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    King Dedede by Jaimas

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    ===                      DEDEDE - AN INTROSPECTIVE                           ===
    ===  (A concise and possibly even accurate guide to playing King Dedede.)    ===
    Copyright 2008 Jaimas.
    Version 1.11
    1. Character Introduction ........................................... [Part 1]
    2. Strengths and Weaknesses ......................................... [Part 2]
    3. Complete Movelist ................................................ [Part 3]
    4. Dedede Tactica ................................................... [Part 4]
    5. Glossary and Special Tricks ...................................... [Part 5]
    6. Matchups and Specific Tactics .................................... [Part 6]
    7. Stages And Such .................................................. [Part 7]
    8. Miscellaneous Snapgaggery ........................................ [Part 8]
    9. Miscellaneous Legalese ........................................... [Part 9]
    10. Contact Information ............................................ [Part 10]
    DISCLAIMER/FOREWARD: In this guide, I attempt to point out King Dedede's      
    various strengths and weaknesses, and give a basic tactical guide to using    
    King Dedede better. As a note, I am not giving you any information about the  
    basics of game mechanics, such as how to play the game, how to do a Smash     
    attack, the details of Short Hopping and Footstooling, or any of that sort on 
    unless needed for the sake of completeness on a move or character trait. I 
    highly recommend you verse yourself in how to use things like dodges, Short 
    Hopping, and so forth many of these are covered in Brawl's Manual or the Smash
    Dojo Website, but you can also find a wealth of information regarding far-less
    -discussed moves like Gimping and Hitbox tricks on GameFAQs and wholeheartedly
    recommend them.      
    That said, enjoy the guide - and I hope it helps you.                          
    1.01 -- Original Launch version.
    1.02 -- First enhanced version; includes multiple changes from the original.
    1.04 -- First unboxed version; includes even more data.
    1.10 -- First version posted on GameFAQs; includes versus data.
    1.11 -- First feedback version; includes spelling/grammar fixes, some info left
    out of the original, and some stuff that was sent into me by a few users.
    ===                 CHAPTER THE FIRST: HAIL TO THE KING                      ===
    ===           (An Introduction to Dream Land's Alleged King)                 ===
    [Part 1]
    King Dedede is one of several antagonists of the Kirby series and archrival  
    to Kirby, appearing in every game except Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. Although 
    he may not be evil, Dedede still causes many problems for the inhabitants of  
    Dream Land through selfish mischief. He has many of the same abilities as     
    Kirby himself does, such as being able to inhale objects and spit them back   
    out with tremendous force, and, following Kirby's Dream Land, the ability to  
    suck in air and fly, which he learned from watching and imitating Kirby.
    Storywise, Dedede claims to be the ruler of Dream Land. Despite claiming to  
    be king, Dedede performs few - if any - actual administrative functions and is
    notorious for getting into trouble and causing mischief. Dedede himself is    
    served by a small army of Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos, and has been known to  
    work with Meta-Knight on occasion.                                            
    In general, Dedede has historically been Kirby's nemesis, and has often done  
    naughty things such as stealing all of the food of Dream Land in Kirby's Dream
    Land, and in general, King Dedede is a greedy, mischievous character. However,
    in many games - Starting with Kirby's Adventure - Dedede shows a decidedly    
    different facade, working to try to help Kirby. In Kirby's Adventure, the     
    Fountain of Dreams, the source of all peaceful Dreams in Dream Land, became   
    host to an entity known as Nightmare. Dedede was the first one to see what had
    happened, and thinking fast, he stole the Fountain of Dreams' focus - the Star
    Rod - which caused the Fountain of Dreams to dry up. To prevent Nightmare from
    escaping, Dedede broke the Star Rod into several pieces and gave the pieces to
    his allies and minions of his for safekeeping.
    Kirby, blissfully ignorant of what had occured, learned that Dedede had taken 
    and broken the Star Rod, and thus was likely up to his old selfish tricks.    
    Kirby systematically beat Dedede's minions and recovered all of the Pieces of 
    the Star Rod. Dedede tried to stop Kirby and explain to him what had happened,
    but he was too late - Nightmare was released as Kirby put the Star Rod back   
    into its place. Thinking quickly, Dedede gave Kirby the Star Rod, and inhaled 
    him before spitting him towards Nightmare. Kirby caught up to Nightmare thanks
    to Dedede's help, and defeated him using the Star Rod, restoring peace to     
    Dream Land once again. Afterwards, Kirby thanked Dedede.                      
    In Kirby 64, Dedede became possessed by Dark Matter, and wound up having to be
    freed by Kirby. After Kirby defeated Dedede and drove out the Dark Matter,    
    Dedede agreed to join forces with Kirby and help him on his quest to aquire   
    the scattered crystal shards and defeating Dark Matter once and for all.      
    Of course, his moments of goodness doesn't change that King Dedede is sneaky, 
    selfish, bombastic, and arrogant. He has a good heart under it all, and can   
    show surprising kindness occasionally (such as his reunion with Kirby in the  
    Subspace Emissary), which makes him surprisingly lovable for a villain.       
    King Dedede also has a long and deep history with Super Smash Brothers. He was
    actually slated to be in the original Super Smash Bros, as a foil to Kirby,   
    but was cut from the game due to space restrictions. He was then slated to be 
    in Melee, alongside MetaKnight, but both wound up being cut due to time      
    restrictions! Both MetaKnight and Dedede were among the mostdemanded Kirby  
    Characters for Brawl in Japan, and they were among the first 2 new characters 
    added to the lineup after Brawl was announced.                                
    So despite being ALMOST in the first two games, Brawl is Dedede's first foray 
    into battle outside of a Kirby game. He brings with him his army of Waddle    
    Dees and Doos, his hammer, and his and his substantial mass.                  
    In the Subspace Emissary Adventure mode, much like in Kirby's Adventure, King 
    Dedede initially appears to be an antagonist, collecting characters forcibly  
    turned into trophies by Bowser or Wario; but by the end of the story his      
    motives prove to be good, as he is shown to be gathering the trophies with the
    intent of saving the trophied victims, who then move on to help him save the  
    other heroes.                                                                 
    Dedede's Costumes include his trademarked Red robe with tan shirt, A          
    hilariously silly pink robe with white shirt, A green robe with a green shirt 
    (this also turns him from blue to brown), An "Evil" Purple robe with black    
    trim and a grey shirt, A white robe with blue shirt, and a black-and-white    
    style color scheme, a throwback to the very first Kirby Title on Game Boy.    
    His Taunts Include:                                                           
    Up: Dedede raises his hammer and thumps the haft against the ground a bit,    
    chuckling to himself.                                                         
    Side: Dedede laughs wickedly, and spins his hammer menacingly.                
    Down: Dedede laughs pleasantly, and spins as he drums his belly.              
    Why Use Dedede?:
    That's a tough question to answer. A heavyweight in the same weight-class as 
    the likes of Bowser, Charizard, DK, and Ganondorf, Dedede has neither a 
    weight advantage over any of his contemporaries, nor does he have a whole lot
    going for him in terms of speed. What does he have over the other heavies?
    In a word, King Dedede is a brute. 
    Dedede has the offensive punch of a tactical nuke, and he has great range
    as well. Though he weighs less than most of the other heavies (and thus is 
    notably easier to launch), Dedede boasts much better recovery than any other
    heavy with the possible exception of Charizard, over whom he enjoys much
    better staying power. Dedede also has potent support moves, including an
    incredibly potent projectile and a devastating charge move. Dedede takes a
    lot more practice than most of the other heavies, but you get what you pay
    for; when you get good with him, he's immensely potent.
    ===              CHAPTER THE SECOND: DEDEDE IN A NUTSHELL                    ===
    ===         What King Dedede's Advantages and Disadvantages Are)             ===
    [Part 2]
    Again - Dedede is, simply put, a brute. His has absolutely enormous striking 
    power, weighs a heck of a lot, and has vicious reach. All his moves have 
    enormous impact, and he's also mighty hard to KO.
    * Dedede is incredibly strong. His attacks have absolutely brutal damage and  
    he has loads of moves with high knockback. Dedede has no trouble sending foes 
    reeling all over the place, and has no shortage of KOcapable moves, either.  
    * Dedede has very good reach, and many of his moves have impressively long    
    range. Because of this, he can be very hard for shorterranged characters to  
    get near and cause him damage.                                                
    * Dedede may be one of the lighter superheavy characters, but he still weighs
    a lot, and thus is extremely hard to send flying any real distance until his  
    damage % starts reaching really high digits.                                  
    * Dedede can jump up to 4 times in the air. Like Kirby, he's floaty in his    
    jumps, which means that paired with his immensely powerful Up B Special (Super
    Dedede Jump), he has little to fear in jumping off after an enemy to try to  
    score a KO - very rare for a heavy. There are better characters at gimping 
    certainly, but Dedede is easily one of the best at it of all the heavyweights.
    * As an addendum to the above, Dedede has really strong recovery. His Super
    Dedede Jump has immense vertical coverage and his 4 jumps give him access to
    a surprisingly strong capability making it back to the stage.
    * Dedede is one of only 3 characters that can remove items from play entirely
    (others of course being Kirby and Wario), by eating them. This doesn't seem
    like a huge advantage until you see what it can do, and it CAN be useful.
    * Dedede has one of the most hilariously abusable projectiles in Brawl.
    * Best air game, by far, of any heavy with the possible exception of 
    Ganondorf and MAYBE Charizard due to gliding.
    * Absolutely excels at killing other heavies; utterly rapes Bowser.
    * Excellent chain-thrower. Easily grabs enemies on rebounds for lots of
    tossy goodness. This is cheesy as hell, however, and takes quite a bit
    of practice.
    * Few play as him. Get good, and you'll have quite an impact on others...
    Dedede's immense power, alas, comes with steep drawbacks. He's slow, laggy,
    and rather hard to use effectively. He also has a rather nasty learning 
    curve - definitely not for newbs...    
    * Dedede is a very slow walker/runner. Whilst he isn't the worst, he's still
    very slow and rarely can effectively run from a fight.
    * Dedede's attacks are laggy. His Smash Forward A, just as an example, 
    has a nearly a full second of startup time. His upwards and downward 
    smashes don't have this lag at the beginning of his attacks, but rather at 
    the end of them, meaning Dedede is quite easy to punish if he whiffs a move. 
    This is really the dealbreaker for King Dedede - a faster character who 
    closes to close range is going to be a pain in the butt.                  
    * Though clearly a heavyweight, he's not as heavy as Bowser or Ganondorf, 
    who are both less-vulnerable on offense. He makes up for this with better 
    recovery, as well as better vertical mobility, obviously.
    * His Super Dedede Jump (Up+B) CANNOT grab an edge unless you cancel out of   
    it, and it carries momentum that cannot be changed, making it hard to employ  
    effectively. This isn't a weakness once you get the hang of it, but it's      
    definitely a weakness when you're learning him.                               
    * Dedede is really big. He's really easy to hit from afar. 
    * Dedede has a vicious learning curve. He's extremely powerful when used      
    right, but he takes a lot of patience and practice and learning how to use him
    to really get any good with the guy.                                          
    ===                  PART THE THIRD: IT'S HAMMER TIME                        ===
    ===     (Dedede's Moveset; What He Can Do and How to Make Use of It)         ===
    [Part 3]
    Big D's moveset is a varied lot. A lot of his Smash attacks have lag in them 
    either before or after  which makes them very hard to use effectively. His   
    standard moves and strong moves are faster, making them good chipping attacks 
    and for clearing out enemies that won't stop crowding you. Each move will be  
    covered, indepth, here.                                                      
    Each move has the following information:                                      
    Description: What the move does, and where the move covers. Some moves only   
    cover a small area; others sweep and cover a larger arc.                      
    Damage: How much damage the move does, on average, with a successful hit.     
    Knockback: How much knockback the move has, and what direction it sends the   
    enemy if it hits.                                                             
    Speed: How fast the move comes out. If it has a startup or ending lag, it    
    will be listed here.                                                          
    Special: If the move has a special property, be it an elemental effect,       
    unusual trait, or simple bit of weirdness, it will be listed here.            
    Information: All relevant data about the move.                                
    =============================GROUND ATTACKS=====================================
    (Standard A)
    Description: A simple, fast side hammer swing. Covers a small area in front  
    of King Dedede.                                                               
    Damage: 6% on average.                                                        
    Knockback: Minimal - Knocks foes backwards.                                   
    Speed: Fast; short recovery.                                                  
    Special: Part of a Combo Chain.                                               
    This is a basic move. Not very effective, but it's part of a combo chain, so  
    that is to be expected. It's actually not a bad chipping attack used singly,  
    though Dedede has better moves for that (namely his Strong Forward A and      
    Strong Down A).                                                               
    (Standard A, A)
    Description: A simple, fast side hammer swing, followed by an upward hammer   
    strike. Covers a small area in front on the first attack; covers a slightly   
    larger area in front of Dedede on the second strike.                          
    Damage: 6% for the first attack, 5% for the second for a total of 11%.        
    Knockback: Minimal - Knocks foes backwards.                                   
    Speed: Fast; Short recovery.                                                  
    Special: Part of a Combo Chain.                                               
    Again, simple enough; this attack is a standard and part of a combo chain, so 
    it comes out very quickly and has very little recovery time. Like his standard
    A, the Standard A, A is a good chipping attack, though, yet again, he has     
    better moves for that.                                                        
    (Standard A, A, A)
    Description: A simple, fast side hammer swing, followed by an upwards hammer  
    strike. This is followed by a stab forward with his hammer, during which time 
    Dedede spins it. Covers a small area in front on the first attack; covers a   
    slightly larger area in front of Dedede on the second attack, and covers an   
    area a bit forward from Dedede on the third and any subsuquent hits.          
    Damage: 6% on first hit, 5% on second hit. The third hit scores multiple hits 
    and thus varies; the barrage of hits usually does 14% on average, for a total 
    of 25% when averaged out.                                                     
    Knockback: Minimal - Knocks foes backwards.                                   
    Speed: Fast; short recovery                                                   
    Special: Rapidly hit A to continue Hammer Drill                               
    This is the completed Combo chain, and it's here that you see the kind of     
    damage that Dedede is capable of  with nothing but standard attacks, he can  
    quickly crank out damage. The knockback from this move is pitiful, but the    
    damage is quite high and the recovery time excellent. It is for this reason   
    that Dedede's standards are a necessary part of close-combat.
    If you continue to rapidly tap A on the third attack, or if you simply hold   
    the button on the third attack, Dedede will continue to perform the Drill     
    Hammer attack. This isn't useful in many circumstances, but if you pin a foe 
    against a wall with the drill part of the attack, you can crank damage wicked 
    fast; 2 to 3 seconds of Drill Hammer can rack up 41% or more damage!
    The one caveat is that the Hammer Drill, should you whiff the spin component,
    renders Dedede vulnerable for about a second. This can be potentially deadly
    if you mistime it, so don't use the third hit unless you're sure it will hit!
    (Strong Forward A)
    Description: Description: A thrust forward with the hammer. Sort of resembles 
    the Drill Hammer attack, but has vastly improved range. Covers a lengthy area 
    in front of Dedede.                                                           
    Damage: 6% given an ideal hit. Less-than-ideal hits will deal about 4%.       
    Knockback: Low - Knocks foes backwards.                                       
    Speed: Fast; Short recovery time.
    Special: Superb Reach.
    At a glance, Dedede's Strong Forward A looks like a total wash. It does no    
    more damage than his Standard A, is harder to do, and has a negligably longer 
    recovery time. Moreover, it doesn't even have good knockback, and isn't     
    going to be KOing anyone until they're about 250% or so.
    The value of this move only becomes apparent when you realize that it has     
    absolutely the longest range of any of Dedede's moves. It can outrange both   
    Marth's Forward A Smash AND Ike's Forward A Smash, and it comes out faster    
    than both. This is easily Big D's best chipping attack, as it has  *just*     
    enough push to drive them back out of range, has good speed, and is just 
    about Dedede's only reach move with basically no risk. 
    If you need to hit multiple foes or drive an enemy back before they can
    really get close, Dedede's Strong Forward A is almost always a viable option.
    It's also a good "Poke" move and can hit enemies through obstructions - you
    can hit an enemy on the other side of a pillar, or through objects like the
    small wall in Hyrule Temple.
    (Smash Forward A)
    Description: A massive, 2-handed overhand slam with Dedede's Hammer. Dede     
    swings in a broad forward arc, covering slightly above and in front of him.   
