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    Pit by jakethepit

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                   BY: JAKETHEPIT 
    Table Of Contents
    1 Guide history...................................................( HSTRY )
    2 Who is Pit?.....................................................( Pit01 ) 
    3 Why use Pit?....................................................( PIT02 )  
    4 Pit's Moveset...................................................( PIT03 )
    5 Pit's Final Smash...............................................( PIT04 )
    6 Pit's Pros / Cons...............................................( PIT05 )
    7 SSE Pit.........................................................( PIT06 )
    8 Specialized Tactics.............................................( PIT07 ) 
    9 Pit on Wifi.....................................................( PIT08 )
    10 Fighting a Pit.................................................( PIT09 )
    11 Pit Matchups...................................................( PIT10 ) 
    12 Smash Glossary.................................................( INDEX ) 
    13 FAQ............................................................( FAQ?? ) 
    14 Legal Junk.....................................................( GFAQS ) 
    15 Credits........................................................( CRDIT ) 
    Guide History........................................................(HSTRY) 
    Started this guide, and got down to section 2.  
    Thunderstorm hits my powerline when computer is on. FAQ got erased. Me sad. 
    Brawl comes out. I play as Pit for the first time! 
    I restart guide. Finish sections 1-3, and get through half of section 4. 
    I finish section 4, as well as 5, 6 parts of 7 and 8, part of 11, finished
    13 and (for the moment) finished 14.
    I finish off the guide, with the help of Link 1666. Just a few more 
    strategies and the SSE and I'll be done.  
    My FAQ has been taken by gamefaqs! Now I'm noticing all the faults of the 
    guide, so I start fixing them immeadiatly. 
    SuperCheats starts using my guide ( with my permission ). I fix a few more 
    typos, and add a little to section 11, and the meta knight section. 
    I add a few more characters, and get alot of help from alot of emailers.
    I add the smash glossary too. The guide is finally coming together, and I'm 
    almost done. ( on a side note, I changed the layout for mario's character 
    strategy. Do you guys want it like that for everyone, or like the old way.
    Email me your answers plz ) 
    I added a few more characters and a few more definitions to the Smash 
    glossary. A few more updates to go. 
    12/31/08 (11 PM )
    I finish the basics of the character section before the new year, as my 
    promise I made in my email replies.  
    12/31/08 ( 11:50 PM ) 
    My house falls prey to a blackout. ALL DATA LOST. 
    After 2 months of recovering, I finally picked up most of what my last 
    update contained. Consider this version .99, because I'm still researching
    Jiggs and Pokemon trainer.  To everyone who emailed me after the last update, 
    I didn't add read your comments about the guide yet, and will probably really
    Who is Pit?.........................................................(PIT01)
    Pit is an angel from from the heavonous city of Angel Land. When the monster 
    Medusa Broke free, Pit went to the underworld, by order of Palutena, and 
    destroyed Medusa.  Pit only had two games on the NES, and the gameboy. Now, 
    after all those years, he gets another shot in Brawl. 
    In Brawl, Pit is a medium weight fighter, with great range and combos. Pit 
    is without a doubt one of the best characters in the game if used 
    correctly. How can you use him correctly though? Just read the guide! 
    Why use Pit?........................................................(PIT02)
    Pit is a great brawl character. He has all the things a character should
    have. Some might say he's one of the best characters, but Pit is a double
    edged sword. In the hands of a beginner, he's next to useless. In the hands 
    of an expert, he's a beast that cannot be tamed. Pit may not have major speed
    or power, but what he lacks in those, he makes up for in combos and flight. 
    If you can learn to use Pit effectivley, you can beat just about anyone you 
    come across. Of course, not everyone will be able to use Pit, so if you just 
    can't work with him, you shouldn't kill yourself trying to master Pit. Just 
    use him if you want to. For those who like Pit, and want to use him, 
    you've come to the right place. 
    Pit's Moveset.......................................................(Pit03)
    A: The Knockback varies with damage and character, and I recorded the knockback 
    with Mario at 0 damage. 
    B: If the range says hitbox ends __________________, that means the range 
    of where an opponent will get hit, also, if it is a sword technique, the 
    hitbox begins at the hilt of Pit's sword, and ends ________________. 
    C. All of Pit's specials are useful, so I changed usefulness to uses in the
    D. I tested the damage MYSELF on a mario in final destination training. I 
    did not use the damage guide for anything onceover. 
    E: I used the gamecube controls for the moveset. A stands for standard 
    attacks, while B stands for special attacks. 
    description : Pit does a downwards vertical slash with his sword. 
    speed: relativley quick
    damage: 3% 
    knockback: bounces upwards slightly but does not go forward.
    range: hit box ends at the edge of Pit's sword. 
    usefulness: it's his basic A attack. Nothing specail about it, except for 
    barely noticable better speed then most character's normal A attack. 
    description: Pit follows up his downward slash with an horizontal slash
    with his other sword.
    speed: relativley quick 
    damage: 3% ( 6 damage total with the A attack ) 
    knockback: Bounces upward slightly, but does not go forward. 	
    range: hit box ends at the edge of Pit's sword. 
    usefulness: Keeps opponent close in for his AAA. 
    description: Pit follows his two slashes with a upwards slash, and yells. 
    speed: relativley quick
    damage: 5% ( 11 damage total with the AA attack ) 
    knockback: knocks forward a tad. Not alot. 
    range: hit box ends at the edge of Pit's sword. 
    usefulness: normal AAA combo. Good for interuptuing attack combos if you 
    can land it. 
    AAAAA ( or rapid A ) 
    description: Pit starts spinning his blade in front of him with one hand, 
    moving it back and forth between hands.
    speed: quick 
    damage: ( depends. anywhere from 2 to 40, depending on how long the 
    opponent is hit for. ) 
    knockback: draws opponent back in slightly, most likely draws back into 
    sword, then knocks opponent out of attack.
    range: hit box ends at the edge of Pit's sword. 
    usefulness: Pits rapid attack is good for interrupting combos and 
    racking up damage. Use this on the edge of a stage to prevent opponents 
    from returning to stage without getting hit. 
    dash A
    description: Pit runs at opponent, and takes a low slash with his sword. 
    speed: relatively quick
    damage: 12%
    knockback: Opponent bounces up slightly, and barely moves back. 
    range: hit box ends at the edge of Pit's sword. 
    usefulness: not really useful, as Pit's dash is sorta slow, and is hard to 
    land with his speed. 
    tilt forward A 
    description: Pit hunches back slightly, then lunges both swords forward. 
    speed: medium 
    damage: 12% 
    knockback: opponent slides back a little. 
    range: hit box ends at the tiny glowing shockwave extending at the edge of 
    Pit's sword. 
    usefulness: not much. One of Pit's slower attacks. Try to avoid using this, 
    and use a smash attack for more power. 
    tilt up A 
    description: Pit shoves his sword in the ground, does a handstand on 
    it, and kicks upward twice. 
    speed: relatively quick
    damage: 3, ( if you hit the sword ) 6, ( for the first kick ) and 7 
    ( for the second kick ) for a total of 16 damage. 
    knockback: knocks opponent upward. 
    range: hitbox begins at the tip of Pit's sword to the end of Pit's foot. 
    usefulness: not good on ground, but great against aerial opponents. 
    possible to juggle. 
    tilt down A 
    description: Pit sweeps the floor in front of him with his sword. 
    speed: relativley quick
    damage: 11%  
    knockback: bounces upwards.
    range: hitbox ends at the tip of Pit's sword. 
    usefulness: kind of useful to stop dashes. 
    neutral aerial A 
    description: Pit spins his blade in front of him in a complete 360
    for about a second. 
