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    Falco by Master Ham

    Version: 2 | Updated: 06/20/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ___________      .__                
    \_   _____/____  |  |   ____  ____  
     |    __) \__  \ |  | _/ ___\/  _ \ 
     |     \   / __ \|  |_\  \__(  <_> )
     \___  /  (____  /____/\___  >____/ 
         \/        \/          \/       
    .____                 ___.                    .___.__ 
    |    |    ____   _____\_ |__ _____ _______  __| _/|__|
    |    |   /  _ \ /     \| __ \\__  \\_  __ \/ __ | |  |
    |    |__(  <_> )  Y Y  \ \_\ \/ __ \|  | \/ /_/ | |  |
    |_______ \____/|__|_|  /___  (____  /__|  \____ | |__|
            \/           \/    \/     \/           \/     
    Nintendo Wii 
    Super Smash Brothers: Brawl
    Falco Guide
    Written by Adam Papp
    AKA Master Ham
    ~ Table of Contents ~
    *	Introduction                [#1]                          
    *	Terms                       [#2]          
    *	Universal Techniques        [#3]   
    *	Falco's Pros & Cons         [#4]    
    *	Move List           	    [#5]      
    *	Combos                      [#6]           
    *	Finishing                   [#7]           
    *	Final Smash 		    [#8]      
    *	General Tips		    [#9]
    *	Character Strategies        [#10]    
    *       Break the Targets           [#11]
    *	Conclusion/Contact Info     [#12]  
    *	Credits/Version History     [#13]   
    (Control-F the bracket codes to select a chapter.)
                           ~INTRODUCTION~      [#1]
    Welcome, aspiring Falco players. My name is Master Ham. I've been 
    smashing since 1999. Falco was my main man in Melee, and since he 
    hasn't really been nerfed for Brawl, he's still good to use. If you 
    like the bird and want to use him competitively, this FAQ will have 
    everything to get you started. If you're already proficient at using 
    the Han Solo of Nintendo, then this FAQ will still be useful to you as 
    a reference for specific info. 
    A bit of history: Falco Lombardi is one of Fox McCloud's wingmen in the 
    Star Fox team. He has the coolest personality and always shows up to 
    save your hide when you need him most. Falco has appeared in the 
    following Nintendo games:
    -Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    *	Star Fox
    -Nintendo 64
    *	Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars
    -Nintendo GameCube
    *	Super Smash Brothers: Melee
    *	Star Fox Adventures
    *	Star Fox Assault
    -Nintendo DS
    *	Star Fox: Command
    -Nintendo Wii
    *	Super Smash Brothers: Brawl
                               ~TERMS~      [#2]
    (Letter)smash -- whatever letter comes before "smash" is the smash 
    attack's direction. Fsmash = forward smash, Dsmash = down smash, Usmash 
    = up smash. These can be done with the c-stick.
    (Letter)tilt -- a tilt is holding the control stick in a direction, but 
    not smashing it all the way. The words are the same as for smashes.
    (Letter)air -- any attack you can perform in the air. The codewords are 
    the same as the above two, with the addition of Nair (neutral air) and 
    Bair (back air).
    Sex Kick -- a move that stays in the attack animation after it's been 
    activated. It does damage as long as the animation stays, but gets 
    weaker and weaker.
    Short Hop -- as it sounds, a smaller jump than normal. It is performed 
    by tapping the jump button and releasing it before the character's 
    "kneebend" animation. Useful for launching aerial attacks on grounded 
    Spike -- an attack that sends an opponent straight down at high speeds. 
    Great killing move when your enemy has no ground under him. 
    Edge Hog -- jumping back onto an edge and holding onto it while your 
    opponent tries to recover. When you're grabbing an edge, nobody else 
                        ~UNIVERSAL TECHNIQUES~      [#3]
    This section outlines the things every character can do, and you should 
    master them as a first priority.
    After you're struck by an attack, your character flies away. When 
    you're tumbling in the air, press the L button just before you hit the 
    ground, wall, or ceiling. You will bounce right back up without lying 
    there. Hold the control stick left or right during a tech, and you will 
    roll in that direction. 
    *Note: the tech is activated if you press the L button 20 or fewer 
    frames before hitting the surface. However, if you press it once then 
    it will be inactive for 40 frames after that, so time it, don't mash 
    -Directional Influence (DI)- 
    Controlling the trajectory of your character after you're sent flying. 
    This is crucial to staying alive as long as possible. All you need to 
    use is the control stick. After you're struck, smash and hold the 
    control stick in the direction perpendicular to your flight. 
    Say you're sent to the right, and about to hit the edge and die. If you 
    smash the control stick up, you'll influence yourself toward the 
    ceiling, therefore away from the wall of death. You could also smash 
    down to hug the ground. On the other hand, if you're sent flying 
    upward, influence yourself to the left or right.
    One can also DI out of combos. A simple example is Pit's Side-B. If 
    you're caught in it, simply hold the control stick in a direction away 
    from his spinning sword. Rather than taking a bunch of hits, you escape 
    -Air Dodge- 
    A technique that gives you a second of invincibility in the air. Press 
    R or L to do it. Unlike in Melee, you can air dodge as many times as 
    you want in one jump, you go with your momentum rather than changing 
    direction, and you can attack and jump again after you air dodge. Learn 
    to use this to avoid being juggled or hit by projectiles.
    Another use for air dodging is to get out of tumbling after you're sent 
    flying. In Melee you had to rapidly press left, right, etc. on your 
    control stick to regain control, but here it's simply a press of the L 
    or R button. Learn to do this simultaneously with DI survival tricks. 
                     ~FALCO'S PROS AND CONS~      [#4]
    *	High jumper
    *	Wall jumper
    *	Good projectile
    *	Has a spike
    *	Decent comboing ability
    *	Awesome final smash.
    *	Not many finishers
    *	Below average recovery
    *	Below average running speed
    *	Easy to edge-guard.
                             ~MOVE LIST~      [#5]
    In parenthesis after all the following moves, I've listed the amount of 
    damage they do the first time you use them. The more you use a 
    particular attack in one life, the less knockback and damage it will 
    do. So mix it up and don't spam.
    -Standing Moves-
    *	A: One punch (4%)
    *	AAA: Punch, punch, spin. (7%)
    *	A x Infinite: Spinning attack. If your opponent is stuck 
    somewhere, such as getting hit repeatedly against a wall by a 
    Pokèmon, use this to rack up damage. After the punch-punch combo, 
    every hit does: (1%)
    *	Ftilt: A forward kick which you can also angle up or downward. 
    Low knockback + high reach = good combo starter. (9%)
    *	Dtilt: Tail whip. Sends your opponent skyward. (12% -- 9% from 
    *	Utilt: Sweeping upward punch. Great combo starter. (9%)
    -Smash Attacks-
    *	Fsmash: Two handed overhead punch. Good finisher. (15% -- 10% at 
    *	Dsmash: Falco does the splits, kicking in both directions. Also 
    good killer. (15%)
    *	Usmash: Backflipping bicycle kick. Upward finisher, sometimes a 
    combo starter. (14% -- 12% if enemy is behind you)
    *When smashes are fully charged, they do 21% damage.
