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    Meta Knight by dirtydan88

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                x*8888x.:*8888: -"888:                  :8
               X   48888X `8888H  8888                 .88
              X8x.  8888X  8888X  !888>       .u      :888ooo       u
              X8888 X8888  88888  "*8%-    ud8888.  -*8888888    us888u.
              '*888 X8888  X8888  xH8>   :888'8888.   8888    .@88 "8888"
                `   `8888  X888X  888>   d888 '88%"   8888    9888  9888
                    '888"  X888  8888>   8888.+"      8888    9888  9888
                 dx '88~x  !88~  8888>   8888L       .8888Lu= 9888  9888
                8888Xf.8  x:!    X888X.: '8888c. .+  ^%888*   9888  9888
                "888":~   8"     `888*"   "88888%      'Y"    "888*""888"
                  "~'    "~        ""       "YP'               ^Y"   ^Y'
             ...                          .                                 s
         .xH8%"```"%.                    @88>                .uef^"        :8
        x888~ xnHhx. ".     u.    u.     %8P               :d88E          .88
       X888X 8**8888k     x@88k u@88c.    .         uL     `888E         :888ooo
       8888X<~  `8888L   ^"8888""8888"  .@88u   .ue888Nc..  888E .z8k  -*8888888
       88888!   .!8*""     8888  888R  ''888E` d88E`"888E`  888E~?888L   8888
       `88888!"*888x       8888  888R    888E  888E  888E   888E  888E   8888
        `*8888  8888L      8888  888R    888E  888E  888E   888E  888E   8888
       .x.`888X X888X      8888  888R    888E  888E  888E   888E  888E  .8888Lu=
      '888> %8X !8888..-  "*88*" 8888"   888&  888& .888E   888E  888E  ^%888*
      '888   8  '8888%`     ""   'Y"     R888" *888" 888&  m888N= 888>    'Y"
        "*=="     ""                      ""    `"   "888E  `Y"   888
                                               .dWi   `88E       J88"
                                               4888~  J8%        @%
                                                ^"===*"`       :"
    =======  Meta Knight Guide/FAQ, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo Wii  ========
    Written by Dan Diaz (dirtydan88)
    Legal Info:
    Copyright - Dan Diaz 2008
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    ========                       TABLE OF CONTENTS                       ========
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    1. About the Guide                            [ABOUT]
    2. Background                                  [BACK]
    3. Pros and Cons                               [PROS]
    4. Moveset Analysis                           [MOVES]
         a. Basics                                [BASIC]
         b. Smashes                               [SMASH]
         c. Aerials                                 [AIR]
         d. Grabs                                  [GRAB]
         e. Specials                               [SPEC]
         f. Final Smash                           [FINAL]
    5. General Strategies and Combos              [STRAT]
         a. Controller Setup                      [SETUP]
         b. Basics                                [BASCS]
         c. Tactics and Strategies                 [TACT]
    6. Character Specific Strategies                [CSS]
         a. Mario                                  [VS01]
         b. Donkey Kong                            [VS02]
         c. Link                                   [VS03]
         d. Samus                                  [VS04]
         e. Zero Suit Samus                        [VS05]
         f. Yoshi                                  [VS06]
         g. Kirby                                  [VS07]
         h. Fox                                    [VS08]
         i. Pikachu                                [VS09]
         j. Bowser                                 [VS10]
         k. Peach                                  [VS11]
         l. Zelda                                  [VS12]
         m. Shiek                                  [VS13]
         n. Ice Climbers                           [VS14]
         o. Meta Knight                            [VS15]
         p. Pit                                    [VS16]
         q. Wario                                  [VS17]
         r. Ike                                    [VS18]
         s. Pokemon Trainer                        [VS19]
         t. Diddy Kong                             [VS20]
         u. Lucas                                  [VS21]
         v. King Dedede                            [VS22]
         w. Olimar                                 [VS23]
         x. Ness                                   [VS24]
         y. Marth                                  [VS25]
         z. Luigi                                  [VS26]
         A. Falco                                  [VS27]
         B. Captain Falcon                         [VS28]
         C. Lucario                                [VS29]
         D. R.O.B                                  [VS30]
         E. Mr. Game & Watch                       [VS31]
         F. Ganondorf                              [VS32]
         G. Jigglypuff                             [VS33]
         H. Toon Link                              [VS34]
         I. Wolf                                   [VS35]
         J. Snake                                  [VS36]
         K. Sonic                                  [VS37]
    7. Contact Info                                [INFO]
    8. Updates                                    [UPDTS]
    9. Credits/Thanks                              [CRED]
    1.  About the Guide                                                     [ABOUT]
    Greetings fellow Brawl enthusiasts! This is my first FAQ/guide here on
    GameFAQs.  I decided to write this for numerous reasons; the most important of
    which is because out of the 40+ character FAQs that already exist for Brawl,
    Meta Knight has yet to be featured which is more than strange considering how
    immensely popular he is.  That aside, let me admit to you the reader that I am
    NOT the greatest Meta Knight player out there and I don't claim to know
    'everything' about him, but with over nine years of experience with the SSB
    franchise this guide should, by all means, be a useful source of information
    and insight regarding one of Brawl's greatest characters.  Enjoy!
    This FAQ/guide is aimed at casual and competitive gamers alike who have a
    moderate understanding of the game's mechanics and terminology, but more
    importantly it is aimed at those who wish to improve upon their level of
    playing through better understanding of moves, abilities and strategies.
    2.  Background                                                           [BACK]
    Meta Knight is a mysterious and often misunderstood character from the Kirby
    video games and animated series.  Despite a very menacing appearance, Meta
    Knight lives by a very honorable nature and often works towards the same goals
    as Kirby and his friends.
    Meta Knight, much like Kirby, has a short, spherical body with very short arms
    and legs.  Unlike his pink companion, Meta Knight wears a silverly-blue armored
    mask which hides the majority of his body and attributes to his all-around
    enigmatic persona.  He also wears a dark blue cape that occasionally transforms
    into a set of bat-like wings allowing Meta Knight to take flight.  In certain
    video games, Meta Knight can be seen without his mask, revealing that he indeed
    looks much like Kirby, but with blue skin and white eyes.
    An extremely skilled swordsman, Meta Knight boasts a powerful, golden,
    five-pronged sword called Galaxia which he uses against his enemies, and on
    occasion, to duel with Kirby.
    Video games to feature Meta Knight include:
    Kirby's Adventure
    Kirby & the Amazing Mirror
    Kirby: Squeak Squad
    Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
    Kirby: Canvas Curse
    Super Smash Bros. Melee (as trophy)
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl (as playable character)
    3.  Pros and Cons                                                        [PROS]
       -Incredibly fast attack speed
       -5 midair jumps as well as the ability to glide
       -All specials can be used as recoveries
       -Great air game
       -Excellent combos
       -Small target
       -Easy to learn and use!