    speed: quick 
    damage: 1-10% 
    knockback: if you get your opponent stuck in the middle of the attack
    it will draw him in until the last blow and knock him out. Otherwise, 
    he'll just bounce out of the attack.   
    range: the circle the sword spins in. Do more damage the closer the 
    opponent is to the cicrle. 
    usefulness: only does 10 damage, but it's main function is to get in the 
    opponents face with it, and knock him out of his attack. 
    up aerial A 
    description: Pit spins his blade above him. 
    speed: quick
    damage: 1-12%
    knockback: bounces upward. 
    range: The oval that the sword spins in. The closer the enemy is to 
    the middle, the more damaging the move becomes. 
    usefulness: This attack has the same funcion as the neutral A, only 
    it does more damage, and it has a smaller hitbox. Try to use this for 
    opponents that jump over you. 
    down aerial A
    description: Pit takes a giant swipe with his two swords under him.
    speed: quick
    damage: 12%
    knockback: bounces upward. 
    range: the U shockwave that extends just off the tip of Pit's swords
    usefulness: useful for recovering from the top of the screen, but 
    isn't a meteor smash, so it's usefulness is lower. 
    forward aerial A 
    description: Pit swipes in front of him horizontally with both swords.
    speed: medium-quick
    damage: 13%
    knockback: bounces upward and forward. 
    range: Hitbox ends at the shockwave barely extending from Pit's sword. 
    usefulness: Good move for nailing opponents directly in front of you. 
    backward aerial A
    description: Pit shoves his sword backward, stabbing the opponent.
    speed: Medium
    damage: 15%
    knockback: flies backwards. 
    range: Hitbox ends at the exact tip of Pit's blade. 
    usefulness: Great Finisher. One of Pit's few solid attacks.
    forward Smash A
    description: Pit does a one-two slash with his sword. 
    speed: relativley quick
    damage: 19% ( no charge ) to 26% ( fully charged)
    knockback: flies upwards slightly for first hit, then when flies forward
    if second hit connects
    range: Hitbox ends at the shockwave extending from Pit's sword. 
    usefulness: Good smash attack, great finisher. Use it when the opponent is 
    wide open. If the first hit gets parried, the second hit is cancelled. 
    down smash A
    Description: Pit sweeps the ground around him, foward and backward.  
    speed: relativley quick
    damage: 13% ( no charge) to 18% ( fully charged) 
    knockback: Opponent bounces upwards
    range: Hitbox extends to the tip of Pit's sword. 
    usefulness: Good move for people who like to dodge roll. Pit can miss the 
    first swipe, but get the opponent on the back swipe. Also good for crowd 
    up smash A
    description: Pit does a triple slash above him. 
    speed: relatively quick. 
    damage: 13% ( no charge) to 18% ( fully charged ) 
    knockback: first two hits draw opponent in, third slash knocks them upward 
    range: Hitbox extends to the shockwave of Pit's sword 
    usefulness: Good move for foes that are recovering from the top of the 
    screen. If first hit is parried, the second and third are cancelled. 
    ( once you grab, you can't really avoid the attacks / throws. You 
    can only break the grab. So there is no real speed or range to a grab, 
    since you can't block or counter the actual throw. ) 
    grab attack 
    description: Pit gives his opponent a knee to the chest / head. 
    damage: 2% 
    knockback: none at all. 
    usefulness: You can usually fit in 2 of these before throwing your 
    opponent. Good for a quick few points of damage.
    forward throw 
    description: Pit slashes the opponent away with his sword.
    damage: 10%
    knockback: forward. 
    usefulness: good chunk of damage, and you can probably get a short 
    combo with it, if you're quick enough. 
    backwards throw
    description: Pit spins his opponent around a few times, and slams
    him into the ground in front of him. 
    damage: 8%
    knockback: Pit turns during the grab, so the opponent goes forward 
    from where Pit is facing.
    usefulness: VERY VERY useful at lower damages. You can actually get 
    a mini chaingrab out of this!! ( * see section 8 )
    down throw
    deswcription: Pit does a piledriver esque move with his sword and 
    his elbow. 
    damage: 6 
    knockback: opponent flies upward
    usefulness: the up throw is better for damage, but the opponent 
    flies a little less farther, making this better for combos. 
    up throw
    description: Pit kicks his opponent upward
    damage: 11%
    knockback: opponent flies upward ( more so than downsmash ) 
    usefulness: Good for damage, hard for combos. 
    Palutena's Arrow
    description: Pit shoots an arrow from the bow of Palutena. 
    speed: pretty quick. 
    damage: 5% ( no charge) to 11% ( fully charged ) 
    knockback: depends on where arrow hits. 
    range: only the tip of the arrow damages you. 
    1 Since the arrow can be controled, this is a VERY useful move. 
    2 If you can hit the exact edge of a ledge, you can knock someone off that 
    3 You can basically snipe anyone. 
    4 You can hit people behind walls if you can curve past them. 
    5 It normally takes 2-3 arrows to break a smash ball. Let someone go after 
    the smash ball, beat it up a little, then you snipe the smash ball, 
    and before anyone can get to you, use you're final smash! 
    side B 
    Angel Ring 
    description: using both hands, Pit spins both blades in a circle. 
    speed: medium ( only he hunches back for a split sec. the blades are 
    really quick ) 
    damage: ?? ( you can continue it as long as you hammer on the specail 
    button, and continue it. Anywhere from 1-100 is my guess) I did 
    get 194 once when I backed an opponent against a wall. )
    knockback: bounce forward
    range: The hitbox is the circle the blades spin in
    1 Let me start off by saying that this can be the most damaging special in 
    brawl. If you can trap an opponent inbetweem the angel ring and a wall, 
    you can rack up as much damage as your finger can take. 
    2 This also is one of the most useful specials in the game, as it reflects 
    3 Then, as a bonus, this attack also acts as a big shield. Whenever you use 
    it, the opponent can't frontally attack you without parrying or taking damage. 
    down B
    Mirror Shield
    Description: Pit pulls out a large shield  in front of him. 
    speed: quick
    damage: None. 
    knockback: none. 
    range: none. 
    1 this move is Basically Fox's relfector. It any projectile that touches it 
    will be reflected with more power than it originally had. 
    2 But, unlike Fox's relfector, it also blocks all frontal damage, projectile 
    or physical. 
    3 Use this especially in sudden death matches. 
    4 If you pull this out right as an opponent is attacking, you will turn them 
    around. ( Like mario's cape ) 
    up B
    Wings of Icarus
    Description: Pit flashes and his wings turn blue for a short time. 
    speed: medium slow
    damage: none
    knockback: none
    range: none
    1 This move is solely for recovery. It does absolutley no damage. 
    2 But it is the second best recovery in the game. You can recover from 
    the bottom of the screen, and float all the way to the top! 
    3 If you use an aerial attack during Wings of Icarus, you'll be able to 
    get one attack off, but you'll cancel out the wings, and won't be able 
    to attack, jump, or anything till you hit the ground again. 
    NOTE: If you get hit during wings of Icarus, you won't be able to use 
    them again until you grab a ledge, or solid ground.
    Pit's Final Smash.....................................................(PIT04) 
    Description: Pit summons the Godess Palutena, who summons about a dozen 
    Centurions to attack the opponent(s). When Centurions are summoned, they fly 
    in from the background, hang in the air, and charge in a random order in the 
    course of fifteen seconds. When they charge, they will fall off the stage,
    even if they do not hit anyone. The good thing about this final smash is that 
    even though the Centurions are dodgeable, Pit can move and attack around as
    well, leaving your opponent(s) with the desicion of who to guard against. 