    Damage: 24% given an ideal hit. By charging this move, you can get as high as 
    33%, given an ideal hit. A simple graze will do a little less.                
    Knockback: Heavy to Extreme - Knocks foes upwards and Backwards.              
    Speed: Slow startup, quick follow-through; slow recovery time.           
    Special: Slow as hell.                                                        
    Here it is, Dedede's strongest Smash move and the one everyone fears. A fully
    charged Smash Forward A is going to, without exception, instantly KO a lighter
    weight character on any of the smaller maps (such as Flat Zone) given a good  
    hit, regardless of health. Even a non-charged Smash Forward A from Big D     
    causes massive damage of the sort normally reserved for charge moves, and has 
    intense knockback. It even has good reach!                                    
    Unfortunately, what this move has in raw punch, it loses in speed. This move  
    has a critically slow startup, and Dedede telegraphs this move - badly - when 
    doing it. No sane player is going to come into range when you're charging     
    Dedede's Smash Forward A, though a few will always be crazy enough to try. Use
    it sparingly, and you'll find this move to be extremely effective. If you use 
    it too often - one of the big mistakes of a neophyte Dedede player - people   
    will get wise, which will spell disaster for you, as this move is all too easy
    to counter or disrupt. The last thing you want is to suffer a Counter from    
    Marth or Ike on this thing, as you'll be getting hit by a move that deals 45% 
    to 65% damage and will send you careening off the stage. Worse still, the
    recovery time it has is awful, and you're completely vulnerable for nearly a
    half a second after the move completes.
    This said, it *is* his strongest overall move, and is great when going after  
    an enemy trying to get back from being nearly sent off, or trying to get down 
    to your level. Use it when under Platforms on maps like Battlefield, or in    
    tunnels (like in Mario Bros.) and this move will serve you beautifully - just 
    be careful and DO NOT rely on it too much.                                    
    One area this move can be positively vile is if you use it in conjunction with
    Pitfalls, Deku Nuts, or even better, Freezies - or with a Jigglypuff or Yoshi 
    ally! With the enemy held by the effect, you can easily ready and charge a    
    smash attack, often sending them to their deaths in a single strike. This also
    works with Jet Hammer, but the Smash Forward A charges faster and actually 
    does more damage when fully-loaded.
    (Strong Down A)
    Description: Dedede gives a sweep kick with his oversized foot. This covers a 
    small area in front of Dedede on the ground.                                  
    Damage: 10% (On Average)                                                      
    Knockback: Light-to-Heavy; Knocks foes backwards.                         
    Speed: Fast; short recovery.                                                  
    Special: Trip Attack - Small chance to trip opponents.                        
    Dedede's Strong Down A is one of his essential moves. It is basically a sweep 
    kick, and it has surprising reach considering that Dedede has basically no    
    legs - it reaches as far as his hammer, and it has both reasonable punch and  
    enough impact to push an enemy back somewhat.
    Where this attack really shines, however, is that it's a Trip Attack. Enemies 
    hit by this move have a small chance of being knocked on their ass, just as if
    they stepped on a Banana Peel. This can potentially buy you enough recovery   
    time to flee faster enemies or sieze the initiative. As the enemy's damage %  
    increases, this move becomes more of a knockback move, however, so it loses 
    the knock-down chance in favor of sending an enemy zipping backwards - not too
    bad  a deal, considering. At 150% and higher, it even can work as a KO move.
    The speed of this move is very good; I cannot stress this enough. It's a very
    safe move to use against enemies, and it has high priority to boot. Even 
    better, because the only requirement is that you're crouching - and since 
    Dedede crouches and gets back up extremely quickly - and since he doesn't even
    look like he's crouching in a conventional sense when he is - this is an 
    unbelievably good set-up move. 
    You can immediately get back up and segue into a Standard A, A, A or even a 
    Smash Up A with laughable ease - and even better, since you're already in a
    crouch, you can pull out a Down B Special (Jet Hammer) in an instant. Because
    of the sheer number of set-ups this move has, it's a lot better than it 
    originally appears. Don't forget about it.
    One last reason this is a good move: You're knocked a considerably shorter
    distance if you're hit whilst crouching than you are in the air or simply
    standing. Bear this in mind.
    (Smash Down A)
    Description: Dedede does a full 360 spin, swinging his hammer around him.
    Covers a small area both in front of, and behind Dedede.
    Damage: 15% on average. 21% on a fullycharged smash.
    Knockback: Moderate-to-Heavy - Knocks foes upwards and towards where you hit
    them from.
    Speed: Very short start-up delay and follow-through. Moderate recovery time.
    Special: Covers both front and back.  
    This is a good overall smash attack when compared to his Smash Forward A. It  
    has surprising knockback force, comes out very quickly, and the only real     
    drawbacks it has is that it has sort of slow recovery, which leaves you   
    vulnerable for about half a second after doing a move, and that the area it 
    covers is comparatively small. It hits in front of you *and* in back of you in
    one move, making it good for clearing out enemies when you're being crowded. 
    It can score KOs, too - but it's better-used as part of an attempt to send foes
    out on the followup.          
    One last thing of note - this move is also very deceptive; if you charge it, 
    Dedede looks virtually IDENTICAL to how he does when he charges his Smash Up A
    This can make enemies misjudge which move you're trying to do, and can help 
    you thwart your enemies by partially eliminating their ability to telegraph 
    Big D's moves.            
    (Strong Up A)
    Description: Dedede hops slightly, doing an upwards headbutt. Covers above   
    Dedede, as well as a small section directly in front of him.                  
    Damage: 12% on average.                                                       
    Knockback: Moderate-to-Heavy - Knocks foes upwards.                           
    Speed: Fairly fast overall; short recovery time.                              
    Special: Very Fast for a Strong attack.                                       
    Like Dedede's Strong Down A and Strong Forward A, Dedede's Strong Up A is a   
    good chipping attack. The difference here is that this move is almost entirely
    for antiair purposes, and for knocking foes into the air. It's surprisingly  
    easy to chain, and can be very useful for dealing with a foe that absolutely  
    insists on staying at point-blank range, since you fan followup the headbutt 
    with additional headbutts, racking damage up. It also has high priority.
    Additionally, this is the only one of Dedede's Strong attacks that can        
    actually KO with relative ease; at over 100%, the headbutt does asharp bit of 
    knockback that can kill many opponents on maps with relatively low top borders,
    such as Battlefield.                                         
    Additionally, this move's quick use time makes it absolutely brutal when      
    chained correctly. If you can trap an enemy between Dedede and a cieling,     
    repeatedly hammering them with this move can rack up damage in record time.
    This move's only real weakness is that it's basically anti-air only - it works
    only to hit someone in the air or as a follow-up move. It covers ONLY above 
    Dedede and slightly in front of and slightly behind him, which limits its use
    as a basic launcher move. 
    (Smash Up A)
    Description: Dedede swings his hammer upwards, in a broad arc. The arc starts 
    in front of Dedede, and swings upwards, ending right behind him.              
    Damage: 14% on average. Charged, it deals as much as 19%.                     
    Knockback: Moderate-to-Heavy - Knocks foes upwards.                           
    Speed: Very short start-up delay and follow-through; moderate recovery time.
    Special: Large coverage area.                                                 
    Beyond any doubt, this is Dedede's single most useful Smash Attack. It covers 
    an absolutely huge area, comes out incredibly fast, and it has both reasonable
    damage and knockback. 14-19% is, indeed, rather low for one of Dedede's moves,
    but the sheer utility of this move more than makes up for that.               
    Like all Smash attacks, this one kicks pretty hard, but the Knockback of this 
    Smash is somewhat weaker; though it can still KO with ease once the enemy's 
    damage starts to stack up, it's better-used as a general knock-away move and 
    as a launcher. Use it as a primary offensive force to keep enemies in the air 
    and off-balance, for hitting foes through platforms (such as the ones on 
    Battlefield), and for dealing with enemy groups, as the massive coverage area
    will hit absolutely ANYTHING near Big D.                
    Note that like his Smash Down A, Dedede's Smash Up A is deceptive, and there  
    is very little difference between the "ready" animations when he charges      
    either. By using both moves in their charge capacity well, you can throw      
    enemies offguard and cause them to misjudge you, especially if they don't    
    play Dedede.                                                                  
    Also note that just like his Smash Down A, his Smash Up A has a half-second   
    after he does it in which he is totally vulnerable. Whilst the attack is very 
    hard to predict and comes out quickly, Dedede can be badly punished if he     
    whiffs it, so be aware of the risks!                                          
    (Dashing A)
    Description: Dedede runs at an enemy, trips, and does a body splash.          
    Damage: 16% on average.                                                       
    Knockback: Light-to-Heavy - Knocks foes upwards and backwards.                
    Speed: Fast start-up, very fast follow-through; moderate recovery time.
    This attack looks comical, but it does loads of damage. The body splash's     
    knockback is weak when the enemy is still at low damage %s, but as the enemy's
    damage builds, the knockback of this move skyrockets, and Dedede can easily KO
    a character at a relatively high damage % with it. This move is one of the 
    strongest overall Dashing A moves in the game in terms of damage, and it's one
    thing that a lot of people who don't play as Dedede much don't really make 
    themselves aware of.
    Because Dedede's a big slow guy, you'll have a lot of chances to use this     
    move, as presumably, you will run a lot when on the ground. Its high damage   
    and quick use time make it an excellent attack for diving into a big enemy    
    group. Be warned, however, that the recovery time on it is rather bad, and if 
    enemies see you do this too much, they'll be ready for it. It also has a brief
    moment during the "trip" animation where he's somewhat vulnerable.
    To get good with this move, bear in mind that Dedede has to start it BEFORE
    coming into range. The nosedive itself does the same damage as the short slide
    after it, so bear this in mind.
    (Ledge A)
    Description: Dedede peforms a kick as he gets back up from a ledgegrab.      
    Damage: 8% on average.                                                        
    Knockback: Light-to-Heavy - Knocks foes upwards and backwards.                
    Speed: Varies dramatically depending on your own Damage %.                    
    Special: Variable speed.                                                      
    Dedede's Ledge-grab move can only be done when he grabs a ledge before pulling
    himself up. This attack is fairly potent, with good damage and reasonable     
    impact, as well as a reasonable speed - at first. As with all ledge moves, as 
    your damage % increases, they become slightly less effective as it becomes     
    negligably slower to start and slower to recover from. In turn, it does get a
    little stronger in terms of knockback.
    Use this move ONLY when you're comparatively low on damage or know you're going
    to hit. As your damage goes up, you're often better off using a different move,
    like Big D's Ledge Dodge or a Super Dedede jump towards the enemy.
    When you have over 100%, this move becomes the Critical Ledge A (See below).
    (Critical Ledge A)
    Description: Dedede peforms a hammer swing as he pulls himself back up.
    Damage: 10% on average.
    Knockback: Light-to-Heavy - Knocks foes forwards and slightly upwards.
    Speed: Varies dramatically depending on your own Damage %.
    Special: Variable speed; only usable when at 100% damage or higher.
    This move is only done when Dedede is over 100% and attempts to perform a
    Ledge attack. It's a lot stronger than his standard Ledge A, but somewhat
    slower as well. Like regular ledge moves, it gets slightly slower when
    you're high on damage, but this move has harsher knockback and better reach,
    as well as better coverage than the normal Ledge A. 
    This attack is extremely potent when used effectively, and CAN change the
    flow of a match if used well. Mix up your ledge game and again, only use 
    ledge attacks when you're certain a move is going to hit.
    (Grab Moves)
    Description: Dedede, once he grabs an enemy, can do a multitude of attacks. By
    hitting A, he can Headbutt an enemy. By hitting up, he spikes them into the   
    air somewhat. By hitting forward, he smashes them with his hammer. By hitting 
    backward, he delivers a reverse hammer slam. By hitting Down, he throws the   
    enemy on the ground and jumps on them.                                        
    The headbutt deals 3% damage.                                                 
    The upward throw, the spike, deals about 9%.                                  
    The forward throw, the hammer slam, deals 12%.                                
    The backward throw, the reverse hammer slam, deals 16%.                       
    The down throw, the press, deals 8%.                                          
    The headbutt has no knockback, and Dedede doesn't lose his grip on the enemy. 
    The upward throw sends an enemy upwards, with moderate to heavy knockback.    
    The forward throw sends an enemy upward and backwards, with moderate to heavy 
    The back throw sends an enemy forwards and upwards, with moderate to heavy    
    The down throw sends an enemy backwards, with light to heavy knockback.       
    Speed: The grab is extremely fast. The headbutt is reasonably fast; all the   
    other moves are throws and thus their startup time is largely irrelevant.     
    Special: Grab move; Cannot be blocked.                                        
    Throws are an integral part of using Big D. As faster enemies can punish      
    Dedede in close-combat, throws give Dedede an instantaneous attack that can   
    potentially turn the tables and get enemies away from you. His back throw, in 
    particular, is vicious, dealing more damage than some lighter characters'     
    Smash attacks. Ideally, the throws you want to use most as Dedede are his     
    forward and back throws; they deal the most damage and hit enemies the        
    hardest, meaning they also clear the most ground  which is frankly why you   
    would use one of Dedede's throws in the first place.                          
    Note that Dedede's back throw easily KOs enemies that are high on damage %.   
    If an enemy is being particularly cagey and evasive, but you've racked the    
    damage up, grab him and launch him. If he doesn't die, you'll have sent him   
    flying at least, allowing you to easily ready your next move. His forward
    throw has good knockback as well, but does slightly less. His up and down
    throws are primarily set-ups for follow-up attacks; the up throw is a very
    good launcher.
    Also note that, as is the case for all characters, grabs are risky if facing a
    smarter opponent. Humans and high-level comps alike know that if they hammer  
    the buttons like a drug-laden hippie, they'll often escape the grab before you
    can throw. Get good with the timing and bear in mind that the higher your     
    opponents damage %, the harder it is for them to break free.                  
    One last thing to note: Dedede is arguably one of the game's deadliest chain-
    throwers. On maps like Hyrule Temple, Mario Bros, or New Pork City, it's quite
    possible for Dedede to grab someone, throw them, grab them again on the 
    rebound, and continue doing this until the enemy's at a wicked high damage %,
    at which point you can toss them out. It takes a bit of practice, but your 
    time will be well-spent honing your technique.
    (Kick-Up A)
    Description: Dedede peforms a kick to his front and back as he gets up.      
    Damage: 6% on average.                                                        
    Knockback: Light-to-Heavy - Knocks foes upwards and backwards.                
    Speed: Moderate start-up, quick follow-through.
    Special: Stand-up move.                                                     
    This move can ONLY be used when Dedede is getting back up from a prone 
    position. It's best used to smack someone who is trying to approach you
    when you've been knocked down. The start-up lag is sort of bad, but the
    knockback is pretty good overall. It's not a hugely usable move, however,
    even with its relatively good coverage and priority, owing to its low damage
    and rather noteworthy start-up lag.
    If time is a factor, and/or you doubt that you can actually land the
    attack, a sideroll (tap left or right) or a quick recovery (tap up)
    may be the better option.
    =============================AERIAL ATTACKS=====================================
    (Aerial Standard A)
    Description: Dedede performs a body splash. The entire area around him is     
    covered, but only for a half a second or so.                                  
    Damage: 7% on average.                                                        
    Knockback: Light-to-Moderate - Knocks foes upwards.                           
    Speed: Very Fast; Moderate recovery.
    Special: Large coverage area.                                                 
    Whilst this is one of Dedede's weakest air attacks, it still can be quite     
    useful, as it hits a fairly large area and comes out fast. It can thus be used
    for clearing enemies away when you get swarmed in the air. It has very good   
    priority, too. two caveats; its range is poor and it's all but useless against
    ground foes.                                                                  
    (Aerial Forward A)
    Description: Dedede Swings his Hammer forward in an arc. this starts slightly 
    below Dedede, and ends slightly above him.                                    
    Damage: 15% on average.                                                       
    Knockback: Light-to-Heavy - Knocks foes upwards and backwards.                
    Speed: Very Fast; Moderate recovery.
    Special: Large coverage area.                                                 
    Dedede's Forward A in the Air has good damage, fairly high knockback, and a   
    surprisingly large area of coverage. It comes out quickly, has excellent      
    priority, and in general is one of his best air moves. Ideal for breaking     
    Smash Balls, it can KO opponents that are fairly high % with ease, and the    
    fact that it's an air move means its recovery is fairly fast, so it's even    
    hard to counter effectively. It's certainly one of his better air moves, and 
    is essential to Dedede's air game - so make good use of it.
