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    Mario by Mario_GamerAAC

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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Mario Character Guide
    By (MarioGamer)
    Copyright© (MarioGamer)
    Mario, Smash Brothers, and all other Nintendo references are Copyright© of 
    This was written by the user MarioGamer. If I request this document to be 
    taken down due to miss-use, it must be taken down immediately.
    If you have not played through the game entirely yet, please remember that 
    there will be a few spoilers mentioned throughout this guide. Keep in mind 
    that things such as hidden characters, stages, and other forms of game play 
    that are not available right at the start of the game may be mentioned 
    throughout this guide on occasion.
    Guide Goal
    I wrote this guide with both the serious brawler and casual gamer in mind.
    In it you will find advanced strategies for players who want to move 
    beyond the normal Mario game and basic strategies for first time smashers.   
    1.  Updates			    (000)
    2.  Character Game History          (100)
    3.  Character Smash Evolution       (200)
    4.  Why Mario?                      (300)
       -  Pro's			    (301)
       -  Con's                         (302)
       -  How to Play                   (303)
    5.  Move Set                        (400)
       -  Basics                        (401)
       -  Smash Attacks                 (402)
       -  Air Attacks                   (403)
       -  Special Moves                 (404)
       -  Throws                        (405) 
       -  Final Smash                   (406)
    6.  Mario Combo/Stage Strategies    (500)
       -  Final Smash Strategies        (501)
       -  Advanced Combo's              (502)
       -  Recovering                    (503)
       -  Charging FLUDD                (504)
       -  Bomb Juggling                 (505)
       -  Sudden Death                  (506)
       -  Playing Smart                 (507)
       -  Choosing Stages               (508)
    7.  The Item Game                   (600)
       -  Projectile Items              (601)
       -  Bouncing explosives           (602)
       -  Hammers                       (603)
       -  Explosive Box Technique       (604)
       -  FLUDD Crates                  (605)
    8.  Character Match-ups             (700)
       -  Mario                         (701)
       -  Link                          (702)
       -  Donkey Kong                   (703)
       -  Samus                         (704)
       -  Yoshi                         (705)
       -  Fox/Falco                     (706)
       -  Ike                           (707)
       -  Wolf                          (708)
       -  Captain Falcon                (709)
       -  Pit                           (710)
       -  Bowser                        (711)
    9.  Subspace Emissary               (800)
       -  Cutscenes                     (801)
       -  Mario's Story                 (802)
       -  Basic Strategy                (803)
    10. Stadium                         (900)	
       -  Targets                       (901)
    	-Level 1                    (901A)                   
    	-Level 2                    (901B)
    	-Level 3                    (901C)
    	-Level 4                    (901D)
    	-Level 5                    (901E)
       -  Multi-Man Brawl               (902)
       -  Homerun Contest               (903)
       -  Boss Battles                  (904)
    11. Extra's		            (EXT)
       -  Trophies                      (E01)
       -  Costumes                      (E02)
       -  Taunts                        (E03)
       -  Snake Codecs                  (E04)
    12. Credits                         (END)
    1. Updates    (000)
    Current Version: 1.8
    07-21-2008: Added more to the Character Strategies
    07-23-2008: Taunts info updated
    07-24-2008: Sudden Death Strategy added
    07-24-2008: Stages info updated
    08-10-2008: Added more to combos
    08-10-2008: The "Under the Platform" Strategy added
    08-10-2008: Trophy Section added
    09-02-2008: Character Smash History added
    09-02-2008: Character Match-Ups added
    09-04-2008: Supspace Emissary added
    09-06-2008: Why Mario? added
    09-06-2008: Added more to Character Strategies
    09-11-2008: The Item Game
    09-23-2008: More strategies added
    09-27-2008: Stadium Added
    09-28-2008: Extra features added
    09-28-2008: Trophies, costumes, and taunts added to extras
    09-28-2008: Added more to moveset, organized moveset
    2. Character Game History    (100)
    Mario originally appeared in the arcade game, Donkey Kong, with the name 
    jumpman in 1981.  This makes him and Donkey the very first Nintendo 
    franchise characters to appear. He would jump over barrels and other 
    obstacles thrown by Donkey Kong in order rescue his girlfriend, Pauline 
    (thats right, it wasn't Peach). Since then, the mustached hero has become 
    a worldwide phenomenon. The game that really began his popularity was 
    Super Mario Bros., the very first game launched in America with the 
    Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The story of the game was simple. The
    princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach, was kidnapped by the evil Koopa 
    King, later to be named Bowser. Mario and his younger brother, Luigi, 
    would set out on an adventure that would take them across 8 different 
    worlds. Each level would start the player at the left side of the screen 
    and they would have to work their way around obstacles to the right side 
    where the end of the level awaited them. Occasionally, a player would face 
    a boss, the difficulty of the bosses increasing with each cleared stage. 
    Mario and company have had a long series of sequels since then. Some 
    took Mario on new adventures and other were party games, much like 
    Super Smash Brothers.
    3. Character Smash Evolution    (200)
    When it comes to party games, Mario often times holds the place of the
    most well balanced character.  Super Smash Brothers is no different.  So,
    not surprisingly, Mario hasn't changed much since his appearance in the 
    original Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64.  Veteran Mario players 
    should find a lot of what they liked about the characters fromt he older
    days still present in Brawl.  
    In the original Super Smash Bros. (1999), Mario was set up as a character 
    for new smashers and veterans alike.  This often places Mario in the 
    middle of most ranking lists.  He had a variety of combo moves and 
    powerful smashes to send his enemies flying.  His fireballs could be 
    spammed for constant damage at a distance and his throws were great 
    finishers.  His two other Specials, the tornado punch and coin punch, 
    could both be used as recoveries and could rack up multiple hits and 
    plenty of damage.  He was the only character in the game to be cloned in 
    the form of his brother Luigi.  Mario's middle rankings made him a forced 
    to be reckoned with in the right hands. 
    In Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001), his character had some changes, but 
    most of plumbers old moves remained.  His most notable change in Melee was
    the cape, a tool many Mario smashers enjoy using today.  It could be used 
    to reflect projectiles, turn players around, and as a second recovery.  
    The tornado punch's power was tuned down a bit, but it could still be used
    to rack up constant damage when need be.  His fireballs and coin punch 
    also remained relatively unchanged.  Another notable change to Mario in 
    Melee was the addition of fire to his forward Smash.  The further away a
    character was, the more damge the smash did and the further they went
    flying on impact.  Mario also obtained a wall jump.  Veterans of Melee
    also used a new ability called wave dashing, which Mario could use with
    ease.  Mario has one clone in Melee, Dr. Mario.  
    Seven years later, Mario appears in Super SMash Bros. Brawl (2008).  Just
    as before, Mario remains well balanced and players from Brawl will find
    very little change with the exception of a few special moves.  Many 
    players still consider him in the middle of most character ranks, though
    some argue that Brawl's new method of play eliminate rankings.  
