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    R.O.B. by Trogdorocks

    Version: 1.06 | Updated: 09/01/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |-1. ASCII Art [ASCAR]|
     -----  |       |  +----  +------  +----
    /       |       |  |    \ |        |    \
    \       |       |  |    / |        |    /
     -----  |       |  |----  +---     |----        
          \ |       |  |      |        |\
          /  \     /   |      |        | \
     -----    -----    |      +------  |  \__
     -----  |\     /|  -----   -----  |     |
    /       | \   / | |     | /       |     |
    \       |  \ /  | |     | \       |     |
     -----  |   V   | |-----|  -----  |-----|
          \ |       | |     |       \ |     |
          / |       | |     |       / |     |
     -----  |       | |     |  -----  |     |
    +-----  +----    -----    -----   
    |     \ |    \  / |  /\  /          
    |     / |    / |\ | /  | \        
    |-----  |----  | \|/   |  -----  
    |     \ |\     |--x----|       \  ..... 
    |     / | \     \/|\  /        /  .....
    +-----  |  \__   -----    -----   .....
    +-----  +----    -----   |  |  |  |
    |     \ |    \  |     |  |  |  |  |
    |     / |    /  |     |  |  |  |  |
    |-----  |----   |-----|  |  |  |  |
    |     \ |\      |     |  |  |  |  |
    |     / | \     |     |  |  |  |  |
    +-----  |  \__  |     |   \/ \/   |______
    ...OK, I admit it, I reused that from my Olimar guide >_>
    |0. Table of Contents [TABCO]|
    To jump to a section, press Ctrl+F, type in 5-letter code, press enter.
    -1. ASCII Art [ASCAR]
    0. Table of Contents [TABCO]
    1. Introduction [INTRD]
    2. Dictionary of Terms [DITER]
    3. R.O.B.'s P.R.O.s and C.O.N.s [RPRCO]
    4. R.O.B.'s Standard Moves [STANM]
    5. R.O.B.'s Special Moves & Final Smash [SPECM]
    6. R.O.B.'s Special Movements [SPMVM]
    7. Character Matchups [CHAMA]
       7.1. FS-Avoidance Strategies [FSAVS]
    7a. Boss Matchups [BOSMA]
    8. Stadium Strategies [STAST]
    9. Important Tips [IMPTI]
    10. Combo List [COMLI]
    11. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQUE]
    12. Version History [VERHI]
    13. My Contact Info [CONIN]
    14. Special Thanks [SPETH]
    15. Legal Crap [LEGCR]
    16. Closing [CLOSI]
    Now, you may note that this setup is similar, if not identical, to my Olimar
    guide. Well, it probably is. This can't be avoided when writing two guides that
    follow the same pattern. Of course, character-specific items are changed a lot,
    but things like general terms are more or less borrowed. OK, that said, let's
    move on.
    |1. Introduction [INTRD]|
    Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B.), the Trojan Horse of video gaming. Why is he
    given this title? Well, you may know about the 1983 Video Game Crash. Tons of
    crappy, low-quality, or just plain offensive games were being made just for the
    sake of making them, so stores did not want to stock video games any more.
    R.O.B. was commonly marketed as a "robot toy" for this reason. Since there
    didn't seem to be any relation to video gaming, R.O.B. was a hit. He was only
    used for two games, and it was a "trust system" that you would use him (a
    player could just as easily perform the tasks himself), but nonetheless, people
    liked him. He just recently got back into video gaming, making an appearance in
    Mario Kart DS and an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, something that
    caused a lukewarm reaction in fans.
    Either way, he's in Brawl, and he's a great character. He has many hard-hitting
    moves and two very tough projectiles. He's my second main along with Olimar (I
    just love the quirky characters), but I wouldn't exactly give him lesser
    importance compared to Olimar. In fact, I use them equally often.
    With my personal digression out of the way, let's move on!
    |2. Dictionary of Terms [DITER]|
    Here are some terms which you will need to know.
    Yes, I more or less took this from my Olimar guide, but I changed stuff around
    too. So sue me. It's not like Terms will change when using a new character.
    Burners - This is a word I invented that refers to R.O.B.'s use of his stand
    as a fiery weapon. Burners are usually slow coming out but pack a punch. The
    presence of "Robo" will distinguish between a move of this type and his B-Up
    (which, incidentally, is called "Robo Burner.")
    C-sticking - A technique born in Melee, only for use with the Gamecube
    controller, in which the C-stick is struck to perform a smash attack instead
    of the traditional Control Stick + A. Some people remap specials to the Cstick;
    this is called "B-sticking." Honestly, it seems less responsive in Brawl, so I
    personally switched back to Control stick + A.
    Chaingrabbing - A technique in which you grab an opponent, throw them, grab
    them again, etc. Dedede is highly notorious for his infinite chaingrab, and can
    destroy an opponent's chances of even TOUCHING him by using it.
    Dash attack cancelling - the act of performing a dash attack, then quickly
    cancelling it with an upsmash to slide along the ground. Exclusive to
    characters with "diving" dash attacks: Falco, Zero Suit Samus, Solid Snake (a
    very long DA cancel called "Snakedashing"), Wario, Diddy Kong, Link, and Sonic.
    It could possibly be a new form of wavedashing in Brawl.
    Dashdancing - An advanced technique previously believed to be removed from
    Brawl since Melee, but soon discovered to be able to be done by certain
    characters (one of whom is Pit, of course, the epitome of overpoweredness).
    Tripping cripples it in Brawl, but it IS still there. You just repeatedly press
    left and right to dash back and forth. It's much harder to perform in Brawl
    than in Melee, sadly, and you need PERFECT precision. It's only for mindgames;
    your opponent will have trouble telling which direction you will finally commit
    your real dash to. Incidentally, I just recently managed to dashdance with Ike!
    It's tough though, and you have to perform ~8 dashes per second to keep it up.
    Directional Influence (DI) - Manipulating your character's movements using the
    control stick. No, I don't just mean "moving," I mean using the control stick
    effectively to escape combos, a role in which it is incredibly useful. Make
    sure you master it!!!
    Disjointed Hitbox - A hitbox which isn't attached to the character using it.
    Any sword is a good example; the sword isn't part of the character, so when the
    sword is hit, the character using it won't take damage; the sword will just
    bounce off.
    Edgeguarding - Attacking an opponent to keep them from recovering.
    Edgehogging - Purposefully grabbing the edge so your opponent can't, therefore
    they will fall to their doom.
    FallSpecial: The state your character enters after performing certain moves;
    they can only be directionally influenced in this state. Characterized by a
    certain pose which evokes an aura of helplessness (In ROB's case, it's a very
    subtle thing; he simply hunches over) and your character blinking faintly (it
    doesn't even seem as if R.O.B. does this). You MUST touch solid ground to exit
    this state.
    Fastfall - Falling fast. =P No, seriously, pressing Down in midair to speed
    your fall; usually to recover from FallSpecial more quickly, though sometimes
    just to set up another attack.
    Footstool Jump: Jumping off of your opponent's head, either in midair, on the
    ground, on the ledge, wherever! You can perform a maximum of 4 before landing,
    and they don't take away any midair jumps or anything.
    Foxtrot - an advanced technique performed by dashing quickly, stopping,
    starting again, etc. Although it may seem useless, it is good for mindgames and
    causing an opponent to attack in an attempt to predict your movement, only to
    Gimping - KOing an opponent when they have laughably low damage. R.O.B. is not
    susceptible to this, as his B up can easily avoid someone else's attacks in
    midair or edge guards.
