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    Diddy Kong by sthswmr11

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    ********     ************   ********     ********   **        **
    *********    ************   *********    *********   **      **
    **     ***        **        **     ***   **     ***   **    **
    **      **        **        **      **   **      **    **  **
    **      ***       **        **      ***  **      ***    ****
    **      ***       **        **      ***  **      ***     **
    **      **        **        **      **   **      **      **
    **     ***        **        **    ***    **    ***       **
    *********    ************   *********    *********       **
    ********     ************   ********     ********        **
    **    **     ******      ****      **     ********
    **   **     ********     ** **     **    **********
    **  **     **       **   **  **    **   **
    ** **     *************  **   **   **  **
    ****      **         **  **   **   **  **     *******
    ****      **         **  **   **   **  **     *******
    ** **     *************  **   **   **  **          **
    **  **     **       **   **    **  **   **        **
    **   **     *********    **     ** **    **********
    **    **     *******     **      ****     ********
    A) Introduction [AINX]
    Hello, and welcome to the Diddy Kong Guide! This is my 
    first guide I've ever written so I hope it still at least 
    seems good. I'm glad Diddy Kong has joined the Brawl and 
    most mistake his great abilities. In this guide, I hope 
    people will learn how to use him correctly. 
    Please note: I am still updating this guide, and it will 
    most likely end up being longer than just version 1.0
    B) Table of Contents [BTAX]
    Use control F, type in letters next to section, and press 
    enter to skip to that section.
    B)---Table of Contents~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[BTAX]
    D)---Who is Diddy Kong?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[DWHX]
    G)---Specific Character Strategies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[GSPX]
    H)---Nonspecific Character Strategies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[HNOX] 
    I)---Strategies Against Multiple Opponents~~~~~~~~~[ISTX]
    J)---Diddy Kong's Costumes and Taunts~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[JDIX]
    L)---Legal Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[LLEX]
    N)---Contact Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[NCOX]
    C) Updates [CUPX]
    4-5-08: Started guide up to .80 version
    4-6-08(morning): Added corrections to Pros/Cons section 
    and added the section, Strategies Against Multiple 
    Opponents. Now .90 version
    4-6-08(evening): Added Nonspecific Character Strategies 
    section and few corrections throughout guide. .95 version 
    complete and hoping to submit tomorrow
    4-7-08: Very little added and/or fixed. Need to convert 
    document. May not be able to submit until tonight or 
    tomorrow. Version remains .95
    4-8-08: Guide got rejected. Decided to try and fix 
    problems within guide and change some sections slightly 
    to try and get guide accepted. Also tried to make guide 
    look neater and worked on format. Version upgraded to 
    .97. Submitting once again
    4-12-08(morning): Once again rejected and decided to try 
    and upload again with new format. Guide Accepted!
    4-12-08(evening): Added diagrams of examples in the 
    Nonspecific Character Strategies and Strategies Against
    Multiple Opponents sections. Also made small changes 
    throughout guide. Version upgraded to .98
    4-14-08: Changed very few aspects throughout guide.
    4-16-08: Improved Fancy Title and fixed a few things in guide.
    D) Who is Diddy Kong? [DWHX]
    Hmm, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong's companion, has now joined 
    the brawl and you don't even have to unlock him! He has 
    appeared in many Donkey Kong games and was meant 
    to originally be an updated version of Donkey Kong Jr. He 
    lives on Donkey Kong Island in the Kongo Jungle, and is 
    easily identified by his red hat, which has a Nintendo 
    logo on it and shirt.
    In his first appearance, Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong 
    wants to grow up and be a video game hero, just like 
    Donkey Kong. It wasn't until 1995's Donkey Kong 
    Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest that Diddy Kong earned the 
    starring role. Diddy Kong's look was slightly updated in 
    this game with his new permanent star pattern on his 
    shirt, Nintendo logo on his hat, updated fur, nostrils, 
    and even a belly button. The conclusion of this game, 
    Diddy Kong is featured as a full-fledged video game hero. 
    The sequel to this game, Donkey Kong Land 2, was 
    released in September 1996 for the Game Boy.
    Two months later, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's 
    Double Trouble came out,  Diddy wasn't playable for the 
    first time. Apparently, Diddy and Donkey Kong got 
    lost while on vacation at the Northern Kremisphere. Dixie 
    and her cousin, Kiddy Kong went to find them. In 1997's 
    Donkey Kong Land 3, Diddy Kong wasn't even 
    seen, even though still part of the story line.
    Two months after Donkey Kong Land 3, Diddy Kong starred 
    in Diddy Kong racing, which includes the vehicles: go-
    karts, planes, and even hovercrafts. It is the first 
    self-published by rare, which included characters from 
    Banjo(later in Banjo Kazooie) to Conker. This game broke 
    records for having the most pre-orders of any game.
    After another two years, Diddy Kong was featured in 
    Donkey Kong 64. He was captured by K. Rool, but he was 
    eventually rescued  to join forces with Donkey 
    Kong, Dixie Kong, Tiny Kong(Dixie's little sister), 
    Chunky Kong(Kiddy Kong's older brother), and Lanky Kong(a 
    distant cousin). In this game, Diddy Kong's 
    color was red, his musical instrument of choice was the 
    electric guitar, and his special move was the using the 
    jetpack while using crystal coconuts. 