    4. Why Mario?    (300)
    So, why Mario?  Mario is the only character that is perfectly balanced. 
    This gives him at least one advantage of some kind against every player
    in the game.  This makes him a great choice for both beginners and Pro's 
    alike.  He's an easy character to master with plenty of advantages.  Not
    only that, but he is Nintendo's mascot!
    ---Pro's--- (301) 
    - Mario is extremely well balanced
    - Good aerial combat
    - Cape can turn around recovering opponents
    - Cape can aid in helping Mario recover
    - Cape turns projectiles back on whoever shot them
    - FLUDD can be used in edgeguarding
    - FLUDD can be used to cancel some attacks and push projectiles
    - Has a very quick recovery
    - Can wall-jump
    - Excellent at combo's
    - Fireball can be used for approach
    - Has a decent meteor smash
    - Good at juggling opponents
    - Has a spike move
    ---Con's--- (302)  
    - Recovery is limited in distance
    - Lacks range beyond the fireball
    - Most KO's require some kind of combo set-up
    - FLUDD has some lag time
    - Forward smash has some lag time
    - FLUDD does not do damage
    - Very short grab range
    ---How to Play--- (303)
    Mario is well balanced.  That means he can be played both defensively and
    offensively.  Players who choose to use Mario will need to have some skill
    in aerial combat.  If you don't already, Mario is actually a great place to
    learn.  Mario can fit a player of almost any skill level and can fit almost
    any fighting preference, which makes him a great sub to pick up if you 
    already have a main.  
    5. Move Set ((GCN Controller)) (400)
    ---Basics--- (401)
    Tap A: Punch (Tap A three times for a quick combo)
    This is a very basic, yet effective move. The first hit does 3 damage, 
    followed by a second punch that does 2 damage and a kick that does 4 damage. 
    Together, this does a total of 9 damage. It may not seem like much at first, 
    but doing this over and over again quickly while using other moves can deal 
    a lot of damage fast.
    Tilt Forward A: Side Kick
    A basic kick that does 8 damage once. It isn't a smash move, but it will send
    the opponent forward a short way. It works well when getting ready to launch 
    a smash attack or trying to deal a bit more damage in between basic punch combo.
    Tilt Up A: Uppercut Punch
    This is a surprisingly powerful attack for something that isn't a normal 
    smash move. It sends your opponent skyward and, if damage is high enough, out 
    of the ring. It deals about 7 damage and is a nice way to start a bunch of 
    aerial combos. Using it in a Sudden Death match may be a good idea as well.
    Tilt Down A: Low kick
    A small kick that basically sends your opponent into the air a bit. It does 5 
    damage, not bad for a basic attack. Again, a great way to start aerial combos.
    After using this, use an Uppercut punch and begin a quick combo of aerial 
    Running Attack
    If you run and attack with A, Mario does a sliding kick.  It can do about 6% 
    damage if successful.  A nice way to get a quick hit in.  
    ---Smash Attacks--- (402)
    SMASH Forward A: Flame Punch
    This is one of Mario's stronger moves. Dealing about 14 damage without being 
    charged, it can send someone flying great distances. Against a character at 
    the average weight ((which is another Mario)) it will send them flying to a 
    point of no recovery at about 80 damage without charging, not bad for a 
    plumber huh? When fully charged, it delivers about 19 damage and sends the 
    average weighted character flying to the point of no recovery at 50 damage. It
    takes time to use, so make sure you have plenty of room and time to attack.
    SMASH Up A: Head-butt Smash
    Like the Flame Punch, it does 14 percent without being charged. Unlike the 
    Flame Smash, it takes about 130 percent to send someone flying. Fully charged,
    it delivers 19 percent of damage and sends someone flying at 70 percent. 
    Using it against a character like Link or Kirby is not recommended unless they
    have a lot of damage on them already. What makes this move really useful is 
    its range and how fast it strikes. Its a good move to use if you want to 
    deliver a lot damage to someone very quickly.
    SMASH Down A: Spinning Kick Smash
    This is surprisingly a bit more powerful then Mario's two previous smash's. It
    does 15 percent damage without being charged and sends someone flying at the 
    point of no recovery at 70 percent. Fully charged, it does a whopping 21 
    percent (strong for Mario) and sends someone flying at about 60 percent. A 
    very powerful move to use when surrounded by enemies, especially since it 
    strikes going both ways. Only downside is that its a bit slow.
    ---Air Attacks--- (403)
    Aerial Tap A: Kick
    A basic kick in the air. Its actually not a bad technique. Does 10% damage if
    you hit right away.  A slight delay brings it to 9% damage.  A full delay 
    delivers only 5%.  This can be used to do damage quickly or to knock around
    opponents quickly in the air.  
    Aerial Up A: Flip Kick
    This is a nice move to use in aerial combat. It does about 11 percent damage
    and can send opponents flying off the screen at high enough damages. It has
    a very wide range as well, allowing Mario to strike from almost any angle 
    above him.
    Aerial Back A: Back Kick
    A very nice move to have, does about 12 damage and can take someone by 
    surprise while jumping backwards.  It can send someone flying if their damage
    is high enough can can rack up damage quickly.  If the hit is indirrect, it
    does only 7 damage.  
    Aerial Front A: Meteor Smash
    Mario's meteor smash does 13% damage normall and can send people flying 
    downward.  If you can pull if off, makes for a great edgeguarding technique. It
    can also be used to stun people by knocking them into the ground so you can set
    up more combo's.  This attack can also be used as a spike attack rather then a
    meteor smash, doing about 10% damage when used this way.  
    Aerial Down A: Mario Tornado
    I'm happy that Nintendo finally made this easy to use and useful. Damage on 
    this ranges from 2 - 11%, depending on how many hits you can get in. Whats 
    nice about it is that the final impact is pretty tough and can potentially send
    someone flying great distances or even just stunning them. This can be used in
    approaches with with the fireball.
    ---Special Moves--- (404)
    Tap B: Fireball
    A basic fireball. It does about 5 damage. It weak by itself, but it has a
    similar effect to Mario's normal punches. At a distance, you can get damage in
    fast. It basically gives Mario a long range attack he can use to help him in
    his approach.  
    Forward B: Cape
    An excellent move and probably one of Mario's best. It has several uses. It 
    does about 7-8 damage and will not send anyone flying. However, if it strikes 
    a player, it will turn that player around in the opposite direction. This is 
    useful considering that attacking someone from behind is generally safer then
    attacking someone from the front, not to mention you just avoided a harmful 
    attack. Once turned around, use basic moves to deal more damage or a smash to 
    send them flying. Its second purpose can be used against projectiles. This 
    works well against characters like Samus, Link, and Lucario, who rely on 
    powerful long-range attacks. I will use Samus as an example here. Her fully 
    charged power beam sends just about anyone flying at the right damage. 