    Gliding - a new technique in Brawl exclusive to winged characters. By holding
    the jump button or moving the control stick back and forth, your character will
    start gliding without wasting a jump. As per real-life gliding, you can angle
    yourself downward, but you can't angle yourself upward without succumbing to
    gravity and entering FallSpecial.
    Hitbox - the part of the "yellow bubble" animations of a character which causes
    damage to another. They're represented by red bubbles. Basically, they're what
    make attacks... well, attacks.
    Hitstun - the time during which a character cannot move after being hit by an
    attack; they usually get knocked backward and look distressed.
    Lag - The time it takes for a character to "wind down" from an attack or "wind
    up" an attack. A period during which the character cannot move.
    Meteor Cancel - Cancelling out of a meteor smash by jumping, attacking, etc.
    Meteor Smash - A technique in which an opponent is hit downward at a high
    velocity. Not as great a finisher as spikes; they are slower and can be jumped
    out of with a meteor cancel. R.O.B's Dair is a meteor smash if timed right.
    Powershield - Shielding at JUST the right moment when an attack is about to
    connect. You will see a white flash, and hear a distinctive "metallic clang"
    sound. This will make room for an incredibly easy counter with no lag 
    whatsoever (a normal shield will cause lag.) In melee, you could reflect
    projectiles, but that appears to be not the case anymore.
    Prefixes N/F/B/U/D - In order, Neutral, Forward, Backward, Up, Down. Always
    combined with a move (e.g. Fsmash, Nair, Utilt) to describe the move type and
    Priority - This is a term used to measure which attack will connect if two
    collide. Moves of greater priority will hit, moves of lesser priority will get
    pwned, and moves of equal priority will either do nothing, or, in rare and
    funny cases, damage both players (this has happened to my friend and me more
    often than the two cancelling each other out O_o)
    Shine - A nickname for the Reflector/Barrier (Fox, Falco, and Wolf's Down B).
    Name obviously originates from the quick burst of light when the move
    Short Hop - Pressing the jump button then releasing it before your character
    can finish the on-ground "hunch" when preparing for a jump. Obviously, gives
    less vertical distance.
    Snakedashing/Mortarslide - the name given to Snake's dash attack cancel; he has
    the longest in the game.
    Spamming - overusing an attack. Online, the most popular moves to spam are
    Pit's Side B and arrows and Pikachu's Down B. Generally considered bad form,
    though it can actually be a competitive strategy in some cases!
    Spike - Any attack which sends an opponent rocketing downward; they are
    traditionally VERY hard to recover from and almost guarantee a KO. Different
    from a Meteor Smash in that they can't be "Meteor cancelled."
    Sweetspot - 2 definitions. 1) Recovering in such a way that your character will
    grab the ledge at the perfect moment and distance. 2) The point at which an
    attack does the highest damage.
    Tech/Ukemi - pressing R or L (shield button) right as you are about to hit the
    ground when tumbling; character will transfer momentum and roll to the side.
    Tipper - Hitting Sandbag with the tip of the home-run bat. Will result in
    greater distance than if you hit him with a different part of the bat.
    W.O.P. - Wall of Pain - a technique in which you trap an opponent in a flurry
    of aerials to get them off the screen and pile on damage.
    |3. R.O.B.'s P.R.O.s and C.O.N.s [RPRCO]|
    -R.O.B.'s B-Up can be used in short spurts, giving him time to stop his
    awesome recovery and get an attack in.
    -Adding to his already-excellent recovery, his Bair pushes him forward.
    -Again with the recovery, his Side B will propel him upward slightly.
    -Many powerful attacks
    -Has two very great projectiles
    -Side B reflects projectiles
    -Heavyweight; tough to KO
    -Can use a W.O.P. because of the first point in this list
    -Great Range
    -Several attacks that are quick in contrast to his usual slowness (DSmash, Uair
    are just two of many)
    -Slow-moving (I mean dashing or walking. Many of his attacks are quite fast.)
    -Huge target; can be attacked multiple times in a row quite easily
    -MOST of his finishers have high startup lag (hooray, Fsmash for being fast)
    -Both of his projectiles can't be spammed
    -Only 1 special move DOESN'T require some sort of charge (Arm Rotor)
    |4. R.O.B.'s Standard Moves [STANM]|
    Multiple hits' damages are noted by x-y. A smash's damage will be represented
    by x, y (x being minimum charge, y being maximum).
    A combo
    Description: Slaps.
    Damage: 3
    Knockback: Low on first hit; medium on second
    Description: Slaps more strongly.
    Damage: 6
    Knockback: Good
    Description: R.O.B. throws his arms in the air.
    Damage: 3-6
    Knockback: None on first hit; low on second
    Description: R.O.B. jabs both arms forward.
    Damage: 4 or 5
    Knockback: low
    Dash A
    Description: Does a karate-chop-type move with both arms.
    Damage: 5 or 6
    Knockback: medium
    Description: R.O.B. shoots an explosiony laser from his eyes.
    Damage: 13, 18
    Knockback: Great; one of his better finishers
    Note: As Magicmaster87 has informed me, this move can be angled up and down by
    pressing the control stick in either direction during the startup lag. Hard to
    pull off, but fully tested.
    Description: R.O.B. plants his arms on the ground and uses an upward Burner.
    Damage: 14, 19
    Knockback: Great
    Description: R.O.B. lowers his torso down to his stand, sticks his arms out,
    and rotates very quickly. This move is FAST. You can easily combo right out of
    a sidestep (down) dodge into it, and it can really catch your opponents off
    guard with its speed. This is a very versatile move!
    Damage: 2-2-2-2-5 (13 total), 2-3-2-3-7 (17 total)
    Knockback: great
    Description: R.O.B. uses a Burner which causes him to do a backward flip.
    Damage: 10
    Knockback: Pretty good.
    Description: R.O.B. does a karate-chop-type motion with both of his arms.
    Damage: 10
    Knockback: Decent
    Description: R.O.B. uses a Burner behind him, which causes him to move forward.
    Damage: 11
    Knockback: Good
    Description: R.O.B. repeatedly smacks his arms above him.
    Damage: 4-4-4-4-3
    Knockback: None on first 4, pretty good on last.
    Description: R.O.B. uses a Burner below him and kinda flexes his arms =P
    Damage: 11
    Knockback: Great downward propulsion; great meteor smash.
    Description: R.O.B.... grabs his opponent... with his hands... yeah >_>
    Damage: N/A
    Knockback: N/A
    Description: R.O.B... pinches his opponent?! Honestly, it looks like that.
    Damage: 2-2-2-2-2-2-2... (this can potentially be a very fast pummel)
    Knockback: None, of course
    Description: R.O.B. uses the wheels on his arms (which he uses to charge his
    Gyros) to fling the opponent.
    Damage: 10
    Knockback: great
    Description: See Fthrow, but... gasp! He turns around mid-throw!
    Damage: 10
    Knockback: Great. Pretty much a clone of Fthrow >_>
    Description: I love this one. R.O.B. uses his Robo Burner to propel himself
    upward, then pile-drives the opponent!
    Damage: 10
    Knockback: Decent upward
    Description: Another fun one! R.O.B SHOVES his opponent's head on the dirt and
    spins him around like a jackhammer!
    Damage: 10
    Knockback: Decent upward.
