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    Donkey Kong by Gojira346

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    Donkey Kong Guide
    by Gojira345
    A Introduction
    B Moves and their uses
    C General Strategies
    D Stages
    E Match Ups
    F Team Battles
    G Free For All Strategies
    H Donkey Kong and Items, What to do?
    I Sudden Death
    J Classic Mode
    K All Star
    L Boss Battles
    M Subspace Emissary
    N Break the Targets, Home Run Contest and Multi Man Melee
    O Event Matches
    P Miscellaneous
    Q Legal
    R Contact
    Welcome to my Donkey Kong guide. Donkey Kong is one of my favorite characters
    and if you are reading this guide he is probably one of yours. Donkey Kong is
    a range game type and has ridiculous power, and using this guide you should be 
    able to unlock the banana slamma's might.
    Some terms you need to be familiar with.
    Nair, Uair, Dair, and Bair are neutral, up, down, and back air respectivley.
    Fsmash, Dsmash, Usmash are Forward, down, and up smash.
    Ftilt, Dtilt, Utilt are forward tilt, down tilt, and up tilt.
    RAR= Reverse aerial rush, or spamming bair at an opponent after a dash.
    You pivot, then jump and bair.
    Pivot drop= barely fall off the edge and catch it for a quick edgehog or edge
    Sweetspot= When a move has a certain area that when hit with has a special 
    attribute. For example, Captain Falcon's fair knee has to be inside the 
    opponent slightly to sweetspot, causing massive knockback and damage. The 
    other version does poor knockback and damage, but trips.
    WOP= Wall of pain. Refers to repeatidly hitting someone quickly with an aerial
    until they are too far out to recover, or it pushes them into a wall at low 
    DI= directional influence. When hit, hold a direction to influence where you
    go and how fast.
    Tech= Teching. Called ukemi on the smash dojo site, it's canceling all momentum
    by hitting L or R as you hit a wall, ceiling, floor, etc.
    Disjointed hitbox= Something that can hit you but cannot be hit in return.
    Marth's sword, Link's sword, ZSS's whip, etc.
    Short hop= barely jumping to do low aerials or manuevers.
    Fast fall= holding down to fall faster.
    SHFFL= Short hopping into a fast fall.
    Glide toss= Holding sheild, move left or right and at nearly the exact same 
    time, cstick forward, backward, or up. Great for invincible quick approaches.
    Donkey Kong has a great moveset. Though his recovery is lacking in vertical 
    height and he has no true projectile, Donkey Kong's arsenal more than makes
    up for this. Donkey Kong is an expert camper, gimper, and of course, 
    straight up KO machine. Here is the moveset.
    AA-Double Jab. Swings both fists. Good to use on quicker opponents out of
    sheild to counter an aerial or missed smash. 
    Forward tilt. Swings an open palm way out in front of him. Can aim up or 
    down slightly. This move is great for swatting away projectiles and hitting
    an opponent away that needs to stay away. The range on this move means DK
    can defend himself from a character like Metaknight easily, as it even goes
    through moves like mach tornado. I've also heard you can ftilt through 
    Ness's PK fire!
    Up Tilt. DK swings his arm in a "rainbow" over his head. This move is VITAL
    to any DK player, and here is why; 1) Covers a huge area around DK quickly
    2) Juggles at low percents if enemy is stubborn about attacking instead of
    air dodging. 3) Has KO potential. 4) Hits through platforms on most if not 
    all drop through platform stages 5) Protects DK's rear very well.
    Down Tilt. DK squats and swings his big ape palm quickly. You'd be suprized
    how many people walk into to this repeatidly, and how often it causes the 
    opponent to trip, giving you a follow up smash for free. Eats small 
    projectiles and BEST of all, if you trap a medium to large opponent against
    the wall with this you can do it almost INDEFINITELY. Cancel into down smash
    or forward smash at around 100 percent for light chars, and for heavies go 
    until about 120 percent.
    Forward Smash. DK claps his hands in front of him HARD. This move is a great
    kill move, but don't spam it and you can catch an enemy off gaurd. It not
    only outranges and outprioritizes alot of smashes at range, you can kill some
    chars at 60 to 70 percent with this, and catch dash grabbers or dashers in 
    general with it. Also good for edge guarding as it sticks WAY out over the 
    Up Smash. DK claps his hands above his head HARD. Same as the forward smash 
    with good vertical range, this move has to be set up. On a plus, it hits 
    through platforms and can sometimes punish things like Kirby's stone or
    Bowser's/Yoshi's down b. Can be slid into much like snakes mortar slide 
    by dashing then upsmash, but you wont go as far. Lags a bit.
    Down Smash. DK slams his fist on both sides of him fast. This is an excellent
    roll punisher and kills at low percents. It comes out FAST and can knock the
    opponent off an edge if they hang too long. If they sheild, they get pushed 
    back too far too grab. A MUST have in his arsenal.
    Neutral Air. DK spins, arms out. You will honestly not use this move as much
    as other aerials, but it does have it's good points. It starts and ends fast,
    and has crazy knockback above 100 percent. A kill move if saved. 
    Up Air. DK headbutts. This move is awesome. If someone is above you and at 
    high damage, give them this and watch them dissapear off the top screen. 
    Starts and ends fast and even hits a small area in front of DK. You can up 
    throw to this move on fast fallers and use it through platforms easily.
    Back Air. DK kicks his leg out, scooping up the enemy. Say hello to DK's 
    recovery gimper and his ko move and his aerial spacer. This move does all 
    these things depending on how it's used, and I can't tell you how usefull 
    it can be to bair someone attempting to recover. Either use this move alot
    or save it for the kill. You can approach some characters with this move
    very effectivley.
    Forward Air. DK balls his fists and slams them down in front of him. This 
    move is SLOW and has HORRIBLE LAND LAG. DO NOT use this on land unless you
    are confident it will hit. However, this slowness can be an advantage. You 
    can jump out and fair at someone recovering, and if you hit them early, they
    fly into the wall. Late and you spike them. If they airdodge and you have 
    time, down air them.
    Down Air. DK extends a foot, cracking the opponent down. This spike is killer
    and has huge range for a spike. It actually hits in the area with the foot 
    he doesn't move as well. If you ledge hop spike cancel with other characters
    (letting go of the edge, spiking and then regrabbing the edge) you will love
    this move. DK's ftilt and back and forward throws set this up nicely. This
    has a bigger area of effect than you'd expect, extending to his CHEST
    I just discovered! This means you can use it OVER the stage to spike 
    someone whom isn't.
    B special. This is DK's Giant Punch. He winds up, and each wind can be 
    canceled with a roll, dodge, or pressing the button again to punch. DK will
    flash when fully charged and the punch has enormous power as you'd expect, 
    though it has been nerfed in range since Melee. He also gets superarmor as 
    the punch is out, meaning that if they don't interupt this move, but hit you
    during it you are not going anywhere, but they sure are. This move at some 
    difficulty can be ledge hop canceled to surprize ledge gaurders. Always have
    one of these ready to go. Don't taunt. Charge that punch! 
    B Side. The pitfall headbutt. DK can dash into this attack, and can even 
    slide off the edge with it. It can be used as a weak spike or to ground an
    opponent after a missed smash as punishment. Rack up the damage with up b or
    if they are at high damage IMMEDIATLEY punch or fsmash. Eats sheilds as two
    of these close together will break a sheild. Having a helpless enemy planted
    in the ground may seem cheap, but the move is slow, so don't feel bad. Also,
    this move can be ledge canceled, or you can come back on with it!
    B up. Dk spins horizontal very quickly, floating along. This move has awful 
    land lag if it ends before you land. You can cancel it into the ground version
    from below or you can use it on the ground as a "get away from me" move. Very
    fast and has superarmor as it starts to spin. Use this on the ledge repeatidly
    to keep some characters from recovering by dropping and immediatley doing 
    the up b. Just watch out for spikers, as super armor only last a second or so
    and spikers love moves like this.
    B down. DK slaps the ground causing a mini earthquake. This move is not to be
    ignored. Use it sparingly as a surprise. Use it when they are on the tip of 
    it's range, as it's the longest range move you got. This move punishes rolls,
    ledge attacks, spot dodges, and even blocks some projectiles. This move makes
    grenades and mines explode safely and stops dash attacks, even Snake's mortar
    slide. Possibly the safest ledge attack punish that isn't a true projectile. 
    Do this and if they jump instead of attacking or pulling up, bair them. This
    move can also bounce people off ceilings repeatidly.
    Grab attack. DK grabs, then pummels with a fist. Not too useful in my opinion.
    Up throw. DK throws the opponent up. Pretty standard, decent knock back. Sets
    up for bair or up air.
    Down throw. DK slams the opponent face down. Looks awesome, good damage. If 
    done at the ledge can sometimes set up for edgegaurd or on land just for a 
    forward tilt or down b. 
    Back throw. DK launches the opponent backwards with one hand. Good for setting
    up edgegaurding, or, if saved, can kill at about 90 percent. This move is just
    great for both, and I would recommend this be your go to throw.
    Forward throw. DK carries the opponent. This move seems downright stupid 
    at first. Don't be fooled, though, you can do MANY things with this throw.
    First, either forward throw or down throw them and either grab again if they
    are low damage and don't expect it or throw them off for edgegaurding. You 
    can also jump, up throw from cargo and get a free up air most of the time if
    you time it right. This move also has the coolest DK trick in his moveset. At
    about 60 percent damage and up on light characters, grab them near the edge,
    cargo, then walk off, rotate the stick around and throw them into the wall,
    then jump and recover. This spikes them off the stage, and if you catch your
    opponent even more off gaurd you can do it at lower percentages. Be very
    careful of the footstool if they wake up though. At really high damage, if you
    are up a stock, just walk off and forward throw them halfway down for a 
    suicide kill. Yum. And to TOP THIS ALL OFF, if you are not convinced, cargo
    throw has loads of super armor. You can literally grab Snake, cargo and walk
    OVER his mines! Awesome!
    Edge attacks. Slaps at low percent, rushes backwards at high. You are better
    off ledge canceling a forward b, a neutral b or aerial, or airdodging back on
    if you ask me. Situational.
    Donkey Kong is either a chump or a champ dependent upon how you use him.
    Most characters are faster at close range. They can juggle you. They can 
    combo you. But DK is heavy, and has the best melee range in the game, barely
    past Ike and Zero Suit Samus's over b. 
    Donkey can kill as early as Bowser can and is faster. He can block projectiles
    with attacks and keep enemies at bay with his range. Down b when they roll, or
    down smash. When they dash at you down b. When they jump, expect an aerial and
    sheild grab or roll. Character's from the Zelda franchise are easily ledge 
    stalled with up b and gimped with bair from the ledge. Kill at range with your
    forward smash and always juggle with up tilt when you can. When they are on a
    platform do your moves that go through it. Sometimes you can even over b 
    pitfall them into the platform and bury them. Punish slow moves with the 
    sliding version of the head slam and you will have one mean Kong. DON'T 
    forget to spike!
    Remember to always dtilt spam if you have them against a wall and that any 
    stage with platforms is your friend. Your up b knocks the Star Fox members
    out of the starting animation of their up b so use it to stall till they are
    at the point where they have to grab the ledge with it, then just let them 
    whiff while you are invincible.
    DK can perform well usually on stages with fall through platforms, and levels
    that don't move vertically. Any level where DK has a wall to work with is also
    good. Make sure he can either spike someone there, or gimp them, because very
    few will fall for getting cargoed and thrown into a ko wall, like some do with
    Kirby or Dedede at Eldin Bridge.
    Here is each stage one by one.
    You will either love or hate this stage. In free for alls, you can camp near 
    the KO wall of your choice and back throw people to their doom, or fsmash 
    or whatever, but you are nothing but a target in the middle. Don't use your 
    chest beating taunt near the DK up top by the way. His is better.... 
    1 on 1 you will have a hard time spiking or tricking someone into getting
    close to the blast zone, so try to lure them to hazards or just giant punch
    them as they traverse the many platforms. This stage is crazy and whom knows
    what can happen here.
    2) Battlefield
    Hohoho this is your STAGE. Projectile users can't run away too well, it's 
    easy to gimp recoveries and cargo stage spike people here, and if they get
    above the platforms, they are going to have a hard time getting back down 
    without you landing an uptilt, up air, down b as they drop, up smash, or you
    name it. Beware Bowser, Snake, Ike and Olimar here, as they can do the 
    same to you, and in Snake or Ike's case, do it better. 
    3) Bridge of Eldin.
    Let's make one thing clear. It may not be safe or proffessional, but your 
    goal in life on this stage is to either spike them in the hole, or headbutt
    them right as the bomb is dropped on the bridge so they have a hilarious 
    death awaiting. If you space they should die far before you and if you are 
    gutsy you can cargo them into the KO wall. Should you take lots of damage
    you are more likely to survive horizontally than vertically so keep that in
    mind. In free for alls just hang near the middle and outlast everyone, then
    spike as they fight near the hole. Don't get spiked yourself by staying high
    when you do so though.
    4)Castle Seige.
    This stage has a platform at the start, and it's very close to your head.
    In free for alls you can ground pound pretty safely under there and up smash
    unsuspecting victims above you. The KO walls at the start are CLOSE, so try 
    to dtilt someone a bit then fsmash as opposed to running and charging giant 
    punch. You can also backthrow from the start and then bair for an early kill
    sometimes! One on one you have to be more discreet about all this though...
    When it changes, get ready to charge giant punch as best you can up high or
    behind the breakable statues. This has a walk into wall KO wall, so ftilt or
    cargo someone there if you can.
    See final destination for the last part of Castle Siege....
    5) Delfino Plaza
    This can be cool or the bane of your existance. It has walls to infinite off
    of, walk into KO wall areas, fall through platforms to abuse, etc. It also is
    notorious for gimping your recovery as you have little vertical lift from up 
    B. The slants in some areas you can use to stall projectile users and if you
    cargo and fall into the water, you jump first so jump and immediatley dair
    for a free spike! I think there is a possibility of pitfall burying someone
    and leaving them behind as well, but I am not sure and the timing would be 
    tough. Don't pick this one unless you are confident!
    6)Distant Planet.
    My favorite stage, and a really good one for DK. He can spike in multiple
    places, drop through the main platform to spike, bury someone on the bulborb
    to have it eat them, cargo downthrow people into the mouth of it as well, he
    can abuse the platforms as usual and there is a walkoff KO wall, and all the
    KO walls are close. If they added a wall that WASN'T in the bulborbs mouth,
    this stage would be the ultimate DK stage. Love it! In free for alls dsmash
    under the leaves. It's awesome! It goes straight through and hits more often
    than on battlefield. Too bad it's not tournament legal to fight here...
    7) Final Destination
    Distance yourself just out of your opponents reach and attack, but don't run
    from projectile users. They will spam you. Try to get them off stage one on
    one or just outlive them when trading hits or fighting in the center. Cargo
    into stage spike is easiest here in my opinion so use it. In free for alls 
    just hang back and wait like an Ike, fsmashing when they least expect and 
    spiking those whom get knocked off. Don't cargo into stage spike in a ffa, 
    you are just asking for it if you do... If surrounded dsmash or down b, but
    other than one on one, everything is situational here.
    8) Flat Zone 2 
    This is not your stage. You can kill people very early here an carry them 
    to the KO wall, but you are also cramped in and the stage hazards are 
    unforgiving of your size.
    At the start of a ffa, try to get up the building and charge a punch. Your 
    back throw works wonders here, so be very campy with tilts and sheild grabs,
    and very defensive rather than offensive.
    9)Frigate Orpheon
    Treat this stage as you would battlefield, but camp the left and don't go 
    right. You can't grab the edge and your recovery is very gimpable there. 
    Plus, there is a platform just begging to be abused on the left. When this 
    place flips, don't jump or up b! You could end up under the stage! Go to the
    center and prepare to defend. That pass through platform in the center will 
    make this place just like Yoshi's Island, only with dips in the center, so 
    go to Yoshi's Island for that part of the strategy.
    10)Green Hill Zone
    Be very CAREFUL in the center. Your down b, down smash, and dtilt wreck this
    stage, and quickly break the hole open. In one on ones you can do this on
    purpose if your opponent stalls so you can spike them, but in free for alls,
    just try to claim the spinning bumpers and camp under them first, and use
    your "There's a KO wall there" strategies. Carrying them in the wall seems 
    more dangerous here than Eldin, as in ffas other opponents can quickly catch
    Don't try to walk off with an opponent at the start. Their damage will be too
    low and it takes off fast. Focus on staying on while keeping them off, or, if
    on the second pass you can pull it off and they have some damage, bury them 
    before take off. As it moves treat it like Yoshi's Island with that abuseable
    platform and in free for alls gimps are key. Once you get to the hazard 
    portion of the stage, try to move the laser into an enemy or try to bury 
    someone running from the laser or a bomb. Laughter will ensue! Or cursing.
    If you HAVE to take a hit from the laser or bomb, try to cargo or b punch for
    the super armor. A forward air spike seems to do well here. 
    12) Hanenbow
    You COULD abuse the platforms if they weren't so far apart, but in one on 
    ones and ffas you will mainly have people running away. You CANNOT SWIM HERE.
    May seem obvious but I always forget. Spikes are horribly ineffective as 
    there are so many things to catch them. At least you can down b and play 
    with the leaves for humurous effect...
    13)Luigi's Mansion
    This is just like final Destination except for a few very key things. You 
    can tech off the ceiling with sheild to survive large attacks. You can up
    tilt spam from below. You can tear it down, but then projectile users will
    have their field day. Also, the mansion pillars halt Ike's over b and other
    such attacks, and the mansion sheilds you from thunder or mortars from Snake.
    Cargo into stage spike doesn't work well, and if you want to kill someone
    early you will have to gimp them, spike them, or up air them at some damage 
    at the top of the mansion. This stage is very good at protecting DK, so don't
    destroy it!
    14)Lylat Cruise
    YAY! Just like Battlefield except it tilts. The only real worry for you is 
    gimping yourself on the side tilted up if you miss with up b. Other than 
    that bair gimping is great here. Spiking is great. Abuse those platforms and
    stay uphill so that the opponent will a) not be able to use projectiles well
    and b) be inclined to jump at you rather than dash grab or attack standing, 
    which is what you want to happen. 
    15) Mario Bros.
    For the love of god go to the top and ground pound anything that moves.
    Abuse super armor with up b and knock those shells around. If you know how
    to glide toss, do so! You are a big target, so spot dodging shells is key 
    here. Don't pick this as DK unless you are truly comfortable.