    Other games including Diddy Kong include: Donkey Kong 
    Country/Donkey Kong Country 2 for the Game Boy Advance, 
    Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario Kart: Double Dash, 
    Donkey Konga, Donkey Konga 2, Mario Power Tennis, Mario 
    Superstar Baseball, DK-King of Swing, Donkey Kong Country 3, 
    Mario Hoops 3-on-3, Mario Strikers Charged, Donkey Kong Barrel 
    Blast, DK Jungle Climber, Mario Kart Wii, and obviously, but my 
    favorite, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 
    If I missed anything in this section please e-mail me 
    with what I missed and when it would fit. I'm not 
    completely sure everything in this section is complete. 
    E) Pros/Cons [EPRX]
    Diddy Kong has a pretty fast running compared to most 
    characters, making it fairly easy to get away or trick 
    -Fast Rolling 
    Diddy Kong also excels in fast rolling, which becomes 
    very helpful when fighting large enemies with Diddy by 
    rolling during their smash attack and landing a hit 
    -Aerial Skill
    My favorite aspect of Diddy is his aerial skills. He can 
    jump a good distance with great aerial attacks. His 
    jumping can be used to confuse enemies and then 
    land an attack.
    Diddy Kong has a very nice recovery is used correctly. It 
    may usually be predictable, but it works and it's what I 
    go for! His FB will help get close to the course, and his 
    UB can be great to charge up and zoom right past your 
    opponents. One thing to consider is that while hitting 
    something, you'll blow up and fall to your doom. Another 
    factor is that while using your FB, is you change it into 
    the attack with another A or B, you will not be able to 
    use UB, so be careful.
    -Wall Clinging(not sure what it's really called, if you 
    know please e-mail)Diddy Kong is one of those characters 
    who can hang on to the wall and jump off it. I think it's 
    much better than wall jumping since you can wall jump 
    easily with it, but hey, that's just my opinion. 
    Diddy's small size can make him difficult to hit or make 
    it difficult to predict his attacks. It also helps when 
    fighting against characters with strong K.O. moves that 
    can miss easy or those crazy final smashes that involve 
    hitting you to get the attack.
    Diddy is another lightweight character that can easily
    be K.O.ed with low percentage.
    -Attack Strength
    Diddy's attacks aren't exactly the strongest. They can 
    K.O. enemies but it takes some more percentage than 
    heavier characters.
    -Smash Attack Range
    Diddy's smash attacks don't have very far range so you'll 
    need to be closer to your enemy for that use.
    F) Moves(Damage only, looks/knockback in progress; final 
    smash in progress) [FMOX]
    DI-Direction Influence(not mentioned in this section but
    very important skill in being successful)
    //Ground A's\\
    NAAA-3%,2%,2%,2%,1% continuous 1% afterwards; if not 
    continuous, total 10%; hold in the A button for it to be 
    FA- 9%
    UA- 7%
    DA- 7%
    FA Smash- Uncharged 5%, Charged 13%
    UA Smash- Uncharged 5%,6%; total of 11%,  Charged 7%,8%; 
    total of 15%
    DA Smash- Uncharged 16% Charged 22%
    Running A- 3%,2%,4% if all hit; total of 9%
    Ledge A- 6%
    //Aerial A's\\
    NA- 6%
    FA- 14%
    BA- 9%
    UA- 11%
    DA- 12%
    //Special Moves\\
    NB(Peanut Popgun)- Uncharged 5%, charged 16%, charged 
    until blows up shortly stuns you; peanuts can be caught
    by enemy and thrown at you
    DB(Banana Peel)- Hits while thrown back 4%, Pick up and 
    thrown 5%, and can trip to leave foe defenseless; can be 
    caught/picked up by enemy and used against you
    FB(Monkey Flip)- Grab/Attack 5%,10%; total of 15%, FB 
    then A/B attack 10%-14%
    UB(Rocketbarrel Blast)- 10%(may hit 8%, I had it once but 
    not sure when it does); if hit against wall/ceiling, blow 
    up, does 5% damage to you, and leaves you falling
    Final Smash: Rocketbarrl Barrage- Coming Soon!
    Hit- 2%
    U- 5%
    F- 11%
    B- 10%
    D- 9%
    G) Specific Character Strategies [GSTX]
    Mario, the all around character with basically medium 
    everything. His attacks are stronger than yours but you 
    can easily take him by dodging his attacks. Use 
    your fast rolling and speed to avoid contact and smash 
    Mario in the face! His smashes will be difficult to dodge 
    but if you confuse him, it should be fairly 
    Final Smash: Mario Finale
    Avoid: Stay high and behind Mario. If you are in front of 
    him, he will have a clear shot at you. You could also 
    stay far from him and when it's unleashed, jump above it 
    and get to Mario for an attack.
    Mario's brother and excellent aerial fighter. Watch out 
    for aerial moves! Luigi is great in the air. You are 
    good, but it's tough. Anyways, like Mario, you're 
    faster than luigi and can dodge his moves. Then, you need 
    to quickly bring out some fast moves. Grabs are helpful 
    in this battle.
    Final Smash: Negative Zone
    Avoid: Stay away completely from Luigi. If it's a small 
    course, you are probably going to get killed with his UB 
    but if you can, try to struggle out of it, and wait for 
    the circle to disappear before you attack again.
    Peach is pretty easy to defeat in the air. Just jump 
    around and is you need to, meteor smash her while coming 
    down. If this peach is good, she'll be able to get 
    you with something like that so try bring her in the air 
    with you, like when she uses UB and take her out then. 
    Watch out for her smash moves, they are stronger than 
    Final Smash: Peach Blossom
    Avoid: You can't, just try to keep Peach from getting the 
    smash ball or face a terrible death. Maybe if you're 
    lucky, she'll go for the peaches and spare you.
    Do I even need to say anything? Bowser is slow and big. I 
    don't think there could be an easier target. Just dodge, 
    outspeed him, and like I mentioned in my Pros/Cons 
    section, take him out from behind if he uses FA smash.
