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    Fox by hinatafreak

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/18/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    0.0:  Table of Contents
    1.0:  Intro
       1.1:  Opening Remarks
       1.2:  Trophy Descriptions
       1.3:  Pros/Cons
    2.0:  Attacks
       2.1:  Standard Ground Moves
       2.2:  Standard Aerial Moves
       2.3:  Special Moves
       2.4:  Throwing Moves
       2.5:  Smashes
       2.6:  Final Smash-Landmaster
       2.7:  Combos
    3.0:  Vs...
       3.1:  Mario
       3.2:  Luigi
       3.3:  Peach
       3.4:  Bowser
       3.5:  Donkey Kong
       3.6:  Diddy Kong
       3.7:  Yoshi
       3.8:  Wario
       3.9:  Link
       3.10:  Zelda
       3.11:  Sheik
       3.12:  Ganondorf
       3.13:  Toon Link
       3.14:  Samus
       3.15:  Zero Suit Samus
       3.16:  Pit
       3.17:  Ice Climbers
       3.18:  R.O.B.
       3.19:  Kirby
       3.20:  Meta Knight
       3.21:  King Dedede
       3.22:  Captain Olimar
       3.23:  Fox
       3.24:  Falco
       3.25:  Wolf
       3.26:  Captain Falcon
       3.27:  Pikachu
       3.28:  Ivysaur
       3.29:  Charizard
       3.30:  Squirtle
       3.31:  Lucario
       3.32:  Jigglypuff
       3.33:  Marth
       3.34:  Ike
       3.35:  Ness
       3.36:  Lucas
       3.37:  Mr. Game and Watch
       3.38:  Snake
       3.39:  Sonic
    4.0:  Single Player Modes
       4.1:  Classic, All-Star, and Subspace Hints
       4.2:  Boss Battles
       4.3:  Event Matches
       4.4:  Target Smashes
       4.5:  Home Run Contest
       4.6:  Multi-Man Brawl
    5.0:  Epilogue
       5.1:  Closing Remarks
       5.2:  Credits
       5.3:  Updates
       5.4:  Contact Information
       5.5:  Copyright Information
    1.0:  Intro
    1.1:  Opening Remarks
       Hey there, fellow Smashers!  I'm sure that ever since the game's release,
    you've found a character to excel as.  Well, my character is Fox McCloud!  He's
    fast, knows some strong moves, and has one of the best Final Smashes of the
    game!  He also has the ability to deflect projectiles, making your opponents'
    long-range game useless!  If you want to know more about my favorite character,
    well, read on!  This guide is for you!
    1.2:  Trophy Descriptions
    Fox McCloud (SNES:  Star Fox; DS:  Star Fox Command)
    The leader of the commando unit for hire known as Star Fox.  He uses both the
    team's mother ship, the Great Fox, and his personal Arwing fighter to challenge
    the evil scientist Andross.  He made his name as an ace pilot but has lately
    shown himself also to be an adventurer with a knack for hand-to-hand combat.
    Landmaster (WII:  Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
    Fox's Final Smash.  Climb aboard the Landmaster tank, the ultrahigh-
    performance, antiair, rolling combat vehicle of Team Star Fox.  Just like in
    the Star Fox series, the cannon can be used to blast foes, and the tank can
    roll over enemies.  The jets beneath the main body can be used to hover.  
    Between its firepower and mobility, this tank knows no equal.
    1.3:  Pros/Cons
       Like every character in the game (except Chuck Norris, of course), Fox has
    his fair share of pros and cons.  These are listed below.
    ----                                     ----
    Pros                                     Cons
    ----                                     ----
    >Very fast and mobile                    >Lightweight and easy to knock off the
    >Falls quickly, making him harder to hit  stage
    in the air                               >Falls quickly, limiting recovery time
    >Has an endless standard combo           >Recovery is limited and predictable
    > Has a fast, spammable projectile       >Up+B move takes a while to charge 
    >Has a very strong Final Smash           >Lacks a powerful throwing move
    2.0:  Attacks
       Fox's attacks can be unleashed quickly and do moderate damage.  Most of them
    also have little lag time, making it harder for opponents to find and exploit
    an opening.  I will go into in-depth detail on each attack combo (perhaps TOO
    much detail, but you never know).
       Keep in mind that the damage each move does is when attacking Bowser and
    using this move for the first time (i.e. not chaining the same move, which you
    should never do anyway).  I will include damage, relative knockback, and notes
    for each attack.  Also note, A=the standard attack button and B=the special
    attack button.  Some control schemes are different.
    2.1:  Standard Ground Moves
       Fox's ground moves are simple ways to deal damage.  Don't expect too much
    power in these moves, because they're good at doing damage quickly.  Use these
    to build up damage on someone with low percentage points.
    Type:  Arm+Arm+Leg
    Damage:  2+2+2x# of kicks (1 if foe is farther away)
    Knockback:  Next to None
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  This combo is great at starting to damage a character with low percent.
    Otherwise you should stick to stronger moves.  Note that the first punch and
    the kicks can be held infinitely by holding A, but your foe will eventually
    fall out of reach.
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  6 (normal tilt), 8 (up tilt), 7 (down tilt)
    Knockback:  Very Little
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  A simple kick.  I don't use it that much (I'm usually dashing at this
    point), so I'm not sure how much you'll use it.  It can be tilted for more
    power if you want to experiment.
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  8, 10 (when foe is directly behind you)
    Knockback:  Little
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  This strong move has more knockback than most of Fox's ground moves.
    This behind-the-back kick can launch the foe upward at around moderate damage,
    making it a great air combo starter.  It's faster than the Up smash, so you may
    find more use for this move than the Forward-A.
    Type:  Tail
    Damage:  9
    Knockback:  Very Little
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  A simple tail whip.  This move is not that useful in my opinion, as it
    has very low knockback, and other moves are faster and stronger.  You might use
    this as a counter after ducking underneath a foe's attack, or as a spike move
    (a move that sends a hanging opponent downward).
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  7-5 (sex kick)
    Knockback:  Little
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  A sex kick is a move that does damage for the duration of the attack
    animation.  Don't ask me where the name came from.  This sex kick is shorter
    than the other one but has more “kick” to it (pardon the pun).  It's a great
    move to approach an opponent with, because it sends the opponent up for a
    second.  One of my favorite Fox combos is to Dash-A an opponent and then use an
    Up smash as they're on the way down.  It works great when the opponent has
    relatively high damage.  Try it out!
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  6
    Knockback:  Some
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  Use this move by pressing A or B when lying on the ground.  The move is
    used primarily to clear away enemies that are waiting to hit you while you get
    up off the ground.  The move attacks on both sides, but hopefully you won't
    need it.  Instead, right as you hit the ground, tap a shield button to pick
    yourself up quickly.  If you can't do that, use this attack.
    Ledge 1
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  8
    Knockback:  Little
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  To use a ledge move, hit A or B while on the ledge.  The goal of most
    ledge moves is to clear out an edge guarder (someone that waits on the edge to
    knock you back over the pit).  However I find that I usually just pull myself
    up, if I'm hanging at all.  If you are paying attention, use this move as you
    Ledge 2 (at 100% or more damage)
    Type:  Body
    Damage:  10
    Knockback:  Little
    Speed:  Slow
    Notes:  This move, albeit more powerful, takes a surprisingly long time to use.
    Fox must pull himself up to the edge before sweeping his tail at his foes.  I
    think the move lasts too long, and it is easier just to jump over your foe
    before hitting them from above.  But if you like it, use it.
    2.2:  Standard Aerial Moves
       Like most of Fox's attacks, his standard aerial moves are pretty fast and do
    decent damage.  Sometimes they can be difficult to land properly, but when they
    do land, they can be pretty helpful.  However, these moves do not have much KO
    power, so stick to the ground for KOs.
    Neutral-A (Nair)
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  9-6 (sex kick)
    Knockback:  Very Little
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  The second of Fox's sex kick is longer but has less knockback.  It's a
    decent damage dealer (better than most of Fox's aerial As), but I find myself
    using the Uair more often.  Time it well to get full damage.
    Forward-A (Fair)
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  23 (if all 5 kicks hit)
    Knockback:  Little
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  Fox hits with 5 flurry kicks.  The move has good range and can hit more
    than one opponent.  The last hit also knocks the opponent down a bit.  Use it
    on any opponent(s) in front of you.
    Back-Air (Bair)
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  15
    Knockback:  Moderate
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  This move is surprisingly strong and has pretty good knockback.  I
    think a foe would be surprised at this move.  It doesn't look that powerful.
    Feel free to use this on any opponent behind you.
    Up-Air (Uair)
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  16
    Knockback:  Moderate
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  While slower than most of Fox's aerial moves, this move is the most
    powerful aerial A.  The knockback is pretty good and can KO opponents with high
    damage.  I find myself using this move to KO my foes, and I think you should
    Down Air (Dair)
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  21 (if all seven kicks hit)
    Knockback:  Little
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  This cyclone-like move is fast but doesn't last long.  It's also
    difficult to land every single hit to get the full 21 damage.  Still, the last
    hit sends the opponent downward, so it's pretty good to keep an enemy grounded.
    Feel free to use this on any foe below you.
    2.3:  Special Moves
       Fox's specials are pretty standard for a Smash character.  He has a B-button
    projectile, a Forward-B horizontal recovery, an Up-B vertical recovery, and a
    Down-B wild card.  These moves don't do the best damage, but they all have nice
    effects worth mentioning.  Learning to use these moves wisely is critical in a
    B (Blaster)
    Type:  Weapon
    Damage:  2-3 (varies)
    Knockback:  None
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  Easily one of the most spammable projectiles of the game.  Fox takes
    out his blaster and starts firing.  The move does consistent damage but does
    not make the opponent flinch at all.  It's perfect for raising damage on an
    unsuspecting foe, but not good at keeping them at bay.  Most human players know
    about this move (he's done it since 2001), but computers will fall for it.
    Watch out, though!  If it gets deflected back at you, you'll be the one taking
    Forward-B (Fox Illusion)
    Type:  Weapon?
    Damage:  4
    Knockback:  Little
    Speed:  Moderate
    Notes:  The Fox Illusion allows Fox to burst forward at lightning-fast speeds.
    It takes a little while to charge, but it will send you forward quickly.  The
    move is a good way to approach the opponent from a standstill and guarantees no
    tripping (the most aggravating new feature in Brawl).  It also makes a decent
    horizontal recovery move on a character needy for one.  However, if you use
    this and end up over a cliff, you won't be able to use any other moves.  Also
    note, the direction you dash depends on where Fox is facing when he uses the
    move, NOT the direction you tilt!  Keep that in mind.
    Up-B (Firefox)
    Type:  Fire
    Damage:  2x7 (initial charge) +14 (attack, does 8 when foe is farther away)
    Knockback:  Moderate
    Speed:  Slow
    Notes:  Fox bursts forward in a veil of fire!  It's easily the slowest move in
    his standard repertoire, but it's also one of the most damaging.  First Fox
    charges the move for about a second.  The fire can damage opponents, but a
    strong, mid-range move can knock you out of the move.  Then, Fox will burst in
    the direction you tilt the Control Stick (this is difficult with just the Wii
    Remote!).  Your best bet damage-wise is to use it right next to the opponent.
    For recovery, tilt towards the ledge.  The move doesn't travel too far, but it
    makes up for that in power.
    Down-B (Reflector)
    Type:  Weapon?
    Damage:  5 (on ground), 4 (in air)
    Knockback:  Little (on ground), Some (in air)
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  As an attack, the Reflector is very weak.  It hits the opponent with a
    small shock that does minimal damage.  In the air, it does have some knockback,
    but it only hits if the opponent is right next to you.  The Reflector does have
    a great effect...it deflects projectiles.  You can form entire strategies
    around using the Reflector at the right moment to block any form of long-range
    attack, which is great because Fox's long range game is not that good.  I also
    received a tip from a player named Nantuko.  He says that when using the
    Reflector, Fox falls a lot more slowly.  This is useful for dodging moves like
    Jigglypuff's Final Smash and Porky's charging attack.  It also keeps you
    airborne longer when the Timer item or Shadow Assist Trophy is in effect.
    Learn when to use this move to get a big advantage in a fight.
    2.4:  Throwing Moves
       Unfortunately, Fox's throws are some of the weakest.  His grab has VERY
    little range (you have to be like right next to your foe) and his throws don't
    send the opponent very far.  I usually don't throw anyway, but if you do, I
    would avoid using Fox's as much as possible.  Use them only when you have to.