    You or the Centurions. 
    Placement: It does not matter where you use the final smash, since the 
    Centurions home in on the opponents. When Pit is summoning Palutena, he is
    invincible, and will be until he drops to the ground. ( and he loses the 
    final smash glow ) 
    Damage: Each individual Centurion does 16% damage, and has great sideways
    knockback. It is suggested that you use Angel Ring, to trap the foe until a 
    Centurion comes along, and knocks him away. This final smash can but will 
    not always KO a foe if it lands. Sometimes the Centurions can't even hit the 
    foe. It all depends on what Pit does during the attack. 
    Pit's Pros/Cons.......................................................(PIT05) 
    Now, the keys to using not just Pit, but any character is knowing their 
    strengths / weaknesses. So, here are Pit's pros and cons. 
    Pit has 4 jumps. More then most characters. 
    Pit's B move has awesome range and decent strength.
    Pit's side B has to be one of if not the best special in Brawl. It's a 
    highly damaging weapon, and reflects projectiles, and puts space in between 
    Pit and opponents.
    Pit has the second best recovery special in the game. Only second to ROB's. 
    Pit can glide. 
    Almost all of Pit's attacks are quick enough to break up an opponents 
    Pit is the first medium weight character who is really agile.
    Pit has a rapid A attack. ( don't overlook this, as it can save your butt 
    in a close situation ) 
    What Pit lacks in stength, he makes up for in combos. 
    Pit may have a chaingrab?
    Pit is kinda on the slow side. 
    Pit only has a few good knockback moves. 
    Gliding can get tricky. ( believe me ) 
    Pit's combo's can really leave him open. 
    There you have it.  9 to 4. Pit has more good then bad. The thing is, 
    you can turn every one of those strengths to foolish weaknesses if you
    don't use them right. Learn to use Pit effectivlely, and you'll find even
    more strengths then I listed. 
    SSE Pit...............................................................(Pit06)
    This section is all about tips for Pit during the subspace emissary 
    (contains spoilers ) 
    General Tips: 
    - Whenever you go into a new stage, or a new difficulty, try putting a heavy 
    character as your first character, and follow that character with Pit. That 
    way, you can drive through the level, taking damage and hits then when he 
    dies, you will have a brief grasp of what to expect as Pit. 
    - Using the Wings Of Icarus is a great way to skip over some parts of the 
    stages. It's especially useful for giant gaps in the stage. 
    - During moving stages, try to stay in the center of the screen, or slightly
    forward. Give yourself plenty of space to dodge enemy attacks, but try to 
    make sure that if you do get hit, you won't die from falling offscreen. 
    Item Tips: 
    - Don't throw pokeballs the second you get them. Save them for important 
    Not only does this limit his jumping power, but it turns his Up B to 
    a useless plummet.   
    - Beam sabers are great. They're powerful, and have great reach. I suggest
    using those as upposed to a star rod, or a lip stick. 
    Enemy Tips
    - When fighting fire, boomerang, or bazooka primid, play it safe and use 
    Mirror shield. This way, you stay protected against them, while damaging 
    them at the same time with reflected attacks.
    - Metal Primid and Greaps have super armor, or the ability to take hits
    without flinching, plus they have attacks that can kill Pit easily. The 
    best way to take these kinds of enemies out is to attack, quick shield, 
    and roll dodge away.
    - When trying to capture an enemy in a trophy stand, use arrows to 
    whittle down their health. If they go on the offensive, use mirror shield.
    Pit can get trophies better then most characters, because he can guard and
    attack while holding trophy stands. 
    - If you're fighting a high HP enemy, just remember that Pit's backwards 
    aerial A does the most damage on a health bar. Actually, Pit's tilts and 
    aerials are his best moves for dealing with the Subspace Army. 
    - If you go back and have fight Shadow Diddy with Pit, the easiest thing 
    to do is to run to the edge of the screen ( right before you would explode 
    and die ) Wait for diddy to attack you, and throw him offstage. This battle 
    is hard, and on higher difficulties, shadow diddy is near invincible. Try 
    to use little tricks to make him die quickly without taking triple digit
    Sticker Tips 
    - This section all depends on how you feel about your Pit skills. 
    - If you feel you're Pit is too weak, focus on attack stickers. 
    Stickers that increase his specials, and stickers that increase the
    power of sword damage. That should help you out. 
    - On the other hand, if you feel you die too easy as pit, try using 
    launch/ fire / electric / flinch resistance stickers. Then you can have 
    a little more defense against enemies. 
    - If you feel you're a balanced Pit, try this. Launch resistance 
    stickers, additional launch power stickers, and special move increase
    stickers is a good sticker build for Pit, and you should have a little
    more room to increase whatever else you like. 
    - Unless you absolutely want or need it, do not use stickers that give 
    you an item at the beginning of the stage. IMHO, they're a waste of 
    space, and odds are you'll find it later in the stage anyway. Only use these
    types of stickers if you need to get through enemy lines quick without 
    getting damaged.  
    More tips to come!   
    specialized tactics.................................................( PIT07 )
    Tactic 01: How to get a final smash
    can use against: anyone. 
    	When a smash ball comes, everyone knows it's a hectic time. Most 
    people rush after the smash ball blindly, and then if you don't get it, 
    you're so close to the opponent, that you have almost no chance to dodge the 
    final smash. Pit, on the other hand, can avoid this. His arrows can do great 
    damage, for a long range shot. Plus you can manuver them straight into a 
    smash ball from a safe distance! Then, even if you miss, your opponent should 
    be far enough away from you so you can avoid the final smash. Or, if you're 
    fighting someone with a close range final smash, you can always use Pit's
    arrows to knock the final smash out of your opponent.  
    Tactic 02: Arrow Looping
    Use against: anyone
    This move is hard as hell to pull off normally, much less in a competative 
    brawl, but if you can master it, it is effective. The way to perform an arrow
    loop is to shoot an arrow, and steadily rotate the control stick. If done 
    right, the arrow will come all the way around, and catch the opponent by 
    suprise! I'd suggest making a practice stage in stage builder to get the 
    hang of it first before trying it in, oh, lets say, final destination.     
    Tactic 03: Mini chaingrab
    use against: anyone with very little damage
    You know what a chaingrab is. If you don't, look in the smash glossary. Pit 
    can use his back throw as a chaingrab up to 6 times ( opponent at 0 damage )
    Here's how it works. Use back throw, run over to the opponent, grab, and back
    throw again. This only works for opponents under 48 damage * then they start 
    to fall down * You can actually get 48 damage right off the bat if you do 
    this at the beginning of the match. ( which is GREAT )   
    NOTE: More coming soon! 
    Pit on Wifi.........................................................( PIT08 ) 
    Pit is fairly good on Wifi except that you can never predict how hard your
    opponent is going to be. There is some good Pit players on WiFi and you can
    sometimes learn their strategies and get better. Never ever expect it to be 
    a fair match. Lag...spamming...DC....these words will come up in a match more
    than not. You just gotta be a good player and kick some ass fairly. 
    Tip: The second the match starts, and you see it's a Pit vs Pit, use the 
    mirror shield. Most likely, the other Pit will use Palutena's arrow, and it
    will get reflected right back! Now, if you're quick, before the arrow hits, 
    send an arrow of your own, for double the fun! 