    Final Smash: Giga Bowser
    Avoid: It's still Bowser and he's still slow. He is also 
    extremely strong. Avoid with dodges until he is back to 
    normal and then attack.
    //Donkey Kong\\
    Your buddy and teammate. Too bad when you fight him, 
    you're the one who has the advantage and determination to 
    win! Donkey Kong is big and slow, like Bowser and 
    his recovery is terrible, like Bowser. Just take him out 
    quick and don't let these heavyweights land a hit! It 
    could mean death!
    Final Smash: Konga Beat
    Avoid: Stay out of his range. It isn't too difficult and 
    if you still get hit, it won't do very much damage to 
    Yoshi can be pretty tough in the hands of someone good. 
    Watch out for his smash moves and take him out with your 
    dodging skills, which I think Yoshi lacks in. Then when 
    he tries to recover,  him back out with your aerial 
    skills before he can land and jump again since Yoshi 
    lacks with his UB recovery.
    Final Smash: Super Dragon
    Avoid: Watch out! He has the ability of fire and it is 
    very powerful. He is also invincible so stay clear of him 
    the best you can and air dodge the fire attacks.
    You're basically going to go against someone great or 
    terrible if they use Wario. Well, you will if you go 
    against people I have. If it's someone bad, you should 
    easily take them out, but is not, make sure you always 
    watch out for the FB. Dodge it in the air and then come 
    down and get him with an Aerial NA or other move of your 
    Final Smash: Wario-Man
    Avoid: Wario gets fast, a new costume, and Ike's 
    strength. It isn't a good combination for someone your 
    weight. Stay clear of his attacks and dodge anything 
    coming for you.
    //Link/Toon Link\\
    I believe Young Link is much better than Link but I'll 
    put them together anyways. In this battle go in close and 
    use your rolling skills to get around him. He has 
    excellent range attacks and melee attacks but you have 
    one range attack and that is your peanut gun. Do you 
    think that will stop the hero of the winds? No! watch out 
    for his FA smash also, since it can be hard to predict 
    whether there will be one or two blows. If there is a 
    second, go behind and use the lag to FA smash him! 
    Another thing to worry about is when Toon Link using AD 
    since it comes faster than links. The best thing to do is 
    not side step, but roll beside and FA smash him but stay 
    close since you have low range with it. If you can't get 
    it, just do the sidestep and DA smash.
    Final Smash: Triforce Slash
    Avoid: Keep away from his front side. Hit it out of him 
    if you can but the top of him is a nice place to attack 
    unless he uses his UA smash so always be on alert of him. 
    Toon Link will be harder to avoid, considering he is much 
    Zelda is pretty powerful, but slow at running. Use that 
    to your advantage. You should be easily able to dodge and 
    attack. Watch for FB and NB as well, since good Zeldas 
    can use that to their advantage. For FB, just run in fast 
    and attack and for NB, roll away and start jumping to 
    confuse her, or jump immediately and come down hard.
    Final Smash: Light Arrow
    Avoid: It goes straight in front of her so try to act 
    like Link's final smash and stay out of her front side. 
    Sheik is almost the opposite of Zelda, quick and less 
    attack power but Sheik can rack up some damage fast and 
    possible K.O. you since you're a lightweight. The 
    DA smash can also be a nuisance. Luckily, you can defeat 
    Sheik in the air, just watch for the UA spinning kick 
    move in the air, which will sometimes get you.
    Final Smash: Light Arrow
    Avoid: Look above. Also not Sheik is qicker and can catch 
    you easier than Zelda.
    Should I call him Ganondorf, or Ganondork? He puts 
    Captain Falcon to shame. The captain is an amazing 
    character and Ganondorf just copied his moves. He only 
    has strength and no speed. Use your dodge skills and 
    speed to take him out with no damage. He is easily 
    defeated but the masters of Ganondorf may sometimes catch 
    me off guard. Don't let that happen! 
    Final Smash: Ganon
    Avoid: He will basically freeze you in fear in front of 
    him, so you can go low or high to avoid it. When he uses 
    it, you have a split second to either jump or go down and 
    avoid this doomful fate.
    Samus is great with range attacks and power. Stay close 
    and dodge. If you need to, jump around and aerial dodge 
    attacks, then come in and smash her. Just watch out since 
    she's a heavyweight and will K.O. you easily.
    Final Smash: Zero Laser
    Avoid: Very similar to Mario Finale in the way it kills 
    you by shoving you out of the course. Dodge it like 
    Ganondorf's by going higher or lower, which can be 
    pretty simple.
    //Zero-Suit Samus\\
    0 Suit isn't too difficult. She has pretty good range 
    with some attacks but doesn't have the same power. Just 
    like Samus, she isn't too hard to hit when it comes to 
    size. In the hands of a good player, she will use her 
    long melee attacks to good use so watch out.
    Final Smash: Power Suit Samus
    Avoid: It isn't much of an attack, since you have to be 
    close to get sucked in so stay clear and when she becomes 
    Samus, quickly land as attack on her.
    Definitely watch out for the NB and FB spammers. When he 
    uses FB, just side step to easily dodge it and NB, just 
    jump over or roll across it, but you may get caught 
    sometimes so watch out. Also, pit has fast moves and good 
    aerial skills like you. This guy will put your dodging to 
    the test as one of the toughest characters to defeat as 
    Diddy. You're short range FA smash abilities will be 
    difficult to hit but you can do it! 