    16)Mario Circuit.
    You can camp easily here and up air through the top platform, and cargo into
    ftoss or backthrow people into the KO wall, or kill the cars, I like camping 
    left or right under the track as they have to come straight at you with no
    aerials unless they are Kirby or something. Try to ground bury people so that
    they get hit by cars if you are the joking type. Priceless.
    17)Mushroomy Kingdom. 
    If you can backthrow into wall, you will do well. If you can't avoid most
    the hazards or combatants, you will fail. In one on ones in the underground 
    you can camp up top and make them come to you, then cargo, jump and up throw
    for a quick kill, and in ffa's you can bury people to leave them behind or 
    abuse the pipes and vertically stacked blocks for uptilt or down b spam.
    Spiking people here is fun because they are so focused on staying alive they
    don't care if you are above them, but as a big target, you will probably go 
    down first in a ffa.
    18) New Pork City
    In one on ones this could last forever. I heard you can cargo stage spike, 
    but I honestly don't know where. I don't know if super armor saves you from
    the Ultimate Chimera, but I know throwing someone into it or burying them 
    next to it is great. If you can backthrow them down low and they don't tech
    well you can bounce them off the ceiling for a stage spike similar to what 
    was possible in Great Bay on Melee. You should live to HIGH, HIGH percentages
    here. So in online ffa's or stock match ffa's you should have a clear 
    One on one this stage is great for DK as he can back throw kill, cargo people
    into the lava and ground pound to hog the safety pod. In ffas though you will
    probably get knocked around and depend on super armor to survive the lava. As
    with ANY stage with hazards, if you feel lucky try to bury them before the
    lava comes in any direction. In ffas you can do this alot as everyone is 
    usually running willy nilly for items or just chasing anyway.
    This is either love or hate. Just remember you have wall combos when walls
    appear, especially the diagonal line. Avoid most hazards, unless you want to
    ride the cart and ground pound for lols. Try to bury people as always and up
    throw people into the fire if you can. The horizontal kill zone is close so 
    don't go for vertical kills. There's not alot of room to hide here when it's 
    blank so be on the defense until something forms.
    21) Pirate Ship
    OUT FOR THE SHIP! You Can abuse vertical kills well here and cargo to jump
    to upthrow to upair people off the top mast. When it crashes, try to either
    spike them in the water or back throw them on the rock. Bury them when the 
    hazards come if you can, but it won't do much good. The red dragon boat is 
    tiny and up tilt camping it should be easy if they recover that way. Or bury
    them on it if you can. Probably won't carry them off for the KO, but hey, if
    it does, you have a good water cooler moment. Another lol thing to do is to 
    cargo them as the bombs start coming in, as your superarmor will protect you.
    22)Pokemon Stadium 2
    Treat it exactly like Lylat Cruise until it changes. When the fans start, 
    punish those that jump up high with spammed up airs for vertical kills, or 
    fair or back air them as you float. Yes, this is one of the few times you 
    can effectivley use forward air over land and not be punished. It won't do
    any setups, but you can spike them if they are below you. The slow speed 
    that foes come down as this happens messes with airdodging. Time for upsmash!
    When the stage is ice, you can't abuse the pass throughs as well, but you can
    do some amazing sliding attacks including sliding over b, up b, fsmash and 
    up smash. The ice makes pivoting awful for DK, if not all chars though, and 
    it's best to be oppurtunistic in ffa's here.
    When the stage is ground, You have a wall to infinite off of, platforms to 
    abuse, and all is right with the world. You know what to do by now. Get to
    When the stage is conveyor belts, things get difficult. You can camp the 
    middle easily under the platforms, but getting there in a ffa is tough, 
    and jumping there backwards to use your bair is even tougher. I'd suggest 
    ledge up b stalling this part or fighting hard for that middle point. 
    23)Port Town Aero Dive
    Ugh. This place gimps your recovery bad. There is a wall for infinites, but
    you won't have time. You can bury people for laughs in front of cars or as 
    the stage leaves as always but...other than that this stage is trouble for
    DK's air mobility. The panic of FFA's sets up for spikes well though!
    24)Rumble Falls
    For being a DK stage, this stage isn't very nice to DK! His vertical recovery
    is bad, and this stage moves up. You have to all but ignore your opponent 
    when it speeds up, but other chars can aerial you for fun it seems. Watch the
    spikes and try to bury someone not for my usual advice of getting a laugh
    kill, but just to get higher ground. During the narrow portion with pass
    through platforms, you can ground pound at the top, forcing them to take 
    damage. Don't pick this stage unless you are crazy good with DK and crazy 
    good at the stage!
    25)Shadow Moses Island.
    You have two choices here. Leave the walls up so you can tech off of them 
    when hit or tear them down for cargo throw, back throw and fsmash kills. I 
    prefer the later as killing vertically here with DK is tough sometimes. 
    Up tilt spam doesn't work so well under the pass through platforms, but this
    is a good stage to run away and charge a giant punch in.
    26) Skyworld
    Another love hate stage. Most of your moves will tear it down, causing you
    to fast fall to death or have no ledge to grab, but at the same time you can
    up tilt spam, and the Ko walls are close! Don't ride the platform at the 
    bottom. Getting back is too hard. This is a good stage to top screen
    somebody, but that's about it for poor DK. 
    Treat this like Final Destination except for a few neat things. The ko zone 
    is closer, so you can back throw off the moving platform for easy kills. The 
    cargo stage spike works better on Kirby and Metaknight here because the
    bottom is so close. Also, sometimes humans on the moving platform won't block
    unless you jump, so a good upsmash can get them. The stage is small, so 
    staying arms length away but still keeping them pressured should be easy.
    Special note. DK can drop, jump, and up b UNDERNEATH smashville and catch the
    other ledge. Neat. 
    28)Spear Pillar
    This stage is great when nothing is going on. You can camp the pass through
    platforms, tech off the ceiling or floor in the cave, or bury people to laugh
    as the laser blasts them. But when the controls are reversed, gravity is 
    messed up, etc. you need to spin in place, use down b and sheild grab. Pray 
    it doesn't happen as you recover, and pray Cresselia doesn't catch you off
    gaurd with a boomerang. Also, down b bounces people almost helplessly that
    don't tech in the cave, so abuse it.
    This stage is like the Anti DK mindgame in my opinion. You try to camp the 
    pass through platforms on the left and you get dropped. You try to ledge 
    gimp or spike and get eaten. You want to land as low as possible with DK's
    up b, but the moving of the stage causes you to float up. Icecicles fall on
    your head if you try to stay under the cave to wall tech. This stage's only
    advantage for DK is the vertical kills he can get here.
    You can't cargo stage spike. But you can do various things here. By now, it
    should be obvious how to utilize the platforms and to back throw for the 
    close KO walls. During the minigames is where the fun begins. Now, I know
    that I have often told you to bury people in front of stage hazards if you
    can, but this stage takes being a jerk to a whole new level. 
    1. DON'T MOVE
    Move. If you have a fully charged giant punch and you are right next to them,
    Punch. You could also actually do nothing so that when they move you get to
    chase them invincible with a charged punch! If you begin charging before this
    starts, it won't penalize you for letting it charge! Your opponent can do
    nothing but let it happen lest they want to either be punched for getting 
    too close or be punished for not participating.
    2. Stay Dry. 
    Bury someone in the rain and taunt from the umbrella, or ground pound or 
    up tilt spam under it. 
    3. Taunt
    If they taunt at high damage, they should have known better. Cargo and throw
    them into a wall, punch them, do whatever. If you both taunt, but only you 
    get rewarded, with lets say, a super mushroom, ground pound, up tilt, or 
    nair to cover the whole stage in your fury.
    4. Chisel it.
    Use nair or ground pound to either win it or make it impossible for everyone
    else. Up tilt does well too. 
    5. Dodge (arrows) 
    You know what to do here. If you can pull it off, and still not get hit or 
    punished by the player, kudos.
    6. Dodge (car)
    Bury them or footstool/spike them into the ground if you can. Fair has nice
    range, remember that....
    7. Jump. 
    Same as car dodge, only no need to bury them. Just spike.
    8. Dodge (foot) 
    If it locks on to you follow the other person, or cargo them or bury them
    with over b.
    9. Pop it.
    Pop them first, then pop the party favor.
    If I've missed any I'm sorry, but you get the idea...
    31)Yoshi's Island
    Not much to say here. You' can't cargo stage spike. There is a large, very 
    abuseable drop through platform to uptilt or upsmash through, and your up b
    cancels into the ground version very easy here. The ghosts can end would be
    spikes, but other than that, meh...
    32)Big Blue
    Your horizontal recovery makes you very vulnerable to opponents, but easy to
    land on cars. Don't jump alot, and try to back throw and up tilt alot, as the
    stage is very disorienting and people don't do well dodging here. Downsmash 
    dominates here, so abuse it.
    Same as norfair, except the platforms are easier to abuse. That is, until 
    whatever that stuff is snaps, then you can up b or up tilt on top of it 
    relativley safely. If you break the stuff in the middle with ground pound 
    you can spike easier, but other than the rising acid to watch out for not
    much to say here. You know what to do on stages with hazards at this point 
    in my guide. Over b.
    Here is a stage worth going on and on about. The left side is your enemy.
    You get shot up and you can get gimped there. You survive damage longest in
    the middle, but the remarkable part for DK is the tail end and top fin. DK
    can grab, cargo, jump, upthrow for a kill on the top fin, and can wall
    infinite on the back. If that isn't enough, bair kills easily off the back
    and ledge stalling off the exhaust is great. You can uptilt as they come
    down at you or ledge stall on the top fin with a fully charged punch for 
    mindgames, and projectiles fare not so well here. I love this stage. 
    35)Green Greens
    Why not fountain of dreams Nintendo, WHY? Anywho, you can ground pound the
    bombs for surprise kills, wall infinite off the star blocks, abuse the drop
    platforms with uptilt, but you can't kill easily here. It's so big lateral
    wise that you need to kill vertically with dsmash. Lovely place for DK 
    36)Jungle Japes
    HERE is a DK level I can get behind. Spikes are hard here but satisfying.
    Cargo suicide off the left when up a stock and abuse the middle platform
    to live the longest and rack up damage. Killing is either really easy or 
    hard here depending on position, but in a ffa you should have this, if you
    don't get Klap Trapped yourself...
    Walls for infinites. Cargo into superarmor as cars go by. Bury people as
    cars go by. Pass through platforms and walk into wall KO walls. This place
    is great for DK, so enjoy it. Just watch out for cars...
    38)Pokemon Stadium Melee
    The orignal one has platforms, but they are harder to abuse. Treat it like
    Final Destination until it changes. 
    The rock part with the mountain is crazyness. Just do what you would 
    normally do here, but remember the windmill catches some people into
    jumping around alot, which should let you headbutt them with up air.
    The fire portion has a wall and pass throughs. Abuse them as normal with
    tilts and infinites.
    The ground portion also has walls and lots of pass through platforms.
    Pokemon Stages where apparently made for DK!
    The forest portion you should just treat like battlefield, really.
    39)Rainbow Cruise
    This place has a wall to infinite, but other than that, all I can advise
    is stay alive and bair people away. Not really DK's stage. Maybe bury 
    them on the sinking ship? I don't know what to say here really.
    Charge the punch far away. You can't up tilt through any of the platforms,
    but you can wall infinite and cargo people to were you want to kill them.
    Also, you should stay near the bottom if you can tech well, becuase you
    will live to like, 300 percent more often than you think. Fast characters
    can evade you forever here, so taunt them mercilessly and always play with 
    a time limit.
    41)Yoshi's Island Melee
    You can cargo suicide down the middle when it spins. You can cargo, jump,
    and forward throw someone into the wall off the left pipe, or you can 
    drop someone into your uptilt by uptilting the platforms. This stage is
    small and in a ffa, kills should come easy.
    42)Custom Stages
    Build a small stage with a wall on one side and pass through platforms all
    over, and congratulations, you've made a DK approved level!
    DK is odd in that he does well against certain midweight powerhitters and
    is considered a counter to 2 of the "top tier" characters. Here are his
    match ups.
    Ok, here's the deal. I test these on humans and lvl 9's as best I can. 
    Please don't complain that I underestimated a character yada yada, because
    frankly, Donkey's strategy is usually the same dependent upon their range
    and projectile type.
    So that said, Mr. Average himself can be decieving. He can punish your 
    rolls with dsmash and fsmash hurts, but it's his b moves that make this 
    match unique, not his standard moves. Mario's up b is an annoyance when 
    trying to spike or edgegaurd him, but if he panics and uses it early punish
    him with a spike or fsmash. Gimping him is actually kinda hard, as Mario
    can cape stall pretty far, and in the process turn you bairs around, 
    disorienting you. 
    If you get knocked off the stage by Mario, lookout. Flood doesn't hurt so
    bad on it's own, but it can force you to up b early. If it does a good 
    Mario can go straight into edgeguard or a cape, turning you around, making 
    you fall to your doom. Though that forward air is tricky to land on a 
    spinning Kong, it CAN be done and unless he hits your super armor you WILL
    be spiked. It's better to fair spike than to dair if the Mario is knocked
    way out, because dair that far out is risky and they are probably cape 
    On land fireballs should only be a minor annoyance and your range on even
    your jabs trumps everything Mario has range and priority wise. Keep him at
    arms length with tilts, ground pound and platforms and you are good. If 
    Mario floods you off the stage while charging try to hit R to cancel it 
    immediatley and recover. 
    Ok, this may give you the idea to copy paste but you cannot fight Luigi 
    like you do Mario. His over b and down b make for some crazy recovery help
    and spiking him is tough. I'd suggest up b to punish aerials rather than
    shield grabs, and trying to bait him into over b so you can bury him or 
    throw out giant punch to trade blows with super armor. A good human Luigi
    will approach with the tornado until you ground pound it a few times, then
    they will attack with aerials. On another note if you get sheilded roll
    away. It's really easy to land Luigi's SUPER up b on DK and it can kill you
    at 70 percent with bad directional influence. If he does up b and you have
    dodged/rolled away succesfully upair or up smash or whatever you can land
    on him. I'd suggest picking the largest stage you can so that a well aimed
    up b or over b doesn't kill you at such low percents, and so that you can
    read the Luigi better.
    Ok, do not be obvious with your approach on a toad happy peach, especially
    with ground pound and giant punch or you will get toaded into a KO. Peach's
    turnips hurt worse than you think, and if they are floating on the ground
    WATCH OUT. Get behind her and bair, or you shall have to face the wrath of
    fair from Peach. Every thing she does comes out fast so space with dtilt
    and ground pound and up tilt, but never predictably or she will toad you
    as mentioned before. Spiking her is difficult with dair due to the parasol,
    so go for fair or just bair gimp her or up b ledge stall if you can. I 
    would suggest up b for getting her off of you only sparingly, as Peach's 
    LOVE multihit moves where they can jump in with Toad. She can hit you 
    through the platforms with her uptilt and her Peach bomber punishes you
    alot for missing a smash. Best to kill her vertically or off the stage, 
    not on it if you ask me. If she hovers watch out for fair!
    Most people that talk tiers say DK eats Bowser due to range and that DK
    can combo him, and punish him easily. That may be true, but don't get 
    cocky. Bowser's fire breath keeps you away, but after awhile you can 
    ground pound farther than he can blow fire. If he gets you off the stage,
    he can simply blow fire on you until your recovery is GIMPED. Literally,
    I've had it happen a bit. He just blows fire and your up b is canceled 
    over and over after the super armor is, and it pushes you down. Ouch. 
    If you try to recover high though, a smash is waiting, so airdodge or up b
    all the way to the other ending. A dashing Bowser is to ALWAYS be ground 
    pounded and a jumping one shielded. Note that platform stages are actually
    a bad idea, because Bowser utilizes them better than you! Note his up smash
    should NOT be airdodged into as it hits on the downswing. His dsmash is 
    way better at punishing than yours, and if he jumps at you with fire or 
    a fair/dair you can usually giant punch right through if you start early.
    Note that he is hard to spike as up b for Bowser carries him FAR. If he 
    has a stock up don't sheild for long. The Bowsercide is coming (over b
    off the stage) so DI right or left back on if you can. Bowser is a very
    formidable match for DK. Keep him away and outsmart him on his go to 
    moves, (including upsmashing his down b slam, lol) and you can come out
    on top. Dtilt trip him if you get the chance.
    Mirror match. Start your b punch right after their's for hilarious super
    armor results. DK is easier to fair spike than dair in most situations, so
    keep that in mind. Punish the moves that you know are slow and ground pound
    if they dash. If they ground pound bair them, and with two good DK's, this
    could turn into a bair contest funnily enough. DO NOT GO FOR THE CARGO
    STAGE SPIKE. If your opponent struggles at all, they usually get out, even
    at 100 percent, due to DK's immense weight (I'm pretty sure weight effects
    ability to escape cargo and grabs in general, but especially cargo) and 
    he will end up footstooling you to a gimped recovery. If you trip DK with 
    dtilt, bury him then fsmash.
    Ok, lets get one thing in your mind here. A Diddy that uses his bananas
    well and knows how to glide toss (R plus cstick forward plus stick forward)
    will give you absolute heck unless you catch them with airdodge or an
    aerial and glide toss them back! DK's glide toss is HUGE. As he trips from
    the banana you can fsmash, dsmash, whatever you want just do it QUICK. 
    Diddy can be gimped with bair, just note that fair is faster and is his KO
    move, and he may try to "Diddy Hump" you instead, or dair you into a spike
    as well. You CAN ledge stall him like a spacey with up b, but he can 
    usually charge it enough to get back on stage. Spacing Diddy is hard, but
    if he stays aerial you can sheild grab or standing up b him a bit. Diddy's
    Smashes are weak, so if you know he will pile the damage on you with banana
    spam and you can't glide toss or throw them back, take him somewhere huge
    or small with platforms. Whatever you do though, don't roll into the same 
    banana over and over. It's funny, but pathetic.
    You may skip over this part, but Yoshi can be tough. Bair hits through 
    sheilds and is used as an approach by many a good Yoshi. Eggs kill your
    bair spam on land, though off it you can bair Yoshi into the wall if you
    save it and don't diminish it. Just beware the fair he may throw at you.
    Yoshi's smashes are fast and can hit you out of up b easily if you are not
    in super armor. Yoshi is not easily spaced by ground pound or tilts and his
    egg roll goes through ground pound I believe. (But not giant punch, hehe).
