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    Olimar by Smart_A1ec

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    | Olimar |
    SuperSmash Bros. Brawl
    shoot me an email at mathieu@insightbb.com
    3/13/08 FINALLY GOT THE GAME!! After about 4 hours I decided to use Olimar for 
    the first time!
    3/14/08 Started training with Olimar for-real. Went up to 3 Level 9's on a team 
    and won.
    3/15/08 Won 37/41 rounds with Olimar online, Also had a tournament and got 2nd 
    to Peach........ "/
    3/16/08 Was up 'til 4:45am with only Olimar. I want to be the best with him. 
    Also started writing this guide.
    3/17/08 guide rejected for lack of content - added FAQ and Closing and other 
    3/27/08 Guide Submitted!
    3/28/08 Guide REJECTED for Lack_Of_Content
    3/28/08 Added more meat on the bones of the guide, submitted it again. 
    Hopefully for the last time.
    3/31/08 REJECTED AGAIN!!!! GAH! talk about picky!! for "incompletion."
    Also unlocked ALL characters, so I will be adding that soon :)
    4/17/08 i finally found out what was wrong (didn't put a "vs. kirby" oops! )
    so i added that and it FINALLY got accepted!
    4/22/08 Guide was granted permission to be copied at Supercheats.com
    4/24/08 Guide updated to v.1.3
    4/16/08 At 4:29 AM i reformated a few things, and made some things a little
    more easily read.
    0.9 Skeletal version, got the basic outline
    1.0 Added the starting characters on Specific Character Guide
    1.1 Added more to the Specific Character Guide
    1.2 Finished the Versus Specific Character Guide
    1.2.5 Added half of 1.3
    1.2.6 Reformated some things
    1.3 Added a full Sudden Death Guide
    1.4 COMING SOON-- will have a "versus human" addition
    1.5 COMING SOON-- will add a Level guide
    1.6 COMING SOON-- will add a Glossary of Terms
    1.7 COMING SOON-- hopefully I will be able to start building up a
                      "Reader Submissions" section.
    **NOTE** To find things easily, simply press Crlt and F and type in the Find-it 
    #                                          Find It Code
    1.The Long Story---------------------------------  [TLS]
    2.The Short Story--------------------------------  [TSS]
    3.Olimar- the Good, and the Bad.-----------------  [OGB]
    4.Pikmin Types-----------------------------------  [PKT]
    5.Move List--------------------------------------  [TML]
    6.Universal Methods------------------------------  [TUM]
    7.Specific Character Guide-----------------------  [SCG]
    8. Final Smash Move------------------------------  [FSM]
    9. Sudden Death Guide----------------------------  [SDG]
    10.Other Notes-----------------------------------  [TON]
       10.1 FAQs-------------------------------------  [FAQ]
    11.Closing---------------------------------------  [TCN]
    12.Thank Yous------------------------------------  [TYS]
    13.Copyright-------------------------------------  [TCO]
    [TLS] ------ THE LONG STORY ----------
    The main character of the series is Captain Olimar, an employee of 
    Hocotate Freight Company, that flies a ship known as the S.S. Dolphin. 
    He has a wife, son, and daughter that he communicates with often. 
    Pikmin 2 introduces Louie, a co-worker of Olimar, who places the Hocotate 
    Freight Company in debt after losing a shipment of carrots, and the President 
    of Hocotate Freight, a large man that runs the company and keeps debt 
     away. The president is forced to sell the Dolphin, and it is replaced by a 
    unnamed ship (called the "Hocotate Ship" in Super Smash Bros. Brawl) that is 
    able to speak and value the treasure on the planet.
    After becoming stranded on the "Distant Planet" in the first game, Olimar 
    becomes acquainted with the species of plant-like beings that he names "Pikmin"
    because they resemble the "Pikpik" brand of carrots on his home world. 
    They are small, brightly colored creatures who stand only an inch tall. 
    They follow any command from attacking and defending their masters to 
    retrieving large artifacts. Pikmin are generally very weak, unless they are 
    used in teams, as the Pikmin are excellent at working together. Pikmin speak 
    only strange, foreign squeak noises to each other. Simple commands can, 
    however, be communicated to them by the use of a whistle or any other device 
    capable of producing high-pitched noises.
    Pikmin come in several colors, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. 
    In the original Pikmin, there are three types of Pikmin; red Pikmin, 
    who are better in combat and can withstand extreme heat; yellow Pikmin, 
    who can be thrown higher and can carry bomb-rocks; and blue Pikmin, which
    have gills and can walk in water without drowning. However, in the second game,
    yellow Pikmin can no longer throw bomb-rocks, as the bomb-rocks are much larger
    now, and can instead withstand electricity. In the second game, three new 
    species of Pikmin were introduced, only two were able to stay with Olimar 
    through out the game. The first are white Pikmin, who, when ingested by 
    enemies, deliver a fatal poison to the enemy. Additionally, the white Pikmin 
    are immune 
    to poison, can locate buried treasure with their special eyes, and can run 
    faster than other Pikmin. The second species introduced are the purple Pikmin,
    who move slower than normal Pikmin, but have ten times the strength and weight
    of other Pikmin, giving them the ability to pick up much heavier objects and 
    attack and destroy obstacles and other enemies with fewer numbers. The third is 
    a kind of parasitic pikmin called bulbmin. Bulbmin are bulborbs that have been 
    infected by pikmin that attach to the spinal cord and sprout leaf buds on their 
    back. Bulbmin are only found in caves following a larger bulbmin that has 
    resisted the pikmin parasite and still has control over its body, but still 
    has a leaf growing out of its back. Bulbmin will follow Olimar only when he has
     killed the larger bulbmin. Bulbmin are immune to fire, water, electricity and 
    poison. When Olimar leaves the cave, the Bulbmin will not follow.
    Olimar and the Pikmin are playable in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The player 
    controls Olimar and uses the Pikmin in combat. Olimar may have a total of six
    Pikmin with him at a time, and their color specifies what strengths and actions 
    they are capable of. They can be thrown at an opponent to latch on and slowly 
    increase their damage, or they can be used as a chain specifically useful to 
    grab a ledge when falling. Their final smash is End of Day, where they blast off
     ------------The Short Story-------------
    "Captain Olimar is among the most specialized characters within the cast of
    Smash Brothers Brawl.