    Final Smash: Palutena's Army
    Avoid: You can either sidestep or roll to avoid these 
    little guys from hitting you. It takes a little practice 
    but it is pretty simple until Pit tries to attack you 
    while avoiding them so dodge them and stay clear of Pit.
    //Ice Climbers\\
    These guys are annoying! They have pretty good recovery 
    and strong attacks, especially when they are both there! 
    Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge! These are your best 
    friends in this battle. Ice Climbers will destroy you if 
    you get attacked. Take this battle slow and get your hits 
    in. You don't want to lose because you're in a hurry. I 
    should know.
    Final Smash: Iceberg
    Avoid: Just stay away from the iceberg and you should be 
    fine. If it's a small course, it will be pretty difficult 
    to stay away from.
    This robot may get you with his ranged attacks. Like 
    always, you need to stay close and dodge his moves. He 
    shouldn't be too difficult. Also, watch out for 
    when after his moves, when he has lag, move in and 
    destroy him!
    Final Smash: Diffusion Beam
    Avoid: It's fairly simple to evade this attack. You may 
    get hit once or twice but keep away form R.O.B. with your 
    This puffball is small and weak, like you, but he isn't 
    too fast. Also, watch out for aerial DB spammers. All you 
    have to do is grab them. Easy enough. Anyways, Kirby can 
    easily be dodged. He isn't nearly as fast as you. Just 
    roll dodge or side step. It's your choice. Then smash 
    Final Smash: Cook Kirby
    Avoid: Stay away from Kirby until he uses it on someone 
    else or is stupid enough(if he is) to use it where it 
    won't get you. I don't know what else to say about this 
    one, he just has to hit NB somewhere near you.
    //Meta Knight\\
    This guy is fast and small. He can be tough but you can 
    easily dodge most moves, which include lag. Dodge, 
    attack, dodge, attack. Repeat this process in your 
    mind and you should easily win!
    Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness
    Avoid: Watch out for when he swings his cape that it 
    does not hit you, or anyone else there with you. If it 
    hits at least one person, you all will be slashed by his
    //King Dedede\\
    I've only seen one guy good who plays King D. He is still 
    slow but used UB to his advantage. You need to watch for 
    that because it still hurts if your close. Just dodge it 
    and use lag to your advantage. Also, when he uses FB, 
    dodge roll to avoid and get closer to him. When close 
    enough, he will try to AAA you, so another thing to look 
    out for. Anyways, he can easily be beaten if you don't 
    get hit.
    Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army
    Avoid: I usually just jump around and air dodge the 
    falling enemies since King Dedede is too busy calling 
    them to attack. It usually won't kill you unless they 
    hit you one after another off the edge.
    DESTROY THE PIKMIN! They are like Olimar's terrorists and 
    give their lives for your death. If they latch on, jut 
    AAA or something to kill it. If you don't want 
    them back, which you shouldn't, keep Olimar in the air 
    with your good aerial skills and watch for his NA 
    move(which should be the only move he can use if he 
    has no pikmin). This battle should be easily one is you 
    don't let those annoying pikmin get you.
    Final Smash: End of Day
    Avoid: Stay off the ground and away from the middle of 
    the ground so you aren't destroyed from the high 
    knockback. You will have some damage since you can't do 
    anything while your percent goes up when he's in the air 
    with his rocket.
    Fast, strong, good rolling like you. Size and aerial is 
    what you have for victory. Also, your DB may be useful 
    for tripping fox or getting him to jump, where you should 
    win. Fox is also very strong with smash attacks. They are 
    quick and may be hard to dodge so watch out! Don't use 
    your NB or throw your bananas very often since he has his 
    reflector. If you do, make it where it will make him 
    lag, or where he'll be off guard, which is when you 
    should kill him anyways.
    Final Smash: Landmaster
    Avoid: Stay clear of the shots and from being on top of 
    it since he can take you off screen with it. Watch out 
    for spins as well.
    Strong, not as fast as fox, and tough if you don't know 
    who you're dealing with. Use speed to conquer you're foe 
    and dodge his laser. You are strong in the air 
    and faster on land. You shouldn't lose unless you get 
    caught in his smash moves.
    Final Smash: Look at Fox
    Stronger, and slower than the other Star Fox characters. 
    Long smash move range. Strong meteor smash move. He is 
    usually easier than Fox/Falco just because of speed 
    difference. Use that to your advantage and watch out for 
    the running A, which if dodged, can be useful for you, 
    considering he stops immediately to do a back flip and 
    kick you.
    Final Smash: Look at Fox
    //Captain Falcon\\
    Fast, Strong, and good at rolling. But no ranged attacks. 
    Good, you can make him come to you. Have DB between you 
    and him to have him have to slip and jump. If he slips, 
    obviously go in fast and attack, and if he jumps watch 
    out for the knee! It's powerful but will be tough to hit 
    you with since you're small. If he's smart he'll use 
    another aerial move but watch out anyways! Don't die from 
    silly mistakes!
    Final Smash: Blue Falcon
    Avoid: Just stay away from right in front of him. It 
    shouldn't be too hard but he is faster at running than 
    you so be careful.
    This little guy can be extremely annoying. He has long 
    smash attacks and a great move for the air, thunder, even 
    though it misses a lot sot he doesn't have to go 
    in the air unless he wants to toy with you. If you want 
    an aerial battle, show him thunder can't hit you by 
    continuously dodging it. Maybe you'll get lucky and 
    he won't think of thunder. He's good in the air also, so 
    be careful and better. On land, do what you did for King 
    Dedede if he uses NB a lot. If you don't remember, Just 
    roll by and by the attacks until you reach him and he 
    will most likely try to use a FA smash which will come 
    fast from him. quickly dodge it and get him back from the 
    lag! When he uses thunder and you're on ground, easily 
    dodge it and take the lag to his disadvantage. Thunder 
    spammers will be making these huge mistakes when fighting 
    Final Smash: Volt Tackle
    Avoid: This is very hard to control so when he passes by, 
    simply sidestep.