    Watch the dair to. It's not a strong spike but it gimps you really well as
    DK. Up b is a good answer to one getting to close or egg rolling, and your
    dsmash is your best friend here. So is fair spiking.
    If Yoshi rushes you down dodge or jump! He's probably going to dash grab
    you on every opening, and when you sheild an egg he runs in to grab so look 
    Wario can do crazy mean things to DK, and is one of his hardest matchups.
    His neutral b bite grab can be short hopped into you, and can counter your 
    best kill moves, including giant punch! THough his bike and jabs can be 
    sheild grabbed, everything else tends to hit you multiple times, knock you
    too far back, or poke through your weakened shield, like Wario's crazy dair.
    His floatiness makes him hard to spike, though if you can predict the bike
    you can get him with dair. The fart is fast and has two hitboxes. Wario himself
    and the fart. Both hurt and should be avoided at all cost. Though ground pound
    and ftilt outrange him, he prefers the air, and will grind into all your 
    mistakes with great aerials. Wario doesn't mind stages with pass through 
    platforms either, as he can just clap you through them and dodge uptilts very
    easily. This is tough.
    Considered the lesser of the 2 Links, he still has some tricks up his sleave,
    though He's pretty ineffective against good ole DK compared to his little bro.
    Links projectile spam can hurt, but only if you let it. Run in shielding, then
    at the edge of ground pound/ftilt range, use it. If the Link player is still
    in lag from a bow and arrow or catching a boomerang, dash grab, cargo, and
    corner him at the edge. Bair gimping him offstage works well, but beware if 
    they catch on and up b early or throw rangs. By the way, the boomerang can
    push you into a Link usmash, so hold sheild till it ends, or dodge down if he
    grabs. The spotdodge should leave him holding the hookshot out, so punish. 
    The boomerang can also work like flood and push you way far out, but as long
    as you don't hit the wall or get pushed at a downward angle, you should be able
    to make it back. If Link pushes you back in your shield with fsmash and you can
    not grab, you can still ground pound, so cool! Also, if you airdodge a bomb, it
    grabs it! Throw it back! Dashing headbutt punishes missed grabs well also. 
    Zelda is usually whom they start with, and she is TOUGH. The trick is 
    outranging her. Dodge/block dins fire on your way in and ftilt or ground pound
    her at range. If you get too close, you'll get the fsmash, or the upsmash.
    both hit multiple times and both hurt bad. GET HER OFF THE STAGE AND BAIR. 
    She can't spam Din's fire from offstage as it makes her vulnerable, and
    she can't fight back very well. If you can ledge stall into an edgehog, even
    better. Spiking can sometimes be met with uair, which hurts, so watch it. 
    Her bair sweetspots you very easily, and can WOP you quite well, so fast fall
    underneath and recover if you can. Her dair can spike, but only if she barely
    touches you with it, so don't worry too much about it. If she gets you up 
    high, she will probably spam Din's fire straight at you, and predicting when
    to airdodge can be tough. If she teleports, she is probably going behind you
    for a fsmash or under for an usmash, so prepare a fsmash and release as she 
    appears. Even if you miss, it scares the snot out of them, and they usually 
    sheild, so rush in with a grab or try to break the sheild with over b or 
    down b.
    Sheik is different, and a smart player will use Sheik to rack up damage, then
    switch to Zelda. Sheik's ftilt can capture you for a while, making it hard 
    to get away. Sheik's needle attack charge is a good time to approach, and
    you should never worry about the whip. If you get caught in the multijab DI
    backwards and then ftilt or jab. Down b works to. If Sheik pulls that sliding
    usmash thing, attempt a sheildgrab, or just sheild and counter depending on
    Shieks range. Sheik can be easily edgehogged and WOP'd with bair air, as the
    explosion doesn't happen again on reappearing, like Zelda. Sheik also seems 
    easier to utilt juggle, on note. Sheik will sometimes use up b to attack, so 
    if you see it coming, sheild and punish the landing if you can. Tell Sheik to 
    go away with up b out of sheild if you must. The superarmor trumps most of 
    what sheik can do after being sheilded.
    He is slow and powerful. You are fast and powerful. He can cover ground quickly
    and chase you with down b, but if he does it from far away punish with over b
    or fsmash. If he lands an over b grab, he will probably chase you with it if
    he's good, or combo into dtilt or ftilt. A good Ganon will over b backwards if
    you roll behind, down b if you do it forward, and sheild grab if you attack to 
    get up. If Ganon is up a stock and you are trying to bair gimp him, prepare to
    airdodge the over b Ganoncide so that he falls to his doom. Despite superarmor,
    Ganon can spike the snot out of you, but you can do the same to him, so really
    try to up b to ledge FAST or up b THROUGH him to avoid a good spiking. Some 
    Ganons short hop cancel the dair over and over, giving you a world of pain if 
    you don't tech and shield, so watch out if they have mastered this and get that
    R button ready. Even Ganon's neutral a can push you back really far, so try to
    outrange, out speed with ftilt, and be on the defensive. The down b hurts from
    above, so don't juggle too long, and above all if he charges volcano kick, the
    utilt, punish him afterwards or even during if you are close. Giant punch 
    a Ganon's down b or fsmash if you dare! It works, but is risky. Use dtilt to 
    trip if you can. Some players will run into this repeatidly for some reason.
    Ok, listen. A good Toon Link will give you nightmares. His projectile spam is
    nice, and if you cargo after the boomerang, it's hitting you. Use up b to keep
    him away for the superarmor, and though ftilt is good for punishing after 
    smashes, he has more than enough time to sheild or spot dodge, so down b works
    better. However, down b has lag if you hit b too much, and an aerial from TL is
    probably coming your way, if not another projectile. Ftilt and dtilt block 
    rangs and arrows, but you have to time it. If you get juggled, landing is hard,
    as he can attack, and if you airdodge, just attack again, usually spamming 
    usmash. If you can get him off the stage and bair him a few times and return,
    he is gone, just watch the fair/bair he may throw out. If he hovers above the
    edge too much, he may attempt a dair spike, so either stall to make him miss,
    airdodge and up b, or if high enough fair him away. Sometimes you grab the edge
    just as Toon Link starts the dair, and he plummets to his death. This is 
    priceless. If they up b back, fsmash as close to the edge as you can, as they 
    often go above the edge before latching on. A good TL will usually tether 
    instead, so if you know how to pivot drop do so. If they still have time for an
    up b, immediatley drop, up b and regrab. Usually ends in TL's death. Also, if 
    they dair from above on the stage, a favorite of TL, don't sheild the entire 
    attack. It pokes after the bounce. Instead, jump and uair, or utilt or even 
    roll back, move forward a bit and prepare a fsmash, or if you have it, giant 
    punch him. Giant punch, if timed right, also hits him through his fsmash, but
    good luck with the timing. He will push you off the stage if you sheild alot, 
    so watch out. The key to this match is superarmor, patience, and gimping. 
    You can kill TL conventionally, but it's much harder. Platforms would help 
    more, except that TL is fast and usually only eats one utilt before he catches
    on. If worse comes to worse he's very light and it seems easier to cargo stage
    spike TL. Also, if he jumps to recover off the ledge, a quick nair usually hits
    IMA GONNA CLOBBA DAT KERBEH! Ok, with that out of my system, lets begin. Kirby
    is faster than you. The hammer might as well be your giant punch, and Kirby can
    easily spike you with his dair if he waits for you super armor to end on up b.
    But you can get him. Sheild, and when he runs in for the grab or dash attack, 
    down b once. Only once. If he sheilds, he takes sheild damage and is usually
    in range of another down b or ftilt. He also runs straight into dtilt with 
    a roll sometimes after the ground pound. If he jumps at you remember that 
    bair hurts but is easily sheild grabbed, where as fair hurts and hits multiple
    times, so wait it out. Kirby can easily interupt giant punch with alot of his 
    moves, so the best time to deploy is during a blocked final cutter (his up b)
    or after he misses with stone. In fact, if you are doing something and Kirby 
    is above, and sees you are busy, there is a good chance he will use stone. Roll
    back and then grab or giant punch as he releases the stone. Don't giant punch
    the stone though. I'm pretty sure it does nothing. Never got it to work. If he
    goes for a swallowcide STRUGGLE. Ram the buttons and pray for a toadstool jump
    off his head. If you ledge stall after this you can use the invincibility to 
    drop a kirby into the abyss as he instinctivley up b's to hit you and grab the
    ledge. Cargo stage spike doesn't do well on Kirby, because even if it catches 
    them off gaurd and don't tech, by the time the are damaged enough to not make
    it back to the edge, you could have killed them conventionally. On a plus note
    spiking Kirby is hard to aim, but it's not like hammer outranges fair! Bair 
    gimping only works if you can hit him 2ce in 2 jumps, he usually makes it back
    anyway though. Watch out for final cutters projectile by the way, it can push
    you off the stage even if sheilded.
    If Kirby uses a smash, note that it is fast with little lag, but sometimes 
    after a sheilded fsmash you can sneak in a dsmash for the kill or a sheildgrab.
    If he uses usmash and you are in the air, airdodge as best you can  or dair 
    fast fall and hope you hit first if you dare. If he uses dsmash to punish a 
    roll that you don't do, then fsmash/giant punch him for trying to predict you.
    Ok, let's get this out of the way. Metaknight has some mean b moves. Let's 
    play counter, ok? 
    First of all, this is one of the few match up where I will suggest Final
    Destination. It's huge, so he dies quicker than you do, and because platforms
    are abuseable by Metaknight on a level far above your own. 
    Ugh, he can eat you on every mistake with this move. DI out as best you can and
    punish him as he lands if he goes high, as he will be vulnerable. Sometimes you
    get out early facing away from him. If you do try to bair immediatley. If he
    starts this move from far away you can do the following. 
    1. Fsmash. Risky, but knocks him right out.
    2. Dsmash. He has to be above.
    3. Usmash. Not a good option, but works. 
    4. Ground pound. Works if he likes to tap b just enough to surf the ground. 
    5. Ftilt. You have to time it. Aim it accordingly. 
    6. Bair. Um, make sure you get it right.
    7. over b. Really, REALLY difficult, best as he ends it. 
    8. Jump over, roll dodge, spot dodge. If he is coming at you fast, you can do 
    this. BEST of all, is that if they get carried away, they fall off the edge to
    their death.
    9. Dair. Best used if they have you near the top screen, as this move is a
    popular way to top screen kill after many uairs.
    If you see this coming, fsmash, dsmash, or ground pound. If he does it really 
    far away, sheild grab.  If he catches you in it they like to do it into the 
    ground, so use the cstick to smash them as soon as it's over.
    This can kill you. This can gimp you. This is FAST. They like to do it if you
    recover high, or after you miss an attack, or as they recover.
    1. If they use it as you try to edgehog, it stage spikes. Best to crawl up and
    try to predict how they will get up from the ledge, or ledge stall if you are
    brave. If they do it and miss just above the stage, you can predict where they
    will land and fsmash him hard, if you don't have time settle for dtilt or the 
    ground pound. If you time it really well, you can over b him and hopefully 
    follow up the pitfall with fsmash.
    2. If they have you at the edge, and you think they are lining up for this, 
    use airdodge. Metaknights like to fair/bair over and over, and then up b near 
    the edge for the kill. If you air dodge successfully, and they are in freefall,
    edgehog, as sometimes they will need to grab the edge because they went off 
    JUST enough to need to grab it. If they are going to land on the stage use a 
    ledge attack, or in lucky circumstances where you have 2 or 3 seconds, get up
    gently and prepare a fully charged dsmash, releasing BEFORE they hit the 
    3. If they use it defensivley as they come back from up high you can try to
    aim a fair or dair if you can get inside the loop as they do it. Fair is far
    safer though. Or a bair if that's what you where doing in the first place.
    Metaknights dair is a go to move for getting you off the stage, and makes
    attempting to use uair on him risky. He also loves to punish your rolls with
    that crazy fast dsmash, so it's better to sheild grab or counter his rushes.
    If you see him come in for a dash grab or attack, try to down b, but only once.
    He is also so short that if you hold sheild, then jump over him and dair you
    often thwart both these moves. Getting a good hit and having him against the 
    ledge oftens beckens Mach Tornado though, so be prepared to roll back and 
    fsmash, but not if he's too close, or you could eat his dsmash as mentioned 
    Up b's superarmor cuts out alot of his RAR or fair approaches, and can be a 
    nuisance to his tornado if you time it right. Dtilt if he stays grounded as it
    often keeps you out of his grab range without popping him into the air. 
    Remember that dude dies at 60 percent from a fsmash, and just hold on. Fight 
    fast and fight defensivley fast. Up b, down b, and dsmash to defend and fsmash
    that tornado. If you get him to hop just above the ledge, it's sometimes quite 
    easy to get a dair spike if you pretend to be doing something else, like
    charging a giant punch. Just cancel the charge with r, jump and go for that 
    Ok, let me tell you this right now. Choose either the biggest stage with 
    platforms possible, or the smallest stage possible. (Battlefield or Lylat
    Cruise in tournaments, Temple and Pictochat casually). Dedede can chaingrab
    Donkey Kong ENDLESSLY. Pray they aren't a chaingrabber. If they are, pray they
    aren't able to do the standing still version that only works on you. If they 
    are, pick the large stage to stay away and ground pound, ftilt, or punish them
    when they attempt something other than a grab, like a missed fsmash. 
    If you DO grab them, back throw them off the stage, or cargo them and throw 
    them off, then go for the spike. Dthrow to dair spike can work too, but let 
    me tell you this. Dedede does not like to be spiked, and will usually up b
    to the stage if in range to avoid having this happen. If you can bair spam them
    until they are far enough out that they either can't recover due to being out
    of jumps or needing to up b to grab the ledge, do so and then ledge stall and
    they should pass right through you, and promptly suicide. Some will toss 
    Waddle dees to back you off midair or gain more horizontal distance, so watch
    out for this, because a lucky gordo hurts. His projectile is slow, but they
    hurt, and waddle doos should be killed, as they can stun you, allowing Dedede
    a free fsmash or even worse, a grab. If you can sneak it in, spot dodge and jab
    if you can even land, or jump out if you can. DI up and away and pray. If you
    sheild, you can bait them into a running grab, spot dodge and punish. 
    Dedede's running attack is powerful but slow and has horrible lag. If you end
    up spotdodging or blocking this, use cstick to fsmash the now helpless bird.
    If he uses his long, annoying ftilt, groundpound, and if you can catch him at
    maximum dtilt range, do it. 
    Also, if Dedede is above you, don't uair, as his dair is annoying and racks up
    the damage. Sometimes they shorthop into this, so lookout. 
    His ground moves are slow, minus the utilt he can use to kill you pretty quick.
    If he is charging one, dash before he misses, to the edge of it, and if you 
    don't have to stop, keep going and over b pitfall him. If he pulls out jet 
    hammer bait him into missing (he shouldn't be using this anyway) or ground 
    pound as he comes forward with it. He likes to do this sometimes if you are 
    offstage, so ledgestall with up b all you need to. If he trys to bair WOP
    you, try to DI above him, and up b all the way back, as he will have to recover
    too, so landing is not much of an issue. He can abuse platforms, but you do it 
    better, so rejoice in utilting him, or even utilt juggle if he drops down. 
    If he misses a dash grab he rolls over! Punish. 
    If it really bothers you with the chain grab, you can cargo chain grab against
    the wall of Corneria, or dtilt him into a wall until 120 percent then dsmash.
    Stages with walls are usually tournament banned, and lucky for you, so are 
    stages with walk off edges, as DDD can just chain grab you until you hit the
    wall, rinse and repeat.
    As said in various matchup threads on all is brawl or smashboards, DON'T GET
    Credit to ripple for that one.
    Ok, for starters, if you grab Olimar, do all in your power to throw him off the
    stage, because you can bair gimp him easily, and holding the edge while Olimar
    uses up b equals dead Olimar, as with all tether users. His range on his aerial
    moves is awful and he can be fair spiked and sometimes dair/b over spiked 
    easily without much punishment. Off the stage is your game.
    On the stage is his.
    His range not only rivals yours on the ground, but his dash grab is ridiculous,
    so keep away from it. Charging a giant punch usually means he will try to throw
    pikmin all over you or dash grab, so cancel it or only charge when he dies. 
    Giant punch is hard to land on this little dude, but if you can roll behind him
    during his fsmash, it's doable. Don't hesistate though, as Olimar players LOVE
    to punish rolls with dsmash. If you cargo him, just let him break free and 
    ground pound to kill most, if not all his pikmin! A pikminless Olimar is to 
    be rushed at for dash grabs, smashes, multihit moves, whatever you can do to
    keep him from pulling up more. This is another fight where stages with 
    platforms are to be thought about, as Olimar can uair and usmash through them
    easily. Try to outrange his fsmash spam and grabs with down b to force him
    to jump and use aerials, which you can ftilt away, or sheild grab. If Olimar
    does grab you, he's probably going to go for the dthrow into fair, fair, fair,
    dair spike of ledge, which works wonders on you as DK, so airdodge or jump or
    nair or whatever you can if he slips up and gives you a window. 
    Pikmin order, his whistle move, he might try to use for recovering above the 
    stage, as it gives him super armor, and can make your attempts to fsmash edge
    gaurd or giant punch him look just plain silly. Also, if he is below you JUMP,
    or at least airdodge left or right, as his uair is his best aerial in my 
    opinion, and combos the snot out of you. If you catch him doing pikmin order 
    on the ground nearby, ground pound or dtilt repeatidly, so that after the 
    super armor he gets launched anyway. This is a difficult fight for DK, so 
    pick large stages so you can survive longer, like Lylat, Final Destination, or
    for laughs with friends, pick Rainbow Cruise and watch the Olimar be unable to
    keep up. The uair you have works well on a popped up Olimar as well.
    Samus can do alot of spam. Missiles are manageable, super missles you can jump
    over into a bair to the face, bombs no longer explode on contact, and mini 
    shots are easy to sheild or dodge. Don't let her charge if you can help it.
    Your predictable recovery means you eat fully charged shots if she has one.
    Zair is a pain, but you can run in and grab if she misses or goes too high 
    with it. All your spikes are excellent, and the best set up seems to be to 
    scare her with bair so she stalls with bomb jumping, then fair or b over.
    Dair works too, but Samus is floaty and can hurt you bad with up b, the screw
    attack. Charge giant punch from on top of platforms or in midair and cancel
    with R, or only if she dies if she screw attacks or uairs you through 
    platforms. Note that she can usmash through platforms.
