kirby series 
    was created by Masahiro Sakurai and Hal Laboratory, whom you may recognize as
    the main developer and creators of this game as well. Where Kirby gets his 
    name to this day is unknown exactly; the two main sources are that he was 
    either named for John Kirby, Nintendo of America's legal counsel in the Donkey
    Kong/King Kong debacle with Universal Studios, or after the Kirby vaccums and 
    their powerful suction capabilities. Sakurai himself states that he does not 
    remember where Kirby got his name from.
    Being his cute, round, pink adorable self, you might find it hard to take 
    Kirby seriously as fighter who has saved the land multiple time from numerous 
    threats, most often involving King Dedede. His various attacks often revolve 
    around inhaling and spitting out objects or puffs of air. Since the game 
    Kirby's Adventure, he has also had the ability to inhale enemies and to copy 
    their abilities for his own use. In the more recent Kirby games, he has a full
    set of moves to use without copying abilities, such as a slide kick, basic 
    punches, and more. It is intersting to note that Kirby's species has no given 
    name, or origin for that matter. Aside from potentially MetaKnight (who looks
    almost exactly like Kirby when unmasked, except being blue and black in 
    color), Kirby is pretty much the only one of his species in the games.
    In the Super Smash Bros series, Kirby was a powerful fighter in the original, 
    with quick, deadly moves despite his light weight. In Melee, Kirby was nerfed;
    his attacks were slower, his Dash A was replaced with a horrible fireball 
    attack that killed you more often than it helped, and just overall was 
    weakened nearly to the point of unplayability. However, Kirby makes a 
    triumphant return to his near-original power; he is light, nimble, and has 
    some very damaging attacks, as well as ditching that horrible Dash A.
    3. Standard Moves and Smashes [SAS]
    Basic Attacks:
    Neutral A: Jab (2%)
    -Description: Basic jab, no knockback. Meant to be pressed more.
    A+A+A+...: Multi-hits (2, 3, 1,...%)
    -Description: Multiple consecutive hits that hammer your opponent. Easily 
     to spammable, with light knockback after a while.
    Tilt Up A: Back Kick (5%)
    -Description: Basic upward kick, very low knockback.
    Tilt Forward A: Kick (8%)
    -Description: Basic kick, very low knockback.
    Tilt Down A: Low Kick (5-6%)
    -Description: Basic low kick, very low knockback.
    Dash + A: Upside-down whirl kicks (Up to 14%)
    -Description: One of your main means of doing damage. Gets you in close to the
    opponent, and if the last kick connects solid enough, will sends your opponent
    up into the air, setting you up for a combo.
    Jumps: Kirby can perform up to 5 jumps in the air, giving him some very great 
    recovery capabilities. I figured this was important enough to note 
    Forward Smash: Hard Kick (15% uncharged, up to 21% fully charged)
    -Description: This'll probably be your main attack right here. Great knockback
    potential at higher percentages and clears the opponent away. It is also fast 
    to execute, and you can potentially get in 2-3 of these (uncharged) depending
    on your opponent.
    Up Smash: Flip Kick (15% uncharged, up to 21& fully charged)
    -Description: Your main means of anti-aerial maneuvering. Quick to do and 
    ensures your opponent won't want to come back down near you. Also has decent
    knockback at higher percentages.
    Down Smash: Spin Kick (14% uncharged, up to 19% fully charged)
    -Description: Use this if your opponent is prone to rolling around you to 
    clear them out. Has a small range, but hits both sides simultaneously as well.
    Remember, to perform any aerial attacks, you have to be in the air.
    Neutral A: Kirby Spin-star (10-12%)
    -Description: Simple spinning move in the air. Though it looks like it deals
    multiple hits, it actually doesn't, so be aware of that. Useful anti-air move.
    Forward A: Multi-air Kicks (4% initial, up to 12% if all 3 kicks connect)
    -Description: Kirby throws 3 kicks at the opponent. If the last kick connects,
    it will do decent knockback as well.
    Back A: No-look Kick (12%)
    -Description: Kirby kicks from behind. Simple, solid damage, with decent 
    knockback to boot. Useful if you have to approach the opponent if he's behind.
    Up A: Air Flipkick (10%)
    -Description: Kirby does a flipkick in the air. Low knockback, but it will 
    keep your opponent in the air.
    Down A: Whirl Kick (2-14% depending on how many kicks land)
    -Description: Kirby whirls in the air, dealing multiple kicks at the opponent.
    This is as close as you'll get to a Meteor: by timing your kicks right, you 
    can force the opponent down low enough so he cannot recover easily, if at all.
    Up Throw: Up and Crash (10%)
    -Description: Kirby grabs his opponent, leaps high into the air, and brings 
    him down with a big crash! Has moderate knockback, especially at higher 
    Down Throw: Stomp Stomp Stomp! (12%)
    -Description: Kirby grabs his opponent, then repeatedly stomps on them. Can be
    used for chain throwing at very low percentages, though it will fail later on 
    if you can't force them into a corner or something.
    Forward Throw - Body Slam (8%)
    -Description: Kirby does a Body Slam, with slight knockback.
    Backward Throw: Piledriver (8%)
    -Description: Kirby does a piledriver. Has decent knockback.
    If anything, Kirby's taunts are quite fun to watch.
    Up: A part of Kirby's famous little victory dance.
    Down: Kirby's "Hi" taunt from the other Smash Bros games. 
    Forward: Another part of Kirby's victory dance, with a spinning twist.
    4. Special Moves [SPECM]
    Neutral B - Inhale: Kirby sucks up the enemy and copies their powers! More
    specifically, Inhale will copy the opponent's own Neutral B attack for Kirby's
    own use (note that it will replace inhale) and change Kirby's appearance (for 
    example, he wears a Mario Hat when he uses Inhale on Mario). To copy the 
    power, hit Down or B to do it, and the opponent will also take 6% damage. 
    Alternatively, you can choose to spit them back out with A for 10% damage. For
    a final alternative, Kirby can commit what is commonly known as a 
    "swallow/kirbycide", where he inhales the opponent and walks off the stage, 
    killing both you and the opponent. Be forwarned though, it will not work well 
    if you are at a high damage percent, and by doing so, you will lose the life 
    first, so if you think this is your solution when you and your opponent have 
    have 1 life left, think again. Best used if you have at least 1 life to spare 
    and/or have very little damage.