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  1
    Knockback:  None
    Speed:  Fast
    Notes:  A basic hit.  Grab attacks aren't powerful for anybody, and Fox is no
    exception.  If you have time to use a few of these before throwing, you should
    be using a smash.  Use it if you really think you have the time, or if you're
    finishing a Stamina battle.
    Forward Throw (Fthrow)
    Type:  Throwing
    Damage:  4+3
    Knockback:  Moderate
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  Fox shoves the opponent forward.  It's one of his weakest throws, as
    the opponent doesn't travel far at all.  Avoid this throw if you can, unless
    you're throwing your opponent into Deoxys' Hyper Beam or something similar.
    Back Throw (Bthrow)
    Type:  Throwing
    Damage:  2x4
    Knockback:  Moderate
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  Fox throws his foe backwards and shoots at him.  It's a little better
    than his Fthrow because the opponent goes farther.  If you're trying to get a
    foe away from you, this throw will do the job better than Fox's other throws.
    Up Throw (Uthrow)
    Type:  Throwing
    Damage:  2x4
    Knockback:  Moderate
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  Fox throws the opponent up and shoots at them.  This throw is actually
    a decent combo starter; you might be able to land an Up smash as the opponent
    is coming down.  Fox's strong up attack does the same thing though, so unless
    you already grabbed your opponent, you shouldn't need it.
    Down Throw (Dthrow)
    Type:  Throwing
    Damage:  3x3
    Knockback:  Very Little
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  Fox slams his opponent to the ground.  It's by far his weakest throw,
    as your opponent won't travel far at all.  It could make a ground combo
    starter, but setting this up takes a lot longer than just using a regular
    attack.  Don't use this throw at all.
    2.5:  Smashes
       Behold, the only moves that have true KO power!  Fox's smashes are pretty
    decent, doing good damage and sending the opponent flying.  These are about
    some of the only moves with actual KO power, so you will be using these a lot.
    Learn how each works to master the fox!
    Forward Smash
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  15-21 (charge range)
    Knockback:  Pretty Large
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  Fox can launch the opponent away from him with this powerful kick.  The
    opponent will be launched sideways when hit with this move.  It's a great way
    to KO someone on the Mushroomy Kingdom or another stage where there's a plain
    of death on the side.  It even makes a good regular attack.  It's one of my
    favorite moves on Fox, so use this whenever you can.
    Up Smash
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  17-23 (charge range), 13-18 (if foe is behind you)
    Knockback:  Large
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  Another great move where Fox flips and kicks the opponent skyward.
    It's an effective way to launch an opponent into the air and perhaps off the
    top of the screen, or set up a good air combo.  Feel free to use this whenever
    you can.
    Down Smash
    Type:  Leg
    Damage:  14-19 (charge range)
    Knockback:  Pretty Large
    Speed:  Pretty Fast
    Notes:  Of Fox's smashes, I use this one the least.  That doesn't mean it's
    bad.  Most Down smashes are used to clear opponents that have surrounded you,
    so that's how you should use this.  It can also be used to launch a hanging
    opponent downward.  There are many uses if you look for them.
    2.6:  Final Smash-Landmaster
       This smash is one of the best in the game because there are so many ways to
    kill your opponent!  You can shoot them, smack them with your turret, launch
    them off the top of the screen, and, as Peppy likes to say, “Do a barrel roll!”
    Fox's Landmaster is stronger than Falco's but has less air time.  It is weaker
    than Wolf's but lasts longer (about 17 seconds).  Be careful, you can kill
    yourself while you're in the Landmaster.  More information will follow below.
    Landing on Foe
    Damage:  5
    Knockback:  Pretty Far
    Speed:  Moderate
    Notes:  Fox only does this by hovering and then coming down.  Still, it can
    send the opponent very far, so if used strategically you can get some KOs in.
    Damage:  15
    Knockback:  Far
    Speed:  Moderate
    Notes:  Running someone over is actually a smart idea while in this giant tank.
    Those massive treads will knock an opponent very far, so feel free to do this
    on any foe in front of you.  It's harder to do in the air but still possible.
    Damage:  17
    Knockback:  Very Far
    Speed:  Moderate
    Notes:  While the move has some charge time, the laser is extremely powerful.
    Keep in mind though that the laser will only shoot on the ground and at the
    angle the turret is facing.  This is a great way to finish an opponent trying
    desperately to recover from one of your other attacks.
    Turret Spin
    Damage:  17
    Knockback:  Far
    Speed:  Moderate
    Notes:  The spin can be tough to use, as you have to tap the Control stick hard
    to use it.  It does pay off though.  It's as strong as the laser and sends the
    opponent almost as far.  Use this on anyone that thinks that they can camp on
    top of the tank.
    Barrel Roll
    Damage:  11
    Knockback:  Far
    Speed:  Moderate
    Notes:  Peppy would be thrilled.  Tap down on the Control Stick to roll and
    knock any nearby opponents away from you.  It's another move that will knock
    away anyone on top of the tank, but the knockback is not as far as other moves.
       Fox also has one more way to KO his opponents.  Hold up or a jump button to
    hover in the air.  Hover high enough, and any opponent on top of the tank will
    be sent to the stars!  Don't hesitate to use this on a group of people.
    2.7:  Combos
       Hey, what good are attacks if you don't know how to use them?  Here I'll
    suggest some attack combinations to rack up damage and send opponents flying!
    so, without further ado, let's take a look!  Here we go!
    The Spam and Slam
    Moves:  BxINF+Fsmash
    Damage:  33-38 (most likely)
    Best Use:  On slow, approaching opponents with high damage, near a stage's edge
    Notes:  Here's how it works, you “spam” the Blaster, then “slam” with the
    Fsmash.  On slow-moving opponents, you'll probably land at least six hits
    before charging an Fsmash.  This will be useful to rack the damage up before
    knocking them off the stage.
    The Spam and Launch
    Moves:  BxINF+Usmash
    Damage:  35-41 (most likely)
    Best Use:  On slow, approaching enemies with high damage that jump towards you
    and whose Dair has low priority (as in your Up Smash breaks through it)
    Notes:  Like the Spam and Slam, only if the opponent decides to hit with an
    aerial move because your blaster is annoying the hell out of them.  You can
    also follow up with a Uair if the opponent is falling towards you.  If you're
    near the top of the stage it’s especially useful.
    The Jugglenaut
    Moves:  Dash-A+Usmash+Uair
    Damage:  38-46
    Best Use:  On enemies with high damage you're approaching from the side
    Notes:  The Dash-A will send an opponent upwards, perfect for following with a
    Up Smash, and then you jump after them and use a Uair.  The Uair will hopefully
    KO them.  I've found a lot of use for this combo, so I highly recommend it.
    The name combines the word “juggle” with the word “juggernaut.”
    The Slam and Spike
    Moves:  Fsmash+Dair
    Damage:  18-42
    Best Use:  On high damage enemies on an edge near a pit
    Notes:  How would it feel to slam an enemy, then spike them down a pit with no
    hope of recovery?  That's the goal here.  Smash them, use ONE JUMP to reach
    them, do the Dair, then jump and Firefox back onto the ledge.  This move has a
    high chance of KOing the unlucky opponent if performed properly.
    3.0:  Vs...
       Individual character strategies follow below.  I will have information on
    how Fox shapes up against the rest of the smashers.  I will also provide tips
    on how to defeat your foes.  Use this for regular fights, Classic, All-Star,
    and Event matches.
    3.1:  Mario (NES:  Donkey Kong; NES:  Super Mario Bros.)
    A familiar overall-clad figure who is Nintendo's flagship character.  His
    courage and jumping ability have seen him through countless adventures.  He's a
    multi-talented plumber with the knowledge of a physician, a top-notch golfer,
    and a veteran tennis umpire.  Is his jumping prowess a boon from his
    girder-climbing days?
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Tie
    Recovery:  Mario
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Mario is the ultimate average character.  You'll want to use your own
    strengths to defeat him.  Stay persistent with dashes and smashes to keep Mario
    off balance.  You can Reflect the Fireball, but it isn't worth it.  Roll
    instead to get closer to Mario.  Likewise, Mario's Cape can deflect your
    Blaster, but it's too slow to block all of them and pointless anyway.
       To dodge Mario Finale, simply jump over the ensuing fire and use your own
    fire move to stay airborne.  Or, if you can, get behind him before he uses the
    3.2:  Luigi (NES:  Mario Bros; GCN:  Luigi's Mansion)
    Mario's younger twin brother.  He's shy and quiet and overshadowed by his
    sibling, but he's actually quite talented.  His jumping ability surpasses
    Mario's, and his all-around skills let him overcome any problem.  He's a bit
    cowardly and really afraid of ghosts.  Even so, in Luigi's Mansion, he was
    charged with cleaning up a whole house full of spirits.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Tie
    Recovery:  Luigi
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Don't expect Luigi to fight exactly like his brother!  He's lighter and
    floatier than Mario, and he sports an impressive air game.  For this reason,
    stay out of the air.  Roll past his Fireballs, and never stand still right
    next to him.  He will Fire Jump Punch you off of the stage.  Attack him, and
    only fight in the air if you are absolutely sure you can KO him there.  He will
    be unforgiving if you don't.
       The Negative Zone is not hard to dodge.  Stay airborne and away from Luigi.
    When he uses it, stay out of the inverse-colored sphere, and you should avoid
    all damage and other effects from it.
    3.3:  Peach (NES:  Super Mario Bros; DS:  Super Princess Peach)
    The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.  Her long blond hair is a perfect match
    for her pink dress.  Regardless of the number of Toad retainers she has, she's
    often kidnapped by Bowser.  Though she's usually the damsel in distress, she
    got a starring role in Super Princess Peach, where it was her turn to rescue
    Mario and Luigi.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Fox
    Recovery:  Peach
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       One of the easier fights, but don't let your guard down.  Peach can surprise
    you if you aren't careful.  Stay aggressive.  She isn't that strong, and she's
    also pretty lightweight, so KOing her should be simple.  Don't bother
    Reflecting the Vegetable, it's very weak.
       To avoid the Peach Blossom, stay away from Peach and stay in the air
    constantly.  You won't fall asleep if you are in the air, and then you can eat
    the peaches for health.
    3.4:  Bowser (NES:  Super Mario Bros; GCN:  Super Mario Sunshine)
    The king of the Koopas and Mario's eternal rival.  He breathes fire, hurls
    hammers, attacks from vehicles like the Koopa Clown Car, and uses all sorts of
    weapons in hopes of taking out Mario.  As his size suggests, he's immensely
    powerful.  His son Bowser Jr. is a chip off the old block who spends his time
    creating trouble for Mario.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Bowser
    Power:  Bowser
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Tie
    Overall:  Fox
       Bowser's strong but slow, so spam the Blaster until he gets closer.  Then
    keep back as you fight up close.  You'll want to be able to roll out of the
    way as soon as you see him rear back for a smash or use another move.  To my
    knowledge, the Fire Breath is not deflectable, nor should you try.  If he uses
    this, jump and use the Dair for some quick damage.  Just don't let him Up smash
    you.  If you're near the edge, avoid the Flying Slam at all costs.  Bowser can
    use this to KO both of you.  It's absolutely deadly in a stock match.  It'll
    take a while to send him flying, so be patient.
       Alas, Giga Bowser won't be any easier on you.  Dodge him as best you can
    while landing some hits, as Bowser can still take damage, but he won't flinch.
    His smashes will be overpowered, so it's even more critical that you dodge
    them.  Be thankful the smash doesn't last too long.
    3.5:  Donkey Kong (SNES:  Donkey Kong Country; N64:  Donkey Kong 64)
    A carefree jungle dweller with the charisma of a natural leader.  He keeps busy
    by foiling the plans of the Kremlings and their boss, King K.  Rool.  As his
    physique suggests, this ape is a powerhouse.  He's got speed to match too, and
    his love for bananas is second to none.  His famous necktie is adorned with his
    initials, DK.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Donkey Kong
    Power:  Donkey Kong
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Contrary to the trophy description, Donkey Kong is not that fast, so spam
    your Blaster until he reaches you.  Then play a hit and run game.  You can't
    afford to get walloped by any of DK's many powerful moves.  His smashes, Giant
    Punch, and Fair and Dair should all be avoided.  Thankfully Fox has great
    speed, so dodging these moves should prove pretty easy.
       DK's Konga Beat is laughably easy to dodge.  Just stay away from the radius
    of the beats.  Of course, this is easier on larger stages, but there should
    always be a safe spot somewhere nearby.  While you're at it, hit other
    opponents into the smash.
    3.6:  Diddy Kong (SNES:  Donkey Kong Country; N64:  Donkey Kong 64)
    Donkey Kong's little buddy.  He's famous for his quickness and his long tail.