       -No projectiles
       -Light / easy to KO
       -Lackluster final smash
       -Relatively weak moves (damage wise)
       -Few KO moves
    Meta Knight's unparalleled attack speed, coupled with his 5 floaty jumps and an
    all-around great moveset make his pressure game absolutely relentless.  With
    no projectiles and many light-hitting moves, Meta Knight is more or less forced
    to get in close to the enemy and barrage him/her with his lightning quick tilts
    and aerials.  He's definitely a character that rewards the aggressive player.
    And it's true what they say... MK doesn't have a lot of moves that KO
    opponents, but he certainly does have a few that work very well (Up B and Down
    Smash come to mind) and they get the job done just fine.  All in all, Meta
    Knight is a solid choice.  His strengths are obvious from the first moment you
    play him and his weaknesses can easily be adapted to with a bit of practice.
    4.  Moveset Analysis                                                    [MOVES]
    Basic Attacks                                  [BASIC]
    Neutral A: Infinite Slash
    Damage: 1%-2% (each slash)
       -This move may look cool, but it really doesn't serve much purpose.  Sure
    you can hold down A and rack up a little damage, but after about a second your
    opponent should break free and you'll be left flailing your sword at the air
    like a lunatic while he proceeds to punish you.  If you do find yourself using
    it though, it's good for leading into a tilt attack of your choice or even a
    down smash if you're quick about it, but you should try and avoid using it too
    much since it detracts from your combos and overall pressure game.
    Forward Tilt A: Triple Strike
    Damage: 4% (first slash), 3% (second slash), 5% (third slash)
       -This attack should see a lot of use.  Press A three times while tilting
    left or right to execute three very speedy sword strikes.  It has a pretty
    decent range to it and the last hit knocks your opponent away and upwards.
    Perfect for setting up a Forward Aerial or Up B attack. Great no matter how
    you look at it.
    Up Tilt A: Spin Strike
    Damage: 6-7%
       -I don't much care for this move. It's a bit slow by MK's standards.
    You're better off with an Up Smash (which isn't particularly great either).
    Down Tilt A: Low Thrust
    Damage: 4%
       -Another really great tilt attack here.  This one comes out VERY fast so
    you can usually hit a few times in a row with it if you're lucky.  It has a
    great range and can sometimes poke underneath an opponent's shield.  Great
    for breaking up enemy attacks and pushing them away slightly. NOTE: MK inches
    forward ever so slightly after he uses this move, making it a little easier to
    hit multiple times.
    Dash A: Rushing Kick
    Damage: 6%
       -As with a lot of other dash attacks, this one isn't anything special.  It
    pops your opponent in the air for an easy follow-up aerial, but it's just too
    predictable to rely on.  This move should be used in strict moderation and only
    if you feel that you have a good chance at hitting with it.
    Aerials                                          [AIR]
    Neutral A Air: Spinning Strike
    Damage: 12% (first hit), 7% (second hit), 5% (third hit)  
       -Probably the least useful aerial move in Meta Knight's arsenal.  Meta
    Knight basically spins around wildly hitting in all directions around him.  It
    does decent damage and knockback, but it's not as viable for combos as the
    other aerials are for a couple reasons:  1) it's kinda slow to complete itself
    2) it's more difficult to control the direction of the knockback than other
    aerials.  However, it makes for a decent safety move since it hits all around
    you and sends the opponent away without much thought.  Note: the first hit of
    this move 'usually' knocks the opponent away before the other hits can land.
    Forward A Air: Triple Slash
    Damage: 3% (first hit), 3% (second hit), 4% (third hit)   10% total
       -This move, along with his Down Aerial is what makes Meta Knight stand out
    as a truly great character.  This attack consists of three hits.  The first two
    are designed to trap the opponent in hitstun, while the third hit knocks them
    back a ways.  Landing a few of these is an excellent way to rack up damage and
    get KOs after you've chased your opponents off the edge.  A great way to get
    this move out is to dash towards your foe, do a short-hop, tag 'em with the
    Forward Air and then repeat.  You can also try setting up for a Forward Air by
    hitting your opponent with a Forward Tilt or by using a Forward or Down Throw.
    Really any time that you find yourself on the same level as your opponent
    (while both in the air) would be a viable time to use this.
    Back A Air: Reverse Triple Slash
    Damage: 3% (first hit), 3% (second hit), 4% (third hit)
       -This is basically the same thing as Forward Air.  Just use this when the
    enemy happens to be behind you in the air.  Easy, huh?
    Up A Air: Overhead Slash
    Damage: 6%
       -Meta Knight does a quick sword slash above his head in a wide arc.  For me,
    this move really only has one use; juggling.  Basically you just hit 'em with
    an Up Aerial while they're above you (obviously) then jump and repeat... and
    repeat... and repeat... until you run out of jumps.  Then, you can either
    finish them off with an Up B or even Neutral B.  Fun combo, and not too hard to
    do either.
    Down A Air: Downward Slash
    Damage: 7%
       -This is another move that should be abused heavily.  It's much like the Up
    Aerial but Meta Knight swings his sword underneath him instead of above him.
    He does so in a nice wide arc covering a big area so it's pretty easy to hit
    anyone underneath you or in front of you.  It's important to learn to do this
    out of a running short-hop for your approaches but it's even more important to
    learn to gimp people with it as it's Meta Knight's main tool for chasing
    people off the stage and keeping them there.  If you hit your opponent
    correctly (meaning that they are in front of you and also slightly below you)
    the knockback sends them away from you and downward, which can obviously be
    very detrimental to their efforts to get back to the stage.  Depending on the
    character (it helps if they have a poor recovery) usually two or three of these
    hits while you're pursuing them off the stage means they won't be returning.
    NOTE: you might notice that this move can often be used interchangeably with
    Forward Air but keep in mind that the Down Air is quicker and can be done in
    much more rapid succession. It also has a shallow downward knockback instead of
    shallow upwards as seen in the Forward Air, making it better in most cases for
    Smashes                                        [SMASH]
    Forward Smash: Power Slash
    Uncharged Damage:  14%
    Charged Damage:  19%
       -This is Meta Knight's strongest hitting move (excluding Final Smash) and
    one of his few viable means at getting a KO.  It is, however, very slow for
    MK's standards and since it lacks good range, it can be very hard to hit with.
    I personally try and stay away form this move since it's easily punishable.
    You're better off with a Down Smash instead.
    Up Smash: Overhead Triple Slash
    Uncharged Damage:  3% (first slash), 2% (second slash), 4% (third slash)
    Charged Damage:  4% (first slash), 3% (second slash), 5% (third slash)
       -Another sub-par smash attack.  It's nice when you can connect with all
    three hits, but when you don't you usually end up being punished since only the
    last of the three has any real knockback to it.  The best use for this move is
    while rushing your opponent.  If you execute this attack while running towards
    your opponent, you will actually keep your momentum and continue forward while
    doing the attack (usually helps if you charge it up a bit too).  This is risky
    and a bit situational, but no more so than a standard dash attack. 
