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    Princess Peach by scarlet_puppy

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    Princess Peach FAQ
    Written by scarlet_puppy 2008
    Completely revamped in 2009
    1) The Legal Stuff
    2) Why pick Princess Peach?
    3) Peach's Pros and Cons.
    4) Peach’s attacks.
    4a) Standard Attacks.
    4b) Smash Attacks.
    4c) Special Attacks.
    4d) Throws.
    4e) Aerial Attacks.
    4f) Final Smash.
    5) Changes from Melee to Brawl
    6) Combos
    7) Taunts.
    8) Costumes.
    9) Key Tactics and Tips
    10) Advanced Techniques
    11) Vs. Strategies.
    - Bowser
    - Captain Falcon
    - Diddy Kong
    - Donkey Kong
    - Falco
    - Fox
    - Ganondorf
    - Ice Climbers
    - Ike
    - Jigglypuff
    - King Dedede
    - Kirby
    - Link
    - Lucario
    - Lucas
    - Luigi
    - Mario
    - Marth
    - Meta Knight
    - Mr Game and Watch
    - Ness
    - Olimar
    - Peach
    - Pikachu
    - Pit
    - Pokemon Trainer
    - R.O.B
    - Samus
    - Sheik
    - Snake
    - Sonic
    - Toon Link
    - Wario
    - Wolf
    - Yoshi
    - Zelda
    - Zero Suit Samus
    12) How do I go about fighting Peach?
    13) Role in Subspace Emissary
    13a) Storyline 1
    13b) Storyline 2
    14) Miscellaneous Trivia
    15) Credits.
    1) The Legal Stuff.
    Feel free to print off this FAQ for your own use. However, this FAQ 
    may not be reproduced under circumstance other than private use. It may not be 
    placed on any site other than GameFAQs or otherwise distributed publicly 
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or 
    on any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. If 
    you see this on any other site, then contact me at mcihardy@yahoo.co.uk to let 
    OK, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on to the 
    actual FAQ.
    2) Why pick Princess Peach?
    Personally, I don't think Peach is given enough credit. Very few people seem 
    to use her in Brawl. Some have been put off of her because some of her moves 
    got toned down since Melee, but don't let that fool you. Peach is still a 
    solid fighter if you know how to use her, and she's a very unique and unusual 
    character by Brawl standards. Also, since not many people play against Peach 
    you have the advantage of a lot of people not knowing the match-up too well. 
    Anyway, I hope that this guide encourages you to pick up Peach if you are 
    considering her, or if you already play Peach, that this guide helps you to 
    learn her better.
    Let's get started, shall we?
    3) Peach's Pros and Cons
    If you're looking for a character like Mario who's generally well 
    Balanced in all areas, then Peach isn't the character for you. Peach is one of 
    those characters that has some massive strengths, but also some large 
    weaknesses as well. The key to playing well with Peach (and just about any 
    character, really) is to use her skills to your advantage as much as possible, 
    while working around her weaknesses so that they impact you as little as they 
    possibly can. Here is a list of her main pros and cons.
    Pros: - The ability to float: Peach's ability to float is definitely a 
    blessing, and not even one in disguise. By holding down the jump button, you 
    can hover in the air for around four seconds. She can float at any point in 
    the air, even if that's only a couple of inches off th eground. It's also 
    worth noting that Peach is the only character that can do this. As explained 
    later in the guide, this has massive advantages, helping her to combo, recover 
    and approach in all situations.
    - Very fast attacks: The majority of Peach's attacks are fast, and usually 
    have little start-up and ending lag. Some moves start up in as little as 2 
    frames (jab and Nair). This applies to tilts, smashes and aerials. This means 
    that she can easily rack up damage on her opponent and interrupt slower 
    characters with ease.
    - Good combo/juggle ability: Peach is one of the few characters in this game 
    with good combos. Most of her combos involve Dairs and her 
    Tilts, and to some extent her throws too, and she is able to bring most 
    characters up to about 30-40% with ease.
    - Turnips: Peach yields what is arguably the most versatile projectile in the 
    game. Unlike most projectiles, you pick it up and carry it like an item. The 
    amount of uses this has is down to your imagination really. It can be used for 
    edgeguarding, for pressuring, mindgames, racking up damage, camping and 
    approaching via Glide Tossing. You also have a low chance of picking up a 
    sword, bomb or Mr. Saturn, or a 'Stitchface' that does massive damage and good 
    knockback, even if items are turned off.
    - Great aerials: Peach's air game, when combined with floating, can be 
    devastating. Nair and Bair are quick and powerful, and can be comboed into 
    easily. Fair is debatably Peach's best killing move, and Dair is a brilliant 
    combo attack. Add to this that her aerials can be auto-cancelled to make them 
    nearly unpunishable and you've got one sweet air game.
    - Her air game and ground game complement each other: Thanks to 
    Peach's auto-float, the advantages of her ground game and air game can be 
    mixed up with devastating consequences. For example, she can use one of her 
    high priority aerials to attack her opponent, cancel her float and land back 
    on the ground, and if they try and counter-attack, you canimmediately use a 
    tilt or smash to send them away.
    - Great at edgeguarding: Peach is also a supreme edgeguarder. With some 
    characters, you can toss turnips at them to send them further from the stage. 
    If you want to be more risker, try floating off the stage and using Nair or 
    Fair. If it hits, then it's certain death for them. This can help kill 
    opponents at early percents.
    - Fantastic horizontal recovery: Peach has many resources for recovering 
    horizontally. For a start, she can float, which in most cases can get you back 
    to the stage on its own. However, if you have used your float already, if you 
    have some height, you can use Peach Bomber to get back. If you need to get 
    some vertical height as well as horizontal, her parasol will work perfectly. 
    Essentially, if you need to recover horizontally, and you do not die 
    initially, she WILL get back to the stage.
    - Chaingrabbing: Peach has a limited chaingrab on heavy and fast-falling 
    characters. It's nowhere near as good as the likes of Ice Climbers and King 
    Dedede, but it can still rack up a good amount of damage (sometimes over 30%) 
    and can be followed up immediately with a FTilt or UTilt for extra damage.
    - Effective close-up game: Peach is a formidably fighter in close quarters. 
    Because many of her moves have little lag, and do decent damage, she can keep 
    the pressure on at close range with ease. She also has decent priority, and as 
    such she can interrupt opponents pretty well overall.
    Cons: - Floaty: Peach falls very slowly, which is a double-edged sword. Though 
    aiding her aerial game, it also leaves her more susceptible to being juggled 
    in the air, and also it means she suffers more vertical knockback, making her 
    easy to star KO.
    - Lightweight: Peach is one of the lighter characters in the game.
    Not Jigglypuff light, but she gets knocked back quite a bit by powerful 
    attacks, so you have to be careful, otherwise you'll find yourself dying quite 
    - Bad ground mobility: Though her air mobility is great due to floating, her 
    ground mobility is not. Her walk and dash are both very slow, and ground 
    floating is not very fast either due to her slower air speed since Melee. To 
    be honest, this isn't really a big problem, but it's still something to be 
    aware of.
    - Poor vertical recovery: Though her horizontal recovery is up there with the 
    best in Brawl, her vertical recovery is among the worst.
    Although you get a decent amount of vertical distance from your parasol, you 
    have to almost entirely rely on it for vertical recovery, because her second 
    jump is the shortest in the game. This means that if you get Meteor Smashed, 
    you're usually screwed.
    - Lacks killing power: Although Peach has no trouble whatsoever racking up 
    damage, finishing off your opponent can be quite tough, and this is arguably 
    her biggest flaw. Peach's best kill moves are USmash, FSmash and Fair. 
    However, USmash has to be sweetspotted to do much kncokback (and on some 
    opponents this is very difficult) and FSmash only has good killing power when 
    she pulls out the golf club or tennis racket (and even then you have to 
    sweetspot the tennis racket). Finally, her Fair is predictable and has 
    noticeable start-up lag. Overall, Peach has a tough time killing her opponent.
    - Limited range: Peach's long range game is somewhat limited, since she can 
    only really use her turnips when going long range. Her Peach Bomber has nice 
    range, but cannot be used much unless you enjoy getting punished. This fact is 
    very important against sword wielders like Marth and Ike.
    4) Peach’s attacks.
    I will now describe Peach's moves, what they do, and what they are good for. 
    Obviously some moves are more useful than others, but no move is completely 
    useless. A good player can utilise any move's good points and use it to their 
    advantage, and in order to do that you have to know what the move does first.
    The attacks will be described in this format:
    Button Combination - Name of Attack
    Description: What Peach does when doing the move
    Damage dealt: The amount of damage it causes (duh!).
    Killing Percent: The percentage at which it kills Mario
    (it's lower for light weights and higher for heavies).
    Pros: Good points about the move
    Cons: Bad points about the move
    Analysis: What is this move good for?
    Notes: - The damage dealt section ignores Stale Move Negation
    - The Killing Percent assumes you are at the middle of Final Destination, and 
    that you have kept the move perfectly fresh.
    - If the Kill Percent is written as LOL that means that it will
    never, ever kill in a normal match, though I've listed the percent
    anyway just so you know how it goes.
    - Only Peach's special moves have official names. Everything else
    was given a name that I felt described it well.
    4a) Standard Attacks.
    Neutral A- Double Slap
    Description: Peach does two swift slaps across her opponent's face (ah, the 
    Damage dealt: 3% for each slap (6% total)
    Killing Percent: First slap: N/A (set knockback)
    Second slap: LOL (around 450% I think....)
    Pros: - Comes out really quickly (in two frames!)
    - Good range on the second slap
    - Great for interrupting your opponent's rhythm
    - Has very little lag (making it difficult to punish)
    - Can lead into a grab (and sometimes a chaingrab)
    - Great priority for a jab (stops most projectiles)
    Cons: - Does little damage
    - Has no killing power whatsoever
    Analysis: This is a very useful and versatile move. It's great for getting 
    your opponent out of your face, and it can also lead to a grab afterwards, 
    which on some characters is very useful. It can also stop you getting grabbed, 
    which against some characters is vital. And since it's quick you can't really 
    punish it. By jab standards it also has very nice priority, allowing it to 
    clank with a number of projectiles. Also, this move's low knockback may mean 
    that you can get in another hit before they have time to react. Also, this 
    move is good for refreshing your kill moves because it's fast and hits twice. 
    However, this move isn't really very powerful knockback or damage wise, so 
    don't think you'll be getting any KOs with it. Still, overall, this is a great 
    move that you should use whenever you don't know what to do or if you want to 
    refresh some of your stale moves.
    DTilt (down tilt)- Ground Sweep
    Description: Peach sweeps her hand along the floor
    Damage dealt: 10%
    Killing Percent: 170%
    Pros: - Good range
    - Great at shield stabbing
    - A good launcher and combo move
    - Can Meteor Smash (though it's very hard to do)
    Cons: - Not much knockback
    - Noticeable start-up lag
    - Can be quite predictable
    Analysis: An underused and underappreciated attack. Yes, it is often quite 
    predictable, but that's only if you use it too often.
    When thrown out occasionally, it's very useful. At low percentages, this move 
    can combo into FSmash or UTilt, and at higher percents, it can still make a 
    decent launcher, albeit not quite as effective as FTilt. It is also one of 
    Peach's best ranged moves, and can be used to shield stab. There are also a 
    couple of ATs involving it (more on this later). Finally, it has the potential 
    to Meteor Smash opponents. It's extremely situational, but if your opponent 
    doesn't sweetspot the edge, this move has a small chance of sending them 
    straight downwards. Overall, I would say this is a decent move to use, and one 
    that deserves more respect than it gets.
    FTilt (forward tilt)- Can-Can Kick
    Description: Peach kicks her leg upwards at a 180 degree angle.
    Damage dealt: 6%, 10%, 11% or 13% (depending on which hitbox you connect with)
    Killing Percent: 135%, 165% or 180% (depending on where it hits)
    Pros: - A great launcher
    - Good for comboing at low percents
    - Comes out quickly
    - Decent knockback at close range
    - Good vertical range
    Cons: - Low damage and knockback at long range
    - Noticeable ending lag
    Analysis: This is another very nice attack in Peach's arsenal. This move has 
    little start-up time (6 frames), and also at low percents this is a very 
    useful combo move, linking into various aerials and tilts. At medium percents, 
    it still makes a great launcher, even better than DTilt. This move is also a 
    useful anti-air move since it has good vertical range and there are multiple 
    hitboxes, though the weaker hitboxes aren't quite as useful overall. In fact, 
    FTilt even makes a nice kill move on lighter characters (provided that you 
    kept it fresh, of course). The biggest problem with this move is that it has a 
    fair bit of ending lag, making it quite easy to punish if it misses. However, 
    at close range, this is probably one of your best options, and also it's handy 
    for opponents who like to stay in the air a lot.
    UTilt (up tilt)- Heart Blast
    Description: Peach raises her hand and releases a giant heart 
    cloud above her
    Damage dealt: 13%
    Killing Percent: 150%
    Pros: - Fast and has little lag
    - Has an extremely disjointed hitbox
    - Incredibly high priority
    - Tons of vertical range
    - Can stop ANY Dair in the game (though the timing is quite difficult on some 
    - Makes a great follow-up move after a launcher
    - Decent vertical knockback
    Cons: - Not much horizontal range
    Analysis: Woah, hold on a second. This move wasn't in Melee!
    Indeed, this is Peach's brand new UTilt. But was it added for the best? Let's 
    put it this way: replacing her old UTilt with this is like exchanging a 
    quarter for $10.
    What can I say? This move is fantastic! It's disjointed, incredibly ranged and 
    provides perfect defense against almost anything that's coming down from above 
    you. It's also fast and doesn't have much lag afterwards. Plus you can abuse 
    it as much as you want, because regardless of the decay it gets, it still has 
    godly priority and range overall. This move should be used with any 
    opportunity that you get, and it is also good as a follow-up move for combos. 
    It also has some surprise factor since a lot of people expect USmash instead. 
    Also, if you keep this move fresh, like FTilt it can make a decent substitute 
    killer. It's not quite broken, but it's definitely overpowered. This could 
    have been perhaps the best UTilt in the game if it weren't for one character 
    Dash Attack- Palm Push
    Description: Peach pushes forward (strangely it does two hits...)
    Damage dealt: 4% for each hit (8% overall)
    Killing Percent: First hit: LOL (700%...)