    He's pretty fast, but less powerful than Ivysaur and 
    Charizard. He isn't very good in the air either. Use your 
    dodging to avoid getting hit and smash this little turtle 
    like no tomorrow! He has good recovery but very 
    predictable. He shouldn't be too hard.
    Final Smash: Triple Finish
    Avoid: Like the others like it, stay away from his front 
    side and if possible, hit him hard enough so that he 
    loses it.
    He's slower than Squirtle and more powerful. His attacks 
    are also easily dodged. Smash him out of the arena and 
    quickly edge hog. While holding the edge, he can 
    't use UB to latch and save himself which can kill him 
    quickly and easily.
    Final Smash: Look at Squirtle
    Slowest of this trio and most powerful. Dodge his moves, 
    since he's heavyweight and can kill you fast and take him 
    out. Watch for his FB as well, considering that it's 
    faster than his smashes. Hopefull, he won't be too 
    difficult for you.
    Final Smash: Look at Squirtle
    This aurora pokemon will get stronger as he has higher 
    percentage. When he gets closer to 180%(or somewhere 
    there), you need to try and destroy him quickly. His 
    moves are slow and easily dodged. This battle will get 
    harder as it goes on further.
    Final Smash: Aura Storm
    Avoid: Trick him with the rolling to get him missing you 
    at first, and then move away from it very quickly!
    She is small but slow until she uses NB. This rolling 
    move can be charged as long as she wants so don't let it 
    hit you. Another move to watch out for his DB, rest. It 
    can be pretty powerful but almost never hits but since 
    you're smash moves need to be close, a good jigglypuff 
    player may use this move. She doesn't have very good 
    recovery so edge hog and you'll be fine.
    Final Smash: Puff Up
    Avoid: When she uses it, simply get away from her, which 
    is really easy with your running skill.
    Quick and fairly strong. You mainly need to watch for his 
    DB. Don't just go attack this guy because he will win 0% 
    is he's good. Be tricky with your jumping and dodging and 
    he'll have no idea when it's coming. Also watch out for 
    his long reach.
    Final Smash: Critical Hit
    Avoid: Don't be in front of him since he immediately 
    strikes and destroys you. It will come fast so be ready. 
    Aerial is suggested.
    He's extremely strong and the fastest heavyweight. Like 
    Marth, watch out for the DB. Be a trickster and don't let 
    him get you. He should be slightly easier than Marth but 
    his FB may get you if you don't watch out!
    Final Smash: Great Aether
    Avoid: Stay out of his front side sword reach, which 
    should be pretty simple with your speed and aerial skill.
    Stay Close and never use your peanut gun. Go in and roll 
    around him in a UNEXPECTING way. If you do the same 
    thing, he'll easily smash you. Take him out without those 
    Final Smash: PK Starstorm
    Avoid: It's pretty simple to avoid. Just sidestep 
    whenever one is about to fall on you. I don't suggest 
    rolling because you might roll right into another.
    Like Ness, stay close and don't use your gun! Luckily, 
    his UA and DA smashes are slower, even though they're 
    stronger. If you dodge like always it should be more 
    helpful than not. According to how you play, it can be 
    easier or harder.
    Final Smash: Look at Ness
    //Mr. Game & Watch\\
    He's a lot better in this game. Don't get trapped in the 
    air and get overconfident because he was terrible in the 
    last game.  His smashes are fairly slow and he may try to 
    catch you off guard when he uses them. Just be ready to 
    dodge and smash.
    Final Smash: Octopus
    Avoid: Don't come in contact with him in any way. He can 
    make his tentacles longer which makes it sometimes more 
    difficult but he is slow, remember that!
    Just stay close and it should be an easy battle. He 
    doesn't have much other than great long distance battle 
    skills. The only move to watch out for is his AAA, 
    which gets you fast. This will leave him open from behind 
    so be there and get him.
    Final Smash: Grenade Launcher
    Avoid: Watch where he is about to shoot and keep clear. 
    Rolling is suggested since he can easily shoot in the 
    same spot twice or in a confusing way. Try to confuse 
    FAST! If it's one that runs all the time, let them eat 
    bananas. Leave out two bananas and take him out when he's 
    avoiding them. Another thing is that since his moves look 
    similar, they are harder to predict than most characters. 
    Learn your opponent and use their strategy for your 
    Final Smash: Super Sonic
    Avoid: Just keep clear of him if he can't control it. If  
    he can, aerial dodging/sidestepping becomes extremely 
    important. Use it to your advantage.
    //Diddy Kong\\
    Use everything you've learned from this FAQ of course. If 
    you haven't, just remember that Diddy is fast and good at 
    dodging and jumping. You'll have to catch him off guard, 
    but don't worry, he will die fast if you hit him.
    Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage
    Avoid: Stay out of his away and rolling from his attacks 
    may work. His shots are fired quickly which makes it 
    difficult to avoid.
    H) Nonspecific Character Strategies [HNOX]
    Diddy can be a great character in the hands of a great 
    player. Specific character strategies aren't always 
    necessarily needed. A great player with Diddy 
    will always use the trickiness of this character to 
    destroy his opponents easily. Diddy's dodging abilities 
    also are essential to victory. Being able to avoid move 
    after move helps to stay alive in stock and keep from 
    losing points in time but that's what I'm supposed to be 
    writing about. 