    (Aerial Back A)
    Description: Dedede delivers a backward kick in the air. Covers King Dedede's 
    back, but not his upper or lower back.                                        
    Damage: 9% on average.                                                        
    Knockback: Light-to-Heavy - Knocks foes upwards and backwards.                
    Speed: Very Fast; Moderate Recovery.
    Special: Comes out extremely fast.
    Whilst this is one of his weaker moves, Dedede's Back A in the Air is a       
    reasonably effective move because it comes out so damn fast and has reasonable
    reach, unlike his Standard A in the Air. Additionally, it packs a reasonable  
    amount of knockback, and can KO foes that are very high in damage %. It's more
    of a defensive move, best used when a foe is trying to hit you from behind    
    when you're airborne.                                                         
    (Aerial Up A)
    Description: Dedede does an upwards version of his Hammer Drill. It covers    
    directly above him and ever-so-slightly to the left and right.                
    Damage: About 3% a hit; it scores multiple hits, so assuring the enemy is     
    struck for the full hit Salvo, it can do as much as 19%.                      
    Knockback: Minimal; knocks a foe backwards. If this attack hits enough times, 
    one hit will send the enemy knocked back in a random direction with as much as
    moderate to heavy force; always upwards and also to the left or right.
    Speed: Fairly fast.                                                           
    Special: Scores multiple hits.                                                
    Whilst Dedede's forward and backward moves are designed to be used to knock   
    foes away, his Up and Down Air moves are strictly damage-causers, chaining    
    multiple hits for effect and in general making enemy damage go higher. Both   
    Up and Down moves in the Air lack knockback, but they make up for this little 
    shortcoming by having excellent priority and extraordinarily high damage.
    Even better, by rapidly performing this move in the air, Dedede can stay, 
    hovering, in the air for several hammer-drills. whilst this is not as scary as
    say, Meta-Knight's Up A in the Air (since it doesn't gain ground), it means 
    Dedede can repeatedly chain enemies should they bounce off a roof, and that he
    can punish enemies that are trying to dart in after an enemy you're comboing.
    Bear in mind that he can do it - with practice this move can be absolutely
    The above conspires to make Dedede's Aerial Up A excellent for following after
    an Enemy launched by his Strong Up A or Smash Up A to deliver a bit of pain
    and keep them from pulling off some kind of counter when they land. Great for 
    keeping the pressure on, but remember that it has virtually no knockback, save
    for if you manage to land a large number of hits. Practice the timing and 
    aiming of the move to ensure lots of hits, and you'll find this to be a 
    positively deadly move.
    (Aerial Down A)
    Description: Dedede does an downwards version of his Hammer Drill. It covers  
    directly below him, and eversoslightly to the left and right under him.     
    Damage: About 3% a hit; it scores multiple hits, so assuring the enemy is     
    struck for the full hit Salvo, it can do as much as 12%.                      
    Knockback: Minimal; knocks a foe backwards. If this attack hits enough times, 
    one hit will send the enemy knocked back in a random direction with as much as
    moderate force; always upwards and also to the left or right.                 
    Speed: Fairly fast.                                                           
    Special: Scores multiple hits.                                                
    Ditto, but the Aerial Down A generally scores less hits due to the the fact   
    that when he uses it, he falls faster, and thus he is capable of scoring fewer
    hits with it. Unlike the Aerial Up A, which is primarily used as a pressure   
    move, the Aerial Down A is primarily used for covering Dedede's ass as he     
    returns from being sent out. Again, its knockback is minimal unless multiple  
    hits are scored, so be leery about using it against groups.                   
    ============================SPECIAL ATTACKS=====================================
    (Standard B Special (Inhale))
    Description: Dedede Inhales a massive gust of air for as long as the B button 
    is held. Inhale covers a fairly large, pieshaped radius in front of Dedede.  
    Damage: None. King Dedede can spit out enemies, however, dealing 10% damage   
    when he does. A foe struck by a spit-out enemy takes 16% damage.              
    Knockback: None, but an enemy struck by a spitout enemy suffers light-to-
    heavy knockback and is knocked upwards.                                       
    Speed: Moderately fast onset.                                                 
    Special: Grab move; cannot be blocked, can eat items.                         
    Dedede's Inhale is an unusual move. It works functionally similar to Kirby's  
    Inhale, except that Dedede cannot swallow enemies. In exchange, Dedede's    
    Inhale does more damage (additionally spit-out enemies do more damage).       
    Perhaps most worthy of note, Dedede can walk around with an inhaled enemy in  
    his mouth like Kirby  and unlike Kirby, he can jump with reasonable effect
    as well (Kirby can't jump worth crap when he has someone in his mouth).
    This move is predominantly used when mobbed. You can easily suck up an enemy  
    and spit them right out into other enemies, causing extensive damage.         
    Unfortunately, it is possible for enemies to wriggle free of Dedede's mouth,  
    and even break out of star form once he spits them out, by hammering on the   
    buttons. The comp will do this religiously, drastically reducing the overall  
    effectiveness of Inhale. Fortunately, the primary purpose of Inhale - to get  
    enemies away from you  goes off without any hitch. Also, if Dedede inhales a 
    food item, Maxim Tomato, Superspicy Curry, or Heart Container, he gains their 
    effects as appropriate.                          
    Inhale actually has many uses beyond this - it can be used to inhale and      
    destroy items that are dropped (anything except a Golden Hammer, Assist       
    Trophy, Dragoon Piece, or Smash Ball), and it can actually be used to counter 
    some thrown projectiles that are thrown at you from the front  but be aware  
    that they basically have to fly right into the dead-center of Dedede's mouth, 
    making it a very poor counter. Also, Dedede takes damage if he inhales an
    explosive device, such as Snake's Grenades, Link or Toonk Link's Bombs, or
    a Bob-Omb, so bear this in mind. Dedede isn't the only one that can do this
    (Wario and Kirby can also eat items), but it's hardly a common ability, so
    bear in mind that he can do it.
    The last thing about Inhale is that it can be used for a tactic that's been
    used since SSB - Kirbycide. By using Inhale and jumping off a cliff, it's
    possible to plunge off a cliff with a foe and drag them to their deaths. This
    is best used in Stock Matches when you get ahead, since you'll both die if
    successful. Do note that smart foes will try to escape if you do this, and 
    may very well survive if  you do it at the wrong time, so pick your choice of 
    hole to jump into carefully - you don't want your enemy recovering if you try
    this particular tactic!
    Inhale, in general, is a good utility move. It may not be overwhelmingly
    powerful, but you can do a lot with it, and that's exactly the move's point.
    NOTE: Dedede can use Inhale in the air as well. Dedede can't inhale unusually 
    large or heavy objects (enemies under the affects of Metal Boxes, Giant
    enemies, Subspace enemies, and so on) can't be eaten.            
    (Forward B Special (Waddle Dee Toss))
    Description: Dedede throws a Waddle Dee forward. It has reasonable range for a
    projectile, and Dedede will throw it further if you do a Smash Forward B, but 
    there is no damage increase. There is a small chance Dedede will throw a      
    Waddle Doo instead, or on rare occasions, a Gordo. Additionally, occasionally 
    Dedede will throw a random item instead of a Waddle Doo (usually a Poke Ball, 
    Capsule, or Hammer).                                                          
    A Thrown Waddle Dee does about 5% damage.
    If a Waddle Dee jumps or rolls and hits someone, it deals about 8%.
    A thrown Waddle Doo does about 5% damage.                                     
    A Waddle Doo's beam does about 3-8% a hit with its beam; should an enemy get  
    hit at close range, it can deal upwards of 30%.                               
    A Thrown Gordo does about 22% damage.                                         
    A Waddle Doo or Waddle Dee does Light-to-Moderate Knockback when thrown.
    A Waddle Dee does Minimal-to-Moderate knockback if it lands on someone.
    A Waddle Doo's beam has minimal-to-heavy knockback.                        
    A Gordo does Light-to-Heavy Knockback when thrown.                            
    Speed: Fairly quick, but with a moderate recovery rate.                       
    Special: Thrown Projectile.                                                   
    Waddle Dee Toss is, perhaps, the greatest move for harassment in all of SSBB. 
    The range is fairly short, and the damage isn't great, but the chaos this move
    can cause is substantial.
    Waddle Dee Toss is unique because, after throwing a Waddle Dee, the Waddle Dee
    sticks around for a while and wanders about. Waddle Dees themselves are pretty
    much harmless, but get in the way a lot and can occasionally push things off  
    cliffs. Unlike Mr. Saturns and the like, a Waddle Dee cannot be picked up by  
    anyone other than a Dedede player, making them incredibly annoying. A Waddle
    Dee occasionally does a little jump or roll; if it hits someone when jumping
    or rolling (not on landing)it causes a small amount of damage - nothing even
    remotely heavy, but enough to make Waddle Dees irritating.
    The biggest advantage to Waddle Dee Toss by far is that the thrown Waddle Dees
    can knock enemies back, making it ideal for messing with people as they try to
    recover an enemy trying to come back from a low angle can be easily punished
    by winging a Waddle Dee or two their way.                                     
    Every once in a while, you'll throw a Waddle Doo instead of a Waddle Dee.     
    Waddle Doos are easily identified by their large unblinking eye and orange    
    body (Waddle Dees are Red). Waddle Doos do no additional damage in and of     
    themselves, and walk around like Waddle Doos after being thrown. The main     
    difference is that Waddle Doos will occasionally fire off a rippling energy   
    blast that can deal a lot of damage. The Beam has very little knockback, but 
    racks up damage in a hurry, especially if you're against a wall. Even better,
    your own Waddle Doos' Beams don't affect you at all unless you have team
    attack on.
    Even rarer, Dedede will throw - instead of a Waddle Dee/Waddle Doo - a        
    creature called a Gordo. Gordos are nasty giant sea urchins in the Kirby      
    Universe; they are effectively living, deadly barriers. Gordo doesn't stick   
    around when thrown, Instead it bounces once and disappears. If it does hit    
    something, Gordo does a heavy hit of damage and can easily KO a target at a   
    relatively moderate damage %.                                                 
    Very, very rarely, Dedede will pull out and throw a random item - usually a   
    Poke Ball or Capsule, but sometimes a Hammer, Fan, or Ray Gun. These count as 
    if actually thrown by Dedede.                                                 
    In general, this move is best-used to piss people off from a distance, take   
    potshots at people trying to recover, and generally annoying the hell out of 
    people. Use it well, and remember that you may only have 2 Waddle Dees/Waddle 
    Doos on screen at a time. If you throw another after throwing 2, the first one
    you tossed out will vanish.                                                   
    Note that you can throw Waddle Dees in the air, as well.
    One last thing (and very humorous thing at that) is that if a Waddle Dee/Waddle
    Doo of yours manages, by some fluke, to KO someone, you get the kill for it. 
    This is also true if you have Team Attack on; if your own Waddle Doo fries you
    and kills you, it counts as a suicide.
    The actual ratio of Waddle Dees/Doos/Gordos is 35:10:4, or to put it a slightly
    different way:
    Chance of Getting a Waddle Dee: 70%
    Chance of Getting a Waddle Doo: 20%
    Chance of getting a Gordo: About 10% 
    (Down B Special (Jet Hammer))
    Description: Dedede readies his hammer, which unfolds a large rocket motor.   
    The motor heats up slowly, causing the flame it produces to shift from red to 
    purple to blue. When released, Jet Hammer affects an area directly in front of
    Dedede and has improved range depending on how long that the move was charged.
    Damage: Varies. An uncharged Jet Hammer strike deals 11% damage. A fully     
    charged version knocks off a walloping 30%.                                   
    Knockback: Light to Extreme. Sends foes backwards and upwards.                
    Speed: Moderate Ready speed, fast onset, moderate to long recovery.       
    Special: Charge move; can move whilst charging, Fire effect.                  
    The Jet Hammer move is an extremely obvious and rather difficult to land      
    attack for those inexperienced. Enemies will see this coming, as the rocket   
    motor gives off extremely visible fire effects that grab attention - and if
    Dedede takes a hit, the charge of the move is waste. 
    At a glance, this attack doesn't seem very useful.
    Why suffer all these drawbacks? The answer lies in Jet Hammer's absolutely    
    unprecedented power. If Dedede has ANY move that's more feared by players than
    his Smash Forward A, it's the Jet Hammer special move. This charge move is not
    only incredibly powerful damage-wise, it's extremely powerful in terms of     
    knockback and shield damage. It's also a bit more lenient in terms of time and
    usability than his Smash Forward A, though it has a smaller area of effect.   
    Using Jet Hammer effectively is more of an art than a science. For starters,  
    you need to be aware of how it works. If you simply hit Down B once, Dedede   
    will deliver a single Jet-assisted slam from his hammer that deals around 11% 
    damage. This doesn't seem like a lot, but Jet Hammer's Knockback force        
    skyrockets as the opponent's damage builds, and even an uncharged Jet Hammer  
    can easily KO an enemy whose damage % is too high.                            
    As Jet Hammer charges, the flames the hammer's engine sprays turn from red to 
    purple to blue, indicating an increase in damage, range, and knockback force. 
    Note that increasing the charge has the side effect of increasing the move's  
    recovery. At full charge (engine flames turn blue), the Jet Hammer is fully   
    charged and delivers a massive 30% hit given a successful strike.             
    Note that if you continue to charge after the weapon charges fully up, Dedede
    takes damage from the heat, at a rate of 1% a second. This generally is
    nothing to worry about, but you need to be aware of it. Also, make note that
    if you're over 150% damage, the Jet Hammer ceases to do further damage to
    Dedede, just like off-screen damage stops at 150%.
    Though Dedede can't "hold" the charge like Samus, DK, or Lucario, he has
    something that other characters with similar charge moves (Marth and Ike) do  
    not: He can move whilst charging it, and even jump! Because of this, it is all
    too easy to charge Jet Hammer and move in to get the drop on an enemy in the  
    middle of a fight, especially in larger free-for-alls or Team Battles. This   
    makes Jet Hammer a bit more useful than Ike's Eruption or Marth's Shield      
    Breaker Specials, Since it means the usual "stay away" tactic won't work.     
    Additionally, you can start charging Jet Hammer in the air and even swing it  
    in the air. This can actually be quite useful.                                
    One last thing to note is that Jet Hammer is a fire effect. This means it will
    set off errant explosive crates when they appear should you have the rather   
    unpleasant misfortune of hitting one with Jet Hammer. The last thing you need 
    is for an enemy to camp near one of these when you're readying this move, so  
    be careful and make a note of this.                                           
    (Up B Special (Super Dedede Jump))
    Description: Dedede does a massive upward jump, before plunging back down.    
    Dedede is very heavy, and so slams down with tremendous impact. He also kicks 
    up a pair of stars on impact. Enemies will take damage if hit by Dedede as he 
    plummets, or if they're in the blast range when he finally lands. They can    
    also get hit by the stars.                                                    
    Damage: Enemies in the splash radius when he lands take 11% on average. An    
    Enemy hit directly by Dedede as he plummets take 15%. An enemy hit by the     
    "Stars" popping up from the impact takes only 5% damage.                      
    Knockback: Light-to-Heavy; sends foes upwards and backwards. Stars have       
    virtually no knockback.                                                       
    Speed: Extremely fast onset; Moderate to very slow recovery.
    Special: Flinch-resistant, can be cancelled.                                  
    Super Dedede Jump is another staple of Dedede's from Kirby's Adventure; he    
    used to occasionally use it during his boss fight (it was one of the ways to  
    get the stars Kirby needed to inhale and spit back at him). It's also a very  
    versatile move as far as utility goes; it's usable as both a recovery move and
    as an offensive move.                                                         
    Super Dedede Jump launches Dedede very high - paired with his floating jumps, 
    it's very possible for Dedede to jump from the bottom of the stage to the top 
    of it in short order, covering more vertical movement than any character bar  
    Kirby, MetaKnight, and Pit!                                                  
    Additionally, Dedede is flinch-resistant on this move's start-up (he's not 
    completely immune, like Ike during Aether or DK during Giant Punch). This
    makes it hard to knock him out of a Super Dedede Jump. This move is thus 
    surprisingly safe to use offensively; it's very useful for diving into crowds
    and scattering enemies. It can even KO enemies that have reasonably high 
    damage levels!