    Second hit: 235% (good luck getting it to hit at that percentage,
    Pros: - Can make a nice occasional surprise attack
    - A fairly good combo starter at low percentages
    - Re-catches turnips if you've thrown them already
    Cons: - Poor damage
    - Very, very little knockback
    - At higher percentages, the first hit pushes the opponent too far away to be 
    hit by the second part of the attack
    - Leaves you vulnerable if shielded
    - Not much range for a dash attack
    Analysis: I'll be honest: this move isn't that great. It can be useful if used 
    once or twice at low percentages, because it can make a fairly good combo 
    starter, and is often unexpected, but if you use it too often then you'll most 
    likely get shieldgrabbed for it. And once you get over 120% or so, the first 
    hit of the move hits the opponent too far away to be hit by the second part. 
    This move doesn't kill at all, and it doesn't do great damage anyway. All in 
    all, this move is too much risk for too little reward. Whenever you have the 
    chance to use this move, there is almost certainly a better option.
    4b) Smash Attacks.
    FSmash (forward smash)- Weapon Swing
    Description: Peach grabs either a golf club, tennis racket or frying
    pan and swings it forwards.
    Damage dealt: Tennis Racket: 12%-16% (13-18% when sweetspotted)
    Golf Club: 15-21%
    Frying Pan: 18%-25% (19-27% when sweetspotted)
    Killing Percent: Tennis Racket: 60-95% when sweetspotted;
    150-210% when sourspotted
    Golf Club: 85-125%
    Frying Pan: 90-135%
    Tennis Racket: Pros: - Has a very, very powerful sweetspot at the tip of the 
    racket that kills at 95% uncharged!
    - The purely horizontal knockback means that it has some use with edgeguarding 
    against non-ledge sweetspotters.
    Cons: - Very weak knockback if not sweetspotted.
    - Low damage for a smash attack.
    - Very difficult to sweetspot (requires either excellent spacing or a lot of 
    Now at first glance this weapon sucks ***. It has poor damage, doesn't kill 
    until 150%+ even when fully charged and its range is outclassed by the golf 
    club. However, the one thing that makes this weapon useful is that there is an 
    extremely powerful sweetspot right at the tip of the racket. When hit with, it 
    kills at below 100% without being charged, and at about 60% when fully charged.
    Hitting the sweetspot with this is one of those things that makes both you and 
    your opponent go 'WTF?!' Unfortunately, you need very good spacing in order to 
    get the sweetspot to hit, since it's pretty small. However, if you ever think 
    that you can sweetspot it, then by all means give it a try. You might well 
    Golf Club: Pros: - Very long range
    - Good killing power....
    - ... and without any hassle setting it up
    - Has a backwards as well as a forwards hitbox, and hits in the air.
    Cons: - No combos whatsoever (though it’s not really meant to combo)
    This is probably the best of the three weapons overall. It has the best range 
    of all of the weapons, hitting slightly behind Peach and also it works better 
    as an anti-air move. As well as that, it also has decent damage and knockback 
    as well. It doesn't have as much killing power as the tennis racket does, but 
    fortunately it's much less of a hassle to set up because the golf club doesn't 
    have to be sweetspotted in order to kill, and therefore one your opponent 
    reaches about 110% or so, this is probably the weapon that you'll want. If I 
    had to pick one of the three weapons to keep in her FSmash, it would be this 
    Frying Pan: Pros: - Does a lot of damage
    - Can easily follow up with another attack afterwards
    - Good at killing on stages with low vertical height (e.g. Corneria)
    Cons: - Bad at killing on stages with medium/high vertical height
    - Very small range
    How useful the frying pan is varies depending on what situation you're in at 
    the time. At low percents, it's the best weapon to get, because it does a lot 
    of damage and can usually be followed up with another attack afterwards. 
    However, when you're trying to kill your opponent, it's the worst one to get, 
    because it has less knockback than the other two, and also it has less range, 
    meaning that it's harder to connect with. However, on stages with lower 
    vertical blast lines, the frying pan becomes more viable as a killing move. So 
    yeah, overall, the effectiveness of this varies.
    The move as a whole: Pros: - Good for racking up damage
    - Potentially great killing power
    - You will never get the same weapon twice in a row, so you can eliminate one 
    that you don't want.
    - Since the weapon that you pull out is completely random, your opponent has 
    no way of telling which one you'll get...
    Cons: ... and likewise, you don't know which one you'll get either.
    - It's incredibly frustrating to get the wrong weapon (e.g. getting a frying 
    pan when you set up for the tennis racket)
    Analysis: Although this move relies somewhat on luck, it can be very useful 
    due to its versatility in both racking up damage and finishing your opponent 
    off. With proper timing, spacing and a little pinch of luck, this move can 
    work wonders for you. Definitely use this if you think it will connect.
    USmash (up smash)- Pirouette Palm
    Description: Peach thrusts her arm upwards while twirling
    Damage dealt: 8%-11% when sourspotted; 15-21% when
    sweetspotted at palm; 17-23% when sweetspotted at shoulder
    Killing Percent: Sourspotted: 140-190%
    Sweetspotted at palm: 60-95%
    Sweetspotted at shoulder: 45-80%
    Pros: - When sweetspotted, it's her best killing move (kills at about 80% or 
    95%, depending on which sweetspot you hit with).
    - Fast considering how powerful it can be.
    - A good launcher (even if sourspotted)
    - Decent range (has an unusual disjoint)
    - Easier to sweetspot on large characters
    Cons: - Very weak knockback when not sweetspotted.
    - Very low damage when not sweetspotted.
    - Can be hard to sweetspot on small and medium characters.
    Analysis: This is a very interesting move. For a start, it has three hitboxes. 
    One at her palm, which kills at about 100%, one at her shoulder, which kills 
    at about 80%, and one on the rest of her body which barely kills at all. This 
    move can be hard to sweetspot, but it's easier against large characters and 
    characters in a helpless state. It can also, possibly, hit dodge roll 
    spammers. Though hard to hit with, it can be a fantastic killing move if it 
    does. This move also makes a good launcher at low percentages, regardless of 
    whether or not it sweetspots. What makes this move great is that there are 
    certain platforms on stages that it can go through and sweetspot, making a 
    great surprise early kill. Definitely try and kill with this if you think 
    it'll work and their percent isn't high enough to use Fair yet (or if Fair is 
    DSmash (down smash)- Spinning Slashes
    Description: Peach spins around with her dress extended
    Damage dealt: 5%-7% for each hit. Up to four hits possible.
    Killing Percent: 265-345% (And this is a smash attack?!)
    Pros: - One of the fastest smashes in the game (6 frames)
    - Decent at racking up damage at low percentages
    - Can shield stab and shield damage easily
    - Great for getting your opponent out of your face
    - Can punish spotdodgers and roll dodgers
    - Can stage spike on the ledge.
    - Nice priority
    - Fantastic at refreshing moves
    Cons: - Doesn't do much damage if only one or two hits connect (which is more 
    common as damage increases)
    - Usually only hits once at 90%+ (and even at low percents it sometimes only 
    hits once)
    - No killing power at all
    - Punishable if you don't hit
    - Gets worse as you charge it (no, seriously...)
    Analysis: OK, so if you played Melee Peach, you'll probably be 
    thinking, 'WTF?! What happened to her DSmash?!' Yeah, it does way less damage 
    and knockback now. In other words, it's no longer broken. But don't let that 
    fool you; it's still a decent move.
    At low percentages it can rack up damage well when you consider how fast it is 
    (a move that starts up in six frames and potentially does 15-20% can't be all 
    bad). It's also good against characters using shields or spot dodges too much. 
    However, don't use this move at about 100%+ because only one hit of it will 
    connect. Still, at the start of a stock it's a decent move, especially since 
    it's so unexpected. Oh, and also this move is great for refreshing stale 
    moves, because it hits 2 or 3 times usually up until about 90-100% or so. As 
    long as you aren't expecting this move to kill, I'd say it's pretty useful 
    4c) Special Attacks
    B- Toad
    Description: Peach pulls out Toad (from where, exactly?) and holds him in 
    front of her. If hit during this time, 
    Toad will let out some damaging spores.
    Damage dealt: 3-18% (Depending on the amount of spores that hit. The closer 
    they are, the more spores that connect).
    Killing Percent: 180%
    Pros: - Good against overly agressive opponents
    - Does a lot of damage if all the spores connect
    - Has decent knockback
    - Prevents people from spamming
    - Can aid recovery by stalling your fall (helpful against
    Cons: - Peach is briefly vulnerable before and after Toad comes out (counter 
    frames don't start until 11 frames in)
    - Grabs bypass it completely.
    - Easy to punish if used too often.
    - Since the spores count as projectiles, some characters can reflect them back 
    at you. 
    Analysis: I would recommend using this move sparingly. It can be quite hard to 
    time it correctly, but if you do it can potentially do a lot of damage and 
    decent knockback. This move is great for aggressive players or for spammers. 
    Also, if you need to grab the ledge and the opponent is trying to edgehog you, 
    you can use Toad to hover slightly, and when you do the parasol their 
    invincibility frames should have run out and you will knock them off the edge. 
    Be careful not to spam this move though, or you will get punished.
    Forward B- Peach Bomber
    Description: Peach launches herself forward with her hip outstretched, causing 
    an explosion of hearts if it connects.
    Damage dealt: 15%
    Killing Percent: 240%
    Pros: - Can follow up with other attacks at low percentages
    - Nice range
    - Useful for recovering horizontally
    - Great for edgeguarding (due to its horizontal knockback)
    - Brilliant surprise attack
    Cons: - Considerable start-up lag
    - A whole lot of ending lag
    - Not much knockback on the ground
    - Passes through shields rather than hitting them, making you vulnerable when 
    - Very poor priority
    Analysis: This move has improved a fair bit since Melee, however it's still 
    situational and should never be spammed blindly. On the ground, it's a very 
    risky move. It has a lot of start-up lag, and if it misses, your opponent 
    could write a novel about how they're going to punish it. However, it can make 
    a great surprise attack occasionally, and at very low percents you can follow 
    up with Fair. But whatever you do, do not spam it, because if you miss, you 
    will be punished.
    And I wouldn't recommend using this on the ground at all once you've reached 
    around 100%.
    In the air it's much more useful, because you have far less ending lag. This 
    move is also good for recovering, because if you need to get back from a 
    horizontal angle and you've used your float already, this is a better option 
    than the parasol because it's safer. Also, this move is a decent edgeguard 
    tool because it semi-spikes, which is great against players with bad 
    horizontal recoveries. To summarise: don't use this move much on the ground, 
    but if you're in the air it's much more useful, though it still should only be 
    used when you're edgeguarding. And don't forget it makes a good horizontal 
    recovery move.
    Down B- Vegetable
    Description: Peach pulls up a turnip (or rarely, a different item) from the 
    Damage dealt: Regular: 9-12%
    Ditto: 19-22%
    Tired: 9-12%
    Winking: 13-16%
    Shocked: 9-12%
    Sleeping: 9-12%
    Laughing: 9-12%
    Stitched Up: 37-40%
    Killing Percent: 130% for the stitched up turnip
    LOL for all the others
    Pros: - Arguably the most versatile projectile in the game
    - Can be carried and thrown anywhere.
    - Can be thrown in the air or on the ground.
    - Great for approaching if used with a Glide Toss
    - Good edgeguarding tools
    - Useful for pressuring your opponent
    - Can rack up a lot of damage
    - There is a low chance that you'll pull up a Beam Sword, a bomb, a Mr. Saturn 
    of a Stitchface turnip.
    - Can bait an airdodge or other defensive move which you can then punish.
    - Stops certain approaches from your opponent
    - Can combo into other moves
    - Useful for momentum cancelling
    Cons: - You can't pluck turnips in mid-air (which makes sense if you think 
    about it)
    - Your opponent can catch it and use it against you.
    - Disappears when it hits a shield (though this isn't necessarily always a bad 
    Analysis: If you read through the pros section, you should realise what a 
    fabulous move this is, and that you should use this a lot if you want to do 
    well. Some people underestimate the turnips, but if you learn how to use them 
    properly, it's Peach's best move. You can use them to stop opponents rushing 
    in aggressively, to pressure them, for approaching, retreating, baiting, 
    edgeguarding or plain damage racking. You can Glide Toss them, regular toss 
    them, smash toss them, hell you can do practically anything you want with 
    them. The limit on what you can do with turnips boils down to how much 
    imagination you have. You can fit it into all sorts of fancy combos and 
    tricks, so make sure that you use it as well as you can. This is truly a great 
    projectile, and you should use this move often.
    As a side note, I feel I should mention what you do with the special items you 
    can pluck out. You have a 1/58 chance of pulling out a Stitchface, which is 
    like a normal turnip, except that it does massive damage and good knockback. 
    You also have the Beam Sword. Strangely, when you pluck it out, it has a lot 
    less range than normal. Fortunately, you can easily remedy this by dropping it 
    and picking it up again. It has great range, so take advantage of that.
    Next you have Mr. Saturn, which at first will appear useless. It does almost 
    no knockback and little damage. So what is it good for? Put simply: it's 
    fantastic at shield wrecking! Throw this at a shield and it practically breaks 
    it there and then.
    Finally, you have the bob-omb. It does massive damage and massive knocback (it 
    kills Mario at 30%). But be careful. When the opponent sees that's you've got 
    it, they'll try and avoid you as much as they can. And don't throw it at them 
    when they're close, or you'll get caught in the blast too. And whatever you 
    do, make sure it doesn't blow up in your hand!
    Up B- Peach Parasol
    Description: Peach jumps with her parasol pointed upwards, and then opens it 
    to decrease fall speed.
    Damage dealt: 5% on first hit, 1% on each of the three hits after that and 4% 
    on the final hit. 3% if the umbrella is already open.
    Killing Percent: 185%
    Pros: - Decent vertical distance
    - Fantastic horizontal distance
    - Can stall your death (good for timed matches or on certain stages)
    - Good surprise attack
    - The top of the parasol can stop some spikes and projectiles
    - Can switch between having the parasol closed or opened.
    Cons: - Large ending lag
    - Leaves you very vulnerable in the air
    - Attack wise, it leaves you vulnerable if the final hit misses.
    - Pretty much your only tool for recovering from a vertical axis (her 
    miniscule second jump doesn't really count)
    Analysis: Most of the time this should be used as a recovery move, and in that 
    respect it's pretty good. It gets average vertical distance, and it's your 
    main tool for recovering vertically, but where it really shines is with 
    horizontal recovery. Since Peach falls really slowly, she can cover a massive 
    horizontal distance while the parasol is open. However, it leaves her 
    massively open to attack. You can go back to falling normally by cancelling 
    the parasol, and you can bring it up again by pressing up. So as a recovery 
    move it's good overall.
    This move also has some use as an attack. This move has hitboxes all over 
    Peach's body and has high priority, and since it's so unexpected it can make a 
    great surprise attack. However, only do this sparingly. If you miss with the 
    final hit, you're asking to be punished, and you don't really get enough 
    reward to compensate.
    4d) Throws.