    Samus' tilts are here kill moves, dtilt being the offender. She'll be itching
    to use it if your damage is high, so if she misses ground pound, fsmash or 
    ftilt after a roll back if up close. Samus punishes rolls with dsmash, and you
    should do the same, as her roll is slow. In fact, she will usually roll to 
    cancel a charge if you jump in, if she doesn't fire it. Run in, sheild, then
    do a roll punish and you should be able to get her most of the time. Bair gimp
    doesn't do to well due to her bomb jumping, but if you don't use bair most of 
    the match you can kill with it. 
    Her grab is SLOW. If she misses give her giant punch or over b. Don't 
    Now, for that good old ZSS.
    This is the tougher portion for you to deal with. Try airdodge to catch the
    armor and throw them back, or glide toss if you can. After those shenanigans
    are over, you have one joke of a match going on. This match reminds me of 
    every empowered woman vs big dude fight I've seen in every movie every, she's
    fast and hits multiple times hard, and quite laughably takes advantage of your
    slow strong moves and uses a stun gun and "whip" to great effect. Here are 
    some things ZSS likes to do to you.
    1. Over b. THis whip is like an improved version of her fsmash. She likes to do
    this, then if you sheild, promptly dash grab or fire the stun gun, then grab.
    Try to stay at the edge of this and ground pound, or roll behind her if you
    are close and jab or up b. Don't go for the smash unless you rolled ahead of 
    time, as even this move is fast, and ZSS isn't hit by anything as slow as 
    fsmash easily. 
    2. Stun gun spam. You can block these, or deflect with ftilt or up b, but 
    then she grabs or uses over b. Try to just stay away, moving in slowly as she
    does this. If she is the sheild into grab variety, you should sheild, spot 
    dodge, then fsmash, as a missed grab by ZSS is one of your VERY FEW moments
    to nail her hard...with a smash.
    3. Air combo. Don't be above her. Her up b spikes if sweetspotted, and can be
    comboed over and over sometimes. Her usmash is good and has range, her aerials
    are all fast, and you don't want to be hit by fair, or top screen killed by 
    uair. Instead, you want ZSS above YOU so that you can uair her, or punish her
    dair. If you know she like to abuse dair, spot dodge it near the edge, and 
    watch her plummet to her death. 
    If you can get ZSS off the edge, remember that edgehogging isn't 100 percent 
    effective, as she can shoot you off if not invincible, then up b to spike you
    to die with her, as well as over b you then tether, or even use her DOWN b to 
    get back on, which she can turn into a kick to spike you by the way. You can 
    try to bair spam her, but it's better to bthrow her off and attempt a fair.
    If she fast falls to tether, try to dair, and if she down b's onto the stage
    in front of you, well, good bye ZSS. Cargo stage spike can help with this light
    weight warrior, but spastic enemies can be spastic button mashers, so watch 
    out. If you can get a giant punch, try to trade hits with one of her aerials
    without being interrupted. 
    Don't worry, this match up is supposed to be hard, I think.
    Lets examine Pit's b moves first, as you probably came here to learn about 
    getting around those. 
    A not so good Pit will not use this as you have no projectiles. A good one
    will use it as Marth would use counter on your giant punch, smashes, or 
    ground pound. If he puts it out and you haven't done anything jump and nair or
    fair or even dair with a shffl. Just do it QUICK. 
    HIYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA! DI back and up, then ground pound for the safest counter
    to this, or ftilt or fsmash for a more risky one. If you have him using this
    in the wrong direction as you jump over him (why is he not using utilt/usmash?
    Who knows...) then quickly bair or over b him. 
    Just hit him however you can if he's far from the stage. Go all out to do it,
    cause if you connect, he does NOT get it back, and falls to his doom.
    Ugh. Roll dodge towards him and try to grab. Pray he doesn't fsmash as you 
    approach. You can swat them, but dodging is better. Block one at close enough
    range and ftilt him. If you grab, throw him off and go for fair or dair, as 
    he jumps kinda weird and sweetspot for him is a little odd. He can angle them,
    so approaching with air dodge is key, and bair upon coming in is great if you
    can catch him with the bow still out.
    That being said, onto his crazy ground and air game.
    Most of Pits moves hit multiple times, and his fair can push you off the edge
    or too far back to sheild grab. Instead, counter with the same moves you have
    throughout this guide, the ranged ones. DO NOT SPOT DODGE. You will get hit.
    Block all his smashes through their duration and try to fsmash right back.
    Pits like to roll after you get close when they are arrow spamming at the 
    edge, so dsmash. 
    Don't be above Pit. He has too many options for comboing you, from uair to 
    usmash to utilt to arrows. Just don't If he's above you, utilt him or give
    him the headbutt. 
    If Pit glides he prolly wants to glide attack, so give him fair or a sheild
    grab. If he pulls that under the stage junk, dash to the other side, about
    one DK away, then try to ledgestall or do a dashing over b off the side to 
    spike him. If he uses up b near you and you are edgehogging, he can get really
    high with it so immediatley drop and ledgestall or do a ledge hopped spike.
    Pit can be baired in the air off the stage better than on, so keep that in 
    mind. If Pit is trying to catch you in multiple grabs or jabs, give him the
    message to back off with jabs of your own, or up b right into his jabs. 
    Giant punch should go right through that weird sword dance he does when 
    he taps A...
    The Ice Climbers are the hardest matchup you will face dependent on one thing.
    If they can chaingrab, you are probably dead. One of the chain grabs is a zero
    death combo that spikes you at the end, or they could just chain grab you 
    until they feel like charging a smash DURING the grab with the cstick, then
    killing you. I don't play the Climbers, but even I can grab into fair spike
    at the edge or charge a fsmash so that you get nailed by it, or tap both 
    buttons to rack up the damage. So what can you do if they are chain grabbers?
    1. Break them up, and kill one or the other quickly . DO NOT GRAB THE ICE 
    CLIMBERS. They will just grab you back, MIDGRAB. Or they can smash attack you
    during your grab. Instead, distance yourself and groundpound like it's the
    only move you have, utilt their air approach, and dtilt them to knock them
    out of grab range, you can ftilt, but they can slip in between them, and jabs
    only allow them to sheild grab. Up b can back them off, but if you do it too
    much you will get grabbed anyway. Once you have one seperated, preferably 
    Nana, then go after that one with dsmash or fsmash, or even ftilt one off the
    stage if you can, then spike if it's Nana. Squall hammer has super armor, 
    and when desynched (Ice Climbers can be knocked out of tune to do crazy things
    such as one smash during the others down b blizzard, for instance) can't be
    sheild grabbed, and it eats your sheild, so watch out when you do get them 
    apart (or if your enemy desynchs on purpose) Block the ice shots and giant
    punch a missed grab or smash, and fsmash a missed blizzard. 
    An experimental thing I haven't got to try yet is if Popo is off the stage 
    and Nana is not, and Popo needs up b to recover, is to grab Nana, cargo and
    walk away, or to pitfall Nana with over b and see if it keeps her from 
    assisting the other climber, killing the main one off. If you get the Ice
    Climbers off and they haven't squall hammered for the super armor or 
    to recover yet, spike them with fair or dair and if you don't get one, you
    might get the other, and either situation is good.
    If you get Popo by himself, don't underestimate him, but keep him at range,
    and throw him more than he would ever expect, and he should eventually either
    be gimped or fsmashed from a safe distance. A lone Popo can be sheild grabbed
    during squall hammer and cargo stage spiked, backthrown to his death, whatever
    you want. He can't spike you anymore either, and your up b becomes infinitely
    more useful, as does you bair spam. Yay!
    Most importantly, IF YOU GET CHAINGRABBED DON'T GIVE UP! If they have you and
    you have giant punch spam that b button along with jump and DI away so that
    if you don't jump or DI out of a throw, you at the very least punch their 
    sheild, and possibly KO Nana, or Popo if he doesn't sheild, expecting the 
    grab to connect. Jabs interrupt too if you have them misstime a grab. 
    Good luck. If you aren't in a tourney, play somewhere like Onnet or 
    the Fzero stage, where chain grabbing would be a bad idea. I have no 
    clue if wall infinite works on these guys.
    He likes the laser. He likes the Gyro. Lets seperate them.
    He can save this to kill you with, or spam it to annoy you. It's strong,
    can kill you offscreen, he can bounce it off of things, and it goes through
    various pieces of environment and makes approaching hard. Block and roll 
    forward, but DON'T roll close to ROB. His dsmash hurts. It hits alot and
    reminds you to never roll or spot dodge against him. Instead, roll away 
    if you end up close. Once in range you know what to do. Either ground pound
    or sheild the aerial, though you will probably have to counter with a ftilt
    aimed high as he pushes you back far with his aerials. And if you are far 
    back and don't have him cornered with ftilt, dtilt, utilt and down b, 
    he's going back to the laser.
    THis little thing can KO you as you recover if fully charged, and while
    it's good to toss it back, or glide toss it at ROB into fsmash, you can't
    grab it until it stop spinning, unless you airdodge grab it. He will also
    use this to control the stage, to force you to jump from the edge rather
    than ledge attack, or to protect himself as he recovers. He can also use
    that multihit over b to reflect it back if you throw it I believe.
    That move can eat your sheild as well as reflect, so be careful if you 
    glide toss.
    OK, that aside, now his melee moves. His air game is far superior to yours.
    His dair hits hard and pushes him back up, even if he fast falls, keeping
    him safe, and he can use it through platforms on tall characters, so if
    you miss an utilt through a platform, DUCK! His nair is his get away from
    me move, and can KO you, so airdodge or just stay back if you see it 
    coming. His uair along with utilt/usmash is more than enough reason to not
    be above him, though bairing him in the face is just fine if he's grounded.
    His bair is just like his dair, so watch out for it, and if you know it's 
    coming (he's jumping at you backwards) giant punch goes right through if 
    you start it just before he starts bair. If you have to spike him, fair
    from far away, dair only if he has already done something else.
    ROBS up b recovery is CRAZY. It's like Pit's, only he can attack the entire
    recovery so long as he doesn't dodge, and it's only downfall is it has to
    land to recover, so if you can knock him out of it with bair or up b, go 
    for it. 
    Mostly though, ROB won't die unless you KO him the old fashioned way or 
    spike him. 
    Fair can be spammed, and can even WOP you. Don't let this happen by 
    swatting him away with ftilt if he approaches you or recovering over top
    of him if you can.
    If you haven't caught on, Fox is fast. His lasers don't stun, so if you
    want, run right up to him and dash attack or grab before he can put it the
    gun away. If he does, roll back. Or if you KNOW he will put it away, ftilt
    or down b from max distance. Dtilt works too, just don't get fsmashed. 
    His reflector can wall infinite you, so don't take him to stages with 
    walls, even though you can do it right back. If you see him reflect to 
    knock you away as you dash but you've stopped short, give him a fsmash, 
    giant punch, or over b that will continue due to sliding if you haven't 
    quite fully stopped. His up b is so telegraphed it's not even funny, and
    if he does it on land, guess what? He's coming right at you, so jump to 
    max range of it and fsmash or groundpound, or if he makes the mistake
    of doing it upwards, utilt juggle him, as usmash is a little inaccurate.
    Take him to battlefield or Lylat in tourneys, as the platforms help you
    more than him, and he can also accidentally gimp himself under the lip.
    Also, his dair can spike you softly, but just enough to not reach the 
    ledge with up b, so weave in and out with up b if you can. 
    Up b gets him off of you, and if he lands a jab or dair on land, he's 
    probably going to uptilt, so try to powersheild and jab counter this on
    the utilt. Fox's fair is a bane and pokes sheilds, and is NOT to be sheild
    grabbed, and his bair makes for a nice kill move or WOP. Return the favor
    into his Fire Fox move and ledge stall him backwards until you can hog with
    invincibility. If he starts his up b above the stage instead of illusion
    (side b) for some inane reason and you have time, SPIKE HIM. 
    Speaking of illusion, if he is straight across and you aren't already in
    his face, (you are onstage) he will usually illusion to the edge. If you
    can pivot drop, do so and watch him plummet, but don't jump out to bair.
    You'll get spiked by it. If he uses illusion above the stage, you can 
    try to predict where he will land or spot dodge and cstick fsmash the 
    direction he lands. If he fsmashes near the edge, you can sheildgrab, 
    cargo, dthrow off the stage and try to ledgestall or predict his ledge
    technique of choice. 
    If you think this is a Fox ditto, you are wrong. First off, Falco's chain
    grab is only a chain grab against a wall. You can jump, or even DI towards
    him and jump off his head into bair for a laugh. Nair is valuable in this 
    fight for jumping over his lasers that DO stun and hitting him quickly, 
    setting you up for ftilt. After he figures out he can't chain grab he will
    probably use his reflector after a dthrow, so jump high. His fsmash has
    good range, but if you can roll back and ground pound or hit with a fsmash
    of your own. Giant punch if you have one as he may RAR at you, and if you
    can throw him off his recovery isn't as good as Fox's, so you can bair WOP
    or edge hog him easier. Actually, you should treat him the same as Fox 
    during edgegaurding. Except for Falco's dair. Don't be below him, and if he
    usmashes you high up, or uthrows at the stages edge, DI AWAY from the stage
    and move back in, as a double jump multihit spike is prolly coming your 
    way, if not an uair. 
    Fair hits multiple times, so try to up b if he jumps straight at you facing
    you, or make sure on the ground to block the entire thing. 
    Falco's like to hang out right at the edge with usmash, so don't ledge
    attack if he's charging. Stall with up b and either up b back on or as it 
    finishes press jump, quickly followed by towards the stage and down plus
    b. You will hop back on and bury him, or wreck his sheild. You also should
    not pick stages with walls unless you are confident you can dtilt him to 
    oblivion before he can laser lock you. 
    The reflector trips, and if you dtilt and miss, you'll probably get this
    to the face. 
    This is tough. Miss blocking or dodging some shots, or get hit by the gun
    itself and you have some damage racked up. Reflector gives Wolf some 
    INVINCIBILITY frames! Even if you start the giant punch first, this will
    cancel everything from the hit, including damage, but since you are only in
    superarmor, you take damage from the reflector. He can spike you easily.
    He can juggle you. He can come at you from below with up b and top screen
    KO you. His over b goes up at an angle and strongly discourages your bair
    approach. Out ranging him is OK, but doesn't help enough in this matchup.
    One thing you can take advantage of is Wolf players for some reason do this
    thing where they up b straight at you. (It's powerful and spikes at the 
    end of it, so don't get caught ledge stalling with up b). If you spot dodge
    this or sheild, you can grab or cstick the direction he landed after the 
    spot dodge, and if you airdodge go for an uair or try to fast fall down
    to set up an usmash as he's vulnerable. Lylat gimps him sometimes, but if
    you activley try to bair gimp him, you could end up getting a spike from
    his version of illusion, that goes up diagonally, meaning if he's lower
    than the platform, he has more options than up b. If he is a scar using 
    Wolf ( uses a glitch to illusion through the bottom) get familiar with 
    where he will be on smashville or battlefield and stand just beyond it, 
    if not on top and sheild as he does it. If you choose to stand just beyond
    and he still does it, you don't have much time to punish as he lands 
    quickly from it with no helpless free fall, so release that fsmash or giant
    punch a lil before he appears. Up b and ground pound only keep him off for
    so long, and dtilt will eventually be meet with that dashing fsmash. 
    That fsmash is one of your banes, along with usmash, so try to stay 
    grounded, but always more than a fsmash away unless you want to sheild grab
    a fsmash happy one and are confident he won't dash grab. His aerials hurt,
    but they can be easily sheilded and countered, so have at it if he chooses
    his worst approach against you ( considering that all his approaches are
    grand, take that with a grain of salt).
    FALCON PUNCH his FALCON PUNCH. Seriously. Giant punch wins in priority! I am
    pretty sure if you time it right you can also giant punch falcon kick if he
    does it from afar, along with fsmash. Captain Falcon loves to combo, and you
    are one of the few characters he can do so to now, and he loves to sweetspot 
    the knee, which you are a big target for, and he loves to spike, which is 
    easiest on you as DK. So how to counter this? Your ground game! Jab through
    his jabs. Ftilt him away when he doest that infinite tap thing. Groundpound
    the raptor boost, and for the love of god if you hear the word "FALCON" then
    you should falcon block or donkey punch immediatley at close range. You have
    so many ways to out range him and counter his b moves that his smashes and 
    tilts are all you have to worry about, and dtilt takes care of almost all of 
    that. If he falcon punches the wrong way, or you spot dodge the kick, give 
    him the pitfall into strong move one two.
    In the air, falcon is fast, but can't outrange your bair, so if he tries to 
    bair you, bair him back. Fair? Bair or nair. Uair? Airdodge, because this is
    a problem, and pray he isn't a smart Falcon that fast fall up b's every air
    dodge. This hurts, and if he does it as you ledge stall or as you are trying 
    to edge gaurd he can stage spike you with it. Raptor boost will spike you, and
    if you are near the edge, above it and he can make it with raptor boost with
    or without hitting you, he'll use it, so airdodge into up b if you are out 
    there, and if not, just prepare a fsmash to say to him "Hey, you Raptor boost,
    you die, so why don't you up b over me?" When he does resume punishment/normal
    ground tactics. If he is predictable with the over b, you can jump out and 
    dair him. Don't go out far enough to be up b'd though, and don't fair unless
    you aim it so your fist hits him below you, or you could get raptor boost 
    spiked or up b'd. He can attempt to WOP you with bairs, but if you DI up you
    can up b back to the stage. He can't uair you too much if you do this because
    he HAS to go back sometime. He's not Jigglypuff ya'know...
    Thunder spam. Let us take care of all the ways to get around this NOW!
    He likes to do this as you rush. Your fsmash knocks him out of it safely if
    he misses. Thunder is a really good time to roll away, especially if he lets
    it hit himself for the mega version. Giant punch, headbutt or groundpound him
    as it ends for free damage. 
    If he does the jumping, dodging his own thunder version, analyze what type it
    is. If he does it forward, then sheild and roll back (his fair and bair poke)
    or ftilt or fsmash if he lands in front. A good Pika will airdodge or fire
    a neutral b jolt. These are eaten by groundpound, ftilt and dtilt; dtilt being
    the best option. You can easily dtilt his running approach, but sheild if he
    jumps. Anyways, more thunder.
    If he does it BACKWARDS, he has created a temporary wall, and you need to back
    off or air dodge away, not through, as best you can, then reapproach.
    If he does this as an edgeguard, there isn't much you can do, but the following
    help not get hit, or even counter the little wall of lightning. 