    In order to really unleash Olimar’s full potential, you’ve got to 
    have a good knowledge of his helpful cohorts, the Pikmin!"
    ^ From smashbros.com
    Basically, Olimar and his Pikmin team up to make a fast, good offense and 
    defensive character. His attacks are not powerful but quick. He has some 
    weaknesses, but his strengths overpower them. This little bugger is one of my 
    favorite characters, next to Ike. I use him 75% of the time, have won at least 
    60 matches on Wi-Fi and on Brawl combined, and I've only had this game since 
    the 13th. I truly believe that with a little practice, and some patients, 
    Olimar could be one of the best on the game.
     ------------Olimar, the Good, and the Bad---------------
    The Good:
    *Good All Around*
    Quick with attacks, running, and very evasive, which means good defense in 
    those last seconds.
    Easy to learn*
    The pikmin are very useful, but are not necessary, he can spawn more, but in 
    times when he can't, his attacks are still good.
    One move will launch a pikmin at a foe and the pikmin will feed on it for about 
    5 seconds, this is VERY useful.
    *Final Smash*
    Final Smash Move is almost always a kill-most move. Some just kill a person, 
    this can kill everybody on the screen. PLUS you CAN'T avoid it.
    He has many projectile moves which is useful for getting the first blood of 
    the game.
    Despite his small size, he is relatively hard to knock off
    He isn't popular (the only Olimar user i have ever seen on wi-fi was me) so 
    it's good to be unique!
    The Bad:
    He can loose his pikmin, and although he can spawn more, there are situations 
    where it's not logical and his normal attacks are not as powerful.
    After proofreading this, I need to mention that without ANY 
    pikmin all his smash moves are completely useless!
    He is definatly not one of the most powerful ones.
    You have to waste a second to spawn your pikmin
    Difficult Learning Curve*
    *NOTE* I said both Easy to Learn and Difficult Learning Curve. What I meant by
    this was his moves are easy to learn (meaning basic tactics) but it is really
    hard to learn him to the point of mastery. Sorry for confusion. 
    **SO.... WHY USE OLIMAR?**
    I think that with a lot of practice, some patients, and a little luck you can 
    master Olimar. When you do, I believe that Olimar is/can be one of the more 
    deadly ones. His good speed tied with a little above average attacks can make 
    a deadly combination Yes, it's true that anybody mastered correctly will be 
    the best character in the game, but still, Olimar is probably one of the better 
    ones to master.
    Olimar is very often overlooked, so I want to bring him to the world of SSBB.
    If he was really that terrible, would Nintendo have not put him in the game? 
    I should think not. Everybody has a special purpose in the game, to match each 
    individuals unique style. Though I prefer to have somebody like Ike or Bowser, 
    big, slow, and powerful, there are people that like fast and not powerful, 
    such as Pikachu or Fox. I personally like both styles, which would meet Olimar, 
    being one of the faster ones with lethal attacks.
    All in all, Olimar isn't the best, but, as I have said already, if you master 
    him correctly, as with any character, the result will be deadly.
    Maybe Olimar isn't for you. That is fine, it is your personality, not mine. 
    Just remember that each character is equally powerful, one just needs to master 
    their favorite character, and that character will always be impossible to beat.
    -You like speed + good attacks
    -You don't mind wasting a second
    -You like small characters
    -You want to be an astronaut
    -Being unique doesn't bother you
    -You like to learn new things
    -You prefer big and slow and powerful
    -You prefer light and fast and weak
    -Time is everything to you
    -You want to be a firefighter
    -You want to be like everybody else.
    -------------Pikmin Types--------------
    So you might have noticed that all pikmins are different colors, and they all
    do different things. You can't really control the line of your pikmin's order,
    but at least you can try to use them in a better way by knowing what pikmin
    does what.
    Here they are:
    RED PIKMIN:http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/characters/pikmin.html
    Attacking with fire, when you throw him he goes a reasonable length, and if the
    hit is landed, it does a little fire damage, like a fireflower item. Obviously
    this is a little bit more stronger against water creatures (i.e. squirtle) then
    fire creatures (i.e. charazard) so use this to your advantage.
    Attack with electicity. Like the red pikmin it goes about the same distance and
    the hit is landed then it will use an electric attack, like Pikachu's. This is
    useful against just about every type of character, but I think is the best to
    use when you are useing your UP + A aerial move.
    Blue pikmins, unlike all the other colors, can survive in water. If Olimar 
    stumbles into water, you pikmin will die exept this blue guy. To make up for
    lack of attacking with water, he has a little above average melee atacks when
    thrown. Also (after reading the other Olimar guide) I did notice that the Blue
    pikmin can take a little more hits.
    White pikmin are the lightest, and thus they can be thrown the farthest. They
    are also poisonious, which is useful at times. They are kind of like Yellow
    Pikmin to the sense that they are good to be thorwn at all characters. They are
    (being the lightest) the easiest to kill, and their poison makes up for it. So
    these are probably your best ones.
    Purple Pikmins, well, are, umm... obese. They are HUGEMONGOUS (new word FTW!!)
    and obvoiusly do the most melee damage, and, in turn, hardly get any distance
    when thrown. Aside form yellow pikmin these are probably the second best for
    using that nifty up + a aerlial move.
    -------------THE MOVE LIST-------------
    The following moves will be formatted like the following:
    The moves button layout
    The moves name
    What it does
    quick tip
    useful tactic
    To make Olimar walk, simply tilt the Control Stick in the horizontal direction
    you wish him to walk. The Pikmin will naturally follow you, so there's no need
    to fret about that. Olimar walks funny, in case you haven't noticed. He walks
    at a normal pace that a human would, but he is certanly not as fast as others.
    To make Olimar run (which looks even funnier) TAP the control stick (or the D
    Pad for those using Wiimotes) in the direction you want him to run. By tapping
    I mean push the control stick pretty fast, but don't jam it.