    Back to subject, as being a new Diddy player or fairly 
    experienced, by reading this guide, you are wanting to 
    become better. I will begin this part of this 
    section with using Diddy's recovery abilities. These 
    aren't always needed in some courses, such as Flat Zone 
    2, but anyways, using your monkey flip to near the stage 
    and rocketbarrel blast to make it back to the stage can 
    be easily mastered. Always remember: your rocketbarrel 
    blast can and must be charged to create a curve in your 
    flight. This gives your enemies the perfect chance to 
    meteor smash you. Don't let that happen. If you don't 
    have to charge to reach the course, DON'T! Risking 
    something like that in a battle can change the outcome. 
    Anyways, if you release it in time, your enemy trying to 
    meteor smash you will get caught in your recovery, but 
    you should always be careful in a serious battle. Another 
    useful fact to remember is that if your enemy is edge 
    hogging and waiting to smash you on your return, just 
    charge up your rocketbarrel blast, add a curve in their 
    direction(depending on your current height, put into 
    consideration how much curve you add) and zoom right over 
    their head. Also remember to use DI, once you fall 
    afterwards, to fall quicker and further from your enemy, 
    especially if it's someone quick, like Captain Falcon 
    or Sonic. They are quick enough to catch you and get you 
    if you don't land correctly.
                   v       ^
    ______________d_____E__ ^         <<<<<<D
                             ^      CC
                              ^    CC
                               ^  CC
    In this example(which was done poorly), it shows a way
    to recover once hit off. D represents Diddy, d is endpoint, 
    < is your FB, C is UB charge, ^ is blasting with UB, v is 
    falling, and E is enemy. It isn't really put to scale
    but that is basically how you recover over your enemy.
    Another thing you can do is instead of going over the
    enemy, just grab the ledge by hold your charge a little 
    longer and then blast off into the ledge, especially 
    if your enemy thinks you will try to blast over them.
    Also, this example shows you not going far above the 
    enemy. When actually playing, you will fly much farther
    so have fun with it! 
    Please note: There will be lag once you land, so don't let
    your enemy get an attack on you then!
    //Final Smash\\
    In my opinion, Diddy's final smash is an easy way to 
    finish off opponents in small courses such as Final 
    Destination or Smashville. Your enemies can't run 
    and only dodge, which if you use your final smash 
    correctly should be easy to trick your enemies when you 
    fire or try to tram into them, fire, and get some 
    extra damage, but I'm getting ahead of myself. First 
    thing is first: get the smash ball! Aerial FA and BA are 
    pretty good for getting the smash ball. Aerial 
    NA is also good and if enemies come by trying to get it, 
    they may be hit as well, but be careful. You don't want 
    to lose the smash ball to someone because you forget your 
    aerial skills. Anyways, once you do have your final smash 
    power, you can unleash it whenever because you have the 
    ability to fly! In my opinion and advice, get near an 
    enemy, making sure you don't get hit and lost your smash 
    ball, and unleash it there where you can fire continuous 
    shots and blow your enemies away. Make sure you don't go 
    off stage to finish opponents, though, because when your 
    final smash is finished, you immediately stop and fall to 
    the ground with DI as a last resort and that won't save 
    you while falling off the edge. Also, when using your 
    final smash, control is an important aspect. If you 
    can't control yourself, how do you expect to blow away 
    your enemies? They'll have an easier situation to dodge 
    your final smash if you don't have great DI skills. 
               ***^^^^**********   XXXXX
            *****^^***********     XXXXX <Stay Away!!
    ____E_****___D_______E**_______XXXXX  Danger Zone!!
                                   (same anywhere else
                                    where you can fall)       
    I even did this one worse. D Diddy, E enemy, ^ you
    flying with final smash, and * peanuts. This one
    should hopefully give some idea for when you have two 
    enemies, an easy way to fly and get both of them. While
    going towards the right, focus on shooting towards the
    left. If you need, go back to the right and do the
    opposite. You should continuously keep shooting, even
    if it's just to get the enemy on the far side. On 
    this example, please note that all * shots are going 
    towards the left and none to the right. They are
    shot from the right. In this example, I am trying
    to show Diddy going towards the side and shooting
    his enemies from there. You won't have to keep continuously
    moving so keep in mind that once in a good spot, keep
    blasting your enemies away! Also notice that this is a 
    basic way to use your final smash. In the case that the
    people demand a more in depth example, I will get one up.
    //Small Courses\\
    Small courses, like I mentioned above like Final 
    Destination, can be good or bad for Diddy. Good for 
    things like his final smash and bad if your surrounded by 
    three heavyweights and it seems like its impossible to 
    dodge. These courses may seem like a pain with that but 
    you always have the air. The only thing to consider is 
    that some enemies are great with juggling and you need to 
    watch out for them, though, they aren't usually 
    heavyweights. When you are battling other lightweights 
    who are fast and great at dodging, like you, it almost 
    comes to skills at levels like this. Small course usually 
    don't have much interference or movement so these usually 
    are, like I just said, skill battles.
    //Medium Courses\\
    These courses give some more room than small courses and 
    may have some more interference, such as the Pirate Ship, 
    which has a catapult, bombs that are fired from 
    platforms, and even crashing into an island. 
    Interferences can be a pain but always remember that your 
    enemies have to battle in the same condition, but not 
    always the same character, which with Diddy is better in 
    these situations because of this dodging abilities. 
    Medium courses don't move like large courses, which I 
    will get to next. Also, medium courses give some more 
    room for battling heavyweights and getting around them 
    easier, giving them a more difficult battle.