    1. Jump into instant upb across the stage. If you do this right after he 
    misses with one and is about to start another you'll make it, and he shouldn't
    be able to chase you. Done from the ledge.
    2. Wait for one to end and jump back on with over b to bury him or scare him 
    3. If you are good at it and super brave, ledge hop a giant punch. The penalty
    for missing the ledge is death...
    4. If Pikachu resorts to that weird machine gun headbutt, up b through.
    If you are high above the stage you can try to airdodge through the thunder,
    but sometimes stalling with up b then holding forward helps. Leaves you 
    vulnerable on the landing, but at least you didn't get top screened by 
    That aside, don't roll around Pikachu. Dsmash is like a vaccum and it hurts,
    and it pops you up for thunder. If you back Pikachu off with dtilt he can
    reach you with fsmash, so look out, and use ground pound and ftilt and save
    dtilt for a surprise. If caught in the headbutt back out, and remember that 
    after you fall out they like to over b or fsmash. 
    If they over b from far away you can jump and bair them as they pass, or just
    sheild/down dodge then cstick their direction. 
    If they spam thunder jolts note that they can poke your sheild and knock you 
    onto the ledge if you are at the stage edge.
    Speaking of that his aerials poke, so if your sheild is low roll away or try 
    to counter aerials with ftilt. If he misses with fsmash put yours right out 
    A low percent thing you can do to all light characters, including Pikachu is 
    you can sometimes dthrow, bthrow or cargo throw into dair spike. You can also
    bthrow, bair, bair, then just ledgehog if he's far enough out. make sure to 
    renew your invicibility with up b stall if you can. 
    Pikachu tries to edgegaurd with it's projectile sometimes. just power through
    it with up b and hope super armor carries you through.
    Dsmash sets you up high for thunder, so airdodge, don't roll too much and 
    try not to get top screened, in summary.
    Ugh. All three of his teamates seem geared to take DK down. They have all they
    need to do so, but fortunately there's some good things you can do to them as
    well. When PT uses down b, use your fsmash or down b to hit them as they come
    out, depending on your timing.
    Let's break this into parts. 
    WOP= Squirtle can WOP you in a very odd way. He can avoid sheild grabbing with
    moving in and out with his aerials like a boomerang and just loves to spam 
    either fair or bair, because the are practically the same, until high damage,
    then switch to the other aerial for the kill. He can push DK down at a very
    low angle and still return to the stage, leaving you just out of reach of the 
    edge. Try to up b through or air dodge back to the stage, and if you do manage
    to sheild grab an aerial, watch out, cause he may start with the dair, which is
    multihit and racks up the damage on you.
    Usmash dashing
    Squirtle's smashes are pretty standard, except for usmash. It's amazingly
    strong, has good range and if it doesn't KO you he will chase with uair or 
    up b even! It goes through platforms and wouldn't be so bad if he couldn't
    do a technique similar to Snake's mortarslide by dashing one way, pivoting into
    his shell and dashing the other. It goes really far if timed right so if he 
    is pivoting alot expect it and ground pound or sheild.
    Squirtles jabs are fast and if he gets the last hit you could end up being 
    chased with a grab. Squirtle is pretty good at countering a missed aerial by
    grabbing you as you land, so look out. 
    His version of Mario's fludd isn't as strong, but it does have the ability to
    set you up for another move, make you waste giant punch, or push you off if
    you up b to say "get away from me" It racks up the damage and keeps him away,
    but if he figures it out he may lure you into doing it stageside. He can also
    push you off as you charge. 
    Squirtle has a move that makes him invincible, the over b. The only non 
    invincible thing about it is he can gimp his recovery if he goes off stage,
    if attacked I think he speeds up or slingshots, not sure, and if you jump on 
    him, he is as vulnerable as if his sheild had broken. 
    Bairing him to death is key as it outranges him aerial wise, just watch the 
    landing, but gimping him probably won't happen. You can counter a missed 
    fsmash or dsmash with a pitfall or fsmash and kill him at about 70 percentish
    sometimes, but dtilting to back him off can lead to his dtilt, which is 
    multihit, and he may try to grab right after, and Squirtle's dthrow hurts, some
    of his throws can even kill. JUST figured out that with great timing you can
    bury a Squirtle that is using over b, and that if they do it to recover ground
    pound and watch them plummet off the stage!
    This can go one of 2 ways. Ivysaur can keep you away with her huge but weak 
    bair, chew into you with nair and a well timed bullet seed, especially as you
    recover above her, razor leaf you to death, and pester you through platforms
    with utilt or uair, which is basically her usmash in the air. To top it off
    dair can kill you, or if aimed well SPIKE YOU. What to do?
    Keep out of fsmash range of Ivysaur and give her ftilt, dtilt, and down b hell.
    I know I sound like a broken record on some match ups, but DK plays a range 
    game, and using these three moves at certain times is the key to victory.
    If Ivysaur whiffs a grab or smash, rush in with over b or fsmash or a grab 
    of your own. Your goal in life is to pester her at range, get her through 
    platforms. Throw or knock her offstage and let the bair begin! Get her far
    away and up b to the edge and hog, and watch the tether user fall to her
    death! If she fires a fair it can KO you at high damage and knock you off, 
    and razor leaf can knock you off as well, so what to do? Up b stall if 
    she is close enough to be hit or far away enough she can't up b (pretty far,
    that vine is LONG) Then hog. If you must spike, do it from a throw combo
    or a ledge hop, or use fair so you don't get her fair or bair.
    If Ivysaur rolls into you, it's probably to bullet seed, so run or ground 
    pound and if she misses with this, give her over b and laugh. Or giant punch.
    Rocksmash can do 40 percent damage to you if he gets a clean hit, it eats your
    sheild, and can KO. THey love to short hop into this move. You can giant punch
    or fsmash the rock for laughs, but other than canceling the rock, you can't 
    hit him with those 2. Nevermind, if they short hop, yes you CAN fsmash them.
    Good times. 
    Charizard's up b is like yours, only vertical. It has super armor and unlike
    yours CAN KO. If you try to ledgegaurd too close Charizard can drop and up b
    and can up b out of sheild to punish a blocked jab, so watch out!
    Fire breath has the potential to gimp you, but I've never had it happen, but
    they do short hop into it and rack up the damage. If they keep doing it you 
    know what to do; down b. 
    Charizard's ftilt is like yours, only slower, but it KO's at good percentages,
    and his fsmash hits twice, so block the entire thing. Dsmash from Charizard 
    can punish rolls, but not as good as yours, so in close quarter dodge fest
    you should win out with the multitude of moves you have to punish rolls.
    Even his dtilt is like yours...
    Charizards air game is sickeningly good. He can shffl a dair on the stage to 
    spike you whom are off the stage, but dair is useless for him on the stage,
    so if he makes the mistake of being vertical above you uair him. Your fair
    outranges his but is slow, and Charizard can knock you off the stage or dthrow
    you off the stage (dthrow has massive knockback) and fair you twice and recover
    as if nothing just happened as you are officially gimped. Try to up b early 
    to the stage if this happens, or airdodge and try to get behind him if he is
    gimp happy. 
    You don't want to be behind Charizard in the air, and if a Charizard jumps at
    you backwards do all in your power to avoid the bair. It can KO, has range 
    that rivals yours, is a little slower but if you hit the tip of the tail 
    instead of the tail itself it hurts bad. 
    The trick to Charizard is to try to knock him so low and far out that he has
    to do anything but glide to get back, and then pivot drop and let him fall on
    a missed up b. Getting a bair is dangerous, but if you do keep it up and push 
    him back. Remember, they only get their up b back, not their jumps. 
    You can spike Charizard, but I wouldn't recommend it unless he's trying to kill
    you with uair. Getting up b to the face is always bad, and attempting to spike
    him usually warrants one. 
    His utilt and usmash go well beyond platforms and can juggle you a little, but
    you can do the same to him, so if he goes aerial, spot dodge then lay it on.
    I'd suggest taking PT's whom love Charizard anywhere where grabbing the edge
    is iffy, like Lylat or Frigate Orpheon. 
    His glide attack is mean, I've HEARD it can spike, not sure, but if he cancels
    a glide he is vulnerable, and fair, bair, uair, or even dair are basically free
    on a gliding Charizard, so go for it!
    Your goal in this fight is to bair Lucario off the stage or any other method
    of getting him far out there, then just to get back to and hold on to the edge.
    His up b does not attack, and though he can wall cling from it most just try
    to go above you and land on the stage. If they do jump back on with the attack
    of your choice, and if he does it way to high charge a dsmash or fsmash where
    you think he will land. Sure, this guy can combo the snot out of you and 
    try to gimp you with fair spam, but up b does wonders for any antigimp problem
    due to superarmor. His dair is a killer though, and makes him fall slower, so 
    expect this to be spammed as you come back.
    Try to avoid getting semi chain grabbed by force palm, his over b, and keep
    him at range with tilts, but since they can jump in with double team, go easy
    on ground pound except when they roll. They will use this mid utilt juggle too.
    Sometimes if you charge a giant punch and run at them and stop they will use 
    this, and be completely vulnerable until the animation ends, so bury them any
    time they missjudge when to use double team.  
    The sphere is a drag and can kill you when Lucario is at high percents, so try
    to get him to waste it or if point blank fire giant punch a little before they
    fire and take the damage but not the knockback. If they spam little ones just
    jump over and then grab, bair, or up b. Up b on the ground to get them off too
    much and they will double team though.
    Lucario is a lightweight, and while fast, his smashes are so telegraphed you
    shouldn't get hit unless put in a bad situation. They have deceptive range 
    but you can punish a Lucario that spams them pretty easily with your ranged
    moves and a well timed fsmash. 
    Lucario even recovers conventionally so spiking should just be a matter of
    This should be in your favor.
    This is really about even if both players are evenly skilled. Jiggs has an easy
    time using rest on you, but if she misses, she is pretty much dead. She has
    the better wall of pain, and pound goes right through your bair, but you can
    bair her into a KO wall easily. You both have a big charge move, and if you 
    see her charging roll out just continuously ground pound untill she rams into
    it, or down dodge as she flies by and hopefully she won't react in time and KO
    herself into a wall. 
    Spiking Jiggs is safe, but not easy, best done after a throw, and if she tries
    to play a ground game with you you've pretty much won. Just sheild the smashes
    or jabs and grab. Ftilt her away, and even if they do an air game you can 
    sometimes shield grab them. Popular combos that go into rest for Jiggs are 
    dair into rest, uair into rest and short hop into rest, so look out for the
    moves that preceed the rest.
    Also, if she sings, wait, then give her the pitfall or giant punch. If she 
    ever sheilds, which she should never do unless cornered, give her over b or 
    up b, as a broken sheild on Jiggly puff doesn't stun her. It KO'S her!
    I may make some people raise an eyebrow with this one, but I think Marth and 
    DK are equals. Marth can WOP with fair and kill with the sweetspot tip of the 
    sword, and do it fast. DK can do the same to him with bair and though slower,
    doesn't need to sweetspot at all. DK can ledgestall and hog so that Marth's up
    b doesn't grab the edge, but an up b from Marth can KO you. Marth's dancing 
    sword can rack up your percent, but up b goes straight through it, and giant 
    punch if timed right can too. Marth can counter, but like Lucario if he misses
    you can punish, just be quick about it. Marth can break sheilds easily, and so
    can DK. Marth can up b out of sheild to kill you, and you can giant punch his 
    slow second jab.(slow is a relative term here) You CAN spike Marth, but it is
    dangerous. Marth's fsmash is quick, and they love to use it. If he does though,
    and misses, rush in and pitfall.
    This match is pretty even in my opinion.
    You'll get no sympathy from Ike. His range is equal if not better. He is slow,
    but not so much that it matters. That disjointed hitbox of fury known as his 
    sword is your bane, and a few hits or one misplaced smash and you are gone.
    He can even gimp you with aether at the edge if you are above him, and grab the
    edge and just get ready to take your next stock. Against fast characters Ike
    doesn't do so well. Against you... 
    Don't play a ground game with Ike. His air game is strong, but slow. Pop him up
    however you can (groundpound works but he can use counter and bair him off the
    stage. Ike's recovery is awful. If you can get him at a diagonal below the
    stage, he's gone. You can ledge stall aether to some degree if you time it 
    correctly, but bairing him till he can't aether works wonders, as well as 
    straight up spiking hiw with dair as he usually is so focused on grabbing 
    the edge he doesn't care you just jumped at him.
    If they aether back on the stage, hold block, grab, and cargo stage spike.
    If you can't do that or their damage is low, just cargo and throw then bair
    spam him out. Ike will often use over b to recover if above the stage.
    if you see him charging try to fair him as this does many things.
    1. Puts you in front of him, blocking the recovery and if he hits you he falls
    to his doom. 
    2. If it hits late spikes him.
    3. If it hits early KO's him or pushes him way out. 
    4. Misses and let's you up b through him to chew some damage on him. 
    If you are forced to play a ground game, Don't just sheild. It pushes you 
    very far back and does huge damage to it, and he can poke with dtilt. (Dtilt
    spikes as well!) Instead do down dodge on everything he does. He is a single 
    hit character, and even powershielding can be learned easily on him. 
    Ground pound when he charges smashes or starts one, ftilt him away when
    he misses. If he does eruption, wait till the explosion ends then bury him
    or stand right outside it's range and fsmash or ground pound DURING the plunge.
    His superarmor means he takes more than one pound during eruption and the 
    damage is free!
    Up b through his triple a jab if you know he's going to use it and beware his
    ftilt. If he charges quick draw ( usually as you recover) you can airdodge and
    bair him in the back of the head for attempted gimping, down dodge and grab,
    down dodge and cstick his direction, or if you get lucky and he's an idiot,
    he'll do it midair, miss you and die. Why would you ever charge it midair and 
    release it midair towards the edge? I dunno... 
    Also, if he does it from afar you can just ground pound until he rams into it.
    Just master the down dodge and up b out of sheild and this should go fine.
    If you have to fight an Earthbound character, this is the one you want to be 
    up against. He has a slower fsmash, his PK thunder dissapears when it hits 
    something (you), and his smashes are more radial than direct. His PK fire can
    be a problem, but if he's spacing with it give him one of your moves, it'll 
    reach and knock him offstage, where he belongs. He can dair spike you easily,
    but you can do the same to him even easier. He has to recover with double jump,
    or he's forced to rely on his PK thunder. If he does it jump out with any move,
    or simply jump out in front of the thunder, and he dies! Dair is the best 
    to jump out with because if you miss the thunder you get a spike. If you do
    this too late, you may get rocketed in the face by Ness's strongest move, so 
    lookout. If he does this on the ground, down b or run in and bury before it 
    hits him,(which is also a good strategy if he tries to pk thunder you on stage
    or use pk cross on stage) because this move hurts. As an alternative you
    could just dodge is and hope he ends up off stage. Also, his fsmash is quick,
    but his bthrow is the beast. if you get grabbed DI towards the stage and fight
    to stay on screen with airdodge. If he pesters you up close with jabs just 
    up b or back off just enough to fsmash him. 
    He should die at low percents, so pick tiny stages if you are good at dodging
    PK fire.
    If you think this is a ditto of Ness you are wrong. Lucas is the tougher of the
    two for you, and here is why.
    PK thunder hits multiple times, going through enemies, and you can't gimp it 
    by just jumping in. 
    Lucas' aerials rack the damage on, especially Nair, can poke sheilds I believe
    and come out fast. He will probably approach with them, so nair to kill or 
    counter won't really work unless he's off gaurd. Use bair VERY well spaced.
    His PK fire can edgegaurd well, and does knockback instead of combo and when
    combined with PK freeze or PK thunder, makes recovery a pain.
    Handle WOP the same way to knock him out too far to recover, but the ground 
    game is totally differnet. You want to spot dodge or block PK fire as you 
    approach, and watch out for the dsmash that hits multiple times. His usmash
    is an absolute beast and can even punish rolls if timed right. If he misses
    you with this calmly run in and bury, as he is going no where for awhile. 
    Lucas can tether grab the edge, and you as well. If you block too long just 
    outside of attack range expect a dash grab or grab. Give this kid a dsmash 
    or two at high damage and this should end well for you.
    Mr. Game and Watch is tough for the second lightest character in the game.
    He can juggle you with utilt then up b parachute then use dair for some quick
    damage if you are off gaurd. He'll probably approach with his bair that pokes
    sheilds, so if you don't have a full sheild roll towards him or utilt or ftilt
    to keep him away. Once at high damage he will come in with fair, but you can
    spot dodge, airdodge, or sheild grab so be ready. 
    His bacon is a minor nuisance. Don't jump over. Wait it out or ground pound
    if you can get close enough. If you try to hit him with uair feel free, just
    don't STAY under him or you will get the dair key. If he spams it, lure him
    into doing it, roll and fsmash immediatley. If caught in the jab DI back
    and giant punch him. It's hard to put this jab away once started sometimes. 
    His dtilt is a pain if you are being edge gaurded, but remember your super 
    armor to come through. His dsmash, fsmash and usmash are all fast and he will
    deploy at any vulnerability, so look out.  
    Also, other neat tricks to lookout for. 
    At the top of the screen, his uair can push you off, like Mario's fludd, only
    vertical, so don't be above him if you are both up high. 
    number 9 hammer is brutal, and a number 8 hurts. If he spams this sheild grab
    (albeit carefully) and bthrow the little ink blot. Bair him off the stage 
    and try to spike him so that you don't have any more nightmares about hammer 
    9. If your brave or hilariously lucky and giant punch a hammer 9, killing 
    G+W while you live, save a replay, please!
    Donkey Kong has been discussed as a Snake counter time and time again, and here
    is why.
    1. With bad DI on Snake's part a ftilt sets him up for his ever so spikeable
    2. Cargo throw his his bane. Carry him and throw him at grenades or mines.
    Jump, uthrow to uair him. Cargo dthrow to set up for a spike. Use cargo's 
    super armor to walk over a mine if you are fast enough, blows him up but not
    you. Cargo stage spike after his predictable close range game (ftilt or jab)
    if you sheild grab. 
    3. Dthrow to bair to bair to bair to recover to spike. 
    4. Glide tossing uncooked grenades into grab into cargo, or glide toss into
    5. Ground pound eats mines and sometimes deflects or safely detonates grenades.
    6. Ftilt discourages Snake's GODLY ftilt and his GODLY utilt. Dtilt tripping 
    Snake works well.
    7. If he uses Nikita to edgegaurd, up b deflects it very well. If he does it
    on land, you can jump at him with giant punch or bair or nair before he can
    put it away sometimes.   