    Olimar will run, and the pikmin will runn behind you. Walking and Running will
    get your pikmin in a orderly line instead of them being bunched up.
    To make Olimar jump, push the Control Sick in an upwards fashion, but not
    necissarily totally up. You can make Olimar jump at an angle by pushing it at
    an angle. The pikmin jump with Olimar, one by one, to create an arche like
    figure on the screen.
    Olimar and his Pikmin will fall naturally if nothing is below them. Don't fall
    right on top of somebody or you'll be wearing a sign saying "hey juggle me!!"
    (not literally, but almost literally.)
    Olimar has a defense system as all chracters do called a shield. To make this
    pinkish orb appear around Olimar, press Z on the Gamecube Controller, if you
    are using the Wiimote with no Nunchuck, press B, if you are using the Nunchuck
    with your Wiimote, press C (I think, I've never used it)
    Olimar will bring his arms up as a Pinkish orb appears. The Pikmin aren't in
    the shield.
    If you shield too long or too often, IT WILL BREAK.
    If your shield breaks you are stunned and become paralyzed for a short amount
    of time, but it seems like forever. This just leave you to your opponents mercy
    or lack of it!
    To make Olimar and his Pikmin dodge something:
    *Gamecube Controler* press Z and the side stick quickly in the direction you
    want to dodge. Olimar will roll in that direction.
    *Wiimote* press B and left or right on the D Pad int he direction you want to
    dodge. Olimar will roll in that direction.
    *Nunchuck and Wiimote* press C (I think, I've never used it) and tap the
    Control Stick in the direction you want to dodge. Olimar will roll in that
    Dodging is one of the most important skills you should master. On any character
    you should learn how fast they dodge and how well they dodge so that when it
    comes to brawling you can anticipate when projectiles are going to hit or when
    somebody's attack is going to hit so you can dodge appropriatly.
    **B MOVES**
    Pikmin Pluck
    -You pick more pikmin out of the ground (max of 6)
    -Use when you are running low on pikmin, it is a relatively a fast move
    -When you are not being attacked, restock on pikmin, then get back in the game.
    Yellow = Electric Red = Fire, Blue = Water, White = poison, Purple = pound
    B + Right or Left
    Pikmin Throw
    -Launches pikmin at your opponent and they cling and start doing damage on them.
    -Good for the first few seconds of a match
    -Use to start knocking your opponent off a ledge, or keep them off. You can 
    basically use this everywhere.
    B + Up
    Pikmin Chain
    -Throws the pikmin up like a rope
    -Use this to save yourself, or just use to quickly whip your opponent into 
    -Obviously you need to use this when you are falling off the edge.  The more 
    pikmin you have the longer your rope, so keep up on your pikmin! This is also a
     good short move to get your opponent when he isn't looking.
    B + Down
    Pikmin Order
    Calls your pikmin back to you
    Use this when your pikmin are scattered, its useful especially when you are 
    falling off a ledge
    When you are falling off a ledge, you can use this short move to get all your 
    pikmin together and shoot up a chain. Otherwise it's good when you've thrown 
    all your pikmin at somebody and need them back. It's a very short move and 
    slightly useful in battle. (i don't use it as much as is should)
    **A MOVES**
    Head Bash
    Throw your head into somebody
    A good attack, pretty fast
    Good for knocking around your opponent
    A + Right/Left
    Pikmin Toss
    You toss a pikmin, but it doesn't eat your opponent.
    A Good projectile, useful when you are plentiful on pikmin and just want to 
    knock your opponent.
    Not as useful and the Pikmin Throw, but when you just need to get somebody 
    off your back, this is fast and easy to do.
    A + Down
    Pikmin Scatter
    You point at the ground and two pikmin go out on either side
    Good for getting multiple opponents away from you
    Use when you have guys surrounding you, or somebody is on a ledge. This is a 
    slower move, but still fairly fast.
    A + UP
    Pikmin Jump
    You throw a pikmin in the air and it spins causing destructive damage.
    Fast, great attack
    Probably your most useful attack if anything. I use this a lot. A LOT. Great
    power, great everything!
    ---------THE UNIVERSAL METHODS-----------
    Olimar is fast, so use that to your advantage. He is really good for taking
    down big folks such as Samus, Snake, or King Dedede. Your pikmin throws, in all
    directions, are devastatingly powerful. You need to use your C-Stick moves (if
    you have a gamecube controller) ALL THE TIME. Also scatter around your pikmin
    onto people (S + B) if you are versus 2-4 people. It's also useful to do the
    side + B move if you are on 1 v 1 and you want some early damage. Jump and keep
    people in the air, Olimar's up twist thing is also good for getting people in
    the air. His Arial Up+A move is AMAZING and usually kills at anywhere 80% +.
    You ALWAYS must remember to keep up on your Pikmin ESPECIALLY AT HIGHER DAMAGE.
    If you are short on pikmin, roll away and pick some up, it only takes a second,
    it's an EXTREMLEY fast move and it's good for you. If you are at higher damage
    (100% +) then bear in mind the number of Pikmin you have, if you get tossed off
    with only  3 pikmin then your chances are 50% of getting back on. With no
    pikmin (God forbid) you have absolutely NO CHANCE OF GETTING BACK ON. In fact,
    with no pikmin your moveset is cut to more than half, if even that. Olimar's
    greatness weakness is his loosing his pikmin. 
    Most people will obviously try to
    kill your pikmin but it's pointless. You can pluck more out of the ground and
    while they are busy with your pikmin they are vulnerable to another pikmin's 
    So recap: Use you smash moves, use A LOT of aerials, ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST 5 
    PIKMIN and don't loose. Easy enough?
    Olimar's moveset is very aerial Meaning, most of his better moves are done in 
    the air, so that is where most of your attacks will be done.
    Firstly what you want to do it run towards your opponent and Up + A to do a 
    spin attack to get your guy in the air. Use a lot of Pikmin Tosses and Pikmin 
    Throws when on the ground, but remember that you need to be pretty close to 
    throw a pikmin. Too many times have I thrown one just barley too far away and 
    it's been the death of me.