    List of Characters and Neutral B attacks when copied:
    Mario: Red Fireball (5%)
    Luigi: Green Fireball (6%)
    Peach: Toad (varies, counter damage)
    Bowser: Fire Breath (1% all the way up to 52% depending on how much it hits)
    Yoshi: Tounge&Egg (7% and encases opponent in an egg)
    Wario: Bite (2% for each bite (mash B), up to 17% maximum)
    Donkey Kong: Windup Punch (10% uncharged, up to 28% fully charged)
    Diddy Kong: Popgun Peanut (5% uncharged, up to 17% fully charged)
    Link: Arrow (4% uncharged, up to 12% fully charged)
    Toon Link: Arrow (4% uncharged, up to 12% fully charged)
    Zelda: Barrier (4% if barely touched, up to 12%. Also deflects projectiles)
    Sheik: Needle Throw (3% uncharged with one needle, 18% fully charged)
    Ganondorf: Warlock Punch (27%)
    Kirby: Nothing
    Metaknight: Tornado (Up to 18% depending on the number of hits)
    King Dedede: Inhale 2.0 (10%)
    Pokemon Trainer:
      -Squirtle: Water Gun (14% if used close, otherwise 0%, but high knockback)
      -Ivysaur: Bullet Seed (Up to 60% depending on how many times it hits)
      -Charizard: Flamethrower (Up to 36% depending on how many times it hits)
    Pikachu: Thundershock (6% minimum, up to 9% if up close)
    Jigglypuff: Sing (No damage, makes opponent drowsy)
    Lucario: Aura Sphere (7% minimum, up to 18% fully charged)
    Marth: Shieldbreaker (8% uncharged, up to 24% fully charged)
    Ike: Eruption (10% uncharged, up to 37% maximum with 10% self damage)
    Lucas: PK Freeze (15-18% and freeze)
    Ness: PK Flash (9% uncharged, up to 37% fully charged)
    Fox: Blaster (1%, can be spammed for unlimited hits, no stun)
    Falco: Blaster 1.5 (3%, light stun)
    Wolf: Blaster 2.0 (6%, stun and extra damage if gun hits up close)
    Pit: Light Arrow (5-9%)
    Ice Climbers: Icicle (3%, goes down to 2% if used consecutively)
    Mr. Game and Watch: Chef (4% per sausage, 9% if frying pan connects)
    Captain Falcon: Falco Paunch! (27%)
    Samus: Charged Shot (3% uncharged, up to 25% fully charged)
    Zero Suit Samus: Mini blaster shot (4% uncharged, 7% fully charged and stun)
    ROB: Eye Beam (X damage, depends on time charged)
    Snake: Pineapple Grenade (2% if hit by grenade, 12% if hit by explosion)
    Sonic: Homing Dash (8%)
    Olimar: Pikmin Pluck and Throw (2% to 5% depending on the Pikmin)
    Forward B - Hammer: Kirby brings out a hammer (which looks similar to King 
    Dedede's hammer) and swings it for a mighty blow (23% damage). When used in 
    the air, it now does two swings for 17% damage (one hit will knock them away,
    you can't get both to land) as opposed to a spin attack like in Melee. Though
    the hammer is slow to use, it has some great knockback potential, so it'd be
    a good thing to at least practice with.
    Up B - Final Cutter: Kirby pulls out a little sword, jumps up, and comes down 
    with a bang, unleashing a small shockwave. The full combo has 3 hits, each 
    doing 8% (rising hit), 2% (smack downward), and 5% (upclose shockwave damage).
    The shockwave itself covers about half the stage (giving Kirby a pseudo-
    projectile attack) and does 6% damage with good knockback as well. This is 
    Kirby's only means of vertical recovery after you've exhausted all of his 
    Down B - Stone: Kirby hardens himself into a stone and drops down on the 
    enemy. The shape of the stone varies (Thwomp, Spiked Ball, 100 ton weight, 
    pink rock), but it always deals 18% damage. While in this state, Kirby is also
    immune to all attacks (even some Final Smash damage), but he can still be 
    thrown. The Stone form wears off after about 3 seconds or so as well.
    leumas292 has very kindly done an analysis on the effects of using Stone 
    against all of the Final Smashes in the game:
    Rating Key:
    * = Not viable (don't even try, it's not worth it)
    ** = Slightly viable (rarely can be used, and even then, not that useful)
    *** = Often viable (moderately useful, won't completely protect you, but does 
    a fair job)
    **** = Always viable (slam that down+B, then laugh at your opponents pitful 
    mockery of an attack!)
    Mario (****): Completely negates any damage or knockback. Ha!
    Luigi (*): Doesn't protect you from any status ailments, not even the damage 
    caused by the flower. Slowed time makes you pathetically easy to grab and 
    throw too. Avoid using this like the plague.
    Peach (****): Another complete negation. You can bypass any sleep she may try 
    to incur. And you can steal her peaches too (not as sexual as it may sound)! 
    It's what those philosophical types call a win-win!
    Bowser: (**): Can be used to a limited extant to protect yourself from killing
    blows, but don't expect it to save you. He can knock you out of stone pretty 
    easily, especially at high damages, and the cooldown lag from stone makes you 
    likely to catch a headbutt to the face. Dodging is preferred.
    Donkey Kong (*): It lasts too long for stone to provide any solid defense. 
    You're best just to try to dodge and flee.
    Diddy Kong (*): May have a limited use against a novice, but any seasoned 
    Diddy Kong player will pulverize you relentlessly. Not really viable; stick to
    dodging and erratic movements.
    Yoshi (**): Yoshi is a study in opposites. On one hand, his fireballs will 
    destroy you. Stone only blocks two fireballs at low damages, even less when 
    you're really hurting and need the protection. On the flipside, however, good 
    timing with allow you to greatly limit and possibly even eliminate any damage 
    caused by his fiery breath and physical impact. Unfortunately, most Yoshi 
    players use exclusively fireballs (and for good reason), reducing the 
    viability of stone as a defensive measure.
    Wario (*): Yeah right. You're better trying to hit him with Mr. Saturn then 
    using stone. Stick to evasive maneuvers and edgehogging those precious 
    invincibility frames.