    For the most part, Peach's throw game is pretty average. Her grab range is OK, 
    her pummel is OK, and her actual throws are OK too. They can help when more 
    aggressive tactics don't work, but don't abuse them too much.
    Pummel- Shin Kick
    Description: Peach kicks her opponent's shin
    Damage dealt: 2% for each hit
    Killing Percent: N/A
    Pros: - Can rack up extra damage
    - Great for refreshing stale moves
    Cons: - If you pummel too much, your opponent may escape before you can throw 
    Analysis: It's just like every other pummel in the game, really. It can be 
    good at racking up extra damage, but be wary of using it too much. Still, if 
    you think you can fit in one or two before you throw, by all means go ahead. 
    It's worth noting that you can fit in more pummels when your opponent is at 
    higher percentages. As a general rule, you can usually fit in one pummel for 
    every 40% damage your opponent has.
    Fthrow (forward throw)- Royal Slap
    Description: Peach deals a mighty slap to her opponent
    Damage dealt: 10%
    Killing Percent: 235%
    Pros: - Decent knockback by throw standards
    - Decent damage
    Cons: - Can't combo at all
    - Though decent knockback, nowhere near enough to kill.
    Analysis: This throw is fairly average overall. It sends your opponent too far 
    away to combo or chaingrab, and it doesn't send them far enough to make a 
    decent kill move. You can potentially run up and do the grab again, but that 
    only works once a match or so since it relies on its surprise factor. However, 
    one use that this move does have is that it can set up for edgeguarding well 
    if you're near the ledge. In conclusion, this is probably your best option if 
    you're close to the ledge because afterwards you can try and edgeguard them, 
    though otherwise it isn't that great overall.
    Bthrow (back throw)- Hip Bump
    Description: Peach bashes her opponent with her hip
    Damage dealt: 11%
    Killing Percent: 355%
    Pros: - Decent base knockback
    - Does a good chunk of damage
    Cons: - Can't kill because its knockback growth is poor.
    - Can't combo at all.
    Analysis: At first this throw probably doesn't look very useful, but it has 
    some good points. For a start, though it will never kill, at low percents, you 
    can try and tech chase it when they land (though doing so is risky). It can 
    also send your opponent away for some edgeguarding, though FThrow always does 
    that better. It also does decent damage. All in all, this move is very 
    situational, but if you can't combo with DThrow and you still want to build up 
    some damage, then you can always try this out.
    Dthrow (down throw)- Falling Hip
    Description: Peach drops her opponent to the ground and slams her butt on top 
    of them.
    Damage dealt: 7%
    Killing Percent: 310%
    Pros: - Great for comboing
    - Can chaingrab fastfallers and heavyweights.
    Cons: - Doesn't do much damage
    Analysis: This is Peach's best throw in most cases. For a start, she has a 
    chaingrab on several characters in the game. How long she can chaingrab 
    depends on who you play against, but on characters like Fox you can do it to 
    over 30%, and once it's over you can finish off with FTilt or UTilt. For 
    floaty or light characters, who you cannot chaingrab, you can still usually 
    follow up with FSmash or some other move at low percentages. All in all, this 
    is a good throw, and is most often your best choice out of a grab.
    Uthrow (up throw)- Gut Palm
    Description: Peach hits her opponent in the stomach, sending them upwards into 
    the air.
    Damage dealt: 2% to start, then 8% total
    Killing Percent: 300%
    Pros: - Can combo into UTilt (albeit only on heavyweights at below 20%) 
    - Decent for positioning
    Cons: - Not much damage
    - Little knockback, but not little enough to be useful for combos
    Analysis: Some people really hate on this move. Sure, it's not that great, but 
    it's not completely useless. As stated above, it can combo into UTilt at 
    really low percents on heavies, but really Peach has better ways of comboing 
    into it. One of the best uses for this move would be in positioning. If 
    there's a platform above you, you can use UThrow to get them on top, and then 
    you can use UTilt or USmash to poke them while they're up there. You can tech 
    chase with Peach Bomber. Unfortunately, in most other circumstances another 
    throw is better. DThrow can chaingrab and follow-up better, while BThrow and 
    FThrow are better in terms of pure damage and getting your opponent off-stage. 
    This throw isn't very good overall, but don't neglect it completely. It can 
    make a nice surprise throw sometimes.
    4e) Aerial Attacks.
    Nair (neutral air)- Peach Twirl
    Description: Peach twirls in the air with her arms outstretched.
    Damage dealt: 13% if hit initially, 10% shortly after that and 9% after that
    Kill Percent: 150% if sweetspotted; 200% if sourspotted
    Pros: - VERY quick (comes out in 2 frames)
    - Decent knockback
    - Good for edgeguarding
    - Can sometimes hit twice
    - Great priority
    - Perhaps her best OOS option
    Cons: - Weak when sourspotted
    Analysis: This is an excellent aerial that isn't really given enough credit, 
    but then again when you look at Dair and Fair you can sort of understand why. 
    For a start, it's really fast, and also due to its multiple hitboxes, it's 
    hard to air dodge properly.  Its fast speed and high priority also makes it 
    great out of a shield. After you're done shielding an attack, you can quickly 
    short hop an Nair and land back on the ground soon after. This move is also 
    great for finishing Dair combos. Also, if a character has caught you in an 
    combo or juggle, then use Nair. It should at least trade hits, if not pass 
    through it. It also makes a very nice edgeguarding move, due to its speed and 
    knockback. It can also make a surprise kill move as well, though often it will 
    be too stale by then. So yeah, all in all this is probably one of Peach's best 
    moves, and one that you should try to incorporate into your game where you can.
    Uair (up air)- Launch Kick
    Description: Peach launches a kick above her.
    Damage dealt: 11-13%
    Kill Percent: 145% (180% if you hit with the sideways hitbox)
    Pros: - Good for aerial combos 
    - Hits through platforms well
    - Nice vertical range
    - Useful for momentum cancelling
    Cons: - Very little horizontal range
    - Only hitbox is at her foot, not on her rest of her leg
    Analysis: This is arguably Peach's least useful aerial, but that doesn't mean 
    it's bad at all. In fact, I would say it's pretty great. It makes a perfect 
    follow-up move when doing Dair combos, and it can sort of protect you from 
    opponents above, though UTilt or Usmash are often better choices. It has 
    decent range and adequate knockback (not enough to kill until around 140%+, 
    though), and therefore this move is pretty useful, especially for combos. This 
    move has a very strange horizontal hitbox though. It's hard to describe, and 
    difficult to hit with deliberately. Try it out and you'll understand. Anyway, 
    as a whole, this aerial is another good addition to Peach's moveset, and is 
    your best option when trying to momentum cancel an attack. Plus you can hit 
    through platforms with it as well.
    Fair (forward air)- Royal Crown Slap
    Description: Peach takes off her crown and uses it to smack her opponent.
    Damage dealt: 15%
    Kill Percent: 120%
    Pros: - Great knockback
    - Overall, Peach's best killing move 
    - Great for edgeguarding
    - Very hard to punish if spaced correctly and auto-cancelled
    - Decent range
    Cons: - Some start-up lag
    - A lot of landing lag if not auto-cancelled
    Analysis: This move is very useful for several reasons. For a start, it's her 
    best killing move overall. Although in some circumstances,
    USmash and FSmash can have more knockback, Fair is the only consistent kill 
    move Peach has, especially if you use it off-stage.
    However, it also has some other uses. If you auto-cancel it and space it 
    properly, this move is practically impossible to punish, since you can follow 
    up with a slap or a grab. The only problem with this move is that it has a bit 
    of start-up lag, and therefore can be quite predictable. Nonetheless, it's 
    still very useful.
    Bair (back air)- Backwards Hip
    Description: Peach lunges her hip backwards
    Damage dealt: 7% when sourspotted; 14% when sweetspotted
    Kill Percent: 140% when sweetspotted, LOL when sourspotted 
    (400% or so)
    Pros: - Fast start-up time
    - Powerful damage and decent knockback when sweetspotted
    - Very high priority
    - Sourspot can lead into the Bair lock (more on this later)
    - Good for edgeguarding
    Cons: - Sourspot cannot kill at all and does little damage
    - Leaves you vulnerable due to relatively high ending lag
    Analysis: Another very useful aerial overall. Now, there are two parts to this 
    move: the sourspot and the sweetspot. The sweetspot of this move does nice 
    damage and knockback, and at about 125% and above it can make a decent kill 
    move, though if you use it for edgeguarding it can kill a fair bit sooner. 
    This move also has high priority, which can help trade hits with characters 
    that have high priority, and diminish the moveset of those with poor priority. 
    Secondly, you have the sourspot, which at first sight looks pretty sucky. 
    However, since it has almost no knockback, you can combo afterward pretty 
    easily, and in fact it can even jab lock (which will be explained in more 
    detail in the 'Advanced Techniques' section). But if you're trying to kill, 
    it's not ideal. Overall, this is yet another great aerial to Peach's arsenal, 
    and you should definitely try and incorporate it into your game.
    Dair (down air)- Flurry Kicks
    Description: Peach kicks downwards four times
    Damage dealt: 3% for first three hits; 5% for the fourth (14% overall)
    Kill Percent: 200%
    Pros: - Very hard to punish if used right
    - Puts on a lot of shield pressure
    - Due to its long duration, it is almost impossible to spot dodge or air dodge 
    - Fantastic for comboing
    - Makes a great approach
    - High priority
    - Protects you from above
    - Beats out some recoveries and most USmashes
    Cons: - Little killing power (though it isn’t supposed to kill tbh)
    - Can be smash DI'd out of (if they have really quick reactions)
    Analysis: This is perhaps Peach's best move, and a must if you want to do well 
    with her. At low to mid percentages, it's a fantastic combo move. You can do 
    this move either short hopped or floated, either way it's a combo machine. 
    After Dair, you can follow up with an aerial, or a tilt if you short hopped 
    it, and in fact you can Dair twice on heavies; this move has as many combos as 
    you can think up. But don't think that it's only good for comboing. It puts a 
    lot of pressure on your opponent's shield, and in addition, it can make a 
    great approach thanks to its great priority. Also, if your opponent is trying 
    to recover, this move is almost impossible to air dodge, and it sets up for a 
    Nair for the kill. Also, this move has deceptive range, especially on the 
    final kick. All in all, this is an excellent move that you should use as much 
    as you can.
    4f) Final Smash.
    Peach Blossom
    Description: Borders of Peach and flowers fill the screen, and Peach doesa 
    dance. Opponents are then sent to sleep while peaches rain down from the sky.
    Damage dealt: 10% if your opponent is really far away
    20% if they're medium distance
    40% if they're really close up to you (and I mean REALLY close)
    Kill Percent: N/A (it sends them to sleep rather than blasting them away like 
    most Final Smashes)
    Pros: - Sends your opponent to sleep, allowing you a fully-charged smash on 
    them (USmash and tennis racket FSmash are usually your best choices)
    - Peaches that fall down can be eaten to recover health (5% per peach).
    Since there are 13 peaches, you can recover up to 65% health!
    - Very large range (covers a good portion of Melee Temple)
    - Does a lot of damage and sleep time when opponents are up close.
    Cons: - Deals little damage when opponents are further away.
    - Opponents who stay in the air or grab onto the ledge will not fall asleep 
    (though they still take damage)
    - Opponents can eat your precious peaches to recover health as well
    Analysis: People really hate on this Final Smash, but to be honest I think it 
    can be quite useful if you use it properly. Many people will say, 'LOL just 
    hang onto the ledge or jump off the stage, then you can steal her peaches and 
    that helps you rather than hinders you.'
    The trick is to use a move that sends them to the ground quickly
    (BThrow and DSmash work well) and then immediately execute the Final Smash. 
    That way they will get caught in the song and fall asleep, and get a good 
    amount of damage too. As far as I can tell, I think that the amount of time 
    you stay asleep depends on how close you are to Peach when it is executed; the 
    closer you are, the longer you stay asleep.
    When they're asleep, you have two options: eat the peaches to recover your 
    health, or whack them away for the kill. If you choose the latter option, then 
    the best option is either a fully charged USmash or a fully charged tennis 
    racket FSmash sweetspot. If the character lies above Peach's shoulder when 
    asleep, then use USmash. If not (as is the case with most characters in the 
    game), then use the tennis racket. If one of your opponents isn't asleep, eat 
    the peaches as soon as you can so that they can't take them for themselves.
    Overall, I think that this Final Smash is very underrated. Sure, it may not 
    cause a ton of damage or be an OHKO, but that's not what it was intended to 
    do. If you can trap your opponent into falling asleep, provided that they're 
    at about 60%+, they're dead meat. And if they aren't, you can always eat the 
    peaches and recover a whole lot of health in the process.
    5) Changes from Melee to Brawl
    A number of changes have been made to Peach's moves in the transition from 
    Melee to Brawl. Some have been improved; others have been weakened. Now, the 
    majority of moves have had minor changes (e.g. attacks doing 1 or 2% more or 
    less damage), so I'm just listing the main changes to Peach's moveset here.
    DSmash: This is easily her biggest nerf from Melee to Brawl, and arguably the 
    most nerfed move in any transition in the series. In Melee, this move was 
    broken.It started up in 5 frames, it ate shields for breakfast, had super high 
    priority, racked up tons of damage (sometimes over 30% in one go!) and had 
    high knockback, allowing it to kill at around 120%. In Brawl, it still has 
    little start-up lag and reasonably high priority, but now it rarely does more 
    15% in one go, and it has no killing potential whatsoever. It's not useless, 
    but it has gotten a whole lot worse.
    FThrow: In Melee, this was one of the best KO throws in the game, ejecting 
    opponents at around 100%. It's now been severely weakened, and it doesn't kill 
    now until, like, 240% or something (unless they DI the wrong way, and even 
    then it's only at around 160%).
    Dash attack: Rather than doing one hit for 12%, it now does two hits for 4% 
    each. As well as lower damage, it has lost most of its knockback and combo 
    potential, although it can still be used as a decent juggle starter (though 
    not as good as it used to be).
    No more Float Cancels: Float cancelling, which allowed her to combo 
    Well and make her aerials unpunishable if done right, has been removed. You 
    can still auto-cancel, but it's not as effective, since the timing for it can 
    be quite strict. However, since here aerials have less lag in general, the 
    only aerial this has a major effect on is Fair.
    UThrow: Well, the throw itself didn't change, but due to the fact that players 
    fall more slowly now, this throw can no longer chaingrab fast fallers, and it 
    can't really combo anymore either.
    Much lower second jump: Peach's second jump gets way less distance now than it 
    did in Melee, limiting her vertical recovery. This isn't without its 
    advantages, however, because it allows you to stay close to the ground easier.