    8.Snake likes to hold grenades and sheild. Up b and giant punch eat shields, 
    have super armor, AND the grenade explodes. This combo sometimes breaks the
    sheild, so fully charge a dsmash or fsmash and let fly. 
    Snake's bair, nair, and c4 can cause you some real problems though, so try to
    stay away from all of theses, and if Snake lands from an aerial PUNISH. His 
    air lag is AWFUL. Especially bair. His fair can spike, so if he's hovering
    for no reason and not using Nikita or planting mines or charging that really
    slow but powerful fsmash, up b early so as to discourage a spiking. 
    Snakes usmash protects him extremely well and edge gaurds like crazy. 
    If he hits you up immediatley air dodge. Often if the device hits you the 
    mortar does too, and this is painful.
    His dthrow is a chaingrab on a ledge, so look out. 
    If the Snake can mortarslide, let him have at it straight into a ground pound,
    giant punch, sheild grab, or even jump over him if he doesn't charge the 
    projectile to fire when he needs to and bair. 
    Donkey can eat alot of ftilts and triple a jabs before going down, but so can
    Snake, so try to kill early with fsmash or a spike and put his BROKEN self to
    He can really move. He's got an attitude. He's the fastest thing in brawl.
    He's also got like, no priority and your dash attack cancels just about 
    everything. You have to watch out for his aerials, but on a large stage you
    are going to survive until 150 percent unless he top screens you with a combo
    I'll mention later. This guy can give you a lot of trouble, but things to 
    1. If he starts spin dash he will probably try to pop you up, uair, up b then
    uair for a top screen kill. Just ground pound or sheild. 
    He can cancel spin into a grab from up close, so ftilt or back off.
    2. Ftilt says get away so well in this match up. only his fair can sneak in 
    through this. 
    3. Sonic's love to dair. DK's love to sheild and punish. Dsmash is fastest, so
    use it. 
    4. Homing attack can be utilted or usmashed even in some situations. Giant 
    punch works at an angle, and offstage it can soft spike you so look out. 
    5. Sonic's up b is kinda predictable. Spike him if he stops moving forward. 
    Sometimes he up b's right into a dair or fair.
    Bair gimp works well on Sonic too, if you can hit the little blue ball with it
    off stage that is. Also, he kinda HAS to land forward, so prepare a smash as he
    6. Sonic's fsmash is his kill move. Fsmash or ftilt him if he uses it out of 
    range and expect it at high damage.
    Also, expect dsmash and usmash if you roll or recover above him.
    Pick a stage with platforms to give you the full advantage, and be merciless.
    THis is easier than you think if you space with dtilt, ftilt, and use fast 
    moves over slow. Try to juggernaut him with slow moves and say hello to 
    being too slow purgatory.
    All match ups where tested both ways on lvl 9 computers and tournament footage
    was watched on youtube to provide as much insight as I could. 
    Ok, I will be listing ways to fight with team hurt both on and off, and 
    the general rule of team battle cheapness with hurt off is to stand inside
    each other or close and spam projectiles/area of effect moves, and DK with
    his ground pound and utilt excels at this. Also, his cargo throw has to be
    one of the most useful team battle combo starters, because it's so mobile.
    There are probably hundreds of tricks for any combo in team battles, I'll
    list what I can for DK.
    DK and MARIO
    Mario has 2 projectiles, and the way to counter ground pound is projectiles
    or air assaults. If Mario Stands inside you as you ground pound he can flood
    people and projectiles away and cape projectiles while firing his own. Once
    they break the two of you up you have some nice things going, like if they
    sheild Mairo's fireball or attacks, you can run in with up b or over b
    or down b to try and break a sheild. If you knock someone off, Mario can cape
    them to death, and if he knocks someone off, you can gimp or spike them. If 
    Mario is good with evasion, he can just fludd them into you. Fludd into a giant
    punch is awesome, and if they down dodge or jump just pound or utilt. Mario 
    can also use DK for cover when weak because DK lives longer and if they try
    to chase Mario too much, they get fsmashed or outranged by DK.
    Like all projectile users, Mario can fireball you to give you your up b back.
    You can't ground pound counter as much, as you may hit Mario!. Also, note that
    all projectile users can let you do a neat thing where you giant punch someone
    off the stage and they save you with a projectile! Just pray they aren't busy/
    have good aim. I guess he could fludd you forward as you giant punch for a 
    sliding version and you could hover out as he bthrows to you spiking. He could
    also cape you using up b for a fake out on your opponents, but that is really
    just for last second goofing.
    So it's you and Mario, and one enemy is KO'd completely, but the other is left.
    Both can chase with grabs, and DK can force them to sheild with grounded up b
    so that Mario can grab, or vice versa with Mario using fireballs. Team hurt
    on or off, cargo dthrow into Mario fludding them then caping is so much win
    it hurts, and as mentioned earlier, ANY team member throwing them into you 
    spiking is good. Also, note that on ANY team if DK pitfalls someone and sinks
    them in the ground, simultaneous smashes are in order. 
    DK and LUIGI
    Luigi Tornadoes back and forth, or uses over b and the chop as you down b or
    ftilt, but this team match up is pretty bland. 
    Not much to say here other than he can't tornado as wildly and you can't ground
    pound as much.
    DK can cargo throw the poor guy into a fully charged "Weegee missile" or into
    a sweetspotted up b by Luigi, as the knock back is massive.
    DK and PEACH
    This is actually worse than team hurt on. Let's go there.
    Now things get interesting! Peach can jump in with Toad on your ground pounds
    for free spore counters as walls, turnips can save you if VERY well aimed. She
    can float, keep someone in hitstun with dair and you can giant punch them for 
    Peach can float very far out so that after your bthrow on an opponent she can
    fair them DIRECTLY into a wall, and still recover. Ouch.
    DK and BOWSER
    OMG, King Kong and Godzilla! Anyway, You can cargo and just hold during fire
    breath. Ground pound and fire breath at the same time, or fire breath and utilt
    defense. If Bowser has someone caught on the edge with fire jump in and dair
    spike! You can also pitfall someone caught in his fire, then fsmash them. 
    Bowser can immediatley Koopa Klaw anyone bounced up by down b as well!
    All is lost as you get juggled or burnt if you use fire or ground pound, but 
    the two of you should dominate the stage with Bowser bombing and DK's general
    ground and edge game. Bowser doesn't play much of an edge game, so it will
    be up to you. Don't run into one of his smashes!
    Fire breath into pitfall was mentioned earlier, and cargo throw into Bowsercide
    is just plain funny. Really, you should just chase with your fastest most 
    inconvieniant moves and KO, as 2 powerhouses vs one ANYTHING is usually going
    to be in your favor.
    DK and LINK
    Projectiles and ground pound ahoy! He can even use gale boomerang to drag them
    into the both of you! Bombs hurt no matter what though, but an air dodge catch
    and redirect of a bomb can fake out opponents, and make it possible for Link
    to focus less on where his bomb is, because YOU have it. Giant punch inside his
    up b as they are caught is priceless. He can't projectile save you unless he 
    uses a bomb though, and that could KO you. Ouch.
    No more projectile overlapping, but hey, he can literally reel you back in with
    gale boomerang! Good luck aiming it though...
    Use cargo super armor on lift for bomb toss. During Link's up b if they sheild
    use over b. It will either break the sheild or bury them. Both are good. Link
    can try to reel them into you with Gale boomerang and up throwing someone into
    a bomb very high in the air for a top screen is killer. You back airing them
    really far out and then link insta hogging with the hookshot grapple reel in
    is ok as well. 
    This can be BRUTAL for your opponents. Zelda can stand inside of ground pound
    and Din's fire all she wants, and if they fire back use Naryu's love to 
    reflect. If they jump her usmash and uair will lay the hurt on. If seperated
    you can have Her spam smashes as DK trys to pop them up or throw them around
    without fear of hitting each other. 
    Sheik can spin the whip or shoot needles that don't hit you, and during her 
    ftilt juggle you can bury them, but otherwise, stick to Zelda.
    She can save you with Din's fire/needles, but you could get KO'd. Not much else
    to say here. 
    Cargo right when Din's fire hits you if you have a grab and the superarmor will
    eat the fire, but your opponent will launch. Throw them into an usmash or let
    Shiek spin the whip as you bair them offstage and recover. 
    If the Zelda has really good timing you could up throw into a Zelda's 
    reappearance to top screen ko, but the difficulty is high. 
    Though projectiles can get you with no counter other than block, Ganon can
    stand in ground pound and discourage them with utilt. You could also bury or
    sheild break someone trying to avoid the "useless" utilt old Ganon has, and 
    if he lands an over b choke, help him out! Good Ganon's react after this by
    over bing again if they roll behind, or sheild grabbing if they attack, or
    down b if they roll forward. If they roll away, bury them or ground pound to 
    make Ganon's reactions easier. Also, you can down b, Ganon can over b them in
    the air to put them right back into the down b you have going! If you get a 
    grab next to Ganon you should dthrow as many good Ganon's have perfected the 
    down b AND dair spike. If they dair an enemy on land, bury them if they don't 
    tech or make it out. Ganon can dair them into your ground pound as well!
    Dear me what is it going to take not to hit each other! Any way, Ganon is slow,
    so you may have to run in to the rescue from time to time as they will usually
    pick on him and leave you be. Use up b super armor if he is accidentally coming
    at you with down b and hopefully it will cancel both moves or just cause Ganon
    minor damage. Try to up b him if he is just short with his own, but mainly, if
    he is gimped, he's gimped. 
    Sure, DK has suicide moves, but Ganon's is more effective. Cargo dthrow to 
    Ganon as he side b's to the stage over and over and insta Ganoncide!. Awesome.
    You could also chase them until you bury them and then have Ganon utilt while
    you use giant punch on the buried victim. If he lands an over b help him chase
    and throw into Ganon's spike works too, or uthrow into Ganon's uair. Really, 
    there are many ways these guys can work together to KO a single opponent, but
    if you land a same time Warlock/Giant punch on a cornered opponent, either his
    sheild is broken or you just performed the best team KO ever... 
    DK and TOON LINK
    See Link, except he can't accidentlly kill you with dair, and his boomerang is
    See Link, only don't get hit by dair.
    See Link, only uthrow into his dair if you can pull it off. 
    DK and SAMUS/ZSS
    Samus can spam zair, homing missles, usmash, utilt, charge shot, whatever in 
    your ground pound. If she had a reflector, this would be even more broken.
    She can charge shot through you no fear.
    ZSS can spam stun gun, though really, if they jump and try to attack she can
    use up b to spike them back down into ground pound once or twice, or just 
    usmash. If she stuns someone bury them. You don't have to fear accidentally 
    getting hit with over b.
    Stay clear of each other. Accidentally getting a missle, charge shot or stun 
    gun to the face hurts, but the same moves can save you. Bad team for team hurt
    on if you ask me.
    Cargo throw into charge shot or her dair spike. Pitfall for charge shot and
    giant punch. Bair them off stage and return so Samus can spam them with shots
    of any kind. If it's ZSS, have her spam stun gun so you can bury or smash them.
    DK and PIT
    You should know what I'm going to say by now. Ground pound and arrows. Pull
    reflector if necessary, or have Pit angel ring while you utilt. It reflects as
    well and is hard to get past. 
    No more cheapness. He can save you with arrows EASILY. Bury those or giant 
    punch those unfortunate enough to be caught in angel ring. 
    Pit can fly out crazy far and come back, so bthrow into Pit fairing them for
    a WOP KO, or uthrow them into a very high Pit for an uair kill. If they are low
    damage and you bury them Pit should angel ring to stack it on. Pit could also 
    angel ring the ledge as you up b stall or bair gimp, firing arrows as he waits
    to pull it out.
    Ground pound and ice shot. Chase during chain grabs to do whatever. Hide in
    blizzard and utilt.
    Prepare to be squall hammered by accident, and if they get desynched, try to
    give one guy heck so they can chain grab or destroy the other, and DON'T hit 
    them out of it. You can also hit them in such a way to purposefully desynch 
    No need to promote cargo here. Let the IC's do all the grabbing. Be at the edge
    to spike if that's what they are going for in case they mess up. Someone caught
    in blizzard and frozen should be giant punched.
    DK and ROB
    Ground pound and projectiles again...sigh...so simple. Also, he can reflect 
    with over b, and if someone is caught in it over b or giant punch them for a 
    sheild break or wallop. 
    He can save you or accidentally KO you with lasers, and can hover with up b
    ABOVE ground pound and aim his projectiles low in midair, or from platform
    above (all chars can use a platform for this if they have projectiles actually,
    why didn't I type it before? Oh well...) Air dodge catch the dradel if it 
    accidently comes your way and make use of glide toss.
    Throw into his spike, because he can hover there forever it seems with up b. 
    He can even go way far out, you bthrow, he double fairs them then returns. 
    If you bury at low percent try to have him dsmash or over b as you up b.
    DK and KIRBY
    He can swallow them and spit them into your smashes, spam final cutter with or
    without your ground pound and hammer the bejeezus out of anyone you bury, or 
    use stone on top of you as you uthrow or just hold them in cargo.
    Can save you with cutter, but only VERY situationally. 
    Let Kirby swallow them and prepare a smash or giant punch so as soon as they 
    are spit, you KO them. 
    Mach Tornado eats projectiles, and if done inside a ground pound is hilariously
    Accidentally hitting each other due to MK's b moves is a pain. He can save you
    with uair or tornado or drill as he comes back, but rare and pointless really.
    Any big move or smash as they are caught in a Mach Tornado or Drill Rush is 
    Ok, but if team hurt is on could backfire. Not much else to do but throw them
    way out so Meta can gimp or he can dsmash and you can chase.
    Ground pound and utilt or even his up b. Waddles dees work too. You don't have
    to worry about waddle doos zapping you or gordos killing you by mistake. 
    Um, don't kill each other, especially with the projectiles and his up b.
    Good power match up, but Let Dedede have his space. Cargo super armor into 
    his fsmash might work, haven't tested it. 
    King Dedede swallows them, spits into DK whom buries, then Dedede uses jet 
    hammer. Dedede can also go for swallocide, and if they footstool him you can 
    be ready for the edgehog or spike.
    DK and OLIMAR
    Ground pound and usmash up b from Olimar. Throw pikmin from there too. He 
    can in general due to being so small hide behind you and protect YOU with 
    fsmash. Neat.
    Reset his up b if he gets edgegaurded with your own if you can! Poor guy has
    nothing to help him not get edgehogged! Try to dsmash if someone does this 
    so they are knocked off and he can grab on. 
    At low percent if you can bury Olimar can throw Pikmin on and if they don't 
    break out and attack immediatley they should be ready to KO. You on one end 
    of the stage and Olimar on the other should be enough to make anyone wet their
    pants though.
    DK and FOX
    Ground pound and lasers....yawn. He can reflect projectiles and illusion
    through you. 
    He can't save you with the laser. Lame. 
    Up b them to keep them sheilding or still as he laser spams. Other than that
    pretty conventional.
    See Fox.
    He CAN save you with his laser. Sweet. 
    Falco's illusion is a spike, and you have a throw that is absurdly easy to aim
    called cargo. Tell Falco what to do then do it.
    DK and WOLF
    See Falco.
    See Falco. 
    See Falco already. 
    Ground pound and usmash from Falcon. Hold them for Falcon Punch. 
    Whole lotta nothing except accidentally hitting each other.
    Burying someone so they can be Falcon Punched is awesome. Cargo dthrow into 
    raptor boost spike is almost as good. 
    DK and PIKACHU
    Ground pound and thunder. Sillyness to the max. Jolts to cancel projectiles. 
    If they break you up, just attack near each other, dsmash for Pikachu and
    tilts for you. Someone in Pika's dsmash is to be giant punched.
    You can accidentally get sucked into dsmash or thunder, but jolts can save you
    if you are a bit too low or far on your up b.
    Cargo throw into fully charge skull bash from Pikachu. If team hurt is off
    have Pikachu thunder as you ledge stall or ledge spike. Cargo into jump
    into uthrow into thunder for top screen KO is not only hilarious on battlefield
    but KO's at low percents.
    Squirtle can usmash or water gun in ground pound, Ivysaur can bullet seed or
    utilt while shooting razor leafs and Charizard can blow fire, utilt, jump into
    rock smash or uair or up b etc, all in ground pound. DK can giant punch someone
    in bullet seed.
    Charizard and Ivysaur can save you at great difficulty. Punish edgehoggers if 
    Ivy gets knocked off and don't accidently ground pound Squirtle during his
    over b or he could rocket away.
    Squirtle can water gun them off for you to spike. Ivy can bullet seed for any
    aerial, you can cargo them into Charizard's ANYTHING and it's all good. 
    Good team really. Burying someone then using rock smash is priceless.
    DK and LUCARIO
    Lucario can charge aura sphere indefinitley so hide behind it and attack. It
    blocks other projectiles sometimes and has to be jumped over. 
    Lucario can jump into ground pound with double team and hit some people, but it
    hits you too. He can save you with energy balls and if he has high damage 
    PROTECT HIM! His kills are so easy when he's damaged!
    If they only have one stock and you both have plenty, jab Lucario from time
    to time if team hurt is on in between chasing them to make the risk reward 
    part more exciting. Throw them off and let Lucario unleash a full sphere for 
    some win. 
    Grab, cargo, let escape and rest. Singing while hiding in you is funny, but
    not effective. She can charge rollout without fear of nailing you, and go
    through you with it.
    Jiggs can save you with pound. Can't rollout as much.
    If you can time it, singing after a pitfall to put them asleep, only to pitfall
    them again is great, and can be done indefinitley if timed right and aimed 
    right so try it! Also, cargo dthrow into fully charge rollout is sweet.
    DK and MARTH
    Other than normal ground pound stuff, I don't know...
    Go out and up b him if he's to far out to vertically recover if you can. Try
    to have him counter your ground pound by jumping in if you can have aggresive
    opponents chase.
    Burying someone makes it easy for Marth to sweetspot with up b, and if he 
    catches them in dancing blade or sheild breaker (neutral b) try to use your
    up b or over b to break their sheild.
    DK and IKE
    Kill them all! You are both power and range! Ground pound and usmash! Stay 
    next to each other and alternate attacks! They can't dodge everything and 
    everything you both do HURTS.
    Should be simple not to kill each other. If Ike fails a recovery there isn't
    much you can do to save him without killing yourself.
    Just chasing em down will work, but why not cargo dthrow into eruption, or bury
    and eruption, or bthrow into aether spike?