    Ledge Attack
    Description: R.O.B. punches his opponent as he scales the ledge
    Damage: 7
    Knockback: Surprisingly great! launches enemies half the size of Final
    Destination (estimated to be 6.5 Falcons)
    |5. R.O.B.'s Special Moves [SPECM]|
    Neutral B: Robo Beam
    Description: R.O.B. fires a laaaaaser from his eyes! This move takes charge
    time. If you've just recently used it, it will be a pathetic little flash of
    light that can't even travel 3 feet. If you wait until you see the diode on his
    head start "pulsing" red and fading to black repeatedly, it will be a thin, red
    beam. If you wait till the diode on his head is flashing, VERY quickly, red
    and white... he'll fire a purple-red beam from his eyes which is wider and
    travels farther!
    Damage: 7% in the minimum charge right next to R.O.B.; 12 damage when charging
    right next to R.O.B., 5 damage if hit far away; 16 damage when fully charged
    right next to R.O.B., 9 damage if hit far away.
    Knockback: Good when right in front of R.O.B. (for all charge levels), low for
    low charge and far off, good for maximum charge and far off.
    Notes: Magicmaster87 has informed me that the move can be angled up or down by
    pressing the control stick in either direction during the startup lag. It will
    bounce off of surfaces.
    Side B: Arm Rotor
    Description: R.O.B. madly spins around with his arms extended, and is... well,
    if I had to describe it, I'd call him a metallic fan >_> Anyway, this move can
    reflect projectiles, and you can angle it up or down depending on where your
    enemy is. You will get a slight upward boost; you can aid your recovery with
    this move (Midair recovery is disputed as of 4/23/08).
    Damage: 2 per hit (I've only gotten 5 hits max DIing INTO the attack with a
    giant target like Donkey Kong, so for now, 10 damage will be considered the
    Knockback: low
    Notes: MagicMaster87 has also informed me that this move can be kept up by
    repeatedly pressing B. It can be extended to about double its original length,
    and the last move has high knockback. He has also said he has seen nothing
    about it having a recovery effect, so if anyone can shed light onto this
    subject, please email! I've gotten boosts by angling it forward, but I'm not
    quite sure yet.
    Up B: Robo Burner
    Description: R.O.B. fires up the fuel tanks in his stand to propel himself
    upwards in this recovery move, one of the best in the game! You can stop and
    restart the burner, allowing you to string together vertical recovery with the
    burner and horizontal recovery with the Bair for one of the farthest recoveries
    in the game! Note that you will need to hit the ground after using it all up
    and stay there for 1.5 seconds to get it back. It sounds like a short time, but
    it could feel long if you're being madly attacked!
    Down B: Gyro
    Description: R.O.B. charges up a Gyro! Gyros originated in Gyromite, one of the
    two games for which R.O.B. was used.
    Damage: 18% initial hit; can be picked up and re-thrown to do 10% each time.
    Final Smash: Diffusion Beam
    Trophy Description:
    R.O.B.'s Final Smash. He emits a
    beam from his eyes that spreads
    across the spectrum and undulates
    in great variety as it travels.
    What makes this technique different
    is R.O.B.'s ability to move while
    using it. This allows him to use it
    in combination with his other moves
    to increase his Final Smash's effectiveness.
    My Description: "Diffusion" is a scienc-ey word! It's essentially the movement
    of particles from an area of high concentration to low concentration. So, I'm
    assuming the name comes from the fact that the particles are concentrated in
    R.O.B.'s eyes and spread out. Anyways, a whirlwind of lasers will come out of
    R.O.B.'s eyes, causing a flurry of low-damaging hits, then every so often,
    he'll FIRE HIS SUPERPOWERED LASAH! (sorry, I couldn't resist) which deals lots
    of pain unto the enemy. I guess it could be considered a Transformation FS, and
    a pretty good one at that. R.O.B. can use any other move he pleases (Except
    for, quite obviously, his Robo Laser) during this smash, and although
    considered bad by many, it's quite useful if you can control it properly.
    Damage: 2-2-2-2-2... for spiraling laser; 15 for concentrated laser.
    Knockback: none for spiraling laser; excellent for concentrated laser.
    |6. R.O.B.'s Special Movements [SPMVM]|
    On-Screen Appearance:
    Pieces fall from the sky, and they assemble themselves to become R.O.B.
    Standing Idle: R.O.B. turns his head and lowers & raises his arms.
    Side Taunt: R.O.B looks to the direction opposite of the one he's facing and
    starts flashing like a camera in an arc. Note: You can actually use this in
    conjuction with Diffusion Beam to strike opponents above you!
    Up Taunt: R.O.B. faces the screen & spins his head and torso. If facing left,
    his head moves counterclockwise and body clockwise; if right, then vice versa.
    While his head does two spins, his torso only does one =(
    Down Taunt: R.O.B. faces the screen, lowers his torso, and twists it back
    upwards like a screw.
    Victory Pose 1: R.O.B. initially spins around, then infinitely spins his head,
    drops his torso, and pulls in back up in short bursts along his spine segments.
    Victory Pose 2: R.O.B. essentially does his side taunt. After he finishes, he
    infinitely tilts his arms downward, "pinches" them together, and tilts them
    back up.
    Victory Pose 3: Initially, R.O.B. does some complicated trickery with his arms
    by spinning them this way and that, then he infinitely spins his head and
    throws his arms up and down for joy. He shuts his eyes when he does this! I
    think that's the only time we see his eyes shut when he's not just blinking!
    Color Schemes: I couldn't think of any other place to put them, so here they
    1. Famicom colors. Whitish-grey body that almost looks tan; red arms.
    2. "Military" look. Green body with brown arms.
    3. No name here :D Dark blue body; light blue arms.
    4. American SNES colors. (Thanks to TheMuffinMan for pointing this out) Light
       purple body; dark purple arms.
    5. The Bumblebee!! Yellow body with black trim; orange-yellow arms.
    6. And, finally, the NES colors. Pure white body; grey-silver arms.
    |7. Character Matchups [CHAMA]|
    Like with my Olimar guide (I'm getting sick of saying that), these strategies
    were formulated by fighting Lvl 9 CPUs and players who have easily beaten them.
    These strategies worked on them, so don't complain!
    You're better off being on the ground. Bowser is very slow, and if you have
    good reflexes, you can easily counter his Fsmash with yours to avoid being hit.
    Also, try not to get above him. It's general mindset for a Bowser player to
    wait and try to Usmash you, so if that's the case, just Robo Burner to the side
    and counter with something. It could also help to Arm Rotor the fire breath.
    Just stay on the ground and pelt him with tilts and F- and Dsmashes.
    Captain Falcon:
    FALCON PAUUNCH! Ok, stay on the ground mostly here. All of his ground attacks
    have big lag, so you'll outspeed him. If you must get aerial, though, stay 
    above or behind him. Go in front, and you will get painfully kneed. Go below,
    and you'll be kicked and/or nippled to the ground. Also, Captain Falcon has no
    projectile! Your projectile of choice should be the Gyro, as it's fast, covers
    long distance, and is powerful. So, basically, use projectiles and stay on the
    ground for this fight.
    Donkey Kong:
    To be brutally honest, he's almost like a less laggy Bowser. He has tons of
    powerful moves, but the lag is actually misleading; there's less of it than you
    would expect. However, that doesn't mean he's hard to get a hit on. Focus on
    tilts and Smashes, as usual, and toss in a Gyro here or there. Donkey Kong has
    a pretty good aerial game, but you should be able to beat him in air. Also,
    he's a huge target, so my knockout method of choice is as many Fairs as I need
    then a Dair. He shouldn't be too hard to knock out. Also, when KOing him, make
    sure to knock him down low; his second jump is rather pathetic and his Up-B
    will give him a whopping foot, maybe even 13 inches, of vertical distance >_>
    It would be smart to mix up aerial and ground games here; aerial most often for
    Diddy Kong:
    He is FAST. This fight is pretty tough, but it's manageable. Dodge his attacks
    and use yours too. Above all, watch out for those FREAKING BANANA PEELS!!! What
    you want to do here is use smashes. He's small, so he'll get knocked far. After
    you got him far out, grab the ledge; he will most likely slam into the edge of
    the stage and fall to his death. You have to focus on knocking him out of the
    Avoid projectiles and fight on the ground. Most of his smashes are laggy, and
    the non-laggy moves are genrally weak. Aerial fights will get you killed, so
    the ground is your safest area here. Just watch out for that blasted A combo!