    Down Smash: Double Slash
    Uncharged Damage:  11% (front), 13% (back)
    Charged Damage:  15% (front), 18% (back)
       -Ahhh... now here's a real smash attack.  This attack is FAST.  I mean...
    seriously... it's nearly instant.  I highly recommend using using the C-stick
    to ensure that it comes out at fast as possible (or if you're using the
    Wiimote+nunchuck you can set your down d-pad input to do a Down Smash... which
    is what I do and it works great).  Aside from the being insanely quick, this
    move hits both in front of you and then behind which helps control those
    opponents who like to roll around you too much.  And with its great knockback
    it's arguably MK's best KO move aside from his Up B.  Use it liberally.
    Grabs                                           [GRAB]
    Grab Attack: Wing Stab
    Damage: 3%
       -Just your standard grab attack.  Your opponent will likely be struggling to
    break free of your grab so you obviously shouldn't do too many of these or else
    you won't get your throw off.  You can do more attacks when the opponent is at
    higher %'s.
    Front Throw: Flipping Kick
    Damage: 9%
       -This is MK's best throw in terms of where is leaves the opponent after
    throwing them.  They'll usually be (depending on percentage) in good range for
    you to follow up with a Forward Air or perhaps Up B.
    Back Throw: Dimension Strike
    Damage: 10%
       -To be honest... there really isn't much point to using this throw as
    opposed to the any of the others.
    Up Throw: Suplex Slam
    Damage: 12%
       -Basically the same as Kirby's famous Up Throw (you know the one).  This is
    MK's most damaging throw, but I would still opt for a Forward or Down Throw
    since they're easier to follow up with Aerials.
    Down Throw: Kicking Slam
    Damage: 1% (each hit) (11% max)
       -Looks cool and leaves your opponent in a decent place for an aerial.  Just
    don't use this in a free-for-all match or your likely to get hit before you get
    the throw off.
    Special Attacks                                 [SPEC]
    Neutral B: Mach Tornado
    Damage: 1% (each hit) ~23% (max)
       -Ahh... the good old Neutral B Mach Tornado... Meta Knight spins around
    creating a bright orange tornado, this can hit multiple times, each hit doing
    1%, up to a maximum of about 23% damage.  You can move yourself left and right
    with the control stick and repeatedly tap B to increase the duration of the
    attack.  Tapping the B button fast enough will lift the tornado off the ground
    a bit.  This attack is a spammers best friend, and with good reason too.  Using
    this allows you to completely absorb most projectiles and is pretty hard for
    opponents to dodge or punish if used with some rhyme and reason rather than
    just spamming the hell out of it.  I would advise using this move sparingly as
    it can get rather predictable.  It can be used as a recovery (along with all
    other of MK's specials) but be advised that you will enter fallspecial (meaning
    you can't attack or jump) if you end this move while in the air.  The main use
    for this move is to cancel out projectile attacks and allow you to sweep in and
    damage your opponent while he/she is busy spamming their lasers, arrows, etc...
    It can also be rather deadly if you catch your opponent in the tornado while
    near the top of the stage; the Mach Tornado has a decent upwards knockback on
    the last hit, so you can expect to get a few "Star KO's" if you use it high
    enough.  In free-for-all battles with 3 or 4 people, this move becomes much
    more viable since you can easily activate it and sweep across the stage
    damaging everyone who gets in your path.
    Forward B: Drill Rush
    Damage: 1% (each hit), 3% (final hit) ~13% (max)
       -Another multi-hit special that involves Meta Knight spinning around like a
    madman? That's right! There really isn't anything special about this one
    though.  You'll rarely be able to connect with every hit and even so, the
    damage is pretty sad (around 10% average) considering how easy it is for
    enemies to dodge it and punish you.  It can be useful if you are in need of
    vertical recovery however, as you can 'aim' the direction of the attack with
    the control stick.
    Up B: Shuttle Loop
    Damage: 9% (rising strike) 12% (gliding attack)
       -Meta Knight does a rising upper slash, then flips around into a glide. 
    This is Meta Knight's best recovery move, but can leave him vulnerable to edge
    guarders unless you time your glide attack well (press A while gliding).  Both
    the hit from the initial rising slash as well as the glide attack have great KO
    potential and will likely be responsible for a large portion of your kills.
    It's also important to note that you can choose the direction in which you do
    your shuttle loop.  Lets say you chase an enemy to the right edge of a level
    and have used all your jumps.  Even though your momentum is taking you to the
    right and even though you are also facing to the right, you can hit left on the
    control stick immediately after pressing Up+B to then shuttle loop to the left
    and glide safely back to the stage.  Also, when gliding, you can lean the
    control stick forward to descend and back to ascend. You CANNOT start an ascend
    without first gaining speed by descending or else you will enter fallspecial.
    Down B: Dimensional Cape
    Damage: 14%
       -Meta Knight covers himself with his cape and teleports a short distance in
    whichever direction you choose by using the control stick.  You can also hold
    either attack button to execute an attack when you reappear, but the attack is
    fairly weak, and in most cases, absolutely worthless.  The only use this move
    has is in regard to edgehogging.  Lets say your opponent is about to attempt to
    grab the right edge on Final Destination.  You're in the middle of the stage
    and run to the right about halfway to the edge, do a shorthop, then while in
    the air you do your Down B and aim for the ledge. If done correctly, you'll
    reappear, nick the edge of the level and then grab on to the ledge just before
    you opponent does, thus KO'ing him because he can't grab the ledge if you're on
    it.  Now this is, of course, very risky.  If you overshoot the Dimensional Cape
    you end up falling right off the stage.  The timing is pretty tricky but once
    you get it down it can be very rewarding.
    Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness                  [FINAL]
    Meta Knight executes his Final Smash by throwing his cape out in front of him a
    fair distance.  Whether or not your opponent takes any effect from this Final
    Smash depends on how close they are in proximity to the MK's cape as he throws
    it in front of him.  Simply put, you have to make sure you foe's are very close
    by in order for "Galaxia Darkness" to take effect.  Assuming that you did in
    fact "catch" one or more persons in your cape, the entire stage goes black for
    a moment and then MK slashes through the darkness delivering 40% damage to
    those in which he "caught" as well as 18% damage to others nearby.  The
    knockback is significant, but it does not guarantee a KO.  That being said, it
    is obviously very unwise to waste this move on an opponent that is sitting at
    0-20% especially if they are a heavyweight character.  Just remember that for
    lighter characters (like Mr. Game and Watch or Jigglypuff) make sure they're
    at 20% or higher before hitting them with this.  Heavyweight characters (like
    DK or Bowser) should be around 40% when using this move.
    When compared to other final smashes, Meta Knight's seems a bit lackluster.