    However, Mario's cape can turn that around and, if Samus has enough damage, 
    send her flying instead, earning you a sneaky and easy ko. Another great use 
    is the fact it can be used as a second recovery move. If you get sent flying 
    off screen and know the coin jump will not be enough, use the cape over and 
    over again to simply hover back to the stage. Since the cape turns attacks 
    around, players will also have a harder time picking you off while trying to 
    recover, a nice little bonus.
    Up B: Coin Jump
    This attack seems useless at first glance, good for nothing but recovery. 
    Nintendo really changed that, turning it from a simple annoyance into 
    something powerful. It can deal anywhere between 1-7 damage and sends someone 
    flying off their feet and stunned. Here's what I like about it now; you can 
    send someone flying off a cliff and into the background in Sudden Death. This 
    makes it easy for Mario to win sudden death matches on stages that have a lot 
    of platforms. As I mentioned earlier, it also acts as Mario's recovery move 
    and leaves Mario helpless after use, so be careful.
    Down B: FLUDD
    SOOOOO many people complained when they first saw FLUDD did no damage. I find 
    this move to be a gift. That’s because you can, potentially, knock someone out
    with it at 0 damage (I know, I've done it). True, as an attack, it does no 
    damage. However, it can push the opponent off the platform they are standing 
    on. Target characters that are charging attacks close to the edge of a stage 
    and hit them. Since they are charging, they won't be able to recover easily. 
    It also works good while recovering, pushing powerful fighters like Ike back 
    while you land. Finally, another nice bonus is that if someone is trying to 
    recover and uses their B up, FLUDD can basically hold them in place in mid-air
    and cause them to fall. Since it does 0 damage, they won't be able to jump or 
    recover again after that. Just remember; like Samus's Power Beam and 
    Squirtle’s Watergun, it needs time to charge up. Tap the control stick back 
    and forth to dodge while charging it.
    ---Throws--- (405)
    This technique is a basic throw.  It does about 9% damage.  Its not too 
    bad for a throw, if you enemy has a high amount of damage they can go 
    flying fairly far.  You can follow up with the cape or FLUDD for a quick 
    A much better throw move then Mario's forward through.  If your opponent 
    has a high amount of damage, you can get an easy KO.  It does about 12% 
    damage.  If your enemy can still return, you can always follow up with the
    cape, FLUDD, Meteor Smash, kicks, etc. 
    Throw- Down
    Mario's weakest throw, though it can be used to create combo's against 
    heavier characters.  Does about 6% damage.  If the character is heavy 
    enough, they may still be in range for an Uppercut or a Head Smash.
    Throw- Up
    Another basic throw.  I don't use it often since I have trouble getting my
    opponent into a combo afterward, but maybe I'm just using it wrong.  Does 
    about 8% damage. 
    ---Final Smash--- (406)
    Mario Finale
    This technique looks very cool and is great for beginners to use. It basically
    is a giant fireball that hits everything in its path. It does about 22 damage 
    if your enemy is completely consumed by this wave of flames, not a bad bonus. 
    Its real strength is the fact that once it hits, its very hard to break lose. 
    Character will literally be carried off the screen and into a ko. Tips for 
    using it goes beyond aim. Rolling dodges are an easy way to dodge the Mario 
    Finale along with sidesteps and good old fashion jumping. Use it right next to
    your enemy. Even if they are behind you, they will still be sucked into the 
    attack. Also, gravity seems to not affect Mario when he uses this. Jump off 
    the ledge and use it against players who are trying to recover. Just make sure
    you can recover yourself once you release it.
    6. Mario Combo/Stage Strategies    (500)
    ---Final Smash Strategy--- (501)
    The Mario Finale puts on quite a show when it works. Unfortunately, if you 
    know how to play the game well, chances are you will know how to dodge this 
    easily. There are a few tricks you can use to get veteran players caught in 
    this storm of flames. 
    When in a 1 on 1 match, grab your opponent and throw them off the edge. If you
    can't grab them, any trick you can use to get him or her off their feet and 
    off the stage will do. This can include SMASH attacks, kicks in the air, etc. 
    Once in the air, jump off the stage to greet your opponent. Your timing can't 
    be off since they'll probably try to attack you moments later. In the air, use
    the Mario Finale right in their face. They will immediately be swept into the 
    flames. Chances are they won't come back as they are pushed off the stage. 
    Once you get the KO, use your cape to hover back to the stage and throw out a 
    final coin punch to grab the ledge and end the finale. 
    In a group match where there are 4 players, the finale is much easier to use. 
    Grab the smash ball in the chaos to obtain and, when you're close to a large 
    group, use it. The Finale can suck players into the flames when they are 
    standing relatively close to Mario. This will push them in the direction you 
    shot in and may get you a few KO's as well. Using the Finale on the edge of 
    small stages where dodging will be difficult will also work. 
    ---Advanced Combo's--- (502)
    Mario has a couple of juggling moves you're going to want to use to get
    enemies into the air.  Why do you want to get them into the air?  Well, I 
    will explain that soon.  For starters, the juggling moves.  Mario's Up tilt
    can juggle opponents and cause a lot of damage while you do so.  I've seen
    this range from about 30% - 50% (depending on weight of characters).  You 
    can also use Mario's Up smash to same effect.  This has more range to it, 
    but its power won't allow you to repeat it quite as often.  After they 
    break free of the juggle, you need to fight them in the air.  Juggling won't
    always work, occasionally your enemy won't be close enough to pull it off. 
    Mario's fireballs work nicely as a stun approach.  You could use the fireballs
    from a distance to rack up plenty of damage this way as well. 
    Yes, its all about the air game.  Keep in mind that many of Mario's KO combo's 
    revolve mostly around his air game.  Use his Down Air to take opponents into 
    combo's they will have a difficult time leaving.  His Up Air can be used to 
    rack up multiple hits agains enemies above or to either side of him.  His 
    neutral air move is nice kick you can use to send enemies flying behind or in 
    front of you.  His Back air is a powerful kick that can be used for KO's or 
    the final blow.  The meteor smash, or front air can be used as 
    both a meteor smash and a spike move.  To use the spike, make sure the hit is
    delayed a bit.  How you used these moves and in what order you decide to use
    them all depends on the situation.  A nice special Mario has in the air is 
    the cape.  The cape can be used to turn attacks around as you already know,
    hover, and turn opponents around.  The cape is normally the last move you use
    can can be used in between combos to save you.  When you knock someone off the 
    edge with the last blow, use the cape to send them in the opposite direction,
    disorienting a recovering opponent at best and sending them helpless towards 
    a KO and at worst delaying their return and giving you time to set them up
    As far as edgeguarding goes, this is where you use FLUDD.  FLUDD can be used
    to delay returns and keep people from coming back if you are good enough.  
    This could be done in so many ways.  Just be sure to perfect your aim.  Also 
    make sure that you are not left open afterwards, FLUDD does have some lag while
    being used, so watch yourself.  The cape can also be used as an edgeguarder.  