    Once your opponent it hurt enough to be knocked easily off the ground, use a 
    spin attack again to knock him up fairly high and unleash your fury. One of 
    Olimar's most powerful moves in an aerial Up + A. He throws a pikmin up and 
    it flames your opponent. Once you start to fight with Olimar you will notice 
    that most of his moves are fire and electric based. His move layout is a 
    little awkward and comes with a difficult learning curve, but in the long run 
    its worth it.
    So anyway, after he is in the air and you unleash your fury (meaning all smash 
    attacks and all kinds of anything you can do) keep knocking him around in the 
    air, once he is (unless it's somebody like bowser, which takes more damage) 
    around 125-150%, land and charge a Pikmin Throw. This will send your opponent 
    flying. If you are near him, use something else like a charged Up + A pikmin 
    uppercut. Any charged pikmin throw move is devastating at a higher damage 
    Actually, his pikmin throws can be devastating even at 70-90%.
    After you've killed him at least 1 more than than you have died and theres at 
    least 20 seconds left, start playing defense and try at all costs not to die. 
    Don't attack unless it's necessary
    So, recap. Use your up+a spin attack, then knock him around until he get 
    airborne, then unleash all your aerial attacks then land and send him flying 
    with a charged A attack.
    ---------------- Specific Character Guide ----------------------
    *Until I get around to updating, these will be vs. CPU ONLY. All these were 
    tested 5 times with each character, level 9 on Final Destination. They are in 
    the order I tested 
    them in.
    SVM ToC
    1. Mario/Luigi
    Difficulty: *** (out of 5)
    CPU- Mario is a fair threat, he tends to use the grab + headband you move a 
    lot, so don't' land or tread too near him. Use your pikmin throws a lot to get
     him in the air, and the basic Universal Method should work fine, but finish him
     off with a charged pikmin throw, and don't ever get too close to him.
    Basically, CPU Mario has average intelligence, he uses a broader variety of his
    moves than say CPU Ness (which are so stupid, it takes them 2 hours to watch 
    60 minutes.) or CPU Kirby or Samus. He doesn't pose as big as a threat than 
    others, so the Universal Method should work fine with CPU Mario.
    2. Lucas
    Difficulty: *****
    CPU- Lucas is probably one of the more harder ones. He is quick and nimble, 
    and has a counter attack for just about everything you have. The CPU Lucas is 
    VERY intelligent compared to others. He uses all his moves a lot, except 
    (thankfully) his PK Thunder attack. That can send you flying. Lucas is harder 
    than Ness, which is saying a lot.
    To defeat him you need to be able to dodge. everything. Just about all his 
    attack will hurt you badly so if you can't dodge you are dead. If you are on a 
    level like DK Rumble Falls, or another moving level, just try to stick a few 
    throws in there and evade everything else. Hopefully he will die from himself. 
    Don't go all out on him or get too close to him because it will just get you 
    killed. If anything try to stay in the air, because Lucas is better on the 
    3. Olimar
    Difficulty: ***
    CPU- Not that hard compared to Lucas, but still strong. Once he gets you in the 
    air he likes to juggle so try to counter it by doing a Down + A move just 
    before he jumps up, other wise he will juggle you. Forever.
    Also once you kill him and he spawns he will wait about 2 seconds before 
    getting more pikmin. Use this time to bash him around at his weakest point. 
    Try to keep him from getting his pikmin at all. Play offensive, and force him 
    to play defensively. He is annoying to play, because he uses the same moves 
    over and over. Plus it's annoying to see so many things following everything 
    around (pikmins.. for those who are that illiterate.)
    3. Ike
    Difficulty: ****
    CPU- Ike is big, but his moves are a little slow. You can easily dodge 
    his sword movements, but at the same time hes got you grounded. If Ike was an 
    Anti-Aircraft machine the Olimar would be a paper airplane. He would be taken 
    down too easily, so, if anything, stay near the ground. You can jump and do 
    some aerial attacks, but don't try to have the whole battle in the air. CPU 
    Ike uses only a few moves, so he isn't as hard as a human Ike, which are either 
    noobs or really good.
    4. Ness
    Difficulty: **
    CPU- Ness is... retarted. Out of the 5 times I played him to test the strategy 
    he killed himself at least 1 time every match. He uses like, no moves at all, 
    and will spam you with his little kick. Try to avoid that. He will literally 
    sit there and kick you the ENTIRE match and it only does what, 2%? Wow. Knock 
    this bugger into the air and send him flying. The only problem I really see 
    with Ness is that he is also good in the air.
    Oh by the way, Ness is retarted. Stupid, brainless, dazed, deficient, dense, 
    dim, dodo, doltish, dopy, dotterel, dull, dumb, dummy*, foolish, futile, 
    gullible, half-baked*, half-witted*, idiotic, ill-advised, imbecilic, 
    inane, indiscreet, insensate, irrelevant, irresponsible, laughable, 
    loser*, ludicrous, meaningless, mindless, moronic, naive, nonsensical, 
    obtuse, pointless, puerile, rash, senseless, short-sighted, simple, 
    simple-minded, slow, sluggish, stolid, stupefied, thick, thickheaded, 
    trivial, unintelligent, unthinking, witless
    5. Marth
    Difficulty: *
    CPU- Marth basically just gets you to the edge and edge-guards. If anything, 
    try to avoid that. Also, Marth is a big juggler. His Up + A move is pretty
    strong, and will send you to a star death. Try to avoid that as well.
    Apart from that, Marth is really easy. 3 of the times I got a sudden death
    and all three times I won because he sucks that bad. CPU Marth is really not
    that big of a threat.
    If you can get this guy in the air he's toast. His attacks are pretty fast
    but really petty to the sense that they don't hit very hard. I killed him twice
     one match and over the coarse of 2 minutes he racked up 148% damage. At this 
    point, 24 seconds left, just dodge everything, and stay in the air (keeping him
    on the ground) He will attempt and fail to juggle you, his juggling move is 
    VERY bad on recovery and easy to avoid. Play heavy offense.
    6. Peach
    Difficulty: **
    CPU- Peach only kills because of cheap-shots. She poses a slight threat because 
    of that. She will knock you around with her upper-cut kick and smack you 
    (grrr i hate that) and get you up to 120% damage after you've killed her like, 
    3 times she knocks you sideways and you die. Oh and shes another big edge 
    guarder as well, but not as bad as Marth.