    It's not like Olimar's or Dedede's where they just press the B button and
    everyone gets affected.  And it's not like Marth's where it's an instant KO if
    you connect with it.  Meta Knight players have a bit more work to do to get
    KO's out of their final smashes, but that's okay because MK's players should
    have a distinct advantage when it comes to actually "breaking" the smash ball
    in the first place.  Here are a couple strategies I employ when the mad dash
    for the smash ball ensues:
    1) Stand back a bit as the other character(s) get the first hit or two on the
    ball, then run in close and use Up B to break the ball and damage anyone in
    the way.
    2) Position your self underneath the ball (not too close... leave a little room
    in between you and it) and proceed to mash B.  Your tornado should take care of
    anyone nearby and should do more than enough damage to destroy the smash ball
    if you get a good, clean connection.  Remember that the faster you mash B, the
    higher you go.  So do you best to time your B mashing and stay in contact with
    the ball.
    5.  General Strategies and Combos                                       [STRAT]
    Controller Setup                               [SETUP]
    One of the coolest features about SSBB is that it allows for the use of four
    different controllers: the Gamecube controller, Wiimote+Nunchuck, the Classic
    controller or just the Wiimote.  If you find yourself using JUST the Wiimote
    (without the Nunchuck) you are severely gimping yourself! This is NOT a viable
    option for any sort of competitive play. 
    The Gamecube controller and Classic controller, while looking different,
    operate in much the same manner and choosing between the two is really just a
    matter of ergonomics.  Which one feels better to you?  I personally would go
    for the Gamecube controller since I just can't stand the button/stick placement
    of the Classic design.  Either way, both these control schemes offer a distinct
    advantage; the C-stick (or the R-stick if using the Classic controller).  The
    C-stick, when operated, makes your character automatically perform an uncharged
    smash attack in the given direction you mash the stick.  This is the fastest
    way to perform smash attacks, so naturally this is great feature especially for
    Meta Knight since it allows you to belt out Down Smashes like nobody's
    business.  This is definitely something that you implement in your game if you
    haven't already.
    Then there's the Wiimote+Nunchuck control style.  Being a SSBM veteran myself,
    I was extremely reluctant to try this setup when the Gamecube controller
    offered instant familiarity... until I forgot to bring my GC controller to a
    friend's house one day and was forced to use it.  To my surprise, things came
    rather naturally and I ended up really enjoying it.  The only downside was
    that there was no C-stick, but since Brawl allows you to customize your
    controls, the Wiimote's D-pad became my new C-stick, and in my opinion it
    works a lot better since I don't even have to hardly move my thumb from the
    A button to reach the D-pad (especially for Down Smashes).  With this setup,
    the D-pad also works for aerials as well (provided your character is in the
    air) and I find that it really helps to use that instead of A+direction; it
    improved my air game considerably.
    The important thing to take from this is that you shouldn't be afraid to
    experiment with foreign control setups to find what works/feels best for you.
    It can make all the difference...
    Basics                                         [BASCS]
    Before we get to the Meta Knight specific stuff, I'd like to go over a few
    basic techniques and strategies that should apply to any and all characters you
    happen to play.  Take some time to go over them and make sure that you how they
    work and how to implement them.
    Rolling/Dodging:  Be aware of the duration and the distance of your character's
    rolls.  You certainly don't want to misjudge and end up with your back turned
    to your opponent... that's just asking for trouble.  Also be aware of and
    practice your spot dodges (shield+down) this is a great way to punish your
    opponents for their slower moves because you can dodge out of the way and still
    be in range for a quick counter attack.  This is more important for MK since he
    has no real range, and rolling out of the way usually require a short dash to
    get back in range for attack, while spot dodging on the other hand lets you
    stay right in the action at all times (right where Meta Knight needs to be).
    Short-hops:  Probably one of the most important techniques out there,
    especially if you have good forward and down aerials (like MK).  Now there are
    two ways to go about this; you can either lightly tap up on the control stick
    or lightly tap the respective jump button.  A lot of pros frown upon the use of
    control stick for jumping at all, but I think it's more of a personal thing.
    Try both and see what works for you.  I find it easiest to perform short-hops
    with the jump button (the c button for Wiimote+Nunchuck users) and perform
    normal full-height jumps with the control stick.  Either way, this is a
    technique that you should invest some practice in because it's a vital part of
    a lot of combo's and approaches.
    Edge Hogging:  This is not to be confused with 'edge guarding'.  Edge hogging
    is the act of grabbing onto the ledge in order to "hog" it away from your
    opponent.  Since no two characters can grab the ledge at the same time, if you
    grab it just before they do then guess what?  That's right!  They fall!  Neat
    huh?  This takes a bit of practice to get the timing right because if you hang
    on the ledge for too long then (once you stop flashing) you'll be vulnerable
    to attack and will likely get hit as your opponent does his/her Up-B to grab
    the edge.  This works great on certain characters like Mario or Marth who have
    kinda average jumps and predictable recovery options.  It also works great for
    tether-recovery characters like Olimar and Zero Suit Samus.
    Shield Grabbing: The act of grabbing an opponent while in your shielded state.
    This is useful when being rushed by an enemy; use your shield to quickly
    absorb the oncoming attack, and then press A to execute a grab while they are
    recovering from the attack.
    Aerial Dodging: Press the shield button in while in midair to perform an aerial
    dodge.  This is extremely useful for avoiding melee while in the air or certain
    projectile attacks such as Din's Fire and PK Thunder.
    Gimping: Gimping is when you KO opponents at a relatively low percentage often
    through means of following them off the stage and using aerials to prevent them
    from returning.  Meta Knight is considered to be one of the best at gimping for
    more than obvious reasons.
    Tactics and Strategy                            [TACT]
    Some characters are good at playing defensively... some excel at mind games...
    and some are great at playing keep-away...  If those things sound fun and
    interesting then you might as well stop reading now because Meta Knight excels
    in just about one thing: an overly aggressive offense.  All his strengths and 
    weaknesses play to this one simple tactic so why not take advantage of that?
    Meta Knight's ground game centers around setting up combos.  This often starts
    with moves that send your opponent into the air, and that means that you have
    a good pool of moves to work with.  If you want to be boring and predictable,
    go ahead and start with a dash attack.  If not, then dash+Up Smash works
    pretty well in it's place; both send your opponent up in the air nicely to
    follow up with an aerial of your choosing.  If dashing isn't an option due to
    your opponent being in close range, then try for either your Down or Forward
    Tilts.  If you're being rushed, try a shield grab... alternatively, Down Tilt
    works great to poke 'em away a bit (don't forget you can repeat this attack in
    quick succession).  Note: spamming Down Tilt usually gets the opponent to do
    predictable things... he might back off and try an aerial approach or more
    likely he might try and roll behind you.  If he tries the latter, then give
    him a quick down smash (great for when the enemy is behind you).  Always keep
    in mind that your attacks are, in all likelihood, going to be faster than your
    opponents', so don't feel as though you have to wait for your enemy to give you
    a window in order to attack, instead, make your own windows and be relentless.