    Weight: It seems that Peach has been on a diet recently, because she's a fair 
    bit lighter than she was in Melee, making her easier to kill. This does have 
    its advanatges though, because it makes her harder to combo and chaingrab.
    UTilt: Definitely her biggest buff. Gone is the unreliable short range 
    headbutt, to be replaced by a giant heart cloud appearing above Peach's head. 
    This move is just too good. It has massive vertical range, a ridiculously 
    disjointed hitbox, not much lag and decent knockback and damage. Maybe Peach 
    should get some other moves replaced if this is how they'll be improved.
    Toad: Another great improvement. In Brawl, the move comes out faster, and has 
    more counter frames, making it much easier and more viable to use. As well as 
    all this, it also has more knockback, enough to kill your opponent at 
    moderately high percentages.
    Peach Bomber: This move has also been buffed a good amount. For a start, this 
    move is slightly faster starting up and ending (though it's still quite slow, 
    so don't spam it). It also covers significantly more distance than it did in 
    Melee, which not only makes it easier to connect with, but it helps with her 
    horizontal recovery too. The only nerf is that can't bomb regular walls for 
    vertical recovery anymore. You can still connect with destructible objects, 
    though this is rarely useful. Overall, however, the move is much improved.
    FSmash: This move was one of the weakest forward smashes in terms of knockback 
    in Melee. Although still fairly weak compared to some other FSmashes, this 
    move now has more knockback, making it a more viable killing move. Speed and 
    range remain more or less unchanged.
    Dair: Dair is more powerful in terms of damage and knockback, but at the same 
    time it is still as good a combo move as it ever was, allowing you to rack up 
    more damage with your combos.
    Parasol: The parasol gets considerably more vertical distance and a hell of a 
    lot more horizontal distance because of its super slow falling speed. Be aware 
    that this makes you more vulnerable to juggling, however.
    Mixed (received both nerfs and buffs):
    Turnips: When you use turnips, if they hit a shield, rather than bouncing off 
    they will now disappear completely, thus eliminating the possibility of using 
    the turnips again. However, there is now a slightly higher chance of getting a 
    beam sword, a bob-omb or a Mr. Saturn (still very low however).
    Changes that do not affects gameplay whatsoever:
    Peach Bomber: It releases a bunch of hearts rather than a fiery explosion when 
    it connects. IMO, it fits Peach's personality better this way. The change is 
    purely aesthetic; damage and knockback remain the same, pretty much.
    Parasol: Her parasol has her design from Super Paper Mario, and changes colour 
    to match her dress.
    6) Combos
    Now, a lot of people say that in Brawl, there are no true combos due to the 
    small level of hitstun and air dodges etc. However, this is not true. A 
    handful of characters do in fact have true combos, and Peach is one of them. 
    Here's a list of some useful combos for you to try:
    Neutral A > Grab: After doing the first jab, if you're quick you can then grab 
    your opponent. At low percents, this can lead to a chaingrab on certain 
    characters, and at higher percents you can pummel then throw to help refresh 
    any stale moves you have.
    Neutral A > FTilt: This works pretty well overall, and once you've done this 
    you can follow up with one of the combos I am about to list.
    FTilt > FTilt > UTilt: I love this one. You pop them up into the air with 
    FTilt,hit them with another FTilt before they can react, and then finish off 
    with a nice UTilt to send them away. Damaging and very useful.
    FTilt > FTilt > USmash: Good damage and knockback. Works best on heavier 
    characters, though it can work on midweights too if used properly.
    FTilt > Parasol: This one is pretty risky, but if you can pull it off, it's 
    good at surprising opponents who would expect a different follow-up attack.
    DTilt > Parasol: Same premise as the one listed above, except that you use a 
    different attack to start off with.
    DTilt > UTilt: Fairly simple. It works well at low percents and is useful 
    agaisnt opponents that use their shield too much.
    DTilt > FSmash: Very useful. Generally it's best to get the golf club here 
    since it's much more likely to connect, but if they're close, the pan comes in 
    handy because it does the most damage.
    DTilt > Nair: Another fairly simple combo. When you do the DTilt, if they try 
    and airdodge the second hitbox of Nair will still hit them.
    FSmash (frying pan) > UTilt: Though another short combo, it does a lot of 
    damage overall, so try it out sometime.
    FSmash (frying pan) > Nair: Useful if your opponent likes to air dodge.
    Peach Bomber > Fair: This only works at very low percents, but it's more or 
    less unavoidable and one of my favourites overall.
    DThrow > DThrow ... : Yeah, it's the chaingrab, and I suppose technically you 
    could argue that chaingrabs =/= combos, but I figured it was worth listing. 
    How long you can do this for varies by character, and you can use one of the 
    other combos in conjunction.
    DThrow > FTilt: This will always work up until about 50% (depending on the 
    character). It's also a safe way to end the chaingrab.
    DThrow > UTilt: Slightly riskier, but if you can space it properly 
    you can normally get it in.
    DThrow > FSmash: Most reliable when the golf club comes out, but can work with 
    any weapon.
    And now for the Dair combos. Seriously, Dair combos could almost get a section 
    to themselves, but I'll try and list them all here.
    Dair > Uair: This is the most common one. It works on just about everyone bar 
    perhaps Jigglypuff. Not as damaging as some other combos, but simple.
    Dair > Nair: Same basic premise as the one above.
    Dair > Bair: This one is for when you space it so that the enemy goes behind 
    you on the last hit.
    Dair > Fair: Works best at around medium percents, and can also make a very 
    useful edgeguarding tool.
    Dair > Dair: Eight kicks in a row. That's a lot of pummeling, and in some 
    cases a lot of shield pressure as well. Works on everyone, with the possible 
    exception of Jigglypuff.
    Dair > Dair > One of the ones listed above: This only works on heavy and fast-
    falling characters, but when you can get it in it's very useful for racking up 
    Short hop Dair > Fast fall > UTilt: It's amazing how many moves combo into 
    UTilt, isn't it? Another fairly basic combo.
    Short hop Dair > Uair > Fast fall > UTilt: This one is better, though harder 
    to pull off properly. On heavy characters you can even double jump and get in 
    another Dair.
    Short hop Dair > FSmash: Yeah, another one that combos into FSmash. 
    You know the drill here.
    7) Taunts
    OK, I don’t really think taunts are worth using. They are useless for any 
    purpose bar annoying your opponent, and time could be better spent pulling up 
    a turnip. Still, I suppose it's your choice, so if you think you can risk it, 
    by all means go ahead. Anyway, here are how her taunts go.
    Up Taunt- Peach twirls her parasol and says, ’Sweet’.
    Side Taunt- Peach grabs her skirt and dances while singing, ‘La la la 
    la la la la.’ Often considered one of the most annoying taunts in the game.
    Down Taunt- She spins, puts out her finger while leaning forward and 
    says, ‘Uh huh.’
    8) Costumes
    For the purpose of completion, here is a list of all of the costumes 
    Peach has.
    Costume 1: Peach's regular outfit. A pink Victorian style dress, with a golden 
    crown and white gloves. She also wears sky blue jewellery.
    Costume 2: This outfit makes her look a lot like Daisy. She has brunette hair, 
    green jewellery and a yellow dress.
    Costume 3: Peach's dress and jewellery are all red. 
    Costume 4: Peach wears a blue dress with reddish jewellery.
    Costume 5: Peach wears a light green dress with purple jewellery.
    Costume 6: My personal favourite. Her dress is white while the jewellery is 
    9) Key Tactics and Tips
    Now that we've gone through all the moves, here's some advice on how to help 
    you win fights.
    - Keep your kill moves fresh: Peach is well known for having some issues 
    killing,and due to the strength of Stale Move Negation in Brawl, it's 
    important to not use your main kill moves (USmash, FSmash and Fair) too much, 
    so that when yougo for the kill they are more powerful. If your kill moves are 
    stale, good moves for refreshing them are her neutral A slap, dash attack and 
    DSmash, because they hit multiple times, and it doesn't matter if they're 
    stale because they'll never kill at all. Pummeling your opponent after 
    grabbing them works well too.
    - Secondary kill moves: USmash, FSmash and Fair are Peach's best kill moves 
    overall, but once you get above 120%, then you have a few more options with 
    regards to what kills and what doesn't. Nair and Bair both kill at about 140%, 
    while Uair and FTilt kill at about 150%, depending on the character, of course.
    - Floating: Peach is the only one in the entire game who can float, so use 
    this accordingly. Many Peach players use their float as much as possible, and 
    with good reason. A trick particularly worth practicing is Auto-floating, 
    whereby at any point in the air, you hold jump and press down, and you will 
    then float, even if you're only a couple of inches off the ground. Most of the 
    time you should either float at ground level or at short hop level. Floated 
    Dairs are great for combos and approaching. Also, if you can perfect auto-
    cancelling, you can do an floated aerial quickly, land, then almost 
    immediately follow up with something else. It's a trick well worth knowing.
    - Recovery: Peach's recovery is pretty strange. It's perfect for recovering 
    horizontally, but not so much vertically. Here's how you should recover, 
    depending on how you get knocked back. If you have to recover horizontally, 
    then if you have your float intact, use that and you should be close to the 
    stage. If you can't reach it after floating, but you still have some vertical 
    height, then use a Peach Bomber to get back while staying on the offensive. If 
    you need some vertical distance too, then your parasol is your best option. 
    Now onto vertical recovery. Sadly, most of the time, if you get Meteor
    Smashed, you're essentially ****ed, but sometimes you can make it back. To do 
    so, immediately double jump and use your parasol. If someone is trying to 
    edgehog you, use your Float or Toad to hover, and when their invincibility 
    frames run out, you should hit them off of the edge.  
    - Defense: Peach's defense is rather mixed. First, her OOS (out of shield) 
    game is pretty good overall. After you're done shielding, either short hop or 
    float, and then you can do Nair, Dair or Bair. If you have a turnip in your 
    hand, you can throw that too. Speaking of which, if your opponent gets too 
    close, you can often throw a turnip to get them to back off a bit. If pulling 
    a turnip is impractical, then neutral A slap will do. If your opponent is 
    attacking you from above, that's probably the easiest to defend against. UTilt 
    will cut through essentially any Dair or any attack which propels you 
    downwards. Sometimes you can use USmash as well if you want, though it's not 
    as safe. Unfortunately, Peach's aerial defense sucks. Her dodge lasts 49 
    frames, and has a massive SIXTEEN frames of invincibility. That means that 
    fortwo thirds of the airdodge you're vulnerable. If you need to protect 
    yourself from an enemy from below, Dair sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, 
    but it's better than nothing for sure.
    - Edgeguarding: Peach's lack of killing power can be made up for through her 
    great edgeguarding game. When your opponent is off the stage, you have some 
    ways to try and keep them off. Here are some tactics you can use and how well 
    they work. Turnips are the safest option, but their effectiveness varies 
    greatly by opponent. On someone like Ganondorf or Link, it's ridiculously 
    good, but if you're up against Jigglypuff or Snake, they don't work nearly so 
    You can also try floating off the stage and using an aerial on your opponent. 
    It's risky, but if it connects it means certain death for whoever it hits. 
    Nair and Bair work well due to their fast speed and priority, and Fair is 
    slower but more powerful. Once you've done the aerial, use your parasol to get 
    back to the stage.
    10) Advanced Techniques
    Peach, like many characters in Brawl, has a number of character specific ATs 
    that can potentially turn the tide of the match. Or they might be flashy and 
    just for show. It really depends...
    Technique: Dash cancelled floating
    What does it do: This allows you to transition from dashing to ground floating 
    smoothly and quickly. 
    How do you do it: It's very simple. Simply dash, and then, while  dashing, 
    tilt the control stick downwards slightly and hold down the jump button.
    Usefulness: 2/10. It's not really that beneficial, to be honest. It's more for 
    show and that sort of stuff. I guess it could have some use for mindgames, but 
    for the most part it's pretty useless.
    Technique: Bair lock
    What does it do: The weak spot of Bair has jab lock properties, 
    meaning that if your opponent is on the ground, you can repeatedly use the 
    weak spot of Bair to lock them on the ground until they reach the edge.
    How do you do it: First of all, you have to knock your opponent to 
    the ground. At low percentages, Fair should work, but at higher percentages 
    Bair and Nair also work. After that, you have to consistently ground float and 
    hit with the weak part of Bair. After each hit, you have to cancel the float, 
    restart it and hit again.
    Usefulness: 9/10. The timing for doing this is incredibly difficult, but if 
    you can do it, it's brilliant. Your opponent is locked in place and can't do 
    anything about it. Afterwards, you can follow up with many different moves and 
    do a lot of damage overall. Don't be ashamed if you can't do it; I have 
    trouble with it myself. But trust me, if you can learn to do it, it is a 
    fantastic technique.
    Technique: DTilt Backdash
    What does it do: Peach performs an attack while sliding backwards.
    How do you do it: While Peach is doing the DTilt, at one point she 
    moves 'backwards'. Then, at that point, you perform any attack, or jump, to 
    Cancel the DTilt and do said attack. 
    Usefulness: 6/10. It's good for mindgames and can catch your opponentoff-
    guard, but often you will be moved back too far for the attack you do to 
    properly connect. The exception is FSmash, which when coupled together with 
    this is very useful.
    Technique: Pseudo-Wavedash
    What does it do: Peach slides a tiny amount left or right, then faces the held 
    direction and brings her shield up.
    How do you do it: Jump and immediately air dodge while holding down-left or 
    Usefulness: 3/10. I suppose it could help a tiny bit with positioning, but 
    really it's mostly for mindgames anyway. Still, it might well be worht trying 
    some time.
    Technique: Glide Tossing Turnips
    What does it do: It allows Peach to throw an item the same distance as a Dash 
    toss, only faster and less punishable, and also it causes you to slide forward 
    while you're throwing it, giving you the advantages of a forward roll.
    How do you do it: When you have a turnip in hand, do a dodge roll, 
    and about 1/6 of the way through throw the item.
    Usefulness: 10/10. OK, technically this isn't a Peach-exclusive AT, but it's 
    so brilliant that I have to mention it. The benefits of Glide Tossing turnips 
    are Brawl's equivalent of an orgasm (well, not really LOL, but you know what I 
    mean).As mentioned above, it throws your turnip maximum distance and is very 
    hard to punish, and also it slides you forward slightly, which makes it 
    excellent for approaching your opponent. Reverse Glide Tossing is also a great 
    way of camping and being defensive, though bear in mind that people aren't 
    going to be too happy with you for doing it. Add in the fact that Peach is the 
    second best glide tosser in the game (ZSS has the most insane glide toss 
    ever!) and you get a technique which overall is a must to learning Peach. 
    Practice this technique as much as you can.