    All in all, you'll do very well in a ground fight here. Also, don't forget to
    meteor smash him when he's recovering!
    Like with Falco, you want to avoid projectiles and fight on the ground. Falco
    is essentially a clone of Fox. Although there are SOME differences, it's not
    monumental, so you can beat Fox going off of the Falco strategy.
    Outspeed. Rack up damage with quick attacks. Smash off stage. Meteor smash his
    predictable recovery. That's your mindset in this fight. He's incredibly slow,
    so you'll have no trouble!
    Ice Climbers:
    Focus on separating the two by means of strong attacks. One Ice Climber is
    usually a dead Ice Climber. Aerials and Smashes from R.O.B. will do this task
    VERY easily! Surprisingly, you two have many equal-priority attacks, so you
    just have to focus on being faster and using tough moves. A ground fight is
    good here, and hard-hitting moves will KO them easily.
    Ike is slow and laggy, so you should have no troubles at all beating him. Stay
    on the ground more; that's when he's at his slowest. This really requires no
    skill; just agility and good move-choosing.
    Stay out of the air! Jigglypuff arguably has the best aerial strategies in the
    whole game! However, her on-ground attacks are weak, so stay grounded and
    butcher her. She's a small target, but if you can get hits to connect, you'll
    KO her in no time! This fight is nothing bad at all; just watch out for Rest,
    however. The fact that you're a bit target puts you at risk. Other than that,
    destroy her on the ground!
    King Dedede:
    Don't be fooled by his heavyweight status. He's surprisingly fast. OK, that
    being said, avoid an aerial fight. His aerials are very fast, and can easily
    get your damage to a dangerous level. If you can, use your Gyro often; Dedede's
    a nice big target. Smashes work well here, and you want to get him FAAAR off
    the stage before trying to meteor smash him. If he uses his Side-B, Arm Rotor
    it; his lackeys are tough. You want to stay on the ground for this fight and
    use a lot of smashes.
    Kirby's small, but he's generally weak. Unleash all your best moves on him,
    then meteor smash him when you get the chance. His ground and aerial games are
    of equal caliber, so go with whatever you're comfortable with! Never stop
    attacking him, use tons of good moves, and you should be fine. Also, remember:
    his only projectile is Final Cutter, and you could see that coming a lightyear
    away. Use Gyro and Robo Beam to build his damage up!
    Get ready to Arm Rotor right off the bat, as many a Link user will use an arrow
    to close the gap at the start of a fight. Link has lots of hard-hitting
    projectiles, so Arm Rotor is your friend. Other than that, a ground fight works
    wonders. Link is generally laggy in most attacks, so go crazy on him. Aerials
    work well on him too, but just beware his dreaded Dair. Save any Gyro or Robo
    Beam for when Link's moving; that stupid Hylian shield will knock it right off
    of him in an instant. Don't be afraid to meteor smash him, as his recovery is
    pretty bad. This won't be a hard fight if you stay quick on your feet.
    Lucky for you, R.O.B. has some great finishers! You want to smash a lot here.
    Your goal is to KO him before he gets a lot of damage. If he does get a lot,
    however, it's always amazing when you Arm Rotor that Aura Sphere! Watch out for
    any counter, though; if you see it, roll dodge will get you out. You just want
    to finish this quickly. Although he has an unpredictable recovery, you can
    meteor smash him during its startup lag if you stick to him like glue after
    knocking him off the stage. This fight should be over before it begins if you
    hope to win, to put it one way =P
    Stay out of the air!! Lucas has great aerial moves. However, all of his smashes
    are pretty laggy. You want to overwhelm him with smashes and tilts as much as
    you can! Like Ness, I'm pretty sure his PSI Magnet can eat your Robo Beam, so
    avoid using it. All in all, stay on the ground, but if you see a smash coming,
    DODGE!! They're slow, but it's a tradeoff for power. And, please... stay out of
    the air.
    Like Lucas, Luigi has a sick aerial game. You want to fight on the ground;
    Luigi isn't too powerful in this department. Remember, too, that Luigi's Up-B
    is totally vertical; no horizontal alignment for a meteor smash is required.
    If you knocked him into the air, though, don't be afraid to use your Uair; your
    arms are longer than his legs. That's the ONLY time you should go aerial,
    though. Fighting Luigi is surprisingly like fighting Lucas.
    Mr. Average. Mario is... average. You should mix up an aerial and ground fight
    here, but put more emphasis on ground. R.O.B. has good finishers on the ground.
    Don't Arm Rotor fireballs; it's a waste. I'm pretty sure Robo Beam can be caped
    if Mario can see it coming, so don't rely on it too much. All in all, you're
    fighting an average guy.
    Ewww, sword user. Marth is amazing. You want to fight on the ground here; it's
    better than fighting in the air against him. Try to focus on flurrying him with
    small moves in case he feels like countering, and save big moves as finishers.
    You really have to have skill for this fight!
    I like fighting Metaknight. Metaknight was the only character I fought whose
    priority became incredibly apparent; R.O.B.'s is higher. Go beserk on Meta
    Knight and whack him with everything you've got. Also, Mach Tornado has no
    effect on R.O.B.'s projectiles (BOTH will always break through), so use those
    often! All in all, you should use a mishmash of aerials and ground moves to
    keep Metaknight guessing, and always go beserk. Never give him a moment's rest!
    However, you do have one disadvantage. Meta Knight is SMALL. Usmash will NEVER
    connect if you use it right next to him; he must be above you for it to
    connect. When in doubt, Dsmash is your salvation.
    Mr. Game and Watch:
    This matchup is pretty simple. Mr. Game and Watch's ground moves are generally
    laggy, so use that to your advantage. However, his aerial game is very great,
    so you might want to stay on ground more for this fight. Although you may be
    tempted to Arm Rotor his food, don't; it's a waste of time. His recovery is
    very predictable, so get out there and meteor smash him. Even if he doesn't
    reach the ledge with his recovery, add "injury to insult" (as the old saying
    DOESN'T go =P) and meteor smash him anyway =D Also, be cautious with Robo Beam,
    as he will use Oil Panic, but don't be afraid to use Gyro, a physical
    TBQH, Ness is pathetic. You can outspeed and outpower him on the ground, so
    focus on using R.O.B.'s great smashes. I'm pretty sure Robo Beam can be PSI
    magneted, so don't rely on it. Remember, the ground is your advantage area
    here, though NEVER outrule an aerial fight. If going aerial, focus on R.O.B.'s
    two fast ones: Uair and Fair. They can match Ness's quick aerials. Also, Ness's
    recovery is pretty predictable, so get out there and Dair him. You should have
    enough time in between PIKA PAKA and WOAH to spike him.