    Of course, try not to confuse "relentless" with "reckless" because there's a
    big difference.  Often times not using certain slow, punishable attacks like
    Forward-Smash and Forward-B help keep you out of the "reckless" category and
    help speed up your overall pressure game.
    In in the air is where Meta Knight excels.  You've been practicing your
    short-hops right?  Good, because MK absolutely loves short-hops as they
    make for a really great approach tactic.  The dash-shorthop-aerial combo will
    be your new best friend once you learn to make good use of it.  You can use
    both Forward Air or Down Air in this combo to great effect.  The Down Air is
    quicker however, and with the downward/outward knockback it lets you perform
    this combo multiple times in a row, each time pushing your opponent closer to
    and eventually off the edge, at which point you can chase them off the edge
    with more... you guessed it! Down Air's!  This technique can be very brutal
    and humiliating to your enemies if you can pull it off well.
    Most aerial situations are handled very simply for Meta Knight.  Usually a
    simple aerial attack in whichever direction your opponent is handles the
    job nicely, just remember to keep the pressure on them at all times.  To
    keep a good pressure game in the air, you often have to take advantage of
    fastfalling (pressing down on the control stick while in the air).  A common
    scenario might be you jumping twice to reach your opponent then tagging them
    with a Forward Aerial, then because you don't have enough momentum or jumps
    left to fly after them, you instead fastfall down to the ground quickly and
    dash over a bit to your opponent, proceed to jump and Forward Aerial again.
    There's no point in letting your opponent reach the ground, so do your best to
    keep them in the air with Forward Aerials and let the knockback push them
    toward the edge of the stage where you can finish them with an Up B.  Now
    using Up B in an offensive manner is something that takes a bit of practice,
    but it's something that MUST be mastered if you're someone who likes to KO
    your opponent... I know I do!  The most important thing to practice is the
    placement.  You want to make sure that your opponent is just above your head
    and in front of you just a bit.  The knockback is excellent if you hit them
    just as start the move so make sure you're close!  Another great application
    of Up B is to use it out of your shield (just as you would a grab).  Lets say
    that you're opponent is in close range and pelting you with Tilts or neutral
    A's or whatnot; you can shield to absorb an attack or two, and while your
    opponent is still in range you can perform an Up B while still in the shield
    and send him/her flying!  This is a great technique to remember in those few
    times where you're forced to play defensive (especially in free-for-all).
    As stated many times before, Meta Knight is an extremely fast character and he
    deserves to be played as such.  This means keep your fingers moving!  Don't
    give your opponents time to do anything except wish that they weren't getting
    demolished.  Stick to your enemies as if you were their shadow (be the Nana to
    their Popo... lol).  So go grab you favorite energy drink, play some fast,
    heavy music and start practicing!
    6.  Character Specific Strategies                                         [CSS]
    Even though Meta Knight doesn't like to change up his strategy too much, there
    are still things you need to know about your opponents before engaging them.
    I'll be writing these character specific strategies as if you were up against
    a non-pro (yet skilled) human opponent with a good understanding of their
    respective character.
    Mario                                           [VS01]
    Difficulty: 2 / 5
    -There aren't a lot of Mario players out there, but those who main Mario tend
    to be pretty skilled with him.  He's a solid character in many ways, but he
    doesn't excel at much.  Things to watch out for would be his Forward B Cape
    ability which can completely turn you and your momentum around (this can be
    fatal to your recovery), his Forward Air which has a spiking capability and
    his powerful Back Throw which can KO you at higher %'s.  He certainly can't
    match your speed but he has decent attacks and grabs so keep your tilt's
    going and try to get him in the air.  Oh, and a common Mario technique is the
    short-hop+fireball approach.  This is easily punished with your Neutral B
    since it negates the fireball and racks up some good damage.
    Donkey Kong                                     [VS02]
    Difficulty: 2 / 5
    -DK's got some powerful specials and smashes and most have good range (like
    his wind-up punch).  Use your spot dodges and shield liberally, since getting
    smacked by DK's heavier hits usually don't mix well with your light weight.
    Take advantage of his large size however, and pummel him with Forward Air's
    and Up B's (remember to Up B out of your shield if you get a good
    Link                                            [VS03]
    Difficulty: 2.5 / 5
    -A good Link player knows just how to handle Meta Knight, and that's with
    lots of projectiles.  Do your best to dodge, roll and aerial dodge out of
    the way of his arrows and boomerang, and keep in mind that you can catch his
    bombs by pressing A just before it makes contact with you.  Neutral B will
    also help you a lot as it lets you rush through his projectiles and get in
    close.  Once you get past his wall of projectiles just do your normal
    routine... Tilts, Down Smash and aerials.  He's got a terrible recovery so
    you'll do well to gimp him, just watch out for his Down Aerial once you get
    him in the air... it hurts a lot.
    Samus                                           [VS04]
    Difficulty: 2.5 / 5
    -This one is much the same as Link.  Lots of projectiles with mediocre speed
    and recovery.  Avoid her missiles and Charge Shot and you'll be in good shape.
    Your pressure game is even more important here because of her Charge Shot.
    Keep next to her and don't give her time to charge it.  Once again, don't be
    afraid to use your tornado to neutralize her projectiles and get in close
    (make sure you hit HER with the tornado as well... don't stop short or you'll
    be punished).
    Zero Suit Samus                                 [VS05]
    Difficulty: 2 / 5
    -She's got some really good smashes and all around decent melee... and that's
    the good thing; she's a character that needs to get in close, which is your
    advantage.  This one is pretty straight forward, just watch out for her
    projectile which can stun you for a short time and her Forward Smash which
    has some good range to it.  She uses a fairly weak tether recovery so gimping
    and edge hogging will get the job done well in this fight.
    Yoshi                                           [VS06]
    Difficulty: 1 / 5
    -I've seen a lot of brutality come from Yoshi's aerials, but aside from that,
    he doesn't have much else to brag about.  He's fairly slow and with only a big
    second jump as a recovery, he's easily gimped.  Watch out for his Short-hop
    Down Air combo... it can do a TON of damage if he connects well with it.  Just
    play your normal pressure game and have fun gimping him.
    Kirby                                           [VS07]
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    -Not a bad match up here.  There are quite a few good Kirby players out there
    (keep in mind Kirby is MUCH better than he was in Melee).  Gimping is obviously
    gonna be hard with someone as floaty as you are so you're better off focusing
    on power attacks like the ever-faithful Down Smash and Up B to get your KO's.
    Kirby is (not surprisingly) just slightly lighter than you so he should be a
    fairly easy KO in that respect.  A good Kirby player won't rely on his slow and
    predictable specials but rather his powerful and fast smashes so watch out for
    those as they will wreck you if you let your guard down.  Definitely keep the
    pressure up on this one.