    Technique: Auto-float cancelling
    What does it do: It allows you to take advantage of the ledge's invincibility 
    frames while using an attack.
    How do you do it: First, hang on the ledge. Then float, cancel it 
    immediately, then do an aerial and grab the ledge again. You should keep the 
    invincibility frames for most of the attack.
    Usefulness: 7/10. This technique can be pretty useful when you have the chance 
    to do it. It's pretty useful for stalling (which won't make you very popular, 
    but it's helpful) and plus it allows you to be safe while doing an aerial 
    attack. Bear in mind however that your opponent has to be close-up to you to 
    be at maximum effectiveness.
    11) Vs. Strategies
    Now, every character in the game is different, which ultimately means that you 
    need different tactics for each of them. However, here’s some general info to 
    help you. 
    Medium characters are generally the easiest, since they have no massive 
    strengths, whereas fast characters pose a problem because Peach is quite slow, 
    and therefore they can attack you quicker than you can with them. Also, strong 
    hitters are a threat because Peach is lightweight, but on the other hand the 
    heavy hitters are usually big and slow, and thus Peach won’t have much trouble 
    doing some quick attacks on them.
    In general, most of her matchups are fairly neutral. With a few 
    exceptions,it's rare for either character to have a major advantage over the 
    other. No Fox vs Pikachu style matchups here. Here's a guide for you:
    30:70 or worse – Horrifically bad for you; almost no chance of winning. 
    Fortunately, Peach has no matchups this bad.
    35:65 - Ouch. This is going to be a very hard match for you to win. 
    Your opponent has many advantages over you, and you don't have nearly as many 
    over them. Winning isn't impossible, but if they know what 
    they're doing, it'll be an uphill struggle. Lucky for us there are only two or 
    three matchups this bad anyway.
    40:60 - This is still bad, but not quite as bad as 35:65. They still have some 
    noticeable advantages over you, but this time around you have a slightly 
    better chance of winning. Stay alert, and don't make mistakes.
    45:55 - This matchup is still in your opponent's favour, but only slightly. 
    Generally if your opponent is less skilled, you should win, but if they are 
    more skilled, they will win. If they are evenly skilled, then they should win 
    slightly more often, but not 100% of the time.
    50:50 - All even. May the best man win. Both players have advantages over the 
    other, and they more or less balance out.
    55:45 - Very slightly in your favour. For the most part it's even, but in this 
    case you have a trick of two to give you the slight edge. Don't get too full 
    in the head about it though, or you will lose.
    60:40 - Now we're getting there. You have a decent advantage over your 
    opponent this time around, although they still have a couple of tricks up 
    their sleeves. Still, if you have the right techniques, this shouldn't be too 
    troubling for you at all.
    65:35 - This is even more in your favour. You have some serious advantages 
    over your opponent, and if you know how to approach them and deal with them, 
    they'll be very hard pressed to beat you.
    70:30 - If you know your stuff, your opponent will get raped. Put it this way: 
    they're Tom, and you're Jerry. There are two reasons why you will hardly ever 
    see a matchup this good. First of all, she only has a couple of matchups this 
    good in the first place. Second, chances are your opponent will counterpick. 
    Nonetheless, if you do fight against them, then make the most of it.
    75:25 or higher – Your opponent will get screwed over, plain and simple. Too 
    bad Peach doesn’t have any matchups this good
    Character: Bowser
    Matchup: 60:40
    This matchup shouldn't pose too many problems as long as you know what to 
    expect. Unlike most matchups, you don't want to be ground floating too much, 
    because then he can side B you for hefty damage and knockback, and if you're 
    near the edge a Bowsercide. Float a little above his head instead. Bowser is 
    also the heaviest character in the game, which means that although you have to 
    get a lot of damage before pulling off the kill, it is much easier to do Dair 
    combos on him. In fact, you can combo with other aerials and tilts as well. 
    You also have a limited chaingrab on him. Bowser is also well known for having 
    very strong attacks. All of his smashes kill at 70% or less. Fortunately, his 
    attacks are also very slow, meaning that you can easily evade them or 
    counterattack yourself. There are two main things to look out for. First of 
    all, he has a grab release on you, so your best bet is to DI upwards and away 
    to try and escape it. Also, don't use Toad on his FSmash. It bypasses it 
    completely. Still, be aware of his threats and how to counter them, and 
    overall this is a fairly easy matchup.
    Character: Captain Falcon
    Matchup: 70:30
    This is one of the easiest battles you'll be facing. For a start, 
    Cpt. Falcon is well known for having atrocious priority, and that combined 
    with his generally slow attacks mean that he'll have trouble landing a single 
    hit on you. Also, since he is moderately heavy, he's also pretty easy to 
    combo, and his fast falling speed means you have a small chaingrab on him. 
    However, ifyou do get hit, it's gonna hurt. His attacks have very high damage 
    and knockback. Don't worry too much about Falcon Punch; it's incredibly easy 
    to dodge. However, when you're off the stage, you are vulnerable to the Knee 
    of Justice, which will inevitably lead to your doom if it sweetspots. 
    Ultimately, the same is true the opposite way round. His recovery is very easy 
    to gimp with turnips, and in fact he has trouble dealing with turnips in 
    general. Stay at medium range and attack relentlessly, while trying to get him 
    off-stage. This match should be really easy for you.
    Character: Diddy Kong
    Matchup: 60:40
    Diddy Kong is a very unique character, and his matchup with Peach is a very 
    interesting one. The first thing that will pop into people's minds when they 
    think of pro Diddys is 'banana glide toss', and they would be right to do so. 
    Do not get hit by his banana peel, or he will combo you with either a dash 
    grab, dash attack for FSmash. However, banana peels will not trip you up when 
    you're ground floating, so make sure to do this often. Also, if you use an 
    aerial during a ground float and drop, you will grab the banana with no lag. 
    You can then glide toss them yourself and follow up with your own attacks. 
    Putting the bananas aside, his peanut gun is also good at stopping your 
    approaches, so that forces you to fight in the air more. Diddy is also very 
    quick (quicker than you), but he is also quite a light hitter. His FSmash and 
    his DSmash are the main kill moves he possesses, but they are still weaker 
    than yours. Also, here's something to try. Diddy's recovery is susceptible to 
    gimping, and Fair, Nair or turnips can screw up his return to the stage 
    greatly, though it's not always as easy as it sounds. Finally, watch out for 
    his Dair spike. It's fast, and if it connects you won't recover due to Peach's 
    rubbish vertical recovery. In conclusion, ground float more, glide toss his 
    bananas and edgeguard when possible.
    Character: Donkey Kong
    Matchup: 45:55
    At first glance, Donkey Kong's advantages may seem overwhelming. He has a 
    fantastic ground game, THREE spikes and powerful smashes. So why is the 
    matchup 45:55? Well, here's how it goes. Although his ground game is very good 
    indeed, his attacks are somewhat laggy. However, he also has much more range 
    than you, so you'll need to use turnips and Peach Bomber more often in this 
    match. He also has a Bair with good range and power, though in general your 
    air game is superior to his, so make sure to stay in the air when you can. 
    Also, although he has three spikes (Dair, Fair and forward B), two of them are 
    very slow, so they are easy to airdodge. You have to make sure he doesn't 
    space properly or he'll get a Fair on you with ease. DK's recovery is similar 
    to yours in a way; good horizontally, bad vertically. Unfortunately, it's hard 
    to gimp, although if you space well Fair may just connect. His Giant Punch 
    should be feared. He gets Super Armor while executing it, meanign that he 
    can't be knocked away, so it's best not to attack him, because it can KO you 
    at 70%. The best way to counter DK is to throw turnips and then move on to 
    Dair combos. FSmash should be used primarily for racking up damage, because 
    USmash is much more effective due to it being easier to sweetspot. Overall, 
    our camping is definitely an advantage, but his speed to power ratio and his 
    massive range puts this in his favour slightly.
    Character: Falco
    Matchup: 50:50
    The main thing to watch out for here is lasers. They will prevent you from 
    ground floating towards him, and short hop laser means that you have to be 
    more careful how you approach him. Although turnips can be reflected by him, 
    they can still be quite useful at preventing approaches. Another major threat 
    is his Dair spike, which is deadly if landed correctly. And then there's his 
    chaingrab, but fortunately Peach can Nair out, so that’s no problem for us. 
    And you have your own tricks to use against him. You get a guaranteed 40% at 
    the start if you chaingrab then follow up with a FTilt. Also, his recovery is 
    easily predicted. His vertical recovery is easy to edgehog too. 
    Contrary to what his fast falling speed suggests, he is also light like you, 
    so you can finish him off easily at around 100%. But then ultimately, he can 
    finish you off then too, if not earlier, so stay on your toes. Overall, he has 
    a lot of advantages over you, but your chaingrab makes things a bit better 
    overall, so make sure to use it.
    Character: Fox
    Matchup: 55:45
    Contrary to popular belief, Fox fights very differently from Falco. 
    For a start, his ground mobility is much faster and far better than yours. He 
    also has a fast laser which is good for racking up damage. Finally, make sure 
    to watch out for his very powerful USmash, which will kill Peach at very low 
    percentages, yet also comes out quickly. However, although he's faster and 
    stronger than Peach, your aerials are much better. They have higher priority 
    in general, and can help get out of juggles. Also, you can easily punish his 
    Dair with a UTilt. In addition, at the start of the match, you can get an easy
    40% by chaingrabbing him and then finishing off with FTilt. Also, despite his 
    incredibly fast falling speed, he is very light and easy to KO. Overall, it's 
    mostly an even matchup, but the chaingrab means that it swings slightly in 
    your favour.
    Character: Ganondorf
    Match-up: 65:35
    This is quite possibly one of your easiest match-up of all. He only has a 
    handful of advantages on you. His Gerudo attack can be comboed into a dash 
    attack or DTilt, which can potentially kill you (well, the dash attack will 
    anyway, at about 90%). And also, most of his attacks have very strong 
    knockback. All of his smashes kill you at about 80%, and many other attacks 
    also have strong knockback. Now that that's out of the way, let's look at all 
    the advantages we have over Ganon. For a start, though his attacks are among 
    the strongest in the game, they are also among the slowest, meaning that you 
    have big priority over him with your jabs, tilts and aerials. Dair combos work 
    incredibly well on him, sometimes building up as much as 50% damage. Although 
    his aerials are quite effective, they lack speed, and thus are no match for 
    our Nairs, Bairs and Dairs. He also has a lot of problems when it comes to his 
    dismal recovery, which is very easy to gimp with turnips. One thing to be 
    aware of is his stomp. On the ground, UTilt will beat it without worries. In 
    the air, you have to be careful to air dodge properly, or you'll be kicking 
    yourself. If you can perfect auto cancelled Fairs and jabs, then that shuts 
    down many of his approach options. In other words, if you learn how to play 
    Peach well, this match-up is a cinch.
    Character: Ice Climbers
    Matchup: 60:40
    This is a very unique matchup for one simple reason. The game treats the Ice 
    Climbers as two characters instead of one. By far the biggest threat that they 
    pose is their infinite chaingrabs. In other words, if you get grabbed, kiss 
    your stock goodbye. Thus, you have to be more careful about your approach. A 
    good tactic would be floating above their heads (where they can't grab you) 
    and starting off a Dair combo. This also helps avoid those pesky icebergs they 
    send at you. If they get too close to you, use your neutral A slap to send 
    them away. It comes out fast and has enough knockback to keep you out of 
    grabbing range. The key to winning this matchup is killing Nana early. Focus 
    on her, and try and edgeguard her when she's recovering. If she dies, Popo can 
    only chaingrab you up to about 15%, he is much weaker and his recovery is 
    shorter. Thus, if you get him off the stage afterwards, he will die. Put 
    simply, the matchup is about 
    50:50 when they're together, and 75:25 when separated.
    Character: Ike
    Matchup: 55:45
    This is a weird matchup really. Ike and Peach are pretty much polar opposites 
    regarding what they're good at. Ike has immense range, killing power and 
    weight, whereas Peach has speed, combos and a better recovery. It's very 
    important that you don't get predictable with this matchup. If you make a 
    mistake, he can punish you with FSmash, which has huge range and kills at 50%. 
    As a result, be careful how you use your Floating techniques. He also has 
    pretty long range aerials, so expect to see him retreating with Fair or the 
    like. However, most have quite high start-up lag, with the exception of Bair. 
    However, you have a very powerful tool against him: turnips. He has no 
    projectile, so you can use these outside of his attack range and camp with 
    them by Glide Tossing. Toad is also very useful in this match, because most of 
    his attacks have a lot of lag, but if you get too predictable with it, you 
    will be punished, so watch out. Finally, his recovery is pretty crap. If he 
    uses Quick Draw, simply jump into him. You take some damage and knockback, but 
    he falls helplessly to his death afterwards, so I'd say it's worth it. As for 
    Aether, you can easily Toad it so that as he comes up the spores will hit. All 
    in all, this is slightly in Peach's favour, because it can be pretty hard for 
    Ike to hit Peach, but if he does, then it will hurt.
    Character: Jigglypuff
    Matchup: 60:40
    This match will be a lot different to other matches, so bear that in mind. On 
    the plus side, when it comes to fighting on the ground, Peach wins, no 
    questions asked. Peach's ground attacks are faster, better ranged and possess 
    higher priority. As a result, most Jigglypuff players will play the game in 
    the air for most of the time. Jigglypuff's aerial game is fantastic. Her 
    aerials are all quick, damaging and have high priority. Fair is strong and a 
    common edgeguarding tool and Bair is great for comboing, as is Dair. And since 
    she has the slowest falling speed and second fastest air speed, she can't be 
    shieldgrabbed from them since she can simply glide away. One thing to watch 
    out for is the Dair to Rest combo. Normally you can shield before Rest hits 
    you, but if you trip, and you're over 
    70%, say goodbye to your stock. Jigglypuff is also the lightest in the game, 
    which is both a good and a bad thing. On the plus side, Peach has no trouble 
    killing her. Moves like FTilt and UTilt start to boast legitimate killing 
    power against her. However, this also means that Dair combos do not work on 
    her. Although her ground game generally stinks, her smashes are actually 
    pretty strong. They'll keep their strength due to not being affected by Stale 
    Move Negation, and can actually kill at below 130%. Fortunately, since they 
    have short range and are slow, usually they are easy to avoid. However, if you 
    fall with your Parasol or get put to sleep, that's when their chance to attack 
    you arises. All in all, Peach has an advantage here, because her anti-air 
    ground game, especially UTilt, works wonders in this matchup, and also she is 
    light and easy to kill. But whatever you do, don't underestimate her aerial 
    Character: King Dedede
    Matchup: 50:50
    Don't think this guy is like all the other heavyweights. Although he is often 
    regarded as having slow attacks, some of his most potent attacks are not slow 
    at all. Like the Ice Climbers, he has a very potent chaingrab, though 
    fortunately Peach's lightweight and floatiness means it isn't an infinite. 