    Fighting against a Pit...............................................( PIT09)
    So.....You're here to learn some weaknesses to beat a Pit? Well, 
    unfortunatley, I will give some. Pit has a great moveset, but is weak and 
    light. A few well placed smashes will kill Pit. His arrows are easily roll 
    dodged, and Pit's angel ring and shield are a two step process. Jump over it, 
    and smash. If Pit engages the Wings of Icarus, then you can just hit him to 
    cancel it. Pit has a lot of weaknesses, but a well learned Pit player can 
    overcome most of them with Pit's strength. Also, NEVER TAKE ON PIT FROM THE 
    AIR. It's just common knowledge. That's his domain. If you wanna die, jump 
    Pit matchups..........................................................(PIT10)
    Pit vs 
    Pit vs Mario
    difficulty: easy medium  
    Bio: Mario is the hero of the mushroom kingdom, and the star of nintendo. He's 
    an italian plumber who enjoys parties, sports, and saving princesses from 
    mutated turtles and aliens. 
    Attacks: Mario has a balanced aresenal of attacks. His cape can reflect your 
    arrows and turn you around. His fireballs are slow moving, and can get in the 
    way. His F.L.U.D.D is a great edgeguarding move, and can push you away. His 
    F-air has a spike ability. His ^B has great vertical recovery, but little 
    horizontal. His down aerial ( which used to be his vB in melee ) hits 
    mutiple times, and has good knockback. His strongest attack is his forward
    attack strategies: 
    From the air: Mario's a pushover. Your aerials are way better then his, and 
    you have better jumping ability. Use foward aerials and down aerials. Mario 
    should go down without much of a fight. 
    From the ground: same deal. Mario's a pushover. Pepper him with quick attacks, 
    and finish him with a forward smash. Roll dodge right through his attacks, 
    and don't be afraid to take some aerial approaches. You have Mario beat in 
    every way. 
    defensive stategies: You won't really need to defend yourself here, but if 
    you must, just use roll dodges and the mirror shield to keep your damage low. 
    Final Smash: Mario lets forth twin dragons of flame across the screen. It 
    expands vertically the farther it gets across the screen. Just fly over it 
    with the wings of Icarus, or drop under the stage and fly back. 
    noteable powers: 
    Spike(s): 1 
    Wall jump: yes
    gliding: yes
    crawling: no
    wall cling: no 
    Pit vs Luigi 
    difficulty: medium- hard 
    It's kinda funny how Mario's wimpy brother is so much more kickass then 
    he is in brawl. Luigi is a good brawler, and has some interesting
    attacks. The three to watch out for is his dash attack, ( which isn't
    powerful, but plenty annoying, and can be spammed, ) his Up B, ( which 
    has crazy power if he hits you when he takes off,) and his green 
    missile, which has great horizontal recovery, and has a 1/8th chance of
    exploding, doing maximum damage without charging. The man in green should
    be attacked from the air, and not giving any breathing room. Give him hell, 
    and make sure to mind your own damage meter as well. 
    Final smash: 
    If Luigi gets a smash ball, I can, in a very rare case,  
    gladly say "Who cares" ? He creates a giant circle around him, that 
    slows you down, and gives him extra strength and knockback. The main 
    things to worry about are the other side affects. Uncontrollable 
    taunting, dizzyness, sleepyness, a decrease in strength, etc. Of course, 
    that only happens if you're ON THE GROUND. Just use the Wings Of Icarus 
    and fly out of the circle, and wait for the final smash to end. 
    ( which isn't that long ) 
    Pit vs Peach
    difficulty: medium
    I don't understand how, but peach is a really good brawler. She just 
    levitates up there, let's loose some aerials, and then she comes down, 
    and attacks from the ground. Pit can probably match her up real well, 
    so just take on Peach however you feel confortable. Oh, but she does 
    have a nasty counter, where she uses Toad as a ....subhuman shield, 
    and he lets out some green gas that hurts you pretty badly. O_O 
    Final Smash: Peach Blossom
    Woopdie doo. Peach put's everyone on THE GROUND to sleep, as healing 
    turnips rain down. She can either eat most of the turnips, then you 
    wake up and take the rest, or hit you ( oh wow ) and you can probably 
    heal that attack up as well. >_> Just stay in the air, and heal up. 
    This is just basically an extra minute to the battle.   
    Pit vs Bowser
    difficulty: easy 
    Bowser has learned a few new tricks in brawl, and the most dangerous is 
    his flying slam, which, if used over an edge, will kill you both ( you 
    first, of course ) without a chance for survival. Bowser also has alot
    of strength, but he's so slow, that you should be able to attack him 
    without alot of counters. Use you're down and backwards aerials to knock 
    him around. Try to stay away from the edges of the stages, so he can't 
    kill you easily if he does connect with you. 
    Final Smash: If Bowser gets a smash ball, he transfroms into the 
    monstrosity from melee. Behold, the terrifying glory that is Giga bowser! 
    Being giga bowser adds elements to his attack, and gets a  
    nice power boost. Just stay away, and try to outrun him. He's not that fast
    and you can stay in the air too. He has a super armor, but isn't invinceble, 
    So you can damage him. ( If it's a 1 on 1, I wouldn't recommend doing anything 
    but running though ) 
    Pit vs Yoshi
    difficulty: easy 
    Yoshi is just not cut out for fighting Pit. Yoshi has great jumps, but only 
    decent aerials. You can easily take Yoshi out, as long as you stay above or
    behind him, you'll be fine. If you're in front of him, there are two way's 
    you could get a trip through Yoshi's digestive center. ( if you've seen what 
    he eats in the Super Mario series, you DON"T wanna go in there ) If he tries
    to grab with his tounge, it usually leaves him wide open, so give him a quick
    slice to shut him up. If Yoshi uses his egg toss move, use the mirror shield. 
    It sends the egg back, sometimes at double speed, and sometimes at 25% if they 
    hit. ( it's happened to me before, but I'm not sure if it's constant, or a 
    really lucky shot. ) 
    Final Smash: Super Dragon
    Yoshi gets a nice set of wings and a flamethrower. Unfortunatley, he ate the 
    flamethrower, so now he can breathe giant balls of flame. This Final Smash is 
    suprisingly easy to dodge, as long as you keep moving up and down to avoid 
    Yoshi. Don't try to reflect or block his attacks. Just stay dodging. 
    Pit vs Wario
    difficulty: hard
    Wario is very annoying. His attacks are akward, and unpredictable. Try to 
    keep him at bay with arrows, and use dash and tilts to attack with a little 
    more bang. Try to keep away from using smash attacks, unless you want to 
    move in for the kill. If Wario uses his motercycle, use a few aerials to 
    take him off. After about two minutes, if he hasn't used it, Wario can use 
    a fully charged Wario waft, which can kill way too easy at full strength. 
    The bad thing is, he keeps the charge even if he dies, and the only way 
    to deplete it is to use the attack. Just keep on him, and don't 
    give him a chance to use it. Stay in the air, and try to keep Wario 
    over the edge. Wario is deadly if you can't contain him. 
    Final Smash: Wario becomes the Warioware hero, Warioman if he gets a smash 
    ball. This power gives him a speed boost, a power boost, flight power, and 
    a move boost.Roll, aerial, and step dodges are your best friends here. 
    Minimize any damage he can give you. And don't try to fly away. He has 
    basically infinite jumps and attacks, so just keep dodging.  
    Pit Vs Fox / Falco / Wolf  
    Difficulty: easy- medium
    When fighting Fox, the only thing you should worry about is his speed.  
    All you have to do is use your combo attacks to shut him down. If you want,
    use your aerials against him. Fox has speed, but he's got no power. Now, 
    with Falco, you must remember that he is stronger, but otherwise he'll
    basically fold to the same strategies as Fox. When fighting a Falco, just 
    remember that his reflector isn't the same as Foxes, so don't be as afraid 
    to use projectiles. Just take him down like you would Fox. Wolf, is a more 
    redesigned version of Fox. He's powerful, his moves are better, and he has
    two spikes. Take Wolf down from the air, because you will get hurt on 
    the ground. Try not to approach him from the air, as his side B is designed 
    for that. Be more cautious when fighting Wolf.