    As mentioned earlier, the cape is best used when turning around recoveries.  
    Hang on the edge of a platform and use the Cape juse before they use their
    recovering move.  If all goes well, they will either be turned around or you
    will grab the edge a second time before they can come back.  This will KO 
    them as they fall helplessly.  
    Smashes and ground strategies will have to be used as well.  Mario's best 
    smash is the down smash, which covers both sides of Mario quickly and nicely.
    You can actually use Mario's running attack to throw an enemy off their feet 
    for a moment and then launch them with the Down Smash.  This is pretty nice 
    since its quick and, for the most part, effective.  The Forward smash has a 
    lot of power, but its a bit laggy and slow.  Make sure your timing on using it
    is good, otherwise you will be combo'd by a good player.  Mario's basic attack
    is a great way to rack up quick damage when the opportunity presents itself, so
    use it whenever you see the moment.  
    ---Recovering--- (503)
    Bad stuff happens. Make sure you can come back from it in one piece. Mario's 
    recovery abilities are somewhat limited, but a creative Mario main will know 
    how to make the best of them.
    For starters, you've just been shot out and need to come back. Slow yourself 
    down by dodging and the cape and use it over and over again to hover back. 
    However, don't just fall back onto the edge. Make sure you are below it to 
    grab the ledge. Watch out for players looking to jump out and kill you instead
    of patiently waiting for you to come back. 
    Once hanging on the ledge, you get a brief invincibility, but it won't last 
    long on its own. You need to make it last longer. Let go and use the cape by 
    the edge over and over again. This will result in Mario letting go just next 
    to the ledge every time. So, when you grab back on, you're invincible. There 
    will be small windows of opportunity in between each ledge grab, but they can 
    be hard to pin if you're creative. Also, since the cape reverses projectiles 
    and players alike, don't worry about someone jumping out to the edge of the 
    stage to nail you. If you have good timing, their plan will back fire as they 
    shoot off in the wrong direction.  
    Finally, once the time is right, let go and throw up another Coin Jump. The 
    jump will knock the opponent silly and you're back on safe ground.  If you're
    good, you can bide your time and make them come after you.  The coin jump can
    bounce others off the ledge and into a knock out.  Pretty nice since you've
    just turned the situation around on them.
    One other trick worth mentioning: FLUDD moves Mario in mid-air. If at full 
    blast...you MIGHT be able to push yourself out of a one-way road to a KO. 
    I haven't mastered it yet, but it may work. 
    Characters stuck under the platform rarely come back unless they have a super 
    recovery like Metaknight, Pit, etc. Mario can create this annoying scenario 
    for an opponent if you know how to kick well. 
    If you are an advanced player, this technique will be easy for you. As someone
    is try to grab the edge, jump of the platform and kick them towards the bottom
    of the stage. This will cause them to fly under the platform with 0 chance of 
    recovery at this point. You should still be close enough to the edge to coin 
    jump to safety.
    ---Charging FLUDD--- (504)
    Excellent question. The best time to charge FLUDD up is in between KOs and 
    when you're opponent is off stage. Often times the first KO with Mario is 
    directly off the stage and FLUDD will see little use. When they fall, charge 
    up FLUDD for the next round. Then use the combo's I mentioned earlier to catch
    them at lower damages. That...OR you can knock them far enough that by the 
    time they come back, you will have charged FLUDD completely and ready for use.
    ---Bomb Juggling--- (505)
    Toon Link, Link, and Snake all have explosives they can use as items.  Mario's
    FLUDD can be used to push the bombs away from Mario.  In a 1 on 1 match, this
    doesn't help too much unless you can push the bomb back at the user.  But if 
    you can, try it.  It will really throw them off.  In a group match, its pretty
    nice since you can actually push bombs and even attacking players into groups 
    of people.  If the rules are survival, you can use that to push attacking 
    players into eachother and make your move in the chaos.  Also, its pretty 
    funny to watch.   
    ---Sudden Death--- (506)
    There are a couple of ways you could approach a sudden death scenario while 
    using Mario. Mario has a couple of moves that may give you the upper hand when
    you and your opponent are at 300% damage. 
    Depending on where you are placed at the start of the Sudden Death scenario, 
    you can do one of two things. The first one will end things in a single jump, 
    literally. Mario's coin jump finally packs enough punch to send highly damaged
    enemies flying into space if you manage to land the hit directly. You just 
    need to make sure you hit, missing could mean death afterward since the Coin 
    Jump leaves you helpless after using it. 
    The second approach is to not attack at all. As time passes, the game gets 
    tired of waiting and begins chucking bob-ombs at you to end the match. 
    However, the bob-ombs only impact inside the stage, not outside of it. If you 
    jump off the stage and use Mario's cape to float outside the explosions, grab 
    the ledge and then repeat, chances are you will last a lot longer then anyone 
    standing on the stage where the bombs are going off. Its a cheap victory, but 
    its a clever one and you should feel proud of yourself afterward. 
    ---Playing Smart--- (507)
    As I mentioned earlier, Mario is well balanced and meant to be played in a 
    variety of ways.  He can be played both defensively and offensively, so 
    try to switch up your game depending on what you need.  Play smart and be
    flexible.  Thats probably the best advice I can give.  
    ---Choosing Stages--- (508)
    ((Not including Final Destination and Battlefield))
    Keep in mind that when choosing a stage to fight on as Mario, anything without
    a ledge to grab onto may not work well. Mario has no really "Strong" and 
    "Weak" stages to fight on, but I always feel that he does better when he can 
    fight on a ledge and make use of his meteor smash, cape, FLUDD, and his 
    specials in general. Also keep in mind that stages without ledges make Mario 
    vulnerable to projectile players like Samus, Link, etc. Even though he has 
    the cape, a lot of projectiles at once are never easy to get around when you 
    have no platform above or below to use as cover.
    --Mario's Stages of Choice:
    Rainbow Cruise
    Delfino Plaza
    Yoshi's Island 2
    ---Mario's Least favorite stages:
    Hyrule Temple
    New Pork City
    Pirate Ship
    Eldin Bridge
    7. The Item Game (600)
    Items, some people love them and some people hate them.  If you have an item 
    match with Mario, here are a few tips to follow to keep Mario alive.  You're 
    going to have to put up with items at one point or another, so you better 
    know how to get around the occasional bob-omb.  
    ---Projectile Items--- (601)
    Ray guns, superscopes, Star-rods, they can all be a pain to get around if 
    someone catches you with them.  The trick is simple: Use the cape.  The cape
    can turn around the blasts of most projectile items back on their users.  
    Many of the items have a good stun ability, like the ray gun.  Once the blast
    hits, your enemy will be stunned for a few short moments.  This will be your
    chance to combo him or her.  
    ---Bouncing Explosives--- (602)
    If someone throws a bob-omb at you, throw up your shield.  Do not try to dodge
    it unless you are sure you can escape the blast zone.  With your shield up, 
    you will be bounced away.  If you're really lucky, your opponent will have
    underestimated the blast range and SD.  