    Nonetheless, it's best not to get grabbed. He has much more range than you, 
    especially with regards to Waddle Dee Toss and FTilt, so the key to winning 
    against Dedede is pressuring him with turnips. As well as turnips, you'll want 
    to use lots of jabs and fast aerials to rack up damage. DSmash is also good 
    for poking his shield. Make sure to keep your distance though, because his 
    grab range is insane. Finally, there are two main moves you want to watch out 
    for. First is Bair, which comes out fast, is fairly powerful and good for 
    edgeguarding. Second is his UTilt which is both very fast and has killing 
    potential at 100%. Basically, to fight Dedede you should combo, use lots of 
    turnips and for goodness sake don't get grabbed.
    Character: Kirby
    Matchup: 50:50
    Kirby, though small, is surprisingly strong. FSmash and USmash both kill 
    early, Hammer is slow but powerful, DSmash has a sweetspot that semi-spikes, 
    and Bair can potentially kill, though it is more often used for combos. 
    Because his range isn't too great, turnips and the occasional Peach Bomber 
    work well here. You'll also be using floats a lot, since when you approach 
    this way, if done at the right altitude he can't do much to stop it until 
    you're close enough to attack. He can also steal your Toad attack, though 
    fortunately it is not as effective as yours. He is also very light and floaty, 
    meaning that you can kill him at low percentages, though he can do the same to 
    you. It's best to not stay on the ground too much, because at high percentages 
    that's where he'll be getting the kill. If he uses his
    Stone attack and it misses, you can run in for a free dash grab too. 
    This is a tough match for all concerned here; just make sure to stay in the 
    air once you get to about 100% or so. It helps you survive for much longer; 
    trust me.
    Character: Link
    Matchup: 60:40
    Link is one of the easier heavy characters you can face. For a start, his 
    attacks are very slow and laggy, meaning that you can easily counterattack and 
    punish him. However, because of his sword, he has much more priority and 
    disjoint on most attacks, so try and stay up close when you can. He also has 
    some very good projectiles. The boomerang is pretty boring, but the arrows are 
    good at stopping floating approaches, and his bombs are similar to your 
    turnips, except that they take longer to pull out and always do the same 
    damage, rather than it varying. His Zair is often used as an approach option, 
    but fortunately Toad works well on it, so try and predict it when you can. 
    Essentially, if you stay up close, you will win, because you can easily juggle 
    and combo him into oblivion, and then finish off with a nice Fair or smash. 
    But what swings this match in your favour is Peach's great edgeguarding. Link 
    has one of the worst recoveries in the game, and turnips and edgehogging 
    combined completely wreck it. In this match, here are the golden rules: stay 
    at long range, you lose. Stay close up, you win. Get him off-stage, you win.
    Character: Lucario
    Matchup: 45:55
    I don't know where to start here. Well, first of all, here's the deal. As he 
    takes more damage, his attacks become stronger, in terms of knockback, damage 
    and range. This means that at low percentages, he's very weak, but beyond 100% 
    he's a monster. What's interesting is that although his attacks take a while 
    to come out, they have very little cooldown lag, meaning that they are hard to 
    punish, but attacking him before they occur works well. You'll want to float 
    higher in this match, because his aura sphere candestroy low floats easily. 
    His Aura Sphere also limits the usefulness of your turnips. Also, he will 
    often use his dodge roll a lot. Try USmashing when he doesn't space this 
    correctly to punish him. Lucario also has very good aerials, the best of which 
    is Dair, which has high priority, speed and power. UTilt will beat this 
    attack, but USmash will not, so don't expect to sweetspot it here. It's 
    recommended that you save your Fair for killing purposes here. Peach does have 
    oen big advantage though. Because his up B does no damage, it is incredibly 
    easy to edgehog. You don't even have to time correctly. Still, for the most 
    part, you have to concentrate a lot to win, and his long range and 'high risk' 
    high return' property makes this matchup slightly advantaged towards him.
    Character: Lucas
    Matchup: 60:40
    Lucas is one of the two PK users in the game, the other being Ness. 
    The first thing to note is that he has three projectile: PK Freeze (which 
    freezes you, obviously), PK Fire and PK Thunder. PK Freeze is too slow to 
    worry about, but PK Fire and PK Thunder can be pretty annoying. PK Fire can be 
    floated over to reduce its annoyance factor, but his PK Thunder is much harder 
    to avoid, because you can't really airdodge it because they can simply turn it 
    back at you; use Nair to outrprioritise it instead. He also has some very 
    strong smashes. FSmash in particular is notable because it's quick and 
    reflects projectiles, so keep that in mind when using turnips, and never, ever 
    Toad it. USmash and DSmash are extremely strong, but fortunately, if it 
    misses, you can pretty much write a book about how you're going to punish it 
    during his recovery time. He also has a tether grab, which, like all tether 
    grabs, has long range but a lot of ending lag. Lucas also has a decent aerial 
    game, especially Dair and Nair. If he tries to approach you from the air, 
    FTilt can usually stop him due to the range advantage we have. Finally, if 
    you're feeling cruel, here's a small trick you can do. Lucas is notable for 
    having an extra 10 frames on his ground grab release. Peach has a fast grab, 
    so here's what you do. Grab Lucas, and pummel him as much as you can. This 
    forces a ground release, and then you can simply dash grab and repeat until 
    you reach the end of the stage. It's not an infinite, but it racks up a fair 
    bit of damage. All in all, this would be55:45 most likely, but the grab 
    release trick stacks the cards further in our favour.
    Character: Luigi
    Matchup: 50:50
    Luigi is a lot different from his brother, let me tell you. For a start, he 
    has incredibly low traction, which is both a blessing and a curse. On the plus 
    side, he slides too far to shieldgrab you properly, but at the same time it 
    makes him harder to combo. He's also more difficult to combo because if he DIs 
    out, he can use Nair to hit you back, and it's pretty powerful overall. His 
    tornado and fireballs can also be used to pressure you effectively, and they 
    can be annoying to try and get around. However, that's not to say that we're 
    helpless in this situation. For a start, our turnips can be used to pressure 
    him before he can get a lead on us, and once he's off the stage, his recovery 
    is quite predictable and easy to edgeguard, so use that to your advantage. We 
    can also outrange most of his aerials with our own, and we can space better 
    than he can. In fact, Luigi doesn't have too much range in general. However, 
    Luigi has two moves to watch out for: FSmash and up B. FSmash can kill us 
    fresh at 80%, and if he lands up B properly, he can kill us at as low as 50%. 
    Luckily for us, these moves have low range, so use turnips to stop him from 
    closing in. All in all, this matchup is another fairly even battle for Peach, 
    since both characters have advantages over the other.  
    Character: Mario
    Matchup: 55:45
    Mario is often considered the most average character in the game. He has 
    average weight, average power and average speed overall. But he also has some 
    traits that makes him not so ordinary. For a start, he's surprisingly good at 
    edgeguarding. His cape can turn you around and force your momentum in the 
    opposite direction, and his FLUDD can push you backwards. You should never use 
    Toad against his cape, since the spores will get reflected back at you, and 
    you may die as a result. His samshes all have decent power, so make sure to be 
    on the look-out for them, as well. Other than that, this match-up isn't too 
    bad for Peach. She can use FTilt and UTilt to stop aerial approaches, Fair can 
    outrange most of his attacks except his fireballs, and if you learn how to 
    powershield his fireballs then you should do fine. Dair combos work alright 
    against him, and for the most part general Peach tactics are what you need 
    Character: Marth
    Matchup: 40:60
    This is probably one of your toughest matches, but it's not unwinnable. The 
    first thing to note is that every attack has a sweetspot at the tip of the 
    sword. When not sweetspotted, his attacks possess average strength. When they 
    do sweetspot, they have very high knockback and damage, thus Marth players 
    will try and space accordingly. Glide tossing turnips can greatly hinder this 
    spacing, and it's recommended to do this whenever you can, because he has no 
    projectile to counteract with. Other than that, he has much higher range and 
    priority than you do, and his attacks are also pretty quick, so you have to 
    make sure to keep your guard at all times. In particular you should look out 
    for his Fair, which is fast, high priority, and great for edgeguarding. 
    Properly spaced Fairs and FSmashes are also necessary to try and counteract 
    his spacing, because he does it really, really well. Fortunately, his recovery 
    isn't too good if he's recovering horizontally, so try and gimp him if you 
    can. Still, overall, this is a tough match-up for Peach, so you have to be a 
    decent amount more skilled than your opponent to win.
    Character: Meta Knight
    Matchup: 35:65
    Peach's worst matchup in the game, but then again the majority of the cast 
    have a lot of trouble dealing with Meta Knight. Well, for a start, his attacks 
    are stupidly fast, and have extreme priority. Essentially, almost all of MK's 
    attacks are as fast as Peach's jab and Nair. Another move to watch out for is 
    Mach Tornado, which can rack up massive damage on you. Dair can hit out of it, 
    as can FSmash. Something else to note is that his DSmash is fast, yet very 
    strong, and usually kills you at about 100% (80% if you get hit by the back 
    part). He can also gimp you very easily with Fair and Nair. You can 
    potentially time Toad and hit him, but don't abuse it. Also, don't try to gimp 
    his recovery. You'll get attacked and soon regret your decision. The best 
    option against him is to play defensive. Camping with turnips can help, 
    because he doesn't have a projectile, and float occasionally, but do not use 
    Dair combos (they don't work on him). It's a very tough match, but it's not 
    quite impossible.
    Character: Mr. Game and Watch
    Matchup: 40:60
    Whatever you do, do not underestimate this guy. There are several things about 
    him to fear. For a start, he has incredible priority aerials that are great at 
    racking up damage and disrupting your approaches. His Bair is particularly 
    potent at this, so expect to see him use that move A LOT. His Nair is also 
    pretty potent too. As if that wasn't enough, he also has powerful smashes with 
    little start-up and ending lag. On top of that, his DThrow combos straight 
    into DSmash, which at quite high percentages usually means death. Turnips can 
    help make his Bair a little less painful, and in addition using Toad can stop 
    him being too agressive, which makes things a tad easier. At first, you may 
    think that the fact that he's extremely light allows you to KO him easier. 
    However, a good G&W player will use Bucket Braking to cancel momentum, 
    allowing them to live for longer than you would expect. This is going to be an 
    uphill struggle for Peach, and if you don't know what to expect it becomes 
    almost impossible.
    Character: Ness
    Match-up: 60:40
    Ness, the second of the PK users, is actually not much like Lucas, but the 
    overall matchup is similarly in our favour. However, he can be deadly in the 
    right hands. He has a very good air game: Bair can kill well if he sweetspots 
    it, Fair is long range and good for pressuring, and Dair is a very powerful 
    meteor smash. You can counter these however. Our Bair counters his Fair well, 
    and Bair and Dair are easily telegraphed so that you can airdodge to avoid 
    them. However, there are other threats that he can pose to you. He has a very 
    strong BThrow, so once you get to about 110% or so, make sure to avoid getting 
    grabbed. His FSmash can also reflect projectiles, including turnips and Toad's 
    spores, so watch out. Fortunately, we have a big advantage. Ness has a very 
    easy to gimp recovery. Simply use turnips or jump out and get hit by the PK 
    Thunder head and he'll be sent to his doom. This makes killing him much 
    easier. We also have that trick just like with Lucas where we can pummel him 
    all the way across the stage, because he also has an extra 10 frames on his 
    grounded grab release. This match should be fairly good for you if you know 
    what to expect.
    Character: Olimar
    Matchup: 65:35
    Olimar is a very good character. However, Olimar is the fire; Peach is the 
    water. Surprisingly, Peach is one of the best Olimar counters in the game. One 
    reason for this is that her moves are very good at killing off his Pikmin. 
    Dair, DSmash, Peach Bomber and Nair are especially potent at this. Olimar's 
    grab game is also cancelled out due to the fact that you can float over his 
    grab range. And from there he has few ways to deal with your approaches, since 
    FSmash and DSmash won't reach, and moves that will generally have lower 
    priority. And not to mention that his air game is outranged by your Fair and 
    Bair. However, one thing to note is that he has a lot of killing power, 
    meaning that he can kill you easily and quickly. However, so can you. He's 
    light, so you generally knock him off the stage early on. Although you can 
    kill him the traditional way, it's much much easier to gimp him. First of all, 
    throw a turnip at him. Once you've done that, float jus above the ledge and 
    drop when you think Olimar is going to up B. If you guessed right, he's more 
    or less screwed. Finally, as if all that wasn't enough, if you activate
    Toad while a Pikmin is attached to you, it will attack! His main threat, IMO, 
    is that his up B can mess with your Dair approachs if you don't space well. 
    Still, this match is still very strongly in Peach's favour. Olimar may be able 
    to stand up to the top tiers in the game, but he has a lot of trouble with 
    this princess.
    Character: Peach
    Matchup: Have a wild guess.... (50:50, in case you didn't realise)
    Obviously, the matchup that Peach faces against another Peach is dead even, 
    since it is the same character, after all. That means thaty everything you can 
    do, she can do back, and vice versa. As a result, you can expect a lot of 
    floating around, Dairs for combos, Fairs for spacing, turnips galore and all 
    the other things that make Peach players what they are. Although Dair combos 
    are hard to punish if spaced right, if they aren't spaced right you can easily 
    punish with
    UTilt or FTilt. With luck, you might even be able to USmash them as well. 
    Since both of you have exactly the same range, spacing here is crucial, and 
    turnips are very useful for racking up damage here. If they try and throw one 
    at you, you may be able to catch it and throw it back at them using your glide 
    toss, but don't make this your number 1 priority. It's also worth being aware 
    that she may pull out Toad occasionally. If you can predict it, you can punish 
    it in a myriad of ways. Finally, when she's recovering, watch how she does so. 
    If her recovery gets too predictable, then use some turnips or aerials to 
    edgeguard her. All in all, the winner of this match comes down to whoever has 
    the better spacing.