    So if anything you need to dodge most everything. If you can dodge her stuff, 
    you can win. That's basically all I can say. You can pick up her vegtables that
    she throws, and that's useful. If you ever hear her "aa..CHA!!" coming, dodge
    it, because that is one of her most powerful moves, but one of her most easily
    7. Fox/Falco
    Difficulty: ***
    CPU- Fox is fast. Very. He likes to spam you with his gun at the start but 
    thats not a big problem. He mostly dodges everything and sneaks in some attacks 
    while doing it. He isn't that hard but it takes awhile to get him knocked up 
    enough to kill him.
    I would suggest you get him over to the edge and keep him off. He falls a 
    little bit faster than most characters so use that to your advantage. If you 
    can get him off and force him to play offensively to the sense that if he 
    doesn't go in and attack he will die. Otherwise he will just play defensively 
    and everything you do will be dodged by him.
    8. Zelda/Sheik
    Difficulty: *** and a half.
    CPU- One of the harder ones. Zelda will use a lot of those shock things and 
    usually doesn't change often. Although she isn't that fast and she doesn't 
    attack much is hurts you like no other and can send you flying. You can miss 
    them by rolling to the opposite side and quickly throwing a Pikmin, either the 
    ones that latch on or the ones that shock her. She doesn't seem hard but she 
    really is. Use TUM (the universal method) to defeat her.
    9. Meta Knight
    Difficulty: ****
    CPU- This guy is annoying. He swings his sword around really fast and spastic 
    ally and it gets on your nerves. It hits pretty hard and it's hard to dodge. 
    Get this loser in the air ASAP and knock him around. He only has a few really 
    effective attacks in the air so unleash a big healthy can of whoopass on him 
    and keep him in the air as long as you can. As soon as he hits the floor knock 
    him back up before he can do anything. This guy is annoying and hard to beat. 
    So get out there and beat the **** outta him.
    10. Pokemon Trainer
    Difficulty: **
    CPU- He never changes pokèmon until he dies. So I will give 3 different 
    I. Charazard
    Not that hard, he's big and slow, and is a little hard to knock down but 
    overall just use TUM to defeat him.
    II. Ivysaur
    Pretty hard since he is between power and speed. He uses the seed attack a lot 
    and the other exploding seed thing. Watch out for that. Otherwise he is GROUND 
    so lets get him off the GROUND eh? Now 
    we're talking. Once he is in the air Ivysaur is pretty much useless. So have 
    Just beat him up like a sandbag.
    III. Squirtle
    Squirtle is really, really easy. He just uses a few punches, just knock him off 
    pretty hard and his wimpy wave ride move probably won't get him back up.
    11. Snake
    Difficulty: *
    CPU- Snake, despite his big welcome, isn't really that good for CPU players. 
    He will usually get stuck somewhere using his homing missile, and, fortunately,
    he usually gets stuck on the edge. When he is using this he is immobile so just
    knock him down.
    He has a really good B + Up move to save him with, so it's best to knock him up
    to a star finish or to the side. Knocking him down usually doesn't work because
    of his "save me from falling" helicopter thingy.
    Snake, all in all, is another one of those retarted CPU players. As a human I 
    am pretty good with Snake, and in Wi-Fi I use him most because of some of his 
    but on CPU he is nothing to worry about.
    12. Wario
    Difficulty: *****
    CPU- Defiantly probably the hardest of them all. CPU Wario uses ALL of his 
    and never lets his guard down. To win (which isn't often vs. Wario) you need 
    to play heavy on defense. Don't bother trying to force him to play defense. If 
    you can, great. But don't bother. Wario is harder than Lucas, which I didn't 
    think was possible. Just, try to stay alive. I don't' really have a very good 
    strategy for him because the rare times I play him I loose. Which is 
    13. Captain Falcon
    Difficulty: ***
    CPU- Captain Falcon is fast but is really not the biggest threat int he world. 
    The CPU mostly uses his bad attacks, and edge guarding- those one of Olimars 
    weakest skills - isn't really that hard. TUM should work nicely on this one.
    14. Ice Climbers
    Difficulty: ****
    CPU- Ice Climbers are mean, and they can really pack a punch. Their dual 
    hammers and their sizes are everything. The best method for this is to firstly 
    knock 'em around with some Pikmin throws (B + SIDE) to get some minor damage. 
    Ice Climbers are pretty shabby in the air, so that is where you want to be. 
    (A snide comment, after writing this much of the guide I now realized that 
    Olimar is both powerful ground and air-- woo! another advantage?) And after 
    knocking 'em around int he air, finish 'em off in the air. Use an UP + A spin 
    attack or the UP + A upper-cut pikmin throw. Both those will send these lovers 
    15. King Dedede
    Difficulty: **
    CPU- CPU King Dedede sucks. His moves are notoriously slow, and VERY easy to 
    dodge. Anytime he moves AT ALL just dodge and pikmin throw, that's about all.
    But, in case you STILL can't beat him, and for the "lack_of_content" in this
    guide, I shall describe to you how to defeat him to "add_more_content" to this
    Every time you see him swing his hammer up, REALLY slowly, dodge to the other 
    side and zap/fire/hit him with a pikmin (S + A) to counter. His fastest moves
    are in his regular A moves. Up A is also pretty fast, but other than that you
    should have absolutely no trouble defeating this Penguin. His final smash is
    annoying, but if you are the type of person that could doge a speeding bullet,
    you should be able to not get hurt to badly with his weird dance thingy.
    16. Donkey Kong
    Difficulty: **
    CPU- Just about the same as King Dedede.. avoid his smash moves, especially his
    hand clap thingy. It'll squash you like a pikmin. Try to get him first because
    his first move ALWAYS (human and CPU) is to charge his punch up. If you see he
    already has, then, by all means, DON'T LET HIM USE IT! Or, if he does, by all 
    means DODGE IT. Then, it he hits you, by all means GET BACK ON THE LEDGE. But 
    if you already died, then, by all means, KICK HIS ARSENAL. But if he uses it,
    dodge it and hit him with a pikmin. That should do the trick.