    Dedede's Up B Special has weaknesses, however, and very glaring ones. The     
    first, and most obvious, is that it's a momentum-carrier. Once you start      
    Dedede's Jump, the direction cannot be changed - in essence, you must be      
    moving in a direction before using the jump to gain any horizontal movement   
    with this move  which means that in smacking you backwards, enemies can      
    attempt to thwart your recovery attempts with greater ease than they could    
    otherwise. In addition to all this, Dedede's recovery time from this move is  
    quite long - nearly a full second. Additionally, Dedede is far from flinch-
    resistant when coming back down, and a number of moves can out-prioritize him
    on the return trip (though admittedly relatively few).
    If all these aren't enough, Dedede cannot perform a ledge-grab when using the
    Super Dedede Jump! Fortunately, a solution exists - you can Cancel out of it.
    Unlike many similar moves, Dedede has the ability to cancel out of his Up B
    Special by hitting down at any point during the move. By doing this, Big D has
    the ability to grab edges  or potentially save himself from plummetting off
    a cliff. Note that if you cancel it, Dedede's recovery time is a lot better
    than if he finished actually doing the move - but if you cancel too close to
    the ground, Dedede will stumble and will be vulnerable for even longer than he
    would have otherwise (for almost 2 seconds). Learning how - and when -  to 
    cancel this move is a huge part of Dedede's recovery game, so it's whole-
    heartedly recommended you practice it.
    Drawbacks aside, Super Dedede Jump is wonderfully effective and extremely     
    useful in general once you master its myriad quirks. You can use it as a      
    disrupting move, a recovery move, a quick way of getting out of reach in a    
    hurry  and even as a good way to break a Smash Ball (one hit from this move  
    usually breaks it)! Make good use of this move, and you'll find it essential. 
    (Final Smash (Waddle Dee Army))
    Description: Dedede whistles, and does a little dance, drumming his belly and 
    calling out to his troops. Waddle Dees pop onto the scene from nowhere and run
    all over the place, causing damage and pushing characters off the stage as    
    they run about. Occasionally, Waddle Doos are mixed in the crowd - as are     
    Gordos. At the very end - about 10 seconds later - Dedede gives a laugh.     
    A Summoned Waddle Dee does about 2-6% damage.                                 
    A summoned Waddle Doo does about 9% damage and can score multiple hits. 30% or
    more from a Waddle Doo is about the average provided the enemy is fairly far  
    from an edge.                                                                 
    A summoned Gordo does about 15-25% a hit.                                     
    A Waddle Doo or Waddle Dee does only light-to-moderate knockback backwards,   
    but pushes characters as they zip offscreen, making it extremely easy to get  
    swept away. Waddle Doos have a lot more knockback and pushback force than     
    Waddle Dees. A Gordo does a moderate-to-hard knockback upwards and backwards. 
    Speed: Instant when used. Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Gordos summoned spawn 
    at a fairly good clip and move very quickly.                                  
    Special: Final Smash.                                                         
    Make a note: Dedede's Final Smash has the single best priority of any Final 
    Smash - you can use it anywhere, at any time, and it will immediately go off. 
    If you use it on the edge of a scrolling stage, the stage will stop moving 
    until the move is over. If you're off screen, it'll still go off with no 
    trouble. Use it in the air, and he'll hover there till the dance is over.
    It's always safe to use Waddle Dee Army. ALWAYS.
    That said, Dedede's Final Smash is as comic as it is effective. At a glance,
    it doesn't seem terribly strong, since it's more of a support move. As with
    all Final Smashes, Dedede is invincible when dancing and calling down his
    Dedede's Final Smash calls in a bunch of Waddle Dees that then immediately    
    rush towards the nearest enemy and try to bumrush them off the stage. Each   
    Waddle Dee has very low damage but rather harsh knockback, and though you can 
    attack and drive off oncoming Waddle Dees, there are tons of them coming down.
    Additionally, Waddle Doos will be mixed in the crowd (functionally the same as
    Waddle Dees in this case, but they deal a lot more damage and have much more  
    vicious knockback effects), and you'll occasionally get Gordos, which only    
    fall straight down, bounce off the ground once, and then vanish  but which   
    deal a ton of damage and do immense knockback if they actually hit something. 
    All in all, this attack causes utter and complete pandemonium for 10 seconds. 
    This Final Smash is, however, extremely map-dependant if you're intending to
    use it to score KOs. On smaller stages, Waddle Dee Army is tantamount to a 
    guaranteed kill, whereas on larger stages or those with many obstacles, it's 
    merely annoying as hell and can score some quick easy damage. Regardless, 
    always prioritize Smash Balls  Dedede's Final Smash may hardly be the 
    strongest Final Smash around, but you definitely don't want your opponent 
    getting to use theirs!                                          
    ===                 CHAPTER THE FOURTH: THE KING AND I                       ===
    ===            (Some Basic King Dedede Tactics and Principles)               ===
    [Part 4]
    There are some basic tenets to bear in mind when using King Dedede. You need  
    to bear these in mind, and above all else, practice. By building up your      
    skills, you can refine your reaction time and exploit changes in the          
    battlefield conditions as they come, based on the tips listed in this very    
    guide. The rest, as the old saying goes, is up to you.                        
    * Be extremely careful of quicker characters. If an enemy with quicker attacks
    such as Sonic, Kirby, Toon Link, or - hell, anyone with a good attack speed -
    can get and stay close, you won't be able to do much until you drive them away
    from you. There is nothing more infuriating than being hedged in by a Sonic   
    player whilst you struggle to get away, and this is one of the big reasons    
    that Dedede isn't very popular with some players. The key to dealing with     
    quick characters that get close to you is to use your own quick moves, like   
    Dedede's Standard A, A, A attack, or his Strong Down A. The king of "Get the  
    crap away from me" moves he has is his Grab; a back throw from Dedede         
    absolutely hurts like hell and is one of the best ways to shake off a clingy  
    quicker character.
    * Get used to the Super Dedede Jump's height, momentum, and impact, and get   
    good with Cancelling it. You'll need to use this move to its fullest, as it is
     Dedede's primary recovery move.
    * Jet Hammer stops doing damage to Dedede when full-charged at over 150%.
    * Similarly, hoop damage from being offscreen stops at over 150%, so you have
    more chances to screw around at that health near the edge, though it's very
    dangerous to do so.
    * You have a higher chance of tripping and falling if you run than when you
    walk. Running isn't ALWAYS the best idea.
    * Timing is key, especially with Dedede's Smashes. Practice them extensively  
    and get good with them, because the better you are with them, the harder they 
    are for enemies to stop or counter.
    * Faster enemies are Dedede's Kryptonite, especially if they have particularly
    fast attacks. Meta-Knight and Kirby, Ironically, are two of the worst match-
    ups for Dedede, with Toon Link and Sonic being almost immediately behind.
    * Conversely, Dedede rocks against other Heavies, who generally lack ranged
    attacks and typically have both weaker recovery and fewer options than Dedede
    * DO NOT rely too heavily on Dedede's Forward Smash A. Yes, it's devastating, 
    and it can easily one-shot a light character, but the startup it has is awful
    and you're too easy to counter during the start or end of it. Use it with care.
    * Get good at blocking, rolling, and grabs (both the Z version and the "Tap 
    A when blocking" versions). These are vital skills to learn for any character, 
    but they're especially important for using King Dedede effectively.           
    * Don't be predictable when you're on the ground. Mix up your attacks often so 
    as to keep your enemies guessing. Remember that the "Charging" animations for 
    Dedede's Smash Up A and Smash Down A look virtually identical, and can help 
    keep enemies guessing as well. Remember also that Dedede has a great crouching
    game courtesy of his Strong Down A, so make use of it.
    * Abuse Waddle Dee Toss. It's annoying as hell, has good knockback, and can   
    prevent an opponent from coming back effectively. If you get lucky and nail   
    them with a Gordo, so much the better.                                        
    * Don't forget that Inhale can eat items. Yes, a Hammer being in the area can 
    win you a match, but at the same time, denying an enemy its use or removing it
    from being a threat may be a better course of action in some circumstances... 
    Can you REALLY afford to leave it to chance that the Hammer isn't faulty when 
    you're ahead? Do you REALLY want to leave a Blast Box just sitting around?
    Use your head.
    * Don't be afraid to throw yourself off a ledge after an enemy to try to score
    a kill. Dedede's Up B Special covers a ridiculous range and can be used to    
    edge grab if you cancel at the apex of the jump, so master the Dedede Jump and
    you'll find Dedede has no problem rushing off after a foe to score a kill!    
    * Keep the pressure on once you start pummeling an enemy. If you knock an     
    enemy skyward, pummel them with Dedede's Air Up A or slam them some distance  
    with his Air Forward A. You want to keep After your enemy, even if they're    
    faster; there's nothing more intimidating than a heavy like Big D bearing down
    on you. He's a heavy for a reason.                                            
    * When the enemy's damage % is low, they aren't going to fly very far (fully 
    charged Forward A Smash attacks aside). Because of this, use Dedede's quicker 
    moves to rack up damage. His Standard A, A, A Smash scores a lot of damage and
    comes out very quickly - ideal for raising enemy damage. Don't try going for  
    Smash attacks (Save maybe Smash Up A) until the enemy's Damage is fairly high;
    Dedede's weaker moves do plenty of damage, and don't leave you nearly as      
    vulnerable as a Smash attack would.                                           
    * When using Waddle Dee toss, the undeniable favorite to get is the Waddle 
    Doo. He's common enough to get that you'll have one every dozen Waddle Dees or
    so, and the Beam it cuts loose with is enough to rack up absolutely enormous
    damage if an enemy makes the mistake of letting one get close.
    * Conversely, when facing Dedede, kill any Waddle Doos you see before they
    have a chance to beam you and add 20% or more to your damage.
    * Remember that Dedede footstools very well, due to the number of jumps he 
    gets. It's a great way to screw over someone coming back.
    * Dedede benefits greatly from items. Give him a Star Rod or Beam Sword and he
    becomes a lot more dangerous in close-combat, so actively seek these items if
    available. Note that these items do less damage than Dedede's Hammer does,
    and also have less knockback, but the increased range (Beam Sword for Dedede
    has absolutely UNHOLY reach in a forward Smash) and speed are more than worth
    it - and since you can still use your Smash Down A and Smash Up A as normal
    during it....
    * Don't overuse Inhale Suicide attempts. If an enemy knows you're going to try
    them, they'll be on their guard against it - so be careful and use the tactic
    sparingly to prevent them from getting wise to it, until it's too late.
    * If all else fails, you can get to extreme range, sling Waddle Dees, and pray
    for a Gordo. I rarely seem to get them when I need them, but there's nothing
    like killing an enemy with one when they expect another Waddle Dee.
    * Play the Crouching game. Dedede has an absolutely incredible crouching game
    due to the multitude of moves he can execute from a crouch, including his 
    Strong Down A, Smash Down A, Smash Up A, and Jet Hammer. The crouching game
    also makes you less vulnerable to knockback, so use this well, and it will
    see you through some tough battles!
    (The Range Game)
    Playing Dedede well means mastering the range game. As Dedede, you need to    
    fight in a vastly different way, depending on how close your enemy gets. This 
    takes a bit of experimentation and practice  so learn well.                  
    SHORT RANGE (I.E. Point Blank): This is, by far, King Dedede's weakest
    position in a fight. Although he has a few short-ranged moves that work very
    well, he doesn't have the speedy attacks necessary to thwart dedicated 
    close-combat characters like Meta-Knight, Kirby, and Toon Link. Because of
    Dedede's slow attack speed, he's very vulnerable if an enemy gets too close.
    To counteract this, a Dedede player has to use the relatively few close-range
    moves in their arsenal - Grabs, his Strong Down A, and his Standard A, A, A,
    to clear distance and force enemies back to a more amicable range.
    MEDIUM RANGE (I.E. About a step away): This is the place to be. Dedede 
    thrives at this position, and in no small part due to his good range. His Up
    and Down Smash A moves are ideal at this range, and keep enemies guessing if
    you use the start-up time well. These attacks, paired with his aforementioned
    Strong Down A and Standard A, A, A, have good reach, and from this range, you
    can more readily make use of Dedede's Smashes to send enemies out. Mix up his
    faster attacks with his stronger attacks, and use the crouching game to keep
    enemies guessing, and you'll find Dedede can do quite well here.
    LONG RANGE (I.E. Two steps away): Dedede isn't disadvantaged in a long-ranged
    fight, and can be at least an annoyance to characters that need to get close 
    to deal their damage. This is primarily due to his Hammer offering him good
    reach. He doesn't have quite the reach of other characters who excel at this
    range (such as Ike and Marth), but makes up for this with sheer punch. Dedede
    also has an attack that outranges and out-prioritizes literally every move
    Ike and Marth do save for Counter in his Strong Forward A, so this normally-
    situational move becomes quite handy as a "keep away" move. His Smash Forward
    A has a long startup and equally bad recovery, but if it hits, an enemy is
    learning to fly. Inhale is a good control move at this range, since you can
    suck enemies in and spit them out in the direction you need to force them. A
    few of Dedede's other moves, including his Smash Up A and Smash Down A, work
    out to long range as well - your objective at this range is to hold your 
    ground and take advantage of any slip-ups your enemies make trying to get in
    close - and they WILL make them.
    KNOCKOUTS: Dedede has no trouble sending foes flying out of the ring, due to
    the fact that most of his attacks have either extremely heavy damage or very
    strong knockback force. His Smash Forward A is the best-known bringer of KOs
    he has, but his Smash Up and Smash Down A are more viable most of the time 
    due to their better speed. Jet Hammer, even uncharged, can send a high-
    damage foe right out, and fully-charged is a nearly-guaranteed kill against
    anyone with a remotely high damage %. It's worth noting that Jet Hammer
    actually has LESS knockback and damage than his Smash Forward A, but that
    Jet Hammer's knockback expotentially increases as an enemy's damage goes up,
    so at high damage levels, Jet Hammer is the runaway better of the two. 
    Dedede's Dashing A is a surprisingly strong move for KOs, as is the return
    drop on Super Dedede Jump. Gordos are usable KO material as well, as is a
    Waddle Doo when the enemy's damage is high enough. His Strong Up A and 
    Strong Down A are two more KO-causers when the enemy's damage % gets over
    100 or so, and his Back Grab is an unbelievably potent throw for KOing 
    enemies. One final big-ticket KO-bringer is a spit enemy - an enemy spit by
    Dedede has highly potent knock-out force and will easily kill if the enemy
    is in the 100-range.
    (Final Thoughts)
    Dedede is definitely a powerhouse to deal with. Almost all of his moves have
    absolutely enormous push back and impact, and his reach makes him hard for
    many characters to deal with. He also deals tons of damage. If an enemy tries
    to charge in to take advantage of his slow speed, that's the best chance to
    land a hardhitting move.                                                     
    If you plan to use Dedede often, it's highly recommended you train with him;
    if a character who excels in close combat gets close, you have a host of
    problems to deal with. Short-ranged characters can - and will - hurt Dedede
    with their quickness, especially if they use their quick moves to keep you
    off-balance and from using your bigger, stronger moves. Always be willing to
    do whatever it takes to get away, because Dedede is infinitely stronger from
    just outside most other characters' respective ranges.
    ===                CHAPTER THE FIFTH: OBSCURE KNOWLEDGE                      ===
    ===                (Some Good Tricks and such to know)                       ===
    [Part 5]
    Below is a glossary of useful tricks, terminologies, and what have you. Almost
    every SSBB player uses similar terminologies, and it's good to know them 
    because when they get up to speed, not even the CIA can make much sense of the
    people speaking the lingo.
    ...I jest, of course. The following are mainly little tricks and such that
    whilst most assuredly ARE NOT vital to Dedede's metagame, knowing them and how
    to use them WILL make him a hell of a lot easier to use and maybe even open up
    some new strategies all their own:
    AERIAL DODGE: Hitting Guard in the air does an Air-Dodge. This move was toned
    down immeasurably from SSBM (wherein players were using it to "Wavedash,"
    effectively circumventing their actual character run/move speeds), but this
    remains a terribly useful move when used correctly.
    AERIAL DRILL: A tactic used by Dedede, in which you jump twice, and then 
    repeatedly do his Aerial Up A. This is a very effective way to repeatedly
    Chain his Aerial Up A, and it can be used to slow your descent as well - but
    make note, each Aerial Drill uses up Dedede's jumps. 