    Character: Pikachu
    Matchup: 50:50
    This is one of your most even matchups of all (well, except for when you face 
    yourself obviously). On the ground, Pikachu is better. In the air, you're 
    better. Your floating Dairs should cancel out his Thunder Jolts, but if you 
    don't space yourself properly, you could end up eating his UTilt, and then 
    another UTilt, then some aerial combo. Needless to say, be careful. One of his 
    most feared moves is DSmash, however good Smash DI can usually get you out 
    after a few hits. When it comes to aerials, he's pretty good, but Nairs and 
    Bairs will almost always out-priotize them if you use them correctly. His 
    biggest advantage over you is his killing moves. Since he's very light, KOing 
    him isn't too big a problem here, but getting KO'd by him is. His USmash and 
    FSmash are very strong and quick, but since their sweetspots are close range, 
    you can try to keep your distance to stop being hit by them. And watch out for 
    Thunder! Yes, you can air dodge, but a good Pikachu will wait out your air 
    dodge and hit you as you're vulnerable. QAC is also annoying, but proper 
    timing of DSmash can hit him out of it. Also, if you get the chance, FSmash 
    makes a good punishing tool. All in all, each side has their advantages, but 
    it mostly evens out and it's all a matter of which player has more skill.
    Character: Pit
    Matchup: 55:45
    Pit is often considered to be one of the most annoying characters in the game, 
    and perhaps with good reason. He has arrows as a projectile, which if used 
    right can be a major threat to approaches, and in addition he has TWO 
    reflectors, and a really long recovery. However, that doesn't mean that things 
    are hopeless for you. For a start, many of his moves hit you multiple times, 
    allowing you time to smash DI them. As well as that, his recovery may be great 
    in terms of distance, but if you hit him during his up B, then he won't get 
    another one and he falls to his doom. His arrows are also much more manageable 
    if you learn to powershield them well. In many ways, Pit is a lot like Peach: 
    both characters have several fast attacks, but have trouble landing the 
    killing blow. His main kill moves here are FSmash, Bair, and to a minor extent 
    FTilt, so make sure to try and avoid them if you can. Oh, and a final word of 
    warning: never Toad his Angel Ring; its reflecting properties will send the 
    spores straight back into your face. All in all, this is in Peach's favour, 
    though really anyone could win in this match. 
    Character: Pokemon Trainer
    Matchup: Overall - 55:45
    Squirtle - 55:45
    Ivysaur - 60:40
    Charizard - 45:55
    Oh boy. It's three characters in one. Each character must be dealt with in a 
    certain way, but if you can larn what to do and when, then their threat to you 
    can be reduced rapidly.
    First of all, there's Squirtle. Perhaps Squirtle's best attribute is his great 
    air game. Combined with his high air speed, his Fair and Bair will be used a 
    lot in this match, and they can rack up damage pretty quickly. So how do you 
    deal with this? Use Bair to counter, that's how. Also, he has two strong 
    smashes: USmash and FSmash, so watch out for them, and since FSmash has high 
    ending lag you can punish it easily. He also has a strong DThrow, so don't get 
    grabbed at high percentages. But you have your own tricks to use. Floating 
    Bairs and Dairs will hit him hard, and also since he's extremely light, Peach 
    doesn't have any issues killing here. Fair will work in a pinch. Also, make 
    sure to keep pressuring him with turnips, as he doesn't have a proper 
    projectile himself.
    Ivysaur is the middle weight of the three, and like Squirtle she has a couple 
    of thing to watch out for. For a start, she has Bullet Seed, and if you get 
    caught it can rack up a lot of damage. If you get hit by the horizontal 
    hitbox, DI towards Ivysaur and you should avoid the bullets. There's also her 
    Razor Leaf, which can mess with your floating game. Ivysaur also has a long 
    range Bair, though fortunately it only does 4% damage. And those are her main 
    threats to you. She has an incredibly powerful USmash, but it's so slow that 
    you should never get hit by it if you're paying any attention at all. Your 
    best bet is to get floating Dairs in, and after that you can counter most of 
    her attacks by using your own Bair. This matchup would probably be neutral, 
    but there's one thing swinging it in your favour. Ivysaur's recovery is 
    atrocious; there are two ways to gimp it. You can either edgehog at the right 
    time, or pummel her with turnips. If you choose to edgehog, be aware that if 
    you don't time it right, she might stage spike you.
    Charizard is the heaviest of the three and is ultimately your biggest threat 
    as well. Why is he such a threat? Two words: Rock Smash. It has huge damage, 
    huge knockback and good priority. NEVER rush straight in on Charizard, or 
    you'll be eating a Rock Smash to the face. Other things to watch out for are 
    his good grab range and his strong attacks. Like other heavy weights, he hits 
    hard, but he also hits slow as well. Since most of his attacks have high 
    ending lag, you can easily punish him if he makes a mistake, and most of your 
    fast attacks will come out faster than his. If possible, you can also try to 
    gimp him, but it's no easy task. Oh, and just in case you didn't get it the 
    first time, avoid his Rock Smash or you WILL suffer.
    All in all, Charizard is the only Pokemon you're likely to have trouble with, 
    and due to Stamina they can't stay as him for the whole match. However, it can 
    be very confusing to have to play three different characters in one match, but 
    after a while you should get used to it.
    Character: R.O.B.
    Matchup: 55:45
    R.O.B. is one of the more unusual characters in the game, and in a game like 
    Brawl that's definitely saying something. One of his biggest strengths lies in 
    his incredible camping game, involving his gyros and lasers mostly. 
    Fortunately, we can glide toss his gyro back at him if we can get it, and we 
    can float to try and avoid his camping. Chances are they will expect this 
    though, so get ready to deal with his air game. His aerials are great overall, 
    especially Fair, which is fast and well ranged. Fortunately, when it comes to 
    his air game, he has a massive blind spot underneath him because his Dair is 
    so slow, which easily allows you to Uair or UTilt him before he can attack. 
    However, the same also applies to Peach, and in a sense neither characters 
    wants the other underneath them. To get past these aerials and camping, you'll 
    need to approach with turnips when you can (what else is new?) and Dair combos 
    are very good if you can get them, because ROB is fairly heavy. Also, ROB has 
    several moves with high start-up, making Toad much more useful in this 
    matchup. Like us, he also doesn't kill particularly well, though USmash is 
    pretty powerful if he can hit with it. The only real problem with him is that 
    his recovery is very hard to gimp, because he can stop his up B, attack, then 
    continue his up B. Still, overall you have ways of getting around his 
    strengths and exploiting his weaknesses, and to a lesser extent he does for us 
    Character: Samus
    Matchup: 50:50
    Don't be fooled by the fact that she's low on the tier list. She can still 
    cause you some problems if you let your guard down. First of all, approaching 
    with floating DOES NOT WORK in this match, because she can simply use her 
    incredibly long Zair or one of her projectiles to knock you out of the sky. 
    Glide Tossing turnips is a much more viable option, and it can cancel out her 
    projectiles a bit. Learning to powershield properly also helps a lot too. 
    Other than the problems with approaching, similar tactics apply here. Short 
    hopped Dairs work well here, and turnip pressure is as good as usual, but you 
    have to make sure to watch out for her projectiles, especially her charge 
    shot. She also has a fairly good air game. Fair and Uair hit multiple times 
    and can pressure opponents well; SDI makes them a bit less painful. Bair can 
    be used to kill if sweetspotted, and Dair can meteor smash, so try not to get 
    her above you in the air, because chances are you won't recover. To make 
    things easier, Samus is arguably the worst at killing in the game. Bair, 
    FSmash and DTilt are all viable, but Bair has to be sweetspotted to work, and 
    DTilt has little range and is punishable, and she doesn't have much else to 
    kill reliably below 150%. However, because she's heavy and has a very good 
    recovery, chances are you won't be killing her very early on either. As a 
    result, these matches can end up lasting a long time, and in the end the 
    winner will be the person who can read their opponent better.
    Character: Sheik
    Matchup: 60:40
    Sheik is fast. And when I say fast, I mean FAST. She has one of the best dash 
    speeds in the game, and her attacks are also very quick. All of her aerials 
    and tilts have very little start-up and ending lag. The main thing you have to 
    watch out for is needles. Fortunately, you have a very efficient way of 
    dealing with them: floating at head level. Despite her speed, you have several 
    advantages over her. Like you, she as trouble killing. For a start, her only 
    good kill move is USmash, and nothing else kills below 130%. So make sure you 
    don't get sweetspotted with that. Also, due to her fast falling, you can 
    chaingrab and FTilt up to about 40%, and Dair combos work well on her. 
    Finally, her famous FTilt lock doesn't work on Peach; after two or three hits, 
    simply Nair to escape from it. Her combo game, which she relies on heavily, 
    doesn't really work on
    Peach due to her floatiness and light weight, and as such, we have the 
    Character: Snake
    Matchup: 35:65
    This is a very annoying matchup indeed. First of all, you should be aware that 
    Snake has ridiculously good DACUS. It sends him roughly halfway across Final 
    Destination and can be used to trap you. His other projectiles also pose 
    problems. Grenades can stop your combos and chaingrabs, and also he'll use his 
    C4 and DSmash to try and trap you, so make sure you use floating a lot to get 
    around them. The matchup would be frustrating enough with these alone, but 
    Snake also had insane priority and highly disjointed tilts. In particular, 
    watch out for his UTilt. It has a massive disjoint in front of him, it's fast 
    and it kills you at about 90%. This can massively break down your Dair combos. 
    To get around it, then you'll essentially need to hit and run, be aware of his 
    traps, and have a lot of patience. I won't bother trying to sugarcoat it; this 
    is not going to be easy.
    Character: Sonic
    Matchup: 60:40
    Sonic is one of those characters that seems more like 30:70 if you don't know 
    how the match will work, so it's important to know what to expect. His dash is 
    incredibly fast, and his attacks are fairly quick for the most part too, and 
    as such he excels at punishing your mistakes. This means that you shouldn't 
    play aggresively, because chances are you'll slip up at some point and you'll 
    have to pay the price for it. If you're defensive with camping, he's forced to 
    approach you, since he has no proper projectile. Once he does get to you, his 
    spin dash attacks can be cancelled out through proper use of Nair and Bair, 
    because Sonic's priority on his attacks aren't particularly great, and thus 
    they will knock him about with ease. If he uses Homing Attack on you, then 
    that's a chance for a free UTilt or USmash. Most importantly, you should never 
    become too predictable, because if you do, then he can punish you for it, and 
    you'll lose. Vary your approaches and attacks when you can, and since Peach in 
    general has more priority, it can help get around the hedgehog and his tricks. 
    Overall, it's in our favour, unless you get aggressive or predictable, in 
    which case it's in his favour.
    Character: Toon Link
    Matchup: 45:55
    This guy may not look tough, but he's a fair bit more challenging than regular 
    Link is, so don't let your guard down. This is one of those matches where you 
    don't want ot be floating too much. His good air game and projectiles will 
    knock you straight out of the sky. However, using Dair will cancel out his 
    projectiles, so it can make a decent approach, but don't abuse it. If you're 
    really close, try using Toad the projectiles instead. His best kill move is 
    USmash, so when you get to about 100%, be aware that he'll start using it. He 
    also has a Zair, though it's only about half as long as Link's, so it's easier 
    to deal with. Then there's his Dair. If you're in the air when he's using it, 
    quickly air dodge and he should fall to his death. On the ground, UTilt can 
    beat it with good timing. Never, under any circumstances, should you Toad it. 
    This one is quite tough, but if you know what you're doing you can make it 
    easier for yourself.
    Character: Wario
    Matchup: 50:50
    Wario can seem overwhelming when used right, but there are ways to get around 
    him. One of the main issues you have to contend with is his air game. He has a 
    tremendous air speed, and high priority aerials to match, and he can weave in 
    and out of you, attacking you and then retreating out of range. However, a 
    properly spaced Bair beats ALL of his aerials in terms of range. His ground 
    game is also pretty good; his bite has high priority and can be used after a 
    Dair, because even if you shielded it, since the bite counts as a grab it will 
    still hit. FSmash is a poweful finisher with super armor, and his tilts are 
    quite powerful as well. One of the main things that stops this matchup being 
    too painful are your turnips, which can help deal with his aerial control and 
    spacing, since he has no proper projectile himself, so make sure you use them 
    often. When he's recovering, if he uses his bike, don't destroy it, because 
    you might be able to force him off the stage again, and without his bike his 
    recovery is significantly worse. His waft is still annoying, and if fully 
    charged, it has large knockback, and can do 40% damage in one go! His waft is 
    fully charged when he starts flashing brown. Despite his short height, Wario 
    is actually pretty heavy, which makes him hard to kill, but also means that 
    you can double Dair in your combos, allowing easier damage racking overall. 
    Make sure to save your Fair for the kills, or he'll live forever. Finally, we 
    have a grab release on Wario. After air releasing him, we can USmash or 
    perform any aerial. The problem: it's extremely hard to grab a good Wario. All 
    in all, Wario can be tough, but in the end it boils down to being about even.
    Character: Wolf
    Matchup: 45:55
    Wolf is very annoying, but we do have some advantages. On the plus side, he's 
    relatively heavy, and falls quickly, meaning that you can chaingrab him to 
    over 30% (though he can shine out if you don't time it properly), and you can 
    also Dair combo him very well. However, Wolf has a big advantage when it comes 
    to range; his FSmash has very little start-up lag and travels along the stage, 
    and his aerials all have pretty good range too. Our Fair slightly outranges 
    his Bair, but his Bair comes out a fair bit faster, so the range advantage 
    doesn't mean too much. His laser camping is also something to watch out for; 
    floating and powershielding comes in very handy here. And there's his shine, 
    which he'll use a fair bit in close range. If he abuses it, you can get a grab 
    in, but good Wolfs probably won't do that. He also kills us pretty early, 
    mainly through his smashes, especially DSmash. Fortunately, his recovery isn't 
    so hot, so you want to edgeguard him when you can. Nair and Bair can 
    outprioritise his recovery if timed right, and his recovery is also very 
    susceptible to edgehogging. If it weren't for his recovery, I'd label this 
    40:60, but as it stands it's only slightly in his favour.
    Character: Yoshi
    Matchup: 55:45
    Yoshi is an underrated character, with a number of tricks up his sleeve. First 
    and foremost are his eggs, which are very irritating and force you to 
    approach. Once again, powershielding is the answer, and make sure to approach 
    from the ground. He also has a very high air speed, the best in the game, and 
    his Bair has high priority, though it is usually telegraphed and you can SDI 
    it. Yoshi's best kill move is his Uair, which means that you don't want to be 
    above him in the air (even more than is usual). You also have to make sure not 
    to get predictable around Yoshi as well. Spamming floats all the time will 
    lead to being hit by a USmash, and if you chase after him too much, he'll be 
    able to pivot grab you. Also, contrary to popular belief, Yoshi isn't that 
    easy to gimp. If you footstool him, he'll fall to his doom, yes, but most good 
    Yoshis will airdodge imemdiately after their second jump to make them harder 
    to footstool. In addition, his Egg Toss can be combined with his air speed to 
    gain a decent amount of horizontal distance, and mild vertical distance too.