    He usually plays second banana to DK, but he teamed up with his girlfriend,
    Dixie, to rescue DK when he got captured.  He's spent some time playing music
    and competing in races, and he's also an expert at using barrels.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Tie
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Fox
    Recovery:  Tie
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       As you can see, Diddy Kong has no significant edge over Fox, but don't
    expect this to be an easy fight.  He can be quite annoying when he needs to be.
    Get in his face, possibly rolling past a Monkey Flip, and start fighting.  The
    Peanut Popgun is pathetically slow; just block it normally.  Try to hit him
    while he's charging his Rocketbarrel Blast to destroy his recovery, then use
    your own recovery to return to the stage.  Also, with Diddy Kong, keep an eye
    out for stray Banana Peels.  They can be used to hinder any Dash attacks.
    Better yet, use Fox Illusion to bypass them.
       Rocketbarrel Barrage is not great at vertical ascension, but it is quite
    powerful if used properly.  Stay above Diddy Kong at all times while he's using
    this move.  If possible, pick up the peanuts for health, but this may prove
    dangerous, as Diddy Kong will most likely zoom back and shoot you.
    3.7:  Yoshi (SNES:  Yoshi's Safari; N64:  Yoshi's Story)
    A creature that hails from Yoshi's Island.  Yoshis come in a variety of colors,
    and all possess gentle personalities.  No matter what problems they face, they
    always look like they're having fun.  Yoshis use their long tongues to grab and
    swallow fruit and enemies.  They can convert what they swallow into eggs, which
    they then lay.  They also give Mario rides.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Fox
    Recovery:  Yoshi
    Final Smash:  Tie
    Overall:  Fox
       Reflect the Egg Throw to lure Yoshi in.  Note that Yoshi might approach with
    the Egg Roll, so be prepared to jump out of the way.  You don't have a move
    that can effectively knock him out of it.  Yoshi has some weird attacks, so
    don't get caught off guard.  Shake the Control Stick rapidly if he swallows
    you.  Don't get beneath him in the air, he will Flutter Kick for good damage.
    Just stay aggressive and use your most powerful moves.
       The Super Dragon is pretty hard to dodge unless Yoshi chooses not to go
    after you.  If he does, try to hide in a narrow alcove if you're on a larger
    stage.  If not, air dodge (hit L/R in the air) like a maniac to avoid it.  You
    probably won't completely dodge the move, but you'll take less damage.
    3.8:  Wario (GB:  Super Mario Land 2-6 Golden Coins; GBA:  WarioWare, Inc-Mega
    Mario's self-styled rival.  He loves money and gross humor.  He often sets out
    in search of hidden treasure.  His bold moves come from his superhuman strength
    and are completely different from Mario's moves.  Aside from adventuring, he's
    also the chairman of game maker WarioWare, Inc.  Its franchise game is
    WarioWare, Inc.:  Mega Microgame$.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Wario
    Power:  Wario
    Recovery:  Wario
    Final Smash:  Tie
    Overall:  Wario
       Wario is a very strange character, and if you haven't seen him fight, you
    might be stumped about his moves.  Spend a few matches watching a LV 9 Wario
    fight before confronting him.  Leap over his Bike before attacking him close-
    range.  Like other heavy characters, keep some distance between you and him.
    Stay aggressive and keep Wario off balance.  If you can defeat him, you'll be
    set to take on anyone!
       When Wario becomes Wario Man, he becomes faster and much more capable of
    attacking from the air.  It's going to be tough, but just try to dodge it the
    best you can.  Stay out of the air and roll frequently.  You won't be able to
    attack Wario at all during this smash.
    3.9:  Link (NES:  The Legend of Zelda; GCN/WII:  The Legend of Zelda-Twilight
    A young man who emerged to rescue Hyrule from peril.  He's the bearer of the
    Triforce of Courage who fights to keep Ganondorf from conquering the world.
    His green outfit is a constant throughout the series.  He's a skilled
    swordsman, horseman, and archer.  He's also proficient with bombs and
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Link
    Power:  Link
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Link is heavy, strong, and adept with projectiles, so you'll need to be
    careful both close-up and far away.  His projectiles are worth Reflecting,
    especially the Hero's Bow.  Use this and the Blaster to pile on some damage
    before he reaches you.  Then stay aggressive.  If Link gets an opening to
    attack, get out of the way!  His smashes will send you pummeling if you aren't
    careful.  Be especially aware of his Fair, Uair, and Dair, as they can do some
    damage too.
       The Triforce Slash is thankfully easy to dodge.  Stay above or below Link
    while being far away from him so he'll attack someone else or miss you.  His
    smash is a hit-or-miss.
    3.10:  Zelda (NES:  Legend of Zelda; GCN/WII:  The Legend of Zelda-Twilight
    The princess of Hyrule.  In other games, her role changes between titles.  In
    Ocarina of Time, she was hunted by the would-be conqueror, Ganondorf.  She
    deceived him, however, by adopting the persona of Sheik.  In Twilight Princess,
    she surrendered to Zant and was held as his prisoner.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Zelda
    Recovery:  Zelda
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Zelda can prove cumbersome.  She has some nasty smashes, and Din's Fire has
    been buffed from Melee.  If you Reflect Din's Fire, the move will dissipate, so
    roll instead to approach her.  Once you do, stay out of range of her insanely
    powerful Forward and Up smashes.  Also watch out for her throwing abilities.
    There's a lot to worry about, but don't feel overwhelmed.  You have the speed
    and power to finish her relatively quickly.
       The Light Arrow is easy to dodge if you stay above or below Zelda.  Try to
    approach from above or below to knock the smash away from her, but don't let
    her hit you with a normal smash (or worse, stun you and get a clean shot for
    her arrow).  Nayru's Love can't be used, but you shouldn't try to shoot her,
    for obvious reasons.
    3.11:  Sheik (N64:  The Legend of Zelda-Ocarina of Time)
    The persona Zelda adopted to escape from Ganondorf.  She completely hid all
    traces of her Zelda identity and appeared to Link as the last member of the
    Sheikah tribe.  She taught Link essential ocarina melodies and then vanished in
    an instant.  She didn't appear very often--rather, she would show up to support
    Link in crucial situations.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Sheik
    Agility:  Sheik
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Fox
    Recovery:  Tie
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       You won't be able to shoot her for long!  Sheik is damned fast, so the fight
    will get close pretty soon.  She's a lot weaker than Zelda, though, so there
    are fewer moves to worry about.  Sheik can rack up damage quickly, so you'll
    want to evade constantly and wait for a solid opening, like if she accidentally
    uses the Chain move.  Just stay on her, she'll be sent off the stage before you
    know it.
       Sheik's Final Smash is the same as Zelda's.  Just stay above or below her,
    and don't shoot at her.
    3.12:  Ganondorf (N64:  The Legend of Zelda-Ocarina of Time; GCN/WII The Legend
    of Zelda-Twilight Princess)
    A man who wants to use the power of the Triforce to conquer the world.  In
    Twilight Princess, he gives strength to the Twilight King, Zant, and tries to
    change the land into a world of darkness.  He possesses Zelda, transforms into
    a magical beast, and attacks Link.  In the end, however, Link deals him a
    finishing blow and defeats him.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Ganondorf
    Power:  Ganondorf
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Tie
    Overall:  Fox
       Ganondorf is a strong, slow Captain Falcon, so treat him that way.  Shoot
    him as he approaches, and watch out for Flame Choke and Wizard Foot.  Keep some
    distance as you fight, and hit him with smashes as often as you can.  He's very
    heavy, so it will take a while to send him airborne.  He's also very slow, so
    run away if you're taking a beating.  Don't get hit by his strong Up A or the
    Warlock Punch, or you'll feel like an idiot.
       Beast Ganon is pretty hard to dodge, but you can do it!  Stay airborne, and
    try to get behind Ganon.  A smart player might use this on the edge of a stage,
    but you still might be able to jump over Ganondorf as he stampedes.
    3.13:  Toon Link (GCN:  The Legend of Zelda-The Wind Waker; DS:  The Legend of
    Zelda-Phantom Hourglass)
    Link as he appeared in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, with big eyes and
    an expressive face.  He lived peacefully on Outset Island until a bird captured
    his little sister, and he came to her rescue.  In The Wind Waker, he had to
    crawl, press up to walls, and the like.  His green clothes were worn on his
    12th birthday and are the lucky outfit of the hero of legend.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Tie
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Tie
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Toon Link is very similar to Link, only a lot faster and lighter.  His moves
    are mostly a throwback to Link in Melee, with a floatier Bow and a wooden
    Boomerang.  Don't approach him from below, as he will use a Dair to hit you
    hard.  Keep close to him to pummel him and hopefully send him off the stage.
    Toon Link's Up smash is only one hit, so keep that in mind.  His Clawshot is
    also pathetic, so don't worry about being grabbed.
       Toon Link's Triforce Slash has shorter range than Link's, so it should prove
    even easier to dodge.  Stay above or below him, or even just far away.
    Seriously, it only goes a few feet.
    3.14:  Samus (NES:  Metroid; SNES:  Super Metroid)
    The intergalactic bounty hunter named Samus Aran.  Orphaned at an early age,
    she was taken in and raised by the alien race known as the Chozo.  The Power
    Suit she wears is a product of their technology.  Her unique combat skills
    combined with her athleticism and Arm Cannon have seen her through countless
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Samus
    Power:  Samus
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Tie
    Overall:  Fox
       You're faster than Samus, so use that to your advantage by getting up close
    and personal.  Samus can fight long range, but you can't, so it's best to keep
    the fight close.  If you are far away from her, Reflect her Charge Shot and
    Missile to lure her closer.  Watch out when fighting in the fray, though.
    Samus has some potent moves in her arsenal.  Your best bet is to stay
    aggressive.  The two of you are about equal in the air, so take the fight there
    if you want.  Just watch out for her Uair.
       Samus' Zero Laser is hard to dodge unless you're behind her when she uses
    it.  If you aren't, jump, use Up+B, and pray she doesn't angle the shot up.
    If you're behind her at the end, use the time she takes to transform to land a
    smash on her.
    3.15:  Zero Suit Samus (NES:  Metroid; GBA:  Metroid-Zero Mission)
    Samus Aran without her mighty Power Suit.  In this condition, she does not have
    the firepower she's famed for but is in full possession of the agility and
    athleticism she gained through her childhood training with the Chozo.  Without
    the armor, she's also much, much faster.  The weapon she carries is a
    self-protection device known as a Paralyzer that stops enemies cold.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  ZSS
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Tie
    Recovery:  ZSS
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  ZSS
       ZSS is faster than Samus, but also weaker, making for an easier fight.  Fox
    can handle a speed-for-power transition.  She does have some range with that
    whip of hers, and her Paralyzer can stun you.  Reflect it back at her.  Because
    the Paralyzer is short-range, ZSS doesn't have a long-range game.  Get up close
    and personal before walloping her.
       Power Suit Samus is one of the easiest Final Smashes to dodge.  Just stay
    away from ZSS if she has it.
    3.16:  Pit (NES:  Kid Icarus)
    The captain of the royal bodyguards of Palutena, goddess of light and ruler of
    Angel Land.  The dark goddess, Medusa, conquered the underworld, the surface
    world, and the heavens, and imprisoned Palutena.  Pit escaped and, armed with
    Palutena's magical bow, set out to free her.  Along the way, he gathered Three
    Sacred Treasures with which he challenged Medusa.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Tie
    Power:  Tie
    Recovery:  Pit
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Pit's been allowed some creative license because he's been absent for so
    long.  Anyway, he can be quite annoying to fight, especially with moves like
    Angel Ring.  Dodge and counter like you would against more powerful characters
    like Bowser and Ganondorf.  You can block Palutena's Arrow like any move with
    the standard shield.  Keep in mind Pit's extraordinary jumping prowess.  It'll
    take a while to send him back to the heavens from whence he came.
       Palutena's Army will most likely do damage to you, but if you keep rolling
    and air dodging the damage will be minimal.  Try to attack Pit during the
    smash, as he's still vulnerable.
    3.17:  Ice Climbers (NES:  Ice Climber)
    The one in blue is Popo, and the one in pink is Nana.  They use their
    incredible jumping powers and hammers to break blocks and climb to the summit.
    They grab veggies, and if they can catch the condor at the end, they conquer
    the mountain.  Other than breaking blocks, their hammers are good for sending
    foes flying, climbing down from blocks, and destroying icicles.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Ice Climbers
    Recovery:  Ice Climbers
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       These little tykes are damned powerful, especially when teamed up, so the
    best thing to do first is try to separate the two.  This may prove difficult,
    but if you build up enough damage, smashing Nana will prove effective in
    keeping her away from Popo (or vice-versa).  The two are light, so if you don't
    want to try to separate them, you can just overpower them.  Don't Reflect the
    Ice Shot, just jump over it.  Watch out for their Squall Hammer, it got buffed
    from Melee.  Also note that if both Ice Climbers are on the field, grabbing is
    futile (you shouldn't be grabbing anyway).