    //Large Courses\\
    These course can Move, like Mushroomy Kingdom, and have 
    interferences like the pink monster in New Pork City. 
    Anyways, the moving courses can be even more 
    annoying than the interferences but at least you don't 
    have to use your recovery as much, excluding the courses 
    like Delfino Plaza. Large courses also give you 
    full advantage against heavyweights and a little more 
    than medium, excluding Sonic(which I think is medium) and 
    Captain Falcon(which I think is heavyweight), 
    but yeah, you will have an advantage over slow enemies 
    and you will be able to maneuver these courses quicker, 
    unless it's one of the two moving courses, like 
    Delfino Plaza, which is just big because it takes you 
    from place to place. Anyways, use this advantage to take 
    out your enemies by either confusing them or just getting 
    around much faster to get away or catch up to them(well, 
    they probably shouldn't be getting away from you anyways).
    //Battling With Special Moves\\
    Diddy has a pretty good variety of special moves, which 
    can be used together to defeat your enemies. A great way 
    to start is by using your DB twice to set up an 
    area that can mess up your opponents. Be aware that they 
    are capable of picking up your banana peels and throwing 
    them at you as an attack. A good attack to 
    follow up with that is your FB, making it a grab when 
    there is one opponent or the attack if there is 2 or 
    more. Your NB can be used when your opponent is 
    quick like you and likes to run but easily dodges the 
    banana peels, and can get them to come closer to you or 
    roll(if there slow), which can give you a chance 
    to come in for an attack. I would suggest that your UB 
    isn't used often as an attack, as it always only does 10% 
    and leaves you vulnerable for an attack afterwards. It may 
    be an exception if your enemy will almost have a guaranteed 
    death but I still don't suggest it. Also, when your enemies 
    are close, NB and DB are definitely not suggested. Possibly 
    FB would work but a DA smash attack would most likely be best 
    unless you want to go for a K.O. with a FA smash. Also, when 
    enemies are nearing you, bringing out two banana peels is 
    a good idea. You can get up to 50% damage easily if your 
    enemies keep tripping. Another technique for your banana 
    peel move is to get someone against a wall, have two 
    banana peels and throw one after another against your 
    opponent. They will be stuck there and you'll get lots of 
    percentage on them.
    / B
    / v^ 
    D Diddy, / wall, E enemy, B banana peel. That is where 
    you want to be when using the banana peels to keep 
    hitting someone over and over again. Catch the second
    banana peel as it falls and throw it and catch and so
    on, racking up quick damage. The ^ and v represent
    the movement of the banana peels.
    This is one way I like to keep enemies away
    and possibly get them to trip and then destroy
    them. It's fairly simple but watch out incase 
    they try to use your banana peels against you.
    If they jump, take your aerial skills and get 
    them. In the event that an enemy does pick up a
    banana peel, watch out, possibly pick it back up,
    and attack back.
    I) Strategies Against Multiple Opponents [ISTX]
    //Subspace Emissary Enemies\\
    During the Subspace Emissary, you will go through the 
    side-scrolling levels and battle against multiple 
    opponents. When using Diddy, dodging may be very 
    important. When you fight enemies that die easily, such 
    as goomba, simply kill it. If there are many enemies of a 
    kind that die easily, simply dodge attacks while moving 
    in, and try a FB with A/B added to make it an attack 
    instead of a grab to take out a few. Then, if you need, 
    dodge some more and go in and simply kill them. It 
    shouldn't be too difficult. For larger enemies, all you 
    need to do is wait for their attack, dodge, and quickly 
    land a few. If it's something that attacks very often, 
    try going into the air, unless it's an attack that will 
    kill you there, and come down on your enemy. If they 
    attack, simply air dodge. Easy enough. If you need help 
    on a specific enemy, just e-mail me and I'll see what I 
    can do.
    //Multi Man Brawl\\
    -10 Man/100 Man
    This isn't too difficult. For 10 Man, simply spam your 
    UB, which easily kills each enemy in one hit. In 100 Man, 
    it is slightly harder. When large enemies gather, you may 
    need to jump, let your UB charge and let go once you get 
    close for an easy K.O. Grab all items that will help you.
    ______    ^   ______
    This shows, in a way, how you would take some Alloys(A) out
    by spamming UB. When landing, come down through platform 
    and charge where you would fly up and once you land back
    where you started, if there are alloys there, take them out
    with another shot.
    -3 Min/15 Min/Endless Brawl
    This is easier if you're just trying to beat it rather 
    than get a good score. If you are trying to get a good 
    score or do Endless Brawl, use directions above but 
    be quick and safe. If not, simply roll a lot to dodge and 
    edge hog where they shouldn't be hitting you. If you do 
    it right, you should finish with 0% on 3 min or 15 min. Also, 
    if there are only two enemies at once, it is easier to not 
    kill them because more enemies will come, making it more
    difficult to dodge if you're just trying to get through it
    instead of killing 100 for the challenge.
    -Cruel Brawl
    I usually enjoy playing Cruel Brawl but I hate dying so 
    easily, especially since Diddy is lightweight. I actually 
    figured out a way earlier today to defeat these guys 
    easily without even attacking them! All you have to do is 
    jump out and UB back to the ledge hold onto the edge. They may 
    jump out at you. All you have to do is jump on their head 
    and they fall to their doom! I have 2 precautions: 
    1) Never fly over the edge back on the course unless you 
    go straight to the other side where you won't get 
    destroyed or fly under the course, blow up, and fall.
    2) Be extremely careful when jumping on the heads, they 
    may attack you with a meteor smash and you'll be gone 
    This takes some practice but you'll eventually get it. 