    *	Nair: Spinning-slap attack. There are four hits in it. (12% when 
    all hits land)
    *	Fair: Barrel roll. It has five hits. Final one has decent 
    knockback. (11% when they all hit)
    *	Dair: Drill kick. It is a spike when it hits from above. (13% -- 
    8% at end)
    *	Uair: Mid-air backflip kick. Good for juggling. (11%)
    *	Bair: A sex kick. (13% -- 7% at end)
    Running + A: Dragon kick. Sends opponent up at an angle. (9% -- 6% at 
    Recovery attack coming up from ledge or ground: (8%)
    *	Fthrow: (5%)
    *	Dthrow: (7%)
    *	Uthrow: (6%)
    *	Bthrow:  (6%)
    *Punching your opponent during a hold does 2% damage.
    *	B: Blaster. Fires a laser which stuns your opponent for a 
    This should be your most used attack; whenever you're at a 
    distance, shoot your enemy constantly. Good for approaching. (3%)
    *	Side B: Falco Illusion. A dash attack. Also a spike. Your best 
    horizontal recovery move. (7%)
    *	Down B: Shine Throw. Reflects projectiles at double damage, and 
    hurts enemies it touches. Great surprise attack; always use it 
    when your opponent has a Pokéball. (6%)
    *	Up B: Firebird. You propel yourself in any direction while on 
    fire. Generally, you should only use this when you need vertical 
    recovery. (6%)
                              ~COMBOS~      [#6]
    These are some basics to get you started, and I'm sure you'll find some 
    of your own. That includes variations of these. If you do, e-mail them 
    to me. I'll include them in the FAQ, and they'll help me, too.
    -The Barrel Spike-
    Uthrow -> jump -> Fair -> double jump -> Dair
    This combo involves throwing your opponent upward then jumping after 
    them. Then you DO A BARREL ROLL; try to land all the hits in this Fair. 
    They will be knocked back slightly, so use your second jump to chase 
    and hit them with a spike. Even better if you can do it over the edge, 
    because then it's a death combo. 
    This one works best between 0-50%...after that, the Fair will knock 
    them too far out to hit them with the Dair. 
    -Slapped Silly-
    Utilt -> short hop -> Nair -> (Finish)
    The upward punch will knock your opponent up; short up after him and 
    try to hit him with all your Nair slaps. It won't have too much 
    knockback, so when he lands you can finish this with a move of your 
    choice...Usmash, Fsmash, running kick, or even a shine throw. What you 
    choose will probably depend on which direction your opponent DIs to, or 
    his percentage.
    This is a low-percent combo, usually best from 0-30%. You better be 
    fast after the Utilt, so they don't recover or jump away before you can 
    hit them again.
    -Set me up the juggle!-
    Utilt -> Utilt -> Usmash -> Uair (x3)
    Hit your opponent upward with a Utilt, then hit him again (the knock-up 
    isn't too far). On his way down, Usmash him; this sends him nicely 
    upwards. Jump instantly after him while he's tumbling and Uair him, 
    again and again and again.  
    Start this combo between 0-40%. After that, just cut back to one Utilt.
    -The Throw-Down-
    Grab -> Punch -> Uthrow -> Shine
    This is a simple combo that will do about 17% damage really quick. Make 
    sure you get that punch in while holding your opponent, then slam him 
    on the ground and throw your shine in his face.
    This combo works anywhere between 0-50%.
    Fthrow -> Running kick -> Utilt/Usmash -> Nair -> Dair
    I love this combo because you start in Falco's hands and end up in the 
    air, getting kicked around. Throw your opponent forward, then dash 
    after him. The running kick sends people slightly upward; use that to 
    your advantage with a Utilt (or Usmash, when they're at lower 
    percentages). Jump after them, hit them with a Nair, double jump, and 
    Dair them down.
    Works between 0-50%. At lower percentages, use a short hop to get up to 
    the Nair.
    -Chain Throw-
    Dthrow -> Dthrow -> Dthrow -> ...-> Spike
    Falco has the special gift of a chain grab. When you throw an opponent 
    down, he will bounce up in front of you. Dash forward while grabbing 
    again, and repeat. Try to get punches in between throws as well. If you 
    can continue this all the way to an edge, end it with a short hop and 
    spike for an early KO. You have to be fast between the throw and the 
    grab, but not so fast that you shield grab. Work on the timing; this is 
    very useful.
    Start this chain throw as early as possible; after 50%, most opponents 
    will be able to escape it. Against heavy characters, it will work a bit 
                          ~FINISHING~      [#7]
    You know the situation; your opponent is over 100%, and you're beating 
    on him, screaming "WHY WON'T YOU DIE?" Let me help your lungs out with 
    some tips on finishing off your enemy.
    -Over the Top-
    Falco's most powerful up-hitting is his Usmash. There are plenty of 
    ways you can land this; you can perform one straight out of a run, just 
    by dashing and hitting the c-stick up. Your opponent might see this one 
    coming, so you may have to catch him off guard. Try a running kick to 
    set yourself up, then quickly Usmash. Also, when your opponent is above 
    you and trying to dive-bomb you, don't defend: counter-attack! Your 
    Usmash has good priority, so let your opponent come down on your head, 
    then surprise him.
    Also good for over the top finishing is the Uair. First you'll need 
    your opponent in the air (which, at high percentages, is quite likely). 
    Utilt or Usmash gets the job done, if it doesn't kill them. Then, just 
    jump up and Uair them from under. If it doesn't kill them the first 
    time, you can keep doing it over and over and juggle them until they 
    -Off the Side-
    On the ground, your best horizontal launcher will be the Fsmash. It's 
    fairly fast and has good power and knockback. Try the Usmash out also; 
    it will hit people on either side of you, and is your fastest smash 
    In the air, it's all about Bair. Try to hit with it right as it comes 
    out; launch the attack when you're close to the enemy, rather than 
    relying on its sex. The longer it's out, the less knockback it has. 
    Also, check out Chapter 9 for a good Bair tip. 
    -Into the Abyss- 
    The most reliable way to slam an opponent down to his death is Falco's 
    Dair: the spike. Simply knock them over the edge with anything. As 
    they're trying to recover, jump over the edge after them, preferably 
    coming from above. Try to save your second jump until after the spike; 
    it will make it easier to recover. It's no good spiking your opponent 
    if you're going down with him.
    For the spike to work in this game, you have to hit with Falco's feet. 
    Ironically, I find it to work more often when I'm coming from below, 
    and hit the opponent when I get to their upper area. You'll find the 
    right positioning; just practice.
    Vertically, Falco can come back from just about any height, so jump to 
    the bottom of the screen to spike someone if you want (just make sure 
    you still have your second jump). If it's too far away from the edge 
    horizontally, then wait for a better moment.