    Link (*): Big surprise here, stone doesn't protect you in the least. Stick to 
    your dodging (crouching doesn't help either, although it looks like it 
    Zelda/Sheik (*): Both tested, both failed. Run with all your little heart, 
    Kirby! Oh, and crouching doesn't work here either (can't blame a guy for 
    Ganondorf (***): An odd one. It protects you from the damage, but not the 
    knockback, regardless of distance. You'll still die at medium to high damages,
    but at lower damages it can really save you.
    Toon Link (*): Plot twist!!! It....still.....hits you....ah well, what did you
    expect? He's Link v2.0.
    Samus (***): Stone can help a lot here in minimizing damage. You can't block 
    an entire straight shot, but it absorbs enough to really take the sting off. 
    Knockback still applies.
    Zero Suit Samus (****): It can be difficult to time this one, given the speed 
    at which ZZS's smash executes, but if you succeed, you're in the clear. No 
    damage, no knockback. Don't cancel out too early though, since there is a hit 
    when she reappears too.
    Pit (**+1/2): Good ole' Centurions are still a pain in the rear! You can 
    absorb two or three hits tops, but after that you are ejected out of stone. 
    However, given the chaotic nature of this smash, it is possible to transform, 
    take a hit or two, cancel out, dodge, and transform again. This strategy can 
    greatly improve your odds against this attack.....if you can pull it off, 
    that is.
    Ice Climbers (****): Keep your head and you'll be fine. Stone, cancel out, and
    repeat. Being on the same side as the Ice Climbers can make this a mite 
    trickier, but you can still manage just fine. If they're stuck on the other 
    side, then you're golden.
    R.O.B. (*): It protects you, but who cares?! You're just going to sit there 
    until R.O.B. grabs you and begins to hurl you about. At which point your death
    will probably follow. Definitely want to retain your mobility on this one.
    Kirby (*): *gasp!* What kind of sick, twisted, depraved abomination of science
    has spawned this soulless doppleganger?! Oh, it's just Player 2. Stone does 
    nothing to help you, unless you like bathing in scalding hot soup. Next!
    Meta-Knight (**): Kirby's arch rival/best friend/who knows can still scoop you
    into his cape and fling you to Alpha Centauri. All stone does is make it extra
    easy for him. Fortunately, if he hits someone else with his cape, you can 
    block the indirect strikes completely.
    King Dedede (**): Good luck with this mess. You can block a couple Waddle Dees
    and Doos for a little while, but eventually your stone will fail and you'll 
    start getting tussled about. After that, it's hard to get back into stone. 
    Gordos also knock you out of stone in a single hit with no incurred damage, 
    but knockback that is still calculated on your damage. Use it at the beginning
    maybe, then stick with dodging.
    Olimar (***): Forget about blocking the mauling damage. You can't. His 
    kamikaze return, on the other hand....A direct ship hit will still knock you 
    back, but not damage you, but an indirect hit will do nothing. And since 
    that's the part that most times KOs you, it's smart to prevent this with a 
    well-timed stone. Hey, at least you're not dead.
    Fox/Falco/Wolf (*): I saw this one coming. Stone doesn't help against any of 
    the Landmasters (it's a tank, for God's sake, what did you think would 
    happen?!). You can block one/two cannon shots depending on your opponent and 
    damage, but other than that, no dice. In fact, they can push you right off the
    edge when you're on the ground, and if they DO A BARREL ROLL (I couldn't 
    resist), you'll be ejected from your metamorphic form with little to do to 
    defend yourself. You deserve death if you use it on top of the tank.
    Captain Falcon (****): This one I did not expect. It completely negates it. 
    Completely. As in "no lengthy cinematic cutscene which teaches poor vehicular 
    safety and manslaughter". Kirby and your parents approve. You have to be quick
     and/or telepathic to succeed though, since it comes out pretty fast. Faster 
    than stone, anyway.
    Pikachu (**): Against an untrained Pikachu player (otherwise known as "Thunder
    -spammers"), you can probably avoid any and all damage. Then again, you could 
    stand in the one spot without moving or defending and garner a similar 
    result...Against a veteran electric mouse, your chances of survival decrease 
    dramatically. Volt Tackle moves too quick for stone to be really useful 
    Pokemon Trainer (**): Much like Samus, if you can't dodge out of the way, you 
    might as well minimize your damage. You can't beat the whole thing, and you 
    still get hit with some hefty knockback. Still, why not?
    Lucario (***): Similar to the Pokemon Trainer which in turn makes him similar 
    to Samus. By running away from the center and timing your transformation well,
    you can avoid a decent chunk of hurt. Still, given Kirby's aerial prowess, 
    it's probably best to evade rather than weather.
    Jigglypuff (***): Hmmm, a risk vs. reward scenario. If you use it and fail, 
    then you're dead. Simple as that. However, if you wait till the "JIGGLY" and 
    watch your granite form soar off the cliff, then cancel out in mid-air, you'll
    completely halt your momentum. You then have the entire time Jigglypuff is 
    deflating to use your 133t recovery skills to return to land safely. Then 
    again, you could just use your l33t aerial skills to avoid the push entirely. 
    Use at your discretion.
    Marth (-****): In case you were wondering, that's a negative 4-stars. Do not 
    use stone to combat Critical Hit, ever!!!
    Ike (*): Must be a thing with Fire Emblem characters. Stone is worthless 
    against Great Aether. Think Meta-Knight, but more fire.
    Ness (**): A matter of luck. If you get plowed with meteors, then you'll get 
    knocked around, since stone can block about two at low percentages. The big 
    problem is that your cooldown lag puts you at insane risk of being hit, so you
    may revert back right in time to catch a ball of fiery light to your face. 
    Then again, you might be perfectly fine throughout the whole thing.
    Lucas (**): See above, just blonder.
    Mr. Game and Watch (*): You can weather a few strikes, but with your mobility 
    gone, it doesn't really matter. Then again, trying to dodge an angry, 
    two-dimensional octopus isn't likely to win Effective Plan of the Year either.
    Good luck.