    Final Smashes: LANDMASTER!!!!!! If anyone gets a smash ball, get on a ledge.
    ( if there are any )  Keep dropping off the ledge and clinging back onto 
    it. This way you can keep away from the landmaster without taking any fire. 
    Pit Vs Link
    difficulty: Easy-medium 
    Link has everything you should  be able to handle. Slow projectiles, no 
    speed, and a shorter range then Pit. The one bad thing about him? Hookshot.
    This grab can go right through your angel ring/ mirror shield, and set you 
    up for another of his attacks. To win this battle, you should attack 
    from the air. Use short hops, and Pit's down and forward aerial A attacks 
    to optimize the damage quickly. If left for too long, Link can REALLY be 
    a pain in your side.  Just reflect all his arrows and his boomerang. 
    If you reflect his boomerang, he won't dodge it, because it only looked 
    like you blocked it, and he won't know what hit him. 
    Final Smash: Triforce Slash 
    If Link gets the smash ball, then you should run up to him and roll 
    dodge. Odds are he'll launch it when you rush at him, and the roll dodge 
    ( if timed correctly ) will cancel the final smash completely.
    Pit Vs Toon Link
    difficulty: medium-hard
    Toon Link is everything Link is! So why is he harder? Simple. He has 
    SPEED! You're just as fast as Toon Link is, so take him on however you 
    feel comfortable. Toon Link can get aggrivating, but only if you stay on 
    the ground. Stay in the air, and short hop like mad. Toon Link's side smash 
    and down aerial can really take a chunk out of you. If you get TL over the 
    edge, he still doesn't have much recovery. Try to use that against him.
    Final Smash: Triforce Slash ( Toon Link ) 
    If Link gets a smash ball, either stay away from him, pelting him with arrows, 
    or use your down aerials to attack him from directly above. You can't dodge 
    the attack if you get caught in the trifocre, so do all you can to make sure 
    you don't get caught. 
    Pit vs Zelda
    difficulty: medium
    Zelda is quite a worthy opponent. She has projectiles, some strong attacks
    and she is powerful. But she lacks 1 thing: speed. Her ground smashes are 
    pretty good, and can really pack a wallop. Her air game isn't much more 
    easy, as she has a sweetspot toe on her foward aerial A, and her down 
    aerial is a spike. Keep on the ground for this one, and take her down.  
    If you use quick combos, Zelda's lack of speed comes into play
    and it's harder for her to defend herself angainst you. 
    Final Smash: Light Arrow
    If Zelda gets a smash ball, stay abover her as much as possible. NEVER get
    level with her. Her Final smash shoots straight foward, and that's it. 
    Try attacking with arrows or Down Aerial A. To knock the smash ball out 
    Pit vs Sheik
    difficulty: medium
    Sheik has everything Zelda has and 1 thing she doesen't. Sheik is fast as
    hell and she has good aerials. She also has a projectile. Her B move. That
    does not really catch your eye when she charges it up, but it can be a pain
    if it catches you at full power. Time to take back to the air, and show her
    whats what. If Shiek is getting killed, she might wanna retreat back to Zelda 
    and get out the Down B. Just keep her pressured, and don't let her do the same 
    to you, and you should be fine. 
    Final Smash: Light arrow. 
    The exact same thing as Zelda. Refer to the above section to see strategy. 
    Pit vs Gannondorf
    difficulty: medium
    Don't let the middle age fool you. Gannon is just as deadly as ever. Though
    he isn't nearly as fast as you, or can he jump even close to you, his power 
    is JACKED. He can KO you as early as 30-50 damage. Don't let that happen. 
    Hit him with an arrow or two, then let him come to you. ( perferrably not 
    with a side B, as he can get some pretty nasty combos in with that. ) Stay 
    in the air, and try to rack up some damage ASAP. It's gonna take alot to 
    KO him with Pit's aresanal, so you gotta try to get him far enough out that 
    he can't recover back to the ledge. ( but stay clear. He has a spike, 
    and if his side B hits you in midair, it'll kill you both, you first. ) Just 
    keep Gannondorf off the stage, and keep him contained long enough to kill 
    him, and you'll be fine. 
    Final Smash: Beast Ganon
    Ganon turns into his horrible alter ego, and dashes across the stage in 
    a wild fury. If you're on the ground when he transforms, you'll be thrust 
    into the ground, and forced to take the full brunt of his attack. Either 
    stay very high above, or behind Ganondorf, and wait for the attack to 
    finish. ( it's only one straight dash to where Gannondorf is facing, 
    so it's over very quickly. )  
    Pit vs Ike
    difficulty: medium
    Now Ike is really powerful, but really slow. You should just take your time, 
    and attack from the air. Use Angel Ring wisely, as Ike can hit you through it 
    with his forward smash, but it is so slow, that you should be able to get out 
    of it's path. Make every attack count, but don't get cocky. Ike can still 
    knock you out of your wits if you're careless The good thing about this battle
    is that you can use the Angel Ring when Ike Counters, and it'll still damage 
    Ike! When Ike gets his FS, use the same tactic as with Link. Rush him and 
    roll dodge through him. Use aerial dodges like there's no tomorrow. 
    Remember, that Ike plays a power game, so use your speed against him, 
    and he won't stand a chance.
    FInal Smash: Ike's final smash only activates if he hits you with the first 
    flaming swipe. The easiest way to dodge this is to roll dodge around. He can 
    hit you from slightly above with this, so roll dodging through it is your 
    best option. If you get hit, Ike will take you up the the high center of the 
    stage, and drop you back down, killing you almost indefinitley. 
    Pit vs Marth 
    Difficulty: Hard
    Marth is the devil. He's fast. He's overpowered, and for some reason, he 
    has a screwed up hitbox. He does more damage if you hit the tip of his 
    sword. His attacks can knock you off the stage way too easily. His side B
    is quick, has KO potential, and can take you right out of a combo. Then,
    to top it off, he can screw you up with a counter. Marth is just about 
    the hardest character Pit goes up against. My advice is to stay away. 
    Use an arrow, take a quick attack or two, and run. Keep your finger 
    on the shield button like your life depended on it. Just whittle away 
    at Marth's health until he's at 100 or so, then let loose with a smash/
    Final Smash: If Marth gets a final smash, attack him from the air. His
    attack is to dash forward and give one powerful slash. If he hits 
    you, unless you're underground, it's over. No questions. It's a OHKO.
    ( but, say you're underground in hyrule temple, there is a slim chance 
    you'll live, but you'll probably just bounce into the abyss. )
    Pit vs Ice Climbers
    Difficulty: hard
    There is one word you need to fear when you face Popo and Nana. 
    INFINITES. The ice climbers have some attacks ( examples, some 
    grabs, and their neutral B ) that you cannot escape, and some more
    cruel and cheap players could even take you up to the HUNDREDS of
    damage without a chance of you surviving! If you get caught in 
    an infinite trap, their's nothing really to do, but hope the player 
    is merciful and doesn't take you to, say 400 damage. Anyway, the 
    easiest way to take down the Ice climbers is to split them up from 
    the air, and take down one. ( it doesn't really matter. Without Nana,
    Popo is really not much of a threat. ) They can really punish on the 
    ground, so stay in the air as much as possible, and hope you won't 
    get caught in an cheap infinite. 