    ---Hammers--- (603)
    Hammers will be tempting to grab, but I found it best to use the hammer as 
    bait instead of an item to use against someone else.  Some characters have 
    attacks that can be used to stand against hammers.  Chances are, your 
    opponent will come to the hammer.  Use the hammer as bait to draw your 
    enemy into some quick combos.  After damage is built up, grab the hammer
    and catch them off guard.  Deliver the KO hit.  Be careful, your enemy will 
    come back with a brief period of invincibility, so don't chase after them
    with the hammer until it vanishes.  
    ---Explosive Box Technique--- (604)
    Explosive boxes greatly benefit Mario.  A single fireball from Mario will 
    blow the box up and anyway caught near it will be sent flying.  Combo your 
    enemy and knock them towards the box.  Time the fireball just right and blow 
    the box up while you enemy is close to it.  This attack will be a gauranteed
    at high damage and cause a lot of damage at low damage.  
    ---FLUDD Crates--- (605)
    It does not take much to move rolling crates and barrels.  Use a full blast 
    of FLUDD to send the crate or barrel flying towards your enemy.  The rolling
    crate will push enemies off the cliff and send them straight to a KO.  The
    barrel will cause a lot of damage on impact and at high damage result in a KO.
    8. Character Match-ups    (700)
    Looking for an easy match?  These character Match-Ups should help you 
    determine who to pit Mario against.  
    ---Mario--- (701)
    In this match, you will be fighting yourself.  The man with the most skill
    in the character will win.  Keep in mind everything you learned from the 
    guide and through personal experiences with Mario.  Remember the old 
    saying "you learn more from defeat then from victory?"  From past battles
    and what I told you in this guide, you should be able to develop a good
    strategy for fighting other Mario users.
    His recovery is quick, but limited in distance.  Its also fairly 
    predictable and just as open to the cape as any other characters recovery
    is.  You also know how good Mario is in aerial, so always be on your guard
    when using combo's against a clone.  When you knock Mario out of the ring,
    do not give him a chance come back.  Jump out to greet your look-a-like
    to make recovering harder for him, but don't get killed in the process.  
    As I mentioned earlier, the coin jump lacks distance.  If you push him out
    far enough, you will be able to get a knock-out.
    ---Link--- (702)
    All I have to say is this: Do NOT let Link take advantage of his
    projectiles.  From the moment you realize Link is your opponent, you need 
    to be planning things out.  Try to pick a stage that has plenty of 
    platforms.  Even just one to allow you to jump over incoming arrows, 
    bombs, and that pesky boomerang.
    The cape will be a great tool in this battle, as you will constantly be
    using it to turn Link's smashes around and reflect projectiles back at the
    swordsman.  Links bombs cannot be reflected as easily by the cape, but 
    throwing up your shield will bounce the explosive briefly, allowing you to
    roll out of the way.  If you can get close or force Link into hand-to-hand
    combat, Mario carries a great advantage.  Link's sword is strong, true, 
    but Mario is faster and can easily bring Link into a series of combos.  
    Link's weight will allow players to juggle him using the A-Tilt + Up, or 
    Mario's uppercut.  
    Watch out when you get Link into the air: His Down-Air notoriously 
    powerful.  I would normally advise aerial combos, but if you find yourself
    in a situation where you are under link, move carefully.  Rather then try
    to jump after him, use a sidestep dodge.  This will cause Link to miss at
    the last moment and get his sword stuck in the ground.  This is your 
    chance to get in plent of combos, power hits, and other attacks to send 
    Link well out of bounds.
    Link's recovery is not the best, but it can be used in a variety of ways.
    If he uses the clawshot, jump off the edge and kick him before he zips 
    back up.  This will make him recover again or even better: bounce him off
    the stage and into a KO.  If he uses the swordspin, aim FLUDD carefully
    and use the water pump to prevent Link from grabbing the ledge.  
    ---Donkey Kong--- (703)
    Mario's first rival may look big and tough, but he's pretty easy once you
    know how to hit him.  Donkey Kong attacks and moves slower then Mario, but
    he hits hard enough to KO Mario as low as %75!  Make sure to use Mario's
    juggling and combo abilities to your advantage.  
    Also, Donkey Kong's recovery is almost completely horrizontal.  That means
    that you shouldn't be afraid to use the cape or FLUDD against the apes
    recovery.  Do not attempt a meteor smash.  While his recovery is easy to
    predict, its pretty offensive and dangerous to attempt a meteor smash 
    with.  Also, a good Donkey Kong may turn the tables and take that moment
    to Meteor smash you.  Best to stick with the cape and FLUDD.
    ---Samus--- (704)
    This bounty hunter can be a tough player to beat if player right.  She has
    plenty of projectiles to really make things tough for Mario users.  The 
    best way to defeat a samus user is to keep the cape ready and hit quick. 
    Remember: Samus is heavy.  That means that you can juggle and combo her
    a lot more easily then you would be able to a light character.  Don't get
    comfortable: Samus is pretty deadly hand-to-hand as well.  Her attacks 
    seemed aimed at juggling characters of all shapes and sizes and knocking 
    them into range of her projectiles.  
    If you do find yourself at a distance from samus, use your cape to knock
    back any projectiles that are coming at you.  Unlike Link, her main 
    projectiles can cause ko's, most notably the charged arm cannon. A good
    Samus will use both missiles to deal damage and disrupt your attacks
    before releasing the big guns.  Use fireballs to disrupt her own attacks 
    and do your best to get close again.  If she has a fully charged arm 
    cannon, don't panic.  When fired, deflect it with the cape.  If Samus is 
    at high damage, she will go flying.
    ---Yoshi--- (705)
    Yoshi is one of the more bizzare characters is the Smash Brothers series.
    This can be both a good and bad thing for anyone using Mario.  Allow me to
    explain why its more of a good thing.
    First, the bad.  Yoshi's second jump leaves him insanely defensive.  The
    cape will not work during this jump.  It will do damage, but Yoshi will 
    not be turned around.  Thats it for the bad.  
    The good is that Yoshi has no third recovery.  Thats on top of being very
    light.  You can knock Yoshi very far, force him to use his jump, and then
    after the jump ends you can use FLUDD, the cape, aerial attacks, or any 
    of Mario's attacks to push the dinosaur away from the edge.  This makes
    Yoshi one of the easiest characters to knock out in the game.  
    The only thing I really need to warn you about is Yoshi's special moves.  
    Each seems geared at making Yoshi very defensive.  You'll need to play
    your combo moves smart and have a some patience.  
    ---Fox/Falco--- (706)
    The duo is still considered to be at the top of many of the ranking lists 
    despite Brawl having toned down their moves a bit.  I can't gaurantee a 
    flawless strategy to beat the two, but I can give you a couple tips you can 
    use to combat a good Fox or Falco user.  