    Snake (**): Snake? SNAAAAAKE!!!......you get the idea. Your maneuverability is
    a great asset in avoid Snake's barrage. However, after to grenade hits, you'll
    be flung without taking damage. You can use this to drop back into stone, thus
    messing up his aim, wasting his time, and putting yourself out of harm's way 
    for another two shots. Unfortunately, try this more than once, and your 
    opponent will just wait for your transformation to end before blowing you to 
    Outer Heaven.
    Sonic (**): Sonic goes Super Saiyan and jacks his power level.............
    OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!! Against a whelp, you can probably block, cancel out, 
    and re-transform before he can manage his recoil. In the hands of an expert, 
    Sonic is a deadly, glowing bullet whom you have little chance against. Judge 
    your opponent, then take appropriate action (in that latter case, that's 
    probably death).
    5. Final Smash - Cook Kirby [FS]
    For his Final Smash, Kirby dons a Chef hat and pulls out a giant pot while 
    grabbing a frying pan and spatula. Any enemy close by is drawn into the pot, 
    suffering 34% damage total and being chucked out. A few random items are also 
    created for Kirby to (hopefully) collect and use while the enemies are 
    airborne. The enemies do have to be in range (about less than a quarter of the
    stage away) for this Final Smash to work, otherwise it fails and Kirby will 
    cook nothing.
    6. General Strategies [GENS]
    Kirby has greatly improved since Melee, almost to his original power back in 
    the original Super Smash Bros. Smashes are your best friend; Kirby executes 
    almost all of his smashes very quickly, allowing you to even hit someone 2-3 
    times in succession with his Forward Smash. His Dash A is also great once 
    again, not being some nerfed fireball thing. Dash A will generally be the best
    way to open with Kirby, allowing you to get in multiple hits. From there, 
    depending on the opponent's total damage, you can follow this up with a 
    Forward Smash (if they're at a low damage % or a heavy character) or 
    alternatively your Forward A aerial if they're at a higher damage %.
    You will want to learn also what I call the basic strategies as well, which 
    can be applied to any character. This includes: 
    - Rolling/dodging properly: This is so you don't end up with your back to your
    opponent and don't start attacking in the wrong direction.
    - Short-hopping: Quickly tapping your jump button or the control stick to do a
    short jump, lets you get your aerial attacks in quickly and effectively.
    - Foxtroting: Dash, let go of the control stick, dash. Good for keeping your 
    opponent guessing, and you can still smash. 
    - Reverse aerial rush: Dash, hit back and jump while hitting the direction 
    your momentum takes you so you can use the momentum to approach with a back 
    - Pivot grabs: Run at your opponent as though you are going to Forward Smash, 
    but instead run through, turn around (quickly), and grab. It gives you an 
    extended reach.
    In approaching the enemy, I find the best way is a simple Dash A attack; it 
    can score multiple hits and induce knockback (especially noticable at higher
    levels), allowing you to set up your next move from there. This will generally
    be a Forward Smash or a short-hop Forward aerial.
    Kriby plays a solid ground game. His smashes are all quite fast and powerful, 
    leaving many characters at a loss for a response. His regular A attacks as 
    well as many of his copied abilities from Inhale also generally serve to 
    improve his ground game.
    Whatever you do, when you come down on an opponent (in particular, human 
    opponents), avoid using Down B; the reason for this is that it is both very 
    predictable (especially with newbies) and it has a (relatively) long 
    animation, allowing your opponent usually enough time to move out of the way 
    and prepare a grab for you. If you have to use Down B, I recommend you cancel 
    out of it just right above the surface; this will allow you to use any 
    remaining jumps (if any) and, more importantly, use an aerial attack to catch 
    your opponent off-guard. You see, whenever you cancel or break out of your 
    Down B, Kirby will be in the air just long enough to lash out with an aerial 
    attack or to jump some more. Overall, if you can, avoid having to come down on
    your opponents, Kirby is far too light to afford being nailed by a possible Up
    Smash. Down A aerial is your best bet if you have to otherwise.
    In aerial combat, Kirby is decent. His Forward A and Back A aerials are both 
    decently powerful, and his Down A is just great for getting in multiple hits.
    His Up A is a bit lacking though, as it isn't quite as powerful as another 
    character's similar move. It will still serve your purpose of keeping them up
    in the air though.
    Kirby's pseudo-Meteor Smash is his Down A aerial attack. If timed right, you 
    can hit them at the very tip of your twirling kick, sending them downward. 
    Alternatively, you can just connect with it as you regularly would, which will
    still drive them down, though not as much.
    On wifi battles, using the C-Stick (or in general, C-Sticking) will help to 
    better serve your game. Due to lag, it's quite hard to get the timing on your
    smashes just right, so using the C-Stick for a nice, quick smash is great when
    in a pinch.
    Finally, DON'T BE PREDICTABLE! The number one thing you can do wrong in my 
    opinion is to repeat the same move/combo again and again; eventually, your 
    opponent will catch on and force you off-guard, potentially scoring a KO as 
    well. Keep mixing up your strategies and be unpredictable.
    More contributions from leumas292:
    1. "You can dash an opponent and hit Down+B (stone) as you slide into them for 
    decent downish-horizontal knockback at medium to high percentages. However, it
    has some windup lag, it kinda telegraphs, and missing with it practically begs
    punishment. Still, it's something he can do, and can be used in some 
    situations to edgeguard with enough practice (especially after a D-air spike 
    when your opponent will just barely make the edge). However, if you overshoot,
    you'll plummet straight off the edge, which can also be good (given Kirby's 
    awesome recovery) to catch opponents trying to vertically recover flush with 
    the ledge (Kirby's Final Cutter being a notable example). I don't really 
    recommend this strategy, since as it rarely works against skilled opponents.
    2. His Side+B (hammer) works well in conjunction with short hops, since it 
    lets his momentum carry forward instead of stopping him dead in his tracks 
    like a ground hammer attack. It also eliminates much of the windup lag in the 
    process, and if you jump just right, you'll still get both your swings before 
    landing. You can also drift backward on the second swing to place yourself in 
    a more defensive position or escape a shieldgrab. Also, the second swing 
    commonly catches opponents off guard, since it happens so close to the ground 
    they expect it to just cancel. It also is useful for edgeguarding, since Kirby
    can time it to get his two advancing or retreating swings off and near 
    instantaneously grab (and more importantly, hog) the edge.