    When both you and an opponent are over the edge trying to recover, you 
    can spike him and recover at the same time with Falco Illusion. If you 
    hit somebody with that, it sends them straight down. I've used this 
    countless times in three or four player matches, when two of us have 
    been knocked off at the same time. Here's the situation drawn for you:
    _________     X  <---- O
    ___ = Stage // X = Enemy // <---- = Falco Illusion // O = Falco
    Another, more indirect way to make your opponent fall to his death is 
    by shooting him repeatedly. Falco's blaster stuns and cancels second 
    jumps, so when your enemy is trying to recover, stay level with him and 
    shoot at him. Land enough hits, and he'll be pushed back too far to 
    grab the edge. And if not, just spike him or edge hog him.
                         ~FINAL SMASH~      [#8]
    Personally, I prefer the air! ...So Falco comes down and owns up the 
    ground. Now THIS is the finishing move to end them all. 
    -The Landmaster-
    Falco jumps to the sky (apparently into Great Fox) and returns with a 
    giant tank. You can damage others with the following:
    -Landing on them
    -Running into them
    -Shooting them (you can fire about one blast every two seconds)
    And then there is my favorite killer; get under your opponent and hold 
    the jump button. The tank will fly upward, with your enemy on top of 
    it. Easy over-the-top kill. Just come back down when they're dead...
    To turn your tank around, you have to hold the control stick in the 
    opposite direction, not just press it.
    Oh, and to do a barrel roll, tap down twice. What's the purpose of 
    this? To satisfy Peppy, of course. You gotta have some barrel rolls.
    -Destroying the Smash Ball-
    I've found that the most reliable way is to land all the hits in the 
    Nair or Fair, then finish it with a Bair. If it's close to you on the 
    ground, just charge up a smash attack, but don't let it get away from 
    you. And if the smash ball is far and some other people are fighting 
    over it, shoot it with the blaster. It's hilarious destroying it with a 
    snipe, and it can really piss off some friends...and that's what Brawl 
    is all about.
    If the only way you can get the ball is by jumping to your death, then 
    go ahead and do it, because death is an illusion. You've gotten the 
    ball, but can't recover! Wait...simply press B and activate the final 
    smash. Falco will fly all the way back up, as that's where he gets his 
    Landmaster. Very slick move...but you better be sure you're going to 
    destroy it, or else you'll make an idiot out of yourself.
                          ~GENERAL TIPS~      [#9]
    You and your opponent are staring each other down. Eventually you'll 
    have to clash. What's the best way to run at him and attack? By 
    jumping/short hopping and shooting your blaster at him. As you 
    approach, you should always be shooting to either stun him or force him 
    into an air dodge, after which you smash him.
     You can get off four shots in a jump, and two in a short hop. The best 
    timing is to double-tap B at the peak of the short hop. You don't want 
    to be stuck firing on the ground, as you'll be a sitting duck.
    -Bair Reversal-
    As you know by now, Falco's Bair is deadly. But if you're running 
    straight at your enemy and want to Bair him, you'll have to find a way 
    to turn around. No problem: just before you jump out of your run, smash 
    the control stick in the opposite direction. When you're in the air, 
    your back should be turned. Bair away. You can also use this technique 
    to turn around and fire your blaster at pursuers, Matrix style. Just 
    make sure you press the side, then B, not both at the same time, or you 
    might get yourself killed doing a Falco Illusion.
    -Short Hop->Fast Fall-
    That's SHFF for short. It's a technique carried over from Melee, except 
    it used to be SHFFL before l-canceling was removed. This is useful for 
    hitting grounded opponents with aerial attacks. Short hop at your 
    enemy, hit him with an aerial (for Falco, Dair and Nair is best) and 
    smash the control stick downward at the peak of your jump. That way you 
    fall down faster and are ready for combat again. Use this if your 
    aerials over-prioritize your opponent's moves, and you want to dodge 
    their ground hits. Also good for moving toward him while attacking.
    Always aim to grab the edge if you need to use your third jump. If 
    you're sure your recovery move can hit your edge-guarding opponent, go 
    ahead and come back directly. I always aim to get to the ledge's 
    height, then ->B to it. It's quicker and longer than the Firebird. 
    Falco can also wall-jump; just hug the wall and tap the other direction 
    on the control stick. That extra jump should come in handy (he has five 
    total wall jumps).
    If both you and an opponent are recovering at the same time, you can 
    footstool jump him (get on his head and press jump). This will send him 
    down and you up...ideal situation. Also a good technique is doing the -
    >B dash attack, with him between you and the platform. That attack is a 
    spike, so you'll send him down as you recover. Not bad.
    Everybody has to know that you're the ****. Falco has three basic 
    taunts, and you can also have a conversation with the Star Fox gang. 
    These are all done with the d-pad.
    -Up: He plays keepy-uppy with his shine, then orders a dessert. Piece 
    of cake!
    -Sides: The ballet-dancing taunt from Melee, with the added "Go on, try 
    -Down: Falco says "Hands of my bread!" He runs a bakery on the side.
    Now, if you go to Lylat Cruise or Corneria with Falco, you have a 
    secret taunt. Tap down on the d-pad very quickly. You have to be fast 
    so he doesn't do his normal down-taunt. If you get it right, he will 
    make a call on his comm. It takes a while, so make sure you're in the 
    clear. A minute later, the Star Fox gang will appear and have a 
    conversation during the battle.
                       ~CHARACTER STRATEGIES~       [#10]
    It's a different battle against every character. Although your general 
    strategy may stay the same, you'll have to adjust some things and watch 
    out for others depending on which character you're facing.
    -v. Mario-
    You may have some trouble with Mario because he can reflect your 
    blaster shots...quite a large part of your game. Keep shooting at him 
    anyway; his cape isn't fast enough to reflect them all, and he'll be so 
    preoccupied with reflecting them that he'll be open to get smashed as 
    you approach.
    Look out for his meteor smash as you're recovering (his -> A sends you 
    straight down). Mario is a rather floaty character, which makes it 
    easier for him to get away from your aerial combos, but also easier for 
    you to juggle him. Use that to your advantage. On the other hand, Mario 
    is a great juggler himself, but your Dair will smash through any 
    attempt he makes at coming from below.
    Mario's final smash is relatively easy to avoid; simply jump over it 
    and propel yourself to the other side. Falco has one of the highest 
    first jumps in the game.
    -v. Luigi-
    Pretty much the same as fighting Mario, except he can't reflect your 
    lasers. He can shoot fireballs that move in a straight line, though. 
    Luigi players will probably use this in midair a lot, so turn it to 
    your advantage by reflecting them back. 
    You can see his Negative Space final smash from a mile away. Just run 
    and jump away from it.
    -v. Peach-
    Be careful during close-combat with Peach; she has a counter-attack, 
    Toad. Keep your distance and get little hits in, and when she mistimes 
    Toad, punish her. She's vulnerable if she misses that counter. Either 
    way, she can't do anything about your lasers or shine. When she's doing 
    her sideways floating recovery, she's easy enough to spike. You'll see 
    her turnips coming from a mile away; reflect them.
    Don't let her get that smash ball, because she'll heal herself and get 
    free shots on you.
    -v. Bowser-
    You'll kick Bowser's ass if you know what you're doing. He's a huge 
    target and relatively slow. You should use a hit & run game on him to 
    build up some percentage, because he's so heavy that your air combos 
    won't work early on. Get him hurt, then start comboing; it will take a 
    high percentage to finish him.