    Sorry Olimar =( God, Olimar is tough, even when he's a CPU. If you've read my
    guide, you'll know Olimar is great at aerial games. So, generally, stay out of
    the air. Remember; killing his Pikmin is your best bet even though he can get
    new ones in <1 second. Eww. This fight will be hard. You want to use your
    great-range projectiles A LOT here. Doing progressive damage to Olimar through
    Gyros and Robo Beams is your best bet, as he will BUTCHER you up close with his
    sheer speed and power. But, if you value your life, STAY OUT OF THE AIR. I know
    I've said that before, but it's important! He'll slaughter you if you get up
    there! But, you do have an advantage. Your smashes have great knockback, and
    he's a tiny little thing. If you rack up damage with projectiles then smash
    him, you will get a few kills in. But, please... stay out of the air.
    Peach is easy. Just mix up aerial and ground fights, really. She's pretty easy
    to KO if you chase after her and meteor smash her. Peach REEEALLY likes to
    dodge, though, so you have to be persistent! Just use hard-hitting moves.
    You have to stay on the ground. Many Pikachu players will spam the neutral B,
    so Arm Rotor comes in handy here. FIGHT A GROUND FIGHT. Get in the air, and
    he'll A) Out-aerial you, or B) Use that freaking Thunder. PIKA! PIKA! PIKA!
    God. Anyway, he's a really small target, so Dsmash is your friend here. His
    recovery is unpredictable, so don't try a meteor smash. You just have to fight
    him on the ground to survive.
    Pit can play your game VERY well. That freaking HAGAGAGA and Mirror Shield will
    reflect your projectiles, but your Arm Rotor will reflect his arrows. He's
    fast, but his attacks are weak and rely on multiple hits to score damage.
    Unsurprisingly, therefore, your attacks have higher priority. Just swamp him
    with smashes and you should be fine. Also, take advantage of that little fall
    he has when initiating his B-Up; you can meteor smash him. Also, many Pits I've
    fought recovered in a very linear pattern, so they were incredibly easy to
    meteor smash.  It all comes down to smashing him off then meteoring him.
    Pokémon Trainer:
    Oh, goody, three in one.
    He's in the same boat as you; he's a big, heavy target. You want to pelt him
    with fast moves and smashes. Arm Rotoring his Fire Breath is good, too. His
    aerial game isn't too great, so you should take advantage of that and knock him
    for a loop in midair! His recovery is pretty bad, so meteor smashing is a good
    I'd like to say right off the bat that you're a big target, so please don't get
    caught in a Bullet Seed. Also the fact that you're a big target means that you
    can easily get caught in his cheap, infinite A combo. Your job is to smash the
    munchkin off the stage and grab that ledge, as his only recovery move is a
    tether! You just have to use a bunch of smashes and tilts to rack up damage,
    knock him off, and gimp him. Also, don't waste your time Arm Rotoring Razor
    Leaf; it'll only do 6 damage >_>
    DON'T try an aerial fight. Squirtle's aerials are awesome. Instead, use hard-
    hitting ground moves on it. It's very small, and it'll get sent far by smashes.
    Plus, the thing's recovery is predictable, so you can easily meteor smash it.
    All I can say for this fight is use lots of smashes!
    Oh god, the fated mirror match. Well, I can't provide many strategies here. It
    all comes down to personal skill. Good luck =P
    Goody goody, fun fun fun. Any Samus player will use Charge Shot AT LEAST once. 
    You thinking what I'm thinking? Arm Rotor. Samus's projectiles are fun to Arm
    Rotor. OK, aside from that basic point, Fair is your friend in this fight. I've
    kept many a Samus player at bay with an Fair W.O.P. Her only aerials that can
    hit you when you're in Fair range are her Fair and Nair, and Fair will be the
    move of choice if you're at maximum distance for YOUR Fair. Aerial games are a 
    good idea here. Plus, her generally bad recovery will give you a great opening
    for a meteor smash! So, in general, just stay aerial!
    Sheik is all-around great. You have to have a lot of skill to beat her. You
    should focus on tons of quick moves to build damage, then a smash to finish
    her. Like with Zelda, meteor smash before or during a second jump or don't at
    all. This fight is based on skill and how well you can outspeed someone, so all
    I can say is "do your best!"
    Man, is Snake slow. The best advice I can give here is "Go beserk." Use tilts.
    Use Smashes. use anything that's fast! Snake will never keep up. But, just
    remember, his recovery can match yours! *gasp* That's right, that Cypher can
    cover as much distance as a Robo Burner can. To add injury to insult, he has
    Super Armor during it. That's right. No meteor smash for you. But, if you want
    to kill him easily, rely on going beserk with tilts and aerials, then hit him
    with an FSmash. If he actually tries to grenade you, just whack it away with
    Side-B. Taking advantage of Snake's sluggishness will lead you to victory.
    To be honest, I was expecting a tough fight, but I was let down. Tons of
    Sonic's moves have big startup lag, so you can smash him. Also, his spin dashes
    can easily be Fsmashed safely because of its range. You just have to overwhelm
    him with ground attacks and the fight'll be over quickly. Also, get out there
    and meteor smash him; that spring is pretty predictable.
    Toon Link:
    Well, for the projectile matter, it's just like Link, but TL's are slower! Now
    for the physical fight. Toon Link is very fast in the air, so avoid an aerial
    game for the most part. You want to outrange him with things like your Fsmash
    and Gyro, and pile up hits on him. However, don't be afraid to get airborne!
    You have to make sure, though, that you choose your moves and positioning
    carefully so as not to get caught in an aerial massacre. He's small, so you can
    KO him easily. Not too tough a fight.
    Wario's fast, but he has high ending lag on ground moves. You want to choose
    your moves carefully, and attack when he's off guard or ending a move. Use
    projectiles a lot; there's nothing stopping you. Really, you just have to use
    tons of ground moves here and pay close attention to your situation.
    Don't use any projectiles. Any good Wolf player will reflect them. Anyway, Wolf
    is very balanced on ground and in air, so this fight is more about skill if
    anything! You want to follow him EVERYWHERE and never let up your attack. He's
    hard to meteor smash, as his B-up's charge doesn't take THAT long and it's very
    high-priority. You just want to mix up your moves here, and outskill the Wolf
    Easy, easy. I didn't take ANY hits in a 2-minute match when fighting a ZOMG
    LEVEL 9! You have many speedier attacks than he does, so flurry him with mainly
    tilts and aerials. You can string together an amazing flurry of hits with
    R.O.B.'s quick tilts and aerials, and he probably won't even touch you. Don't
    rule out a projectile game, but if you're going to do one, remember: that Egg
    Throw is VERY annoying. Use smashes when the opportunity presents itself,
    ESPECIALLY Fsmash. Another easy fight, so just remember to stick with R.O.B.'s
    quicker attacks. You'll be fine.
    Stay away from projectiles, lest you get hit back after they've been Nayru's
    Love'd (or whatever the new name is) back at you. That's not to say, however,
    you shouldn't use them if she's not on guard, just not when she IS on guard.
    This fight is better off fought on the ground, and you can KO her easily if you
    go crazy. Meteor smashing should only be done before or during the second jump;
    her teleport is too unpredictable. Just stay on the ground here.
    Zero Suit Samus:
    ZSS is pretty capable of outspeeding you. A ground fight is a good strategy
    here. Dashes, tilts, and smashes pack a punch for R.O.B., but ZSS can outspeed
    them. Dodging is vital in this fight. Rolling out of the way from her laggy
    smashes is a great idea, as her whip thing has considerable ending lag. Also,
    remember to gimp her. Getting her below the stage is a great idea, as you can
    grab the ledge and prevent her from tethering back up. She also won't have a
    chance with her Flip Jump if you got her down far enough.
        |7.1. FS-Avoidance Strategies [FSAVS]|
    If you're on a big stage, you're in luck! You can easily Robo Burner all over
    the place like a... metallic bee and stay out of range! Even on small stages,
    this works well, but expect to be hit once or twice. Plus, it all depends on
    the IQ of the Bowser user >_>
    Captain Falcon:
    Robo Burner will not work here. It's simply too slow. One thing  like to do is
    lure him into using it in midair, then fastfalling. It's all a matter of mind-
    Donkey Kong:
    Walk away.