    Not only is this useful on opponents, but can pulverize (always a good 
    adjective to use with hammers and the swinging of hammers at people's heads) 
    SSE bosses like Rayquaza, Galleom, Petey Pirahana, pretty much any boss who 
    isn't air-based, such as the Ridleys (except Duon, may he burn slowly in acid 
    for his cheapness!), especially if you can get both swings in while drifting 
    backward, as it hits fast enough to still allow time to prepare for any 
    incoming attacks. This doesn't apply on Intense, however, where bosses attack 
    too quickly for you to have a decent defense mounted in time from their 
    devastating attacks. I can make it to Tabuu on Intense fairly consistently by 
    spamming this tactic. And yes, it's okay to spam against the computer since it
    has no soul."
    7. Versus Specific Characters [VSC]
    Difficulty: **
    The usual all-rounder he is, Mario doesn't pose much of a challenge. Just move
    in and smash away. Seriously, Mario definately isn't much of a threat; he 
    lacks his Down Aerial from Melee (now instead it's his tornado) and his new 
    FLUDD definately sucks. So just kindly put him out of his misery.
    Difficulty: ***
    His air game is his trump card: his Forward and Down Aerials are insane. In
    addition, his Fireballs are more spammable than Mario's, and his Final Smash 
    is basically an "oh boy, I'm screwed" scenario if you get caught. His 
    Green Missile also gives horizontal recovery Mario can't even blink at. 
    Furthermore, beware of Luigi's uppercut, it will KO you at some insanely low 
    damage if it hits correctly since Kirby is so light. For beating Luigi, 
    despite his advantages, the strategies against Mario work here also; just 
    smash away. When Luigi tries coming back with Green Missile, use your Down A 
    aerial to clear him to the bottom. Overall, if anything be more aware if they 
    choose Luigi instead of Mario.
    Difficulty: **
    Not that hard imo, Peach was never that great. Stray away from her hip...
    smash...thing (Forward B) and her vegetables and you should be fine. Peach has
    great horizontal recovery via floating and her Up B, so make sure you make 
    good use of your Down A aerial to prevent her from coming back all the time.
    Difficulty: **
    Bowser isn't that hard at all imo. He's slow and big, but he hits hard. As 
    with any heavyweight, play cautiously; don't be too eager to rush in, lest you
    want to suffer a painful smackdown.
    Difficulty: **
    Annoying, but managable. Yoshi was never that great of a character, and this
    is no exception in Brawl. Watch out for his Up B, as those eggs can get some 
    distance. Also beware not to get caught in his Neutral B if you're near an 
    edge, as it can lead to some cheap KOs if you're bad at breaking out of his 
    eggs. Yoshi also has some great recovery, but remember he only has one jump;
    this allows you to play a decent game of keeping him away from the ledge.
    Yoshi also isn't exactly a middleweight, letting you also get in some good
    KOs when he's at a lower percentage.
    Difficulty: ***
    Annoying in the hands of a good player. Wario is decievingly quick, and can 
    catch you off guard if unprepared. Wario also has some good smashes, making 
    him hard to get near. In return, he doesn't have much in the way of 
    projectiles (no, the bike doesn't count really) and your smashes outspeed his.
    Wario also has horrible recovery if his Down B isn't working (but otherwise, 
    beware if you get hit with it), so you can get in KOs there. Avoid running 
    into Wario when his mouth is open (Neutral B) as well, since he'll just chew 
    on you and spit you out.
    Donkey Kong
    Difficulty: ***
    Donkey Kong is harder than his counterpart Bowser, but not much. A good DK 
    player will make use of his somewhat quicker attacks to catch you off guard 
    and to beat you down that way, as his attacks (particularly smashes and 
    Neutral B) will send you flying at low percentages. However, Donkey Kong is 
    still a big, slower character, and you outspeed him in most aspects. 
    Playing an aerial game with DK can be fun, as DK's air game isn't top notch.
    Diddy Kong
    Difficulty: ***
    Watch out for his bananna peels, they're freaking annoying! Anyways, a good 
    Diddy player will take advantage of this and his other attacks to juggle you 
    around and eventually KO you with a smash or his Forward B. What you 
    have going for you though is that Diddy is a lightweight, making him easy to 
    KO given Kirby's smashing power. And since he has to charge his Up B to 
    recover any good distance, this gives you a window of opportunity to get in 
    there and hit him further away.
    Link/Toon Link
    Difficulty: ***
    First of all, Toon Link = Young Link = faster, less powerful Link. Anyways, a 
    good Link player will get you busy with his projectiles while he gets in and 
    starts hitting you with his sword. Link's Down A Aerial is quite deadly, even 
    more so with his Toon version since it bounces. Overall, Link is a solid, all 
    round character that can operate at a range or up close with his sword, so 
    beware of his range and such. You'll want to play defensively since those 
    attacks hurt (especially his double smash) and then carefully proceeding to 
    smash him away, as neither version has a great recovery move.
    Difficulty: **
    Not too hard of a match. Zelda operates at a range largely thanks to her Din's
    Fire, but if they keep spamming it, just rush in and take advantage of the 
    opening it creates for you. Zelda also has a decent aerial game to boot. 
    Nowdays, it also takes her a while to transform into Sheik, letting you get in
    hits there as well. Regarding Sheik, she's been nerfed since Melee, making her
    easier to deal with. Sheik is still quick, but she also lacks any notable 
    range (except for Neutral B, where she throws darts), so take advantage of 
    that. Both are also easy to knock away, although Zelda has some decent 
    recovery, more so than Sheik.
    Difficulty: **
    Still the Captain Falcon clone he was in Melee, and still extremely slow. His 
    attacks will still put you in a world of hurt though since Kirby is so light. 
    His Down B and Up B in particular are somewhat quick, so be aware of that. 
    Ganondorf also has bad recovery for the most part, so long as you don't get 
    caught in his Up B.
    Difficulty: * to *****
    Great, the mirror match. Remember not to inhale him, that won't do you much 
    good. Really, this will probably turn into a smashing match, with whoever 
    getting in the most winning. Mix up your different attacks and remember to 
    take advantage of his light weight.