       The Iceberg is easy to dodge.  Just keep jumping.  You can attack the Ice
    Climbers during the smash, but it's pretty hard to do so and not get hit by the
    iceberg.  For some reason this move severely lacks KO power, so don't be too
    concerned if they use it.
    3.18:  R.O.B. (NES:  Nintendo Entertainment System; NES:  Robotic Operating
    R.O.B. sporting his Famicom colors.  R.O.B. debuted in Japan as Robot in 1985
    as an add-on for the Famicom.  He could be combined with a “gyro set,” etc. for
    two types of play.  The player controlled Professor Hector, the TV emitted
    light, and R.O.B. responded to the light by moving.  At the time, it was
    epoch-making game play.  Recently, R.O.B. appeared in Mario Kart DS.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  R.O.B.
    Power:  R.O.B.
    Recovery:  R.O.B.
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Tie
       R.O.B. is strong and heavy, but approach him anyway.  Don't let him get an
    edge, or he could respond with some powerful moves.  Also stay grounded, as
    R.O.B. possesses some deadly aerial spikes.  His recovery is also insane, but
    it takes time to charge, so if you knock him away and he recovers, knock him
    away again!  If you see it coming, Reflect the Robo Beam.  Don't shoot him, he
    can deflect it with the Arm Rotor.  Hit R.O.B. hard to send him away.
       The Diffusion Beam is pretty easy to dodge.  Stay away from R.O.B's front
    side!  He can still take damage in this form, as he fights like normal except
    for the eye lasers, so you can still try to attack him.
    3.19:  Kirby (GB:  Kirby's Dream Land; SNES:  Kirby Super Star)
    A round, pink ball of cuteness from a distant, peaceful star.  He can swallow
    anything with his gigantic mouth, then spit it out as ammo.  He has the handy
    ability to copy powers and use them as his own.  His hovering ability lets him
    fly through the air with ease.  He's so round, he's sometimes treated like a
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Tie
    Recovery:  Kirby
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       You and Kirby fight with pretty similar moves, so if you know Fox well,
    you can guess what Kirby might do and dodge it.  If he swallows you, don't fret
    too much about it.  You know how weak the Blaster is.  If he has any other
    serious projectiles, Reflect them.  If you're in the air, don't approach from
    below or he will Stone you.  Also watch out for his throws, they're pretty
       The Cook Kirby smash is easy to dodge.  Just stay away from him.  After it's
    done, pick up any food he left behind.
    3.20:  Meta Knight (NES:  Kirby's Adventure; SNES:  Kirby Super Star)
    The head of the Meta-Knights, and something of a rival to Kirby.  He's quite an
    accomplished swordsman.  Following his code of knightly ethics, he once
    delivered his sword to Kirby and demanded single combat.  His giant cape
    transforms into wings, giving him the power of flight.  He's shown his face
    briefly before, but his relationship to Kirby is still a mystery.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Meta Knight
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Fox
    Recovery:  Meta Knight
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Meta Knight is fast and can combo the hell out of you, but he lacks KO
    power.  This means you can stay aggressive, and you should.  Since he can
    float, defeating him may take a while.  His A move can be held for infinite
    damage, so watch out for that.  Dodge his sword swipes and counter with smashes
    when you can.  It won't take long to send him flying.
       Galaxia Darkness is simple to dodge.  Stay away from Meta Knight,
    specifically his cape.  Even if he catches someone, fight the darkness and go
    farther away.  The beam emitted by the smash can still damage other players.
    3.21:  King Dedede (GB:  Kirby's Dream Land; N64:  Kirby 64-The Crystal Shards)
    The self-styled king of the amazingly peaceful Dream Land.  He continually does
    things unbecoming a king, like stealing the kingdom's food supplies or all the
    stars from the sky.  He's not all bad, though, and sometimes performs good
    deeds.  While he and Kirby often battle, they've been known to compete
    good-naturedly at speed-eating contests and minigames.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  King Dedede
    Power:  King Dedede
    Recovery:  King Dedede
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Tie
       King Dedede is heavy and he can float, so it will be tough to knock him off
    the stage.  He's also immensely powerful.  Still, stay aggressive.  Let him
    approach while you shoot at him, then hit him with powerful moves.  Don't let
    him get a strong attack like Jet Hammer in, or you will play.  His Forward
    Smash is also immensely powerful.  Dedede, though he can float, lacks a potent
    air game, so take the fight there with an Up smash if you need to.
       The Waddle Dee Army will most likely do damage to you, but it probably won't
    kill you.  Roll continuously to dodge as many Waddle Dees, Doos, and Gordos as
    you can.  Don't fret if you get hit by one or two, it's bound to happen.
    3.22:  Captain Olimar (GCN:  Pikmin; GCN:  Pikmin 2)
    A veteran spacefarer in the employ of Hocotate Freight.  After crash-landing on
    an enigmatic planet, Olimar met the mysterious beings known as Pikmin.  He
    enlisted their aid to find his spaceship parts and help him escape.  Once home,
    he found his employer on the verge of bankruptcy.  He was sent back to the
    Pikmin world with his partner, Louie, to repay the company debt.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Tie
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Tie
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Tie
    Overall:  Fox
       Olimar is one of the strangest fighters in the game.  Don't take him
    lightly, though.  His moves have amazing range, and his Pikmin are potent at
    dealing damage.  Shoot him as much as you can before dashing into him.  Send
    him airborne, as his moves are less powerful there.  It won't be hard to send
    him flying once you get in some hits, he's light and uses a tether recovery, so
    knock him away and hang on the ledge so he can't recover (cruel, I know, but
    sometimes necessary).
       I'm sorry, you aren't going to be able to dodge the End of Day.  Stay as far
    from Olimar as possible and stay airborne so you can at least avoid some
    damage.  Of all the Final Smashes, though, this is the hardest one to dodge, so
    don't feel bad if you get killed by it.
    3.23:  Fox
    (Look above for the Trophy Description)
    Stat Comparison
    Uh...what do you think?
       AAHHH, YOU'RE FIGHTING YOURSELF!!!  Relax.  You know all of his moves and
    should know how best to dodge them.  Get up close and personal and take
    advantage of his weaknesses.  Just stay aggressive.  Try to block and
    counterattack his smashes with some of your own.  It all comes down to who is
    the better player.
       Alas, dodging a Landmaster isn't nearly as fun as driving one (or is it?).
    It's going to be pretty hard unless you're in a big stage.  Jump, air dodge,
    roll, do whatever you can to take as little damage as possible.  Good luck.
    3.24:  Falco (SNES:  Star Fox; DS:  Star Fox Command)
    A Team Star Fox pilot whose real name is Falco Lombardi.  He once roamed the
    starways as the head of a galactic gang, and his piloting skills are superb.
    He affects an air of cool disdain and is sometimes uncooperative, but in
    reality his passion for the Star Fox team is second to none.  He once left the
    team to fly solo for a time.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Falco
    Recovery:  Tie
    Final Smash:  Tie
    Overall:  Tie
       Falco is not exactly like you, but he fights very similar, so you should
    know all his tricks.  Feel free to shoot him, his Reflector is not spammable
    like yours.  Falco is slower than you, but a bit stronger as well, usually not
    a good trade for Fox.  Still, he's about the same size, and he should be easy
    to juggle pretty quickly.  Stay aggressive, and don't let him juggle you into
    the air.
       Falco's Landmaster is very similar to yours, except a bit more powerful in
    the air and a bit less on the ground.  It's just as hard to dodge too, so do
    your best to dodge out of the way.
    3.25:  Wolf (N64:  Star Fox 64; GCN:  Star Fox:  Assault)
    A pilot whose real name is Wolf O'Donnell.  He leads a group of mercenaries
    called Star Wolf.  He's crossed paths with Fox many times, and each
    acknowledges the other as a competent rival.  Wolf's constant interference with
    Fox is a result of Wolf's history with Fox's dad, James.  Wolf's long history
    of criminal enterprise has resulted in a large bounty on his head.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Wolf
    Power:  Wolf
    Recovery:  Wolf
    Final Smash:  Tie
    Overall:  Wolf
       Though you might think Wolf is just like you, he really isn't.  His A moves
    are all vastly different, and even his specials hit a little differently.  At
    the core he's a slower, stronger version of you, but he won't fight like that.
    Don't let him get an attack in, because his are quite powerful.  Dash, smash,
    do whatever you can to keep him off balance.  Watch out for his Forward smash,
    it has the longest range of any in the game.
       Wolf's Landmaster is easier than the others to dodge, because it doesn't
    last as long.  It can deal out more punishment, though, so dodging is
    3.26:  Captain Falcon (SNES:  F-Zero; GCN:  F-Zero GX)
    A skilled F-Zero pilot and resourceful bounty hunter.  All that's known of his
    past is that he hails from Port Town.  He's won fame and fortune outracing his
    opponents in his beloved Blue Falcon.  His incredible athleticism and never-
    say-die attitude makes him the pilot to turn to in times of trouble.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Captain Falcon
    Agility:  Captain Falcon
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Captain Falcon
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Captain Falcon
       FAAAALCOOOWN PAAAWWWNCH!!!!!  If you get hit by this move, stop playing.
    Seriously.  This isn't Captain Falcon's only strong move, though, practically
    all of his specials have some KO power (and that's saying something).  Captain
    Falcon is both stronger and faster than you, so the only way you'll win is by
    being more aggressive.  Your moves hit faster, so use them to beat on him until
    he gets KOed.  Watch out, Captain Falcon can approach with Raptor Boost and
    Falcon Kick, which should be dodged.  The only thing he lacks is a good
    recovery.  Use that to your advantage.
       The Blue Falcon is a hit-or-miss Final Smash, so make sure it misses.  Stay
    away from his front side, and hit him in the back to make him lose the Smash
    Ball.  If you get hit, pray you don't die.
    3.27:  Pikachu (GB:  Pokemon Red/Blue; DS:  Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
    A Mouse Pokemon.  Its lightning-bolt tail and round cheeks are its trademarks.
    When danger draws near, it uses tiny electric pouches within its cheeks to
    discharge electricity.  When it's really fired up, it unleashes thunderbolts on
    its rivals.  It's said to recharge when it's sleeping.  It evolves into Raichu.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Pikachu
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Pikachu
    Recovery:  Pikachu
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Pikachu
       Pikachu got buffed since Melee; he's a lot stronger now.  Reflect his
    Thunder Jolt, but don't expect the fight to stay long range for long.
    Pikachu's about as fast as you are, so you'll soon be fighting in the fray.
    Pikachu has some powerful smashes and an infinite attack, as well as Thunder,
    one of the best moves in the game.  Stay aggressive and keep him off his paws.
    Thankfully, Pikachu's lighter than you, so knocking him off the stage will
    prove less taxing.
       The Volt Tackle is hard to dodge, but harder to control.  If a human player
    is bad at it, consider it a blessing.  If not, well, good luck.  Rolling and
    air dodging can be quite effective.  If possible, try to lure Pikachu over the
    edge so he'll fall off the stage at the end.
    3.28:  Ivysaur (GB:  Pokemon Red/Blue; GB:  Pokemon Gold/Silver)
    A Seed Pokemon that is the evolved form of Bulbasaur.  It has a flower bulb on
    its back, the weight of which has made it develop strong legs and hips.  If the
    blossom gets too big, the Pokemon can't stand on two legs alone.  At a certain
    level, it evolves into Venusaur.  When this happens, the bulb absorbs nutrients
    and blossoms into a large-petaled flower.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Ivysaur
    Power:  Ivysaur
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Ivysaur is a very strong, very tough Pokemon, so don't approach it from
    above.  Bullet Seed, Uair, and the Up smash are all extremely deadly, so don't
    try that.  Approach from the side, where all you have to worry about is the
    pathetic Razor Leaf.  Stay aggressive with him so that Ivysaur can't get a move
    in.  He's not Charizard, but he's still quite slow, so retreat if you need to
    spam some Blaster shots.
       Triple Finish is pretty easy to dodge.  Stay out of range of the explosions
    that occur right next to the Pokemon and stay airborne.  Keep jumping, even if
    you can't see your character due to the cinematic.