    Final Smash: Iceburg
    Not much to describe this. The ice climbers bring up a huge glacier 
    wherever their standing. You can just avoid this by using all your 
    jumps, and using Wings of Icarus to stay offscreen to avoid taking 
    damage for most of the iceburg. You'll probably take 10-20 if you 
    stay on the ground, but only about 10 if you jump again the second 
    you land. Easiest Final Smash to dodge for Pit.   
    Pit vs Captian Falcon 
    Difficuly: very easy 
    Man, the old captian sure has slowed down these past few years. He's 
    nothing that you can handle. Just attack from the air, and have some fun 
    with fun with this one. Pit overpowers falcon and is faster then him. 
    Shoot some arrows in his face, and take a few smash attacks at him. You can
    really take a chunk out of Falcon quick, and then you can kill him with 
    a power move. One thing to note is that captian falcon has a spike 
    ( down aerial ) and a sweetspot on his knee ( forward aerial ) so be warned.  
    Use short hop attacks and specials if he starts to beat you, but you should 
    easily be able to beat Captian Falcon. 
    Final Smash: Captian Falcon's final smash is simple. He lets his signiture
    Blue Falcon loose infront of him, and if it hits, the you're spun onto a
    racetrack, where you get run over by him. Just dodge the Blue Falcon , and 
    the final smash is cancelled.   
    Pit vs Donkey Kong
    Difficulty: Easy Medium
    Donkey Kong is big, slow, and powerful. What I like about him is that 
    he's an easy target to hit. The only thing is, if he hits ya, it's 
    gonna hurt ( no pun intended....sorta ). His attacks are strong. Don't
    try to attack from the ground, or you will be punished. Attack from 
    the air, where you are. If he follows you, then combo him to death. 
    Once you get him over the edge of the stage, he has little to no 
    vertical recovery. His Up B goes slightly upward, but has great 
    horizontal recovery. You can edgeguard DK every time. 
    One thing to remember. He has 3 spikes. He can and will take you 
    out of the air. Just make sure not to give him that pleasure over a 
    Final Smash: DK uses his mad bongo skills to create big circular 
    shockwaves. If DK gets a final smash, just stay away from him, and 
    pepper him with arrow fire. DK's final smash can only work if he gets 
    you wrapped up in the shockwave. NEVER GO NEAR AN EDGE. You'll die if
    you do. 
    Pit vs Diddy Kong
    Difficulty: Hard
    Diddy is one hell of a character. He has projectiles, both vertical 
    and horizontal recovery, one of the funniest attacks ever, and he
    has suprisingly strong smash attacks. First, always be in motion. 
    Diddy is fast, but if your barely moving, he'll kill you. Second. 
    Dodge. Step dodge whenever he approaches you. 50% of your movement 
    should be roll dodges. Diddy can get damage on you quick, so you 
    want to dodge as much of it as possible. Short hopping attacks and 
    projectiles. These are things you need to remember. Diddy is light
    so it's easy to knock him off the stage. Edgeguarding makes a 
    diddy fight alot more bareable. If you get an opening, then go for 
    it. Diddy is a good challenge for Pit. 
    Final Smash: If diddy gets a smash ball, you have two options. You 
    can roll dodge everything, or use Wings Of Icarus to get above him. 
    His shots are powerful, so get as little hits in as possible. 
    Pit vs Rob
    Difficulty: Hard 
    This battle can be frustarating. Here are some reasons why.
    -R.O.B.'s recovery is better than yours
    -He is stronger than you
    -He has a reflector. 
    -He has range moves which can be annonying. Especially that beam.
    Here's how to deal with those problems:
    -R.O.B.'s recovery is better than yours.
    Attack him while he is recovering and this shouldn't be that much of a problem.
    His recovvery move takes him up mostly so get above him and use your Down A
    on him to kill.
    -He is stronger than you.
    Almost all of his attacks have lagtime. That's your chance. You have to time 
    yourself perfectly to nail him before he nails you. That's the key to beat most 
    ROB users. A more professional ROB user will be able to get away from this 
    strategy, so you have to attack from akward angles. This battle is really hard, 
    so I suggest that you try to find another way out of this. 
    -He has range moves
    Specifically that stupid laser beam. There is really no way to predict it but
    of course there's logic. Do not stay in his face, stay above him, behind him,
    anywhere where you can attack him from and anywhere where there is less chances
    of you getting hit by the beam. Another thing is not to forget your Down B. 
    Piss him off by hitting him with his own annoying move. As for his top, just 
    hit him while he charges it. If it's not charged, it's no big deal. Reflect it
    if you want, just don't let it frustrate you. 
    Final Smash: Unfortunatley, all you can do is run. I'm not sure if ROB's final
    smash is reflectable. He shoots a diffusion beam out of his head, and can chase 
    you around from anywhere, for a pretty long time. Just keep running, and DON'T 
    grab a ledge. ROB can hit you there too. For the last time. RUN. 
    Pit vs Sonic The Hedgehog 
    Difficuly: easy
    Sega's star mascot tries to make an effort to make into the brawl, 
    but he failed. All Sonic does is run. His attacks are mediocre, and can be 
    knocked out of. Two quick things to remember. If he goes into a spin dash 
    ( side B ) use an arrow to knock him out of it. When he does a homing attack, 
    shield. He will either bounce upwards, in which case you can do an up smash, 
    or he will bounce forward slightly, then do a side smash. Sonic is pretty 
    weak against Pit, and will fold accordingly. 
    Final Smash: Go ahead and guess what this one is. If sonic gets a smash ball, 
    it's gonna be rough. He'll almost always kill you, and he's so fast, that 
    there's now way you're gonna outrun it. Plus, most people just slowly dash 
    into you and kill you so you can't roll dodge away. Sorry, I don't know how 
    to dodge Super Sonic, or if it's even possible.
    Pit vs Snake
    difficlty: medium
    Snake has a few things that give him a huge disadvantage against Pit. His
    rocket launcher missles move too slowly. His cypher leaves him wide open 
    for a quick attack. His grenades move horribly slow, and can be picked up
    and thrown back. That said, just remember that his attacks DO hurt, and will 
    kill you all to easy if you let them. One thing that can be bad are his C4s 
    and his mines. They're kinda hard to see and if you land on one, they will
    hurt. One easy way to minimize the chance of stepping on one is to stay in 
    the air. But, never come right over the top of snake, because his mortar can 
    really take a chunk out of you. 
    Final Smash: If Snake gets a smash ball, you better start running and dodging  
    like mad. He launches 12 grenades on a targeting redicule from the screen. 
    airdodge like crazy, and stay away from the target. They send you vertical, 
    and two shots are enough to kill you. 
    Pit vs Pikachu
    difficulty: easy
    The pokemon mascot is small, fast, and easy to kill. The easiest way to 
    deal with him is to get in his face, and stay there. His forward and down 
    smashes are decently strong, but you should be able to be quick enough to 
    strike first. A few Pikachu's will try to distance themselves, and start 
    spamming his B. If that happens, just pull out your mirror shield, and 
    wait it out. Actually, most of his attacks ( ex: His forward smash, his 
    forward special, and his dash attack. ) Also, you can take Pikachu from 
    an aerial standpoint, but if you attack Pikachu from the air, please, 
    DO NOT GET DIRECTLY ABOVE HIM. You can count on getting athunderbolt
    through the skull, and if your damage is high enough, you will die. It 
    comes down in a straight line, and is one of Pikachu's strongest attacks. 
    Steer clear of it. 
    Final Smash: Volt Tackle
    Pikachu harnesses all it's electricity, and creates a solid ball of 
    thunder. From what I gather, it's hard to control, because I've only 
    once got hit by it when I was on a ledge. Just stay on the ledge, and if 
    it does come close, glide away, and use Wings of Icarus to recover. 