    Diddy Kong:
    Yeechh. This is one of those that depends completely on the player. You just
    have to dodge.
    See Fox.
    It all depends on the player. You could Robo Burner off the side of the stage
    and grab the ledge, but that won't last you the WHOLE Landmaster, and they can
    come down and get you. Just... dodge the tank. The gunshots shouldn't be hard
    to see coming.
    Robo Burner will save you from the paralysis and the rush.
    Ice Climbers:
    Robo Burner, find a safe spot from the glacier (there will be a sliver of land
    if you beat it up a bit) then just stand there or Robo Burner if avoiding Ice
    Climbers also.
    Stay away from him, essentially. Beat it out of him with Gyros and Robo Beams.
    Robo Burner out of arena, wait, come back.
    King Dedede:
    Uuuh... have good luck. Seriously, this is all random, but I believe no Waddle
    Dees spawn off of the stage, so use the Jigglypuff strategy here.
    Hope that you're far away from him.
    Robo Burner is too slow here, as well. Honestly, you just have to see it
    coming and double jump beforehand. This move can cover all of Final
    Destination, so being far away won't work.
    Robo Burner up above Lucario, and stay high above him and to the side a bit.
    You shouldn't be too near Lucario himself, but you shouldn't be near the beam
    either. By the time you run out of fuel, it'll be over. One good idea is to
    start on one side, stall a bit above him, then fall to the other side when your
    fuel runs out. NEVER start the Robo Burner until you see the big star-type
    thing, though; you need all the fuel you can get!
    Well, the stars are pretty random, but they're giant and you'll see them
    coming. Just move out of their way.
    Robo Burner is quite effective for escaping the dome of negativity. It's
    impossible to trip from a Robo Burner, so use it!!
    Again, Robo Burner is nice here, but use two double jumps first to be safe.
    Unlike Link, Marth gives you a sliver of opportunity to double jump-Robo Burner
    to safety.
    Just don't be near him. If you're lucky, you can beat it out of him with Gyro.
    Mr. Game and Watch:
    Robo Burner off the edge and float there. Come back on land to refuel every so
    otfen if you can take a hit. I've also lured many an octopus to their deaths by
    coaxing them to jump off the stage after me!
    See Lucas.
    Double Jump-Robo Burner away from Bulborbs, then be FAR away from the rocket
    (if on FD, you'll be floating to the side of the stage)
    Robo Burner in midair until the animation finishes.
    Another one of those totally-dependant-on-player ones. Just pray that you can
    dodge; that thing is FAST.
    Air dodge, air dodge, air dodge. I've avoided all of them with air dodges.
    Pokémon Trainer:
    Double jump-Robo Burner.
    Robo Burner all over the place, but NEVER grab the ledge!
    See Mario; they're pretty alike. Robo Burner will keep you safe.
    See Zelda.
    Well, Robo Burner is effective in dodging those grenades, but just avoid that
    See Pikachu.
    Toon Link:
    See link.
    Wario is on steroids, so he can easily jump right up to you if you Robo Burner.
    You just have to avoid him like a player with a bunny hood.
    See Fox.
    Robo Burner should work here, but you should focus on being on a different
    horizontal level from Yoshi.
    You pretty much HAVE to see it coming to jump out of its way, like Link.
    Zero Suit Samus:
    Well, it's incredibly close range, so even if she's next to you on activation,
    Robo Burner should get you out of there. It's no big deal if you get hit,
    though; it's pretty weak.
    |7a. Boss Matchups [BOSMA]|
    NOTE: This section does not contain general tips to dodge bosses' moves (tips
    that would apply to all characters). Instead, I list moves that are powerful
    and useful against the bosses.
    Description: An awesome-looking robot with a blue half and a purple half
    attached to a wheel which looks suspiciously like the yin-yang pattern. Bears
    a noticeable resemblance to Dialga and Palkia. Blue side uses melee; purple
    uses guns. =O Video game violence!
    Strategy: Arm Rotor is pretty useful when dealing with the gun side, but don't
    rely on it. It can be hard to see their attacks coming. Fair is good here, and
    it's usually the only move I use =P Robo Burner is a great way to get the
    homing missiles to hit Duon; you can get a ton of distance and make them turn
    easily. Essentially, just go ballistic with Fair!
    Description: He's a big robot, and he's really pumped up! Also, he's a suicide
    bomber =(
    Strategy: Galleom is VERY susceptible to Fsmash, so use that a lot here. Mix in
    some aerials, as well, and use Robo Burner if you see him about to whack you
    with something for a very quick escape. This fight is very easy.
    The Hands:
    Description: Master Hand = right; Crazy Hand = left. They're big white gloves.
    Strategy: Usmash and Uair work GREAT here. If you spam those, the Hands will be
    down before you know it! I also find it very fun to Arm Rotor Master Hand's
    laser gun, and doing so will deal MASSIVE DAMAGE! (sorry, I love fads). Gyro
    does quite a bit of damage here too, so use that often, too! Recycle it until
    it disappears! I've won the fight using NOTHING but a Gyro once, so use it
    Meta Ridley:
    Description: Congratulations! Your RIDLEY has evolved into METARIDLEY! Well,
    he's a pterosaur like Ridley, but he's better! Oooooh!
    Strategy: First off, Arm Rotor is incredibly useful here. You can reflect MANY
    of the small fireballs he spits, and then you can reflect the giant ones when
    he latches onto the ship or fires at the ship! Other than that, I find Uair
    quite effective, and Robo Burner is INCREDIBLE for dodging his cheap ship-
    smacking moves.
    Petey Piranha:
    Description: A fat, sentient, flower-man in a diaper. He's not happy to see
    Strategy: It's better to go after one certain cage in this fight than after
    Petey. Barraging the cage with Fairs will win you this fight easily! If Petey
    jumps, you could also Robo Burner upward and whack him a few times, but go
    after a cage more. R.O.B.'s attacks do more damage to those.
    Pokey Minch:
    Description: A fat kid in a spider robot.
    Strategy: Smashes work well here, so rely on those. Yep. That's it!
    Description: Pokemon #386, the Sky-High Pokemon. He's a green serpent-dragon
    with stubby little arms and cool, ancient markings.
    Strategy: Rely more on physical hits here than electricity or whatever. I find
    that Fair and Dsmash work great, and they rack up great damage! Also, if he
    starts to use his move in which he flies in from the side of the screen, it
    wouldn't hurt to Robo Burner up and hit him with a Dair. Essentially, use
    physical moves here, especially Dsmash. Don't forget that you can Arm Rotor
    his big electricity ball!
    Description: A purple dinosaur. He loves you... you love him. He's got wings!
    Strategy: Fair and Uair work wonders here, but make sure to aim for his head!
    Robo Burner is also useful for dodging many of his attacks, like the Master
    Hand-esque rocket from background and the ground claw thing. Also, if you can
    get the Gyro to bash his skull, then by all means, use it!
    Description: An old, naked, blue dude.
    Strategy: First off, I'd like to say that Robo Burner is insanely useful here.
    You can dodge lots of his moves with it. Anyway, you want to pile on the
    aerials here. All of them work. AERIALS! That's all I have to say.
    |8. Stadium Strategies [STAST]|
    Target Test:
    All strategies here will earn you the Target Test time challenges if executed
    properly! Just a little practice with them is necessary.