    There's not much you can do to avoid his final smash other than run 
    away and shoot at him (he still takes damage, just doesn't flinch).
    -v. Donkey Kong-
    Kong's a huge target for you to shoot at. DK players tend to charge up 
    their standard B punch every time they get a moment in the clear. But 
    nobody gets a moment in the clear with Falco; every time you see him 
    charging up a punch, just hit him with a blaster shot. It cancels the 
    charge and annoys them. He's also heavy and hard to knock back, but 
    also tall enough to fall victim to your Bair reversal.
    DK is insanely easy to spike. When he's recovering, he's completely 
    open from above. Just jump at him from high up and Dair him. You may 
    get stung a bit, but your spike will get through every time. 
    All of Kong's attacks are pretty powerful, but slow. Your distance game 
    with the blaster and shine throw, combined with your speed, completely 
    owns Donkey Kong. To avoid his final smash, get as far away as 
    possible, generally to an edge. Hang onto the edge, and when you see 
    his beats getting close, drop off, jump back on, rinse and repeat.
    -v. Diddy Kong-
    If you stay too close to Diddy, he can tail whip you; his tail has long 
    range and can trap you. He's also tough to combo because he's light and 
    will get knocked away easily. Turn this to your advantage by smashing 
    him off the stage early, then edge guard. He's very vulnerable after 
    his Up-B. Diddy's peanut gun is a joke; he'll be open for hits after he 
    fires, so don't even bother reflecting them unless it's a charged 
    His final smash is flying back and forth and dropping bombs down on 
    you. Run opposite his direction every time, and when your paths 
    intersect, jump and air dodge through the explosions.
    -v. Yoshi-
    Yoshi also has a distance game: throwing eggs. You should be able to 
    react and reflect them. He's trouble to edge guard, because he's 
    invulnerable to knockback during his massive second jump. The best 
    thing to do is jump down and spike him before he starts it, or be 
    waiting high up at the tail end of his jump to Bair him when he 
    finishes. If he starts spamming the egg roll, your Dsmash can blast him 
    out of it. Be careful if you come up to attack Yoshi from below; his 
    Dair is deadly if it catches you. Don't let yourself be caught by his 
    tongue grab, either; your shine throw has more range than that.
    To dodge Yoshi's final smash, jump over him while air dodging the 
    flames he spits. He'll fly back and forth; if he comes high, then just 
    dash under his path.
    -v. Wario-
    The trouble with Wario is that he has priority over many of your 
    attacks. If you're coming at him from above, you can hit him with a 
    Dair, but he could Usmash you and hit you also. He has a deadly Dair 
    himself, so try not to come from below. Play the hit & run game, just 
    like with Bowser. Shoot lasers at him whenever you can. Luckily, he's 
    easier to smash off the edge. He's big enough to do the Bair reversal 
    on while he's grounded, and then simple to spike.
    To avoid the final smash, jump up, and he'll jump after you (he has 
    insane jump height during the Wario-man phase). As you're coming down 
    and he's coming up, air-dodge as you intersect. You'll go right through 
    him. Do the same thing on the way up. It's a great way to frustrate 
    your opponent.
    -v. Link-
    Link lives off a distance game; three of his specials are projectiles. 
    The boomerang isn't dangerous, but it can be reflected anyway. Bombs 
    and arrows are deadly when you reflect them back at the thrower, 
    because they're powerful and fast, respectively. 
    Avoid too much close combat with Link; his sword has priority over most 
    of your attacks. Stun him with your blaster first, then smash him. Make 
    sure you combo him with grabs, he's the perfect weight to be owned in 
    the air. Unfortunately Link has a tether recovery, his hookshot. This 
    makes it tougher for you to spike him; you'll have to get to him over 
    the edge before he gets close enough to hook on.
    His final smash is Triforce Slash. It will either connect or it won't; 
    it's a one time chance, so all you can do is run and jump as fast as 
    you can and hope he fluffs it.
    -v. Zelda-
    I find Zelda to be Falco's bogey character. She has superior priority; 
    you can't come at her from above if she's grounded, because her Usmash 
    will counter it. Many of her attacks have purple magic, which makes it 
    tough for you to engage in close combat. Even at a distance, she can 
    hurt you with her magic fireball, which you can't reflect. Lucky for 
    you, it's easy to dodge.
    The best thing you can do is to keep your distance, and stay in the 
    air. You can strike her with Bairs and Uairs from below, throw your 
    shine at her when she gets close (she'll fall on her arse and be open 
    for hits), and of course shoot at her. She's floaty, making her easy to 
    juggle, and light, making her easy to KO at lower percentages. Keep in 
    mind that she'll be hard to spike, because her third jump is a 
    Zelda's final smash is a light arrow. For avoiding it, see the advice I 
    gave about Link's.
    -v. Sheik-
    This battle is incredibly fast paced. You'll basically have no choice 
    but close combat; Sheik is so fast, she'll be on you in a second. So, 
    use everything you know about Falco's hand-to-hand game; combos out of 
    throws, juggling, shine throws, etc.
    I also highly recommend lots of SHFFing; it will increase your speed 
    and beat Sheik's priority. When she tries to charge up needles, shoot 
    her. When she throws them at you, shine them right back. Be careful for 
    the tether recovery; you'll have trouble spiking this one.
    The final smash is the same as Zelda's.
    -v. Ganondorf-
    There are three things you should never do: incest, river dance, and 
    underestimate Ganondorf. This guy looks like a slow bastard, but he can 
    KO Falco at incredibly low percentages if he lands the right hits. Do 
    NOT stand around; if you keep moving, he'll never land these heavy hits 
    that can take you out early. Your high jump and relatively fast speed 
    foils him. When attacking, he's easy to combo and shoot because he's a 
    big target. Combo him in spurts, finish him opportunistically. 
    Be extra careful when you're going for a spike, because his third jump 
    may beat it, shock you, and send you flying. And Ganondorf has a spike 
    of his own; watch out for that when you're recovering. 
    Twilight Princess fans will recognize this final smash; he turns into a 
    beastly pig and charges at you once. It's an instant kill if it 
    connects, and he also does damage while morphing into it. You can 
    either jump over it or spot-dodge between his legs if you want to get 
    fancy. Here's a demonstration:
    Doesn't Ganon remind you of one of the monsters from Attack of the 
    -v. Toon Link-
    Your strategy against Toon Link will vary slightly from Link's, because 
    he's faster, lighter, and a smaller target. He also plays a projectile 
    game, but that's no problem for Falco players. His arrows are slow; 
    you'll react easily to reflect them. Watch out for his boomerang; it 
    hurts you on the way back.
    Toon Link's speed means he'll be harder to hit with your blaster. Ditto 
    for his small size. He'll also be more eager to fight you in close 
    combat. That's where you'll find yourself most of the time while 
    fighting him. His sword isn't as long as Link's, so you can get many of 
    your smash attacks through it. 
    I recommend SHFFing Toon Link a lot, also; he's floaty so he's less 
    effective during short hop combat. When you're in the air against him, 
    do NOT stay below him; his Dair is a dive bomb and a spike, and he can 
    throw bombs down at you as well. 