    First: Do NOT let yourself be grabbed by Falco.  Falco has a devastating
    chain grab that could end the match if used by a good player.  Watch
    yourself and time your rolls perfectly.
    Second: Like Wolf, Fox and Falco's recoveries are pretty predictable.  
    Unlike wolf, they are much faster.  You need to have a good eye and
    patience to stop them from coming back.  If they decide to use B-forward
    recovery, use FLUDD and aim perfectly.  FLUDD will stop them in mid-air
    and push them back to where they came from.  If they use the jet pack, or
    B-Up, FLUDD is once again an option.  However, I find the cape and 
    fireballs to be more effective at stopping that particular special.
    As I mentioned, Fox and Falco will probably be two of Mario's toughest
    opponents, but they can be beat with a little patience and strategy.  
    ---Ike--- (707)
    Ike is one of the hardest hitters in the game.  He's powerful and many 
    players find him annoying and cheap.  Beginners will excel with Ike, often
    sending characters flying with a few hits.  However, Mario players should
    find Ike to be one of the easiest match-up.  
    Keep in mind that Ike is very slow.  Mario players should, by instinct, 
    use the rolling dodge a lot.  For starters, use Mario's fireballs to begin
    your approach.  Time Ike's hits and roll behind the heavy swordsman.  Use 
    Mario's superior speed to Ike to get in quick hits and smashes to deliver 
    damage.  Watch out for Ike's counter attack, as he willautomatically turn 
    in Mario's direction and end whatever combo you started. Beware: Ike can 
    KO Mario at low damage, so watch yourself.  
    Ike is heavy, so he won't go flying long distances easily.  Once off the 
    edge, you can do one of two things.  First, if Ike is too far away to use
    his B+Up, then he will like use his B+Forward special to fly back to the 
    platform.  Take out your cape and turn him around mid-flight.  Don't be 
    afraid to jump off the platform to accomplish this.  Mario is a great in 
    the air should be able to get back to the stage.  
    If Ike is directly under the platform, Use FLUDD.  Shoot Ike as he is seen
    flying up and you will push him away from the platform.  Chances are he 
    won't grab the ledge and he will fall helplessly to a knock out
    ---Wolf--- (708)
    Wolf is the heaviest Fox clone in the game.  Despite being heavier then 
    Fox and Falco, he is still pretty agile and shouldn't be underestimated.
    However, Wolf's recovery is among the easiest in the game to predict and 
    probably the easiest move for Mario to use the cape the against.  Players 
    should take great advantage of this. 
    To start, watch out for Wolfs smash attack.  Its quick and be spammed for 
    a lot of damage.  His laser is the same way.  While it doesn't travel as
    far as Fox and Falco's laser, its still powerful and has a good
    disruption ability, which could ruin a lot of Mario's combos.  To start 
    the approach, jump towards Wolf and throw fireballs at him.  Since you're 
    jumping, it will be difficult for wolf's reflector to bounce back the 
    fireballs.  As I mentioned before, the fireball is Mario's disruptor and 
    can be spammed if need be.  Once close enough to Wolf, waste no time in
    beginning a combo.  Remember that Wolf is still pretty fast and if you
    aren't quick, you may find yourself on the receiving end of the attack.  A
    nice way to end things would be with a throw.  If you get the chance, grab
    Wolf and throw him off the ledge.  
    Once off the ring, watch Wolf carefully.  After his jump, he will begin  
    his recovery move.  There's going to be some delay beforehand.  Thats when
    you strike.  Use the cape to turn him around and he will shoot off in the
    opposite direction.  With no chance of recovery, Wolf will fall into a KO
    ---Captain Falcon--- (709)
    ((FALCON PUNCH!   ...Sorry))
    The captains powerful punch will not save him from Mario.  Mario can 
    easily defeat Capt. Falcon.  Use fireballs to approach and offer up 
    quick combo's before Captain Falcon can even attack.  Remember: 
    captain Falcon is a quick runner...but has VERY slow attacks.  So, while
    he can fly back and forth at incredible speeds, his attack delivery is 
    slow enough for Mario to deliver combo's.
    Use the leg sweep and head smash have a good range, so if the Captain
    tries rolling behind you, just use these moves to catch him off guard.  
    Captain Falcon is also fairly heavy, so, just like Link, you can juggle 
    him in the air with the A-Tilt + Up.  
    Once off the edge, Captain Falcon has two recoveries, neither of which are
    any good.  Both can be easily reflected by the cape and both will leave
    Captain Falcon plummeting with no recovery.  
    Also: all these tricks work on Ganondorf.  
    ---Pit--- (710)
    Probably one of the hardest characters in the game to KO.  In fact, Mario
    is not a very good match up for Pit users.  Still, if you're feeling
    brave, I have a few ideas that could help you out.
    This next trick should be useful to any character you use.  Pit's B+Up can
    be disrupted at any point and by any attack.  Further more: he won't be
    able to use it again.  First: use a Meteor Smash to send Pit flying below
    the stage.  He's light, so with enough damage, he'll go pretty far.  Jump
    back to the stage to get more jump power and watch Pit.  If his wings glow
    blue, jump off the stage and throw a fireball.  This will end Pits return.
    Pit will still be able to move, but don't let that deceive you.  The angel
    will be able to use every move EXCEPT his B+up again for a little while.  
    This will leave Pit falling with no descent recovery.  
    You need to remember that in a lot of stages Pit can actually fly UNDER
    the stage and to the other side.  So just because you sent Pit off in one
    direction does not mean he will be recovering there.  Pit's arrows can
    also circle in the air around you, which could be used to disrupt combo's.
    Be prepared for anything when facing Pit.  
    ---Bowser--- (711)
    Mario's arch enemy and one of the main villains of the game, Bowser, is 
    also one of the easiest characters to defeat when using Mario.  It seems
    that even in Super Smash Brothers, King Koopa will always be beat by the
    heroic plumber!  
    For starters, remember that Bowser is very slow.  This means that you can 
    get in plenty of combo's and attacks before Bowser can even begin his 
    attack.  Watch out for Bowser's fire breathe.  While not Bowser's best
    attack, it can disrupt combo's and leave you wide open for attack.  
    Rolling works well against Bowser, as each of his moves have some kind of
    lag to them and it will be difficult for the tyrant to turn around.  The
    uppercut punch is a great move to use against Bowser.  As before, he can
    be juggled for easy combos.  Follow up with flip kicks and other aerial
    combo's and you're good.  Bowser may be heavy, but he's easy to launch off
    the stage with Mario.  Just keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't
    get into recovery range.  If he does, meteor smashes, the cape, and FLUDD
    all work well at stopping him.
    Once you win, take off your hat in a taunt and go on to save the Princess.
    All in a days work for a plumber.