    Fox                                             [VS08]
    Difficulty: 2 / 5
    -This isn't the same Fox from Melee (I know since I used to main him), so I
    wouldn't worry too much about his speed since you're still faster than he is
    as far as attacks are concerned.  His blaster is annoying, but he shouldn't be
    able to make use of in since you'll be in his face the entire time.  Good Fox
    players will use their Reflector or "shine" as it's sometimes called when your
    up close to try and put some distance between the two of you, so be aware of
    that.  That said, this is another pretty easy match up... just do what MK does
    best and keep the pressure on him.
    Pikachu                                         [VS09]
    Difficulty: 3.5 / 5
    -I love Pikachu!  Playing as him... not against him...  He's got really
    powerful smashes and his Down Smash will be your worst enemy; it comes out
    just about instantly and anyone near him (which means you) gets fried big time.
    The good news is that he's lightweight, and his specials are all pretty easy to
    dodge... although he does like to combo into Thunder a lot, so make sure you
    can aerial dodge it.  I would recommend keeping Pikachu in the air as much as
    possible since he's at more of a disadvantage there.  Regardless, Pikachu is
    fast in the air and on the ground as well... not as fast as you though, so
    using your fastest attacks is probably a good idea here.  That means abuse your
    Down Smash, Down Tilts and Down Aerials.
    Bowser                                          [VS10]
    Difficulty: 1 / 5
    -If you are ever actually fighting a Human playing Bowser it's probably just
    someone who wants to see just how bad they can be beat by you.  Talk about a
    mismatch... I shouldn't have to explain this one but why not? Bowser is a very
    big target, so just rush him with Forward and Down Aerials and gimp him.  It
    shouldn't be too difficult with this guy.  Since he's the heaviest character
    in the game, don't bother KO'ing him by normal means since it'll take too
    long... just gimp away.
    Peach                                           [VS11]
    Difficulty: 1.5 / 5
    -Once again, you probably won't be facing too many Peach players, but on the
    off-chance that you do, it's a very normal fight.  Watch out for flying
    turnips and her Toad.  Her Peach Bomber (side B) is often times spammed by
    beginners so don't fall victim to that... just use your normal combos and
    you'll do fine.
    Zelda                                           [VS12]
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    -Zelda can certainly be a pain in the hands of an experienced player.  She's
    fast and has quite a few very powerful attacks.  Her Forward and Back Aerials
    have a very powerful sweetspot to them so do you best to avoid these attacks
    (possibly by keeping above her while in the air).  Some people like to spam
    her Din's Fire so stay in close range and aerial dodge/spot dodge it if she
    uses it.  She's got very powerful smashes so watch your aerial approaches as
    she can easily tag you with her Up or Forward Smashes when you get close.
    Other than that, use your normal offensive strategies.
    Sheik                                           [VS13]
    Difficulty: 1.5 / 5
    -Fast, but not fast enough... shouldn't pose too much of a problem for Meta
    Knight.  Watch her movements at all times so you can see when she's throwing
    her nails (since you can't really see the nail themselves).  The only thing
    you really have to worry about is her Down B... lol
    Ice Climbers                                    [VS14]
    Difficulty:  2~4 / 5
    -The really experienced Ice Climber players will likely make quick work of you
    with their insane chain grab combos and other crazy desynchronized madness...
    provided they know how to do all that.  If that's the case then try and stay
    off the ground where you can't be grabbed and use your Down Aerials.  Down
    Smash also works well if they get near you, and don't forget your Mach Tornado
    for a good safety move.  This fight really depends on how skilled you opponent
    is.  If they haven't mastered the advanced techniques that make the Ice
    Climbers so insanely powerful, then you're likely to have a pretty easy time...
    but if not... then your in for a rough ride if you can't avoid their grabs.
    Meta Knight                                     [VS15]
    Difficulty: 4 / 5
    -This matchup sucks... but it's one that you have to learn since Meta Knight
    is, unfortunately, a popular character.  Gimping is obviously out of the
    question so you'll have to earn your KO's the boring way... by actually
    doing combos with tight execution, being unpredictable and of course,
    relentless.  Down Smash, Down Tilt and Down Air are still all your friends
    here as they usually are so use them liberally.  Fortunately the vast
    majority of MK players aren't too great, so if you run into one of them...
    then show 'em how it's done.
    Pit                                             [VS16]
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    -Pit can be a pretty good matchup.  His arrows should be non existent if you
    keep the pressure on him at all times.  If he catches you in his Forward B,
    mash the control stick in the opposite direction he is to break out as quickly
    as possible.  Other than that, it's the same old same old... you'll have to
    try pretty hard to gimp him, but it can be done if you really commit to it.
    Wario                                           [VS17]
    Difficulty: 2 / 5
    -Wario is yet another pretty straightforward fight, so pressure him as you
    normally would.  His Wario Bike move is easily dodged by floating over it or
    rolling, and most of his other moves are fairly lackluster as well.  Watch
    out for his Wario Waft however; it takes a little under 2 minutes to fully
    charge and does pretty good damage/knockback if he hits you with it.  If you
    watch him closely however you will notice that he flashes a brown/yellow color
    when the move is done charging, use this to your advantage so you don't get
    caught off guard by it.
    Ike                                             [VS18]
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    -Ike is another wildly popular character much like Meta Knight, so learning to
    fight him is a must.  As with Meta Knight, most people who play him aren't too
    great, but there are always exceptions.  Now Ike is obviously a very heavy
    hitter but to counteract this, he is also pretty slow with his attacks.  It
    shouldn't be too much of a problem to avoid his smashes and specials, but good
    players will use a lot of faster attacks such as his tilts and jab combo.  His
    forward smash has a huge sweeping range to it, making your aerial approaches
    risky if you aren't quick about it.  Remember you're the lightweight in this
    fight... so taking hits isn't a bright idea with this guy.  Oh, and careful of
    his Counter; it will likely get you in a lot of trouble if you get caught with
    it.  If the Ike you're fighting likes to use Counter a lot, then you need to
    break up your combo rhythm and attack patterns to add some unpredictability to
    your game... and I'm fairly certain that if your Up B is countered, you won't
    take any damage from it... just something to keep in mind.
    Pokemon Trainer                                 [VS19]
    Difficulty: 2 / 5
    -Pokemon Trainer is always an interesting fight.  None of the Pokemon you'll
    be fighting are really all that great and the strategy is much the same for
    all of 'em.
    Charizard:  Beware of his Down Aerial spike... it's very easy to hit with so
    try not to make a habit of being underneath him whilst over an edge/pit.  His
    Rock Smash hits like a truck but it's slow (like most of his moves) so just
    keep the pressure up and take advantage of a big target.