    One good thing about this match is that he can't really punish you out of his 
    shield (which is an egg, rather than the normal sphere), since he can't jump 
    out of his shield, eliminating the chance to use aerials, and also his 
    shieldgrab is very slow and easy to spotdodge. Overall, Yoshi is a slippery 
    little dinosaur, but if you can get the shield pressure on him, it's in your 
    favour, at least slightly.
    Character: Zelda
    Matchup: 60:40
    Zelda, a character favoured by beginners, and not so much by experts.
    However, she does have some advantages over you. You have to be extra careful 
    when spacing your Dair, because if you mess up, she can 
    USmash you, and it's pretty strong and has super high priority. Zelda also has 
    several other kill moves, including all her smashes, UTilt, Fair and Bair. You 
    can't afford to be predictable with your floating, because she can use a 
    lightning kick on you, which can kill us at like 60% or something. Otherwise, 
    this is in our favour. The aim of the game is to bait Zelda and punish, which 
    fortunately Peach can do easily. At long range, Zelda wins, but at mid and 
    close range we win. At mid range, Din's Fire is too laggy to use, and if you 
    have a turnip in hand, she has to approach, and Zelda can't approach very well 
    thanks to her unreliable air game. In addition, our Nair cancels out Din's 
    Fire, making it much less useful here. Zelda is also very easy to gimp, since 
    she only really has one recovery option, and as a result you can pressure her, 
    then edgehog so that she won't recover. Zelda has a reflector, but due to the 
    low angle at which it sends turnips, chances are they won't be using it all 
    that often to reflect your turnips. Finally, if you get caught in her FSmash, 
    you can simply SDI out of it. USmash can't be SDI'd out of so easily, so it's 
    best just to avoid that if possible. Overall, turnip baiting is the reason 
    that this is to our advantage, so make sure to use it whenever possible.
    Character: Zero Suit Samus
    Matchup: 45:55
    Zero Suit Samus is a powerful character unlike anyone else in the game, and 
    absolutely nothing like Power Suit Samus whatsoever. The first thing to notice 
    is that she produces three armour pieces when she appears at the start of the 
    match. They're pretty powerful (they have knockback similar to stitchface 
    turnips), so you can try and use them against her, if you can grab them that 
    is. If they're doing too much harm to you, then throw them away. Once they've 
    disappeared, things get more complicated. ZSS has a very strong air game, 
    especially Uair, which juggles you to hell and back, and Bair, which kills us 
    at around 100%. She also has several options for juggling you when you're in 
    the air, such as up B and USmash. If she's trying it juggle you, fastfall back 
    to the stage ASAP. Short hopped Dairs and turnips work well against her, since 
    her projectile is fairly weak in comparison. Her options out of shield are 
    also rather limited, because her aerials are more suited to juggling, and her 
    grab is very, very slow. Speaking of which, if she fails an attempted grab, 
    make sure to punish it, because it has over 20 frames of ending lag. Her 
    DSmash is also notable, because it can stun you, leading to either highly 
    damaging combos or a lead into a kill move. Fortunately, it only hits on one 
    side, so it can't punish roll dodges as effectively as other DSmashes. Also, 
    despite what everyone seems to say, ZSS is NOT easy to gimp. If she DIs up for 
    your attacks, she can use her large second jump and her Flip Jump, which 
    grants invincibility frames. Her tethers are rarely needed, and if they are, 
    if you don't time your edgehog perfectly, she may take you down with her and 
    have time to re-tether. And don't try to gimp her Flip Jump. She can perform a 
    kick out of it which spikes you, and will most likely kill you. All in all, 
    this is a fairly tough matchup, so make sure to take advantage of turnips and 
    shields, and punish her grab when you can.
    12) How do I go about fighting Peach?
    Is a Peach pro kicking your butt on a consistent basis? Want to know a way to 
    teach them a lesson? Well, then I'm here to help. The following section tells 
    you a variety of ways to help you tackle a Peach player.
    Now, many people will tell you that Peach lacks killing power, which is true. 
    However, she does have several tools to eject her opponents from the stage. 
    Her USmash, when sweetspotted, can kill at 80%, her FSmash at 80-120% 9if you 
    get the tennis racket sweetspot or golf club), her Fair at about 120%, and her 
    Bair at 140%. So make sure that you don't mistake her for a stupidly weak 
    One of the most important aspects of her game is that her long range options 
    are severely limited. Apart from Peach Bomber and turnips, most of Peach's 
    game needs the opponent to be close up to her. This is a huge advantage if you 
    have a projectile. Missiles, lasers and the like are great for using against 
    Peach. Lasers are the most effective, since missiles can be blocked by 
    turnips. As well as that, Peach's vertical recovery is very poor. It relies 
    almost entirely on her parasol attack, which makes her very easy to edgeguard, 
    and can lead to an early victory for you.
    There is also the matter of her terrible aerial defense. Normally, her defense 
    isn’t so bad, but in the air, that all changes. She’s light, tall and floaty, 
    making her very easy to juggle. This is made worse by the fact that he air 
    dodge is beyond terrible (she only gets 16 frames of invincibility with a 49 
    frame duration). She can use Dairs or fastfalled Nairs and Bairs to try and 
    counter your moves, but if you aim it right, Peach is a sitting duck in the 
    air. Juggle her when you can.
    When playing against Peach, you should use vertical killing moves against her 
    rather than horizontal killing moves. This is because if she activates her 
    float quickly, she can survive a big hit at high percentages horizontally, but 
    if you use a strong vertical attack you wouldn't have much trouble finishing 
    her at 90%+. Meteor smashes are also highly effective, since she can’t recover 
    from them to save her life.
    If you have a fast character, then that's a big help when fighting against 
    Peach. Although her attacks are quick, her running speed is pretty slow, which 
    means you can get around the arena more easily than she can, and may mean that 
    you get a hit in quicker. If you have a heavy character, then that's a bit 
    more of a problem. Block as many of her quick hits as you can, and try and 
    keep your distance from her, since most heavy characters have a better range 
    than she does. Oh, and of course make sure to avoid those Dair combos of hers.
    Here's a small tip for you. If you're holding onto the edge and you're 
    thinking of doing a recovery attack, don't. A good Peach player will simply 
    whip out Toad and you'll be sent flying. Instead, jump up and see if you can 
    get in a quick aerial, or dodge roll. Speaking of aerials, you know how I've 
    said in this guide that Peach pros will often float a little above the ground? 
    Well, a good way of dealing with this is to do a dash attack on her, which can 
    end up leading to powerful juggles with the right combos. Of course, this is 
    only if they get their float height wrong. Properly spaced floating aerials 
    are very hard to counter.
    When Peach is using turnips on you, if you press A at the right time, you can 
    catch them and throw them back. Also, if she pulls up a special item, nothing 
    is stopping you from knocking it out of her hands and taking it for yourself. 
    Be aware that she’ll know what to expect though, and may be able to capitalise 
    on this.
    Finally, here's how to avoid her Final Smash. Many already know this, but then 
    again not everyone does. If you want to stop yourself falling asleep, then 
    here's something important to remember: if you're in the air at the point 
    where you are supposed to fall asleep, you will not fall asleep. I think you 
    still take the damage though, but you can easily recover that by quickly 
    eating some of the peaches she had conjured up. Hanging on the ledge works 
    well too, and is often easier.
    Now, it isn't uncommon to find a Peach player who uses Toad over and over 
    again. When faced with such a situation, here's what to do. There is some lag 
    between the start of the attack and when the counter is effective (about 11 
    frames). Attack as she's pulling Toad away and she'll be helpless. Better yet, 
    try using a long range attack to set Toad off, and then quickly do a dash 
    attack to set up a combo. 
    So remember, when facing Peach: use long range moves, watch out for turnips 
    and Toad, look out for her combos, try and outspace her and once the damage 
    has been racked up, use a vertical move to send her to her doom.
    13) Role in Subspace Emissary
    Peach's role in Subspace Emissary is relatively minor, but it's still quite 
    interesting because there are two different storylines, depending on who you 
    decide to save when she and Zelda are captured by Petey Piranha. Here are both 
    of them for you to read.
    13a) Storyline 1
    If Peach is saved, she joins Kirby as they both escape from the stadium on a 
    Warp Star. They are pursued by the Halberd, and land on top of it. Soon they 
    fall off and reach the ground, fighting along through hordes of Subspace foes. 
    Later on, Kirby leaves Peach behind, and Bowser appears from the sky and turns 
    her into a trophy. 
    The Shadowbugs (that came along with Bowser) make a clone of Peach that 
    proceeds to ambush Mario and Pit with a Dark Cannon. However, Link destroys 
    the Dark Cannon and he and Yoshi fight and defeat her. When the clone is 
    defeated, Mario witnesses her trophy disintegrating into Shadowbugs and, 
    believing it was the real Peach, proceeds to attack both Link and Yoshi with 
    Pit’s help. When they are defeated, Kirby makes a return after Dedede races by 
    and snatches Mario and Pit's trophy. He slices the handle off of the crane and 
    revives Mario and Pit. The heroes Mario, Pit, Yoshi, Link and Kirby chase 
    after Dedede. In his castle lair, Dedede plants a button on Zelda, Luigi and 
    Ness before Bowser attacks and takes Zelda. Once in possession of Zelda, 
    Bowser retreats back to the Halberd where Peach is already a prisoner in 
    trophy form. 
    13b) Storyline 2
    If Peach was not saved, Wario appears whilst she is trapped under her wrecked 
    cage. He blasts her with a Dark Cannon and turns her into a trophy, before 
    fleeing the stadium with her. She is later captured by King Dedede when he 
    ambushes Wario and steals his Cargo along with Ness. As he passes Mario and 
    company, Mario spots her on the back of the Cargo, and Link shoots the Cargo, 
    slowing it down so that they can pursue Dedede. King Dedede puts his own 
    Dedede brooch on her, but when Bowser attacks his castle, he finds her trophy 
    and takes it. 
    However, he is pursued by Mario and Pit, and when Pit fires an arrow at 
    Bowser, the Dedede brooch falls off and is found by Kirby. Bowser escapes in 
    the Koopa Clown Car and takes her trophy up to the waiting Halberd. 
    14) Miscellaneous Trivia
    - Wondering where Peach's floating ability comes from? Well, back when Super 
    Mario Bros. 2 was released back in 1988, Peach was one of the four playable 
    characters, and although she was the weakest and slowest of the four, she made 
    up for that because she could float in the air for about two or three seconds, 
    making her a good choice for beginners because it was easier to time her 
    jumps. Nintendo cleverly included this ability in the Smash Bros. series, and 
    it is a vital part of her metagame.
    - Her turnip move also stems from the fact that in Super Mario Bros. 
    2 the main item used to defeat enemies was turnips you could pull up from the 
    ground. Also, the turnips came in different sizes, which translates to the 
    different faces that you can see when you pull them up. Like floating, turnips 
    are vital to playing a good Peach.
    - Many people think that Peach got nerfed horribly from Melee to 
    Brawl. In Melee, she was considered the 5th best in the game. I think her 
    nerfing is highly exaggerated. Yes, she isn't as good now, but her nerfs are 
    nowhere near as bad as what people like Sheik, Jigglypuff or Captain Falcon 
    received. Yes, she did lose her broken DSmash (a move that comes up super 
    fast, can potentially do 40%+ damage and kills at 100%+ is broken IMO), her 
    second jump was toned down, her FThrow isn't so good and her dash attack was 
    nerfed as well. But she did receive some improvements too. Her horizontal 
    recovery is better (not that it was crap to begin with...), her aerials have 
    less lag, FSmash has killing potential now, UTilt and Peach Bomber are way 
    better and Toad was improved. Always look on the bright side of things.
    - Despite being 19th (exactly middle tier) in the American tier list, in the 
    Japanese one she was 2nd last! I've heard that the Japanese play more 
    aggressively, so that might have something to do with it.... She’s now 23rd 
    instead, which is still a tad low in my opinion, but never mind.
    - As a joke, a few Smashers have claimed that Brawl Pikachu 'stole'
    Melee Peach's DSmash due to its quick start-up, high priority and high 
    knockback. However, Pikachu's DSmash is easily worse because it does less 
    damage and can be SDI'd out of easily. And no, Brawl
    Peach's DSmash does not suck!
    - Peach no longer says 'Suh-weet!' in her taunts any more. Now she just 
    says 'Sweet.' really blandly and mundanely. Still, this is balanced out by her 
    childish and annoying side taunt, assuming that you like annoying your 
    - When Peach does her parasol attack, it will be the same colour as her dress, 
    regardless of the costume. A tiny little detail that IMO is quite quaint.
    - Her second jump gets more vertical distance in Subspace Emissary than in the 
    rest of the game. Don't ask me why; it just does.
    - The costume where Peach has brown hair makes her look like Daisy, also from 
    the Mario series. However, whereas in Melee the jewels and crown changed to 
    look more like her, in Brawl it is a simple re-colouring.
    - According to an interview with Sakurai, Peach's configurations from 
    Melee to Brawl (mostly referring to attack changes and animation schemes) were 
    the most time-consuming of any veteran character.
    - In Super Mario RPG, Peach had a move called Super Slap. It's possible that 
    her FThrow is based on that (though that may be pushing it a bit).
    - Her attacks seem to involve more hearts in this game. Her UTilt causes a 
    heart to appear and smack the opponent, compared to a simple headbutt in 
    Melee. Also, when her Peach Bomber connects, a bunch of hearts appear, whereas 
    in Melee it was a fiery explosion. The hearts may be a reference to Super 
    Princess Peach for the Nintendo DS.
    - There seem to be a limited amount of Peach users online. Some simply prefer 
    high tier characters (Peach is mid tier), whereas some people seem to think of 
    Peach as a non-serious character. Oh well, their loss...
    - Peach is the only character with a randomised smash attack, her 
    FSmash. As previously stated, you could get either a golf lcub, a tennis 
    racket or a frying pan. The tennis racket and the golf club both stem from the 
    various Mario spin-offs there have been over the years, while her frying pan 
    was one of her most powerful weapons in Super Mario RPG. 
    15) Credits.
    Well, we’re near the end of the FAQ. Before I go, here are some people that I 
    wish to thank for their contributions to this FAQ.
    Nintendo: For making such a great and fun game.
    Somebodysunshine: I borrowed the move names that he gave, because it’s better 
    than putting, ‘Ground Slap’ or ‘Hip Bash’ or whatever. I decided to change 
    them to my own names afterwards, but I still think s/he deserves credit.
    Smashboards: For their helpful information and guidance.
    Super Smash Bros Wiki: For the info on Peach's role in SSE.
    Arrozbatata: For giving me some tips.
    Paladin_Fox: For giving me some more tips.
    You: For taking the time to read my FAQ.
    I hope you enjoyed reading. That’s all for now.

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