    9. Subspace Emissary (800)
    The Subspace Emissary is the main adventure mode within the game of Super
    Smash Bros. Brawl.  Players must navigate through a series of mazes and
    boss fights from the Nintendo world.  This section will contain everything
    relating to Mario from the Subspace Emissary.
    ---Cutscenes--- (801)
    1.  The World of Trophies
    2.  Mario beats Kirby
    3.  Kirby beats Mario
    4.  Pit Watches From Above
    5.  Attack on the Stadium
    6.  The Ancient Minister
    7.  Peach is Taken
    8.  Zelda is Taken
    9.  Mario and Pit Meet
    10. The Arwings Pursuit
    11. Ancient Minister Escapes
    12. False Zelda Battles Mario
    13. Mario's Misunderstanding
    14. Link's Misunderstanding
    15. King Dedede Nabs Mario
    16. King Dedede Nabs Link
    17. The Caverns Entrance
    18. King Dedede's Castle
    19. Bowser Kidnaps Peach
    20. Bowser Kidnaps Zelda
    21. Hidden Castle Passage
    22. The Five Warriors
    23. The Entrance to Subspace
    24. The Ruinous Defeat
    25. The World Returns
    ---Mario's Story--- (802)
    The game begins with Mario and Kirby fighting in a large arena.  It is a
    friendly fight in which both competitors are fightings.  If you choose Mario,
    Mario wins the fight and defeats Kirby.  This turns Kirby into a statue,
    but Mario turns him back to normal.  The two shake hands and the adventure 
    Soon after, A dark force is unleashed on the stadium.  Wario attacks with an 
    army of primids and the assistance of Petey Piranha.  Depending on who you
    save, Peach or Zelda are kidnapped by the greedy Wario and Mario is knocked
    into Skyworld.  He remains there until Pit saves.  The two then set off
    to save the kidnapped princess and stop whatever evil is unfolding.
    Kirby manages to keep the princess that wasn't kidnapped safe.
    However, after being taken off guard, the remaining princess is also taken
    and a false copy is made.  If Zelda is the false copy, you fight her as
    Mario and Pit.  If Peach is the false copy, you fight her as Link and Yoshi.
    This leads to Mario and Link's encounter.  The two mistake the other for an
    enemy.  However, quick thinking made by Kirby as King Dedede attempts to 
    interfere unites five hero's to form an unstoppable team.  
    Mario, Link, Pit, Yoshi, and Kirby now embark on a quest to rescue both
    princcesses, find the source of the evil army, and save their world from
    At the end of their journey, the five heroes and the rest of the Smash
    Brothers fighters team up to fight Tabuu.  To do so, they must travel 
    through the great maze.  They are then joined Sonic and bring an end to 
    the evil being.
    ---Basic Strategy--- (803)
    Playing through subspace is a lot different from competitive play.  For 
    starters, your opponents don't die from flying off the stage.  Each one 
    requires you to do so much damage before they finally fall.  Only in 
    select boss fights will the traditional Smash Bros. play be brought in.
    To beat the game with Mario in SSE, you must master combos that allow you 
    to do a great deal of damage quickly and efficiently.  The best way to do
    this is to power-up your fireballs, punches, kicks, and head smash.  
    Unlike previous smash titles, Super Smash Brothers Brawl allows you to use 
    Stickers on fighters.  These stickers will power-up a characters abilities
    depending on the sticker was.  Some Stickers can only be used for certain
    characters while others can be used on anyone. With Mario, make sure you
    use a balance of stickers that increase his fireballs and physical attacks.
    Remember: Once a sticker is added, it can't be taken off and put away again.
    If you remove a sticker, its gone for good until you find it again, so make
    sure you choose wisely. 
    Use fireballs to destroy enemies that are difficult to get close to.  
    This will keep Mario safe and at low damage so he's fit to fight against
    bosses.  Also boost his hand-to-hand attacks to help score damage against
    enemies that are best handled in close range fighting.  If you have room,
    add smaller stickers that increase the effectiveness of food and other
    health related items.  Again, this will increase the odds of Mario making
    it through the stage and you not losing a life.
    Keep in mind that some stickers make the odds of a trophy stand, sticker
    book, or other useful items appear more often.  If you're going through 
    the SSE a second time, use these to help clean up any unlockables you may
    have remaining.  
    10. Stadium   (900)
    ---Targets--- (901)
    The target test in Super Smash Brothers Brawl has been a little bit differently
    when compared to previous games.  For starters, each character no longer has
    his or her own target maps.  There are now only 5 target maps, each one made
    to be approached by each character and in a variety of different ways.  This
    takes away a lot the strategy that went into trying to beat them all.  There 
    may be a couple of places you may find trouble, though.  
    -Level 1- (901A)
    An easy level.  You can approach this in a variety of ways.  The easiest is to
    keep moving forward and break all the targets in your way.  Its not hard.  
    -Level 2- (901B)
    Similar to before, only the targets a little bit spread out.  Jump up and break
    the first two targets using kicks.  Grab the smart bomb and throw it above you.
    This will destroy a small group of targets at the top right-hand corner of the 
    stage.  Move on and destroy the targets in the air.  You will come across a 
    rolling crate.  Throw a fireball at it or just throw it in front of you.  It
    will roll down a hill and destroy the targets below you.  Jump up and then 
    finish the stage.  
    -Level 3- (901C)
    This is a little tricky.  The level is pretty big and there will be a variety
    of items for you to use.  All you really need to worry about is the big gap 
    below you once you approach the targets towards the bottom of the screen.  
    Make good use of the ray gun the provide you to shoot targets safely without
    having to jump out and hit them.  This level is pretty simple if you can jump
    well and Mario naturally has good aerial, so you should be good to go.  
    -Level 4- (901D)
    This is a bit tricky.  The level is probably the biggest of the target tests. 
    There are no items around to assist you this time, so you will have to rely on 
    Mario's natural moveset to win.  First, jump to the right and wait for a target
    there.  Many of the targets here move through the ice, so keep your eyes open.
    Break the first target there and then continue through the stage.  When you
    reach the bottom, there will be a gap you have jump and a target in the middle.
    Throw a fireball at the target, don't attempt to break with a kick.  Its harder
    to grab the ledge if there's ice and this entire stage is ice.  After you break
    that target, finish the stage.  The last target takes a bit of skill to reach,
    but you should be able to get it with the coin jump.  Remember to use the cape
    to help give you that extra boost to reach it.  
    -Level 5- (901E)
    This is the final stage.  To start off, jump up and use a flip kick to destroy
    the target above you.  Then walk over to the edge and throw a fireball at the 
    target that hovers just off the stage.  After you get those first too, jump 
    over and grab the cannon that sits on a nearby platform.  Carefully hover down
    and shoot any target in your aim.  Remember you have to tap quickly to turn 
    around with the cannon.  The elevator of platforms eventually leads to spikes,
    so be careful.  There will be another target at the bottom left of the stage 
    just off the ledge.  Throw the cannon at it.  Continue to the right and finish
    the level.  Remember: your cap can go through the walling and hit the right-
    most target.  You can finish off the last two targets that sit in the middle
    of the stage just above that hole by throwing the beamsword at them.  It will
    bounce and hit each target perfectly.  