    Test 1
    My record time: 0:13:86
    1) Jump, facing left, and FIRE YOUR LASAH! (okay, I swear I'm done now) at that
    2) Run forward, dash attack that target.
    3) Jump, Fair.
    4) Hit the target below with a quick Fair.
    5) Go left, hit target with Fair.
    6) Hit target with Fair again.
    7) Hit the LAST target in the sequence with an Fair (wow, that's getting old)
    8) Turn around, land, hit target below with neutral A.
    9) Run to the right, and Bair the target above you to propel yourself forward.
    10) Fair that last target.
    Test 2
    My record time: 0:13:73 (There's a fantastic "cheat!")
    1) Jump, Uair that target.
    2) Robo Burner yourself up to the smart bomb platform. Now for a delicious
       shortcut! Use your Robo Beam (facing left) You'll hit a target and set a
       sliding box in motion to destroy 2 more targets!
    3) See 2. 
    4) See 2.
    5) Fair the target in front of you.
    6) Robo Burner upward; Bair target.
    7) Continuing your Robo Burner, Uair the target above you.
    8) Still continuing your Robo Burner, Fair the target in front of you (or Bair
       or Uair if you pass it up)
    9) Salvage your last bit of fuel to Land, grab Cracker Launcher. Right away,
       fire one.
    10) Throw the Launcher upwards.
    Test 3
    My record time: 0:19:55
    1) Do a quick turn right. Jump right over that launcher. Fall a bit, and as
       soon as R.O.B. eyes are on the same level as the land, use Robo Beam.
    2) Move left; Fair these two targets.
    3) See 2.
    4) Move left more, Fair target.
    5) Fall right, Fair target.
    6) Fall left, land, neutral A.
    7) Use Robo Burner up to the target atop the... land thing. Fair it. Land on
       its right side.
    8) Land, fall left, Uair target floating above the pit.
    9) Move right, Fair floating target.
    10) Continue moving right (Robo Burner or Bair if you have to); Fair final
    Test 4
    My record time: 0:28:73
    1) Fair the target to your right.
    2) Go left, Fair the moving target.
    3) Fall, Fair yet another target to your left.
    4) Stand below the area from which you fell. Wait. Neutral A the target when it
       passes by.
    5) Go down another layer. Uair the target above you.
    6) Fair the moving target.
    7) Go down ANOTHER layer. Run to the right, Fair, start your Robo Burner.
    8) Use it to get up to a little "cubby" and Uair this target.
    9) Go to the right. Robo Burner your way to the target to your right; land back
       to your left.
    10) Robo Burner upward and slam that last target with an Fair or Uair.
    Test 5
    My record time: 0:29:03
    1) uair the target above you.
    2) Land, turn left, and Gyro the floating target.
    3) Fall to the right, Bair the target to your left.
    4) Fall a bit, move to the left. Start a Robo Burner and Bair the target to
       your left. Robo Burner to safety.
    5) Robo Burner some more up to the target between two pillars. Land on the
       right one, turn left. Gyro.
    6) Jump up to the right, Fair the target.
    7) Run and grab the Beam Sword. Throw it upward.
    8) Fair the target through the wall. Catch the beam sword that hit the previous
    9) Throw the beamsword to the left.
    10) See 9.
    Home-Run Contest:
    My record distance: 2063.3 ft
    1) Grab bat. Throw at sandbag.
    2) Repeat.
    3) Hit him with a Usmash charged to your liking.
    4) Uair him, but make sure not to let last hit connect. Fastfall and land.
    5) Throw bat upwards.
    6) Throw bat sideways after he lands.
    7) Throw it one more time.
    8) HURRY! Grab the bat and whack Sandbag with a tipper! He should land all the
       way to the right if all went well; remember that to predict your hit
    Multi-Man Brawl:
    10-Man Brawl:
    This Brawl screams "USE YOUR GYRO!" Keep spamming that thing on the wireframes
    and you'll win in no time. If you lose it, though, generally resort to Fairs
    and Usmashes. This is pathetic, honestly.
    100-Man Brawl:
    R.O.B. is an ownage machine for this mode. It's unbelieveable how many killers
    he has- ALL of his smashes, ALL of his aerials, Gyro... go crazy! Some good
    moves for wiping out clusters are Nair, Dsmash, and Fsmash. If you're set up so
    that an alloy is right above you, Usmash it! This mode is so easy with R.O.B.
    3-Minute Brawl:
    Essentially the same as 100-Man Brawl.
    15-Minute Brawl:
    If you're looking to just simply survive, kill enough alloys so that only 1
    will ever be on the field, then just Robo Burner all over the place for 15
    minutes <_< If you're looking to kill lots of enemies, see 100-Man Brawl.
    Endless Brawl:
    Again, 100-Man Brawl strategy works perfectly here. There's really not much
    Cruel Brawl:
    Good luck. Honestly, this mode is horrible. They claim to be tough, but instead
    of fighting like a level 20 computer theoretically would, they just give them
    a ridiculous handicap. Way to be lazy, Sakurai. Anyway, I haven't come up with
    ANYTHING that works here. I tried the Jigglypuff trick but with a Robo Burner,
    and that doesn't work; you MUST land on ground to recharge it. Good luck with
    this cheap mode.
    |9. Important Tips [IMPTI]|
    -If playing with Smash Balls on, Diffusion Beam is a great edge guarder. Simply
    stand at the ledge, facing them. If they grab it, crouch! Once that laser
    connects, they most likely won't come back (considering you knocked them off in
    the first place).
    -Adding to the last point, stick to your enemies like glue with that Diffusion
    Beam! It's a great final smash if controlled well!
    -R.O.B. mixes up speed and power very specifically. Learn which moves are
    which, and you'll control him well.
    -Gyro is a great projectile. It should be your projectile of choice over Robo
    Beam (which still has its advantages in some scenarios).
    -Arm Rotor if you see an atomic-powered projectile barrelling at you!
    -R.O.B.'s Fsmash is an awesome, quick-killing move. Great finisher.
    -R.O.B. has a great meteor smash that requires little line-up.
    -Always switch between a bit of Robo Burner, then a Bair to get the maximum
    vertical AND horizontal distance when recovering.
    -R.O.B. is a heavy guy, so don't worry about getting too much damage.
    -R.O.B. is fun to watch when he's doing taunts or other special movements =P
    -Without R.O.B., you probably wouldn't be playing Brawl! RESPECT HIM!!!!
    -Robo Beam is a good move if they're right up close, but it isn't as effective
    if far away. If you can, try to save it for when an opponent is close. It won't
    hurt to use the beam far-off, though. In fact, it will help.
    |10. Combo List [COMLI]|
    All combos are created by me playing unless otherwise noted. NOTE: Although
    listed as "Combo List," this section will also include certain strategies using
    certain moves!
    DI Punisher
    Description: R.O.B. uses moves that could be DI'd out of, but he laughs in the
    face of any opponent who tries!
    Moves: Dash attack, Dsmash, Bair or Fair (depending on launch direction)
    Total Damage: 31% or so if Bair; 28% if Fair
    Wall of Pain
    NOTE: I did not create this combo. Walls of Pain are passed down from
    generation to generation of smash players. ... OK, it's just a well-known
    technique >_>
    Description: R.O.B. continually pushes his opponent back out of the stage
    without giving them a chance to recover!
    Moves: Bair, Robo Burner, repeat ad infinitum
    Total Damage: 10% for each Bair.
    Wall of Pain 2
    NOTE: Again, I didn't create this.