    Toon Link is definitely a trouble character. Smash him in close combat, 
    be wary of his projectiles, and you'll be fine. He's easy to KO at low 
    percentages. He does have a small tether recovery, though.
    His final smash is the same as Link's with slightly shorter range.
    -v. Samus-
    Samus is slow, but has some powerful hits. She lives off a ranged game, 
    similar to Falco. She may spam missiles (which you can reflect), charge 
    up her standard gun (if you're brave enough, just let her do it, then 
    reflect it back), or drop bombs on you from above (initially, they do a 
    surprising 9% damage). You can tear Samus apart in the air, because her 
    jumping is fairly weak. On the ground, be quick, and SHFF a lot; she'll 
    try to grab you, and if you've short hopped, it will go under you. She 
    has to have the worst grab in the game; when she whiffs it, make her 
    Avoiding her super-shot final smash is simply a matter of getting 
    behind her. Stand there and wait for her invincibility to wear off, 
    then smash her up when she becomes Zero Suit Samus. Which brings me to 
    my next point...
    -v. ZS Samus-
    If you've just met her from Samus's final smash, throw the pieces of 
    her suit at her. They have good knockback. After that, the battle will 
    get fast. This form is quick and has an insanely long tether recovery. 
    Her Nair and Fsmashes have good range because they use the whip, so try 
    to attack her from above and below, or while she stunned from throws. 
    Use the shine throw and the blaster a lot, because they let you keep 
    your distance while doing damage. When you're below her, look out for 
    the Nair; it's a fast-falling attack like Toon Link's. Of course, if 
    you're recovering and she tries to spike you with it, air dodge around 
    it and she'll kill herself.
    Her final smash is turning back into Samus. She spins in a vortex when 
    this happens, and it hurts anyone who's really close to her. I can't 
    see any intelligent Falco player getting hit by it. 
    -v. Pit-
    Lots of things to watch out for: fantastic air game, high priority 
    attacks, good projectile, reflector, and great recovery. Don't engage 
    him in the air; you may be a bird, but Pit has wings and you don't. His 
    swords will beat your fists. Stay close to the ground, but not always 
    on it. When you see him pull out his blue arrow, reflect it quick. 
    Unlike Link, he can influence its trajectory. Keep shooting at him; if 
    he tries his Down-B shield, he'll be vulnerable. If he tries to reflect 
    them with Side-B, he'll be open from above.
    Speaking of Side-B, if he starts spamming it, don't let yourself get 
    caught; simply DI yourself away from it. Don't be afraid to jump after 
    him for a spike; if he's doing his blue-wing flight, he can't attack 
    you. You really need to play smart against Pit. He doesn't have many 
    finishing moves, so he'll have trouble killing you as well.
    I find that the most reliable way to dodge Pit's final smash is to 
    spot-dodge and roll when you see those flying things coming at you. 
    Short hop air dodging works well too. You really have to be quick and 
    improvise. I've gone through his entire FS phase without being hit 
    once. Remember, he's not invincible after it's in progress.
    -v. Ice Climbers-
    Keep your distance from these guys, away from their short grab range. 
    Why is their grab so dangerous? Because they can chain-throw you. That 
    means Popo grabs you as you get smashed by Nana, then throws you. They 
    catch you again, and this goes on until you're at high enough 
    percentage to escape it. Other than that, the Ice Climbers are sissies. 
    They have short range and aren't too strong in close combat. Focus on 
    attacking Popo (the one in front) because he's the only one you can 
    damage, and when he dies so does Nana. You can take these guys either 
    close or ranged, and I doubt Falco players will have any trouble.
    Their final smash is a mountain of ice which hurts when you touch it, 
    and racks up percent when you're close to it because of a freezing 
    effect. Just jump away from it, find a spot to land, and jump away 
    again. You'll take some damage, but nothing deadly.
    -v. R.O.B.-
    This guy's a joke. Battle him in the air, because on the ground he's 
    got some decently-ranged attacks. Watch out if you're coming at him 
    from below or behind, because he can fart in your face; a flaming 
    attack that can spike you or knock you back quite far. There's nothing 
    to be afraid of, just be careful of his projectiles. They move pretty 
    fast, but it's even better when you reflect them. He has to charge his 
    gyro up, so shoot him if he tries. The laser charges automatically. 
    R.O.B. has one of the highest vertical recoveries in the game, but it's 
    also predictable. If you hit him during his massive hover, he can't use 
    it again.
    His final smash is similar to Wario's, just with a constant laser beam 
    coming out of his mouth. Dodge it the same way as you would the fat 
    mustached man's.
    -v. Kirby-
    Kirby can juggle and edge-guard well because of his flight ability. To 
    counter that, use air-dodges and Falco Illusions while recovering. You 
    can fight Kirby in the air or ground; either way, Falco overpowers him. 
    Distract all his jumping with blaster fire, and move in for the kill. I 
    prefer smashing Kirby with hard hits; combos tend to work on him only 
    at lower percentages, because he's so floaty. Just hit him away and 
    keep him in the air. His light weight makes him easy to KO.
    His Cook final smash only works when you're at close range, and I think 
    you can even air dodge it if you hit the button right as he brings his 
    oven out. 
    -v. Meta Knight-
    This guy can fly like Kirby, but you should NOT engage him in the air. 
    His sword has too much priority and range. He also has good combos and 
    throws; an all-around tough character for Falco players to fight. I 
    tend to SHFF him a lot, making him whiff ground attacks and get smashed 
    from above. Then start hitting him with combos and shine throws. Keep 
    moving in this fight and don't let him get into a rhythm. If he uses 
    his glide to get back on the stage, he'll be open for attack and can't 
    do it again. Fortunately, Meta Knight doesn't have many finishing 
    moves, just little ones that rack up damage. 
    This final smash isn't too dangerous, although it has insane knockback. 
    He has to be close to you and facing you for it to work. Good Meta 
    Knight players will save it for when they get into an ideal situation, 
    though, so rather than trying to avoid it you should either smash it 
    out of him or kill him before he can use it. Or stop the situation at 
    the root; never let him get the smash ball. It's hard for Meta Knight 
    to break it anyway, because he has no smash.
    -v. King Dedede-
    Slow and fat, but powerful; you know what you have to do. There won't 
    be much of a difference between fighting him and fighting Bowser or 
    Kong; just watch out for his chain grab and super recovery. Stick to 
    the air if you can; he's weak there, and on the ground his mallet can 
    sometimes be deadly. You can reflect his Waddle Dees, but they're 
    pretty worthless anyway. Don't get near him when he's charging a smash; 
    he has one of the most devastating Fsmashes in the game. And don't 
    underestimate the range on his mallet. On top of everything, Dedede is 
    a huge target for your blaster.
    For his final smash, he calls down a bunch of Waddle Dees, with a 
    smaller chance of Waddle Doos and Gordos coming down (the frequency 
    ration on those three is 35:10:4). Both Waddles come at you fast once 
    they land, and the Doos fire laser beams from their eyes. The Gordos 
    damage you more severely. Avoiding this one will be similar to dodging 
    Pit's final smash, except you can attack the Waddle Dees and Doos.