    Otherwise stay away from his final smash, with IMO is really weird.
    17. Diddy Kong
    Difficulty: ***
    CPU- Diddy Kong is very good at dodging, and, on CPU he is VERY annoying about 
    it. He will not even dodge anything, he will just spin around you. So stop this
     DK wanna-be and zap him with a Pikmin. Try to edge guard the whole time if 
    possible, DK B+UP move is extremely delayed, so it's not hard to knock him off.
    Other than that it's easy to counter his dodging skills with a nicely timed,
    charged down A move. Using this should knock him around a bit and teach this
    chimp who's boss AND it might teach him a lesson or two about dodging.
    18. R.O.B.
    CPU- Rob will immediately charge his little Gyro then start trying to smash you
    around and is quite annoying. I can't really tell you a REALLY good strategy 
    other than TUM.. It does the trick pretty well, and ROB other than spamming 
    smash attack he isn't that much of a threat.
    19. Link
    CPU- Really isn't that tough, your basic strategy will probably win. The thing 
    you have to watch out for is sudden deaths, he will grab you and hit you and 
    throw you off instantly. Try to miss that, and throw something at him. 
    Hopefully you can stick around long enough for the bomb-oms to come and you can
    dodge those too :)
    20. Samus
    CPU- Despite all assumptions, Samus was REALLY simple to beat. She was 
    generally stupid, and killed me once on the 3rd match because of her edge 
    guarding, I now realize it could have simply done a quick Pikmin Chain move to
    get over top of her, because she sucks terrible at juggling. CPU Samus is not 
    as I had thought she would be. So, please, have fun practicing on what I 
    thought was a sandbag.
    21. Pikachu
    CPU- Pikachu was one tough cookie to beat. His thunderbolt move keeps you from
    getting anywhere in the air, and his amazing shock attacks keep you from the 
    ground. There's nowhere to hide! When you are thrown off the edge delay 
    yourself for a second and wait for his thunderbolt or you will just be thrown 
    off again and die. Try to play heavy defense and throw some small attacks in 
    there to win.
    To play defense you need to evade his stuff, dodge him on one of those side+a
    moves where pikachu sends a small but powerful zap to the side (not the one
    where he says and sounds like "Ka-choo!" geez! take some cold medicine!) and
    hit him a few times if you can. Pikachu is a VERY tough opponent. The more I 
    play the more lengthy this little part will get. Trust me. 
    Out of the 5 matches I lost 3. Wow.
    22. Mr. Game & Watch
    CPU- The only reason I gave this guy is because of his stupid Judgment. I am 
    not knocking G&W because i use him a lot, and win a lot on Wi-Fi with him. He 
    is really easy but the three things you have to watch for are:
    -Juggling. I mean literally, if you get close he will pull out two balls 
    (don't be a perv.) and start juggling you.
    -His cheap combo. try to stay behind him or far away because he will greenhouse
    you like no other. And there's no way out.
    -Judgment but is easy to avoid. It also only has an 11.6% chance of it actually
    landing on a 9, so if you get hit, don't worry too much.
    -Oh and one more thing, his flagman (UP+A) takes a while to counter but 
    possible, right as he is going to pull out his flag use your D+A move to 
    counter it and knock him away.
    23. Pit
    CPU- I thought this guy was level 3 when I faced him. He is pretty well rounded
    in the air and on the ground. TUM should work nicely on Pit, but watch out for
    his blade spins, those are annoying.
    Other than that, you need to stick to the ground, because the air will get
    you nowhere. If you try to juggle him he will just fly away, and land elsewhere
    on the ground and you have to start from square one. Pit has little ground
    attacks that are anywhere near useful. Just kill him on the ground and you 
    should be set.
    24. Yoshi
    CPU- Yoshi is a formidable opponent. He is notorious for edge guarding with 
    that stupid egg. Just Pikmin Chain over it and you should be fine. Otherwise, 
    he will overuse things like his rolling egg thingy, his bite thingy, and his
    egg throw. If you can dodge all those, you will win for sure.
    25. Ganandorf
    CPU- I once read on a Melee guide to Ganandorf that "in the hands of a noob, 
    Ganandorf can be a big punching bag" and boy is that true! If you can get the
    first hit, you've got the game in your hands. He is easy to edge guard and fun
    to toss around. In general, just use your smash moves to win and you got it.
    Watch out though for his laggggg-ish punch (B). If you are falling down and he
    times it JUST right, you will go FlYiNg. I am serious. FLYING!!!! FFLLYYIINNGG!
    So that is one thing to do.
    Also keep him from attacking or your whole "punching bag" thing will go away
    and he will OWN j00.
    26. Lucario
    CPU- Lucario is pretty tough, about all his moves counter yours, and he is 
    AMAZING at juggling. I think I died four or five times total facing Lucario, 
    and all of them because of juggling. Well, three of them because of juggling. 
    It's really hard to avoid with your Pikmin Chain in midair.
    To win the best way is to edge guard like crazy. Get him off the edge and keep
    him off. He is relatively easy to edge guard against. In fact I probably 
    wouldn't have won if it weren't for Olimar's edge guarding abilities.
    27. Captain Falcon
    CPU- Not that difficult, about the same as a weaker Yoshi is how I thought the
    battle went, but a little dumber. You know I have noticed that Olimar owns the
    big guys (CF, Ganadorf, Bowser, King Dedede, DK, Dkjr. etc) but is bad with the
    small fast people.. Pikachu, Yoshi, Lucas.. let's see how Sonic turns out.
    28. Sonic
    Difficulty: ****
    CPU- This seemed like facing Olimar again. I swear, Sonic is Olimar's equal.
    I remember at one point, he and I were at the same exact damages(118%) for 
    about 15 seconds before he hit me up to 130%. The TUM should work nicely with 
    a little extra power to it.
    I have just unlocked Sonic in the middle of doing all these, I was in getting 
    ready to do Link when I faced him.
    29. Toon Link
    Difficulty: ***
    CPU- Isn't that hard, just use TUM and you should be fine, but I really need to
    write this for...