    ---Multi-Man Brawl--- (902)
    The new enemies in multi-man brawl are just as weak as they were before.  You 
    need to remember that many of Mario's aerial moves are key to winning these 
    In each one of the fights, Mario's Down Air and Coin jump can quickly send
    enemies flying into the sky.  Mario's Down Smash, Up Smash, and Up Tilt are
    all just as effective as well if you plan on winning from the ground.  
    Endurance is key in these fights, never leave yourself open.  The enemies like
    to attack in mobs, so try to keep fighting at all times.  
    Items are always on in these fights.  Use the items strategically.  I found it
    best to throw mines, sticky bombs, and explosive crates out of bounds to
    prevent being blown up.  Throw bumpers and smart bombs close to where enemies 
    spawn to make sure they die the moment they set foot into battle.  The blasts 
    from the ray gun result in a one-hit kill, so if you find one don't hesistate
    to grab it.  The fan is also pretty useful in timed matches.  You can spam it
    to keep a group of enemies caught in the fan for as long as you want.  
    Every 25 enemies you kill in some modes will result in a normal CPU player
    appearing.  This may seem cheap, but place yourself at the point that the
    CPU spawns.  Spam the up or down smash over and over again and chances are
    you will get the knock-out before the CPU player has any chance to attack.
    Cruel Brawl is a bit different since this time, you are the one who is weak.
    Don't let the odds get to your head.  Remember your enemies weakness.  They
    can't recover after their jump and they can't pick up items.  Knowing this, 
    lead them off the cliff.  They will probably follow you or gather on the edge.
    Just kicks and other edge-hog moves to try to get them below you.  All you need
    to KO is 10 in this mode in order to get the checkmark on the list.  
    ---Homerun Contest--- (903)
    The homefun contest is a little bit different then it was in Melee.  There is a
    new barrier around the stage which can allow for more damage.  Pick up the bat
    and throw it at the sandbag.  This is the quickest way to rack up damage when 
    using Mario.  The Cape can also be used in the air as it falls.  Make sure
    you are holding the bat when it falls and swing.  To be honest, Mario isn't the
    best character for this mode.  Fox is probably the best character to use here.
    ---Boss Battles--- (904)
    The best advice I can give here is know the bosses and play it smart.  Never 
    get too close for too long.  You will take damage if you get too comfortable.
    You only get 3 heart containers, so use them wisely.  I would save one of the
    hearts for the Tabuu fight.  When fighting Tabuu, make sure you have mastered
    all your dodges.  Tabuu can knock you out with one hit in many cases.  If you
    lose once, you have to start all over again.  
    11. Extra's    (EXT)
    ---Trophies--- (E01)
    These are the trophies earned when you beat the game on Classic and All-Star 
    -Classic Trophy
    Description: "A familiar overall-clad figure who is Nintendo's flagship 
    character. His courage and jumping ability have seen him through countless 
    adventures. He's a multitalented plumber with the knowledge of a physician, a 
    top-notch golfer, and a veteran tennis umpire. Is his jumping prowess a boon 
    from his girder-climbing days?"
    -All-Star Trophy
    Mario Finale
    Description: "Mario with a smash ball unleashes his ultimate attack. The twin 
    dragons of flame he releases wallop all characters in range. The flames spread
    up and down, so its best to release from the edge of the screen at the 
    appropriate height. His flaming eyes are proof of his excitement for this 
    explosive attack."
    ---Costumes--- (E02)
    -Standard Mario:
    The famous red cap, red shirt, and blue overalls the plumber is famous for 
    -Fire Mario:
    This is a new addition, the costume Mario gets after grabbing a fire flower. 
    Like in the Super Mario Bros. series, Mario will be wearing a white cape, 
    white shirt, and red overalls.
    -Standard Mario Inverted:
    Things get a bit plain after Fire Mario. The first color swap is just Mario's 
    standard costume inverted, blue cap, blue shirt, and red overalls. Kind of 
    reminds me of the old days where Mario's shirt was blue and overalls were red.
    -Wario Costume:
    Mario looks a bit like Wario. Yellow cap, yellow shirt, and purple overalls. 
    Might as well just play as Wario now, though.
    -"Dark" Mario.
    Not really dark Mario, just darker clothing. Mario gets a black-dark brown cap
    and overalls and a white shirt underneath. Even though Mario did have this 
    costume in the last game (correct me if I'm wrong) Nintendo sure has added 
    a lot of darker costumes this time around, huh?
    -Luigi-sorta Mario
    Not really Luigi's attire...but close if you haven't unlocked Luigi yet. Green
    cap, green shirt, and yellow overalls. If the overalls were blue, it would be 
    right on.
    ---Taunts--- (E03)
    Taunt 1:
    Yes, plural, as in more then one. Mario now has 3 taunts to choose from like 
    most other SSBB characters. His first taunt is activated by pressing up on the
    D Pad (control pad). Its his classic taunt in which he grows large, as if he 
    just ate a mega mushroom, and then shrinks again.
    Taunt 2:
    The second taunt is activated by pressing left or right on your D pad. When 
    you do this, Mario takes off his cap in respect for the crowd, his opponent, 
    and himself. Its a pretty cool taunt to do after you send someone off the 
    Taunt 3:
    This one is funny. Its activated by pressing down on the D pad. Mario spins 
    in the air, doing a 360 a couple of times, then falls on his back with his 
    feet in the air. If you want to get a quick laugh after a ko, use this. This 
    taunt actually comes from the Donkey Kong arcade. When Mario dies, he 
    performs this taunt only in 8 Bit. 
    ---Snake Codec--- (E04)
    Colonel: Snake, do you know who that is?
    Snake: You're kidding, right?  It's Mario.
    Colonel: Mario made his first appearance in 1981, and since then he has become
    a worldwide phenomenon. There's probably not a single person who doesn't know
    Mario, he's that famous.
    Snake: Good thing I survived long enough to meet him on the field of battle,
    Colonel: This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, snake.  Now get out there and 
    show him what you're made of.  No regrets.
    Snake: Got it.
    12. Credits    (END)
    I hope this guide was useful for you on some way. It was one of my first 
    times attempting to make a guide, but I think I did ok. If you have any 
    comments, suggestions, noticed a mistake, or just want to say something in 
    general, you can send me an e-mail at aac900@gmail.com.
    Thanks for reading my guide, I look forward to brawling with you soon!
    Writer: MarioGamer
    Nintendo: For Making Brawl
    Wikipedia: For some little known facts on Mario
    Super Smash Bros: For being an awesome game
    Host Sites: www.neoseeker.com, www.allisbrawl.com, mariogamerac.conforums.com,
    and www.gamefaqs.com
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    You, the reader. You rock, seriously, you're awesome

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