    -v. Olimar-
    Kill his Pikmin first; he relies on them for range on his attacks AND 
    for recovery. Without them, he's helpless. He won't be able to smash 
    you on the ground, his you in the air, throw them at you, etc. Don't 
    ever let him pull new ones out of the ground; stay on him constantly, 
    and if he gets any space, fire lasers at him to deny him of Pikmin. 
    His Rocket Ship final smash is almost impossible to avoid completely; 
    even if you get far away from the ship, you'll be burned by the fire. 
    You'll just have to accept some damage, but try to live through it.
    -v. Fox-
    Epic showdown. Fox is similar to Falco when it comes to B moves; he can 
    reflect your lasers easily, and shoot his own at you. He can fire 
    faster, and good Fox players will fire a lot while approaching, but you 
    won't flinch if you're hit. Fox can kill you early with his Usmash. I 
    can't stress enough, be careful when coming from above. He can do this 
    right out of a dash as well.
    This will come down to a lot of close combat; increase your speed with 
    lots of SHFFing, and hit him/his lasers with your shine throw 
    frequently. Fox has great directional influence, so he can get out of 
    your combos quite easily. You should aim to take him over the edge; you 
    can get an easy spike on him when he's charging up Firefox. Fox has no 
    spike, and has a bit of a disadvantage in the air against Falco.
    Oh dear, how can you dodge the Landmaster? I can't say anything other 
    than frantic movement and jumping. 
    -v. Falco-
    You gotta love these "Dark Link" moments. Falco players, you know all 
    your strengths and weaknesses. Keep them in mind when fighting 
    yourself. There should be a lot of reflecting lasers back and forth, 
    and SHFFing in close combat. You can both spike each other, so beware 
    of it and use it. 
    Final Smash: See Fox. This one can hover for longer, though.
    -v. Wolf-
    Wolf can kick some serious arse. He's fast and powerful, so you won't 
    want to get too close. Your blaster is better than his anyway. Fight 
    Wolf in the air; his second jump gets him almost no height. His 
    recovery is great, however. Firewolf has very little start-up lag and 
    great distance, and Wolf Illusion has an upward angle on it. You'll 
    have some trouble spiking him unless you combo him into it next to an 
    edge, so play close to the ends of the stage. Be very careful of Wolf's 
    deadly spike; air dodge it while recovering if you can.
    Final Smash: See Fox, and add a little power.
    -v. Captain Falcon-
    The F-Zero king has no projectiles, so his only option is close combat. 
    He'll have no problem making that happen, because his running speed is 
    so fast he'll be on you in a second. He can juggle and combo really 
    well because of his good Uair, and has one of the best aerial finishing 
    moves in his Fair (Knee of Judgment). So my advice to you is to dodge a 
    lot; play pretty defensively and get hits in when you can, then you can 
    get him into a combo. Don't go looking for the fight. Remember, 
    Falcon's a fast faller, so juggling him won't be easy. Edge hogging him 
    is, though.
    Falcon's final smash is the Blue Falcon. He needs to be pretty close to 
    you for it to work, just like Ike's or Link's. Don't let him get near 
    you. Whoever he catches in this one will be run over by his racer and 
    killed instantly (when there are multiple brawlers, he can even run 
    over 2-3).
    -v. Pikachu-
    You can smack this rat all over the stage because of his lightweight. 
    He's not too floaty, but easy to juggle and finish. You won't be able 
    to spike him easily because he teleports during Up-B, but you can 
    predict where he'll appear. You should be waiting there with a Bair or 
    Fsmash. When you're high above him, he can snipe you with his Down-B 
    thunder attack, so air dodge it or move out of the way. He has a couple 
    shock attacks that can beat you in priority, so don't go headfirst into 
    aerial battles. Wait for him to make the first move, then punish him.
    His final smash is annoying; he just flies around as a blue ball and 
    hurts you on contact. Fortunately it's just as hard for the player to 
    control it as it is for you to dodge it.
    -v. Pokèmon Trainer-
    There are three different characters you will fight here. When one 
    Pokèmon is out for about two minutes, it will get tired and the player 
    will probably switch. A fatigued Pokèmon does a third less damage and 
    has reduced knockback.
    I can tell you now that they all have the same Final Smash: Triple 
    Finish. Don't let yourself get close, because it only works when one of 
    them is right next to you...unless it's Ivysaur. His solar blast can 
    reach you at any horizontal distance as long as it's in line with you, 
    so don't let that happen.
    This one's the featherweight, so he's the best to juggle and finish at 
    low percentages. His Up-B has decent priority and height, though. You 
    won't have too much trouble with this one.
    I recommend a distance game, because Ivysaur has decent power on the 
    ground. If you're in close, stay close to the ground but not on it. 
    This is a good one to SHFF against. He's also the perfect weight to 
    combo. The Bullet Seed may give you problems in the air.
    The heavy dragon. He has a lot of strong priority fire-based attacks, 
    which means you should let him try to hit you with them and punish from 
    above. If he tries to breath fire at you, reflect it back at him and 
    combo him from there. Hit & run, like against all heavies.
    -v. Lucario-
    You have to be unpredictable with your attacks because he can counter 
    them. It's sometimes useful to run at him, dash the other way before 
    hitting him to bait him into counter-attacking, the dash back and own 
    him. He can do it in the air, and sometimes you can fake him out by 
    jumping at him and air dodging through his counter. Don't let him 
    charge up his standard B projectile; just shoot him out of it. It's 
    slow anyway, so you'll reflect it with ease.
    You won't be able to avoid his final smash unless you can fly, because 
    there's just nowhere to go; the laser sweeps through the entire level. 
    You could jump through it while air dodging, though, if you don't get 
    caught in if first.
    -v. Jigglypuff-
    Jiggly is the best flyer, floatiest, and lightest character in the 
    game. This means a couple things: she can run (fly) away from you 
    easily, she can DI out of your combos like a fish in water, and she can 
    be KOed easily if you can get to her. I recommend juggles; she has a 
    lot of time to fly, though, so she can recover and air dodge through 
    you. You should anticipate this and follow her down to the ground. Once 
    she's at a medium percentage, she'll be smashed around like a sandbag. 
    Be prepared for her to play a hit & run game against you. Don't go easy 
    on her.
    Her final smash is growing huge, like Giga Bowser. Same strategy.
    -v. Marth-
    That sword of his can give you a lot of trouble, especially to disrupt 
    your air game. It has high range and priority. He also has a counter-
    attack. Your answer to both of these things is waiting for him to make 
    the first move. Don't always go looking for the fight; hit him with 
    combos when you can, and edge guard/hog him when you can. He has a 
    rather lame horizontal recovery. Don't fight Marth on the ground; fight 
    him close to the ground. You get the idea now.
    His final smash is a single-attempt shot. He has to be facing you and 
    be on the same level when he launches it. Be quick and jump a lot; 
    eventually he'll try to hit you with it, and if he whiffs, he's lost it 
    and may even kill himself (side effect). It is a one-hit kill no matter 
    what, though, so you know what you're up against.