    HUMAN- EXTREMLEY annoying and tough. Most Humans Toon Links use their aerial D
    OUUTA MEE!!!!1!!!1!!11!!1!!!1!!11!!1!!!
    So yeah.
    30. Jigglypuff
    Diffictuly: **
    CPU- I don't know why it takes 350 brawl matches to unlock such a puny 
    character. TUM should keep you covered. But if you get caught sleeping, push 
    all the buttons on your remote to get oyu awake faster. Also watch out for her
    sleep move, you have a slim chance to dodge it, but as soon as you see her put
    her eyes down, RUN. FAST. Or you'll be dead.
    31. Wolf
    Difficulty: ****
    CPU- This guy attacks fast and hard. No wonder he is the last one to be 
    unlocked. He is REALLY tough. In fact, he might just be the next one I main.
    But back on subject, Wolf. You need to watch out for his gun, it stops and 
    disapperates (dissapears) after awhile, but it is pretty much a good gun 
    compared to Fox or Falco. Also watch out for his B + UP (where fox would burst
    into flames saying "hiya!") and his move where he moves REALLY fast (double 
    team i think?) Those can be devastating to you.
    32. Kirby
    Difficulty: ***
    CPU- Use TUM for this one, it really isn't that hard to beat Kirby, just stay
    away from his annoying final smash. Let it suck some other sucker up. And, tho
    I haven't played the Dreamland series, what does Kirby have to do with
    [FSM] -----FINAL SMASH MOVE------ End of Day
    Olimar's final smash move is End Of Day. He climbs into his rocket and 
    blasts off, leaving monsters known only to the night to attack. I would suggest
    doing this near a dieing player, but it basically covers the whole screen and 
    kills just about everybody. Olimar's FSM is VERY powerful compared to others 
    (glares at ROBs....)
    Another technique is to go where the most people are. Doin this and using it
    right away will smash (for expample) the other 3 guys in the groun, leaving
    them helpless and gets even MORE damage than if they were not smashed in the 
    ground. Also, whilst they are in there the rocket will fall back down and crash
    into them, brining on yet MORE damage, and also sending your opponents flying
    off the screen. If you are only facing one opponent, get as near to him as you
    possibly can. Olimar's End of Day is literally impossible to dodge, so no
    matter what they do they will get hurt, but standing next to someone while
    doing this will just get them hurt more, and in this game, that is what it's
    all about.
    I am pretty sure this is the first guide that has a sudden death guide within
    it. I don't know why though, it's such a huge aspect in fighting, because if
    you master sudden deaths, you can always win, well, almost always. If you suck
    at them, you will almost always loose. So, in the following paragraphs I will
    try to describe a few senarios with each character and ways to suddenly bring
    upon death to them :)
    Unlike the Versus (Character) guide, this will be formatted a little 
    differently, in that each character will have a few different moves or senarios
    that they usually do, and I will tell how to counter them. An example would 
    look something like this: (i know that Mewtwo isn't in Brawl, that's why I am 
    using him)
    Difficulty: ***** (out of 5)
    Aggresive (or it might say Defensive-- explained below)
    [Optional Intro] This is where an optional introduction to the noobishness, or
    ownage-ness of the character will be placed.
    Senario I: blah blah blah
    Counter: blah blah blah
    Senario II: blah etc..
    Counter: you get the picture.
    And so on and so on. Also unlike the Versus (Character) guide, These will all
    be in order, and I won't combine characters like Fox and Falco.
    The way I tested this was by going on the Special Brawl and selecting the 300%
    damage option, and nothing else. I then changed to rules to 1 stock and then
    let the brawl begin! Each character, as always, was tested 5 times on level 9
    I think this is the first guide of its kind, please correct me if I'm wrong,
    and hopefully this will be the most helpful if anything.
    So, that being said, ride on!
    ***** Quick Tips *****
    that work on everyone
    -Some characters are highly agressive in Sudden Deaths, my advice to this is as
    they are running at you, dodge behind them and use a Down+A so it hits them no
    matter what side of them you end up on. Obviously, it takes little damage to 
    kill in Sudden Deaths, so using some huge charged up A attack is too risky.
    -On the other hand, some characters (especially human ones) will be really
    defensive and wait for you to come to them. If you can, try to be the bigger
    man and force them to come to you. If you can't, run up and then quickly dodge
    behind them. The terrible graphic below migh illustrate when you should dodge
    in order to maximize this result. X is you and O is your oppoent.
    X______O__ - the begening, be sure to confirm he is a camper (defense)
    ___x___O__ - once you have established this, run towards him
    _____x_O__ - if he still doesn't move, get to about this point and dodge behind
    _______O_x - you should end up to about this point
    _______Ox_ - or this, but either one you quickly shield for a second, then use
    a Down+A move. The shielding will minimize the risk of getting hit. This is
    especially useful again quick characters such as Pikachu.
    However, if this occurs:
    instead of getting behind, try to:
    a) dodge quickly again then use the method described above
    b) shield and use Down+A here, it just runs a bigger risk.
    - You never, EVER try to jump above somebody. It's just asking them to use
    their UP+A move and kill you. Always you stay on the ground.
    - Against stronger, slower characters such as Bowser or King Dedede, they tend
    to play a little more defensivley, especially Ike for his B move.
    - If you are on a platform level, quickly hop down so the opponent won't get
    under you and use an UP+A to kill you.
    I made yet another (yipee!) amazingly wonderfly drawn ASCII picture to try, in
    some way, to help understand what you should do.
    This illustrates the quickest way to kill someone (especially defensive ones)
    on a world like F-ZERO, Yoshi's Island, Halberd (metaknights place) etc. that
    is (the majority of the time) a ground with two/three platforms.
     _x_   _O_
    ____________ - the begenning
     _x_   _O_
    ___\________ - jump where the line is going, in that direction. (about 85 deg.)
     ___   _O_
    ___x->______ - run, run as fast as you can! until you get to..
     ___   _O_
    _______x____ - this point, notice you aren't completley underneath him.
      ___  O___
    _______x____ - this way, no matter if he moves here you can still get him
     ___ O ___
    _______x____ -even here you can still get him with an aerial side A or wait
    till he falls and use a Pikmin toss (side+A)
    This should work on both your defensive camper, or you offensive rusher.