    Description: R.O.B. constantly karate-chops his victim to his death!
    Moves: Fair, Robo Burner, repeat ad infinitum
    Total Damage: 10% for each Fair.
    Description: R.O.B. fires lasers!
    Moves: Fsmash, Robo Beam
    Total Damage: anywhere from 19% to 28% depending on charges.
    Advanced Combo!
    Description: Tough to set up, but rewarding! You really have to read your
    opponent to pull this one off!
    Moves: Dsmash, Usmash, Fair, Fastfall-Usmash.
    Total Damage: Theorectically, anywhere from 50% to ~75%.
    And now, for some reader-submitted combos. CJTHeroofTime (you may have seen
    that he also contributed to my Olimar guide) has provided me with 3.
    Around the World
    Moves: Robo Burner (Bair if you wish)
    Description: A great strategy against edgeguarders or FSes, especially the
    Landmasters. You simply use your Robo Burner to travel under certain stages
    like Final Destination, Battlefield, Smashville, etc. in a round trip. Good to
    bide some time during an FS.
    Total Damage: None
    Gyro Recycle
    Moves: Gyro, Pick up Gyro, throw again, Fair.
    Description: R.O.B. Throws the Gyro at the opponent, grabs it, throws it again.
    If timed right, R.O.B. will pick up the Gyro as he performs his Fair, leaving
    him open to repeat.
    Total Damage: 18% for first hit Gyro, 10% for each hit afterward, 10% for each
    Suicide Bomber!!!
    Moves: Diffusion Beam (any explosive required to be on the stage)
    Description: R.O.B. cruelly traps his opponent in a swirling vortex and forces
    his opponent to be caught in an explosion that none other than R.O.B. himself
    set off! R.O.B. is invincible, so hurrah!
    Total damage: Obviously dependant on many factors such as length trapped in the
    Diffusion Beam and type of explosive.
    Daniel has provided me with a nice one.
    Insta-Kill Combo
    Moves: Fthrow, Dash attack, Fsmash, jump to opponent and Dair.
    Description: R.O.B. sends his opponent off of the stage with a barrage of
    attacks, then spikes them downward. Works well on opponents like Bowser and
    D.K., who have pathetic vertical recoveries.
    Total Damage: 39-45
    |11. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQUE]|
    Q: Can I play you online sometime?
    A: Yep, just see Contact Info section for my friend code. I play Brawl often,
    so just check in often. And I'll be sure to do my best!
    Q: Can I submit anything to your guide?
    A: Again, see contact info section and email me.
    A: Uuuh... thanks, but I don't think GameFAQs allows donations. I couldn't take
    your money; I just love writing. Also, that wasn't a question =P
    Q: Your character matchups suck!
    A: Well, they work for me. They were developed to be used against tough CPUs
    and humans that can easily kill CPUs. Train more, and these strategies will
    work. I fought characters in 5-minute matches and really probed their moves to
    produce those strategies. So, they work.
    Q: I followed your character matchup section and lost!
    A: See above point.
    A: Okay, shut up.
    Q: How often do you use R.O.B.?
    A: I use him 50% of my matches. The other 50% is Olimar. I love these two guys,
    and they've been my mains since I got the game; Olimar came first, though. I
    hated R.O.B. at first, but once I unlocked him (and his potential, of course) I
    loved him.
    Q: Why is the sky blue?
    A: Because of the scattering of light among particles of space and the fact
    that blue light can travel longer than other colors of light because of its
    high wavelength. That's also why the sky turns red as the sun sets; the red
    light can reach the sky as it gets onto a horizontal line.
    Wait, what? That has nothing to do-- oh, forget it. Oh well.
    |12. version History [VERHI]|
    Version 0.1- 4/06/08
    Added basic skeleton of guide; basic outlining, etc. You know, the sections,
    just without any substance.
    Version 0.3- 4/07/08
    Filled in the easy sections. Yep, I'm lazy and I'm proud!
    Version 0.5- 4/11/08
    Had to leave guide alone for a while to work on my big, end-of-year school
    project (30 hours of work, haha!) Filled in some longer sections (ugh,
    Version 0.7- 4/12/08
    Man, why did I put off character and boss matchups till now? Oh well. Tomorrow
    is a new day, and it'll be done tomorrow... I hope.
    Version 1.0- 4/13/08
    Hooray! It's done! I haven't forgotten my Olimar guide, though. In fact, it'll
    be done this week!
    |13. My Contact Info [CONIN]|
    Email: trogdor_and_giygas_[at]_gmail_[dot]_com. Delete ALL underscores and
    replace [at] and [dot] with their respective symbols. Yes, I brutally despise
    Brawl FC: 1117-9962-2742
    Just call me Mike.
    Wii Number: 6166 0586 7198 3192
    Don't send me hate mail.
    Don't send me spam.
    Don't send me links to spyware, pornography, adware, etc. or anything that
    could eat my computer.
    DO send me good strategies with R.O.B.!
    DO send me advice on how to improve my guide!
    |14. Special Thanks [SPETH]|
    CJayC for making GameFAQs and SBAllen for taking it over when Ceej left.
    R.O.B. for reviving video games as we know them.
    Nintendo for making R.O.B. See above credit!
    Me for writing this guide. Go narcissism!
    You for reading this guide. Unless you didn't. Uuuh... yeah.
    My brain for sending signals using cholesterol to the nerve endings in my arms
    and fingers which, in turn, typed this guide.
    My computer science teacher for teaching me to touch-type and not just hunt-
    and-peck =D
    Trogdor for being awesome enough to be part of every username I've ever had on
    ANY website.
    MS Word's spellchecker for actually being useful when I was proofreading my
    guide again! Twice in a row!
    Joey for informing me about a coloring error; I swapped the NES and Famicom
    color schemes by mistake.
    Magicmaster87 for important Arm Rotor tips and angling of "beam" attacks.
    Daniel for an instant-kill combo.
    CJTHeroofTime for three great combos.
    TheMuffinMan for pointing out that the former "Pimpin' R.O.B." is actually
    colored like an American SNES... I never even noticed that!
    Anyone who sends me tips or useful info! Again, as a general rule of thumb, I
    will use any identification I find within your email for credit. If there's a
    specific name you wish to go by, BE SURE to include it somewhere, whether a
    signature, introduction (Hey, I'm [name here] and I have something to submit to
    your guide), etc. If I see nothing in the email, I will use the first name
    listed as your "email name."
    |15. Legal Crap [LEGCR]|
    This guide is legal property of Michael Macarevich (THAT'S TROGDOROCKS TO YOU),
    copyright (c) 2008. It may NOT be reproduced, neither in part nor in whole,
    under any circumstances without my consent and appropriate credit to me. In
    fact, this guide is ONLY allowed on one website: http://www.gamefaqs.com. So,
    if I find it on any other website, I will inform the owner, and if they do not
    remove it, I will take legal action. If YOU find it on any other site, notify
    me ASAP. I will even credit you for your kind action in the Special Thanks
    section, and you will be given a high- priority entry (right at the top)!
    In a nutshell...
    Yes, I copied THAT from my Olimar guide, too. Oh well. It's the same thing.
    Another thing I've gotten emails about is Gamespot, etc. Certain sites do not
    actually host the guide; they simply link to it. It is, therefore, not a copy-
    right violation, but thanks for your concern, all who emailed me about this!
    Just remember to check whether it is actually hosted on the domain or it's a
    link to GameFAQs.
    |16. Closing [CLOSI]|
    OK, sorry. Well, this was my third guide for GameFAQs and second character
    guide for SSBB. So, I had fun... be sure to look at my Olimar guide!

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