    Difficulty: ***
    MetaKnight notably lacks in any real killing moves, but makes up for hit with 
    multi-hit attacks and good speed, which will kill you anyways in the end. For 
    beating him, let him come to you (his attacks only hit multiple times if he's
    not moving really) and then force him to play your game.
    King Dedede
    Difficulty: **
    Though insanely powerful if his attacks hit you (no kidding, he can blow you 
    away with a good charged smash around 20%), all of his attacks are very slow 
    to get off, letting you roll about and smash him back. Dedede can also chain 
    throw you if you get stuck in a corner, leading to a very unpleasant 
    situation, so avoid that. Dedede also has limited ranged recovery with his 
    Up B (though he does have multiple jumps_, and people often forget to cancel 
    so he can grab the ledge, so take advantage of that. Basically, play 
    defensively and avoid that hammer at all costs.
    Pokemon Trainer
    Difficulty: Varies
    Oh boy, 3 different opponents to learn: 
    Squirtle: The little turtle that could? Charizard aside, Squirtle will also 
    give you fits because he's quite speedy. All of his regular attacks are fast,
    and his smashes also have a bit of range to them as well. Thankfully, Squirtle
    is the lightweight in this gang, so just smash him away.
    Ivysaur: As usual, Ivysaur will spam Forward B and continually throw razor 
    leaf at you, so be prepared to avoid those. Futhermore, it has some nasty 
    range to it as well, meaning you'll have to be careful in avoiding it. 
    Otherwise, most aspects of Ivysaur suck; he's slow, and really lacks anything 
    except to spam Forward B. His Neutral B is good anti-air though (spammable as 
    well), so don't get caught in it. His Up B also gives him fair recovery by 
    latching onto the edge, so don't let him come back by edgehogging it from him.
    Charizard: The slow power hitter on PT's team, all of Charizard's attacks will
    hurt if they connect, particularly Rock Smash (Forward B). His Neutral B is 
    also annoying (think Bowser's Fire Breath), and Charizard has some great 
    recovery thanks to his flying capabilities. But, Charizard is also slow, and a
    big target to hit.
    Difficulty: **
    Pikachu is slightly quicker on his feet, but you outpower him with your 
    attacks, so just let loose with your smashes. Watch out for Pikachu's Down 
    Smash A in particular, it is painful and will send you flying. Some Pikachu
    users also like to spam Thunder (Down B), so try not to get caught in it if 
    you like to take to the air.
    Difficulty: *
    Kirby clone with no copy move and less deadly overall. Down B, though weakened
    since Melee, will still do some nasty damage if she catches you with it; 
    otherwise it leaves a big opening for you do smash her away. Jigglypuff has 
    good recovery offered by her jumps, but still overall is easy enough to KO.
    Difficulty: ***
    Make note that as you damage Lucario, his own attacks will increase in damage
    as well, making a "weakened" Lucario deadly in the right hands. As such, don't
    be too overly eager to rush him and beat him down. Focus on getting in well-
    timed smashes and keeping him away from the stage, as his Up B isn't that 
    great. However, watch out for his counter (Down B), which will hurt you if you
    get up close too and aren't expecting it.
    Difficulty: ****
    Marth is never fun to face, whoever you use. He has speed, fast attacks, good
    recovery, and more. However, Marth very notably lacks in any sort of ranged 
    attack (then again, you don't really either), so you're forced to get up close
    to face him. Generally, your smashes and attacks will be a bit faster to 
    execute, so take advantage of this. Keep up the tempo as well, a good Marth 
    player likes a slow game where he can analyze the situation and prepare a 
    (painful) response.
    Difficulty: ****
    Though Ike is slower than his FE counterpart, he makes up for it with much 
    more power, being able to knock you away quite easily. His Forward B lets him
    get in close and damage you, so don't get caught by it. Many newbies will spam
    Aether (Up B), and this is easily avoided once you get used to it. Ike is a 
    pretty fast heavyweight, so be prepared to do some dodging about.
    Difficulty: **
    I'll admit, I've never had much problems with Lucas. He can spam PK Fire to 
    annoy the heck out of you, but most of his attacks are pretty slow to execute,
    letting you outspeed him and put on the hurt with your own attacks. Watch out 
    for his Final Smash, PK Starstorm will hurt and probably kill you if 1 or 2 
    Difficulty: **
    Ness isn't much different than Lucas. He is good at his aerial game, so watch 
    out for that. He can't quite spam PK Fire, but it does multiple hits as 
    opposed to Lucas'. His smashes also hurt, so watch out for those.
    Difficulty: ****
    Ever annoying since he first came out, Fox still outspeeds you and can move in
    with some devastating hits; the fact he also has the Reflector doesn't help if
    you try copying his blaster. For that matter, he also has his own blaster, 
    which he can spam to rake up the damage (though you won't flinch, so maybe 
    rush them if they're prone to spamming it). You want to play conservatively, 
    slowly raking up damage with Dash A and stuff before attempting a KO. Dodge 
    around him often (while making sure you don't get thrown obviously) and use 
    your Forward Smash to punish him.
    Difficulty: ****
    Much like Fox, Falco is also annoying to play against. His speed and attacks 
    can leave you in bad shape after a few hits as well. Falco differs in several 
    small ways from Fox; he kicks his Reflector, his blaster shots will do more 
    damage and stop you, and just in general his moveset is quite different from 
    Melee; Falco is much less a clone, and has some pretty different moves, so be 
    aware if you're used to the same old Falco from Melee. He also can chain grab 
    like no other, so take extra care not to get caught in one. Otherwise, 
    fighting Falco is much like fighting Fox; you'll want to play conservatively, 
    using your other attacks to weaken him before attempting a smash to KO.
    Difficulty: ***
    Wolf is more powerful in raw strength than Fox or Falco, but also suffers some
    speed loss. This makes him slightly easier to deal with, as you won't have to 
    continally worry about being chased down by him. His blaster, if used up 
    close, can deal extra damage in addition to the blaster stun. His Forward 
    Special goes up at an angle, as opposed to Fox and Falco, and it also doubles 
    as a Meteor Smash if he hits you just right. His Reflector also has a 
    counter-esq element to it as well. Fighting Wolf is slightly different than 
    Fox or Falco; you have to take more care in not being hit by his more harmful 
    attacks, and you can afford to outrun him if necessary. Again use your other 
    attacks to weaken, then move in for a smash. Be careful again not to get 
    caught in his Forward Special if you try to smack him downwards, lest you want
    to risk a quick exit.