    3.29:  Charizard (GB:  Pokemon Red/Blue; GB:  Pokemon Gold/Silver)
    A Flame Pokemon.  Its fiery breath is hot enough to burn up rocks, and its
    wings let it fly up to 4,600 feet into the air.  It's a proud Pokemon that will
    never use its flame breath on an opponent weaker than itself.  The flame on its
    tail is a barometer of how much vitality it has remaining.  Its signature move,
    Flamethrower, is a reliable technique.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Charizard
    Power:  Charizard
    Recovery:  Charizard
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Tie
       Of the three Pokemon, Charizard is the strongest and slowest.  Keep back,
    especially to avoid Rock Smash, a very powerful close-range move.  Charizard
    is not only large, he has good recovery, making him very difficult to KO.
    Still, he's very slow, making it easy to attack him.
       Triple Finish is pretty easy to dodge.  Stay out of range of the explosions
    that occur right next to the Pokemon and stay airborne.  Keep jumping, even if
    you can't see your character due to the cinematic.
    3.30:  Squirtle (GB:  Pokemon Red/Blue; GB:  Pokemon Gold/Silver)
    A Tiny Turtle Pokemon.  In times of danger, it pulls its arms and legs inside
    its shell to protect itself from enemy attacks.  When it conceals its neck, it
    also shoots a powerful stream of water from its mouth.  Its shell not only
    protects its body, it also reduces water friction when it's in the water.  When
    it levels up, it evolves into Wartortle.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Squirtle
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Fox
    Recovery:  Tie
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Squirtle is the fastest Pokemon (even though he's a turtle), but he's also
    the weakest.  He boasts some annoying moves, like Withdraw, which any Squirtle
    player will use to approach you.  Jump over it and prepare for a Dair, because
    Withdraw only goes in one direction.  Just because Squirtle is the weakest
    doesn't mean his moves aren't lacking in power, so don't underestimate his
    strength.  Stay aggressive and get in his face frequently to take him out.
       Triple Finish is pretty easy to dodge.  Stay out of range of the explosions
    that occur right next to the Pokemon and stay airborne.  Keep jumping, even if
    you can't see your character due to the cinematic.
    3.31:  Lucario (DS:  Pokemon Diamond/Pearl; WII:  Pokemon Battle Revolution)
    An Aura Pokemon.  It can track energy called Aura, which is given off by all
    living creatures.  It's a unique combination of both Fighting and Steel-type
    Pokemon.  Lucario evolves from Riolu during the day if its happiness has
    reached a certain point.  It specializes in attacks that use Aura energy, like
    Dark Pulse and a can't-miss technique, Aura Sphere.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Lucario
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Lucario
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       The trophy description is wrong.  Aura Sphere can miss.  More like it can be
    Reflected.  Lucario may be slow, but he's very agile and has the unique ability
    to stick onto walls.  He starts off very weak, but at full power he's
    devastating.  Try to KO him early with smashes.  Beware of Lucario in a
    handicapped match, where he starts out kicking ass.  Watch for Double Team and
    Force Palm, both strange moves.  Pursue him if he's falling off the stage;
    Extremespeed doesn't do any damage, and you can knock him down with a Dair.
       Aura Storm is tough, but not impossible, to dodge.  Jump as high as you can
    and Firefox over Lucario so he can't hit you.  It's strong, but quick, so you
    could completely avoid all damage.
    3.32:  Jigglypuff (GB:  Pokemon Red/Blue; DS:  Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
    A Balloon Pokemon.  It invites opponents in close with its big, round eyes,
    then puts them to sleep with a calming song.  The secret to the song's
    unfailing efficacy is Jigglypuff's ability to sing on the wavelength that will
    make its opponent the sleepiest.  It also uses Attract to infatuate opponents
    who touch it.  It uses a Moon Stone to evolve into Wigglytuff.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Fox
    Recovery:  Jigglypuff
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Jigglypuff is light and slow, so you'll easily send him flying before too
    long.  Now more than ever, be aggressive.  Jigglypuff's moves don't hold a
    candle to yours, so don't hesitate in fighting with all you've got.  The last
    blow will have to be a finishing blow, as Jigglypuff sports some of the best
    jumping abilities in the game.  Watch out for Sing by jumping, and definitely
    avoid Rest.  If it misses, counter with a charged smash.
       Puff Up is easy to avoid.  Stay away from Jigglypuff as she inhales.  The
    bigger the stage, the easier it is to avoid.  You should escape damage-free.
    Hit your opponents into it while you avoid it.
    3.33:  Marth (GBA:  Fire Emblem {Japan Only})
    The prince of Altea, in whose veins the blood of heroes runs.  He and a small
    group of stalwarts fought to free Altea after it was invaded by the kingdom of
    Doluna and the dark dragon, Medeus.  With his divine sword, Falchion, he fought
    and defeated Medeus.  However, Altea was then invaded by King Hardin of Akaneia
    and eventually destroyed.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Tie
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Tie
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Marth is just as fast as he was in Melee, and, with the loss of Roy, has
    become stronger too.  Marth can combo the bloody hell out of you if he wants
    to, with moves like Dancing Blade and Dolphin Slash.  If you can, approach
    from the back.  Get in his face, as his sword does more damage at the tip.  You
    can fight in the air if you want to, but again watch out for Dolphin Slash.
    Shield Breaker is a LOT faster than it was in Melee, making it an actual
    tactical move, and Counter is just as surprising as ever.  Stay aggressive.
       Critical Hit, like many swordsmen's Final Smashes, is a hit-or-miss move.
    Stay above or below Marth at all times, and make an attempt to knock the Smash
    ball away from him.
    3.34:  Ike (GCN:  Fire Emblem-Path of Radiance; WII:  Fire Emblem-Radiant Dawn)
    A member of Crimea's top fighting force, the Greil Mercenaries.  He's a man of
    few words whose blunt manner gives the impression that he's uncaring, but he's
    actually a passionate hero.  He was crucial to the reconstruction of Crimea.
    In Radiant Dawn, he continues to show his deep sense of honor and leads the
    Greil Mercenaries to the aid of the Laguz Alliance.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Ike
    Power:  Ike
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       This swordsman is insanely powerful, but also insanely slow.  You can run
    circles around this guy, so do so.  Use Dash attacks a lot to prevent him from
    recovering, because if he attacks you, it's gonna hurt.  It may sound foolish
    to say be aggressive, but it really isn't.  Keep some distance though, in case
    he does get an attack in.  You don't want to be on the receiving end of his
       The Great Aether can be dodged by staying above or below Ike, but that's not
    all.  You have to watch out when he comes down at the end of the move.  You
    could get caught in the resulting explosion.
    3.35:  Ness (SNES:  EarthBound; N64:  Super Smash Bros.)
    An average boy whose life changed when he found a meteor and an alien on a
    nearby mountain.  The alien warned him of a future threat, and adventure ensued.
    He can use psychic energy known as PSI and also wields a bat and yo-yo.  This
    brave youth gives his all to defeat the evil Giygas.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Tie
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Though not as strong as Lucas, Ness is faster, and his moves are a bit
    different.  For anyone who played Melee, you know his Up and Down smashes were
    pathetic.  They've been beefed up a bit for Brawl, but are still weak.  Feel
    free to approach from the air this time.  Reflect his projectiles, but don't
    shoot on account of PSI Magnet.  Stay aggressive, and Ness will fall pretty
       If you're good, you can dodge PK Starstorm and receive no damage from it.
    Watch the skies carefully, and roll before a star hits you.  Ignore Ness, as he
    can't attack while using it.  Ness' stars are stronger, but can't chain hit you
    as well.
    3.36:  Lucas (GBA:  Mother 3 {Japan Only})
    The younger of twin brothers living in Tazumili Village in the Nowhere
    Islands.  He's a kind boy who can communicate with animals, but he's shy and
    never really got over the tragedy that struck his mother.  He fights a warped
    dictatorship, hunts the Seven Needles, and crosses swords with his missing
    brother, Klaus.  In the end, the young boy with psychic PSI powers grows up.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Lucas
    Recovery:  Fox
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       Don't let his shyness fool you, Lucas is pretty powerful.  Do not, repeat,
    DO NOT approach from above.  Lucas' Up smash is arguably the best in the game,
    and you do not want to be at the receiving end of it.  His PK moves should be
    Reflected, but don't shoot at him yourself.  PSI Magnet will quickly turn
    Blaster shots into health, which is not good for you.  Still, even though he's
    fast and strong, Lucas is not terribly heavy.  Stay aggressive and keep him
    airborne so he can't use that ridiculous Up smash.
       If you're good, you can dodge PK Starstorm and receive no damage from it.
    Watch the skies carefully, and roll before a star hits you.  Ignore Lucas, as
    he can't attack while using it.  Lucas' stars are weaker, but will punish you
    with chain hits.
    3.37:  Mr. Game and Watch (GB:  Game & Watch Gallery)
    The monochrome hero of the Game & Watch series, a fellow who oozes personality.
    First appearing in 1980, the series were the original portable game systems.
    The first games in the series were quite simple, but as time passed, technology
    evolved.  The multiscreen series featured game play on dual screens.  As the
    name states, the games also kept time.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Tie
    Size:  Fox
    Power:  Tie
    Recovery:  Mr. Game and Watch
    Final Smash:  Fox
    Overall:  Fox
       If you remember this little guy from Melee, you'll remember how light he
    was.  Well, don't take him “lightly” anymore (sorry, bad pun)!  He's faster and
    stronger than he was in Melee, and he won't hesitate to show you.  Stay
    aggressive, as he's still quite light and easy to knock around.  Watch out for
    his powerful smashes and throws, and also watch out for the Link rip-off Dair.
    His recovery also got buffed from Melee, so don't say he's down for the count
    until he's down for the count.
       The Octopus, though large, is crazy slow.  Stay above the tentacles with the
    Firefox, and dodging this smash should be easy.  Send others jumping above it
    back down with a Dair.
    3.38:  Snake (PS1:  Metal Gear Solid; GCN:  Metal Gear Solid-The Twin Snakes)
    A former member of FOXHOUND with an IQ of 180 and mastery of six languages.
    He's an infiltration specialist whose ability to carry out missions under any
    conditions has made him a legend.  He's saved the world three times from the
    threat of bipedal, nuclear-armed mechs called Metal Gear.  Currently he's
    working with the anti-Metal Gear group known as Philanthropy.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Fox
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Snake
    Power:  Snake
    Recovery:  Snake
    Final Smash:  Tie
    Overall:  Snake
       Whatever you think you know about fighting fellow smashers, throw it out the
    window.  Snake breaks all the rules with a vengeance, with his peculiar
    projectiles and smashes.  Your best bet is to approach quickly so he doesn't
    rig the entire stage with explosives.  Snake is strong, and you might not know
    where his moves will hit.  Your only hope is to be faster and hit harder.
    Snake is heavy and sports a great recovery, so it will take some time to KO
       Sadly, things won't get any easier with the Grenade Launcher.  This move can
    be cumbersome to dodge.  It's still possible.  Roll as soon as you hear Snake
    launch a grenade, and in the second it takes to reach you, you'll dodge it.
    Don't expect to best them all, though.  You might be hit by one or two, and
    they're powerful.  Good luck.
    3.39:  Sonic (GEN:  SONIC THE HEDGEHOG; WII:  Sonic and the Secret Rings)
    The world's fastest hedgehog, who can run at supersonic speeds.  Generally
    speaking, he loves being able to do what he wants and loathes being
    constrained.  Holding still is something he would never consider.  He's got a
    bit of an attitude but can't pass by someone in trouble.  When he collects the
    seven Chaos Emeralds, he transforms into the mighty, gold Super Sonic.
    Stat Comparison
    Speed:  Sonic
    Agility:  Fox
    Size:  Tie
    Power:  Fox
    Recovery:  Sonic
    Final Smash:  Tie
    Overall:  Tie
       You don't approach Sonic, Sonic approaches you.  Throw your Blaster out the
    window, because you will have next to no time to use it.  Sonic is damned fast
    but has no KO power whatsoever, so attack him with everything you've got.  Be
    especially mindful of Homing Attack while you fight.  If he Spring Jumps off
    the ground, follow him into the air.  Sonic will be hard to smash properly
    simply because he'll probably dash away from you before you use it.  If you get
    a Pitfall, consider yourself blessed and ground Sonic before finishing him.
       Super Sonic is fast, and damned near impossible to dodge if he chooses to go
    after you.  Air dodge as much as you can, but expect to get hit regardless.
    Your best bet is to hope not to die.  Thankfully the move is weaker than some,
    so you have better chances of survival.
    4.0:  Single Player Modes
       Fox will need to be used in many Solo modes to fully complete them and earn
    rewards.  Therefore, I am including a guide to fighting your way through these
    modes, covering everything from the Subspace Emissary to the Home Run Contest.
    I will provide both specific strategies and general tips wherever warranted.