    BOWSERCIDE: A known-and-feared Bowser tactic that involves tagging an enemy
    with Koopa Klaw (Forward B Special) in the air, and plummetting with the 
    grabbed foe off the nearest cliff, killing yourself and the enemy in the
    process. Used extensively by Bowser players on Stock matches once they get
    ahead, to maintain their lead.
    CHAIN THROWING: The art of throwing an enemy and catching them with a grab
    on the rebound, effectively throwing them over and over and over. Dedede
    is an absolute god at this and whilst it's cheap as hell on some maps, it
    can give you an immeasurable advantage when used effectively, so take
    advantage of it whenever you can.
    CHASER SLICE: A much-feared Meta-Knight tactic in which a Meta-Knight player
    jumps and repeatedly does their Aerial Up A, moving them upwards in altitude
    whilst performing a multitude of slashes. Very difficult to get away from
    until you've actually seen it used (and thus know how to deal with it).
    DEDECIDE: A Dedede-built variant of Kirbycide. Involves using Inhale to grab
    an enemy then plummet off the nearest cliff. Not as effective as Bowsercide
    or Ganoncide, but certainly still potent.
    DODGING: Hitting Down on the directional stick when holding L or R does a
    dodge. A dodge is similar to a roll in that you're invincible during it,
    but it doesn't move you like a roll does. Best used when moving to punish
    a whiffed move or counter an enemy in-close.
    DONKEYCIDE: The original. DK can haul an enemy up on his back, and carry a foe
    away. Simply jump off the nearest cliff, and if the enemy doesn't escape in
    time, you've killed both them and you. Because it's a grab, it's somewhat
    easier to escape than Kirbycide/Dedecide, so watch it.
    EDGEHOGGING: The art of jumping and holding onto a ledge so no one else can
    make use of said ledge. Rather cheesey, but a definitely effective way to
    prevent enemies from recovering.
    FOXTROTTING: Dashing quickly then letting go of the stick, then dashing again,
    etc. The general idea behind this tactic is that it makes it easy for some
    characters to segue out of a dash and into another move, such as a Forward
    Smash A or Down Smash A. This works very well for some characters, but since 
    Dedede has a very slow run speed and a rather laggy skid time, it doesn't work
    very well for him. Do be aware that other characters use it frequently and
    thus will actively attempt employing it against you.
    FOOTSTOOLING: Jumping on someone's head can get you extra height during a 
    jump. If you do it in the air, the opponent can't move until you jump off or
    until they do a recovery move, making this a very effective way of causing a
    cheap KO on some maps. Dedede does this tactic better than any other heavy
    due to his multiple jumps and strong recovery move, so take advantage.
    GANONCIDE: A suicide attack performed by Ganondorf Players. Involves nailing
    an opponent with Ganondorf's Flame Choke (Forward B Special) in the air,
    causing Ganondorf and the hapless enemy to plummet to their deaths. Whilst
    this is immediately fatal for the Ganondorf player as well, it can be used
    in stock matches to keep said player well ahead. Be aware!
    GIMPING: Killing opponents who are trying to recover, usually with a Meteor
    Smash or harsh knock-back move. Rather unsporting, but a KO is a KO and many
    opponents you'll face will have no notions of mercy. Dedede is probably the
    best at Gimping other than Charizard, due to his very strong recovery. 
    Take Advantage.
    METEOR SMASH: An attack that throws an enemy downwards. Good examples are
    Samus' Aerial Down A, Wolf's Wolf Flash (Forward B Special), Captain
    Falcon's Aerial Down A, and an absolute bunch of others. Be aware of
    characters with Meteor Smashes, and be ready for them.
    OHK: Also OHKO. Shorthand for one-hit kill or one-hit knockhout. Mostly
    caused by Baseball Bats, but can also be caused by a fully-charged Smash
    Forward A by Dedede on some maps.
    PERFECT GUARD: If you block at the exact same moment an attack hits you,
    you suffer less shield damage and the enemy is stunned for a split-second.
    A perfect guard is indicated by a metallic "Ching!" noise when successful.
    ROLLING: Holding G and hitting a direction uses a roll. You're invincible
    during the roll, making it a premier defensive move. Note that a few rare 
    moves can still hit you when rolling. This is pretty much a necessary move
    to even playing this game well, and Dedede makes extensive use of it.
    SHORT HOPPING: I want to stab who invented this term. Regardless, it's a
    fairly good one to know. Short Hopping is the tactic of lightly tapping up
    (or the jump button) to get a little bit off the ground. It's usually used
    by players to use an air move near the ground, but as Dedede's short hop
    is pretty slow, you're not going to get much opportunity to use this. Bear
    in mind that other players are going to, however, especially if they play
    someone like Luigi.
    SLINGSHOTTING: Doing a jump from an edge-grab gives you vastly increased
    jumping height. This can come in handy in levels with areas you can grab
    that aren't necessarily ledges, such as the tunnel entrance in Hyrule
    Temple, so bear this in mind.
    TURN-AROUND GRAB: Sometimes called a Pivot Grab. By hitting the grab button
    (Z) or A+G together after you do a turn-around (change direction when 
    dashing), you'll do a dash forward with your grab, giving it better range.
    UKEMI: Sometimes called an L-Cancel or R-Cancel. By hitting the guard button
    at the right time when knocked down, you get back up faster. This prevents
    enemies from following-up whilst you're down.
    WARICIDE: *Sigh* Yet ANOTHER "kill yourself" move, employed using Wario's
    Chomp (Standard B Special). Not quite effective, as it's easily escaped from,
    but still potentially deadly.
    YOSHI DEATH EGG: Technique used by Yoshi players against high damage % 
    opponents near the edge of the stage. Potentially disastrous when used 
    correctly, but as the Eggs *are* escapable at low %s, it's not as dangerous
    as it potentially could be.
    ===            CHAPTER THE SIXTH: A LOVABLE ROGUE'S GALLERY                  ===
    ===                (Specific Matchups and How to Deal)                       ===
    [Part 6]
    In this chapter, we discuss individual matchups, and how you can deal with each
    opponent. Like all characters, you're going to find that Dedede excels against
    some and gets his ass handed to him by others without some foresight.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Mario is your stereotypical all-rounder, so he has many advantages and few
    vulnerabilities to speak of. Ironically, he was toned down in Brawl, and
    lost his ultra-spammable Mario Tornado (which is now his Aerial Down A).
    This means he lost his Meteor Smash from Melee, which means that, overall,
    Mario is much less of a threat than he could otherwise be. He does have
    good speed, but he's nowhere near as big a threat to you as faster enemies
    could otherwise be.
    One thing to note is that his FLUDD move, much pissed-at, is actually a
    potentially deadly move against Dedede; most of Dedede's recovery is
    directed vertically, and the FLUDD can mess your momentum up - badly -
    when fully-charged. This isn't a problem for those who know how to cancel
    out of the Super Dedede Jump, but it's a big liability for newer players.
    Be aware.
    Difficulty: Moderate-to-Hard
    Dedede, in general, kicks the crap out of other heavyweights, owing to
    his massive damage and good reach. DK is a notable exception to this.
    A good DK player is going to throttle you if you aren't careful; DK has
    surprisingly good speed and incredibly strong moves as well. Dedede
    has to play to his strengths and fight smart; You still have a huge
    edge in power even though Dedede is slower than DK. The one clincher
    in this fight is Giant Punch (DK's Standard B Special); he has Super
    Armor when delivering the punch and is thus completely flinch-proof.
    Like Dedede, however, DK has big lags after and before moves, during
    which you can mess him up. He also lacks projectiles and has a shorter
    range than Dedede does. If at all possible, fight him in the Air. DK's 
    air game is much weaker than Dedede's, and Dedede out-prioritizes almost
    every move DK has in an aerial battle.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Link is a versatile character, strong at ranged combat, but also with
    a solid close-combat game. He also has good reach (about as good as
    yours, actually), which negates one of your advantages against him.
    Fortunately, Dedede's projectiles have better priority (Waddle Dee, GO!)
    and your moves in-close deal much heavier damage. Moreover, since Link
    is a Mid-ranger himself, you don't need to worry about getting inside
    your range in a closer battle, like you would against the likes of Kirby.
    Link himself also has poor recovery, which further weakens him against
    Dedede. His biggest thing to worry about is his Aerial Down A, which has
    absolutely massive priority and hits damn hard to boot. You also should
    be wary of his grab, which outranges yours (but has a much longer
    start-up and recovery lag, making him vulnerable should he screw up 
    and/or miss).
    Difficulty: Moderate-to-Hard
    This is tricky. Samus weighs a lot and has a ton of harsh, injury-inducing
    moves at both close and long range. Her Homing Missiles (Forward B Special)
    can target you from afar, and her Super Missiles (Smash Forward B Special)
    can out-damage your thrown Waddle Dees. Throw in her Charge Shot (Standard B
    Special), and Samus has a ton of ranged offensive punch. She's no slouch in-
    close, either, with powerful moves like her Smash Forward A. She even has
    a Meteor Smash in her Aerial Down A.
    One area that Samus lacks badly in, however, is in vertical knock-back.
    She has a good air-game, but it's weaker than many other characters and,
    Screw attack aside, many of Samus's moves can be out-prioritized by Dedede.
    Your main objective against Samus is getting in close, preferably via air.
    Once actually in a close-combat fight, Samus proves to be relatively easy
    to take down.
    Make a note, Samus has superlative recovery ability that isn't readily
    apparent when you see what a heavyweight she is. Her Grapple Beam (grab) is
    a recovery move and lets her grab the sides, and Screw Attack is a 
    quintessential "Third Jump" recovery move. Her Bombs slow her descent and
    can help her make it back if she's knocked away up high, which can make her
    absolutely maddening when used right, but control the up and down game,
    and Dedede almost invariably wins.
    Difficulty: Easy-to-Moderate
    Samus without her suit has much better range and better speed and mobility,
    but she weighs extremely little and has exceptionally poor knock-back. Even
    though she outranges Dedede, Dedede does more damage and has better priority,
    which, paired with her relatively light weight, makes her extremely easy to
    deal with. It's worth noting that Zero Suit Samus also uses a grappling move
    as her recovery (Up B Special), meaning she can be defeated via Edgehogging.
    Her Paralyzer (Standard B Special) can stun you enough to be used as a Set-Up,
    And she has a lot of multiple-hitting attacks, but since she lacks the sort
    of knockback needed to deal with a heavyweight, you're going in with a fair
    Difficulty: Hard
    Ironically, Kirby is a bad match-up for Dedede.
    The issue isn't Kirby's weight (he's pathetically light) or the threat of
    his Copy move (Copying Dedede isn't of much value for a Kirby Player), but
    rather because Kirby excels in-close and has very little start-up lag on
    his attacks. Paired with Kirby's strong offense, Kirby is an absolute pain
    in the butt if he manages to get close to you. Vulcan Jab (A, A, A Rapidly)
    can outspeed Dedede's Drill Hammer, Kirby's Grabs are all strong, and his 
    Smash Forward A has good coverage.
    Your biggest advantages as Dedede are Kirby's light weight and short range.
    Exploit this by using quicker attacks to ratchet up a little damage, then
    send him out with a stronger attack. Because he's so light, it's not
    uncommon to take Kirby out at an almost laughably low damage %, and Dedede.
    Outranges Kirby well, to boot, meaning you can play keep-away with him.
    Whatever you do against Kirby, don't let him get to close-range, and don't
    allow him to remain there long if he gets there.
    One last thing: Watch out for Kirbycide!
    Difficulty: Moderate-to-Hard
    The Space Animals in general are hard for Dedede, but Fox is especially bad
    due to Fox being the fastest of the group. Blaster (Standard B Special) is 
    extremely spammable and he can use it to rack up your damage quickly. 
    Moreover, Waddle Dee Toss won't help you much considering Reflector (Down B
    Special). Fortunately, he lost quite a bit of the punch he had in Melee (in
    exchange for better flexibility), so he IS beatable now - but he does have
    some new tricks, too.
    First and foremost, Fox is a close-range character, so like all close-range
    characters, you need to ensure he can't get to his preferred range. Dedede
    can accomplish this with judicious use of his Hammer, the crouching game,
    and more. He's the lightest character in the game, so you're liable to
    send him flying if you tag him with your harder moves and you racked his
    damage up a tad.
    Difficulty: Easy-to-Moderate
    How hard Pikachu is depends largely on your opponent. He's fast, but he's
    easily overpowered, and it takes relatively little to teach him to fly
    with a Smash attack. Smarter opponents will actively use moves like Skull
    Bash (Forward B Special) and Thunder Jolt (Standard B Special) to get into
    close combat or poke at you from afar. Fortunately, Waddle Dee toss beats
    Thunder Jolt for Priority, so Pikachu can't beat you in a ranged fight.
    You do need to be careful, however. Pikachu's Aerial Down A is a heavy
    hitter, and his Thunder (Down B Special) is one of the easiest-to-exploit
    attacks around, and a good Pikachu player WILL make extensive use of both,
    predictability be damned. Bear this in mind and be ready to counter him 
    as necessary, since there's no way Pikachu can handle Dedede in a 
    straight-up fight. The one move other than these to worry about is his
    Standard A - this headbutt is very quick and spammable, and can punish
    moves that you whiff. Be aware.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    A lot of characters have problems with Marth. Ironically, Dedede isn't
    one. Marth's sword does outrange Dedede slightly, but Dedede's got better
    priority, and you can out-range Marth with Dedede's Strong Forward A.
    Moreover, Marth lacks projectiles, has weak grabs, and has a very poor
    overall recovery. Pair this with his relatively poor weight, and Marth
    isn't too hard overall - but his extensive range alone and reasonable
    speed are both problematic.
    Take advantage of Marth by tossing Waddle Dees from afar and relying on
    quicker moves as the fight moves closer. Don't use your heavier attacks
    until it's time to send him flying - you DO NOT want to take a countered
    Forward Smash A to the face.
    ==MR. GAME & WATCH==
    Difficulty: Easy
    Game and Watch isn't hard, owing primarily to the fact that he's really
    lightweight and has relatively poor range. His priority is massive, and
    he has both good recovery and punch, but that doesn't account for his
    general weaknesses from afar. Waddle Dee Toss is good for harassing him,
    since he can't use Oil Panic to absorb the thrown Waddle Dees, and go for
    hard-hitting moves whenever you can. You can actually OHKO Game and Watch
    with one Smash Forward A at 0% on Flat Zone 2, but his Smash Up A and 
    Smash Down A are generally the better options for this match-up.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Luigi is identical to Mario, but has better speed and mobility. It's a
    good idea to avoid going airborne against Luigi; his Aerial Forward A
    and Aerial Down A are both extremely potent. His fireballs are also
    stronger and more spammable than Mario's, though they have less range,
    and his Super Jump Punch can kill you if he lands it when you're at
    a high damage %. His Green Missile is both a good recovery move and a
    solid overall offensive force built into one move.
    Ironically, for all his advantages, Luigi brings little new to the
    table over Mario - Dedede has better range and priority, and fighting
    Luigi is almost identical to fighting Mario - just be aware of the 
    differences, and what Luigi can do, and you'll be solid.
    ==DIDDY KONG==
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Diddy is a curious foe. He has a lot of tricks that work well at keeping
    opponents guessing, and he's effective both up close and from afar. His
    Banana Peel (Down B Special) is an annoying move that can give him both
    something to throw and something that can potentially interrupt charges.
    His Peanut Popgun gives him a strong ranged attack that can do very heavy
    damage from afar as well.
    Most Diddy players rely on his speed to juggle you and keep you off your
    game. Dedede's slowness is a liability here; you're better using your usual
    strategy against quicker foes - Fast attacks, so as to keep enemies from
    exploiting Dedede's lag - before you send a Diddy player out with a Smash.
    Diddy is light, so you shouldn't have trouble knocking him too far, and his
    recovery move requires charging to be effective, so you often have a window
    of opportunity wherein you can dive towards him to finish him off.
    Difficulty: Moderate-to-Hard
    Zelda has incredible, Dedede-level strength at her disposal, but she's got
    poor reach and is very light weight, which hinders her overall 
    effectiveness. Zelda has IMMENSE ranged punch with Din's Fire (Forward B 
    Special), and can use it to devastating effect against you if you aren't
    careful. Fortunately, for its high damage, Din's Fire also boasts a 
    trickiness to it that makes it relatively hard to aim, and you can easily
    knock her out of it with a thrown Waddle Dee. Her other moves aren't much
    to write home about, though Nayru's Love (Down B Special) can reflect a
    thrown Gordo, so be careful. It's worth noting that despite her looks and
    weight, Zelda IS a power character, and relies on her extensive offensive
    punch to keep enemies back. If you get in close, Dedede can absolutely
    wreck Zelda, but getting there is the task in and of itself.