    Pit vs Lucario
    difficulty: easy
    Lucario is a pushover. His attacks are weak, have barely any range, and his 
    aura spheres can be reflected. Take him on however you like. You have 
    absolutely nothing to worry about here. His counter is different from Ike's
    and Marth's so take that to note. Yep, Lucario is pretty sad against Pit. 
    It seems like I'm forgetting something......
    Pit vs Lucario ( AURA ) 
    difficulty: hard
    Oh! That's it! The more damage Lucario takes, the greater his power becomes. 
    At around 100 damage, his aura is formidable. Not only does his attacks 
    become more powerful, but their RANGE increases as well. Take Lucario on 
    from the air, as he can punish you. Lucario has enough damage for a kill
    now, so use forward and back aerials to take him down. Be careful of 
    taking him on in close range, because he can equalize your damage pretty 
    damn quick.
    Final smash: KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!!er.....Aura Storm. 
    Lucario launches a huge beam down, and can move it from a 6 o'clock
    position to a 4 or 8 o'clock position. All you have to do is jump,
    and if it gets close,then use wings of icarus. Besides, it will only kill
    you at higher percentages, as it only does OVER 9000!!!!!!! err....15-30%
    damage. ( I gotta stop with the DBZ puns ) >_>  
    Pit vs Mr.Game&Watch
    Difficulty: hard
    Game and Watch is a fighter who doesn't have depth to slow him down. He 
    isn't exactly a phenominal character, but he has broken aerials that can 
    take you out of the sky. His ground smashes can hurt, and he can take you 
    out in basically seconds. Shield and smash. Shield and Smash. That's all
    I'll say here. It takes a pretty good Pit to beat a game & watch now.   
    Final Smash
    G&W turns into an octopus, and attacks you in a controled kalamari rage. 
    ( sorry for the pun ) Just run away, as the thing is terribly slow, and 
    won't catch you if you're gliding away.  
    Pit vs Ness
    Difficulty: Medium
    Ness has no problem fighting Pit. His PKT can take you out of the air. His 
    PK Flash can kill you. His PK Fire sets you up for a smash attack. His PSI 
    barrier will heal him. You gotta play a counter game here. PKT = Air dodge it
    and smash attack. PK fire = Mirror shield + smash attack. PK Flash = charge him 
    and smash attack. Don't use arrows this game. You don't wanna heal him, as you 
    will need every % of damage you get on him. One quick way to beat him- knock 
    him off the ledge. Once he's out of jumps, he has to shoot for a PKT recovery. 
    This is your chance. Whatever it takes, jump into the PKT, and get back to 
    the ledge. Ness cannot recover any longer, and you just got a point. 
    Final Smash: PK Starstorm
    Ness calls forth a barrage of comets to attack his opponents. The comets fall 
    slightly vertically, so roll dodging through them is your best option. It only 
    lasts for a short time, so just roll through about 3 comets, and you'll be safe.
    ( The comets don't target you. They fall randomly throughout the stage )  
    Pit vs Lucas
    Difficulty: Hard
    Lucas should have been the unlockable in the game. He's faster then Ness. His 
    PKs are even more deadly. His PK freeze will freeze you, and hit you from afar. 
    Ness's dumb yoyo attacks are replaced with horribly good PK attacks. His only  
    weakness is that he's lighter then ness. You can use the PKT sabotage, but it's 
    very tricky this time around. Since his PKT goes through you, you can just 
    jump into it. You have to reflect it now! This is near impossible. So, an easier
    solution is to wait until Lucas is just about to get hit with the 
    PKT, then jump over the ledge, and use mirror shield. You will either turn 
    him around, or block him from the ledge. ( Or, you could just shoot down the 
    thunder with and arrow. ) Of course, Lucas has one thing Ness doesn't. 
    * BUM BUM BUM * A TETHER RECOVERY! Lucas's rope snake makes recovering 
    alot easier for him. An easily 
    overlooked counter to this is simple. If you think he's gonna try a tether, 
    GRAB THE LEDGE yourself! That will force him to do a PKT recovery, and 
    probably at a worse angle.Don't take Lucas on from the ground. His 
    down smash has a disjointed hitbox, and it lasts for about a full 2 seconds.
    His upsmash can hit you in the air, but it is easier to dodge then the 
    down smash. When you see him crouch slightly, that's the sign that he's
    gonna unleash it. Just do another jump, or air dodge to the side. Lucas
    is a worthy opponent.
    Final Smash: 
    Lucas rains down giant comets from the sky, in a vertical, random flurry. Just 
    roll dodge through any comets that come down on you. If you get hit with one 
    comet, in higher damages, you'll go pretty far. ( and in most cases, you'll 
    bounce right into another comet, and die. ) Stay on the ground, and just keep 
    rolling around. It doesn't last long. 
    Pit vs Samus
    Difficulty: Hard
    Now I know what you're thinking. " How is Samus hard? " Well, coming from a 
    Samus main since Smash bros 64, I know all of Samus's tricks, and Samus can 
    run circles around Pit if you don't know what to expect. Firstly, her 
    missles can come in two forms. Fast and powerful, or homing. The homin 
    missles can be plently annoying, and you can't really reflect them back at her
    so you just gotta try to dodge through them. Secondly, her air grapple is a 
    ***** to put up with. It has good range, and has exetremely high priority. 
    Use the mirror shield to try and deflect it, ( but it will be really hard 
    to pull off. ) Lastly, Samus has a good aerial game, so you're gonna have 
    to out gun her. It'll be a long battle. Trust me. 
    Final Smash: Zero Laser
    Samus channels all her energy into one gigantic beam, that'll carry you 
    backwards, then blast you back with alot of knockback with an extra 50% 
    damage. Simply use the Wings of Icarus to jump over the beam, and when 
    it dies down, GET BACK TO THE STAGE! She'll be momentarily stunned, while
    transforming into Zero Suit Samus. She'll be even more of a lightweight, 
    and you can probably send her flying with a fully charged side smash. 
    Pit vs Zero Suit Samus
    Difficulty: Easy
    ZSS trades in her powerful projectiles, weight, and power, for stuns and 
    speed. PERFECT! You now outclass ZSS in every way, and can counter 
    everything she has to offer. She uses her stun blaster? REFLECT IT! She 
    tries to hit you in the air? You're quicker, so hit her! She tries a 
    ground based assult? You're stronger, so punish! ZSS is light as hell, 
    so you can even kill her faster! Just do whatever the hell you want, 
    and it should work against her. 
    Final Smash: Power Suit Samus
    ZSS regains her Power suit with a shockwave that'll damage you if you're 
    too close to her. Just stay away from her, and you'll be fine.        
    Pit vs Kirby
    Difficulty: Easy 
    ( taken from marowakmaniac word for word. It sums up everything really 
    I KNEW sandbag was playable in brawl! Kirby is a light, floaty character who
    is easy to knock into the air. Seriously, kirby's dead meat. He's tall enough
    to hit with arrows. Knock Kirby into the air and keep him there. On the ground,
    He's just as easy. The shockwaves from his ^B can be reflected. If he tries to 
    use his dash attck, mirror sheild him, it has enough lag for you to still be 
    able to hit him. You out range him, overpower him, and are better in the air 
    then him. Do whatever you want, he can't put up much of a fight.
    Final Smash: This final smash bites.....for you. If you're anywhere near him, 
    he'll suck you into a pot for about forty damage, but that's not the bad thing. 
    There's a chance the maximum tomatoes pop out, giving Kirby a chance to heal! 
    Just stay away from kirby, and stay low. If you don't die, then make a dash for 
    the food. 
    Pit vs Meta-Knight 
    Difficuly: VERY HARD
    There are two words you need to remember when fighting Meta-Knight. BRO.KEN.