    -v. Ike-
    This guy is dangerously powerful, has long range, and unlike other 
    heavyweights, isn't super-slow. Most Ike players stay near the ground; 
    you're fast enough to beat on him in the air before his aerial attacks 
    even start up. So stay in the air yourself, and come down on him when 
    you see openings. Irritate him with your blaster from distance. He also 
    has poor horizontal recovery. And one last thing: he has a counter-
    attack. It takes longer to activate than Marth's though, so attack him 
    This guy's final smash, Great Aether, is pure sex. It does about 70% 
    damage and most likely kills you if you're above 30. On top of that, he 
    can take out a smash ball in two hits. Don't let him get near it; 
    you're faster. There isn't much you can do to dodge the smash other 
    than stay far, far away.
    -v. Ness-
    This kid can be tricky, especially in the air. His second jump is 
    awkward and he can DI around with ease. Luckily, his actual attacks up 
    there aren't too powerful. You should take him up there, because on the 
    ground he has a yo-yo, a baseball bat, and an assortment of other 
    ranged smash attacks. 
    He's easy to spike, because when he's bringing his PK Thunder around to 
    shoot himself back on the stage, he's wide open. Beware of his PK Fire; 
    when in the air it shoots at a downward angle, and always keeps you in 
    the flame. If you shoot Ness, he can absorb your lasers and recover 
    energy. It may also leave him open for physical attacks, though.
    Ness's final smash rains meteorites onto the stage. If you get hit by 
    one, it will be a chain reaction, so dodge them all. 
    -v. Lucas-
    Lucas is a very dangerous opponent. He has shock attacks, giving him 
    high-priority aerials. I recommend fighting him on the ground and from 
    a distance. Don't ever give him too much space, because he'll abuse PK 
    Fire at you. If he does, reflect them for double damage and nice 
    He has a freezing attack which you should see coming at you as a big 
    blue orb. When he's controlling this, he can't move. Take advantage of 
    that; same with PK Thunder. Combo him early next to the edges; he's not 
    too heavy and will be knocked back early. Don't EVER come at Lucas from 
    above; his Usmash is probably the best in the game. Like Ness, he's 
    easy to spike.
    Lucas has the same final smash as Ness.
    -v. Mr. Game & Watch-
    This guy is no match for a good Falco player. He's light enough to be 
    juggled with ease, but still easily comboed. His predictable recovery 
    makes him easy to spike. He's slightly stronger on the ground than in 
    the air because of his range, but there's really nothing to worry 
    about. Just don't get close enough to be grabbed; his throws can start 
    some dangerous hits.
    His final smash is turning into an octopus and crawling around the 
    screen (basically floating). Run under it and jump over it when 
    possible. Remember, the octopus has two large jumps.
    -v. Snake-
    Snake is slow and relies on projectiles. I don't have to tell you by 
    now what to do against all his projectiles, do I? Reflect, reflect, 
    reflect. Kick his grenades back into his face, do the same with his 
    torpedo. If you're above him, he can shoot a missile straight at you; 
    be careful. In close combat and aerials, his attacks have long start-
    up, so hit him before he gets a chance to use them. Other than his B 
    moves, he's quite short-ranged. During his ->B, he can't move because 
    he's concentrating on his rocket. Punish him. Beware Snake's spike and 
    long vertical recovery (he can move afterwards).
    If you get the rhythm down, Snake's final smash is easy to dodge. You 
    just need to practice knowing the parabola of his grenade launcher, and 
    how long it takes for them to hit the ground. Once you understand, you 
    can air dodge each of them individually. 
    By the way, when Snake is playing on Shadow Moses Island, he can make a 
    codec call to get intel on his enemy. Here's the conversation about 
    Falco, with a special guest:
    S:  This is Snake...
    ST: Copy, Snake! This is Slippy!
    S:  Whaa--! Who is this? What are you, some
        kind of frog?!
    ST: Easy there, buddy! Just thought I'd hop
        on the wireless and give you a holler.
        Don't get mad!
    S:  Hacked right into my channel, huh...
    ST: But I'm not here to mess nothin' up. Don't
    S:  ...
    ST: Just so ya know, Falco uses a Blaster and
        Reflector that I designed, just like Fox
    ST: But Falco will kick his Reflector and send
        it flyin' around. Just showin' off, if you
        ask me.
    S:  No reason a weapon can't have more than
        one use.
    S:  In fact, I'd say its versatility shows how
        well you designed it.
    ST: Hey, maybe so! I feel all fuzzy now!
        Thanks, Snake!
    S:  Maybe next time we meet, you can design
        me a weapon...
    -v. Sonic-
    The hedgehog only has super speed if you let him use it. That's why I 
    don't recommend fighting him on the ground. With the fastest running 
    speed in the game, he'll be on you quicker than Sakurai on delays. In 
    the air, you have priority over everything but his Dair (which is a 
    fast faller, and a suicidal move if he tries it over the edge). His B 
    moves are very predictable; you'll see him roll into his ball, and you 
    can short hop-Dair him out of it, or just stand there and Dsmash him. 
    Sonic has a huge Up-B recovery and can move afterward, so try to jump 
    after him and spike him as quick as you can. 
    If there are walls in the level you're playing on, keep one between 
    Super Sonic and you. That's the best way to dodge his final smash, 
    because he can't get through it. It's pretty hard for the Sonic player 
    to control it, also. Keep jumping and air dodging.
                        ~BREAK THE TARGETS~        [#11]
    It doesn't say "rape the targets", regardless of what you may hear. 
    These are the best strategies for quick times using Falco. It's 
    fantastic, because no target is too far for our bird's blaster.
    -Level 1-
    -The instant you start, short hop-double laser the targets to your 
    right (1 and 2). 
    -Right when you land, do a single jump, and Falco Illusion to your left 
    toward the first hole in the wall. You'll go through it and destroy the 
    target there (3). 
    -Fast fall, and when you land, sprint to the right and jump up to the 
    ceiling. The instant before your head hits it, pull out your blaster 
    and keep firing rapidly as you fall straight down. With any luck, your 
    lasers will take out all the targets in the center and right (4, 5, 6, 
    7, 8).
    -Stop firing right before you land. There are two targets against the 
    wall behind you; jump, starting a Nair the moment your feet leave the 
    ground, and that attack will take them both out (9, 10).
    ~~Estimated Time: Seven Seconds~~
    -Level 2-
    -Backflip jump and Bair the target behind you (1). 
    -Quickly land on the platform to the right and jump to the top of the 
    platform to the left, air dodge-catching the smart bomb as you land. 
    Throw it high upwards; it will destroy the targets at the top right (2, 
    -Short hop and fire a laser at the one above and to the left. Trigger 
    your double jump, and fire two quick shots; one will hit the target, 
    one will hit the crate and send it into the two targets at the bottom 
    (4, 5, 6, 7). 
    -Your jump should have carried you one platform to the left. From 
    there, jump up to the one above you. Run left and grab the cracker 
    launcher, firing a shot the instant you pick it up. Then turn around 
    and fire again, adjust your aim slightly down, and fire again. This 
    takes care of the three in the air on the top left (8, 9, 10).