    Difficulty: Easy-to-Moderate
    Sheik isn't as much of a threat. Though Sheik is very quick, and thus can
    cause Dedede problems if she gets close, Sheik's overall punch is weaker,
    with generally weaker offensive moves. Needle Storm (Standard B Special)
    can be a mean attack, and her Chain (Forward B Special) outranges your
    hammer, but Sheik generally does less dmaage and has less priority than
    Dedede does. A thrown Waddle Dee or two can disrupt Sheik and keep her
    off-balance, and if you rely on your quicker moves to rack up damage, you
    can easily send Sheik out with a Smash at relatively low damage %s. One
    thing to note: Sheik's Chain is a recovery move, so you can edge-hog 
    effectively against Shiek (you can't vs. Zelda).
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Pit can be incredibly annoying in the right hands. His Palutena's Bow
    (Standard B Special) has incredible range and coverage, and his Angel
    Ring (Forward B Special) and Mirror Shield (Down B Special) are BOTH
    reflector moves. Toss in his incredibly strong recovery, and Pit is
    a complete and total pain in the ass.
    Fortunately, Pit fights at mid-range due to his weapon of choice, and
    mid-range against Dedede is tantamount to slamming your face against
    a wall. Stay in close, and Dedede has no trouble dealing with Pit due
    to his greater priority. Again, use your quicker moves to rack some
    damage up, then use the crouching game or the like to send him out. 
    He doesn't weigh much.
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    This is, beyond a doubt, one of Dedede's hardest matchups, if not THE
    hardest. Meta-Knight has virtually no follow-through time on ANY of his 
    moves, and minimal start-up and wind-down lag. Moreover, he strikes so
    quickly that he can absolutely brutalize you in close-combat. Between
    Mach Tornado (Standard B Special) and his Standard A, he's loaded with
    moves that can combo and/or juggle and keep you completely off-balance.
    Fortunately, Meta-Knight lacks on actual knock-out power. His only really
    hard-hitting moves for scoring KOs are his Forward A Smash and Shuttle 
    Loop (Up B Special). His Smash Down A, Smash Up A, Dimensional Cape 
    (Down B Special) and Drill Rush (Forward B Special) all have good 
    knockback when used right, but it's really only those 2 moves that are
    going to kill you when you're at less than 100% or so.
    Your best bet against Meta-Knight is your typical close-combat game;
    use quicker moves to rack up damage and throws to clear breathing room.
    Waddle Dees aren't so good here; Mach Tornado cancels a thrown Waddle
    Dee (but not a Waddle Doo or Gordo), so your best bet is to hold the line
    and force Meta-Knight to come to you, bashing him when he does. He's
    relatively light, so it shouldn't take much to KO him. Bear in mind that
    Meta-Knight has one of the most effective recoveries of any character,
    and WILL come back if you don't kill him outright.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Falco's a little easier than Fox. He's got a weaker ground game, and
    though his Blaster (Standard B) has a stun effect, it's no stronger than
    Fox's with less than half the speed -  and thus less effective at racking
    damage. Falco also has a weaker ground game than Fox, and in general, his
    moves there have less priority as well. He's still a threat if he gets
    close, but Falco is much easier to deal with than Fox due to Falco's slower
    One thing to actually worry about: Falco's air game is superb. He's a lot
    better in the Air than Fox or Wolf, and outprioritizes you as well. His
    Aerial Up A can easily send you out, and his Aerial Down A is also potent.
    Keep the battle on the ground, and you'll find this an easy battle.
    Squirtle: Moderate
    Ivysaur: Hard
    Charizard: Easy
    SHOW ME YOUR POKEMANS. Pokemon Trainer is 3 characters in one, and you
    will need to fight differently depending on which Pokemon your enemy
    uses. A lot of Pokemon Trainer players fight using one Pokemon
    specifically, but the smarter ones will switch up often to keep you
    guessing. Each Pokemon has specific strengths and weaknesses, and
    adapting to fight each is imperative.
    Squirtle is probably the second-strongest in terms of a matchup
    against Dedede; he's very fast and can punish Dedede in-close. He
    also boasts a good redirect move in Water Gun (like Mario's FLUDD,
    this can screw with your momentum), and even has good recovery.
    Squirtle is a lightweight though, and his range is rather poor, so
    it isn't hard to take him down with a little practice. Standard
    anti-fast character tactics apply.
    Ivysaur is undisputedly the worst of the three for Dedede to face.
    Bullet Seed (Standard B Special) is a phenomenally good anti-air
    move, and many of Ivysaur's attacks boast good range and good
    knockback as well - which means that he can play fine at Dedede's 
    power range. Moreover, he's fairly heavy, meaning that he's hard to
    knock away. When fighting Ivysaur, use Waddle Dees to soften him up
    as he closes in, and use your quicker moves to pile on the hurt 
    before hitting him out with a Smash or Jet Hammer. Ivysaur does use
    a tether recovery, so you can Edgehog him, but this may not be the
    best option depending on the situation. In many cases, you'll find
    the best bet is to let your enemy come to you.
    Charizard is the strongest of the three overall, but he's also the
    easiest for Dedede to deal with. His moves have good range - 
    Flamethrower (Standard B Special) in particular is a nasty piece of
    work, and Rock Smash (Forward B Special) is nasty as well. Charizard
    also boasts strong recovery, and is quite heavy, too. Where Dedede
    breaks this matchup is that Waddle Dee toss still has better reach
    and that his moves come out faster and deal more damage than
    Charizard's. Charizard also has massive lag on a lot of his moves,
    meaning you can lay the punishment on if he misses, so keep mobile
    and stay aggressive and you'll have this fight in the bag.
    Difficulty: Easy-to-Moderate
    Dedede isn't disadvantaged against Ike. Ike fights similar to Marth,
    but trades speed for power, and Ike's got superior overall punch.
    Dedede hits harder still, however, and your Strong Forward A has
    notably better reach than anything Ike has with the lone exception
    of Eruption (Standard B Special) when charged-up. A lot of newer
    players spam Aether, but this is easily avoided with practice.
    In general, spam Waddle Dee toss from afar to piss the Ike player
    off, and use your quicker moves in-close since Ike has a poor ready
    speed. Ike's somewhat safer to try a Smash Forward A against, due
    to his rather slow start-up, but you shouldn't rely on this; 
    instead, use your Smash Up A and Smash Down A to send Ike away.
    Your grabs will also work, and Inhale makes an excellent counter
    to his Dash Strike (Foward B Special).
    Difficulty: Hard
    Snake is a pain in the ass. His range is superb, he's got tons of
    tricks to play with, and he's loaded with moves that can absolutely
    ruin Dedede if they hit. Back this up with a strong projectile in
    his Nikita (Forward B Special) and Grenades (Standard B Special),
    and Snake is a very tricky matchup. He even has good reach!
    Of paramount importance is identifying where, if anywhere, a Snake
    player plants mines or C4. Both of these moves will see a lot of
    use from Snake players, and both deal fairly heavy damage. Snake
    is none too fast in-close, and won't be able to bring the fight of
    say, Fox or Meta-Knight in a close-range battle, but he hits very
    hard, making smart fighting a must.
    Dealing with Snake isn't too hard with some foresight. ID any mines
    he plants, and use Waddle Dees to harass and set off fired Nikitas
    and planted Mines. In close-combat, focus heavily on delivering as
    much punishment as you can; Snake's vulnerable if you can keep him
    off his game. Snake's air game is also rather weak, so keeping him
    in the air may be your best course of action in a hard fight.
    Difficulty: Easy-to-Moderate
    Peach has never been a power character, but she does have a lot of
    tricks that can make her a troubling opponent when used correctly.
    Her Vegetables (Down B Special) can potentially even the odds if
    she gets the legendary Vegetable of Death (the one with a zombie-
    like face that does critical damage if it hits), and there are also
    other, more common vegetables that also pack a punch. Her Peach
    Bomber (Forward B Special) does fair damage as well, and her Smash
    attacks all are fairly powerful. Tie in Peach's strong recovery,
    and she's definitely stronger than she looks at a glance. She even
    has a counter in Toad (Standard B Special). She also has some
    darn strong grab moves.
    However, Peach is still very lightweight and lacks badly in terms
    of knockback. She's easy to KO if you fight smart and take the 
    battle to her and keep the pressure on. Peach does very badly 
    when pressured, and if you keep after her, she won't have much
    opportunity to pick at you from afar or set you up.
    Difficulty: Easy-to-Moderate
    Yoshi *can* be a hard fight. With his flinchproof jump giving him a
    strong overall recovery, and boasting exceptional knockback on 
    many of his moves, Yoshi poses further threat because so few
    people are actually willing to play as him. This is something of
    a severe error in judgment; Yoshi is a powerhouse when used
    right, and can be a tough foe for Dedede to take down.
    Yoshi Death Egg isn't too frightening; just break out of the egg.
    Watch out for Egg Lay. It can outrange your hammer, and can kill
    you if you're close to an edge. Yoshi's throw also outranges
    most of your hammer moves as well. This aside, however, every move
    he has is outranged by yours, and you can easily take Yoshi down 
    if you press the attack. Make him play to your game, exploiting
    the Crouching game as needed, and you're golden.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Beware of Ganoncide. That said, this is an easy matchup. For all his
    power and range, Ganondorf isn't as strong as Dedede, and Dedede's
    sheer punch will carry you through this battle. Waddle Dee toss helps,
    because he has no ranged attack, and provided you stay a short distance
    away, virtually every move you have is safe to use against Ganondorf.
    One thing to beware: Ganondorf has a wicked powerful air game. It's 
    advised that you fight him on the ground, where he'll have to come to 
    you to fight with any degree of effectiveness.
    Do make sure that you don't try Gimping him; Ganondorf has a very strong
    air game, can segue into Ganoncide with ease, and can easily nail you if
    you try to edge-hog. Fight smart, and be cautious, and this battle is
    Difficulty: Easy-to-Hard
    Ice Climbers can be either extremely easy or extremely hard depending
    on the player and how they use their moves. The Ice Climbers in general
    are a bad match-up for Dedede; it's easy to get caught between the two
    and juggled over and over, they have good moves at a range, and they
    fight well in-close. The only clincher is that they're rather slow and
    don't hit particularly hard.
    Tactically, fight defensively. They'll actively need to come to you, and
    Dedede has both better reach and better damage than the Ice Climbers.
    Sling Waddle Dees from afar, but avoid the crouching game; the Ice Climbers
    have projectile moves that can easily poke you and have a chance to freeze.
    When you can, switch up and go on the offensive. Moves like Hammer Drill
    (Big D's Standard A, A, A) can rack up big damage quick, and from there,
    it's only a Smash or back throw to send foes out. Jet Hammer is a good 
    option here, since even if you miss the enemy, you may hit his partner,
    since the AI-controlled Ice Climber partners are frankly stupid.
    Difficulty: Subjective
    You're fighting yourself. You know Big D's strengths by now, and you
    also know his weaknesses, so fight accordingly. There isn't a terrible
    lot I can give you to help with this matchup; of primary importance is
    knowing that you can pick up and throw enemy Waddle Dees/Waddle Doos,
    and this aside, you have to fight smart and work at actively countering
    your opponent's offensive. If they're going for big-ticket moves, use
    faster attacks to mix it up, and if they're going for fast attacks, use
    Big D's aerial game or the crouching game to keep enemies off-balance.
    Do your best; this one is ALWAYS going to be tough.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Wolf is the "power" member of the Star Fox characters; he's the heaviest
    (weighs about as much as Mario) and slowest, however. His punch is not
    really all that better than Fox or Falco's; he has better coverage range
    however, and a lot of his moves are "brute force" in nature. His Blaster
    (Standard B Special) has short range and the slowest fire rate of all of
    all Blaster-styled specials, but it does the most damage, has the harshest
    stun, and can score a 2-hit combo due to its bayonet if used in-close.
    His Wolf Flash can be troublesome; it's a Meteor Smash, and can truly
    mess you up if you're not careful. Lastly, his Reflector doubles as a
    counter; he has a split-second invulnerability frame during the start-up.
    What Wolf gains in utility, however, he loses in speed. Wolf is effective
    in close-combat, but he has really bad lag after most of his moves, so
    if you fight effectively and punish him with defensive fighting, he
    goes down relatively easily. As always, Waddle Dee toss from afar, and
    quick moves to rack up damage. Even with the added weight, Wolf's still
    an easy character to KO, so keep the pressure on.
    Difficulty: Easy-to-Hard
    Exactly how difficult this matchup is dependant upon how skilled the
    opponent is. A good Lucario player is actually mighty tricky, since
    Lucario fights very well at any range, and his range only gets better
    as he takes damage. Force Palm (Forward B Special) is a harsh move that's
    also very flexible; Lucario also boasts a counter in Double Team (Down
    B Special), and has a good recovery move, to boot.
    However, Lucario is pretty light, and Aura Sphere aside, is almost
    entirely focused on medium range - Dedede's power range - until he's
    heavily damaged and he gets a negligable range boost. Because of this,
    Lucario's going to be doing a heck of a lot of fighting where you're at
    your strongest. Mix up your attacks, and focus on quicker attacks to
    rack up damage, as always. Waddle Dee Toss is as valuable as always, and
    Lucario is extremely vulnerable to being pressured, in spite of his unique
    "damage when own damage % is high" mechanic, so being aggressive is a
    damn fine tactic here. Gimping actually can work well, but bear in mind
    that Lucario can turn the tide if you aren't ready.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Ness is very vulnerable to being kept airborne, and though he fights very
    well at medium range, and boasts both good support moves in his PK Fire
    (Forward B Special) and PK Flash (Standard B Special), Ness's poor recovery,
    light weight, and lack of any moves he can heal off of on Dedede's part
    (no, he can't absorb Waddle Doo's Beam either) mean that he's disadvantaged
    against Dedede in a straight-up match. Ness DOES have good overall punch and
    can really pile on the hurt if he goes for combos chaining from PK Fire, but
    his relatively light weight and the fact that he fights in Dedede's ideal
    range make him very vulnerable. Keep the pressure on and send him packing!
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Sonic is only easier than Meta-Knight due to the fact that Sonic is bigger
    and actually has a worse cooldown lag on his attacks.
    Meta-Knight aside, Sonic is your second-toughest matchup. His sheer speed
    and extremely quick attacks mean that he's capable of abusing you to a 
    ridiculous scale in a close-combat match. Toss in the fact that Sonic has
    an extremely powerful air game and absolute killer priority, as well as one
    of the best gimping moves around with his Spring (Up B Special), and Sonic
    is damn tricky to face.
    Fortunately, Sonic has no projectiles, and fights in close-range. Make no
    mistake - Sonic has no trouble getting in close and even less staying there,
    but his light weight and lack of projectiles mean he's actually somewhat
    vulnerable as he comes in. Throws may well become your best friend in this
    match, as you'll need to keep Sonic away and back out to medium range by
    whatever means necessary. His low endurance means that you can send him
    out easily; be careful, however, since Sonic is capable of defending 
    himself on a return trip (he can't use further recovery moves after 
    spring, though, so abuse this by sending his ass right back out). Gimping
    Sonic IS Possible, as is Edgehogging, and using both against Sonic is
    encouraged. Mercy has no place in a fight against Sonic.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Watch out for Bowsercide. This cannot be stressed enough.
    This aside, Bowser is almost laughably easy; Dedede is almost tailor-made
    for dealing with Bowser. Waddle Dee toss abuses Bowser from afar, and you
    out-prioritize him from afar. Gimp Bowser and you're talking kills at
    absolutely hilariously low %s. Good Bowser players will fight smart and
    work towards close-range, but since Dedede outranges AND outdamages Bowser
    in most regards, this will be a relatively easy fight if you fight smart.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Wario isn't too hard, mainly because he has ridiculous start-up lag on
    moves in exchange for really quick follow through times. His moves *do*
    absolutely hurt like hell, including Smash Down A, which can hit numerous
    times and has high priority to boot. His Wario Bike (Forward B Special)
    is an excellent approach move, and Corkscrew (Up B Special) can deal
    heavy damage when used as an anti-air move. His Chomp (Standard B Special)
    is relatively slow compared to Inhale, but has good priority. One thing
    to be wary of, at all times, is Wario Waft; fully charged up, this Weapon
    of Gas Destruction deals 40% damage and is capable of sending opponents
    flying out, and it doubles as a mighty recovery move when fully loaded.