    DK and NESS
    PK THUNDA! PK CROSS! PK FIRE! Just let him go nuts as you ground pound or 
    Avoid Ness like the plague, and if someone is ledge hogging his up b, dsmash 
    them if you can, or reach out and ftilt to give Ness another if he's close 
    enough. He can save you too with thunder, but it makes him vulnerable.
    PK fire keeps them still. Bury them. Then smash. Bair someone far out, return,
    and let Ness bug them with PK thunder. 
    DK and LUCAS
    Usmash in ground pound, on top of Ness's stuff.
    See Ness
    PK fire is a knock back move, so cargo throw them into fully charged usmash.
    Don't even bother with ground pound. Hide behind bacon. Seriously. Utilt and
    uair behind it. Laugh. If they have reflectors, switch to the old lame 
    ground pound and laugh as his uair blows them away.
    He can save you with bacon, but not well. 
    Bury them and have G and W spam the hammer for a hopefull 9, or cargo throw
    into a smash or oil panic if he somehow has it.
    DK and SNAKE
    Ugh. Even so he can hurt you. If you go with good ole overstated ground pound,
    snake can spam usmash utilt to make non projectile approaches almost impossible
    or down b counter/double team approaches very possible. He can throw grenades
    or nikita behind you.
    Place a C4 on DK. Have him run up, and when Snake says now spot dodge.
    Have Snake sheild drop a nade. DK picks it up and runs in and sheilds, or 
    glide tosses it. Snake is easily spiked, so spike the spikers or hit Snake's
    up b with your own To give him another.
    Have Snake plant mines and make their area limited, as you attempt to throw 
    them into the mines, or use above strategy with the kamikaze grenade system.
    DK and SONIC
    Not much to do here except protect Sonic.
    Up b him to save him if he can't recover.
    Cargo into jump into uthrow into Sonic's up b into uair. It's all they got.
    If DK is the last man standing, try to gimp one and then approach the other,
    or trick one of them into giant punch or dsmash, your fastest kill moves. Be 
    defensive and remember how long you live.
    1. DK is big and strong, and high percentages are easily accomplished in ffas,
    as are low percent KO's. Be as stealthy as a big gorilla can be and try to 
    pop them up or away from you, then deal a big blow while they are dissheveled.
    2. DK is easily juggled. Try to only hit one opponent at a time if the fight
    is broken up into two versus matches. 
    3. Items are awful for DK. He accidentally gets blown up or bounced or caught
    in traps easily. Glide toss is great though.
    4. Analyze the field. You want to know if Snake is dropping grenades or 
    if Jigglypuff is at high damage for you to steal a KO. 
    5. Up b and down b say "everyone back off" better than anything. 
    6. Start the match with ground pound for a free hit sometimes. The next match
    jump and do an aerial and watch as they jump into it avoiding your ground
    7. Ledge stall if two or even all three combatants are off stage. Someone 
    could mess up. 
    8. If someone is obviously going for a spike on someone else, stand still
    to avoid suspicion then run in and spike the spiker. Sometimes you get one 
    or the other or BOTH. 
    9. If you get a grab immediatley do some kind of throw. Grab attacking says
    come get me to oppurtunist.
    DK doesn't play well with items. He has a spectacular glide toss, but is 
    a big target, and blows himself up easily. He hates fans, super scopes and 
    the like, and in ffa's everything tends to come his way unless Bowser is 
    1.) SMASH BALL
    Moves that break the ball well include
    Giant punch= 1 hit
    Jabs=3 hits
    Dtilt= 2 to 3 hits
    Ftilt = 2 hits
    Utilt= 3 hits
    Dsmash= 1 hit
    Usmash= 1 hit
    Fsmash = 2hits (why?)
    Uair= 2 hits
    Bair= 2 hits
    Fair= 2 hits
    Dair = 2 hits
    Nair= 2 hits
    Side b= 2 hits
    Down b= doesn't seem to hit at all
    Up b grounded= 1 complete or 2 incomplete.
    Up b aerial= 3
    Note that often the best way to steal a weakened smash ball is to up b it, as
    it knocks everyone away and does good damage. Uair and fair are good too.
    Pick the best spot you can and press b. Press either attack button on the clung
    noise to get a perfect orange tone. This can kill everyone onscreen once and
    push people into walls early. No way to aim it as far as I can tell as it 
    randomly choose a direction. It's hard to airdodge but can be partially 
    avoided by grabbing the ledge over and over.
    Since they kinda do their own thing, I'll put how to deal with each one.
    ANDROSS- Airdodge and run from your opponent. If you have to attack, go for
    up b for super armor or giant punch. Run in circles to throw it's aim off.
    BARBARA- Just get away, roll dodge away, air dodge away, and watch the 
    deceptive range of the last note.
    DEVIL- This guy messes with DK bad because positioning and range are all DK's
    thing, and he takes that away. Try to up b on something and bat others away
    with ftilt.
    DR. WRIGHT- Just run away. Simple as that.
    EXCITEBIKE- Just jump, but stay low. Up b for a bit if needed, or jump in the
    spaces in between if there is one big enough for DK.
    GRAY FOX- Air dodge and up b back and forth, or jump far off the stage then 
    back on and he may jump offscreen to not return.
    HAMMER BRO- If you can get far away, do so. If you can't, spot dodge, roll, and
    up b the hammers.
    HELIRIN- Use it too your advantage by ground pounding behind it or jumping over
    it and smashing through it. Don't let it intimidate you.
    ISAAC- Get above him and STAY there. It's all you can do. If you have to jump
    over every hand, try to swat your opponent between every jump, and don't up b
    unless you have to as this gimps your recovery.
    JEFF- Run and airdodge the rockets, and hope they hit walls, ceilings or 
    platforms first. Ledge stall invincibility may be overkill, but it works.
    JILL HOZER- Jump over her, and if you have a platform, pretend it's yours and
    only yours. Defend it.
    KAT AND ANA- Ledge cancel invincibility, up b through them, spot dodge or 
    roll dodge, and try to stay away from opponent.
    KNUCKLE JOE- Run and up b over it so that in case it gets a hit you might keep
    going. Ledge stall.
    LITTLE MAC- See Knuckle Joe
    LYN- Try to time an airdodge or spot dodge or up b ledge cancel.
    METROID- Up b to get it off.
    MR. RESETTI- Try to pear through the text. If you can tell an opponent is 
    having difficulty seeing, giant punch them.
    NINTENDOG- Up b over and over in place, or roll back and forth
    RAY- Ledge cancel or hide under platforms
    SAMURAI GOROH- See Gray Fox
    SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG- Airdodge and spot dodge alot because the invincibility 
    lasts longer. Grab an edge.
    STAFY- Kill it with ftilt or ground pound.
    TANKS AND INFANTRY- See Excitebike
    TINGLE- Depending on the surprise all kinds of zaniness happens. Pray.
    WALUIGI- See Samurai Goroh, only if you git pitfalled, jump like mad!
    You can glide toss these, and follow up with fsmash, and then the Pokemon does
    the rest. What to do when used against you?
    BELLOSSOM-Jump and get high up or just get away.
    BONSLY- Airdodge if thrown, if not try to grab it first and throw at your
    opponent, or off stage if you don't like free kills...
    CELEBI- Smile...
    CHIKORITA- DI up if hit and jump over and up b till you are behind it.
    DEOXYS- Don't be directly below it, play defensively to not get knocked into
    ELECTRODE- Wait for it to flash and tap A like crazy to throw! Throw your 
    enemies at it, and if it fails to explode, go for it!
    ENTEI- Ledge stall, or just run. No real escape if caught above it though.
    GRADEVOIR- What do you care if it reflects, you don't have projectiles! Just
    don't throw stuff at it and it's all cool.
    GOLDEEN- Laugh or curse, depending on whom threw it.
    GROUDON. Stand just outside of him and play defensivley, or ledge cancel. If
    it's yours, get inside it.
    HO OH- See Entei
    LATIOS and LATIAS- See Kat and Ana
    LUGIA- When it goes into the background don't be in front of it.
    JIRACHI- Grab the stickers!
    KYOGRE- Keep moving over it, back and forth or under it so that it stops 
    spraying and keeps turning around.
    MANAPHY- Pause the game and see another character guide, be wary off what you
    pick up, as the enemy will have it when you switch back. 
    MEOWTH- DK gets caught in this easily. If there is a platform above it, stay
    there. If not, try to ledge cancel or stay out of it's range.
    METAGROSS- See Groudon
    MEW- Smile, it's worthless.
    MUNCHLAX- Grab anything you want to keep now.
    PIPLUP- Jump
    SNORLAX- Don't be where it just was. There is no spot dodging, air dodging,
    or blocking this. Just run left or right. Ledge stall if you must, but it's 
    kinda futile if you are recovering.
    STARYU- Wait a second or two, jump, double jump, then fall down. It misses.
    SUICUNE- Get behind it with up b fast, activating even before your second
    jump, and if caught try to up b super armor cancel the shot. 
    TOGEPI- Just get away and if the screen goes black up b in place.
    TORCHIC- RUN. Try to DI and jump out.
    WEAVILE- If caught mash buttons. If not try to treat it like Groudon.
    WOBBUFFET- Ground pound it and run, hope someone smacks it.
    3.) CRATES
    Dodge them with airdodge. Only bust them open with ground pound, if they 
    roll they will go straight through people. You can cargo them and jump and 
    throw unlike ANY other character, so make the best of it. If you think it's 
    explosive, and feel brave, giant punch it for super armor and hope someone else
    comes too close.
    Surfing the rolling ones is fun.
    4.) BARRELS
    See crates.
    5.) BLAST BOX
    Blow it up long range with ground pound or cargo and jump toss it into 
    other combatants that don't expect it to travel that far.
    6.) SANDBAG
    Punch it for stickers, or other items. Stand behind them and watch peoples 
    attacks whiff.
    7.) FOOD
    Tap A and eat as much as you can. When an opponent comes down b or utilt then
    eat more.
    Try to pick these up with airdodge if they are above, because everyone wants 
    them. Dash attack to them and either eat them or stand there and fsmash someone
    then eat, then down taunt.
    9.) DRAGOON
    Airdodge like snot if it is aimed at you or ledge cancel invincibility. Even
    up b timed right can save you. Bair and ground pound tend to knock the pieces 
    out of enemies.
    If someone else gets it utilt them or up b them or ground pound them to misery
    for being so big. Easy to land smashes. If you need to dodge, abuse the edge.
    Grab the edge and run if you are small, and if they are small ftilt, fsmash,
    dsmash and ground pound can find them.
    12.) WARP STAR
    Airdodge. Jump off the stage to lure them to suicide.
    13.) STARMAN
    Charge your punch if need be or just chase with bair and dsmash. You can't be 
    punished! Just run, up b and grab the edge if they have it.
    14.) METAL BOX
    You can still do alot of aerial mauevers, even spiking, and if they have it,
    abuse their aggressiveness and cargo into dthrow them off for a quick KO.
    15.)BUNNY HOOD
    You are insane with this on! Uair them after an uthrow then jump again and uair
    in the bubble. Run around with side b and bury people. Slide into usmash all 
    16.) CURRY
    Giant punch them when they are caught, or just push them off then dair spike.
    Fsmash them as well. If someone else has it, try to grab them or get behind 
    them and dtilt and hope you trip them.
    17.) TIMER
    See Shadow if this happens to you in assist trophy section. If you have this 
    then throw people off and spike, or fully charge smashes to go off after their
    dodges. Free giant punch if you have one!
    18.) LIGHTNING
    See small and huge mushroom strats.
    19.) BEAM SWORD
    You are a big target. People will throw these at you. Airdodge catch it and 
    throw it away or back. DK's range is incredible with this in all attacks, but 
    weak. Glide toss into fsmash if you know how.
    20.) HOME RUN BAT
    See beam sword, only you can actually KO by throwing this. Also, if they swing,
    roll back and fsmash or ground pound and if they drop it throw. If you bury 
    someone and have one of these, free home run swing for you!
    21.) FAN
    Useless in DK's hands because they end up behind you. Infinitely useful against
    DK though. DI TOWARDS them and punish quick before they realize you are free.
    22.) LIP'S STICK
    See beam sword.
    23.) STAR WAND
    Just jump over or block the shots, and if you have one use up the stars and 
    throw the rod itself if they get too close.
    24.) HAMMER
    Ugh. DK is so huge, and so is the hammer. There is a solution though. Ground 
    pound knocks them up and sometimes makes them drop it. Giant punch them in the
    back or if you are good you can up b through this with timing!
    Toss the hammer head if you can. 
    Only ground pound is a safe counter here. If they have a squeaky don't grab or
    attack with a weak attack. Charge giant punch and let 'em have it!
    Big guys like DK hate this thing. Try to jump over and DI up. If they charge,
    get on the edge, on a high platform, or behind them. 
    27.) RAY GUN
    If you get juggled up b can carry you through. Gotta love super armor.
    28.) FIRE FLOWER
    If you see them coming with this ground pound. If you have this yourself try 
    to corner them with it then hit your over b or giant punch either one.
    If they have any sort of aim you are as good as dead as DK. Try to rush them 
    and depending on range do different moves. Grab being closest and ground pound
    being farthest. Up b edge stall if you must, but they can still get you if they
    aim and time it well.
    30.) BOBOMB
    Not to hard to airdodge grab these, but as DK, I blow myself up as these just 
    happen to spawn in front of me alot. Keep an eye out.
    Get near them and down b. Gone.
    32.) GOOEY BOMB
    Do your best to ram your big gorilla body into someone else, then hold the 
    edge like a pansy.
    33.) SMART BOMB
    Ground pound and run instead of grabbing. Half the time I try to grab anything
    explosive as DK it just blows up right there. Airdodge grab is safest.
    34.) DEKU NUT
    See bobomb for how to avoid. If you nail someone else with this try to 
    bury them or giant punch as they sit stunned. Pretty bad idea to glide toss as
    it blows up in your face.
    If you get frozen jam those buttons. If you grab one glide toss and immediatley
    fsmash. Had good results with this.
    36.) SMOKE BALL
    37.) PITFALL
    If somone plants one remember how big you are and where it's at, and if they
    are going to throw it at you as you recover, airdodge and pray you have 
    enough time left to up b.
    38.) HOTHEAD
    None of your moves power it up. How sad. If you get one, ground pound as well
    to make the floor just uninhabitable. If someone else gets one just spot dodge
    or capitalize on everyone being airborne.
    Don't block! They eat sheilds! Glide toss and grab, or over b! Awesome!
    40.) SHELL
    See rolling crates and anything else that's throwable. If you ground pound it
    stops them.
    41.) BANANA
    DK is a big guy. If you trip, stand up or roll away from the banana. No need to
    trip again. Glide toss these if you can then fsmash and laugh. Great item.
    42.) BUMPER
    You are huge, and these will make recovery difficult. Move around them calmly
    and if you have one sit below or near it and do utilt or ground pound, as it
    defends you from airborne assualts.
    43.) SPRING
    See bumper, only don't glide toss as you run smack into it. Jump on it and uair
    if someone else jumps on.
    44.) UNIRA
    See bumper. Attack it with ground pound or ftilt to make it yours.
    45.) SOCCER BALL
    Learn which directions your smashes send these and let fly! Don't approach an
    opponent near one, your to big to be missed.
    46.) TEAM HEAL
    You are huge. If you are feeling lucky, jump in front of one of these in a team
    battle to see if you get healed. If your teammate misses you with this, you 
    should consider a new teammate.
    Awesome for DK, as he is a big target for projectiles and it's hard to notice
    if he has one.
    DI away and fair if they come at you with this. When you have it, jump into 
    everyone and after you land dsmash. Good times.
    What to do in sudden death? 
    Moves that kill.
    All smashes, usmash being the least ideal and dsmash and fsmash being equally
    ideal, dsmash being the fastest.
    Second hit of your jab KO's.
    Ftilt KO's. Probably best to ground pound then ftilt up.
    Dtilt KO's. If they sheild, duck and use this.
    Utilt KO's. Turn your back to them for best results.
    ALL aerials KO, bair being the safest and nair and uair being the quickest.
    ALL throws KO except dthrow I believe.
    DK's sudden death is all about trying to counter, not hit first. Ways to 
    counter are
    1.) Ground pound then hit them with ftilt or an aerial. Great if they roll at
    you or dash at you.
    2.) Bait Wolf's over b or any illusion type move then block. During lag dsmash.
    3.) If someone is stalling till the bobombs, wait a second then ledge stall
    over and over. 
    4.) Charging giant punch fakes people out sometimes, and they will run into 
    an uncharged version and die trading blows. 
    Here is what some character's like to do in Sudden Death. 
    Dsmash or bair or nair. Sheild and punish with dsmash.
    Tornado, Weegee missle or up b out of sheild.  Ftilt at range.
    Peach bomber, fair, utilt, fsmash or dsmash. Outrange her with ftilt.
    Up b out of sheild, down b, stall with fire, dsmash, fair or bair. Once again,
    bait and ftilt, or just rush him with bair if you feel lucky.
    Any aerial or smash out of sheild. Sometimes popgun or banana then hit. 
    Dash in close but not too close. Sheild, then grab or ftilt. If he charges,
    dtilt or utilt.
    Egg roll, down b, dsmash, fsmash, dash grab. Try to outrange with ftilt and
    jump if they egg roll so you can bair as they come out.
    The bike is prolly coming, if not fair, dair, bair or a fsmash out of sheild.
    Try to bair him first.
    Projectile spam or bomb. Airdodge catch the bomb and throw it back, or if they
    turtle approach carefully with ftilt.
    Block Dins fire and try to ftilt her. Her fsmash range is large so lookout. 
    Sometimes they up b horizontally, so roll and fsmash behind you.
    Down b or over b is coming, or they wait because they can literally kill with
    the one hit jab. Best to prop him up with ground pound first or try to bair his
    down b as he passes under you. If he jumps, he's probably going to fair or 
    try to down b, so roll and fsmash.
    These guys love to dair. Other than that, do what you would for Link, only 
    do it faster.
    Missles or whips coming your way. If they turtle you can go for bair or just
    ledge stall.
    Arrows of frustration then they hit the cstick in your direction. Best to get
    in ftilt range or bair, and if they jump, hold shield till they land then
    dtilt or ftilt.
    Don't know. Need some input.
    Block immediatley because a laser or dradle is coming. If they turtle ftilt.
    Don't attempt an air victory. It's not worth it.
    Spam final cutter, stone, hammer and smashes or aerials. Let them come to you
    and grab or ftilt.