    4.1:  Classic, All-Star, and Subspace Hints
    Classic:  I've covered all of the character strategies above, now it's time to
    start applying them.  Classic Mode features eleven random matches against the
    characters that you have available to play as.  There are many varieties of
    fights in Classic Mode.
    1 vs. 1:  The most basic fight.  If you've read the hints above, you should
    know how to take on any character.  Make sure you know how to use the stages'
    various obstacles to your advantage.
    2 vs. 2:  You'll be paired up with an ally against two enemies, usually from
    the same game franchises.  Your ally's difficulty is the opposite of your
    foes'.  For instance, if you're fighting in Easy Mode, your ally is set to
    Intense difficulty.  If you're on Easy mode, let your ally do most of the
    fighting for you.  If you're on Intense, you're on your own.  Keep your
    opponents separated as much as you can and finish them quickly.
    2-3 vs. Giant:  You and one or two allies fighting a giant character.  Giant
    characters are stronger, but also bigger targets, so attack wildly to keep them
    off balance.  Dodge their attacks to take as little damage as possible, as
    giant characters can knock you around fairly easily.
    1 vs. Giant:  Now you're all by yourself.  Could be challenging, especially
    since you're the only target, but continue to stay aggressive.  You'll conquer
    your foe eventually.
    1 vs. 10:  You'll fight a swarm of ten of the same enemies.  They'll come in
    groups of three.  There are more opponents to fight, but they're all weaker and
    easier to knock off the stage.  Use Dash attacks to stay mobile and knock your
    foes high into the air.
    1 vs. Metal:  You against a metal opponent.  Metal enemies are harder to knock
    around, but they fall very quickly, making them easier to KO when they do get
    knocked around.  Fight them as you would normal characters, only with stronger
    attacks.  Keep in mind that metal characters do not make any vocal noises, so
    you may be surprised by some moves that are usually obvious (*cough* Falcon
    Punch *cough*).
    1 vs. 1 vs. 1 vs. 1:  This type of match always occurs at Stage 11.  Your goal
    is to survive against all three opponents.  If on a higher difficulty, stay out
    of the fight until only one opponent remains.  If on a lower difficulty, throw
    yourself into the fight and attack as often as possible.
    1 vs. Master Hand:  At the end of Classic Mode, you will usually fight the
    Master Hand.  Refer to the Boss Battles section for information on how to fight
    1 vs. Master Hand and Crazy Hand:  If you beat all the other fights on Hard
    difficulty or higher in 9 minutes or less, you'll be in this fight.  The Crazy
    Hand will appear right away if you've done this.  See the Boss Battles for
    specific information on how to fight both Hands.  Defeat the Master Hand first
    so you're only faced with one opponent.
    All-Star:  You'll be fighting every character in the game in a predetermined
    order.  The fights go in chronological order of the games' releases, with all
    of the franchise characters clustered together.  You already know how to fight
    these guys, so I'll provide general tips.
    Match 1-Mr. Game and Watch:  Fight him as you would any normal Game and Watch.
    Watch out for Flat Zone 2's obstacles.
    Match 2-Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser:  You'll be fighting them in a
    random order, two at a time.  Keep your opponents separated and use the stages'
    obstacles to your advantage.
    Match 3-Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong:  75m has many obstacles, including Hotheads,
    flying springboards, and one angry Grandpa Kong.  Rumble Falls is a scrolling
    stage, so keep up.
    Match 4-Ice Climbers:  Focus on Popo, the one dressed in blue.  Try to separate
    the two to weaken them.
    Match 5-R.O.B:  Throw a Crab or Shellcreeper at him, and avoid them yourself.
    Match 6-Link, Zelda/Sheik, Ganondorf, Toon Link:  Beware King Bulbin, or the
    cannonballs and catapult on the Pirate Ship.
    Match 7-Samus:  Dodge the lava.  You shouldn't see the safety capsule, but hit
    it open and crawl inside if you do.
    Match 8-Pit:  You'll have to hit him pretty hard, as he has very good recovery.
    Match 9-Snake:  Use up smashes and the Uair to knock Snake off the top of the
    stage.  Watch out for his explosives.
    Match 10-Ness, Lucas:  These boys can be quite annoying.  Separate them and
    knock them off the part of the stage nearest to you.  Don't get eaten by the
    Match 11-Marth, Ike:  Go after Ike, due to his pitiful recovery and powerful
    moves.  Dodge any stray cannonballs that fire your way.
    Match 12-Yoshi:  A simple one-on-one match with no obstacles of serious
    concern.  Yoshi tends to Egg Roll off the stage.
    Match 13-Captain Falcon:  Don't get run over, and keep up with the stage as it
    Match 14-Sonic:  Let Sonic come to you.  He's light enough to be finished
    quickly.  Avoid the spinning checkpoints that occasionally appear.
    Match 15-Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede:  Stay on the platform that rises up.
    Kirby and Meta Knight are light, but Dedede's quite heavy.
    Match 16-Fox, Falco, Wolf:  No real obstacles to worry about, just three foes.
    You're almost there!
    Match 17-Wario:  On harder levels, Wario can be quite annoying.  Keep him off
    of the stage as often as possible.  Complete the mini-games for power ups!
    Keep Wario from doing the same.
    Match 18-Pikachu, Ivysaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Lucario, Jigglypuff:  Yes.  You
    have to fight all three of the trainer's Pokemon.  Stay resilient.  Avoid
    Dialga, Palkia, or Cresselia, and the other hazards on Spear Pillar.
    Match 19-Captain Olimar:  In Co-Op mode, you'll fight two Captains.  Don't get
    eaten!  Don't hold back, as this is the last battle.  Congratulations!
    Subspace Emissary:  Fighting in the Subspace stays persistent throughout the
    adventure.  Jump across the stage's obstacles, fighting opponents.  They can
    all be KOed fairly quickly, depending on their health and the difficulty.  The
    key is to attack consistently with strong moves and not to give your opponent
    an opening.  This is similar to the advice I've been giving, so there shouldn't
    be much difference.
    4.2:  Boss Battles
       The Boss Battles mode is one of the most difficult in Brawl for one simple
    reason:  there are no continues.  You'll have to ration out the three or five
    Heart Containers you're allowed quite carefully to make it through the higher
    levels.  You'll need to fight ten bosses from Classic mode and the Subspace
    Emissary to win.  The first nine will be fought in a random order, ending with
    Tabuu.  I'll provide guides on each individual boss, how to attack and defend.
    Master Hand
       One of the easiest fights; if you're good, you can clear this one with no
    damage.  The Master Hand uses a variety of moves, but all are very predictable
    and easy to dodge.  You've probably been fighting him in Classic Mode, or even
    in previous games, so you'll probably already know how to defeat him.
    Generally, you'll need to roll or air dodge to avoid his moves.
    Crazy Hand
       You might not have seen much of the Crazy Hand, but he fights similarly to
    the other Hand.  He's just as easy, too, so don't panic when you see him.  Some
    of his moves are unique, but others are copied right from the Master Hand.  All
    of his moves are pretty predictable, so dodging shouldn't be difficult.  Avoid
    as much damage as possible as you fight.
    Petey Piranha
       You fought him in Midair Stadium, and you'll know by now how to dodge his
    total of two moves.  Don't get too caught up while you fight.  Petey will get
    damage in if all you do is stand in one spot and attack.  Don't fight so much
    that you can't dodge his attacks, because at high damage they still have the
    potential to KO you.  Fight smart and you'll escape with no damage.
       This dragon stays close to the ground, so stick to ground attacks.  Rayquaza
    has a lot of moves, some predictable, others not.
       Watch out when he growls and rears back, as he is about to hit you with his
    tail or shift to the other side of the stage.  These moves can hit you if
    you're too preoccupied with attacking, so never let your guard down.
       Roll out of the way if he digs underground and is about to surface, and try
    to counter with a smash without damaging yourself.
       Try to jump over Rayquaza or stay under him while he flies across the stage,
    depending on his height.  You might be able to counter during this move as
       When he charges a light ball in his mouth, stand in front of your partner
    (if you have one) and Reflect it.  This will send the ball back at him to do
    damage and avoid it yourself.
       Watch out when Rayquaza has a black gleam in his eye.  Roll away from him
    before he releases a dark attack near him.
       One move I have trouble dodging is when Rayquaza rises into the air, spins
    in a circle, and attacks with a beam of electricity.  It won't kill you, but it
    is very hard to avoid.  You'll have to dodge it at the EXACT time he uses it.
    Expect to get hit with this move often.
       Ground attacks are the best way to go for this battle, especially charged
    smashes and dash attacks.  Don't use the A combo, as it won't cause Rayquaza
    (or any boss) to flinch or change his attack pattern.
       I hate this little brat.  His moves will hit you before you even realize it,
    and they do lots of damage as well.
       At the beginning, he'll either walk slowly towards you, hitting you with his
    spider legs, or scamper very quickly in an attempt to drive you off the stage.
    The first one can serve as a great opening to do damage, but you must avoid
    damage yourself.  The second move is dangerous, and you should jump over it
    very carefully.
       Another annoying move is when he starts jabbing one of his legs at you very
    rapidly.  It's easy to dodge, just jump over it to the other side and attack.
    What makes it annoying is if you get caught in it, you won't be able to escape
    without it doing 50+ damage.  Be careful.
       Sometimes Porky will send many bomb-versions of himself out to attack you.
    Roll constantly to avoid them, their explosions have high knockback at high
       Porky also has a move where he charges and fires a thin beam at you.  This
    beam sweeps towards you and will most likely do some damage.  Roll as often as
    you can to avoid it.
       Porky will also fly up above you and shine a searchlight down.  Avoid this
    searchlight as much as possible; if you're in it, Porky will shoot a beam of
    red electricity down at you.  Don't think you can avoid it by jumping on top of
    him.  You can take damage when he charges the move.
       Fight Porky with a mixture of ground and aerial attacks, depending on the
    situation.  Expect to take some damage by some highly unusual moves.  If you
    escape this fight with minimal damage, consider yourself lucky.
       This powerhouse has some of the strongest moves of any boss, capable of
    KOing you even with damage in the 60s.  Dodging is extremely important in this
    boss fight.  Even worse, Galleom doesn't squander his time between attacks.
    Openings are tough to find, but are still there, so use them to fight.
    Dodging Galleom's attacks is key to winning this fight.
       One of his simpler attacks is when he fires two missiles.  If you're close
    to him, it will usually miss, so don't worry too much about it.
       His fastest move is a stomp attack.  You'll only get a split-second's notice
    before he uses the move.  If you're lucky, you'll either be in the air or react
    quickly enough to dodge it.  Expect to get hit a few times by this move.
       A few of his weaker moves include a short spinning move and a move where he
    slams down on either side of him.  The spin can be rolled away from, and the
    slam can be easily air dodged.  Don't let him connect with these moves, as it
    can be quite frustrating when that happens.
       Unfortunately, the weak attacks end there.  Two of his strongest are when
    Galleom slams his fists down in front of him or when he falls over.  Both moves
    have pretty long range in front of you.  Get away from the range of the moves
    or air dodge at the right moment.  These moves are insanely powerful and quite
    fast too, so be very careful.
       Two trademark moves of Galleom include a series of four stomps and one very
    large stomp.  Any one of the four stomps will ground you and cause damage, but
    have no chance of knocking you away.  The large stomp is very powerful and can
    knock you away, but is more easily dodged.  Roll past him while he uses these
    moves or suffer the consequences.
       Galleom will also use three attacks in a tank form.  One of them is a dash,
    this is very easily jumped over.  Dodge it, though, as the knockback is very
    far.  The second move is a series of missiles that will fire at you.  This move
    should be rolled past.  You may get hit by one or two, but individually they
    aren't too much of a threat.  The third one is a dash combined with him falling
    in the center of the field.  Always avoid the center of the stage when he
    dashes.  It takes Galleom a LONG time to recover from this move, so use that
    time to attack.
       A lot of Galleom's moves hit very close to the ground, so you may want to
    stick with aerial attacks.  This will give you time to react and air dodge to
    avoid even Galleom's fastest attacks.  Good luck against this powerful boss.
       Ridley stays in the air, so you'll have to hit him with your own aerial
    attacks.  All the directionals will work well here, as Ridley is a big target.
    Most of his moves are very predictable, so he shouldn't cause too much trouble.
       His most pathetic move is when he flaps his wings in a (pitiful) attempt to
    blow you off the stage.  It can't hurt you unless you're right next to him when
    he starts using it, providing you with a free attack opportunity.
       Sometimes Ridley will use a move where he soars in a circle.  The attack is
    easy to dodge by getting out of range, but it can do damage even when you don't
    expect it.  Stay on guard till the very end of the attack.