    However, if you are faced with a rusher (offensive person) then you might end
    up like this:
     ___   ___
    in which case you simply use the first method I taught you (the dodge and 
    Well, the "quick tips" ended up being a little more extensive than I first
    planned, but more detail never hurt, did it?
    I must take a break from Brawl as Finaly are week after next, and I must start
    studying for them. I don't want Brawl to eat up my life so I get a bad grade
    on my Finals like antoher game did last year.
    I will update this in at most 2 and a half weeks time, I apologize. Hopefully
    the quick tips will give you something to master while I am away. After I am
    done studying and taking finals, I should be back once more updating my guide.
    I need time right now to not play video games.
    So, until finals are over, I will see you all around!
    Once again I apologize that I can't finish up version 1.3 with my full Sudden
    Death guide.
    1. Why Olimar?
    I answered this at the beginning, but in short because he is both good
    in the air as well as the ground. His attacks can be lethal and if
    mastered correctly he can be the most deadly ever. 
    Also, Olimar is very much overlooked so being unique is always good.
    2. Is Olimar you Main?
    Firstly, a main (for those of you) is the character you use most, and are 
    generally best at, and mostly win every time. Basically, your main is the 
    character you Beast everybody at.
    Now, Yes, Olimar is my main. My Secondary is currently the Ice Climbers, then
    sometimes Diddy Kong and Marth.
    3. Besides Olimar, who's your favorite and why?
    My favorite is King Dedede. His attacks are slow, but deadly. He is a lot of 
    fun to play in general and he amuses me.
    EDIT: When i'm not using Olimar, I am currently trying to master Ice Climbers,
    Diddy Kong, and Marth, because after giving myself a long extensive test that I
    created, those were my top 4 people (the order being Ice Climbers, Olimar,
    Diddy Kong then Marth)
    4. I loose a lot on Wi-Fi, especially when playing vs. 3 other people.. why?
    Well until I can really come up with a REALLY good strategy for multilayer, 
    Olimar's moveset, in my opinion, is for 1 on 1. Only two of his many moves 
    actually hurt/can hurt multiple people, while other players, such as 
    King Dedede, can hurt multiple people, thus using such a character would be 
    more logical in multilayer Olimar really isn't the best choice in multilayer 
    Until I get a really good solid strategy, I can't tell you much. I win because
    of skill :)
    5. Are you smart?
    Yes, I am a straight A, 4.0 GPA freshman in High school
    6. Contact Info?
    Email: mathieu@insightbb.com
    Friend Code: 0731-4505-0962
    Phone: 502.123.4567
    7. What do you mean by Mastered?
    When you truly master somebody, they are yours. When you type, you control 
    your fingers moving, but you don't think about it. When you can beat anybody 
    anytime anywhere, and not even think about it, then you have mastered that 
    character, just as you have mastered your fingers typing, or your voice 
    speaking, it is all the same.
    8. If you like big characters like Bowser, why are you using Olimar?
    I wanted to be unique, and I picked up Olimar and never put him down. I never
    stopped using him and I still use him, 95% of the time.
    9. Are you going to write any more guides?
    At this point in time, I would like to yes, but I probably won't in the near
    future. I am inbetween a bunch of characters besides Olimar to see who fites me
    the best. If you were to ever meet me in person, you would find that when I
    want to get good at something, I will do whatever it takes for me to get good
    at it. This is the case here, so besides Olimar I want to find someone I just
    love to use and am really naturally good at. Right now it's the Ice Climbers,
    but I am having trouble finishing off kills, and others always steal them. If
    you could help me with that, or give some advice please do.
    Other than that, yes. Yes I probably will write another guide several months
    from now. At this point in time it will probably be a Wolf, Ice Climbers or a
    second Diddy Kong guide.
    TYS---------The Thank Yous-----------
    Thanks to Nintendo for creating such an awesome series. I have all three, and 
    love all three. I think that by far it is one of the greatest game ever 
    Thanks Schmitz and Nick and Bruno, friends of mine, for coming over Saturday 
    and having that tournament. Too much fun.
    Thanks to you the reader, for reading about Olimar! It took a long time to put
    just half of it together, and probably half to time to read it! I'm glad you
    took your time to read parts, or even all of my guide because I know it
    probably took a long to to read.
    And finally,
    Thanks Pikmin, for being so loyal to a weirdo in a space suit, and allowing 
    them to be thrown around and die a lot.
    TCN ----------------CLOSING NOTES-----------
    Olimar, though overlooked, is a fun and interesting character to play. I think 
    that after about a week or so you will be able to get really good with him. He 
    isn't too good with 4 people free for alls (as I learned at a household 
    tournament) but is extremely good at 1 vs. 1s. I hope to one day find a 
    strategy to both types of games.
    -I am very inbtween characters at the moment, I stopped using Olimar and have
    been jumping around, i want to get really good for the tournaments hosted every
    week at the mall. I need to choose between Marth, Ice Climbers, Diddy Kong, and
    of corse Olimar. Right now I am really good with the Ice Climbers, but i can't
    seem to get a lot of kills. Meaning that I will get around 400% damage total
    on the other guys but then they steal my kills =S Anyway:
    -I want to finish this guide by the end of the year, hopefully it will be the
    most in-depth and best guide you have ever seen. Olimar, for me at least, will
    hopefully still be my main and I will own everyone on it.
    TCO --------THE COPYRIGHT NOTICE-------------
    Olimar, Pikmin and all names mentioned in this FAQ with the exception of 
    Schmitz, Nick, and Bruno are all copyrighted (c) by Nintendo
    The words layed out in the paragraphs above are all copyrighted (c) 2008 by 
    Smart_A1ec, Smartyy, and/or Mathieu Keith and is intended for and ONLY for the
    websites listed below:
    Any infringement of this FAQ can and will be brought by me to a court of law. 
    Copyright is a right shared to all citizens to reserve their work for their own
    purposes. I am using this right to this guide.

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