    Ivysaur: I see a lot of players skip right over Ivysaur and go for Charizard
    or Squirtle, but if you do end up fighting this one, just be wary of it's
    projectiles.  Ivysaur has both a horizontal and vertical projectile so aerial
    approaches are good if you come down at the right angle, and as with most
    projectiles, feel free to use Mach Tornado to get past them.  Ivysaur uses a
    tether recovery so remember to edge hog liberally.
    Squirtle: The fastest of the bunch.. and the lightest.  Nothing new here,
    just lots of lackluster specials and some fast aerials that probably won't
    give you any trouble.  People use him because he's fast, but once again, he's
    not as fast as you so don't give it too much thought, just play your normal
    Diddy Kong                                      [VS20]
    Difficulty: 2 / 5
    -Diddy Kong has some pretty good smashes and aerials as his disposal, but his
    specials are pretty bad, and likely won't be used much by good players.  He's
    not a lightweight in case you were wondering and his recovery isn't very
    good, so gimping is a good strategy here.  Other than that, pretty normal
    fight here.
    Lucas                                           [VS21]
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    -A lot can be said about Lucas, but the fact of the matter is, you just have
    to play a really fast and consistent pressure game.  Lucas works well at all
    ranges, so keeping up close limits his options considerably.  Your biggest
    problem will likely be his powerful smashes and his PK Fire.  They are all
    kinda slow to start up, but can easily catch you off guard if you aren't on
    your 'A' game.  He is, fortunately, pretty easy gimp since his recovery takes
    a while for him to execute and if your fast enough he won't be able to use it
    properly.  However, if he does succeed with his recovery move and you happen
    to be nearby (which you probably will be) you run a decent chance of being
    KO'd by it... so watch out for that.
    King Dedede                                     [VS22]
    Difficulty: 3.5 / 5
    -If there's anything I've learned in life it's that when you get in a fight
    with someone wielding a hammer larger than your entire body, you need to be
    careful.  You may think Dedede is a pushover because he's big and slow and
    stupid, but he's NOT to be underestimated!  He's a lot of things that Meta
    Knight dislikes in an opponent: he has a great projectile, great range,
    great recovery and beastly KO moves.  He will use his Waddle-dee throw to
    keep you away and annoy the heck out of you... and you're in for a treat if
    he pegs you with a Gordo (the black spiky thing) because they do a ton of
    damage and knockback.  His Forward Tilt has HUGE range on it and it's quick
    so be ready for it when you make your approach.  Gimping Dedede is a
    challenge because of his Super Dedede Jump, but he's a big easy target for
    your Forward and Down Aerials so I would still attempt it.  Now... his
    smashes... you might have guess I would say this, but DON'T and I mean
    DON'T! get hit by them!  This goes double for his Forward Smash... It hits
    like... well... a giant hammer! and it'll KO you at 25% if you're unlucky.
    His other two smashes aren't as quite as bad, but they're quicker and much
    harder to anticipate so be on guard.  Dedede is all in all a pretty slow
    guy, and this means that he gets abused badly by Meta Knight's speed, but
    the King's got a lot of stamina and in the hands of a good player this
    means you're gonna have to work for those KO's.
    Olimar                                          [VS23]
    Difficulty: 3.5 / 5
    - Captain Olimar is another easily underestimated foe.  Pressure is once
    again extremely important with this one; if you give him any leeway at all
    you'll have Pikmin all over you and the damage from his Pikmin Throw adds
    up fast if you disregard it.  If you find yourself with Pikmin on you,
    it's important you get them off immediately (especially if they are white
    Pikmin which do an insane amount of damage if left unchecked).  Get them
    off quickly with Neutral B, Down Smash or really any other attack, just
    do so quickly and get your focus back on Olimar.  Olimar also boasts quick
    and powerful smashes that are as difficult to predict as they are deadly.
    This is where I would say "keep Olimar in the air" but all of his aerials
    are surprisingly powerful and his Down Aerial can be used as a spike so be
    wary of that.  You best bet however, is just to play as you normally would
    for the most part; just be careful of what was mentioned, give it your best
    and you should be in decent shape.
    Ness                                            [VS24]
    Difficulty: 3.5 / 5
    -As far as Meta Knight is concerned, Ness is exactly the same as Lucas.
    You'll be employing the same strategy, but you need to be a little more wary
    of his PK Fire, which will trap you for a short while if you're hit with it,
    at which point Ness will likely either perform another PK Fire or his very
    powerful Forward Smash.  Either way it's a bad situation to be in so do you
    best to avoid it, but if you do find yourself trapped, mash the control stick
    in the opposite direction of which you got hit and you'll be able to escape
    Marth                                           [VS25]
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    -For not having any projectiles to speak of Marth has great range, and his
    sword does more damage when he hits with the very tip of of it.  It'll be
    tough for Meta Knight to get in close and with Marth's Counter, things get
    even more complicated.  Marth users love to employ the short-hop Down Aerial
    combo just as much as Meta Knight does so be ready for that with an Up B out
    of your shield or you can simply catch him with a Neutral B for better damage.
    Marth is one of the more easily gimped characters out there; he has very little
    in the way of horizontal recovery so follow him out as far as you can with your
    Forward and Down Aerials and you'll surely get some easy KO's.
    Luigi                                           [VS26]
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    -It's easy to brush Luigi off as a Mario clone, but in each game he gets more
    and more unique, and in Brawl he can be very tricky indeed.  His specials all
    have utility and his Green Missile gives him excellent horizontal recovery;
    this isn't to say he's hard to gimp however, as that should be your main
    strategy here.  His Up B is a killer too, but Luigi has to be a point blank
    range to use it, and if he misses then you have all the time in the world to
    punish him for it.
    Falco                                           [VS27]
    Difficulty: 2 / 5
    -Same strategy as Fox, except his blaster has a slight stun effect to it...
    nothing too important, just avoid it by whatever means you choose.
    Captain Falcon                                  [VS28]
    Difficulty: 1.5 / 5
    -Fast run speed.  Slow attack speed.  Nothing Meta Knight can't handle.  His
    recovery is mediocre, so feel free to gimp away.  His specials are all pretty
    worthless, and his smash attacks are nothing to brag about either... and if
    you get hit by the Falcon Punch... then well... you probably deserved it.
    Nothing out of the ordinary as for as strategy is concerned.
    Lucario                                         [VS29]
    Difficulty: 2.5 / 5
    -Lucario has the very strange ability of increasing attack power at his
    damage % rises.  At around 182% he reaches his full potential and does
    about 2.1x the damage he would normally do at 0%.  Good Lucario players
    (though sadly few and far between) know this and you should be aware of
    it well.  The good news is that you, being a skilled Meta Knight player,
    will never let Lucario reach such high %'s.  That's right, here's another
    character that's in your best interest to gimp at all costs.  Lucario's attacks
    are generally on the slower side, but his aerials are the exception.  They are
    incredibly fast and powerful (at least his Forward and Down Aerials).  That
    being said, some Lucario players will definitely give you trouble in the air so
    you might want to keep on the ground a little more and stick with your Tilts
    and Down Smash.  All in all, Lucario is usually a pushover, just don't let
    his % get too high or you might end up paying for it.