       Ridley uses two moves when he shoots upwards into the air.  He'll either
    charge very erratically at you (similar to the Hands), or dive downwards
    (almost like Rayquaza).  The charge is pretty easy to Air Dodge, and for the
    dive, just roll constantly.
       Ridley also has two similar moves when he flies to the side.  Both are
    charges, except one is faster than the other.  The fast charge is Ridley's most
    deadly attack, as it's ridiculously fast.  It will also do some nasty damage on
    Intense difficulty.  Try to jump constantly so Ridley will fly right above your
    head.  Expect this move to hit you a few times.
       Another hectic move is when Ridley drags his tail across the stage floor.
    The tail is the only thing that causes damage, so simply jump over it as it
    approaches you.  The move can chain hits quite viciously, so make sure it
    doesn't connect.  A weaker version of this has his talons grinding across the
    stage.  It's much easier to dodge.
       You should be able to beat Ridley with minimal damage, provided he doesn't
    charge you too fast.
       Duon's trademark is his two sides.  One of them is armed with swords,
    including a blade on his helmet.  The other side sports guns.  The swordsman
    uses close-range attacks, while the gunman uses long-range shots.  The key is
    to know how to dodge both, and to know when to find an attack opening.  Duon is
    one of the hardest bosses to find an opening for.
       Sometimes Duon will stick his swords and guns into the ground when you're at
    close-range.  Roll out of the way before he starts a vicious spinning attack!
    Also, he'll switch sides by spinning around just once.  It's not too powerful,
    but it's best to roll out of the way anyway.
       Duon will also sometimes rear back and then jump towards you.  Roll out of
    the way of this deadly move!
       One of the swordsman's attacks is when he approaches you and strikes with a
    three-hit combo.  This can be deadly at higher levels, and it's damn near
    impossible to dodge (he'll even turn around if you jump behind him!).  If you
    dodge it, there's a pretty significant window to attack as he rolls back to a
    side of the screen.  Take that opportunity.
       He has another move where he rears back and slashes with both swords.  It's
    best to air dodge this and counter quickly, as the window here is much slimmer.
    This move is quite strong, but easier to dodge than the combo.
       That blade on his helmet isn't just for looks.  He has a move where he'll
    rear down and attack you with it.  Try to roll out of the way of this move and
    attack.  It's similar to the strong swipe.
       Another move is when the swordsman shoots bombs at you.  On Intense
    difficulty, there are a lot of bombs.  Shoot them to detonate them early and
    make the move easier to dodge.  Watch out, as Duon likes to prepare his next
    attack during this one.
       The gunman has two moves where he shoots a lot of large projectiles towards
    you.  Roll around these until the move ends.
       Duon's head may sometimes charge with a blue sphere.  It's imperative to
    avoid the oncoming beams.  Learn the timing of this move and roll to avoid it.
    The move is very powerful and capable of KOing you quickly.  Also note that you
    can't touch the sphere on top of Duon's head during this move.
       The gunman will also shoot missiles towards you.  They are similar to the
    swordsman's bombs, only they home in on you.  Roll towards Duon to try to get
    the missiles to hit him instead of you!
       There are very slim openings to attack Duon, but they do exist!  Take
    advantage of any openings you can.  If all else fails, the Blaster is safe at
    Meta Ridley
       Meta Ridley is not very similar to Ridley at all.  Some of his attacks are
    reminiscent of the first boss fight against him, but most of them will send the
    Falcon Flyer plummeting, making the aerial game even more important.
       One move similar to Ridley's is when Meta Ridley drags his tail across the
    Flyer.  The move is a lot less damaging than Ridley's, but dodge it all the
    same.  He also has a move where he flies forward, which is similarly dodged.
       Meta Ridley now has a projectile attack.  He'll shriek and then launch
    fireballs all across the Flyer.  Not Reflectable, the move is very difficult to
    dodge completely.  Try to Air Dodge past the fireballs as they shoot past you.
    Expect to get hit a few times.  A different version has Meta Ridley shooting
    one large fireball towards the center of the Falcon Flyer.  It's easier to
    dodge but does a lot more damage.
       One of Meta Ridley's more dangerous moves is when he shoots up, then slams
    down onto the Falcon Flyer.  If you're on the Flyer and you avoid the slam, you
    will fall to your death.  Jump and time your Air Dodge so Meta Ridley will fly
    past you.  It would be quite frustrating to fight him well and then fall to
    your death with this cheap move.
       Another dangerous move is when Meta Ridley grabs onto the side of the Falcon
    Flyer and drags it down, launching fireballs at you on the way.  These
    fireballs are Reflectable, and if you hit him he will stop the attack.  Try to
    hit him with anything but the Blaster or Reflect a fireball to stop him.
       Towards the end of the fight, Meta Ridley will stay farther away from the
    Flyer and attack more rapidly.  Try to shoot him with the Blaster to do damage
    when he is this far from the Flyer to finish him off.
       Tabuu is the strongest boss in the game, and also the most difficult to hit.
    Dodging his moves is an absolute must if you want to survive this fight.  His
    moves, though powerful, are easily recognizable, and dodging them can be quite
    simple if you know what you're doing.  Study his moves, and you'll stand a much
    better chance of defeating him.
       One of Tabuu's main defensive strategies is that he will teleport to random
    areas of the stage.  Sometimes the area from which he teleports will explode.
    If this happens, roll every time he warps.  He will teleport four times, after
    which you have a small opening to attack, which you should take, even if you
    need to use the Blaster.
       During Tabuu's weakest attack, he'll charge at you with a blade.  Stay on
    the ground and jump over it when he charges.  It only does about 15% damage,
    but you should try to dodge it if you're damage is high.  You can even try to
    counter with a Dair if you feel confident.  A similar move occurs when Tabuu
    turns into a spearhead.  Jump over him when he charges you.
       Sometimes Tabuu will send small lights across the stage.  Stay away from
    these lights, as they mark where explosions will occur.  Roll past them and
    find a safe spot to stand.
       Another move involves a storm of needles shooting towards you.  This move
    will do damage if you are in range when it starts, so the best way to dodge it
    is to get out of range.  Roll to Tabuu's other side.  If you can't dodge it
    towards the end, Tabuu will launch a powerful fireball at you.  If nothing
    else, dodge this fireball.
       If Tabuu ever warps close to you, get behind him.  Tabuu will start slashing
    the air in front of you.  This move can do some insane damage, but if you're
    behind Tabuu, it makes the perfect opening to attack.
       A very weird move occurs when Tabuu floats perfectly still.  Electrically-
    charged devices will sweep the stage.  The move has pretty good range, but if
    you can roll past it, it will be easy to dodge.  It's not terribly strong
    either, so be thankful.
       Sometimes Tabuu will take out a whip to attack you with.  If you get hit by
    it, the resulting attack is nasty.  The key is to dodge the whip completely.
    This move is pretty strong but also pretty easy to dodge.  Just don't get
       If you ever see a golden cage-like device floating around, avoid it.  Tabuu
    will trap you with it if it reaches you and slam you into the ground, sending
    you flying.  On paper, it's simple to roll past, but I find myself getting hit
    with it quite frequently.  Just try to roll past it.
       Sometimes Tabuu will spread his arms wide.  Watch out, as clones will spawn
    to chase you and explode.  Get away from Tabuu when this move occurs and roll
    past exploding clones.  The move is quite rare, but can be deadly.
       If Tabuu ever appears with what appears to be a purple beam cannon (similar
    to the cannons Bowser and Wario used), get ready to jump.  He will charge a
    Hyper Beam-like move that is insanely powerful.  Jump while the move is being
    used, or you will face certain death.
       If Tabuu ever grows huge (REALLY huge), he's about to use an attack similar
    to the Hands'.  He will shoot two eye lasers towards you.  You can dodge pretty
    easily by rolling and air dodging, and you could possibly counter.  It's
    dangerous to get that close though, so stick to dodging unless you can reach
       The deadliest move of this boss fight-no, the entire game-is when Tabuu
    unleashes three red spheres.  If you don't dodge this move completely, it will
    kill you ridiculously easy (with as little as 30% damage).  You need to get the
    timing of this move down PERFECTLY to dodge this.  If you do manage to dodge
    this, you will be in much better shape for this boss fight.
       Jeez, that was a lot of attacks.  The best (and practically only) time to
    attack is after one of Tabuu's many attacks.  You'll have about three seconds
    to get in some attacks.  You'll have to go to the air to hit him, so use your
    best aerial moves.  If he's too far away, use a Blaster, but don't let him
    escape one of these phases undamaged, or you'll pay.  Stay relentless and learn
    to dodge every attack to stand a chance of winning.
    4.3:  Event Matches
       Event Matches in the game have been expanded.  Not only are there three
    difficulty levels to choose from, there are also both Solo and Co-Op Event
    Matches to choose from.  I will provide strategies on some of these matches.
    Since this is a Fox FAQ, I will only provide hints for Event Matches where you
    can use Fox.
    Solo Event Match 2:  Landmaster Ignition
    Slippy!  Send me a Landmaster!  Show them Star Fox's Final Smash!
    Goal:  Defeat the opponents with the help of unlimited Landmasters.
    Opponents:  Sheik, Meta Knight
    Stage:  Corneria
    Difficulty:  Very Easy
    Notes:  You could probably do this Event Match with your eyes closed.  You'll
    be invincible the vast majority of the time, only taking damage during the
    brief smash transition period.  The only thing of concern is on Hard
    difficulty, where one blow will send you flying off the stage.  See how many
    KOs you can get!
    Solo Event Match 10:  All-Star Battle Regulars
    The Smash Bros. perfect-attendance crew! Fight the eight regulars in order!
    Goal:  Defeat all of the opponents.
    Opponents:  Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu
    Stage:  Final Destination
    Difficulty:  Easy
    Notes:  Since there are multiple opponents, they all have low health.  Because
    of this, stick to stronger attacks to send your opponents flying quickly.  Read
    the character strategies above for more info on the individual fighters.
    Solo Event Match 20:  All Star Battle x 1
    Challengers approaching!  Fight eight Brawl newcomers in all!
    Goal:  Defeat all of the opponents.
    Opponents:  Wario, Meta Knight, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Olimar, Lucas, Diddy
    Kong, Pokemon Trainer
    Stage:  Battlefield
    Difficulty:  Easy
    Notes:  Just like Event Match 10, you're fighting eight characters.  Use strong
    attacks.  Note that the Pokemon Trainer only uses one Pokemon.  Again, read the
    character info above for more details.
    Solo Event Match 29:  All-Star Semifinal Regulars
    Four hidden characters from the past game!  They're secret perfect attendees.
    Goal:  Defeat all of the opponents.
    Opponents:  Luigi, Ness, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff
    Stage:  Yoshi's Island (Melee)
    Difficulty:  Very Easy
    Notes:  This is even easier, as there are only four fighters to vanquish here.
    Read above for more details.  Watch out for the stage's hazards, as you could
    easily fall through the small gap in the middle.
    Solo Event Match 34:  All-Star Battle Melee
    It's the eight challengers from Melee!  What's different between then and now?
    Goal:  Defeat all of the opponents.
    Opponents:  Bowser, Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Ice Climbers, Marth, Mr. Game and
    Watch, Falco, Ganondorf
    Stage:  Pokemon Stadium
    Difficulty:  Medium
    Notes:  We're back to eight fighters.  Isn't this getting old?  Be especially
    wary of Bowser and the Ice Climbers, as they are powerful fighters.  Everyone
    else should be pretty straightforward.  For character info, you know where to
    Solo Event Match 39:  All-Star Battle x 2
    It's even more new Brawl challengers!  There's a total of eight.  Defeat them
    Goal:  Defeat all of the opponents.
    Opponents:  King Dedede, Ike, Lucario, R.O.B, Toon Link, Snake, Sonic, Wolf
    Stage:  Skyworld
    Difficulty:  Medium
    Notes:  I feel like I'm repeating myself.  Dedede and Ike are heavy, but after
    that, things get easier.  Character info is you-know-where.
    Solo Event Match 40:  The Final Battle
    Bowser, King Dedede, and Ganondorf...A battle with the bossiest of bosses!
    Goal:  Defeat all of the opponents.
    Opponents:  Bowser, King Dedede, Ganondorf
    Stage:  Final Destination
    Difficulty:  Medium
    Notes:  Whoa, a breakup in the monotony!  You'll have to fight Bowser, Dedede,
    and Ganondorf at once.  Not an easy task; all three are heavy and very
    powerful.  Use your speed to your advantage and run circles around these guys.
    Focus on one enemy at a time with powerful attacks.  Don't panic, you'll get
    through it!