    Fortunately, Wario's short range and long lag times make him wicked easy
    to counter, and you can just as easily play keep-away with him. As always,
    Waddle Dee Toss rocks, and judicious use of your quicker moves can rack
    up damage. The one thing to watch for is that Wario has a lot of power
    behind his moves, and can fight very effectively in the right hands - 
    but between his lag and his relatively poor recovery, you're going into
    this fight with an advantage.
    ==TOON LINK==
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Probably your third worst matchup after Sonic and Meta-Knight. Toon Link is
    very fast, with good range and exceptional priority. Think of him as a
    smaller, faster Link with better overall utility, and you see why he's
    dangerous. Between his various projectiles, he has ranged punch on par with
    his non-toon counterpart, and his faster speed and smaller size means he
    plays to close range and quickly - Dedede's big weakness. You can't fall
    into the trap of thinking "this is just a smaller, faster Link," because
    with his improved speed and higher jump, he's a legitimate threat to Dedede.
    Like Link, Toon Link's Aerial Down A is annoying as hell. Fortunately, it's
    pretty much his only good air move, and once you predict it, it becomes 
    easier to avoid and counter. Use your quicker moves, as per usual, to rack
    damage up, and keep Waddle Dee Toss handy, but remember that Toon Link is
    also damn strong from afar, like Link. One nice thing is that Toon Link
    weighs a lot less and is relatively poor on recovery, so he's a lot easier
    to kill than his adult contemporary.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    R.O.B. is a tricky foe. He has some of the best-prioritized moves in the
    game, he has excellent recovery, he has 2 powerful projectile moves, and
    he even has a reflector move. Putting it bluntly: This is going to be
    R.O.B.'s Gyro (Down B Special) demands respect. It can deal heavy damage,
    and its impact is substantial when it's fully-charged. Paired with his
    Robo Beam (Standard B Special), R.O.B. Has a surprisingly strong ranged
    game, but he can't deal with constant ranged pressure (I.E. from Waddle
    Dee Toss). R.O.B. is also a tough close-range fighter with a bit of added
    punch out to medium range, and his Arm Rotor (Forward B Special) can reflect
    projectiles (as can his regular attacks involving his arms, ironically).
    R.O.B. plays into Dedede's power range (medium), however, which means
    he gets his metallic butt kicked if the pressure keeps on.
    One thing to watch for: When high on damage, Robo Beam becomes a nasty KO-
    Capable move, and can also be used to blast you when you're trying to 
    recover, since R.O.B. can angle it or bounce it. Be aware!
    Difficulty: Easy-to-Moderate
    Olimar is a weird character that offers immense potential for Micro-happy
    players. He's also got a much higher learning curve than most of SSBB's cast
    combined, so he's also rarely played except by people willing to get really,
    really good with him. Newer players (and the Comp) generally use him badly,
    and seldom exploit him to his full potential. When he's used correctly,
    Olimar is a tough opponent, since he's extremely unpredictable and his attack
    power can be either very high or very low depending on the Pikmin he's got.
    His Pikmin Throw (Forward B Special) isn't as good as Waddle Dee Toss unless
    he has a stronger Pikmin (such as a Purple), but the fact that his Pikmin can
    cause a multitude of problems and prolonged damage make it an irritating move.
    Olimar himself has relatively poor endurance, and his recovery move is a tether,
    so you can best him by Edgehogging, and sending him out is no trouble. Just
    be careful; a lot of his moves have confusing priority and range.
    Difficulty: Moderate-to-Hard
    Captain Falcon hangs tough. With a damn strong air game and tons of moves that
    are potent on the ground and have good range, Captain Falcon is a good example
    of an enemy whom, even with no projectiles, can put up a damn hard fight. He
    does have a rather long cooldown lag on his attacks, and that is your main edge
    against him. As per tradition, Waddle Dee Toss from afar, and use quicker 
    attacks to rack up damage, before sending him out with Smash, Jet Hammer, or
    a Throw. One thing to note is that Captain Falcon isn't really Gimpable due
    to Falcon Dive being a throw, so it's better to let him recover, then take him
    down unless you're damn sure you can Edgehog him (which is risky). He's quicker
    than Ganondorf, which is exactly what makes him a lot more dangerous.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Despite being nearly identical to Kirby in offensive tactics, Jiggles (a
    nickname coined by my friend Steve) is actually a lot easier to deal with, 
    because she's a lot weaker on the ground. In exchange, Jiggles has a nasty
    air game - one of the strongest overall, in fact, and she boasts an excellent
    neutralizer in Sing (Up B Special) and a nasty finisher in Rollout (Forward
    B Special), and even toned-down, her Rest (Down B Special) is DEATH if she
    lands it when you're high on damage.
    The amusing part is that this doesn't mean Jiggles is any real threat. Dedede
    can kill Jigglypuff with hilarious ease, owing to her exceptionally light
    weight. Jiggles can pile on the hurt in close, and has strong recovery, but
    because she actually has to get in close to do so, and isn't as strong at this
    as Kirby, you'll have no problem KOing Jiggles.
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Lucas is a lot tougher than Ness. He has a tougher emphasis on close combat,
    and his Smash Up A and Smash Down A are both outright vicious. Toss in a
    ranged throw from his snake, powerful knockback in PK Fire (Forward B Special),
    and a nasty move in PK Freeze (Standard B Special), and he can be a tough
    foe to face, especially if you're expecting a mid-ranged fight like Ness.
    Fortunately, Lucas has a big lag on his stronger Smashes, and most of the rest
    of his attacks are rather bad on the outset and can be outranged. Lucas can't
    stand up to Dedede in a close-in fight, and Waddle Dee Toss beats most of his
    ranged game, so aside from his slightly different fighting style, he's just
    like Ness, which means you'll send him flying out without too much trouble.
    Difficulty: Random
    ...Can't really help you with this one. ;)
    ===               CHAPTER THE SEVENTH: BATTLEFIELDS OF NOTE                  ===
    ===            (Places Dedede Sucks and Rocks at, Respectively)              ===
    [Part 7]
    Some stages are a hell of a lot better for Dedede to fight on, and others are
    almost laughably bad. Whilst this is true of every character, Big D's strengths
    and weaknesses come through a hell of a lot clearer on  different stages, so in
    an effort to help you fight better in various scenarios, this guide will go
    into a bit about every single stage and tell you how Dedede can do well there
    (or not, in some cases).
    Status: Neutral
    Overall, Dedede's reasonably strong here. The varied terrain means you can
    exploit his reach a bit better - the ability to swing upwards or downwards
    means you can pierce platforms with his Smash Up A and Smash Forward A. Also,
    Dedede's crouching game is outright brutal when used under one of the platforms.
    It's also got a definite underside to the starting platform, so if you Dedecide
    and spit an enemy out under the platform, you may be able to make it back even
    if the enemy can't.
    On the downside, this stage is SMALL. While this means it's easier for Big D
    to score KOs on, it also means that you'll be hard-pressed to keep speedy foes
    away from you.
    Status: Disadvantageous
    Not where you want to fight. Final Destination is flat, with no obstacles and
    thus relatively few ways to set a foe up. This results in "skill against skill"
    matches to hear the self-proclaimed "pros" say it, but for a slow character 
    like King Dedede, a Final Destination battle is tantamount to suicide when
    placed against a faster character.
    One area this place IS good at is that it's comparatively easy to spam Waddle
    Dee Toss here, but that's not exactly a big upside. If you are forced to fight
    on Final Destination (It is the fastest-loading map after-all), rely heavily
    on your quickest moves and be as brutal as you can possibly be. Follow up and
    actively attempt to finish off any foe you send off. You can't afford NOT to
    on this map.
    Status: Neutral
    Basically a Battlefield variant when in-flight, Delfino plaza isn't hugely
    advantageous or disadvantageous for Dedede. It's generally a small map, but
    the constant movement means you'll also have moments where it's safe to run.
    There's a few locations where you can really get away with some sneaky tricks,
    such as that procession of small islands near the edge of the city, where you
    can easily smack enemies back and downward. Delfino Plaza, in spite of its 
    weirdnesses, isn't a bad map for Big D, and a pretty good overall location
    to fight on.
    Status: Advantageous
    Luigi's Mansion is a lot like Battlefield, only bigger, with more places to
    run, and more places to fight from. overall, Dedede rocks here, owing to the
    larger space; because of the added room you can abuse Waddle Dee Toss, are
    harder to send out, and can get away with using more varied moves. Many
    players will actively attempt to level the estate immediately, but even
    if they do, the added size of this stage makes it an easier fight for Big D.
    Status: Disadvantageous
    Dedede isn't disadvantaged here because of the terrain, but rather due to
    his speed. It's way too easy to get scrollkilled here, owing to Dedede's
    long lag and slow running speed. He's big, too, which means he can't fit
    through the brick passages in 1-2 without smashing through them.
    If you do have to fight here, Super Dedede Jump works wonders for getting
    through some areas. Avoid fighting here as Dedede if possible, though.
    Status: Advantageous
    Any map this big and capable of causing outside interference is a potential
    win for Dedede. This is because Dedede thrives on outside factors (Waddle
    Dee Toss is there for a reason) and can easily work them to his advantage.
    In this case, the combination of the large map size, varied terrain, and
    occasional go-karts make this a good map, since between Big D's heavy
    weight and high attack power (and thrown Waddle Dees), your foes will have
    their work cut out for them. Not a bad stage at all for Dedede.
    Status: Advantageous
    I hate this map with the fury of a thousand suns, but there is no question
    that Dedede is good here. This stems primarily from his powerful upward
    jumps and Super Dedede Jump, but also from his harsh knockback allowing
    for ridiculously easy kills.
    Status: Neutral
    Bridge of Eldin is like a bigger Final Destination with a little bit of
    randomness thrown into the mix for kicks. The lack of varied terrain is
    problematic, but the map's sheer size means that you aren't as vulnerable
    as you could be. Fight smart, and you'll find Dedede to do well here.
    Status: Advantageous
    Let's see. Varied terrain, large map. Dedede can do very well here, if you
    fight smart. Keep your eyes peeled for the catapult, watch the edges when
    the twister hits, stay mobile when the ship hits a sandbar, and watch for
    cannonballs from the fort. This aside, the Pirate Ship is basically a
    bigger version of Battlefield with Water, so you shouldn't have too many
    problems here.
    Status: Disadvantageous
    Ouch. Norfair isn't a bad map, but the outpourings of lava and other nasty
    hazards, such as the lava tsunami, can be damn hard to get away from due
    to Dedede's poor speed. Whilst there certainly are worse maps to fight on,
    Norfair is certainly winning no prizes for being Dedede-friendly.
    Status: Disadvantageous
    This map is actually smaller than Final Destination. Though the latter is
    worse due to no varied terrain, the flipping of the map and tiny area means
    that you'll be fighting in an area Dedede flat-out isn't good at. Avoid
    this level if you possibly can.
    Status: Neutral
    Not as bad as it appears. Yoshi's Island is a bigger map than it appears at
    a glance, owing to the moving platforms, and the big strip in the center can
    be attacked through (though not as effectively as Battlefield). Because the
    platform changes shape, you can often wind up with an area where Dedede's
    hammer can cover basically half of the damn thing at a given time.
    Unfortunately, the map itself is rather small, so it doesn't work well with
    Waddle Dee Toss and isn't conducive to avoiding speedier characters. Not
    a bad stage in general, provided you've gotten good at dealing with the
    errant faster character.
    Status: Neutral
    I love this stage. It's also not particularly bad for Dedede, as the platform
    setup lets Dedede play his Crouching game well here. It's a small map, to be 
    sure, and as such a little bit harder for Dedede, but the map gets a little 
    better once the platform lands on the Halberd's deck. Once you get more skilled
    at handling quicker enemies, this is hardly a bad stage to fight on.
    Status: Neutral
    Battlefield with spacecraft and slightly different platform arrangement. Really,
    aside from the fact that the stage tilts slightly occasionally, there isn't a
    terrible lot of difference (Fox/Wolf/Falco Communiques aside).
    Status: Neutral
    Even with the stage changing up constantly, this isn't a disadvantageous fight
    for Dedede. Between the platforms providing good cover for the crouching game,
    varied terrain allowing you to mix things up, and the stage's size helping
    Waddle Dee Toss prove its worth, this overall isn't a bad stage. There are
    definitely better, to be sure, but Pokemon Stadium 2 works well for Dedede.
    Status: Advantageous
    Not a bad stage at all. The big size is helpful, and if you camp the tunnel
    below, Dedede can pile on the hurt as few others can. Waddle Dee Toss works
    well here, and the stage is complex enough to allow you to escape quicker
    The downside of this map is the special attacks of the various Pokemon. Getting
    floored by one of Dialga or Palkia's beams is death, and Cressalia and company
    screwing with your controls and messing up the stage can really catch you with
    your pants down. This is a good stage for Dedede, to be sure, but you need to
    familiarize yourself with it well in advance.
    ==PORT TOWN==
    Status: Neutral
    If Delfino Square had sex with Mario Circuit, this would be the unholy product
    of their sweaty lust. Port Town is basically Delfino Square with oncoming
    traffic, and with that in mind, it plays very similarly. It's not particularly
    advantageous or disadvantageous; Waddle Dee Toss won't get much play, but the
    constant shifting makes it difficult for enemies to keep after you for follow-
    up, and Dedede's strong recovery helps a lot here.
    Status: Neutral
    This stage is a mixed bag. On one hand, it changes up a lot, and first and 
    second sections are extremely Dedede-friendly in spite of the first section's
    relatively small size. The third section, however, is basically a rehash of
    Final Destination, and that is a much weaker position for Dedede to be in. You
    have a definitive edge if you fight smart on this map, but the constant
    shifting can unexpectedly hose you - fight smart, and watch yourself on the
    third section of this map.
    Status: Neutral
    Boil this down, and it's Battlefield with Minigames and slightly different 
    platform layout. Not too much to say. Win the minigames to sieze the initiative,
    and be careful due to the map's relatively small size. 
    Status: Neutral
    The Pikmin stage is tricky. It's big enough to be a flexible map, and you can
    get a lot of use here out of most of your moves, but the constant fluxutations
    in battlefield condition, including rain and the Bulborb, can be a problematic
    factor. How well you do here largely depends on how you deal with the hazards;
    if you can drive an enemy off to a side (either from the rain or Bulborb), it's
    easier to take down an enemy, and Dedede's recovery can make him relatively
    hard to KO on this map.
    Status: Disadvantageous
    Even with the platforms, this is little more than a slightly tweaked Final
    Destination map. Dedede does poorly here, for all the reasons mentioned
    in the original Final Destination entry.
    Status: Advantageous
    New Pork City is huge, and open. You can really get a lot out of Dedede here,
    since it's big enough to let you escape faster characters and abuse Waddle
    Dee Toss. Unfortunately, the stage is *so* big that it's actually hard to
    effectively score KOs in. Since Dedede weighs a lot however, that's a problem
    that actually benefits you.
    Really, the biggest weakness of New Pork City is that an enemy can effectively
    run from you forever if it comes to that. This won't happen if you play Stock,
    but if you play Time, this problem CAN come up, so be aware.
    Status: Neutral
    A smaller stage, but one with lots of varied terrain, and several areas where
    Dedede can dominate the map. On the downside, this stage is exceptionally
    dangerous for absolutely everyone, courtesy of falling platforms, an icy
    floor, and that damnable FISH. The only reason this map isn't considered
    disadvantageous is that *everyone* has problems here due to that goddamn
    FISH. Trust me, you've not cursed until you've seen that thing claim like
    2 or 3 lives of yours in a stock match when it never even actually hit you.
    Status: Neutral
    This map is good for Dedede solely due to the setup; it's very easy to hit
    enemies with Waddle Dee Toss here, and the sheer size makes it possible to
    escape faster enemies. If platforms here break, you can jump right through
    them until they're fixed, so Super Dedede Jump actually doubles as a 
    linebreaking move on this map. 
    So why the Neutral Rating?