    R.O.B                                           [VS30]
    Difficulty: 4 / 5
    -R.O.B will be a difficult matchup no matter how you look at it.  On the ground
    his attacks are fast and usually have good range to them; his Down Smash is a
    great example of this.  While in the air, it's imperative that you be quick on
    the attack since his aerials are incredibly powerful, but most have a bit of
    wind-up lag that you should take advantage of if you have good timing... if
    not... then he'll use his immense attack priority and destroy you.  Another
    problem are his projectiles, which unfortunately CANNOT be stopped by your Mach
    Tornado.  This means that you need to keep in is face and don't give him
    opportunity to charge his spinning top.  As for his laser... it's fast and hard
    to anticipate since he can't use it that often; just do your best and shield it
    if you see it coming.  Speed is your only advantage in this matchup.  You know
    what that means... Down Smash, Down Aerial and Down Tilt.  Use them and abuse
    Mr. Game & Watch                                [VS31]
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    -G&W can actually be fairly easy match if you approach it the right way.  So
    here are the facts: G&W is the lightest character in the game, he WILL
    out-prioritize you and just about everyone else with his aerials, he has a
    great Up B that makes him difficult to gimp and he also boasts incredible
    smashes with great speed and power to them.  That being said, you're gonna want
    to play a strong ground game and watch out for his aerial approaches (they will
    eat you alive).  If you stick to the ground and some small combos, you'll have
    him at KO percentages (around 95 and up) in no time at all.  At this point just
    tag him with a quick Up B or Down Smash.  Oh, and when he's throwing food at
    you, don't bother to use Mach Tornado as it doesn't work against them; I prefer
    to time a quick dash (in between the food) to get in close and then Down
    Samsh... or even Forward Smash if you have time.
    Ganondorf                                       [VS32]
    Difficulty: depends...
    -Ok... ok... so he's not exactly regarded as the greatest character out there,
    but let me tell you, complacency will get you killed.  I started playing as
    Ganondorf to challenge myself a while back, and to be honest, he really doesn't
    deserve such a bad rap.  Yes he is VERY slow, but he's also very heavy and
    obviously very powerful.  The truly good Ganondorf players out there will leave
    you abused with his ultra-powerful aerials and well timed smashes, so don't get
    cocky just because you think can attack circles around this guy.  Watch out for
    his short-hop Forward air and Short-hop Down Air; they hit just as hard as you
    think.  His Forward Tilt is another one of his better moves, it has great
    range, moderate speed and great horizontal knockback.  His Forward B is a grab,
    which means it can't be shielded so your best bet is to roll away and punish
    with a Down Smash.  As with any heavy character with poor recovery, you'll want
    to gimp this one, and the gimping should come easy enough, just watch out for
    his aerials (especially his Down Air which is a spike).  All in all.. you will
    most likely have a very easy time of this battle, but just remember... you're a
    lightweight, and he hit's light a truck.
    Jigglypuff                                      [VS33]
    Difficulty: 1.5 / 5
    -She has a great recovery with all those jumps and Neutral B's, but that
    doesn't amount to much with Meta Knight barraging her with aerials to no end.
    She's very light and is easily overpowered on the ground as well as the air.
    Not much to be said here, just keep hitting her with those quick aerial combos
    and you'll have no problem making this a quick fight.
    Toon Link                                       [VS34]
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    -A much better version of Link, which spells trouble for the projectile
    challenged characters (like you).  He plays an all around solid game on the
    ground and in the air but it's nothing that MK can't handle.  Your biggest
    problem will come from the projectiles.  Try your best to get in close with
    the Mach Tornado or simply roll/spot dodge.  Beware his Down Aerial as most
    people enjoy spamming this move; it comes down very fast and can hit multiple
    times, but it has significant landing lag (if he hits the ground) so make sure
    to punish him after he uses it.  Experienced players will pelt you with aerial
    approaches (usually with Back Air) so don't fall victim to that... just shield
    wisely and punish as necessary.
    Wolf                                            [VS35]
    Difficulty: 3 / 5
    -Wolf is definitely the favorite out of all the Star Fox characters... probably
    because he's the most unique.  He's slower than Falco and Fox, but he makes up
    for it with some pretty impressive power.  His blaster is slow, but it stuns
    you a bit and his reflector will be used to keep you at bay.  Most players love
    to take advantage of his excellent Forward Smash which has ridiculous range to
    it;  keep a sharp eye out for this.  Also, his Up B is much quicker to start
    than Fox/Falco's and will often be used to rush you at moderate distances and
    deal some decent damage.  All in all, Wolf operates well if you give him a
    little time and a little distance between the two of you.  Meta Knight players
    will do well to not give anything but aggression.  Keep in mind that Wolf has a
    mediocre recovery and is a good one to gimp.
    Snake                                           [VS36]
    Difficulty: 4 / 5
    -Lets see... Snake is a heavy character, he has a great recovery, great
    projectiles, high priority and he loves to blow things up apparently.
    Needless to say, this is a tough matchup.  Don't bother with Mach Tornado
    here as it won't do anything to his projectiles.  This fight can actually be
    treated a lot like R.O.B... you won't have much to answer his attacks other
    than your own.  So keep a close eye on him and watch where he places his C4
    and mines, watch to see when he pulls out grenades and watch out for his
    missile launcher.  Spot dodges will be your friend for the projectiles and a
    keen eye will help you avoid the mines/C4 which can easily by floated over.
    You know how to use your Down Smash, Down Aerial and Down Tilt right?  Good...
    Sonic                                           [VS37]
    Difficulty: 1.5 / 5
    -Sonic is, for the most part, just plain easy.  Sure he can run fast, but Meta
    Knight can attack circles around him any day.  I like to abuse MK's Forward
    Tilt and Down Smash to answer his rushing style attacks.  Sonic's specials are
    nothing to worry about since you should be able to see them coming a mile away.
    He's a lightweight so you can either try gimping him or just Down Smash/Up B
    for kills; either way should net you an easy victory here.
    7.  Contact Info                                                         [CONT]
    What did you think of this guide?  If you have found any errors,
    inconsistencies or simply have something you'd like to contribute to this
    guide in any way, then please e-mail me at dandiaz8811@me.com
    All due credit and thanks will be given to those who contribute!
    8.  Updates                                                             [UPDTS]
    No updates yet, but they will be coming soon!
    9.  Credits/Thanks                                                       [CRED]
    -Thanks to Nintendo for producing such an amazing game!
    -Thanks to GameFAQs for making/maintaining the best site for video game info
    and strategies!
    -Thanks to all you readers out there!
    -and special thanks to Garrett, Addison and Jerry... I couldn't have written
    this without your help!

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