    Solo Event Match 41:  The FINAL Final Battle
    It's the REAL final battle!
    Goal:  Defeat all of the opponents.
    Opponents:  Mario (Giant), Snake, Sonic
    Stage:  Final Destination
    Difficulty:  Hard
    Notes:  Since it's the last event, you know it's going to be the hardest.  I
    can remember Event Match 51 from Melee, against Ganondorf, Mewtwo, and Giga
    Bowser.  This one is easier than that one, but not by much.  I suggest going
    after the large Mario man first, as he's the biggest target and can do the
    most damage.  Once he's out, go after that wily Snake and his explosives.
    Finally, outlast the blue hedgehog.  Of the three, he's the weakest by far,
    perfect when you have high damage.  Stick with powerful attacks to KO your
    foes faster.  Good luck!
    Co-Op Event Match 19:  Shadow of Andross
    It's a fierce attack by Andross and Wolf.  Take them, Team Star Fox!
    Goal:  Defeat Wolf.
    Opponents:  Wolf, Andross (Assist Trophy)
    Ally:  Falco
    Stage:  Lylat Cruise
    Difficulty:  Medium
    Notes:  It's an epic Star Fox match!  Fight this Match as you would fight Wolf,
    while keeping in mind Andross' constant attacks.  Like most Event Matches, use
    powerful attacks.  If you're taking some high damage, let Falco take some of
    the heat while you spam a Blaster.  Falco is a bit stronger and heavier than
    you.  Stay persistent!
    Co-Op Event Match 20:  The Final Battle for Two
    A fierce battle with nasty rivals!  You can't lose now!
    Goal:  Defeat all of the opponents.
    Opponents:  Wario, King Dedede, Wolf, Meta Knight, Ganondorf, Bowser
    Ally:  Anyone
    Stage:  Battlefield
    Difficulty:  Medium
    Notes:  Like Event Match 40, with twice the people, appropriately.  They'll
    come two at a time.  Clear out Wario as fast as you can, because he's the
    fastest foe (sans Meta Knight) and easily the most annoying.  Dedede should be
    the next to go.  It's your choice who to fight next.  Wolf's stronger, but
    Meta Knight's quicker.  Then, it's Ganondorf and Bowser.  Good luck with this
    Co-Op Event Match 21:  The True All-Star Battle
    Fight everyone without any breaks!  It's endless, but a suitable final battle.
    Goal:  Defeat all of the opponents.
    Opponents:  Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus/ZSS, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu,
    Luigi, Captain Falcon, Ness, Jigglypuff, Bowser, Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Ice
    Climbers, Marth, Mr. Game and Watch, Falco, Ganondorf, Wario, Meta Knight, Pit,
    Captain Olimar, Lucas, Diddy Kong, Pokemon Trainer, King Dedede, Ike, Lucario,
    R.O.B, Toon Link, Snake, Sonic, Wolf (whew!  That's quite a list!)
    Ally:  Anyone
    Stage:  Battlefield
    Difficulty:  Hard
    Notes:  Boy can this be difficult.  Actually, it depends on the difficulty.  On
    Easy, you'll send these guys flying with a flick of the wrist.  On Hard, it
    will take a lot more.  To complement you, bring a slow, powerful ally.  You can
    rack up the damage and then leave the big guy to deliver the final blow.  The
    key to winning is endurance.  You're up against 35 characters, not a simple
    task.  Be patient and persistent, and soon you'll win.
    4.4:  Target Smashes
       Fox is one of the best characters to use in the Target Smashes, right up
    there with Pit and Sonic.  He's fast, has a quick projectile, and his moves
    have a broad range and are simple to learn the timing for.  Of course, this
    means nothing unless you know how to use him, so that's why I'm here.  I'll
    provide tips to get decent times.  I can't do the Smashes in less than 5
    seconds like some other people, so I'll try to provide links for videos of some
    spectacular times.  Study those to improve your times.  If the link doesn't
    work, please inform me so I can update it.
    Target Smash Level 1
    Difficulty:  Easy
    My Best Time:  14.21 seconds
    Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTs7HMUHtHU (5.25 seconds)
    Notes:  Being the first level, this test is relatively easy.  Start by shooting
    at the target behind the wall.  If you want a good time, perfect the timing of
    the shot.  Run forward and hit the target ahead of you.  Hit the one above you,
    then get the one on the right.  Jump over to the left and hit the three around
    here as fast as you can.  Get the two on the left, jump, and shoot the last one
    on the right.  If you watch the video, you can see that this player uses the
    blaster a lot.  It will take practice to perfect the timing of this.
    Target Smash Level 2
    Difficulty:  Normal
    My Best Time:  16.31 seconds
    Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxvxRq2MCVg (7.98 seconds)
    Notes:  This is a bit more complex than the first test.  Jump up and hit the
    target above you, then go to the ledge with the Smart Bomb.  Don't use the
    Firefox to reach the ledge, or the Smart Bomb will explode and cost you
    precious seconds.  Throw the Smart Bomb upwards and hit the target on your
    left.  Don't worry if the bomb delays, it will explode eventually.  Go to the
    platform with the Rolling Crate, hit the target next to it, and kick the Crate
    to the left.  Jump up to the platform above you, hit the two targets here,
    and use the Cracker Launcher to shoot the last one.  That should get you a
    decent time, at least enough for the challenge trophy.
    Target Smash Level 3
    Difficulty:  Hard
    My Best Time:  18.56 seconds
    Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ckciymI0FI (14.41 seconds)
    Notes:  Launch yourself to the left and Air Dodge to land quickly and hopefully
    pick up the Smart Bomb.  Throw this into the alcove on the right to get the two
    targets there.  Drop down near the spikes, hit the target, and shoot the one to
    the right.  Hit the target on the lower left, and follow the conveyor belt.
    To get this next tricky target over the gap here, jump towards hit, charge the
    Firefox near it, then launch yourself to the next platform.  Get the target
    above the conveyor belt and head towards the trampoline.  Get the target below
    the trampoline and then use that trampoline to reach the last target above you.
    Target Smash Level 4
    Difficulty:  Very Hard
    My Best Time:  29.35 seconds
    Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zI7xS8TGnIY (20.95 seconds)
    Notes:  Head right, hitting the stationary target on the way.  Follow a moving
    target down and hit it on the way down.  Now hit the one high up and near a
    small wall you can wall jump off of.  Now jump towards the one over the ledge,
    charge a Firefox near it, and launch yourself to the left.  You should be able
    to hit another moving target on your way up.  Follow the path up and hit the
    targets, including the one on the far left.  After that one, head to the right,
    jump up and to the left, and hit the one traveling up and down.  Now run to the
    right and jump onto the ledge.  You should see a target rising above the ice.
    Hit it.  Now drop down to the right until you see the last target.  You'll have
    to double jump underneath it and Firefox up to finish the test.
    Target Smash Level 5
    Difficulty:  Intense
    My Best Time:  25.43 seconds
    Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0s6RuwJWFY (11.15 seconds)
    Notes:  Start by hitting the target above you.  Now jump over to the Cracker
    Launcher and shoot the target on the right.  Jump back to the left platform and
    shoot at the target to the far left.  Go to a falling platform and hit two
    targets on the way down.  Then go to the left of the spikes and shoot the
    target on the left.  Discard the Cracker Launcher and go to the Beam Sword.
    Throw it up and use the Fair to get the target behind the wall.  Get the Beam
    Sword and throw it towards the two remaining targets to finish.
    4.5:  Home Run Contest
       Fox's Blaster is again a huge advantage, as it allows you to get in quick
    damage without sending the Sandbag of control.  This won't be the only way to
    rack up damage, but it is helpful towards the final few seconds.  I'll post my
    distance, how I got it, and a link to a great distance on video.  Happy
    My Best Distance:  1803.1 feet
    Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQFIzL6aTcs (2032.9 feet, starts at 2:12)
    Notes:  Chain bat throwing is very effective.  To get my record, I chain threw
    the bat before standing at swinging distance and spamming the Blaster until it
    is time to hit it.  It works extremely well.  You can also try just spamming
    the Blaster until you have to hit it.  You should get about 1600 feet using
    that strategy.
    4.6:  Multi-Man Brawl
       These fights against the Alloys can range from laughably easy to downright
    impossible.  The Red Alloy fights like Captain Falcon, the Blue like Lucario,
    the Yellow like Mario, and the Green like Kirby.  The Alloys use no Special
    moves or items (they will grab you though).  Sometimes these fights will be too
    much for even the great Fox, but most of them can be done.
    10-Man Brawl
       Please.  You can do this with your eyes closed.  Use strong attacks to
    launch your foes off the stage.  The last foe is a clone of you, so fight him
    as you would a Fox with about 150% damage.
    100-Man Brawl
       This can be harder.  100 Alloys will get difficult, and you might actually
    get knocked around towards the end.  Every 25th enemy is a random Brawler,
    except the last, which is you.  Use your speed to your advantage to dodge
    attacks and counter.  Try to keep your damage percentage under the number of
    Alloys you've defeated.  Be patient and you will get better, enough so to win.
    3-Minute Brawl
       While the last brawls were about offense, these are about defense.  To
    survive, you'll have to keep moving at all times.  Again, every 25th enemy is a
    random Brawler, so keep that in mind.  The Brawlers will use everything,
    including items, to try to keep you off balance.  Try to beat this in under 3
    15-Minute Brawl
       If you thought 3-Minute was bad, this one will be downright impossible.  The
    only Brawlers that can beat this with ease are Kirby, Meta Knight, and
    Jigglypuff, and that's all by floating underneath the stage.  I haven't beaten
    this yet with Fox, but if you want to try, dodge as much as possible.  Your
    speed will help you survive this grueling endurance challenge.  Good luck.
    Endless Brawl
       Since this Brawl won't end, go for it.  Use aggressive offense to keep the
    Alloys from attacking you, and see how high you can go.  My challenge for you:
    reach 250.  Then reach 500.  I dare you.
    Cruel Brawl
       Only the floaters, Ike, and Ness/Lucas have a remote shot at this.  Fox can
    get 2 foes at best.  Try to use Firefox to keep your foes from launching you.
    They can still hit you while you're charging, and if that happens it's bye-bye
    for you.  Charge it off of the stage and launch towards the stage to stand a
    chance.  If you get 5 foes I'll be very excited.
    5.0:  Epilogue
    5.1:  Closing Remarks
       Well, in the words of Porky Pig, “that's all folks!”  You should now be
    quite adept at using Fox after practicing.  And, who knows, you might form your
    own strategies to use this wonderful character.  Feel free to experiment and
    try new things other than what I've posted.  Happy flying, Fox fans!
    5.2:  Credits
    Me:  For finding the time to write this FAQ, I pat myself on the back.
    My Family and Friends:  For supporting me when I've felt down, thank you!
    Gamefaqs:  For hosting this and many other great FAQs.
    Youtube:  For hosting videos of some great Target Test/Home Run records.  I am
    not the best, so it's good to have links to some better players!
    Nantuko:  He gave me a tip about the Reflector.
    Cupuv Tee:  Corrected an error about Fox's falling speed.
    You:  For reading this guide and hopefully finding use for it.
    5.3:  Updates
    Version 1.0:  The first (and possibly last) major update.  Completed the Attack
    List, Character Strategies, and Single Player modes for Fox.  Included Target
    Test/Home Run Records and links to others.  Checked for spelling errors.
    Requested tips from readers.  Waiting for tips from other players.
    Version 1.1: Upon reading this guide online, I discovered a frightfully large
    number of errors!  I fixed some grammatical quirks and corrected a few
    mistakes I made.  I also included a couple of boss's attacks that I missed.
    The guide is more accurate and complete now.
    Version 1.2: Received a suggestion about the Reflector and added that.  Fixed
    an error about when Crazy Hand appears in Classic Mode.  Also corrected an
    error about Fox's falling speed, brought up by Cupuv Tee.
    5.4:  Contact Information
       Hopefully my guide was comprehensive, but I'm sure it isn't perfect!  If you
    have any suggestions, including combo ideas, hints and tips, or if you catch
    some spelling errors, write to this email address.
       If you have a good idea, I'll test it.  If I like it, I'll include it and
    give you credit!  Please don't send any destructive criticism (“flames”), or I
    will just ignore it, and it will end up only being a waste of your time.
    5.5:  Copyright Information
       Copyright 2008.  This guide was written by me and me alone.  No site may
    host this guide other than Gamefaqs without my permission.  You may print out
    this guide for yourself, but you cannot host it on your site, sell it as your
    own, or change it and submit it as your own.  All trademarks and copyrights
    contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and
    copyright holders.
    “Mission Complete!”

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