    You do even give them a little damage when your UB gets 
    you on the ledge but don't worry, it's fairly simple 
    once you get the hang of it(Ha! I love puns).
    1)   ______
    _____      ___A_
                 A  A
    ______________A__         D
                     d      CC
                      ^    CC
                       ^  CC
    _____     __A__
               A A   >>d 
    _______________ ^^ A
    Ok, I made this one pretty bad but I will try to get the 
    point out. In 1, it shows where you need to jump out
    and get back on in the start of cruel brawl. Please feel
    free to do it any way you want since this part can be 
    really simple. Next, in 2, the d resembles where you will
    finish. It's hopefully self-explanatory except for when
    you are at point d, you need to press the jump button,
    for me that is C on the nunchuck, but whatever remote
    you use is ok. This will cause the alloy to fall to its 
    doom. Also beware, I didn't include any other alloys
    coming out to attack you. I only showed the process
    that needs to be repeated to defeat the alloys. 
    Please note: the alloys may or may not be in the places
    that I include them here. Be extremely careful!
    //Team Battles\\
    Either wi-fi or at home with your friends, team battles 
    are definitely one of my favorite ways to play. Golden 
    must do your equal share. If you don't, you will most 
    likely lose(unless your teammate is waaay better than 
    anyone else but what fun is that?) You have to 
    work as a team! Working together is a necessary skill in 
    life and Brawl so I suggest having it. Anyways, when in a 
    team battle and you're playing Diddy, if the other team 
    has a heavyweight, don't let their other teammate play 
    with you so the heavyweight will destroy you. Many people 
    will try. If they're both heavyweights, try to get them 
    apart and you and your teammate should take one 
    out easily. You don't want a silly mistake like letting 
    one heavyweight smash you and K.O. you with little 
    percentage all because you and your teammate are 
    focused on the more difficult opponent(more likely that 
    teams lightweight if they have one). If you have a 
    heavyweight on your team, use what I just said the 
    opposite way. You use Diddy to distract your opponents 
    with your trickiness and let your heavyweight demolish 
    them! Team battles on wi-fi can be fairly difficult since 
    you can't communicate with your teammate, but I guess I 
    should let people focus on online playing themselves 
    since I shouldn't be discussing it. Anyways, while 
    playing team battles with your friends or family at home, 
    always use the skill of communication to destroy your 
    opponents. Also use good combinations. If I use Diddy, I 
    like letting my friend use a heavyweight, such 
    as Ike, to destroy my brother while he tries to battle me 
    with another friend. Ike comes and BAM! Both of them go 
    flying while I get to stay there and taunt 
    them with my friend. Another thing to consider in team 
    play are items. Bombs and smart bombs should not be 
    thrown at your teammate! Even if friendly fire isn't 
    on it can still hurt them! And always remember to help 
    your teammate with that one item that looks like a bluish 
    atom in sort of way to heal your teammate. It always 
    helps to lose percentage.
    J) Diddy Kong's Costumes and Taunts [JDIX]
    Please note: Some costumes have other colors not 
    mentioned, such as the tip of his cap.
    -Regular Diddy Kong outfit with red hat and shirt with 
    yellow logo and stars; regular skin color 
    -White hat and yellow shirt with red stars and logo; 
    slightly dark skin color
    -Pink hat and shirt with white stars and logo; lighter 
    -Purple hat and shirt with light blue/light 
    purple(couldn't really tell); very dark skin
    -lime green hat and shirt with orange stars and logo; 
    slightly orange skin
    -Blue hat and shirt with yellow stars and logo; slightly 
    lighter skin
    -Up taunt- flips hat in the air, which flips around, and 
    he catches it back on his head
    -Side taunt- moves arms in chosen direction with hands 
    sticking out and shakes with an odd noise
    -Down taunt- stomps foot and foot, while hands above head 
    clap simultaneously with the stomping
    K) FAQ [KFAX]
    Q. Who is Diddy best to fight against?
    A. I may or may not have mentioned the answer in the 
    guide, but Diddy is good against heavyweights, such as 
    Bowser or Donkey Kong, but I can't say that there 
    is one that he is "best" against. 
    Q. What is the best stage to use Diddy on?
    A. You should read the guide, Nonspecific Character
    Strategies section, but anyways, Diddy has a pretty
    good advantage on large stages, where he can use his
    speed and aerial techniques to his advantage.
    L)Legal Info [LLEX]
    Copyright 2008 Samuel A. Miller
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances. It 
    may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advanced permission from me. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of 
    any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. I, Samuel, and only I may post
    this guide on any website I desire. 
    M) Thanks [MTHX]
    -Thank you to Nintendo for this amazing game!
    -Thank you to my older brother, Dave, for getting the 
    game with me at 3:00 A.M. the day this game came out.
    -Thank you to my little brother, Joe, for testing 
    stuff(some specific character strategies and some multi 
    man brawl) for me while I was writing this guide.
    -Thank you to Game FAQs for making a cool website for 
    awesome games and their strategies.
    -Thank you to all readers!
    -Thank you to I_C_Weiner247 for info on Meta Knight's final smash!
    N) Contact Information [NCOX]
    How was my guide?
    If you want to e-mail me about anything wrong, any advice 
    you have for my guide, questions, or just want to comment 
    my guide, you can e-mail at one of my three e-mail 
    -sthswmr11@aim.com(checked the least)
    Please Note: Anyone who sends me information I use in my 
    guide will be given full credit in the Thanks section. If 
    more than one person sends me information for my guide, I 
    will give credit to the first person unless another 
    person gives more information that is also included in 
    the guide. Therefore, both shall receive credit for their 

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