    You need to watch for the additional impacts - because hitting the platforms 
    slows down your follow-through time somewhat! Since Dedede already strikes
    slowly, this is a pain in the butt. Fortunately, many characters suffer from
    Status: Advantageous
    A big stage, which you can cover huge ground in with impunity, bombard foes
    well from afar, and escape quicker foes in? Score. Dedede can outrun many
    quicker characters here due to his immense vertical mobility, which negates
    one of the big problems of using Dedede on a big stage. With varied terrain
    and loads of hazards for foes to worry about, this is easily one of the best
    stages to play Dedede on.
    ==MARIO BROS.==
    Status: Neutral
    This is tricky one. Mario Bros. has good lateral mobility and it's very 
    difficult for a foe to KO Dedede here by their own merit. Waddle Dees can
    divert Shellcreepers and Sidesteppers, and Dedede is an excellent tunnel
    fighter in general. Jet Hammer rocks here.
    Unfortunately, this stage is pretty much all about throwing Shellcreepers
    and Sidesteppers. On Time matches, this place has frenzied matches, and
    on Stock matches, this place has ones that are sadly brief - so it isn't
    a slam dunk for Dedede, alas.
    ==FLAT ZONE 2==
    Status: Advantageous
    This stage is one that only a fool faces Dedede on. You can't gimp Dedede
    here, and Dedede's recovery is a moot point. The stage is also small. It
    has varied terrain, however, plays beautifully to Dedede's Crouching game,
    and is so compact at the edges that it's entirely possible to OHKO many
    opponents with a single fully-charged Smash Forward A. Dedede can send foes
    out with almost embarassingly low damage %s here, which is the main reason
    this is a nice map to use him on.
    Status: Neutral
    This is far from Dedede's strongest stage, but it IS better than Final
    Destination, Frigate Orpheon, and Smashville. The way terrain can pop up
    and change can work in your favor, and the map does work well, if 
    unpredictably, with many of Dedede's moves. It's also slightly easier to
    recover on than Final Destination is.
    Status: Advantageous
    Deceptive little thing. You can't stand on branches, you can's use the
    water to swim, and though the stage itself is big, it's a fight for the
    good terrain on the level. Ironically, that's exactly what makes it desirable
    for Dedede; Enemies basically *have* to come to you which means they're
    effectively forced to play into your range. Camp advantageous spots, and
    you'll find this to be a better level than it could otherwise be; speedy
    characters have trouble here due to the terrain and the movement speed
    advantage is sincerely hindered here.
    Status: Advantageous
    Shadow Moses is a balanced stage. Dedede can fight well here, and stage
    is big enough to use a wide array of tactics on. Unfortunately, it's also
    rather hard to score kills on until the walls are broken.
    Fighting smart here is key. Control the bottom of the stage and only go up
    to persue an enemy you sent up to begin with. Dedede's ability to hold
    ground is an absolute killer on this stage, since his Smash Up A covers so
    much ground. You can also use the crouching game well here.
    Overall, one of the better stages to play Dedede on. Remember that you *Can*
    break the walls if you really need to send someone out the sides, but that
    Dedede is generally better sending them out upwards, due to his heavy weight
    making him hard to launch vertically.
    Status: Disadvantageous
    Though big enough to move around on, this map lends itself too well to fast
    characters that can close the gap quickly. You can't get away from quicker
    characters that well here, which is exactly why it's a troubling map. It's
    bigger than Final Destination, and certainly bigger than Frigate Orpheon,
    so if you do have to fight here, remember well your lessons about dealing
    with quicker foes.
    Status: Advantageous
    Dedede is heavy and hard to launch. Hyrule Temple is huge and has varied
    terrain. Do the math - Dedede rocks here. The only really staggering drawback
    is the same one New Pork City has; it's so big that idiots on time matches
    will flee forever here like a bunch of idiots.
    Status: Neutral
    I don't care what the map says. This is Super Mario World, and not Yoshi's
    Island. Stupid mistranslation.
    This is a reasonable map. It's big and open, with lots of potential to do
    well, but the blocks in the center can - and will kill you if you aren't
    prepared for them. With a reasonable amount of varied terrain, this isn't
    a bad map by any stretch, but there are definitely better ones for Dedede.
    Status: Advantageous
    This is a map that really pushes it. A platform offering good terrain
    advantage, 2 docks offering camping spots, and enough open terrain to
    abuse Waddle Dees effectively. It's a bit of a weird match, but with
    Dedede's strong recovery, this is actually a damn good map to play Dedede
    on - provided you've gotten good at cancelling Super Dedede Jump.
    Status: Advantageous
    Another big map with lots of varied terrain. The Overhang at the house is
    outright EVIL to play the crouching game near, the various high locations
    make Waddle Dee Toss effective, and the sheer size helps you against
    faster characters. A solid map to play on as Dedede.
    Status: Neutral
    Corneria isn't great for Dedede. The terrain isn't bad, and there's lots
    of locations that lend themselves well to how Dedede Fights, but the level
    itself is much better exploited by faster characters. Hardly a bad map,
    Status: Neutral
    Dedede's strong recovery gives him an edge here, as does his harsh knockback,
    but this map in general doesn't like anyone. It's comparatively easy to get
    cheesed by a faster, more mobile character and left behind here, which is
    exactly why this map isn't quite in Dedede's pile.
    Status: Advantageous
    This is one of Dedede's best maps. It's fairly big, has varied terrain you
    can exploit, has some locations you can use a wide arrayof tactics on, and 
    has enough edges here to make recovering as Dedede easy. Definitely a good
    place to mix it up.
    ==BIG BLUE==
    Status: Disadvantageous
    This is a bad stage to take Dedede to simply due to the ground. If you get 
    knocked off and into the road, you're dead - end of story. Dedede can't
    even HOPE to keep up with the road, and the constantly shifting terrain
    doesn't help matters one bit. Avoid taking Dedede here if possible.
    Status: Neutral
    Yet another slightly modified Battlefield-style map. Brinstar isn't bad,
    since the terrain lends itself well to Dedede's reach, but the small size
    is a big problem against faster characters. Dedede's strong recovery is a
    big upside here, but the stage's layout is inherently hostile, so be
    careful and fight smart here.
    Status: Neutral
    Identical to Pokemon Stadium 2 save for the stages the place turns into,
    and the fact that Stadium 1 is a tiny bit smaller. It's not a huge deal,
    and in general, the 2 stages are pretty close.
    ===                CHAPTER THE EIGHTH: THINGS MOST CURIOUS                   ===
    ===            (Random King Dedede Facts and bits of Silliness)              ===
    [Part 8]
    This section is to document some various weird facts about Dedede in general. 
    WADDLE DEE BEHAVIOR: The amount of little things that Waddle Dees do in SSBB  
    is truly amazing. They walk and hop around, look around, smile, and more      
    before popping back out of existence. It's rather interesting to see just how 
    much detail was paid to animating the little guys.
    WHERE THEY ALL COME FROM: Waddle Dees are the single most common inhabitant
    of Dream Land (the main country of Pop Star, the world Kirby's from). Because
    of this, they are commonly conscripted into Dedede's army, though many Waddle
    Dees are more social. In Kirby Super Star, when you beat Spring Breeze, Kirby
    returns all of Dedede's stolen food to Dream Land's denizens - the majority of
    which are you guessed it - Waddle Dees.
    SOME NODS TO THE ANIME: A lot of people asked me why Dedede, in the 4Kids
    version of the Kirby Anime, spoke with a southern accent. Contrary to popular
    theory, this is not to make him sound like George W. Bush. In the original,
    Dedede spoke with an Osaka accent, which translates to a southern drawl
    in the US. Rather humorously, Dedede's bombastic behavior and mannerisms
    (and staggering debt) have caused people to draw said parallels.
    Weird, but true.
    FURTHER NODS: In the Anime, Dedede is served by a host of Waddle Dees. Said
    Waddle Dees cook, clean, act as his castle's soldiers and guards, and in
    general, act as his servants, with a Waddle Doo serving as his captain of
    the guard. This is one of the few bits of canon carried over from the games,
    as Dedede is served by an Army of Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos.
    EPIC WADDLE DEE: In Kirby 64, one very fortunate Waddle Dee wound up going
    with Dedede and Kirby on their adventure. He also got turned into a Waddle
    Doo, and fought Kirby when you first met him, but after saving him, he
    goes with Kirby everywhere. He was the only Waddle Dee in the game (weird
    because they're the most common creature IN Dream Land), making a lot of
    people joke that he was the ultimate Waddle Dee and the epitome of
    Waddle Dee-ness.
    And yes, Dedede abused him, too. He was just nicer about it.
    DEDEDE'S EMBLEM: You may have noticed the weird, bunny-head-looking Emblem on
    Dedede's Robe. This emblem is the symbol of Dedede's kingdom and army, but it
    dates back, rather humorously, to his first appearance in Kirby's Dream Land,
    wherein he actually had fingers and made a "Victory" sign as part of a flag.
    Dedede wears mittens now, but the emblem remains.
    MUSICAL NUMBERS: Dedede's theme song, "Theme of King Dedede," comes from the
    SNES Game Kirby Super Star, where it was played for the one boss fight you
    have with the guy. The song is actually a remix of Dedede's original theme,
    which played in Kirby's Dream Land, but didn't become the well-known remix
    that we know now until Super Star. The theme from the Fountain of Dreams in
    Melee, Whispy Woods in SSB and Melee, and a few other locations is the music
    from the Gourmet Race, wherein Dedede and Kirby had a foot-race for treats.
    The music for Green Greens comes from the music for the same area in the
    Original Kirby's Adventure (and the music was so iconic that it saw use in
    almost every Kirby game thereafter).
    THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY: Brawl Creator Sakurai is the one who did the
    voice of King Dedede. Bizarre and hilarious, but AWESOME.
    IF I HAD A HAMMER...: Kirby and Dedede use identical Hammers. Dedede's is a
    lot more dangerous, for reasons obvious, but it's kind of cute that both 
    have the same sort of hammer (which is the Hammer from Kirby's Adventure).
    REUNITED: I thought this was cute. Dedede and Kirby have long been at odds.
    When Dedede finally encounters Kirby in subspace, however, he's so happy to
    see Kirby that he tacklehugs him. "I'm so happy to see you!!" he seems to
    say. Overall, it's a rather humorous and touching moment considering their
    usual rivalry.
    A SCENARIO REVISITED: In the Subspace Emissary, Dedede behaves much as he
    did in Kirby's Adventure. In that game, Dedede appeared quite the villain,
    but in fact his motives were pure. In the Subspace Emissary, it's the same
    deal. He kicks Luigi's ass in the first 10 seconds of his appearance, and
    Carjacks Wario, but his real goal is to prevent Tabuu's plan from succeeding
    by placing his timed badges on the trophied fighters, knowing that it'll
    wake them soon enough. He winds up having huge plot significance later
    because of this.
    A TOUCHING MOMENT: Dedede was smart enough to have a Badge made for himself.
    However, he realizes he doesn't have enough Badges to go around when he 
    sees Zelda (or Peach) doesn't have one yet, so he puts one of his badges on
    the respective Princess. Who says chivalry is dead?
    SCREWING WITH BOWSER: Dedede loves messing with Bowser. When he revives 
    Bowser in the Subspace Emissary, Bowser immediately attacks him and then
    gets his ass handed to him. Dedede then revives him again, and when Bowser
    tries the same crap all over again, Dedede flicks his nose, completely 
    snubbing Bowser's authority. It's absolutely hilarious.
    HE'S A PENGUIN: Yes, he's a Penguin. Snake can see it, why can't you?
    DEMOLITION COMPANY: If you have Snake contact Colonel Campbell at Shadow
    Moses when facing King Dedede, Campbell will advise him that a single strike
    from Dedede's Hammer can level a building. He's not kidding, or even 
    exaggerating. If the pillars on the left and right hand sides of Shadow 
    Moses Island are damaged even a little before trying it, Dedede can, indeed, 
    break them with a single fully-charged Forward Smash A.
    IRONY PERSONIFIED: If Kirby sucks up Dedede, he copies Dedede's Inhale. This
    doesn't give much in the way of benefits; the only real difference is that
    Kirby gains an Inhale with punch equal to Dedede's. Kirby's Jump is still
    extremely low after inhaling an enemy, so this attack is not useful in the
    slightest usually.... The hat's cute, though!
    THEM IS GOOD EATS: If you get caught in a situation where a Waddle Dee is
    forcing you to pick it up and sling it instead of using attacks (because 
    the damn thing is too close), you can always Inhale to get rid of it. Yes,
    Dedede can eat his Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos. Doing so always makes me feel
    like a criminal, though....
    ORIGINS: Dedede's moves almost all stem from previous games. His Super Dedede
    Jump was in every Kirby game he appeared in, his Dashing A is similarly used
    in every game he appears, His Inhale came in circa Kirby's Adventure, and his
    Hammer, likewise, is used in every Kirby Game he's in. The only real "Out of
    Nowhere" move he has in his arsenal, truly, is Jet Hammer, which supposedly
    stems from one of Kirby's moves in Kirby Super Star.
    ===               CHAPTER THE NINTH: LEGAL DEPARTMENT STUFF                  ===
    ===             (Basically, miscellaneous legalese and such)                 ===
    [Part 9]
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl is copyrighted by Nintendo. All characters, etc, in   
    the game are various copyrights of their respective owners. GameFAQs is part  
    of Gamespot. The Wii is another Nintendo Trademark. I'm pretty sure I got     
    everything on that but in case I didn't, everything belongs to their original 
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Jaimas. It is licensed for use by GameFAQs and     
    posted with permission. Should you wish to host this article, or some part of 
    it, on your own site, for whatever reason, drop me a line and I'll cheerfully
    allow you. You can print it up and distribute it if you want, but please don't
    print copies up and sell them. That would be wrong and the law would get      
    involved trust me, neither of us want that. :(                                
    If you claim my work is yours at some point, I will mercilessly hunt you down 
    and annoy the everloving heck out of you before I start threatening legal    
    action. So don't do that. Please?
    * Hal Laboratories for making King Dedede.
    * King Dedede himself for being so awesome.
    * Nintendo for putting everyone's favorite penguin IN the game.
    * Nintendo for making Brawl in the first place.
    * Wikipedia, for providing some rare, useful information on Big D, despite
    a userbase that seems to largely include retarded monkeys. Seriously, it's
    kind of sad how deep elitism runs there. [CITATION NEEDED] indeed.
    * Nintendo's Smash Bros. Dojo!! Site for providing a wealth of darned good
    information regarding various characters, skills, stats, and unlockables.
    The site is at:
    Check it out. The King demands it!
    * The Brawl Manual for providing some useful insights.
    * GameFAQs for telling me that I'm not supposed to "Box" my FAQs - after 
    my 9th try or so.
    * GameFAQs' message boards for the most recent terminologies (such as 
    "footstooling." I was calling it "Head-hopping" until I learned this.
    Certainly a small difference in nomencleture, but doubtlessly important
    to SOMEBODY at some point and if I got people confused, the onus would
    be on me to rectify that situation).
    * Sakurai for Japan Time.
    * Sakurai for providing Dedede's voice!
    * Knuckle Joe for pissing Steve off. Repeatedly. For like 3 hours.
    * Bill for noticing my HTML was showing.
    * Shin Majin/Ultima Rarus for sending in the suggestion for a strong/weak
    stage list.
    * Gam2002 for sending in the info on the origins of Jet Hammer, and for the
    info on Dedede's theme song.
    * leumas292 for noticing that Dedede stops taking the 1%/sec damage when
    over 150% when charging Jet Hammer.
    * Dinapoli for pointing out that all characters have a kick-up move and a
    critical ledge move.
    * The like 20 people who noticed I forgot to mention that Wario's Chomp can eat
    items in Dedede's Strengths section. X)
    * Cavios for letting me bonk him all over the place with Dedede for this
    FAQ's range tests. He's probably going to hunt me down for this at some
    point, a fate I will richly deserve.
    * Shyna and the Lardpirates. You guys rock, and you know why.
    * JPG, Chameleon, Kiko, Antipothis, Neil, and Tanya, for inspiring this FAQ.
    * And you, for reading it.
    ===                  CHAPTER THE TENTH: HOW I SHOOP WOOP                     ===
    ===             (Contacting the Author for Questions/Comments)               ===
    [Part 10]
    Should you wish to contact the author for questions, comments, criticism, or  
    whatever, you can drop me a line at JaimasCMikado@AOL.COM. Like all things,   
    this FAQ is transient, and I will, in all likelihood, be systemically updating
    it at some point. Any information on any front you'd like to give me would be 
    greatly appreciated, as would feedback. Peace out, people.                    

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