    Difficulty: ***
    Another character that's annoying since players tend to spam his attacks. 
    Neutral B gives Pit a ranged attack, while Forward B will lead to nasty multi-
    hit damage. You can copy his Neutral B to give yourself a ranged attack, but 
    Pit also carries a shield (Down B) that will nullify that. Of course, his Up B
    will let him fly about and make some insane recoveries (unless of course you 
    try to meteor him down). Play conservatively and avoid rushing into him, since
    his Forward B is nasty to get caught in. When he tries recovring with Up B, 
    later on, be ready to greet him with some aerial attacks of your own.
    Ice Climbers
    Difficulty: ***
    This duo can put the smackdown on you, as they attack in a pair (and thus, 
    have double the damage and chance to KO you with smashes). And for Kirby, this
    translates into a good chance of getting KOed.They key to beating the Ice 
    Climbers is first to identify which one is the main one (easy enough, often 
    it'll Popo the blue one, but some might switch to Nana to confuse you), and 
    then to either focus on keeping him away from the partner or otherwise KOing 
    the partner, leaving him severly weakened (without the partner, a sole Ice 
    Climber will not last long). So long as you can somehow seperate them, you
    should be able to use your usual strategies to beat them.
    Mr. Game and Watch
    Difficulty: ***
    Mr. Game and Watch shares some basic traits with you; a fast, light fighter 
    capable of some powerful attacks. Beware of his throws, as a good G&W will 
    grab you, throw you downward, and then Down Smash quickly for some nasty 
    damage. In particular, try to make good use of your Down A aerial to get in 
    cheap KOs while G&W is trying to recover. At the same time, beware of his Down
    A aerial should you find yourself in the reverse position. As always, a good 
    Forward Smash as always is your friend.
    Captain Falcon
    Difficulty: ***
    He might outspeed you, but your attacks hit almost as quick. This can turn 
    into a slugfest quickly though, as both of you have no real ranged moves, so
    make sure you dodge frequently to avoid getting hit, as you cannot win in an
    outright smash-for-smash game. Also beware when you try to Meteor Smash them,
    as Falcon's Up B is annoying if you get caught in it accidentally. And, if you
    can, inhale Captain Falcon to copy his ability; it's just downright funny to 
    hear Kibry yell "Falco Paucnh!"
    Difficulty: ***
    Samus can hurt when used right; her missles keep you at bay along with her
    charged shot, but she has pretty limited recovery options, so take advantage 
    of that. If you can, inhale copy her to get your own charged shot to use. ZSS
    lacks more in range than Samus, but makes up for it with nasty stun and multi-
    hit attacks, so avoid getting trapped in those. ZSS has a tether recovery, so 
    edgehog when she tries coming back.
    Difficulty: ***
    ROB is surprisingly annoying. ROB is deceivingly light, he's actually pretty 
    heavy. His special attacks have good range to them, and a good ROB
    player will juggle between them to keep you busy. And to top it off, he 
    has great recovery with Up B with good aerials. You can copy him to get your 
    own laser eye to fire back, and watch out for his Forawrd B is he's drawing 
    near. Move in when there is an opening and smash away.
    Difficulty: **
    Make sure you try to copy Snake, Kirby's outfit looks funny! Anyways, Snake 
    can be deadly, as all of his explosives will send you flying. In particular, 
    his Down B and Down Smash will plant explosives into the ground, with the 
    Down B being remotely activated (the Smash one will just explode on whoever is
    on it at the time). So make sure you note where he plants his little 
    explosives. His Up B also gives him decent recovery, so make note of that. And
    he can throw grenades and fire a player-controlled missile at you. This aside,
    Snake isn't the most agile guy around, letting you get in hits relatively 
    easy. Just make sure you don't stumble onto his explosives and you'll be fine.
    Difficulty: **
    The fastest character in the game, Sonic has some great combo potential along 
    with a great vertical recovery (and he can still attack after using it). 
    However, most of his attacks really have that "POW" that others do, making it 
    hard for Sonic to get in KOs. Avoid getting his by his Neutral, Down, and 
    Forward Bs (all variations of his spin dash), and knock him away with your 
    Difficulty: ***
    Olimar is all about his Pikmin, so avoid getting hit by them if possible, as 
    the neutral damage they can rake up will take a serious toll on your 
    durability. Focus on getting in close, where he cannot throw as effectively, 
    and unleash your quick smashes to send him flying. His recovery is a tether 
    move with good range, so edgehog and watch him fall to his doom. Remember, an
    Olimar with less Pikmin is good for you, so take them out to give him less 
    options for attacking.
    8. Stadium Mode Strategies [SMS]
    Target Test
    Stage 1: A no brainer really. Wander around and hit the targets.
    Stage 2: Same as above really, nothing particularly hard to hit. Maybe use 
    the availible bazooka to make life easier, and avoid the mushroom on the one
    lower level, it'll just shrink you.
    Stage 3: Coming soon once unlocked!
    Stage 4: Coming soon once unlocked!
    Stage 5: Coming soon once unlocked!
    Home Run Contest
    I personally just spam Down A aerial or Neutral As, then smash away with the 
    Bat. Really, it works ok enough, since you can get in multiple hits on the 
    Sandbag, which lets you smack it farther.
    Multi-Man Brawl
    10-Man Brawl: Come on, 10 alloys. Just use your Forward Smash to clear them 
    all, no need for anything fancy.
    100-Man Brawl: This is a bit more difficult. Kirby is a lightweight, making 
    him an easy target to KO later in the battle. Smashes once again are your best
    friends, particularly the Forward Smash. Also make good use of your aerials, 
    especially the Forward A aerial. All of this boils down really to how much you
    can avoid and endure; if you can hang on and keep the smashes going, you 
    should be able to beat this.
    3 Minute Brawl: Come on, if you can do 100-Man, you can easily last for 3 
    measly minutes. Smash them into oblivion and evade their attacks. Down Smash 
    is your best best for crowd coverage here, and Forward Smash for clearing solo
    15 Minute Brawl: If you can endure the boredom of killing alloys for 15 
    straight minutes, you can win. Evade and Smash away to victory.