    Drill rush, Tornado, dash attack or down b or up b out of sheild. Best to 
    fsmash as soon as it starts then sheild, or turn your back and try to time an
    Waddle dee toss. Almost everytime, if not dash attack. Sheild and counter, as 
    they tend to be aggressive.
    Cstick in your direction. Try to ground pound then aerial, and don't sheild 
    preemptivley or they will dash grab you.
    All either illusion, up b at you, or fsmash. Wolf's has crazy range. Best 
    advice is to defensively bair as they come at you.
    Raptor boost, falcon kick and falcon punch are common. If hey don't move 
    something is up. They may try to dash attack as well. Block and dtilt.
    Thunder or over b or fsmash and dsmash. Slowly weasel into ftilt range and let
    him have it. If he blocks, double jump and airdodge away. If he comes at you,
    block the ENTIRE aerial then dtilt.
    Squirtle may over b or sliding usmash or do and aerial. Ivysaur will probably
    just razor leaf to keep you away or dash attack you, and Charizard usually 
    tries to rock smash, up b out of sheild, or do an aerial. Try to bair 
    squirtle, ftilt Ivysaur and fsmash or bair Charizard.
    Aura spheres should be blocked and an aerial is probably coming. May use 
    double team to counter. Try to bait him into one then punish with a grab.
    Rollout or pound. Very rare rest or sing. Just jump over rollout or ftilt.
    Fair, bair, nair, well, anything that isn't a jab. So unpredictable. Stall
    or ftilt, watch out if they wait too patiently. Probably going for counter.
    Quick draw, eruption, counter and aether. Any button press really is dangerous.
    See if you can get him to whiff a slow attack and then punish asap.
    They will probably throw out PK anything or an aerial, so rush in, block, and
    counter as best you can. If they use a PK move, you've pretty much won sudden
    Fair, fsmash, dsmash, or a joking hammer. Just outrange him with ftilt.
    If they can mortarslide, they will. Grenades are thrown but if not cooked 
    throw them back. Nikita is thrown out too. Try to rush halfway in, put up 
    your sheild, then see what happens.
    Homing attack, dair, fsmash, side taunt. 
    If they come to you block and punish. If not inch forward carefully.
    Taking DK through classic mode is pretty simple, but here are some tips.
    1. The computers are way easier, make stupid mistakes, run straight into items,
    and are easier to gimp, UNLESS you are playing on Very Hard or Intense.
    2. There is no shame in bumping up to 5 stock, as DK gets blown up by items 
    by accident more often as a large character.
    3. Your first fight is always Zelda characters. Protect your partner with tilts
    and ground pound if you have one, and if on Bridge of Eldin throw them into a
    wall, and if on the boat level, cargo them off and spike them. On higher diffs
    you should really go defensive, and restart untill it's a one on one, because
    the two on two's give you awful teammates.
    4. Giant character should be spammed with ground pound and utilt, as they 
    cannot avoid it, along with up b. At 200 percent dsmash, or spike if they 
    jump off stage.
    5. The one on one's later on the AI gets smarter, so do your best not to take
    winning for granted later on in classic. Just because team Yoshi fell to a 
    spammed ground pound doesn't mean a single Jigglypuff can't catch you off 
    6. Team battles are to be handled with utilt and ground pound. If they run away
    like the Mother kids do on New Pork, chase with bair.
    7. Break the targets will be covered later.
    8. Try not to gawk at ZSS's picture too much, and on a serious note, metal 
    characters beg to be cargo'ed off the stage, so that you make an easy edgegaurd
    or recovery as they plummet to doom. Bthrow is good too. Ground pound can 
    sometimes combo because immense fall speed of character's like Metal Fox.
    9.) On the higher difficulties stage 11 will be tough, as everyone will gang
    up on you. Try to knock them into each other, and lure them off stage then
    return to see if they gimp themselves. On lower difficulties just buy some 
    room then smash.
    10.) Since master and crazy hand will be covered in the boss section, I will
    only give advice for both at the same time. Abuse up b and wait till both are
    still, concentrating on crazy hand first.
    K.) ALL STAR
    I will only cover normal difficulty, as on higher difficulties you can just
    consult the matchup section and spam continues if you have the coins.
    1.) Mr. Game and Watch at Flat Zone 2. Dash attack. That's it!
    2.) Team Mario at Luigi's Mansion, Delfino Plaza, or Mushroomy Kingdom.
    Luigi's Mansion should be abused for tilts, and so that you don't get
    surrounded. You can cargo, jump and uthrow kill at the top! At Delfino and 
    Mushroomy Kingdom, just outrun them and smash as they approach and they will
    normally kill themselves trying to navigate the stage.
    3.) Generally, after or before teams of three to four DK needs to heal due to
    being juggled or accidentally being blown up, or even the enemy getting a good
    pokeball or assist trophy. Next is DK and Diddy, so if on 75m just stay at an
    edge and bthrow, or if rumble falls, cargo uthrow into the spike at the start
    or just outrun them.
    4.)Ice Climbers on the Summit. Just stay below and utilt. Once it moves do
    the same up top. You slide on this one alot, so c stick to smash.
    5.) ROB at the Mario Bros level is a pain. Throw a shell or bthrow or cargo
    throw before you instantly die due to being a big gorilla in a dangerous place.
    6.) Team Zelda is good to heal before or after. If it's on the ship try to get
    them in the water for a spike or topscreen them on the mast. If on Bridge of
    Eldin do what you did in classic mode.
    7.) Throw Samus or Zero suit off and edgegaurd or gimp as you see fit. If it's
    Norfair instead of Frigate stay up top.
    8.) Pit at Skyworld. DON'T ground pound. DON'T dtilt. Your DI can KO you if you
    don't pay attention to what breaks, and breaking the edges means you can't grab
    them. Calmly throw Pit off and bair as many times as it takes.
    9.) Snake at Shadow Moses Island. Break down the walls, then rack up his damage
    CAREFULLY if you have damage already, then bthrow him. Cake.
    10.) Mother kids at New Pork City. Chasing them is tough, but a bthrow from
    the edge of the screen or on the part underneath the middle structure usually
    KO's them.
    11.) Marth and Ike at Castle Seige. Try to take advantage of their poor 
    recoveries right off the bat, and if you make it to the stage change throw 
    them into the wall.
    12.) Yoshi at Yoshi's Island. You can do this by now, seriously. Sit still
    and he'll kill himself sometimes.
    13.) Captain Falcon. Just avoid everything that moves and swat him away, not
    too concerned about actually KO'ing him, and you will KO him...
    14.) Sonic at Emerald Hill Zone. Bthrow from where you are, do again if 
    necessary. You don't even have to move to KO him.
    15.) Team Kirby at Halberd. Why couldn't there be more than one Kirby stage?
    Anyway, utilt through the platform and spike MK and Kirby as soon as possible.
    Dedede should fall to plain old tilts quickly.
    16.) Star Fox team at Lylat Cruise. Utilt and ftilt them away, then bair them
    and they should gimp themselves. Usually takes a final smash to end this in a
    quick manner.
    17.) Wario. Pathetic. Kill him during one of the minigames or bair him into the
    wall at the start.
    18.) Pokemon team. Why Sheik/Zelda are one and Pokemon Trainer is 3 escapes me,
    as well as Samus/ZSS. Anyways at Spear Pillar camp the bottom and swat them
    away, and at Pokemon stadium use the elements and wall to your advantage. Don't
    go off stage unless only one or two are out.
    20.) Olimar. Throw him into the left wall, cargo dthrow into the bulborb, or
    just throw him far out and grab the edge as he tries to recover. Simple.
    I won't cover intense difficulty, just normal, but it is very doable with DK
    due to his weight and ground pound wrecking most bosses.
    1.) RAYQUAZA
    Wait a second and double jump at the start. When Rayqauza stops ground pound to
    death. That simple. All moves can be double jumped or airdodged over, except
    the bury and side flying, which must be spot or roll dodged, along with the
    lightning ring.
    2.) PORKY
    Ground pound or up b when Porky is still. Otherwise stay away as it jabs, jump
    over if it gets all "revved up" as I can only describe it, and airdodge it's 
    laser. If it goes up top dash back and forth to make it miss.
    Utilt 3 times, if it moves, block, see what it does. Almost all moves are 
    dodged by doing a well timed double jump, then airdodge. The drill attack you
    have to outrun, so start dashing to the other side as it comes down. Always 
    be under him, and if he does the lasers just keep attacking from underneath.
    If you can't time an airdodge use up b.
    4.) CRAZY HAND
    Do the same, only on his bombs stay back and if he wretches his fingers he will
    walk across, so jump, jump again and up b to miss it. If he flounders on the
    ground, ground pound him!
    5.) DUON
    Jump at him, then jump away and airdodge. This baits it into swinging instead 
    of rolling forward. Ground pound 3 times then spotdodge the next swing. If it
    spins back off, if it fires missles stay still for a second, jump then up b 
    as they get close to ram them into him. If you can, get behind it and up b 
    continously. It works! Lasers should be airdodged, not rolled through.
    6.) GALLEOM
    This guy is easily baited into missles by standing still. Run forward then 
    ground pound, then back off to the other side if he draws back. If he jumps,
    double jump and airdodge, and if he changes into a car up b over him and try 
    to dash to the other side if he lands, or jump over him if he comes from the 
    side. Should go down quick on normal.
    If he shakes a cage, jump and nair. If he hunkers down to jump, dash to 
    another place, then resume nair or ground pound. Easy to read, hard to damage.
    8.) RIDLEY
    At the start he usually does a circle so roll back. If he goes off screen and
    there is no noise, what he does next depends on how he left. If he turned away
    and went left or right, jump, double jump, airdodge and fall down should do it.
    If he appears in the background do the exact same thing. If the screen stays
    still as he dissapears up, then he will slam back down. Dash away. His scream
    can do damage and if he rears back, jump and up b to chew through him as he
    razes the ground.
    Stay on the back fin as MR has projectiles. To counter most moves just jump
    as high as possible and airdodge, especially if he dissapears, because if you
    are on the stage as it sinks below the screen, you die. Try to utilt or uair 
    him as much as you can and if he fires projectiles, wait till they come back,
    then get HIGH up. Also, if he latches on to the stage, dtilt him a few times.
    Up b works wonders on normal.
    10.) TABUU
    The strategy for dodging his moves is the same as everyone else. Red rings, 
    down dodge 3 times. Bullets; jump high and far away. Lattice thing; jump and
    airdodge. Hookshot; short hop airdodge FAST. Any other move you should stay
    away or get behind him. During laser wait a second then jump, jump again and up
    b late so as too stay in the air longer. If he does the giant eye lasers, up 
    b him, and if he stabs the ground, ground pound him. If he does the giant 
    ramming fish it will take both full jumps and up b to clear it in time.
    DK plays a pretty cool role in Subspace, but I won't spoil story points here.
    However, here's what to do in the levels you have to use him, or have the 
    choice too. 
    - In the early side scrolling levels nearly everything you do will kill an 
    enemy, and jumping on them should be easy with your bulk. Watch your jumps out
    of barrels or from platform to platform, as your vertical recovery is limited.
    DK is easily batted around like a pinball in subspace, so look out.
    -Most enemies are too dumb to get around ground pound or utilt, so abuse this,
    as well as dsmash for quick kills.
    - Putting antiknockback and anti flinch stickers on DK makes him a good 
    addition to your Intense Mode Boss Killer list.
    - If you don't have DK's trophy near the end, GO FIND IT! He's good for the
    last battle due to survivability and damage output. It's located near the Ike
    trophy and the platforms leading to it appear if you step on the yellow 
    platform near it. Should be before a room that is vertical and has a big 
    swinging platform.
    Break the targets is not my area of grace, but DK can make the time limits on
    all of them. I will try my best to describe how.
    LEVEL 1 15 seconds
    Dash forward and stop at the target underneath you. Ground pound to hit both.
    Dash forward then pivot, jump and bair both targets on your way down. Dash off
    then fast fall and bair the target behind you. Land, dash, jump and bair the
    next target then jump again and bair the higher one. Drop forward and nair the
    bottom target, then jump and up b through the next, carrying you to the last 
    area where you jump, jump again and uair the target. 
    LEVEL 2 19 seconds
    Simple. Grab the Deku nut, jump to the ledge in front of you and cstick at the
    wall. Jump to the smart bomb, throw it up and tap a twice. Uair the next target
    and focus on landing on the platform with the box while bairing the next. Ftilt
    the box, then double jump up to the cracker launcher, then smash left and shoot
    the target behind you then fire wildly aiming the other way to hit the rest.
    LEVEL 3 20 seconds
    This is NOT worth the bragging rights or broken controllers, but you can do
    this challenge with DK. Run forward and as you almost touch the smart bomb tap
    R or sheild. One of the following should happen. 
    You airdodge and miss. 
    You judo tech and miss.
    You airdodge and catch.
    You judo tech and catch.
    You should next drop off and hold back. If you do it too early you won't drop 
    but dash dance. Throw the smart bomb as you pass by the platform ( if you don't
    land on the stupid thing) and hopefully it doesn't dud or blow up in your face.
    Now go jump at the next target and nair it in such a way that you keep falling,
    then nair the next target, then if you keep falling keep ramming a to hit the
    next. Should be less stress from here. WHen the conveyor belts drop you off 
    use up b to hit the target, travel over the spikes, drop on them, then uair 
    the next target, drop on the belts, nair the next target, then double jump, up
    b, then bounce and uair the target.
    LEVEL 4 32 seconds
    Jump and either bair or nair the target behind you. Run forward and nair the
    next target. Jump down the hole, go all the way left and nair the target, and
    DI back. Run to the target coming up the middle and nair it. Fall right and 
    ftilt as soon as you land. Run left and nair the approaching target, then jump
    and nair the one on the ceiling. Drop down and hold right, and wait to be in
    the next target and up b. Get up on the ledge above and wait 1 second. Jump,
    jump inside the little area and up b to reach the vertical moving target then
    hold back. Jump below the overhang in the next target area, then jump and up b
    to barely make it.
    LEVEL 5 30 seconds
    Easy. Jump to the cracker launcher and this is done for you. Shoot the target
    in front of you, then turn backwards and aim low, jump and fire. Then aim high
    and fire, then turn around and fire, then go past the spikes and throw the 
    launcher at the target. Take note of the top left targets, as you can attack 
    these at the start instead if you have trouble shooting them offscreen. Now go
    right, grab the saber, jump as high as you can against the wall, throw it up,
    then fair the target, then grab the saber before it dissapears and throw it 
    left. You win!
    Bat dropping is best if you can do it, but if you just want to beat 1500, throw
    the bat over and over. If not, try short hopping, dropping the bat as you fall,
    then immediatley hitting over b, then picking up the bat and doing it again.
    Whatever you do for team this and that on Classic should work well here. You 
    should be able to make the challenge times or kill all 100 or whatever easily.
    Few tips.
    - DK is buff, but a fan (you heard me right) is buffer. Throw it above you on 
    the left or right side at about 75 left or so, and it should bounce 
    indefinitley it seems. I once killed 50 wire frames with one bouncing fan.
    - When your damage is high don't ground pound. You could have a bomb spawn on
    - Up b to get breathing room.
    - In cruel brawl, if you want to get 10 kills just ledge stall and jump far
    out then back in, and use ledge attack. Throw out random dairs as you double
    jump backwards and up b back.
    - For 15 minute brawl, you can KO all but one frame and run, or ledge stall for
    15 minutes, as they can't really punish it.
    In event match 7 you must KO the Diddys. Just ground pound and dsmash alot.
    DK is the beast in event 9, so use what Ike would do as I said in match ups if
    you get that far.
    DK appears in the perfect attendence crew, and if you choose DK, this should be
    cake, as he is heavy and they all have handicaps on. Give them all the dsmash
    and space them out well with tilts. Stay in control of the items and above all
    don't give up if you lose a stock early.
    DK is featured in event 22.
    The four hidden characters event should be handled the exact same way as the 
    perfect attendence crew.
    Melee Challengers are also handled the exact same way. As well as the new brawl
    challenger event, only it's at Skyworld, so be careful and remember that dsmash
    can spike through clouds.
    Events 40 and 41 with DK can be tough, but range them out and go for spikes 
    early on, especially on Giant Mario. If he's off stage high up do your best
    to bair him, and above all ground pound like mad if they fall for it.
    Event 41 was not meant to be done with DK and it's certainly a feat to pull
    it off with him, even if you spam up b and dsmash to do so.
    Cool DK stuff.
    Costumes are as follows.
    Reg DK brown.
    X once is Black DK with Yellow tie. My favorite, looks like a real Gorilla!
    Red DK with blue tie is next.
    Blue DK purple tie.
    Jungle green DK with scarlet tie.
    DK first appeared in Donkey Kong in 1981 as the antagonist whom kidnapped a 
    girl named Pauline, and Mario was tasked with saving her. That DK is tauted to
    be his relative Cranky. Donkey Kong proceeded to then appear in DK Junior 
    where Mario had kidnapped him and DK Junior was tasked with saving him, and
    as well in Donkey Kong 3 where Stanley the bug man must chase him up vines.
    Donkey Kong appears in Punch-Out, Super Mario Kart, and all Kart games there-
    after; Virtual Boy's Mario Tennis, and in the Game boy version of Donkey Kong
    he finally dons the red tie!
    Later, he gets into Donkey Kong Country, where he must get his bananas back 
    from King K. Rool, leader of the reptilesque Kremlings. In both Donkey Kong
    country 2 and 3 DK is captured by Captain K. Rool/ Baron K. Roolenstien and 
    must be rescued by Diddy and Dixie/ Dixie and Kiddy.
    An open world collection game called Donkey Kong 64 supports him and many other
    cast members, and Donkey Kong Land games for the Game Boy, as well as remakes
    for the GBA feature the big ape.
    Donkey Kong is featured in almost every Mario spinoff game, like the Mario 
    Party games and, now obviously, Smash Bros. DK appears in King of Swing for 
    the GBA and also in Jungle Beat, a rythym platformer, and Barrel Blast for 
    Wii. There are many, many other games with DK in them somewhere, as his history
    is full of hit and miss games.
    DK has his own rap!
    Diddy is his cousin. 
    Cranky can be seen in Jungle Japes in the cabin as you fight.
    DK rules!
    Q.) LEGAL
    Copyright 2008 Jonathan Smith.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances. It 
    may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advanced permission from me. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of 
    any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. I, Samuel, and only I may post
    this guide on any website I desire. 

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