    He's one of the best characters in brawl, and he's one of the hardest matchups 
    for Pit. He's faster. His attacks are like lightning. You really can't beat him
    in terms of speed, but you are stronger then he is. Short hop attacks and 
    arrows are your best friend here, but you gotta be precise, as MetaKnight is
    a small target. Use Angel's ring to wrap him up. Edge guarding doesn't really 
    work on Metaknight, as over half of his attacks have a recovery purpose. 
    His Mach Tornado can block arrows, because it has insane priority, but the 
    mirror shield can block the tornado. His down A takes him slightly forward, so 
    if he spams that, use your mirror shield to stop him. If you've been working
    with Pit for a long time, then you have a chance against a good Metaknight
    user, but nothing is set in stone here. Most Meta-Knight users are offensive, 
    so you wanna keep a defensive game, while still getting in an attack when he 
    gets careless.   
    FInal Smash: MetaKnight throws out his cape, and if you get caught in it, he 
    makes the screen go dark, and slashes you. If you dodge the cape ( perferrably 
    an air dodge, IMO ) it's canceled. If it connects, it will only kill you on 
    higher damage percents. It only does 40 damage. ( Figures. One of the best 
    characters = one of the worst Final Smashes )  
    Pit vs King DeDeDe
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    RUGH RUGH RUGH! I love the cuddly penguin antagonist from the kirby series, 
    and so should Pit lovers. DDD is powerful, but slow. And his attacks that 
    don't have buildup lag can't hit Pit in the air. Whenever I play a DDD, 
    I will almost always use fair and dairs. They're your best friends. DDD
    can tend to spam his sevant throw move, and you can't really reflect them. 
    My advice is either stay in the air where he can't throw them at you, or 
    match his throws with your arrows. DDD should'nt be much trouble. 
    Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army
    DDD summons a huge ammount of waddle dees/doos/gordos to run rampant over
    the stage. None of them can hit in you high in the air, so USE THE WINGS 
    OF ICARUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can avoid most of the attack, then when you 
    land, use it again! Easiest way to avoid this FS with little to no damage. 
    Pit vs Pit
    Difficulty: ??????
    OH! You're fighting another Pit! Um.....nothing really to say here. 
    It's a battle of Pit skill now. You just gotta be the better player. 
    Just remember the basic weaknesses of Pit. Reflect arrows, jump over the 
    angel ring, and go in for a kill attack during Wings of Icarus.
    Good luck. 
    FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )....................................(FAQ??)
    Q : Pit sucks! Why do you keep saying he's so good when he's not? 
    A: Pit takes practice to be a great player. If you don't have any skill with 
    him, then try another character. Just because you can't use a character, 
    don't say he's bad. 
    Q: Why is Pit so high / low on this tier list, as opposed to ______? 
    A: Tier? What's a tier? I'm not crying.
    ( This will be the response if you ask me something like this about tiers. 
    IMHO, tiers are determined by the skill of a player. Not by the skill of a 
    character. That's why I can beat a Snake with Samus. SKILL. ) 
    Q: I have some stuff about Pit I would like to contribute/ comment/ 
    prove false in your guide. Can I?
    A: Please, if you have anything to say about the guide, email me @ 
    jakethepit777@gmail.com. If you contribute something, be sure to leave 
    your gamefaqs username in the email, so I can credit you.    
    Smash Glossary........................................................(INDEX)
    Arrow looping - Controlling an arrow so it circles around the stage, catching 
    the opponent by suprise. 
    Arrow Rain - A more advanced arrow looping, where a few arrows come down 
    from the top of the stage. 
    Arrow Swarming - very advanced arrow looping where four arrows hit the
    opponent in rapid succession, with no chance of shielding if anyone .  
    Crawling: A technique that Snake, Diddy Kong, ZSS, Wario, and Pikachu
    can use. By moving forward while holding down, you can crawl forward, 
    being able to slink under some attacks / projectiles. 
    Chaingrabbing: A technique used by some characters ( not sure which ) 
    where after they grab & throw you, they can grab you again before you 
    can react, and can do it again and again, until you reach a ledge, or 
    find a way out of it. A very annoying to get caught in, but an 
    admittadly good move to master.  
    D/C - Disconnect. Mostly used when someone in a wifi match turns the game
    off, either dissappearing from the match, and letting others brawl, or 
    ending the match, and leaving the other player alone. Generally frowned 
    upon, unless theres a good reason. 
    Directional Influence(DI)- The direction a character moves when she falls. 
    Activated by moving the control stick while falling. 
    Gliding - A special technique that can only used by MetaKnight, Pit, and 
    Charizard. By holding in the jump button, said character can glide through 
    the air. You can angle up or down to adjust your flight path, but flying 
    too high up will result in canceling out of the glide. Pressing A during 
    the glide will make your character attack, then cancel out of the glide.  
    Priority - The power of an attack relative to another attack. If an attack 
    hasgreater priority then another, it will cancel the other attack out. If 
    two attacks with the same priority, they both cancel each other out. 
    Short hopping - Barely tapping the jump button / control stick, resulting in 
    a.....short hop, as opposed to a normal jump. Very useful for pulling off 
    aerial attacks on ground opponents. 
    Tether recovery - A grapple attack ( Link's hookshot, for example ) that if
    used over a ledge, will latch onto it, and pull you to safety. 
    Wall Jump - A technique that only characters like Mario and Luigi can use.
    By jumping into a wall, and quickly tapping the opposite direction, you 
    will jump back off the wall, gaining vertical air, without using your 
    other jump. ( but if you do it too close to a ledge, you'll grap the ledge
    instead ) 
    Wall Cling: A technique used by Diddy Kong and Lucario. By jumping onto 
    a wall, ( or places the underside of Final Destination ) you will cling 
    there for a while. If you tap the opposite direction, you will wall jump off
    of the wall. If you hit the A button, you'll do an attack, and fall off. If 
    you don't do anything, you'll eventully fall off. 
    Legal Junk............................................................(GFAQS) 
    I only allow use to my guide to these three websites so far. 
    If anyone uses the guide besides these three websites, I'm warning you now to 
    stop. If you want to use the guide for your site, just email me at 
    jakethepit777@gmail.com. If anyone sees someone using my guide on another 
    site, please tell me immeadiatley. ( if IGN or gamespot are using them, then 
    it might be because gamefaqs gave them permission, because they are 
    affiliated. If so, then would a gamefaqs mod / admin please tell me. )   
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pit, and everything brawl is copyrighted by Nintendo, 
    Hal, Sony, or a combination of the three.
    jakethepit: I wrote the guide.
    Link1666: ( CO author ) 
    He wrote most of section 11, and fixed alot of typos. Great job.  
    gamefaqs: For letting me post this guide, helping me with the basics, and 
    living up to its standards on treating it right. I'm glad to see it here. 
    supercheats: For posting my guide at supercheats and being good to it. I'm
    glad you have it too. 
    Neoseeker: For posting my guide at Neoseeker and being good to it. I'm
    glad you have it too...too. 
    Absolute_Zer0: I owe him too. I used his guide for structure, length, and 
    few section ideas. 
    marowakmaniac: for giving me an exceptional strategy for Lucario, Kirby, and 
    Lucas. Thanks dude! 
    Kaishin: For telling me about Metaknight's ability to block arrows with the M 
    tornado. ( she just doesn't know I used it )  
    guitarman2010: For telling me about blocking Metaknights tornado with Mirror
    kentarodaruma: For telling me about Zelda's aerial sweetspots and her meteor 
    Mashiro Sakurai: For creating smash bros 
    Thank you for reading my guide! 

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