    Endless Brawl: Just follow all the above suggestions and have fun taking out 
    as many alloys as you can!
    Cruel Brawl: Ouch...if you want a better way to test your defensive 
    capabilities, look no further. 1-2 hits will easily send you flying here. It's
    best just to go in smashing and hope for the best. If you find yourself in the
    air, use your Down B and see if you can't take out any alloys.
    Boss Battles
    For this section, I am presuming that you'll have hopefully faced these guys
    at some point or at least have familiarized yourself with dodging their 
    attacks and stuff. A great Boss guide written by MogAzure10 can be found here: 
    Now for the strategies (not completely sure if they're in order though). This 
    is just a general guide, meant to supplement your experience while battling 
    them. All of these battles are a bit hard, as you cannot use your Copy ability
    to get any additional help.
    Petey Piranha
    Yeah...just go for the cages obviously. Your aerial attacks work fine here, 
    along with the occasional hammer swing in the air. Avoiding his attacks are 
    easy enough since they are slow to come.
    Like with Petty Piranha, your aerial attacks and hammer swings in the air work
    well, along with Down A aerial when he comes in low. Always be on the ready to
    dodge, as you don't want to get hit by several of his attacks.
    Duon has 2 different sides he can use to attack you with: purple and blue. If 
    you're facing the purple side, carefully draw near it and hit it with your 
    Forward A aerials, or maybe a hammer swing. Against the blue side, I would 
    just tend to avoid it, as you have no good projectiles to hit him with.
    Pokey (Porky) Minch
    Aerials and hammer swings again win the day here as well. A good hammer swing 
    in the air will do good damage, and your Forward A aerial will lay down the 
    hurt too. Overall, not to bad of a fight.
    Come on, why use Kirby here when you should be using Samus? :P
    But yeah, not that hard. Use your aerials here as usual. Forward A aerial is
    great for scoring multiple hits, and Up A and hammer swings deal their 
    usual decent damage.
    Your aerial attacks are your friend here too. Forward A aerial is pretty 
    effective against him. Down A aerial works when he stands up to try 
    attacking you as well as a good hammer swing. Not that hard to beat.
    Meta Ridley
    Your only real strategy here is your Up A aerial attacks. Meta Ridley is 
    constantly in motion and flying about, so your only real hope is to hit him in
    the air. Hammer swing in the air will damage as well if it connects.
    Master Hand 
    The same guy he was from 2 games ago (and a few cameo appearances in Kirby's 
    GBA games), Master Hand isn't hard to beat. Down A aerials will do good 
    damage, and your Down B will also damage and protect you (somewhat). Just 
    avoid some of his more painful attacks (like his smacks) and you'll be fine.
    Crazy Hand
    Not much different than his brother. A bit more...crazy I guess, but the same 
    tactics for Master Hand should work fine really, he's just a floating hand.
    Obviously, your best bet is to dodge and weave about his rather nasty attacks 
    while using your aerial attacks to wear him down. He's hard, but managable 
    with enough practice in dodging his attacks.
    9. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQU]
    Please submit all questions, comments, and suggestions to: 
    Q: What's your FC?
    A: Maybe I'll post this at a later date. Gonna keep it secret for now :P
    Q. OMG, you forgot X and/or X!
    A: While I try to get everything covered the first time around, this guide is 
    still a work in progress. I'd be happy to accept any good material or inputs 
    you have though.
    Q: X character is better, why bother with Kirby?
    A: Well remember, Kirby is no longer the nerfed useless character he was back
    in Melee. In the end, it all comes down to practice really. If you have the 
    time to play with Kirby and to learn about his various strengths and 
    weaknesses, you'll do fine. Alternatively, if you don't bother at all with 
    him, of course you're gonna suck with him.
    Q: Where is Kirby on the Tier List?
    A: There has yet to be an official tier list since the game is so new.
    However, from my experience, I'd say he'll be around mid-tier at the least, he
    really has improved since being nerfed in Melee.
    Q: What stages are best for Kirby?
    A: Kirby can work fine in just about any stage since his jumps offer him the 
    ability to traverse many different obstacles that a stage might present. For 
    example, dump your opponent with you in the Rainbow Cruise and let them 
    suffer. But these stages are "banned" anyways depending on who/where you play,
    and in general with any character, the fewer the hazards, the better. And it 
    lends itself to a more "clean" fight in a way.
    Q: How do you unlock Kirby?
    A: Please tell me you're kidding.
    Q: You have incorrect info/percentages on X attack or X combo/strategy.
    A: I believe most of what I have is correct, but if you see anything wrong, 
    please say so and I'll give you credit for fixing it.
    Q: Can I contribute?
    A: Sure thing. Just send me an email with your screen name and advice, and if 
    it's good enough, I'll add it in the next version update along with credit 
    given to you.
    10. Version and Credits [VERC]
    Version 0.1: March 31, 2008. Thought of idea to write a Kirby guide, started 
    writing the basic guide  for version 1.00
    Version 0.9: April 2, 2008. Nearly completed, decided to submit anyways. Most
    of the basic guide is done, just needs a few things filled in and such. 
    Hopefully this'll be the first Kirby guide for Brawl! :D
    Version 1.1: April 2, 2008. Above version got rejected expectedly, but still, 
    considering that they still post clearly unfinished guides anyways...yeah, at 
    least mine was more done than them. Finished guide, including remaining 
    attacks, character matc-ups, bios, and everything.
    Version 1.2: April 4, 2008. Rejected for not being incomplete, which it 
    wasn't. Anyways, cleaned up a bit and added more new content.
    Version 1.3: April 5, 2008. Accepted on 4/4, yay! Updated and fixed a few 
    errors, added contribution from leumas292.
    Version 1.4: April 9, 2008. Updated with a very helpful addition from 
    leumas292. Submitted to Gamefaqs as updated version.
    Nintendo: For making the game obviously.
    Gamefaqs: For hosting this guide.
    Battle-frontier.com: For all the testing against friends there and being a 
    general fun site for Pokemon and Brawl.
    And a special thanks to all you readers out there!
    (C) 2008 by Regis_Neo aka Travis Evans

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