    ~~Estimated Time: Nine Seconds~~
    Notes: The smart bomb sometimes fails to explode...there's a random 
    chance it's a dud. Luckily, that bit is early in the run, so just try 
    again and it probably won't happen next time. Also, to turn around with 
    the cracker launcher in your hand, you have to smash the stick in the 
    opposite direction. If you just hold it, Falco will walk backwards.
    -Level 3-
    -Short hop backward and fall along the little wall behind you. Activate 
    your second jump right as you throw your shine through the wall at the 
    target (roll your thumb on the buttons). If you time it right, your 
    second jump should land you back where you started...if not, Firebird 
    back up (1).
    -Run into the cannon to your left and get launched. Press the air dodge 
    button right as you hit the ground; you will both tech and pick up the 
    smart bomb. Drop down to the little platform and throw it to the right 
    and down to destroy the two targets there (2,3).
    -Drop down the platform to the left, shooting the target there as you 
    drop (4).
    -Fast fall down to the platform under you, Dairing the target on it. 
    Turn around and do a short hop backflip, firing your blaster at the 
    peak. You'll take out a target in the center (5,6).
    -Your short hop should have taken you off the platform to the left; 
    there is a target on the conveyer belt there. Bair it (7).
    -Run along the conveyer belt, and there will be a target above a hole 
    at the end. Dropping off the conveyer belt, use your second jump in 
    midair while Nairing that target (8). 
    -Jump up to the next one above you and destroy it, fast fall onto the 
    next conveyer and let it carry you off, shooting the target on the 
    bottom right on the way (9,10).
    ~~Estimated Time: Seventeen Seconds~~
    Notes: You really have to be quick from target 3 on. Getting a good 
    time requires precise movements. As with Level 2, the smart bomb could 
    be a dud, but you don't have to start over. It should still go through 
    targets 2 and 3, and maybe even go all the way down and explode when it 
    gets to 10. That happened to me once, and it shaves a second or two off 
    your time. That part's all based on luck, though.
    -Level 4-
    -Run and jump to the target behind you and take it out. Fast-fall back 
    down (1).
    -Run forward and jump, shooting the target near the left wall (2).
    -Drop down to the second level, run to the left, and short hop-shine 
    throw just before you hit the little slope. Your reflector will take 
    out the target, and you can pull yourself back to the right (3).
    -Start dashing to the right, and drop down to the next level, hugging 
    the wall. Throw your shine throw the wall when you hit the bottom, 
    taking out that target (4).
    -Dash left and jump up into the little alcove, destroying that target 
    sliding back and forth (5).
    -Dash to the left; a target should be floating up to your level, on the 
    left wall. Just drop down to the next level and shoot it on the way 
    -Double jumping to the right, run toward the next target that's above 
    the hole. Drop off the platform, double jumping and Nairing at the same 
    time to take out the target. You should land on your feet on the 
    platform to the right (7).
    -Jump up to the vertical tunnel. A target should be floating down 
    toward you; Bair it, then land on the little platform to the left. Jump 
    again and Nair the floating target higher up, then shine-throw through 
    the wall at the last one as you come down (8, 9, 10).
    ~~Estimated Time: Twenty Seconds~~
    Notes: This one is a bit of a pain in the arse because of the ice and 
    timing. You have to do everything at the correct speed, because the 
    targets move, and they must be in your path at the right time. Just 
    follow my procedure and you should be fine, and maybe you'll find a 
    more efficient pattern.
    -Level 5-
    -Jump up and Uair the target above you. As you're falling down, fire 
    your blaster just under the ceiling. You'll take out a target on the 
    far right (1, 2).
    -Jump up again, a little left of where the ceiling ends. Falco Illusion 
    to the right and it will land you on a little platform with a cracker 
    launcher. Quickly pick it up, turn around, and aim downward about 45 
    degrees. Fire one, and it should destroy a target behind the left wall 
    -Drop down to the elevator platforms. Turn right and aim up to take out 
    the one on the right. Turn left and aim higher up to take out the one 
    on the left (4, 5).
    -After you've shot Target 5, drop off the platform, throwing the 
    launcher hard to the left before you hit the ground. It will hit the 
    one hovering off to the side. You can also shoot it if you're confident 
    in your aim (6).
    -Jump up and Falco Illusion to the right. You'll land on the bottom 
    platform of an enclosed area. Run forward and jump when you're near the 
    beam sword, air dodge-catching it on the way up. Double jump until you 
    hit the wall, then strong-throw it up. Fast-fall to the ground. The 
    saber will hit the target on the top right, and also the one behind the 
    wall as it comes down (7, 8).
    -Turn around, short-hop off the edge, and double-laser the two targets 
    on the bottom as you fall. Make sure you don't grab the edge above you 
    during your short-hop; it seems magnetic (9, 10).
    ~~Estimated Time: Eighteen Seconds~~
    Notes: The aiming on Target 3 requires some practice. You'll get it 
    eventually. Good accuracy with the cracker launcher in the heat of the 
    moment is essential to this level, making it the most difficult to get 
    a good time on. As for the last two targets, #10 is behind a wall. 
    Don't worry; for some reason, Falco's blaster goes right through it.
                    ~CONCLUSION/CONTACT INFO~      [#12]
    Remember, this is a guide, not a dictionary. I'm providing advice, but 
    it's up to you, Falco players, to use your ability and imagination. If 
    you find a combo that works better for you than these ones, definitely 
    use it. Play to your own style.
    If you find any mistakes in this FAQ, want to compliment me, tell me 
    how much it sucks, etc., then e-mail MrPapp13@gmail.com.
                     ~CREDITS/VERSION HISTORY~      [#13]
    -Special Thanks-
    -Shigeru Miyamoto, for producing this great game.
    -Masahiro Sakurai, for creating it.
    -Xen0nex, for his damage guide.
    -NostalgicX, for some formatting tips from his Ness Guide.
    -CJayC, for creating the best site on the Internet.
    -SBAllen, for keeping it running.
    -http://www.network-science.de/ascii/, for making me an ASCII title.
    -yonisyuumei, for his codec script FAQ.
    -Barry Fung, for correcting me about Captain Falcon's F-Zero car.
    -Glenn Willey, for correcting me on five or six final smashes.
    -Shotokankun on YouTube, for dodging Ganon's FS so expertly.
    -Travis Graham, for drawing me a diagram on spiking with Illusion. 
    -Version History-
    v. 1: 
    -First draft. Accepted.
    v. 1.5: 
    -Slight formatting changes
    -Added the chain throw
    -Added Snake's codec convo
    -Corrected the name of CF's racer
    -Updated final smash info on Ganondorf, R.O.B., Dedede, Pokémon 
    Trainer, Captain Falcon, and G&W.
    v. 1.6
    -Made a couple grammatical and formatting corrections
    -Added Break the Targets section.
    v. 2
    -Finished all levels on Break the Targets section
    -Added info on Falco Illusion.
    (c) Adam Papp 2008 :: This guide is for GameFAQs only. Do not post it 
    anywhere else without my permission.

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